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Power saving method of mobile telephone
Radio data communication apparatus and method of radio data communication
Optical apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with temperature based control
Image forming apparatus
Data processing method and apparatus, and storage medium
Data input/output method and apparatus and storage medium
Electronic device and docking system and power control system therefor
Device for separating gas and liquid from a gas-liquid mixture flowing in a line, and method for sep...
Method for removing sulfuric acid mist and apparatus for removing the same
Complex shaped fiber for particle and molecular filtration
Supported catalysts and their use in the gas-phase oxidation of hydrocarbons
Separator assembly
Detoxification of quaternary onium compounds with polycarboxylate-containing compound
Voltage pulser circuit
Tough, dimensionally-stable transparent film having a copolyamide layer containing solid nanoscale f...
Composite scaffold with post anchor for the repair and regeneration of tissue
System and method for reticle protection and transport
Computerized toy
Workpiece enclosure and processing system
Industrial robot and cable guiding device for this robot and use of the device
Robot arm edge gripping device for handling substrates using two four-bar linkages
Cartesian robot
Automatic detection of robot type
Apparatus, systems, and methods for in vivo magnetic resonance imaging
Internal marker device for identification of biological substances
Optical fibers possessing a primary coating with a higher degree of cure and methods of making
Toner supply unit and image forming apparatus
Developer container for an image forming apparatus
Catheter having mapping assembly
Wound dressings with protease-lowering activity
Use of ectoenzymes and secreted enzymes to monitor cellular proliferation
Diagnosis of pre-eclampsia
Hydroxamate derivatives of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors and down-regulators
Method for evaluating matrix metalloprotease inhibitory activity
Immunoassay controls
Liquid crystal display panel including a light shielding film to control incident light
Ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet antireflection substrate
Integrated electrostatic discharge and overcurrent device
Flow-through capacitor, system and method
Multi-valued data elements for computer systems
Method of fabricating long-wavelength VCSEL and apparatus
Management system for semiconductor fabrication device
Out of order associative queue in two clock domains
Method and apparatus for dynamic arbitration between a first queue and a second queue based on a hig...
Fifo read interface protocol
Method for monitoring system boot by searching a temporary buffer for BIOS message
Method and system for at speed diagnostics and bit fail mapping
Block based design methodology
System for electron and x-ray irradiation of product
System for predicting defibrillation threshold based on patient data
Control system to prevent lane deviation of vehicle and control method thereof
Vehicle-mounted radio wave radar
Control apparatus for variable-cylinder engine, and control apparatus for vehicle
Hybrid electric vehicle with motor torque fill in
Control device and control method for hybrid vehicle
Method and system of optical guidance of mobile body
Vehicle safety and security system
Hair care compositions
Method and apparatus for treating obesity and for delivering time-released medicaments
Compositions containing .alpha.-2-adrenergic agonist components
Inhibition of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia in breast fed infants
Cationic amphiphiles of cholesterol
Method for releasing an active principle contained a multiple emulsion
Non-dusting copper pyrithione dispersion
Solid, form-stable gels for hair treatment
Method of making nanoparticles of substantially water insoluble materials
Pharmaceutical dispensing apparatus and method
Method for hydrogel surface treatment
Non-aerosol Shaving gel free of thickening and gelling agents
Antiviral agent and method of producing the same
Process for coating stents and other medical devices using super-critical carbon dioxide
Programmatic synthesis of a machine description for retargeting a compiler
Management of reuse invalidation buffer for computation reuse
Pyrin gene and mutants thereof, which cause familial Mediterranean fever
System and method for rewriting relational database queries
Memory allocation system
Mechanism for optimizing processing of client requests
Method and apparatus to structurally detect random defects that impact AC I/O timings in an input/ou...
Apparatus and method for configuring a programmable logic device with a configuration controller ope...
Laundry product
Wrinkle reduction laundry product compositions
Acidic cleaning compositions with C10 alkyl sulfate detergent surfactant
Dye fixing composition
Cationic particle and a process for making thereof
Method for making a nanoporous granular material and a detergent composition
Solid detergent compositions comprising an organophilic smectite clay
Internet-based interactive radio system for use with broadcast radio stations
Airborne constellation of communications platforms and method
Method and device for recoding vehicle data
Vehicle tampering protection system
Driving profile method and system
Navigation system for vehicle
Interface device for transmitting information between input/output means
Deck structure
Davit device
Personal security and tracking system
Account settlement and financing in an e-commerce environment
Auction system and method for pricing and allocation during capital formation
Computer-based service cooperative system and method for using the same
Postage meter machine with separately stored software postage module
Shared virtual meeting services among computer applications
Method for providing for programming flash memory of a mailing apparatus
Compounds that inhibit GRB2-SHC binding and process for preparing same
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1465 daltons
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1845 daltons
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1206 daltons
N-ureidoheterocycloalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Substituted beta carbolines
Fault tolerant network element for a common channel signaling (CCS) system
Method and system for testing the performance of DSP
Quantization error correcting device and method, and audio information decoding device and method
Method and device for assessing the quality of service on transmission channels in a digital transmi...
Single clock cycle CRC engine
Decoder buffer for streaming video receiver and method of operation
Anticonvulsant derivatives useful for the treatment of depression
Production of low sulfur gasoline
Process for eliminating arsenic in the presence of an absorption mass comprising partially pre-sulfu...
Separation of olefins from paraffins using ionic liquid solutions
Transition metal carbides, nitrides and borides, and their oxygen containing analogs useful as water...
Polyesters blocked with isomeric nonanols, method for producing them and use thereof as softeners
Horizontal FCC feed injection and distributor
Hydrocarbon conversion catalyst and its use
Methods and compositions for inhibition of membrane fusion-associated events including RSV transmiss...
System for posting vector synchronization instructions to vector instruction queue to separate vecto...
