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Flow enhanced tunnel freezer
Packaging system for extending the shelf life of moisture-containing foods
Food storage device
Automated loaders or winders and related systems, devices and methods
Building block
Wastewater management system
Method and apparatus for providing interactive multimedia and high definition video
Mixed chimerism and tolerance
Devices, systems, and methods for reducing levels of pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory stimulato...
HIV-encoded chemoattractant
Protein HMAAD57
Method of treatment of malignant neoplasms and complex preparation having antineoplastic activity fo...
Phenylamino-pyrimidines and uses thereof
HIV replication inhibiting pyrimidines
Substituted cycloalkyl P1' hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Pyrazole ether derivatives as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Inhibitors of aspartyl protease
Small molecule inhibitors of caspases
Marker for radiography specimens
Carrier for medical instruments
Wound dressing for heel
Window component extrusion
Baluster design
Light bulb
Fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent lamp
Automobile light
Internally lighted crystal prism mirror light for vehicle
Lighting fixture
Light fixture
Light fixture
Lighting fixture
Golf green cigar humidor
Animal collar including a plurality of light sources
Dog chew
Cover for washer and dryer
Method, system, and program for maintaining backup copies of files in a backup storage device
Storage area network, data replication and storage controller, and method for replicating data using...
Instant refresh of a data volume copy
Portable data storage device having a secure mode of operation
Semiconductor memory device
Memory array and method with simultaneous read/write capability
Split write data processing mechanism for memory controllers utilizing inactive periods during write...
Computer system with storage system having re-configurable logical volumes
Dual controller system for dynamically allocating control of disks
Method for storing metadata in a physical sector
System and method for monitoring data, computer program and data storage therefor
Alias-free test for dynamic array structures
Data mover mechanism to achieve SAN RAID at wire speed
Memory cache bank prediction
Selective signalling of later reserve location memory fault in compound compare and swap
Output device, method of controlling it, and storage medium
Cas latency select utilizing multilevel signaling
Method and apparatus for using name spaces in a graphical user interface
Method for quickly detecting microbial dna/rna, kit therefor and the use of said method
Method for providing nano-structures of uniform length
Dielectrically impeded discharge lamp with a spacer
Method and apparatus not requiring a clock signal for sampling an input signal
Apparatus for calculating immunity from radiated electromagnetic field, method for achieving calcula...
Process for producing para-xylene
Incoherent light-emitting device apparatus for driving vertical laser cavity
Annealing oven with heat transfer plate
Method and apparatus for efficient data browsing
Segmenting a document into regions associated with a data type, and assigning pipelines to process s...
Intraoral apparatus for enhancing airway patency
Aerosol can
Method for reducing power consumption of CPU, electronic apparatus, and recording medium having powe...
Athyrium plant named `Pewter Lace`
Mycobacterium vaccae for down-regulation of the Th2 activity of the immune system
Device and method for the examination of thin layers
Image-forming apparatus and image-forming process-cartridge
Camera having operation member
Syndiotactic polystyrene compositions having improved impact strength
Methods, systems and computer program products for smart card product management
Foldable wireless communication device functioning as a cellular telephone and a personal digital as...
Method and apparatus for displaying personal digital assistant synchronization data using primary an...
Method and apparatus for fault-tolerant update of flash ROM contents
Processor-based voice and data time slot interchange system
Cellular telephone, personal digital assistant with voice communication unit
System and method for sizing footwear over a computer network
Horizontal element arrangement means
Multi-stage collector having electrode stages isolated by a distributed bypass capacitor
Compact printed "patch" antenna
Composite electrode materials for electric lamps and methods of manufacture thereof
Method for modifying the surface of biomedical articles
Fibrous structure and absorbent article including such a fibrous structure
Portable sink with foldable faucet
Cyanamides useful as reversible inhibitors of cysteine proteases
Method for production of a solid catalyst for olefin polymerization
Apparatus and method of providing common distributed services for system management applications acr...
Method and system for external assessment of hearing aids that include implanted actuators
Light emitting diode signs and translucent plastic sheets used therein
Apparatus and process for pre-hydrolysis of biomass
Compounds specific to adenosine A1 receptor and uses thereof
Tokenless biometric electronic financial transactions via a third party identicator
Process for hydrogenation of carbonyl and iminocarbonyl compounds using ruthenium catalysts comprisi...
Method and apparatus for radio packet data transmission
Rodent model for Parkinson's Disease
Circuit breaker including magnetic trip mechanism
Token-based linking
Wireless boundary proximity determining and animal containment system and method
Disk drive having an air flow path room
Self-repairing computer having protected software template and isolated trusted computing environmen...
Scan module for a bar code reader with a magnifying lens
Method and system for managing storage systems containing multiple data storage devices
Detecting tool orientation, alignment, depth, and leveling
Solvent systems
Fucosylated oligosaccharides and process for their preparation
Chiral porous metal phosphonates for heterogeneous asymmetric catalysis
Balloon-type advertising equipment
Uniform dispensing, multi-chambered tube comprising a flow regulating element
Cathodes comprising electroactive sulfur materials and secondary batteries using same
Air flow system for microwave cooking appliance
Optical recording medium having in a static mode, a flexible region extending to 1/3 of the recordin...
Encased insulation article
Use of ozone to whiten teeth
Biodegradable polyacetals
Diethyloctandioldicarbamates and diethyloctandioldiallophanates, method for the production and use t...
Solid state device with encapsulant of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, anhydride, and boron catalyst
Integrated switchless programmable attenuator and low noise amplifier
Integral organic light emitting diode printhead utilizing color filters
Polymerization catalyst system, polymerization process and polymer therefrom
DSP assisted peak capture circuit and method
Belt fuser for a color electrophotographic printer
Use of small molecule radioligands to discover inhibitors of amyloid-beta peptide production and for...
