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Balanced access to prevent gateword dominance in a multiprocessor write-into-cache environment
Method and apparatus for parallel store-in second level caching
Removable active application specific medium
Data storage system having redundant service processors
Software controlled content addressable memory in a general purpose execution datapath
Content addressable memory having data width extension capability
High performance cost optimized memory
Non-volatile memory access control
Method of Controlling and addressing a cache memory which acts as a random address memory to increas...
Memory address space extension device and storage medium storing therein program thereof
Interface protocol for a disk drive, SRAM and DRAM
Apparatus and method for automatic cooking
Methods and apparatus for operating a speedcooking oven
Microwave oven with toaster
Roasting oven with dual heating elements
Process for separation of tocopherols
Acidic antimicrobial compositions for treating food and food contact surfaces and methods of use the...
Calorically dense nutritional composition
Packaging material and packages produced from the material for light-sensitive products
Cereal grit food product having enhanced shelflife and high protein content
Method of processing a proteinous material, a product so obtained, and use thereof
Coated chewing gum products containing hydrogenated indigestible starch syrup as a binding agent
Nutritional dietary system, formulation, kit and method for use in preparing an individual for a pre...
Method and composition for enhancing milk component concentrations
Automated support member positioning and removing systems and related devices and methods
Porous gas permeable material for gas separation
Cup caddy for liquid dispensers
Mechanism and method for cleaning corona wires
Semiconductor device having a carbon fiber reinforced resin as a heat radiation plate having a conca...
Rival flag
Blue-green phosphor for fluorescent lighting applications
Bi-laminar, hyaluronan coatings with silver-based anti-microbial properties
Method for producing a sealed release coating applied on a cylinder-head gasket using a silicone mat...
Collapsible animal container
Assembly device for stacked ring
Method for validating write data to a memory
Apparatus and method for packet ingress interrupt moderation
Compositions and methods for the treatment of sepsis
Bioreactor and methods for producing synchronous cells
Polyhydroxyalkanoate compositions having controlled degradation rates
Method and apparatus for checking read errors with two cyclic redundancy check stages
Dry powders of metal-containing compounds
Verbascum plant named `Pink Petticoats`
Solid media
Implanted medical device telemetry using integrated thin film bulk acoustic resonator filtering
Tryptophan source from plants and uses therefor
Geranium plant named `Baldesbrila`
Firing flap dispenser
Method of generating an IC mask using a reduced database
Cathode active material and lithium battery employing the same
Method and apparatus for passively calculating latency for a network appliance
Temperature compensated RRAM circuit
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Disproportionation/transalkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons
Flash lamp and flash lamp structure
Structure of a communication internet connector
Methods and systems for performing reliable asynchronous notification of high-level document operati...
Method and apparatus for simplified artist-buyer transactions
Peach tree named "P.F. 36- 007"
Method of and system for authentication downloading
Nucleic acid encoding anti-IgE antibodies
Use of exendins and agonists thereof for the reduction of food intake
Dietary and pharmaceutical compositions for management and treatment of oxidative stress
System and method of communicating a plurality of food orders in a restaurant
Flying disc
Apparatus for aerobic liquid-phase fermentation
Polyester film
Anti-diabetic diet and method for providing a proportioned ground food
Pretreatment agent for a fish food
Tocopherols as flavor antioxidant in citrus juice
Reduced sugar citrus juice beverages
Custard caramel sauce
Acidified food sauces
Method for making instant maftul
Protein enhanced low carbohydrate snack food
Grape flavored pome fruit
Snacks having lower acrylamide levels and process for preparation thereof
Process for preparation of flax protein isolate
Relocatable processing plant for extracting juice from citrus fruit and associated methods
Modified atmospheric package
Method to increase image variety with limited image components
Interfering with illicit recording activity by emitting non-visible radiation
System and method for providing secure sharing of electronic data
`Virtual` encryption scheme combining different encryption operators into compound-encryption mechan...
Method and apparatus for generating and transmitting a stationary dither code
Gaming graphics
Apparatus and method for generating a pool of seeds for a central determination gaming system
Video gaming apparatus for wagering with universal computerized controller and I/O interface for uni...
Personalized behavior of computer controlled avatars in a virtual reality environment
Discrete multi-tone processor in asymmetric digital subscriber line modem
Recording medium having spare area for defect management and information on defect management, and m...
Audio data recording apparatus and audio data sending/receiving method of the apparatus
Communication system for raising channel utilization rate and communication method thereof
Intelligent home control bus
Circuits and methods for changing page length in a semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device with reduced current consumption in standby state
Redundant memory structure using bad bit pointers
Semiconductor memory device
Apparatus and method for interfacing between modem and memory in mobile station
Thin film magnetic memory device suppressing resistance of transistors present in current path
Memory device including a transistor having functions of RAM and ROM
Modular memory device
Hinge assembly for flat panel display appliance
Dialysis machine with symmetric multi-processing (SMP) control system and method of operation
Automatic detector of media interface protocol type
Magnetic logic elements
Vehicle fog lamp
Color wheel
Light guide apparatus, a backlight apparatus and a liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device having a container module with a novel structure
Lighting panel for a display
Cockpit instrument panel systems and methods with variable perspective flight display
Aircraft beacon device on wind power installations
Vehicle detector and classifier
Communications system and method for interconnected networks having a linear topology, especially ra...
Map data providing apparatus, map data installing terminal device, and communication-type navigation...
Method for outputting traffic information in a motor vehicle
Automobile license tag scanning system
Illumination apparatus, exposure apparatus using the same and device fabrication method
Automobile message display device
Ambient lighting system for surgical lights
Double-wall ballast engagement and ballast mounting method
Light bulb retention assembly
Apparatus and method for a radiation image through a grid
Debris removing system for use in X-ray light source
Method for registering images in a radiography application
Edge rinse apparatus and edge rinse method
Multiple directional scans of test structures on semiconductor integrated circuits
Photoelectric converter, method for driving photoelectric converter and system having photoelectric ...
