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Multiwell scanner and scanning method
Mammalian proteases; related reagents
Compositions and methods to effect the release profile in the transdermal administration of active a...
Coated particles, methods of making and using
Morpholine and thiomorpholine tachykinin receptor antagonists
Underground storage vault
Compressed gas storage tank utilizing rock-bed cavity
Method and a working machine for the laying cable, pipes or the like
Wavelength division multiplexing optical communication system and optical amplifying device
Optical lens and optical system having inclined columnar optical members
Programmable controller
Toner image fixing device provided with a sheet separating portion
Fluid cooled bipolar plate
Data transmitter, data reproduction method, terminal, and method for transferring data transmitter
Rechargeable lithium battery having an improved cathode and process for the production thereof
Monocyclopentadienyl metal compounds for ethylene-.alpha.-olefin-copolymer production catalysts
Method of detecting and managing sensor fault for safety-critical road-wheel position in vehicle ste...
Application-aware, quality of service (QoS) sensitive, media access control (MAC) layer
Phase difference film, phase difference film composite and liquid crystal display device using the s...
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Composition of cyclic olefin addition copolymer and cross-linked material
Offset handle mini-hone
Child's plate
Method and apparatus for characterizing and improving optical drive performance
Method and apparatus for implementing motion detection in video compression
Word segmentation in chinese text
Ultrasonic wafer blade vibration detection
Linear element laying structure in relative rotation mechanism
Vision system
Pod transfer system having retractable mast and rotatable and vertically movable hoist
Robot arm mechanism and robot apparatus
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
Control circuit employing preconditioned feedback amplifier for initializing VCO operating frequency
Electroluminescent flexible film for product packaging
Multi-variate data presentation method using ecologically valid stimuli
Time piece with changable color face
Squeezable electrode assembly
Elastic sensor mesh system for 3-dimensional measurement, mapping and kinematics applications
Method and apparatus for configuring and tuning crystals to control electromagnetic radiation
Process for cutting a glass sheet and a glass disk for a recording medium
Vacuum IG window unit with edge seal formed via microwave curing, and corresponding method of making...
Modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Method of making coated article including layer(s) of diamond-like carbon which may be hydrophobic
Vehicular exterior break-away mirror assembly
Plastic glass
Vehicular rearview mirror system
Use of compounds with a nitrogen-oxygen heterocycle
Method of constructing and sealing tiled, flat-panel displays
Instant water heater
Image forming apparatus featuring first and second peak-to-peak charging voltages, respectively, cor...
Digital phase lock loop for wireless communication and apparatus using same
Image heating apparatus and controller
End member, developer-containing portion, and process cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including elastic cleaning blade with resin film formed only at ends thereof...
System and method for controlling water-only cyclones
Method for assay and removal of harmful toxins during processing of tobacco products
Composition and method for diagnosing auto-immune hepatitis
Peptide compositions mimicking TGF-.beta. activity
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor member, semiconductor device and manufacturing methods thereof
Method and apparatus for testing semiconductor dice
Liquid crystal display and manufacture thereof with electrostatic control of sprayed spacer particle...
Magneto-resistance effect type composite head and production method thereof
Method and device for performing write operations to synchronous burst memory
Laser capture microdissection translation stage joystick
Apparatus and method for heat treatment of tissue
Bioabsorbable breast implant
Super-paramagnetic particles with increased R1 relaxivity, process for producing said particles and ...
Microemulsion concentrate composition of cyclosporin
Microemulsion and micelle systems for solubilizing drugs
Stent for angioplasty and associated production process
Method for applying renewable polymeric lens coating
Automobile front fender
Integrated substrate processing system
Electrode design for electrochemical machining of grooves
Integrated circuits and methods for their fabrication
Enhanced network services using a subnetwork of communicating processors
Polypeptides conjugated to copolymers of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide to reduce allergenicity
Engine ECM multi-input/output configuration
Method and system of determining altitude of flying object
Display method and apparatus for navigation system
Method and system for generating a list of maneuvers for navigation of a vehicle
Method for obtaining information for a geographic database
Method of improving satellite reacquisition performance for integrated GP/IG navigational systems
Method for comparing points sets
Piperidine amides as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Modified avidin-type molecules as targeting agents for the liver and cells of the reticuloendothelia...
Immediate negative acknowledgement for a communication network
Biphenyl sulfonamides as dual angiotensin endothelin receptor antagonists
Image display apparatus
Guitar string changing tool kit
Pumping set for an ABS/ASR/VSC brake system
Resonant assembly for a reciprocating compressor with a linear motor
Method of manufacturing ventilating device and the ventilating device
Mounting bracket for fan motor
Shoe with inflatable bladder and secure deflation valve
Device for removing water from a pipe
Dry vacuum pump
Currency processing machine with multiple internal coin receptacles
Method of and apparatus for playing a card game
Gaming machines with directed sound
Gaming device network
System and method of developing a can bottom profile and a can with a domed bottom structure
Optical spectroscopy pathlength measurement system
Device for photodynamic diagnosis or treatment
Forensic hyperspectral apparatus and method
Surface coating measurement instrument and apparatus for determination of coating thickness
Methods and apparatus for polarized reflectance spectroscopy
Hydroformylation catalyst comprising a complex with ligands having a structure derived from bispheno...
Multi-tool control system, method and medium
Apparatus and method for thin profile ratchet actuator
Image processing apparatus
Automatic on-the-fly focusing for continuous image acquisition in high-resolution microscopy
Piezo integrated flat speakers for automotive interior panels
Paper white direct view display
System and method for optical spectrum fast peak reporting
Interferometric sensor and method to detect optical fields
Silicon micromachined optical device
Computer having cooling device
Automotive electronics heat exchanger
Integrated vapor chamber heat sink and spreader and an embedded direct heat pipe attachment
Heat sink subassembly
Heat sink with interlocked fins
Compliant heat sink device/mounting system interconnect and a method of implementing same
Adjustable device for heat sink retention module
Microactuated suspension motor failure detection system
Heat dissipation structures for integrated lead disk drive head suspensions
Modifying material removal selectivity in semiconductor structure development
Digitizer using intensity gradient to image features of three-dimensional objects
System and method for providing collimated electromagnetic energy in the 8--12 micron range
Process of preparing multi-functional amino di(alkylcyclohexyl) phosphordithioate additive for lubri...