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, and compositions and treatments using ...
Electronic control system and method thereof
Signal modification based on continuous time warping for low bit rate CELP coding
Process for preparing optically active 2,3-dihydrobenzofuran compounds
Human secreted protein HTEEB42
Zace1: a human metalloenzyme
Vapor/liquid contacting cyclone with secondary vanes
A/D conversion method and apparatus
Dental capsule for placement of high viscosity dental composite material with reduce extrusion force
Plasma reactor for treating auto emissions--durable and low cost--curved shapes
Continuous methods of making microporous battery separators
One-part solvent-based adhesive for bonding polymer materials
Sputtering targets formed from cast materials
Auxetic materials
Polypropylene monofilament and tape fibers exhibiting certain creep-strain characteristics and corre...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Rad23 genes and uses thereof
Substance with antithrombotic activity and method for detecting glycokallidin
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Heteropolymeric triplexes containing watson-crick triplets
Vmp-like sequences of pathogenic Borrelia
Low density lipoprotein binding proteins and their use in diagnosing and treating atherosclerosis
Modified ubiquitin regulatory system
System and method for bioremediating wastestreams containing energetics
DNA encoding a plant deoxyhypusine synthase, a plant eukaryotic initiation factor 5A, transgenic pla...
Acyl coenzyme A thioesterases
Soybean cultivar 19704120
Inbred maize line PH 876
Inbred maize line PHAPV
Inbred maize line PHB5R
Eustomahaving deformed pistil and method for breeding the same
Apparatus and method for flexible heating cover assembly for thermal cycling of samples of biologica...
Method and arrangement for locating specimen regions
Chemical array fabrication and use
Data processing of the maize prolifera genetic sequence
Combination powered parachute and motorcycle
High altitude stripping for threat discrimination
Oscillating foil propulsion system
Aircraft security system
Hinge cover integration into door seal edges
Evacuation slide with leading edge spoiler
Kite control systems
Aircraft evacuation slide inflation system using a stored liquified gas capable of thermal decomposi...
Golf ball with moisture exposure indicator
Mechanical actuator for a drum brake
Structure having recesses and projections, method of manufacturing structure, and functional device
Hydrophilic complexes of lipophilic materials and an apparatus and method for their production
Method and apparatus for repair of defects in materials with short laser pulses
Ion and charged particle source for production of thin films
High frequency electric motor or generator including magnetic cores formed from thin film soft magne...
Self-aligned trench MOS junction field-effect transistor for high-frequency applications
MOS transistor and method for fabricating the same
Low volt/high volt transistor
Integrated circuit with MOSFETS having bi-layer metal gate electrodes
Surface protecting adhesive film for semiconductor wafer and processing method for semiconductor waf...
Semiconductor package including low temperature co-fired ceramic substrate
Vacuum package fabrication of integrated circuit components
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device with chip on chip struc...
Method and apparatus for hermetic sealing of assembled die
Electrode structure and method for fabricating the same
Split barrier layer including nitrogen-containing portion and oxygen-containing portion
Glass frit wafer bonding process and packages formed thereby
Thin magnetron structures for plasma generation in ion implantation systems
Method of selectively aligning and positioning nanometer-scale components using AC fields
Scanned display systems using color laser light sources
Conductive structure for microelectronic devices and methods of fabricating such structures
Optical monitoring of thin film deposition
Process monitoring device for sample processing apparatus and control method of sample processing ap...
Alignment system for lithographic apparatus for measuring a position of an alignment mark
Method and apparatus for monitoring integrated circuit fabrication
Method to detect systematic defects in VLSI manufacturing
Redraw poker game
Toll saving call feature from a remote site to initiate a call through a CPE that supports 3 way cal...
System and method for routing a call to an optimal location
Meiotic spindle imaging in oocytes and uses therefor in in vitro fertilization
Method for measurement of full-two dimensional submicron shapes
Space management of an IMS database
Method, system, and program for decoding a section from compressed data
Virtual sequential data storage (VSDS) system with router conducting data between hosts and physical...
Method and apparatus for altering the effective mode index of an optical waveguide
Local emulation of data RAM utilizing write-through cache hardware within a CPU module
Portable computing device and associated method for analyzing a wireless local area network
Method and apparatus for physical width expansion of a longest prefix match lookup table
Location-specific messaging system
Memory management method and system thereof
Location management method and apparatus for managing a location of a GPS-equipped portable telephon...
Functional element test tool and method
Distributed location based service system
Ingress detection and attenuation
Double-ended distance-to-fault location system using time-synchronized positive-or negative-sequence...
System and method for protection of equipment during motion anomalies
Monitoring system with thermal probe for detection of layers in stratified media
Method and system for protection of internet sites against denial of service attacks through use of ...
Element with expansible relief
Pervasive educational assistant and study aid for students
Door breach training system and method of use
Computer program for generating educational and psychological test items
Digital image geographical special interest guide
Test form having a removable opaque layer, and method and apparatus for printing on the form
Apparatus and system for displaying wares and services including a mannequin and interactive display...
Automatic focus adjusting device
Photosensor system and drive control method thereof
Camera device which calculates brightness level ratios to determine backlighting from which exposure...