Microoptical system and fabrication method therefor
Lateral phase change memory and method therefor
Radiation image sensor and scintillator panel
Thio-modified aptamer synthetic methods and compositions
Non-yellowing ortho-dialkyl aryl substituted triazine ultraviolet light absorbers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of 193 NM photoresist stabilization by the use of ion implantation
Ink recording element containing stabilized polymeric particles
Capillary array-based sample screening
Method and apparatus for sequential delivery of multiple injectable substances stored in a prefilled...
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Intelligent hydraulic manifold used in an injection molding machine
Optical compensator for LCD including stacked films of only one O-plate, one A-plate and two negativ...
Device for a transdermal and phonophoretic combination therapy and the use thereof in a method for m...
Method and apparatus for image coding and/or decoding using a position and shape map
Method, processor and computed tomography (CT) machine for generating images utilizing high and low ...
Method and apparatus for correcting for a phase shift between a transmitter and a receiver
Method of mounting combination-type IC card
Transparent surface formed complex polymer lenses
Interferometric modulation of radiation
Process for producing a transparent pane structure for motor vehicles and a transparent pane structu...
Sensor platform, apparatus incorporating the platform, and process using the platform
Integrated diagnostic for photoelastic modulator
Noise suppression system and method for phased-array based systems
Beamformed ultrasonic imager with delta-sigma feedback control
Spatial position determination system
Electronic filing system with file-placeholders
Image and audio degradation simulator
Method and devices for wireless communication between test and control devices and power distributio...
Method and apparatus for bottleneck feed factor based scheduling
Compact belt fuser apparatus with floating idler roller supported by belt and biased tension roller
SONET multiplexer having front panel access to electrical and optical connectors and method for usin...
Anti-counterfeit detection for low end products
Power supply tone compensation for voice band modems
Strictly nonblocking multicast multi-stage networks
Data-based signal definition for frequency domain adaptive beamforming algorithms
Switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Halftone dot placement for multi-color images
SPR sensor
Raman spectroscopy crystallization analysis method
In-plane switching LCD panel having different alignment layers
Method and apparatus for transforming polygon data to voxel data for general purpose applications
Device for precise centering of an NMR sample tube
Modular local coil set for magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance apparatus and carrier device equipable with shim elements
NMR transfer standard
Method of compensating for gradient induced eddy currents in NMR imaging apparatuses
Multi-chip module having content addressable memory
Interference suppression in a spread spectrum communications system using non-linear frequency domai...
Realtime adaptive notch compensator
Arrangements of microscopic particles for performing logic computations, and method of use
Support for chromophoric elements
Optical array with improved contact structure
Semiconductor device having improved alignment of an electrode terminal on a semiconductor chip and ...
High gain bipolar transistor
Multi-slope analog temperature sensor
Semiconductor device and liquid jetting device using the same
Semiconductor device having high breakdown voltage without increased on resistance
Interlayer oxide containing thin films for high dielectric constant application of the formula AB2O6...
Semiconductor memory device
Self-aligned bipolar transistor without spacers and method for fabricating same
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof
Transient voltage suppression device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Strained silicon NMOS having silicon source/drain extensions and method for its fabrication
Molecular mechanical devices with a band gap change activated by an electric field for optical switc...
Light emitting diode having a transparent substrate
Process for producing p-xylene
Selective hydrogenation of acetylenes and dienes in a hydrocarbon stream
Cross-coupling reaction of organosilicon nucleophiles
Process for the catalytic synthesis of biaryls and polymers from aryl compounds
Grafted polymers as gas hydrate inhibitors
Extraction of aromatics from hydrocarbon oil using furfural-co-solvent extraction process
Device for desalination of water and methods of use
Optical fiber and production method therefor
Optical transmission system
Optical switch for switching between multiple main light emitters
Pumping light source unit, raman amplifier, and optical transmission system
Parametric device for wavelength conversion
Power cable for mobile and terminal for the power cable
Olefin-based resin composition, method of making it and electrical wire covered with it
Large size semiconductor crystal with low dislocation density
Connector mounting structure and connector mounting method
Method for connecting optical fibers, and heat treatment apparatus used therefor
Optical connector with shutter
Seat belt connector assembly
Amplification optical fiber and fiber optic amplifier including the same
Shielded wire harness and shielding member
System for transmitting electric energy in superconductivity conditions and method for refrigerating...
Reduced size GPS conical shaped microstrip antenna array
Ubiquinone composition and methods related thereto
Method of enhancing immune responses to herpes
Noninvasive intraductal fluid diagnostic screen
Recovery and purification of anhydro sugar alcohols from a vapor stream
Peptides capable of binding to MHC molecules, cells presenting such peptides, and pharmaceutical com...
Porous composite materials
Gel-like resin molded article contained in volatilization control container
Therapeutic systems
Dinucleoside polyphosphate compositions and their therapeutic use
Amino acid-containing albumin preparation
Preparation and use of oligopeptide lyophilisate for gonad protection
Ionic molecular conjugates of biodegradable polyesters and bioactive polypeptides
System and method for characterizing three-dimensional structures
Parallel, individually addressable probes for nanolithography
Surface-functionalized inorganic semiconductor particles as electrical semiconductors for microelect...
Sample introduction interface for analytical processing
Apparatus for measuring position of fine particle
Light probe microscope including picture signal processing means
Ion exchange cryptands covalently bound to substrates
Antisense modulation of dual specific phosphatase 5 expression
Cleanly removable tapes and methods for the manufacture thereof
Biocide composition and related methods
Composite nanospheres and their conjugates with biomolecules
Sputtered spring films with low stress anisotropy
Sharpness testing of micro-objects such as miniature diamond tool tips
Generation of ordered interconnect output from an HDL representation of a circuit
Graphical subclassing
System and method enabling hierarchical execution of a test executive subsequence
Client-centric internet shopping system, method and program
Methods for avoiding cherry picking in telecommunications networks
System and method for advanced unified messaging
Distributed intraframe transmission in digital video compression
Disk device
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Circuit and method for compensating for temperature
Method for developing in hybrid developing apparatus
Polyamide composition
Fuel cell
Method for the continuous production of 2-bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol
Device with multi-structural contact elements
Fiber optic positioner
Distance/ranging by determination of RF phase delta
Compartmentalized storage system for temporarily storing and subsequently mixing at least two differ...