Chassis with adaptive fan control
Fluid replacement systems and methods for use in hemofiltration
Synchronized volumetric fluid balancing systems and methods
Adsorbent for reducing the concentration of fibrinogen and/or fibrin, method of producing an adsorbe...
Porous film, separator for cell, and cell
Biological digestion of animal carcasses
Device and method for extracting a constituent from a chemical mixture
Semiconductor laser device for optical communication
Driving module of laser diode
Tubular burner for industrial furnaces
Optical molecular sensors for cytochrome P450 activity
Methionine aminopeptidase type 3
Aromatic sulfonyl alpha-cycloamino hydroxamic acid compounds
Polymer for chemical amplified photoresist compositions
Surface emitting semiconductor laser, and its fabrication method
Laser devices
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) with cavity compensated gain
Optical photonic band gap devices and methods of fabrication thereof
Optical waveguide array and method of manufacturing the same
Laminin 8 and methods for its use
Reducing adhesion
Inhibitors of factor Xa
Mining data from communications filtering request
Thread signaling in multi-threaded network processor
Multiport memory, data processor and data processing system
Semiconductor data storage apparatus
Memory architecture with refresh and sense amplifiers
Automatic management of terms in a user profile in a knowledge management system
Software controlled cache line ownership affinity enhancements in a multiprocessor environment
NMR spectroscopy data recovery method and apparatus
Method of forming a head assembly, a head assembly, and a linear tape drive
Automated backplane cable connection identification system and method
Hot replace power control sequence logic
Optical measurement instrument for living body
Electrophotographic apparatus having a paper holding member
Electronic dimmable ballast for high intensity discharge lamp
Tunable ferro-electric multiplexer
Thiophene of furan pyrrolidine compounds
Integrated circularly polarized horn antenna
Integrated transceiver and horn antenna
Fax routing system and method using standard fax machine and personal computer
Apparatus for cache compression engine for data compression of on-chip caches to increase effective ...
Halogen incandescent capsule having filament leg clamped in press seal
Focus detecting device
Radio communication apparatus having speed judging circuitry
Light emitting device, production method thereof, and light emitting apparatus and display unit usin...
Data register and access method thereof
Semiconductor device in trench
Method for forming nitride spacer by using atomic layer deposition
Integral criterion for model training and method of application to targeted marketing optimization
Inhalation actuated device
Computer system configured in support of solving NP-complete problems at high speed
Telescoping truss platform
Oxygen free plasma stripping process
Camera for driving lens unit removably attached thereto and method for controlling drive therebetwee...
Hypericum plant named `Bosasuga`
Bipolar ablation apparatus and method phenyl)-prostaglandin E alcohols, process for preparing the alcohols and...
Input apparatus for computers and networks
Apparatus for measuring physical properties of matter
Breathable multilayer films with breakable skin layers
Warp resistant liquid crystal display device
2,4-disubstituted triazine derivatives
Methods and systems for remote control of self-propelled vehicles
Method for making a cold rolled steel strip for deep-drawing
Flexible displays
Plasminogen activator inhibitor antagonists
Process for producing an industrial member having throughholes of high aspect ratio
Thermal therapy with tissue protection
Self aligning sensor array system
Otic microprobe for neuro-cochlear monitoring
Growth hormone secretagogues
Acoustic gating monitor for magnetic resonance imaging system
Human ADA2 polypeptides
Connector scheme for use with handheld computers and accessory devices
Rigid crankshaft cradle and actuator
Dynamic polling mechanism for wireless devices
Optical data recording medium excellent in recording sensitivity and recording property
Intensity variation method and apparatus
Fast BCH error detection and correction using generator polynomial permutation
Kinetic resolution method
Use of multipotent neural stem cell progeny to augment non-neural tissues
Use of sulfated oligosaccharides as inhibitors of cardiovascular disease
Pyridoxal-5-phosphate derivatives as HIV integrase inhibitors
Housing oscillating type cam apparatus, and work shifter using such apparatus
Car locating device with interchangeable indicia
Soap stick launcher and method for launching soap sticks
Air filter assembly for low temperature catalytic processes
Flame-retardant unsaturated polyester resins
Balloon catheter
Compositions and methods of preventing or reducing the risk or incidence of skeletal injuries in hor...
Resonant circuit element having insignificant microphonic effects
Method for removing resist material
Cover tape for packaging electronic elements
Pyrazolate copper complexes, and MOCVD of copper using same
PEM fuel cell and process for its production
Carbon-matrix composites, compositions and methods related thereto
Method and apparatus for increasing service efficacy in an ad-hoc mesh network
Signal transmitter utilizing ask modulation wave
Sheet handling system
Incremental state logic methodology and apparatus for logic based program control
Combination tool assembly for bicycles and method of using same
Method and apparatus for decoupling quadrature phased array coils
Engage/disengage apparatus and photosensitive medium cleaning device of liquid printer using the sam...
Bus system and method for achieving a stable bus redundancy
Replacement liner and methods for a dispensing device
Liquid crystal display of direct lighting type
Power control in a CDMA mobile communication system
Topical compositions and methods for treating pain
Sigma delta modulator with SAW filter
Interactive billing control system
Ultra-compact arc discharge lamp system with an additional electrode
Semiconductor memory device and method for testing the same
Memory architecture
Scanning apparatus with the appearance of pen
Human resource knowledge modeling and delivery system
Percutaneous dilational device
System and method for telecommunications system fault diagnostics
Method and apparatus for re-tensioning a roof bolt in an underground mine
Low angular alignment sensitivity optical switch
Nematode biopesticide
Imaging using silver halide films with inverse mounted micro-lens and spacer
Hypericum plant named `Bosaenv`
Anti-viral composition
Gravity dependent pedicle screw tap hole guide
Method and apparatus for minimizing spectral effects attributable to tissue state variations during ...
