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Biodegradable polymers, the production thereof and the use thereof for producing biodegradable moldi...
Nucleic acid probes for the detection and identification of fungi
Method of inhibiting NADPH oxidase
Transgenic rodent comprising APP-Swedish
System and method to support out-band storage subsystem management via SCSI bus when operating power...
Treatment and compounds
Head assembly, disk drive apparatus, hard disk drive and method for manufacturing disk drive apparat...
Write drive apparatus
Objective lens actuating device
Injection molded pliers with insert molded dual purpose reinforcing and implement structure
High gain local clock buffer for a mesh clock distribution utilizing a gain enhanced split driver cl...
Methods for identifying anti-cancer drug targets
Measuring the velocity of small moving objects such as cells
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride compounds having improved stability, toughness and a low rate of heat...
Binary data search method for selecting from among candidate data, and apparatus therefor
Apparatus, method and system for a wireless communication and local positioning system in an automat...
Ceramic substrate for photonic switching system
Receiving apparatus and transmitting/receiving system
Power source with evaporative emission recovery
Solid oxide fuel operating with an excess of fuel
Continuous process for producing carbonic acid diaryl ester
Precision gravity gradiometer optically measuring density variations in gases
Three-dimensional micro-coils in planar substrates
Integrated circuit inductor with a magnetic core
Gas diffusion substrates
Catalytic converter comprising perovskite-type metal oxide catalyst
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Low cost high solar flux photovoltaic concentrator receiver
Triarylphosphine oxide derivatives containing fluorine substituent and preparing method thereof
Method for forming incompletely landed via with attenuated contact resistance
Method for selective oxide etching in pre-metal deposition
Multipole connector assembly for low-voltage appliances
Cooking machine
Thermoplastic resin and fiberglass fabric composite and method
Exfoliated layered materials and nanocomposites comprising said exfoliated layered materials having ...
Portable GPS velosity/distance meter
Front-wheel-mounted electric motor for a wheeled vehicle
6-substituted pyrazolo [3,4-d] pyrimidin-4-ones useful as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Apparatus for removably interfacing a bicycle to a computer
Pizza peel with rotatable blade
Anti-tip devices for wheeled conveyances including wheelchairs and method related thereto
Structure of a bicycle for children
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction informat...
External fixator for immobilizing bone fragments, particularly in the area of the wrist
Integrated laptop antenna using two or more antennas
Flag set
Pressure reducing valve
Electronic equipment
Cell interconnect delay library for integrated circuit design
Method for transporting and installing a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Microstructured surface film assembly for liquid acquisition and transport
Methods and apparatus for redirecting network cache traffic
Attachable electro-impulse de-icer
Split image-forming method and device and split image-printing method and device for tape printing a...
Method and composition of a hydrophilic polymer dispersion containing an inorganic flocculant to be ...
Photothermographic material
Photosensitive copper paste and method of forming copper pattern using the same
Method for the removal of excess amounts of water-soluble amines from mannich condensation products
Process for the production of a polymeric film on a metal surface, and concentrate and treatment liq...
Method and device for echo suppression
Method and system for processing a telephone call
Method and system for providing multiple services per trigger
Nucleic acid probes and method for detecting Ureaplasma urealyticum
Information processing apparatus provided with branch history with plurality of designation ways
Process for producing polymers
Micro-serrated particles for use in color toner and method of making same
Audio device having the appearance of an animal
Toy top system and related methods
Control circuit between a port of a microprocessor and an actuator and method of maintaining the mom...
Drive assembly with mounting for rotating axle
Hand truck with electrically operated lifting platform
Fault reactive securely stopped vehicle method and apparatus
Portable radiotelephone equipped with a connector having ejection mechanism and detection switch
Polarization device
Device using a detection circuit to determine whether an output current thereof is source-induced or...
Launcher training system
Immunoassay method employing monoclonal antibody reactive to human iNOS
Methods and compositions for treating inflammatory response
Anchored strand displacement amplification on an electronically addressable microchip
Automated detection apparatus with a conveying means for test columns
Compositions for the inhibition of exoprotein production from Gram positive bacteria
Method and apparatus for providing certified time
Method for coating a press or transfer belt and a corresponding coated belt
Control system for controlling multiple compressors
Speed indication markings for tires
System and method for mapping a surface
High-speed data communication over a residential telephone wiring network
Processes and apparatuses for managing network devices
Operational system for operating on client defined rules
Method and system for content-based document security, routing, and action execution
Edge reflection type surface acoustic wave filter
Thermally driven micro-pump buried in a silicon substrate and method for fabricating the same
Method for controlling an internal combustion engine
Liquid crystal display device with TFTs on color filters, and method of manufacturing the same
Footwear sole
Photographing lens system
Bi-directional polarization-independent optical isolator
Information record medium with a record/reproduction area and a reproduction-dedicated area
Angulated semiconductor packages
Free-space diffraction measurement of a phase mask for fabrication of a waveguide Bragg grating
Method and system for performing problem determination procedures in hierarchically organized comput...
Method and apparatus for optimal critical netlist area selection
Antipicornaviral compounds and compositions, their pharmaceutical uses, and materials for their synt...
Process for the manufacture of arylsulfonyl chloride
Dahlia plant named `Karma Corona`
System of elements for the diffusion of sound in rooms deligated to the reproduction of music and sp...
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method of producing the same
Ferroelectric capacitor with electrode formed in separate oxidizing conditions
Wellbores utilizing fiber optic-based sensors and operating devices
Immobilized microbial consortium useful for rapid and reliable BOD estimation
Insoluble compositions for controlling blood glucose
Negative voltage driver circuit technique having reduced current flow to the negative supply voltage...
