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Method for regulating cell death
Silver-containing compositions, devices and methods for making
Surface acoustic wave device using two parallel connected filters with different passbands
Apparatus and methods for connecting modules using remote switching
Nanocrystal cerium zirconium composite oxide, its preparation and application
Composition for producing chlorine dioxide
Process for the production of hydrogen and electrical energy from reforming of bio-ethanol
Zeolite SSZ-50
Use and process for production of nanotubes
Continuous production of azines/hydrazine hydrate
Niobium containing zirconium-cerium based solid solutions
Information processing apparatus having automatic OS selecting function
Portable terminal apparatus and communication method thereof
Method and apparatus for retrieving dynamic images and method of and apparatus for managing images
Developing apparatus mounted on image forming apparatus
Print control apparatus indicating appropriate paper cassette for printing and method of same
Image-shake correcting device
Encoding method and apparatus for representing a digital image
Light-illuminating rods
PTF touch-enabled image generator
Electrooptical displays with polymer localized in vicinities of substrate spacers
Liquid crystal layer including a dichroic dye
Tunable multicolor electroluminescent device
Low k film application for interlevel dielectric and method of cleaning etched features
Electroluminescent devices with electrode protection
Neurotrophin production secretion promoting agent
Thizaine oxazolidinone
Crystalline forms of [R-(R*,R*)]-2-(4-fluorophenyl)-.beta.,.delta.-dihydroxy-5-(1-methylethyl)- 3-ph...
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Dual open and closed loop linear transmitter
Apparatus for controlling initial power ramp-up in a CDMA system by using short codes
Light diffusing sheet with direction-dependent diffusing ability
Method and apparatus that tracks processor resources in a dynamic pseudo-random test program generat...
Method and apparatus for dry-in, dry-out polishing and washing of a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for opening, positioning and loading socks on forms
Arrangement for the working of three-dimensional, expandable upper surfaces of work pieces by means ...
Legged robot, legged robot behavior control method, and storage medium
Method of preparing fluid-structure interactive numerical model and method of manufacturing flutteri...
Apparatus and methods for enhancing cardiopulmonary blood flow and ventilation
Microstructured optical fiber
Transforming transient contents of object-oriented database into persistent textual form according t...
Personal entertainment and communication device
Method for the direct, exponential amplification and sequencing of DNA molecules and its application
Blood lancet system for blood withdrawal for diagnostic purposes
Clean, high-yield preparation of S,S and R,S amino acid isosteres
Electrochemical cell having an electrode with a carbonate additive in the electrode active mixture
Transparent plastic or polymer based mirror and method for making the same
Liquid crystal shutter
Miniature variable attenuator
Ambulatory physio-kinetic monitor with envelope enclosure
Method and system for long-term digital data storage
Circuit serial programming of default configuration
Computer code for portable sensing
Methods for characterizing, classifying, and identifying unknowns in samples
Method to control pre- and post-nip fields for transfer
Sensor apparatus, methods and computer program products employing vibrational shape control
Device for reproducing slice images
Magnetic resonance imaging transseptal needle antenna
Abnormal pattern detection processing method and system
Multilayer capacitor, wiring board, decoupling circuit, and high frequency circuit incorporating the...
Actuator resonance screening in disc drives
Method and system for finding static NAND and NOR gates within a circuit and identifying the constit...
Scan structure for CMOS storage elements
System and method for accessing a storage area network as network attached storage
Data structure and method for tracking network topology in a fiber channel port driver
Method and apparatus for estimating elmore delays within circuit designs
Acceptability testing for capacity planning of data storage system
Color plane partial exposure for reducing edge effect
Packaging device for attachment of clips to a continuously moving tube of casing
Superconducting NMR resonators with macroscopically homogeneous superconductor distribution
Software method for the conversion, storage and querying of the data of cellular biological assays o...
Solid forms of tin ethyl etiopurpurin and processes for producing such forms
Impact modifiers for thermoplastic resins
Titanium-containing solid catalyst and process for producing epoxy compound using the same
Integral organic light emitting diode printhead
Solid gel membrane
Common source EEPROM and flash memory
Endovascular thin film devices and methods for treating and preventing stroke
Object security boundaries
Disk storage subsystem with internal parallel data path and non-volatile memory
20-HETE antagonists and agonists
Methods of using in situ hydration of hydrogel articles for sealing or augmentation of tissue or ves...
Thermoelectric generator for a vehicle
Alkene-platinum-silyl complexes
Cyclo azaphospha hydrocarbons
Interlocking composite masonry edging or stepping block
Method of lithography using vacuum ultraviolet radiation
Substituted calix (4) pyrroles and process for the synthesis of calix (4) pyrroles over molecular si...
Hydrogenation of carbon monoxide using sulfide catalysts
Dimethyl ether reforming catalyst
Polymer-electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Hydrophobic fuel cell electrode
Functional integration of multiple components for a fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell cooling apparatus and fuel cell system
Lens-fitted film unit
Multi-feature-size electronic structures
Device and method for use with an ophthalmologic insertor apparatus
Method and apparatus for the simultaneous determination of surface topometry and biometry of the eye
Combined fluidized bed dryer and absorption bed
Method and composition for the treatment of epidermal irritations and infections
Tooth paste composition containing rose-seed oil
Pressure sensor systems and methods for use in robotic devices
Variety of calla lily named `Red Sox`
Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Venice`
Geranium plant named `Duebalila`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Amor White`
Geranium plant named `Duebapink`
Geranium plant named `Duebablu`
Anthurium plant named `Picante`
Coating compositions which contain a low surface tension (meth) acrylate containing block copolymer ...
Polymerization process
Polymers, their preparation and their use
Inhibitors of formation of advanced glycation endproducts (AGES)
Polyarylene sulfide resin composition
Tyrosine derivatives with anti-leukotrienen activity
Activator solid support for metallocene catalysts in the polymerization of olefins, a process for pr...