Estimating the usefulness of an item in a collection of information
Cooling device for blast furnace bottom wall bricks
Phase-locked loop circuit and radio communication apparatus using the same
Device and method of use for reducing hearing aid RF interference
Method of improving the performance of an ion mobility spectrometer used to detect trace atmospheric...
Control method utilizing directionally based control constraints
Preventive maintenance method and apparatus of a structural member in a reactor pressure vessel
Watercraft ramp
3-oxopropane-1-sulphonic acids and sulphonates
Tire wheel bearing apparatus
Apparatus and method for accessing a coin image compilation
Process for production of olefin polymer
Structures and methods for promoting vascularization
Integrated imaging apparatus
System and method of powering and communicating field ethernet device for an instrumentation and con...
Imaging apparatus and methods for near simultaneous observation of directly scattered light and mult...
Fuel tank cradle device for forklift trucks
Frequency multiplier and wireless device incorporating same
Animal restraint system for vehicles
Methods and apparatus for electrically adjusting a height of a chair
Constant-temperature liquid circulating apparatus
System and method for communicating with an RFID transponder with reduced noise and interference
Demulsification of water-in-oil emulsions
Method and device for investigating and identifying the nature of a material
Method for preparing ketones by pyrogenic reaction of aldehydes, alcohols, acids or esters
Shaping cap for dental pin structures
Photosemiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Microbiological control in aqueous systems
C3'-methylene hydrogen phosphonate oligomers and related compounds
Method for making a boom of an excavator
Wireless quick release lighting system with supports, mounting brackets, lights, and accessories
Device and method using dry mixtures for whitening teeth
Method and apparatus for correcting a curve radius
4-dedimethylaminotetracycline derivatives
Carbon-fibers and a method of producing them
Process for the preparation of acyloxybenzenesulfonates
Probe assembly for mapping and ablating pulmonary vein tissue and method of using same
Compounds and methods for modulating desmosomal cadherin-mediated functions
Multiblock biodegradable hydrogels for drug delivery and tissue treatment
Optical film
Base plate, lens sheet, and projection screen
Chemically amplified resist, polymer for the chemically amplified resist, monomer for the polymer an...
Fuel cell separator plate providing interconnection of reactant gas flowpaths in undulate layer fuel...
Defibrillator with replaceable and rechargeable power packs
Knapsack fitted with an angular damper between the back of the bag and the strap and/or belt assembl...
Conformationallly constrained peptidomimetics as .beta.-turn templates and modulators of SH3 domains
Scalable cellular communications system
Membrane electrode assemblies using ionic composite membranes
Contact for vacuum interrupter and vacuum interrupter using the contact
Generation of diversity in combinatorial libraries
System and method for audio control
Rotary angle sensor for a rotary member
Spectroscopic imaging method
Method and apparatus for arbitrating access to a computational engine for use in a video graphics co...
System and method for detecting and locating heart disease
Electric power steering control system and control method thereof
Oligonucleotide primers for efficient detection of hepatitis C virus (HCV) and methods of use thereo...
Spatially resolving range-finding system
Surgical operation navigating system using a reference frame
System and method for controlling workspace environment
System and method for extending the dynamic range of an analog-to-digital converter
Thermal treatment apparatus radiating low and high temperature
Fastening system for electronic components
Temperature, stress, and corrosive sensing apparatus utilizing harmonic response of magnetically sof...
Pre-data power control common packet channel
Dual-band output switching high-frequency transmission circuit with a transmission mixer having two ...
Substituted pyridine or piperidine compounds
Methods for the preparation of biphenyl isoxazole sulfonamides
Benzamide formulation with histone deacetylase inhibitor activity
Intervertebral spacer and implant insertion instrumentation
Field spreading layer for dispersed liquid crystal coatings
Dispersion compensation fiber
Optical fiber and optical communication system using this optical fiber
Device for winding optical fiber cable
Optical fiber holder
Fiber fuse protection
Assays for ligands for nuclear receptors
Method of facilitating transmission level measurement, and base station
Data processing method and device for parallel stride access
Rubber band driving device for two-propeller model plane
Lady's hair accessory doll
Vertical boarding toy having a thin flat-faced track jumping spinner
Animated display
Toy figure with articulating joints
Sound elimination game and apparatus
Variable valve timing apparatus
Valve timing adjusting device
Electrically driven device for angular adjustment of a shaft relative to its drive
Apparatus and method for measuring cam phaser locking pin position
Control apparatus of variable valve timing system for internal combustion engine
Method for controlling the operation of an internal combustion engine
System and method for handling device retry requests on a communication medium
Boot recovery of simple boot BIOS
Printer document presenter apparatus and method
Apparatus for and method of embedding and extracting digital information and medium having program f...
Method for inconspicuously adding tracking data in coded images
Activity component in a presentation services patterns environment
Electrically conductive metal tape and plug connector made of it
Antimicrobial preservative compositions and methods
Toaster with movable food support and movable doors with windows
Seafood microwave cooker
Dahlia plant named `Balnovches`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `KLEI01024`
Petunia plant named `Whip Ablos`
Petunia plant named `Whip White`
Petunia plant named `Whip Burg`
Tetrahydropyridines as pesticides
Inducible cancer model to study the molecular basis of host tumor cell interactions in vivo
Melanocortin-3 receptor deficient cells, non-human trangenic animals and methods of selecting compou...
Music education system
Method and apparatus for user-controlled music generation
Synchronization of music and images in a camera with audio capabilities
Genetic profiling and banking system and method
Standardized information management system for long-term residence facilities
Automated process for conducting jury voir dire
Portable electronic terminal and data processing system
Method and device for monitoring inventory
Cache control system
Read exclusive for fast, simple invalidate
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Analyzing data files
System and method for configuring, sequencing and viewing joins in a query
Method for selecting an information unit among conflicting information units based on context fields...
