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Fixing apparatus in which fixing speed is switched during cleaning
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus and process unit mountable to image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Device management information processing apparatus method and storage medium
Image search method and apparatus
Tray for shipment of frozen items
Cylinder head gasket having a welded-on overlay
Electron tube and method of manufacturing the same
Optical component and method of manufacture
Absorbent article having an ideal core distribution and method of preparing same
Design and synthesis of advanced NLO materials for electro-optic applications
Polymer-supported synthesis of heteroatom bidentate ligands for catalysis
Voice acquisition system for a vehicle
Graphics system with a variable-resolution sample buffer
Near-infrared disguise detection
Automotive information systems
Nonwoven fabric made from filaments and artificial leather containing it
Converter and method for converting an input data packet stream into an output data symbol stream
Multi-lamp driving system
Method for embedding an operating system and an application program into a memory apparatus
Robot intelligence in natural environments
System for programming robots or similar automatic apparatuses, comprising a portable programming te...
Portable terminal for controlling, programming and/or teaching robots or similar automatic apparatus...
Apparatus for alignment and orientation of a wafer for processing
Target recognizing device and target recognizing method
Optical fiber
Folding tool
Liquid crystal display device
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Automatic machine for processing cigarettes
Sending a CD boot block to a client computer to gather client information and send it to a server in...
System for detecting surface profile of a driving road
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
System for on line inference of physical and chemical properties and system for on line
Electrical rules checker system and method using tri-state logic for electrical rule checks
Systems and methods for prefetch operations to reduce latency associated with memory access
Method and system for providing logically consistent logical unit backup snapshots within one or mor...
Method and apparatus for assigning raid levels
Method for evaluating magnetic resonance data containing spectroscopic information, by analysis of a...
Self-repairing semiconductor device having a testing unit for testing under various operating condit...
Method of providing data for numerical control machining unit
Heat dissipation unit with direct contact heat pipe
Magnetic tape cartridge having projections
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having a test path
Method of supporting mine walls and installing a mine stopping
Collapsible and re-usable flood barrier
Amino acid derivatives and use thereof as NEP, ACE and ECE inhibitors
Methods for sequencing proteins
Protective tape applying and separating method
Fabrication of nanotube microscopy tips
Methods for making data storage media
Composite electrolyte membranes for fuel cells and methods of making same
Air condition assisted water recovery device integrated with cell stack assembly
Ignition system for a fuel cell hydrogen generator
Surgical operation system
Method and apparatus for decompressing compressed data
Amphipathic polymer particles and methods of manufacturing the same
Audio recording system and method of use
Interface materials and methods of production and use thereof
Combination inhalation therapeutic and exhalation measuring device
Multi-antenna radio apparatus with simplified circuit structure
Method for transforming cariogenic food sugars into acariogenic or cariostatic neutral products and ...
Production of pluripotent granulocyte colony-stimulating factor
Illuminated exit bar
Apparatus for producing a sleeve-like printing form
Device for adjusting the position of sheet material when a direction of motion thereof is reversed
Method and device for producing a printing image carrier on prefabricated carrier material
Type font
Highly packed polycationic ammonium, sulfonium and phosphonium lipids
Parallel magnetic resonance imaging techniques using radiofrequency coil arrays
FCC catalysts for feeds containing nickel and vanadium
Mountable clamp-on cat scratching device
Optical fiber ring communication system
Composite multilayered ceramic board and manufacturing method thereof
Permanent atrial-his-ventricular sequential pacing
Device for locating and attaching fabric to receiving furnishing, furniture and seat structures
Lithium-containing materials
Anodically bonded elements for flat-panel displays
Negative planographic printing plate
Positive image-forming material
Controlled-architecture polymers and use thereof as separation media
Aldosterone antagonist and cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor combination therapy to prevent or treat inflam...
Preparation method for lithographic printing plate
Supporting body for lithography block and original lithography block
3-ox(adi)azolylpropanohydroxamic acids useful as procollagen C-proteinase inhibitors
Communication devices, a radio frequency identification device, and methods of communicating
Semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
Hybrid system of static analysis and dynamic simulation for circuit design
Semiconductor photodetector
Method and apparatus for preventing and recovering from TLB corruption by soft error
Method and apparatus for generating typed nodes and links in a hypertext database from formation doc...
Method, system, program, and data structures for managing hierarchical timing wheels
Stepping motor, stepping motor device and driving method thereof
Compounds, methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating cellular damage, such as neural or c...
Isolated human kinase proteins
Electronic equipment
Plasma display panel
Hinged tab for slot and tab closure systems
Method and apparatus for expedited file downloads in an applet environment
Predictive internet automatic work distributor (Pre-IAWD) and proactive internet automatic work dist...
Double Impatiens plant named `Balfiespray`
Measuring distance device
Procedure for preparing silica from calcium silicate
Adipocyte complement related protein zacrp13
Datawarehouse including a meta data catalog
Stable pharmaceutical solution formulations for pressurized metered dose inhalers
Method and system for installing software on a computer
Optional verification of interactive television content
System using weighted next hop option in routing table to include probability of routing a packet fo...
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Decorative soap with embedded liquid image layer and further comprising a toy or figurine
Method and apparatus for information management using fuzzy typing
Method of cache replacement for streaming media
System and method for wireless hot-synchronization of a personal digital assistant
Collision warning and safety countermeasure system
Aerodynamic prediction using semiempirical prediction techniques and methods therefor
Method for manipulating protein or DNA sequence data in order to generate complementary peptide liga...
Method and apparatus for determining the reflectance of translucent objects
Method and system for encoding movies, panoramas and large images for on-line interactive viewing an...
Method and system of printing postage indicia from an envelope design application
Optical recording medium and entertainment system that employs it
Polymeric fluorescent substance, polymeric fluorescent substance and polymer light-emitting device u...
