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Siloxy substituted cocatalyst activators for olefin polymerization
Automatic software downloading from a computer network
Security rule database searching in a network security environment
Method of and apparatus for protecting and improving water quality in substantially enclosed bodies ...
Peach tree named `May Sweet`
Schedulable dynamic memory pinning
Hand-held WWW access device with GUI-based www browser program integrated with bar code symbol reade...
High speed file I/O control system with user set file structure to effect parallel access pattern ov...
System configuration proposal method and tool therefor
Fat solidifying agent, fats, and foods
Minimum fuel attitude and nutation controller for spinning spacecraft
Hydrophobic multicomponent catalyst useful for direct oxidation of hydrogen to hydrogen peroxide
Implementation of service independent building blocks
Anti-tumuor agents
Message storage system for wireless telecommunication device
Jumping device having a flexible tether and method of using the jumping device
Inbred corn line MR724
Hop plant named YCR Accession No. 5
Developing apparatus with developer collection feature
Cache coherency protocols with posted operations
System, method, and program for providing an object-oriented install architecture
Process for the preparation of a composition containing ethylene polymers, composition containing et...
Conference communication facilitator and method of use
Two-component dispensing gun
Method for classifying calls for a mobile subscription
Method and apparatus for severing root of bean sprout
Process for producing baked snacks
Sorptive purification for edible oils
Article comprising film having polyamide sealant, polyamide core layer, and O2-barrier layer, and pa...
Food or nutritional supplement, preparation method and uses
Calcareous material
Process for selecting a recording on a digital audiovisual reproduction system, for implementing the...
Corrosion- and chip-resistant coatings for high tensile steel
Method and circuit for single cycle multiple branch history table access
Aerosol device based on alcoholic compositions of fixing materials
Medical device ECG marker for use in compressed data system
Process and arrangement for targeted application of a therapy beam, particularly for the treatment o...
Probe cover for infrared thermometer
Apparatus for measuring occular choroidal blood flow
Ultrasonic and x-ray detectable biopsy site marker and apparatus for applying it
System and method for use in displaying images of a body part
Method of evaluating the efficacy of drug on brain nerve cells
User-machine interface system for enhanced interaction
System for reading two-dimensional images using ambient and/or projected light
Image processing apparatus
Non-linear image filter for filtering noise
Increasing the bit depth of and filtering dithered images for the purpose of inverse dithering
Method and system for processing image information using screening and error diffusion
Method for encoding digital information
Optical fibre apparatus
Optical fiber for light amplifier
Acousto-optical light tunnel apparatus and method
Solderable thin film
Non-linear optical fiber, optical fiber coil, and wavelength converter
Optical coherence reduction method and its device, illuminating method and its system and optical fi...
Cable having side-emitting fiber under transparent or translucent cable jacket
Information distribution and processing system
Photographic and video image system
Dual film image and electronic image capture camera which disables preview button when preview scree...
Informational signal processing apparatus
Image signal converting/encoding method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus having means for controlling exposure using an orthogonal transformation ...
Method and system for predictive coding of images treated with the Roberts Method
Electroluminescent panel-attached electronic device
Method and apparatus for automatically position sequencing a multiparameter light
Lamp for motor vehicles
Vehicular lamp having improved reflector tilting device
Fastening device for projector lamp
Surface-mount type emitting diode and method of manufacturing same
Information medium having digital signals recorded thereon
Chamber for applying therapeutic substances to an implantable device
Advanced thermal gradient DNA chip (ATGC) the substrate for ATGC, method for manufacturing for ATGC ...
Soybean cultivar S24-K4
Thermoplastic resin and fiberglass fabric composite and method
Polyester resin composite molded article
Receiving apparatus and display control method
Substituted 2-amino-4-alkylamino-1,3,5-triazines as herbicides
On-vehicle controller failure diagnosing method and apparatus
Methods for combining well test analysis with wavelet analysis
Method and device for the protected storage of data from message traffic
Electronic medical records system
Methods of obtaining listings of information from databases
System and method for conducting web-based financial transactions in capital markets
Method and system for direct payroll processing
Method for selecting and processing a payroll deduction plan as a payment option during electronic c...
Computer-based system, computer program product and method for recovering tax revenue
Dye-donor element with transferable protection overcoat
Polymer arrays
Method and apparatus for performing buffer insertion with accurate gate and interconnect delay compu...
System for network-based debates
Method and apparatus to update a windows registry from a hetrogeneous server
Search parameters
Method, system, and apparatus to improve performance of tree-based data structures in computer progr...
Three-dimensional virtual reality space display processing apparatus, a three-dimensional virtual re...
Low profile EMI shield with heat spreading plate
Transmitting and receiving radio signals
Purification of hexafluoroethane
Bridging arrangement
Method and apparatus for removing processing liquid from a processing liquid path
Method and apparatus for absorbing sound
Device for pets
High noise suppression microphone
Credit based flow control scheme over virtual interface architecture for system area networks
Online virtual campus
Exhaust gas recirculation arrangement including a disc valve
Display device of an optical apparatus
Conditioner circuit for magnetic field sensor
Power efficient, compact DC cooling system
Method and composition for treating arthritis
Collegan-based matrix
Topical drug preparations
Cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations comprising ascorbic acid derivatives
Fabrication of tissue products with additives by casting or molding using a mold formed by solid fre...
Water resistant composition, coating agent, and recording material
Sterilization monitors
Developer compositions and processes
Fluid coupling for dual wheels
Aircraft landing gear
Apparatus and method for recording audio/video signal and detected feature information thereof
Method for the control of an electronic circuit and control unit for its implementation
Cannulated tissue anchor system
Triresorcinyl triazines
Apparatus including recording head, reading head, and winding portion with internal motor
Large screen gaming system and facility therefor
Loudspeaker system
Pick pools system and method using packet-switched network
Self-contained recharging device for portable telephone and/or battery and/or protective case
Fiber-reinforced composite encased in a thermoplastic and method of making same
Method and apparatus for carrying a portable electronic device
Article carrier with bicycle stabilization bar
Bicycle carrier adapted to be mounted on the back of a vehicle
Motorcycle lift
Enhanced tightness compacts for cosmetics
Selective call response radio telephone system and method for providing appropriate responses to inc...