Unified renaming scheme for load and store instructions
Method and apparatus for fault handling in computer systems
System for requesting service of a vending machine
Set-associative cache-management using parallel reads and serial reads initiated during a wait state
Solving parallel problems employing hardware multi-threading in a parallel processing environment
Technique for synchronizing faults in a processor having a replay system
Storage of reeds for bagpipes and the like
Apparatus for noise depreciating in hermetic compressor
Pump system employing liquid filled rotor
Cyclically operated fluid displacement machine
Motor-driven compressors and methods of assembling motor-driven compressors
Backup heat-dissipating system
Implantable drug infusion device with peristaltic pump using tube guides
Control system for lifting and lowering the body of an air-suspended vehicle including level control
Card game
Coin hopper status detection and reporting system
Activity management system
Multi-purpose card
System and method for executing trades for bonus activity in gaming systems
Method and system for funding and awarding bonuses in a gaming environment
System and method for providing a real-time programmable interface to a general-purpose non-real-tim...
Paper token and complementary coupon dispenser
Personal gaming device
Method and apparatus for geometric scarfing
Mechanical fastening tapes and method for their construction
Composite elastic in one direction and extensible in another direction
Methods of making humidity activated materials having shape-memory
Swimwear with water drain
Personal care product with fluid partitioning
Amplitude measurement for an ultrasonic horn
Friction material
Method for selectively plugging a honeycomb
Catalyst for selective hydrogenation
Selective hydrogenation process for removing C10-C16 diolefins
Lube base oils with improved yield
Catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Process for producing, jointly or otherwise, monoalkyl aromatic compounds, dialkyl aromatic compound...
Preparation of 1-olefins
Pressure swing adsorption process for separating para-xylene and ethylbenzene from mixed C8 aromatic...
Stabilized thyroxine compounds
Method of making silicone emulsions having low residual volatile siloxane oligomer content
Compounds from moraxella catarrhalis
Staphylococcal ABC transporter protein
Thrombin derived polypeptides; compositions and methods for use
Islet cell antigen 1851
Essential bacterial genes and their use
Method for introducing an additive to a composite panel
Apparatus and method for identification of individuals by near-infrared spectrum
Disposable lancet combined with a reagent carrying strip and a system for extracting and analyzing b...
Method for the detection of cellular abnormalities using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Method for non-invasive blood analyte measurement with improved optical interface
Diffuse reflectance monitoring apparatus
Apparatus for determining concentrations of hemoglobins
Infrared sensor stabilizable in temperature, and infrared thermometer with a sensor of this type
Polarized light scattering spectroscopy of tissue
Influenza sensor
Interrogation cradle and insertable containment fixture for detecting birefringent microcrystals in ...
Detection of birefringent microcrystals in bile
Method and apparatus for measuring cell gap of VA liquid crystal panel
Apparatus and methods for performing self-clearing optical measurements
Toner patch sensor with integrating optical collection geometry
Device and method for examining biological vessels
Teleradiology systems for rendering and visualizing remotely-located volume data sets
Apparatus for uniform illumination of an object
Image processing method, apparatus and memory medium therefor
Image processing method and apparatus and storage medium
Darkness-detecting web camera system
Image enhancement on JPEG compressed image data
Unmanned biplane for airborne reconnaissance and surveillance having staggered and gapped wings
Miniature aircraft catapult
Parachute deployment system and method
Aft fuselage control system for forward lifting elevator aircraft
Spiral scanner with electronic control
Method and system for variable flight data collection
Method for performing an automated category a approach maneuver
Method for determining the shade stability of lacquers
Method for making a planar waveguide
Miniature butterfly impact wrench
Impact wrench having an improved air regulator
Bolt-tightening method using an impact wrench
Impact wrench having speed control circuit
Heavy duty impact wrench caddy
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Method for identifying products employing gene expression
Biochip reader with enhanced illumination and bioarray positioning apparatus
Biochip, apparatus for detecting biomaterials using the same, and method therefor
Optical code generation and detection
Combination cordless telephone and remote control for entertainment equipment
Acoustic switch and apparatus and methods for using acoustic switches within a body
Fault diagnosis method and apparatus
Transaction processing method of fulfilling an electronic commerce transaction by an electronic comm...
Surface acoustic wave-matched filter and differential detector for demodulating spread spectrum sign...
Solid-state information storage device
Method and apparatus for phase-shifting an optical beam in a semiconductor substrate
MEMS reconfigurable optical grating
Optical switch with an array of offset angled micro-mirrors
Waveguide Bragg-grating based all-optical wavelength-routing switch with wavelength conversion
VOA device and attenuation method with improved linearity
Oximeter sensor with digital memory storing data
Aluminum alloy brazing sheet for vacuum brazing exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance, and heat ...
Moveable heat exchanger
Method, apparatus, and system for cooling electronic components
Mechanical housing
Thermal performance enhancement of heat sinks using active surface features for boundary layer manip...
Fusing device for electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method for programming a thermostat
Method for assembling a disk drive actuator assembly having a spring lock mount
Method for adjusting head suspension load
Disk drive actuator assembly having an expandable key mount
Head suspension having a modified dimple design
Multiple actuation press for metal working and method of metal forming
Tool for aligning head suspension structures
Method for aligning head suspension structures
Cushion member, method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Vehicle seat assembly
Suspension for disc drive
Three-dimensional wiring board and electric insulating member for wiring board
Pretensioner for seat belts
Sealing structure
Genuineness detecting system and method for using genuineness detecting film
Snow vehicle
Drop-on-demand liquid emission using asymmetrical electrostatic device
Linear compressor
Safe, ecomomical transport of hydrogen in pelletized form
Microelectromechanical device having single crystalline components and metallic components
Electroactive polymer thermal electric generators
Plasma display panel using excimer gas
Method and system for creating video programs with interaction of an actor with objects of a virtual...
