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High molecular weight polyolefin and catalyst and process for polymerizing said polyolefin
Disposable human waste management devices with improved adhesive flange attachment means to facilita...
Medicinal uses of dihydropyrazoles
Fabric conditioning composition
Pouched compositions
Elastic laminate including nonwoven layer formed from highly-oriented-component fibers and disposabl...
Suede-like fabric
Wheel support bearing assembly
Sealing device with a sensor adjacent an encoder wheel for a rolling bearing
Wheel bearing device
Hybrid contact roller bearing for vacuum pump
Axle unit for a vehicle
Hydrodynamic bearing device
Bearing system for high-speed rotating machinery
Seal device for a guide device and guide device
Internal combustion engine
System and method for increased magazine capacity for a firearm
Methods and apparatuses for trench depth detection and control
Method and apparatus for producing an optically effective system of layers on both sides of a substr...
Drive circuit for a MEMS device
Method and system for performing swept-wavelength measurements within an optical system incorporatin...
Three dimensional scanning camera
Particle detection method and apparatus
Low profile optical imaging system having a wide field of regard
Method for focus detection for optically detecting deviation of the image plane of a projection lens...
Catalyst for asymmetric epoxidation of enones and process for producing optically active epoxide emp...
Composition for treating or preventing glomerulopathy
Diphosphines, their complexes with transisition metals and their use in asymmetric synthesis
Optical measuring device system and method
Wavelength-multiplexing connector, optical transmission device, and optical communication system
Optical memory device
Method of driving display device
Method and apparatus for accessing microelectronic workpiece containers
Nearest neighbor query processing in a linear quadtree spatial index
Method to remotely query, safely measure, and securely communicate configuration information of a ne...
Sharing live data with a non cooperative DBMS
Execution of database queries including filtering
Optical deflector and optical switch
Ceramic heater for semiconductor manufacturing and inspecting equipment
Ethylene derivative having a nitrogen-containing 7-membered ring
Matte-finish polyurethane coating composition
Glass compositions for ceramic electrolyte electrochemical conversion devices
Thin film device transfer method, thin film device, thin film integrated circuit device, active matr...
Modified gelatin, and silver halide photographic emulsion and photographic light-sensitive material ...
Photosensitive composition
Membrane for fuel cell, and fuel cell incorporating that membrane
Recording media with mechanically patterned landing zone
Rylene derivatives and their use as dyes
Film-forming device, liquid material filling method thereof, device manufacturing method, device man...
Image-signal supplying circuit and electro-optical panel
Optical readout device
Semiconductor device
Antireflection film, sheet polarizer and liquid crystal display device
Automated microfabrication-based biodetector
Objective lens driving unit with connecting members displaced in extending direction of suspension w...
Cam structure and disk exchange system using the same
Synchronous semiconductor memory device having dynamic memory cells and operating method thereof
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and electric device with the same
Display driver circuit, electro-optical device, and display drive method
Ceramic biomolecule imaging chip
Garage door control system and method of operation
Composite construction and manufacturing method thereof
Motor, motor stator and method for manufacturing the same
Motor-operated damper device
Web address converter for dynamic web pages
MRI gradient waveform design using convex optimization
Integrated collimator handling system and method
Squashed liquid NMR sample tubes and RF coils
Superconducting magnet for MRI
Mass spectrometry
Dual-bar audio level meter for digital audio with dynamic range control
User interface for controlling a whirlpool tub
Selection and control of motion data
Liquid electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a waste developing agent container
Image forming apparatus with self-diagnosis mode
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Image forming apparatus having reusable unit and reusable unit with indicator of record on use
Inflatable support shoe for a foot cast
Boot and liner with tightening mechanism
Two-in-one shoe component
Corrective shoe sole structures using a contour greater than the theoretically ideal stability plane
Method and apparatus for providing a shoe using San Crispino and vulcanization constructions
Slip-on shoe
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Optical wiring circuit, optical wiring circuits layered body and opto-electric wiring apparatus
Toner with increased amount of surface additives and increased surface additive adhesion
Electrostatic latent image developing toner, its production method, developer, image-forming device ...
Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Phase change inks and process for the preparation thereof
Gyricon platen cover for show-through correction
Perpetual calendar
Composition for blending to hair treating agents and a hair treating agent
Topical application for treating toenail fungus
Solvent systems for polymeric dielectric materials
Non-woven through air dryer and transfer fabrics for tissue making
Ink, ink jet recording method and azo compound
Method and apparatus for measuring the transmission loss of a cable
Channel sharing by diverse multiframes in a wireless communications network
MgB2 superconductors
De-agglomerator for breath-actuated dry powder inhaler
Unit for adjusting humidification
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for operating the same
Stacked columnar 1T-nMTJ MRAM structure and its method of formation and operation
Method of delay calculation for variation in interconnect metal process
Method for improving capacitor noise and mismatch constraints in a semiconductor device
Computer system for mutual communication through network and its memory management method
Method and apparatus for optimizing distributed multiplexed bus interconnects
Dielectric composition and fabrication method of dielectric layer in plasma display panel
Applicator and dispensing device using same
Ophthalmic irrigating solution adapted for use in lasik surgery
Heat-induced gelling foaming composition and foam obtained
Method for determining the resistivity index, as a function of the water saturation, of certain rock...
Metal halide lamp with electrodes having a curved surface part and automotive headlamp apparatus
Insertion-type liquid metal latching relay array
Equipment inspection and evaluation system, equipment management system, and computer-readable recor...
Intelligent interrupt with hypervisor collaboration
Data indexing using bit vectors
Pattern matching for large vocabulary speech recognition systems
Retinal cell lines with extended life-span and their applications
Method of producing field corn seed and plants
Insulin and IGF-1 receptor agonists and antagonists
Transparent memory address remapping
Tile-based digital watermarking techniques
Recording medium, recorder, and player
Method for controlling an automatic gearbox of a motor vehicle in the event that the gas/pedal is sp...
