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Apparatus for the characterization of tissue of epithelial lined viscus
Timestamp-based timing recovery for cable modem media access controller
Immunoglobulin binding protein arrays in eukaryotic cells
Targeted interference subtraction applied to near-infrared measurement of analytes
Difuropyrone derivatives
System, method and apparatus for generating phrases from a database
Deploying plurality of sanpshots storing parameterized data description language strings with substi...
Shaped load-bearing osteoimplant and methods of making same
Device for monitoring a plurality of systems of an aircraft, in particular of a transport aircraft
Data storing method of dynamic RAM and semiconductor memory device
Procatalysts, catalyst systems, and use in olefin polymerization
Automatic prescription drug dispenser
Carbamate-functional resins having improved adhesion, method of making the same, and method of impro...
Writing instrument
Compositions and therapeutic methods using morphogenic proteins, hormones and hormone receptors
American flag pole cover
Biodegradable, electrically conducting polymer for tissue engineering applications
Frozen tissue microarray technology for analysis of RNA, DNA, and proteins
Plant aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
Vortex induced vibration suppression device and method
Method and apparatus for controlling a user's pc through an audio-visual broadcast to archive inform...
Recording medium with a signed hypertext recorded thereon signed hypertext generating method and app...
Method and device for influencing relevant quality parameters of a rolling strip
Positioning and navigation method and system thereof
Control for pipeline gas distribution system
Neutronic fuel element fabrication
.alpha.-hydroxyarylbutanamine inhibitors of aspartyl protease
Induction heating or melting power supply utilizing a tuning capacitor
Electroacoustic transducer comprising a membrane with an improved pleats area
Skin care cosmetic compositions containing phosphates and/or sulfates of branched alcohols and/or et...
Figure with proximity sensor
Method and system for manufacturing and servicing a computing product with the assistance of a wirel...
Talking book
Road map display device and redoce media for use in the same
System, method and apparatus for coupon processing and booklet
Traveler's accommodation
Automatic labeling of unlabeled text data
System and method for implementing an end office switch with enhanced functionality using an operati...
Key palette improvements
Voice clip search
Tension tools for tension band clip
Powder spray coating system
HTTP-based load generator for testing an application server configured for dynamically generating we...
Speaker verification and speaker identification based on a priori knowledge
Hypericum plant named `Kolmfir`
Hybrid stereoscopic motion picture camera with film and digital sensor
Gel catalysts and process for preparing thereof
Bag proteins and nucleic acid molecules encoding them
Processing method for motion measurement
Upregulation of type III endothelial cell nitric oxide synthase by agents that disrupt actin cytoske...
Ambulation control apparatus and ambulation control method of robot
Full-face helmet
Dahlia plant named `Dada Yellow`
Gas pipe explorer robot
Line concentrator with storage function
Program product storing image display program, image display program, image display method, and game...
Windsurfing board vent plug warning device
Method and apparatus for fast machine training
Simulated human interaction systems
Method of and system for comparing database records to determine connections between parties over a ...
Aerosol spraying apparatus
High-frequency oscillation patient ventillator system
Superalloy material with improved weldability
Apparatus and method for controlling viewing of video signals
Internet access via one-way television channels
Technique and apparatus to control the transient response of a fuel cell system
Data compression through adaptive data size reduction
Method for applying microwave shield to cover of microwavable food container
Multi-layer hologram label
Techniques for intelligent video ad insertion
Bilayer deposition to avoid unwanted interfacial reactions during high K gate dielectric processing
Non c-axis oriented bismuth-layered perovskite ferroelectric structure epitaxially grown on buffered...
Designs of reference cells for magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) MRAM
Method of updating a system environmental setting
Content development management system and method
Method and apparatus with enhanced jitter transfer characteristics in a phase-locked loop system
Apparatus for inspecting a fluorescent substance on a plasma display
Slurry hydrocarbon synthesis with fresh catalyst activity increase during hydrocarbon production
System and method for network address maintenance using dynamic host configuration protocol messages...
System and method for linking web sites
System for collecting tax data
Air bag system with biomechanical gray zones
Methods and apparatus for protecting information
Integrated audiotext-internet personal ad services
Circuit board assembly with integrated shaping and control of flow resistance curve
Using single lookup table to correct differential non-linearity errors in an array of A/D converters
Nanomachines fueled by nucleic acid strand exchange
Antimicrobial peptides and methods of use
Anticholinergics, processes for the preparation thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions
Treatment of disorders secondary to organic impairments
Control method of searching neighboring cells, mobile station, and mobile communication system
Thermal fixing device and an image forming device that rapidly executes a fixing operation
Rapid cryobaric sterilization and vaccine preparation
Computer implemented virtual sensor object and tangible medium utilizing same
Solid pharmaceutical formulation containing lovastatin and simvastatin, respectively, and its prepar...
Cyclic amino acid compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting...
(Hydroxyethyl)ureas as inhibitors of alzheimer's .beta.-amyloid production
Skin and muscle-targeted gene therapy by pulsed electrical field
Electrocardiogram compass
Method and system for eliminating error when packing or packaging sets of serialized products or oth...
Portable X-ray diffractometer
Device for removing a coating adhering to an intermediate carrier in an electrophotographic printer ...
Ghost artifact reduction
Circuit breaker having hybrid arc extinguishing function
Display device and method of driving the same
Polymer electrolytic fuel cell
Method for testing of known good die
Operator independent, transparent wireless modem management
Reflective-type liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing same
Continuous preparation of monoethanolamine, diethanolamine and triethanolamine
Optical member and liquid crystal display device
Antibacterial composition having xanthorrizol
FEBP1 Protein: vector, host cells and method for making FEBP1 protein
Port expansion system
Anthraquinone-azo dyes and use of such compounds
Low dielectric loss signal line having a conductive trace supported by filaments
Medical use for atypical .beta.-adrenoceptor agonists
Method and system for improving communication
Teeth whitening composition in the form of a chewing gum
Visual-tactile signage
Thin film phosphor-converted light emitting diode device
Acellular pertussis vaccines and methods of preparation thereof
Variant of C6 .beta.-chemokine leukotactin-1(shLkn-1) with enhanced biological activity
Computer-aided group-learning methods and systems
Copper alloy and process for obtaining same
Thunderstorm fear-reducing cape for dogs
Method and apparatus for securing control words
Virtually geostationary satellite array
Generic fault management method and system
Boat hoist hydraulic lift device
Storage area network methods and apparatus for identifying fiber channel devices in kernel mode
Avian astrovirus
Apparatus and method for adaptive hybrid ARQ concatenated FEC
Treatment of ocular neovascularization and related diseases
Ethylenedicysteine (EC)-drug conjugates, compositions and methods for tissue specific disease imagin...