Methods and apparata for rapid computer-aided design of objects in virtual reality and other environ...
Method and apparatus for audio input to implantable hearing aids
Hearing aid implant mounted in the ear and hearing aid implant
Behind-the-ear hearing aid
Hearing aid drying device
Method and apparatus for level limitation in a digital hearing aid
Dynamic automatic gain control in a hearing aid
On-line Sagnac interferometric distributed fiber-optic leakage detection device
Frequency synthesizer including PLL with fractional division
Method and system for scaleable near-end speech cancellation for tip and ring tone signal detectors
Free-running mode device for phase locked loop
Self-orienting watermarks
Carotenoid biosynthesis enzymes
Maize Rar1 polynucleotides and methods of use
Maize lipoxygenase polynucleotide and methods of use
Aromatic amino acid biosynthetic enzymes
Plants with modified stamen cells
Inbred corn line 3JP286
Method and system for identifying commercially distributed organisms
Child or infant car seat assembly
Shoe upper
Spring energized plastic seals
Gas lubricated slow speed seal
Barrier seal systems
Mechanical face seal device
Mechanical end face seal ring having a compliant seal face
Face seal device for high rotational speeds
Monitoring seal system
System for and method of exchanging server data in packet unit
Fused switch core and method for a telecommunications node
Voice-mail application on the router with no secondary storage available
Method for the quantification of human alertness
Submersion drum skimmer
Method for treatment diseases associated with a deterioration of the macrocirculation, microcirculat...
Three dimensional patterned porous structures
Degradation of organic contaminants by a microbially-driven fenton reaction
Methods for screening compound libraries
Highly efficient method of mixing dissimilar fluids using mechanically induced cavitation
Method of configuring blood circuit for medical application and configuration apparatus therefore
Pressure support system and method and a pressure control valve for use in such system and method
Pressure regulator for a respirator system
Impeller and a pressure support system and method using such an impeller
Breathing apparatus and method
Device for assessing the air pressure being applied in automatic ventilation through positive airway...
Medical ventilator triggering and cycling method and mechanism
Method and device for switching the inspiration or expiration phase during CPAP therapy
Method for establishing a communication link
Uninterruptable power supply
Controller for PWM/PAM motor, air conditioner, and method of motor control
Control method and circuit to provide voltage and current regulation for multiphase DC/DC converters
Integrated low ripple, high frequency power efficient hysteretic controller for dc-dc converters
Voltage/current controller device, particularly for interleaving switching regulators
RF communication system using an RF digital amplifier
Method and apparatus for digital to analog conversion
Battery polarity insensitive integrated circuit amplifier
Electronic apparatus comprising a power amplifier
Battery polarity insensitive integrated circuit amplifier
Method and apparatus providing digital error correction for a class D power stage
Class D audio amplifier
Class D amplifier with passive RC network
Epoxy/acrylic terpolymer self-fixturing adhesive
No-flow flux adhesive compositions
Discrete particles that include a polymeric material and articles formed therefrom
Two-component preparations containing epoxy compounds
Sealant composition, article and method
Process for the elimination of materials containing hydrolyzable halides and other high molecular we...
Passive doppler fuze
Hard target fuze
Projectile fuze operated by a stabilization band of the projectile
Bomblet fuze with self-destruct mechanism
Fuze mechanism for a munition
Fuze sterilization using sacrificial anodic component
Method of testing air target fuzing systems
Air target fuze
Air target fuze time-gated decision circuit
Air target fuze decision circuit
Towed air target
Electronic information inquiry method
Controlling and tracking access to disseminated information
Distributed state random number generator and method for utilizing same
Image marking with pixel modification
Marking and determining distortion in an image
Signal filtering mechanism for a multi-purpose digital television receiver
Secure communications system
System, method, and product in a logically partitioned system for prohibiting I/O adapters from acce...
Method and apparatus for a byte lane selectable performance monitor bus
Proportionally growing stack in a linear memory array
Single sign-on for a network system that includes multiple separately-controlled restricted access r...
In-line database access statements without a pre-compiler
Method, computer program product, and system for dynamically refreshing software modules within an a...
Overriding program properties using a specially designated environment variable statement
Platform and method for creating and using a digital container
Opto-electronic laser with integrated modulator
Laser diode
Solid-state laser device and solid-state laser amplifier provided therewith
Grinding roller and method for the manufacture thereof
Method and apparatus for thermal treatment of mealy raw materials
Method and installation for heat-treating fine-grained products
Device for thermally treating a material
Circuit grinding apparatus with high-pressure roller mill and sifter
Method and apparatus for the thermal treatment of mealy raw materials
System for manufacturing cement clinker
Sword bracelet
Latching bracelet
Wine bottle ring
Motorcycle spoke bracelet
Body mounted marker holder
Liquid galvanic coatings for protection of imbedded metals
Polyhydroxyl-substituted organic molecule sensing optical in vivo method utilizing a boronic acid ad...
Optical recording medium and porphycene compound
Chemical amplification type positive resist composition
Sample evaporative control
21481, a novel dehydrogenase molecule and uses therefor
Method and apparatus for detection of molecular events using temperature control of detection enviro...
Tailored waveform/charge reduction mass spectrometry
Low-oxygen fluorocarbon as an agent for ophthalmology
Synthesis and biological evaluation of analogs of the antimitotic marine natural product curacin A
Flourous anhydrous composition and cosmetic products for makeup or care containing it
Hypervalent silane and siloxane derivatives and the use thereof
Fluorous phosphines and process for their preparation
Cross linked solid supports for solid phase synthesis
Method of oxidizing an alcohol using a recyclable fluorous sulfoxide
Discharge electrode for laser device
Monolithically integrated mode-locked vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL)
Multi-channel DWDM transmitter based on a vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Optical amplifiers
Block gain equalizer
Index trimming of optical waveguide devices using ultrashort laser pulses for arbitrary control of s...
