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Porous poly(aryl ether ketone) membranes, processes for their preparation and use thereof
Device for separating and discharging plasma
Apparatus and method of particulate removal from liquids
Solid algicide, preparation and usage in recirculating water
Flexible film packaging for use with ozone sterilization applications
Method and apparatus for using peroxide and alkali to recover bitumen from tar sands
Apparatus for disinfecting water using ultraviolet radiation
Method of arsenic immobilization in crystalline form from water
Process and device for aerating suspensions
Method and device for the removal of contaminant layers from water surfaces
System and process for removing contaminants from storm water
Nanofiltration system for water softening with internally staged spiral wound modules
Process for the recovery of sulfuric acid using polymeric membranes
Method and apparatus for separating emulsified water from hydrocarbons
Process for the fractionation of polymers
Treatment of non-aqueous aldehyde waste streams
Process for producing 1, 3-propanediol
Process for carbon dioxide recovery from a process tool
Method and system for forming an in situ groundwater filter
Systems and methods for high-throughput microfluidic sample analysis
System and method for high throughput sample preparation and analysis using column chromatography
Retentate chromatography--profiling with biospecific interaction adsorbents
Method and apparatus for treating fluids
Treatment of circulating water systems
Curb guard filter
Dialysis machine and method of checking the functionality of a dialysis machine
Activated sludge process optimization
Wastewater treatment system
Methods for adsorption and retention of solvated compounds and ions
Integrated hydroponic and fixed-film wastewater treatment systems and associated methods
Dog collar
Exclusion cage for use with bird feeders
Hockey helmet
Nail clipper
Nail file
Light fixture
Table lamp
Lighting device
Clip light
Combined head and tail work lights
Computer lamp
System and method prioritizing message packets for transmission
Vehicle-to-roadside communication system, roadside communication station, and on-board mobile statio...
Reduced cost automatic meter reading system and method using locally communicating utility meters
Forming electromagnetic communication circuit components using densified metal powder
Multi-segmented dielectric resonator antenna
Electronic device with cover including a radio frequency indentification module
Method of generating an alert for walkie-talkie when out of communicatable distance
Mobile station equipment, base station equipment, exchange, and mobile communication system
Radio frequency control for communication systems
Radio apparatus
Message delivery for appliances and method therefore
Microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) carrier interface
Apparatus and method for determining erasability of data
Composition that regulates and diminishes appetite and methods relating thereto
Methods for treating glaucoma
Carbohydrate derivatives of paclitaxel and docetaxel, method for producing same and uses thereof
Disposable wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for use in paging mode in wireless communications systems
Optimal load-based wireless session context transfer
Message handover for networked beacons
Telephony device with integrated messaging
System and method of purchasing products and services using prepaid wireless communications services...
Method and system for making wireless terminal profile information accessible to a network
Wireless communication access point
Interactive communications appliance
Data storage system having multi-cast/unicast
MAC protocol employing multiple data rates
Apparatus and method for use in effecting automatic repeat requests in wireless multiple access comm...
Transmission method in a domestic communication system comprising a wireless channel
System for morphological image fusion and change detection
Pre-assembled pivoting lens unit
Optical switching network and network node and method of optical switching
Large area wide aspect ratio flat panel monitor having high resolution for high information content ...
Evidence and property tracking for law enforcement
Electron beam test system and electron beam test method
Color CRT electron gun with progressively reduced electron beam passing aperture size
Terahertz imaging system and method
Longitudinal field driven ion mobility filter and detection system
Handle for welding gun and system using same
Endospore detection method
Recombinant MHC molecules useful for manipulation of antigen-specific T-cells
Carbonaceous complex structure and manufacturing method therefor
Composite material containing tungsten, tin and organic additive
Multi-speed power transmission
Intake air control system and method for an internal combustion engine
Housing, with a tubular connector, for a heart stimulator
Apparatus having endless belt with roughened guide
Mid temperature plasma device
Optical waveguide element and method of fabrication thereof
Optical waveguide phase shifter
Multi-technique thin film analysis tool
Architecture of a phase-change nonvolatile memory array
High efficiency heat sink/air cooler system for heat-generating components
Solid electrolytic capacitor and a fabrication method therefor
Disk cartridge
Method for forming a magnetic pattern in a magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording medium magn...
Planar lens
Device and a method for controlling the fuel-air ratio
Micro-electromechanical devices and methods of manufacture
Implicit page breaks for digitally represented handwriting
Encrypting a digital object based on a key ID selected therefor
Mapping database users to operating system users in a computer schema
computerized aesthetic judgment of images
Data input device power management including beacon state
Illumination unit for reels of slot machine
Production managing method for photo film production
Current integrating sense amplifier for memory modules in RFID
Key control system using separate ID and location detection mechanisms
Semiconductor integrated circuit, radio frequency identification transponder, and non-contact IC car...
Thin implantable RFID transponder suitable for use in an identification badge
Fiber jumpers with data storage method and apparatus
Method for field programmable radio frequency document identification devices
Methods and apparatus for generating high-frequency clocks deterministically from a low-frequency sy...
System and method for distributing load among redundant independent stateful world wide web server s...
Method to customize the playback of compact and digital versatile disks
Bus precharge during a phase of a clock signal to eliminate idle clock cycle
Measuring instrument with multiple signal terminals shared in multiple operation modes
Programmable logic array integrated circuit devices
Apparatus and method for probing light absorbing agents in biological tissues
Multiwell scanner and scanning method
Device for investigating materials
Optical member for vacuum ultraviolet, and aligner and device manufacture method using same
Exposure method and apparatus, method of making exposure apparatus, device and device manufacturing ...