Computer system, particularly for simulation of human perception via sense organs
Methods of hierarchically parsing and indexing text
System and method for detecting attempts to access data residing outside of allocated memory
Nucleic acid-containing polymerizable complex
Carbamate-functional resins having improved adhesion, method of making the same, and method of impro...
Methods and compositions for reducing or eliminating post-surgical adhesion formation
Method, array and kit for detecting activated transcription factors by hybridization array
Apparatus and methods for remote installation of devices for reducing drag and vortex induced vibrat...
Local network based multiple sensor device with electrical load control means and with temperature s...
Benzoylpyridazines, their preparation and use
Mechanical animal reproduction
Light weight head mounted image display device
Gel-coated materials with increased flame retardancy
Method of packet data transfer with hybrid ARQ
Acoustic muffler for turbine engine
Method and apparatus for adaptively compensating skews during data transmission on a bus
Method for remotely managing a remote device using an electronic mail message
Pre-coital and post-coital rinse with anti-viral and skin-protective zinc salts
Distributed electrical power management system for selecting remote or local power generators
Symphoricarpos plant named `Kolmsno`
Method, system, and program for diagnosing a computer in a network system
Dynamic signal detector system and method
Inorganic hydrogel flatting agents
Identifying substances using cells that express p75NTR
Multiple input waveguide grating router for broadcast and multicast services
Communication interface system, method and apparatus
Crystalline forms
Robot apparatus and robot apparatus motion control method
Adjustable configurable headwear
Dahlia plant named `Dada Pink`
Soil stabilization composition
Call center
Methods of dental repair using functionalized nanoparticles
Method, game machine and recording medium for displaying motion in a video game
Game machine, game device control method, information storage medium, game distribution device, and ...
Method for the production of phosphonomethylglycine
Architecture for robot intelligence
Access network authorization
Device for releasably attaching and storing a focusing straw onto an aerosol can
Mixed-mode liquid ventilation gas and heat exchange
Ni-base brazing alloy
RV safe
Electronic load for the testing of electrochemical energy conversion devices
Throwing toy with distance counter
Automated classification of items using cascade searches
Vehicle motion control system
Double door security system for aircraft and the like
Soybean cultivar 0120281
Voltage compensation in combination oven using radiant and microwave energy
Reduced access field inspection system and apparatus
Disk with holographic security label applied thereto and method of applying label
Device and method for flowing pellets
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory control device
Semiconductor memory device
Composite light-emitting device, semiconductor light-emitting unit and method for fabricating the un...
Method for concealing a cell site radio frequency antenna system
Body mounted mono-pod camera support assembly
Electro-optical display
Satellite-based communications system having an on-board internet web proxy cache
Shared file system
Chrysanthemum plant named `Cronus`
Automated conversion of a visual presentation into digital data format
Phosphate fluorosurfactants for use in carbon dioxide
Use of an okume resin extract in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields, and in particular in the de...
Methods and compositions for etch cleaning microelectronic substrates in carbon dioxide
Bladder submucosa seeded with cells for tissue reconstruction
Methods and compositions for programming an organic matrix for remodeling into a target tissue
Injectable chondrocyte-carrier suspension for treatment of vesicoureteral reflux and incontinence
Systems and methods for promoting tissue growth
Injectable bladder muscle cells-polymer suspension for treatment of vesicoureteral reflux and incont...
Injectable non-immunogenic cartilage and bone preparation
Systems and methods for promoting tissue growth
Angled hole ventricular catheter and method of making same
Sorbent composition and process for preparing it
Thermochromic ink safety label for chafing fuel cans and methods of making the same
Printing ink of new type and process for preparing same
Dryer for printed material
Transfer printing on textile material
Device for heating a meltable material
Mixtures of thermoplastic fluoropolymers
Plastic films
Honeycomb with varying channel size and die for manufacturing
Multilayer synthetic stopper
Embolic protection device
Multilumen catheter and methods for making the catheter
Use of water-insoluble polyoxyalkylene-polysiloxane block copolymers for defoaming aqueous media
Image transfer sheet, method for forming image on the image transfer sheet and image transfer method...
Data check circuit of magnetic disk device and data checking method of magnetic disk device
Disc recording apparatus, method for replacing sector on recording disc, and recording disc
Parallel read/write circuit and method for efficient storing/retrieval of data to/from a recording m...
Magnetic head with sectioned magnetic field regulator
System and method for an exchange stabilized AP-coupled free layer for MR heads
Switched node comprising a disk controller with integrated multi-port switching circuitry
Seek queue for improved disk drive performance
Damper for attenuating hard disk drive suspension vibration
Disk drive comprising a coating bonded to a printed circuit board assembly
System and methods for using offset information on a data storage medium
Method and circuit for providing velocity-controlled head loading or unloading
Particulate of sulfur-containing ore materials and heap made therefrom
Relationship management in an E-commerce application framework
Methods and compositions for therapies using genes encoding secreted proteins such as interferon-bet...
Replication-competent recombinant Sabin type 1 strain of poliovirus
Chimeric flavivirus vaccines
Recombinant proteins of a Pakistani strain of hepatitis E and their use in diagnostic methods and va...
