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Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Independent checkpointing method using a memory checkpoint on a distributed system
Casino gaming apparatus with multiple display
Method of classifying weight information in a vehicle weight classification system
Vehicle navigation apparatus proving proper guidance for off-road net conditions
Method and device for determining an unstable driving condition of a motor vehicle
Shift control system of an automatic transmission and a method thereof
Low-profile cavity-backed slot antenna using a uniplanar compact photonic band-gap substrate
Semiconductor structure
Phosphorus containing cyclic nucleotides
Squaric acid derivatives
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Process for producing simvastatin
Mch4 and Mch5, apoptotic protease, nucleic acids encoding and methods of use
Stable hyperforin salts, method for producing same and their use in the treatment of alzheimer's dis...
Method and apparatus for providing enhanced vehicle detection
Motion correction of magnetic resonance images
Tandem type color image forming apparatus having an intermediate transfer belt
Insulating composite shaft tool with interchangeable heads and method of construction thereof
Eccentric assembly with eccentric weights that have a speed dependent phased relationship
Process for improved yields of higher molecular weight olefins from lower molecular weight olefins
Set of molding dies for fuel-cell separator
Multi-component yarn and making the same
Releasable interlock assembly having axial and rotational engagement
Mycobacterial proteins, microorganisms producing them and their use for vaccines and for the detecti...
Method for coincidentally cut and fused object
Method for stabilizing chemical compounds containing at least one ethylenically unsaturated bond in ...
Electromagnetic blower and two-passage air supply apparatus
Osf2/Cbfa1 nucleic acids and methods of use therefor
Cleaning agent for dental use comprising a combination of polishing agents based on a silicic acid a...
Magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
Reduced temperature sensitive polymeric optical article and method of making same
Molding compositions comprising random copolyamides, their use, and process for their preparation
General approach to nanocomposite preparation
Intercalates and exfoliates formed with long chain (C6+) or aromatic matrix polymer-compatible monom...
Remanufacturing method comprising developing blade dismounting and mounting steps
Coating composition
Method for producing polysulfides by means of electrolytic oxidation
Inhibition of psychostimulant-induced and nicotine-induced craving
Display placard for ladders
Apparatus for polishing a semiconductor wafer
Oligosaccharide derivatives and process for producing the same
Insect control method using 1-phenylpyrazoles or 1-heteroarylpyrazoles
Animal grooming station
Monomodal and polymodal catalyst supports and catalysts having narrow pore size distributions and th...
Method of network configuration, method and apparatus for information processing, and computer-reada...
System and method for facilitating presentation of subject categorizations for use in an on-line sea...
Method and apparatus for 3D depth migration
Rocker arm
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding video signals by using storage and retrieval of motio...
Jitter measurement
Transceiver circuitry, portable communication device and method for performing radio communication
Communications system employing differential orthogonal modulation
Method and apparatus for providing dispatch service in a CDMA communication system
Magnetic tunnel junction read head using a hybrid, low-magnetization flux guide
Exterior supported self-expanding stent-graft
Video data storage
Method for handling liquified natural gas (LNG)
Multifunctional autonomically healing composite material
Apparatus and method for measuring the molten metal level in electromagnetic continuous casting
Piezoelectric wave motor
Micro-colloid thruster system
Array substrate for a transflective liquid crystal display device and the fabricating method
Ground contacting systems having 3D deformation elements for use in footwear
Overmolded motor bearing and method of making same
Rolling bearing
Bearing with amorphous boron carbide coating
Driveline component for a motor vehicle including cored passages
Positioning structure of bearing and axle tube
Flexible support and method for a steady bearing
Method and apparatus for indexing structured documents with rich data types
Computing the CRC bits at a time for data whose length in bits is not a multiple of M
Configuration bits layout
Petunia plant named `Duesurbluvein`
Method of controlling power source of camera
Proton radiography based on near-threshold Cerenkov radiation
Products comprising inactivated yeasts or moulds provided with active antibodies
Photonic switch status tester
Method of breathing tracheally
Positive-working presensitized plate useful for preparing a lithographic printing plate
Toner powder container for storing toner applicable to an electrographic image forming apparatus, a ...
Image forming apparatus in which electroconductive particles are supplied to charging means from dev...
System and method for performing a mindflow process using a mindflow document archive
Enhancement of an interconnect
Dual encapsulation for an LED
Flash lamps for underwater photography
Method and apparatus for monitoring respiration using signals from a piezoelectric sensor mounted on...
Pathogen-targeted biocatalysts
7-oxo-pyridopyrimidines (II)
Method for setting optimal reproduction power level in domain wall displacement magneto-optical reco...
Analgesic screening method and composition
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses therefor
System for filtering content from videos
Vivaldi cloverleaf antenna
Key fob with valet and car locator feature
Semiconductor device and testing method of the same
Human endothelin-bombesin receptor antibodies
Low fluorescence assay platforms and related methods for drug discovery
Process for stabilizing (METH)acrylic acid esters against unwanted radical polymerization
Cyclopentanone dihydropyridine compounds useful as potassium channel openers
Hybrid polymer materials
Explosives comprising modified copolymers of polyisobutylene and maleic anhydride as emulsifiers
Methods and compositions for improved bioavailability of bioactive agents for mucosal delivery
Transmission apparatus and base station apparatus using the same
Calibration method for quantitative elemental analysis
Veterinary bathing station with rotating ingress/egress ramp
Optical integrated device and manufacturing method thereof
Silver halide color photographic photosensitive material
Drilling fluids
Process for controlling deposit of sticky material
Gas generating agent composition and gas generator
Reactive dyes, processes for the preparation thereof and the use thereof
Time-temperature indicators activated with thermal transfer printing and methods for their productio...
Apparatus for the delivery to an animal of a beneficial agent
Pulse oximetry sensor
Admission control, queue management, and shaping/scheduling for flows
System and method for dial-up networking over infrared data link
Isolated human protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses ...