Percutaneous absorption promoters for electroporation
Bit line control and sense amplification for TCCT-based memory cells
Semiconductor laser device
Process for the removal of conjugated olefins from a monoolefin stream
Unmanned aircraft with automatic fuel-to-air mixture adjustment
Rotating processor
Method and apparatus for fastening steel framing with nails
Cathode for a hall-heroult type electrolytic cell for producing aluminum
Electrostatic discharge device of surface mount type and fabricating method thereof
Process for the manufacture of olefins by a pyrolysis furnace with an internally finned U shaped rad...
Cache hints for computer file access
Liquid chemical compositions containing soluble sulfates and methods for anaerobic bioremediation
Geranium plant named `Cheryl's Shadow`
Shield assignment using preferential shields
Streaming media search system
Method of ranking items using efficient queries
Photovoltaic cells
Peach tree named `Bright Princess`
Display of television program information using dynamically-adjusted scroll rate
Virus checking and reporting for computer database search results
Device for protecting an electronic apparatus
Sole structure for electrostatic dissipative footwear and method of making same
Wound healing system and method of use
Elastomeric composition for preparing olefinic elastomer crosslinked foam and use thereof
Pepper agent system
Footwear bottom
Footwear upper
Sole for footwear
Method for detection of biological factors in epidermis
Detection of clonal T-cell receptor-.gamma. gene rearrangement by PCR/temporal temperature gradient ...
Elongated heat sink for use in converter assemblies
Method of operating SAR-type ADC and an ADC using the method
HMGI proteins in cancer and obesity
Calcium phosphate cements prepared from silicate solutions
Electrophoretic displays using nanoparticles
Thiazole derivatives
Non-imidazole compounds
Triamide-substituted heterobicyclic compounds
Wireless communication system including a unique data transmission device
Wireless network infrastructure in that digital processing resources are shared
Data transfer utilizing single functionally independent data transfer mechanism
Flash fixing apparatus and printer using the same
Transgenic maize seed and method for controlling insect pests
Spike for liquid transfer device, liquid transfer device including spike, and method of transferring...
Method for producing and screening mass-coded combinatorial libraries for drug discovery and target ...
Passive thermal control enclosure for payloads
Method of deriving standard 12-lead electrocardiogram and electrocardiogram monitoring apparatus
Method and system for tracking software components
System and method for maximizing bandwidth efficiency in a digital video program stream
Rugged, waterproof, navigation device with touch panel
Image formation method and image formation apparatus
Electric double-layer capacitor and carbon material therefor
Suspendable locker
System and method for trellis decoding in a multi-pair transceiver system
Process for the hydroformylation of higher olefins using cobalt compounds as catalyst
Multi-layered, three-dimensional display
System and method for simplifying clock construction and analysis
Crossover fault classification for power lines with parallel circuits
Methods for making antibody fragments and compositions resulting therefrom
Method of generating cartilage
Membrane electrode assembly for fuel and process for producing the same
Maleimide-photoresist polymers containing fluorine and photoresist compositions comprising the same
Release agent donor member having fluorocarbon thermoplastic random copolymer overcoat
Transparent conductive laminated body and touch panel
Sodium dodecyl sulfate compositions for inactivating prions
Remote baggage screening system, software and method
Nucleic acids encoding enamel matrix related polypeptides
Autothread control for a wire feeder of a welding system
Resonant converter
Membrane and electrode structure for implantable sensor
Explosives comprising modified copolymers of polyisobutylene and maleic anhydride as emulsifiers
Field emission display with electron emission member and alignment member
Formoterol tartrate polymorph
Method of providing downlink transmit diversity
Systems for delivering a cosmetic and/or therapeutic active to oral surfaces using an integral carri...
Actuator drive circuit
Indium phosphide-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
Sulfated fucan oligosaccharide
Semiconductor device
Substrate with a photocatalytic coating
Valve for scroll compressor
Fe--cr--al based alloy foil and method for producing the same
Orbital hand tool apparatus for drilling
Fluid-filtration receptacle with user-variable semi-permeable drain assembly
Mathieu-Gaussian beam for optical scanners
Subcutaneous only implantable cardioverter defibrillator and optional pacer
Perimeter security system
Object-conditional access system
VTOL aircraft control using opposed tilting of its dual propellers or fans
Echelon diffraction grating and optical waveguide element
Reconfigurable network interface architecture
Vehicle seat assembly having a cradle seat back
Sensor mounting system
Component object model interface to C++ type conversion
Non-invasive tissue glucose level monitoring
Rapid three-dimensional magnetic resonance tagging for studying material deformation and strain
Method for preparing a .gamma.-unsaturated .beta.-lactone and use thereof as an aromatic and flavour...
Checking of right to access
Soybean cultivar 0332133
System, method and apparatus for discovering phrases in a database
System for directing e-mail to selected recipients by applying transmission control directives on al...
Combination of antimicrobial agents and bacterial interference to coat medical devices
System and method for monitoring the state and operability of components in distributed computing sy...
Polymerization catalyst systems, methods of making and uses therefor
Polymerization process
Method of manufacturing and analyzing a composite building
Curing light
Football motif mailbox
Cell adhesion
Human thrombospondin repeat proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Ink composition comprising cationic, water-soluble resin
Articulated multiple buoy marine platform apparatus and method of installation
Interactive information services system and associated method for capturing transaction data
Method and apparatus for determining control actions based on tool health and metrology data
Absorber member and control rod
Telephone conversation quality enhancer using emotional conversational analysis
Apparatus and method for heat generation
Method and apparatus for controlling standing surface wave and turbulence in continuous casting vess...