Method and system for achieving constant average impact deceleration independent of vehicle load
Tributary analysis monitoring system
Method and device for monitoring a computing element in a motor vehicle
Lane keep control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Operator presence sensing apparatus for a seat of a vehicle
Method and apparatus for associating tires with tire locations of a vehicle
Hazard light actuation system
System and method for detecting an involuntary muscle movement disorder
Ultrasonic treatment device
Peptidomimetic ligands for cellular receptors and ion channels
Preparation of prodrugs for selective drug delivery
Ret ligand (RetL) for stimulating neural and renal growth
Process for preparation of rosuvastatin calcium
Indoles as naaladase inhibitors
Methods for delivering compounds into a cell
Substituted benzoxazoles as estrogenic agents
Medicinal compositions
Condensed heterocyclic compounds
New vitamin D derivatives with carbo-or heterocyclic substituents at C-25, a process for their produ...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Human receptor molecules
Secreted proteins
44 human secreted proteins
Method for the detection of Alzheimer's disease related gene transcripts in blood
Method for screening and treating patients at risk of medical disorders
Novel medical uses of 4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrazole derivatives having CB1-antagonistic activity
Transesophageal gastric reduction device, system and method
Diaryl and arylheteroaryl urea derivatives as modulators of the 5-HT2A serotonin receptor useful for...
System for tissue approximation and fixation
Novel compounds, their preparation and use
Tissue retractor and method for using the retractor
Polymorph of 5-[4-[2-(N-methyl-N-(2-pyridyl)amino)ethoxy]benzyl]thiazolidi- ne-2, 4-dione, maleic ac...
Treatment of CNS disorders using CNS target modulators
Modulators of LXR
Beta 3 adrenergic agonists
Triamide-substituted heterobicyclic compounds
Piperidine derivative compounds and drugs containing the compounds as the active ingredient
Compounds effecting glucokinase
Naphthalene derivatives
Pyrazole derivatives as cannabinoid receptor modulators
Determination of the presence of additional coded data in a data frame
Neural networks for intelligent control
Search method in a hierarchical object structure
Methods of identifying biological patterns using multiple data sets
Genetic algorithm techniques and applications
System and method for time-efficient distributed search and decision-making using cooperative co-evo...
Method and system for providing diagnostics for a work machines
System and process for tracking an object state using a particle filter sensor fusion technique
Method and apparatus for creating an extraction model using Bayesian inference
System and method for assessing the security posture of a network using goal oriented fuzzy logic de...
Reducing boot times via intrusion monitoring
Speech recognition system with barge-in capability
Fixing structure for input keys
Method for interfacing a private branch exchange with a wireless communications network and also wit...
Method for issuing a incoming call alert according to service options in a composite cellular termin...
One-way roaming from ANS-41 to GSM systems
System and method for providing dynamic call disposition service to wireless terminals
Apparatus for mounting a rotational lens housing in a folder-type telephone
Method and apparatus for connecting to IP private branch exchange
System and method for providing call statistics in real time
Apparatus and method for quantifying an automation benefit of an automated response system
Virtual private communications network
Method and apparatus enabling local number portability in telephone networks
Computer telephony integration
Method for providing outgoing call reservation service in exchange system
Real time customer service data manipulation to allow multiple services per trigger type
Undetected provision of auxiliary services during a telephone conversation
Local control of call features in a telephone system
Method and apparatus for communication with a gate entry controller and providing secure communicati...
Universal call-log system and method for a home network telephone
Telephone apparatus
Process for the catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons
High-activity isomerization catalyst and process
Dealuminized catalyst carrier, method of production, and method for hydrating C2 or C3 olefins with ...
Hydrocarbon conversion using zeolite SSZ-54
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation to produce a desired product
Method for secure distribution and configuration of asymmetric keying material into semiconductor de...
System and method for limiting access to data
Reproduction apparatus and decoding apparatus
Method of ciphering data transmission in a radio system
Pseudo-chaotic communication method exploiting symbolic dynamics
Time domain radio transmission system
Paper fluorescence detection sensor
System and method for schema-driven compression of extensible mark-up language (XML) documents
Coincidence-free media key block for content protection for recordable media
Method for automatic processing of invoices
Enhanced broadband telephony services
Facsimile system, and facsimile terminal and format converter both for use in the system
Portable internet-enabled controller and information browser for consumer devices
Object storage and location tracking system with remotely stored and accessible data
System and method for remotely coordinating the secure delivery of goods
Methods, systems, architectures and data structures for delivering software via a network
Method and system for providing service to remote users by inter-computer communications
System and method for regulating incoming traffic to a server farm
Real estate information exchange process and system
Business card and contact management system
Generating revenue for the use of softgoods that are freely distributed over a network
Maintenance method and maintenance system for industrial machinery
Communication system capable of reducing communication load
Internet-based audiometric testing system
Patterned deposition of refractive layers for high security holograms
Label having an integral extension tube and method of manufacture thereof
Process and device for the production of labels and label obtainable by this process
Indexing device
Apparatus for controlling play of a progressively operated lottery-type game
Dynamic golf swing trainer assuring proper wrist and club face positions
Static line parachute automatic activation device
Rapid-opening door
Automatic takeoff thrust management system
Hybrid air vehicle having air cushion landing gear
Control system for rotorcraft for preventing the vortex ring state
Helicopter electric connecting unit, and helicopter equipped with such a connecting unit
Cover ejection and fin deployment system for a gun-launched projectile
Covert tracer round
Gas sensor with slotted diffusive gas sample chamber
Thermally conductive honeycombs for chemical reactors
Method of extruding bread dough and products thereof
Extrusion device and method for producing plastic hollow profiles having at least one hollow chamber...