System for data transmission to recording device
Trunking inter-switch links
Biologically-inspired multi-segmented robot
Gripper assembly
Continuity switch for parts grippers
Workpiece gripper
Optical color matrixing using time delay and integration sensor arrays
Weight calculation for blending color transformation lookup tables
Electrochemical process to sever metal fibers
Wireless interaction with memory associated with a replaceable module for office equipment
Integrated micro-opto-electro-mechanical laser scanner
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation mannequin
Hover-effect craft
Data file processing
Persistent state database for operating system services
Determining trends using text mining
Microemulsion aerosol composition
Drug delivery system including holder and drug container
Dispersions of ionic liquids for photothermographic systems and methods of making such systems
Color photographic element comprising a multifunctional dye-forming coupler
Recyclable image-recording medium, surface of which has specified saturated swelling amount
Media pipeline with multichannel video processing and playback with compressed data streams
Clock supply device for use in digital video apparatus
Television receiver for teletext
Low-noise active-pixel sensor for imaging arrays with high speed row reset
Method and system for digital image stamping
Rail crossing video recorder and automated gate inspection
Method of forming a bond pad and structure thereof
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with magnetic memory cell array
Method for growing ZnO based oxide semiconductor layer and method for manufacturing semiconductor li...
Antimicrobial synthetic ion exchange resins
Antibacterial medicinal compositions
Production of agglomerates of inogatran and the compound inogatran anhydrate
Plasma display panel, method of driving same and plasma display apparatus
Circularly polarizing reflective material having super broad-band reflection and transmission charac...
Electrical fault detection circuit with dual-mode power supply
Stabilized halogen-containing polymers
Multilayer cholesteric pigments
Preparation of optical information recording disc and dye solution
Coal binder compositions and methods
Interferon-.beta. variants and conjugates
Capillary column including porous silica gel having continuous throughpores and mesopores
Apparatus and method for introducing an implant
Process for the surface polishing of silicon wafers
Laser plasma thruster
Fast-drying rendering and coating composition
Use of aqueous polymer dispersions for modifying mineral coatings for concrete moldings
Fluorescent colortone lamp with reduced mercury
Photochromic organic resin composition
Look-ahead tree structure
Two-dimensional/three dimensional graphic material and method of making same
Integrated circuit for lamp heating and dimming control
Method for microencapsulating of a solid substance
Microencapsulated drag reducing agents
Controlled release microencapsulated NGF formulation
Microencapsulation and electrostatic processing device
Sustained-release preparation capable of releasing a physiologically active substance
Method for microencapsulating a solid substance
Safety circuit with automatic recovery
Robot capable of gripping objects
Inspection apparatus
Wafer positioning check in vertical semiconductor furnaces
Timing calibration and timing calibration verification of electronic circuit testers
Robot touch shield
Mapped robot system
Carrier recovery and doppler frequency estimation
External nasal valve batten implant device and method
Acousto-optic devices utilizing longitudinal acoustic waves
Vehicle mounted travel surface and weather condition monitoring system
Cable sensor
Methods and apparatus for optically measuring polarization rotation of optical wavefronts using rare...
Magneto-resistive position sensor and variable reluctance controller interface circuit
Automotive electronic safety network
Apparatus for the remote measurement of physical parameters
Method of producing L-amino acids by fermentation
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Race condition detection and expression
Method for the production of itaconic acid using aspergillus terreus solid state fermentation
Method and systems for scalable representation of multimedia data for progressive asynchronous trans...
Optimal dissimilarity method for choosing distinctive items of information from a large body of info...
Tricyclic compounds for the inhibition of the ICE/ced-3 protease family of enzymes
Drosophila recombination-associated protein and methods for use
Kinematic analysis of conically scanned environmental properties
Programmable logic controller method, system and apparatus
Method for recording and transmitting a multi-channel ECG and an arrangement as a portable recorder ...
System and method for monitoring lighting systems
Program guide system with real-time data sources
Method and apparatus for use of an application state storage system in interacting with on-line serv...
Method and apparatus for filtering measurements used in a generalized positioning system
Medical instruments and techniques for treatment of gastro-esophageal reflux disease
Lever coil sensor for respiratory and cardiac motion
Gloss control method and apparatus with disposable toner cartridges containing clear toners
System bus read data transfers with bus utilization based data ordering
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for optically scanning a vehicle wheel
Tapered polygon coupling
Signal distribution system with integrated IR signal control
Digital signature providing non-repudiation based on biological indicia
Method and system for hierarchical metal-end, enclosure and exposure checking
Crystalline farnesyl protein transferase compositions and methods for use
Elastomer composition and thermoplastic resin composition containing the same
Integrated process and dual-function catalyst for olefin epoxidation
Method and apparatus for locating constants in combinational circuits
Visible light emitting diodes fabricated from soluble semiconducting polymers
High-boiling electrolyte solvent
Two pole coupling noise analysis model for submicron integrated circuit design verification
Electrical distribution system and method of monitoring and/or controlling same
22438, 23553, 25278, and 26212 novel human sulfatases
Devices and methods for preventing distal embolization using flow reversal in arteries having collat...
Porous tissue scaffoldings for the repair or regeneration of tissue
Method of ciphering data transmission, and cellular radio system
Gastric treatment and diagnosis device and method
Aniline derivatives possessing an inhibitory effect of nitric oxide synthase
Hydrolytically degradable olefin copolymers
Apparatus for spectroscopic analysis of a fluid medium by attenuated reflection
Methods of running and washing spiral wound membrane modules
Macromers of poly (hydroxyalkanoates)
Stable peroxide dental compositions
Taste masking of phenolics using citrus flavors
Coffee maker
Wafer transferring robot
Sensor array-based system and method for rapid materials characterization
Multicomponent ion exchange resins
Optical disc copy management system
Process for preparing salts of dialkylphosphinic acids
Packaging for individually microwaveable portions of food items
System for hydrogen generation
Metered dose inhaler for albuterol
Method and apparatus for accurately determining the position of satellites in geosynchronous orbits
System and method for rapid shape digitizing and adaptive mesh generation
Method and apparatus for generating sub pixel masks in a three dimensional graphic processing system
Image display panel having a backlighting structure and a single-layer pixelated aray of reflective-...