Steerable horizontal subterranean drill bit having elevated wear protector receptacles
Method for mapping a service attribute pertaining to a connection oriented communications network in...
Air interface for telecommunications systems with cordless telecommunications between mobile and/or ...
Circuit and method for switching through channels of a multi-channel connection
Method for echo processing in time-of-flight or level measurement systems
Method and system for optimization of an optical transmission signal which is modulated with a binar...
Adjusting device for a thermal trip element
Double throw switch linkage
Communication process and system with service access points and groups of references where participa...
Inertia clutch mechanism in motors to prevent backdrive
Navigation device and position correction method
Interchangeable accessories for a remote controlled inspection vehicle
System for modeling static and dynamic three dimensional anatomical structures by 3-D models
Unipolar canister purge valve
Method for switching telephone calls between two telephone networks using a central controller
Method for controlling the valve lift of discretely adjustable inlet valves in a multi-cylinder inte...
System and method for call transferring in a communication system
Product having a sensor and a surface acoustic wave element, as well as a method and arrangement for...
X-ray diagnostics installation for mammography examinations
Mobile phone
Console mapping tool for automated deployment and management of network devices
Method and system to handle large volume of E-mail received from a plurality of senders intelligentl...
System and method for secure real-time high accuracy speech to text conversion of general quality sp...
Method, system, and program for accessing performance data
Method and system using delivery trucks to collect address location data
Method for managing distributed savepoints across multiple DBMS's within a distributed transaction
Navigation method and system for large compound
Method of changing a parameter of an operating system of a computer system
Database load distribution processing method and recording medium storing a database load distributi...
Method and system for efficiently evaluating a query against partitioned data
Method for assigning and id to an object in a database
Dental prosthesis abutment and waxing sleeve assembly
Manufacturing a dental implant drill guide and a dental implant superstructure
Antiulcer agent
Method and system for monitoring resources within a manufacturing environment
Container monitoring system
Bronchodilating compositions and methods
Chromanone derivatives
Aromatic derivatives substituted by a ribose, their preparation process and their use as medicaments
Low oxygen affinity mutant hemoglobins
Use of aloe-emodin in the treatment of neuroectodermal tumors
4-Fluoro-N-indan-2-yl benzamide and its use as a pharmaceutical
Acylsulfonamide derivatives
Carboxamide-substituted phenylurea derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as medic...
Process for preparing a 3-hydroxy-3-methylbutyrate amino acid salt and method of use
Supported fluorous biphasic catalyst system
Rapid, quantitative method for the mass spectrometric analysis of nucleic acids for gene expression ...
Compound, optical recording medium and optical recording method
Optical information recording medium
Instrument for monitoring nucleic acid amplification
Methods and probes for detection and/or quantification of nucleic acid sequences
Switching power source device
Stepping inductor for fast transient response of switching converter
Closed loop diode emulator for DC-DC converter
Air conditioning apparatus
Device and method for inductive billet heating with a billet-heating coil
Multiple output power supply having soft start protection for load over-current or short circuit con...
High efficiency AC-DC converter with power factor corrector
DC-DC converter and controller for DC-DC converter
Electric charge control device and load driving device using the same
Automatic transmission
Cross-midplane switch topology
Remote control for a hearing aid, and applicable hearing aid
Procedure for setting a hearing aid, and hearing aid
Multiblock heat-transfer system
Heat exchanger
Cooling device
Loop heat pipe method and apparatus
Conditioning the air in a structure utilizing a gravel heat exchanger underneath the slab
Soldering of saddles to low expansion alloy heat pipes
Polymer solder hybrid
Method for improving airflow in subrack mechanics by using a hybrid serial/parallel fan configuratio...
Computer system
Medium having a high heat transfer rate
Gas temperature control for a plasma process
Reduction of oil entrapment in heat exchanger tubing
Vehicle air-conditioning device including a multi-purpose heat exchanger
Flat tube for heat exchanger of reduced width
Radiator cover
Error signal generation system
Method and apparatus employing a mediation device to facilitate communication among devices in an as...
Integrated optical cross-connect amplifier
Method and system for composition and delivery of electronic mail
System and method for robust and efficient resizing of simple polygons
Cantilever having step-up structure and method for manufacturing the same
Miniature electrostatic actuation device and installation comprising such devices
Radio frequency microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices on low-temperature co-fired ceramic (L...
Organic electrochromic materials for optical attenuation in the near infrared region
Image data computing apparatus
Peak switch detector for transit time ultrasonic meters
FBG production system
Method and structure for a solid slug caterpillar piezoelectric optical relay
Optical add drop multiplexer
Portable object including means for activating an electronic function and method for controlling suc...
Pattern generator
On-the-fly beam path error correction for memory link processing
Digital camera having a battery level check
Vehicle tracker having find alert features and related methods
Communication system for communicating common data to a plurality of reception devices
Ratchet wrench
Air impact wrench
Delivery of an agent
Vehicle with bumper and deformation element
Nuclear reactor submerged high temperature spool pump
Method and apparatus for treating fluids
Peristaltic pump with preformed tube
Acoustic micro-pump
Automatic regulator of intake air in a tank
Oil catching device and oil pump for an internal-combustion engine, and method of making and using s...
Integrated pumping system for use in pumping a variety of fluids
Standing wave excitation cavity fluid pump method of operation
Apparatus and method for controlling linear compressor
Fluid well pumping system
Method for handling and delivering fluid on a lab-on-a-chip
Method for the fuel supply and a fuel supply system for aircraft equipped with at least one aero gas...