Food forming apparatus
Blind with reinforced head rail
Apparatus and methods for mixing and injecting a foam core within an extruded shell
Walk around grass cutter parts
Method for producing flexo printing forms by means of laser-direct engraving
Wrap-around cooling arrangement for printed circuit board
Integrated heat spreader with downset edge, and method of making same
Fastening device for heat slug
Thermal connector for cooling electronics
Double-winged radiator for central processing unit
Method and rack for exchanging air with modular bricks in a computer system
Device and method for feeding treating air
Heated and cooled vacuum chamber shield
Equipment enclosure
Apparatus for mixing air in a vehicle HVAC system
Heater for a motor air conditioning system comprising at least one heat pipe
Cooler arrangement for agricultural implements
Heat exchanger for fuel cell system
Refrigerant condenser used for automotive air conditioner
Vapor chamber with sintered grooved wick
Capillary pumped loop system
Heat pipe
Heat exchanger for heating a product, in particular a composition for producing candies
Air guide device for cooling tower
Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning module having an improved heater core configuration
Continuous time .DELTA..SIGMA. ADC with dithering
Polymer-inorganic particle composites
Nanowires, nanostructures and devices fabricated therefrom
Compounds and methods to increase plasma HDL cholesterol levels and improve HDL functionality
System and method for bridging managed and unmanaged object systems by utilizing an interface wrappe...
Hepatitis-C virus type 4, 5, and 6
System supporting use of customizable expressions by applications
On-system programmable and off-system programmable chip
Apparatus for discharging waste toner
Full-color organic light-emitting diode display and method of fabricating the same
Polarizing member, illuminator and liquid-crystal display device
Tampon for the treatment of Streptococcus Group B infections of the vagina
Tricyclic diterpene derivatives
Method and program for manufacturing a product having locally specific properties
Cosmetic formulations of having high aqueous solubility and low flash points
PDA watch
Phosphor for display and field-emission display
Polysaccharide gum and process for its manufacture
Method for preparing substituted mixed alkynyl ethers
Hole saw guide adaptor
Apparatus and method for providing server state and attribute management for multiple-threaded voice...
Short battery
Telecommunications middleware
Structure for isolating mounting and clamping forces of a power clamp
Air cushion cylinder apparatus with a lock
System for communicating a signal to a device indicating an output supply level being provided to a ...
Rotatable no strip no crimp electrical connector for wires
Electronic message distribution
Dog collar having buckle
Injection apparatus incorporating clamping and squeezing members for pumping liquid through flexible...
Methods and devices for prediction of hypoglycemic events
Bicycle tire cradle
Eyeglass holder
Methods and tangible objects employing textured machine readable data
Low nitrogen concentration carbonaceous material and manufacturing method thereof
Adaptive cruise control system using shared vehicle network data
Diagnosis of normal pressure hydrocephalus by automated processing of MR images
Immunoadsorber for use in sepsis therapy
Method for producing shaped bodies
Artificial disc implant
Razor with a movable shaving head
Frame for a material handling vehicle
Arthroscopic impedance probe to detect cartilage degeneration
Metal complexes
Method and system for dynamic issuance of group certificates
Production method of solid electrolytic capacitor
Separator for fuel cell, process for production thereof, and solid polymer type fuel cell using said...
Fuser and fusing roller useable in a printing process, laser printer, and method of printing
Carbonaceous refractory and method for preparing the same
System and method for providing help/training content for a web-based application
Monitoring activity of a user in locomotion on foot
Outlet silencer for cooling tower, evaporator cooler or condenser
Dynamic address windowing on a PCI bus
Picture database graphical user interface utilizing map-based metaphors for efficient browsing and r...
Method and apparatus for reducing error recovery time in hard disk drive
Scanning a message-list
Spectral analysis measurement apparatus and method of measuring for spectral analysis measurement ap...
Method, apparatus, and program for estimating noise generation for a synchronous belt
Integrated GPS/interference location system with anti-jam processor
Systems, functional data, and methods to bias map matching
Method and arrangement for arranging, selecting and displaying location data in a cellular telephone...
Local emergency alert for cell-phone users
Missed call notification to cellular telephone using short text messaging
Imaging technique for use with optical MEMS devices
System and method for object-oriented video processing
Header detect configuration within a DVD-RAM read device and methods of acquiring and maintaining ph...
Optical disc apparatus and method for recording data onto an optical disc in multiple write sessions
Airflow channel within a disc drive housing
Method and apparatus for determining a level of a video signal
Marketplace system fees enhancing market share and participation
Method and system for synchronizing information specific to a location on a surface with an external...
Method and apparatus for verifying hardware implementation of a processor architecture in a logicall...
Patterning semiconductor layers using phase shifting and assist features
Method and system to maintain a hierarchy of instantiated application objects and to enable recovery...
Apparatus and methods for monitoring compliance with recommended hand-washing practices
Intralevel decoupling capacitor, method of manufacture and testing circuit of the same
High accuracy inertial sensors from inexpensive components
Ultra-precision robotic system
Custom made herbal health promotive formulation for females/expectant mothers
Eyewear cleaning device
Geranium plant named `Dueimgabri`
Apparatus and method for executing a game program having advertisements therein
Bile compound and method of controlling behavior of lampreys therewith
User interface system, scene description generating device and method, scene description converting ...
Providing information to a communications device
Aerosol biliquid foam
Therapeutic dry powder preparation
High-strength, high conductivity copper alloy excellent in fatigue and intermediate temperature prop...
