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Intrinsic birefringence compensation for below 200 nanometer wavelength optical lithography componen...
Multi-order optical cross-connect
Self-supporting fiber optic cable
Dispersion managed cable for unrepeatered systems
Tool to remove a ferrule from a receptacle
Blockless fiber optic attenuators and attenuation systems employing dispersion tailored polymers
Durable water repellent and coated articles
Anti-lubricant compositions
Polymer encapsulated ceramic superconductors
Method of making an optical fiber preform where a second elongation is based on a mark on a glass ro...
Method for pregobbing an optical fiber preform and system producing optical fiber therefrom
Container for metal coil
Electronic component and method for forming substrate electrode of the same
Non-linear ranging to control linear ranging measurement device
Single and multilayer waveguides and fabrication process
Optical connector for coupling optical signals to optical devices
Alkaline battery
Alpha1, 4-galactosyltransferase and DNA encoding thereof
Process to produce a dilute ethylene stream and a dilute propylene stream
Process for producing adamantane compound
Olefin production from low sulfur hydrocarbon fractions
Vertical power component manufacturing method
Si/SiGe optoelectronic integrated circuits
Method for fabricating a self-aligned bipolar transistor and related structure
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor nonvolatile storage element and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having a flash memory cell and fabrication method thereof
Junction capacitor structure and fabrication method therefor in a dual damascene process
Method of operating a vertical DMOS transistor with schottky diode body structure
High-voltage MOS transistor
MOS devices with reduced fringing capacitance
Semiconductor device including a gate-insulated transistor
Method of forming contacts, methods of contacting lines, methods of operating integrated circuitry, ...
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having memory cell array suitable for high density and high...
Methods for forming rough ruthenium-containing layers and structures/methods using same
Resin-sealed laser diode device
Low leakage schottky diode
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor devices constitute constant voltage devices used to raise internal voltage
Active type solid-state imaging device with reduced pixel leak current
Method of creating a high performance organic semiconductor device
Organic thin film transistor
Method and apparatus for coupling energy to/from dielectric resonators
Method and system for extracting cardiac parameters from plethysmographic signals
Time domain equalization for discrete multi-tone systems
Fast threshold determination for packet-multiplexed digital communication
System and method for structuring data in a computer system
Categorization and presentation tool for code resources
Method and system for clustered wireless networks
Data processing system, method and computer program product
Concurrent wireless/landline interface apparatus and method
Communication system, communication method, and storage medium storing communication program for mob...
Self-correlation detection in automatic gain calibration
Cellular/PCS management system and method
System and method for I-Q mismatch compensation in a low IF or zero IF receiver
Resource proxy for mobile wireless electronic devices
Digital mobile wireless communications apparatus and the system using the same
Mobile location estimation in a wireless communication system
Location managing method for managing location of mobile station in mobile wireless packet communica...
Method of transmitting data, in particular GSM data
System and method for distributing wireless communication signals over metropolitan telecommunicatio...
Surface plasmon resonance detection with high angular resolution and fast response time
Method and apparatus for measuring wavelength jitter of light signal
Variable filter-based optical spectrometer
Target molecules detection by waveguiding in a photonic silicon membrane
Method for supporting multi-level stripping of non-homogeneous memory to maximize concurrency
Raid memory
Polymeric nanocomposite materials with a functional matrix and method of reading and writing thereto
System and method for data recording and playback
System and method for integrating call record information
Developer housing with variable speed mixing for improving material life and performance
Image forming apparatus having a transfer current detection device and control for developing bias i...
Systems and methods incorporating job scheduling to extend the lifetime of an ink sump
Development system for developing an image on an image bearing member
Stripper fingers and roller assembly for a fuser in a printing apparatus
Integrated tracking system
Temperature control balancing desired comfort with energy cost savings
Distributed speech recognition system with speech recognition engines offering multiple functionalit...
Lease cancellation process and system
System and method a risk based purchase of goods
System and method for processing control information from a general through a data processor when a ...
Push-button switch member, portable information terminal having push-button switch member and paymen...
Coordinate reading device
Direct thermal printer
Heat developing apparatus and its control method
Touch panel for display device with pet film having transparent gel layer
Transmissive or reflective liquid crystal display and novel process for its manufacture
Method for fabricating a laminate film and method for fabricating a display device
Triggering unit controlled by a microprocessor for initiating pyrotechnical elements
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and production method thereof
Wireless network with a concealed network node
Image processing method, an image processing apparatus, and a recording media on which an image proc...
Image forming apparatus having a control section for detecting an amount of developer and an amount ...
System and method for analysis of a tissue
Electrode apparatus for stimulating penile, urethral, and anal tissue
Hydroxy-amino thermally cured undercoat of 193 nm lithography
Genetic changes in atypical nodular proliferations in congenital melanocytic nevi
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
Apparatus and method for real time IR spectroscopy
High resolution detector for X-ray imaging
Radiation detector arrangement
Reticle defect printability verification by resist latent image comparison
Moisture and density detector (MDD)
Active matrix substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and image sensor incorporating the same
High energy X-ray mobile cargo inspection system with penumbra collimator
Voice activated diagnostic imaging control user interface
Cathode for high emission x-ray tube
Personnel inspection system with x-ray line source
Segmentation method and apparatus for medical images using diffusion propagation, pixel classificati...
Device and method for registering a position sensor in an anatomical body
Method and structure for detection of electromechanical problems using variance statistics in an E-b...
Data storage and retrieval playback apparatus for a still image receiver
Wireless communication system incorporating multicast addressing and method for use
Content distribution system for operation over an internetwork including content peering arrangement...
Method for the dynamic improvement of internet browser appearance and connectivity
Method, system and computer program product for the delivery of a chat message in a 3D multi-user en...
System to manage digital camera images
Method and apparatus for extracting data objects and locating them in virtual space
Light with switch
Indicator lamp with simplified optical structure
Side-emitting rod for use with an LED-based light engine
Candle structure having a decorative animated sculpture
Dental curing light using primary and secondary heat sink combination
Solar energy-operated street-lamp system
Discharge lamp including heat releasing device and lamp device
Fluorescent lighting apparatus
Brake and signal light system
Distance sensor device
Vehicle tracker including override feature and related methods
Near object detection system
Illumination system for reflective displays
Method and system for inspecting a vehicle-mounted camera
Image positional relation correction apparatus, steering supporting apparatus provided with the imag...