Mirror adjustment method and apparatus
Tunable Fabry-Perot filter and method for fabricating the same
Shrub rose plant named `Morden Sunrise`
Animation device for head and mouth of a toy
Directionally adjustable turkey pan call
Toys with sensors generally
Variable valve operating system of internal combustion engine enabling variation of valve-lift chara...
Method of operating a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Electrically rotatable shaft
Apparatus and method for diagnosing variable valve timing apparatus
Control of an electromagnetic steering valve of a camshaft phaser
Method and apparatus for a solenoid assembly
Internal combustion engine having multiple intake valves, one valve adapted for higher speed
Vehicle sharing system
Temperature control for arc lamps
Photomask and method for manufacturing the same
Technique for combined spectral, power, and polarization monitoring
2-methyl-thieno-benzodiazepine formulation
Nail-care composition containing nail-care polymer
Process of making polymeric hydrogel products
Manufacture of paper and paperboard
Ammonia-free polymer dispersions as additives in mineral building materials based on hydraulic binde...
Aqueous polymer dispersion for use in water based glossy lacquers
Process for reducing monomer content in N-vinyl compound polymers
Process for producing microparticles
Styrene-acrylonitrile as a resist for making patterned media
Method for protecting cotton from enzymatic attack by cellulase enzymes
Composition and method for foaming resin
Method for synthesizing thermo-expandable polymeric microspheres
Desulfurization of exhaust gases using activated carbon catalyst
Hot melt processable pressure sensitive adhesive comprising organophilic clay plate-like particles, ...
Thermoplastic elastomer composition having improved processability and tire using the same
Hyperbranched amphiphilic polymeric additives and polymer compositions with increased surface energy
Gas filled switching electric discharge tube
Zoom lens system
Semiconductor memory device including magneto resistive element
Contact for memory cells
Integrated circuit structure and method therefore
Computer method and apparatus for determining content owner of a website
Model train sound board interface
Method of testing and simulating communication equipment over multiple transmission channels
Flexible multiple port adaptor
Aerosol spraying
Method and apparatus for multimedia conferencing with dynamic bandwidth allocation
Apparatus and method for intelligent routing of electronic messages to pagers and computers
Ink-jet recording media comprising a radiation-cured coating layer and a continuous in-line process ...
Magnetic or magnetizable composite product and a method for making and using same
System and method for providing audio augmentation of a physical environment
Method of and apparatus for communicating and scheduling change requests
Image processing system and computer-readable recording medium
Graded semiconductor layers for reducing threshold voltage for a nitride-based laser diode structure
Dual III-V nitride laser structure with reduced thermal cross-talk
Electrophotographic development system with custom color printing
Image forming apparatus capable of forming two identical images on an intermediate transfer member
Activity state viewing and recording system
Image pickup apparatus for controlling the discharge of information charges in the image pickup appa...
Interface card for coupling a computer to an external device
Optical disk recording/reproducing device employing waveform correction of laser output signal
Optical semiconductor diode driver circuit and optical tranceiver module
Human-natural string compare for filesystems
Injectable formulations of avermectins and milbemycins
High capacity transition metal based hydrogen storage materials for the reversible storage of hydrog...
Method of grain refining cast magnesium alloy
Method for composing a dielectric layer within an interconnect structure of a multilayer semiconduct...
Focus detection device
Efficient lock state transitions in a distributed system
Antipicornaviral compounds and compositions, their pharmaceutical uses, and materials for their synt...
Digital filter implementation suitable for execution, together with application code, on a same proc...
Base transceiver station of digital mobile telecommunication system using remote interfacing unit
Mechanism to benefit from min and max bitrates
Mobile internet access
Peptide and osteogenetic accelerator
Device and method of simultaneously measuring the light scattering from multiple liquid samples cont...
Optical coherence tomography apparatus using optical-waveguide structure which reduces pulse width o...
In-line holographic mask for micromachining
Pump assembly employing coupled radiation sources for multiple fibers
Footwear upper portion
Liquid crystal display device
High temperature ceramic heater assembly with RF capability
Trim adjustment feature for toy vehicles
Graphics address relocation table (GART) stored entirely in a local memory of an input/output expans...
Selective address translation in coherent memory replication
System and method for simplifying and managing complex transactions in a distributed high-availabili...
Serum-free cell growth medium
Method of conferring 9-CIS retionic acid reponsiveness
Container body portion
Article carrier and blank therefor
Pressure control device for maintaining a constant predetermined pressure in a container
Bagging icebergs
Method of amplifying whole genomes without subjecting the genome to denaturing conditions
Apparatus for compressing a spinal disc space disposed between two adjacent vertebral bodies of a ce...
Apparatus for conducting leakage tests on sealed packages
Polarizing beam splitter
Osmotic pump delivery system with pre-hydrated membrane(s) and/or primable catheter
Method of rapid prototyping for multifaceted and/or folded path lighting systems
Fender for automobiles
Electrochromatographic device for use in enantioselective separation, and enantioselective separatio...
