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Vapor protection suit and fabric having flash fire resistance
Method of creating transformed rice plant
Two-dimensional sensor using laps for measuring cell activity
Hybrid maize plant and seed 36D14
Corn hybrid P723
Digital phase detector
Show-through compensation apparatus and method
Carbon fiber commutator brush for a toner developing device and method for making
Non-leaking and easily remanufactured toner cartridge
Text summarization using part-of-speech
Single pass, multicolor contact electrostatic printing system
Step stool
Stroller with removable seat
Passive orientation apparatus
Three-dimensional input manipulator
Debugging system for robot programs
N-hydroxy-2-(alkyl, aryl, or heteroaryl, sulfanyl, sulfinyl or sulfonyl)-3-substituted alkyl, aryl o...
Thin film photoelectric conversion module and method of manufacturing the same
Photovoltaic module
Wiring board for flip-chip-mounting
PLL synthesizer circuit
Solid-state image pickup device with a shared shift register and method of driving the same
Optical element
Method of altering nutritional components of milk produced by a lactating animal
Slip ring design for a rotor of an electrical machine
Self-oriented bundles of carbon nanotubes and method of making same
Single domain ligands, receptors comprising said ligands methods for their production, and use of sa...
Activated carbon fiber composite material and method of making
High-energy weldable soft magnetic steel and its use for parts of magnetic suspension railways
High strength phosphorus-containing steel and method for producing the same
High strength alloy tailored for high temperature mixed-oxidant environments
System and method for power optimization in parallel units
Installation of processor and power supply modules in a multiprocessor system
Object mechanism and method that creates domain-neutral objects with domain-specific run-time extens...
System and method for trace verification
Method, apparatus and computer programmed product for binary re-optimization using a high level lang...
Mobile laser peening system
Collagen binding protein compositions and methods of use
Optical glucose sensor
Discrete element light modulating microstructure devices
Sensor platform and method for the parallel detection of a plurality of analytes using evanescently ...
Optical component containing a maximum of 200 wt.-ppm of chlorine
Readable probe array for in vivo use
Method and apparatus for deposition of porous silica dielectrics
Shutoff valve for marine acoustic generator
Hearing protector
Sound-attenuating muffler for internal combustion engine
Acoustic sensing system for downhole seismic applications utilizing an array of fiber optic sensors
Seismic geophone coupling system
Method for generating connecting paths which can be used for guiding a vehicle to a predetermined ta...
Method of improving ABS control behaviour on cornering
Distance measuring device
Vehicle guidance system
Call routing method using prioritized source-destination routes
Method and system for a redirect repeater providing network access
Message generator with auto dialer
Ringer for satellite user terminals
Communications station having hall effect device for controlling hookswitch operations
Rear derailleur with cable guide roller
Method of exercise using a spinning cycle
Continuous wave composite viscoelastic elements and structures
Preserving a hemoglobin blood substitute with a transparent overwrap
System and method for driving organic EL devices
Actuable audible display for bicycle handlebars
Spherical mobile robot
Visible stokes polarimetric imager
Methods and sustained release nicotinic acid compositions for treating hyperlipidemia at night
Bioflavonoids as plasma high density lipoprotein level increasing agent
Methods for executing commercial transactions in a network system using visual link objects
Abnormal heavy current production preventing apparatus
Determining the hurst exponent for time series data
System and method for distributing electronic messages in accordance with rules
Method of playing game and gaming games with an additional payout indicator
Button panel system for a gaming device
Amusement machine
Gaming device with a serial connection
Multiple round card game of chance
Ticket dispenser using sharp pins on a driver roller to advance tickets
Method for debiting shipping services
Mycoinsecticides against an insect of the grasshopper family
Method and composition for promoting and controlling growth of plants
Layered foundation for play surface
Photoflash charging circuit with current and voltage monitor
Colored wax articles
Use of an extract of the genus Adansonia
Method and compositions for improved polynucleotide synthesis
Method for planting and stabilizing sods grown over plastic using vegetative planting material
Method for applying a coating to a flange of an electrochemical cell or repairing a coating applied ...
1-ethylene-2-alkylene-1,4-cyclohexadiene pesticides
Alstroemeria plant named `Perfect Love`
Method of granulating peat using gentle extrusion conditions and viscosified water
Adhesive for fiber boards
Multiphase cleaning composition containing lignin sulfonate
Oxadiazoline derivative and their use as insecticides
Substituted phenylketoenols and their use as pesticides and herbicides
Polyisocyanate composition
Organometallic compositions
Human Ste20-like stress activated serine/threonine kinase
Dye compositions
Protein activator and apoptosis
Method for detecting a nucleic acid base sequence
Antibiotic oxazolidinone derivatives
Indole derivatives as MCP-1 receptor antagonists
Methods for detecting alteration of audio and images
Computerized radio receiver
Method for transmitting and processing group messages in the e-mail system
Method and apparatus for invoking network agent functions using a hash table
System and method for managing data retrieval bandwidth
Addition of slot, backplane, chassis and device parametric properties to vital product data (VPD) in...
Drive preparation methods for intelligent backup systems
Information security architecture for encrypting documents for remote access while maintaining acces...
Trusted compartmentalized computer operating system
Method and apparatus for trapping unimplemented operations in input/output devices
Method and apparatus for accelerating rendering by coalescing data accesses
System for providing fast transfers to input/output device by assuring commands from only one applic...
Method and apparatus for accelerating the rendering of images
Graphics pipeline selectively providing multiple pixels or multiple textures
Method and apparatus for scaling texture maps for graphical images
Multiuse input/output connector arrangement for graphics accelerator integrated circuit
Motor cover for vacuum cleaner
Flexible bag support
Beverage cart
Wheeled cart
Wheelbarrow upper holder
Vehicular air cleaner device
Seat bolster adjustment assembly
Method for encasing array packages
Method for making an expanded polystyrene article
Method and apparatus for removing or defeating effects of copy protection signals from a video signa...