Method and apparatus for launching applications based upon electronic program guide data
Methods and systems for generating enhanced thumbnails usable for document navigation
Rod-coil block polyimide copolymers
Interactive teaching toy
Thermoformed food containers with enhanced rigidity
Thin film capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Stacked 1T-nMTJ MRAM structure
Method and system for providing information for a mobile terminal and a mobile terminal
Convex image sensor and method of forming the sensor
Electro-optical apparatus having a light-emitting element and wavelength correcting unit of pluralit...
Trialkyl acetic acid (neo acid) esters and esterification process
Image data management method and system using network
Connecting structure for a multiple-strand jewelry
Torque-biasing system
Traction control algorithm for vehicle operation upon deformable road surfaces
Steering control system and method
Vehicle occupant safety system
Electrical control system for automotive vehicle having electrically assisted power steering
Method of controlling automatic guided vehicle system
Method and system for reducing motor shock of a hybrid vehicle
Sensor assembly for measuring weight applied to a vehicle seat
Device controller
Vehical wind operated generator
Transmission with automatic clutch
Transfer case for hybrid vehicle
Torque controlling apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
Traveling apparatus of crawler vehicle
Rotary driver control input device
Hitch assisting device and method
Electric power steering apparatus
Power steering device
Impact absorbing structure for vehicle body and related method
Automotive outboard air bag system
Method and apparatus for setting programmable features of an appliance
System and method for a redundant communication channel via storage area network back-end
Electronic apparatus
Efficient bus utilization in a multiprocessor system by dynamically mapping memory addresses
Methods and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a decoding key encoded with specific informatio...
Method for recognizing speech to avoid over-adaptation during online speaker adaptation
Method of measuring performance of an emulator and for adjusting emulator operation in response ther...
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, communication system, transmission method, reception me...
Optical recording medium with high density track pitch and optical disk device for recording and pla...
Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory and operation thereof
Control device, control method, electric apparatus, control method of an electric apparatus, electri...
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program storage medium and program
Information displaying system, information providing apparatus, and information providing method
Operating device
Electrostatic capacitance sensor and fingerprint collator comprising it
Active landing control system for raster based devices
Semiconductor light emitting device
Image processing apparatus and method
Transferring semiconductor crystal from a substrate to a resin
Resist material and exposure method
Spine for a dusting implement
Steam cleaner
Combination pet food and water dish
Ergonomic pet bowl
Protective face shield frame
Protective face shield lens
Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product
Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product
Light fixture trim
Lighting fixture
Solar powered outdoor light
Electric torch
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
Smooth reflecting torch
Embossed panel
Shoring post
Window component extrusion
Laminate transition molding
Privacy panel having opposed curved pattern
Steroid compounds with a c17-alkyl side chain and an aromatic a-ring for use in therapy
Expression system for cloning toxic genes
Fusion proteins between antigenic amino acid sequences and beta-2-microglobulin
Human protease associated proteins
Identication of peptides that facilitate uptake and cytoplasmic and/or nuclear transport of proteins...
Method of amplifying or detecting HIV-1 RNA
Human protein HFXJW48
Nucleic acid sequences that can be used as primers and probes in the amplification and detection of ...
Method of stimulating an immune response by administration of host organisms that express intimin al...
Inhibiting apoptosis with adenovirus RID protein
Methods of treatment of immune system related disorders using Neutrokine-alpha
Cellulose ether composition for the extrusion of mineral shaped bodies and also a process for the ex...
Polyolefin fibres and their use in the preparation of nonwovens with high bulk and resilience
Method of preventing adhesion of gypsum foreign matter of gypsum slurry, gypsum slurry supply stabil...
Reinforcement material and reinforcement structure of structure and method of designing reinforcemen...
Reinforcement fiber bundle and production method of such reinforcement fiber bundle
Protective barrier coating composition
Construction material with multiple stud position indicia
Real time data storage monitoring and administration
Method and apparatus for retrieving data from a broadcast signal
Priority mechanism for distributed sending of media data
Media organization for distributed sending of media data
Method and system for accessing operating system resources
Systems and methods for using synthetic instructions in a virtual machine
Methods for enhancing type reconstruction
System and method for interacting with computer programming languages at semantic level
Method and apparatus for sharing data files among runtime environment applets in an integrated circu...
System and method for deploying a software build from a plurality of software builds to a target com...
Dynamic controls for use in computing applications
Binary cache file format for themeing the visual appearance of a computer system
User interface for creating viewing and temporally positioning annotations for media content
User interface to display and manage an entity and associated resources
User interface to display and manage an entity and associated resources
Browser navigation for devices with a limited input system
Consumer network diagnostic agent
Method and system for efficient testing of sequences of computer-related operations
Product support connected error reporting
License-based cryptographic technique particularly suited for use in a digital rights management sys...
Method and apparatus for providing quality-of-service delivery facilities over a bus
Method and facility for displaying customer activity and value
Point emission type light emitting element and concentrating point emission type light emitting elem...
Apparatus and method for detection of communication signal loss
Fragrance signaling of an event
Muffler for suction system exhaust air used with an automatic cutting machine
Configuration and a method for reducing contamination with particles on a substrate in a process too...
Push button switch
Pan and tilt positioning unit
Basketball training apparatus
Golf training apparatus and method
Video instructional system and method for teaching motor skills
Phrase-composing device featuring interlocking collars and gaps exposing content areas on a common s...
Penmanship aid
Globe stand construction
Electroactive polymer actuator braille cell and braille display
Method and system for dynamically personalizing transportation in a vehicle
Method and system for receiving and providing access to information at a web site
Automated invoice receipt and management system
Credit instrument and system with automated payment of club, merchant, and service provider fees
Method and system for processing transactions
Responsive manufacturing and inventory control
Method and system for integrating transaction mechanisms over multiple internet sites
Chemical product commerce network
Compositions and methods for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and disorders, ...