Acoustic apparatus wearable on the head
Interactive toy play set with sensors
Neurological conflict diagnostic method and apparatus
Method of driving AC surface-discharge type plasma display panel
Branch predictor that selects between predictions based on stored prediction selector and branch pre...
Method and apparatus for localizing currency valuation independent of the original and objective cur...
Environment-responsive user interface/entertainment device that simulates personal interaction
Bone plate
Polystyrene reclamation process
Installation structure for installing camera
Insecticidal bacteria, and methods for making and using them
Anisotropically conductive sheet, production process thereof and applied product thereof
Microwave apparatus and methods of performing chemical reactions
Low-noise amplifier for a mobile communication terminal
Safety network for industrial controller having reduced bandwidth requirements
Injectable formulations containing ramoplanin
User settable unified workstation identification system
Method and apparatus for alerting basketball fans of successful three point shots
Method of distinguishing types of geologic sedimentation
Method and apparatus for optimizing overall characteristics of device
Apparatus and process for ballistic aerosol marking
Treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning
Materials for protection of substrates at high temperature, articles made therefrom, and method for ...
Method and system for annotating documents using an independent annotation repository
Data copyright management system
Au/Fe2O3 catalyst materials, method for the production thereof and their use
Inflatable elastic exercising device
Methods and structure for characterization of bayesian belief networks
Vehicle drive override subsystem
Method and system for delivering products for human consumption from a manufacturing center to passe...
Inbred maize line PH4GP
Chronometric, communication, identification, and tracking tag
Processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Driving simulator
Method for administering insulinotropic peptides
Passivation method for improved uniformity and repeatability for atomic layer deposition and chemica...
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for operating main bitline load controller thereo...
Designs of reference cells for magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) MRAM
Method of fabricating nitride semiconductor, method of fabricating nitride semiconductor device, nit...
Antenna system and apparatus for radio-frequency wireless keyboard
Internal arrangement and body of image sensing apparatus
Fire-blocking hurricane-earthquake frieze plate
Imaging apparatus
Techniques for spatial representation of data and browsing based on similarity
Enhanced dissolved oxygen groundwater remediation method and system
Shrub rose plant named `Radyod`
Substituting high performance and low power macros in integrated circuit chips
Cool ice data wizard calculation service
Method, apparatus and program for the central storage of standardized image data
Validating multiple execution plans for database queries
Method and system for improving the efficiency of the set and offset straps on a magnetic sensor
Chrysanthemum plant named `Amor Yellow White`
Portal system for converting requested data into a bytecode format based on portal device's graphica...
Application specific distributed firewall
Scheduling storage accesses for rate-guaranteed and non-rate-guaranteed requests
Electrically operated solenoid having an adjustable actuator pin length
Dielectric composition for high frequency resonators
Semiconductor device
Antimicrobial bioabsorbable materials
Multilayer microstructures and laser based method for precision and reduced damage patterning of suc...
Compressible wood pulp product
Method for forming and implanting a grafting material containing tissue
Fabric covered support
Knit like nonwoven fabric composite
Manufacture of low density panels
Composite railroad ties with optional integral conduit
Closed loop concentration control system for chemical mechanical polishing slurry
Reduced diameter, low resistance medical electrical lead
Implantable lead functional status monitor and method
Percutaneous biological fluid sampling and analyte measurement devices and methods
Toner cleaning device, image forming method using the device, and image forming apparatus using the ...
Hinge apparatus for vehicle floor systems
Control panel for a vehicle
Motor vehicle door with a passenger protection system
Visor mounting assembly
Covering for use with a motor vehicle
Collapsible storage apparatus for vehicle cargo compartments
Optical communication equipment and optical communication network equipment
Optical switch
Optically driven therapeutic radiation source including a non-planar target configuration
Method for non-invasive identification of individuals at risk for diabetes
Optical telecommunication module
Solid state laser apparatus
Controlling starch synthesis
Potato cultivar FL1879
Soybean cultivar 0332141
Inbred maize line PH0KT
Ink jet head and manufacturing method thereof
Preparation of a macrocellular acoustic foam
Slot extrusion coating methods
Medical stent and related methods
Replacement semilunar heart valve
Thermoplastic molding process and apparatus
Trailer body construction
Swivel having a reduced pressure area
Colored interference pigments
Heat sensitive recording material and microcapsule solution
Heat-sensitive recording material
Thermosensitive recording material
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus, portable recording and reproducing apparatus, data transfer ...
Hierarchical storage scheme and data playback scheme for enabling random access to realtime stream d...
Magnetic recording method and apparatus for digital signals, magnetic reproducing method and apparat...
Disc cartridge with slidably mounted shutter
Disk apparatus and track following control method
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Tunneling magnetoresistance spin-valve read sensor with LaNiO3 spacer
Messaging proxy system
System and method for modular storage of measurement streams using a hierarchy of stream-processing ...
Shared optical protection ring architecture
Non-a, non-b, non-c, non-c, non-d, non-e hepatitis reagents and methods for their use
Composition having antihepatitic activity
Virus-like particles for the induction of autoantibodies
System for the production of an autologous thrombin
Handoff supporting apparatus and method in CDMA communication system supporting multi-frequency assi...
Input redirection
Device for step-and-repeat exposure of a substrate
Maize proteinase inhibitor-like polynucleotides and defense-activated promoter, transformed plants, ...
Method and apparatus of cardiac CT imaging using ECG and mechanical motion signals
System and method for converting a selected signal into a timing signal and inserting the phase of t...
Method and system for providing a customized media list
Lens arrays
Open-end wrench head
Semiconductor memory improved for testing
Vacuum interrupter with two contact systems
Process for the epoxidation of olefins
Purified stat proteins and methods of purifying thereof
Sand control screen assembly and treatment method using the same
Metallic blocking layers integrally associated with fuel cell electrode structures and fuel cell ele...