Digital camera with spindle capable of positioning
Method and apparatus for communicating state information using vertical blanking interval
Method and apparatus for controlling the functions of an image capturing apparatus
Broadcasting receiver with automatic audio selection function
Surveillance of quality of service in a digital television link
Method of displaying help-words contents of on-screen display menu items in digital TV receiver
Image down-loading apparatus and system, and image down-loading method
Convergence measuring apparatus and method thereof
Neutral density color filters
Method and apparatus for enhanced timing loop for a PRML data channel
Selective compression network in an MPEG compatible decoder
Adaptive filter for suppressing repetitive high-frequency information in a video data stream
Process and device for controlling the phase shift between four signals mutually in phase quadrature
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium
Noise reduction in images
Destination calling control system and destination calling control method
Magnetic writing screen dispersion medium
Variable-draft vessel
Replacement retaining ring
Boat cleaning assembly
Deflector devices
Systems and methods for transporting fluids in containers
Prefabricated boat
Apparatus and method for protecting ships and harbors from attack by vessels
Watercraft control systems
Hydrostatic release mechanism
Shape-adjustable mold, skin and interior-core structures for custom board production
Combined stabilization bracket and mine system for gathering undersea data
Device and method for fixation of airframe pieces
Compliance mechanism for manipulating a control object
Gear, particularly for a robot
Low cost multisensor high precision positioning and data integrated method and system thereof
Method and apparatus for producing operation signals for a motion object, and program product for pr...
Method and system for controlling a robot
Telepresence system with automatic user-surrogate height matching
Grip strength with tactile feedback for robotic surgery
Keyboard with translucent cover and multimedia control
Aerostat for transporting equipment and passengers
Electronic unit integrated into a flexible polymer body
Force reflecting haptic interface
Support of multi-layer transparency
Method and apparatus for structured communication
System and method of providing a virtual appliance
Suspension and reinstatement of reference
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
Providing information links via a network
Context-aware systems and methods location-aware systems and methods context-aware vehicles and meth...
Method and system for unified audio control on a personal computer
Image file container
Timing and distance control for displaying dynamic information
Method and system for automatically testing a software build
System and method for building a target operating system from a source operating system
Object connectivity through loosely coupled publish and subscribe events
Method and system for efficiently transferring data objects within a graphics display system
Application program interfaces and structures in a resource limited operating system
Accelerating a distributed component architecture over a network using a direct marshaling
Method and system for efficiently evaluating and drawing NURBS surfaces for 3D graphics
System and method for producing a video signal
Method and apparatus for selecting among multiple tuners
Pen projection display
XML-based template language for devices and services
Video coding system and method using 3-D discrete wavelet transform and entropy coding with motion i...
Method and system for web-based event notification
Methods of storing and retrieving information, and methods of document retrieval
Portable high-hat device
Contact detection system and method
Collapsible data entry panel
Rare earth metal-based permanent magnet having corrosion-resistant film and method for producing the...
Metal-based anodes for aluminium electrowinning cells
Catalyst and process for exhaust purification
Recovery of zinc from galvanized coatings
Method for particle size distribution control in a bayer circuit decomposition chain, comprising an ...
Process for removing mercury from flue gases
Process and device for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides in an oxygen-containing ...
Carbon fibrous matter, production device of carbon fibrous matter, production method of carbon fibro...
Production of stable aqueous dispersions of carbon nanotubes
Fuel processor apparatus and method based on autothermal cyclic reforming
Silicon single crystal, silicon wafer, and epitaxial wafer
Process for the regeneration of reforming catalysts
Positive electrode active materials for secondary batteries and methods of preparing same
Apparatus, system, and method for measuring data broadcast viewing information
Method and apparatuses for teaching a metacognitive approach to writing
Blood pressure simulation apparatus with tactile interface
Inflatable full scale printer model
Computer-implemented method of and system for teaching an untrained observer to evaluate a gemstone
Educational game
Patient communication apparatus and method
Cost estimation for device testing
Interactive child-development education
Multicultural educational kit
Gas operating system for firearm simulators
Cultural ambassador exchange method and system
Pattern testing board and system
Documentation-based teacher qualification rating system and method
Floral arranging teaching aids and methods of use
Makeup set with simulation mirror and accessories
Portable presentation display
System and method for discrimination of central and obstructive disordered breathing events
Phonology and articulation tool
Time-out educational system
Biodegradable or compostable containers
Method of manufacture of glass reinforced gypsum board and apparatus therefor
Vapor barrier for use in the heat insulation of buildings
FALP proteins
Methods and products related to metabolic interactions in disease
Adiponectin-associated protein
Substituted benzofuran-2-carboxamides derivatives
Genes associated with obesity and methods for using the same
Gssp4 polynucleotides and polypeptides and uses thereof
Beta3 adrenergic receptor agonists and uses thereof
Selective D1/D5 receptor antagonists for the treatment of obesity and CNS disorders
Dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Thieno-(1,3)-oxazin-4-ones with lipase inhibiting activity
Indane acetic acid derivatives and their use as pharmaceutical agents, intermediates, and method of ...
Melanocortin receptor agonists
Chimeric oligomeric compounds comprising alternating regions of northern and southern conformational...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Use of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Erg4 mutants for expressing mammalian glucose transporters
Antisense oligonucleotide modulation of STAT3 expression
Cysteine protease inhibitors
Taci and br3 polypeptides and uses thereof
Inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase iv
Compliant venous graft
Nonhuman model animal lacking the ability to control lymphocyte migration
Penetrating pharmaceutical foam
Cellular compositions and methods of making and using them
Systems and methods for treating patients with processed lipoaspirate cells
Use of cyclophilin as antioxidant and prevention of cyclosporin a-induced toxicity in cell transplan...
Cloned ungulate embryos and animals, use of cells, tissues and organs thereof for transplantation th...