Electrical apparatuses, methods of forming electrical apparatuses, and termite sensing methods
Edible PGA coating composition
Peptides suitable for use in antigen specific immunosuppressive therapy
Topical anti-inflammatory composition containing linseed and licorice extracts
Sutures and coatings made from therapeutic absorbable glass
Echinacea angustifolia extracts
USE OF, [CR3O(O2CCH2CH3)6(H2O)3]+, AS A NUTR...
Pharmaceutical compositions for poorly soluble drugs
Method for treating pain
Nucleic acid constructs
Saratin for inhibiting platelet adhesion to collagen
Use of a quaternary ammonium glycoside surfactant as an adjuvant for fertilizers or pesticides
Formation of polyampholytes in the presence of a polyion
Augmented solvent/detergent method for inactivating enveloped and non-enveloped viruses
Industrial controller based on distributable technology objects
Motor controller with position detector
Welding parameters setting method for a resistance welder controll apparatus
Light diffusing film and method for preparation thereof
Stroke cycle phase shift rowing
System for preventing an automobile from being immersed in water
Active seat suspension for watercraft
Boat seat assembly
Inflatable kayak with multi-position footrests
Tackle organizer
Inflatable anchor lift
Two degree of freedom rudder/stabilizer for waterborne vessels
Wave shock absorber system
Recesses on a surface
Personal watercraft ergonomic footwells
Sectional barge and methods of use
Toy vehicle
Injection molded noise-maker
Toy face with noise making tongue
Actuatable toy containing deformable bladder
Mountable interactive toy animal
Building structure
Water plug for an ornamental water ball
Cellular phone with imaging device
System and method for determining a seed vigor index from germinated seedlings by automatic separati...
Automatic gain control circuit, data communication device and automatic gain control method
Image projection system
Digital demodulating device in a digital TV receiver
Method and system for color balance control for component video signals
Method and apparatus for selective video signal sampling
Solid-state image pickup apparatus
Image pickup apparatus
Electronic imaging system
Direction-sensitive correction method and system for data including abrupt intensity gradients
Solid-state imaging apparatus and signal processing method for transforming image signals output fro...
Video signal processing apparatus
Image processing system having an image signal generating device coupleable to an adapter
Imager linked with image processing station
Method and apparatus for performing correctness checks opportunistically
Apparatus and method for avoiding deadlocks in a multithreaded environment
Strategy for dynamically modeling ASN.1 data to an object model
Populating resource-constrained devices with content verified using API definitions
Annotations for transaction tracing
Macro design techniques to accommodate chip level wiring and circuit placement across the macro
Voltage island chip implementation
Automatic manufacturing test case generation method and system
Via enclosure rule check in a multi-wide object class design layout
System and method for editing digitally represented still images
Proxy server using a statistical model
XOR processing incorporating error correction code data protection
Logging insertion/removal of server blades in a data processing system
Write pass error detection
Consumer network diagnostic agent
Bus trace analysis a posteriori
Wedge barrel for a mine roof cable bolt
Screwed steel pile and method of construction management therefor
Sand pile driving method
Foundation repair system and method of installation
Buoyancy compensator, utility backpack, transport harness or like garment with adjustable one size c...
Systems for on site treatment and disposal of contaminated soils and sediments
Remediation of soil piles using central equipment
Particle binding compositions and methods of making and using such compositions
Method and apparatus for warming and storage of cold fluids
Snap lock device for hingedly securing an extension to a downspout
Method and apparatus for providing a bioinformatics database
Method for producing a three-dimensional macro-molecular structure
Inbred maize line PH51K
Inbred maize line PH8DB
Soybean cultivar SW90702
Plant genes encoding pantothenate synthetase
Enhanced accumulation of trehalose in plants
Electrochemiluminescent localizable complexes for assay compositions
Photocleavable protecting groups and methods for their use
Retentate chromatography and protein chip arrays with applications in biology and medicine
Detection of respiratory viruses
Infrared thermography
Component in the hedgehog signalling pathway
Environmental containment methods for a flow cytometer
Expression system for the secretion of intracellular proteins
Method for improving transfection efficiency
Method of configurating acoustic correction filter for stringed instrument
Multi-channel nonlinear processing of a single musical instrument signal
Musical tone generating apparatus and method for generating musical tone on the basis of detection o...
Generating a music snippet
Waveform production method and apparatus using shot-tone-related rendition style waveform
Teaching method and guides to teach piano
Carrier assembly for percussion instruments
Electronic pad with vibration isolation features
Guitar stand
Relative chord keyboard instructional method
String stretching mechanism for stringed instrument
Light emitting device based on indirect-bandgap materials
Process for making nano-sized and sub-micron-sized lithium-transition metal oxides
Hydrophilic mixed matrix materials having reversible water absorbing properties
Vitronectin receptor antagonists
Hydroxylapatite material containing tricalcium phosphate with microporous structure
Steam reformer for methane with internal hydrogen separation and combustion
Process for treating hydrocarbonaceous material with aluminum trihydroxide catalyst
Method for removing halogen from a vent stream
NOx reduction compositions for use in FCC processes
Removal of H2S and CO2 from a hydrocarbon fluid stream
Method for removing acidic gases from waste gas
Reduction in mineral salt deposition
Tire assembly including tire support ring
Tire tread
Central circumferential tread for a tire
Tire tread
Preparation of starch reinforced rubber and use thereof in tires
Tire with new bead bundle
Tire tread
Pneumatic tire having a component containing high trans styrene-butadiene rubber
Tire with rubber containing flavone
Mold vent
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Variable stiffness electroactive polymer systems
Rubber composition for tire and pneumatic tire
Golf ball
Heavy duty tire
Noise damper for pneumatic tire
Golf ball
Head for golf club
Golf ball
Golf ball
Golf club shaft
Golf club shaft
Image forming device with duct for exhausting heat outside main body case
Feed-through seal for a high-power laser fiber optic cable
Multichannel optical communications module
Control rod for boiling water reactor and method for manufacturing the same
Fiber-grating semiconductor laser with tunability
Four KHz gas discharge laser system
Mirror structure for reducing the effect of feedback on a VCSEL
Semiconductor laser and fabricating method therefor
Low divergence diode laser
Optical semiconductor device and method for controlling the same
Kink free operation of pump lasers having diffraction grating for providing wavelength stabilization
Light wavelength converting module
Laser with internally coupled pump source
Magnetic recording medium and method of recording
Optical pickup device, aberration correcting method and aberration detecting unit therefor
Regenerative optical amplifier
Raman amplification method and optical signal transmission method using the same
Multi-beam scanner
Optical analyzer and method for reducing relative intensity noise in interferometric optical measure...