Herbal pharmaceutical composition for treatment of HIV/AIDS patients
Nucleic acid amplification method hybridization signal amplification method (HSAM)
AL-2 neurotrophic factor nucleic acid
Adaptive vector correlator for spread-spectrum communications
Self-oscillating electronic discharge lamp ballast with dimming control
Workflow management system, method, and medium with personal subflows
Process for obtaining HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors of high purity
Program verifying method and system
System, apparatus and method for providing maintenance instructions to a user at a remote location
Q-switched cavity dumped CO2 laser for material processing
Heating at least one material layer, with electromagnetic and/or acoustic waves at an angle of inced...
Boundary identification and characterization through density differencing
Interleaver design for parsed parallel concatenated codes
Fuel cell system
Secondary battery control device and control method
Low Tg ethylene-based polymer, cycloolefin polymer blends
Use of phenethyl acrylamides, novel phenethyl acrylamides, method for the production thereof and age...
Photosensitive resin composition, porous resin, circuit board, and wireless suspension board
Aqueous enzymatic denture adhesives
Silver halide photographic emulsion and silver halide photographic lightsensitive material containin...
Computer assisted targeting device for use in orthopaedic surgery
Use of copolymers based on acrylamidoalkylsulfonic acids as thickeners in preparations comprising or...
Oxidation resistant carbon composites with improved friction performance and methods for making and ...
Optical radar with range and doppler measurement capability
Stain removing chewing gum and confectionery compositions, and methods of making and using the same
Illumination display having replaceable inserts
Acid addition salts of hydropyridine derivatives
Dentifrice compositions comprising a stable low water, phase comprising polyphosphate and ionic acti...
Three dimensional signage
Exfoliation resistant aluminium magnesium alloy
Medical record coat for dogs
Practical non-malleable public-key cryptosystem
Communication system, communication receiving device and communication terminal in the system
Preventing crease formation in donor web in dye transfer printer that can cause line artifact on pri...
Pontoon boat hauling apparatus and method
Automated DMA engine for ATA control
Preventing starvation of agents on a bus bridge
Acquisition of MR signals using multiple-quantum-coherence transfer
Bioreactor and bioprocessing technique
Retinoblastoma-like RRB gene of arabidopsis thaliana
Apparatus and method for reducing subcutaneous fat deposits by electroporation with improved comfort...
Test for linkage and association in general pedigrees: the pedigree disequilibrium test
Method/apparatus for preserving state of an event during powerup reset sequence based on state of an...
Ziegler-natta catalyst for narrow to broad MWD of polyoefins, method of making, method of using, and...
Absorbent article having good body fit under dynamic conditions
Heterocyclic modulators of nuclear receptors
Nucleic acid hairpin probes and uses thereof
Drainage pipe support/diverter system
Digital content distribution, transmission and protection system and method, and portable device for...
Combination therapy for HIV infections
Game call friction material
Method and apparatus for measuring NOx gas concentration
Liquid crystal display device in which the counter electrode and the pixel electrode have particular...
Method and system for treating air with an iodinated resin
Fault handling in a data processing system utilizing a fault vector pointer table
High availability processor based systems
System, method and computer program product for automatic generation of data processing program
Treatment of colds, flu like infections and other general nasal based infections with a solution con...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Joker`
Range finder for finding range by image realization
Software for executing automated tests by server based XML
Method and system for video browsing and editing by employing audio
Electrocatalytic enhancement with catalyst-modified carbon-silica composite aerogels
Mesoporous materials and methods of making the same
Variable optical attenuation collimator
Use of vital dye for facilitating surgical procedures for vitreo-retinal surgery
Position measurement apparatus and method using laser
Ceanothus plant named `Brass`
Environment resistant retaining wall planter block and methods of use thereof
Game screen display control method and character movement control method
Orthopaedic demonstration aid
Method of making shaped activated carbon
Method of multi-level facial image recognition and system using the same
Temperature controlling device for aerosol drug delivery
High-chromium containing ferrite based heat resistant steel
Floor stand retail display cart
Biometric based multi-party authentication
Cleaning method to prevent watermarks
Toy gun
System and method for systematic construction of correlation rules for event management
Load-based torque redistribution method in 4-wheel drive vehicle
Method and system for countering hostile activity aboard an airplane
Enhanced plant cell transformation by addition of host genes involved in T-DNA integration
Production of polygalacturonides and their use as food additives
Vehicle active drive assist device and vehicle provided with the same
Amusement ramp structure
225Ac-HEHA and related compounds, methods of synthesis and methods of use
Semiconductor-on-insulator circuit with multiple work functions
Ferroelectric random access memory configurable output driver circuit
Circuit and method of writing a toggle memory
Communication system having implemented point-to-multipoint-multicast function
Diagnostic system for a strobe lamp and its operating circuit
Apparatus and method for providing multimedia conferencing services with selective performance param...
Core for deflection yoke and its production method
System and method for caching JavaServer Pages.TM. responses
Information-handling system, method, and article of manufacture including and object search mechanis...
Dahlia plant named `Dada Deep Rose`
Row-based placement scoring and legalization measure for books with phase shift mask dependencies
Call management messaging system for integrating the internet with the public switched telephone net...
Metadata model
Metadata exchange
Query engine and method for querying data using metadata model
User interface for a computer screen
Generating multidimensional output using meta-models and meta-outlines
Dynamic recursive build for multidimensional databases and methods and apparatus thereof
Method and system for performing advanced object searching of a metadata repository used by a decisi...
Method and system for providing business intelligence web content with reduced client-side processin...
Voice code registration system and method for registering voice codes for voice pages in a voice net...
System and method for monitoring security systems by using video images
Humanized anti-CCR2 antibodies and methods of use therefor
Low water-soluble venlafaxine salts
Formulations for hydrophobic pharmaceutical agents
Synthetic HIV gag genes
Mechanism to disable the gathering of time consuming unnecessary information at boottime
Method of fabricating two layer cups and brassiere
Method of making a molded brassiere cup
Molded reinforced breast cup and method for making same
Method of preparing a resealable valve
Method of making molded brassiere cup
Laminate products suitable for making molded bra cups
Laminate products useful in the production of bra cups and process for making same
Somatostatin antagonists and agonists that act at the SST subtype 2 receptor
Detection and identification of enteric bacteria
Burst duration assignment based on fading fluctuation and mobility in wireless communication systems
Radio frequency driven ultra-violet lamp
Data compression method and recording medium with data compression program recorded therein
Three-dimensional position/orientation sensing apparatus, information presenting system, and model e...