Variable geometry turbine
Violin stand
Program conversion device for increasing hit rate of branch prediction and method therefor
Use of ylqF, yqeG, yybQ, and ysxC, essential bacterial genes and polypeptides
Process for producing anionic clay using two types of alumina compounds
Separation process and apparatus
Method for improving a gas oil fraction cetane index
Attrition resistant, zinc titanate-containing, reduced sulfur sorbents
Streaming media player with synchronous events from multiple sources
Interfacing external metrics into a performance management system
Method and system for integration of new media into character-oriented applications
Information processing method and apparatus for displaying labels
Display interface comprising a channel matrix
Disk recording medium, reproduction device and method for performing reproduction on disk recording ...
Convenient system, method, and software for online computer users to summon offline computer users
Voice macros for scanner control
System and method for estimating velocity using reliability indexed sensor fusion
Navigation system having in-vehicle and portable modes
Suspension coordinator subsystem and method
Method and apparatus for signal processing in a satellite positioning system
Debiting device for deducting tolls
Satellite communication system and method
Location based routing for mobile ad-hoc networks
Automatic zone monitoring
Distributed antenna system and method
Hybrid RF/optical acquisition and tracking system and method
Calibration and correction system for satellite position location systems
Signature process
Indicator kit
Filtration media of porous inorganic particles
Methods for encapsulating plasmids in lipid bilayers
Gel laundry detergent and/or pretreater which piles up after dispensing
Vehicle cleaning fluid
Family 44 xyloglucanases
Composition comprising a mixture of alkoxylated mono-, di- and triglycerides and glycerine
Apparatus and methods for managing reliability of semiconductor devices
System and method for organizing objects of a voice call in a tree representation
Molded polymer solar water heater
Interactive loop configuration in a behavioral synthesis tool
Application-specific testing methods for programmable logic devices
Modular design method and system for programmable logic devices
Net segment analyzer for chip CAD layout
Method and apparatus for PCB array with compensated signal propagation
Functional verification of logic and memory circuits with multiple asynchronous domains
Microcontroller with modifiable program
Method and apparatus for exciting a microdischarge
Nanomagnetic composition
Expression of the Chlorella sorokiniana sedoheptulose 1,7-bisphosphatase in transgenic plants
PH sensitive potassium channel in spermatocytes
Fault tolerant, state-compatible computer system and method
Configurable fast clock detection logic with programmable resolution
System and method for tracing ATM cells and deriving trigger signals
Three-port nonreciprocal circuit device and communication apparatus
Method of designing interconnects
Connection/inspection device for semiconductor elements
Systems and methods for measuring properties of conductive layers
Method and system for thickness measurements of thin conductive layers
Electronic package with strengthened conductive pad
Electronic part
Flip chip package
Semiconductor device having opposed and connected semiconductor chips with lateral deviation confirm...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Copper metal structure for the reduction of intra-metal capacitance
Use of check surfaces for identifying disturbing samples in a detection procedure
Acetaldehyde and malondialdehyde protein adducts as markers for alcohol liver disease
Non-invasive enzyme screen for cancer
Method of diagnosing and screening for male infertility through mutations in POLG
Image retrieval apparatus and method
Image reading apparatus providing shading compensation related to the on-time of the light source
Image processing method, facial region extraction method, and apparatus therefor
Zoom lens system and projector having the same
Display unit, display method, and display instrument employing the same
Scanning optical device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus for image formation on sheet
Information processing apparatus, method, and system to facilitate control of multiple printers by d...
Exposure apparatus, method of controlling same, and method of manufacturing devices
Illumination optical system in exposure apparatus
Mask having pattern areas whose transmission factors are different from each other
Electron source forming substrate, and electron source and image display apparatus using the same
Fibrous material, production process of the fibrous material, ink-absorbing, treating process of the...
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Luminescence device, display apparatus and metal coordination compound
Battery electrode and manufacturing method and apparatus for the same
Object consolidation through sequential material deposition
Hand-held automatic refractometer
Thiazolidinedione derivative and its use as antidiabetic
Electrochromic mirror having a self-cleaning hydrophilic coating
Exterior mirror having an attachment member including an approach light
Specimen scanning mechanism adapted for implementation in a FIMS system
Colorless polymaleates and uses thereof
Fabric softener compositions
Fabric softening compositions and methods
Pouched cleaning compositions
Bonded-fiber fabric for producing clean-room protective clothing
Antibacterial cloth
Moisture/wetness detecting method, moisture/wetness detecting label, articles with moisture/wetness ...
Conductive materials
Textile structures comprising organopolysiloxane polyurea-polyurethane block copolymer
Reusable strapless and backless bra
Spun yarn
Baldness cosmetic and method of application
Method for managing a parking lot
Data carrier for transmitting different stored status information with different transmission parame...
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus and discharge lamp apparatus
Robot apparatus and control method thereof
Resin transfer molding multi-part/shim tooling (RTM-MPST)
Machine for drying, polishing and burnishing cutlery and metal tableware
Apparatus and method for cutting cables and wires
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting device and optical device and light-emitting apparatus with the...
Determining composition of mixed dielectrics
Biosensor with code pattern
Assay device and use thereof
Process for the recombinant production of holo-citrate lyase
Conjugates of uncompetitive inhibitors of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase
Method for the detection of influenza A/B viruses
Method for continuously manufacturing optical article
Transflective liquid-crystal display device
Control system for plant
Image forming apparatus with cleaning unit
Fixing apparatus with resonant circuit for image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for remote medical monitoring incorporating video processing and system of moto...