Navigation system, and information server apparatus and communication terminal apparatus for the sam...
Hybrid processing method and apparatus, navigation system, program storage device and computer data ...
Spatial avoidance method and apparatus
Encryption method, decryption method, encryption/decryption method, cryptographic communications sys...
System for bitstream generation
System and method for asynchronous decryption
Image communication apparatus wirelessly connectable to other apparatuses, system having the image c...
Server group key for distributed group key management
High-G acceleration protection by caging
Ready-to-dilute sugarcane juice beverage powder and a process for preparing the same
Mammalian catecholamine receptor genes and uses
Laser countermeasure system and method
Method and system for forward error correction with different frame sizes
Method for detecting radio frequency impairments in a data-over-cable system
Nonlinear-least squares based method and apparatus for FSK signal decoding
Correlation based method of determining frame boundaries of data frames that are periodically extend...
Transport protocol conversion method and protocol conversion equipment
Text-messaging server with automatic conversion of keywords into hyperlinks to external files on a n...
Agent-based technique for implementing browser-initiated user-transparent interstitial web advertisi...
Automatically initiating an internet-based search from within a displayed document
Method and apparatus for proxy chaining
System and method of channel-based internet network
Configuration identification and mapping in a frame relay-ATM service interworking-based wide area n...
Mobile node, mobile agent and network system
Methods and apparatuses for supporting IGMP and GMRP concurrently
Apparatus for controlling eccentricity in photo-record player and control method thereof
Recording medium for storing linking type information and method of processing defective area using ...
Optical pickup for improving properties of a reproduction signal
Automatic power control apparatus of disc drive
Optical disk reproducing apparatus having a viterbi detector
Method and apparatus for controlling forward direction power ratio in W-CDMA wireless communication ...
Group switching system for multiple-channel data
Motion vector coding method
Duplex printing apparatus
Method for changing timbre during conversation in cellular phone
Home zone service method for mobile telephone subscribers in mobile radio communication system
Apparatus for dividing power and method thereof in pico-base transceiver station
Method for connecting to server devices in browser-based home network apparatus therefor
Method of verifying defect management area information of disc and test apparatus for performing the...
Structure of optical disc cartridge
Manganese oxide mixtures in nanoparticle form to lower the amount of carbon monoxide and/or nitric o...
Method for synthesis of core-shell type and solid solution alloy type metallic nanoparticles via tra...
Europium-containing fluorescent nanoparticles and methods of manufacture thereof
Methods for the preparation of taxanes using oxazolidine intermediates
Copolymer compositions for oral delivery
Floribunda rose plant named `JACmouse`
Systems and methods for coordinating QA events
Network configuration file for automatically transmitting images from an electronic still camera
AC drive type plasma display panel having display electrodes on front and back plates, and image dis...
Ground proximity warning system and method having a reduced set of input parameters
Sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide
Chip shaping for flip-chip light emitting diode
Method and apparatus for sensing resistance values of memory cells
Ant spray containing d-limonene and methods of making and using the same
Hybrid vehicle and method of controlling hybrid vehicle
Refinery scheduling of incoming crude oil using a genetic algorithm
Apparatus and method for controlling a volume characteristic of sound being emitted laterally throug...
Method and apparatus for maintenance of fuel cell cathode air quality with breathable hydrophobic me...
Key agreement and transport protocol with implicit signatures
System and method for automatically configuring a debug system
Handle mounted control module of a vacuum cleaner
Free-cutting steel for machine structural use having good machinability in cutting by cemented carbi...
Metering pumps for an aerosolizer
Consolidation of multiple source content schemas into a single target content schema
Method of operating a multiple round game that includes player choices and game choices
Buoyant leg structure with added tubular members for supporting a deep water platform
Begonia plant named `Gum Drop Mandarin`
Low temperature disinfectant/sterilant for medical devices and topical applications
Beam-steering optical switching apparatus
Film canister device for use in a film package assembly and a method for loading a camera therewith ...
Generic communications protocol translator
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing multiple cryptographic functions to app...
Serviceable acoustic interiors
Methods and apparatus for flexible indexing of text for use in similarity searches
Food sanitizing cabinet
Antenna apparatus
Rolling circle amplification detection of RNA and DNA
Biomedical polyurethane, its preparation and use
Method for manufacturing wheel-supporting hub unit and pressing mold for manufacturing same hub unit
Altering locks on programming content
Patient transport system for multiple imaging systems
Internal ribosome entry site and vector containing same
Method and apparatus for servicing massive interrupts in random access memory (RAM)
Fiber optic cable with cushioning member
Pet grooming tool and method for removing loose hair from a furry pet
Software system for tracing data
Phosphine treatment of low dielectric constant materials in semiconductor device manufacturing
Variable nozzle opening control system for an exhaust turbine supercharger
System and method for mounting sheet material on support structures
Power toothbrush
Filters for combined radiotelephone/GPS terminals
Catalyst for preparation of unsaturated aldehyde and unsaturated carboxylic acid
Read-only optical recording medium and disc cartridge
Coating composition for high density polyethylene tubing
Compounds that modulate the activity of PTP-1B and TC-PTP
Photoacid generators and photoresists comprising same
Fuel cell cathode with redox couple
Method for preparing catalyst for olefin polymerization
Ratchet nutrunner with audible torque signal
Through-log density detector
Image forming apparatus and method of preventing toner from transferring from image carrier to rever...