Charging systems for services in communications
Electronic device with housing supplement
SIM card reader connector
Method of and apparatus for adaptation of an echo canceller in a system with multitasking
Echo canceling method and apparatus
Process and system for controlling the speed of a vehicle
Vehicle passing speed timer
Eye activity monitor
Multi-vehicle compatible control system generating command signals on a data bus and associated meth...
Current generating system for a vehicle having an internal combustion engine
System for alternately operating steering and offset mechanisms of compacting vehicle
Tube end closure
Checkable earplug
Drive assembly
System and method for an improved device for measuring water levels
Alternating-polarity operation for complete regeneration of electrochemical deionization system
Process for synthesizing one-dimensional nanosubstances by electron cyclotron resonance chemical vap...
Combinatorial synthesis of novel materials
Body cavity drug delivery with thermo-irreversible polyoxyalkylene and ionic polysaccharide gels
Photoreactive agent containing photoreactive semiconductor for removing harmful materials
Composition for providing an abrasion resistant coating on a substrate
Method of making a carbon foam material and resultant product
High affinity TGf.beta. nucleic acid ligands and inhibitors
High temperature superconductor tunable filter
Box making machines
Method of determining the magnesium content in molten aluminum alloys
Procedure for extraction and use of hatching fluid from Atlantic salmon
Enhanced DRAM with embedded registers
Display system with improved luminosity
Low power consumption integrated circuit delay locked loop and method for controlling the same
Calibration circuit for a band-gap reference voltage
Semiconductor wafer processing method and semiconductor wafers produced by the same
Safety tool mount for robotic apparatus
Weight and form sensing apparatus and a packaging machine using the same
Robotic gripping device for gripping an object having a handle on an upper surface
System for generating simulated radar targets
System and method for creating star-shaped figures
Household chore designation game
Calendar frame
Synthetic resin composition for resin magnet, molded resin magnet, and production process for synthe...
Actuating device with at least three stable positions
Three-dimensional image processing system having dynamically changing character polygon number
Jackpot system for live card games based upon game play wagering and method therefore
Game system, game machine, game data distribution machine, image data distribution system, and compu...
Image matching game method and apparatus
Radio frequency remote game controller
Bonus feature for casino card game
Compositions and structures for chemical mechanical polishing of FeRAM capacitors and method of fabr...
Polar solvent compatible polyethersiloxane elastomers
Inhibitory or blocking agents of molecular generating and/or inducing functions
Acidic all purpose liquid cleaning compositions
Antibacterial cleaning wipe comprising Ammonium salt
Fragrance-containing plastic coating compositions for paper substrates
Composition containing useful substances originating in fishes and shellfishes and process for the p...
3-Arylbenzofuranones as stabilizers
Composition for treating cancer via liposomal aerosol formulation containing taxol
Aerosol medication delivery apparatus and system
Supplement for restoring growth hormone levels
Plant polar lipid permeation enhancer in a cosmetic pad for improving skin appearance
Aromatic dimethicone copolyol polymers as sunscreen agents
Projection screen material and methods of manufacture
Wrinkle reducing cream
Firearms with target illuminators, electric switching devices and battery power sources
Method and apparatus for dynamically brokering object messages among object models
National language proxy file save and incremental cache translation option for world wide web docume...
Method and apparatus for pattern-based flowcharting of source code
Chemiluminescent 1,2-dioxetanes
Composition and method for enhancing paracellular transport across cell layers
Hydroxylation activated prodrugs
Xylanase, microorganisms producing it, DNA molecules, methods for preparing this xylanase and uses o...
Interleavers for turbo code
Knockdown hand bell
Film with protective feature, a method of producing it and also its use as packaging material
Method of interlayer mediated epitaxy of cobalt silicide from low temperature chemical vapor deposit...
Low resistance magnetic tunnel junction device with bilayer or multilayer tunnel barrier
Layered group III-V compound semiconductor, method of manufacturing the same, and light emitting ele...
Apparatus and method for microwave hyperthermia and acupuncture
Flash controller of a camera
Secondary electron amplification structure employing carbon nanotube, and plasma display panel and b...
Process for the preparation of intermediates useful for the synthesis for benzothiazepines
Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors and method for treating neural or cardiovascular tissue damag...
Hybrid oligonucleotide phosphorothioates
High precision positioning device and method of operating same
Automatic re-registration of file search information in a new storage medium
Earth structure and method for constructing with supports having rearwardly located portions
Interspecific tree named: `Dapple Fire`
Efficient and effective distributed information management
Answering queries using query signatures and signatures of cached semantic regions
Information embedding based on user relevance feedback for object retrieval
Method and apparatus for selecting and utilizing one of computers or databases
Method and system for address trace compression through loop detection and reduction
Event detection
Merged vertical cache controller mechanism with combined cache controller and snoop queries for in-l...
Apparatus and method for converting a network message to a wireless transport message using a modula...
Apparatus and method for processing lease insurance information
Disturbance free update of data
System for optimizing the testing and repair time of a defective integrated circuit
Method for transmitting music data information, music data transmitter, music data receiver and info...
Apparatus and method for practice and evaluation of musical performance of chords
Method for selecting contact lens materials to minimize corneal staining
Alkylmethylsiloxane-dimethylsilicone polyalkylene oxide copolymers
Biaromatic compounds and pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions comprising them
Medicinal composition
Foldable pushcart
Combination creeper and seat
Garbage can
Paint scraper
Tetrahedral fabric bag for use in fabric care processes
Upper handle portion for carpet extractor
Geranium plant named `Fisbeach`
Geranium plant named `Fisrocco`
Geranium plant named `Fisgopi`
Peach tree `Burpeachfour`
Method and apparatus for establishing communications between packet-switched and circuit-switched ne...