Resist composition and patterning process
Neutron shield and cask that uses the neutron shield
Sinterable structures and method
Iron-binding polymers for oral administration
Method and apparatus for fitting global landing systems on aircraft
Label holder
Method for producing epothilone B and derivatives, and intermediate products for this method
Epothilone derivatives
Method and apparatus for detecting web breaks
Fold-off guide for a folder in a paper-processing machine
Method and device for aligning flat copies in sheet-processing machines
Low maintenance cutting rubber
Method and device for folding sheet-like copies
Spring element for fixing in place printing forms on printing form cylinders
Device for clamping printing forms in clamping channels of reduced size
Protein tyrosine phosphate-1B (PTP-1B) deficient mice and uses thereof
NMR probehead with a line resonator configured as a delay line
Development framework for case and workflow systems
Isolation and preservation of fetal and neonatal hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells of the bloo...
Rare earth borate, its precursor, and luminophore made thereof
Circuit arrangement for deriving the measured variable from the signals of sensors of a flow meter
Remote coriolis flowmeter sizing and ordering system
Non-lethal munition system for shoulder launcher
Machine tool
Method of treating certain eye diseases
Ligands of nuclear receptor
Aryl and heteroaryl substituted fused pyrrole anti-inflammatory agents
Substituted cyclic compounds, preparation method and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Heterocyclic beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Quinoline derivatives
Synthesis of molecular sieve catalysts
Supported bimetallic catalyst with a strong interaction between a group VIII metal and tin, and its ...
Process for increasing the yield of lubricating base oil from a Fischer-Tropsch plant
Intervention techniques for reducing carcass contamination
Scalable subband audio coding, decoding, and transcoding methods using vector quantization
Statistical computing and reporting for interactive speech applications
Spread spectrum receiver performance improvement
Pet wireless doorbell device and trainer
Secure server architecture for Web based data management
Method for predicting dry mechanical properties from wet wood and standing trees
Electromechanically controlled optical element
Wood chips analyser
Voice coil motor dummy magnet
Magnetic tape head including a transducer cluster and a block fixed to a u-shaped frame having a rid...
Data encrypting/decrypting conversion methods and apparatuses and data communication system adopting...
Image forming apparatus
Circular shaped stone monument
Electric iron
Fish tank cleaning device
Reflective traffic safety glove
Hard protective helmet cap with ventilation to assist with cooling the wearer
Cosmetic container
Cosmetic container
Antibacterial liquid dish cleaning compositions
Preparation of peroxide-oxidized, sulfonated, and phosphorylated cotton
Foamed gypsum compositions
Water insoluble, freeze sensitive seed coatings
Conditioned fertilizer product, method for conditioning fertilizer, and method for using conditioned...
Process for making an HMX product
Antimicrobial hard surface cleaner comprising an ethoxylated quaternary ammonium surfactant
Cationic couplers and their use for oxidation dyeing
Applicator and applicator assembly equipped with such an applicator
Compounds derived from benzoic acid esters, composition containing said compounds and use thereof
Method of preparing spray elastomer systems
Implantable medical lead
Apparatus and process for stimulation of a state of complete continence in the neospincter in the pr...
Guide wire insertion and re-insertion tools and methods of use
Oximeter sensor with digital memory encoding patient data
Method for creating side firing or leaky optical fibers
Foot grip
Insert filter
Methods for producing amide derivative
Carbamic acid derivatives
Tricyclic-2-pyridone compounds useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery comprising composite particles
Electroplating of copper from alkanesulfonate electrolytes
Benzanilides as potassium channel openers
Powdered niobium, sintered body thereof, capacitor using the sintered body and production method of ...
Adenosine receptor antagonists and methods of making and using the same
Method for producing catalysts containing metal nanoparticles on a porous support, especially for ga...
For a four-wheel-drive vehicle
Optimized content addressable memory (CAM)
Method of mapping proton transverse relaxation time constants or functions thereof in a target subje...
Phase shifters, interrogators, methods of shifting a phase angle of a signal, and methods of operati...
Galectin-11 polypeptides
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Proteus mirabilis for diagnostics and therapeutics
Recording method for phase-change recording medium
Method for constructing composite response surfaces by combining neural networks with other interpol...
Agent based instruction system and method
Optical transmission device
Stream-based communication in a communication services patterns environment
Optical fiber interconnect having offset ends with reduced tensile stress and fabrication method
Sawdust alkaline pulp having low average degree of polymerization values and method of producing the...
Soybean variety 94B23
Calorically dense liquid oral supplement
Food composition
Low reservoir detection and variable dosing for a spray deterrent animal training system
Animal training device
Wildlife feeder
Squirrel repelling hanger for a bird feeder or the like
Percutaneous needle alignment system and associated method
Modified action rules
Magnetic recording medium
Dialyzers for blood treatment and processes for production thereof
High-density functional slide and preparation method thereof
Process and system for separation and recovery of perfluorocompound gases
Catalyst system and its use in olefin polymerization
Security and tracking system
Optimized hardware cleaning function for VIVT data cache
Oligomers and oligomeric segments of alpha-hydroxy carboxylic acids and alpha-amino acids
Cookware vessel
Insoluble protein particles
Pathogen management system
Vending machine control system having access to the internet for the purposes of transacting e-mail,...
Combined two stone oval gemstone arrangement with setting
Arrangement for the fixing of a medical-technical measuring device as well as a medical-technical me...
Pulse oximetry pulse indicator
Scaling method for a digital photolithography system
Method and apparatus for defining location coordinates
Image format converting method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing and recovering images
Geometric deformation correction method and system for dot pattern images
Method and apparatus for digital image darkness control in saturated image structures
Optical attenuator including dual control loops
Method for producing a holding configuration for at least one sheathed optical fiber conductor
Positioning device especially for assembling optical components
Optical waveguide component and a method of producing the same
Plastic optical fiber, optical fiber cable and optical transmission device
Automatic framing camera
Time lapse recording/reproducing device that provides for both continuous recording and intermittent...