Search method using an index file and an apparatus therefor
Mercury-free metal halide lamp
Planar fluorescent lamp with flat electrodes and method for fabricating
Rotating display with design of surrounding a column
Carbon-based adsorption powder containing cupric chloride
Antioxidant sensor
Process for treating exhaust gas and exhaust gas treating equipment
Structure having balanced pH profile
Traction drive fluid
Simplified methods of making 1,3-cyclohexadiene
Rejuvenating SAPO molecular sieve by freeze drying
High rubber impact modifier powders
Method for reducing the quantity of residual monomers in aqueous polymerisate dispersions
Process for the preparation of polymers having a reduced content of volatile components
Medical device for delivery of a biologically active material to a lumen
Lithium secondary battery having oxide particles embedded in particles of carbonaceous material as a...
Method for fabricating high aspect ratio structures in perovskite material
Cocoa extract compounds and methods for making and using the same
Microcellular foams, their method of production, and uses and products thereof
Squarylium dye and filter for display device
IC-mounted card substrate and IC-mounted personal-data certification card
Magnetic toner
Preparation of in situ-reticulated flexible polyurethane foams
Printing inks
Method of making a graft polymer
Low angle high speed image tube
Method for making humanized antibodies
Production of dry powders of one or more oxygenated carotenoids
Transgenic swine having HLA-D gene, swine cells thereof and xenografts therefrom
Surveillance system for adverse events during drug development studies
Body components for hollow body stringed instruments and method of fabricating same
Projector lens holder
Wedge-shaped high density capacitor and method of making the capacitor
Isomerization of vinylidene olefins
Method for detecting dropouts in data delivered over a bandwidth-limited bus
Real-time connection error checking method and process
System and method for setup and hold characterization in integrated circuit cells
Architecture for a sea of platforms
Method and apparatus of remotely updating firmware of a communication device
Optical information processing equipment and semiconductor light emitting device suitable therefor
Reconfigurable detection and analysis apparatus and method
Genotyping biallelic markers
Cleaning deposit devices that generate microarrays
Test array and method for testing memory arrays
Chemically synthesized artificial promoter for high level expression of transgenes
Dull1 coding for a starch synthase and uses thereof
Production of modified polysaccharides
DNA sequences from photorhabdus luminescens
Determination of liver function using the rate at which plasma disappears
Urn lid
Automated teller machine
Automated teller machine
Automated teller machine
Automated teller machine interface
Coin sorter
Image sensing and image processing apparatuses
Camera front seal assembly
Electronic device for cable broadcasting system
Broadcast receiver
Multispectral imaging system for contaminant detection
Pendant control for a welding-type system
Ontology for database design and application development
Self defense weapon covering
Crystals of the large ribosomal subunit
Macrocyclic polyester oligomers and processes for polymerizing the same
Plasticized polypropylene thermoplastics
Remote energy supply process and system for an electronic information carrier
Image forming apparatus including an image bearing member and a charging member featuring a controll...
Liquid image formation apparatus and liquid developing device
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Adhesive wrapping film
Protective plate for a plasma display and a method for producing the same
Differentiation-suppressive polypeptide serrate-2
Integrated circuit device and its manufacturing method
Dispersion compensating module and mode converter, coupler and dispersion compensating optical waveg...
Thin walled core band-gap waveguides
Dispersion managed fibers having reduced sensitivity to manufacturing variabilities
Method of producing silicon metal particulates of reduced average particle size
Method for the catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds
Method for producing hydrogen
Lyotropic liquid crystalline L3 phase silicated nanoporous monolithic composites and their productio...
Mesoporous alumina gel and process for its preparation
Method of preparing a fumed metal oxide dispersion
Digital television (DTV) including a smart electronic program guide (EPG) and operating methods ther...
Multi-layer female component for refastenable fastening device and method of making the same
Method of laundering fabrics
Absorbent article including a reducing agent for feces
Oral liquid mucoadhesive compositions
Rotatable breech gun
Automated teller machine media cassette indicator
Food complement and method for cosmetic treatment based on a grape extract rich in polyphenols
Chitosan compositions
UV light sensing element
Methods for treating circadian rhythm disorders
Process for extracting and desolventizing natural oil-containing food products with minimum structur...
Stabilized preparation for use in metered dose inhalers
Method for detecting incorrectly categorized data
Spacecraft protected by a coating including pyroelectric/ferroelectric particles, and the coating ma...
Gimbaled ion thruster arrangement for high efficiency stationkeeping
Nested beam deployable solar array
Constant rotational speed propeller for model aircrafts
Method and article of manufacture to effect an oxygen deficient fuel cell
Method and apparatus for controlling a trajectory of a projectile
Thermal management system in single or multiplayer disk system
Modified oxygen reduced valve metal oxides
EEG electrode and EEG electrode locator assembly
Obtaining pilot phase offset time delay parameter for a wireless terminal of an integrated wireless-...
Devices and systems based on novel superconducting material
Adaptive power amplifier system and method
Method and apparatus for the correction of optical signal wave front distortion using adaptive optic...
Device having a barrier layer located therein and a method of manufacture therefor
Dynamic channel assignment for intelligent antennas
Adjustable boat windshield support brace
Flexible cover support frame tensioning apparatus
System for offshore transfer of liquefield natural gas
Riser pipe construction and module therefor
Boat seat cover
Arrangement in a marine exhaust system
Hair care compositions
Elastic, thixotropic organo-mineral systems
Regulation of epithelial tissue by hedgehog-like polypeptides, and formulations and uses related the...
Anticancer agents, perfumes or foods and drinks
Process for the preparation of hydroxybenzoic benzyl esters
Method for making dimethyl disulphide compositions having a masked smell
Method for locally removing a coat applied on a translucent or transparent substrate
Story generating game system using partial programs with different endings
Coating a ball with two-part polyester polyol-catalyst/polyisocyanate system
Achromatic lighting in a graphics system and method
Sports implement testing methods and apparatus
Method and system for using cooperative game theory to resolve statistical joint effects
Game machine system, broadcasting system, data distribution system and method, program executing app...