Method and apparatus for summarizing previous threads in a communication-center chat session
Process for preparing pure hydrofluoric acid
Process for the preparation of a maltose-rich syrup
Electronic identification apparatus
Navigation system and a memory medium in which programs are stored
Method and apparatus for attenuating torsional vibration in drive train in vehicle
Vehicular travel control system
Control strategy for reducing primary drive line loads
Speed ratio control device
Catalyst for olefin (CO) polymerization and process for the production of olefin (CO) polymers
Sipper tube cap assembly
Recording and playback of multi-channel digital audio having different resolutions for different cha...
Bone mineralization proteins, DNA, vectors, expression systems
Driving the last inbound signal on a line in a bus with a termination
Cleaning methods and compositions for produce
Interface for a receiver and method of arrangement thereof
Method and arrangement for rapid silicon prototyping
Buffering circuit embedded in an integrated circuit device module used for buffering clocks and othe...
Plastic clamp with hub and platter for use in disc drive
Packaging tray
Method and apparatus for tubal occlusion
Soybean variety 92B62
Reducing power consumption of an electronic device
Method and device for calibrating a probe system
High quality control tablet filler device
Toner processes
Method and system for providing geographic specific services in a satellite communications network
Methods for reducing the effects of cancers that express A33 antigen using A33 antigen specific immu...
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Machine for diagnostic and/or therapeutic treatment, particularly a nuclear magnetic resonance imagi...
Magnetic resonance method for characterizing fluid samples withdrawn from subsurface formations
Methods for imaging pulmonary and cardiac vasculature and evaluating blood flow using dissolved pola...
Robust modification of persistent objects while preserving formatting and other attributes
Computer system having a plurality of bus agents coupled to bus requesters wherein each bus agent in...
Method and apparatus for supporting multi-clock propagation in a computer system having a point to p...
Bubble-producing ride-on vehicle
Saw resonator filter and duplexer utilizing SH waves, substrate edge reflection, and sub-interdigita...
Cylinder direct injection spark-ignition internal combustion engine
Liquid crystal display device
Detachable ankle-pack used with in-line skates
Optically controllable microelectrode array for stimulating cells within a tissue
Method and apparatus for modulated integrated optically pumped vertical cavity surface emitting lase...
Induction motor system with an induction motor and an electrically isolated voltage modulation motor...
Alpha, beta, and gamma monitor for measuring concentrations of ionizing radiation emitters in ambien...
Process for the recovery and recycle of D-tartaric acid
Optically active 2R, 4S benzothiepin isomer
Composite structure element with built-in damping
Radio communication apparatus
Practical space-time radio method for CDMA communication capacity enhancement
Control of transceiver units in cellular radio system
Method and receiver for data transmission
Valve arrangement for power-assisted steering systems
Antimicrobial composition formulated with essential oils
Apparatus and method for remote virus diagnosis and repair
System and method for automatically optimizing software performance
Life determination in an oil web system
Remote demonstration of business capabilities in an e-commerce environment
Automatic variable linkage mechanism for integrating third party software components
Ordering devices
Cryptographic device with encryption blocks connected parallel
Strawberry plant named `Cal Giant 3`
Apparatus and method for optical raster-scanning in a micromechanical system
Data bus structure for use with multiple memory storage and driver receiver technologies and a metho...
Budesonide particles and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Image sticking reducing method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus and cartridge discriminating apparatus
Method and system for classifying and processing of pixels of image data
Tone-variation-resistant phase-shiftable halftone screen system and method of using
Soybean cultivar 950045734453
Trichothecne-Resistant transgenic plants
Personal watercraft with child's grab handle
Method and apparatus of enciphering and deciphering data using keys enciphered and deciphered with o...
Ornamental display toy
Computer system and process for training of analytical models using large data sets
Chromanone and thiochromanone compounds
NANBV diagnostics and vaccines
Polymerization in the presence of a stable free radical and of a free radical initiator
Method of manufacturing an electron source and an image-forming apparatus, and apparatus for manufac...
Wavelength demultiplexer without waveguide bending loss
Variable polarization dependent loss source
Thermally robust semiconductor optical amplifiers and laser diodes
Fiber lasers with shared pump
Thermoplastic blend containing engineering resin
Pavement material
Structured media for phase change ink printing
Process of making bipolar electrodeposited catalysts and catalysts so made
Rubber glove and process for producing same
Water-permeable polymer-treated cane reeds for wind instruments
Monomer and polymerization process
Liquid crystal composition and cosmetic preparation
Preparation of modified cokes and/or blacks
Metaloalluminosilicate composition, preparation and use
Process for the production of titanium concentrate from anatase ores with high utilization of the ir...
Process for synthesizing a palladium replenisher for electroplating baths
ASA size emulsification with a natural gum for paper products
Method and apparatus for aircraft systems management
Security system for automatic door
Zeolite catalysts having stabilized hydrogenation-dehydrogenation function
UV curable elastomer composition
Method and apparatus for handling and disposal of oil and gas well drill cuttings
Tank with backfill deflectors
Streamwise variable height riblets for reducing skin friction drag of surfaces
Non-rotatable valve lifter mechanism
Control apparatus for variably operated engine valve mechanism of internal combustion engine
Methods and systems for joints useable in toys
Bath toy with thermally erasable drawing surface
Water gun with removable pre-pressurizable cartridge
Microbicidal active ingredients
Landscape edging system having block with recess
Zwitterionic catalyst activator
Door sill assembly having adjustable threshold
Performing color adjustments on image data
Hull for shipping with a mono-three-catamaran architecture
Bi-directional dampening device and method therefor
Outrigger apparatus
Modular pontoon boats
APAF-1 an activator of caspase-3
Therapeutic antiangiogenic endostatin compositions
Photolysis system for fast-response NO2 measurements and method therefor
Method for selectively modulating the interactions between survivin and tubulin
Mixed crystals comprising aspartame and aspartame derivative and process for producing the same
Pneumatic tire having a tread compound derived from latex blend
Organic expander for lead-acid storage batteries
Water removal in purification of vinyl chloride
Vehicle seat, a skin material for a vehicle seat and a method of manufacturing the vehicle seat
Combined clamshell and mannequin form packaging assembly
Device for collecting analogue measurement signals for the acoustic diagnosis of test pieces
Treatment of skin conditions
Antisense inhibition of HPK/GCK-like kinase expression
Method for molding dental restorations and related apparatus
Process for preparing water-in-oil type emulsion cosmetic composition containing L-ascorbic acid wit...