Compression packaged image transmission for telemicroscopy
Method and apparatus for detecting a synchronous signal
Fade-in and fade-out temporal segments
Impact absorbent shifting device
Illumination device and method for laser projector
Method, apparatus and system for image projection lighting
Motion lighting pen with light variably accompanying sound actuation
Portable reading light device
Antioxidant enriched adhesive compositions and storage containers therefor
Method and apparatus for maintaining proper orientation of aiming eye when firing shotgun
High-throughput methods for detecting DNA methylation
Synthetic bone matrix
Method and apparatus for caching credentials in proxy servers for wireless user agents
Method and system for providing a discount at an auction
Individualized, real-time, interactive e-commerce auction
Systems and methods for performing integrated financial transaction
Method to obtain customer specific data for public access electronic commerce services
Aqueous pressure sensitive adhesive formulations
Automated system for repairing components
Layer enhancements in digital illustration system
Polymer compositions containing thermoplastic starch
Surface properties in thermoplastic olefin alloys
Polyamide resin composition and process for producing the same
Method and apparatus for washing polycarbonate/organic solvent solution
Exterior louvered hurricane window shutters
NY-ESO-1 peptide derivatives, and uses thereof
Lawsonia intracellularis proteins, and related methods and materials
[1,8] naphthyridine derivatives having antiviral activity
Protein HOFNF53
Low density lipoprotein binding proteins and their use in diagnosing and treating atherosclerosis
Drug releasing biodegradable fiber implant
Polyphosphazenes as gel polymer electrolytes
Personal audio player with a removable multi-function module
Method of making air-filled packing cushions
Displayable produce container and method for making the same
Container body portion
High resolution array induction tool
Antibodies against fibroblast growth factor 11
Compound and method for the prevention and/or the treatment of allergy
Repetitive inspection system with intelligent tools
Method of production of whitened polyvinyl chloride foam
Insect repellent emulsions
Photo stable organic sunscreen compounds with antioxidant properties and compositions obtained there...
Apparatus and method employing parametrically defined pulse groups for laser hair removal
Retaining wall drainage unit
Electrode design for electrochromic devices
Simulation method and compiler for hardware/software programming
Computer architecture for managing courseware in a shared use operating environment
Process for manufacturing a strip made of an Fe-Ni alloy
Voice-operated remote control
System and method for electromagnetic propulsion fan
Switch for a bicycle
Time-multiplexed short message acknowledgement systems and methods
Magnifying safety glasses
Treatment of subnormal bone mineral density
Delivery of biologically active polypeptides
Method and apparatus for improvement of magnetic resonance imaging contrast
Method of activating hydrogen storage alloy electrode
Bleaching composition
Method of making a breathable and liquid impermeable web
Absorbent article having selectively changeable size adjustment
Lip-lock carton for powders
System for selecting feminine hygiene products
Device for freshening fabrics
Livestock biological and vaccine handling system
Radio navigation emulating GPS system
Method and apparatus for activating a ring silenced telephone
Method and a device for improving the capacity of a GSM base station
Dynamic channel allocation method in a cellular radiocommunication network
Method and arrangement for wireless communication by means of at least two network computers
Solid golf ball
CMP compositions containing silver salts
Functional film having specific surface dispersion ratio
Oral pharmaceutical extended release dosage form
Drug delivery device containing oseltamivir and an H1 antagonist
High RV filaments and apparatus and process for making high RV flakes and the filaments
Low Viscosity imine reactive diluents and coating compositions made therefrom
Polymerization of olefins
Radiation-curable coating compounds
Process and apparatus for making multi-layered, multi-component filaments
Ammonia composition and process therefor and therewith
Process to separate 1,3-propanediol or glycerol, or a mixture thereof from a biological mixture
Prioritized bus request scheduling mechanism for processing devices
System integrating agents having different resource-accessing schemes
Method and apparatus to distribute interrupts to multiple interrupt handlers in a distributed symmet...
Speaker device
Wristwatch-type human pulse wave sensor attached on back side of user's wrist
Wobbling toy and wobbling toy set
Piezoelectric and electromagnetic actuators for beam alignment and systems and methods using the sam...
MEMS analog frequency divider
Automated system and method for creating an individualized learning program
Liquid crystal display device with phase element
Silicate-containing powders providing controlled, sustained gas release
Compact wheel speed detector capable of saving space and improving workability
Adjustable telescoping system for a bicycle
Thrust bearing device and motor
Bushing for oil film bearing
Hydro dynamic gas bearing and disk drive using the same
Caster roller for cargo handling system
Non-lethal small arms projectile for use with a reader-target for amusement, sports and training
Safety system for a projectile fuse
Gas trap (GT) compensator
Barrel for a firearm
Gun locking device and method for disabling a firearm
Application programming interface functions for supporting an improved message store for hand-held c...
Mirror-symmetrical selection and evolution of nucleic acids
Gene whose expression promotes differentiation of myeloid progenitor cells into neutrophils and/or m...
Passive optical network with analog distribution
Switch for optical signals
Method and apparatus for detecting forgery
Systems and methods for providing beginning-of-tape and end-of-tape indicators
Optical compensatory sheet comprising substrate, orientation layer and optically anisotropic layer
Laser-computer graphics system for generating portrait and 3-D sculpture reproductions inside optica...
Method and system for providing a continuous tone source using a service node
Restraint system interface arrangement for a seat belt tension sensor
Absorbent product with improved instantaneous liquid adsorption, and improved fit
Geometrical positioning of drilling in medical applications
Synthetic method of .alpha.-ketol unsaturated fatty acids
Updating of embedded links in World Wide Web source pages to have the new URLs of their linked targe...
Write logging in mirrored disk subsystems
System and method for intercepting file system writes
Link delivery for subsequent retrieval of networked information
Pop-up strobe mounting structure
Reduced area intersection between electrode and programming element
Angular-precision enhancement in free-space micromachined optical switches
Multiprocessor speculation mechanism with imprecise recycling of storage operations
Method for specifying, identifying, selecting or verifying differential signal pairs on IC packages
Corner simulation methodology
Multiple connection architecture for communication with a computer numerical control resident in a w...