Spectral deconvolution of fluorescent markers
Optical waveguide structures and methods of fabrication
Neural directors
Integrated optical waveguide system
Anticonvulsant and central nervous system-depressing bis(fluorophenyl)alkylamides and their uses
Ataxin-2 binding proteins
Apparatus and method for custom cosmetic dispensing
Method of filtering UV- light
Device and method for protection against stack overflow and franking machine using same
Process for assembling a vehicle chassis by inversion
Oligoribonucleotides with enzymatic activity
Ultrasonic resonator
Corner basket
Parallel plate buried capacitor
Mid-level deck for passenger aircraft
Porous metal powder
Method for making polyphosphoric acid
Polyols for breaking of borate crosslinked fracturing fluid
Image display device and image display method
Method for processing audio and video DVD data
Red light emitting long afterglow photoluminescence phosphor and afterglow lamp thereof
Fixing structure between links and pins in crawler
Winding method and device for machines for processing printing materials
Flexible bearing bar for accommodating a sheet pile in a sheet-processing machine
Device for electrically insulating rotating components in rotary printing machines
Toner fusing system and process for electrostatographic reproduction
Multi-beam scanning apparatus
Method and apparatus for modulating unpolarized light
Mechanism for removing slack in the web of cleaning material in an electrophotographic machine
Optical display apparatus
Polyurea-polyurethane composite structure substantially free of volatile organic compounds
Isoxazole derivatives, and their use in liquid-crystalline mixtures
Method and device for completely correcting visual defects of the human eye
Accommodative intraocular lens
Intraocular lens combinations
Flexible fixation members for angle-supported anterior chamber intraocular lenses
Fertilizer encapsulation using sulfur containing polyols
Glass fiber nonwoven fabric and printed wiring board
Fuel cell power generation system
Devices and methods for compensating for tilting of a leveling table in a microlithography apparatus
Power supplies having protection circuits
Motorized vacuum twist fixture
Inspection method and inspection system using charged particle beam
Chromium phyllosilicate clay .alpha.-olefin catalysts
Method and apparatus for implementing two architectures in a chip using bundles that contain microin...
System and method for finding and validating the most recent advance load for a given checkload
Fault tolerant network server having multiple slideably-mounted processing elements sharing a redund...
Hierarchy of fault isolation timers
Method and apparatus for MR perfusion image acquisition using a notched RF saturation pulse
Receiver for a frequency-shift-keying, continuous-wave radar
Software and method for multicasting on a network
Immunodominant human T-cell epitopes of hepatitis C virus
Non-invasive method for optimizing the respiration of atelectatic lungs
Display device with self-adjusting control parameters
Method for adapting video packet generation and transmission rates to available resources in a commu...
Computational architecture for managing the transmittal and rendering of information, alerts, and no...
System and method for protecting shared system files
Discharge-lamp lighting circuit
Radio link protocol frame sorting mechanism for dynamic capacity wireless data channels
Ingress/egress control system for airport concourses and other access controlled areas
Method for efficiently registering object models in images via dynamic ordering of features
Location dependent user matching system
Pointing device and information processing apparatus
Convenience lighting for interior and exterior vehicle applications
Lighting device for motor vehicles
Exterior rearview mirror assembly
Electrochromic mirror with high corrosion resistant film
Power supply for electrochromic mirrors in high voltage automotive power systems
Processes for preparing clarithromycin and clarithromycin intermediate, essentially oxime-free clari...
Method of stabilizing and potentiating the action of anti-angiogenic substances
Method for removing engine deposits in a reciprocating internal combustion engine
Method for reducing leaching in metal-coated MEMS
Method for removing endotoxins
Lubricating oil composition for continuously variable transmission
Automatic dishwashing tablets with improved chlorine stability
Process for making a decorative metal slot machine token
Method and apparatus for optical endpoint detection during chemical mechanical polishing
Spectroplarimetric reflectometer
Method of identifying film stacks based upon optical properties
Optical measurement arrangement, in particular for layer thickness measurement
Cell thickness detection method, cell thickness control system, and manufacturing method for liquid ...
Method for automatic prevention of vertical streaks by selectively applying gains to the output sign...
System and method for measurement of adhesive resin distribution on wood flakes using a scanner
Container inspection machine
Hybrid vertical cavity laser with buried interface
Fan blade for agricultural combine cooling system
Hydrogen storage and release apparatus
Preapplicable phase change thermal interface pad
Multi-layer structure having a thermal interface with low contact resistance between a microelectron...
High density stackable and flexible substrate-based semiconductor device modules
Modular electronics enclosure
Cooling device capable of contacting target with smaller urging force
Magnetic head suspension with single layer preshaped trace interconnect
Method for aligning head suspension structures
Head suspension with outriggers extending across a spring region
Bonded wire capture
Attachment isolation structures for adjusting head slider static attitude
Head suspension having a near dimple motion limiter
Method of laser polishing surfaces on a head suspension assembly
Metal matrix composite and piston using the same
Overhead wire tensioning device
Tensioner for applying tension to force transmitting member
Lever apparatus
Anti-submarine vehicle seat device
Tensioner for applying tension to force transmitting member
Rotation limiting device and seat recliner device using the same
Emergency call device for vehicles
Vehicle-applied rear-and-side monitoring system
Braking force control-type behavior control apparatus and method of motor vehicle
System and method for obtaining vehicle schedule information in an advance notification system
Baked good covered with sugar-free cream icing
Scheme for presentation of multiple print-job modification elements in a printing software user inte...
Print control method and apparatus
Remote diagnostic system and method for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Lotus vine plant named `TiGo`
Alstroemeria plant named `Staprisusa`
Cotinus plant named `Kolcot`
Alstroemeria plant named `Stapridani`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supamarg`
Long-term expression of erythropoietin and growth hormone by transforming muscle cells
Methods of modulating lipid metabolism and storage
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Recombinant collagen and derived proteins produced by plants, methods for obtaining them and uses
Method for recovering proteins from the interstitial fluid of plant tissues
Dust cleaning tool adaptive to a vacuum cleaner nozzle
Multiple-wheel axle support
Treating asthma by preventing and/or accomodating S-nitrosothiol breakdown
Identificiaton of differentially methylated and mutated nucleic acids
Separable speaker cover box containing speaker system
Treadmill whose speed is controlled by music
Acoustic guitar with internally located cassette tape player
Method and apparatus for locating data in computer systems
Session-history-based recency-biased natural language document search
Interpersonal development communications system and directory
Optimization of a star join operation using a bitmap index structure
High brightness microwave lamp
Method and apparatus for biasing selected and unselected array lines when writing a memory array
RuSixOy-containing adhesion layers and process for fabricating the same
First aid adhesive plaster
Aerosol solvent cement composition
Adaptive progress indicator
Programmable supervisory circuit and applications thereof
Proximity sensor resistant to environmental effects
Counter-top electric cooker having a safety shut-off switch
Ferroelectric semiconductor memory device and a fabrication process thereof
Memory cell array having ferroelectric capacitors, method of fabricating the same, and ferroelectric...