Positive column AC plasma display
Method and apparatus for a three-dimensional graphics processing system including anti-aliasing
Liquid crystal display with optical compensator
Detecting image cell position with subpixel accuracy
Instructional plan generating and monitoring system
Conveyance of stimulable phosphor sheet
Method and apparatus for designing an RF coil assembly
Asymmetric arrangement of permanent-magnetic elements for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Multi-channel phased array coils having minimum mutual inductance for magnetic resonance systems
Magnetic resonance scanner with electromagnetic position and orientation tracking device
Downhole NMR tool antenna design
Cross-linked polymer compositions and methods for their use
Structure having spatially separated photo-excitable electron-hole pairs and method of manufacturing...
Polymerizable compounds and use thereof
Dual-mode modulation systems and methods including oversampling of narrow bandwidth signals and DC o...
Unsaturated derivatives at the 4-position of 6-tert-butyl-1,1-dimethylindane and their use in human ...
Stabilized protein particles for inducing cellular immune responses
Camera with built-in electronic flash and electronic flash device
Treatment of arteriosclerosis and xanthoma
Human bad polypeptides, encoding nucleic acids and methods of use
Methods to identify .beta.-amyloid reducing agents
Snow melt paper
Quasi-static viscometer
Three capillary flow-through viscometer
Apparatus and method for capillary viscometry of fluids
System for magnetorheological finishing of substrates
Method of continuously testing the accuracy of results obtained from an automatic viscometer
Fluid-sealed refractometer having data transmission means
Device for reproducible positioning of optical surfaces
Method for integrating anti-reflection layer and salicide block
Solid state image sensor using an intermediate refractive index antireflection film and method for f...
Method of producing calibration structures in semiconductor substrates
Intermediates for the preparation of substituted 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives
Uniform drug delivery therapy
Method for preparing microparticles having a selected polymer molecular weight
Combination and method of treatment of cancer utilizing a COX-2 inhibitor and a 3-hydroxy-3-methylgl...
Retractable rear-view mirror for motor vehicles
Exterior rearview mirror for vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles
Rearview mirror for vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles
Extendable mirror
Aminoplast-based crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Method of manufacturing glass parts for connection of optical fibers, method of manufacturing mother...
Grey glass composition including erbium and holmium
Process for manufacturing a recyclable zinc-containing black enamel composition
Method and apparatus for making high refractive index (HRI) film
Digital power control system for a multi-carrier transmitter
Method and system for providing a visual search directory
Apparatus and method for bioelectric stimulation, healing acceleration and pain relief
System and method for providing directions using a communication network
Method and apparatus for identification of objects
Control device for wearable electronics
Elastic structure and a diaper
Compositions comprising a thermoplastic component and superabsorbent polymer
Parcel restraint for automobile seat
Transmitter of a mobile station in a CDMA communications system and method therefor
Circuit arrangement
Implementation of virtual telephony endpoints in communications gateways
Information processing system
Automatic rise time adjustment for bi-level pressure support system
Centrifugal fermentation process
Method and apparatus for evaluating the quality of a semiconductor substrate
Process for producing simvastatin and/or its derivatives
Method and apparatus for reducing switching noise of a digital volume control
Method of inhibiting NADPH oxidase
Method and composition for modulating amyloidosis
Horizontal reference marker
Method and apparatus for transferring data between a primary storage system and a secondary storage ...
Scaled quadrature pulse signal generator
System and method for real-time electronic engine control
Method, system, and apparatus for medical device training
Process for the double-sided printing and/or coating of a substrate
Dual-density header fin for unit-cell plate-fin heat exchanger
Circuit and method for convolutional interleaving using a single modulo operation
Method for distributing a periodical
Method and apparatus for identifying and repairing mismatched data
Identification and characterization of a Dwarf and Late Flowering 2 phenotype (DLF2) in Arabidopsis
Biocompatible articles and method for making same
Laminated foam sheet and the molded body thereof for vehicle interior
Process for producing polyethylene
Charging method for charging nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Models and technique for automated fault isolation of open defects in logic
Hydrogen generation by electrolysis of aqueous organic solutions
Biological materials and methods useful in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
Database for designing integrated circuit device, and method for designing integrated circuit device
Mobile information terminal equipment and portable electronic apparatus
Passband equalizers with filter coefficients calculated from modulated carrier signals
Head slider having pads that do not direct dust across the float patterns
Facsimile communication devices, communication systems and facsimile communication methods
Drive circuit and LED head incorporating the drive circuit
MR imaging method and MRI apparatus
Mortar composition, curable by frontal polymerization, and a method for fastening tie bars
Wireless apparatus and method for analysis of piles
Tyre foundation structure
Method for reducing frictional losses in tunnels
Soil and groundwater remediation system
Reinforced composite material
Method of using a trench forming assembly having removable pin anchoring mechanism
Identification of redundancies and omissions among components of a web based architecture
Sensor array for rapid materials characterization
Monitoring system for monitoring processing equipment
Implanted medical device telemetry using integrated microelectromechanical filtering
Television tuner employing micro-electro-mechanically-switched tuning matrix
IV fluid warming system with detection of presence and alignment of cassette
Hybrid power supply control system and method
Substrate transportation container
Method for preparing highly stabilized hydroxylamine solutions
Rear projection screen containing Fresnel lens sheet utilizing alternative focal lengths
Data stream splitting and storage in graphics data processing
In-office tooth whitening
Compositions and methods for fumonisin detoxification
Electrophotography photosensitive body
Artificial spinal disc
Measurement radio system for producing operating information for traffic radios
Advertising brochure and method for its use
Display device
Elastic crawler shoe
Can end manufacturing system and press therefor
Control method and apparatus for plate material processing machine
Tool holder unclamp mechanism for a milling machine
Enabling accurate demodulation of a DVD bit stream using devices including a SYNC window generator c...
Method and apparatus for fast processing of selected packetized data requests
Method and apparatus for writing data in a disk drive
Image enhancement method and apparatus for internet printing
Data processing system having plurality of processors and executing series of processings in prescri...
Information processing system device control method, information processing system device and softwa...
Image editing system and image forming system
Defect integrated processing apparatus and method thereof
Image pickup apparatus
Semiconductor device for display control
Liquid crystal display device
Cross-platform program, system, and method having a system independent registry for use on operating...