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Polarization analysis unit, calibration method and optimization therefor
Support device and manufacturing method thereof, stage device, and exposure apparatus
Superconducting electromagnet apparatus
Magnetostatic wave device and disturbance wave eliminator
Hardware based utilization metering
Systems and methods for reducing electrostatic memory
Electrophotographic imaging and fusing apparatus and methods
High performance communications interface
Door assembly for an optical drive
Stack up assembly
Computer enclosure having lockable access panels
System and method for adjusting an input voltage to a switching power supply while keeping the outpu...
Method and system for managing information for a computer system
System for and method of data compression in a valueless digital tree representing a bitset
Systems and methods for converting image data
System and method for selectively downloading data files from an optical scanner
Apparatus and method for built-in self-test of a data communications system
Compliant electrical contacts for fuel cell use
Nucleic-acid programmable protein arrays
Disk device
Disk device
System and method for providing differentiated services on the web
Electronic circuit board case
Master information carrier for magnetic transfer and magnetic transfer method
Optical apparatus
RF matching unit
Motor and turbo-molecular pump
Adjusting device for a disk tray for an optical disk drive motor
Semiconductor device with compact package
Implanted hidden interconnections in a semiconductor device for preventing reverse engineering
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Systems and methods for electric motor control
Method for determining a current density distribution in a fuel cell stack
Process for the preparation of nitrodiphenylamines
Electronic circuitry
Membrane electrode unit for fuel cells and the like
Fuel cell separator and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cell and power chip technology
Fuel cell system
Gas leak detection method for fuel cell
Fuel cell having dynamically regulated backpressure
Start control device for fuel cell system
Fuel cell ambient environment monitoring and control apparatus and method
Modifying device
Platinum and platinum alloy powders with high surface areas and low chlorine content and processes f...
Humidity sensor
Electronic devices with small functional elements supported on a carrier
Method for transferring and stacking of semiconductor devices
Multifocal ophthalmic lens
Accelerated startup for a balancing personal vehicle
Pump capable of releasing excessive air
Fitting type chainless transmission and speed adjustment mechanism of bicycle
Valve for controlling fluid flow through a tube, and related systems and methods
Microphone support boom movement control apparatus and method with differential motion isolation cap...
Sports bicycle with changeable handlebars
Remote coupled steering linkage for a bicycle or tricycle
Surface formed complex polymer lenses diffuse reflector
Apparatus for pedestrian railing and method of making
Bicycle speed change control device
Bicycle rack unit
Vehicle lean and alignment control system
Mobile chemical sprayer
Areally extended composite material with fibers and plastic impregnation
Methods for making ceramic matrix composites using precursor polymers to refractory metal carbides a...
Fuel cell apparatus and method thereof
Shaped catalysts for transalkylation of aromatics for enhanced xylenes production
Process for purifying octafluorocyclobutane, process for preparing the same, and use thereof
Quinolylpropylpiperidine derivatives, their preparation, and compositions containing them
Method for producing melamine
Semiconductor substrate cleaning
Tungsten hard mask
Methods for lymph node identification
Gel electrolyte and nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Delivery of compounds for the treatment of Parkinsons through an inhalation route
Exhaust gas treating systems
Process for pyrolyzing carbonaceous feedstocks
Filters including segmented monolithic sorbent for gas-phase filtration
Method for automatic association of moving target indications from entities traveling along known ro...
Furniture ornament
Adjusting device for a sheet-fed rotary printing machine
Use of phosphates to reduce slag penetration in Cr2O3-based refractories
Efficiently scheduled multiple raster image processors
Image forming apparatus
Shear-sensitive plugging fluid for plugging and a method for plugging a subterranean formation zone
Spool valve controlled VCT locking pin release mechanism
Variable camshaft timing for internal combustion engine with actuator locking
Milking parlor and method for individually presenting animals to be milked via a translating shuttle...
Management of virtual tape volumes using data page atomic units
Transducer fault detection system using slew rate measurements: apparatus and method
Process monitoring and control using self-validating sensors
Computer generated scale and conversion instrument
Integrated broadband ceramic capacitor array
Head-mounted image display apparatus
Printed matter of text data and method and apparatus for printing the same
Three-dimensional display system
Optical display system and method, active and passive dithering using birefringence, color image sup...
Image display apparatus
Reaction products of taurultam and glucose
Stimulation of angiogenesis via syndecan-4 cytoplasmic domain signaling pathway
Implantable glucose sensor
Immunologically significant herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for using same
Methods of decreasing ZVEGF3 activity
Method and an apparatus as well as a connector and a concentrate container unit for the preparation ...
Woven tubular graft with regions of varying flexibility
Modular grafting system and method
Method and apparatus for performing an anastamosis
Implantable, self-expanding prosthetic device
Stent designs for use in peripheral vessels
Intraluminal grafting system
Surgical graft/stent system
Implant delivery system with marker interlock
Balloon catheter with striped flexible tip
Retrieval device made of precursor alloy cable
Assembly and method for termite ground monitoring
Alkali transition metal phosphates and related electrode active materials
Particulate electrode including electrolyte for a rechargeable lithium battery
Method for fabricating electrode for lithium secondary battery
Lithium-manganese complex oxide, production method thereof and use thereof
Process for producing polymer fine particles and lithographic printing plate precursor using the sam...
Tetrakisfluoroalkylborate salts and their use as conducting salts
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Method for annealing an electrodeposition structure
Conductive adhesive agent, packaging structure, and method for manufacturing the same structure
Dopant agent and electroconductive polymer material comprising the same
Graphite nanofibers, electron-emitting source and method for preparing the same, display element equ...