Method and system for measuring standing wave ratio in a mobile communications system
Adaptive radio link
Handover in a base station
Mobile radio telephone system
Retractable and pivotable multiple frequency band antenna
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption of a communication device
Client/server protocol for proving authenticity
Temperature control system for a thermal reactor
Reactor vessel having improved cup anode and conductor assembly
Methods for cleaning semiconductor surfaces
Semiconductor processing workpiece support with sensory subsystem for detection of wafers or other s...
Diffuser with spiral opening pattern for an electroplating reactor vessel
Apparatus and method for processing the surface of a workpiece with ozone
Method and apparatus for high-pressure wafer processing and drying
Method for generating simple document type definitions
Process for the preparation of cyclopropylacetylene
Per property access control mechanism
Alternate interconnection hoytether failure resistant multiline tether
Coffee machine
Method and device for glucose concentration measurement with special attention to blood glucose dete...
Application of .alpha.-amylase gene promoter and signal sequence in the production of recombinant pr...
ATM switching system supporting N-ISDN traffic and method for controlling the same
Electrophotographic apparatus and process cartridge
Charged therapeutic agents encapsulated in lipid particles containing four lipid components
BMP-9 compositions
Injectable hyaluronate-sulfated polysaccharide conjugates
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of immune disorders
Triazine angiogenesis inhibitors
Bi-directional process-to-process byte stream protocol
Method and system for automatically inputting text image
Method, device and system for estimating the condition of a user
Animal care system and litter with reduced malodor impression
Submergence detection power-window apparatus
Electrostatically flocked fishing lures and related systems and methods
Method and system of electronically receiving and processing membership information of an organizati...
System, method and article of manufacture for transaction processing and monitoring of independent i...
Method of imaging the permeability and fluid content structure within sediment
Naphtha cracking utilizing new catalytic silicoaluminophosphates having an AEL structure
Phospholipid transfer protein
Usage of monitor bezel buttons to control and indicate multimedia functions
Nucleic acid delivery vehicles
Process for the preparation of 3, 4-dihydroxybutanoic acid and derivatives thereof from substituted ...
Anti-HIV peptides and proteins
Soybean cultivar 510080
Method for driving an addressable matrix display with luminescent pixels, and display apparatus usin...
Tissue modulation process for quantitative noninvasive in vivo spectroscopic analysis of tissues
Cap for protecting wood construction member supported by elevated base
Ticket/pass formed of a cut optical disk and process of forming and system of use
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing instant photography film unit
Circuitry for handling high impedance busses in a scan implementation
Positioning system, method, and device for obtaining information about a current position
Light-emitting devices including polycrystalline gan layers and method of forming devices
Sputtering film forming method, sputtering film forming equipment, and semiconductor device manufact...
Treatment for juvenile diabetes
Organic electroluminescence device
Installation for amusement park
Video and data communication system having downstream network interface entitlement profile for rest...
Attitude determination system and method
Integrated message display system for a vehicle
Automatic program installation
Partially ordered cams used in ternary hierarchical address searching/sorting
Blow-molded shaker
Method of producing aluminum in a drained cathode cell
Perfluorovinyl ionic compounds and their use in conductive materials
Method and apparatus for preventing piracy of digital content
Hardware-software co-synthesis of hierarchical heterogeneous distributed embedded systems
Continuous process for preparing optically pure (s)-3,4-dihydroxybutyric acid derivatives
Methods of selecting plants, plant tissue or plant cells resistant to a protoporphyrinogen oxidase i...
Method and apparatus for seamless connectivity of wide-band networks and narrow-band networks
NPA split management in intelligent network environment
Chinese generation apparatus for machine translation to convert a dependency structure of a Chinese ...
Method and apparatus for target addressing and translation in a non-uniform memory environment with ...
Process and composition for treating diseases with an oil-in-water emulsion
Method of treating cancer with a 43 kD human cancer antigen
Pyranones, method for the production and use thereof
Materials which can be thermally coated with a polymerizable component
3-amino-3-arylpropan-1-ol-compounds, their preparation and use
Kneeling pad
Sinter and casting comprising Fe-based high-hardness glassy alloy
Cosmetic compositions with self-warming component
Towelette product
Methods of enhancing wound healing and tissue repair
Imaging material with smooth cellulose base
Methods for detecting and identifying single molecules
Vitamin D analogs and methods of preparing these compounds
Canola cultivar 44A89
Introducers and tube assemblies
Push button for powder aerosol
Intelligent query system for automatically indexing in a database and automatically categorizing use...
Network management system using virtual reality techniques to display and simulate navigation to net...
Neural network based transient fuel control method
Methods and compositions for high resolution HLA typing
Method for making tetraorganooxysilanes
Continuous process for preparing polymer based pigment preparations
Apparatus for enhancing phoneme differences according to acoustic processing profile for language le...
Method of eliminating light scattering bubbles in optical fiber preforms
Multi-wavelength cross-connect optical switch
Method for eliminating inhibitors of polymerization of monomer mixtures using an optimized alumina
Heat treatment apparatus and heat development apparatus using the same
Organic electroluminescent device with a high-resistance inorganic electron injecting and transporti...