Method and apparatus for managing code test coverage data
Loading software files in client-server and object oriented environment
Data integrity in smartcard transactions
Data processing apparatus and method in which a logical device control program analyzes an inputted ...
Method and system for defining an efficient and reliable meshing of CP-CP sessions in an advanced pe...
Verification of image data
Synthetic polysaccharides, preparation method therefor and pharmaceutical compositions containing sa...
Cardiac function comprising implantation of embryonic stem cell in which differentiation has been in...
Hydromechanical transmission
Mass flowmeter methods, apparatus, and computer program products using correlation-measure-based sta...
Dual loop coriolis effect mass flowmeter
Coriolis flowmeter having an explosion proof housing
Sleeve insertion system with edge guide feature
Gear box
Method and apparatus for attaching sleeves to shirt bodies
Motor assembly with gear housing containing pinion gear support bearing
Scroll compressor drive having a brake
Scroll compressor for natural gas
Oldham coupling for scroll machine
Scroll compressor discharge muffler
Compressor pulse width modulation
Method and system for three-dimensional topographical modeling
Process for producing nodular cast iron, and casting produced using this process
Indeno[1,2-C]pyrazole derivatives for inhibiting tyrosine kinase activity
7-Substituted isoindolinone inhibitors of inflammation and reperfusion injury and methods of use the...
Indazole compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting protein kinases, and methods for t...
2-phenyl benzimidazole derivatives as MCP-1 antagonists
Compounds, their preparation and use
Thermogenic composition and benzazepine thermogenics
Methanol to olefin process with increased selectivity to ethylene and propylene
Manufacturing process for .alpha.-olefins
Process for the preparation of spherically shaped microcomposites
Process for the conversion of waste plastics to produce hydrocarbon oils
Single-carbon bridges bys cyclopentadienyl compounds and metallocene complexes thereof
Light oil composition
Method for the production of cobalt catalysts supported on silicon dioxide and their use
Apparatus and method for generating on-screen-display messages using true color mode
Channel selection methodology in an ATSC/NTSC television receiver
Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding digital video data operable to remove noise from subt...
Computer interconnection system having analog overlay for remote control of the interconnection swit...
Method and apparatus for reformatting auxiliary information included in a television signal
On-screen-display circuit
Apparatus and method for generating on-screen-display messages using stored bitstreams
Non-crushable, non-friable, non-breakable carbon catalyst supports
Effect pigments with improved colorant adhesion
Fluid irradiation system with lamp having an external drive coil
Method and apparatus for analyzing small signal response and noise in nonlinear circuits
Method to compress linguistic structures
Segmentation approach for speech recognition systems
Adjustable length antenna system for RF transponders
Mobile internet communication protocol
Portable pneumatic tool assembled with module units
Diaphragm-type process pump for transferring various fluids by moving a diaphragm with compressed ai...
Linear drive
Motorsports mailbox
Fungicidal compositions based on metalaxyl
Device and method for noninvasive, user replacement of an inoperable boot program
Aquarium cleaning system
Adapter and syringe for front-loading medical fluid injector
Excimer laser device
Step bar cradle and trim channel
System and method for obtaining and displaying an interactive electronic representation of a convent...
Automated on-line commerce method and apparatus utilizing a shopping server verifying product inform...
Diagnostic agent and method to determine pregnancy in ruminants
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibito...
Vaccines comprising synthetic genes
Suppression of proteolytic activity by dysfunctional protease formation
Molecularly cloned acquired immunodeficiency syndrome polypeptides and their methods of use
Methods for increasing a cytotoxic T lymphocyte response in vivo
Lantana plant named `Robpatdee`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Valentino`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balfieblus`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balolecher`
Calibrachoa plant named `Illumination Blue`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balolefro`
Spiraea plant named `Sparkling Carpet`
Process for increasing the persistence of at least one cosmetic effect and/or care effect of a cosme...
Cosmetic preparation, surface-hydrophobized silica-coated metal oxide particles, sol of silica-coate...
Cosmetic article having improved dispensing structure
Article sorting system and method
Make-up case and kit
N(CF3)2 anion generation and its use
Friction facing composition and method of manufacture
Method for making and using a metallocene catalyst system
Servo-amplifier for a multiaxis driving control system
Reduction of carbonyl compounds by a silane in the presence of a zinc catalyst
Secreted protein HT5GJ57
Use of modified ingredients and feed to improve performance and/or utilization of animals
Crystalline disodium pamidronate hydrate and process for preparing it
16835, a novel human phospholipase C family member and uses thereof
Method for making integrated circuits having gated clock trees
Prototype-based virtual in-line sparing
Data processing apparatus
Receiver deskewing of multiple source synchronous bits from a parallel bus
Method and apparatus for determining lipid rancidity
Process for the preparation of materials with a high content of long chain polyunsaturated fatty aci...
Methods for treating cholesterol-containing foodstuffs using live ciliates
Methods and apparatus for non-invasively identifying conditions of eggs via multi-wavelength spectra...
Spinning reel spool
Therapeutic polymorphs of a GABA-A alpha-5 inverse agonist and pamoate formulations of the same
Component member of fishing reel
Correlated histogram representation of Monte Carlo derived medical accelerator photon-output phase s...
Trajectory storage apparatus and method for surgical navigation system
Magneto-acoustic imaging
Simplified stereotactic apparatus and methods
Stereotactic frame
Method for determining a coordinate transformation for use in navigating an object
Recloseable pouch with reinforced handle and method of making same
Cell pin extensions for integrated circuits
Bioresorbable hydrogel compositions for implantable prostheses
Methods and apparatus for beaming power
Optical lens in transparent organic polymer material with high refractive index and high Abbe number
Method and apparatus for making ceramic cores and other articles
Backup power supply charged by induction driven power supply for circuits accompanying portable heat...
Process for the preparation of materials with a high content of long chain polyunsaturated fatty aci...
