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Hydrogels containing absorbable polyoxaamides
Fuel cell power generation system and method for powering an electric vehicle
Reactant product valve for an electrolysis cell
Methods of chemically converting first materials to second materials utilizing hybrid-plasma systems
Control system for a fuel cell vehicle having an exhaust hydrogen combustor
Manometer infusion apparatus
Pathogen resistance in plants using CDNA-N/intron constructs
Polyenepolycarboxylic acids, derivatives thereof with respect to carboxyl groups, or salts of these
Purified genes encoding mammalian cell surface antigens; proteins and antibodies
Module scheduling with a time interval and ending time
Car tent
Gas riser with free rotating plastic riser casing
PVC/twine dispenser for pheromones
Low VOC (volatile organic compounds), dimethyl-2-piperidone solvent-based, PVC and CPVC pipe and com...
Resinous composition and sheet product therefrom
Method and composition for improving sexual fitness
Set retarders for foamed cements
Press coated, pulsatile drug delivery system suitable for oral administration
Process for making a packaged product
Microporous membrane battery separator for silver zinc batteries
Blend of ethylene and .alpha.-olefin copolymers obtained using a metallocene catalyst for fabricatin...
Dicing blade
Method, system and computer program product for self-draining plumbing for liquid-cooled devices
Sample collection apparatus and method for multiple channel high throughput purification
System and method for moving a horizontally movable portal closure
Catalyst for the dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene
System and method for optimizing the allocation of a resource
Rebate advertising system in use with moving objects
Integrated internet facilitated billing, data processing and communication system
Method, apparatus and program for customizing credit accounts
Money fund banking system
Method and apparatus for maintaining a customer database using license plate scanning
Genes for microsomal delta-12 fatty acid desaturases and hydroxylases from plants
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Rapid detection and identification of pathogens
Interleukin--1 Hy2 materials and methods
Method for detecting deficient cellular membrane tightly bound magnesium for disease diagnoses
Method and apparatus for measuring lipid peroxidation in biological fluids and suspensions of tissue...
Fluorinated solvent compositions containing ozone
Soluble protein ZTMPO-1
Kits for detecting fOHY030
Human JAK3 variants
Powder-based disc for gun ammunition having a projectile which includes a frangible powder-based cor...
Robot device and control method thereof
Signal processing device
Data loading process
Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multipl...
Automated drive repair systems and methods
System, method, and program for updating registry objects with a cross-platform installation program
Self-feeding wax candle
Germicidal lamp for harsh environments
Multiplexed lamp assembly
Magnifying glass computer input device
Polarized light illuminator and projecting type image display
Light beam polarization converter
Shaping irradiance profiles using optical elements with positive and negative optical powers
Microbe and cell function control device, a microbial ecology detector device, and a method of contr...
Hybrid camera selectively using photographic film and image sensor
Picture-synthetic system and picture-synthetic method therefor
Cassegrain optical system for framing aerial reconnaissance camera
Device for correcting a tremble of a focused image
Digital camera viewfinder and method of using same
Manufacture of planar waveguide and planar waveguide
Optical fiber transmission-line
Ridge waveguide-type optical semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Optical device
Variable optical attenuator
Connector cleaning insert and assembly
Apparatus and method for reading and reproducing image
Coarse and fine skew measurement
Image processing electronic device for detecting dimensional variations
Photoelectric imaging apparatus and method of using
Method and apparatus for copy-once watermark for video recording
Component suction site-teaching system and method
Lot determination apparatus, lot determination method, and recording medium for storing the method
Biomagnetism measuring method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for treating seizure disorders by stimulating the olfactory senses
Method and apparatus for efficient surface generation of pure O3
Absorbent components having a sustained acquisition rate capability upon absorbing multiple discharg...
Apparatus and method for handling tiny numbers using a super sticky bit in a microprocessor
Band steel plate winding apparatus
Securing member for a steel ring of a wheel cover
Spring steel superior in workability
Steel alloy railway wheels
High aluminum galvanized steel
Resin-coated Al-Zn alloy coated steel sheet
Duplex-coated cathode cans, and electrochemical cells made therewith
Assigning an IP address to a mobile station while roaming
Method and apparatus for providing navigational services in a wireless communication device
Method and system for distributing position information
Method of modeling circuit cells with distributed serial loads
Computationally efficient inverse discrete cosine transform method and apparatus
Method of managing memory for a PCI bus
Equivalent time capture scheme for bit patterns within high data rate signals
Bone grafts
Vaginal jewelry and exercise device
Hormone-secreting cells maintained in long-term culture
Bio-artificial organ containing a matrix having hollow fibers for supplying gaseous oxygen
Server system communicating with personal digital assistant and communication method thereof
Error detection and correction for printer positioning logic
Lubricant for chain conveyor belts and its use
Derivatives of N-phenylpyrazoles
Food-heating appliance and method of using same
Soy-based nutritional products
Microwave oven having a rotating tray support
Fluorogenic compounds
Sealant composition, article including same, and method of using same
Catalyst for olefin polymer production and process for olefin polymer production employing the catal...
Queue based power control scheduling
Motion compatible sensor for non-invasive optical blood analysis
N-best search for continuous speech recognition using viterbi pruning for non-output differentiation...
System, method, and media for intelligent selection of searching terms in a keyboardless entry envir...
Enhanced scalable distributed network controller
Non-intrusive DWDM billing system
Antisense modulation of talin expression
Non-oxidizing polymeric medical implant
Fluorocarbon thermoplastic random copolymer composition curable at low temperatures
Methods of using an aqueous composition containing a water-soluble or water-dispersible synthetic po...
Melt processable poly (ethylene oxide) fibers
Polyester polycondensation with catalyst and a catalyst enhancer
System and method for interfacing speech recognition grammars to individual components of a computer...