Method and system for water conservation
Method for channel estimation from received signals transmitted via a radio channel
System and method for activity monitoring and reporting in a computer network
Piezoelectric vibration device
Engine control system for watercraft
Liquid crystal display device
In-line skate frame
Generating special uncorrectable error codes for failure isolation
Verbena plant named `Dosblu`
Camera capable of varying luminous intensity distribution angle of flash device
Multiple site delivery of adenoviral vector directly into muscle for the induction of angiogenesis
Pontoon watercraft and method for making same
Variable resistive element
Methods for controlling a system in a vehicle using a transmitting/receiving transducer and/or while...
Occupant detection system
Method of promoting enzyme diversity
Pneumatic tire monitor
Method and apparatus for transferring test data from a memory array
Method and apparatus for minimization of net delay by optimal buffer insertion
Device for removing sputum from a tracheal catheter
Planar antenna apparatus
System and method for mounting a stack-up structure
Thermal head and ink transfer printer using same
Synthetic stucco system with moisture absorption control
Feline cytokine protein
Two-component system that controls bacterial membrane synthesis
Hapten-carrier conjugates for treating and preventing nicotine addiction
Pharmaceutical composition and method for the treatment of neoplastic cells
Pharmaceutical agents that impede the initiation and progression of primary and secondary DMS disrup...
Apparatus and method for making a joint-free Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Telecommunication equipment support of ISDN communication lines for high speed data transmission
Packet network interface
Method for recovering emergency calls at an operator station during a position failure
Reduction of interference in discrete multi-tone (DMT) based communications systems
RSVP-based tunnel protocol providing integrated services
Micromechanical modulator and methods for fabricating the same
Mechanism to improve fault isolation and diagnosis in computers
Process and device for controlling at least two production units
Semiconductor device and a method therefor
III-nitride LED having a spiral electrode
Organic light-emitting devices
Substituted imidazoles as dual histamine H1 and H3 agonists or antagonists
System and method for enhanced internet service connections
System and method for conducting a time auction
Telephone voice-ringing using a transmitted voice announcement
System and method for connecting a call to a mobile subscriber connected to the Internet
Apparatus and method for interconnecting private exchange system to the internet
Quick connect internet telephone and method therefor
Method and apparatus for limiting security attacks via data copied into computer memory
Systems and methods for visualizing tissue during diagnostic or therapeutic procedures
Method of increasing gas exchange of a lung
Centrifugal fermentation process
Method of treating insulin resistance
Intracellular production of Hepatitis C E2 polypeptides
Galois field arithmetic processor
Method of killing organisms and removal of toxins in enclosures
Video transmission system
Pesticide formulations containing alkoxylated amine neutralized aromaticsulfonic acid surfactants
Rapid methods for identifying modifiers of cellular apoptosis activity
Peptides which enhance transport across tissues and methods of identifying and using the same
Materials and methods related to the inflammatory effects of secreted amyloid precursor proteins
Use of ligands for treatment of diseases responsive to retinoids
Physiological sensor array
Data processing method using sub-operation metadata to determine execution sequencing prior to objec...
Cable television system with digital reverse path architecture
Method and apparatus for selectively augmenting retrieved information from a network resource
Implantable, expandable, multicontact electrodes and tools for use therewith
Electrical property enhanced tomography (EPET) apparatus and method
Color image forming apparatus
Hydraulic movement measuring system
Mounting bracket assembly for tensioning of electrified tape
Removable ink cassette for a printing press
Gradient filter and method for three dimensional NMR data set
Screw compressor assembly and method including a rotor having a thrust piston
Methods and apparatus for identifying the source of a user selected signal via an intermediate frequ...
Prediction of molecular polar surface area and bioabsorption
Data linking system and method using tokens
Glucose measurement utilizing non-invasive assessment methods
Particulate group 4 metallocene-aluminoxane catalyst compositions devoid of preformed support, and t...
Method of preparing polymer electrolyte composition and method of manufacturing lithium secondary ba...
Environmental barrier material for organic light emitting device and method of making
Fuel cell
Framework for rules checking utilizing resistor, nonresistor, node and small node data structures
Micropersonal digital assistant
Human sphingosine lyase polypeptides
Video game apparatus, character-behavior-instructing method in video game, and machine-readable-reco...
Bone mineralization proteins, DNA, vectors, expression systems
Secure cache for instruction and data protection
Steerable catheter with a control handle having a pulley mechanism
System and method for power management
Vulcanizable EPDM containing rubber composition
Procedure for the controlled production or modification of polymeric products by means of IR-ATR spe...
Liquid crystal display device, light guide plate, and method for producing light guide plate
Cell proliferation inhibitors
Nucleic acid molecules from rice and their use for the production of modified starch
Method and system for controlling cooperative object-transporting robot
Semiconductor device having contact of Si-Ge combined with cobalt silicide
Customer specific packaging line
Process for preparing perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic diimide in transparent pigment form
Thermalizing apparatus
Vibration dampening compositions and methods thereof
Remedies for male sterility
RF radiation pattern synthesis using existing linear amplifiers
Power lever arm
Multilayered film structures and methods of making and using the same
Single phosphor for creating white light with high luminosity and high CRI in a UV led device
Intranasal administration of LHRH polypeptides in powdered form
Parser translator system and method
6,6'-bis-(1-phosphanorbornadiene) diphosphines, their preparation and their uses
Closed circuit swing control system
Technique for creating internet enabled resource files
Fixture and method for training and use of apical position locator
High-strength high-toughness steel products
Screw guide device with drill bit/screw bit and counter sink/drill stop means
Compositions containing a substituted indolealkanoic acid and an angiotensin converting enzyme inhib...
Substituted imidazolidine derivatives, their preparation, their use and pharmaceutical preparations ...