Electronic ballast system having emergency lighting provisions
Method and system for categorizing failures of a program module
Receiving station for wireless telephone system with diversity transmission and method
Method for preventing and treating visceral pain and gastrointestinal disorders
Intrusion detection system and method having dynamically loaded signatures
Choline binding proteins for anti-pneumococcal vaccines
System and method for deriving angular isokinetic measurements using a linear dynamometer
Hiking exercise apparatus
Treadmill mechanism
Weight-scale apparatus and method
Portion of an exercise device
Managing fitness activity across diverse exercise machines utilizing a portable computer system
Lat pulldown weight training machine
Self-spotting safety bench press
Quadricep isolation exercise apparatus
Low impact walking/jogging exercise machine
Adjustable water-fillable exercise weights
Exercise device with true pivot point
Weight exercise apparatus
Exercise method and apparatus
Treadmill control system
Pharmaceutically active compounds
Method and apparatus for synchronizing browse and chat functions on a computer network
System and method for providing a distributable runtime that deploys web applications and services f...
Distributed administration of access to information
System and method for sharing I/O address translation caching across multiple host bridges
Method and system for automating product support
Algorithm-to-hardware system and method for creating a digital circuit
Methods and apparatus for facilitating physical synthesis of an integrated circuit design
Process for production of carotenoids, xanthophylls and apo-carotenoids utilizing eukaryotic microor...
Microencapsulated pancreatic islet cells
Aggregate-free urate oxidase for preparation of non-immunogenic polymer conjugates
Vectors encoding HCN channels and MiRP1
Method for obtaining components from cultured leucocyte
Gene therapy method for reducing risk of atherosclerosis
Cytokine production inhibitors
Corosolic acid formulation and its application for weight-loss management and blood sugar balance
Physiologically active substance EEM-S originating in mushrooms, process for producing the same and ...
Pharmaceutical preparations containing alendronate sodium
Composition comprising amoxicillin and potassium clavulanate
Substance that stop any kind of bleeding within one second for medical, surgical, postsurgical and d...
Serum-derived factor inducing cell differentiation and medical uses thereof
Tissue regenerative composition, method of making, and method of use thereof
Preparation that contains oligosaccharides and probiotics
Diamondoid-containing materials in microelectronics
Hydrogen production method
Method for the purification of zinc oxide controlling particle size
Fullene based sintered carbon materials
Graphite carbon powder, and method and apparatus for producing the same
Process for producing purified aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution
Gas recovery process
Video conferencing apparatus
Method and apparatus for building customized data and/or video conferencing applications utilizing p...
Nucleic acids encoding mGLuR/CaR chimera
System, method and computer program product for conditionally updating a security program
Voice evaluation for comparison of a user's voice to a pre-recorded voice of another
Secure and controlled electronic document distribution arrangement
Proximity safety switch suitable for use in a hair dryer for disabling operation
Multi-party conferencing method
Method and apparatus for digital audio playback using local stored content
Processes employing hydrocarbon conversion catalyst
Group III nitride light emitting devices with progressively graded layers
Device that makes it possible to selectively use nonvolatile memory as RAM or ROM
Methods and apparatus for forming barrier layers in high aspect ratio vias
Food supplement for increasing lean mass and strength
Method and device for recognition of a collision with a pedestrian
System and method for meta-pattern discovery
Attachment structure for motor for toy, toy with the attachment structure for motor and racing vehic...
Gas-proof assembly composed of a bipolar plate and a membrane-electrode unit of polymer electrolyte ...
Method and apparatus for managing calendar information from a shared database and managing calendar ...
Filter cup assembly for a vacuum cleaner
Aluminum alloy for making naturally aged die cast products
Medicament respiratory delivery device and cartridge
Method and system for storage, retrieval, and query of objects in a schemeless database
Rare-earth-activated phosphors
Method and system for providing a global product services electronic laboratory
Flexure resistant base plate for a basketball goal assembly
Dock bumper system using boat fenders
Portulaca plant named `Yubi Primrose`
Method and apparatus for the coating of substrates for pharmaceutical use
Switching using three-dimensional rewriteable waveguide in photosensitive media
Method of producing a biosensor protein capable of regulating a fluorescence property of green fluor...
Contrast agents
Tooling framework system and method for code generation
Distance measurement and photometry apparatus
Network-based configuration method for systems integration in test, measurement, and automation envi...
Determining a path through a managed network
System and method for role based dynamic configuration of user profiles
Elastomeric damping sheets
System and method for locating web-based product offerings
Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing plasma display panel
Product and method for obtaining specific immunization with one or more antigens
Concave antenna with improved gain drop-off characteristics relative to angle of received wavefront
System for controllably conducting welding operations adjacent flammable materials and method of wel...
Antibiotic cytosporacin
Conduction cooled passively-shielded MRI magnet
Method for preparing a compound with growth hormone releasing properties
System and method for cleaning aligners
Multi-level classification method for transaction address conflicts for ensuring efficient ordering ...
Portable telephone
Automated surveillance monitor of non-humans in real time
Polymers containing hyperbranched monomers
Negatively charged membrane
Method for reading radiation image from stimulable phosphor sheet
Mounting for sheet material
GPS receiving system, GPS receiver and recording medium for use in the GPS receiving system
Cyclosporins for the treatment of respiratory diseases
Image formation apparatus and charger used therewith
Chlorinated vinyl resin/cellulosic blends: compositions, processes, composites, and articles therefr...
Process for improving stability of glycerin
Thermal regulating catalyst composition
Imidochromium compounds contained in catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
Amplifier and equalizer for two way cable transmission
Microprocessor control yield point tightening system
Fixing device preventing rubbing of toner image
Electronic ballast and lighting fixture
Discoverability and navigation of hyperlinks via tabs
Method for detecting transmission rate of code division multiple access (CDMA) type communication te...
Enantioselective transformation of .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated aldehydes using chiral organic catalys...
Amine-derivatized nucleosides and oligonucleosides
Genetic polymorphism of MxA protein and use thereof
Method for the treatment or prevention of flavivirus infections using nucleoside analogues
Method and apparatus for communicating among a network of servers utilizing a transport mechanism
Method and apparatus for delivering local and remote server events in a similar fashion
Methods and systems for multi-policy resource scheduling
System for performing multiplication and division in GF(22M)
Method and system for preventing data loss from an off-track write condition in a disk drive by rewr...