Method and apparatus for acquiring CT perfusion images
Simultaneous display during surgical navigation
Image registration using fourier phase matching
DHA-containing nutritional compositions and methods for their production
Methods for Producing B cells and antibodies from H2-O modified transgenic mice
Transgenic rats and rat cell lines expressing human CD4 and a human chemokine receptor
Transgenic mouse comprising a MEF2 binding site operatively linked to an indicator gene and methods ...
Transgenic mouse with endogenous endoglin gene disruption
Expression vector of a mud loach growth hormone gene
Apparatus for candling eggs
Methods for tracking the progression of Alzheimer's disease identifying treatment using transgenic m...
Mixed gas microbubble compositions
Method and system for flexible control of BIST registers based upon on-chip events
Method for correcting single bit hard errors
Method to identify unit pins that are not optimally positioned in a hierarchically designed VLSI chi...
Methodology for generating a design rule check notch-error free core cell library layout
Correction of field effects in photolithography
Code server
Method and apparatus for installation abstraction in a secure content delivery system
Method for securing over-the-air communication in a wireless system
Optical switch, method of operating optical switch, and method of designing optical switch
Method for overpressure detection from compressional-and- shear-wave data
MRI-guided therapeutic unit and methods
Inspection and analyzing apparatus for semiconductor integrated circuit and inspection and analyzing...
Penalized maximum likelihood estimation methods, the baum welch algorithm and diagonal balancing of ...
Method for generating an estimate of lithological characteristics of a region of the earth's subsurf...
System and method of diagnosing particle formation
Palatable, sustained release drug granules
Biphenylsulfonyl-substituted imidazole derivatives, their preparation process, their use as a drug o...
Tissue plasminogen activator-like protease
Devices for sensing changes in environments proximate the devices, devices for sensing termites, and...
Examination table, particularly in machines for nuclear magnetic resonance image detection
Multiple bank CAM architecture and method for performing concurrent lookup operations
System for indicating the position of a surgical probe within a head on an image of the head
Terrain adaptive cruise control
Process for preparing .beta.-hydroxycarbamates and their conversion to oxazolidinones
High temperature materials processing furnace
Cord reel
Knockdown reel
Method of weather proofing an opening through which an electrical cord passes, and associated appara...
Reel assembly
Fishing reel cleaning solution
Reel inside bucket
Virtually fully engagable stacking reel component
Cascade reboiling of ethylbenzene/styrene columns
Linear phosphine-borane polymers and methods of preparation therefor
Copolymer and process for preparing the same
Antiviral medicaments
Biologically active compounds and methods of constructing and using the same
Flea serine protease inhibitor proteins
Mimotopic polypeptides of toxoplasma gondii and applications
Apparatus and method for preparing radioactive medicines for administration
Water-based ink for ink-jet, and ink-jet recording method and instruments using the same
For higher basidiomycetes mushrooms grown as biomass in submerged culture
Circuit protective composites
Plural bobbin dispenser
Paintball gun cradle
Device and method for secure data updates in a self-checkout system
Apparatus and method for monitoring a computer system to guide optimization
Apparatus for measuring optical characteristics of a substrate and pigments applied thereto
Scaffold fixation device for use in articular cartilage repair
Methods of making conditioned cell culture medium compositions
Methods and compositions for attachment of biomolecules to solid supports, hydrogels, and hydrogel a...
Modiolar hugging electrode array
Confidentiality screen for automated teller machine
Tape recording of video signals
Absorbent members comprising a high surface area material for absorbing body liquids
Adaptive countermeasure selection method and apparatus
Method of characterizing the degradation of type II collagen
Compositions and methods for forming and strengthening bone
Shaving razor handle with covered core having an exposed area for making
Stringed musical instrument body and neck assembly
Method for implementing transaction-based billing for telephone services
Penetrator for blown optical fiber and method relating thereto
Interface with connection unit for loading host computer with external storage device format control...
Process for the gas phase polymerization of olefins
Cache-coherency protocol with upstream undefined state
Aircraft incident surveillance system
Plasma process for surface modification of pyrolitic carbon
Reception method, reception device, transmission method, transmission device, transmission/reception...
Access control system for an ISP hosted shared email server
Anhydrous drug reservoir for electrolytic transdermal delivery device
Imidazole derivatives with biphenylsulfonyl substitution method for preparing them and their use as ...
CD40 signal blocking agent
Thiazolobenzoheterocycles, preparation and medicines containing same
Microsampling apparatus and method for multiple channel high throughout purification
Process for manufacturing surface-sealed hollow glass containers
Radiation-crosslinkable elastomers and photocrosslinkers therefor
Process for forming novel spiral compositions
Cosmetic compositions comprising a film-forming polymer
Water containing wax-based product
Breath refreshening lipstick
Cosmetic composition having fluorosilane coated particulates
Container-applicator system for material for the skin
Chain drive particularly for driving an accessory of an internal combustion engine
Controlling access to stored information based on geographical location and date and time
Apparatus and method for searching for a file
Apparatus and method for monitoring and maintaining mechanized equipment
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto, analogues and uses thereof
Trolling motor foot control with fine speed adjustment
Flash unit for 3D photography
Induction heated chemical vapor deposition reactor
Method of fabricating ruthenium-based contact plug for memory devices
Introducing functional groups to a polymer
Asymmetric cycloaddition reactions
Supernucleophilic 4-substituted-pyridine catalysts, and processes useful for preparing same
System and method for sensing white paper
Electrochemical electrode for fuel cell
Respiration humidifier
Method and device for producing an aerosol
Thin tensile layers in shallow trench isolation and method of making same
Apparatus and method for preventing the premature mixture of reactant gases in CVD and PECVD reactio...
Semiconductor materials with partially filled skutterudite crystal lattice structures optimized for ...
Semiconductor wavelength demultiplexer
Geotextile fabric
Material based on silicon, in particular for dental impression and method for making such material
Fiber-coupled, angled-dual-illumination-axis confocal scanning microscopes for performing reflective...
Syndecan interacting proteins and the use thereof
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yochesapeake`
Carboxylic acids and acylsulfonamides, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatme...
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Apparatus for swapping input values into corresponding output values
Simulator and computer-readable recordable medium having program for execution on computer realizing...