Pyridine compounds and their pharmaceutical use
Inhibitors of .alpha.4 mediated cell adhesion
Treating NIDDM with RXR agonists
Isobutene polymerization process
Process for producing phenyl-alkanes using dual zones
Use of zinc treated with metal hydride in organometallic synthesis
Preparation and use of a catalyst for the oxidative dehydrogenation of lower alkanes
Process for producing 1-hexene
Claus feed gas hydrocarbon removal
Micro-cluster liquids and methods of making and using them
Spreadsheet recalculation engine version stamp
R.B. Jun's method of openwork mining utilizing pit wall consolidation
Manifold valve having position detecting function
Gripping label holder
System, method, and article of manufacture for agent-based navigation in a speech-based data navigat...
Storage system having error detection and recovery
41 kDa Cryptosporidium parvum oocyst wall protein
Injectors, injector systems and injector control
Management of documents and other objects using optical devices
V/STOL aircraft
Multilayer-film reflective mirrors, extreme UV microlithography apparatus comprising same, and micro...
Method and system for maintenance of global network information in a distributed network-based resou...
Baby shoulder cradle
System and method for detection of an accessory device connection status
Thermal inkjet print head with integrated power supply fault protection circuitry for protection of ...
Software protection device and method
System and method of online deciphering data on storage medium
Secure personal information card database system
Network gateway for collecting geographic data information
Franking unit and method for generating valid data for franking imprints
Method and apparatus for performing automated fraud reporting
Delegation of permissions in an electronic commerce system
Reduction of object creation during string concatenation and like operations that utilize temporary ...
Nectarine tree named `Burnecteight`
Nectarine tree named `Burnectseven`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duepetblust`
Kalanchoe plant named `Soret`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duepetwhite`
Rose plant named `Kolmag`
Photinia plant named `Kolcurl`
Polycarboxylic acid containing three-in-one dishwashing composition
Method and device for abrasion determination
Electrolytic device
Apparatus for removal of water from evacuated chambers or from gasses using boron oxide
Device for estimating road friction state
Physiologically based adjustment of stimulation parameters to an implantable electronic stimulator t...
Deriving an iso-surface in a multi-dimensional data field
Dispenser system for preventing unauthorized fueling
Staphylococcus aureus genes and polypeptides
Process for the preparation of zofenopril calcium salt
Haplotypes of the AGTR1 gene
Display panel with electrically-controlled waveguide-routing
Animal model system for squamous cell carcinoma
Nonimmunosuppressive [.gamma.-hydroxy-methylleucine4] cyclosporin A, hair growth stimulator and exte...
Growth medium for lactobacilli containing amino acids, nucleosides and iron
Process for the preparation of colostrum
Prepared royal jelly with caloric value
Small animal drying bag
Method and apparatus for magnetically controlling catheters in body lumens and cavities
Surgical navigation
Devices and methods for presenting and regulating auxiliary information on an image display of a tel...
Guide-pin placement device
Extruded corner post for vertical and lateral protection
Interactive connotative thesaurus system
Display apparatus having a power saving mode
Satellite communications system and method with real-time power-based flow control
Method of and apparatus for extracting a string of bits from a binary bit string and depositing a st...
Reconfiguring a watermark detector
Corner assemblies for concrete form panels
Method of forming concrete walls for buildings
Telemetric system for fetal care
Surround shroud connector and electrode housings for a subcutaneous electrode array and leadless ECG...
Method and apparatuses for monitoring hemodynamic activities using an intracardiac impedance-derived...
Cross chamber interval correlation
Ear type thermometer
Method and apparatus for modifying flattened data of designed circuit pattern
Three dimensional audio vision
Dynamic user interface with scanned image improvement assist
Method and apparatus for merging images
Apparatus and method for processing images
Imaging apparatus with offset compensation
Method and system for rendering and combining images to form a synthesized view of a scene containin...
Electrical power distribution system
Laser devices for performing a myringotomy
System and method of winding a fog coil
Optical-to-electrical conversion on rear-panel transition cards
Corner wall-mount fiber optic connector housing
Low profile cable exit trough
Strongly confined polarization-independent single-mode optical ridge waveguide
Method and apparatus for providing precise location information through a communications network
Optical apparatus, optical element driving unit, and photographing system
Classified adaptive error recovery method and apparatus
System and method of operation for a telecommunications patch system
Information signal processing unit
Image reading apparatus
High efficiency reflector for directing collimated light into light guides
Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
Traffic control system and kit
Selectable candela strobe unit
Method and system for controlling an LED backlight in flat panel displays wherein illumination monit...
Luminescent tool, its auxiliary member and method of preserving bioluminescent composition used in t...
Method and system for on-demand installation of software implementations
Method and apparatus for post-mortem kernel memory leak detection
Selective undo
Level-based network access restriction
Method and architecture to facilitate achieving a fast EPR4 equalization start-up in a magnetic reco...
Automobile jack housing
Biodegradable cross-linkers having a polyacid connected to reactive groups for cross-linking polymer...
Fhm, a novel member of the TNF ligand supergene family
Paper web breakage prediction using principal components analysis and classification and regression ...
Resolution enhancement for sequential phase alternated pair nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
Method for determining an instantaneous unit hydrograph
Oxime carboxylic acid derivative precursors
Enhanced source code translator from procedural programming language (PPL) to an object oriented pro...
Method and system to improve noise analysis performance of electrical circuits
Method and data processing system for using quick decode instructions
Apparatus and method to manage the invocation of feature service
Non-peptidyl vasopressin V1a antagonists
Optical fiber array and method of formation
Dynamic unit selection in a process control system
Process for regenerating a monolith hydrogenation catalytic reactor
Amphiphilic polymeric materials
Oxidation resistant coatings for niobium-based silicide composites
Quaternary fatty acid triethanolamine ester salts and their use as fabric softeners
Laundry devices for delivering dye transfer inhibiting benefits
Water-soluble package with multiple distinctly colored layers of liquid laundry detergent
Hand washing detergent compositions
Mild moisturizing liquids with soap-like rinse feel comprising polymer/oil blend
Dough compositions made with dehydrated potato flanules
Dihydro and hexahydro isoalpha acids having a high ratio of trans to cis isomers, production thereof...