Cylindrical lithium ion secondary battery and fabrication method thereof
Antireflection film
Cosmetic use of at least one polyorganosiloxane as a gelling agent and cosmetic composition containi...
Hydroxystilbene compounds used as microbicidal active substances
Cosmetic container
Cosmetics package
Organizer for cosmetics
Multivalent MHC class II--peptide chimeras
Recombinant parainfluenza virus expression system and vaccines
Methods for reducing tumor growth with VEGF receptor antibody combined with radiation and chemothera...
Method for improving oxygen transport by stored red blood cells
Reovirus for the treatment of cellular proliferative disorders
Defective recombinant adenoviruses expressing cytokines for antitumor treatment
Human monocyte colony inhibitory factor (M-CIF) polypeptides
Composition, method, and apparatus to attract bees
Bactericidal organic polymeric material
5-Amino-1-pentene-3-ol substituted derivatives
Methods and apparatus for estimating moisture absorption by hygroscopic materials
Method of optical pyrometry that is independent of emissivity and radiation transmission losses
Method and device for handling optical pulse signals
Compact fiber pigtailed terahertz modules
Method and apparatus for in situ protection of sensitive optical materials
Method and apparatus for automated excision of samples from two-dimensional electrophoresis gels
Methods of simulating human prostate cancer progression
Soybean embryo fat/oil and process for producing soybean material with high embryo concentration
Nutritionally superior cheese products
Snag-resistant fishing lure assembly
Trolling system
Display apparatus for use in athletic games
Method of density correction in heat developing apparatus and heat developing apparatus capable of d...
Method for producing and distributing promotional images
Automatic apparatus for fast cooking dry food at atmospheric pressure
Beverage cartridge and filter assembly
Refrigerator with internal water dispenser
Packaging machine and method for producing sealed packages of pourable food products
Slicing and conveying device for food products
Catheter positioning system
Silicon steel core for transformers or choke coils
Mortar composition of at least two components and curable by heat initiation and a method for fasten...
Method for determining alloy phase in plating layer and method for evaluating sliding property of al...
Methods of manufacturing hot-dip galvanized hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheets excellent in str...
Steel strap composition
Tire with specified rubber-steel cord composite
Component introduction into manufacturing process through recirculation
Continuous process and apparatus for making thermoformed articles
Multiple staged cuing method and means for a gaming machine topper
Method for predicting flow properties of powders
Puncture resistant polymeric films, blends and process
Galvanized metal corrosion inhibitor
Metal powder composition for laser sintering
Polyester tray package with lidding film having glycol-modified copolyester sealant layer
Investment casting mold and method of manufacture
Use of waste carpet as backing filler for floor coverings
System and method for controlling the operation of a fuel processing system
Fuel processor
Direct organic fuel cell having a vapor transport member
Methods for measuring stiffness of cultured tissue, for determining transplant compatibility, for qu...
Preform, intermediate article and method for manufacturing a blown finish container
Wrap around carrier for petaloid pet bottles
Zero clearance rotor valve for product filling
Textured handle packaging
Azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-1,6,9-trioxa-3-aza-cyclopenta[a]naphthalene as 5-HT...
Light-curable resin composition having antistatic property
Polypeptides for use in ameliorating effects of aging in mammals
Compositions and methods for nutrition supplementation
Microspheres containing condensed polyanionic bioactive agents and methods for their production
Process for determining competing cause event probability and/or system availability during the simu...
Film with UV-barrier properties
Cleaning composition, pad, wipe, implement, and system and method of use thereof
Disposable cartridge for electrostatic spray device
Method and apparatus utilizing servo motors for placing parts onto a moving web
Aqueous compositions for treating a surface
Surface pattern for a paper product
Snack chip
Ink jet recording element
Method of decomposing halogenated hydrocarbon gas
Continuous method for producing polyamides from aminonitriles
Process for forming a mixed solvent adhesive solution
Method for forming pattern
Process for removing pollutants from aqueous streams
Layered adsorption zone for hydrogen production swing adsorption
Ink jet printing method
Garbage bin with air cleaner
Toughened high modulus mineral filled polyoxymethylene polymers
Water-based intaglio printing ink
Methods of forming dual gate semiconductor devices having a metal nitride layer
Filled diamond foam material and method for forming same
Precipitation process for making polyvinylidene fluoride powder coatings and coatings made by the pr...
Dual cure coating compositions and process for the production of multilayer coatings
Highly-resilient thermoplastic elastomer compositions
Product removal process for use in a biofermentation system
Composition and method for reduction of persistent bio-accumulative and toxic pollutants in carbochl...
Cathodic electrodeposition coating agents containing bismuth complexes, preparation and use thereof
Amine acid zwitterion additive for a cathodic electrocoating composition
Priming fluid for ink jet printheads
Method and system for improving workflow performance in workflow application systems
Network file server sharing local caches of file access information in data processors assigned to r...
Assignment of dual port memory banks for a CPU and a host channel adapter in an InfiniBand computing...
Method, system, and computer product for providing a distribution list
Polybutadiene composition
Sub-calibre projectile and method of making such a projectile
Method of generating a clock signal of exact phase from an optical input signal and optical receiver...
Lens system with variable focal length for connecting optical fibres
Optically powered and controlled optical switch
Information recording and reproducing device and tracking servo system therefor
Device for controlling a display
Optical testing port and wafer level testing without probe cards
Method and device for measuring wear on internal barrel surfaces
Method and apparatus for UV measurement
Image sensor device using thin film light source arranged light receiving elements and image to be s...