System behavior modification for maintenance of chaos
Method and apparatus for processing video signals having associated access restriction data
Message authentication code using image histograms
Secure establishment of cryptographic keys
Cryptographic key split combiner
Brazing alloy for stainless steel, structure braze-assembled with the brazing alloy, and brazing mat...
Textured-metastable aluminum alloy sputter targets and method of manufacture
Nickel-based alloy having high stress rupture life
Method of manufacturing metallic slurry for casting
Transfix component having haloelastomer and silicone hybrid material
Optical toner concentration sensor
Reliability model based copy count correction with self modification during system recovery for pred...
Composite transfer assist blade
Method to allow automated image quality analysis of arbitrary test patterns
Soybean variety 95B34
Pump for sea water desalination systems by reverse osmosis
Method and apparatus for pre-caching data in audio memory
Video game device, guide display method for video game and readable storage medium storing guide dis...
Label wrap
Game machine
Game rotation system for multiple game amusement game systems
Gaming device having tease reveal feature
Dice game in which categories are filled and scores awarded
Method of combining spectral data with non-spectral data in a produce recognition system
Cyclic amine compounds and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Liquid cleaning compositions
Plastics film, use of dyestuffs therein and process for testing the authenticity of packaged goods
Security document or device having an intaglio contrast effect
Partial fold printable tab product
Ship supported by submerged structure
Streamer handling apparatus for use on seismic survey vessels
Hanger for securing a line to a cleat
Method and apparatus for permitting passage of conduits through hull of boat
Fast current rescue boat
Autopilot-based steering and maneuvering system for boats
Reverse link other cell interference locator and handoff trigger for wireless network
HMM-based echo model for noise cancellation avoiding the problem of false triggers
Channel coding in the presence of bit robbing
System and method for audio-only internet browsing using a standard telephone
Device for demultiplexing coded data
System and technique for dynamic information gathering and targeted advertising in a web based model...
Aerosol actuator
Inhalation device
Systems and methods for producing and using fine particle materials
Pipeline device and method for its production, and heat exchanger
Strengthened fiber optic cable
Failsafe surge protector having reduced part count
Dual grating filtering system
Method for controlling performance of optical amplifiers
Method and system to reduce FWM penalty in NRZ WDM systems
Low dispersion slope fiber
Robotic toy modular system
Apparatus and method for recommending to an individual selective information contained within a comp...
Plant-origin regulator protein and nucleic acid encoding the same
Chemotactic cytokine
Pesticidal toxins and genes from Bacillus laterosporus strains
Microfluidic devices with monolithic microwave integrated circuits
Method for enhanced bio-conjugation events
Reference circuit in ferroelectric memory and method for driving the same
High performance semiconductor memory devices
Cartridge loader and methods
Semiconductor laser, semiconductor device, and their manufacture methods
Method for forming a structural similarity group from a netlist of an integrated circuit
Computer-aided timing adjusting method and apparatus
Method and system for using error and filter layers in each DRC rule
High-speed current-mirror circuitry and method of operating the same
Method for photographing lustrous objects, method for photographing spectacle frames, and method for...
Fiber apparatus and method for manipulating optical signals
Directional diffuser
Wavelength converter using Bragg-grating
Bi-directional, single material thermal actuator
Hidden flexure ultra planar optical routing element
Tunable Fabry-Perot interferometer, and associated methods
Spectrophotometric analysis of input light
His Bundle sensing device and associated method
Play and record audio system embedded inside a photograph
Optical coherence microscope and methods of use for rapid in vivo three-dimensional visualization of...
Electronic commerce terminal for facilitating incentive-based purchasing on transportation vehicles
Universal interactive advertizing and payment system for public access electronic commerce and busin...
Methods, kits and compositions pertaining to detection complexes
Manufacture of integrated fluidic devices
Methods and arrays for detecting biomolecules
Iterative and regenerative DNA sequencing method
Microdevices for screening biomolecules
Nucleic acid hairpin probes and uses thereof
Method for providing a fill pattern for an integrated circuit design
Method of analyzing and optimizing a multistage manufacturing process
Method for selecting representative endmember components from spectral data
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and recording medium
Method and apparatus for assay analysis
Method and apparatus for virtual interactive medical imaging by multiple remotely-located users
Visual inspection method and apparatus therefor
Dynamic-functional imaging of biological objects using a non-rigid object holder
Optical profilometry of additional-material deviations in a periodic grating
Combination thin-film stress and thickness measurement device
Soil survey device and system for precision agriculture
Analysis of a composition
Method and apparatus for improving the accuracy of noninvasive hematocrit measurements
Cell-based biosensors suitable for implantable medical device applications
Method of treating BK virus nephropathy
Method of volumetric blood flow measurement
Catalyzation of thermoset resin adhesives for wood composites using computerized in-line metering an...
Nanoparticle-based permanent treatments for textiles
Modified textiles and other materials and methods for their preparation
Modified poker system with combination of multiple games using at least some common cards and method...
Method and apparatus for operating a gaming device to dispense a specified amount
Three card draw poker games
Method for transferring credit from one gaming machine to another
Betting bystander method and apparatus
Slot machine with additional payout indicator
Slot machine game having a plurality of ways to designate one or more wild symbols (select-a-wild)
Magnetic pump
Hermetic compressor
Linear pump and method
Scroll type compressor
Variable clearance system for reciprocating compressors
Vacuum pump and vacuum apparatus
Piston compressor and method of producing the same
Guard to protect tuning adjustments on a string musical instrument
Method and apparatus for activating a crash countermeasure in response to the braking capability of ...
Method and apparatus for activating a crash countermeasure using a transponder having various modes ...