Method for inspecting an internal floating roof in a liquid-containing storage tank
Scanning optical device and image forming apparatus using the same
Conjugated unsaturated glyceride mixtures and a method for producing the same
Molecular cloning of a 7TM receptor (AXOR34) and screening methods thereof
Pyranoindazoles and their use for the treatment of glaucoma
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Use of cortisol antagonists in the treatment of heart failure
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of CNS and other disorders
Serotonergic benzofurans
Dipeptidyl peptidases
Human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Serine threonine kinase member, h2520-59
Powdery composition for nasal administration
Cardiac monitoring apparatus and method
Inflatable polyhedral exercise device
Compounds and methods for the treatment or prevention of Flavivirus infections
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the same
BWB transmission wiring design system
Connection protection between clients and optical cross-connect switches
Configuration of a control system for an electrical switchgear assembly
Communication and control network for distributed power resource units
Buffer tubes for fiber optic cables
Optical path changing polarizer
Polyubiquitin based hydrogel and uses thereof
Ultrasonic method for cleaning teeth
Disulfide conjugated cell toxins and methods of making and using them
Humanized biomaterials, a process for their preparation and their applications
Transferring data in a wireless communication system
Organic light-emitting display device
Phosphor plate positioning device
Method for introduction of reporter groups into bacterial lipopolysaccharide-derived carbohydrates a...
Fire-resistant high performance concrete composition
Configuration for fixing a slide-in unit in a cage of a computer
Fixing device
Cable-stay cradle system
Biological information detecting probe, biological information measuring apparatus, fabrication meth...
Rapid determination of protein global folds
High refractive index aromatic-based silyl monomers
Synthesis of layers, coatings or films using templates
Multicomponent refrigerant fluids for low and cryogenic temperatures
Method for accessing scan chains and updating EEPROM-resident FPGA code through a system management ...
LP method and apparatus for identifying route propagations
Electronic still camera with capability to perform optimal focus detection according to selected mod...
Gas diffusion electrodes containing modified carbon products
Apparatus and method for imaging
Optical switching system for switching opticals signals in wavelength groups
Highly acidic metalated organic acid
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `Schirus`
Device for practicing golf
Notice information providing system, digital content delivery system, and storage medium
Aerosol valve assembly and aerosol vessel
Breathing method and apparatus
Iron-based alloy for internal combustion engine valve seat inserts and the like
Thin film ethanol sensor and a process for the preparation
Apparatus and method for automatically cooking fruit
Electromechanical transducer with an adhesive layer and an anti-diffusion layer
MRAM having current peak suppressing circuit
Efficient light emitting diodes and lasers
Fuel dispensing and retail system for providing customer selected guidelines and limitations
Personal digital assistant with integrated printer
Method and apparatus for maintaining synchronized pacing
Implantable lead and electrode portion
Implantable medical device (IMD) system configurable to subject a patient to a stress test and to de...
Atrioventricular delay adjustment
Contoured battery for implantable medical devices and method of manufacture
Measurement of sleep apnea duration and evaluation of response therapies using duration metrics
Cardiac stimulating device
Cardiac rhythm management system with respiration synchronous optimization of cardiac performance us...
Implantable pulse generator and method having adjustable signal blanking
Method and apparatus for cardiac shock therapy
Method and apparatus for detection and treatment of tachycardia and fibrillation
Methods for adjusting cardiac detection criteria and implantable medical devices using same
Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device
Pacemaker using measured intervals for mode switching
System and method for bi-ventricular fusion pacing
Storage device, backup and fault tolerant redundant method and computer program code of plurality st...
Methods and apparatus for loading a very long instruction word memory
System and method for maintaining and accessing information regarding virtual storage devices
Central dynamic memory manager
Storage management software bridges
Program executing apparatus and program development supporting apparatus
Method and apparatus for using data compression as a means of increasing buffer bandwidth
Microcomputer with reduced memory usage and associated method
Cache control device and method with TLB search before key receipt
System and method for providing safe data movement using third party copy techniques
Microcontroller having embedded non-volatile memory with read protection
System and method for efficient write operations for repeated snapshots by copying-on-write to most ...
Virtualized volume snapshot formation method
Memory system and method of using same
Method for evaluation of scalable symmetric multiple processor cache coherency protocols and algorit...
Bandwidth-adaptive, hybrid, cache-coherence protocol
Cache control device and manufacturing method thereof
Methods and apparatus for implementing a chche replacement scheme
Evaluation and optimization of code
Method and system for cache management algorithm selection
Video game controller with integrated microphone and speaker
Adjusting device for bouncing net devices
Double deal
Symbol display apparatus for game machine
Gaming device base
Automatic monitoring and alerting device
System and method for site-specific electronic record keeping
Anti-obesity devices
Polymer composition and a method for producing packing materials with controllable decomposition
Treatment of hypertension
Peptides derived from colostrinin
Sintered object of silicon monoxide and method for producing the same
Tissue engineered meat for consumption and a method for producing tissue engineered meat for consump...