5-substituted hydantoin racemase, DNA coding for the racemase, and processes for producing optically...
Corona-generated chemical vapor deposition on a substrate
Optical attenuator molding method
Light source for borescopes and endoscopes
DMD heat sink socket assembly
Coin holder and display device
Light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and manufacturing apparatus therefor
Automated chemical management system having improved analysis unit
Method and system for analyzing digital wireless network performance
Hot-stamping foil tape cassette and foil-peeling mechanism for hot-stamping device and peeling metho...
Color filter and process for producing the same
Composite module and process of producing same
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Acidic fluorine-containing poly (siloxane amideimide) silica hybrids
Polymer-coated thin glass film substrates
Biodegradable, injectable oligomer-polymer composition
All-dielectric optical diffractive pigments
Optical elements comprising a polyfluoropolyether surface treatment
Organic electroluminescence device
Organic-electroluminescence device, process for its production and organic-electroluminescence displ...
Electroactive polymers and devices made therefrom
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Bottom gate-type thin-film transistor and method for manufacturing the same
Thin film semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Passivation of porous semiconductors
Method for transferring element, method for producing element, integrated circuit, circuit board, el...
Active matrix display device with storage capacitor for each pixel
System and method of deferred postal address processing
Synchronous dynamic random access memory for burst read/write operations
Bandgap reference circuit
Switching power supply unit
Power supply unit having a soft start functionality and portable apparatus equipped with such power ...
Semiconductor device, memory system and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor light emitting device having a fluorescent material emitting light of a secondary wave...
Self-storing material sortation deflector system
Mounting device and assembly for mounting a writing surface
Illuminating stand for microscope
Digital darker/lighter for halftone images
Method and apparatus for electronic registration in a binary image path
Liquid developers and processes thereof
Method for making an imaging belt
Method and apparatus for automatic update of a printer driver configuration and status
Light-emitting device and optical transmission unit
Method for dispersing red and white blood cells
Normalization of head driver current for solid ink jet printhead
Face-to-face printing within booklet
Aromatic polyimide foam
Method and apparatus for variable density scroll area
Thermal transfer sheet, intermediate transfer recording medium, and print produced using the same
Multi-purpose containers
Birch bark processing and the isolation of natural products from birch bark
Dental catalyst for chemical polymerization and use thereof
Cosmetic and dermatological light protection formulations having a content of triazine derivatives a...
Sericin-containing material, process for producing the same method of using the same
Macrocyclic ketones
Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer and resulting product and applications
Liquid cleaning compositions containing an anionic surfactant mixture
Soluble powder for espresso type beverage
Osmotic drug delivery system
Apparatus and method for guiding and aligning circuit board assemblies to a backplane
Method and apparatus for word counting in continuous speech recognition useful for reliable barge-in...
Safety helmet with an air duct
Method of hybrid seed production using conditional female sterility
Method for construction of Thermus-E, coli shuttle vectors and identification of two thermus plasmid...
Tumor antigen proteins, genes thereof, and tumor antigen peptides
Gene expression base sequences for therapeutic use and drugs for gene therapy
Fluorescent substance P
Methods of using chemokine beta-6
Stimulation of cartilage growth with agonists of the non-proteolytically activated thrombin receptor
Diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms
Pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of helicobacter pylori-associated disorders
Nucleotide sequences encoding o-succinylhomoserine sulfhydrylase
Magnetic memory configuration
Joined body and a high-pressure discharge lamp
Substrate for protein microarray containing functionalized polymer
Method of analyzing polymer by using laser abrasion and system therefor
Method for forming integrated dielectric layers
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide photographic material
Electrically tunable microlens array formed by pattern polymerization of photopolymerizable mixtures...
Jetting behavior in the laser forward transfer of rheological systems
Imprint lithography utilizing room temperature embossing
Radiation source with high average EUV radiation output
Ultra-high pressure mercury lamp
Mercury-free arc tube for discharge lamp unit
High-pressure gas discharge lamp
Circular fluorescent lamp including an insulator between conductive wires, and a lighting fixture us...
Tangential torque support
Method of manufacturing discharge lamps and a discharge lamp with a halogen introduction carrier
Aircraft data communication system and method
Methods for therapy of neurodegenerative disease of the brain
Modified adenovirus containing a fiber replacement protein
Assays for sensory modulators using a sensory cell specific phospholipase C
Data acquisition method for accelerated magnetic resonance imaging in framework of the parallel acqu...
Magnetic resonance diagnosis apparatus using three-dimensional magnetic tagging method
Method of estimating the spatial variation of magnetic resonance imaging radiofrequency (RF) signal ...
Method and apparatus for threat screening of step-on and laid-on items
Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance probe
Substituted phenyluracils and their use as herbicides
Coloring and/or effect-creating multilayer enamel coating, method for the production thereof and its...
Bistable electro-optic display, and method for addressing same
Substituted aza-oxindole derivatives
Abrasion resistant and drapeable nonwoven fabric
Snowshoe binding
Shoe and boot cleaning device
Erasable colored pencil lead
Method and apparatus for supporting application and device independent print support
Arrangement for electrically locking the steering shaft of a steering device
On-demand transfer case
Electronic anti-skid device and method for motor vehicle with hydrostatic transmission
Tandem rear axle suspensions for trucks and truck-tractors
Snowmobile exhaust system
Vehicle suspension system
Drive-by-wire lawn mower
Method and system for remote automation of object oriented applications
System and method for selective information exchange
Internet communication system and method with asymmetric terrestrial and satellite links
Information processing system, information processing method and apparatus, and information serving ...