Polypeptide-containing pharmaceutical forms of administration in the form of microparticles and meth...
Data rate smoothing
Amphoteric surfactants based upon epoxy succinic acid
Multilayer piezoelectric transformer
Catalyst light-off method and device for direct injection engine
Liquid crystal display device
Shoe having a removable sole and method of use
Reactive pill armor
Method and device for feeding ammunition to automatic cannon
Firing mechanism for use in a firearm having an electronic firing probe for discharging non-impact f...
Backstrap module for a firearm
Dispenser for counter means
Fixing apparatus preventing leakage of electric current from inner surface of fixing roller
Image heating apparatus
Methods and wireless communicating particle counting and measuring apparatus
Power supply device and fixing device operating with the power supply device
Porphyrin-accumulating type herbicide resistance gene isolated from chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Method and apparatus for propulsion
Method and apparatus for test generation during circuit design
High resolution photon detector
N-substituted amino acids, antioxidant pharmaceutical compositions containing n-substituted amino ac...
Buffer management system having an output control configured to retrieve data in response to a retri...
Method of actuating steer-by-wire vehicle steering drive mechanism
Copy prevention method and apparatus for digital video system
Hosta plant named `Titanic`
Finishing with partial organic boundary layer
Semiconductor laser high power amplifier system
Method of identifying agonist and antagonists for tumor necrosis related receptors TR1 and TR2
Micro-optical position indicator
Perspiration shield employing gel material
Subsonic aircraft with backswept wings and movable wing tip winglets
Very high solid content aerosol delivery system
Circuits and method for shaping the influence field of neurons and neural networks resulting therefr...
Shutter control apparatus
Wiring substrate and gas discharge display device that includes a dry etched layer wet-etched first ...
Device for the automatic control of the vibration frequency and/or amplitudes of a variable-moment v...
Apparatus and method for preventing cache data eviction during an atomic operation
Fungal protein disulfide isomerase
Smoke generator
Protein kinase inhibitors
2-substituted 1,2-benzisothiazole derivatives and their use as serotonin antagonists (5-HT1A, 5HT1B ...
Rotating public information display device
Stringed musical instrument top member
Bone substitutes
Digital waveform generator apparatus and method therefor
Location apparatus and method in a mobile telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for multi-symbol matched filter estimation of an evaluation symbol in a receive...
Color balancing circuit and method
Light emitting aroma therapy article
Information recording apparatus with voice coil motor and cover thereof
Analysis of predisposition based on human airway trypsin protease gene polymorphism
Real-time monitoring of PCR using LOCI
Human carbamyl phosphate synthetase I polymorphism and diagnostic methods related thereto
Detection of variations in human H2 receptors
Detecting an active network node using a login attempt
Calibration system and method for receiver guardband reductions
Biodegradable ionic matrix of variable internal polarity with grafted polymer
Solar battery unit and solar battery apparatus
Position display system of mobile terminal
View dependent layer ordering method and system
High output stacked piezoelectric transformer
Method and device for purifying exhaust gas of an engine
Bearing and method for manufacturing the same
Sealed rolling bearing with centrifugal feature
Kinetic pressure fluid bearing apparatus
Sealing arrangement
System and method for initiating operation of a computer system
Electronically-controlled adjustable height bearing support bracket
Hop plant named "YCR Accession No. 7"
Compounds and methods for modulating cell adhesion
Process for preparing rigid and flexible polyurethane foams
Low temperature material bonding technique
Coating method for producing a heat-insulating layer on a substrate
Method for electrochemical phosphating of metal surfaces
Valve for aerosol container
Method for the processing of information by fuzzy logic
High power led lamp
Universal pier block
System for determining whether a subsequent transaction may be allowed or must be allowed or must no...
Cosmetic compositions comprising liquid crystal coloring agents and their use
System for providing reliable and effective disaster relief
Window casing installation tool
Spin-valve type magnetoresistive thin film element and spin-valve type magnetoresistive thin film he...
Vinylpyrrolidone polymer and its stabilization and preservation processes
Method and apparatus for determining an in-range failure of a speed sensor
Controlled delivery compositions and processes for treating organisms in a column of water or land
Ether containing siloxy compounds
Use of a taxoid to treat abnormal cell proliferation in the brain
Remote control system with handling sensor in remote control device
Piezoelectric transformer
Hand held apparatus for transverse cutting of a not easily accessible pipe
Method and apparatus for forming a diffraction grating
Vehicle hood apparatus
Birch tree named `Cenci`
Process for lift off and transfer of semiconductor devices onto an alien substrate
Pharmaceutical composition comprising cyclosporin
Method for producing a double aerosol device and container therefor
Gas barrier polymer composition
Microbial remediation reactor and process
Adsorptive removal of carbonyl impurities from oxygenated organic liquids
House wares and decorative process therefor
Method and apparatus for immobilizing solder spheres
Discharge device having cathode with micro hollow array
Hair styling composition capable of being remodelled with a Tg of less than +10 .degree.C
Fabric for use in prosthetics
Self-activated polymer particles with a narrow size distribution and procedure for production thereo...
Exception processing in superscalar microprocessor
Component sealing system
Thermal shut-off device and battery pack
Battery charger with a terminal protector
Lithium salt/carbonate electrolyte system, a method for the preparation thereof, the use thereof and...