Broadband infrared and signature control materials and methods of producing the same
Coated optical fiber with enhanced delamination resistance and thermally enhanced strippability
Oxidized transport donor roll coatings
Distributed batch processing system and methods
Treatment for fabrics
Cleansing compositions comprising N-acylamino acids
Use of pyrethroid compounds to promote hair growth
Thermal treatment and immobilization processes for organic materials
Therapeutic guanidines
Electrically heated air fresheners
Image forming apparatus provided with separation member to which AC voltage is applied
Rice .beta.-glucanase enzymes and genes
Method for inspecting hermetically sealed package
Optical gun for use with computer games
Interactive, predictive game control system
Relative positioning and virtual objects for mobile devices
Arcade game with keypad input
Dynamic tournament gaming method and system
Game ball and goal
Audio or image processing system
Solar cell module and method for manufacturing same
Intermediates for the preparation of N-[2-(carboxymethoxy)ethyl]-N-(carboxymethyl)glycine
Telephone receiver having a hollow portion
Method for biosolid disposal and methane generation
System, apparatus, and method for underwater tagging of marine fauna
Catalyst composition and process for controlling the characteristics of conjugated diene polymers
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balcelisow`
Electrotransport system with ion exchange material competitive ion capture
Helmet covers
Sterilization monitors
Controller for legged mobile robot
Method of administration of a nutritional product to a person having renal failure
Wire routing design for a rotor of an electrical machine
6',6-bis-(1-phosphanorbornadiene) diphosphines
Graphical energy information display system having a menu for user selection of energy related infor...
System for high volume printing of optical storage cards using ink dots
Surface regeneration of biosensors and characterization of biomolecules associated therewith
Glucose sensor assembly
Filler/silicone oil masterbatch with treating agent for RTV polysiloxanes
Strains of streptomyces and relevant uses thereof
Method of controlling insects in and around a trash container and improved trash bag therefor
Guzmania plant named `Symfonie Encore`
Document management system
Method and apparatus for encrypting and transferring electronic mails
Method and architecture for multi-level commissioned advertising on a computer network
Antihistaminic/decongestant compositions
Motor amplifier and control for a personal transporter
System and method for the near-real time capture and reporting of large population consumer behavior...
Alkylene-bridged alkyl phosphonates
Method of fabricating chip scale package
Method for the preparation of core-shell morphologies from polybutadiene-polystyrene graft copolymer...
Method and apparatus for optimizing scrambling concealment of a video signal by modifying a speciali...
Method and apparatus for inhibiting unauthorized access to or utilization of a protected device
Racemization of atropisomeric bis(phosphine oxide) compounds
Screw delivery system and method
Optimization apparatus and computer-readable storage medium storing optimization program
Method and system for distributing software in a telecommunications network
Receiving wireless information on a mobile device with reduced power consumption
Real time transmission of keyboard musical performance
Interactive application generation and text processing
System and method for remotely monitoring asthma severity
Method of isolating proteins
Telecommunications apparatus and method
Outdoor lantern
Lipid vesicle system
Sodium carbonate recrystallization
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a mark...
Information filtering apparatus and information filtering method
Apparatus and method for a remote access server
Camera having label mounted electrical component
Interruptible inventory of a mass data storage library
Platelet specific therapeutic compound and method of treating
Murine model for human carcinoma
Precast concrete construction and construction method
Polymerization of siloxanes
Silicone rubber composition
Apparatus and method for a focus position lock device for a projection television lens assembly
Rotation detecting system for galvano mirror
Wavelength selective switch
Optical device
Electrode and lithium secondary battery using this electrode
Secure application of seals
Method for establishment of the power level for uplink data transmission in a multiple access system...
Method for generating pseudo-random numbers
Switchable and reconfigurable optical grating devices and methods for making them
System and method for providing automatic gain control with high dynamic range
Test unit with programmable transmit timing for telecommunication systems
Two step thread creation with register renaming
Method of centrifuging a halide glass and forming an optical fiber preform
Components of inflatable objects
Boat with articulating bow and method for articulating the bow of a boat
Foam plastic boat and method of manufacturing same
Compositions and methods for production and use of an injectable naturally secreted extracellular ma...
Blends of thermoplastic polymers, electrostatic dissipative polymers and electrostatic dissipative e...
Headgear packaging system
Device for regenerating printed sheet-like recording medium
Method of making a three-dimensional part with buried conductors
Method for producing co-planar surface structures
Device for monitoring changes in analyte concentration
Oxygen free plasma stripping process
Methods for producing a potentiator of Bacillus pesticidal activity
Method of degrading polylactic acid resin using staphylococcus hominis and staphylococcus epidermidi...
Nitric oxide inhibits rhinovirus infection
Motor vehicle roof
Interactive, individually controlled, multiple bladder seating comfort adjustment system and method
Add-on heat sink and method
Extrusion-foamed board of resin blend comprising modified polypropylene resin and polystyrene resin
Method and system for preventing the off screen copying of a video or film presentation
Executable digital cash for electronic commerce
User profile management in the presence of dynamic pages using content templates
Method and apparatus for racking and unracking pipe
Field howitzers
Vessel having a standardized hull capable of having a plurality of optional and operational modular ...
Control for X-stern vehicle
Aerosol product and method for manufacturing the same
Shock absorption mount
Control element
Apparatus to heat and froth milk utilizing counter rotating mesh tabs paddles
Brewing unit for automatic beverage dispensers
Dietary supplement nutrient soft drink composition with psychoactive effect
Espresso coffee machine
Using page registers for efficient communication
Utilizing printer memory for automatic user messaging
Method and apparatus for organizing and displaying internet and telephone information
Topical delivery systems for active agents
Marketing systems and methods that preserve consumer privacy
Method for generating oxygenated water
Network traffic controller
Post-mounted lighting fixture
Process for producing an H2-CO gas mixture
Use of flow injection and extraction to control blade vortex interaction and high speed impulsive no...
Optical disk, optical disk barcode forming method, optical disk reproduction apparatus, marking form...
Network planning traffic measurement program
Advanced read cache emulation
Nucleic acid sequence of senescence asssociated gene
Method for enhancing myoblast migration and invasion in the context of gene therapy
ABS substrate extrusion process
Substrate for producing semiconductor device, method for producing the substrate, photoelectric conv...