Ferroelectric memory device and method of fabricating the same
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor apparatus and process for its fabrication
Cells immortalized with telomerase reverse transcriptase for use in drug screening
Digital audio signal player having a simulated analogue record
Acoustic isolator for downhole applications
Sandwich acoustic panel
Absorbent material, consisting of a porous substance with double porosity
Durable acoustical panel and method of making the same
Microperforated polymeric film for sound absorption and sound absorber using same
Device and method for searching directory memory of portable cellular phone
Methods and systems for implementation of the calling name delivery service through use of a locatio...
Distinctive ringing in a wireless centrex system
Method of and device for phone-based speaker recognition
Interface to a speech processing system
Stop changing device for a camera
Alstroemeria plant named `Zanissa`
Aqueous metallic ink composition
Resin containing phosphate group
Image reading apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring acoustic mud velocity and acoustic caliper
Immediate mode computer graphics command caching
Wear article with detachable interface assembly
Defective pixel compensation system and display device using the system
Method and computer system for integrating a compression system with an operating system
Synthesis of metal oxide and oxynitride
Resolving time ambiguity in GPS using over-determined navigation solution
Integrated twist-grip switch
Method for enabling interaction between two home networks of different software architectures
Mechanism by which devices on unforeseen platform variants may be supported without re-release of co...
System and method for providing a fault tolerant distributed computing framework
P-glycoproteins and uses thereof
Device for joining tunnel segments
Human kinase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Process for preparing microparticles through phase inversion phenomena
Remote light source device with improved heat management
Thermal dispersing system of a plasma display device
String of electrically powered ornaments
Rotary optical filter apparatus integrated with cooling fan and illumination optical system
Color wheel having adhesive-escape-prevention means
Computer peripheral system for interconnection with pocketable personal articles
Optical axis adjusting device for vehicle headlamp
Image demosaicing method utilizing directional smoothing
Digital image coding system having self-adjusting selection criteria for selecting a transform funct...
Electronic film editing system using both film and videotape format
Zoom lens position calibration
Method and apparatus to reduce variation of excess fiber length in buffer tubes of fiber optic cable...
Heater module and optical waveguide module
Optical fiber holding device
Fiber array fabrication
Sealing assembly for use with an optical fiber holder
Optical devices made with vacuum-baked films
Fiberoptics protective emission control
Method and apparatus for processing image data
Perspective correction for panoramic digital camera with remote processing
Image reading apparatus
Method for the non-destructive inspection of wall strength
Multi-process compression
Apparatus for and method of measuring body fat
Bioelectrical impedance measuring apparatus
Movable double decked steel orchestra stage
Process and device for producing a ferritically rolled steel strip
Prepainted steel sheet and method for producing the same
Low density and high ductility alloy steel for a golf club head
Sensing device for the non-destructive evaluation of steel structures or components
Thermoplastic planks and methods for making the same
System and method for parallel testing of IEEE 1149.1 compliant integrated circuits
Method for determination of the direction of introduction and for controlling the introduction path ...
Method and apparatus for visualization of motion in ultrasound flow imaging using packet data acquis...
Method and apparatus for correcting the offset induced by field effect transistor photo-conductive e...
MRI imaging methods using a single excitation
Non-axial body computed tomography
Head gate element comprising a solid control bar provided with a notch for locking the movable bar
Method and device for automated application and self-treatment of animals with ectoparasiticides
Method and apparatus to control animal behavior
Centrifugal honey extractor
Concentrated spent fermentation beer or saccharopolyspora erythraea activated by an enzyme mixture a...
Flow adaptive guided determination of imaging parameters for 3D magnetic resonance angiography
Myostatin regulatory region, nucleotide sequence determination and methods for its use
Method and system for providing an electronic system design with enhanced debugging capabilities
Motor gear box
Bios based method to disable and re-enable computers
Electric power conversion/inversion apparatus
Floor bin supported armrest for aircraft
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information on and from recording disc
Process for treating animal habitats
Black pearlescent pigments
Method and apparatus for treating the atmosphere
Process for producing polyalkylene carbonates
Molecular weight-enlarged ligands for asymmetric, homogeneously soluble hydrogenation catalysts, pro...
Process for producing phenyl-alkanes using an adsorptive separation section
Method of manufacturing a hollow shaft having a flange at one end thereof
Method and apparatus for identifying routes for nets
Composition comprising an oil-in-water emulsion and an inorganic agent
Oligosaccharides, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Thioaluminate phosphor material with a gadolinium co-activator
Tiled fiber optic display apparatus
DNA molecules encoding fibrinolytically active polypeptide
Use of surfactant mixtures
Resistive nanocomposite compositions
Flame-retardant coating for fiber materials
Poly(ethylene oxide) coated surfaces
Process for the preparation of amine oxides
Biodegradable corrosion inhibitor packages
Light pipe, plane light source unit and liquid-crystal display device
Method for esterifying (meth)acrylic acid with an alkanol
Composition of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, anhydride curing agent and boron catalyst
Piling solution
Composite masonry block
Sediment control barrier
Subterranean structures and methods for constructing subterranean structures
Amusement ride camera system for shooting pictures
Electro-optical device
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
Business management system
Transfer bias applying method for an image forming apparatus and device for the same
Injection mold design system and injection mold design method
Sponsor funded stored value card
Distal protection and delivery system and method
Method and system for detecting frequent association patterns
Process and device for transferring toner
Temperature-based estimation of remaining absorptive capacity of a gas absorber
Incoming call indicator for portable phone
Moving image processor capable of outputting moving image as still image
Head protective bag
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Adaptive, multimode rake receiver for dynamic search and multipath reception
ATA device control via a packet-based interface
Method, system, program, and data structures for mapping logical units to a storage space comprises ...