Adaptive load torque for gear selection in an automatic transmission
Method and system for condition monitoring of vehicles
Vehicle warranty and repair computer-networked system
Apparatus and method for data communication between vehicle and remote data communication terminal
Vehicle universal docking station and electronic feature modules
1, 3-bis-(substituted-phenyl)-2-propen-1-ones and their use to treat VCAM-1 mediated disorders
Benzylcycloalkyl amines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Antisense inhibition of Casein kinase 2-alpha expression
Golf ball with distance and locating system
Modular decking system
Combined position locating and cellular telephone system with a single shared microprocessor
Pacifier locating system
Golf ball locating system
Mounting and locating device for a breakaway tool holder
Process for taking action on productive lands
Method and system for allowing vehicles to negotiate roles and permission sets in a hierarchical tra...
Method and apparatus for detecting multiple objects with frequency modulated continuous wave radar
Method and system for accumulating marginal discounts and applying an associated incentive
Solid pot and pan detergent
Granular detergent composition having improved appearance and solubility
Detergent compositions
Light duty liquid cleaning compositions having improved preservative system
Production of silk-like proteins in plants
Method of and apparatus for recovery of in-progress changes made in a software application
Stator ring mass/stiffener for improved acoustics
Ionization chamber for reactive samples
Containing an AITa or AITi pre-seed layer, a CoCr onset layer and a CoCrPtB magnetic layer
Device for controlling the working conditions of a self-propelled vehicle
Crank operated fruit and vegetable cutting and squeezing device
Multi-component device for capturing or repelling insects or insect pests
Method and system for providing interactive media VCR control
Digital broadcasting transmitting method, digital broadcasting transmitting apparatus, and digital b...
Software generating device
Determining maximum number of live registers by recording relevant events of the execution of a comp...
Cross module representation of heterogeneous programs
Method and apparatus for re-creating the trace of an emulated instruction set when executed on hardw...
Integrated development environment for high speed transaction processing WWW applications on heterog...
Delivery of Hypericum perforatum (St. John's Wort) in tablet form
Cosmetic or dermatological gels based on microemulsions
Thickened composition in aqueous medium and process for thickening aqueous medium
C1 bacteriophage lytic system
Lyophilizate of lipid complex of water insoluble porphyrins
Ingestion of hyaluronic acid for improved joint function and health
Bone resorption suppressing agent
Chemical composition
Topical composition comprising an activated, trans-structured cosmetic bonding agent
Composition in the form of a water-in-oil emulsion containing fibers, and cosmetic use thereof
Occupant detection system
Vehicle occupant classification system and method
Method and apparatus for sensing a vehicle crash
Torque sensor backup in a steer-by-wire system
Short range wireless communication using on-board apparatus
System for controlling electric power steering
Electrode array and sensor attachment system for noninvasive nerve location and imaging device
Optical coherent tomography apparatus, fiberoptic lateral scanner and method for studying biological...
Soybean cultivar 709048
Soybean variety 92B95
Protection of plants against viral infection
Networking device and method for making cyclic redundancy check (CRC) immune to scrambler error dupl...
Method, system and program products for copying coupling facility structures
Energy-based sampling for performance monitoring
Cycle segmented prefix circuits
Information recording method, information recording device, and information storage medium
Host and device serial communication protocols and communication packet formats
Method and apparatus for using fibre channel extended link service commands in a point-to-point conf...
Adaptive heat sink for electronics applications
Cartridge for electronic devices
Semiconductor device with stress relieving layer comprising circuit board and electronic instrument
Contact structure and production method thereof and probe contact assembly using same
Semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Wafer level package including ground metal layer
Semiconductor apparatus with decoupling capacitor
Semiconductor chip assembly with bumped conductive trace
Antibodies, that bind to HIV-2 transmembrane glycoprotein homodimer (gp 80)
Use of metalloproteinase inhibitors in the treatment and prevention of pulmonary emphysema
Gem substituted hydroxamic acids
Remedies for joint diseases
Macrocyclic peptides active against the hepatitis C virus
Immunochromatographic assay method and apparatus
Matrix metalloproteinase levels as indicators of endometrial cancer
Sawtooth terminal blade gripper and method of gripping
Tray lift mechanism
Field programmable welding controller
Optical enhancement with nanoparticles and microcavities
Biaxial core compression
Method for fabricating planar optical waveguide devices
Anti-submarine vehicle occupant restraint system
Suspension for disc drive
Suspension for disk drive
Suspension with chamfered edge for disc drive
Suspension for disc drive
Seat back for a vehicle
Gimbal stiffness control for head suspension assemblies
Method for assembling components
Method and shunting and deshunting an electrical component and a shuntable/shunted electrical compon...
Three axis control for machine tool
Indication of cutting tool wear by monitoring eddy currents induced in a metallic workpiece
Self-zeroing pressure signal generator
Passive jaw exerciser
Pulse generating machine for use in treating tools
Magnetic treatment of ferromagnetic materials
Base plate with toothed hub for press-in attachment of suspension assembly in hard disk drive
Base plate with undulation shaped snap-through hub for decreased swage force attachment of suspensio...
Base plate for suspension assembly in hard disk drive with stress isolation
Base-plate for magnetic head suspension in hard disk drive with material fold-over
All-metal base plate having a pronged hub for press-in attachment of a load beam assembly to a head ...
Optimized low profile swage mount base plate attachment of suspension assembly for hard disk drive
Active spring rate adjust
Magnetic head suspension with single layer preshaped trace interconnect
Mass balancing for optimizing suspension resonance performance
Switchable shunts for integrated lead suspensions
Head suspension with integral shock limiter
Fiber optic light mixer
Electronic device
Controlled release coolant additive composition
Translatable fiber stripper
Heating and ventilating apparatus for a motor vehicle with selective control in different zones of t...