Illuminated message display
Getter for enhanced micromechanical device performance
Method of transplanting in a mammal and treating diabetes mellitus by administering a pseudo-islet l...
Method and device for purifying aqueous effluents by catalytic oxidation
Load-adjusted speech recognition
Pet stroller
Distributed-object development system and computer-readable recording medium recorded with program f...
Ambulatory therapeutic footwear
Link layer controller that provides a memory status signal to a network layer system in a communicat...
Method of characterizing spectrometer instruments and providing calibration models to compensate for...
Method for trapping a residual monomer with epoxide function in a thermoplastic composition
System and an arrangement to determine the level of hazard in a hazardous situation
Sliding device
Method and apparatus for network fault correction via adaptive fault router
Hydrogen storage and supply system
Verbena plant named `Wesverlila`
Technique for serializing data structure updates and retrievals without requiring searchers to use l...
Operator's room for work machine
Plasma display panel
Mechanism for handling file level and block level remote file accesses using the same server
Nectarine tree named `P.F. 11 Nectarine`
Method of milking an animal and device for this purpose
Method for machine milking an animal
Method and system for controlled cooling of small milk quantities
Body movement analysis system and body movement analysis method
Milk filtration and filter regeneration
Vaccine for the prevention of bacterial infection of the bovine mammary gland
Method and device for the improved milking of an animal, in particular of a cow
Modular milking parlor and transport system
Milking parlor and method for individually presenting animals to be milked via a translating shuttle...
Milking system
Milking parlor for the forward straight line animal ambulation and individual presentation of an ani...
Amniotic membrane mediated delivery of bioactive molecules
Replaceable liner and teat cup shell for a teat cup assembly and method
Method of miling and milking parlor
Volumetric liquid metering device
Automatic milking
Milk feeding of young animals
Monitoring of critical dairy farm conditions
System for the presentation of animals to be milked and method
High-impedance optical electrode
Electric double layer capacitor and battery
Directional image transmission sheet and method of making same
Electrochromic device
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal panel and manufacturing system of the ...
Method and apparatus for wireless mobile seating platform
Tampering detector and system disabler
Integrated receiving/backscattering arrangement for contactless data transmission
Oxide semiconductor electrode and process for producing the same
System and apparatus for charging an electronic device using solar energy
Solar battery cell and manufacturing method thereof
Assembly method and apparatus for photovoltaic module
Thermally stable, anthraquinone colorants containing copolymerizable vinyl groups
Thermally stable, anthraquinone colorants containing copolymerizable vinyl groups
Vulcanizable flouroelastomer composition
White UV-stabilized thermoformable film made from a crystallizable thermoplast, method for producing...
Compositions of polyacids and polyethers and methods for their use in reducing adhesions
Fabrication process of solar cell
Shallow trench isolation planarized by wet etchback and chemical mechanical polishing
Method and device for vacuum-coating a substrate
Enabling nanostructured materials via multilayer thin film precursor and applications to biosensors
Recording medium cartridge
Electronic equipment communication system, external device for the communication system, electronic ...
Recording apparatus, recording method, and disc shaped record medium
Mobil communication apparatus and information providing system using the mobile communication appara...
Information processing apparatus and method, and program
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Data distribution system, distribution equipment, terminal equipment and data distribution method
Parallel encoding and decoding processor system and method
Digital signal multiplexing method and apparatus, digital signal transmission method and apparatus, ...
Data communication method, electronic apparatus, and physical-layer-control integrated circuit
Method of erasing non-volatile semiconductor memory device and such non-volatile semiconductor memor...
Imaging device
Digital broadcasting reception system, digital broadcasting receiver, display, printer and printing ...
Field-effect semiconductor device and method for making the same
Semiconductor light emitting device and its manufacturing method
Display unit and semiconductor light emitting device
Crystal layer separation method, laser irradiation method and method of fabricating devices using th...
Semiconductor device manufacturing method thereof
Nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery
Process for producing gas diffusion electrode and electrochemical device
Optical recording medium
Entertainment system on-board a vehicle for visualizing on a display real-time vehicle data
Smart-channel: learning-capable television channel changing apparatus, system and method
Outdoor dart game
Particulate matter propulsion apparatus
Carousel devices
Method and apparatus for providing insurance policies for gambling losses
Roulette-type gaming apparatus and method for playing the same
Toy figure with articulating joints
System and method for maintaining audience interest in productions, including anonymous auto race
Method for playing a modified blackjack card game
Casino low ball game and method of dealing cards therein
Game method for a blackjack-type game
Gaming devices and methods of playing card games with indicator of cards played from previous hands
Vertical board game and apparatus therefor
Method and mechanism for a web based knowledge management tool
Visualizing automatically generated segments
Method and system for remote electronic monitoring and mentoring of computer assisted performance su...
Interaction prediction system and method
System and method for dynamic profiling of users in one-to-one applications and for validating user ...
Behavior-based adaptation of computer systems
Method and apparatus for controlling a medical fluid heater
Multiple zone automatic HVAC control system and method
Methods for direct visualization of active synapses
Remotely activated mitral annuloplasty system and methods
Isolated mammalian monocyte cell genes; related reagents
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Methods and compositions for the treatment of pain and other alpha 2 adrenergic-mediated conditions
(Hydroxyphenyl)-1H-indole-3-carbaldehyde oxime derivatives as estrogenic agents
Nonsedating alpha-2 agonists
Modulators of ATP-Binding Cassette transporters
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Novel methods for identifying improved, non-sedating alpha-2 agonists
Carotenoid analogs or derivatives for controlling C-reactive protein levels
Method for treatment of depression and anxiety disorders by combination therapy
Open chain prolyl urea-related modulators of androgen receptor function
Use of 4-androstene-3,6,17-trione to elevate testosterone levels and the testosterone/estrogen ratio...