Smart calendar
Method and system for pushing information to a client an information processing system
Virtual neuro-psychological testing protocol
Cellular phone with high-quality sound reproduction capability
Image reporting method and system
Information transfer to a call agent using a portal system
Self-contained distinctive ring, voice, facsimile, and internet device
PSTN-internet notification services
Internet telephone system
System and method of analyzing network protocols
Defining variables used in a multi-lingual internet presentation
System and method for proximity bookmarks using GPS and pervasive computing
Personal shoe tracking system
Credit card application automation system
Device driver conversion and creation
Method and system for register allocation
Object-based software management
Minimum delta generator for program binaries
System and method for user interface mirroring utilizing a layout manager
Insertion location tracking for controlling a user interface
System for hosting graphical layout/presentation objects
Techniques for invoking system commands from within a mark-up language document
Architecture for distributed computing system and automated design, deployment, and management of di...
Object-based software management
Event driven graph explorer for model-based testing of software
Caching based on access rights in connection with a content management server system or the like
System and method for employing slot level locking of a cache
Write-back to cells
Method and apparatus for accessing targeted, personalized voice/audio web content through wireless d...
System and related methods for reducing source filter invocation in a development project
Preview mode
Associating and using information in a metadirectory
Rules customization and related methods
Object-based software management
System and method for employing a grid index for location and precision encoding
Method for searching media
Methods and apparatus for displaying and replying to electronic messages
Methods and apparatus for serving relevant advertisements
Methods and apparatus for providing search results in response to an ambiguous search query
Methods and apparatus for employing usage statistics in document retrieval
Methods and apparatus for using a modified index to provide search results in response to an ambiguo...
Rotary control for quick playlist navigation in a vehicular multimedia player
Production process of indene
Method for passing a fluid through a moving bed of particles
Petunia plant named `Wespecapink`
Petunia plant named `Wespecapur`
Coleus plant named `Kakegawa CE3`
Hosta plant named `June Fever`
Azalea plant named `Roblec`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiecandipu`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiefuwind`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiefuwipp`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACtwist`
Floribunda rose plant named `FRYcentury`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizwhi`
Anigozanthos plant named `Bush Inferno`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Balsas`
Globularia plant named `His Eye Ball`
Pittosporum plant named `Golf Ball`
Anigozanthos plant named `Bush Spark`
Geranium plant named `KLEP02102`
Dahlia plant named `Balnovburs`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescacherryno`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Festive Yoursula`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Zesty Yovictoria`
Communications system
Sending electronic transaction message, digital signature derived therefrom, and sender identity inf...
Cryptographic authentication using a network management protocol
Encoding and decoding a message within an image
Authentication of documents and valuable articles by using moire intensity profiles
Method and system for managing keys for encrypted data
Video-signal output apparatus, video-signal input apparatus, and scramble method, and descramble met...
Data processor, communication system and recording medium
Mini time key creation method and system
Elliptic curve generating method and device, elliptic encryption system and recording medium
Method and apparatus for transposing bits
Corner hamper
Profile segment for a brush roller
Universal joint
Handle for a scrubbing device
Water permeable container
Rim and spokes of a grill for a feeder
Pet feeder
Combined helmet eye shield and visor
Hand pressure abatement apparatus usable by an operator of a power tool
Hair styling iron support
Surf board lighter
Light fixture
Wall lamp
Clipboard with light
Light device
Electric torch
Book light with clip
Bicycle headlamp
Three-dimensional structure of complement receptor type 2 and uses thereof
Wheat variety 26R12
Inbred corn line G2202
Inbred maize line PH3PG
Celery named ADS-7
Soybean variety 90B51
Soybean variety 95B43
Maize lls1 promoter
Phosphatase stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Tospovirus resistance in plants
Transgenic plants as an alternative source of lignocellulosic-degrading enzymes
Process for making a (3R,3'R)-zeaxanthin precursor
Compositions and methods relating to nucleic acid reference standards
Removal of dye-labeled dideoxy terminators from DNA sequencing reactions
2'-O-alkylthioalkyl and 2'-C-alkylthioalkyl-containing nucleic acids
Estrogen receptor beta variants and methods of detection thereof
Cardiac-cell specific enhancer elements and uses thereof
Nucleic acid molecules encoding 10-deacetylbaccatin III-O-acetyl transferase and related products
Methods and materials relating to semaphorin-like polynucleotides
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Synthetic genes for enhanced expression
Method and system for data communication
Universal quality measurement system for multimedia and other signals
Genetic segmentation method for data, such as image data streams
Three-dimensional image-capturing device and adapter for three-dimensional image-capturing
Hand-held remote control and display system for film and video cameras and lenses
Watertight universal housing
Lens barrel
Remote photographic processing system
Disposition device for auto-detecting the holding condition of a digital camera
Light shielding blade material for optical apparatus
Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
Photosensitive material processing apparatus and photosensitive material
Diaphragm device
Shutter apparatus and camera
Method for obtaining a sensitometric control patch with exposure gradient and photographic element c...