Retaining wall block system and method with varying block face sizes
Tow-behind watersports device
Coding scheme for encoded sheet material
Two-ply label for pharmaceutical products
Efficient entry of characters from a large character set into a portable information appliance
Electrochromic safety glazing
Media recording device with packet data interface
Calendar-driven application technique for preparing responses to incoming events
Landing gear simulator and trainer
Training device for teaching emergency help techniques for a person in an emergency situation
Tactile reading system for data coming from a computer and associated communication device
Laser frequency modulation tactical training system
Geranium plant named `Free Burg Two`
Hand held induction tool with energy delivery scheme
Isolated and purified hop lupulin gland-specific promoter
Methods for altering organ mass, controlling fertility and enhancing asexual reproduction in plants
Plant sterol reductases and uses thereof
Canola cultivar 45A54
Altered fatty-acid, protein, oil, and starch corn lines and method for producing same
Method and apparatus for analyzing images
Library design in combinatorial chemistry by Monte Carlo methods
Pixel level segmentation tag cleanup
Word-to-word selection on images
Apparatus for facilitating jam clearance in a printer
Sensing system for detecting a full condition within a waste developer system
System for handling long photoreceptor belts
Electrophotographic development system with toner purging
Intermediate transparent document holder cover for photocopying machine platen
System and method for encryption using transparent keys
Digital content protection method and apparatus
Musical tone control apparatus and sensing device for electronic musical instrument
Article holders and article positioning methods
Biped ambulatory robot
Ultra-wideband power amplifier module apparatus and method for optical and electronic communications
Image forming apparatus having a control unit that controls exposure energy and related image formin...
Color liquid crystal display having data line overlapping orientation control windows or slope faces...
Facsimile apparatus
Lens barrel
Cleaner-less type image forming machine
Search coprocessor subsystem having multiple search engines and dedicated key-table memory for conne...
Preparation of deallergenized proteins and permuteins
Aluminum bearing alloy
Aluminum alloy piping material having an excellent corrosion resistance and workability
Aluminum alloy piping material for automotive piping excelling in corrosion resistance and workabili...
Superelastic guiding member
Two step aging treatment for Ni-Cr-Mo alloys
Redundant automation system
Apparatus and method of utilizing Alias Hit signals to detect errors within the real address tag arr...
Computer system providing low skew clock signals to a synchronous memory unit
Integrated circuit having distributed control and status registers and associated signal routing mea...
Data set recovery by codeword overlay
Decoupling capacitor assignment technique with respect to leakage power
Apparatus for on-line cleaning a wafer chuck with laser
Gain flattening tunable filter
Pulse oscillating gas laser device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Illumination arrangement
High efficiency transparent organic light emitting devices
High power radiation emitter device and heat dissipating package for electronic components
Car navigation apparatus capable of determining entry into parking area
Solar cell using ferroelectric material(s)
Metal oxide integrated circuit on silicon germanium substrate
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric element, and piezoelectric element, ink-jet recording head an...
Electric lamp
Organic electroluminescent device with buried lower elecrodes and method for manufacturing the same
Matrix addressable electrochromic display device
Bend-type fiber optic light injector
Biothermal power source for implantable devices
Monoclonal antibody against human telomerase catalytic subunit
Method and apparatus for creating and distributing real-time interactive media content through wirel...
Pressure sensible valve for exhaust muffler and method of assembling same
Dual stack exhaust system
Carpet cleaning machine
Earpiece light
Multi-layered metal plate with excellent damping capacity
Marine seismic source
Motor vehicle with supplemental rear steering having open and closed loop modes
Dual gain algorithm for four wheel steering system
System and method of controlling a vehicle having yaw stability control
Restraint and fuel system cutoff control module
Weight based occupant classification system for controlling enablement of a protection device
Method for deploying a restraint system
Vehicle velocity control apparatus and method with preceding vehicle following control function
Phone with ear hanger assembly capable of being hung on a user's ear without help from a hand for ce...
Terminal connection box and plug
Method for performance measurement and analysis of local exchange carrier interconnections
Continuity testing in communication networks
System and method for creating a controlling device
Customer service operation using wav files
Testing system for evaluating integrated circuits, a testing system, and a method for testing an int...
Stationary storage rack for pots, pans and lids
Combinations of ileal bile acid transport inhibitors and fibric acid derivatives for cardiovascular ...
Compositions and methods for controlling plant pests
Phrase-composing device featuring interlocking collars
Camera having a miniaturized exterior shape
Presentation services patterns in a netcentric environment
Apparatus and method for physically and logically packaging and distributing items in a distributed ...
Dynamic logical control of network units in ad-hoc communications networks
Secure intranet access
System and method for controlling access to documents stored on an internal network
Mechanism for automated generic application damage detection and repair in strongly encapsulated app...
Petunia plant named `Duesurimblu`
Method for making holographic foil
WAP service personalization, management and billing object oriented platform
PLC executive with integrated web server
Seamless integration of internet resources
Apparatus and method for intelligent scalable switching network
Voice access through a data-centric network to an integrated message storage and retrieval system
System and method of dynamic online session caching
Third-party e-mail authentication service provider using checksum and unknown pad characters with re...
Reserving file system blocks
Extension of formulas and formatting in an electronic spreadsheet
Request batcher in a transaction services patterns environment
Restartable computer database message processing
Method for configuration and management of storage resources in a storage network
Scalable multiprocessor system and cache coherence method incorporating invalid-to-dirty requests
Easily coalesced, sub-allocating, hierarchical, multi-bit bitmap-based memory manager
EST's and encoded human proteins
Gypsum-containing product having increased resistance to permanent deformation and method and compos...
Baseball glove
Ball glove with reinforced finger stalls and a wrist panel with spaced-apart padding
Method and apparatus for molecular analysis of buried layers
View configurer in a presentation services patterns environment
Pointing device selection method
Magnetic transfer method and system
0.22 caliber long rifle removable conversion system kit for black powder cap and ball reproduction a...