Low-density polyethylene resin for laminating, composition thereof, laminates produced therefrom and...
Cyclic peroxides as novel antifungal agents
Thermal/convection oven including halogen lamps
System and method for preserving stored foods
Method for processing chromium oxide-containing substances in large quantities, method for utilizing...
Revamping of a basic oxygen furnace installation to provide an electric furnace facility
Skin care composition
Plush fragrancing system
Seismic optical acoustic recursive sensor system
Core inertial measurement unit
Method and system for truth-enabling internet communications via computer voice stress analysis
Teaching method and system
Single body injector and deposition chamber
IC heat radiation structure and display device
Cushioning device with improved flexible barrier membrane
Polynucleotide compositions encoding broad spectrum .delta.-endotoxins
Shared instruction cache for multiple processors
Quick locking pipe joint for plain or profiled pipe
Photographic processing chemical supplier
Hand-held device for a programmable control unit
Method for adding decoupling capacitance during integrated circuit design
Method and apparatus for providing intelligent power management
Method for preparing a biomaterial based on hydroxyapatite, resulting biomaterial and surgical or de...
Catalyst ligands, catalytic metal complexes and processes using same
Glass-clear impact-modified polystyrene based on styrene-butadiene block copolymers
Adjustment mechanism for an automotive seat
Majority decision method for improved frame error rate in the digital enhanced cordless telecommunic...
GL50 nucleic acids and uses therefor
Method for increasing traffic on an electronic site of a system of networked computers
Collapsible infant swing
Entertainment apparatus, storage medium, and method of displaying an object
Method for retrieving semantically distant analogies
Recombinant nucleic acid sequences and methods for determining both genotoxicity and mutagenicity of...
Driver board control system for modular conveyor with address-based network for inter-conveyor commu...
Cosmetic composition and methods of use
Backside covering material for a solar cell module and its use
Apparatus and method for testing processing circuit for joystick buttons
Portable vehicle video system
Apparatus for presenting mixed reality shared among operators
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Swimming pool water game goal apparatus
Gaming machines with board game theme
Thermal polymer clamping tool
Display apparatus, portable information processing apparatus, information recording medium, and elec...
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Robust modeling
Method and system for communicating selected search results between first and second entities over a...
Marking material and ballistic aerosol marking process for the use thereof
Composition and method for treatment of otitis externa
Pneumatic projectile launching apparatus with partition apparatus and opposed-piston regulator
Thickened butyrolactone-based nail polish remover with applicator
Method for obtaining structured information exists in special data format from a natural language te...
Method and apparatus for dynamic and flexible table summarization
Infrastructure and method for supporting generic multimedia metadata
Method and apparatus for allocating registers during code compilation using different spill strategi...
Cling film
Recording device and method, decoding device and method, providing medium, and information recording...
Semiconductor storage device
Electrode structure for nitride III-V compound semiconductor devices
Portable radio transceiver
Integer to floating point conversion using one's complement with subsequent correction to eliminate ...
Photographic film package with detachable cartridge
Cathode ray tube display device and cathode ray tube display method
Development of novel highly chemoprotectant crucifer germplasm
Baculoviruses, insecticidal compositions, and methods for control of invertebrates
Automotive lubricant
Facilitating memory constrained client devices by employing deck reduction techniques
Ornamental eyewear
Alkynyl amides and their therapeutic applications
Method for encapsulating and transmitting a message includes private and forwarding network addresse...
Interfacing servers in a Java based e-commerce architecture
Method for communicating a software-generated pulse waveform between two servers in a network
Method and apparatus for optimizing the continuous positive airway pressure for treating obstructive...
Biological activation of aromatics for chemical processing and/or upgrading of aromatic compounds, p...
Epitopes in viral envelope proteins and specific antibodies directed against these epitopes: use for...
Method and apparatus for dividing long polynomial expression in finite field
Process for producing simvastatin
Rapid methods for identifying modifiers of cellular apoptosis activity
Pyridones and their use as modulators of serine hydrolase enzymes
Powered park brake release algorithm
Atrial fibrillation detection method and apparatus
Automatic analysis system
Portable information processing terminal device with low power consumption and large memory capacity
Sled test apparatus and method for simulating pre-impact crash event
Method and apparatus for setting registration in a multicolor printing machine based on printing sub...
Infrared absorption filter
Compressor unloader system
Method and apparatus for forward error correction coding for an AM in-band on-channel digital audio ...
Apparatus and method for imaging small objects in a flow stream using optical tomography
Alternating phase shift mask design conflict resolution
Polymerization catalysts and processes therefor
Rechargeable lithium battery
Fuel cell system
Rotation stabilizing device including inertia member connected to rotary center axis of a rotary mem...
Non-volatile semiconductor memory devices
Non-contacting type IC card and method for fabricating the same
Inter-satellite optical link track sensor
Apparatus for installing a flexible cured in place lateral seal in an existing main pipeline
Sardine-bone construction method for large-section tunnel
System and method for elevating a watercraft
Apparatus for guiding the legs of a lift boat
Artificial island, artificial island support and method for building an artificial island
Computer system for displaying system state information including advanced configuration and power i...
Following distance displaying apparatus that changes alarming display according to operating states
Micro-electro-optical mechanical device having an implanted dopant included therein and a method of ...
Tunable etched grating for WDM optical communication systems
Parallel channel multi mode music amplifier
Reflective-type soft x-ray microscope
Flooding-reducing fuel cell electrode
Optically transmissive microembossed receptor media
Cycloalkyl derivatives and the solid-phase synthesis of such derivatives
Methods of treating tumors with taurolidine
Lanthionine antibiotic compositions and method
Water tree resistant insulating composition
Process for separating hydrogen chloride from a mixture comprising an N-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone and hydr...