Apparatus and method for presenting navigation information based on instructions described in a scri...
Display apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Method and apparatus for forming an image with no degradation
Method and apparatus for error correction
Oxirane production using peroxidized compound
Fuel cell and fastening method therefor
Catalyst inks and method of application for direct methanol fuel cells
Photosensitive monomer, photosensitive polymer and chemically amplified resist composition comprisin...
Method for cleaning off-gas flows
Fixing member, electroluminescent device using the member and backing substrate for the device
Cosmetic compositions
Styrene copolymer compositions having reduced surface gloss and composite articles incorporating sam...
Image forming device having sheet sensors
Ankle-foot orthosis and a method for making the same
Immune response modifier compounds for treatment of TH2 mediated and related diseases
Antenna array having air dielectric stripline feed system
Display tag holder
Processes and intermediates for preparing glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors
Polymeric material for artificial bone
Multiplication game
Electromagnetic wave suppressor sheet
Pet harness with quick connect stand-up leash
Method of starting a device protected against unauthorized use by a PIN without using an input
Kite device
Coordinate input device for preventing delamination of transfer portion
Method and apparatus for identifying clients using incoming option data
Triggerless optical reader with signal enhancement features
Method for reducing power consumption in battery powered devices
Electric-component supplying apparatus and circuit-board assembling method for feeding a plurality o...
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds which inhibit platelet-derived growth factor and/or p56lck tyros...
Compounds and methods for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Paddle support
Login architecture for network access through a cable system
Accelerator for toy vehicles having multiple engageable levels
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device wherein portions of second gate line overlaps ...
Rehabilitation corrective apparatus for walking and running for persons
High speed MAC address search engine
Blocked based design methodology
Method for controlling the access, such as medis access protocol, of a plurality of terminal adapter...
Poinsettia plant named `Festival Pink`
Stabilizing holder for hand held camera
Electric stringed musical instrument having frame body and percussion unit
Polishing pad comprising particles with a solid core and polymeric shell
Fabry-perot opitcal switch having a saturable absorber
Preservative free ophthalmic oxazolidinone antibiotic drug delivery systems
Wrist structure for a robot
Caladium plant named `Florida Moonlight`
Method for filling voids with aggregate material
System for processing records in a communications network
Haptic feedback device with button forces
Retrieval system of secondary data added documents in database, and program
Respiratory humidification system
Trash can receptacle
System and method for storing first and second files in a memory device
Message recovery signature apparatus
Polymer battery and method of manufacture
Intelligent data structure, processing apparatus, and medium using network
Occupant based frequency analysis algorithm
Power lever tactile cueing system
Selectable marker in plants
Method and apparatus for detection of multiple biological materials with a heterogeneous antibody mi...
Program execution system, program execution device, relay device, and recording medium
Semiconductor device and SOI substrate
Minimization of metal migration in magnetic random access memory
P-type transparent copper-aluminum-oxide semiconductor
Peer-to-peer communication in a radio network
Method and apparatus for time stretching to hide data packet pre-buffering delays
Magnetron with external terminals having connecting portions which are air-tightly connected to cath...
Method and system for annotating information resources in connection with browsing, in both connecte...
Method and apparatus for generating and modifying multiple instances of element of a web site
Distributed kernel operating system
Centralized deployment of IPSec policy information
XML methods and systems for synchronizing multiple computing devices
Speech recognition user interface
Method and apparatus for directing a game in accordance with speed of play
Gaming apparatus and method with game based credit roll-up time
Electro-mechanical coin operated capsule dispensing game system
Game device and medium memorizing a game program and readable by a computer for support players' tec...
Recording medium, optical recording device utilizing recording medium, and method of manufacturing r...
Functionalized nanoparticles
Method and associated pyrimido[4,5-d]pyrimidine-2,5-diones and pyrido[4,3-d]pyrimidin-2-ones for for...
3'-Desoxypentopyranosyl nucleic acid, its production and its use
Polyester polycarbonates of particular diphenols
Procyanidin and cyclo-oxygenase modulator compositions
Apparatus and method for locating coronary sinus
Method and apparatus for determining the positioning of volumetric sensor array lines
Microwave excited ultraviolet lamp system with improved lamp cooling
Method of increasing growth and yield in plants
Image forming apparatus
Stable oral care compositions comprising chlorite
Method of using a clot capture coil
Fiber-composite material and a method for producing the same
Pharmaceutical compositions based on anticholinergics and NK1-receptor antagonists
Packaging/display of products
Phosphinimine methanide transition metal catalysts
Pectate lyases
Retractable leash assembly
Ejection escape system for a passenger airplane
Multilayered common-mode choke coil
Network node management system and method using proxy by extensible agents
Systems and methods of molecular spectroscopy to provide for the diagnosis of tissue
System and method for placing a medical electrical lead
Medical electrical lead having an expandable electrode assembly
Designing force sensations for force feedback computer applications
Tree stand resting system
Battery and electrode including an active material, an electrically conductive material and a conduc...
Electrical appliance using lithium secondary batteries
Semiconductive rubber composition, charging member, electrophotographic apparatus, and process cartr...
Silicon-containing compound and organic electroluminescence device using the same
Bis AU(I) sensitizers and their synthesis
Steroid receptor modulator compounds and methods
Inhibition of p53-induced stress response
Method of treating dry eye disease with purinergic receptor agonists
Dehydration of aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons and aliphatic and alicyclic substituted aromatic...
System and method for interfacing between a media access controller and a number of physical layer d...
