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Optical scanner
Cube corner sheeting mold and of making the same
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
Methods and materials for the diagnosis or prognosis of asthma
Programmable arbitration system for determining priority of the ports of a network switch
Polymorphic forms of 6-[4-(1-cyclohexyl-1H-tetrazol-5-yl)butoxy]-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quinolinone
Interstitial fluid monitoring
Synchronous communication setting method in bus network, bus network utilizing the method thereof an...
Process for obtaining polyolefins
Nucleic acid molecules encoding human aminoacylase proteins
Method of purifying triethanolamine
System for accessing oil wells with compliant guide and coiled tubing
Method for adjusting a continuous casting installation roll segment
Electrostatic wafer clamp
Piezoelectric rotator
Method of sterilization using ozone
Back light system for minimizing non-display area of liquid crystal display device
Footwear sole
Matched filter and signal reception apparatus
File system performance enhancement
System and method for supplying and updating information from one or more works to one or more remot...
Vesicular complexes and methods of making and using the same
Black magnetic iron oxide particles for magnetic toner and process for producing the same
Polymer coated surfaces for microarray applications
Multi-wavelength laser usable for WDM applications and interferometric sensors
Impact absorbing protective apparatus for the frontal, temporal and occipital basilar skull
Conduit liner cutter
Method of actuating MEMS switches
System and method for searching on a computer using an evidence set
Aerosol valve assembly for spraying viscous materials or materials with large particulates
Method and device for organizing and coordinating the combined use of topical agents for the treatme...
Secondary battery
Styrenic resin composition for biaxially stretched sheet
Fiber-reinforced recycled thermoplastic composite and method
Surface devulcanization of cured rubber crumb
Direct methanol fuel cell system and method of fabrication
Pomegranate extracts and methods of using thereof
Reference voltage generator for MRAM and method
High-intensity discharge lamp lighting device and lighting system
Multi-valving sample injection apparatus
Harvesting machine
Jewelry setting
Method and apparatus to synchronize a bus bridge to a master clock
Convertible child safety seat
Thermal printer apparatus
Non-brush type direct current motor for electric bicycle
Multi-processor system executing a plurality of threads simultaneously and an execution method there...
Optical scanner
Inhibitors of farnesyl protein transferase
Anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical formulations
Networks adapters for multi-speed transmissions
Protein tyrosine phosphatase-inhibiting compounds
Confocal laser scanning microscope
Cyclic olefin polymer containing little catalyst residue
System for fabrication of indirect dental restoratives
Cartridge transporting apparatus
Liquid detection device, fusing unit using the same, and electrophotographic apparatus
Salts of opioid analgesics, particularly morphine, and methods of using same
Continuous casting method with rollers and relative device
Tape cartridge
Communications apparatus and methods for adaptive signal processing based on mobility characteristic...
Piezoelectric resonator
Inductive coupling plasma processing apparatus
Light shielding structure of a substrate for a liquid crystal device, liquid crystal device and proj...
Composite cleat for athletic shoe
Insertion method in a high-dimensional index structure for content-based image retrieval
Method of dehydroxylating a hydroxylated material and method of making a mesoporous film
Multi-axis magnetically actuated device
Methods of treating intestinal ischemia using heparin-binding epidermal growth factor
Head restraint system for racecar drivers
Printed document comprising a luminescent authenticity feature
Method and apparatus for adhering linerless repositionable sheets onto articles
Security element and method for producing same
Hang tab with detachable coupon portion
Blistered article protective exhibitor package
Torpedo tube shutter-pressure release
Hybrid ship hull
Control systems for sailing vessels
Shipboard system for furnishing information on mine threat vulnerability
Method and system for offshore production of hydrocarbon fluids
One shot valve for operating down-hole well working and sub-sea devices and tools
Lithographic template and method of formation and use
Optical waveguide lasers and amplifiers with pump power monitors
Decreased-size representation employed with portion of automated number identification information i...
Method and apparatus for multiple logical channel information delivery over multiple suppressed ring...
Dual-alerting paging system and monitoring of return call
Method and apparatus for a fuzzy self-adaptive control system
Drug delivery system including holder and drug container
Non-aqueous electrolyte cell comprising electrode terminal leads attached to the innermost end of a ...
Semiotic decision making system for responding to natural language queries and components thereof
Method of in situ immobilization and reduction of metal bioavailability in contaminated soils, sedim...
Integration of remote plasma generator with semiconductor processing chamber
Purification method
MRAM device including offset conductors
Pulse mode electron generator
Modified p53 tetramerization domains having hydrophobic amino acid substitutions
Antisense modulation of damage-specific DNA binding protein 2, p48 expression
Internet access over a ring network
High availability protocol computing and method
Single shaft dual cradle vacuum slot valve
Compact imaging instrument system
Thermal printer
Charging device on a vehicle to charge an electric bicycle
Mx-1 conditionally immortalized cells
Hot swap fan mounting support bracket
Methods of making HIV-protease inhibitors and intermediates for making HIV-protease inhibitors
Sulfonamide inhibitors of aspartyl protease
HIV chemokines
Bis-amino acid sulfonamides containing substituted benzyl amines HIV protease inhibitors
Piperazine derivatives useful as CCR5 antagonists
[5-Carboxamido or 5-fluoro]-[2',3'-unsaturated or 3'-modified]-pyrimidine nucleosides
Multi-purpose travel bag with a multi-purpose strap
Apparatus and system for efficient delivery and deployment of an application
Light beam scanning pen, scan module for the device and method of utilization
Floribunda rose plant named `PRObril`
Begonia plant named `Doublet Rose`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Applause Red`
Miniature rose plant named `Ruiabri`
Nectarine tree named `Arrington` cultivar
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `WEKbipupois`
Phalaenopsis orchid plant named `Anthura Gold`
Monohydric alcohol derived urethanes and their use in cosmetic formulations
Use of sunscreen combinations comprising, as essential constituent, 4,4'-diarylbutadienes as photost...
Microcapsule and method of making the same
Use of cationic fused polycyclic compounds for dyeing keratin substances, dye compositions and dyein...