Structurally stable fusible battery separators and method of making same
Anode invention for lithium/transition metal fluoride molten salt cells and batteries
Rechargeable lithium battery with a lithium molybdenum oxide electrode
Method and apparatus for a livestock data collection and management system
Pharmaceutical lysine-containing polypeptide compositions and methods of use thereof
DNA encoding--candida albicans integrin-like protein
Tryptophenyl tRNA synthetase from Streptococcus pneumoniae
ARO1 multifunctional polypeptide of Candida albicans
Oilfield equipment identification method and apparatus
Optical signal power monitor and regulator
Integrated memory having a bit line reference voltage, and a method for producing the bit line refer...
System for scheduling reverse-channel messages in narrowband communications systems and method of op...
Dual compartment package
Automatic dishwashing compositions containing water soluble cationic surfactants
Surface acoustic wave device capable of suppressing spurious response due to non-harmonic higher-ord...
Method of manufacturing solder bumps and solder joints using formic acid
Liquid crystal display device having a pixel TFT formed in a display region and a drive circuit form...
Device for feeding precompressed single-serving pods in machines for the production of espresso coff...
Dynamic selective distribution of events to server receivers
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
Geranium plant named `Amri Cherry Rose`
Screening for papilloma viruses
Multi-pad apparatus for chemical mechanical planarization
Method of selecting bacterial strains
Transaction state data replication by transaction forwarding in replicated database systems
Self-aligned clock recovery circuit with proportional phase detector
Multiple path routing
Time division multiplexed transmission of OFDM symbols
Patch antenna with embedded impedance transformer and methods for making same
Verification of message sequence charts
Laser bar clamp
Noisemaker party favor with removable graphics
Order receiving method and apparatus for making sound-accompanying photographs
Seawater pressure-driven desalinization apparatus with gravity-driven brine return
Process for preparing
Method and system for supplying hydrogen for use in fuel cells
Inverted index storage structure using subindexes and large objects for tight coupling of informatio...
Powder inhaler
Tantalum-comprising articles
Mechanism for integration of management functionality in communications networks
Object-oriented repository, a system and method for reusing existing host-based application assets f...
Information receiving system for descrambling scrambled information and presenting the descrambled i...
Process for making certain benzoic acid compounds
Method of laundering soiled fabrics by non-aqueous detergent formulated to control dye transfer and ...
Automated DNA array segmentation and analysis
Soybean cultivar 9472569612611
DNA sequences encoding the arabidopsis acetohydroxy-acid synthase small subunit and methods of use
Ricinus communis .beta.-ketoacyl-ACP synthase nucleic acids
Purified proteins, recombinant DNA sequences and processes for producing caffeine-free beverages
Biological system for degrading nitroaromatics in water and soils
Non-fluorescent asymmetric cyanine dye compounds useful for quenching reporter dyes
Techniques for implementing a framework for extensible applications
Method and apparatus for re-introducing version control
Method and system for compensating for instrumentation overhead in trace data by computing average m...
Performance monitoring in a NUMA computer
Method and apparatus for training an automated software test
On-board scrubbing of soft errors memory module
System, apparatus and method for processing instructions
Cooperative topical servers with automatic prefiltering and routing
Method for producing solution of polymers functionalized by acid groups by microwave radiation
Gel toy
Computer system, program product and method for monitoring the operational status of a computer
Analog controls housed with electronic displays
Method and system for selecting product colors
System and method for automatic synchronization for multimedia presentations
Automated guided apparatus suitable for toping applications
Method for horizontal routing of an aircraft between two waypoints
Food amount detector of a microwave oven, a microwave oven employing a food amount detector and a co...
System for linking a main control unit to data receiving and transmitting units and a first and seco...
Unique associated Kaposi's sarcoma virus sequences and uses thereof
Method for making a hafnium-based insulating film
Configurable integrated circuit and method of testing the same
Thin film magnetic memory device including memory cells having a magnetic tunnel junction
Optical disc recording/reproducing method, optical disc and optical disc device
Multifunction fractionation column for adsorptive separation processes
Testing system for evaluating integrated circuits, a burn-in testing system, and a method for testin...
Self-aligned copper interconnect architecture with enhanced copper diffusion barrier
Flash photography system
Water purification system and method
Pinball simulator game system
Noninvasive genetic immunization, expression products therefrom and uses thereof
Color cathode ray tube equipped with field leak preventing coating
Cleaning method
Methods for manufacturing electronic and electromechanical elements and devices by thin-film deposit...
Engineering of strong, pliable tissues
High temperature vacuum furnace
Method and apparatus for tooless mating of liquid cooled cold plate with tapered interposer heat sin...
Desmetylolanzapine compositions and methods
Ethers of o-desmethyl venlafaxine
Method for treating dry eye
System for executing instructions having flag for indicating direct or indirect specification of a l...
Method for producing di-organo alkaline-earth compounds
Document summarizer for word processors
Architecture for access over a network to pay-per-view information
RF active compositions for use in adhesion, bonding and coating
Telecommunications network management method and system
Jewelry setting
Aryl and heteroarylcyclopropyl oxime ethers and their use as fungicides
Information processing apparatus and method
High alkaline hair compositions for increased fullness and body
Automated system and method for customized and personalized presentation of products and services of...
Home audio/video network with both generic and parameterized device control
Sharing executable modules between user and kernel threads
Spinal disc
Start-up polymerization process
Plasma processes for depositing low dielectric constant films
Elastic substantially linear olefin polymers
Thermosetting aqueous compositions
Compositions for making an artificial prosthesis
Medium density chlorinated polyvinyl chloride foam and process for preparing
Surface treatment of silicone hydrogel contact lenses
Silicone oils with improved viscosity stability
Multiphase structured polymer particles, method of manufacturing same, and uses thereof
Sleeving method for photographic negatives
Vehicle bed edge manufacturing process
Rapid cooking device using infrared light
Oil from seeds with a modified fatty acid composition
Method for obtaining an oil that is rich in hydroxyoctadecadienoic fatty acids (HODE) or the esters ...