Flame-retardant aromatic polyamide resin composition and molded object
Method for treating peripheral vascular disease by administering benzindene prostaglandins by inhala...
Antenna diversity base station for transmission of unidirectional channels and corresponding method ...
Process for preparation of abrasive precipitated silica
Marketing displays providing ready replaceability of adhesive display labels
Method and system for pixel clock recovery
Method for making printing plate using inkjet
Re-indexing for efficient compression of palettized images
Level shift circuit and image display device
Computer system and method for abstracting and accessing a chronologically-arranged collection of in...
System and method for volume expansion in the presence of multiple plug-in features
Apparatus and method for file locking for computer programs that use different size locks
Lightweight rule induction
Hemihydrogenation method for dinitriles
Adjusting means for an axial piston machine of inclined-axis construction
Method for testing system components of an object-oriented program
Portable karaoke microphone device and karaoke apparatus
High-strength high-toughness amorphous zirconium alloy
Transmission of multicast media between networks
Prevention of marine encrustation on bronze propellers
Quantum cryptographic communication channel based on quantum coherence
Lifting platform with positive horizontal stability
Canister assembly
Handheld computer system and method to detect and identify a peripheral device
Operating system software boot program execution method
Aminothiazole inhibitors of cyclin dependent kinases
RF shielding method and apparatus for an open MRI system
Nucleic acid molecules encoding inclusion membrane protein C of Chlamydia
Decoupled fetch-execute engine with static branch prediction support
Store queue multimatch detection
Mechanism for programmable modification of memory mapping granularity
Polynucleotides encoding LKT 111
Remote configuration/setup of computer systems operated as embedded controllers without keyboard or ...
Exterior mirror plano-auxiliary reflective element assembly
Multi-stone oval gemstone assembly
Method and apparatus for the laser cutting of mild steel or structural steel with a multifocus optic...
Duplex electrical connector with spring steel cable retainer
Ferritic stainless steel sheet having superior workability at room temperatures and mechanical chara...
Method of stress inducing transformation of austenite stainless steel and method of producing compos...
Golf club head of steel alloy
Looping thick steel strip
Reproducing apparatus
Process for impregnating a porous material with a cross-linkable composition
Reservation processing apparatus and method
Riser connector for a wellhead assembly and method for conducting offshore well operations using the...
Smart control strategy for regulating a temperature controller
Pharmaceutical composition
Spinning top
Camera equipped with cam member and molding die for producing the cam member
Distance measuring device and camera having the same
Image blur correcting system
Lens-fitted photo film unit having a recess and ridges in a housing thereof
Apparatus and method for variably projecting a magnetic head element in a magnetic head unit
Display device with a liquid-crystal cell
Ultrasonic seam bonding method and apparatus
Dispersion-compensating optical fiber and optical transmission system including the same
Split foot damper
Nucleic acids encoding plasminogen fragments
Nucleic acids encoding aggrecan degrading metallo proteases
Process for the modification of a material surface
Formulations and methods for providing prolonged local anesthesia
Single phase gels for the prevention of adhesions
Method of repairing or restoring damaged or imperfect hair
Ink composition, writing instrument containing same and method of forming image on receiving surface
Method for supply voltage drop analysis during placement phase of chip design
Recording medium control device and method
Pyrazinone thrombin inhibitors
Adhesive tape for painting
Biocidal proteins
Mold injection method for semiconductor device
Antibiotic compounds
Peach tree named `Burpeachthirteen`
(R)-chiral halogenated substituted N-phenoxy N-phenyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting c...
Handle sensor for detecting signals from human body to a signal processing circuit
Workout browsing stand
Treadmill with upper body exercise means
Jet propelled device
Safety delineators which easily stack
Flexible substrate mounted solid-state light sources for exterior vehicular lighting
Vehicle wheel
Assistance method and apparatus
Adjustable supporting frame
Single-sided subband filters
Synchronization of voice boundaries and their use by echo cancellers in a voice processing system
Digital access arrangement circuitry and method having a synthesized ringer impedance for connecting...
Volume control apparatus of telephone
Distributed control architecture for mechatronic automotive systems
Vehicle with power source system mounted thereon, power source system controller, method of controll...
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Using host vehicle dynamics for side-looking automotive pre-crash sensor aiming control
Output state detector for internal combustion engine
Battery tray
Active acoustic devices
Method of precision fabrication by light exposure and structure of tunable waveguide bragg grating
Optical planar waveguide device and method of fabrication
Electron-emitting device, electron source and image forming apparatus
Mixed oxide solid solutions
Silicoaluminophosphates having an ael structure, a method for their preparation and their use as nap...
Multilayer optical information storage medium based on incoherent signal
Reflection type liquid crystal display and a method for fabricating the same
Electro-optical device and method for driving the same, liquid crystal device and method for driving...
Flat display panel having internal power supply circuit for reducing power consumption
Composite device for vehicle
Electroluminescence display device
Radiation emitter device having an encapsulant with different zones of thermal conductivity
Glucose sensor package system
Method of fabricating microstructured optical fibers
Filler metal for use in welding of Ni-Cr-W alloys
Process for compounding titanium alloys
Lead-free solder alloy and a manufacturing process of electric and electronic apparatuses using such...
Superalloy optimized for high-temperature performance in high-pressure turbine disks
Pesticidal activity of functionalized alkenes
Method of controlling transmission output of radio via closed loop and open loop operation
Image scanning apparatus
Fast cycle RAM and data readout method therefor
Semiconductor memory and method for accessing semiconductor memory
Passive coherent location system and method
DC-DC converter circuit for preventing beat interference
Micro-machined silicon on-off fiber optic switching system
Method and device for controlling a robot
Robot controller
Transfer apparatus for semiconductor process
Multiple listening training device and a multiple listening training recording medium
Management of physiological and psychological state of an individual using images portable biosensor...