Method of making a magnetic head with aligned pole tips
Method and apparatus for providing a variable rate oversampling digital filter for resonance compens...
Correction of dynamic track spacing errors in storage devices
Multi-frequency servo bursts in magnetic disc memory system
Transducer-level microactuator with dual-axis control
Signal reproducing method and storage apparatus
Head positioner apparatus for data storage and retrieval
Disc drive gas supply system
Disk clamp for disk recording apparatus and disk recording apparatus
Interchangeable cartridge data storage system for devices performing diverse functions
White head for high anisotropy media
Slider, head assembly, and disk drive unit
Weld free high performance laminate suspension
Magnetic disc apparatus with slider having specified location of action point of equivalent load
Head supporting mechanism
Thin film magnetic recording head, method of fabricating the thin film magnetic recording head and m...
First pole piece with frequency dependent variable effective throat height
Read gap improvements through high resistance magnetic shield layers
Magnetic head comprising a multilayer magnetoresistive device and a yoke for introducing magnetic fl...
Overlaid lead giant magnetoresistive head with side reading reduction
Spin valve sensor with dual self-pinned AP pinned layer structures
Magnetoresistance sensor with reduced side reading
Drive device including a restart drive detection element
Connector holder for a fluid connection system
Heat-sensitive recording material
Digital offset lithographic printing
Extrusion molding apparatus for product having wood pattern and extrusion molding method thereof
Nozzle insert for long fiber compounding
Apparatus and method for improving the dimensional quality of direct-expanded food products having c...
ABS foam and method of making same
Rubber composition for extrusion molding and for molding with mold and use thereof
Manufacturing methods of water repellent member and inkjet head
Chemical inducible promoter used to obtain transgenic plants with a silent marker
Defense-related signaling genes and methods of use
Proteins and DNA related to salt tolerance in plants
Pacer lettuce variety
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33R77
Inbred corn line KW7606
Inbred maize line PH8CW
Inbred maize line PH8PG
Method of separating particles using an optical gradient
Modifications of the VEGF Receptor-2 Protein and methods of use
Translational regulatory elements
Antisense oligonucleotide inhibition of ras
Splice-region antisense composition and method
Transgenic mice containing BMP gene disruptions
Genetically engineered modification of potato to form amylopectin-type starch
Transgenic plants and plant cells comprising a reduced expression of invertase inhibitors
Astigmatic objective lens for optical head
Optical system in the ray path of a confocal fluorescence microscope
Generation of stabilized, ultra-short light pulses and the use thereof for synthesizing optical freq...
Waveguide device with mode control and pump light confinement and method of using same
Tuneable, adjustment-stable semiconductor laser light source and a method for the optically stable, ...
Wavelength-tunable stabilizer laser
Method and arrangement for the self-calibration of a diode pumped solid state laser, particularly a ...
Spectral conditioning system and method
Method for frequency and mode stabilisation of a tuneable laser that has at least three sections
Diode laser device with cooling and operation monitoring
Distributed bragg reflector laser and fabrication method
Electric discharge gas laser
Mobile tactical high energy laser weapon system and method for generating a high energy laser beam
Excimer or molecular laser with optimized spectral purity
Polarization mode control of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Ultraviolet laser device
Control of polarisation of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Assembly for focusing and coupling the radiation produced by a semiconductor laser into optical fibe...
Optoelectronic transceiver
Transmission configuration
Control apparatus for portable computer
Modular headliner assembly and method of making same
Method of tucking refastenable side seams
Welding electrode and method for reducing manganese in fume
Organic electroluminescent device, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic devices therewith
Thermal transfer sheet, thermal transfer recording method, thermal transfer recording system, resona...
Tapered hydrophobic filter for suction canisters
Move-away arrow rest
Apparatus for preventing reverse polarity contact between a standard dry cell battery terminal and a...
Control of solid state dimensional features
Polymers with high internal free volume
Polymerceramic materials with thermal expansion characteristics similar to those of metals
Perpendicular magnetic recording media with improved interlayer
Composite optical amplifier
Wet friction material and manufacturing method therefor
Modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Apparel-related entertainment system
Knock-down quarter pipe for skateboarders, bikers and in-line skaters
Bicycle having dual-purpose pedal
Deployable flare for aerodynamically stabilizing a projectile
Vertical lift flying craft
Wing-drive mechanism and vehicle employing same
Anti-hijacking security device, kit and method
Golf putter and grip therefor
Golf swing trainer
Fiducial calibration systems and methods for manufacturing, inspection, and assembly
Preparation of stable nanotube dispersions in liquids
Process for the preparation of metal sulfide nanoparticles
Nano-structures, process for preparing nano-structures and devices
Asymmetric band-gap engineered nonvolatile memory device
Field emission-type electron source and method of biasing the same
Corrosion resistant wire-grid polarizer and method of fabrication
Multi-layer integrated circuit capacitor electrodes
Flash memory device with isolation regions and a charge storage dielectric layer formed only on an a...
Insulating barrier, NVM bandgap design
Monolithcally integrated semiconductor component
Low voltage high density trench-gated power device with uniformly doped channel and its edge termina...
Semiconductor light receiving device and electronic apparatus incorporating the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Integrated circuit device comprising an inductor with high quality coefficient
Semiconductor device
Composite lid for land grid array (LGA) flip-chip package assembly
Heat transfer structure for a semiconductor device utilizing a bismuth glass layer
Stackable layers containing encapsulated integrated circuit chips with one or more overlying interco...
Electronic device having a trimming possibility and at least one semiconductor chip and method for p...
Structure having reduced lateral spacer erosion
Semiconductor device with self-aligned contact and method for manufacturing the device
Die attach adhesives for semiconductor applications utilizing a polymeric base material with inorgan...
Method of detecting shallow trench isolation corner thinning by electrical trapping
Solid-state imaging device and method for controlling same
Liquid crystal display apparatus with protective insulating film for switching element and productio...
Method of using high yielding spectra scatterometry measurements to control semiconductor manufactur...
Methods of forming hafnium-containing materials, methods of forming hafnium oxide, and capacitor con...