Signal transduction stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Prevention of neutrophil recruitment
Plant proanthocyanidin extract effective at inhibiting adherence of bacteria with p-type fimbriae to...
Electro-optical device including a field emission array and photoconductive layer
Electronic composite material component
Anti-microbial body care product
Display grip for sports equipment
Preparation of phosphorus-containing compounds useful in the preparation of biphosphine ligands
Derivatized reduced malto-oligosaccharides
Nicotine receptor agonists in stem cell and progenitor cell recruitment
Method for making polyamide fibers
Die casting magnesium alloy
Method for simultaneous detection of multiple microbial antigens in biological specimens from mastit...
Method for encrypting information represented as a numerical value
Contingency hydraulic power unit
Shielded strip line device and method of manufacture thereof
Generic DCOM server
Apparatus for loading packing carriers into a packaging machine
System and method of handwritten character recognition
Fault-tolerant non-flooding routing
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Use of tertiary alcohols or esters as perfuming ingredients
Canola cultivar 46A42
Method and system for reducing lexical ambiguity
Collection of timing and coverage data through a debugging interface
Catalyst for the polymerization of olefins
Curing light
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Cable and pipe burial apparatus and method
System and method for hosted facilities management
Man machine interfaces and applications
Interactive dress-up toy
Method and device for driving plasma display panel
Branch predictor index generation using varied bit positions or bit order reversal
Prismatic loudspeaker/microphone array
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Flame`
Apparatus for three dimensional photography
Musical bench
Multilevel interconnect structure with low-k dielectric
Methods and kits for the detection of arginine compounds
Optical demultiplexer based on three-dimensionally periodic photonic crystals
Conjugate comprising a folic acid antagonist and a carrier
Back-up plate up/down apparatus
Method of providing an alternative audio format of a web page in response to a request for audible p...
Hollow center thermoset elastomeric game ball
Golf wrist trainer
Method and apparatus for processing an image of an agricultural field
Dose metering system for medicament inhaler
Oxygen mask assembly
Galvanizing roll assembly with self-aligning hydrodynamic film lubricated roller-bearings
Container for a deceased person or animal
Method and system for recovering mirrored logical data volumes within a data processing system
Intellectual property over non-internet protocol systems and networks
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Control system for, and method of, operating toy vehicles
System and method for classification using time sequences
AGV position and heading controller
Fastenerless internal support for hollow structures
Recording medium, and image forming method and recorded matter using same
Vehicle console assembly
Magnesium di-potassium EDTA complex and method of administration
Cyclical deposition of a variable content titanium silicon nitride layer
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and driving method thereof
Magnetoresistive film and memory using the same
Nitride type compound semiconductor light emitting element
Light-emitting dendrimers
MR scanner with a setting mechanism for patient-dependent control of the radio-frequency fields and ...
Lens guide mechanism
Anamorphic illumination of micro-electromechanical display devices employed in multimedia projectors
Light control device, method for driving same and pickup device using the light control device
Online content provider system and method
Fe(o)-based bioremediation of aquifers contaminated with mixed wastes
Salvia plant named `RFD-S018`
Shared encoder used in error correction having multiple encoders of different maximum error correcti...
Robust voice browser system and voice activated device controller
Data transfer server
Lithium cell based on lithiated transition metal titanates
Chrysanthemum plant named `Unicorn`
Method of distributing piracy protected computer software
Interactive web book system for contributing and viewing material with attribution and derivation fe...
Environmentally friendly ultra-high sensitivity liquid penetrant inspection process and system
Process and apparatus for cleaning filters
Method of removing low molecular weight substance from polyimide precursor or polyimide containing l...
Method of inducing vasodilation and treating pulmonary hypertension using adenoviral-mediated transf...
Use of a vital dye for facilitating surgical procedures for cataract extraction
Sulfonamide inhibitors of aspartyl protease
CCR5 antagonists useful for treating aids
Versatile wafer refining
Portable trade show exhibit system
Kernel abstraction layer for digital television set-top box firmware
System, method and program for producing a customized response
Marking memory elements based upon usage of accessed information during speculative execution
Somatostatin antagonists and agonists that act at the SST subtype 2 receptor
Selective melanin concentrating hormone-1 (MCH1) receptor antagonists and uses thereof
Low-temperature densification of carbon fiber preforms by impregnation and pyrolysis of sugars
Compounds for use in the treatment of cancer or viral infections
Centroid tracking for spread-spectrum communications
Liquid crystal display device having a back frame which includes a contacted portion with the liquid...
RAD51-like polynucleotide and uses thereof
Electrode catheter with reduced noise activity as well as a related processing method for the electr...
Medium containing computer peripheral device maintenance guide program, computer peripheral device m...
Method and apparatus for controlling a motorcycle engine
Fixing device capable of changing smoothness of surface of toner of fixed toner image on sheet and i...
Dynamic performance adjustment of computation means
Oxirane production method
Removal of salts in the manufacture of phenolic compound
Therapeutic inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle cells
Wounded epithelium-specific transcript
Matrix protein compositions for treating infection
Liquid composition, ink set, method for forming colored portion on recording medium, and ink-jet rec...
Image forming device to fix color images from a plurality of developing agents
Sensor assembly
Single and dual-band patch/helix antenna arrays
Apparatus and system for identification labeling
Biocidal composition containing phosphite ions
Liquid neutral to alkaline hard-surface cleaning composition
Nitride-based semiconductor element and method of forming nitride-based semiconductor
Method for identifying fast - growing fish
System and method for database similarity join
J-shaped flexible duct hanger
Acetyloxymethyl esters and methods for using the same
Rotational exchange gradient imager for in situ magnetic resonance analyses in ultracentrifuge sedim...