Methods and compositions for treating rheumatoid arthritis
Methods of treating carcinoma using anti-TNF antibodies and peptides
Botulinum toxin in the treatment or prevention of acne
Compounds, methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating cellular damage, such as neural or c...
Method for the treatment of diseased, degenerated, or damaged tissue using three dimensional tissue ...
Device for regeneration of articular cartilage and other tissue
Limb function training apparatus and method
Assays and therapies for latent viral infection
Methods for diagnosing and treatment of conditions that alter phosphate transport in mammals
Methods for using chemokine teck
G protein-coupled receptor expressed in brain
Method for the processing of a signal from an alarm and alarms with means for carrying out said meth...
Efficient method and system for determining parameters in computerized recognition
Variational relevance vector machine
Method and apparatus for open data collection
System and method for real-time recognition of driving patterns
Apparatus and method for prediction and management of subject compliance in clinical research
Automated method for building a model
Method for designing a knowledge portal
Automated diagnosis of printer systems using bayesian networks
Numerical stochastic integration system
Poker game with multiple hands having similar expected value
Novelty or entertainment device and associated method
Method and apparatus for remote control
Head worn entertainment and/or communication device
Measuring device
Modular robotic teaching tool
Decorative gift bag balloon holder
Game using combined coin board and seal card creating an action board
Games of chance with player-specified elements
Blackjack game
Video poker game
Method for playing modified blackjack with poker option
Drainage system and method for artificial grass using spacing grid
Warming device for game calls
Image processor and game device with image processor
Cube insertion game
Gaming device with bonus scheme providing increased reward for selecting related symbols
Method for performing games
Video and reel card game
Video game system, character action control method, and readable storage medium storing character ac...
Wireless game control units
Method and apparatus for creating and playing soundtracks in a gaming system
Racquet game with foam ball and net stand apparatus
Freeze-proof game call apparatus for calling predatory game animals through inhaling
Audio signal outputting method and BGM generation method
Chat application for video game machine
Method and apparatus for selective operation of a hybrid electric vehicle powerplant
Vehicle all-wheel drive system
Multi-axle vehicle drive system
Safety arrangement for a motor vehicle
Transmission for a working vehicle and vehicle
Deployable power generation and distribution system
Steering equipment for vehicles
Cable-type steering device with variable steering gear ratio
Electrically operated power steering device
Pilot hydraulic control for a pair of stabilizer legs on a backhoe loader machine
Power transmission apparatus for bicycle
Power distribution control apparatus and control method
Method for position regulation of an electric drive and for steering a motor vehicle by means of a s...
Method and handling apparatus for a vehicular electrical system
System and method for using vehicle operator intent to adjust vehicle control system response
Method and apparatus for vehicle integrated chassis control system
Method for regulating the speed of a vehicle
Accelerator opening setting apparatus, method thereof and motor vehicle equipped with the apparatus
Landscape lightpost
Method of correcting valve timing in engine having electromechanical valve actuation
Valve actuator for actuating a gas exchange valve of an internal combustion engine
Variable cam timing unit oil supply arrangement
Camshaft adjuster for internal combustion engines of motor vehicles
Control system for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for adjusting the angular position of a collar on a shaft
Variable valve operating system for internal combustion engine
Four-cycle engine
System for controlling valve timing in event of failure
Control device for an air valve of an engine
Fab correlation system
Validation of call processing network performance
Mobile mesh Ad-Hoc networking
Method and apparatus for providing real-time packetized voice and data services over a wireless comm...
Internet protocol call-in centers and establishing remote agents
Dual interface wireless IP communication device
Mapping of transcoder/rate adaptor unit protocols onto user datagram protocols
System and method for providing an automatic telephone call back to a telephone line being used to a...
System and method for establishing long distance call connections using a personal communication ass...
Method of and system for extending internet telephony over virtual private network direct access lin...
Broadband communication systems and methods using low and high bandwidth request and broadcast links
Portable telephone device
Device and method for storing and reproducing digital audio data in a mobile terminal
External pulse generator for adjunct (add-on) treatment of obesity, eating disorders, neurological, ...
Communication navigation system, communication navigation method, route guidance information transmi...
Intelligent modeling, transformation and manipulation system
Logistics system and method
Apparatus and accompanying methods for implementing a network distribution server for use in providi...
Information handling system with dynamic interrupt allocation apparatus and methodology
Communications architecture for a high throughput storage processor
Dynamic delayed transaction buffer configuration based on bus frequency
Method and device for prefetching a referenced resource
Method for measuring the receiver-side bit error rate of a DVB transmission system
Multi-tasking software architecture
Method and system for selecting items to replace insured items
System and method for organizing information
Information searching device
Method for cross-linguistic document retrieval
Tool for converting SQL queries into portable ODBC
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Document printed with graphical symbols which encode information
Method and apparatus for capturing and retrieving voice messages
Image processing device, image processing method, and storage medium
Direct memory access controller system with message-based programming
Valuable paper distinguishable by a validator for discriminating bills
Method and control for summarizing distribution of page-specific features within a multi-page print ...
Apparatus and method for encoding and computing a discrete cosine transform using a butterfly proces...
Soldering agent for use in diffusion soldering processes, and method for producing soldered joints u...
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Fluid-based switch
Metal halide discharge lamp, lighting device for metal halide discharge lamp, and illuminating appar...
Device for warning drivers of automobiles of excessive speed of turning around a curve
High-pressure discharge lamp and method of fabricating same
Discharge lamp and lamp unit
Reconfigurable antennas
Paste type dental glass ionomer cement composition
Chitosan enhanced dewatering bag
Extended release formulations of erythromycin derivatives
In vitro production of haploid germ cells
Method for permanently shaping keratin fibers, and agents
Post-treatment of a polymeric composition
Phase change inks containing gelator additives
Printer for use with thermal transfer material
Azo pigments
Optical laminate
Non-magnetic single-component toner, method of preparing the same, and image forming apparatus using...