Safety helmet structure with a hand-free receiver
Speed calling in a wireless centrex system
Radio handset
Wireless device and method of operating the same
Telephone for children
Communications device having a sliding keypad cover
Speaker configuration for a portable electronic device
Radio device holder including device locking member and tray having tray locking member
Method and system for tapping telephone conversations
System and method for creating a controlling device
Business to business electronic test monitoring information system
Speech recognition system with network accessible speech processing resources
Method and apparatus for performing plan-based dialog
Method and system for displaying various messages while performing tasks or while idling
Automatic radio wave output limiting system for portable telephone set
Prepaid/postpaid automatic change of payment option
Method for monitoring communications in a cellular radiocommunication system, and network core there...
Treating a variety of pathological conditions, including spasticity and convulsions, by effecting a ...
Agent method and computer system
Architecture and protocol for a wireless communication network to provide scalable web services to m...
Glass plate provided with electrodes made of a conducting material
PC radio card capable of operating at a nonstandard power output level by limiting the current being...
Catalyst for aromatization of alkanes, process of making and using thereof
Light-emitting diode with planar omni-directional reflector
Combination etch stop and in situ resistor in a magnetoresistive memory and methods for fabricating ...
Methods of making electromechanical three-trace junction devices
Formation of high-k gate dielectric layers for MOS devices fabricated on strained lattice semiconduc...
Flexible track for dasher board system
Document data structure and method for integrating broadcast television with web pages
System for controlling the duration of a self-clean cycle in an oven
Switchable electrochromic devices for use in aircraft transparency windows
Apparatus and methods for monitoring and detecting seat belt usage
Collection knowledge system
Posable plush toy figure
Flow field plate assembly for an electrochemical fuel cell
Reprogrammable subscriber terminal
Method and apparatus for providing a central dictionary and glossary server
Laundry bag
Al-Ni-Mn casting alloy for automotive and aerospace structural components
Breathing apparatus
Locking aerosol spray tube
Management of multiple links to a file in a file system
Metal oxyanion coated porous substrates
Transient heat conduction using thermocouples, thermochromic liquid crystals, and numerical simulati...
Resistance force generator for use in a game machine
On-demand web server
Weather resistant dock walkway
Chrysanthemum plant named `Managua Orange`
Transdermal therapeutic system TTS containing tolterodine
Computerized system and methods of ballistic analysis for gun identifiability and bullet-to-gun clas...
Guided-wave optical interconnections embedded within a microelectronic wafer-level batch package
Expressed sequence tags and encoded human proteins
Magnetic or magnetizable composite product and a method for making and using same
Generating a music snippet
Distance measuring device installed in camera
Method for securing software to decrease software piracy
Self power audit and control circuitry for microprocessor functional units
Engine generator
Apparatus and method for determining clustering factor in a database using block level sampling
Substrate and plasma display panel utilizing the same
Alphavirus vectors and virosomes with modified HIV genes for use in vaccines
Method and arrangement for performing positioning
Method for preparing electrolytic solution, electrolytic solution and electric double-layer capacito...
Illuminated message sign with angled light emitting device array
Data sharing between application environments
Solvates of pymetrozine
Enhanced polymerization process
Fiber-reinforced, porous, biodegradable implant device
Cathepsin V-like polypeptides
Polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences of monkey cathepsin S
Integrin receptor antagonists
In situ molded thermal barriers
Disc support plate, disc changer mechanism, and disc recording and/or reproducing device
Memory allocator for a multiprocessor computer system
Modifying tissue surfaces by liquid crystal formation
Dialogs for multiple operating systems and multiple languages
Methods and apparatus for performing sequence homology detection
Secretory membrane protein that induces osteoblast differentiation
Human glycosylation enzymes
Multiple degree of freedom adjustable MRI radio frequency array coil system
Digital television translator with PSIP update
Benzothiepines having activity as inhibitors of ileal bile acid transport and taurocholate uptake
Adjusting device for an optical disk reading device
Disk transporting device with disk transfer guides
Dry physiological recording electrode
Tactile feedback and display in a CT image guided robotic system for interventional procedures
Canister with air-tight lid and spring camping handle
Technique for using shared resources on a multi-threaded processor
Connector, a fluid line and a fluid power instrumentality
Systems and methods for providing rich multimedia messages to remote users using telephones and facs...
Apparatus and method for providing multimedia conferencing services with selective information servi...
Image reporting method and system
Multimedia data retrieval device and method
Reproduction apparatus and a reproduction method for video objects received by digital broadcast
Ruggedized, water sealed, security-enhanced touchpad assembly
Method and apparatus for verifying RFID tags
Generating a list of people relevant to a task
Grinding tool
Biocidal compositions and treatments
Particulate material for purification of bio-macromolecules
Radiation image recording/read-out method and apparatus, and stimulable phosphor sheet
Direct-type back light device and method of manufacturing the same
Memory cell error recovery
Thin-channel electrospray emitter
Display panel apparatus and method
Laundry detergents and cleaners comprising microdisperse silicate-containing particles
Apparatus and method for removing carrier liquid from an intermediate transfer member surface or fro...
Polyolefin film compositions with permanent antifog properties
Analyzing images to determine if one or more sets of materials correspond to the analyzed images
Laminated optical device and liquid-crystal display apparatus
Electrochromic display
High-solids polyimide precursor solutions
Non-metal inserts for bone support assembly
Power line communications
User input device for controlling medical imaging equipment motion
Organic EL display device and method of encapsulating the same
Catalyst compositions for polymerizing olefins to multimodal molecular weight distribution polymer, ...
Tap device of cable broadcasting system
Drive system having an inertial valve
Rotary and orbital sander
Fixing member having layers with radiation-transmitting and radiation-absorbing properties, and a fi...
Low distortion ECG filter
Selection of sites for targeting by zinc finger proteins and methods of designing zinc finger protei...
Regulation of embryonic transcription in plants
4'-substituted nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of HCV RNA replication.
Discharge lamp lighting device to light a plurality of discharge lamps
Operating system event tracker having separate storage for interrupt and non-interrupt events and fl...