Methods for suppressing appetite and enhancing exercise and recovery
Compositions for increasing energy in vivo
Two-component, heat-sealable films
Frozen sushi ingredients for roll cores
Compound dip process for metal cans
Continuous casting nozzle for molten steel
Process and device for producing a steel strip or sheet
Low viscosity thermoplastic compositions for moisture vapor permeable structures and the utilization...
System and method of bolus-chasing angiography with adaptive real-time computed tomography (CT)
Method and system for remote control of mobile robot
Method and device for locating and mapping nerves
Ocular examination system
Apparatus and method of correcting layout pattern data, method of manufacturing semiconductor device...
Method for localizing and isolating an errant process step
Image retrieval apparatus and method, and computer-readable memory therefor
Interpolating operation method and apparatus for image signals
Creating high resolution images
Dynamic calibration method
Mathematical model for gray scale and contrast enhancement of a digital image
Arcuate fiber routing using stepped grooves
Structure for retaining optical fiber
Cable exit trough with cover
Optical fiber distribution frame with connector modules
Fiber-optic cable routing and bend limiting device and system
Process for producing an article having a predetermined surface shape and optical waveguide element
Optical fiber and method of manufacturing the same
Navigation system with route designating device
Discrete cosine transform method and apparatus
Image display method, image processing system, and recording medium
Removal of fixed pattern noise and other fixed patterns from media signals
Enhanced digital detector and system and method incorporating same
Quantizing method and device for video compression
Reflectors and transflectors
Antenna system and method for manufacturing the same
Illumination device for safety triangle
Portable fluorescent drop-light
Cathode ray tube
Omnidirectional light with protected in-ground light source
Vehicle light
Magnetic disk, method of accessing magnetic disk device, and recording medium storing disk access co...
Medical instrument container
High efficiency wetted surface cyclonic air sampler
Golf balls formed of compositions comprising poly (trimethylene terephthalate) and method of making ...
Polyolefin-tie material free barrier carton with polyethylene terephthalate product contact layer
Chemical indicator for determining the adequacy of a liquid sterilization process
Apparatus and method for manufacturing a shoe upper
Frozen tissue microarrayer
Nematode-extracted serine protease inhibitors and anticoagulant proteins
Bone marrow-specific protein
Expression vectors for stimulating an immune response and methods of using the same
Recombinant DNA molecules encoding aminopeptidase enzymes and their use in the preparation of vaccin...
Foam control composition and method for controlling foam in aqueous systems
Process and apparatus for the production of synthesis gas
Injectable implants for tissue augmentation and restoration
Method and apparatus for selectively targeting specific cells within a mixed cell population
Vehicle recorder system
Method of stacking seismic traces
Multilayer printed-circuit board and semiconductor device
Uniform mechanism for building containment hierarchies
Extended keyboard support in a run time environment for keys not recognizable on standard or non-sta...
Method of determining the timing for reclaiming a remote object
Speech recognition control of remotely controllable devices in a home network environment
Magneto-optic head with burnishing feature
Braking device for a bicycle
Drive unit for an electrically operated vehicle
Method for producing toner
Cellular network having a concentrated base transceiver station and a plurality of remote transceive...
Use of water and acidic water to purify liquid MOCVD precursors
Protease inhibitors
Protected one-vial formulation for nucleic acid molecules, methods of making the same by in-line mix...
Tumor necrosis factor receptor homologs and nucleic acids encoding the same
Pulmonary and circulatory blood flow support devices and methods for heart surgery procedures
Chlorin and bacteriochlorin-based aminophenyl DTPA and N2S2 conjugates for MR contrast media and rad...
Extended organic cobalt and nickel magnetic complexes
System recovery by restoring hardware state on non-identical systems
Device to take in fumes and cool the roof of electric furnaces
Process for the manufacture of tablet detergent compositions
Bleaching compositions
Bleaching compositions
Extrudable multiphase composition comprising lamellar phase inducing structurant in each phase
Extrudable multiphase composition comprising a lamellar phase and an isotropic phase
Surface bonded entangled fibrous web and method of making and using
Method for characterizing complex fluids and appliances resulting from said method
Method and apparatus for suppressing drillstring vibrations
Skin care cosmetic compositions containing carboxymethylates of branched alcohols and/or ethoxylates...
Wash water recirculation unit and system for kitchen ventilators and related ventilation equipment
Bottle-type timer
Method and system for representing hierarchical extracted resistance-capacitance files of a circuit ...
Separation member extrusion
Pulling apparatus
Motorcycle jack adapter
Tote cart
Balanced small basket shopping cart
Film pre-exposed apparatus and method
Luminous function display device for a camera
Finger actuated device having a proximity detector
Photometry device
Lens drive and lens shutter unit
Camera having mechanically linked zoom lens, retractable flash device and variable flash angle
Biochip and method for fabricating the same
Microelectromechanical device with moving element
Goal based educational system with support for dynamic characteristics tuning using a spread sheet o...
Method and apparatus for detecting the endpoint of a chamber cleaning
Pipette device with tip ejector utilizing stored energy
Method and device for obtaining calibration data of mechanical press, and load display device for me...
Dual purpose floor mat
Method and apparatus for providing a time-division multiplexing (TDM) interface among a high-speed d...
Oxa acids and related compounds for treating skin conditions
Prolonged anesthesia in joints and body spaces
Method and apparatus for measuring heat flow
Instrument system for the operative correction of vertebral displacements
Cycloaddition functional polymers from (vinyl) polystyrene
Multiple-light cold-cathode tube lighting device
Coating film formation method
Charge control agent and toner for developing electrostatic images
Rotatable and pivotable amusement apparatus
Composite landing surface for sports
Amusement ride with pivotable motion base
Uniform motivation for multiple computer-assisted training systems
Adjustable pedestal for starting platform for swimming pool
Dynamic range compressor-limiter and low-level expander with look-ahead for maximizing and stabilizi...