Control of volatile carbonyl compound in compositions used in printing, printing methods and resulti...
Image-transfer medium, production process of transferred image, and cloth with transferred image for...
Aqueous dispersions of polyurethane resins and aqueous adhesives
Complexity management of genomic DNA
Polymerase signaling assay
STK15 (STK6) gene polymorphism and methods of determining cancer risk
Weather strip for car without metal insert
Corrugated-core flanges for spools and reels
Ink cartridge for use with recording apparatus and ink jet recording apparatus
Method of manufacturing x-ray tube components
Process for manufacturing molded articles provided with cavities
Resin composition for heat-shrinkable polypropylene shrink label and film comprising same
Production process for particulate water-absorbent resin
Combination liquid dispenser and electrochemical cell
Tetracyclic azepinoindole compounds
Membrane electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cell
System for effecting smoking cessation
MEMS-based spectrophotometric system
Power supply
System and method for incorporating advertising into printed images and printer having the same
Apparatus and method for error isolation in hybrid communications systems
Method of power control and cell site selection based upon path gain and interference level
Extending a location based telephone call from a wireless telephone set using a generic routing list
Expansion bridge apparatus and method for an I2C bus
Deformable segmented MEMS mirror
Filter circuit for a bit pump and method of configuring the same
Non-woven through air dryer and transfer fabrics for tissue making
Hot fill container
Fluid absorbing apparatus
Fragrance delivery system
1,4-Diamino-2-(thiazol-2-yl)benzene derivatives, and dyes containing said compounds
Microwave oven cleaner
Rock simulating pest trap
Use of an adhesive tape section
Early warning near-real-time security system
Method, system, and program for providing user location information for a personal information manag...
Artificial rock climbing arrangement adapted for water environment
Insulating unit for an electrical box
Laminate and use of such laminate as a facer in making insulation boards and other products
Device and method for creating a horizontal air curtain for a cooler
Moisture-curing adhesives
Moisture resistant wall vent
Package system and method
Document editor for editing structure documents
Solid ink stick with identifiable shape
Transfix component with layer having polymer matrix with small molecules and image forming apparatus...
Photoconductive imaging members
Method of casting photoresist onto substrates
Structure and method for index-guided buried heterostructure AlGaInN laser diodes
Particles for display device, image display medium using the same, and image forming device
Method and apparatus to provide alternate or abstract finishing to a print job
Knowledge management system and method
Method and apparatus for representing color space transformations with a piecewise homeomorphism
Image processing device and recording medium
Multibit screening of print documents in a PDL environment
Method and apparatus for resolving perspective distortion in a document image and for calculating li...
Image encoding system, image decoding system and methods therefor
Thermally uniform sheet transport for printers
Lightweight subject indexing for e-mail collections
Master cylinder for a brake or clutch of a motorcycle or bike
Cutting member
System for depositing a film
Nucleic acid archiving
Stepping motor
Digital contoller for DC-DC switching converters
High-frequency wiring board
Semiconductor memory device for storing multivalued data
Semiconductor memory device having a burst continuous read function
High frequency module
Semiconductor storage device formed to optimize test technique and redundancy technology
Two-wavelength optical pickup device with step-like diffraction element
Communication terminal device and communication method having an error correction function
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Method of producing diamond film and diamond film produced thereby
Interconnection structure of a semiconductor device
Light brightness changeable electroluminescent device
Highly transparent top electrode for OLED device
Mask and method of manufacturing the same, electroluminescence device and method of manufacturing th...
Process for production of SOI substrate and process for production of semiconductor device
Flat panel display with thin film transistor
Circuit interconnect for optoelectronic device for controlled impedance at high frequencies
Display device equipped with SRAM in pixel and driving method of the same
Driving circuit for organic electroluminescence device
Signal processing circuit for display device
Color thermal printer having a light source
Apparatus for preparing an eyeglass lens having a gating device
Polishing member and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Silica-based coating film on substrate and coating solution therefor
Crack resistant sol-gel wafer coatings for integrated optics
Magnetic recording medium
Optical filter having filter layer containing infrared absorbing dye and ultraviolet absorbing agent
Ceramic composition, composite material, composite material production method, porous body, oxygen s...
Plate-making method of printing plate
Sensors for the determination of organometallic compounds
Method for manufacturing thin film, and thin film
Composite dielectric layers
Process for preparing tritylated polystyrene resin
Automated semiconductor processing systems
Side-specific cleaning method and apparatus
Triphenylalkene derivatives and their use as selective estrogen receptor modulators
Pyridines and uses thereof
Methods of recovering chaperone proteins and complexes thereof
Selected derivatives of K-252a
Modified PSMA ligands and uses related thereto
Hospital monitoring and control system and method
Throat portion of a sports racquet
Set of markings for a game ball
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear with bladder type stabilizer
Protective, orthotic insert for footwear
Footwear sole
Method and apparatus for supplementary command bus
Integrated circuit with programmable fuse array
Method and system for a multicast service initiation in a communication system
Toner cartridge, contact device and method for developer roller and toner cartridge used therein
Nonreusable cellular telephone
Methods and systems for enhanced automated system testing
System and method for compiling and displaying a pruned information set
User programmable computer peripheral using a peripheral action language
Funds distribution system connected with point of sale transaction
System for aiding to make medical care schedule and/or record, program storage device and computer d...