Resilient roll and process for producing such a roll
Personal digital assistant (PDA) attachment mechanism
Controlled thrust steering system for watercraft
Sheet manufacturing method, sheet, sheet manufacturing apparatus, and solar cell
Predicting system behavior of a managed system using pattern recognition techniques
Sort system for merging database entries
High air volume to low liquid volume aerosol collector
Inhalation device
Container for holding and transporting goods
Modular doll house
Method and apparatus for reducing turbulent drag
Radio frequency labels on reusable containers
Immunological adjuvant compounds compositions and methods of use thereof
Non-orthogonal MRAM device
Semiconductor structures using a group III-nitride quaternary material system with reduced phase sep...
Method for displaying battery voltage in TDMA radio terminal
Electrodeless discharge lamp operating apparatus
Dibenzoazulene derivatives for treating thrombosis, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis
System and method for embedded information retrieval in a distributed free-text application environm...
Document processing system and recording medium
Methods for retrieving database with image information
Method system and computer program product for distributed internet information search and retrieval
Cache line replacement policy enhancement to avoid memory page thrashing
Internet database system
Business directory search engine
Dynamic distributed memory locking in a computer network
Communication system for transmitting accounting instructions
Method and apparatus for embedding authentication information within digital data
Method and apparatus for copy protection
User key validation to prevent fraud during system handoffs
Optimization methods for the insertion, protection, and detection of digital watermarks in digitized...
Expandable telecommunications system
Multimedia presentation computing device
Extended organic cobalt and nickel magnetic complexes
Human endokine alpha
Hydroxystilbene compounds for reducing/inhibiting protein glycation
Support stand for self-service vehicle washing pump console
Portion of trash can
Portion of trash can
Steam generating base
Steam and spray iron
Compositions and methods for improved plant transformation
Anti-neoplastic compositions and uses thereof
Prefetch buffer allocation and filtering system
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Processing scanned security documents notwithstanding corruptions such as rotation
Fluorescent photothermographic imaging element comprising coupling agent
System and method for processing photographic film images
Degraded hydrophobic, particulate starches and their use in paper sizing
Static cling wine information label and use
Promotional two-piece in one postcard housing an integral coupon card
System and method for fail safe process execution monitoring and output control for critical systems
Roulette wheel assembly and table arrangement
Computer-implemented method and apparatus for matching paint
Method for determining the traffic state in a traffic network with effective bottlenecks
Method of controlling vehicle hydraulic brake system
Method for setting a multiplication of a continuously variable automatic transmission equipped with ...
Method and device for determining the driving condition of a vehicle
Data structure representing both program and command data
Dynamic error messaging
Object management method, apparatus and data structure
Method and apparatus for managing transactions with connected computers
Method for distributing information to subscribers over a network
System and method for creating, generating and processing user-defined generic specs
Searching procedures
Method and apparatus for processing picture archiving and communications system images
System for finding differences between two computer files and updating the computer files
Method for improving area in reduced programmable logic devices
Database for designing integrated circuit device, and method for designing integrated circuit device
Method for generating wafer testing program
Performing acknowledged operations on original and mirrored copies of data
Method and apparatus for controlling a computer from a remote location
Using an authentication server to obtain dial-out information on a network
Apparatus and method for music-on-hold delivery on a communication system
Transmission of geographic information to mobile devices
Automated competitive business call distribution (ACBCD) system
System, device, and method for transitioning from DVMRP to BGMP for interdomain multicast routing ov...
Method and apparatus for charging for an outgoing voice call performed during an internet session
Method and apparatus for displaying local time on radio-controlled timepieces
Apparatus and method for controlling a camera connected to a network
Method for downloading a sitemap from a server computer to a client computer in a web environment
Device for composing and arranging music
Fragrance emitter for use with internet
Intelligent toy
Method of displaying the title and words of songs on a digital music player
Decorative aqua ball
Independent billing settlement for call origination by wireless subscribers roaming to foreign wirel...
Toilet ventilation system
Optical fiber having improved optics and structure
Optical notch filters based on two-dimensional photonic band-gap materials
Tunable impedance surface
Method and apparatus for manufacturing three-dimensional photonic crystal structure by fusion bondin...
Titanium-coating silica glass honeycomb structure from silica soot extrusion
Oxidation of glycolic acid to glyoxylic acid using a microbial cell transformant as catalyst
Production of .omega.-cyanocarboxamides from aliphatic .alpha.,.omega.-dinitriles using pseudomonas ...
Production of glycolate oxidase in methylotrophic yeast
Process for preparing glyoxylic acid/dialkyl aminomethylphosphonate mixtures
Glyoxylic acid/aminomethylphosphonic acid mixtures prepared using a microbial transformant
Process for the preparation of pyruvic acid using permeabilized transformants of H. polymorha and P....
Method for the non-invasive determination of analytes in a selected volume of tissue
Compositions of hepatitis C virus NS3/NS4A complex and methods for crystallizing same
Error-tolerant image computer terminal
Interactive set-top box having a unified memory architecture
Diisopropyl fluorophosphatase and the utilization and production thereof
Enzyme inhibition immunoassay
Method of strip insertion detection
Multicyclic aromatic compounds and uses thereof
Biorational repellents obtained from terpenoids for use against arthropods
Inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
Carbamyloxy compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Propagation of human hepatocytes in non-human mammals
Norbornene polymer and production process
Polyolefin compositions having variable density and methods for their production and use
Electrical devices having polymeric members
System and method for detecting erosion caused by particles in a fluid
Liquid crystal display device and its driving method
Optical component and projector using the same
Thin-film solar cell module
Elevator car position sensing system
System and method for steering a multi-wheel drive vehicle
Patient transceiver system which uses conductors within leads of leadset to provide phased antenna a...
Multi-service in-home network with an open interface
Interactive television program guide with selectable non-program options
Method and arrangement for mapping a road
Method and apparatus for quantifying the hypnotic component of the depth of anesthesia by monitoring...