Radio apparatus, especially a mobile telephone
Method and apparatus supporting short message services in a wireless number portability environment
Telecommunications network and method for routing incoming calls for MTC services
Wireless centrex conference call adding a party
Event manager for use in fraud detection
Vehicle engine torque control with engine drag control mode
Tactile feedback control for steer-by-wire systems
Robust determination of hand-wheel position
Air bag having excessive external magnetic field protection circuitry
Vehicle drive unit
Transfer case for hybrid vehicle
Current limiting arrangement and method
Hydrogen sensor apparatus and method of fabrication
Electrochromic mirror
Laser irradiation method, laser irradiation apparatus, and semiconductor device
Microlens array, method of manufacturing the same, and optical device and electronic apparatus using...
Active driving circuit for display panel
Organic electroluminescence driving circuit, passive matrix organic electroluminescence display devi...
Group III nitride light emitting devices with gallium-free layers
Method to fabricate thin insulating film
Bacterial receptor structures
Controlled release formulations
FM transmitter
Two stage low voltage ferroelectric boost circuit
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory having a voltage selection circuit
Portable computer with detachable battery pack
Motor driving circuit, a method for driving a motor, and a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Motor with rotator having shaft insertion sections with different internal peripheral surfaces
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Insert-molded helmet
Interactive training application
Video karaoke system and method of use
System and method for dyslexia detection by analyzing spoken and written words
ATM communication system interconnect/termination unit
System and method for preparing customized printed products over a communications network
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Method and apparatus for dynamically controlled buoyancy of towed arrays
Gaming system with individualized centrally generated random number generator seeds
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Gaming machine
Ball selector and display device for use with gaming devices
Game machines and method of upgrading game machines
Electronic amusement device and method for operating same
Electronic water-emitting toys that activate via a signal beam
Animation device for graphic or plastic representations
Shaped soap product comprising talc, one or more fatty acids in the form of their alkali soaps and o...
Process for manufacturing a hydroxyester derivative intermediate and epoxy resins prepared therefrom
Antibacterial cleaning wipe
Design and hardware synthesis of adaptive weighted fuzzy mean image filter
Method and apparatus for adaptive prioritization of multiple information types in highly congested c...
Multikeyed table implementable on a personal digital assistant
Intermittent aerosol dispensing valve
Safety holster for preventing access to a firearm by unauthorized users
Absorbent articles having a lotion resistant adhesive
Bottle with cup
Lactic acid processing; methods; arrangements; and, products
Compositions and methods enabling a totally internally controlled amplification reaction
Toxins active against pests
Electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Toy cargo transfer apparatus
Method and apparatus for informing analysis result of database
System for processing protocol for internet services employing serial line and ATM network
Chain of custody business form with automated wireless data logging feature
Compositions corresponding to a calcium transporter and methods of making and using same
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease
Methods and compositions to alter the cell surface expression of phosphatidylserine and other clot-p...
Metal-oxide electron tunneling device for solar energy conversion
Electronic component
Accumulation saturation by means of feedback
Method for modifying code sequences and related device
Standard block architecture for integrated circuit design
Low-latency circuit for synchronizing data transfers between clock domains derived from a common clo...
Prefabricated laminated wood member
Isolated algal lipopolysaccharides and use of same to inhibit endotoxin-initiated sepsis
Polyspecific binding molecules and uses thereof
Sialidase localized in plasma membrane DNA coding for the same
Dynamic driving vacuum fluorescent display
Methods of drying optical fiber coatings
Fast-dry, high solids coatings based on modified alkyd resins
Block copolymer composition, process for producing the same, and pressure-sensitive adhesive composi...
Treatment of ocular disorders
Thermal digital lithographic printing plate
Method of manufacturing bonded magnets of rare earth metal, and bonded magnet of rare earth metal
Hyperbranched polyureas, polyurethanes, polyamidoamines, polyamides and polyesters
Manufacturing process of microcapsules for sustained release of water soluble peptides
Fibrate-statin combinations with reduced fed-fasted effects
Crosslinkable polymer composition
Polysilazane/polysiloxane block copolymers
Catalyst for reducing nitrogen oxides in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres
Process for in situ synthesis of supported heteropoly acids and salts thereof
Multi-component material for uncooled thermal imaging and graphical method for the determination the...
Synthetic crystalline aluminosilicate zeolite having the tschortnerite framework topology and uses t...
Ink-jet media
Ultra-stable, compact, high intensity fiber-coupled light source for use in monitoring and process c...
Tractor load weighing device
Exhaust gas treatment process
Wireless vehicle monitoring system
Mercury-filled discharge lamp with stabilized light intensity
VHO lamp with reduced mercury and improved brightness
Structured-text cataloging method, structured-text searching method, and portable medium used in the...
Technique for providing a universal query for multiple different databases
System and method for indexing electronic text
Method and apparatus for dynamically representing aggregated and segmented data views using view ele...
Method of estimating an amount of changed data over plurality of intervals of time measurements
Increasing efficiency of indexing random-access files composed of fixed-length data blocks by embedd...
Analyzing, indexing and seeking of streaming information
Method and apparatus for maintaining translated routine stack in a binary translation environment
System and method for translating a report file of one logic device to a constraints file of another...
Technique to avoid processing well clustered LOB's during reorganization of a LOB table space
Network access device monitoring
Method and system for deterring electronic video piracy through image rearrangement
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing electronic watermark information, and recording m...
Method and apparatus for providing interoperability between key recovery and non-key recovery system...
Proximity card detection system
Digital sound-signal broadcaster
Memory card with music performance function
Water projection device, system, and method for projecting water
Biodegradable vegetable oil compositions
Genetically modified plants having modulated brassinosteroid signaling
Human metabotropic glutamate receptor
Simplified-file hyper text protocol
Method and apparatus for processing attached E-mail data and storage medium for processing program f...
Distributed computer database system and method employing intelligent agents
Method for searching a digital rights management package
Method and apparatus for managing metadata in a database management system
Image capture device with steganographic data embedding
Information processing apparatus, method and memory medium therefor
Switch fabric with path redundancy
Label for non-circular optical discs
Instant lottery ticket and method
Integral card and method of making
Security label and method of use
Vapor purge control in an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Variable valve actuating mechanism having automatic lash adjustment means
Adjustable cam sprocket
Variable valve timing control device
Valve timing adjusting device for internal combustion engine
Permanent magnet enhanced electromagnetic valve actuator
System and method for engaging a finger board
Impact expanding projectile device and its associated method of manufacture
CD spacer
Foldable hula hoop structure
Figurine assembly
Interchangeable ornament display jewelry apparatus
Video browsing space
System for detecting over-clocking uses a reference signal thereafter preventing over-clocking by re...