Automated banking machine which dispenses, receives and stores notes and other financial instrument ...
Contactless payment method and device, using a re-usable card
Bond trading system
Video entertainment satellite network system
Adaptive LCD power supply circuit
Self-adjusting, adaptive, minimal noise input amplifier circuit
Retractable rear projection display
Method and device for treating and/or coating a surface of an object
Dual-ported read SRAM cell with improved soft error immunity
Ruthenium film, ruthenium oxide film and process for forming the same
Body jewelry watch
III group nitride based semiconductor element and method for manufacture thereof
Apparatus and method for monitoring a cable
Method and composition for promoting and controlling growth of plants
Air conditioner for hybrid vehicle
System for monitoring mechanical waves from a moving machine
Method and apparatus for improving silicon processing efficiency
Mood-enhancing illumination apparatus
Infrared emitting electroluminescent and photoluminescent devices
Providing an organic electroluminescent device having stacked electroluminescent units
Panel display device and method for forming protective layer within the same
Binaphthalene derivatives for organic electro-luminescent devices
Organic electro-luminescent device
Process for manufacturing reproduction with a luminescence effect and reproduction manufactured by t...
Photoluminescent floor tile
OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating semiconductor device by exposing resist mask
Light generating module
Electro-optical voltage sensor for high voltages
Monolithic multiaxis interferometer
Columnar optical device and method for manufacturing the same
Integrated optical fiber collimator
Hot pluggable optical transceiver in a small form pluggable package
Optical component
Precision article molding methods and apparatus
Process for preparing glycidylphthalimide
Process for the preparation of enantiomerically pure pyrethroid insecticides
Apparatus and method for locking firearm in an open position by blocking action
Device for rendering a firearm safe for dry fire practice
Load carrying assembly
Insert for storing a firearm cartridge within cavity of handgun grip
Modular gunstock
Bearing material for porous hydrostatic gas bearing and porous hydrostatic gas bearing using the sam...
Low power spindle motor with a fixed shaft
Oil-damped rolling bearing
Snap-in bearing end cap
Circulation member, motion guide device provided with circulation member and ball screw provided wit...
Low power hybrid bearing
Wheel hub-and-bearing set assembly for a roller skate
Rolling device
Antifriction bearing and process for producing outer race for use in antifriction bearing
Implantable bifurcated gastrointestinal lead with active fixation
Automated pathway recognition system
System and method for improved half-duplex bus performance
Forecast test-out of probed fabrication by using dispatching simulation method
System with arbitration scheme supporting virtual address networks and having split ownership and ac...
Low friction toothbrush
Process of making web or fiberfill from polytrimethylene terephthalate staple fibers
Copolymers for photoresists and processes therefor
Compound of a composite body
Method and apparatus for characterizing the color properties of fluids
Elements for forming print-out images
Encapsulation of polymer based solid state devices with inorganic materials
Cut resistant, wicking and thermoregulating fabric and articles made therefrom
Dewatering process
Method of polishing or planarizing a substrate
Porous inkjet receiver layer with a binder gradient
White, biaxially oriented film made from a crystallizable thermoplastic with high whiteness and with...
Surface-protective pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Reflective mask for short wavelength lithography
Composite structures
Method for the production of macroporous ceramics
Butyl polymer composition having improved cold flow properties
Electric heater assembly
Method for in-mold coating a polyolefin article
Coating composition containing polytrimethylene ether diol useful as a primer composition
Dual-trench isolated crosspoint memory array and method for fabricating same
Glass ceramic dielectric material suitable for production of a microwave circuit component
Dual catalyst bed reactor for methanol oxidation
Hair bleach product
Embossing and adhesive printing process
Wrinkle indicator tape strip
Plastic articles digestible by hot alkaline treatment
Clear or translucent aqueous fabric softener compositions containing high electrolyte content and op...
Peptide .beta.-turn mimetic compounds and processes for making them
Hand-held container
Method and apparatus for thermoforming films
Osmotic delivery system having space efficient piston
Adjuvant preparation for the induction of specific immunity
Reduced-viscosity concentrated protein formulations
Modified lepidopteran receptors and hybrid multifunctional proteins for use in transcription and reg...
Assays for sensory modulators using a sensory cell specific G-protein alpha subunit
Substituted heterocyclic derivatives useful as antidiabetic and antiobesity agents and method
Method and apparatus for matrix transposition
System for optimal resource allocation and planning for hosting computing services
Method for distributing sets of collision resolution parameters in a frame-based communications netw...
Systems, methods, and computer program products to schedule I/O access to take advantage of disk par...
Method and apparatus for memory with embedded processor
High performance communication architecture for circuit designs using probabilistic allocation of re...
Method and apparatus for position dependent data scheduling
Method and apparatus for rescheduling multiple micro-operations in a processor using a replay queue ...
System and method for timing abstraction of digital logic circuits
Intelligent power level adjustment for cable modems in presence of noise
Benzimidazolone compounds
Process for preparing purified shilajit composition from native shilajit
Ester-terminated poly(ester-amides) in personal care products
Skin lightening agents, compositions and methods
Non-endocrine disrupting cytoprotective UV radiation resistant substance
Compositions and delivery methods for the treatment of wrinkles, fine lines and hyperhidrosis
Methods of inducing hair growth and coloration
Three-dimensional hydrogel/cell system
Modular cell culture bioreactor and associated methods
Mechanical heart valve and production method thereof
Process for utilization of a cold-flame vaporizer in auto-thermal reforming of liquid fuel
Low-temperature fuel cell assembly and method for the operation thereof
Vehicle with internal combustion engine, fuel cell and catalyst
Water vapor transfer device for fuel cell reformer
Fuel cell unit and composite block of fuel cells
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation to increase a permeability/porosity of the formation
Asynchronous digital subscriber line (ADSL) resource planning
Acrylic material
Vinyl chloride resin composition and molded object comprising the same
Resin composition, polyvinyl chloride fibers and process for producing the same
Microbial blend compositions and methods for their use
Dual cores for golf balls
Resist compositions and patterning process
Process for producing modified polyolefin resin
Concrete formulation
Matt, UV-stable, Thermoformable, co-extruded polyester film, a method for the production thereof and...