Film counter wheel and method for presetting the film counter wheel during film pre-loading
Self-timing device for activating a camera shutter release mechanism
Blur correcting device and lens barrel
Lens-fitted photo film unit with optical adapter
Lens-fitted photo film unit
System for reading an information strip containing optically coded information
Adhesive coated thin film label
Hologram laminate and hologram label
Method and apparatus for bonding an additional layer of fabric to a label
Currency bill having etched bill specific metallization
Method for the production of a multi-layer plastic identity card
Method and system for preventing parallel marketing of wholesale and retail items
Distribution based postage tracking system and method
Multilayered volume hologram structure and label for making multilayered volume hologram structure
Integrated plasticized card in a paper carrier and method of manufacture
Method and system for increasing yield in embedded memory devices
System and method for servicing requests to a storage array
Aligning load/store data with big/little endian determined rotation distance control
Method, system, and program for processing input/output (I/O) requests to a storage space having a p...
System and method for management of postage meter licenses
Telemedicine system
Event-driven graphical user interface for use in a touch-screen enabled handheld portable data termi...
Computer code for portable sensing
Operation supporting apparatus
LOST 2--a positioning system for under water vessels
Industrial controller automation interface
System and method for providing protection from an overload condition within the home location regis...
Method for providing matching and introduction services to proximate mobile users and service provid...
Gloss/density measurement device with feedback to control gloss and density of images produced by an...
Fiber-optic based surface spectroscopy
System and method for processing demosaiced images to reduce color aliasing artifacts
Integrated component mounting system for use in an X-ray tube
Method for fast execution of translated binary code utilizing database cache for low-level code corr...
Data packet routing for mobile networks
Lottery system
Method of design and fabrication of integrated circuits using regular arrays and gratings
Chemical reactor
Golf shoe outsole with oriented traction elements
Golf ball
Golf club grip
Putter golf club with alignment features
Toggle over-center mechanism for shifting the reversing mechanism of an oscillating rotor type sprin...
Uninhabited airborne vehicle in-flight refueling system
System and method for reducing the speed of an aircraft
Cabin situation alert system
Systems and methods for modifying ice adhesion strength
Environmentally preferred fluids and fluid blends
System and method for return and landing of launch vehicle booster stage
Passenger transport module system for supersonic aircraft
Enhanced aerial delivery system (EADS) platform
Airplane door lock system
Flight crew rest environmental control system
Integrated system for providing aircraft environmental control
Structural element for an aircraft, especially an aircraft door
Air intake system of a propeller-turbine engine
Integrated aircraft windshields and associated methods
Ducted fan vehicles particularly useful as VTOL aircraft
Guidance seeker system with optically triggered diverter elements
Missile system with multiple submunitions
Imaging-infrared skewed cone fuze
Obtaining person-specific images in a public venue
System and method for providing personalized and customized services for call center customers waiti...
System and method for configuring and installing individual devices of a home entertainment system
Glass laminate system for hockey rinks
Novelty item
Electric power evaluation system and method thereof
Methods employing generalized target-binding e-tag probes
Methods and apparatus for analyzing polynucleotide sequences
High density immobilization of nucleic acids
Glutamate transporters
Protein separation via multidimensional electrophoresis
Polyvinylchloride products
Fire protection glazing, method for producing the same and material used in this production method
Polymeric blends formed by solid state shear pulverization and having improved melt flow properties
Apparatus and system for functional expansion of a blade
A/D conversion circuit and solid imaging device
Antagonists of melanin concentrating hormone effects on the melanin concentrating hormone receptor
Benzocycloalkylenylamine derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Increasing cerebral bioavailability of drugs
Method and apparatus for assigning tracking elements to received signals
Image reading apparatus with wire twist preventing structure and imaging apparatus using the same
Detoxified mutants of bacterial ADP-ribosylating toxins as parenteral adjuvants
Robust stain detection and quantification for histological specimens based on a physical model for s...
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
System and method for detection of pacing pulses within ECG signals
E-commerce consumables
Method for verifying record code prior to an action based on the code
Process for making polyethylene
Pattern layout method of semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for motion tracking of an articulated rigid body
Data collection system
Intralumenal material removal systems and methods
Nano-size gas sensor systems
Polymers from hydroxyalkyl amino triazines and polyfunctional compounds
Herbicide tolerant cotton plants having event EE-GH1
Method for producing substrate of liquid crystal cell and method for producing liquid crystal panel
Product information system
Method of making coffee and coffee maker
Robot, identifying environment determining method, and program thereof
API communications for vertex and pixel shaders
Disk cartridge with shutter keeper molded as one piece with housing
Packaged food product
Electrical stimulation apparatus and method
Console mounted vibration severity monitor
Method and apparatus for reading image information by use of stimulable phosphor, and solid-state im...
Polysaccharide of echinacea angustifolia
Dental materials based on substituted iminooxadiazine dione derivatives
Process for removing tar from spent acid
Method and means for measuring torque in hydraulic power units
Selective conversion to native code using hardware translator, software translator, and software int...
Reversible cutter bit
Recognizing non-verbal sound commands in an interactive computer controlled speech word recognition ...
Hand-held bar code reader with single printed circuit board
Magnetic damper and actuator having the same
Reservoir management system
IC card, IC chip, data assuring method and power supply monitor method
Method and apparatus for estimating the weight of horses
Semiconductor device and data processing system
Imaging device and method for use in an autochanger
Hinged protective cover for portable electronic device
Variants of humanized anti carcinoma monoclonal antibody cc49
Granular ceramic material with high porosity
Selective MMP inhibitors having reduced side-effects
Vehicle operation assist control system
Customized applet-on-hold arrangement
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus with means to screen rf fields
Diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides based on C12 to C22 fatty acids
Anti-RSV antibodies
Fiber optic apparatus and use thereof in combinatorial material science
Methods, systems, and computer program products for modeling inductive effects in a circuit by combi...
Cooperative television application system having multiple user television equipment devices