Aryl, heteroaromatic and bicyclic aryl nitrone compounds, prodrugs and pharmaceutical compositions o...
Proteasome inhibitors and methods of using the same
Carotenoid ester analogs or derivatives for controlling C-reactive protein levels
Per-6-substituted-per-6-deoxy-cyclodextrins, and use of the same to inhibit soluble beta-amyloid-pep...
OBG3 globular head and uses thereof
Modulation of beta-catenin/TCF-activated transcription
Spatial and temporal control of gene expression using a heat shock protein promoter in combination w...
Expression of dominant negative transmembrane receptors in the milk of transgenic animals
Mouse model for bone metabolism
Computerized prescription system for gathering and presenting information relating to pharmaceutical...
Method and system for monitoring health of an individual
Systems and methods for characterizing a biological condition or agent using precision gene expressi...
Implantable medical electrical stimulation lead fixation method and apparatus
Medical foot helper for diabetic, arthritic, disabled, elderly and obese persons
Novel human protease inhibitor proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Dibenzylamine compound and medicinal use thereof
Substituted cyclic compounds
Withanamide and withanolide compositions and method of use thereof
Novel cyanopyrrolidides, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Methods of using zonisamide as an adjunctive therapy for partial seizures
Novel bicyclic cyanoheterocycles, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Glucocorticoid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical compositions, and uses thereof
Treatment of diabetes with thiazolidinedione and metformin
Preparation of benzosuberonylpiperidine compounds
N-acylated lipophilic amino acid derivatives
Drawer face for a vertical file, a safe, or the like
Set of wheels for a creeper
Cleaning pad with V-notch
Shoulders on a foot of an upright vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Animal leash
Canine collar
Automatic feeder
Cosmetic container
Box for cosmetics
Cosmetic container
Liquid and lotion applicator
Replaceable applicator portion for a liquid and lotion applicator
Wall lighting fixture
Spinning bottle cap light
Convertible flashlight-headlamp
Ornamental floating apparatus
Sectional overhead door
Breast self-examination pad
Chloropyrimidine intermediates
Process for the preparation of 2'-halo-.beta.-L-arabinofuranosyl nucleosides
Kits for detecting HIV-2
Full-length GB virus C (hepatitis G virus) RNA transcripts are infectious in primary CD4 positive T ...
Heterocyclicsulfonamide hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Fused tetrahydropyridine derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Methods of treating inflammatory and immune diseases using inhibitors of I.kappa.B kinase (IKK)
Pyrrolyl-and imidazolyl-acid amide derivatives useful as inhibitors of PDE4 isozymes
Means and methods for fibroblast-like or macrophage-like cell transduction
Gene Therapy for proliferative vitreoretinopathy
HIV-specific CTL inducing peptides and medicaments for preventing or treating AIDS comprising the pe...
Inhibition of retrovirus infection
Sample collection method
Method of introducing organic molecules into target cells
Nucleic acid sequence for potentiating the expression of useful gene and method therefor
Card related protein and uses thereof
Sequence-directed DNA-binding molecules compositions and methods
Means and methods for monitoring protease inhibitor antiretroviral therapy and guiding therapeutic d...
Peptides derived from a retrovirus of the HIV group and their use
Method for treating, preventing, or inhibiting enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli infections with bovi...
Methods for delivering a drug to a patient while restricting access to the drug by patients for whom...
Method for removing heavy metals using an adsorbent
Nanofilter system and method of use
Solid-liquid separation process
Method for treating recalcitrant organic compounds
Method and apparatus for controlling flow profile to match lamp fluence profile
Methods and devices for dispensing a potable product liquid
Fuel filter with restriction indicator, and method of using same
Method and system for the manufacture of pharmaceutical water
Filtration method
Method for regeneration of adsorbent matrices
Hydrophilic monolithic columns for separation of saccharide mixtures
Process for the removal of contaminants from water
Treatment of semi-permeable filtration membranes
Method and apparatus for the treatment of wastewater
Liquid separator
Solids separator
Filter device
Filtration device
Non-collapsible dual filter element
System for recycling washing machine water
Polymer blend membranes for use in fuel cells
Production method of ultrafine gold particle-dissolved water and device therefor
High density cast-in-place sample preparation card
Ballast water ozone injection method and system
Reclamation of materials in a closed environment with remedial water
Metal chelate-forming fiber, process for producing the same, method of trapping metal ion with the f...
Lubricant, magnetic disk and magnetic disk apparatus
Co-oxidation method and co-oxidation reagent for decontaminating ground water and soil
Sludge digestion methods and apparatus
Heating system and method for prevention of septic system freeze-up
Nucleic acid binding matrix
Fluid filter
Multifunctional internal marine aquarium filter
Automatic chemical feed system
Filtering system for runoff water
Filter facility having flow facilitating structure
Storm drain filter assembly
Storm drain filter system
Scraper arm for rake screen
Curbside drain barrier for detaining solid trash during no or slow water flow
Mutants of streptococcal toxin A and methods of use
MurE protein and gene of pseudomonas aeruginosa
Nucleic acid sequence encoding lymphoma associated molecule BAL
Synthesis of oligonucleotides
Isolation and expression of a gene for a nitrilase from Acidovorax facilis 72W
Methylthioadenosine phosphorylase compositions and methods of use in the diagnosis and treatment of ...