Method and system for Doppler frequency estimation
Phytanic acid derivative compositions
2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine derivatives, processes for preparing them and their uses
Process for the preparation of anti-ischemic and anti-hypertensive drug amlodipine besylate
Methods for sterilizing preparations of glycosidases
Methods of fabricating single electron transistors in which the thickness of an insulating layer def...
Encapsulated inorganic resists
Targetes erecta marigolds with altered carotenoid compositions and ratios
Rail to rail dual slope ADC
Multiple heat pipe heat sink
Pair of slippers
Footwear upper portion
Portion of a shoe upper
Eccentric footwear cleat
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a midsole periphery
Portion of a shoe
Footwear for a dynamic, rolling walking-action
Heel construction for footwear
Light running shoe
Optimized high-level data link control encoding/decoding
Method and system for retrieving adaptation field data associated with a transport packet
Image forming device with filming cleaning function
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having an intermediate transfer member
Image forming apparatus including image transfer body with elastic layer and coating layer
Testing device for wireless transmission towers
Method and apparatus for a software configurable wireless modem adaptable for multiple modes of oper...
Energy efficiency measuring system and reporting methods
Fault diagnosis in a complex system, such as a nuclear plant, using probabilistic reasoning
Method and apparatus for sending and tracking resume data sent via URL
Internet streaming media workflow architecture
Methods for efficient transmission of signaling messages in a packet-based network
Performance of a PCI-X to infiniband bridge
Efficient memory modification tracking with hierarchical dirty indicators
Control logic for memory modification tracking with hierarchical dirty indicators
Implementation of an assertion check in ATPG models
Internal self-test circuit for a memory array
Symbolic debug interface for register transfer simulator debugger
Television transmitter, television transmitting method, television receiver and television receiving...
Articulated football goal post
Thwarting malicious registry mapping modifications and map-loaded module masquerade attacks
Methods and systems for encoding and protecting data using digital signature and watermarking techni...
Distributed voice web architecture and associated components and methods
Jewelry design
Ethernet-based digital subscriber line methods and systems
Protective case and keyboard system for a handheld computer
Process for integrating a methanol conversion unit with an FCC unit
System and method for anti-moire display
Low temperature operating cell for the electrowinning of aluminium
A/D converter with comparators and low-power detection mode for resistive matrix keyboards
Method and system for providing household level television programming information
Process for separating multibranched paraffins using a zeolitic adsorbent with a mixed structure
III-Phospide and III-Arsenide flip chip light-emitting devices
Method of providing stability of a magnetic memory cell
Hybrid mass storage system and method with two different types of storage medium
Ferroelectric capacitor and process for its manufacture
Spray data acquisition system
Organic light-emitting devices with blocking and transport layers
Body motion tracking system
Compact retractable label
Variable frequency automated capacitive radio frequency (RF) dielectric heating system
Apparatus and method for the design and manufacture of foldable integrated device array stiffeners
Driver alert for vehicle with adaptive cruise control system
Electronic control system for vehicle accessory devices
Polling internet module of web TV
Method and expert system of molecular mechanics force fields for computer simulation of molecular sy...
Single wire automatically navigated vehicle systems and methods for toy applications
Crosslinking agent and crosslinkable solid polymer electrolyte using the same
Information embedding method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for authentication in a wireless telecommunications system
Process-driven tool interface for an object management system
Delivery of antidepressants through an inhalation route
Characterization of individual particle atomic composition by aerosol mass spectrometry
Prefix comparator
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional parallax drawing
Amine recovery method and apparatus and decarbonation apparatus having same
Fluid pressure regulator assembly with dual axis electrical generator
Method of implementing network game function using portable telephone
Method of formation of nanocrystals on a semiconductor structure
Call director system and method
Offshore structure support
Argyranthemum plant named `Danaranblush`
Transcranial examination of the brain
Modularity system for computer assisted surgery
Hard capsules comprising polymers of vinyl esters and polyethers, their use and production
Communications between partitioned host processors and management processor
Hydrophilic, swellable coatings for biosensors
Odorless modified silicone compound, cosmetic preparation containing the same, and method of purifyi...
Virtual device driver
Capacitor charging device utilizing current detection to determine malfunction, and strobe and camer...
POS terminal test system and method
Transmit/receiver module for active phased array antenna
Mechanism for automatically securing licensing for unlicenced codec
Targeting apparatus for use in performing endofemoral osteotomy surgery
Marshalling interface between provider and server
Process independent source synchronous data capture apparatus and method
Real-time speech and music classifier
End sequence profiling
Defining a sequence of files in the same file container by placing a numerical value in a header of ...
Condition sensor for a dryer
Driving method and driving circuit of plasma display panel
Method and apparatus for providing individualized client data from a service provider to a portable ...
Method and system for parsing navigation information
Electro-acoustic converter
Aluminium alloy for an anti-friction element
Apparatus and method for a low power, multi-level GTL I/O buffer with fast restoration of static bia...
Pair of interacting gear rims of the rotary machine
System and method for increasing the channel capacity of HVAC ducts for wireless communications in b...
Catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Scanning laser microscope
Allocation of asymmetric priority to traffic flow in network switches
360 Degree rotatable lifter arm for log singulator
Support for an adjustable housing
Combination mouthpiece for inhalation therapy devices used by oxygen dependent patients
Process for preparing composite molded articles by multicomponent injection molding
Microcomputer operable with external and internal clock signals
Socket retainer
Imaging process in the spatial frequency space and useful for examining the properties of object
Fixing device provided in an image forming apparatus and having a mechanism for positioning a peelin...
Solid oral pharmaceutical formulation of modified release that contains an acid labile benzimidazole...
Dietary supplement comprising colostrum and citrus pectin
Error usage investigation and disposal system
Method and system for providing performance index information of a machine element, and method and s...
Digital telecommunication facility
Method for removing a seal
Water-feed configuration for household appliances
Vacuum generating method and device including a charge valve and electronic control
Instrument cluster
Method for identification of an oscillation in an electrical power supply system
Mobile phone
Electrical appliance voice input unit and method with interference correction based on operational s...