Modified bolt assembly and firing mechanism for an MG 34 Mauser rifle
Magazine extraction grips
Firearm upper receiver assembly with ammunition belt feeding capability
Airbag inflation gas generation
Bearing and interface assembly comprising at least one elastic deformation zone and a braking assemb...
Bearing system for a slide element on a press
Lifting apparatus for implementing a rectilinear movement of a handling device
Shaft bearing member
Rigid anti-friction ball-bearing
Shaft suspension system for drive shafts of motor vehicles
Driving wheel bearing unit
Zoom actuating apparatus for cameras
Compositions comprising hydrofluorocarbons and their manufacture
Process for recycling of powder coating waste
High solids clear coating composition
Hydrocarbon hydrogenation catalyst and process
Mineral-filled elastomer compositions
Process for converting synthesis gas into higher hydrocarbons
Method and system for analyzing continuous parameter data for diagnostics and repairs
Control system for throttle valve actuating device
Powertrain torque control
Method and system for engine air-charge estimation
Peripheral device of a portable computer with thermal control circuitry
Device for the local attenuation of the light intensity in the field of vision of a light-sensitive ...
Hardware prefetch system based on transfer request address of cache miss load requests
Rescheduling data input and output commands for bus synchronization by using digital latency shift d...
Personal cleansing system
Fuel cell system
Method of delivering fuel and air to a fuel cell system
Expandable vinyl chloride resin composition
Process for producing silicon carbide composites from silicon-based polymers by radiation applicatio...
Thermoplastic polymer blends of isotactic polypropylene and alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers
Very high solids adhesive
Magnetic card transaction apparatus
Surface acoustic wave device and production process thereof
Time processed head related transfer functions in a headphone spatialization system
Apparatus for creating 3D audio imaging over headphones using binaural synthesis including elevation
Device for reproducing multi-channel audio by using two speakers and method therefor
Three-dimensional sound system and method using head related transfer function
Method of synthesizing a three dimensional sound-field
Stereo sound expander
2-Oxy-benzoxazinone derivatives for the treatment of obesity
Gene therapy for obesity
Pyridone-fused azabicyclic- or cytisine derivatives, their preparation and their use in addiction th...
Methods and compositions employing red rice fermentation products
Gastric banding device and method
Osmotic device containing ranitidine and a prokinetic agent
Obesity treatment tools and methods
Gastric reduction endoscopy
Systems and methods with identity verification by comparison & interpretation of skin patterns such ...
Systems and methods for redirecting users having transparent computer access to a network using a ga...
Optical turn for monitoring light from a laser
Method and apparatus to shorten call-setup time
Method and apparatus for modification of vehicular navigation information
Method for host protection during hot swap in a bridged, pipelined network
System for launching data on a bus by using first clock for alternately selecting data from two data...
Online monitor for polymer processes
Cloth-like polymeric films
Accelerators for cationic polymerization catalyzed by iron-based catalysts
Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoroethane, pentafluoropropane and methylbutane
Lithium secondary battery
Lithium-ion over voltage protection circuit
Polymeric gel electrolyte and lithium battery employing the same
Electrochemical lithium ion secondary cell having a scalloped electrode assembly
Film responsive to bicarbonate ion
Particulate sensor system
Slitter for an electrode raw material sheet and the slitting process
High fluid flow and pressure in a capillary pump for vaporization of liquid
Lithium secondary battery and method of manufacturing the same
3-nitrogen-6,7-dioxygen steroids and uses related thereto
Substituted 6-benzyl-4-oxopyrimidines, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions...
Lavatory cleaning device
Roll-on applicator comprising a hair composition
Use of screening silicone for protecting the color of artificially colored keratin fibres against th...
Dyeing method using a specific cationic derivative and a compound selected among a specific aldehyde...
Compositions for the oxidation dyeing of keratinous fibers comprising at least one coupler, and dyei...
Ethylene copolymer rubber, process for producing the same, and use
Modular stone stair system
Multi-purpose transporter
Pathogen inactivation in biosolids with cavitation
Method and apparatus for bonding a connecting ring to a flow tube and balance bar of a coriolis flow...
Majority component proportion determination of a fluid using a coriolis flowmeter
Method for dismantling a magnetic field generator
Process for controlling gear shifting in a cycle, and corresponding system and components
Speed variator transmission
Training machine, image output processing device and method, and recording medium which stores image...
Manually operated stretching apparatus
Vehicle sharing system and method with parking state detection
Bulk complex polymer lens light diffuser
Thermoplastic polymer film sealing of nozzles on fluid ejection devices and method
Sample testing device
Apparatus and method for determining the concentration of a component of a sample
Purification of substances from a biological sample
Stabilization of calibrators containing cytokeratin
Cleaning system for tray
Method of producing a spray bonded multi-ply tissue product
Method of manufacturing improved corn zein resin films, sheets, and articles
Optical fiber
Compliant cutoff saw assembly
Robot arm having wafer-scratching prevention function
Modular hybrid multi-axis robot
Vision system
Robots for microelectronic workpiece handling
In-process relative robot workcell calibration
Catalyst system to produce highly crystalline polypropylene
Gas cluster ion beam low mass ion filter
Shielded carrying case for radioactive flood sources
Encapsulation of polymer-based solid state devices with inorganic materials
Molding material, process for producing molded article, and molded article
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system, and ...
Image forming apparatus, control method thereof, image forming method, and storage medium
Grid electrodes formed on a polyimide substrate for a display device that comprises a permanent magn...
Probe card with contact apparatus and method of manufacture
Structure to reduce the degradation of the Q value of an inductor caused by via resistance
Method of measuring photoresist and bump misalignment
Thermally-assisted magnetic recording method and thermally-assisted magnetic recorder
Image forming apparatus
Isometric haptic feedback interface
Apparatus for making holograms including means for controllably varying a beamsplitter
Method and apparatus for calibration of radiation therapy equipment and verification of radiation tr...