Angular contact ball bearing installable in a closed housing
Ultra thin type rolling bearing and cage therefor
Retainer and rolling bearing having the same
Needle bearing cage and method for producing the same
Rolling bearing unit and constant velocity joint for wheels
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Foot retention device
Liquid crystal display device with elastic layer
Method and apparatus for purifying silicon
Surface acoustic wave filter and communications apparatus using the same
Absorbent composition including an uncrosslinked polymer
Substituted benzimidazoles, and methods of use thereof, for the inhibition of HIV reverse transcript...
Generating meeting requests and group scheduling from a mobile device
Injection seeded F2 lithography laser
Installation for storing of natural gas
Banded ECP sensor
Computer software for generating flowchart images of a source program
Bioresorbable stent
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus for recording a signal in an optimal recording conditio...
Radial polymers prepared by stabilized free radical polymerization
Method for addressing of passive network hosts in a data-over-cable system
Self-adaptive method and system for providing a user-preferred ranking order of object sets
Dual ROM microprogrammable microcontroller and universal serial bus microcontroller development syst...
Method and system for invoking methods of objects over the internet
Multiple gain, portable, near-infrared analyzer
Modular fluorometer
Equipment and method for contemporaneous decision supporting metabolic control
Orally disintegrable tablet forming a viscous slurry
Sustained release ranolazine formulations
Method and manufacture of a wound dressing for covering an open wound
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
Pressure regulation apparatus and method for multiple channel high throughput purification
Soft contact lens cleaning and storage system
Catalysts for dehydrogenating ethylbenzene to styrene
2-fluoroacrylate ester polymers and use thereof as optical materials
Method and system for coherently caching I/O devices across a network
Method and apparatus for networked wheel alignment communications and service
DNA glycosylase inhibitors, and uses related thereto
Non-pyrogenic derivatives of lipid A
System and method for improving emitter life in flat panel field emission displays
Imaging apparatus, a drive mechanism and a method of driving the mechanism
ELO semiconductor substrate
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and system LSI including the same
Method of copper interconnect formation using atomic layer copper deposition
Dynamic prediction for process control
Medium dispenser
Method for inhibiting corrosion in an aqueous aerosol or foam hair styling composition
Air foil having a hybrid leading edge construction
Flight control system for a rotary-wing aircraft, particularly for a helicopter
Closed-loop infrared countermeasure system using high frame rate infrared receiver
Apparatus and method for electronic RIN reduction in fiber-optic sensors
Manhole liner including felt impregnated vinyl
Traffic key access method and terminal for secure communication without key escrow facility
PC analog output signal control for copy protect
System and method for detecting cloning fraud in cellular/PCS communications
Method for secure handover
Method for manufacturing a micromechanical device
Multiflavor streptavidin
Method to deposit a cooper seed layer for dual damascence interconnects
Film pre-exposure apparatus and method
Interspecific Lobelia plant named `Periwinkle Blue`
Substituted benzamide inhibitors of rhinovirus 3C protease
Control system for an electric motor having an integral flywheel rotor
Robotic laser tire mold cleaning system and method of use
Method and apparatus for direct laser cutting of metal stents
Method and system for high speed detailed placement of cells within an integrated circuit design
Adaptive memory control
Compound exhaust system
Method and apparatus for striping packets over parallel communication links
High temperature superconductor bearings
Integrated SATPS total survey station
Electrolytic capacitor cover method and materials for the manufacture thereof
Optical magnetic field sensor probe
Air bag inflator
Igniter tube and propellant charge made of granular material in a binder
Puncture resistant composite
Method for joining thermoplastic resin molded products
Surface acoustic wave filter with terminal electrode coating film
Loudness-controlled processing of acoustic signals
Image receptor for an x-ray apparatus
Method for soil remediation
Glide head with features on its air bearing surface for improved fly height measurement
Chromate-free phosphate bonding composition
Process for the preparation of N-substituted acrylamides
Methods and kits for analysis of chromosomal rearrangements associated with leukemia
Methods of detection and treatment of breast cancer
PCR genome walking with synthetic primer
Methods for treating or identifying a subject at risk for a neurological disease by determining the ...
Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene vascular graft with coating
Information output device, information recording device, information duplication control system and ...
Insulating composition for an electric power cable
Method of using trajectory guide
Process for the preparation of a pharmacologically active chemical combination
Monitoring of an electronic device with a system management controller
Low temperature adaptor for evaporative light detection
Method and apparatus for wet treatment of solid surfaces
Terminal for libraries and the like
Automatic following guidance system for motor vehicles
Method and apparatus for reducing unwanted vehicle emissions using satellite navigation
Apparatus and method for human presence detection in vehicles
System and method employing last occurrence and sliding window technique for determining a minimum a...
I/O cache with user configurable preload
Design and implementation of a client/server framework for federated multi-search and update across ...
Landscape edging system with stakes attached
Method and apparatus for running simultaneous applications through the same port using supplementary...
Solenoid valve, particularly a proportional hydraulic valve
Variable valve timing mechanism for engine
Belt-driven variable valve actuating mechanism
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Rotary piston adjuster for hydraulic phase adjustment of a shaft relative to a drive pinion
ATM phone card system
Pharmacy form and label
Holographic security device
Surface pattern
Starch-hemicellulose adhesive for high speed corrugating
Use of polyether hydroxycarboxylate copolymers in textile manufacturing and treating processes
Pulverulent corn-steep
Method of removing the fibrous shells from cereal grains
Method and apparatus for removing image forming substance from image holding member forming processi...
Method for making security paper
Image processing apparatus and method
Multiple frame data hiding method and data detection method
Pulmonaria plant named `Raspberry Ice`
Poinsettia plant named `Fisson Piz`
Poinsettia plant named `Fisson Jingle`
Hemerocallis plant named `Southern Sparkle`
Double impatiens plant named `Boddblsal`
Devices for cloaking transplanted cells
Composition comprising pectin methyl esterase and two substrates
Compositions to identify plant proteins that function in G-protein coupled systems
Method and apparatus for curious and column caching
Data flow computer with two switches
Method for automatically isolating hardware module faults
Interlacer, coding device, permutation method, coding method, decoding device and method and systems...