Positioning structure for heat dissipating fins
Spiral fin/tube heat exchanger
Air ratchet holder
Compatible extension tip for an air ratchet adaptor
Air ratchet adaptor
Air ratchet
Air ratchet wrench
Portable air impact wrench
Torque control type impact wrench
End cap for portable double-knock-type air impact wrench
Control unit for hydraulic impact wrench
Vibration isolated impact wrench
Impact wrench
Gimbal pointing vector stabilization control system and method
Device for generating a warning signal, especially for helicopters
Aircraft load cell shoring
Multi-layer ceramic fiber insulation tile
Bearing structure with reduced tip vortex
Spacecraft thermal shock suppression system
Inflatable flying body for the rescue descent of a person
Magnetic detent for rotatable knob
Micro paddle wheel pump for precise pumping, mixing, dispensing, and valving of blood and reagents
Pumping method and device
Constant pressure pump controller system
Vibratory pump
Fluid apparatus such as a pump or an accumulator
Turbomolecular pump
Strap for musical instrument
Fiber channel connection storage controller
Image storage apparatus
Trans-somatics with gene transfer into mammary epithelial cells
Bioactive conjugated linoleic acid glycerides and method of use
5-hydroxytryptophol (5-HTOL) derivatives, antibodies, immunoassays and detection of recent alcohol c...
Rantes mutants and therapeutic applications thereof
Radiolabeled vasoactive intestinal peptide analogs for diagnosis and radiotherapy
Perfluoropolyether compounds as additives in formulations
Computer based system, computer program product and method for managing geographically distributed a...
Multiple-model navigation filter with hybrid positioning
Guidance pattern allowing for access paths
System and method for grouping GPS data into moving and stationary segments
Nesting grid structure for a geographic referencing system and method of creating and using the same
System for configuring a computer with or without an operating system to allow another computer to r...
Adaptive performance data measurement and collections
Recovering data from a failed cache using a surviving cache
Codes table framework design in an E-commerce architecture
Multi-channel serial port with programmable features
Heat-exchange module for a motor vehicle
Collision deformation sensor using a source of wave energy for use in the crush zone of a vehicle
Safety module having a trigger sensor
Electric coolant pump control strategy for hybrid electric vehicles
Quick disconnect for an integrated drive unit
Motor assisting apparatus for vehicle
Reactor and solids settler for grey water treatment
Data transfer control method and apparatus, and storage medium
Data processing apparatus connected to a network connectable a plurality of devices
System for avoiding the assignment of duplicate MAC addresses to network interface devices
Image forming apparatus with specialized sheet conveyance speed control
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus to which a process cartridge is detachably mountable and...
Temperature control apparatus with switching control to prevent malfunction from electrical noise
Image heating apparatus
Process for preparing vinylaromatic compounds
Systems and methods for aerosolizing pharmaceutical formulations
Methods for tissue welding using laser-activated protein solders
Method and system for constructing a structural foam part
Method and machine for printing and/or coating of a substrate with a UV curable toner
Dielectric material including particulate filler
Method for visualizing higher-order structure of transparent optical polymer molding
Integrated power source layered with thin film rechargeable batteries, charger, and charge-control
Process for producting bis(4-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl) compound
Use of phenylenediamines and hindered phenols to inhibit polymer formation during the manufacture of...
Nondestructive testing of diffusely reflective objects
Optical sensor
Method for increasing the concentration of ascorbic acid in brain tissues of a subject
Rearview mirror for vehicles
Apparatus for regulating the power consumption of a vacuum cleaner
Tick pattern for simulated wood transfer films and method of making same
Value document and embossing foil for the production thereof
Apparatus for applying a stamping foil imprint to a web of flexible material
Transport and protective case for information medium
Apparatus for decorating articles having a conical surface
Container for data storage disks
System and method for providing electronic multi-merchant gift registry services over a distributed ...
Foldable speaker rack for use with spas
Stabilized absorbent material and systems for personal care products having controlled placement of ...
Bis(2-hydroxyethyl isosorbide); preparation, polymers derived therefrom, and enduses thereby
Process for preparing ethylene interpolymers and ethylene interpolymers
Electronic tag device
Code division multiple access base transceiver station with active antennas
Method and apparatus for aggregate network address routes
Memory management unit with programmable EDAC descriptors
Method and apparatus for aligning a cassette handler
Load handling device with servo feed-back control
Parallel control arm with two branches
Mold assembly for blow molding plastic articles and method of use
Pressless blow molding
Optical disc case assembly
Apparatus for supercritical processing of a workpiece
Method and apparatus for authenticating an open system application to a portable IC device
Method and system for managing data in computer memory
Smart hibernation on an operating system with page translation
Method and apparatus for bundling messages at the expiration of a time-limit
Loss tolerant compressed image data
System and method for rectifying images of three dimensional objects
Secure optically readable memory usable in connection with a limited number of machines
Conjugates of sodium channel blockers and methods of using the same
Optical fiber and laser machining apparatus
Bleach compositions
Amorphous non-laminar phosphorous alloys
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly HCV NS3 protease
Method for serializing, compiling persistent textual form of an object-oriented database into interm...
Solid-state audio-video playback system
Compositions and methods for treatment of hepatitis C virus-associated diseases
Copolymer resin, preparation thereof, and photoresist using the same
Ethylene .alpha.-olefin/unconjugated polyene random copolymer rubber containing hydrolyzable silyl g...
Organometal-containing norbornene monomer, photoresist containing its polymer, manufacturing method ...
Environmental/thermal barrier coating system with silica diffusion barrier layer
System for the detection of cardiac events
Method and apparatus for locking/unlocking via platform management bus
Method and system for implementing network filesystem-based customized computer system automated reb...
Neurosurgical guide device
Medical microprocessor system and method for providing a ventilation indexed oximetry value
System and method for diagnosing and validating a machine over a network using waveform data
Embedded MRAMs including dual read ports
Method and apparatus for limited online access to restricted documentation
Real-time method for maintaining formation stability and monitoring fluid-formation interaction
Method of treating psychiatric diseases by neuromodulation within the dorsomedial thalamus
Intraoperative navigation updating
Electronic component and radio terminal using the same
Automated creation of power distribution grids for tiled cell arrays in integrated circuit designs
Load sensitivity modeling in a minimal level sensitive timing abstraction model
Data corruption testing technique for a hierarchical storage system
Utilization-based power management of a clocked device
Semiconductor IC device having a memory and a logic circuit implemented with a single chip
Priority coloring for VLSI designs
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
Inorganic-based color conversion matrix element for organic color display devices and method of fabr...