Antenna array for smart RFID tags
Methods and systems for detecting abnormal tissue using spectroscopic techniques
Method and apparatus for resolving coloring conflicts between phase shifters
System and method for detecting and characterizing gaussian pulses
Apparatus and method for analyzing brittleness of a system
Accurate positioner suitable for sequential agile tuning of pulse burst and CW lasers
Isolation of program translation failures
Method and system for describing predicates in disjuncts in procedures for test coverage estimation
Falling-film evaporator and corresponding air distillation plants
Dog assist harness
Method of using sound for attracting and grading fish
Method and apparatus for reducing noise artifacts in a diagnostic image
Method of imaging a joint in a body of patient
Fluorescence, reflectance and light scattering spectroscopy for measuring tissue
Tomographic reconstruction of small objects using a priori knowledge
Mark-free computer-assisted diagnosis method and system for assisting diagnosis of abnormalities in ...
Integrated circuit inductor with a magnetic core
Random copolymer compositions
Capstock polymer composition
Fuser member with fluorocarbon thermoplastics coating
Abrasion resistant coating compositions, methods for making them, and articles coated with them
Nanogel networks including polyion polymer fragments and biological agent compositions thereof
Flashing for roof penetrations
Primer for radiation curable coating compositions
Method for preparing dehydrated starch containing food products
Setting for gemstone or other type of jewelry
Diamond or gemstone
Cold-rolled steel sheet having excellent strain aging hardening properties and method for producing ...
Method for section reducing a steel tube to achieve excess fiber length of an elongate bundle of opt...
Steel golf club head having reduced face thickness and optimum distributed mass
Ultra-high strength cold rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Stretch leveler for steel and other metal strip
Method of three-dimensional rapid prototyping through controlled layerwise deposition/extraction and...
At least partially implantable system for rehabilitation of a hearing disorder
Multistandard video decoder and decompression method for processing encoded bit streams according to...
Method and system for efficient format, read, write, and initial copy processing involving sparse lo...
Processing device searching for an optimum value of a cost function by using dynamics
Operational control method, program, and recording media for robot device, and robot device
Method for functional brain imaging from magnetoencephalographic data by estimation of source signal...
Method for digital image interpolation and sharpness enhancement
Dispersion control fiber and method of manufacturing large size preform thereof
Structure for holding optical fiber
Optical fiber and method of making the same
Raman amplified optical system with reduction of four-wave mixing effects
Automatic receiver control upon initialization
Image display apparatus having audio output control means in accordance with image signal type
High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof
Light emitting diode module
Heating lamp brackets for reaction chambers of evaporation coating machines
Exterior rearview mirror for vehicles, in particular, for motor vehicles
Inserting conductive connection device of lamp rod
Vibration isolator for a vehicle-mounted light
Oligomeric hindered amine light stabilizers based on multi-functional carbonyl compounds and methods...
Polymer 1D photonic crystals
Use of sex steroids function modulators to treat wounds and fibrotic disorders
Human transferase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
System for generating industry-specific industry statistical information
Low molecular weight engineering thermoplastic polyurethane and blends thereof
Photobleach speckle and laundry detergent compositions containing it
Durable hydrophilic nonwoven webs and articles formed therefrom
Plastic closure with compression molded barrier liner
Composite laminate structures especially useful for automotive trim components, and methods and tie ...
Asphalt composites including fly ash fillers or filler blends, methods of making same, and methods f...
Operator directed routing of connections in a digital communications network
Processing fetal or neo-natal tissue to produce a scaffold for tissue engineering
Floating platform to obtain electric power from sea waves
Method and apparatus for forming blow molded plastic container with inclined mouth
Automatic carton loader
Top load seal protection feature
Carton with extended panel
Basket handle
Serotonergic agents with long-acting in vivo effects
Rapid-winding winch for amusement ride
Collapsible structures
Substituted phenyl derivatives, their preparation and use
Antidiabetic agents
Inhibitors of spermidine synthase for the treatment of osteoarthritis and cartilage rehabilitation
26,27-homologated-20-EPI-2-alkylidene-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Measuring esterase activity using fluorescent substrates as a way of evaluating cervical cancer
Second-order static magnetic field correcting method and MRI apparatus
Method of making a pole piece for an MRI
Process for preparing .alpha.-hydroxyamides and .alpha.-ketoamides on a solid phase support
Slow release insect repellent compounds and process for delivering active
Beta disubstituted metalloprotease inhibitors
Crease recovery of fabrics
Composition and method for bleaching a substrate
Laundry detergent compositions comprising zwitterionic polyamines
Laundry detergent compositions comprising zwitterionic polyamines
Remote computer system monitoring and diagnostic board
Cache configured to read evicted cache block responsive to transmitting block's address on interface
Liquid crystal display device having particular stacked layered structure at peripheral portion
Metatarsal arch support
Aluminum-base composite bearing material and method of producing the same
Device for measuring the angular speed of rolling contact bearings
Sensor and rolling bearing apparatus with sensor
Half bearing with grooves preventing leakage of lubricating oil
Locking device and its related assemblage
Opposed flow seal/bearing assembly
Open-end spinning apparatus with an aerostatic radial bearing for a spin rotor
Frangible bullet
Apparatus for discharging shells from an ammunition magazine, and a shell-discharging arrangement co...
Lockable firearm safety device
Spread spectrum transceiver module utilizing multiple mode transmission
Method for communicating audio data in a packet switched network
Floating-point processor with improved intermediate result handling
Acoustic array deployment system and method
Loss enhanced reflective optical filters
Methods and apparatus for constructing and implementing a universal extension module for processing ...
Dendritic taper for an integrated optical wavelength router
Light emitting apparatus
Single wavelength laser module
High voltage system having at least one device for optically detecting a parameter
Light beam scanning apparatus and image forming system incorporating such apparatus
Guest-host mode liquid crystal display device of lateral electric field driving type
Corynebacterium glutamicum genes encoding proteins involved in membrane synthesis and membrane trans...
Sustained-release preparation
Shoe incorporating improved shock absorption and stabilizing elements
Computer-based automatic document formatting method
System for processing a workpiece
Radio communication booster for portable radio transceivers
Cellular mobile telephone apparatus and an alarm device therefor
Method and apparatus for directional radio communication
Apparatus and process for producing gaseous oxygen under elevated pressure
Methods for building and using a network device database
Managing relationships of parties interacting on a network
Method and system for hybrid mail with distributed processing
Calibrachoa plant named `Kiecabul`
Substituted N-phenoxy-N-phenyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transf...