Configurable decoder and method for decoding a reed-solomon codeword
Methods for visualizing transformations among related series of graphs
Method and apparatus for displaying a record from a structured database with minimum keystrokes
Method and mechanism for extending native optimization in a database system
System and method for processing queries having an inner query block containing a grouping operator
Low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Mercury short-arc lamp with niobium getter
Metal halide lamp lumen depreciation improvement
Method and apparatus for automated, in situ material detection using filtered fluoresced, reflected,...
Reconfigurable plasma antenna
Decreasing bi-reactive contaminants
Use of a catalyst system comprising nickel, palladium, or platinum and imidazoline-2-ylidene or imid...
Engine fuels
Conversion of syngas from Fischer-Tropsch products via olefin metathesis
Flue gas pipe and method for treating flue gas
Point-of-use exhaust by-product reactor
Method for improving the efficiency of a silicon purification process
Method of solubilizing unshortened carbon nanotubes in organic solutions
Process for manufacturing Caro's acid
ZSM-5 made from siliceous ash
Detergent cosmetic compositions comprising an anionic hydroxyalkyl ether surfactant and a silicone, ...
Nanoscale organic UV filters
Image forming process
Ink for ink jet printing
Heat-sensitive adhesive sheet
Method of decolorizing or deodorizing polyhydroxyalkanoates from biomass with ozone
Process and composition for soil improvement by reducing microbially formed ethylene in the soil
Metal-insulator-metal diodes and methods of manufacture
Contulakin-G, analogs thereof and uses therefor
Antibodies to .alpha.v.beta.3 integrin
Method of making paper from aldehyde modified cellulose pulp with selected additives
Internal paper sizing agent
Hair styling oil
Dibenzyltrithiocarbonate molecular weight regulator for emulsion polymerization
2-methoxyimino-2 (pyrinyloxymethyl) phenyl acetamides with polyether derivatives on the pyridine rin...
Rosin emulsion
Bio-assay device and test system for detecting molecular binding events
Synthesis and pharmaceuticals of novel 9-substituted-1, 5-dichloroanthracene analogs
Method and apparatus for analyzing a test material by inducing and detecting light-matter interactio...
Tracking system, method and computer program product for document processing
Liquid crystal polarizer with electrically controllable bandwidth
Optical film, optical member and optical element
Fork lifts
Sealing of large area display structures
Cosmetic composition for the treatment of keratinous materials comprising at least a grafted silicon...
Water-borne alkyd coatings by miniemulsion polymerization
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
Detection and amplification of RNA using target-mediated ligation of DNA by RNA ligase
Closed antisense and sense oligonucleotides and their applications
Treatment and prevention of hepatic disorders
Dithiolane derivatives
Method and apparatus for irradiating a biological fluid
Power supply for use in electrophysiological apparatus employing high-voltage pulses to render tissu...
System and method for tuning a resonant structure
Method and apparatus for reducing electromagnetic radiation emission
System and method for providing information dispersal in a networked computing environment
Method and apparatus for improving speech recognition accuracy
Hidden connector
Multipoint focus detecting apparatus
Apparatus, method, and computer program to reduce distortion of scanner restarts
Light emitting apparatus and method for mounting light emitting device
Intentional asymmetry imposed during fabrication and/or access of magnetic tunnel junction devices
Charge pump circuit adjustable in response to an external voltage source
Method of preventing two neighboring contacts from a short-circuit caused by a void between them and...
Computer network intrusion detection
Self bleaching photoelectrochemical-electrochromic device
Computer access via a single-use password
Plasticized polyvinyl chloride compound
Method for reducing coke in EDC-VCM furnaces with a phosphite inhibitor
Surface-treatment of silicone medical devices comprising an intermediate carbon coating and graft po...
Copolyester containing isophthalic acid, 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol and an ultraviolet light absorbin...
Method and composition for preventing pitch deposits in paper mills using resinous mechanical pulps
Detergent composition and method for removing soil
Electromagnetic radiation absorption composition
System and methods for the reduction and elimination of image artifacts in the calibration of x-ray ...
Thermoplastic elastomeric blends
Molecular level coating of metal oxide particles
Process for making chocolate-based fat system having improved organoleptic properties
Glutathione S-transferase homolog
Aqueous ball point ink composition
Method and apparatus for monitoring a process by employing principal component analysis
Integrin-linked kinase and its uses
Functionalized alkyl and alenyl side chain derivatives of glycinamides as farnesyl transferase inhib...
Metallocene compounds from amino alcohol-derived ligands
Betulinic acid and derivatives thereof useful for the treatment of neuroectodermal tumor
Multi-channel optical detection system
Firearm with detachable magazine
Non-protruding aiming apparatus for handguns
Ammunition cartridge with differently packed shotshell wad projectile chambers
Ramming brake for gun-launched projectiles
Cartridge for a firearm
Amphibious aircraft
Hot processor swap in a multiprocessor personal computer system
Load-bearing osteoimplant, method for its manufacture and method of repairing bone using same
Folding boat
Boat and method for manufacturing using resin transfer molding
Adjustment of driver demand for atmospheric conditions
Suspended marina/watercraft fueling system and method
Method and apparatus for controlling well pressure while undergoing wireline operations on subsea bl...
Partially submergeable trailer for transporting and storing watercraft
Method for using a toy to conduct sales over a network
Toy figure with sound-generating mechanism
Wrist toy
Liquid candy dispenser
Acoustical insulation foams
Antistatic plastic materials containing epihalohydrin polymers
Poly (chlorotrifluoroethylene/vinylidenefluoride/vinylester) copolymers with excellent long-term ult...