Inorganic-polymer complexes for the controlled release of compounds including medicinals
Acyl CoA:cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT-2)
Automated method of identifying and archiving nucleic acid sequences
Soybean cultivar 19704220
Homeobox genes encoding proteins participating in differentiation
Magnetic pigment
Antisense modulation of interferon gamma receptor 2 expression
Inflammation inducible hybrid promoters, vectors comprising them and uses thereof
Keratinocyte growth factor-2 formulations
Radiation shielding arrangement
Filters and methods of making and using the same
Filling device and system for treating a deformed or diseased spine
Cement compositions with improved mechanical properties and methods of cementing in a subterranean f...
Polyvinyl-alcohol-stabilized redispersible powders with plasticizing properties
Restorative and grafting material for hard tissue defect and fabrication method of the same using an...
Melt-processed powder containing particles' repulsion agent, evaporation retardant, and means for be...
Fireproof seamless foam panel roofing system
Elastomeric admixtures for improving cement elasticity
Irradiated, oxidized olefin polymer coupling agents
Integrated system for controlling water intrusion and air movement through exterior wall constructio...
Solid supported comb-branched copolymers as an additive for gypsum compositions
Method of making printable forms comprising stickers and articles
Method and system for automatically adjusting location based system information in a mobile computer
Database updated in a mobile communication system
Method for storing on a computer network a portion of a communication session between a packet sourc...
Method and an apparatus for estimating residual noise in a signal and an apparatus utilizing the met...
Universal mail wireless e-mail reader
Outgoing call handling system and method
Method and apparatus for processing a telephone call
Line interface, apparatus and method for coupling transceiver and transmission line
Automatic area code detector and dialer for automatically selecting, preparing and entering suppleme...
Method of optimizing call center resources based upon statistics
Method and apparatus for providing music to an agent during non-voice dialog communication in an aut...
Automatic call distribution system and method
Method for transferring message in a message transfer part with high speed
Overload prevention in an intelligent network
Enhanced directory assistance service providing individual or group directories
System and method for multi-stage data logging
Mute status reminder for a communication device
Method and system for processing a call associated with a caller's account identity
Methods and systems for call interruption services
Targeted and intelligent multimedia conference establishment services
Methods and kits for monitoring resistance to therapeutic agents
Back-end decoupled management model and management system utilizing same
Defect management system and method
Information management and synchronous communications system with menu generation
System and method for verification of identity
Method and apparatus for securely and dynamically managing user roles in a distributed system
Data sorting in information storage systems
Incrementally restoring a mass storage device to a prior state
File system translators and methods for implementing the same
Method for configuring a single hardware I/O control block architecture for use with both mirrored a...
Role-based access to image metadata
System and method for personal identification
System and method for distributed storage and retrieval of personal information
Dynamic memory placement policies for NUMA architecture
Prioritizing electronic messages based on the sender's address
System and method for managing transaction messages in computer communications
Apparatus and method for mapping relational data and metadata to XML
Data processing system
Method and apparatus for ranking web page search results
Method for building space-splitting decision tree
Registration and monitoring system
Using multicasting to provide ethernet-like communication behavior to selected peers on a network
Circuit emulation service over an internet protocol network
System and method for transfer of IP data in an optical communication networks
Method and apparatus for iconifying and automatically dialing telephone numbers which appear on a We...
Method of delivering groceries purchased over the internet
Voice call alternative routing through PSTN and internet networks
Portable radio device
Broadband wireless access system
Mobile communication system, mobile communication method and mobile communication program
Method and apparatus for facilitating load balancing across name servers
Interactive graphical user interface for television set-top box
System and method for authoring, distributing and replaying derivative hypermedia content
Method of searching servers in a distributed network
Method and system for personalizing an interactive interface
Combination router bridge in an integrated services hub
EPG-conditioned letterbox-to-anamorphic conversion
System and method for providing user control over repeating objects embedded in a stream
Application program interfaces and structures in a resource limited operating system
Method and system for distributing and installing software
Metafile optimization
Methods and systems for dynamically creating user interfaces
Spreadsheet fields in text
Automatic classification of event data
Persistent stateful component-based applications via automatic recovery
Methods and arrangements for providing multiple concurrent desktops and workspaces in a shared compu...
Authentication methods and systems for accessing networks, authentication methods and systems for ac...
Encrypting a digital object on a key ID selected therefor
Exclusive encryption
Exclusive encryption
Exclusive encryption
Method for watermarking computer programs
Content-recognition facilitator
Categorizer of content in digital signals
Controlled-content recoverable blinded certificates
Controlled-content recoverable blinded certificates
Moving principals across security boundaries without service interruption
Intelligent road and rail information systems and methods
Image display
Communication system for providing roaming between an internet protocol multimedia system and a circ...
Ceiling loudspeaker
Loudspeaker for line array sound system
Dipole radiating dynamic speaker
Sound absorbing panel
Exhaust silencer system
Noise-reducing engine enclosure
Sub-woofer system for use in vehicle
Compact, reduced backpressure, vertical exhaust water trap assembly
Focus detection device
Lens drive control apparatus for zoom lens system having a switching lens group
Recyclable camera and method for assembling same
Camera having user interface with verification display and color cast indicator
Heat developing method and heat developing apparatus
Developing apparatus and developing method
Image capture device
Shutter abnormality detection apparatus for camera
Variable types of sensory interaction for an on-line educational system
Method of simulating explosive performance
Training device for teaching putting mechanics
Method of teaching reading
Method and apparatus for providing user support through an intelligent help agent
Language learning system
Training firearm
Secure transactions with passive storage media
Composing and cataloging item configuration data
Method and system for partitioned service-enablement gateway with utility and consumer services
System and method for preventing unauthorized use of protected software utilizing a portable securit...
Method and system for partial quantity evaluated rank bidding in online auctions
System and method for conducting an electronic auction over an open communications network
Municipal bond apparatus product and method
Method and arrangement for providing access to a consumer device
Translator for use in an automated order entry system
Method and apparatus for determining whether a verbal message was spoken during a transaction at a p...