Application device and system having helical-grooved bristles, and method of applying a product
Polyimides for high-frequency applications
Metal-silica sol-gel materials
Raw rubber lapping film
Method and system for controlling vehicle deceleration in an adaptive speed control system based on ...
Multi-functional portable electro-medical device
Hand washing compliance measurement and recording system
AC port device for cable television tap
Arbitrary function generator
Enantioselective reduction of ketones with a silane agent/metal compound/chiral ligand system
Human chemokine beta-10 mutant polypeptides
Compositions for enhancing delivery of nucleic acids to cells
Collection assemblies, laminates, and autosensor assemblies for use in transdermal sampling systems
Vehicle suspension system
Neon sign transformer module and receptacle
Method for evaluating the quality of comparisons between experimental and theoretical mass data
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing tubular containers
Non intrusive automatic remote support for freeing overloaded storage in portable devices
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly...
Membrane with tissue-guiding surface corrugations
Passenger service unit and an aircraft cabin systems control with such service units
Reliable time delay-constrained cluster computing
Processing olefin copolymers
Automatic reverse motor controller
Modular virtualizing device driver architecture
Differentiation of adipose stromal cells into osteoblasts and uses thereof
Metal vanadium oxide particles
Nucleic acid molecules encoding truncated insulin-like growth factor binding-5 proteins
Electrochemical detection of nucleic acid sequences
Body fitting compound sanitary napkin
Branch metric compensation for digital sequence detection
Device for attachment to a mail box for use in indicating the delivery of mail
Antibodies specific for EGF motif proteins
Isolated human phospholipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phospholipase proteins,...
Image formation on objective bodies
Inverse assembler
Gemini virus vectors for gene expression in plants
Therapeutic nucleosides
Functional DNA clone for hepatitis C virus (HCV) and uses thereof
Binding domains from plasmodium vivax and plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte binding proteins
Homologous 28-kilodalton immunodominant protein genes of Ehrlicha canis and uses thereof
Substituted phenylketoenols
Two component plant cell lethality methods and compositions
Micromachined members coupled for relative rotation by hinges
Method and composition for adhering to metal dental structure
Method and apparatus for detection and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Manufacture of gaskets
Deformable, multi-material hearing aid housing
Working-fluid intaking structure for hermetic compressor
Speaker cone assembly
Loudspeaker with directed airflow cooling
Engineered environmental structure
Determination of conductivity in anisotropic dipping formations from magnetic coupling measurements
Optimized cache allocation algorithm for multiple speculative requests
Apparatus and method for a yieldable tendon mine support
Electrophoretic medium provided with spacers
Tiltable arc furnace
High efficiency induction melting system
Sleeved rollers for use in a fusing station employing an internally heated fuser roller
Method of manufacturing aluminum alloy sheet
Method and apparatus for providing real-time call processing services in an intelligent network
Method and apparatus for preventing fraudulent access in a conditional access system
Elongated rotatable handgrip
Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Printer fuser power management
Method and apparatus for the fast detection of surface characteristics
Method, computer program product, and system for managing connection-oriented media
Process for the preparation of 1,2,4-thiadiazoles
Oral compositions having improved consumer aesthetics
Guanidinyl heterocycle compounds useful as alpha-2 adrenoceptor agonists
Particulate detergent composition containing zeolite
Detergent tablet
Process for making a detergent composition by non-tower process
Microwave oven
System for controlling the duration of a self-clean cycle in an oven
Baking oven with baking oven muffle
Catering apparatus and method for delivering heated food product
Method for manufacturing calcium salts of highly unsaturated fatty acids
4-alkanoyl-3-thiazolines and their use as odorants and flavorings
Process for preparing a novel synergistic solid/semi-solid organic composition
Flying disc toy
Biochip and method for patterning and measuring biomaterial of the same
Drive and guide mechanism and apparatus using the mechanism
Microwave switch and method of operation thereof
Inter-working function selection system in a network
Data processing device
Dry-etching method and apparatus, photomasks and method for the preparation thereof, and semiconduct...
Method for producing remotely a picture display device storing one or more associated audio messages
Fluid barrier membranes
Passing a communication control block to a local device such that a message is processed on the devi...
Method and system for locating digital contents in a recorded digital file without knowing its encod...
Adenosine deaminase homologues and uses thereof
Electronic mail communication apparatus, electronic mail system, and electronic mail communication m...
Method for allowing users to purchase professional services in a private chat room through a service...
Stress relief method for a fluid filled elastomeric bladder
Reusable, separable, structural connector assembly
Musical sound modification apparatus and method
Dynamic method for configuring a computer system
Ordered polyacetylenes and process for the preparation thereof
Method and apparatus for extracting unbiased random bits from a potentially biased source of randomn...
Activated and conjugated polystyrene substrate
Rapid execution of FCMOV following FCOMI by storing comparison result in temporary register in float...
Acoustic display screen
Architecture neutral device abstraction layer for interfacing devices and applications
Cloning of gene encoding the GP28.5 protein of Toxoplasma gondii; peptide fragments of said protein ...
Robotic mechanisms with active and passive joints
Soccer headgear
Metal pipe for use in recording apparatus
Outboard motor positioner
Artificial bait
Basketball game, apparatus and method of play
Music playing game apparatus, performance guiding image display method, and readable storage medium ...
Initiating and scaling massive concurrent data transactions
Computer based method and apparatus for enabling collaboration of multiple game players
Video game apparatus, model display method for video games, and readable recording medium for storin...
Seal card game system
Conformationally restricted polyamines
Secured system for accessing application services from a remote station
Spread spectrum receiver with multi-bit correlator
Chair tilt alarm
Portable mosquito repelling/killing device
Birch bark processing and the isolation of natural products from birch bark
2H-benzotriazole UV absorders substituted with 1,1-diphenylalkyl groups and compositions stabilized ...