Accurate distributed system time of day
System for compensating delay of high-speed data by equalizing and determining the total phase-shift...
Communication system, a synchronization circuit, a method of communicating a data signal, and method...
Module-by-module verification
Superscalar processing system and method for selectively stalling instructions within an issue group
Support devices for woodwind musical instrument, and methods of making the same
Drive system and method for the operation of a fuel cell system
Feed device for a motor vehicle and reservoir for a feed device
Airlift piston mechanism
Vacuum-assisted pump
Integrated paper pulp and process machinery having integrated drive and control and methods of use t...
Vehicular rotational apparatus
Engine pump unit
Spacecraft configuration and attitude steering method for highly inclined orbit (HIO) communications
Solar battery module, replacement solar cell, and method of replacing solar cell
Leading edge of supporting surfaces of aircraft
Apparatus for deicing aircraft
Cargo container apparatus, cargo container and methods of loading cargo
Rotary impact wrench clutch improvement
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Silencer mechanism for use in an impact wrench
Agile network protocol for secure communications with assured system availability
Generalized positioning system based on use of a statistical filter
System for conserving power by ceasing at least one clock signal from PHY layer to MAC layer in netw...
Transforming a circuit having loop structure and tri-state element using replication
Method and apparatus for concurrent access to a sequential device
Coated polymeric particles having improved anti-block characteristics, method of making such particl...
Estimating capacitance effects in integrated circuits using congestion estimations
Method and mechanism for relational access of recovery logs in a database system
Maintenance of a system model
Circuit designing apparatus, circuit designing method and timing distribution apparatus
Removable of polar contaminants from aromatic feedstocks
Display apparatus
Carbonaceous cathode with enhanced wettability for aluminum production
Chemically resistant pinhole camera
High density ROM architecture with inversion of programming
Signal processor apparatus for rotating water current meter
Write system architecture of magnetic memory array divided into a plurality of memory blocks
C-axis oriented lead germanate film
Transparent conductive laminate, its manufacturing method, and display comprising transparent conduc...
Computer add-on card capable of outputting different type of digital TV signals
Physiological signal monitoring system
Inserted molded traction tire for a model toy train
Variable stiffness microtubing and method of manufacture
Motor vehicle seal assembly and method of manufacture
Underwater one-time-use camera having camera frame assembly retained in front housing part at unload...
Electronic device encapsulated directly on a substrate
Enabler of large raman gain on small effective area fibers
Optical amplifier with two directional pumping
Passivation of semiconductor laser facets
Fiber optic cables having grease layers with reduced agglomerate sizes
Positive dispersion low dispersion slope fiber
Laser optimized multimode fiber and method for use with laser and LED sources and system employing s...
Arbiter for arbitrating between a plurality of requesters and method thereof
Method and system for analyzing a VLSI circuit design
Method for evaluating decoupling capacitor placement for VLSI chips
Method for evaluating decoupling capacitor placement for VLSI chips
Verifying on-chip decoupling capacitance
Defective pixel compensation method
Combination key ring and water soluble film dispenser
Method and process for generating a high repetition rate pulsed microjet
Methods for producing multilayer molded articles
Method for precise molding and alignment of structures on a substrate using a stretchable mold
Aqueous compositions for facial cosmetics
Method for delivering nitrogen-propelled fabric paint
Method for pulmonary and oral delivery of pharmaceuticals
Slow spray metered dose inhaler
Housing system for housing electronic components, especially flat desktop PC or multimedia housing
Internet phone protocol
Pocket-sized user interface for internet browser terminals and the like
Beverage compositions comprising palatable calcium and magnesium sources
Apparatus and method for optical pattern detection
Electronic facsimile document transportation system utilizing local exchange carriers and a wide-are...
Device for use with a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) optical device and a method of manufact...
Priority queueing
Forward rate determination of high data rate channels in CDMA air interface
Formant tracking based on phoneme information
System for downloading only a portion of a file from a server through a computer network utilizing a...
Boat drain plug
Swimmer transport device
Foldable boat with light weight hull construction system
Method of transporting or storing perishable produce
Boat launching device and method
Short pulse automatic ranging anti-ship missile fuze
Lock device having rotatable identification brand
Sequentially placed shipping and packing label system
Security elements
Making paper
Adhesive labels and manufacture thereof
Antibacterial light duty liquid detergent
Method for producing macrocyclic lactone
Methods of preparing substituted tetracyclines with transition metal-based chemistries
Method of making synthetic hydrophilic polymers and products resulting therefrom
Communication unit position detecting system and recoding medium storing recorded communication unit...
Method and apparatus for playing one game and using elements from the one game to play at least anot...
Providing advertising with video games
Button control for use in a game controller
IC card system for a game machine
Billiard accessory with powder dispensing and cue tip shaping/scuffing capability
Method and apparatus for measuring leg drive
Virtual private wireless network implementing message delivery preferences of the user
Method for simulating streamer positioning, and for navigation aid
Method and apparatus for adjusting device used at low temperature without deterioration thereof
Friction control article for wet and dry applications
Blends of isoflavones and flavones
A-WO3-gate ISFET devices and method of making the same
Systems and methods for publishing data with expiration times
Electronic rights management and authorization system
Method for configuring an application server system
Method and mechanism for data screening
Seat suspension height adjustment apparatus
Remote certification of workers for multiple worksites
Method of simulating nozzle spray interaction with fire, smoke and other aerosols and gases
Instructional method
Book cover for retaining objects and book incorporating it therein
Instrument and method for implanting an interbody fusion device
Absorbent, absorbing product based thereon, and water-absorbing resin
Image sensing apparatus including a microcontroller
Method and system for conducting business in a transnational e-commerce network
Forwarding information retrieval technique
Code-multiplexed read-out for ladar systems
Steganographic techniques for securely delivering electronic digital rights management control infor...