Maximum likelihood density modification by pattern recognition of structural motifs
Insulated building panels
Shape memory polymers
Genes identified as required for proliferation in Escherichia coli
Method and system for encasing an endless, laid pipeline conduit with backfill concrete
Memory card ejecting structure
System and method for using schema attributes as meta-data in a directory service
Driving device and action toy
Display device
Disk control mechanism preferable for random disk write
Lightweight loudspeaker enclosure
Method and system for automated processor register instantiation
E-mailer controller for privately and securely delivering bank notices, advices and monthly statemen...
Nandina plant named `Monfar`
Adjustable musician's stand
Matt, thixotropic paint formulation
Porous semiconductor-based optical interferometric sensor
Apparatus and method for providing gain equalization
Alternative splice variants of CD40
Unscheduled event task processing system
Arrow for providing an exit for fluid from game upon impact in the game
Training manikin support
Medication dosage inhaler system
CPAP humidifier having sliding access drawer
Container for a deceased person or animal
Data processing apparatus, coding apparatus, data processing method and coding method
Soft sculpture shellfish animal toy and accessories
System for intelligent control based on soft computing
Hybrid vehicle
Method for producing stiffened hollow structure composed of fiber-reinforced composite
Gift packaging system
Movable wall for stadium
Series memory architecture
Cladding of a conductive interconnect for programming a MRAM device using multiple magnetic layers
Optical device, surface emitting type device and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystalline compounds and process for producing the same
Distance measuring apparatus and camera comprising the apparatus
Information generating method and apparatus
Organic EL element and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for an information server
Slope stabilizer
Chrysanthemum plant named `Amor Spider White`
Diagnosis of combinational logic circuit failures
Remote deposition system and method
Trap control system
Payment certification string and related electronic payment system and method
Method for preparation of the supersaturated solution of calcium phosphate and the thin film of calc...
Gaming device having an award offer and termination bonus scheme
Systems and methods for determining a gaming system event parameter based on a player-established ev...
Image alignment gaming device and method
Symbol display device for game machine
Coating agent comprising at least four components, method for producing same, and use thereof
Electron beam shot linearity monitoring
System for improved matching and broadband performance of microwave antennas
Method for controlling the membrane structure of a starch granule
Method for analysis of the textural structure of food of a multi-component dispersion system
Process for decontamination
Combination of gaba agonists and aldose reductase Inhibitors
Code division multiple access mobile communication system
Populating a data warehouse using a pipeline approach
Mouse seat with sterilizing and deodorizing ability
Boundary addressable memory
PEM fuel cell stack
Process for the production of polyisocyanates of the diphenylmethane series with a reduced color val...
N-acylsulfonamide apoptosis promoters
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Parallel fed collinear dipole array antenna
ROV installed suction piles
Subsea anchor line connection method and connector for use therein
Method and apparatus for remapping subpixels for a color display
Clean release magnet and the manufacturing method thereof
Coating machine for upgrading sheet material
Method and device for detecting a true product jam in a folder
Method for advancing signatures using a retracting drive
Process and device for accelerating the destruction of at least two vortices in the wake of a moving...
Control and energy supply system for at least two aircraft seats
Chiral phosphorus ligands and the use thereof in the production of optically active products
Asymmetric radio frequency coils for magnetic resonance
High-resolution high-speed NMR well logging device
Method for producing a cellulose fibre from hydrocellulose
Method to control data reception buffers for packetized voice channels
Removal of noise from seismic data using improved tau-P filters
Container for a deceased person or animal
Wheeled golf bag
Garbage can
Trash can assembly
Medical image processing apparatus
Data delivery track
Compact disc container
Automated convention processing system and method
Method and system for facilitating production changes in an extended enterprise environment
Value points exchanging managing method among first and second business entities where value points ...
Stabilization of envelope glycoprotein trimers by disulfide bonds introduced into a gp 41 glycoprote...
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Lithium-containing phosphates, method of preparation, and uses thereof
Underground boring machine employing navigation sensor and adjustable steering
Image recording material
Bump with basic metallization and method for manufacturing the basic metallization
Secondary battery and material therefor
Selective removal of brazing compound from joined assemblies
Single-phase lithium ferrite based oxide
Secondary lithium battery construction for improved heat transfer
Method and apparatus for improving dispersal performance in a processor through the use of no-op por...
Hand-free handset and neckband arrangement
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
Method and apparatus for policy-based charging for telecommunications services
Bus system having an address/control bus and a data bus, and a data transfer method thereof
Radio frequency data communications device
Verification utilizing instance-based hierarchy management
Business alliance identification in a web architecture framework
Optical proximity correction for phase shifting photolithographic masks
Simulation program having generic attribute access schema
Plant retroelements and methods related thereto
Intra-vascular administration of particles to induce pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary hypertension ...
Animal grooming brush
Pet drinking aid device
Portable fluid dispenser for animals
Computer assisted intramedullary rod surgery system with enhanced features
Nerve stimulation as a treatment for pain
High accuracy timing model for integrated circuit verification
Process for crosslinking of acrylic ester copolymers
Curable inkjet printable ink compositions
Rugged enclosure with pass through energy management ribs
Supported olefin polymerization catalyst composition
Hetero-telechelic polymers and processes for making same
Method and regulating system for damping the torque oscillations of the drive train of an electrical...