Navigation method for dynamically generated HTML pages
Illuminating pistol-type device for a plunger actuated aerosol can
Method and package for storing a pressurized container containing a drug
Heated steering wheel
26,27-homologated-20-EPI-2-alkylidene-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Use of carbohydrates for promoting skin desquamation
Cosmetic skin care compositions containing pulegone
Composition in the form of a W/O emulsion with a high content of wax and its uses in the cosmetics a...
Cosmetic composition containing an extract from the seed of bambara (Voandzeia subterranea) nut
Spindle-shaped goethite particles, spindle-shaped hematite particles, spindle-shaped magnetic iron-b...
Gun barrel cleaning shell
Method of enabling a server to authorize access to a service from portable devices having electronic...
Detergent bleach compositions containing layered silicate builder and percarbonate stabilized by EDD...
Method for producing the transformants of coffee plants and transgenic coffee plants
Infectious vectors and clones of plants derived from the turnip mosaic virus (TUMV)
Apple promoters for expression of transgenes in plants
Modification of starch biosynthetic enzyme gene expression to produce starches in grain crops
Mechanism for decoding linearly-shifted codes to facilitate correction of bit errors due to componen...
Missing pulse detector using synchronous detection
Method and system for performing pseudo-random testing of an integrated circuit
Method and system for efficiently saving the operating state of a data processing system
Method of performing checkpoint/restart of a parallel program
Temporary digital signature method and system
Deep trace memory system for a protocol analyzer
Predictive control arrangement for load-following fuel cell-powered applications
Negative active material for lithium secondary battery, method of preparing the same and lithium sec...
Method of abating of effluents from chemical vapor deposition processes using organometallic source ...
Catalytic applications of mesoporous metallosilicate molecular sieves and methods for their preparat...
Bayer process for production of alumina trihydrate
Titania-zirconia powder and process for producing the same
Methods to partially reduce a niobium metal oxide and oxygen reduced niobium oxides
Multipoint focus detecting apparatus
Chromophores for polymeric thin films and optical waveguides and devices comprising the same
Methods and apparatus using attenuation of radiation to determine concentration of material in objec...
Zoom lens barrel
Optical system of a composite camera
Image-blur correcting viewing-optical system
Multi-beam scanning optical system
Musical instrument and method of making same
N-tuple or RAM based neural network classification system and method
Method for remotely testing microelectronic device over the internet
Physical rename register for efficiently storing floating point, integer, condition code, and multim...
E-film cartridge with sensor avoidance feature
Method and apparatus for publishing hypermedia documents over wide area networks
Power management for automotive multimedia system
Method of forming silicon containing thin films by atomic layer deposition utilizing trisdimethylami...
Driving circuit for non destructive non volatile ferroelectric random access memory
Array for forming magnetoresistive random access memory with pseudo spin valve
Optical pickup and optical disk apparatus using the same
Separation of hydrocarbons by extractive distillation
Virtual channel bus and system architecture
Multimedia communications network
Hinge adapter for hanging a door
Lamp unit for a photoirradiating heating device
Nucleic acids encoding zinc metalloproteases
Circuit for time-sharing of configurable I/O pins
Protein sample preparation for electrophoresis
Method and apparatus for network interface card load balancing and port aggregation
Process and a system for listing information relating to a construction project over a computer netw...
Fast curing polymer composition
Controlling shared disk data in a duplexed computer unit
Chain link, a jewelry chain and a method of forming the same by contouring
Method for reducing thermal aging in an ink jet print head
Electric bicycle
Carrying case for portable computer
Stored data object marking for garbage collectors
Multi-stream associative memory architecture for computer telephony
RF driven resistive ablation system for use in MRI guided therapy
Spread spectrum baseband modulation of magnetic fields for communications and proximity sensing
Dry heat sterilization of a glucocorticosteroid
Base for containers and holders
Soap and sponge holder
Basket with tubular handle
Basket with circular axle cover
Rectangular basket held by suction cups
Soap dish
Baby carrying case and traveling bed
High clarity image bearing sheet
Methods and systems for clinical analyte determination by visible and infrared spectroscopy
Error self-checking and recovery using lock-step processor pair architecture
Decrypting device
Method and apparatus for performing vector and scalar multiplication and calculating rounded product...
Instruction alignment unit for routing variable byte-length instructions
Pet food containing chicory
Micromilling plant sterols and emulsifiers
Selectively hydrogenated high oleic oil compositions and process
Bulk preparation of milk fat globule membranes
Production of protein-containing powdery product
Methods for treating foodstuffs using cell free extracts from ciliates
Connector for coupling an optical fiber tissue localization device to a light source
Method for using acoustic shock waves in the treatment of medical conditions
Ultrasonic guidance of target structures for medical procedures
Knowledge driven simulation time and data reduction technique
(Polyfluoroaryl) fluoroanions of aluminum, gallium, and indium of enhanced utility, uses thereof, an...
Communication scheme using check packets for guaranteeing data packet order in communication media e...
Diamond marking
Heavy liquids for use in separation processes
Prong setting for multiple gemstones
Stainless steel having excellent antibacterial property and method for producing the same
Method for producing aging-resistant strip from an aluminum-killed steel
Non-heat treated, soft-nitrided steel parts
Method for the use of electric steel plant slag for self-reducing agglomerates
Contact mould for the continuous casting of steel slabs
Valve body for safety cans
Living body impedance measuring instrument and body composition measuring instrument
Detecting and mapping of inflamed zones in a living tissue
Producing a phase contrast MR image from a partial Fourier data acquisition
Method, apparatus and system for removing motion artifacts from measurements of bodily parameters
Handwriting and speech recognizer using neural network with separate start and continuation output s...
Touch pad module for controlling a cursor
Image processing apparatus
Mosaic based image processing system
Image synthesizing apparatus
Illuminated water feature
Optical terminal for optical fibers with output angle control
Optical beam diameter reducer
Dispersion compensation device and optical transmission system with the same
Optical fiber arrays with reduced return loss and methods for making same
Channel-switched cross-connect
Digital camera and method of controlling display thereof
Magnetic recording and reproducing video signal in magnetic tape at video quality selectable from pr...