Stimulation method for the sphenopalatine ganglia, sphenopalatine nerve, or vidian nerve for treatme...
Apparatus and method for forming image
Transcranial in vivo examination of brain tissue
Method and apparatus to improve myocardial infarction detection with blood pool signal suppression
Intravaginal radiofrequency imaging device
Method of fiber reconstruction employing data acquired by magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus for producing an accessing composite data
Rocket engine gear defect monitoring method
Mechanism for software register renaming and load speculation in an optimizer
System and method for sizing computer systems with variable ramp-up periods by calculating a through...
Method of and apparatus for tracking appended data on storage medium
Non-linear constraint optimization in storage system configuration
Initiation of communication between network service system and customer-premises equipment
Media cartridge retention and ejection system
Air jet cooling arrangement for electronic systems
Double clipping apparatus and method for forming clipped sausages
Apparatus and method for minimizing vapor loss
Apparatus for measuring a fluid level
Battery testing and classification
Method for making cardiac leads with zone insulated electrodes
Enhanced interactive program guide
Method for identifying components involved in signal transduction pathways in higher plants
Olefin polymerization catalysts and olefin polymer production methods using said olefin polymerizati...
Lithium secondary battery, and process for producing the same
Method for efficient manufacturing of integrated circuits
Revision suggestion camera and method
Membrane-augmented manufacture of cumene
Semiconductor memory device
Power transforming system and method
Antibody methods for selectively inhibiting VEGF
Signal reproducing method and apparatus, signal recording method and apparatus and signal recording ...
Apparatus for thermal treatment of tissue
Nuclear retinoic acid co-receptor
Polymorphisms associated with hypertension
Use of ion channel modulating agents
Contulakin-G, analogs thereof and uses therefor
Use of consensus sequences for targeted homologous gene isolation and recombination in gene families
Zace1: a human metalloenzyme
Two sterile-20 kinase-like proteins and methods of use thereof
Vasopermeability-enhancing conjugates
Graphical programming system and method including nodes for programmatically accessing data sources ...
Data processing systems with process monitor
Database access system to deliver and store information
Discriminative clustering methods for automatic speech recognition
Wheel-speed abnormality detecting apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring roundness
Route guide apparatus and guidance method
Fuel cell stack with a curved flow guide section
Preparation of secondary amines from nitriles
Coupling for fluid pipes
Process for preparing a modified alkylaryl
Electronic circuitry
Methods of preparing membrane electrode assemblies
Fuel cell system with humidity determination
Process for converting carbon monoxide and water in a reformate stream
Processes for synthesizing borohydride compounds
Portable water disinfection system
Sulfonic acid group-containing polyvinyl alcohol, solid polymer electrolyte, composite polymer membr...
Resin composition and an electronic device using the same
Chemical mechanical polish (CMP) planarizing method employing derivative signal end-point monitoring...
Accommodating intraocular lens assembly
Disposable defibrillation and external pacing electrode
Optimization tool for robot placement
Spirea plant named `White Gold`
Anthurium plant named `Atwentysix`
Grapevine denominated varietally F.P.C.D.O.V.#1
Hydrangea plant named `Barbara`
Portulaca plant named `Cindy`
Poinsettia plant named `KLEW01072`
Portulaca plant named `Snow White`
Highly branched polyesters through one-step polymerization process
Color image forming apparatus and color image forming method thereof
Polycationic polymers, their production and use
Interactive food packaging
Semiconductor device package and method of die attach
Metered dose inhaler for salmeterol
Integrated circuits using optical fiber interconnects formed through a semiconductor wafer and metho...
Hydrophilic mirror and method of producing the same
Cartridge for a plasma torch and plasma torch fitted therewith
Methods for converting linear polyesters to macrocyclic oligoester compositions and macrocyclic olig...
Low k ILD process by removable ILD
Carbonaceous negative electrode material for nonaqueous secondary battery, process for producing the...
Dental anti-hypersensitivity composition and method
Scour sensor assembly
Polymer-micelle complexes and methods of use thereof
Combined soil reinforcement and drainage grid
Bottom to surface link system comprising a submarine pipe assembled to at least one float
High capacity nonconcentric structural connectors and method of use
Device and method for trenchless replacement of underground pipe
Underwater pipe-laying
Chroma key of antialiased images
Animated toy
Methods for preparing macrocyclic products by ring-closing diyne metathessis
Cleaning composition for printing presses
Device for metering and equalizing an ink layer on the surface of a printing machine roller
Electrostatic image developing process with optimized setpoints
Scanner device
Method for multi-color printing
Method for measuring engraving cups
Electrical fly-by-wire system for operating an aircraft rudder
Supervisory control system for aircraft flight management during pilot command errors or equipment m...
Alignment device for a guided missile seeker
Apparatus for determining attitude of artificial satellite
Reaction wheel desaturation apparatus
Arrangement for recovering spacecraft
Underway replenishment system for space vehicles
Guiding and stacking system for sheet metal parts
Plant histidinol-phosphate aminotransferase homologs
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a single-circuit cooling circulation system
Compact gradient coil assembly for MRI apparatus
Polylactide/dextran graft co-polymers for biomaterial and tissue engineering applications
Light and/or electron element
Dental model
Process for preparing diketone compounds and precursors thereto
Coriolis flowmeter having bi-metallic process connections
Motor stator with loose laminations
System and method for distributing and broadcasting multimedia
Orthopaedic demonstration aid
Method for influencing the behavior of swarf flow on tool surfaces
Heterocyclic aromatic compounds useful as growth hormone secretagogues
Cyclic amine phenyl beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Compounds to treat diabetes and associated conditions
Pharmaceutical composition containing decursin
Compounds, their preparation and use
N-substituted indoles useful in the treatment of diabetes
Process for liquid phase aromatics alkylation comprising in-situ catalyst reactivation with polar co...