Film having gas permeability
Process for producing low de starch hydrolysates by nanofiltration fractionation, products obtained ...
Laminate sheeting for pouches
Viewer for gemstones
Chromized refractory steel, a process for its production and its uses in anti-coking applications
Steel material and method for its manufacturing
High toughness steel and a method for manufacturing the same
Steel powder for the preparation of sintered products
Launch key, low power CD-ROM player for portable computers
Integrating broadcast television pause and web browsing
Information distribution and processing apparatus being connected to a local display
Packet classification state machine
Method and apparatus for will determination and bio-signal control
Blood measuring instrument
Body fluid testing device
Pulse oximetry sensor adapter
Non-invasive living body measuring apparatus and method
Magnetic-interference-free surgical prostheses
Image guided spinal surgery guide, system, and method for use thereof
Method and appparatus for generating a compact post-diagnostic case record for browsing and diagnost...
System and method for detecting clusters of information with application to e-commerce
Method of and apparatus for registration of a robot
Image reading apparatus and method for preventing electric noise
Method and Arrangement for creating a high-resolution still picture
Method and system for composition images
Adhesive system for a fiber optic gyroscope sensing coil
Methods and apparatus for cylindrical packaging of fiber gratings to provide temperature compensatio...
Shielding apparatus for a light waveguide plug arrangement
Dispersion compensating single mode waveguide
Field-distribution conversion optical fiber and laser diode module comprising the field-distribution...
Undersea communications cable having centrally located, plastic buffer tube
Detector and screening device for ion channels
Digital signal encoding apparatus, digital signal decoding apparatus, digital signal transmitting ap...
Camera motion parameters estimation method
Method for detecting moving cast shadows object segmentation
Remote controller for a variety of appliances
Tuner with switched analog and digital demodulators
Automatic automobile headlamp leveling device
Remotely-actuated audio/visual assembly
Led Lamp
Fluorescent lamp luminaire system
Display backlighting system
Vehicle lamp
Lighting device for motor vehicles
Virtual uncompressed cache for compressed main memory
Computer executable workflow management and control system
Digital image management system having method for managing images according to image groups
Disk cartridge with a disk holding member
Shipping base pad
Automatic reset target
Trigger return system for a firearm
Remedies for motor dysfunction and GAPDH expression inhibitors
Human hairless gene and protein
Pichia methanolica glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 2 promoter
Immunoassay of IGF family of peptides, their binding proteins and related molecules in dried whole b...
Invasive cleavage of nucleic acids
Method for reducing NOx from exhaust gases produced by industrial processes
Red-shifted trisaryl-1,3,5-triazine ultraviolet light absorbers
Use of oligomeric iodinated polycarbonates
Transportable sign or message holder
Human cornichon molecule
Photochromic naphthopyrans
Aminobutyric acid fungicides
Tampon detection system
Polymers from vinylic monomer(s) peroxides and amines
Method to transport and install a deck
Self adhesive tape and method of fabricating same
Dual dispense container having cloverleaf orifice
Carton with supplemental information panel
Burst QAM downhole telemetry system
Substantially light-insensitive thermographic recording material with improved stability and image-t...
Method for bleaching tripe using liquid bleaching agents
Fungicidal mixtures
Acyl deoxyribonucleoside derivatives and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for determining an ability of skin to withstand exposure to harmful radiation, ...
Self dosing skin preparation
Cosmetic or dermatological composition containing at least one extract of mulberry, at least one ext...
Washing compositions
System and method for utilizing data packets
System and method for distributing postage over a public network, enabling efficient printing of pos...
Method and system for analysis, display and dissemination of financial information using resampled s...
Method and system for tracking computer system usage through a remote access security device
Computerized handbook of processes
Solid state fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy
Processing device for executing virtual machine instructions that includes instruction refeeding mea...
Combining multiple java class files into a run-time image
Maintaining a first session on a first computing device and subsequently connecting to the first ses...
Method and apparatus for heat dispersion from the bottom side of integrated circuit packages on prin...
Position display system of mobile terminal
Use of derivatives of methylene-bis-oxazolidine and compositions obtained thereby
Tie receptor tyrosine kinase ligand homologues
Non-endocrine animal host cells capable of expressing variant proinsulin and processing the same to ...
RF coil for magnetic resonance imaging having three separate non-overlapping coils electrically isol...
Faraday cage, particularly for nuclear magnetic resonance applications
Force feedback device including safety switch and force magnitude ramping
Practical synthesis of benzoxazinones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Method for decoding addresses using comparison with range previously decoded
Method and apparatus for developing multiprocessor cache control protocols using a memory management...
Trust negotiation in a client/server data processing network using automatic incremental credential ...
Agent/proxy connection control across a firewall
Platform independent alarm service for manipulating managed objects in a distributed network managem...
Structure of speaker use on ship
Dual film exposure, electronic exposure camera with delay in film rewind after final exposure to all...
Photographic camera system
Camera with flexible shell
Display apparatus with digital micromirror device
Engine output controller
Color filter and optical display device
Multiple concurrent language support system for electronic catalogue using a concept based knowledge...
Method to reduce system bus load due to USB bandwidth reclamation
Implantable device with optical telemetry
System and method for detecting a head positioning error within a computer memory device
Method for generating a stereoscopic image of an object and an arrangement for stereoscopic viewing
Spatial light modulator and spatial light modulating method
Wireless fiber-coupled telecommunication systems based on atmospheric transmission of laser signals
15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid analogs with enhanced metabolic stability and methods of their use i...
Water-in-oil emulsifier composition
Methods of inducing mucosal immunity
Multilayered wound dressing
Cosmetic compositions containing dihydroxyacetone and methods of stabilizing the same
External composition for skin comprising sphingoglycolipid
Developer compositions and processes
Safety device for revolvers
Electrically integrated scooter with dual suspension and stowage mechanism
Device for attaching an aircraft engine to a strut
Adaptive array antenna system and mobile telecommunications system using the same
Stapling method for fastening a first bone segment to a second bone segment
Asynchronous transfer mode communication system
Remote control qualifier
Traffic information device
Method for making mobile-to-mobile wireless data communication
Cordless telephone arrangement
Method for converting an existing subscriber to a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for minimizing chroma subcarrier instability caused by a video line scrambling ...