System for safe collection of payment including electronic payment receipt generators having electro...
Embolic protection device having an expandable trap
Method and system for processing internet payments using the electronic funds transfer network
Data transfer performance measuring system and method
A disk storage subsystem for interfacing with a parallel path, a nonvolatile media and a volatile st...
Delay locked loop, synchronizing method for the same and semiconductor device equipped with the same
Image forming method and apparatus using developer carrier pressed into engagement with image carrie...
Toner container and air stream delivering mechanism
Duct-type spacer grid with swirl flow vane for nuclear fuel assembly
Method for stabilizing chromium-contaminated materials
Method of reinforcing slope reverse analysis technique
Elevated crane support system and method for elevating a lifting apparatus
Preventing flow through subterranean zones
Flexible liner for a concrete container
Anti-kink protective device for lines
System for monitoring and controlling pressure and concentration values in a fluid conduit
Personal computer breath analyzer for health-related behavior modification and method
Drug targeting system, method of its preparation and its use
Flame-retardant pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and flame-retardant pressure-sensitive adhes...
Method for fabricating tiny field emitter tips
Field emission cathode having an electrically conducting material shaped of a narrow rod or knife ed...
Injector for implanting a folded intraocular lens, container for storing and transporting the inject...
Stereo view reflection corneal topography
Plant proanthocyanidin extract effective at inhibiting adherence of bacteria with P-type fimbriae to...
Self-cleaning lens shield
Acrylic-halogenated polyolefin copolymer adhesion promoters
Method for high-density microarray medicated gene expression profiling
Polymerization process
Memory system for storing and retrieving experience and knowledge with natural language utilizing st...
Non-invasive method for treating postural instability
Behavior and stress management recognition apparatus
Method and apparatus for coupling a wheelchair to an exercise apparatus
Bicycle hub transmission with a guiding member for a sun gear
Crystal polymorphs of C.I. Pigment Yellow 191 and their preparation
Food quality and safety monitoring system
Fuel cell separator plate having controlled fiber orientation and method of manufacture
Mouth hygienic composition for the treatment of halitosis
Label laminate for container
Device for tempering coatings
Job ordering system for an image-forming machine
Method for controlling a chill roll system
Sheet-fed offset printing process and sheet-fed offset printing machine
Device and method for determining a signature lap
Use of cGMP phosphodiesterase inhibitors in methods to treat female sexual dysfunction
Function display method and multi-functional apparatus having display embodying such method
Image processing method and apparatus
RF coil for homogeneous quadrature transmit and multiple channel receive
Tomato nucleic acid sequences that confer resistance to Verticillium and plants transformed therewit...
Oxidation of polysaccharides with nitroxyls
Method and apparatus for observation using quantum dots
Sinterable lithium disilicate glass ceramic
Method for preparing a benzylic-type ether
Neutral override for servo controlled hydrostatic units
Magnetic write/erase binder
GP64-null baculoviruses pseudotyped with heterologous envelope proteins
Miniature cutter shaft configuration
Method for searching physiologically active substances, process for producing these substances and d...
Methods and compositions to treat conditions associated with neovascularization
TNF-.alpha. production inhibitor comprising kavalactone as an active ingredient
Isoindole derivatives
Organic crystalline films for optical applications and related methods of fabrication
Metal halide solid acids and supported metal halides as catalysts for the preparation of hydrocarbon...
Synthetic diesel fuel and process for its production (law3 1 1)
Tricyclic protein kinase inhibitors
Broadcast program capture and playback enhancement signal structure, receiver, and method
Low-cost radio replacement utilizing RFID technology
Finger-mounted readers with low power radio frequency communications
Method and configuration for effecting an interruption-free power supply operation of a system unit
Mail delivery indicator kit for mail box
Method and apparatus for inducing bus saturation during operational testing of busses using a patter...
System and method for providing access to electronic works
Method and apparatus for a cutting system for avoiding pre-cut features
Use of PDT to inhibit intimal hyperplasia
Log-on service providing credential level change without loss of session continuity
Method and system for processing electronic documents
Attaching system for a container and a base
Soap dish
Toothbrush stand
Toothbrush holder
Cart body for a medical waste disposal system
Floor cleaning device
Ice scraper
Agitator for a vacuum cleaner
Filter cap for electric cleaner
Polymerization catalysts, their production and use
Process of forming a ceramic structure using a support sheet
Methods for manufacturing ceramic green sheet and multilayer ceramic electronic parts
Liquid composition, ink for ink-jet, ink set for ink-jet recording, ink-jet recording method, record...
Process for reducing pollutants from the exhaust of a diesel engine
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method of manufacturing same
Isoquinoline derivatives with angiogenesis inhibiting activity
Multiprogrammable tissue stimulator and method
Method for making a radio frequency identification device
Portable gas detector and its cradle
Universal bone cement plug and method of use
E-mail firewall with stored key encryption/decryption
Image file equipment, and database creating method in an image file equipment
Decision management system which automatically searches for strategy components in a strategy
Methods and systems for automated property valuation
System and method for distributing postage over a public network, enabling efficient printing of pos...