Pesticidal emulsifiable concentrate
Broadband cable television and computer network
Portable communication device
Sink plunger
Extending the duration of drug release within the stomach during the fed mode
Method and apparatus for arbitration and fairness on a full-duplex bus using dual phases
System and method for improving LBIST test coverage
Exhaustive search system and method using space-filling curves
Method of steering a machine on a predetermined route and device for its execution
Vehicle braking system with proportional poppet valve pressure control strategy
Periphery monitoring system
Method for adjusting a vehicle-mounted radar sensor
Wireless diagnostic system and method for monitoring vehicles
Variable resolution vector positional display for use with an underground object locating system
Enhanced graphical development environment for controlling program flow
Gasoline sulfur reduction catalyst for fluid catalytic cracking process
Method for reducing gasoline sulfur in fluid catalytic cracking
In-line heat treatment of homofilament crimp fibers
Synthetic polymers having hydrogen bonding capability and containing polysiloxane moieties
Absorbent garment with asymmetrical leg elastic tension
Refastenable absorbent product with overlaid side panels and method of making same in the machine di...
Method for producing materials having z-direction fibers and folds
Enzymatic treatment of pulp to increase strength using truncated hydrolytic enzymes
Magnetic field applicator for heating magnetic substances in biological tissue
Method for optimizing the operating conditions of a submerged arc furnace
Water dispensing station with communication system
Fuse read sequence for auto refresh power reduction
Sterile fluid filtration cartridge and method for using same
Process and apparatus for the purification and/or treatment of suspensions
Continuous, hybrid field-gradient device for magnetic colloid based separations
Continuous positive airway pressure controller
Method and apparatus for executing distributed objects over a network
Semiconductor laser device
Overlapping wavelength-tunable vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays
Supersonic and subsonic laser with radio frequency excitation
ArF and KrF excimer laser apparatus and fluorine laser apparatus for lithography
Bar code scanner using universal frequency translation technology for up-conversion and down-convers...
Multiple grating-outcoupled surface-emitting lasers
Laser induced fluorescence water measurement system for nuclear reactors
Figure-8 optical fiber pulse laser using a dispersion imbalanced nonlinear optical loop mirror
Methods and apparatus for detecting toner fade in an imaging device
Single-labeled oligonucleotide probes for homogeneous nucleic acid sequence analysis
High-pressure separation of a multi-component gas
Method for producing improved polymeric films
Method for installation of evacuated tubular conduits
Hydroprocessing process with integrated interstage stripping
Reducing leakage current in memory cells
Graphics display system with graphics window control mechanism
Memory shared between processing threads
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Optical line termination in ATM-based PON
Method and device for determining a synchronization fault in a network node
Apparatus and method for detecting change of neutral position of valve of electromagnetic valve actu...
Engine method
Apparatus for controlling valve timing of engine
QOS-based virtual private network using ATM-based internet virtual connections
Method and apparatus for transplanting
Coupling of light from a light source to a target using dual ellipsoidal reflectors
Process of driving a non-polymerization solution-phase photochemical transformation
Floatation process for removal of heavy metal waste and associated apparatus
High resolution electron beam exposure machines
Method of adjusting the light spectrum of a gas discharge lamp, gas discharge lamp, and luminaire fo...
Method for preparing hydrophilic porous polymeric materials
Supported nickel-magnesium oxide catalysts and processes for the production of syngas
Method for producing chlorine dioxide
Method for low perfluorocarbon compound emission
Remote valving for microfluidic flow control
Synthetic fiber nonwoven web and method
Rubber mixtures and vulcanizates containing agglomerated rubber gels
Lithographic printing plates and method for their preparation
Milled particles
Methods utilizing scanning probe microscope tips and products therefor or products thereby
Optical power equalizer
Clear coating composition, method of forming a coating film and multilayer coating film
Olefinic thermoplastic elastomer composition and method for producing the same
Process for producing synthetic latex
Process for coating a siliceous substrate with a silicon containing layer
Ink jet recording sheet
Monolithically integrable inductor
Memory cells with improved reliability
Atomic layer deposition method and semiconductor device fabricating apparatus having rotatable gas i...
System and method for controlling an industrial process utilizing process trajectories
Method for improving fuel cell performance
Method and apparatus for controlling display of content signals
Methods of treating respiratory disorders
Connector for use in packing aerosol containers
Segmentation tag cleanup based on connected components
Iteratively clustered interpolation for geometrical interpolation of an irregularly spaced multidime...
Surface emitting semiconductor laser, surface emitting semiconductor laser array, and method for man...
Image coding device, image decoding device, image coding/decoding device and image coding/decoding m...
Roll having relieved edges for low stress belt tracking for belt loops
Architecture for software for remote maintenance of a machine such as a copier
Stable salts of S-adenosyl-l-methionine
Dry surface cleaning apparatus using a laser
Method of patterning a FeRAM capacitor with a sidewall during bottom electrode etch
Focus detection device and distance measurement device
Mechanism for replicating and maintaining files in a spaced-efficient manner
Space allocation in a write anywhere file system
Method and system for modeling migration of call traffic in a multiple mode wireless network
Apparatus and methods for position computation based on broadcast initialization data
Multi-mode radio transmission system
Apparatus and method for examining bit values during bit error location measurements
Four-port bidirectional optical circulator
Programmable optical switching add/drop multiplexer
Wavelength division multiplexing/demultiplexing systems
Snowboard trainer method and apparatus
Transflective liquid crystal display device having reflective and transparent pixel electrodes
Catalytic converter
Associative cache and method for replacing data entries having an IO state
Appliance server with a drive partitioning scheme that accommodates application growth in size
Method and an apparatus for secure register access in electronic device
Preparation agents
Method and apparatus for shimming a magnet to control a three-dimensional field
Multi-imaging modality tissue mimicking materials for imaging phantoms
Hypoparathyroid therapy
Gastric retaining oral liquid dosage form
Procedure for the simultaneous quantitative and qualitative analysis of both flavonoid glycosides an...