Method of creating registration signature data for computerized signature collation scheme
Method and apparatus for determining eye contact
Method and system for controlling a vehicular system based on occupancy of the vehicle
Projection exposure apparatus
Electric fireplace with light randomizer, filter and diffuser screen
Underbody and adjacent lighting for automotive vehicle
Theft-deterrent outdoor lighting
System and method for reducing wavelength variations between light emitting diodes
Electric circuit device for lighting sets
Multi-track density direct access storage device
Ras proteins
Condensed 4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzo[C]thiopenes as enhancer for cell differentiation induction factor ...
Intermediates for the preparation of N-[2-(carboxymethoxy) ethyl]-N-(carboxymethyl) glycine
Liquid for producing marker vapor, a method of producing marker vapor and a method of inspection wit...
Portable levee system and portable levee system bag
Marketing data delivery system
Method and apparatus for identifying the existence of differences between two files
Method for commercializing goods and services over a global digital network
Device and method for authorized funds transfer
Non-spherical cavity electrophoretic displays and materials for making the same
Fluidics station injection needles with distal end and side ports and method of using
Blocker-aided target amplification of nucleic acids
Identification of molecular sequence signatures and methods involving the same
Shared cache parsing and pre-fetch
Downloadable smart proxies for performing processing associated with a remote procedure call in a di...
Method and apparatus for dispatch table construction
Method and system for a programmatic feedback process for end-user support
Toner fusing station having an internally heated fuser roller
Cost based model for wireless architecture
Extensible storage system
Religious balloons and storage device
Bistable actuator
Optomechanical radiant energy detector
Method and apparatus for etching photomasks
Picture display device with associated audio message
Device for the repair of a hallux valgus deformity
Application response time prediction
Method apparatus and system for managing virtual memory with virtual-physical mapping
EGF MOTIF protein obtained from a cDNA library of fetal liver-spleen
Collagenic material useful in particular for preventing post-operative adhesions
Kappa agonist compounds and pharmaceutical formulations thereof
Indazole bioisostere replacement of catechol in therapeutically active compounds
Method for providing a rapid internet search
Portable electric power generator with remote control and safety apparatus
Drag control system for flying machine, process for estimating drag of flying machine, boundary laye...
Acknowledgement mechanism for just-in-time delivery of load data
System and a method for cooling moulds for expanded polystyrene
Heterocyclic compounds useful as oxido-squalene cyclase inhibitors
Method of forming cylindrical bumps on a substrate for integrated circuits
Begonia plant named `Doublet Red`
Method and system for presenting television programming and interactive entertainment
Vehicle entertainment system having seat controller cards programmed to operate as both browser and ...
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Exercise methods and apparatus
Auto-belay rock climbing devices and modular climbing towers
Decorative-article structure made from winding metallic wires and being rotatable under solar energy
System for automatic adjustment of external mirrors for motor vehicles when driving in curves
Bicycle seat with inflatable interior
Intelligent call platform for an intelligent distributed network architecture
Mobile communication devices having speech recognition functionality
Secure wireless communication user identification by voice recognition
Method for supporting numeric voice dialing
Cellular extension service using single line and multiple cellular telephone sets
Wireless answer and hold feature
Vehicle disabling system employing global positioning satellite
System for the active control of a motor vehicle differential
Passenger monitoring vehicle safety seat and monitoring device
Method and system for testing continuity of a motor and associated drive circuitry
Automatic soundtrack generator
Detecting cancerous conditions by assaying for telomerase activity
Process for etching a conductive layer
Intermediate transfer member having a stiffening layer and method of using
Method of manipulating optical wave energy using patterned electro-optic structures
Reduction of imprint in ferroelectric devices using a depoling technique
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory and method for fabricating the same
Process for fabricating article comprising photonic band gap material
Compounds and methods for modulating junctional adhesion molecule-mediated functions
Metallurgical-grade silicon with a controlled structure for use in halosilane synthesis
Fe-Cr-Ni alloy for electron gun electrodes
High purity cobalt sputter target and process of manufacturing the same
Method of enhancing hardness of sputter deposited copper films
Redirection of cellular immunity by protein tyrosine kinase chimeras
Fast response circuit
Multi-chip memory apparatus and associated method
Synchronous mounting and dismounting method and system for multiple accessor storage libraries
Staged feed robotic machine
Wrist mechanism of industrial robot
Soft foam sport helmet
Pointer mark display controller, display control method, display control system, and its storage med...
Methods and compositions for inhibiting angiogenesis
Golf alignment trainer
Job specific tutorial system
Engineered protein kinases which can utilize modified nucleotide triphosphate substrates
Method and apparatus for load balancing in a distributed object architecture
Rewritable indication label for recording medium, recording medium and recording medium case
Labelled, returnable plastic crate
Label system
Information displaying and dispensing apparatus with transparent pockets
Method of producing a customized chart
Simplified storage barge and method of operation
Method and apparatus for anchoring a piling to a slab foundation
Processing system for identifying relationships between concepts
Aerosol inhaler
Inhalation therapy apparatus
Animal paw-cleaning mitt
Data management system and method for a limited capacity cryptographic storage unit
Device and process for operating a rechargeable storage for electrical energy
Dilating ocular prosthesis
System and method for model mining complex information technology systems
Flyer assembly
Method for bottomless deposition of barrier layers in integrated circuit metallization schemes
Passivated magneto-resistive bit structure and passivation method therefor
Opto-electronic element
Solid catalyst alkylation process with regeneration section and hydrogen fractionation zone
Method for displaying status of radio terminal
Camera with electronic flash
Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switch network with expansible optical ring
Active matrix vacuum fluorescent flat panel display
Method of identifying modulators of HIV-1 Vpu and Gag interaction with U binding protein (Ubp)
Method for the comparative quantitative analysis of proteins and other biological material by isotop...
Adaptive partitioning techniques in performing query requests and request routing
System and method using level three protocol information for network centric problem analysis and to...
Computer method and apparatus for optimizing portfolios of multiple participants
Optical disc for which a sub-picture can be favorably superimposed on a main image and a disc reprod...
Multimedia stream generating method enabling alternative reproduction of video data, and a multimedi...