Oligonucleotides having A-DNA form and B-DNA form conformational geometry
Method of dispersing a pigment
Very high molecular weight .beta.-glucans
Two piece, compressible storage satchel for compressible articles
Slow release of fragrant compounds in perfumery using 2-benzoyl benzoates, 2-alkanoyl benzoates or a...
Projectile impact location determination system and method
Back for seating unit
Cosmetic and dermatological light protection formulations with a content of asymmetrically substitut...
Dietary supplement
Method of locking 1 .alpha.-OH of vitamin D compounds in axial orientation
Respiratory flow meter and methods of use
Compositions for surface cleaning in aerosol applications
Liquid transportation system for microfluidic device
Diester amine adducts
Wall-mounted microwave oven
Method and system for generating a movie file from a slide show presentation
Gaming machine having secondary display for providing video content
Input device, data processing device, data processing method, game device and medium
Interactive gaming system
System and method for determining whether wagers have been altered after winning game numbers are dr...
Game balls with cover containing post crosslinkable thermoplastic polyurethane and method of making ...
Timing method and apparatus for sports events
Method and apparatus for displaying higher color resolution on a hand-held LCD device
Water glider
Polymer, process for making the polymer, and rubber composition using the polymer
Binder with reclosable outer transparent window
Multi-layered online calendaring and purchasing
Voice-response paging device and method
Method and apparatus for simulating a jam session and instructing a user in how to play the drums
Blended learning educational system and method
Method for the selection of a feminine hygiene product system
Apparatus and method for generating harmony tones based on given voice signal and performance data
Miniature rose plant named `Meiborco`
Soybean cultivar 958361722350
Inducible one-component plant gene tagging
Agrobacterium mediated transformation of sorghum
Soybean variety 92B36
Permanent photoreceptor registration marking and method
Transfer sheet printing process for decorating articles formed by using a digitally controlled color...
Laser beam luminous energy correction method, laser driving apparatus, laser beam scanner and image ...
Electronic meeting system, information processor, and recording medium
Direct manipulation interface for document properties
Transfer apparatus for automated parts movement
Power drive circuit
Liquid crystal display device having reflective electrodes for controlling the azimuth of the liquid...
Optical pickup apparatus
Electric element incorporating wiring board
Semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Motion vector estimation circuit and method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method employing the same
Solder braze alloy
Processing of electroslag refined metal
Method for grain refinement of high strength aluminum casting alloys
Metallurgical vessel
Metal hydride storage cell having excellent charge and discharge cycle characteristic
Programmable controller module
Managing partitioned cache
Web object caching and apparatus for performing the same
Method and system in a data processing system for deactivating a password requirement utilizing a wi...
On-demand process sorting method and apparatus
Tie ligand homologues
Insertion set for a transcutenous sensor with cable connector lock mechanism
Metallic overcoating as a light attenuating layer for optical sensors
Electronic device packaging
Method of fabricating a sintered ceramic composite
Methods and materials for fabrication of alumoxane polymers
Liquid crystal display component and transparent conductive substrate suitable for the same
Capacitor laminate for use in printed circuit board and as an interconnector
Supported porous materials
Screening methods to identify inhibitors of telomerase activity
Vehicle suspension control with vehicle handling enhancement having relative velocity dependent adju...
Feedback and servo control for electric power steering systems
Steer-by-wire system
Automatic gearbox with a downshift function
Cruise control method
Retractable bike fender and housing assembly
Automatic shifting control device for a bicycle
Bicycle wheel
Exercise methods and apparatus
Method and device for assisting the leg muscles during cycling
Rehabilitation chair
Blend material including macrocyclic polyester oligomers and processes for polymerizing the same
Baculovirus containing minimal CMV promoter
Process for applying 4 color image to a fishing lure
Apparatus and method for displaying application output in an HTML document
Atomic and molecular documents
Web-based status/issue tracking system based on parameterized definition
System for ascertaining task off-load capabilities of a device and enabling selected capabilities an...
Method and apparatus that enforces a regional memory model in hierarchical memory systems
Method and apparatus to extend the fault-tolerant abilities of a node into a network
Vacuum cleaner
Portable vacuum cleaner
Adjustable suction head for a vacuum cleaning device
Bowl cart
Wheelbarrow bucket brace
Modified polystyrene spherical, resin and process for decontaminating waste water by using the same
Delivery of short messages in a packet radio network
System for monitoring fluid distribution and associated methods
Search window delay tracking in code division multiple access communication systems
Portable radio terminal
Method and apparatus for guiding ablative therapy of abnormal biological electrical excitation
Interrogation of an implantable medical device using broadcast audible sound communication
Metallization structures for microelectronic applications and process for forming the structures
Apparatus for electrochemically processing a microelectronic workpiece
Process for making diaryl pyridines useful as cox-2 inhibitors
Internal cord fixation device
Method and apparatus for server broadcast of time-converging multi-media streams
Method for expressing vibratory music and apparatus therefor
Aerobatic aircraft
On-vehicle DBF radar apparatus
Employment recruiting system and method using a computer network for posting job openings and which ...
Cool ICE batch interface
Data socket system and method for accessing data sources using URLs
Cool ice service handler
Method and system for allocating lower level cache entries for data castout from an upper level cach...
Control of multimedia information in audio/video/data system
System and method for delivering high-performance online multimedia services
System and method for interactively simulating and discouraging drug use
Interface engine for managing business processes within a multimedia communication-center
Display of media previews
System and method for improving the lightfastness of color printouts
Unitary latching device for secure positioning of print cartridge during printing, priming and reple...
Ink container with ink level gauge
Hardcopy apparatus and method for providing uniform pressure to hold down media
Consumable management device, an image forming system, and a method of managing an imaging consumabl...
Calendar-viewing system providing quick-access user activity information
Network interface device which allows peripherals to utilize network transport services
Use of fluorocarbons for diagnosis and treatment of articular disorders
Coating medical devices using air suspension
Antioxidative vitamin B6 analogs
Substituted tetrahydrofuran analogs of prostaglandins as ocular hypotensives
Thickened aqueous composition and use
Information recording and reproducing method, information recording and reproducing system, informat...