Method and facility for producing reduced iron
Method for recycling bale of recycling paper
Rapid moulding of long concrete poles
Industrial precursor for the use in construction material production and method of producing same
Recyclable printable media
Method for using recycled glass as a filler and reinforcement in molded plastics
Integrated compressor expander apparatus
Fuzzy logic based system and method for information processing with uncertain input data
Optical glass fibers, apparatus and preparation using reactive vapor transport and deposition
Prolonged delivery of peptides
Structural member
Shield connector for helmet
Reversible chemical thermometer
Method of eliminating unevenness in pass-reversal thermal spraying
Method for detection of mutations
Dry chemistry glucose sensor
Production of Bacillus thuringiensis integrants
Myconematicides and methods for using the same
Method of inhibiting angiogenesis using secreted proteins
Triangular crawler apparatus
Interactive, individually controlled, multiple bladder seating comfort adjustment system
Testing IC socket
Process for producing extruded foam products having polystyrene blends with high levels of CO2 as a ...
Method and apparatus for modifying the envelope of a RF carrier signal to remove copy protection sig...
Client/server protocol for proving authenticity
Digital map display scrolling method, digital map display scrolling device, and storage device for s...
Apparatus and method for providing PC communication and internet service by using settop box
Composition for topical use containing an acetylenic diol, and use thereof for cleansing or removing...
Pendent lamp
Diagnosis of penaeus monodon-type baculovirus by PCR
Computer power down upon emergency network notification
Process for producing high surface area material by controlled leaching of blast furnace slag
Fuselage nose for controlling aerodynamic vehicles and method of utilizing same
Device and method for monitoring dietary intake of calories and nutrients
Method and apparatus for acquiring a file to be linked
Queued arbitration mechanism for data processing system
Apparatus and method to prevent overwriting of modified cache entries prior to write back
Method and apparatus for soft X-ray generation
Pharmaceutical compositions containing an omega-3 fatty acid oil
Light bulb having increased efficiency
Casket and method of manufacture
Rotary piston blower for supplying an oxidant stream to a fuel cell
Method for propellant filling an aerosol container with a large aerosol actuator button on the valve...
Method for the preparation of polymer-metal cluster composite
Method of oxygenating oxide superconductive materials
Crosslinked conducting polymer composite materials and method of making same
Method and device for controlled cleaving process
Copper metallurgy in integrated circuits
Processing of oxide superconductors
System and method for providing universal telecommunications service and third party payer services
Method of making core holes in cast optical fiber preforms by drawing a wire therethrough during sol...
Peritoneal induced medicaments
Coupling of blends of .alpha.-olefin/vinyl aromatic monomer or hindered aliphatic vinyl monomer inte...
Helmet with a ventilating function and ventilating shutter device
Cycloalkano-indole and -azaindole derivatives
Plasma transferred wire arc thermal spray apparatus and method
Subcutaneous glucose electrode
Vial and cartridge reading device providing audio feedback for a blood glucose monitoring system
Method for making small particle red emitting phosphors
Strains of Streptomyces and relevant uses thereof
Microorganism capable of degrading polylactic acid resin and method of degrading polylactic acid res...
Transfer case with synchronized range shift and adaptive clutch control
Data processing device to compress and decompress VLIW instructions by selectively storing non-branc...
Interactive, individually controlled, multiple bladder seating comfort adjustment system and method
LGA socket with reliable securing mechanism
Waste foamed polystyrene material reclaiming system
Method and apparatus for recording scrambled video audio signals and playing back said video signal,...
Password synchronization
Ready to bake refrigerated cookie dough
Method and apparatus for remotely controlling telephone call-forwarding
Pendent lamp
Anti-TNFa antibodies and assays employing anti-TNFa antibodies
Anti-vibration suspension device having a torsion spring, for a helicopter
IC card for accumulating degree of interest and system for accumulating degree of interest using suc...
Opaque types
System and method for synchronizing data communication between asynchronous buses
Nucleic acid encoding truncated integrins
Means for creating a mass having structural integrity
Shadow mask of cathode ray tube and manufacturing method thereof
Vinyl based cellulose reinforced composite
Transmission method for video or moving pictures by compressing block differences
Resolution improvement from multiple images of a scene containing motion at fractional pixel values
Commercial detection which detects a scene change in a video signal and the time interval of scene c...
Method and apparatus for interactively changing an EEPROM data of a video cassette tape recorder
Thin graphite bipolar plate with associated gaskets and carbon cloth flow-field for use in an ionome...
Ultrasonic nebulizer
Aerosol container
Method for optimizing the layout and charge maps of a flowline of pick and place machines
Prevention of seizure arising from medical magnetoictal non-convulsive stimulation therapy
Carrier for electrophotography, process for production of the carrier and developing agent for elect...
Hands free personal hydration delivery system
Cycloalkano-indole and -azaindole derivatives
Determination of metal ions in solution by photoluminescence anisotropy
Implantable sensor employing an auxiliary electrode
Controlled dispersion flow analysis system
Undercoating composition for photolithographic resist
Semiconductor device, and manufacturing method therefor
UV exposure for improving properties and adhesion of dielectric polymer films formed by chemical vap...
Active matrix liquid-crystal display device and method for making the same
Thin film transistors
Patterned frozen confectionery product
Synergistic nematocidal compositions
Method of spray freeze drying proteins for pharmaceutical administration
Retaining device of battery set of scooter
Computer system with adaptive memory arbitration scheme
Vehicle impact responsive multiple bladder seating and headrest system and method
LGA clamp mechanism
Expandable polystyrene composition, expanded beads and moulded parts
Enhanced block ciphers with data-dependent rotations
Anti-counterfeit compact disc
Bone plating system
Complex of human kallikrein 2 (hK2) and protease inhibitor-6 (PI-6) in prostate tumor tissue and met...
Confidence building incontinence pad
Embedded weight scale
Medical workstation with unified remote control of multiple components
Hockey helmet
Golf ball with a cover which includes polyurethane rubber
Limb protective pad fabrication method
Baseball chest protector
Golf ball having a core which includes polyurethane rubber
Ball bat
Shoe sole
Method and system for sharing applications between computer systems
Blunt input device cursor
Method and system for providing a common name space for long and short file names in an operating sy...