Power train assembly
Electrodynamic drive system
Outside adjustments for paddle craft
Anchor fluke
Life boat
Prodrugs of 3-(pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives
Organic composite coated zinc-based metal plated steel sheet
Method and apparatus for deslagging and tapping an integrated electric steel making furnace
Method of producing ultra-fine grain structure for unalloyed or low-alloyed steel
Capping device and method to apply overcaps to aerosol cans
Method for making enameled steel sheet
Method of joining steel tubes with aluminum ribs
Construction composition, structure, and method
Structural panel and method of fabrication
Arrythmia display
Apparatus for body surface mapping
Automatic electrogram measurement
Method and apparatus for binary-oriented set sequencing
Information search and retrieval system
Method and apparatus for evaluating the runability of a photomask inspection tool
Non-contact image reader and system using the same
High-speed on-chip windowed centroiding using photodiode-based CMOS imager
Apparatus and method for extracting management information from image
System and method for bi-directional optical communication using stacked emitters and detectors
Self-adjusting optical add-drop multiplexer and optical networks using same
Optical communications system
Method and system for delivering multi-band broadcast services in wavelength division multiplexed pa...
Fiber optic network interface device
Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and ...
Method and apparatus to identify sequential content stored on a storage medium
Protective helmet navigation system
LED illumination structure
Shutter for use with a light source
Method and circuit for replicating data in a fiber channel network, or the like
System and method for preventing sector slipping in a storage area network
Catheter having a wing with a stiffening member therein
Electrochemical test strip for use in analyte determination
Methods to potentiate cancer therapies
Coffee-espresso maker
Packaged hybrid capacitor
Aqueous amino resin blends
Polypropylene fibres
Hot-melt adhesive compositions comprising acidic polymer and basic polymer blends
Polypropylene base porous film and production process for the same
Film composites
Placing inadvertently omitted ventilation strip
Place-kicking practice holder
Hydrogen purification membranes, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Cavitation hydrogen generator
Comonomer compositions for production of imide-containing polyamino acids
Top arch overfilled system
Plastic film bag assembly and process of filling
Carton with an improved dispensing feature
Bleaching composition of enhanced stability and a process for making such a composition
Receiving sheet for ink-jet printing comprising a gelatin and saccharides combination
Recording medium, and method for producing image using the same
Creamy, stable homogeneous antiperspirant/deodorant composition
Confectionery compositions
Hair treatment compositions
Compositions for prevention of chemically induced irritation and discolorations and methods of using...
Extended duration insect repellent composition and method of application to the skin
Method of hydrolyzing defatted jojoba meal with protease enzymes
Particulate compositions and their manufacture
Wet-skin treatment compositions
Topical composition and method for enhancing lipid barrier synthesis
Emulsion compositions for polyfunctional active ingredients
Toner for developing static charge image and method for preparation thereof
Method and system for a building database manipulator
Eyewear assembly with side shields and method of installing same
Methods and compositions for stimulating osteoblast proliferation or treating malignant cell prolife...
Analysis of free analyte fractions by rapid affinity chromatography
Ubiquitin ligases as therapeutic targets
Luciferase reporter bioassay of parathyroid hormone compounds
Composition and method for the encapsulation of water-soluble molecules into nanoparticles
Thin film phantoms and phantom systems
Absorbent articles having reduced rewet with distribution materials positioned underneath storage ma...
Detergent compositions comprising an ethoxylated alcohol and alkyl ioenzene sulfonate
Process for making a low-fat nut spread composition
Antiperspirant or deodorant composition
Dynamic sub-carrier assignment in OFDM systems
Admission control in a mobile radio communications system
Integrated communications management unit and very high frequency data radio
Multilayer recordable optical medium with fluorescent reading
Resistive coating for a tensioned focus mask CRT
Direct CsI scintillator coating for improved digital X-ray detector assembly longevity
Continuous process for the preparation of polytrimethylene ether glycol
Aminonitrile production
Fluorinated carboxylic acid recovery and reuse
Modular system for coating plastics
Flexible organic electronic device with improved resistance to oxygen and moisture degradation
Genes encoding sulfate assimilation proteins
Method and apparatus for synchronizing data stores with respect to changes in folders
Computer system employing multiple board sets and coherence schemes
Method and apparatus for encoding a bus to minimize simultaneous switching outputs effect
Front end system having multiple decoding modes
Method and mechanism to use a cache to translate from a virtual bus to a physical bus
Optimization of calls in programming languages using pointers for passing reference parameters
Plasma display panel
Rolling Bearing
Swash-plate drag bearing
Ball bearing
Ball bearing
Method of securing a bearing and hub to a knuckle
Method for adjusting an axial play of a rotor shaft of a motor
Wiper device
Protective fabric having high penetration resistance
Sponson tow plate-mounted helicopter armament apparatus and associated methods
Semiautomatic handgun having multiple safeties
Measuring tool and adjusting tool for ammunition
Defense vehicle aiming ordinance platform having variable reluctance motor
Portable game machine
Predictive pre-download of network objects
Long working distance interference microscope
Image processing unit and method including blending processing
Application specific rollback in a computer system
Coaxial speaker system
Solid state laser apparatus
Optical lens device assembly
Optically amplified gain control circuit and optically amplified gain control method
Light emitting device addressed spatial light modulator
System for high resolution chemical and biological sensing
Pyramid pebble football with textured lacing
System and method for focusing an elastically deformable lens
Alkyl or aryl substituted dihydronaphthalene derivatives having retinoid and/or retinoid antagonist-...
Method and apparatus for accessing microelectronic workpiece containers
Method of applying a metallic heat rejection coating onto a gas turbine engine component
Variety of dicentra plant named `Candy Hearts`
Speaker assembly
Ventilable silencer unit for vehicles
Deployable segmented exhaust nozzle for a jet engine
Image-receiving sheet for electrophotography
Method for improving the resistance degradation of thin film capacitors
FeRam semiconductor device with improved contact plug structure
Semiconductor device with a semiconductor layer over a surface having a recess pitch no smaller than...