Method for maximizing cellular capacity in muti-media CDMA system
Automatic musical composition apparatus and method
Monoclonal antibody to the clonotypic structure of a T-cell receptor, a pharmaceutical compostion an...
Parasitic helminth DiAg2 proteins and uses thereof
Workbench and storage cabinet
Expanded metal trash receptacle
Site furniture
Paint can attachment
Methods and compositions for overcoming resistance to biologic and chemotherapy
Methods for delivering DNA to the bloodstream using recombinant adeno-associated virus vectors
Plenum cable
Ultra thin wall primary cable for automotive service
Primary cable of compressed conductor
Cable separator spline
Compositions and electric cables
High performance power cable shield
Automatic pairing machine for automotive cable with electronic control and torsion method
Method for treating cardiac arrest
Process for preparing 2,4-dihydroxypyridine and 2,4-dihydroxy-3-nitropyridine
Electronic stimulator implant for modulating and synchronizing bladder and sphincter function
Coadministration of lucanthone and radiation for treatment of cancer
Circle cutting attachment for torch
Non-label printing process for direct thermal imaging materials including an organic silver salt
Unitary power module for electric bicycles, bicycle combinations and vehicles
Wheeled luggage with expandable body
Battery operation for extended cycle life
Carbonaceous material for negative electrode of lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary batt...
Lithium secondary battery with orthorhombic molybdenum and niobium oxide electrodes
Weakly coordinating anions containing polyfluoroalkoxide ligands
Copolymers and their use as drift control agents
Chiral resolving agents for enantioseparations
Offset printing plate precursor and method for offset printing using the same
Cathode materials for secondary (rechargeable) lithium batteries
Secondary battery
Method for removing manganese from acidic sulfate solutions
Method and apparatus for processing tool interface in a manufacturing environment
Triazine compounds and use thereof
Thrombin inhibitors
Media access control architectures and network management systems
Method of correcting higher order field inhomogeneities in a magnetic resonance apparatus
Kit and method for quality control testing of an iontophoretic sampling system
Circuit design method calculating antenna size of conductive member connected to gate oxide film of ...
Apparatus and method for remote ultrasonic determination of thin material properties using signal co...
System and method for determining combustion temperature using infrared emissions
Voltage control of integrated circuits
Compressor with integrated impeller and motor
Bedsore treatment using electrical impulses
Method and system for providing sufficient availability of manufacturing resources to meet unanticip...
Rigid polymeric beverage bottles with improved resistance to permeant elution
Preparation of high bromide photographic emulsions with starch peptizer and oxidizing agent
Article having imagable coatings
Binder treated particles
Permeable shaped structures of active particulate bonded with PSA polymer microparticulate
Regeneration of plating baths
Display device which can automatically adjust its resolution
Water dance conductor toy
Programmable toy with remote control
Core sampler
Open-trough kayak sail kit
Apparatus and method for deploying, recovering, servicing, and operating an autonomous underwater ve...
Smart anchor
Self-righting anchor with float
Corner part reinforcing device of disc device chassis
Shielding device
Cartridge feed device for a repeating firearm
Monoclonal human natural antibodies
Production of erythropoietin by endogenous gene activation
Expression-cloning method for identifying target proteins for eukaryotic tyrosine kinases and novel ...
Methods for detecting membrane derived caspase activity and modulators thereof
Manufacturing foams by stress-induced nucleation
Uniform small cell foams and a continuous process for making same
Compositions for nasal drug delivery, methods of making same, and methods of removing residual solve...
Coated polyester preforms and method of making same
Contactless or hybrid contact-contactless smart card designed to limit the risks of fraud
Method of forming through-holes in a wafer and then dicing to form stacked semiconductor devices
Controlled release urea-based products
Method and apparatus for characterizing an optimal viewing angle of flat display
Three dimensional geometric modeling system
Impact modifier for thermoplastic polyolefins
Plastic articles
Golf ball compositions
Rubber composition and a fuel transporting hose for a vehicle
Golf ball compositions containing oxa esters
Process for producing granules of a polyvinyl chloride resin for preparation of paste
MABS-based PVC pipe cement
Thermally reflective substrate coating and method for making and applying same
Impact detection system
Hot-fillable wide-mouth grip jar
Apparatus for locating and securing supports to panels
Electrophoretic printing method and electrophoretic printer
Heat transfer apparatus for an image bearing member
Method of transmitting positions data via cellular communication system
Dialkyl ureas as calcitonin mimetics
Fibrinogen-coated particles for therapeutic use
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and method for generating an axisymmetric magnetic field having...
Determination of T1 relaxation time from multiple wait time NMR logs acquired in the same or differe...
Model-based fault detection system for electric motors
Vehicle drive force control device
Method for estimation
Method of designing a turbine blade outer air seal
Compressed moving picture signal decoding apparatus
System, method, and computer program product for workflow processing using internet interoperable el...
Encryption and decryption system and method with content analysis provision
System and method for an administration server
Piezoelectric ceramic and piezoelectric device using same
Two etchant etch method
Extruded honeycomb body, in particular a catalytic converter carrier body, with reinforced wall stru...
Optical modulation device and projection display device utilizing the optical modulation device
Toe box and metatarsal protectors for safety footwear
Process for making 2,4,6,8,10,12-hexanitro-2,4,6,8,10,12-hexaazatetracyclo[5. 5.0.05,903,11]-dodecan...
Analysis system for non-destructive identification of explosives and chemical warfare agents
Ammunition feed device for beltless fed ammunition
Anti-ballistic ceramic articles
Burst-configurable data bus
Wireless communications receiver and decoder for receiving encoded transmissions, such as transmissi...
Automatic aggregation of network management information in spatial, temporal and functional forms
Method and apparatus for calculating a page table index from a virtual address
Differential waveguide pair
Opto-coupler device for packaging optically coupled integrated circuits
Optical fiber and method for coupling optical fibers
Microstructure optical fibers for dispersion management in optical communication systems
Tangentially directed acoustic jet controlling boundary layer
Method and system for dividing a computer processor register into sectors
Apparatus and method for communication between integrated circuit connected to each other by a singl...