User-prioritized cache replacement
Garbage can
Cleaning implement
Base of hand-held vacuum cleaner
Carpet extractor tool handle
Wand for vacuum cleaner
Cat litter pan
Document output apparatus
Adaptive scheduler for mark and sweep garbage collection in interactive systems
Message formatting, authentication, and error detection in home control systems
Swing assembly with convertible seat
Amusement device comprising a carriage which can be moved over a guide
Multi-purpose training apparatus
Preset amount electronic funds transfer system for gaming machines
Polyparaphenylene terephthalamide fiber and method for producing the same
Variable speed power transmission
Composite rim
Bicycle with two chain driven differentials
Roll back seal for disc brake
Electric drive unit for a bicycle
Voice activated mobile telephone call answerer
Apparatus and method for providing support software for an agent workstation of an automatic call di...
System and method for controlling a conference call
Method and system for a wireless digital message service
Telephonic-interface statistical analysis system
Method and system for interfacing a telephony network and a digital data stream
Proximity sensor
Motor drive controller for vehicle
Method and device for determining several parameters of a seated person
Motorcycle accessory quick-release attachment assembly
Loudspeaker and process for manufacturing a loudspeaker
Wedge section multi-chamber resonator assembly
Sterically stabilized polyene-bridged second-order nonlinear optical chromophores and devices incorp...
Low temperature process for high density thin film integrated capacitors and amorphously frustrated ...
High-purity crystalline inorganic fiber, molded body thereof, and method of production thereof
Method for depositing metal and metal oxide films and patterned films
Self-ligating orthodontic bracket
Ink-jet head
Manufacturing method of multilayered piezoelectric/electrostrictive ceramic actuator
Introducing catalytic and gettering elements with a single mask when manufacturing a thin film semic...
Electro-optic device, drive substrate for electro-optic device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, substrate for electro-optical device, electro-optical device, electronic devic...
Semiconductor device and semiconductor display device
Nitrogen-heterocyclic compound and process for production thereof
Method and system for modeling time-varying systems and non-linear systems
Programmable logic controller system and method for module number assignment
Compression of data in read only storage and embedded systems
Method and apparatus for maintaining data consistency in raid
Fast synchronization for programs written in the JAVA programming language
High-thermal-expansion glass ceramic sintered product
Silicon single crystal wafer having few crystal defects
Gripper for picking apparatus of a module IC handler
Jogging stroller frame
Work-flow support system
Tandem type image forming apparatus
Replaceable container assembly for storing material for delivery to or from a printing machine
Low cost process multicolor image reproduction machine
Image forming apparatus
Device-biased color converting apparatus and method
Scanning system and method for stitching overlapped image data
Apple tree named `Nevson`
Pulley and CT scanner
Video game device, character growth control method for video game and readable storage medium storin...
Swimmer's training device
Radiation demonstration system
Method and system for creating an individualized course of instruction for each user
System and method for managing the workflow for processing service orders among a variety of organiz...
Reorder medication container
Molybdenum-based catalyst composition and process for controlling the characteristics of conjugated ...
Game system and computer-readable recording medium
Gaming machine with concealed image bonus feature
Method, computer-readable storage medium and video game device for automatically generating a maze m...
Game system and computer-readable recording medium used in the same
Electric fumigation device
Beta-ketoester compounds
Selective olefin metathesis of bifunctional or polyfunctional substrates in compressed carbon dioxid...
In ovo vaccination against Newcastle Disease
Nitrous oxide based oxygen supply system
Linear address extension and mapping to physical memory using 4 and 8 byte page table entries in a 3...
Scheme to partition a large lookaside buffer into an L2 cache array
Ligands for phosphatase binding assay
Anti-herpesvirus compounds and methods for identifying, making and using same
Fructosamine oxidase: antagonists and inhibitors
Separator for polymeric electrolyte fuel cell having a roughened surface
Stick-propelled loop game
Prioritized agent-based hierarchy structure for handling performance metrics data in a telecommunica...
Dual-control stick for aircraft
Interactive probe system for games and books
Prokaryotic polynucleotides polypeptides and their uses
Human urotensin II
Fibronectin binding protein compounds
High affinity humanized anti-TAG-72 monoclonalantibodies
Interative, gridless, cost-based layer assignment coarse router for computer controlled IC design
Method and apparatus for optimizing differential pairs based on timing constraints
Method and apparatus for generating expect data from a captured bit pattern, and memory device using...
Method and apparatus for partial-scan built-in self test logic
Signal processing apparatus having non-volatile memory and programming method of the non-volatile me...
Purification of polymeric dispersions by stripping in the presence of adsorbent materials
Method and apparatus for digital transmission incorporating scrambling and forward error correction ...
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Method and apparatus for mapping components of descriptor vectors for molecular complexes to a space...
Treatment of hepatitis C using hyperthermia
Process for purification of PCR test samples
Treatment and prevention of hepatic disorders
Monoclonal antibody recognizing phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-triphosphate
Sychronous switching device for fluorescent lamp
Starting dialysate composition for use as an initial dialysate in hemo dialysis
Lenses that launch high bandwidth modes into a fiber optic cable while eliminating feedback to a las...
Semiconductor etalon device, optical control system and method
Polarization phase plate assembly
Digital printable reactive dye and process
Emulsion ink and printing method using emulsion ink
Toner, developer and methods for manufacturing toner and developer
Polyol composition containing a hydrocarbon blowing agent
Ligand homologues
Stabilized polyether polyol and polyurethane foam obtained therefrom
Method for producing and using storage-stable, latent-reactive layers or powders of surface-deactiva...