System and method of preparing and processing data for trade promotion
Engineering change decision analysis system and methodology
System and method of assessing and rating vendor risk and pricing of technology delivery insurance
System and method for collection, distribution, and use of information in connection with commercial...
Method and system for efficiently coordinating orders with product materials progressing through a m...
Method of processing items in a check processing system and an apparatus therefor
System and method allowing for an integrated flight loads balancing process
Methods and apparatus for reducing hyperplanes in a control space
Display of altitude and path capture trajectories
High output force actuator for an active vibration control system
Profiled wing unit of an aircraft
Method and apparatus for modulating flow separation
De-orbit instrument package
Kite safety device
Aircraft propulsive power unit
Helicopter tail section and retrofit method
Missile with odd symmetry tail fins
Deployable flare with simplified design
System for airborne launch of an aircraft from a larger carrier aircraft
Morphogenetic modelling of in-flight icing
Method for controlling a steer-by-wire system
Electric vehicle steering/drive control method, electric vehicle steering/drive control apparatus, a...
Method of adjusting globally performance parameters of a power driven wheelchair
Warning system for detecting presence of a child in an infant seat
Adaptive cruise speed controlling apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Integrated, proportionally controlled, and naturally compliant universal joint actuator with control...
Drive train of a motor vehicle and method of making a bearing unit
Vehicle front end structure
Personal watercraft stand and tote device
Electric power steering apparatus
Arrangement and method for operating self-steering wheels
Variable power steering assist using driver grip pressure
Variable transmission-ratio steering apparatus
Modular vehicle drivetrain
Speed limiting for a balancing transporter accounting for variations in system capability
Automobile vehicle including associated body parts with reduced clearance
Vibration-proof structure for metallic electrical packaging case
Fluid center
Method for operating a hybrid drive system
Hybrid electric vehicle and a method for operating a hybrid electric vehicle
Engine with integral actuator
Video object tracking by estimating and subtracting background
Method and system for synchronization between different content encoding formats
Flat-panel display
Single panel color video projection display using reflective banded color falling-raster illuminatio...
Illumination optical system having a mirror with a curved surface having rotational symmetry about a...
Mobile video system
Apparatus and method for sharing signal control lines
Video recorder for recording moving and still picture information
Process for managing a memory in a television receiver and television receiver
Image storage system, image storage method and storage medium
Automatic beam limiter circuit
Spatial scan replication circuit
Screen-noise eliminating apparatus and cathode-ray tube display apparatus
Method and apparatus for shot detection
Method and apparatus for enhanced puppetry or similar types of performances utilizing a virtual set
Positioning apparatus used in a process for producing multi-layered printed circuit board and method...
Method and apparatus for dynamically generating a visual program summary from a multi-source video f...
Method and apparatus to facilitate auto-alignment of images for defect inspection and defect analysi...
Method and circuit for picture-in-picture superimposition
Image processing device, group character movement control method, game device including group charac...
Game device, impact judgement method, and information storage medium
System, apparatus and method employing controller for play of shared bonus games
Gaming apparatus and method including a multiplier feature and bonus features
Lift device
User mode device driver interface for translating source code from the user mode device driver to be...
Configurations for binding software assemblies to application programs
Structure and method for separating geometries in a design layout into multi-wide object classes
Method and apparatus for extending coverage of GUI tests
Method and apparatus for efficiently and dynamically updating monitored metrics in a heterogeneous s...
Table styles inference engine
Highly available TCP systems with fail over connections
Dynamically reconfigurable interconnection
Method for reducing a magnitude of a rate of current change of an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for resetting passwords in a computer system
Method, system and program for detecting communication code information
Processing trusted commands in trusted and untrusted environments
Controlled-content recoverable blinded certificates
Processor and method of executing a load instruction that dynamically bifurcate a load instruction i...
Methods and systems for distributed caching in presence of updates and in accordance with holding ti...
Method for increasing efficiency in a multi-processor system and multi-processor system with increas...
System and method for dynamic processor core and cache partitioning on large-scale multithreaded, mu...
Colloidal nanocrystals with high photoluminescence quantum yields and methods of preparing the same
Process for the continuous production of high purity electrolytic zinc or zinc compounds from zinc p...
Carbon foam abrasives
Ultrastable porous aluminosilicate structures
Synthesis of double metal cyanides with non-aqueous solutions
Ultraviolet light screening compositions
Abrasive compositions for clear toothpaste
Crystalline molecular sieve composition MCM-65, its synthesis and use
Method of preparing metal containing compounds using hydrodynamic cavitation
Method and apparatus for supplying hydrogen and portable cassette for supplying hydrogen
Synthesis of nanometer-sized particles by reverse micelle mediated techniques
Purification of carbon filaments and their use in storing hydrogen
Process for the synthesis of BrSF5
Hollow graphene sheet structure, electrode structure, process for the production thereof, and device...
Pyrolysis-based fuel processing method and apparatus
Process for treating exhaust gas
Stabilized electrochemical cell active material
Carbon materials, electrodes and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cells
Bimetal saw band
Magnetic platinum alloys
Shutter, optical sensor system using the same and shutter holder incorporated therein
Music teaching system and method
Method and apparatus for fully adjusting and providing tempered intonation for stringed, fretted mus...
Variable configuration guitar bridge
Combined global positioning system receiver and radio with enhanced tracking features
Car radio including a hand device
RRM optimization on Iur for congestion control
Passive balun FET mixer
Handover control method and system
Mixer circuit
Non-radiative dielectric waveguide mixer using a ring hybrid coupler
Method and apparatus for predictably switching diversity antennas on signal dropout
Improving the efficiency of power amplifiers in devices using transmit beamforming
Radio communication connection destination specifying method
Radio device and method of calibration thereof
Transmission of urgent messages in frequency hopping system for intermittent transmission
Flexible layer overlay for seamless handovers between full rate and half rate channels
Routing area update in packet radio network
Device for exchanging radio signals provided with time markers for synchronizing clocks
Standardized RF module insert for a portable electronic processing device
Process for separating normal paraffins from hydrocarbons and applications for the separated hydroca...