High efficiency digital filter using sequential multiply and add operations
Method of dough manufacture by monitoring and optimizing gluten protein linkages
Method for color development of a crustacean and colored-developed crustaceans
Food preparation process
Method for processing oat groats to enhance desired maillard products to promote desired toast flavo...
Skin loosening or removal process
Compressing and unifying food in aluminum foil molds
Method and device for cooling and atomizing liquid or paste-like substances
Gene-targeted non-human mammal with a human fad presenilin mutation and generational offspring
Methods of using viral replicase polynucleotides and polypeptides
Apparatus and process for hydrogenations
Reforming with selective reformate olefin saturation
Sliding door hardware assembly and method
PBX system having line cards and phone cards which exhibit reciprocal relationships
Automated right-party contact telephone system
System and method for locally intelligent and adaptive dialing of telephone and other network access...
Odd-order low-pass pots device microfilter
Transmission system and transmission apparatus
Multifunctional device free of holding telephone
Interactive devices and methods
Light fitment having bulb units that are independently pivotable
Arm element for lighting fixture
Applique for placement above eyes
Method for extending the range of an immunoassay
Assays for diagnosis of thrombophilic disease
Method of identifying individuals suffering from a cellular abnormality some of whose abnormal cells...
Word-forming game and method of playing the same
Maneuver training system using global positioning satellites, RF transceiver, and laser-based rangef...
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Locking unit for a device for modifying the timing of charge change valves in internal combustion en...
Bioadhesive composition
Starch-based core products for use in rolled paper goods
Method of manufacturing a maltose-rich syrup
Touchscreen keyboard support for multi-byte character languages
Method and system for removal of flash artifacts from digital images
Information collection kiosk
Combustion catalyst and combustion process using such a catalyst
Exhaust gas cleaner and method for removing nitrogen oxides
Catalyst, process for the production of hydrogen peroxide and its use in oxidation processes
Low or no slag molten metal processing of coke containing vanadium and sulfur
Manufacturing method of active materials for the positive electrode in alkaline storage batteries
Method and system for the simplification of leaf-limited bridges
Methods and apparatuses for interaction between schemata
System and methodology for tracing to a source of unauthorized copying of prerecorded proprietary ma...
Watermarking scheme for image authentication
Modified immunoglobin molecules and methods for use thereof
Use of a semicarbazone plant growth regulator for early termination of crop plants
Method for recovering proteins from the interstitial fluid of plant tissues
Telephony device comprising a base station and at least one handset, subscription method of a handse...
Cellular fraud prevention using selective roaming
Sail closure mechanism for cross bar access deployable wing
Secondary power integrated cabin energy system for a pressurized aircraft
Hybrid deicer with element sequence control
Anti-slosh liquid propellant tank for launch vehicles
Rotary flyer
Illuminated kite
Simplified yaw steering method for satellite antenna beam control
Internet advertising system
Automated teller machines
Method for reissuing digital tokens in an open metering system
Network-connected device management system
Computerized automotive service system
Internet-audiotext electronic advertising system with anonymous bi-directional messaging
Advertising-subsidized and advertising-enabled software
Method of and apparatus for interactive automated registration, negotiation and marketing for combin...
Secure interactive electronic account statement delivery system
Memory management system and method for relocating memory
Data communication system, data communication method, data receiver and data receiving method
Flexible liner system for borehole instrumentation and sampling
Impact device for directional boring
Soil displacing screw auger and method for making a concrete pile with this auger
Agent for and process of treating exhaust gas
Chemical vapor deposition of titanium
Light modulation system including a superconductive plate assembly for use in a data transmission sc...
TFPX synthesis
Camera with film debris catching comb
Image handling method and system incorporating coded instructions
Lens controlling apparatus
Refreezable and resusable chewable pet toy and method of preparing and using the same
Method and system for optimizing the fetching of dispatch groups in a superscalar processor
Computer apparatus having special instructions to force ordered load and store operations
Method for hiding message data into media data and a method for extracting that hidden data
Monomers derived from hydroxy acids and polymers prepared therefrom
Fiber-reactive disazo dyestuffs
Structures incorporating blends of grafted fluoropolymer and polyamide
Process for the preparation of 3-hydroxypropanal
Inhibition of angiogenesis by peptide analogs of high molecular weight kininogen domain 5
Polymerization of vinyl monomers
Polymeric phosphite composition and hydrocyanation of unsaturated organic compounds and the isomeriz...
Method for preparing a fertilizer
Electrophotographic toner and image forming method and apparatus using the toner
Recording medium
Method for hydrogenating benzene polycarboxylic acids or derivatives thereof by using a catalyst con...
Hydrocarbon fired thermophotovoltaic furnace
Ceramic heater/fuser roller with internal heater
Process for the preparation of nonwoven water blocking tapes and their use in cable manufacture
Photosensitive image-forming element containing silver halide crystals internally modified with a me...
Sulfide mineral concentrate bioleaching
Pumpable multiple phase compositions for controlled release applications downhole
Ultra precision and reliable bonding method
Method of fabricating a porous polymeric material by electrophoretic deposition
Antiwrinkle composition comprising a combination of tightening polymers of synthetic and/or natural ...
Ferrofluidic electric paper
Composition and method for regulating the adhesion of cells and biomolecules to hydrophobic surfaces
Pigment compositions containing substituted amido phthalocyanine derivatives
Electrodeionization apparatus and method
Image transfer sheet, preparation method thereof and image formation method and image transfer metho...
Aqueous preparation treatment of mineral building materials
Apparatus for identifying individual animals and image processing method
Message recognition employing integrated speech and handwriting information
Method and apparatus for automatically determining a quantization factor value that produces a desir...