Method for measuring FceRII/CD23 IgE receptor in human feces as an indicator of a TH2 predominant im...
Laminates and packaging containers
Stable chocolate confection containing one or more sugar shelled inclusions
Methods for preserving fresh produce
Pumpkin for cooking use and process for producing the same
Dips comprising emulsified liquid shortening compositions comprising dietary fiber gel, water and li...
Pet food
Oily cake excellent in heat-resistant shape retention and process for producing the same
Methods for accelerating the production and maturation of distilled, uniquely flavored spirits
Sauces comprising emulsified liquid shortening compositions comprising dietary fiber gel, water and ...
Processed cheeses comprising emulsified liquid shortening compositions comprising dietary fiber gel,...
Stable hemogeneous drink composition including particulate cereal product
Reduced fat and carbohydrate cultured dairy product and process for manufacturing such cultured dair...
Satiety enhancing food compositions
Extra capacity radio base station for wireless communication
Method for dynamically configuring group calls in a radio system
System and method for discriminating a particular radio communication network among a plurality of r...
Ad-hoc control protocol governing use of an unlicensed or shared radio frequency band
Method and computer-readable medium for controlling signaling and channel assignment in a decentrali...
Fractional reuse through channel allocation tiering
Multiple wireless data transport transceiver system
Direct conversion receiver apparatus
Translational loop transmitter architecture employing channel power ratio measurements for modulatio...
Multi-band radio terminal apparatus
Testing response of a radio transceiver
Method for synchronizing a control channel to a working channel
Method for repeating data transmission in mobile communication system
Method and device for synchronizing a mobile radio receiver with a frame structure of a radio signal
Net game system, processing method for playing net game, and computer-readable storage medium for st...
Gaming machine with pattern-driven bonus array
High-sensitivity storage pixel sensor having auto-exposure detection
System and method for managing network directories
Separate read and write servers in a distributed file system
Method and apparatus for managing locks of objects and method and apparatus for unlocking objects
Apparatus and method for filtering downloaded network sites
Manual processing system
Facilitating failover to a secondary file server in a highly available file system
Method and system for creating and managing common and custom storage devices in a computer network
Method and apparatus for improving listener differentiation of talkers during a conference call
Language recognition using sequence frequency
System and method for specifying elements in a packaging process
Process for the stimulation of production of extracellular dermal proteins in human tissue
Magnetic resonance imaging system and method
Visible display for an interventional device
Personal mobile communications device having multiple units
High speed electronic remote medical imaging system and method
Automated lung nodule segmentation using dynamic programming and EM based classification
Noncontact ID card and method of manufacturing the same
Flat aluminum electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Particles for electrophoretic display and electrophoretic display apparatus using them
Inspection device for body to be inspected and inspection device of foreign matters in liquid filled...
Light modulation medium and light modulation method
Reflection type liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Image writing apparatus and record display medium
Automated medical imaging system repair diagnostics
Transimpedance amplifier and offset correction mechanism and method for lowering noise
Data visualization with independent data-utilization and data-supplying components
Constrained dynamic inversion control algorithm
Recording medium storing additional information for restoring digital data stream/information, recor...
Electron source and cable for x-ray tubes
Frequency transform phase shifting interferometry
Spatial filtering in interferometry
Method for dynamically addressing physical mail
Mechanical bell alarm assembly for a circuit breaker
Frequency selective low loss transmission line system
Inductive sensor
DC/DC converter control circuits and DC/DC converter systems with power saving mode in accordance wi...
Organic acid containing compositions and methods for use thereof
Automatic query and transformative process
Normalized bitmap representation of visual object's shape for search/query/filtering applications
Packet data analysis with efficient buffering scheme
Non-rectilinear polygonal vias
Method for manufacturing nanostructured thin film electrodes
Liquid crystal display device
Array panel for liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor array substrate for liquid crystal display
Junction varactor with high Q factor and wide tuning range
Dual gate BCMD pixel suitable for high performance CMOS image sensor arrays
Packaged image sensing microelectronic devices including a lead and methods of packaging image sensi...
Camera module
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor component, trench structure transistor, trench MOSFET, IGBT, and field-plate transisto...
Trench MIS device with reduced gate-to-drain capacitance
Monolithic three dimensional array of charge storage devices containing a planarized surface
Device having reduced diffusion through ferromagnetic materials
CMOS pixel design for minimization of defect-induced leakage current
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and semiconductor integrated circuit device using the same
pMOS device having ultra shallow super-steep-retrograde epi-channel with dual channel doping and met...
Design and fabrication method for finger n-type doped photodiodes with high sensitivity for CIS prod...
Light emitting diode
Resonant-cavity light-emitting diode and optical transmission module using the light-emitting diode
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device chip
Dual roll desktop tape dispenser
Foam/film composite medical articles
Latex paint compositions and coatings
Photocatalytic composition and method for preventing algae growth on building materials
Apparatus and method for evaluating tissue engineered biological material
Array comprising diamond-like glass film
Ceramic aggregate particles
Ink jet receptive coating
Microneedle arrays and methods of manufacturing the same
Non-invasive device and method for the diagnosis of pulmonary vascular occlusions
Electronic endoscope system with liquid supply apparatus
Endoscope and endoscopic instrument system having reduced backlash when moving the endoscopic instru...
Connector assembly
Method for circuit protection during radiation sterilization
Macro closure device for disposable articles
Control device
Process of and apparatus for heat-treating II-VI compound semiconductors and semiconductor heat-trea...
Amorphous carbon coated tool and fabrication method thereof
Ceramics base plate and method for producing the same
Method of and apparatus for thermal analysis, method of and apparatus for calculating thermal condit...