Electronic device comprising organic compound having p-type semiconducting characteristics
Gallium nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic instrument
Method of determining substrate, and biosensor
Method and laser system controlling breakdown process development and space structure of laser radia...
Variable blazed grating based signal processing
Semiconductor memory device, memory system and electronic instrument
Pri-staggered post-doppler adaptive monopulse processing for detection and location of a moving targ...
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, memory system and electronic apparatus
Method for producing a preconditioned ultra-low emission carbon material
Hostage system and method for intercepting encryted hostile data
Lost cost countermeasures against compromising electromagnetic computer emanations
Systems and methods for determining spectra using dynamic least squares algorithms with measurements...
Thermal fuser and image formation apparatus
Apparatus and method for counting pixels in print data
Mapping from full color to highlight color and texture
Image rendering system and method using sum and difference error diffusion with arbitrary and redund...
Hair color advice system
Space simulation chamber and method
Jaw model
Providing shared-medium multiple access capability in point-to-point communications
Unified messaging system
Fair share scheduling of multiple service classes with prioritized shaping
Precise fit golf club fitting system and golf shaft selection methods and apparatus
IC card, terminal device and service management server
Wireless game control units
Binder system on the basis of polyurethane for molding material mixtures for use in the production o...
Macrocyclic musk composition, organoleptic uses thereof and process for preparing same
Process for the preparation of 2,3-pentanedione
Cleaning wipe
Method for image formation and intermediate transfer recording medium
Method and apparatus for warm starting a system where the system includes region(s) of software code...
Rate adaptation in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for maintaining configuration information in a computing environment
Partial back pressure (PBP) transmission technique for ATM-PON using rate controllers to reduce a ma...
Evaporation chamber for a respiratory gas humidifier
Antiseptic compositions for inactivating prions
Methods for electrosurgical assisted lipectomy
Roll form medical bandaging product, medical bandage material, method of constructing same, and band...
High efficiency hydrofoil and swim fin designs
Plug for a firearm
Textile finishing process
Process for purification of anhydrous hydrogen chloride gas
Carbon alloy products and a process for their production
Salt-templated microporous solids
Plastic sorter
Method of recovering chemical species by depolymerization of poly (ethylene terephthalate) and relat...
Color pigment master batch and blow molding method using the same
Method for evaluation of a genetic algorithm
CTR1 homologue from melon
Compositions and methods for regulating bacterial pathogenesis
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Semiconductor device and method for driving the same
Polyvalent, magnetoresistive write/read memory and method for writing and reading a memory of this t...
Methods for concurrently processing multiple biological chip assays
Cartridge washing system and methods
Personal preferred viewing using electronic program guide
Barrier rib structure for plasma display panel
Acid colloid in a microparticle system used in papermaking
Spin-valve structure and method for making spin-valve structures
Electron spectroscopy employing controlled surface charging
Protective hardmask for producing interconnect structures
High solids emulsions of curable elastomeric polymers
Thermally hardenable polymer binding agent in the form of a powder
Modified cationic polymers, their preparation and their use in papermaking
Disposable food container with a linear sidewall profile and an arcuate outer flange
Aliphatic polyester composition and flexible products
Mercury discharge lamp of the short arc type
Catalyst modification to enhance neotame production
Point-of-use generation of chlorinated alkaline cleaning solutions by electrolysis
High capacity regenerable sorbent for removal of mercury from flue gas
Fluorescent lamp and method for manufacturing the fluorescent lamp
Method for making mercury capsule for use in fluorescent lamp
Method and system for facilitating retrieval of report information in a data management system
Methods, computer system, and computer program product for configuring a meta search engine
Interleaving/deinterleaving apparatus and method for a communication system
Method and apparatus for implementing a single-syllable IP-relative branch instruction and a long IP...
Using an L2 directory to facilitate speculative loads in a multiprocessor system
Method and system for providing LUN-based backup reliability via LUN-based locking
Electronic device evaluation system
MDA-7 nucleic acid molecules and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Transfer method for specific cellular localization of nucleic acids
Newcastle disease virus infectious clones, vaccines and diagnostic assays
Low visibility watermarks using an out-of-phase color
Method and system of watermarking digital data using scaled bin encoding and maximum likelihood deco...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Storing sharpness data using embedded carriers
Power and telecommunications access vending machine
Store employee locator system
Protein supplemented beverage compositions
Intelligent control to stabilize auto-ignition combustion without rapid pressure increase
Method for starting a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Design and assembly method of a low cost camshaft
Cam phase control apparatus and method, and engine control unit for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for cleaning an oil control valve for an internal combustion engine
Camshaft rotational phase detecting apparatus and cylinder intake air quantity calculating apparatus...
Variable valve control comprising a sliding-block part and a free travel
Method for managing shared tasks in a multi-tasking data processing system
Maximum payload speed manager
Vehicle travel guide device and vehicle travel guide method
Navigation system and memory medium storing the position data of the specific facilities
Navigation system, method, and program for automotive vehicle
Implementing geo-fencing on mobile devices
Method of and system for reducing metal artifacts in images generated by x-ray scanning devices
Temporal and spectral spread submarine locator transmitter, and method and installation using same
Position location and tracking method and system employing low frequency radio signal processing
Lock-up control apparatus for automatic transmission
Multi-speed planetary transmissions with fixed input and stationary members
Multi-speed transmissions with three interconnected planetary gear sets
Traction drive transmission
Family of multi-speed power transmission mechanisms having three planetary gearsets and five torque-...
Multiple axes planetary transmission
Family of five-speed transmission mechanisms having a fixed stationary member
Family of five-speed transmission mechanisms having three interconnected planetary gear sets
Family of five-speed transmission mechanisms having three interconnected planetary gear sets
Method and device for measuring the volumetric flow of a fluid
Engine emission analyzer
Method for remote monitoring of gas turbine
Graphics display system with unified memory architecture
System and method for enabling the originator of an electronic mail message to preset an expiration ...