Substituted N,N-disubstituted fused-heterocyclo amino compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl es...
Safety devices for use in motor vehicles
Switch with integrated microphone aperture for a handheld computer
Steering apparatus in vehicle and industrial vehicle
Hybrid car
Music performance system
Adaptive optical waveguides
Amplitude tunable filter
Semiconductor interlayer dielectric material and a semiconductor device using the same
Wavelength power equalization by attenuation in an optical switch
Framework for multiple-engine based verification tools for integrated circuits
Cytofectin dimers and methods of use thereof
Altitude estimation system and method
Semicustom IC having adjacent macrocells
Half-cutting device and tape printing apparatus incorporating same
Digital single-lens reflex camera body
Optical fiber connector
Device and method for picking up and placing objects
Assembly for transporting material
System and method for efficient encoding and decoding of protocol messages
Information processing system
Dynamic control patches for better TRC control
Image forming apparatus
Systems, methods and graphical user interfaces for indicating a desired original document orientatio...
Retractable pin array identification apparatus and method
Process for preparing substituted pyridone compounds
Image stripping member, and image stripping apparatus and image stripping method using the image str...
Extruded styrene resin foams, and methods for producing the same
Automated personalized telephone management system
Riser guide
Hockey goal with positionable target goal nets
Outdoor sports game
Putting training device
Method and apparatus for selective positioning a wick material in a vapor-dispensing device
Exterior mirror with antenna
Thickener for textile printing which is a polymer dispersion and has improved biodegradability
Damping of oscillations in wind turbines
Modular dock system and method of construction
Retractable rudder system for water jet pump vessels
Presence awareness in collaborative systems
Automatic location identification system comparing stored field strength data and an actual cellular...
Integrated optical switches using nonlinear optical media
Method and apparatus for enabling transmission of variable length encoded data in a low signal to no...
Internet browsing using cache-based compaction
Variable encoding levels for encoding in-band control messages in wireless telecommunication systems
System for geosynchronous spacecraft rapid earth reacquisition
Spacecraft methods and structures for enhanced service-attitude accuracy
Method and apparatus for tracking data in a database, employing last-known location registers
Nasal mask for use in intermittent positive pressure ventilation therapy
Steam iron
Firearm replica
Perfumed liquid household cleaning fabric treatment and deodorizing compositions packaged in polyeth...
Direct methanol fuel cell including a water recovery and recirculation system and method of fabricat...
Electrophotographic apparatus and process cartridge
Image forming method and image forming device using same
Memory member, unit, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Supercapacitor and a method of manufacturing such a supercapacitor
Optical scanning device, image forming apparatus and optical scanning method
Color imaging forming method and digital image forming method
Magnetic wax applicator
Cleaning implement
Method of fabricating a trench-structure capacitor device
Magnetic random access memory
III-Nitride optoelectronic semiconductor device containing lattice mismatched III-Nitride semiconduc...
Color picture tube device
Powder coating of non-gelled product of addition polymer A and polymer B with mutually reactive grou...
Cationic photocatalyst composition and photocurable composition
Aldehyde modified cellulose pulp for the preparation of high strength paper products
Image-transfer medium for ink-jet printing, production process of transferred image, and cloth with ...
Ink for ink jet recording, ink set for ink jet recording, method for ink jet recording, ink cartridg...
Radio frequency data communications device
Switchable mirrors and retarders based on imbibed nano-column films
Stable N-oxly radical assisted emulsion polymerization under pressure
Method of selectively hydrogenating ethylenically unsaturated double bonds in polymers
Heat-sensitive adhesive material
Process for forming recyclable articles
Subterranean formation water permeability reducing methods
Cosmetic compositions containing dispersion polymers
Leave-on or rinse-out hair care conditioner compositions containing silicone quaternary compounds an...
Hair care compositions with diquaternary silicone polymers
Hair treatment compositions
Hair treatment compositions
Electrochemical cell having a cathode of a mixed phase metal oxide and method of preparation
Aldehyde donors for stabilizing peroxides
Phone with ambient temperature sensor and display
Double jacketed high intensity discharge lamp
Thiacrown polymers for removal of mercury from waste streams
Cellulose preservative method and apparatus
Method for reducing the chemical conversion of oxidizable or disproportionable compounds contacting ...
Use of chiral, uncharged metal compounds as dopants for liquid-crystalline materials
Method and apparatus for removing vapor phase contaminants from a flue gas stream
Virtual file system for dynamically-generated web pages
Method for balanced-delay clock tree insertion
System and method for limited fanout daisy chaining of cache invalidation requests in a shared-memor...
Synchronous content addressable memory
Computer implemented medical integrated decision support system
Keyless plastic saxophone
Fungicidal phenyl(thio)urea and phenyl(thio)carbamate derivatives
Process for conjugating carbon-carbon double bonds in oils
Huntington's disease treatment comprising administering aldose reductase inhibitors to increase stri...
Emulation of streaming over the internet in a broadcast application
Digital watermark inserting system and digital watermark characteristic parameter table generating m...
Method and computer program product for hiding information in an indexed color image
Data recording method, data outputting method, and data recording and/or reproducing method
Polymer coating for rubber articles
Vacuum management system on a variable displacement engine
Valve mechanism of internal combustion engine
Lost motion system and method for fixed-time valve actuation
Diagnostic method for logic used in vehicle
Measurement module and system for monitoring the status of armored vehicle electronic components
System, apparatus and method for testing navigation or guidance equipment
Method and system for controlling a drivetrain retarder
Rolling control apparatus and method of vehicle
Noncontact type tonometer
Trans-scleral method and apparatus for measuring intraocular pressure
Method for measuring the intra-ocular pressure through the eyelid and device for realizing the same
Hand-held non-contact tonometer
Sealed-type remote pressure-monitoring device and method for fabricating the same
Pencil sharpener
Stamping device
Package for paint
Protractor and drawing template
Ruler and drawing template
Ruler and drawing stencil
Terminal box and solar cell module
Structures and assembly methods for radio-frequency-identification modules
Radio frequency identification tagging, encoding/reading through a digitizer tablet
Electrical apparatuses, and methods of forming electrical apparatuses
Electronically detectable resonance label, in particular RFID label
Substrate processing apparatus
Method and packet-processing device for use in an active node included in an active network to alloc...