Fiber optic cables
Gun barrel
Method and device for correcting the trajectory of a spin-stabilised projectile
Electronic game enhancement systems and methods
Photocell array sensor for projectile position detection
Noise-reducing machine component
Extended load zone bearing
Roller bearing
Hub assembly with driven hub
Planetary gear reduction mechanism having an oilless bearing
Rotary pump with bearing wear indicator
Magnetic bearing apparatus and vacuum pump having magnetic bearing apparatus
Modified textile and other materials and methods for their preparation
Micro lens array, method of fabricating the same, and display device
Tempering device for laboratory vessels
Method and apparatus for administering a survey
Method and system for VMAN protocol
Toy building set and a vehicle therefor
Speaker system
Low viscosity liquid crystalline polymer compositions
Polymerization of olefins
Method of collecting materials exuded from plant roots
Natural promoters for gene expression and metabolic monitoring in bacillus species
Production of 5-methylbutyrolactone from levulinic acid
Nucleotide sequence encoding soybean vestitone reductase
Process for generating a computer image of a three-dimensional object provided with a special-effect...
Ink-jet printing method
Recording sheet
Process for preparing a catalyst for aromatic production
Olefin polymerization process
Use of high-K dielectric material for ONO and tunnel oxide to improve floating gate flash memory cou...
Lightweight concrete
Process for decreasing adiposity using Vitamin A as a dietary supplement
Multi-purpose absorbent and cut-resistant sheet materials
Low stress relaxation elastomeric materials
Composition and method for bleaching a substrate
Granular bleach activators having improved solubility profiles
Polycarboxylic acid containing three-in-one dishwashing composition
Denture adhesives with mixed salts of alkyl vinyl ether-maleic copolymer or terpolymer
Electromagnetic stirring of a melting metal
Distributed input/output control systems and methods
Communications interface for assembly-line monitoring and control
Apparatus for performing hippotherapy
Robot device
Covered sandbox with a disengaging hinge
Artificial putting system
System for transmission of embedded applications over a network
Two-dimensional MR spectroscopy techniques
Optical examination device, system and method
Methods and compositions for sealing subterranean zones
Device and method for storing and protecting data relating to pipe installation
Stimuli-responsive hybrid materials containing molecular actuators and their applications
Cardiac assistance systems having multiple layers of inflatable elements
Serum free medium for chondrocyte cells
Permanent heat activated printing process
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Enterococcus faecalis for diagnostics and therapeu...
Methods and compositions for the selective modification of nucleic acids
Anti-human VEGF receptor Flt-1 monoclonal antibody
Vasoactive amine binding molecules
Human CMRF-35-H9 receptor which binds IgM
Diagnostic test for borrelia infection
Method and apparatus for treatment of viral diseases
Capsicum seed supplement
Laminated candy products made by an extrusion process
Enzymatic process for preparing reduced-calorie fats containing behenic acid
Concentrated sanitizing compositions for cleaning food and food contact surfaces
Cold water swellable starches exhibiting delayed viscosity development, preparation and use thereof
Method, system and program for specifying an electronic menu with food preferences from a personal s...
Automated banking machine enclosure
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor and methods
Compounds and methods for modulating endothelial cell adhesion
Synthetic salicylihalamides, apicularens and derivatives thereof
Absorbent articles with molded cellulosic webs
Catalyst for the polymerization of olefins
Method for suspending, resuming, and turning on a computer system without being affected by an abnor...
Device for reviewing the flight plan of an aircraft, in particular of a transport plane
Biocompatible metallic materials grafted with biologically active compounds and preparation thereof
Inducible promoters
Neon sign transformer module and receptacle
Method and device for controlling the distance from a vehicle to a preceding vehicle
Motor vehicle position recognizing system
Process for determining lateral overturning of vehicle and occupant protecting system in vehicle
Method for rollover detection for automotive vehicles with safety-related devices
Road friction coefficients estimating apparatus for vehicle
Method and device for anti-slip control, in particular for traction control, in a motor vehicle
Preparation of adhesive bonds using carbodiimide-containing dispersions with heat activation
Method of scattering fine spacers method of manufacturing liquid crystal display, apparatus for scat...
Antitoxins and methods for making antitoxins
Method and bus interface employing a memory in an intergrated circuit which is used to link a bus wi...
Progressive radial correction hand device
Automatic vehicular velocity controlling system and method for automotive vehicle
Alstroemeria plant named `Staprivane`
Prototype development system and method
Electrochemical cell having a pre-passivated electrode and associated fabrication process
Process for cutting polymer electrolyte multi-layer batteries and batteries obtained thereby
Rapid oxygen absorption by using activators
Methods of detecting the onset of colloid formation in particular sulfur precipitation
Bis(n,n-dihydrocarbylamino)-substituted cyclopentadienes and metal complexes thereof
Bithienylnaphthalene-and bis(3,4-ethylenedioxythienyl)naphthalene-based monomers and polymers
Active material of positive electrode for non-aqueous electrode secondary battery and method for pre...
Lithium ion polymer secondary battery and gelatinous polymer electrolyte for sheet battery
Separator for nonaqueous secondary battery and nonaqueous secondary battery using the same
Polymer electrolyte battery and method of fabricating the same
Lithium ion rechargeable batteries utilizing chlorinated polymer blends
Addition of copper salts and copper complexes to thermal inkjet inks for kogation reduction
Modular fan system
Method for producing high dry-strength paper, pulpboard and cardboard
Stabilized rice bran deer feed, attractant and browse supplement
Method for controlling the temperature of a gas distribution plate in a process reactor
Phosphate esters of bis-amino acid sulfonamides containing substituted benzyl amines