Intracavity frequency-converted optically-pumped semiconductor laser
Non-exothermic quasi-two level laser
Optical transmission device
Printed circuit board and method for its manufacture
Generating digitized images in silver halide
Toner concentration sensor
Method for marketing and redeeming vouchers for use in online purchases
Method and system for retrieving relevant documents from a database
Cylindrical roller bearing
Method and apparatus for managing input/output address accesses
Hot replacement of storage device in serial array of storage devices
Process for preparing in a single reactor polymer blends having a broad molecular weight distributio...
Processing apparatus
Debriefing systems and methods for retrieving and presenting multiple datastreams with time indicati...
Micromachined fluid ejector systems and methods
Ultrasound sensor for distance measurement
Wireless security system
High clarity polyolefin multilayer blown coextruded film
Method and apparatus for providing inter-application program communication using a common view
Configurable page closing method and apparatus for multi-port host bridges
Method and apparatus for lock synchronization in a microprocessor system
Converting non-contiguous memory into contiguous memory for a graphics processor
Method and apparatus for displaying references to a user's document browsing history within the cont...
Accident avoidance system
Contrast agent-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of tissue perfusion
Nuclear magnetic resonance method and apparatus for determining pore characteristics of rocks and ot...
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and operating method for displaying tissue contrasts with a ...
MRI apparatus
MRI apparatus with a feed forward loop inserted in the gradient loop
Controlled delivery of active agents
Colon-specific drug release system
Methods of producing polynucleotide variants
Methods for removing contaminants from polymers
Near-IR human detector
Switch for bicycle speed-changing gear
Electronic illuminated house sign
Method and system for providing cross-platform remote control, monitoring, and up-dating of a facili...
Network interconnection device
Methods for extracting reference patterns in JAVA and depicting the same
Data-flow method of analyzing definitions and uses of L values in programs
Method, apparatus, and product for transmitting multibyte characters in a network
Method to detect gene polymorphisms and monitor allelic expression employing a probe array
Bulk terminal automation system
Computer based device to report the results of codified methodologies of financial advisors applied ...
Electronic money card, electronic money receiving/paying machine, and electronic money card editing ...
Method and computer program product for automatic conversion of data based on location extension
System and method for structured news release generation and distribution
System and method for integrating enterprise management application with network management operatio...
Active marketing based on client computer configurations
Conical recreational device
Method of swinging on a swing
Sky diving training device
Text/icon display predictor entertainment device
Process for consolidating and hydrophobicizing soil materials
Card-type peripheral device mounting/demounting device and electronic apparatus incorporating the mo...
Antifungal composition
Compression method and apparatus for seismic data
Apparatus for trimming plastic blow moldings
Container and closure cap
Packaging web and process
Lining element for a drilled tunnel
Optical flow sensor
Transgenic plants expressing bacterial atrazine degrading gene AtzA
Method for categorizing and installing selected software components
Method of ion beam milling substrate prior to depositing diamond like carbon layer thereon
Soybean variety 96B21
Isolated human phospholipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phospholipase proteins,...
Aqueous ink composition for ball-point pen
Modulated release from biocompatible polymers
Oxygen-scavenging compositions and articles
Optical disc, a recorder, a player, a recording method, and a reproducing method that are all used f...
Electrical wiring structure for sunvisor
Lighting apparatus for endoscope and method of using an endoscopic system provided with the lighting...
Phosphorescent vehicle trunk release
Lighting unit with reflecting mirror
Lamps with electronic control of color temperature and color rendering index
White light-emitting-diode lamp driver based on multiple output converter with output current mode c...
Liquid-crystal display device and light pipe
Playback time compression and expansion method and apparatus
Digital information recorder/reproducer with ECC encoding of compressed signal and selective bypass ...
Zoom lens apparatus
Vehicular active drive assist system
Optical waveguide probe and its manufacturing method
Optical device formed on a substrate with thermal isolation regions formed therein
Acousto-optical device
Splice holder with a self-mounting feature
Fiber optic grating temperature compensation device and method
Hermetic optical fiber arrays and methods for making same
Fiber optic attenuation systems, methods of fabrication thereof and methods of attenuation using the...
Method and system for advanced text editing in a portable digital electronic device using a button i...
Digital recording apparatus and method
Digital real time postcards including information such as geographic location or landmark
Memory controller including compression/decompression capabilities for improved data access
Method and apparatus for measuring relative hydration of a substrate
Defibrillating cardiac constraint
Systems and methods for examining the electrical characteristic of cardiac tissue
Method for analysis of biological voltage signals
Non-invasive cardiorespiratory monitor with synchronized bioimpedance sensing
Body fat meter and weighing instrument with body fat meter
Rapid prototyping method
Chemical and biological warfare decontaminating solution using bleach activators
Lockable drill steel and chuck assembly
Steel tooth cutter element with expanded crest
Steel strand casting installation with torch cutting machine that granulates safely and economically...
Connector for pipe sections having integral buoyancy cans
Grain-oriented electrical steel sheets having excellent magnetic characteristics, its manufacturing ...
Structural steel elements coated with anticorrosive coatings and process for welding the same
Galvannealed steel sheet and manufacturing method
Trilliant-shaped gemstone arrangements
Apparatus for assisting manual sorting of mail articles
Solid catalysts for the polymerization of olefins and process for the production of olefin polymers ...
Processor architecture having two or more floating-point status fields
Bi-directionally compressible dye tube
Clearview packaging assembly for basiloid handling of irregular top appliances
Motion tracking platform for relative motion cancellation for surgery
Ultrasound imaging system and method to archive and review 3-D ultrasound data
Method for positioning a catheter in a vessel, and device for implementing the method
Device and method for measuring the position of a bone implant
Method and apparatus for triggering an event at a desired point in the breathing cycle
System and method for objectively verifying an internal disc disruption
Density modulated catheter for use in fluoroscopy based 3-D neural navigation
Dual-bearing reel having detachable side cover
Remotely activated retractable reel prisoner control system
Dog diaper system
Lactic acid bacteria and food products
Use of mesomorphic phases in food products
Use of mesomorphic phases in food products
Uses of transgenic mouse containing a type X collagen mutant
Trackpoint-based computer-implemented systems and methods for facilitating collaborative project dev...