Heat recovery in an olefin production process
Functional fluid lubricant using low Noack volatility base stock fluids
Reactor for high-temperature reactions and use
Chewing gum containing calcium
Gastric partition clip
Containers of flowable substance adapted for connecting to dispensing devices of a beverage or food ...
Drum type refining or washing apparatus
Method for filling, apparatus for filling, and container for filling and packaging
Compartmentalized dispensing device and method for dispensing a flowable product therefrom
Cooker and smoker apparatus and method of smoke generation, recirculation, and exhaust
System and method for utilizing a pasteurization sensor
Method and apparatus for deep-frying a chip food product
Apparatus and methods of making a microwavable container for food products
Barbecue sauce and process for making same
Automated food frying device and method
Method of improving drip loss in fresh beef, pork, and poultry
Method for infusing meat products with a starch binder solution
All natural accelerated aging of distilled spirits
Drip pan for an infrared cooking apparatus and method therefor
Methods and formulations for providing gloss coatings to foods and for protecting nuts from rancidit...
Pre-measured portion packaged for producing a brewed beverage
Site-specific preparation of polyethlene glycol-GRF conjugates
Therapeutic method
Combined cholesterol and bilirubin tests as risk predictors for coronary artery disease
Methods of synthesizing cell-free protein
Compositions and methods for early pregnancy diagnosis
Method of treating diabetes using plant argyrolobium roseum extract, and a process for the isolation...
Product and process for stabilizing Aloe vera gel
Antibody fragment-polymer conjugates and humanized anti-IL-8 monoclonal antibodies
Non-toxic mucosal disinfectant containing isopropyl alcohol, sesame oil, aloe, and lemon oil
Chain-extended peo/ppo/peo block copolymer, optionally with polyester blocks, combined with cellular...
Composition for improving sleep quality and efficiency, and methods of preparing and using the compo...
Skin moisturization compound
Diet composition comprising raw foods and dietary fibers
Production of concentrated biocidal solutions
Tissue regenerative composition, method of making, and method of use thereof
Process for preparing tannate liquid and semi-solid dosage forms
Modularity system for computer assisted surgery
Determining pallet case configurations for placement by a robot
Method and apparatus for monitoring the operation of a wafer handling robot
Steerable endoscope and improved method of insertion
Method for detecting and controlling hydrate formation at any point of a pipe carrying multiphase pe...
Rotating tower system for transferring hydrocarbons to a ship
Marine buoy for offshore support
Safety systems and methods for bosun's chairs
Ramp for pontoon boat
Powered watercraft
Method and device for subsea dredging
Structure for a toy gun
Calibrachoa plant named `USCALI17`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Ida`
Kalanchoe plant named `Hayworth`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yonew York`
Lavender plant named `Barcelona Bridal Pink`
Petunia plant named `USTUNI164`
Hybrid Tea rose plant `POULen006`
Nectarine tree `Burnectseventeen`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Serena`
Silene plant named `Prairie Fire`
Aster plant named `Yopuff`
Aster plant named `Yomagic`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sant229A`
Verbena plant named `Darlena`
Verbena plant named `Duplena`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S72`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sulte Pur`
Torenia plant named `Sunrenilamu`
Verbena plant named `USBENAL25`
Clematis plant named `EVIpo012`
Lobelia plant named `Kielowa`
Conditional access system of CATV
Decoding of information in audio signals
Frame number identification and ciphering activation time synchronization for a wireless communicati...
Method and system for embedding message data in a digital image sequence
Methods and systems for TMDS encryption
High throughput system for encryption and other data operations
Method and system for mining hydrocarbon-containing materials
Apparatus and methods for installing casing in a borehole
Method of lining a pipeline using a calibration hose
Sealing composition and its use
Post-stressed pile
Riser tensioner sensor assembly
Hybrid riser or pipe for fluid transfer
Taut mooring system for jack-up type mobile offshore platforms
Potato cultivar FL2006
Potato cultivar FL1900
Soybean cultivar 3282002
Soybean cultivar SO22214
Methods of making non-transgenic herbicide resistant plants
Assay for the diagnosis of flaviviral infection using antibodies with high affinity for NS1 protein ...
Television receiver with shared data port and control software
Forward error correcting code encoding equipment, forward error correcting code decoding equipment, ...
Method and apparatus for time stamping data
Device and method for minimizing puncturing-caused output delay
Method and system for third party resource provisioning management
Method and apparatus for executing voice commands having dictation as a parameter
Method and apparatus for performing eye diagram measurements
Electronic battery tester with network communication
Contact sensitive device
Navigation terminal device and navigation method
Endoscopic examining apparatus particularly useful in MRI, a probe useful in such apparatus, and a m...
System and method for geolocating a wireless mobile unit from a single base station using repeatable...
Methods and apparatus for supporting optimum call routing in a cellular telecommunications system
Method for managing a foreign mobile subscriber in VLR of a mobile switching center
Opaque optical switching/routing systems
Method and apparatus for phase shifting and optical beam in an optical device with reduced contact l...
Semi-transparent time division multiplexer/demultiplexer
Magnetic resonance imaging
Component analysis of mixtures by nuclear magnetic resonance
Efficient method for MR image reconstruction using coil sensitivity encoding
Radiofrequency surface detection coil
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance image producing method
Optimal magnetic resonance data acquisition
NMR spectrometer with gripping device for handling a sample bushing with outer groove
Cryogen-free high temperature superconducting magnet with thermal reservoir
Mri tunable antenna and system
Data processing system and a method of distributing accesses to memories
Cache system
Method and apparatus for maintaining netflow statistics using an associative memory to identify and ...