Audio signal processing
Game apparatus
Dynamic test fixture for a vehicle exhaust system capable of twelve DOF
GPS airborne target geolocating method
Map display apparatus and display method therefor
Deceleration control for automatic automotive speed control apparatus
Quick check vehicle diagnostics
Active optical MMI waveguide device
Multichip module substrates with buried discrete capacitors and components and methods for making
Liquid crystal display device
EMI shield having flexible fingers with nonlinear slits
Hologram with integral printed indicia
Film-forming compositions having improved scratch resistance
Matte surface film with improved matte appearance
Multi-mode communication device
System for testing the presence of an ignitor pulse within a high intensity discharge luminaire
Parameter variation for proportional assist ventilation or proportional positive airway pressure sup...
Heat-sterilizable porous carrier for biocatalysts
Hepatitis C Virus ribozymes
Extraction of DNA by boiling cells in an alkaline phenol/guanidine thiocyanate solution
Immunoassay for the detection of amphetamines, methamphetamines and methylenedioxy designer amphetam...
Compositions and methods for early detection of heart disease
Kits for early detection of heart disease
Test element storage device
Bellowed fluid delivery apparatus
Tamper evident syringe barrel
Apparatus for suctioning and pumping body fluid from an incision
C-terminal modified (n-substituted)-2-indolyl dipeptides as inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cy...
Configurable dynamic programmable logic array
.beta.-secretase antibody
Polyolefin-based resin compositions and fabricated products produced therefrom
Resist compositions with polymers having pendant groups containing plural acid labile moieties
Electroluminescent systems with polynulcear metal complexes
Elastomeric copolymer and process for the preparation thereof
Optical head using birefringent diffraction grating
Liquid crystal display device
Polarization conversion system, illumination system, and projector
Methods of customizing the physical size and shape of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronic dis...
Light fiber comprising continuous outer cladding and method of making
Device and method for automatic identification of sound patterns made by animals
Image forming system
Automated diagnosis of printer systems using Bayesian networks
Input clock delayed by a plurality of elements that are connected to logic circuitry to produce a cl...
Fault-tolerant neighborhood-disjoint address logic for solid state memory
Method for repeating a scan operation in a network
Optically programmable address logic for solid state diode-based memory
DSL post-synchronization auto baud
Piston pump elevator having fluid level measurement capabilty
Test and observe mode for embedded memory
Angle independent ultrasound volume flow measurement
Method and apparatus for providing reliable communications in an intelligent network
Method to treat chronic heart failure and/or elevated cholesterol levels using 3,5-diiodothyropropio...
Bioresorbable sealants for porous vascular grafts
Impact-modified thermoplastics resin molding compositions and articles molded therefrom
Secondary battery
Recombinant alphavirus-based vectors with reduced inhibition of cellular macromolecular synthesis
Process of lactonization in the preparation of statins
MCH4 and MCH5, apoptotic proteases
Methods for targeting drug delivery to the upper and/or lower gastrointestinal tract
Therapeutic method for treatment of alzheimer's disease
Bonding electrochemical cell components
Intravascular radiation therapy device and method of use
Modular automated assembly system
Method for chemical addition utilizing adaptive optimization
Liquid xerographic developability sensor
Fuel cell having an air electrode with decreased shrinkage and increased conductivity
Dicarboxylic acid crystallizates
Transmission type projector screen utilizing parallel optical sheets and prism lenses
Intraocular lens having a design for controlling its axial displacement after implantation
Intraocular lens that may accommodate automatically
Method for use in cataract surgery
Contact or intraocular lens and method for its preparation
Ocular lens material having hydrophilic surface and process for preparing the same
Combination toothbrush and toothpaste dispenser with incorporated remaining use counter
System and method to provide survivability for broadcast video and interactive IP-based services on ...
System and article for displaying a lenticular image with sound
Method and device for preventing limit values from being exceeded in sheet-fed printing machines
Method and device for aligning stacked sheets in a feeder of a sheet-processing machine
Device for supporting a payload in a launch vehicle of said payload
Device for attaching a load to a helicopter
Process and device for detecting the lift-off of an aircraft in the course of take-off
Reconnaissance pod with movable sensor-bay window
Grinding stone
Colorimetric and fluorimetric analysis of carbohydrates
Use of polymers as sticking agents
Method for controlling a floor heating system
Hammering screwdriver with disengagable striking mechanism
Method for in vitro fertilization of oocytes using microchambers
Time-integrated sampler of bodily fluid
Method of injecting fluid into animals
Method of detecting silence in a packetized voice stream
Method of address resolution for the transfer of synchronous transfer mode calls through multiple do...
Method and apparatus for establishing communications with a remote node on a switched network based ...
Electrical device allowing for increased device densities
Device for rotational stabilization of bone segments
Magnetic resistance effect type thin-film magnetic head and method for manufacturing the same
Automatic reduction of data noise in installation packages for a computer system
Event marker alignment by inclusion of event marker transmission latency in the real-time data strea...
Benzisoxazole and 4-amidino-3-hydroxyphenyl chemical intermediates
Cradle for mobile phone
Apparatus for applying labels to containers
Method and apparatus for thread switching within a multithreaded processor
Treatment of Clostridium difficile induced disease
Method and system for generating semi-literal transcripts for speech recognition systems
Methods, systems and computer program products for generating weather forecasts from a multi-model s...
Elastic substantially linear ethylene polymers
Wire and a process for its production
Rotational moulding process of ethylene polymers or copolymers having a controlled particle size and...
Back-up shear plate for metal frame windows
2-(purin-9-yl)-Tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol derivatives
Smad6 and uses thereof
Method for treatment and prevention of physiological shock
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer and epoxy resin blend crosslinked with multifunctional amine comp...