Mixed polyalkylene glycol hydroxyalkyl isostearamides as rheology adjuvants
Inflatable packing material
IC chip package
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine: galactose-.beta.1, 3-N-acetylgalactosamine-.alpha.-R/(GlcNAc to GalNAc) .be...
Thermal treatment methods and apparatus with focused energy application
Solar control pigmented thermoplastic polymer sheet
Polymerizable thioacrylate compositions and optical lenses with a high refractive index obtained fro...
Rapid prototyping system and method with support region data processing
Access hatch reinforcement module & method of installing an access hatch to an existing hood for a m...
Retard roller and sheet feeder
Apparatus for joining cylindrical sections
Process of making hollow fibers and treating fibers
Device and method for generating, supporting and illuminating bubbles
Pacifier toy
Thermoformed toy building plate
Weatherable fluoropolymer-acrylic composition
Real-time database upload with real-time column mapping
Radio-frequency antenna for a magnetic resonance apparatus
System, device, and method for distributing multicast routing information in a protocol independent ...
Method and apparatus for parking and releasing a magnetic head
Cyclic amino acids and derivatives thereof useful as pharmaceutical agents
Pharmaceutical composition for treating fecal incontinence
Releasable suspension for an airborne store
Intelligent electronic program guide
Cell bus distributed arbitration system and method
Computer architecture for shared memory access
Method and system for end-to-end problem determination and fault isolation for storage area networks
Digital data decoder with improved unreliable frame detection performance
Closure for pet feeding toy
Instruction reducing predicate copy
Lactam dehydration method
Aqueous nonferrous feedstock material for injection molding
Character recognizing apparatus, method, and storage medium
Nitrogen and phosphorus doped amorphous silicon as resistor for field emission device baseplate
Ink metering system in a printing press with piezoelectric actuating element
Device for reducing printing sleeve noise
Lift hook for a sheet separating device
Copy-guiding device having a variable geometry
Lottery card reader
Production of recombinant lactoferrin and lactoferrin polypeptides using cDNA sequences in various o...
Data transmission with non-uniform distribution of data rates for a multiple-input multiple-output (...
Inactivated influenza virus vaccine for nasal or oral application
Data disc modulation for minimizing pirating and/or unauthorized copying and/or unauthorized access ...
Intraocular lens derivation system
Dry polishing of intraocular lenses
Polypeptides and polynucleotides from coagulase-negative staphylococci
Intraocular lens inspection method
Optical lens system with electro-active lens having alterably different focal lengths
Plasma etch method for forming patterned layer with enhanced critical dimension (CD) control
Making and connecting bus bars on solar cells
Flexible timepiece in multiple environments
Method for forming patterned polyimide layer
Wiring board prepreg and manufacturing method thereof
Water plasticized high refractive index polymer for ophthalmic applications
Electrochemical device and method for operation thereof
Method and system for determining symmetry and Ackermann geometry status of the steering system of a...
Digital image warping system
Method for detecting continuity modules in a direct Rambus DRAM subsystem
Method and system for identifying FETs implemented in a predefined logic equation
Method and system for a processor to gain assured ownership of an up-to-date copy of data
System for handling coherence protocol races in a scalable shared memory system based on chip multip...
Mechanism for synchronizing multiple skewed source-synchronous data channels with automatic initiali...
Process unit and image forming device having an inter-axis distance regulation mechanism
Particulate compositions
Process for using bilayer photoresist
Resist compositions with polymers having 2-cyano acrylic monomer
Method and apparatus useful in the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea of a patient
Clock slaving methods and arrangements
Generation, validation and reservation of reference handles
Selective information subset synchronization based on single user action
Method and system for updating read-only software modules
Lamp monitoring and control system and method
Doppler spread/velocity estimation in mobile wireless communication devices and methods therefor
Use of certain metalloproteinase inhibitors for treating nerve disorders mediated by nucleus pulpsus
Transferring data between asynchronous devices
I/O system supporting extended functions and method therefor
Method and apparatus for mode selection in a computer system
SCSI repeater circuit with SCSI address translation and enable
Methods and apparatus for implementing a host side advanced serial protocol
Programming circuits and techniques for programmable logic
Method and apparatus for processor bypass path to system memory
Laundry detergent compositions
Detergent additive composition and processes therefore and therewith
Washing machine
System and method for automated play of multiple gaming devices
Pari-mutuel networks, devices and games
Method of bleaching and providing papermaking fibers with durable curl
Method for non-invasively determining the concentration of an analyte by compensating for the effect...
Electronic endoscope system
Application of spectroscopic ellipsometry to in situ real time fabrication of multiple alternating h...
System for cell-based screening
Bubble measuring instrument and method
Method and apparatus for controlling a dynamic range of a digital diagnostic image
Integrated optical micro-electromechanical systems and methods of fabricating and operating the same
Under and above ground, radio frequency driven element, vector display, metal locating system
Inbred corn line JCR503
Non-mammalian GnRH analogs and uses thereof in regulation of fertility and pregnancy
Ligand/lytic peptide compositions and methods of use
Lipoxin compounds and their use in treating cell proliferative disorders
Optical waveguide assembly for interfacing a two-dimensional optoelectronic array to fiber bundles
Probe tip adapter for a measurement probe
Cartridge system for a probing head for an electrical test probe
Astronomical viewing equipment
Deskew fixture
Low capacitance probe contact
Aerodynamically light particles for pulmonary drug delivery
Polyhydroxyalkanoate and manufacturing method thereof
Navigation system, remote navigation device and method, and in-vehicle navigation device
Guide display method in on-vehicle navigator
Light rail vehicle having predictive diagnostic system for motor driven automated doors
Electronic control apparatus and method for on-board rewriting of non-volatile memories
Audience terminal game machine for playing a self-contained game in a first mode or, in a second mod...
Inbred corn line NR401
Preparation of arsenic pentafluoride
Electronic-watermark control apparatus and method, information control apparatus and method, and sto...
Method for embedding manipulation-secure digital fingerprints into electronic documents