Aqueous polymer dispersion containing an emulsifier with phosphate groups
Zeolite SSZ-47
Process for producing lithium manganese oxide with spinel structure
Process for producing carbon blacks
Spherical boron nitride process, system and product of manufacture
Method and apparatus for the purification of vinyl aromatic compounds
Hydrolytically degradable polymers and hydrogels made therefrom
Method of manufacturing rubber weir main body
Method for clustering closely resembling data objects
Method and apparatus for performing supplemental searches over a network
Method of determining and storing indexing data on a sequential data storage medium for supporting r...
Method and system for database processing by invoking a function related to index type definition, g...
Information processing system for directing information request from a particular user/application, ...
System for store forwarding assigning load and store instructions to groups and reorder queues to ke...
Scale indicator for a keyboard instrument
System and method for coordinating music display among players in an orchestra
Cable grid spectral lighting system
Infusion systems for creating microenvironments in a living body
Genetically modified cells and methods for expressing recombinant heparanase and methods of purifyin...
Strawberry plant called `Treasure`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Maxi Orchid`
Variety of geranium plant named `PACPAL`
Geranium plant named `Clips Rose`
Provide two different types of service in a menu
Telephone kiosk
Check writing system
Structure of a diary of high practicality of use
Toy projectile launching assembly
Shuttle wheel toy
Inflatable display figure
Method and device for producing a signal representing a motor vehicle running conditions
System and method for controlling downhill vehicle operation
Method for navigating a terrestrial vehicle
System for personalized mobile navigation information
Turning behavior state detecting system for vehicle
Clear historic data from a vehicle data recorder
Compositions and methods for treating psoriasis
Thin film magnetic head
Timer processing engine for supporting multiple virtual minimum time timers
Dicing blade
Fabric coating compositions providing excellent resistance to seam combing, particularly for use on ...
Ibuprofen and narcotic analgesic compositions
Synthetic rawhide lace
Stabilizer for flexible brushes and flaps
Article of manufacture for a portable shelter suspended above the ground
Method for determining the ion component following a combustion process in a self-igniting internal ...
Fish guidance system
Electronic chip packaging
Synchronization of broadcast facilities via satellite
System and method for reducing dispersion of small rockets
Process for producing (2R, 3S)-3-amino-1, 2-oxirane
Flexible heater assembly
Lotion compositions utilizing capsaicin
Modified electrode material and its use
Breathable film having organic filler
Liquid crystalline polyesters compositions containing aromatic phosphonites and a process for the pr...
Film coatings and film coating compositions based on dextrin
Solid golf balls
Enzymes involved in degradation of branched-chain amino acids
Polymide photo alignment film from 3,3',4,4'-benzophenone tetracarboxylic dianhydride and ortho-subs...
Process of preparing textured fluoropolymer films
Methionine metabolic enzymes
Surface acoustic wave filter and multistage surface acoustic wave filter
Methods and apparatus for gettering fluorine from chamber material surfaces
Level adjust display apparatus and method for on-screen display menu in image display device
Polyolefins and uses thereof
Slide assembly having retractable gas-generator apparatus
Locking mechanism for weapons
Apparatus and method for dispensing pet care substances
Bullet-proof vest with distress signaling system
Non-volatile inverter latch
Micro relief element and preparation thereof
Trap for robbers
Coordinating delivery of supplemental materials with radio broadcast material
Method and apparatus for generating propulsive forces without the ejection of propellant
System and method for defining radiation treatment intensity maps
Neuro-stimulation to control pain during cardioversion defibrillation
System and method enabling awareness of others working on similar tasks in a computer work environme...
Human DNase I variants
Image display system
Wiring forming method
Multilayer organic photoconductor including electrically conductive support having specific index of...
Method to improve adhesion of organic dielectrics in dual damascene interconnects
Uses of modafinil and its D/L enantiomers
Sound reflector for a bicyclist
Deployable recovery system for snowmobile and rider
Adaptive pneumatic wings for flying devices with fixed wings
Automatic and sequencing actuation assembly for a weapon ejection system and associated method
Method of and apparatus for detection of ice accretion
Method for optimization of a fuzzy neural network
Geotextile structure for filtration
Pipelined instruction dispatch unit in a superscalar processor
Reconfigurable manufacturing system having a production capacity method for designing same and metho...
Preemptive control of a vehicle computer system based on local and environmental sensing
Energy storage apparatus and discharge device for magnetic pulse welding and forming
Product display and dispensing rack
Head tilting mechanism for tape drives
Genetic testing for determining the risk of pouchitis development
Polysome display in the absence of functional ssrA-RNA
Method and apparatus for protecting and strengthening electrical contact interfaces
Pipe leak detection
Method for replacing cutters of tunnel-excavating machine, method for excavating tunnel, and tunnel ...
Ambient energy powered display
Synchronization of broadcast facilities via microwave tone
Connector unit, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Dynamic switching of texture mip-maps based on depth
Efficient hardware implementation of a compression algorithm
Electric heater for a motor vehicle with individually switched branch circuits
Method and apparatus for driving piezoelectric transformer
Caption display device for digital TV and method thereof
Linear guide to support a sliding element
Pull-out slide for drawer or the like
Ball screw device and linear motion device
Method and apparatus for measuring the temperature of objects on a fast moving holder
Dual power supply fan control--thermistor input or software command from the processor
Battery retaining system for children's ride-on vehicles
Enzyme detection biosensors
Filter circuit including system for tuning resonant structures to change resonant frequencies thereo...
Oxetanone derivatives
Method and device for multifoaming of expandable plastics
Installation for producing oil from an off-shore deposit and process for installing a riser
Reducing reflectivity on a semiconductor wafer by annealing titanium and aluminum
Method to form etch and/or CMP stop layers
Lamellar filler process for the treatment of polymers
Organometallic compound mixtures in chemical vapor deposition
High purity tantalum, products containing the same, and methods of making the same
Surface discharge type color plasma display panel
Methods, compounds and compositions for treating gout
Identifying the owner responsible for processing I/O requests
Early involvement method for preparing elementary school students for secondary school