Random-access multi-directional CDMA2000 turbo code interleaver
Dynamic data recovery
Method and apparatus for striping data onto a plurality of disk drives
Method and apparatus for matching a string with multiple lookups using a single associative memory
Integrated circuit random access memory capable of automatic internal refresh of memory array
Non-volatile memory based storage system capable of directly overwriting without using redundancy an...
File system including non-volatile semiconductor memory device having a plurality of banks
Pipelined parallel programming operation in a non-volatile memory system
Method and arrangement in a stack having a memory segmented into data groups having a plurality of e...
Heterogeneous computer system, heterogeneous input/output system and data back-up method for the sys...
Processor and storage apparatus
Inventory management of virtual items in computer games
Drive circuit to be used in active matrix type light-emitting element array
Methods for tiling multiple display elements to form a single display
Organic EL display device having adjustable offset voltage
Organic electroluminescent device using mixture of phosphorescent material as light-emitting substan...
Organic electroluminescent display device
Stacked organic memory devices and methods of operating and fabricating
Organic semiconductor device
Organic contact-enhancing layer for organic field effect transistors
Organic polarizable gate transistor apparatus and method
Synthesis for organometallic cyclometallated transition metal complexes
Method for producing organic electronic devices on deposited dielectric materials
P-type materials and mixtures for electronic devices
Organic light-emitting device using paracyclophane
Electrophosphorescent arrangement comprising conductive polymers
Organic red electro-luminescent device including a heterocyclic emitter
White light emitting OLEDs from combined monomer and aggregate emission
Metal coordination compound, luminescence device and display apparatus
Polymers having attached luminescent metal complexes and devices made with such polymers
Organic electroluminescence device and manufacturing method therefor
Electroluminescence display device
Device and method for driving EL device
Method of manufacturing a device, device manufacturing apparatus, device, and electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatically configuring and/or inserting chip resources for manufacturing...
Alignment apparatus and methods for transverse optical coupling
Method and apparatus for numerically analyzing grain growth on semiconductor wafer using SEM image
Structure of a structure release and a method for manufacturing the same
Confocal 3D inspection system and process
System with nano-scale conductor and nano-opening
Method and structure for interfacing electronic devices
Chip packaging and connection for reduced EMI
Integrated resistor network for multi-functional use in constant current or constant voltage operati...
Multi-bit ROM cell with bi-directional read and a method for making thereof
Field effect transistor and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor device having an electrode overlaps a short carrier lifetime region
Dual panel type organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Method of generating optical radiation, and optical radiation source
Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Mechanically-stable BJT with reduced base-collector capacitance
Method and apparatus for analyzing composition of defects
Quorumless cluster using disk-based messaging
Generating and providing alert messages in a communications network
Dual map system for navigation and wireless communication
Telephone call management system and method
Method and apparatus for controlling access to a computer system
"Calling party pays" cellular and prepaid platforms for cellular calling systems
Wireless communication apparatus
Single telephone number access to multiple communications services
Emergency call system using wireless, direct connect and telephone subsystems
Training sequence based signalling for enhanced general packet radio service (EGPRS)
Hierarchical mobile ad-hoc network and methods for performing reactive routing therein using dynamic...
System and method for performing messaging services using a data communications channel in a data ne...
Pilot signal transmission in a multi-transmit antenna wireless communication system
Method and equipment for supporting mobility in a telecommunication system
Methods for implementing a dynamic frequency selection (DFS) and a temporary channel selection featu...
Controlled input molecular crossbar latch
Plasma-assisted joining
Self-repairing ceramic coatings
Precipitation of solid particles from droplets formed using focused acoustic energy
Process for producing nanoscale yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) fluorescent powders
Display systems using organic laser light sources
Electrophoretic displays containing magnetic particles
Combined treatment of multiple sclerosis
Biodegradable drug delivery vascular stent
Shaving razors and razor cartridges
Blind rivet with adhesive for joining and adhesive charging method
Electrophoretic display and novel process for its manufacture
2-(3H)-oxazolone derivatives and their use as COX-2 inhibitors
Perfume compositions
Thermal recording material
Heparinase III and uses thereof
Photopolymerizable composition and recording material using the same
Vaccine formulations
Inhibitors of hedgehog signal pathways, compositions and uses related thereto
Methods of surface modification for improving electrophoretic display performance
Cell adhesion-inhibiting antiinflammatory and immune-suppressive compounds
Isochronous transactions for interconnect busses of a computer system
Fast path forwarding of link state advertisements using reverse path forwarding
Ultrasonic system and technique for fluid characterization
Reporting the status for an external defibrillator with an audible report in response to a specified...
Edit decision list for identifying the pull down phase of a video signal
Alarm mechanism
Power saving in communication terminals
Apparatus and method for managing network congestion
System and method for managing print objects using stacked objects queue
Sensor platform, apparatus incorporating the platform, and process using the same
Advanced asynchronous pulse detector
System and method for evaluating the planarity and parallelism of an array of probe tips
Position initialization for a vehicle power closure system
Movable barrier operator auto-force setting method and apparatus
Artificial tears container warming apparatus
Turf cultivator
Golf club
Engine limiter for powered vehicles
Rotary sprinkler with arc adjustment guide and flow-through shaft
Image processing system to control vehicle headlamps or other vehicle equipment
Sensor fusion system architecture
Distractable corpectomy device
System and method for attaching soft tissue to bone
Packable ceramic beads for bone repair
Composition of a polypeptide and an amphiphilic compound in an ionic complex and the use thereof
Methods for adjustable bone fusion implants
Protein purification
Controlling two monitors with transmission of display data using a fifo buffer
Non-iterative method for a fully-coupled thermomechanical analysis of a tire and estimating effects ...
Titanium and zirconium compounds
Adhesion between rubber components
Belt package for super single truck tires
Tire sidewall
Tire tread
Method for processing information in a tire pressure monitoring system
Process for improved coupling of rubbery polymers
Combined transfer of toe guards and inner liner from false drum to building drum