Pseudo-fixed length image compression scheme
Non-linear adaptive image filter for filtering noise such as blocking artifacts
Holographic patterning method and tool for production environments
Illumination system and exposure apparatus having the same
Mammalian proteinases; oxidoreductases; related reagents
(4-arylsulfonylamino)-tetrahydropyran-4-carboxylic acid hydroxamides
Phosphate starvation-inducible proteins
Integrin binding peptide and use thereof
Bicyclic hydroxamic acid derivatives
Combination of bisphosphonate and tetracycline
5-oxo-pyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid hydroxamide derivatives
Stable freeze-dried pharmaceutical formulation
Composition and methods for determining the activity of DNA-binding proteins and of initiation of tr...
Antisense inhibition of PTEN expression
Methods of treatment with anthracycline derivatives
Injectable ready-to-use solutions containing an antitumor anthracycline glycoside
Pharmaceutical formulation
Substituted bicyclic derivatives useful as anticancer agents
Coherent reflectometric fiber Bragg grating sensor array
Diffractive grating coupler and method
Fiber optic sensor for long-term analyte measurements in fluids
High density fusion splice holder
Two-sided reading-out apparatus and an image forming apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
IPS LCD having molecules remained parallel with electric fields applied
Flat image display
Color cathode ray tube with cover film on panel unit
Electron emission device with specific island-like regions
Structure for mounting an EL lamp
Lamp with mercury release structure and method for dispensing mercury into a lamp
Plasma addressed liquid crystal display with etched glass spacers
Fusion polypeptide having the C protein and E1 protein of hepatitis C virus
Compositions and methods for treatment of hepatitis C virus-associated diseases
Object recognition apparatus and method
Apparatus, systems and method for locating nucleic acids bound to surfaces
High-precision computer-aided microscope system
Apparatus for local radiation therapy
Radiographic imaging apparatus and method for vascular interventions
Near-field optical microscope with infrared fiber probe
Use of single scatter electron monte carlo transport for medical radiation sciences
Neural network based methods and systems for analyzing complex data
Debugging support apparatus, a parallel execution information generation device, a computer-readable...
Screw fastener in metal connector to wood structure shear connection
Novelty lace having expandable aglets
Modular Staircase
Continuity tie
Holdown connector with concave seat
Extrusion of synthetic wood material
Roof angle attachment device
Memory architecture for automatic test equipment using vector module table
Circuit for calculating error position polynomial at high speed
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for performing post-layout verification of microele...
Control circuit having multiple functions set by a single programmable terminal
Method for design optimization using logical and physical information
Miniature reaction chamber and devices incorporating same
Apparatus and method for removing small molecules and ions from low volume biological samples
Hybridization and sequencing of nucleic acids using base pair mismatches
Low loss composition of BaxSryCa1-x-yTiO3: Ba0.12-0.25Sr0.35-0.47Ca0.32-0.53TiO3
Method of fabricating concave capacitor including adhesion spacer
Myostatin gene promoter and inhibition of activation thereof
Banana DNA associated with fruit development
Genes and methods for control of nematodes in plants
Insect-resistant plants comprising a Bacillus thuringiensis gene
Wireless two-way communication system between center and user stations
Electrocatalyst compositions
Manual pump and Ambu bag
Aerosol composition containing middle-chain fatty acid triglyceride dispersant
Method and apparatus for computer-supported generation of at least one artificial training data vect...
Electrostatic image developing toner
Dual style connector for handheld computer
Copolymer and stainproofing agent containing the same
Shielded metallic reflective insulation assembly
Cooling container that includes a radiant heat barrier
Method for forming an insulating inner container
Full-color organic electroluminescent device with spaced apart fluorescent areas
Convoluted neck tube for cryogenic storage vessels
Heated mat assembly for a driveway
Vented cavity radiant barrier assembly and method
Apparatus and method for measuring a two-dimensional point spread function of a digital image acquis...
Process cartridge and process cartridge identification mechanism
System for determining development gap width in a xerographic development system using an AC field
Print quality control for a xerographic printer having an AC development field
Method and apparatus for integrating pull and push tasks in pipeline data processing
Paint masking tape
Pneumatically actuated flexure gripper for wafer handling robots
Linear drive
Device and method for mounting electronic parts
Remote control vehicle
Linear image sensor device, IC assembling substrate and method for assembling the same
High speed output enable path and method for an integrated circuit device
Reference voltage shifter
Hierarchy navigation system
Non-volatile semiconductor memory apparatus
Semiconductor memory
Weighing and packaging system
Composite metallizing wire and method of using
Device for microwave removal of NOx from exhaust gas
Method of nitric acid formation using a catalytic solution
Automatic compensation of an AC attenuator using a digital to capacitance converter
Insertion set for a transcutaneous sensor
Arrangement for noninvasive determination of the oxygen saturation in human blood vessels or organs
Amperometric cholesterol biosensor
Formation of and methods for the production of large Bacillus thuringiensis crystals with increased ...
Pest management system
Closed loop control system, sensing apparatus and fluid application system for a precision irrigatio...
Method and apparatus for improved building automation
Methods for identifying equipment used in counterfeiting
System and method for communications management with redundancy
Measuring device for determining physical and/or chemical properties of gases, liquids and/or solids
Device for implementing hierarchical state charts and methods and apparatus useful therefor
Universal on-line trading market design and deployment system
Graphical environment for managing and developing applications
Hot-plug interface for detecting adapter card insertion and removal
Recombinant animal viral nucleic acids
Five volt tolerant output driver
Transform, lighting and rasterization system embodied on a single semiconductor platform
Power-and speed-efficient data storage/transfer architecture models and design methodologies for pro...
Method and apparatus for accelerating the rendering of graphical images
Method and apparatus for determining texture values of graphical images
Method and apparatus for accelerating the transfer of graphical images
Method and apparatus for accelerating the rendering of images
Speech detection apparatus using specularly reflected light
Portable detachable combination gun case and gun rack for a vehicle
Mounting structure for an LSI
Extruded polystyrene foam insulation laminates for pour-in-place concrete walls
Method and apparatus for reducing effects of copy protection of composite video signal
Remotely interrogated biomedical sensor
Down hole and above ground data loggers
Vehicle information communication system and method capable of communicating with external managemen...