Matt, flame-retardant, co-extruded polyester film, a method for the production thereof and the use o...
Expandable composition, blowing agent, and process for extruded thermoplastic foams
Determination of sample volume adequacy in biosensor devices
Passive sample detection to initiate timing of an assay
Test strip dispenser
Biaxally-oriented polypropylene films containing a non-crystallizable, amorphous polyester layer, an...
Method of sterilizing and initiating a scavenging reaction in an article
Target-actuated weapon
Projectile and method for producing it
Assembly and a method for increasing the accuracy of a projectile
Inflatable reading light
Quickly detachable lamp assembled device
Adjustable device for supporting a lighting element of a lighting fixture
Headlamp device for vehicle
Emergency lighting
Multi-waveguide layer H-tree distribution device
Modal field converter for a highly efficient coupling in optical modules
Fire resistant conduit insert for optical fiber cable
Fiber optic cable having a ripcord
Optical fiber cable
Optical transmission system
Method of making a spun optical fiber with low polarization mode dispersion
Multiple mode fiber with mode discrimination
Optical fiber having a low-shrink buffer layer and methods of manufacturing the same
Optical waveguide device
Release mechanism for disconnecting internal fiber from an optical module
Variable optical attenuator
Diffraction grating device
Apparatus for imaging and image processing and method thereof
Character recognition method and computer-readable storage medium
Reshaping freehand drawn lines and shapes in an electronic document
Digital terminal device using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Image encoding device, electronic camera and recording medium for image encoding program
Efficiently adaptive double pyramidal coding
Apparatus and method for coding binary image with improved efficiency
Method and apparatus for compressing data string
Edge enhancement method and apparatus in digital image scalar-up circuit
Providing for automated note completion
Duel mode non-contact tonometer
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Ultrasonic guided catheter deployment system
Mentation test method and mentation test apparatus
Electrosurgical specimen-collection system
Biopsy needle
Method and apparatus for noninvasive intraductal fluid diagnostic screen
Integrated confirmation sample in a body fluid test device and method of using
Method of early detection of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular disease
Determining a position of objects in a predetermined coordinate system
Bore scope with test light
Method for producing thin film bulk acoustic resonators (FBARs) with different frequencies on the sa...
Method of making an acoustic wave resonator
Tiling process for constructing a chemical array
Damped longitudinal mode latching relay
High-frequency, liquid metal, latching relay with face contact
Method and structure for a solid slug caterpillar piezoelectric relay
Latching relay with switch bar
Systems and methods for making a high-bandwidth coaxial cable connection
Method and apparatus for configurable hardware augmented program generation
Circuit for generating from low voltage edges higher voltage pulses having precise amplitudes and du...
Adjustable mirror assembly for polarization dependent loss compensation
Housing for a communication device and method assembling the same
Preventing hydrodynamic crosstalk in an optical switch
System and method for predictive transmit power control for mobile stations in a multiple access wir...
Displaying a number of measurement curves
Method for screening of modulators of calcineurin activity
Extended life prosthetic joints through thermal management
Transgenic mammals
Multi-stage catalyst for a cooking appliance
Planing float with lateral motion control
Animal brushes
Fishing sinker
Hunting dog training collar
Method and system for supplying amino acids or chemical derivatives in liquid form to ruminant lives...
Reciprocating device for spinning reel
Animal model for identifying agents that inhibit or enhance CTLA4 signaling
Fishing spinning reel
Sealing structure for fishing reel
Cylinder specific performance parameter computed for an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for hydraulic fractioning analysis and design
Weighted error/erasure correction in a multi-track storage medium
Optical apparatus for recording/reproducing and reading/reproducing data on an optical recording med...
Device for heating gas from a thin layer of nuclear fuel, and space engine incorporating such device
Measurement system of torsion vibration for reactor internal pump
Micro-nano scale hetrodyne wavelength division demultiplexing for microscopy/tomography having paral...
Scalable distributed database system and method for linking codes to internet information
Polythiophenes and devices thereof
System and method for selectively allowing the passage of a guest through a region within a coverage...
Methods and apparatus employing multi-spectral imaging for the remote identification and sorting of ...
Method of treating hyperlipidemic and hyperglycemic conditions in mammals using pregnadienols and pr...
Autonomous battery cell balancing system with integrated voltage monitoring
Fingerprint safety lock for firearms
Pressure method for an electrode structure
Tire with silica reinforced carcass ply and/or circumferential carcass belt of a natural rubber-rich...
Taxanes having a c10 Heterosubstituted acetate substituent
Sodium ion batteries
Nonaqueous electrolytic solution and nonaqueous secondary battery
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Resin composition containing graft copolymer
Connector scheme for use with mobile devices and their accessory devices
Bone access system
Devices and methods for percutaneous mitral valve repair
Articulated stent
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Percutaneously deliverable heart valve
Neovascularization promoting membrane for bioimplants
Methods for increasing peripheral blood circulation
Mesenchymal stem cells for prevention and treatment of immune responses in transplantation
Process for determining the status of an organism by peptide measurement
Antimibicrobial [3.1.0.] bicyclic oxazolidinone derivatives
Methods of using primer molecules for enhancing the mechanical performance of tissue adhesives and s...