Optical fiber array and substrate for the optical fiber array
Optical fiber for extended wavelength band
Optical waveguide diffraction grating device, method for fabricating optical waveguide diffraction g...
Silicon platform for optical modules
Raman amplifier
Method and apparatus for introducing in continuous a substance in liquid phase into plastics granule...
Optical communications module and method for producing the module
Angled physical contact ferrule and associated method and apparatus for fabricating same
Fiber with ferrule, and optical module and method of manufacturing the same
Vibration isolation table
Direct sampling GPS receiver for anti-interference operations
Method and system for generating a circuit design including a peripheral component connected to a bu...
Computer interface toolbar for acquiring most frequently accessed options using short cursor travers...
Adaptable transducer interface
Method and system for monitoring microprocessor integrity
Methods of proactive network maintenance by automatic creation of trouble tickets
Thermal transfer image-receiving sheet
Data recording method and data recording apparatus
High-speed disk drive system
Method and apparatus for utilizing modulation codes that produce maximized sample timing information
Low cost anti-parallel pinned spin valve (SV) and magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) structures with hig...
GMR configuration with enhanced spin filtering
Thin-film magnetic head having a magnetism intercepting layer provided between read head and write h...
Integrated thin film head with magneto-resistive sensor preventing short circuit between thin films
Head suspension having reduced heat deformation
Slider of thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Micro textured slider with predicted tipped position
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same, and slider of thin-film magnetic head and ...
Thin-film magnetic head with narrowed track width and method for making same
Flow modification for reducing track misregistration in hard disk drives
Dynamic vibration absorbing apparatus for an optical disk drive
Magnetic recording/reproducing device
Magnetic recording/reproducing device
Track closure error cancellation for a disc drive
Method for adaptively allocating data storage tracks in a disk drive to improve seek performance
Wear reduction of a disc surface using an adaptive dither process
Lamp with multiple light-producing elements
Method and apparatus for detecting X-rays
Image forming apparatus having a development apparatus forming a magnetic brush separated from a lat...
Olefin polymerization catalyst and method for producing modified methylaluminoxane for use as olefin...
Power supply apparatus
Method for hydroformylation, xanthene-bridged ligands and catalyst comprising a complex of said liga...
Polarizing plate having protective films with plasticizer, liquid crystal display using the same, an...
Gel compositions
Toothpaste dispensing apparatus
Method of making a reinforcing mat for a pultruded part
Indexable label assembly
Carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase gene of coryneform bacteria and method for producing L-arginine
System and method for password throttling
Golf club grip alignment apparatus and method
Breath test analyzer
Polyolefins and uses thereof
Fault-tolerant routing scheme for a multi-path interconnection fabric in a storage network
Discharge lamp starting device and illumination apparatus
Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Image forming method and apparatus including an easy-to-handle large capacity toner container
Linear-to-log converter for power estimation in a wireless data network receiver
DC to DC converter and power management system
Solid type pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets using the ...
Toothpaste-dispensing toothbrush
Conductive tubular insert for a fuel transport system, and method
Method and system for canceling multiple access interference in CDMA wireless communication system
Methods of treating phosphate in a body of water
Apparatus and methods for chemiluminescent assays
Sampling and storage system for genetic material from tissue
Food products containing altered starch
Dextrose hydrate in powder form and a process for the preparation thereof
Microwave heatable bread-based fast food
Food coloring substances and method for their preparation
Process for making a lactose-free milk and milk so processed
Secure lock closure
Module for a modular conveyor belt having a sandwich layer construction and method of manufacture
Food and beverage container
Liquid galley refrigeration system for aircraft
Method apparatus and communications system for companion information and network appliances
Methods and reagents for treating autoimmune disorders
Method and apparatus for communicating map data for vehicle navigation
Apparatus and method for displaying map
Method and system for providing traffic and related information
Vehicle service support system, server, method, and program
Surface light source device and liquid crystal display assembly using the same
Monitoring and control of watercraft propulsion efficiency
Aircraft security system to prevent manual flight operation by unauthorized individuals
Automotive lane change aid
Cable plow installation monitor method and apparatus
Apparatus and methods for continuous and/or selective production of multiple light displays
Strip lighting system incorporating light emitting devices
Headlamp for vehicle
Multiple-function pumping device for fountains, ornamental fountains and the like
Power adapter with freely rotatable direct current plug connection
Chain-controlled lamp stand with multi-stage light modulation
LED light source mimicking a filamented lamp
Reconfigurable garment definition and production method
Viscosity reduction of viscoelastic surfactant based fluids
Method of fabricating CMOS inverter and integrated circuits utilizing strained surface channel MOSFE...
Composite fine particles and method for producing the same
Process for fabricating monolayer/multilayer ultrathin films
Method for producing detection systems with planar arrays
Nanoparticles comprising at least one polymer and at least one compound able to complex one or more ...
Permanent, removable tissue markings
Glaucoma treatment device and method
Active cantilever for nanomachining and metrology
Method and device for simultaneously determining the adhesion, friction, and other material properti...
Support for treatment of canine hip dysplasia and lumbosacral disorders
Covered trash receptacle
Method and apparatus for disabling a clock signal within a multithreaded processor
Analogs of choline for neuroprotection and cognitive enhancement in neurodegenerative disorders
Communication device for monitoring datalink layer information and outputting data based on communic...
Compositions and methods for inhibiting G2 cell cycle arrest and sensitizing cells to DNA damaging a...
Photonic devices for optical and optoelectronic information processing
Calibrachoa plant named `USCALI4`
Carbon fiber, electrode material for lithium secondary battery, and lithium secondary battery
Film deposition on a semiconductor wafer
Magnetic memory device having magnetic circuit and method of manufacture thereof