Efficient finite field basis conversion involving a dual basis
CLV carrier copy protection system
Electroplating system having auxiliary electrode exterior to main reactor chamber for contact cleani...
Apparatus and method for processing the surface of a workpiece with ozone
Automated semiconductor processing system
Electrode semiconductor workpiece holder
Apparatus and method for electrolytically depositing copper on a semiconductor workpiece
Reactor vessel having improved cup, anode and conductor assembly
Reactor assembly and method of assembly
Zea mays (L.) with capability of long term, highly efficient plant regeneration including fertile tr...
Method and device for controlling a drive unit of a vehicle
Control apparatus and method having program rewriting function
Vehicle navigation system
Dynamic traffic based routing algorithm
Monitoring vehicle positions
Hair setting system for electrically heated rollers
Men's shaver
Cap for a mascara unit
Back support and detachable apron
Full-face helmet
Shingle pad
Immortalized human corneal epithelial cell line
Method for generating dopaminergic cells derived from neural precursors
Metabolic intervention with GLP-1 to improve the function of ischemic and reperfused tissue
Peptide, immunogenic composition and vaccine or medical preparation, a method to immunize animals ag...
Immunomodulation by genetic modification of dendritic cells and B cells
Full motion two seat interactive simulator
Medical operation simulation system capable of presenting approach data
Simulator system
System for demonstrating compliance with standards
Apparatus and method for processing and/or for providing healthcare information and/or healthcare-re...
Low temperature cure carboxyl terminated polyesters
Electrically active polymer compositions and their use in efficient, low operating voltage, polymer ...
Method and device for photodetection
Field emission-type electron source and manufacturing method thereof and display using the electron ...
Organic EL display panel having a conductive high polymer layer between an anode layer and an organi...
Algainn pendeoepitaxy led and laser diode structures for pure blue or green emission
MOCVD growth of InGaN quantum well laser structures on a grooved lower waveguiding layer
Method for making polysilsesquioxanes and organohydridosilanes
Hydroperoxide decomposition process
Barium strontium titanate integrated circuit capacitors and process for making the same
Ultra-small resistor-capacitor thin film network for inverted mounting to a surface
Decoupling capacitor structure distributed above an integrated circuit and method for making same
Noticeboards incorporating loudspeakers
Genes encoding telomerase protein 1
Method for the quantitative determination of telomerase activity
Mammalian telomerase
Telomerase extraction method
Method of detecting telomerase activity
Learning and entertainment device, method and system and storage media therefor
Vehicle surroundings monitor with obstacle avoidance lighting
Vehicle running control apparatus
Processional travel control apparatus
Steering system for a vehicle
Road speed control system
Apparatus and method for performing automatic control over velocity of automotive vehicle
Method of and apparatus for displaying an image
Connecting element for providing a releasable connection between two objects
Computer interface with remote communication apparatus for an exercise machine
Vertical axis wind turbine rotor having self-fairing vanes
Metal matrix composite
Portable platform for cooking surface
Genes associated with diseases of the kidney
Electrical power supply with floating current source suitable for providing bias voltage and current...
Plasmid-based vaccine for treating atherosclerosis
Reflectance measurement of analyte concentration with automatic initiation of timing
Ergonomic cushioning device for inhibitting injury
System and method for facilitating casino team play
Method of verifying vehicle emissions
Slot driven video story
Web-based prediction marketplace
Method and apparatus for facilitating buyer-driven purchase orders on a commercial network system
Production of Bacillus thuringiensis integrants
Synergistic nematocidal compositions
Testing system for chemical substances or substance mixtures
Isothiazole carboxylic acid amides and the application thereof in order to protect plants
N-sulphonyl and N-sulphinyl amino acid amides as microbiocides
Pyrimidin-4-one and pyrimidin-4-thione as fungicide
Herbicidal compositions and method of safening herbicides using benzothiazole derivatives
Insulating light transmissive and flexible greenhouse cover
Flexible plant protector with vertical tubes connected by an annular ring
Method of recording and measuring e-business sessions on the world wide web
Compile processing apparatus and method and program executing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for extending a java archive file
Method and apparatus for providing modular I/O expansion of computing devices
Ink-jet printing cloth, textile printing process and print
Method of producing directly imageable waterless planographic printing plate
Substituting 2-amino-4-alkylamino-1,3,5-triazine as herbicide
Thermally stable rigid foams based on isocyanate and having low brittleness and low thermal conducti...
Biodegradable composition
Deactivation of syndiotactic--1, 2--polybutadiene
Process of manufacturing thin ball grid array substrates
Derivatives of 4,4-difluorobut-3-enylsulfinic acid and their use as pesticides
Anti-CEA antibody designated 806.077, hybridoma and method of manufacture
Structure of a ball grid array substrate with charts for indicating position of defective chips
Chemical compounds
Dye compounds, compositions containing them and their use
Aqueous coating and method for film formation using the same
Thin coating manufactured by vapor deposition of solid oligomers
Refinish paint containing special effect pigment
Water-reducible coating composition for providing corrosion protection
Powder coating compositions and coated substrates with multilayered coatings
Paint applicator system
Holographic check authentication article and method
Holographic shrink wrap element and method for manufacture thereof
Seamless holographic transfer using laser generated optical effect patterns
Foil transfer apparatus
Label adhesive with dispersed refractive particles
Method and system for efficiently using media that can be stamped on a substrate
Central processing unit and microcomputer system having an internal operation unit for cryptographic
Selective wireless disablement for computers passing through a security checkpoint
Method for implementing link-level security to enforce access privileges
Retry mechanism for remote operation failure in distributed computing environment
Kiosk controller that retrieves content from servers and then pushes the retrieved content to a kios...
Method and system for automatic discovery of network services
Method and apparatus for identifying network data traffic flows and for applying quality of service ...