Process and apparatus for endothermic reactions of organic compounds
Viscosity modifier for lubricating oil and lubricating oil composition
Method for manufacturing 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene
Synthesis of MCM-58
"Midlink" virtual insertion system
Nickel catalyst
Method of electrostatically coating a substrate
Heavy oil upgrading process
Translation management system
Radio frequency identification systems and methods for waking up data storage devices for wireless c...
System for reading barcode symbols
Low load seal
Sheet of embossed absorbent paper, and a method and device for producing same
Broadband data broadcasting service
Expression methods
Plumbing flood control system
Adaptive cache coherence protocols
Computer fan speed control system method
Method and apparatus for determining the portion of wood material present in a stream of bark
System and method for communication media management
Method and arrangement for determining the moisture content of wood chips
Commemorative timepiece
Case with communication module having a latching connector for a handheld computer system
Data encryptor/decryptor using variable in-place I/O
Optical disk and reproduction apparatus with synchronous and asynchronous audio/still picture video ...
Method for identifying calls in java packages whose targets are guaranteed to belong to the same pac...
Coin sorter housing
Cremation urn holder
Global truck
Refuse container lid
Trash can safety handle
Steam generating base
System and method for treating atrial arrhythmias
Guiding introducer system for use in medical procedures in the left ventricle
Self-regulated apoptosis of inflammatory cells
Substituted diarylureas as stimulators for Fas-mediated apoptosis
Colorimeter for dental applications
Thermal printer, thermal printing method and conveyor for recording material
Fused polyhedron borane dianion
Methods and compositions for impairing multiplication of HIV-1
Process for expression and production of recombinant protein hybrid protein (p24/p17) derived from h...
Processability of silica-filled rubber stocks with reduced hysteresis
Broad spectrum decontamination formulation and method of use
HIV protease inhibitors
Method of attaching a conformal chip carrier to a flip chip
Lithium battery incorporating protective positive temperature coefficient material
Electrically conductive, freestanding microporous polymer sheet
Composition of organophosphite, isobutylene copolymer and silica and tire thereof
Fabric care and laundry compositions comprising low molecular weight linear or cyclic polyamines
Conductive adhesive and packaging structure using the same
Anionic-cationic polyion complexes comprising zwitterionic monomer component
Contrast agents
Electrolyte composition for electric double layer capacitor, solid polymer electrolyte composition f...
Control method for diesel engine
Methods and apparatus for providing data storage access
Detergent composition and method for removing soil
Silicone surface treated metal oxides
Cosmetic compositions
Cyclodextrins preferentially substituted on their primary face by acid or amine functions
Foaming oil gel compositions
Water resistant, wear resistant, and decorative cosmetic for hair
Apparatus for dispensing a porous carrier
Web browser program feedback system
VE-cadherin promoter and its uses
Process for producing sorbic acid
Imaging sensor defect map storage
Evolutionary technique for automated synthesis of electronic circuits
Sonic well logging for alteration detection
Internet downloaded programmable remote control for registered devices
Alkylated fluorochemical oligomers and use thereof in the treatment of fibrous substrates
Autodepositable prepolymer of epoxy- and OH-containing resin and hybrid isocyanate crosslinker
Process of preparing polycarbonates using microwave
Antisense inhibition of PKA regulatory subunit RII alpha expression
Patterned surface friction materials, clutch plate members and methods of making and using same
Shoulder endoprosthesis
Self-configuring store-and-forward computer network
Automobile personal computer systems
Embedded RAM based digital signal processor
Method of managing messages in a computer memory
Electrically and mechanically redundant release mechanism
Bus architecture employing varying width uni-directional command bus
Time controlled pre-paid delivery
Golf club and method of manufacturing the same
Hyperthermia and immunotherapy for leukemias lymphomas, and solid tumors
Portable bioelectrical impedance measuring instrument
Data management system for implantable cardiac device
System and method for classifying cardiac depolarization complexes with multi-dimensional correlatio...
System and method for sensing and detecting far-field R-wave
Method and apparatus for reference distribution aerial image formation
Personal identification method, personal identification apparatus, and recording medium
Image reading apparatus
Static image generation method and device
Free space optical "backplane" (FSO)
Optical connector retainer panel and system
Light pipe composition
Dispersion managed fiber optic cable and system
Optical fiber bulkhead feedthrough assembly and method of making same
Cable assembly and method of making the same
System for embedding additional information in audio data
Lens control unit
Image merging and displaying apparatus and method
Optical cable based directional way finding apparatus and method
Latch for optical assembly
LED array warning light system
Light driver for shoe
Fiber optic light assembly for fishing rod and bulb therefor
Light signaling device for floors
Illuminating device
Rifle-launched non-lethal cargo dispenser
Methods and apparatus for optical imaging
Multiple-labelled oligonucleotides synthesized on solid-supports
Guanidinylation, guanidinoglycosides, uses, and methods of assaying their activity
Precerebellin-like protein
Agent for measurement of singlet oxygen
Use of melanin for inhibition of angiogenesis and macular degeneration
Electrochemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds which inhibit platelet-derived growth factor and/or p56lck tyros...
Human peptidyl-prolyl isomerases
Method and system for yield managed service contract pricing
System and method for controlling a postage metering system using data required for printing
Distribution and controlled use of software products
Data element characteristics
Blend of imidazolinium quat and amido amine quat for use in fabric softeners with premium softening,...
System and method for antialiasing bump texture and bump mapping
Polyamide conveyor elements
Modifier for methacrylic resin
Compatible blend systems from ethylene vinyl alcohol and oxygen scavenging polymers
Stabilized zinc pyrithione for vinyl chloride polymers
Glass reinforced gypsum board
Polynucleotide encoding autoantigens associated with endometriosis
Truncated forms of NY-ESO-1 protein
Sulfonamido substituted imidazopyridines
Apparatus and process for a cross-direction profile of a material web
Two section blue laser diode with reduced output power droop
Multilayer preform and container with co-extruded liner
Apparatus and method for holding down bottles in a high pressure wash
Bottle body portion