Icon for a portion of a computer screen
Selectively deactivating a first control loop in a dual control loop circuit during data transmissio...
Apparatus for synchronizing the frame clock in units/nodes of data-transmitting systems
X-ray detector/stray radiation grid and gamma detector/collimator arrangements
Redundant database storage of selected record information for an automated interrogation device
Circuit breaker remote service system
Electronic verification machine for documents
Magnetic sensor
Input/output buffer having reduced skew and methods of operation
Generation of synchronized clocks to multiple locations in a system
Housing for an electronic device
Method and system for using a keyboard overlay with a touch-sensitive display screen
Exposure apparatus and illumination apparatus
Method of manufacturing microlens, microlens, microlens array plate, electrooptic device and electro...
Modular computer system mechanical interconnection
Matrix converter for transforming electrical energy
Par lamp with reduced lamp seal temperature
Conductive material for integrated circuit fabrication
Actively shielded superconducting magnet assembly with a device for additional fringe field optimiza...
Ultra-wideband pulse modulation system and method
Method and system for filter based message processing in a unified messaging system
Wireless optical input device
Wireless input apparatus and method using a three-dimensional pointing device
Method of minimizing facsimile image corruption in CDMA systems
Ionizer control system
Complete office portable computers improvement
Forward direction power control method using backward direction power control sub-channel for mobile...
Wireless communication system, apparatus and method using an atmospheric platform having a wideband ...
Preemptive power-up method for protecting system users from sudden high speed data
Sulfur-containing compound and light-emitting device using same
Electroluminescent devices containing thermal protective layers
High work function metal alloy cathode used in organic electroluminescent devices
Active matrix display with pixel memory
Organic electroluminescent device
Producing multi-color stable light emitting organic displays
Display apparatus with ribs having conductive material
Fluorescent bis-coumarins for organic light-emitting devices
Heteropolycyclic compounds and their use as metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists
Method and management system for gaming management between a gaming management center and at least o...
Method and arrangement for determining a driver command
Method and apparatus for organizing addressing elements
Communication apparatus with relay function and relay method
Food container cleaner apparatus and method
Steamer/smoker grilling device for fowl
Environmental containment system for a flow cytometer
Mammalian pro-apoptotic Bok genes and their uses
Method for cell-free protein complete post-translational modification
Calling service of a VoIP device in a VLAN environment
Recording medium of stream data, and recording method and playback method of the same
Recording medium apparatus and method related to information representing tunes
Method and apparatus for managing resources
Determining linear predictive coding filter parameters for encoding a voice signal
Gain quantization for a CELP speech coder
System for document management and information processing
Solid-state thermionic refrigeration
Catalyst for hydrofining and method for preparation thereof
Preventing corrosion degradation in a fluid-based switch
Electrically isolated liquid metal micro-switches for integrally shielded microcircuits
Cold cathode and cold cathode discharge device
Low pressure mercury vapor fluorescent lamps
Mercury vapor lamp amalgam target
Wettability improvement of spun-on resist and thermoplastic materials
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Process for producing microceramic tubes by radiation exposure of silicon-based polymers
Environment exchange control for material on a wafer surface
Ink-imprintable release coatings, and pressure sensitive adhesive constructions
Waterborne acetoacetate-functionalized alkyd coating compositions
Lateral current blocking light emitting diode and method of making the same
MRAM semiconductor memory configuration with redundant cell arrays
Semiconductor memory device
Electrical junction box
Method of sintering and sinter bed composition
Process for the purification and recovery of acetonitrile
Method of purifying water, suitable bacteria for the method and use thereof
Diffuse reflective articles
Flame retardant polypropylene resin composition
Battery tester and sorting apparatus
Immunotoxin (mAB-RICIN) for the treatment of focal movement disorders
Method of coating a web with a solution
Record-shifted scanning of silver-halide-containing color photographic and photothermographic elemen...
Method and apparatus for monitoring and selectively discouraging non-elected transport service over ...
Demodulation method for receiver
System to pre-qualify copper subscriber loops for high bandwidth access service using subscriber voi...
Waveguide grating arrangement using a segmented reflector
Switching arrangement for fault recovery in optical WDM ring networks
Interleaving combiner for a bidirectional wavelength-division multiplexing system
Electromagnetic interference shield
Method and system for subscriber-configurable communications service
Method and apparatus for tracking call history for mobile and wireline users accessing the network o...
Method and apparatus for performing real-time endpoint detection in automatic speech recognition
Winged sailing craft
Personal watercraft
Launch and recovery system for unmanned underwater vehicles
Low solar absorbing nonskid composition and applied configuration for a flight deck
Cockpit systems and methods for kayaks
Floor finish compositions
Disposal apparatus and method for efficiently bio-converting putrescent wastes
Chiral lead catalyst and method of asymmetric aldol reaction
Softener composition
Fabric conditioning compositions containing an amine acid softening compound
(Meth)acrylic ester binders from glycolyzed aromatic polyesters
Substituted 2-aminoalkyl-1,4-diaminobenzene compounds and oxidation dye precursor compositions conta...
Water soluble bactericide and producing method thereof
Target throw playing machine having restoring function
One-sided printing and manufacturing of a mobius strip
Basketball game system
Encasement for handheld computer
Foamed fireproofing composition and method
Enhanced dot resolution for inkjet printing
Inkjet recording head and inkjet recording device
Ink jet printhead having a channel plate with integral filter
Imaging member
Toner processes
Toner processes
Hot melt inks containing aldehyde copolymers
Image correction method and image correcting apparatus
Gradient-based trapping using patterned trap zones
Image formation apparatus and developer collection vessel used therewith
Method for manufacturing a core mold for foam-molding and the core mold
Reconfigurable processor module comprising hybrid stacked integrated circuit die elements
Image processing apparatus has a CPU that reduces operation capability of large scale integration ci...