Devices and methods for treating tissue
Diagnostics and therapeutics for restenosis
Solid phase quenching systems
Nuclear reactor
Detection of demagnetization in a motor in an electric or partially electric motor vehicle
Method for modifying a surface
Programmable memory controller
Method and apparatus for controlling the transition of an audio converter between two operative mode...
Dc-Dc converter with reduced input current ripples
Bidirectional converter with input voltage control by a primary switch and output voltage regulation...
Method of assessing pulmonary stress and a breathing apparatus
Hierarchical dynamic buffer management system and method
Ensuring emergency availability of communications devices
Reprogrammable digital wireless communication device and method of operating same
Method of amplifying optical signals using doped materials with extremely broad bandwidths
Thermal actuator with spatial thermal pattern
Moveable barrier operator
Cosmetic material containing crystalline superfine silk powder
Process and apparatus for treating biosolids from wastewater treatment
Cooling hood for circuit board
Method and apparatus for controlling variable air volume supply fans in heating, ventilating, and ai...
Oil cooler bypass valve
Heat exchanger system
Cooling apparatus boiling and condensing refrigerant with improved tunnel structure
Method and system for object selection
Communications device retroreflecting incident modulated radiation
Resonantly driven fiber polarization scrambler
Bandwidth control technique for a laser
Implantable medical device assembly and manufacturing method
Optical head and recording/reproducing device
Chips having elevated sample surfaces
Recombinant proteins and peptides for endotoxin biosensors, endotoxin removal, and anti-microbial an...
Apparatus and method for controlling sonic treatment
Motor control method in recording apparatus and recording apparatus
Ratchet wrench
Metrology hardware specification using a hardware simulator
Formulation and method for increasing the essential oil content in aromatic crops
Extended dynamic range system for digital X-ray imaging detectors
Systems for measuring periodic structures
Particle dispersion determinator
Non-intrusive method and apparatus for characterizing particles based on scattering matrix elements ...
Method and device for the spectral analysis of light
Oximeter with nulled op-amp current feedback
Paste, which can undergo screen printing for producing a porous polymer membrane for a biosensor
Child-proof package for pharmaceutical products
Compressor arrangement for the operation of a fuel cell system
Device for the axial transport of fluid media
Pump for printing press
Fan assembly with application to vacuum cleaner
C3-cyano epothilone derivatives
Fuel feeder
Disk apparatus and control method therefor
Preventing unauthorized use of service
Remote maintenance system
GPS receiving apparatus
Liquid cleaning agent or detergent composition
Lubricating oil compositions
Low viscosity lubricating oil compositions
Wall-mounted type microwave oven with cleaning device
Process and an arrangement for machine dishwashing
Fly-by serial bus arbitration
System and method for converting from single-ended to differential signals
Multi-functional electrical connector
Apparatus and method for measuring static charge on wafers, disks, substrates, masks, and flat panel...
Composite material piping system
Fresh commodity peeling system and method
Part creep for setting bearing gap
Boric acid analgesic composition and method of treatment using the same
Hyaluronate lyase used for promoting penetration in topical agents
Use of phospholipids for the manufacture of a medicament for the prevention of adhesions
Serotonin reuptake inhibitor formulations
Coated, platform-generating tablet
Formulations comprising lipid-regulating agents
Method and system for measuring properties of deformable material specimens
System and method for generating integrated circuit boundary register description data
Method and system for interfacing an integrated circuit to synchronous dynamic memory and static mem...
Oxadiazole derivatives having anticancer effects
88KDA tumorigenic growth factor and antagonists
Diagnosis of histoplasmosis using antigens specific for H. capsulatum
Method of controlling a CVT speed ratio
Band gap plasma mass filter
Apparatus and method for the treatment of a contaminated fluid
Electronic device that stores information on its location based on information obtained from a node
Developing apparatus including a developer compression-avoidance feature and image forming apparatus...
Image forming apparatus with control of start timing of application of transfer output
Electrostatic transfer type image forming apparatus with control of start timing of transfer output
Spontaneous alignment method for manufacturing cholesteric reflective polarizer
Liquid crystal display device
High density probe card apparatus and method of manufacture
Methods and apparatus for detecting concealed weapons
Woven thermal textile
Method for producing a raised applique on a substrate and articles made therefrom
Triple data system for high data rate communication systems
Modulated intensity flasher for vehicle brake light with lockout
Method and apparatus for providing an automated information management for high throughput screening
Real-time target tracking of an unpredictable target amid unknown obstacles
Sentry robot system
Method and apparatus for monitoring the operation of a wafer handling robot
Device for holding a hose
Methods for degating molded parts from a runner
Method and device for carrying out 2d electrophoresis in large gels
Method and system for embedding voice notes
Radio-frequency badge for location measurement
Method and device for refining nucleic acids
Method for determining alkaline phosphatase and eliminating haemoglobin disturbances
Stabilization and amplification of electrochemiluminescence signals
Method and apparatus for balancing bandwidth usage in a browser
Fusing system having electromagnetic heating
Flexible allegiance storage and computing architecture
Method of parallel trigger execution in an active database
Method for efficient modular polynomial division in finite fields f(2 m)
Method of presuming traffic conditions by using floating car data and system for presuming and prese...
Image forming apparatus
Switch control system in ATM switching system
Recording medium, signal recording method and apparatus and signal reproducing apparatus
Thin-walled polyurethane articles
Method for producing N-methyl-N'-nitroguanidine
Spiro-cyclic .beta.-amino acid derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases and TNF-.alpha. ...
Wiring connection structure of laminated capacitor and decoupling capacitor, and wiring board