Distributed routing
E-mail based workflow systems and methods of distributing e-mail
Multiprocessing computer system employing a cluster communication launching and addressing mechanism
Configurable universal serial bus (USB) controller implemented on a single integrated circuit (IC) c...
System and method for obstacle-free network communication
Method and apparatus for automated selection, organization, and recommendation of items
Remote sensing tonometric catheter apparatus and method
Optimized allocation of multi-pipeline executable and specific pipeline executable instructions to e...
Device for blocking bus transactions during reset
Sets of rate-compatible universal turbo codes nearly optimized over various rates and interleaver si...
Method and system for maintaining hierarchy throughout the integrated circuit design process
System and method for developing reusable flexible and platform independent software using component...
Network computer system and substitute compile server
Structures and components thereof having a desired surface characteristic together with methods and ...
System and method for measuring, estimating and displaying RMS current density maps
Communication technique for field devices in industrial processes
Method and apparatus for extracting and evaluating mutually similar portions in one-dimensional sequ...
System, method and article of manufacture for managing an environment of a development architecture ...
Data hierarchy layout correction and verification method and apparatus
Fiber-optic confocal imaging apparatus and methods of use
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
Enzymatically-active recombinant human .beta.-tryptase and method of making same
Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-1) induced improvement of depressed T4/T8 ratios
Autonomous vehicle transit system
Telephony system for calling card calls
Internetwork route calculation execution method and apparatus
Computer-implemented method for profiling medical claims
Adaptive cruise control system for vehicle
Structured lipids
Character inputting method for a handy phone using a seesaw key and a device thereof
System and method for reducing wireless telecommunications network resources required to successfull...
Determination of mobile service option via phone number
Communication devices, methods, and computer program products for transmitting information using voi...
Method for storing and displaying telephone numbers of communication terminals
System and methods for determining a desired listing using an intersection of coverage areas and a s...
Method and apparatus for simultaneously monitoring computer user screen and telephone activity from ...
Pourable feed additives containing D-pantothenic acid and/or salts thereof, and process for their pr...
Submersible anode and method
System and method for rough cleaning an anode assembly
Method and system for generating artificial tornadoes and related vortex phenomena
Method for regulating the operation of a load compensation device and load compensation using the me...
Enhanced storage system for electrical appliances, powercords and adapters
Surveyor reel housing
Electric fishing reel drive
Downrigger electric drive assembly and method
Process for preparing syndiotactic styrenic polymers by recycling the products
DNA chip and its preparation
Metal organothiol particles
Toxins active against pests
Scleroglucans and cosmetic compositions containing the new compounds
Fragrance precursor compounds
Time release odor control composition for a disposable absorbent article
Recombinant plant viral vectors
Magnetic resonance imaging method
Aqueous ink composition
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Yogilroy`
Methods for drug interaction prediction using biological response profiles
Process for co-production and separation of ethylbenzene and paraxylene
Self-assembling peptide surfaces for cell patterning and interactions
Method for treating allergies
Soy isoflavone concentrate process and product
Combination high speed infrared and convection conveyor oven and method of using
Single and double sided ventless humidity cabinet
Glycosidase enzymes
Liquid hard-surface cleaning compositions
Granular detergent components and particulate detergent compositions containing them
Laundry detergent compositions with linear amine based polymers to provide appearance and integrity ...
Concentrated, water dispersible, stable, fabric softening compositions
Apparatus and process for in-line preparation of HIPEs
Adhesive for secure topical attachment to the skin and comfortable removal
Process for preparing and/or purifying amido acid phenyl ester sulfonates
Combinations of SSRI and estrogenic agents
Fine uniform filament superconductors
Binder system for honeycomb ceramic bodies and a method for producing honeycomb bodies
Crystalliser for continuous casting
Hearing aid sound seal device
Inflatable speaker assembly
Sound adjustable tail pipe structure
Sound absorbing light fixture
Acoustic coupling device
Acoustic coupling device
Acoustic vector sensor
System and method for operating an electronic film camera
Mobile station having power control loop offset alignment without requiring RF power measurement
Selective call radio having an integrated frequency conversion circuit
System and a method for transferring a call and a mobile station
System for improving the sensitivity and stability of optical polarimetric measurements
System and method for determining combustion temperature using infrared emissions
Method of delivering oxygen to cells by electrolyzing water
Modulation of multicellular aggregates by pressure from growth in a matrix
Oligonucleotide mediated nucleic acid recombination
Methods and compositions for inactivating viruses
Prostate-specific gene for diagnosis, prognosis and management of prostate cancer
Myostatin multimers
MAGE-3 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
Methods for preparing antiviral calanolide compounds
Methods comprising apoptosis inhibitors for the generation of transgenic pigs
Interactive television
Methods and compositions for producing a fascial sling
Method of stimulating osteogenesis using a c-terminally truncated insulin-like growth factor binding...
Process and device for scanning a plasma panel
Method of providing a fire barrier and article therefor
Bridged metallocene compounds, processes for the preparation thereof and use thereof in catalysts fo...
Laminated film
Computer system with adaptive heartbeat
Integrated total temperature probe system
Medical devices comprising hydrogel polymers having improved mechanical properties
Method and apparatus for supporting and cleaning a polishing pad for chemical-mechanical planarizati...
fMRI signal processing
Method and apparatus for logically rejecting previously recorded track residue from magnetic media
Unbalanced clock tree for a digital interface between an IEEE 1394 serial bus system and a personal ...
Multi-level error detection and correction technique for data storage recording device
Method and system for remotely monitoring multiple medical parameters in an integrated medical monit...