Carborane containing cholesterol, a new type of molecule for targeted boron drug delivery
Method and apparatus for directional radio communication
Radio telephone system within a vehicle with enhanced safety features
Method of remotely controlling an external appliance by a mobile radio phone system providing short ...
Location determination using RF fingerprinting
Fine grain multi-pass for multiple texture rendering
System and method for optimizing serial USB device reads using virtual FIFO techniques
Representing and verifying network management policies using collective constraints
Method and apparatus for automatic downloading of URLs and internet addresses
Reproducing updates in a first file storage unit to a second file storage unit by transferring updat...
Method and device for controlling access to memory
Physostegia plant named `Miss Manners`
Photo film transporting device
Method of making a semiconductor device
Acoustic standing-wave enhancement of a fiber-optic salmonella biosensor
Phase-measuring microlens microscopy
Highly branched polyamide graft copolymers
Network authentication method for over the air activation
System for broadcasting data signals in a secure manner
Collapsible bassinet/infant seat with canopy
Using ranked translation choices to obtain sequences indicating meaning of multi-token expressions
Scorotron charging apparatus
Belt cartridge for photosensitive belt and electrophotographic printer using the same
Method of remanufacturing corotrons
Toner amount measuring apparatus and method, and image forming apparatus using the same
Software system for minimizing image defects in a hard-copy input scanner
Method and apparatus for managing clustered computer systems
System and method for controlled access to shared-medium public and semi-public internet protocol (I...
Phosphate ester hydraulic fluids with improved properties (law935)
Redundant aircraft braking system architecture
Method for forming an aerosol container closure
Nostril expansion device with interchangeable components
Pressure-sensitive breaker for battery
Method for fabricating semiconductor memory device having ferroelectric layer
Circuit for providing an adjustable reference voltage for long-life ferroelectric random access memo...
Thermally-assisted magnetic random access memory (MRAM)
Multifrequency signal structure for radar systems
Catalytic hydrocarbon dehydrogenation system with prereaction
Electronic flash unit with integrated flash charge switch
Method for automatically detecting objects of predefined size within an image
Electromagnetic wave isolation apparatus for use in multi-outlets
Method and apparatus for color radiography, and color light emission sheet therefor
Coded-aperture system for planar imaging of volumetric sources
Recombinant inactive avidin mutants
Method of sampling, amplifying and quantifying segment of nucleic acid, polymerase chain reaction as...
Removal of viruses from protein solutions by ultrafiltration
Recombinant alphavirus-based vectors with reduced inhibition of cellular macromolecular synthesis
Detection of nucleic acid hybrids
Thermally processed image recording material
Saturant binder systems for high performance air and oil filters
Electric double layer capacitor and method for preparing the same
Processing aid for foam molding use and vinyl chloride resin composition containing the same
Chemical composition for mercury free metal halide lamp
Optical film and optical elements
Microelectronic stimulator array
Optical link between electrical circuit boards
Method for making density gradients
Radiation curable nail coatings
Diapers having improved acquisition rates
Pressure sensitive adhesive
Strengthened, light weight wallboard and method and apparatus for making the same
Silver halide photothermograhic material
Porous materials
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the prostate
Gas diffusion electrode, method for manufacturing the same, and fuel cell with such electrode
Emulsion release coating composition
Magnetic recording medium
Water-redispersible film-forming polymer powders prepared from ethylenically unsaturated monomers an...
System for rendering substantially non-dissoluble bio-affecting agents bio-available
Aqueous polymer dispersion, its preparation and use
Manufacture of paper and paperboard
Cranberry seed oil, cranberry seed flour and a method for making
Silicone compositions for personal care products and method for making
System to permit offpump beating heart coronary bypass surgery
Identifying compounds inhibiting DC-sign facilitation of HIV into cells
Powder-free nitrile-coated gloves with an intermediate rubber-nitrile layer between the glove and th...
Peptides derived from the ENV gene of the feline immunodeficiency virus and their applications
Apparatus for cleaning clearwater drilling muds
Demountable lifting device
Method and apparatus for directional boring under mixed conditions
Gas trap for drilling mud
Preventing neuronal degeneration in Alzheimer's disease
Method for treatment of allergic reaction using formyl peptide
Enediyne derivatives
Adamantane derivatives and process for producing them
Method, system, and program for modifying preferred path assignments to a storage device
Wireless communication product fulfillment system
Coherency stack of seismic traces
Data recording method for a marine propulsion device
Apparatus and method for controlling semiconductor laser module
Method and apparatus for automatic network connection between a small business and a client
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
Wood post protective sleeve
Housing assembly for extractable redundant array of independent disks
Modified nucleic acid probes and use thereof
Methods and compositions for cellular and metabolic engineering
Closed-loop biochemical analyzers
Nucleic acid molecule encoding a mismatch endonuclease and methods of use thereof
Human short-chain dehydrogenase
Isolated protein molecules which are members of the MAGE-B family
Electrical geophysical apparatus for determining the density of porous materials and establishing ge...
Fluid particle sensor apparatus and method for transmitting data to a remote receiver
Fuel processor temperature monitoring and control
Automated frequency stepping noise measurement system
Exhaust discharge system with low IR signature
Exhaust pipe for motor vehicle muffler
High-performance muffler
Twin muffler
Exhaust muffler for an internal combustion engine
Retention and extraction device for a hearing aid
Air induction system for internal combustion engine
Funnel geometry of a mold for the continuous casting of metal
Magnetic memory element, magnetic memory and manufacturing method of magnetic memory
Run-time addition of interfaces
Base for containers and holders
Safety adaptor for temporary medical leads
Apparatus for embolic treatment using high frequency induction heating
MR method utilizing microcoils situated in the examination zone
High affinity nucleic acid ligands of complement system proteins
Method and composition for treating thrombosis
Carboxamide compounds, methods, and compositions for inhibiting PARP activity
Hang-up cup assembly
Recording sheet package, correction information sheet for the same, and thermal printer for use ther...