Patron and croupier assessment in roulette
Artemin, a novel neurotrophic factor
Station based processing method for a wireless location system
Infrared hair dryer heater
Circulating fluid amusement device
Compartmentalized carrier and presentation bag for portable TV and video media player
Method of operating progressive reel slot machines and device therefor
Mobile phone holder
Noise control device
Multi-hop telecommunications system and method
Process and system for automatic routing
Method and apparatus for a router line card with adaptive selectable gain control
Carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Selective inhibitors of prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase-2
Transport associated protein splice variants
Cereal beta glucan compositions and methods of Formulation
Methods of producing crosslinked polyethylene products
Retractable integrated radio support stand and battery including a support member
Apparatus, and associated method for selecting a size of a contention window for a packet of data sy...
Method and arrangement for making a handover decision in a mobile communication system
Mobile telephone arranged to receive and transmit digital data samples of encoded speech
Information output system, method for outputting information and terminal devices for outputting inf...
Method and apparatus for transmitting DTX--low state information from mobile station to base station
Animal bed
Laundry appliance
Combined wet/dry vacuum cleaner dolly and accessory storage unit
Mop head
Garbage can
Low lift truck
Storage medium playback system and method
Electret film composition adapted for printing on computer printers and the like
Method, system, and program for gesture based option selection
Expert system soft tissue active motion technique for release of adhesions and associated apparatus ...
Barium titanate powder
Method and catalyst structure for steam reforming of a hydrocarbon
Process for preparing an hydrothermally stable, large crystallite sized, highly crystallite sized, h...
Method and apparatus for chemical vapor deposition of polysilicon
Derivatization of silicon surfaces
Moulded spherical ceramic body, production process and use
Trigger sprayer
Variable fishing line action device and method
Fishing pole and tackle case
Spacecraft kernel
Method for reducing reflected radio frequency electromagnetic radiation
Power sphere nanosatellite
Selected hover altitude deviation display and method
Spacecraft attitude determination system and method
Vegetable based creamy food and process therefor
Process for producing tofu
Process for converting phytate into inorganic phosphate
Chemically modified mutant enzymes and methods for producing them, and screening them for amidase an...
Synthetic media for the production of malolactic starter cultures
Two pack system for the preparation of peracid compositions for teat-dips
Method and apparatus for analyzing data and advertising optimization
Platform independent rate data and method of calculating a rate for a carrier manager using platform...
Method and apparatus for conducting electronic commerce
Information storage and delivery over a computer network using centralized intelligence to monitor a...
Method, client device, server and article of manufacture for compressing universal resource indicato...
System for backing up data synchronously and a synchronously depending on a pre-established criterio...
Method of making protected changes to data stored in a database, as well as database system and netw...
Authentication and authorization in a multi-tier relational database management system
Erigeron plant named `Sea Breeze`
Cymbidium, orchid plant named `Everglades Gold`
Aechmea plant named `Loie's Pride`
In-well air stripping, oxidation, and adsorption
Method for oxidative destruction of carbon disulfide in soil
Sequential aerobic/anaerobic solid waste landfill operation
Compliant offshore platform
Media free sound attenuator
Fabric retainer for acoustic structure and methods of installation
Foot device
Plain surface acoustical product and coating therefor
Linear loudspeaker
Bubble pack toy containing comestibles
Miniature kites and method for making them
Stuffed toy
Toy building set
Thematic doll house
System and method for finding the distance from a moving query point to the closest point on one or ...
Image retrieval system using a query image
Run-time support for user-defined index ranges and index filters
System and method for generating reusable database queries
Slurry hydrocarbon synthesis process with increased catalyst life
Acid activation of ruthenium metathesis catalysts and living ROMP metathesis polymerization in water
Use of ferrocenyl ligands for catalytic, enantioselective hydrogenation
Process and unit for carrying out a reaction on an organic feed, such as dimerisation or metathesis,...
Process for oligomer production and saturation
Remote physiological monitoring system
Cardiac electromechanics
Reduced keyboard and method for simultaneous ambiguous and unambiguous text input
Robotic system for retractable teleoperated arm within enclosed shell with capability of operating w...
Method and safety device for the remote-control of self-propelling working machines
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto, analogues and uses thereof
Substituted 2-pyrrolidinone activators of PKC
Ukokinase inhibitors
Cancer treatment
Substituted benzene compounds as antiproliferative and cholesterol lowering action
Transdominant TAT variants of the human immunodeficiency virus
Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) nucleotide sequence
Low smoke, low toxicity carpet
Variant of LAV viruses
Transcriptional coactivator that interacts with Tat protein and regulates its binding to TAR RNA, me...
Retroviral protease inhibiting compounds
Surface discharge type plasma display panel
Helium plasma display device
Metal halide lamp
Manufacturing improvement for xenon arc lamp
Ion implanter with multi-level vacuum
Deflection yoke and cathode ray tube
Penning vacuum meter
In vivo determination of metabolic function for use in therapy management
Clinical analyte determination by infrared spectroscopy
Quantitative magnetic resonance method and apparatus for bone analysis
Coin selector assembly
Participatory play structure having discrete play articles
Combination floor and window box fan
Adhesive roller construction
Variable width end panel
Metal and wood composite framing members for residential and light commercial construction
Surface treatment for wood materials including oriented strand board
Fire resistant compositions
Method and apparatus for seismically retrofitting a household chimney
Machine-readable data medium having interactive reproduction procedures with menu restoration after ...
Sheet treating apparatus featuring a linear conveyance path within a heat developing region
Zoom lens system having an image blur compensation function
Manual and automatic apparatus for lens barrel
Optical apparatus with a posture detection device
Semiconductor photo detector element, distance measuring equipment, and camera
Image modifiers for use in photography
Topical suspension formulations containing ciprofloxacin and dexamethasone
Factor IX binding peptides, derived from factor VIII and their use as inhibitors of blood coagulatio...