Herbal compositions and methods for diabetes and weight loss management
System and method for pre-fetching for pointer linked data structures
Microprocessor system bus protocol providing a fully pipelined input/output DMA write mechanism
Method and apparatus for accessing system information
Piezoelectronic actuator and liquid jetting head
Airgap for semiconductor devices
Sm-fe-N based alloy powder and process for producing the same
Semiconductor high dielectric constant decoupling capacitor structures and process for fabrication
Method for producing support for planographic printing plate, support for planographic printing plat...
EL panel
Curable silicone resin composition and reactive silicon compounds
Resistor structure
Silicon-based composition, low dielectric constant film, semiconductor device, and method for produc...
Method of initializing a memory controller by executing software in a second memory to wake up a sys...
Method for transmitting collision-free messages in a communication system and apparatus therefor
Broadcasting and multicasting in wireless communication
Base station apparatus of mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for radio communications
Radio interference detection and screening system for locomotive control unit radios
Method and apparatus for generating reliability information for channel decoding in a radio receiver
Multi-port optical node
Wireless communication device and method having coordinated primary and secondary transmitters
Radio device control terminal apparatus, radio system and multimedia system constitution method
Battery operated radio receivers having power save by reducing active reception time
Upgrading of resources in a telecommunications network
Dynamic channel allocation method in cellular radio network and system for channel allocation
Method and apparatus for processing a microelectronic workpiece at an elevated temperature
Derivating of tryptamine and analogous compounds and pharmaceutical formulations containing them
Tramadol analogs and uses thereof
Monocyclic compounds with four bifunctional residues having NK-2 antagonist action
Preparation of deazaguanine analog
CompactPCI hotswap automatic insertion/extraction test equipment
Baseball glove
Pod and method for making fluid comestible
Method for measuring concentrations of gases and vapors using controlled flames
Process for the preparation of optically and chemically highly pure (R)- or (S)-.alpha.-hydroxycarbo...
Methods and apparatus for rendering an optically encoded medium unreadable and tamper-resistant
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Phase-shift photomask for patterning high density features
Imaging optical system and exposure apparatus
Method for producing (1R,4S)-2-azabicyclo[2.2.1]-hept-5-en-3-on derivatives
Long wavelength optical amplifier
Process for the preparation of optically active azabicyclo heptanone derivatives
Method and system for providing a simplified in-line optical circulator
Integration of top-emitting and top-illuminated optoelectronic devices with micro-optic and electron...
Optical phase shifting, splitting and combining device
Optically transparent electrically conductive charge sheet poling electrodes to maximize performance...
Nucleic acids labelled with extended rhodamine dyes
Efficient direct current collision and reaction cell
Release element for initiating pyrotechnics
Device for securing a dial in a watchcase
Sponson tow plate-mounted helicopter armament apparatus and associated methods
Percussion fuse (ignition device)
Industrial ammunition
Shotgun shell box
Rifled weapon engraver and scanner
Linear motion guide bearing device and ball screw device
Roller retainer, direct-acting guide device and roller screw using the roller retainer
Dynamic pressure bearing and method of manufacturing the same
Bearing assembly
Spindle motor, and disk drive utilizing the spindle motor
Optimized configurable scheme for demand based resource sharing of request queues in a cache control...
Prioritized bus request scheduling mechanism for processing devices
Toothbrush cover
Appendage for a robot
Ovaloid dispensing container
Process of forming a perforated web
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Water chopped dual-band selective excitation
Systems and methods for simultaneous acquisition of spatial harmonics
Ballast with lamp sensor and method therefor
Azabicyclylmethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-1,6,9-trioxa-3-aza-cyclopenta[a]naphthalene as 5-ht1a a...
Pyrimidine derivatives
Plastic container having an inverted active cage
Adhesive-resisting skin processing agent for PVC powder free gloves
Establishment of designated S-PVC connection in PNNI operation ATM switching apparatus network
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymers
Polyester film for metal sheet laminating, metal sheet laminated with this film, and metal vessel fo...
Complex skin, slush molding thermoplastic elastomer composition for use in the skin, and an article ...
Block chlorinated polyolefins as physical property enhancers for polymer blends
Multi-layered golf ball and composition
Composition of barbituric acid-modified BMI and PPE chain-broken in phenol resin
Positively charged membrane
Single-use applicators, dispensers and methods for polymerizable monomer compound
Multi-structure lighting device
Electric sensory device
Decorative tree lightning system
Recessed wall-mounted light fixture
Adjustable downlight lighting fixture
Capacitor mounting apparatus
Method and device for mapping radiation sources
Electronic camera
Video-apparatus with histogram modification means
Image change detecting apparatus and image change detecting method, image encoding apparatus and inf...
Universal remote control capable of simulating a skip search
Image analysis through polarization modulation and combination
Foldable and hang-able liquid crystal display apparatus
Method and apparatus for transferring video frame in telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for motion vector estimation
Method and apparatus for reproducing system clock in digital data transmission network
Bending an optical fiber into backplane
Optical fiber attached to a substrate
Method and apparatus for fiber array module
Scalable optical demultiplexing arrangement for wide band dense wavelength division multiplexed syst...
Network with shared optical sources
Optical transmission systems including optical amplifiers and methods
Optical device having a reference mark system
Use of yarns with whiskers to improve gel compound flow performance of fiber optic cables
Method of repairing a slope-matched cable system and replacement cable portion for use therein
System, method and apparatus for pattern recognition with application to symbol recognition and rege...
Video coding and reconstruction apparatus and methods
Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus
Transmission apparatus of video information, transmission system of video information and transmissi...
Correcting correlation errors in a compound image
Method and apparatus for processing an image
Document scanner, system and method
Method and system for ultrasound blood flow imaging and volume flow calculations
Acoustic detection of vascular conditions
Specimen collection and application apparatus
Apparatus for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter using at least two shock wave pulses
Ablation catheter having shape-changing balloon
Floor tile scale with wall display
Portable storage case for housing a medical monitoring device and an associated method for communica...
Structure formed of foaming cement and lightweight steel, and a structure system and method of formi...
Austenitic stainless steel less susceptible to cracking during forming and a manufacturing method th...
Chinking tape for log structures
Apparatus for preparing polyolefin products and methodology for using the same
Run flat tire support and colorant therefor