Control system of factory automation facility for seatbelt retractor assembly and method thereof
Clock synchronous semiconductor memory device
Striker bar for disintegrating breakable materials
Sharp gage for mill tooth rock bits
Hinged panel for furniture
Rock drill bit
Method and medical system for improved utilization of a medical appliance, and medical appliance
Method and base station for functional testing of a transmission and reception path
Silver alginate foam compositions
Surgical device and method for bone surgery
Dental implant abutment
Dental implant fixture
Cheese cutting
System and method for discouraging communications considered undesirable by recipients
Systems and methods for imbedded intramuscular implants
Method and system for transmitting messages to subscribers during the set-up stage of incoming telep...
Intracavity resonantly enhanced fourth-harmonic generation using uncoated brewster surfaces
Laser welded joint for implantable lead
Laser device management system
Method and devices for laser induced fluorescence attenuation spectroscopy (LIFAS)
Method for monitoring an optical waveguide, as well as monitoring system and monitoring unit for sai...
Method and installation for production of cement clinker
Method for encapsulating components
Oscillating air pressure generator, diaphragm unit, and high-frequency artificial respiration appara...
Method of preserving sulfonic acid-type cation-exchange resin modified with thiol-containing amine c...
Method for determination of 5-hydroxycreatinine
Biological filter for the purification of waste gases
Actuated bypass valve and method of using same for reducing swimming pool energy consumption
Method to generate a predetermined or predeterminable receiving characteristic of a digital hearing ...
Method of manufacturing a soft hearing aid
Apparatus and method for real time determination of materials' electrical properties
Metallurgical furnace with scrap metal preheater and dispenser
Maskless laser beam patterning ablation of multilayered structures with continuous monitoring of abl...
Organic electrolysis reactor for performing an electrolytic oxidation reaction and method for produc...
Computer system
Liquid cooling system and personal computer using thereof
Cooling structure of a projection tube
Nano carbon materials for enhancing thermal transfer in fluids
Vehicular lockup clutch-equipped transmission control apparatus and control method thereof
Predictive comfort control
Planar inductors and method of manufacturing thereof
On-wafer packaging for RF-MEMS
Method of determining speed of rotation of a motor and a computer software product to carry out the ...
System and method therefor of preventing fraud on pay phone credit/debit calling card authorization
PCNA associated cell cycle proteins, compositions and methods of use
Ratchet wrench
Effective channel length control using ion implant feed forward
Liquid formulation
Image processing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for adaptively sharpening local image content of an image
Method for generating intra-particle crystallographic parameter maps and histograms of a chemically ...
Method and apparatus for scoring the uptake of markers in cells
Measuring apparatus utilizing attenuated total reflection
Birefringence measurement
Polarized material inspection apparatus
Low power pulse oximeter
Reduced wire count voltage drop sense
Structural frame of a vehicle superstructure
Electronic video poker method and system having multiple poker hands
Bacterial growth inhibition in a circulation system comprising a compressor
Self-balanced compressor crankshaft
Suction gas valve apparatus of reciprocating compressor
Pump for pumping at two pressures
Vibratory pump improvement
Fiber optics systems for high purity pump diagnostics
Compressor provided with pressure relief valve
Musical instrument stand
Composition and method for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and hyperlipidemia
Certain alkylene diamine-substituted heterocycles
Ligand for enhancing oral and CNS delivery of biological agents
Rear bumper
Extended upper memory block memory manager
Write output driver with internal programmable pull-up resistors
Endovascular prosthesis
Self-expanding stent with enhanced delivery precision and stent delivery system
Tamper-resistant oral opioid agonist formulations
Stable emulsions useful for skin care wipes
Opioid agonist/antagonist combinations
Sunscreen composition
Sulfonyl aryl hydroxamates and their use as matrix metalloprotease inhibitors
Method for screening the risk of gastric cancer
Pyrogenicity test for use with automated immunoassay systems
Position transducer
Removal of water solubilized organics
Algal and nutrient control method for a body of water
Information processing system for composite appliance
Memory controller and method control method, and rendering device and printing device using the same
Apparatus, method, program, and information processing system for prioritized data transfer to a net...
Adaptive hybrid method for access to a transmission channel
Transfer apparatus and image forming apparatus
Optical module and production method therefor
Inhibitors of angiogenesis and tumor growth for local and systemic administration
Quantifying the effectiveness of an operation such as an inspection procedure
Image processing method for detecting human figures in a digital image
Method and system for controlling an avatar using computer vision
Communications system and control unit suitable therefor
Field creation in a magnetic electronic article surveillance system
Bridal accessory apparatus
System and method for maintaining wireless channels over a reverse link of a CDMA wireless communica...
High frequency electronic ballast
Specimen sensing and edge gripping end effector
Machining system
Object handling apparatus
Split collar for mechanical arm connection
Joining system head, joining system, and method of feeding and joining elements
System and method for detection of image edges using a polar algorithm process
Gel imaging and excision
Olefin copolymers and films and sheets
Thiophene-containing photo acid generators for photolithography
Apparatus for transferring data from a memory unit to a digitally switched potentiometer using a mic...
Communications and computing based urban transit system
System for and method of reducing or eliminating leakage with a vibrating seal
Surgical instrument
Portable computer with configuration switching control
Concurrent non-blocking FIFO array
Method and system for providing telecommunication services across networks that use different protoc...
Method and apparatus for driving a recording medium, method and system for recording and reproducing...