Method and system for retail investment objective setting
6-methylnicotinamide derivatives as antiviral agents
Concentrated, stable, translucent or clear, fabric softening compositions
Applications and devices based on nanostructured non-stoichiometric substances
Nanotechnology for photonic and optical components
Replacement battery formation system
Polymer composites and methods for making and using same
Alkaline battery separator and process for producing the same
Overcharge protection device and methods for lithium based rechargeable batteries
Lithium ion battery utilizing carbon foam electrodes
Lithium ion battery suitable for hybrid electric vehicles
Method and apparatus for multi-thread pipelined instruction decoder
Tiarella plant named `Springwood`
Pulmonaria plant named `Bubble Gum`
Geranium plant named `Global Soft Pink`
Geranium plant named `Fip 749`
Geranium plant named `Fip 765`
Geranium plant named `Fip 336`
Gladiolus plant named `Prissy's Purple`
Lip product applicator
Lipstick pencil
.beta.-lactamase and DD-peptidase inhibitors
Simultaneous-access surfaces for reel-flange fasteners
Top gate TFT structure having light shielding layer and method to fabricate the same
Radiographic apparatus
Method for enhancing the edge contrast of a digital image
Method and apparatus for automated detection of masses in digital images
Process and apparatus for cleaning and purifying molten aluminum
Secure improved remote gaming system
Method and apparatus for playing a card game including a mortgaging option
Gaming device and method of operation thereof
Electronic video poker games
Casino table card game
Systems and methods wherein a gambling result is based on a user input
Process of synthesis of a tricyclic ketone intermediate
Crucible melting furnace
Weld wire with enhanced slag removal
Lithium hydroxide compositions
Catalyst and method of making micrometer sized spherical particles
Plastic anti-fouling film for boat hull protection
Production of hydrogen from hydrocarbons and oxygenated hydrocarbons
CDMA communication system which selectively suppresses data transmissions during establishment of a ...
Liquid crystal display device using an electrodless fluorescent lamp
Information distribution and processing system
Adjustable oropharyngeal airway apparatus
Polymerase chimeras
Method for dynamically updating master controllers in a control system
Laser verification and authentication raman spectrometer (LVARS) detecting the stokes and/or anti-st...
Apparatus and method for automatically verifying a designed circuit
Fitting process for a neural stimulation system
Local authentication of a client at a network device
Process for the polymerization of olefins; novel polyethylenes, and films and articles produced ther...
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet thereof
Solid polymer electrolyte having high-durability
Control system for fuel cell
Method of converting a carbon-comprising material, method of operating a fuel cell stack, and a fuel...
Solid-oxide fuel cell system having an integrated air supply system
Production of hollow ceramic membranes by electrophoretic deposition
Apparatus for controlling vehicle drive system including engine with turbocharger, and lock-up clutc...
Compounds for the management of aging-related and diabetic vascular complications, process for their...
Copolymers based on ethylene and unsaturated carboxylic esters and their use as mineral oil additive...
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Mobile terminal initiated and assisted antenna selection
Sluice gate wall thimble
Electro-thermal dynamic stripping process
Method of making composite liner for oilfield tubular goods
Retaining wall system and method of making retaining wall
Tethered buoyant support for risers to a floating production vessel
Tunnel excavating machine and excavating method
Conversion of gypsum stacks to waste containment facilities and related construction and business me...
Illuminated sign and method for design
Coordinate position inputting/detecting device, a method for inputting/detecting the coordinate posi...
Flame-retardant polyamide molding compositions
Inclined-axis variable displacement unit
Method for measuring performance of code sequences in a production system
Program reception/execution apparatus that can commence execution of a machine program having only r...
Sequence learning toy
Assembly and method for penetrating the uterus of an animal during a non-surgical procedure
Integrated lancing and measurement device and analyte measuring methods
Two-plane balance for spindle motors
Method and apparatus for determining the tribology for a head/disk interface
System and method for using a holographic optical element in a wireless telecommunication system rec...
Data receiving device, data transmitting apparatus, data transmitting method, and image forming appa...
Stacking system and method
Portable computer pedestal method and apparatus
Aircraft engine mount with single thrust link
Formation of metal oxide gate dielectric
Dihydropyridines and new uses thereof
Indole derivatives and their use as 5-HT1F agonists
Tissue factor antagonists and methods of use thereof
Method and apparatus for providing interactive services with multiple interfaces
Process for generating an address directory
Electroacoustic communication device for use on protective headgear
Load management system for an electrical device
Telephone circuit surge protection module
Band pass and notch filters for echo reduction with less phase distortion
Double-talk insensitive NLMS algorithm
Tetrahydroisoquinoline compounds as estrogen agonists/antagonists
Domain isolation through virtual network machines
Solid delivery systems for aroma ingredients
Isolation of IgY (.DELTA.Fc) antibodies
Process for the preparation of 2-(4-alkyl-1-piperazinyl)-benzaldehyde and -benzylidenyl compounds
Benzimidazole derivatives, their production and use
Methods and apparatus for performing heteroscedastic discriminant analysis in pattern recognition sy...
Method and apparatus for baseline correction in x-ray and nuclear spectroscopy systems
System for intelligent control of an engine based on soft computing
Surveillance system and method having parameter estimation and operating mode partitioning
Design method of a logic circuit
Methods and circuitry for built-in self-testing of content addressable memories
System and method for asynchronously overlapping storage barrier operations with old and new storage...
Flexible switch members for hand activation handpiece switches
Automated sample handling for X-ray crystallography
Lactic ferment comprising a particular strain of lactobacillus acidophilus and use thereof
Textured whey protein product and method
Process for preparing a milk jam without added sugar
Toilet-disposable bag for aqueous disposal
Spool for spinning reel
Interlocking collar element apparatus and method
Precision medication dispenser
Pulmonary nodule detection using cartwheel projection analysis
Fluoroscopy machine with head mounted display
Method and apparatus for providing relationships in simple network management protocol management in...
Aqueous dispersions
Laminate film-foam flooring composition
Non-rewetting multi-fiber hand towel and methods of making same
Trial intervertebral distraction spacers
Motor shaft caulked within groove of eccentric load
Microwave grilling appliance
Oven chamber having a pass-through design
Means and methods for enhancing the content of sulfur compounds in plants
Apparatus for producing compost
Versatile strap for retaining objects
Folding structure
Gyroscopic toy
Interlocking balloons
Discovery toy and method of use
Ultra fine dead sea mineral compound and method of manufacture
SCUBA diver fairing
High speed drag reducing ventilation for marine vessel hulls
Towed acoustic source array system for marine applications
Extendable deck or room for a watercraft
Land anchor
Benzothiophenes with novel basic side chains