Magnetic resonance imaging system
Squeeze bottle
Vented protective garment
Keratin fiber dyeing composition comprising a particular aminosilicone
Cosmetic composition comprising a particle dispersion
Mechanism for dispersing items within a liquid to be dispensed
Applicator system and method
Air freshener device
Device comprising a case and an applicator
Device having a magnetic applicator and/or wiper member
Composition with a continuous aqueous phase containing L-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid
Self-tanning composition containing a tetrahydrocurcuminoid and a self-tanning agent
Method for producing moldings
Cosmetic/dermatological compositions comprising a tetrahydrocurcuminoid and an amide oil
Air freshener device
Block paving sand
Thermoplastic silicone block copolymers, the production thereof and the use of the same
Process for controlled radical polymerization in aqueous dispersion
Computerized laboratory information management system
Solubilized defoamers for cementitious compositions
Wear-resistant composite and method for producing the composite
Synergistic insecticide mixtures
Heat reflective coated structural article
High frequency module
Apparatus and methods of testing and assembling bumped devices using an anisotropically conductive l...
Method and apparatus for pre-computing routes
Circular rail linear induction motor
Piezoelectric actuator
Electronic ballast with full bridge circuit
Compliant actuator for IC test fixtures
Reflection-mode, quasi-optical grid array wave-guiding system
Multiple access electronic lock system
Image forming apparatus
Image processing system and image processing method
Image processing system and image processing method
MEMS device having contact and standoff bumps and related methods
Method and apparatus for predicting and reporting a real estate value based on a weighted average of...
Method and apparatus for testing routability
Advanced read cache management
On-chip instrumentation
Timer facility for a stack or operating system
Treatment of Staphylococcus infections
Backing sheet for surface covering
Piston rod-less linear drive
Manifold valve
Wireless communication devices configurable via passive tags
Prosody based endpoint detection
Efficient collation element structure for handling large numbers of characters
Cast membrane structures for sample preparation
Hydrophobic catalytic materials and method of forming the same
Multi-layer effect pigment
Controller for the electric motor of a high-speed spindle attachment used with computer-controlled m...
Automatic remote pressure compensation in an open circuit pump
Silicone composition crosslinkable by dehydrogenating condensation in the presence of a metal cataly...
Method of welding titanium and titanium based alloys to ferrous metals
Method and apparatus for performing neuroimaging
CRT with funnel having quadrangular yoke portion
Transverse field bitter-type magnet
Slide drive apparatus and slide drive method for pressing machine
Machine press
Method for moving printing plates into and out of exposure device
Method for controlling a printing press
Method of, and apparatus for, handling an exposure surface to be exposed, in particular, a printing ...
Apparatus for producing a printing form
Inking system for a printing machine
Method for measurement of pitch in metrology and imaging systems
Optical waveguide device and method for fabricating the same
Furnace for carbonizing
Cigarette with smoke constituent attenuator
High reactivity and high strength coke for blast furnace and method for producing the same
Substrate with photocatalytic coating
Cathodoluminescent phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating s...
Method for manufacturing a single high-temperature fuel cell and its components
Capping layer for extreme low dielectric constant films
Process for the production of iron oxide containing catalysts
Method decomposing fluorine-containing organic material
Organic light-emitting diode devices having reduced ambient-light reflection and method of making th...
Friction material with friction modifying layer having symmetrical geometric shapes
Use of transition metal complexes as bleach catalysts
Multiple piece planet gear carrier for a bicycle hub transmission
High-performance permeable concrete
Method for coating metal surfaces with an aqueous, polymer-containing composition, said aqueous comp...
System for data transfer, for example for cycles such as competition bicycles
Bicycle frame
Plow system for a vehicle
Bicycle handlebar-fork clamp assembly
Quick release bicycle pedal mounting connector
Bicycle-mounted running guard for dogs
Assembly and method of mounting a liquid delivery device utilizing expanding bushing
Brake pad assembly
Method and structure for welding an air-sensitive metal in air
Tricycle and guide handle
Universal hitch and receiver assembly
Motor vehicle with a tailgate
Saddles for pedal-operated machines
Chlorinated polyolefin impact modifier for vinyl chloride polymers
Ophthalmic and otorhinolaryngological device materials
Synthesis of vinyl polymers by controlled radical polymerization
Omnidirectional shadow texture mapping
Rubber for baby bottle nipples, pacifiers, & syringe plungers
Fusogenic properties of saposin C and related proteins and polypeptides for application to transmemb...
Separation column having a photopolymerized sol-gel component and associated methods
Substituted guanidines and the use thereof
Metal stent for insertion in coronary artery
Bearing structure having a resin case with axial slit
Interlaced alternating pixel design for high sensitivity CMOS Image sensors
Semiconductor memory device
Programming method of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Methods for forming and developing an image
Plating apparatus for wafer
Method for coating of biotissue substrates
Lithium secondary battery
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Olefin polymerization catalysts, transition metal compounds, processes for olefin polymerization, an...
Thermosetting powder coating composition
Device for welding
Wafer edge exposure apparatus, and wafer edge exposure method
Claw-pole type stepping motor having radial dimension reduced without detriment to performance chara...
Method for manufacturing a multi-site spare three-phase transformer
Boundary scan cell for testing AC coupled line using phase modulation technique
Display device and electronic equipment using the same
Method and system for transmitting signals with spectrally enriched optical pulses
Integrated FIFO memory management control system using a credit value
Fiber-optic sensing system for distributed detection and localization of alarm conditions