Method and system for authenticating objects and object data
Copy protection system and method
Method for verifying the expected postage security device and an authorized host system
System for switching from a first control program to a second control program based on discriminated...
System and method for inventory control based on inventory aging
Self-learning and self-personalizing knowledge search engine that delivers holistic results
System and method of altering transaction terms based upon current inventory levels
Oral immunization with transgenic plants
Transferable purse liner
System and method for controlling a transfer case within a vehicle having variations in tire diamete...
Method and apparatus for controlling server activation in a multi-threaded environment
Hand-held acquistion device
Seashore paspalum plant `Sea Isle 1`
Astilbe plant named `Flamingo`
Hosta plant named `Karin`
Hosta plant named `White Triumphator`
Aconitum plant named `Pink Sensation`
Hibiscus plant named `Mathilde`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Eurobelle`
Pyridazine derivatives, manufacturing method and related composition
Polymers with thiol terminal function
Solid detergents with active enzymes and bleach
Solid detergents with active enzymes and bleach
Smear-resistant cosmetic
Cosmetic composition comprising a copolymer and utilization of the copolymer in a cosmetic compositi...
Structure of a lipstick case
Fine spherical silica and liquid sealing resin composition containing same
Integrated hydroisomerization alkylation process
Dual-function NMR probe
Anonymously linking a plurality of data records
Automatic load sharing for network routers
Methods of rendering vascular morphology in MRI with multiple contrast acquisition for black-blood a...
Rapid dialysis cell and method for automated instrumentation
Tokenless biometric electronic transactions using an audio signature to identify the transaction pro...
Nucleic acid encoding a human EP prostaglandin receptor
Intermediates to pesticidal 1-arylpyrazoles
Non-invasive imaging of biological tissue
System for determining the occupancy state of a seat in a vehicle
Device in a process system for detecting events
Glass structures for nanodelivery and nanosensing
Active noise reduction for audiometry
Minimum-delay frequency-shift-compensating complex demodulator with arbitrary phase adjustment
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with antiresonant reflecting optical waveguides
Thermally conductive coatings for light emitting devices
Finish composition for treating yarns
Recording in a program execution profile references to a memory-mapped active device
Method and apparatus for providing external access to signals that are internal to an integrated cir...
Method of providing direct data processing access using a queued direct input-output device
Method for improving the speed of behavioral synthesis links to logic synthesis
Integrated network security access control system
Method and circuit for preloading prediction circuits in microprocessors
Microcomputer with packet translation for event packets and memory access packets
Flexible light track for signage
Apparatus for destroying pathogen molecules using frequencies
Gene transfer in chickens by introduction of DNA into muscle in ovo
Transgenic mice expressing human presenilin proteins
Nucleotide sequence encoding the enzyme I SceI and the use thereof
Method of producing a polypeptide in an ungulate
Peptide mixture and products thereof
Pourable fatty dispersions
Cosmetic skin conditioning compositions containing red yeast rice extract
Winding cores for pressure-sensitive tape and methods of making same
Constraint language parser which rejects invalid filter constraint during run time
Systems and devices for audio capture and communication during television broadcasts
Apparatus for imparting physician-determined shapes to implantable tubular devices
Ball joint gimbal system
System, method, and program for automatic error detection while utilizing a software state machine f...
Rubber products having better abrasion resistance
Compounds based on dibenzoylresorcinol and related compositions and articles
Hands-free, voice-operated remote control transmitter
Sub exterior weather-proof flashing panel mount for electrical junction box
Database navigation system for a home entertainment system
Context sensitive remote control groups
Radioactive ray irradiating apparatus
Microwave packaging having patterned adhesive; and methods
Microwave oven and data obtaining method therefor
Crystallization of lactitol, crystalline lactitol product and use thereof
Ink ribbon positioning system of a color printer
Two stone oval gemstone arrangement
Guided tissue regeneration plate for use in a process for growing jaw bone in anticipation of perfor...
Calcilytic compounds
Electrochemical denaturation of double-stranded nucleic acid
Screwed steel pile and method of construction management therefor
Apparatus for continuously rolling steel billets
Stainless steel for a disc brake rotor
Flat product, such as sheet, made of steel having a high yield strength and exhibiting good ductilit...
Method of producing unidirectional electromagnetic steel sheet having excellent film characteristics...
Method for producing directly-reduced iron, liquid pig iron and steel
Diaper including feces modification agent
Arrangement for the central monitoring and/or control of at least one apparatus
Method and control apparatus for tracking a contrast agent in an examination subject using a medical...
Axis shift analysis of electrocardiogram signal parameters especially applicable for multivector ana...
Data communication and control for medical imaging systems
System and apparatus for the detection of randomness in time series distributions made up of sparse ...
Systems, processes and products for network storage and retrieval of physical paper documents, elect...
Photocollage generation and modification
System and method for providing zooming video
Method and apparatus for fixating a camera on a target point using image alignment
Method and apparatus of image composite processing
Fixture for use in polishing fiber optic connectors
Method and apparatus for retaining and presenting at least one microsphere array to solutions and/or...
Apparatus for varying the optical characteristics of an optical fiber by stretching the fiber
Optical fiber breakaway apparatus and method
Integral patch panel and cable management tray assembly and method of manufacture
Fiber transport holding device and method
Multi-purpose communications cabinet
Peripheral video conferencing system
Optical head device of a self-propelled type
Decimation method for providing pig windows
Data transmission by an alternating-frequency analog signal
Machine vision methods for image segmentation using multiple images
Image reader which can shorten focal length in optical system having optical lens while keeping pred...