Intelligent data inventory & asset management systems method and apparatus
Method for treating a patient with neoplasia by treatment with a paclitaxel derivative
Apparatus for performing wavelength-conversion using phosphors with light emitting diodes
Method to determine the identity of a material in an object
Diffractive-refractive achromatic lens
Semiconductor laser with kink suppression layer
Design method for optical curved surface
Articulable food container
Dispenser with doses counter
Apparatus, method and system for providing variable alerting patterns for multiple leg telecommunica...
Perceptual preprocessing techniques to reduce complexity of video coders
Technique for multi-rate coding of a signal containing information
Device for coupling a boat to a mooring
Antibacterial composition for topical administration containing antibiotic
Antenna structure and associated method
Human protein kinase H2LAU20
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S8`
Vehicular hood apparatus
System and method for providing universal access to interactive voice response systems
Programmable memory controller
Method for analyzing the conditional status of specialized files
Portion of a footwear sole
Resettable display of a device for metered administration of a fluid drug
Blowout springless manual air displacement pipette with mechanical assist for aiding in locating and...
Method for producing a sintered porous body
Optical sensor array having multiple rungs between distribution and return buses and having amplifie...
Surface acoustic wave device and communication device
Method of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus using ...
Ultrasonic motor
Coordinates detecting apparatus for independently correcting coordinates
Thin film magnetic head, a magnetic head device and a magnetic disk driving device
Using system configuration data to customize bios during the boot-up process
Method, computer program product, and apparatus for collecting service level agreement statistics in...
Method and apparatus for supporting and cleaning a polishing pad for chemical-mechanical planarizati...
Cellulose fibers and yarns with a reduced tendency to form fibrils
System and method for analyzing signals generated by rotating machines
Method of treating parasitosis by the enteral administration of hyperimmune hen egg yolk antibodies
Flavor enhancing methods
Anesthetic gas occluder
Antioxidant composition comprising acetyl L-carnitine and .alpha.-lipoic acid
Restaurant waiter paging system
High-pressure sodium lamp
Visual programming method and its system
Plastics sorting apparatus
Multiple light source color balancing system within a liquid crystal flat panel display
Thermal correction for image-forming exposure device and method of manufacturing the device
Printing or copying system with a reusable container for consumable materials and method for using s...
Ink-contacting member, ink-absorbing member, ink tank and ink-jet cartridge
Preparation of ethylene by gas permeation
Fuel cell system with annular sealing assembly
Method and apparatus for assisted breathing
Residual activation neural network
Jack mechanism for J-Lay pipelaying system
Power boat
Use of borate-polyol complexes in ophthalmic compositions
Optical inspection method and apparatus utilizing a variable angle design
Method and apparatus for making aerogel film
Nectarine plant named `Taylor 14L22`
Automotive brake system and method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Cache aware memory allocation
Index and materialized view selection for a given workload
Foul-weather clothing system
Display device including a cache memory having a plurality of memory segments
Siloxane filter for O2 sensor for bio-gas engine
Composite piezoelectric transformer
Lens with surface correction
Transparent resin compositions with near infrared absorption characteristics
Methods and reagents for the rapid and efficient isolation of circulating cancer cells
Patterned and directional selective roughening of a slider air-bearing surface
Log home construction, and methods
Record and playback system for aircraft
Method and apparatus for implementing a search selection tool on a browser
Method and apparatus for generating permanent virtual connections using graphical user interface
Spinning finishes for synthetic filament fibers
Combination laptop and pad computer
Preparation of 1,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-hydroxypropanes
Oral liquid compositions
Compound to mimick a naturally occurring peptide's effect
Anti-cholesterolemic egg, vaccine and method for production, and use
Plastic containers having inner pouches and methods for making such containers
Celestial object location device
Method and apparatus for determining and forming delayed waveforms for forming transmitting or recei...
Heterocyclic aromatic anion salts, and their uses as ionic conducting materials
System for dispensing pharmaceutical active compounds
Method and circuit for predicting and regulating a paper winding parameter in a paper winding device
Selective sorption and desorption of gases with electrically heated activated carbon fiber cloth ele...
Programmable flux gradient apparatus for co-deposition of materials onto a substrate
Method for stopless and splitless flow field-flow fractionation
Process for production of actively sterile surfaces
Micro-electro-mechanical optical device
Euphorbia cyathophora plant named `Yokoi's White`
Trash receptacle sterilization method and apparatus
Motorcycle transmission
X-ray tube cooling system
Method for controlling an automatic transmission
Providing interactions between simulated objects using force feedback
Dual beam laser sighting aid for archery bows
Photodynamic therapy light diffuser
Shotshell storage device and dispenser, especially suitable for waterfowl blinds
Ammonium nitrate propellants
Device for locking a tilting barrel of a pistol
Gun barrel holder and support base
Electric powering steering apparatus
Wear insert for brake shoe trunnion slot
Vehicle wheel hub and bearing unit assembly and method for producing same
Bearing rail system
Hydrodynamic bearing and motor having the same
Sheet-metal cage for a rolling bearing
Self-lubricating liner using poly (p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole) fiber
Tongue stiffener for footwear
Method and apparatus for manipulating and displaying graphical objects in a computer display device
Method of operating a catalytic converter
Surface acoustic wave element having two filters with more IDTs in the lower frequency filter
Cardable blends of dual glass fibers
Low viscosity imine reactive diluents and coating compositions made therefrom
Polymerization of ethylene
Process for preparing alkylene oxide
Production of alkyl 6-aminocaproate
Method for fabricating a field emission display having a spacer with a passivation layer
Material comprising an anti-reflective coating on a flexible glass substrate
Method and system for automatically running a program
Methods of culturing and encapsulating pancreatic islet cells
Electronic device for use in regions subject to explosion hazards
Compounds for diagnosis of Breast cancer and methods for their use
Genes and enzymes for the production of adipic acid intermediates
Regulated gene expression in yeast
High specificity primers, amplification methods and kits
Methods and apparatus for perfusing tissue and/or stimulating revascularization and tissue growth
Method and apparatus for improved static angle adjustment
Bearing device and method for measuring axial force