Hydroxyl-functionalized polymer compositions
Glass-ceramic joint and method of joining
Mass spectrometric multivariate analysis
Device for loading and maintaining two separate colors of paint on a paintbrush and method of using ...
PVC-containing material with citrate esters
Plasticized polyvinyl chloride compound
Water circulation
Packing material with high printability and recyclability, and method for its production
Packaging box for spark plugs
Liquid laundry detergent and pretreatment composition
Beverage topping
High efficacy antiperspirant stick
Stable hydroalcoholic compositions
Iron oxide and silicon dioxide-titanium dioxide mixed oxide
Multilayer non metallic reflecting flakes for cosmetics and sunscreens
Plant-based anti-perspiration cosmetic
Replacing a unique identifier in a cloned computer system using program module that runs only once d...
Communication error reporting mechanism in a multiprocessing computer system
Method and apparatus for avoiding data bus grant starvation in a non-fair, prioritized arbiter for a...
Write command verification across a PCI bus system
DC/DC converter having a piezoelectric transformer and rectification-smoothing circuit
Frequency tunable resonant scanner with auxiliary arms
High temperature composite structure and method of manufacturing same
Method of assisting selection of action and program product and game system using same
Non-lethal weapon firing and frangible, weighted paint ball
Gun cartridge
System and methods for spacing, storing and recognizing electronic representations of handwriting pr...
Method of producing a poppy plant
Display screen switch
Wireless medical stethoscope
Micro-invasive method for painless detection of analytes in extra-cellular space
Multi-wavelength laser light source
Multi-dimensionally oriented magnetic field information storage system
Generation of high-speed digital optical signals
Method and apparatus for converting electrical signals and optical signals for bidirectional communi...
Multiple light source color balancing system within a liquid crystal flat panel display
Reusable configuration tool
Method for generating behavior model description of circuit and apparatus for logic verification
Surgically implanted devices having reduced scar tissue formation
Synthesis of chlorophenol red glucuronic acid
Catalyst ligands, catalytic metal complexes and processes using same
Radio receiver with power saving during synchronization retries
System and method of controlling transmission electric power in a CDMA base station
Technique for generating single-bit error-correcting, two-bit burst error-detecting codes
Portable electronic device having a log-structured file system in flash memory
Method for creating and playing back a smart bookmark that automatically retrieves a requested Web p...
Dahlia plant named `Oregon`
Hardmask designs for dry etching FeRAM capacitor stacks
High speed programmer system
Method of ALNIKO alloy melting
System, method and article of manufacture for providing an attribute system with primitive support o...
Automatic video summarization using a measure of shot importance and a frame-packing method
Error clipping for vector error diffusion
Programmable auditron for multifunctional printing system
Method of making low cost integrated out-of-plane micro-device structures
Creating summaries along with indicators, and automatically positioned tabs
On-board device for rescuing a person from the sea enabling a conscious person to rescue himself
Polarization transformer
Smoking article using steam as an aerosol-generating source
Method for making transparent reflective films
Receiver method and apparatus with complex pilot filter
Multi-lamp driving system
Virtual machine with securely distributed bytecode verification
Laryngoscope blade
Computer system
Chemically adsorbed film and method of manufacturing the same
Compositions comprising hydroxy-functional polymers
Cutlery knife
Method for protecting a metallic substrate against corrosion
Grease separating device and method
Molded article--shapes
Methods for treating diseases with tirazole and pyrrolo-pyrimidine ribofuranosyl nucleosides
Aspergillus genus showing resistance to cerulenin and L-methionine analogue and a process for prepar...
MCH4 and MCH5, apoptotic protease, nucleic acids encoding and methods of use
Small-scale mill and method thereof
Methods and compositions for monitoring cellular processing of beta-amyloid precursor protein
System and method for detection of pacing pulses within ECG signals
Method of generating an error map for calibration of a robot or multi-axis machining center
Slot array antenna having a feed port formed at the center of the rear surface of the plate-like str...
Low cost main stream gas analyzer system
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the same
Device for generating a variable magnetic field
Scissors-type vehicle lift
Compressor system
Amplifier with a fan-out variable in time
Push banking system and method
CC-1065 analog synthesis
Drug delivery device and method for employing the same
Hydrolytic stable glass fiber reinforced polyester resins
Support materials for use with polymerization catalysts
Shared dependency checking for status flags
Low profile catheter valve and inflation adaptor
Actuator for flexing a resilient covering
Stainless steel yarn and protective fabric
Blood/body fluid collection apparatus and method
Method for seamless construction of molded elastomer products
Group IV elements-bridged metallocene catalyst for preparing bimodal olefin polymers
Auxiliary convective fuel cell stacks for fuel cell power generation systems
Process for the preparation of zinc dithiocarbamates
Reflection screen and front projection system
Inhibitors of factor Xa
Circuits and methods for a memory cell with a trench plate trench capacitor and a vertical bipolar r...
Electron source
Carbon foams and methods of making the same
Hydrogenation of carbon monoxide using sulfide catalysts
Process for applying electrode layers to a polymer electrolyte membrane strip for fuel cells
Patterned conductor layer pasivation method with dimensionally stabilized planarization
Process for producing semiconductor article
Process for making polyester/platelet particle compositions displaying improved dispersion
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
Intercalates and exfoliates formed with hydroxyl-functional; polyhydroxyl-functional; and aromatic c...
Intercalates and exfoliates formed with long chain (C6+) or aromatic matrix polymer-compatible monom...
High I.V. polyester compositions containing platelet particles
Intercalates and exfoliates formed with hydroxyl-functional; polyhydroxyl-functional; and aromatic c...
Aggregation processes
Optical recording medium having groove and land tracks, and method of manufacturing the same
Source antennas for transmitting/receiving electromagnetic waves for satellite telecommunications sy...
Measuring device for the quality control of printed products
Nucleic acids encoding .alpha.-1,3 fucosyltransferases and expression systems for making and express...
Method of processing exposure mask-pattern data, simulation using this method, and recording medium