Optical system with extended boresight source
Surface light source device of side light type
Light fixture having a multilayer polymeric film
Status indicating device of a portable computer
Digital electrochromic circuit with a vehicle network
Headlight adapter system
System and method for repairing a damaged application program
Apparatus and method for differential backup and restoration of data in a computer storage system
Method and system for mirroring and archiving mass storage
Multi-browser client architecture for managing multiple applications having a history list
Method, system and apparatus for packet minimized communications
File system
Disk system and power-on sequence for the same
Hockey player mailbox
Multilayer color photographic element having an integral lenticular support
Thermoformed closure for cartons
Soluble morphogenic protein complex compositions of matter
Non-calcined lead of a colored pencil
Computer program and database structure for detecting molecular binding events
Vivo induction for enhanced function of isolated hepatocytes
Composite material and methods of making the same
Integrated flat antenna and radio frequency unit for point-to-point microwave radios
Poly(vinyl alcohol)-g-polyethylene graft emulsion copolymers
Dual-zoned absorbent webs
Headspace sampling apparatus and method
Formation of capping beams for piles
Permanent magnet ECR plasma source with integrated multipolar magnetic confinement
Closure having torque-reducing feature
Carton with supplemental information panel
Method and device for thermally bonding connecting surfaces of two substrates
Process for coating blow-molded plastic containers
Retractable electrical/optical connector
Method and system for facilitating vehicle inspection to detect previous damage and repairs
Siloxane emulsions
Fatty acids, soaps, surfactant systems, and consumer products based on branched 17-carbon fatty acid...
Cosmetic compositions containing anise extract and retinoids
Topical cosmetic compositions comprising benzaldoximes
Golf ball with cover having at least three layers
Co-processed starch/gum based food ingredient and method of making the same
Mild cleansing bar compositions
Anhydrous composition containing a volatile fluoro compound, and uses thereof, in particular cosmeti...
Anhydrous hydrophobic cosmetic composition in the form of a compact powder
Method for efficiently revoking digital identities
Cell confinement structure
Methods and apparatus for determination of length polymorphisms in DNA
Method of information storage and recovery
Test executive system and method including distributed type storage and conflict resolution
Methods, systems and computer program products for scheduled network performance testing
Fault tolerant bus for clustered system
Monitoring system for computers and internet browsers
Method and system for providing high performance Web browser and server communications
Method of and apparatus for descaling of surfaces having oscillation marks of cast billets produced ...
Method for the direct reduction of iron oxides
Self-cleaning oven having smoke detector for controlling cleaning cycle time
Ruthenium bias compensation layer for spin valve head and process of manufacturing
Method and apparatus for measurement and automatic control of acid concentration
Methods and compositions for treating or preventing sleep disturbances and associated illnesses usin...
Method of treating depression using 1-threo-methylphenidate
Porous drug matrices and methods of manufacture thereof
Haptic pointing devices
Method and system for generating a speech recognition dictionary based on greeting recordings in a v...
Fluorinated carbon filled polyimide intermediate transfer components
Floating bicycle gear indicator
Layout based method for map navigation
Alkoxysilane/alkysilane copolymer coating of medical devices
Bulk tank depressurization filter apparatus and method of using it
Protective sideshield removably attachable to an eyeglass frame
Aqueous polymer emulsion-polyester polyol blend for reducing or eliminating flooding and floating in...
Plant containing a gene construct comprising a chlorella virus promoter and a lac operator
Nucleic acids encoding connective tissue growth factor homologs
Therapy for .alpha.-galactosidase a deficiency
14273 receptor, a novel G-protein coupled receptor
20-HETE antagonists and agonists
Magnetic resonance--electrical impedance tomography
Apparatus and method for a superconductive magnet with pole piece
Magnetic resonance imaging receiver/transmitter coils
Method of cancelling lorentz force-produced oscillations in a gradient tube, and magnetic resonance ...
Tunable birdcage transmitter coil
Method and apparatus for sequencing of DNA using an internal calibrant
Microscopic corner radius measurement system
2-imidazolinylaminoindole compounds useful as alpha-2 adrenoceptor agnonists
Detergent compositions containing a cationic detergent and builder
Pro-fragrance linear acetals and ketals
Personal wash compositions containing particle-in-oil dispersion
Process for making mild moisturizing liquids containing large oil droplet
Low-fat snacks having improved eating qualities and dough compositions used to prepare low-fat fabri...
Client and server system
Method and apparatus for improving system performance in multiprocessor systems
Method and apparatus for developing multiprocessor cache control protocols by presenting a clean vic...
Auxiliary bass radiator units
Apparatus and method of use for sound-generating finger puppet
Computer-program compilers comprising a program augmentation capability
Method for managing metal resources for over-the-block routing in integrated circuits
Memory error correction using redundant sliced memory and standard ECC mechanisms
Reduced-pin integrated circuit I/O test
System and method for associating pre-recorded audio snippets with still photographic images
Camera and method for inspecting the camera
Camera having a built-in and self-contained flash-lighting sub-assembly
Camera with automatic stop change device
Zoom lens system and adjusting method of same
Driving system with elastically supporting units
Scanning temporal ultrafast delay methods and apparatuses therefor
MEMS optical cross-connect switch
Language independent suprasegmental pronunciation tutoring system and methods
Masking for engine blocks for thermally sprayed coatings
Image display device and method of manufacturing a light conductor for such an image display device
Child monitoring system
Bicycle head lock ring assembly
Thrust bearing assembly
Cages for split roller bearings
Bearing systems having reduced noise and axial preload
Preloading method for preload-adjustable rolling bearing and manufacture of the same
Retainerless precessing roller bearing
Method and apparatus for influencing background noise of machines having rotating parts
Cam follower
Rocker pin and wire stock for producing the same
Rolled product for chain and method for producing same
Sump heater for air conditioning compressor
Real time structured summary search engine
Bulk container drum closure flange
Electric cart
Workmover roller stand
Decorative serving cart
Steam iron
Optical waveguide probe having variable gap focusing
Optical wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer having patterned opaque regions to reduce opti...
Fiber optic cross connect with transparent substrate
Thermally actuated optical add/drop switch
Optical signal transmission device
Organic semiconductor laser
Multi-functional optical device utilizing multiple birefringent plates and a non-linear interferomet...
Walnut seed meal extract
Microspheres containing condensed polyanionic bioactive agents and methods for their production
Image forming apparatus including a developer bearing member having multiple layers
Device for indicating the calcification status of flow heaters, particularly in expresso machines