Method for controlling communication control apparatus
Cover plate, image scanning device and image forming apparatus
Developing device using a developing roller and image forming apparatus including the same
Optical switch
Contulakin-G, analogs thereof and uses therefor
Vasopermeability-enhancing conjugates
G protein-coupled receptors from the rat and human
Transplant media
Cationic lipopolymer as biocompatible gene delivery agent
Safety blanket for accident victim
Cut resistant yarns and process for making the same, fabric and glove
Piperidine/piperazine-type inhibitors of p38 kinase
Method and apparatus for washing or hydration of ophthalmic devices
Accommodative intraocular lens
Intraocular lenses and methods for their manufacture
System, method and computer program product for matrix tracking during vertex processing in a graphi...
Rendering pipeline
ABA triblock and diblock copolymers and methods of preparing the same
Method for producing a stable bond between two wafers
Face mask
All digital apparatus for bearing measurement of electromagnetic sources
Device for deflecting a material web
Erasing and cleaning device for cylinders, in particular printing-form and rubber-blanket cylinders ...
Cylinder having clamping shaft and shaft arresting device
Method for calibrating image recording equipment
Single component toner for improved magnetic image character recognition
Sheet material conveying apparatus with height-adjustable pockets
Method of controlling or regulating the vertical position of piled or stacked sheets
Multi-disk clutch
Method of correcting local, machine-based inking errors in rotary printing machines
Methods and compositions for reducing wear in internal combustion engines lubricated with a low phos...
Robust process identification and auto-tuning control
Smart antenna for RF receivers
Cryogenic propellant depletion system for a launch vehicle
Trough lifting mechanism
Mutual exculsion system and method for restarting critical sections of code when preempted during a ...
Orifice sealing physical barrier
Methods and compositions for linear isothermal amplification of polynucleotide sequences
Fluid cooled high temperature resistant floating barrier
Using secondary resource masters in conjunction with a primary resource master for managing resource...
Transflective liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method for the same
Shoelace adjustment mechanism
Method and a generating module for determining filter masks for relevance testing of identifiers
Method and apparatus for using an energy reserve to provide voltage to a power factor correction cir...
Color-stabilized electrochromic devices
Gaura lindheimeri plant named `My Melody`
Method of molding a low spin golf ball comprising silicone material
Bonded transducer-level electrostatic microactuator for disc drive system
Adhesive strip for opening nasal passages
Plasma enhanced pulsed layer deposition
Self-aligned conductive line for cross-point magnetic memory integrated circuits
Vertical cavity master oscillator power amplifier
Computer system having backup function with specified storage period of backup data
Assays using crosslinkable immobilized nucleic acids
Assay methods and systems
Cell surface display of proteins by recombinant host cells
Multi-level, portable and versatile exercise apparatus
Exercise device and kit
Un Exercise jacket
Exercise apparatus with elevating seat
Automatic spotting weight bench
Multi-exercise gym system
EKG based heart rate monitor with digital filter and enhancement signal processor
Magnetorheological fluid devices and process of controlling force in exercise equipment utilizing sa...
Adaptive physical education device
EKG based heart rate monitor
Adaptive weight device
Measuring and assessing cardiac electrical stability
Power transmission belt
Process and apparatus for controlling reaction temperatures
Cascade impactor and jet plate for same
Isometric exercise ball
Method for measuring the flow rates of the single phases in a multiphase fluid stream and relevant a...
Reconstruction and scan of 4D-CT
Method and system to test a substance for inflammatory or oxidant properties
A/D converter for performing pipeline processing
Ketone compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
Neomorphogenesis of urological structures in vivo from cell culture
Breast tissue engineering
Tissue formation by injecting a cell-polymeric solution that gels in vivo
Injectable bladder muscle cells-polymer suspension for treatment of vesicoureteral reflux and incont...
Retractable suture needle with self-contained driver
Injectable non-immunogenic cartilage and bone preparation
Directly visualized method for deploying a detachable balloon at a target site in vivo
Method of coating coils using a high solids fluorocarbon coating composition
Tubular films formed from cellulose/protein blends
Method and device for producing a sintered metal blank with internally disposed helical recesses
Extrudate shrinkage control and reduction
Expandable retaining shoe
Expandable retaining shoe
Floor assembly having an extrusion and snap connector
Thermal transfer recording sheet
Heat-sensitive recording material
Modified antistatic compositions and thermally developable materials containing same
Process survivable indicia on foam core imaging supports
Locking catheter
Fluid injection apparatus with improved contrast visualization
Fluid delivery systems, injector systems and methods of fluid delivery
Fluid management assembly having a vented outlet line for use in endoscopic procedures
Generational copy control of a video signal
Information recording/reproducing apparatus with details of the pickup support unit
Disk cartridge device for universally mounting and positioning disk cartridges having disks of diffe...
Magnetic sensor
Tunneling magnetoresistive head in current perpendicular to plane mode
Narrow track width magnetoresistive sensor and method of making
Magnetoresistive effect type of head, manufacturing method of magnetoresistive effect type of head, ...
Presence information method and system
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
Prokaryotic system designed to monitor protease activity
In vitro system for replication of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RDRP) viruses
Internally plasticizing and crosslinkable monomers and applications thereof
Metal nanoshells for biosensing applications
Amine compounds and inhibiting neurotransmitter reuptake
Pharmaceutically acceptable salt of amlodipine and method of preparing the same
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Method for automatically changing transmission power of three-sector base station in mobile communic...
Binding spreadsheet cells to objects
Image reading apparatus
Customer self service system for resource search and selection
Antibodies to peptides that target GIT receptors and related methods
Endothelin converting enzymes and the amyloid .beta. peptide
Virtual Holter
Method and system for using a graphics user interface for programming an electronic device
PCI and MII compatible home phoneline networking alliance (HPNA) interface device
Cleaning device with improved damping member and image forming apparatus using the same
Inherently de-coupled sandwiched solenoidal array coil
Hand-held tool
Matrix-type display device
Portable radio terminal capable of obtaining good polarization efficiency regardless of position and...
Active booster transformer system
Call rejection interface for internet protocols
Method for producing dot-printless light guide plate for liquid crystal display device using norborn...
Semi-continuous method for producing 4,4'-dihydroxydiphenyl sulfone
Transmission type screen
Resin liquid-crystal cell substrate, liquid-crystal cells and liquid-crystal display device
Integrin-linked kinase and its uses