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Substituted pyrazoles as p38 kinase inhibitors
Vehicle control system and method
Liquid laundry detergent compositions having enhanced clay removal benefits
Use of milk thistle extract in skin care compositions
N-acetyl aldosamines and related N-acetyl compounds, and their topical use
Physiologically active extract obtained from indigo plant polygonum tinctorium
Compositions and methods for controlling deposition of water-insoluble ingredients
Bioerodible polyorthoesters containing amine groups
Method, composition and kit to remove lice ova from the hair
Cosmetic composition containing an aqueous dispersion of insoluble polymer material particles, use a...
Therapeutic compositions and methods of use thereof
Exploiting genomics in the search for new drugs
Methods for molding and grafting highly uniform polymer layers onto electronic microchips
File portability techniques
Method, system, and computer program product for optimizing logic during synthesis of logic designs
Architecture for dynamic permissions in java
Memory protection system and method for computer architecture for broadband networks
Process for the production of grain-oriented electric quality sheet with low remagnetization loss an...
Substituted heterocyclic derivatives
Prevention or treatment of insomnia with a neurokinin-1 receptor antagonist
Resource management facilitation
Method and system for obtaining person-specific images in a public venue
Game input means to replicate how object is handled by character
Talking stick horse
Spinner with continuous 3-fold symmetry for multiple utilitarian, educational and ornamental uses
Top for starting platform for swimming pool
Method and apparatus for inspecting a circuit board
Interactive multimedia tour guide
Acid-blocked amine catalysts for the production of polyurethanes
Iontophoresis method
Dipeptide derivatives
Gene delivery to periosteal cells by microneedle injection
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Quinolone vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Permanent magnet assembly and method of making thereof
Accurate target detection system
Hierarchical parasitic capacitance extraction for ultra large scale integrated circuits
System and method for controlling vehicle velocity and inter-vehicle distance
Memory cache with sequential page indicators
Control system for automatic vehicle transmissions
Thermoelectric conversion material, and method for manufacturing same
Method for continuous curing of hipe into hipe foams
Hair treatment compositions
Single-phase antiperspirant compositions containing solubilized antiperspirant active and silicone e...
Use of ribose supplementation for increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat in humans
High solids containing processed and shelf-stable vegetables
Composite food product comprising potato peel product
Enhanced precooked egg product and process for formulation of precooked egg products
Composition providing a stable suspension of a particulate component
Double chip sauce delivery system
Work recovery from process involving steam generation
Method of melting fine grained direct reduced iron in an electric arc furnace
Method and apparatus for determining interpolated intermediate values of a sampled signal
Method and a system for radio transmission
Dynamic bandwidth allocation to transmit a wireless protocol across a code division multiple access ...
Electric field detecting method
Weather broadcast scanning transceiver
Mobile weather band radio and method
Process for the direct oxidation of olefins to olefin oxides
Active fluoride catalysts for fluorination reactions
Semiconductor device fabricating method
Test strip for simultaneous detection of a plurality of analytes
Doped titanium oxide additives
Producing hydrofluoro compounds by hydrogenolysis of iodides
Composting system
Coextruded fluoropolymer/polyamide laminate
Page open hint in transactions
Synchronous data adaptor
Source authentication of download information in a conditional access system
High stability loudspeaker
Power feeding apparatus, power receiving apparatus, power transfer system, power transfer method, po...
Micromachined optomechanical switches
Methods and systems for presentation and evaluation of constructed responses assessed by human evalu...
Exhaust emission control for watercraft
Power consumption display device for machine
Slide guide device, knockout device, and press machine using the same
Gear pump having a bearing with a temperature adjusting medium passage
Sealed suspension thrust bearing
Securing members together by spring rings
Rolling bearing unit for supporting vehicle wheel
Rolling bearing
Rolling bearing
Reduction of energetic filler sensitivity in propellants through coating
Ammunition with a shell whose wall consists of combustible or consumable wound body
Firearm cartridge and case-less chamber
Backstrap assembly for an electronic firearm
Behavior modification device for handguns
Revolver-safety lock mechanism
Packaging algorithm for providing object oriented applications having reduced footprints
Systems utility object interface for facilitating software portability
Power management system for a mobile unit by reduced neighbor cell scanning
Delivering calls to GSM subscribers roaming to CDMA networks via IP tunnels
Apparatus and method for supporting the implicit structure of freeform lists, outlines, text, tables...
Crop yield monitoring system
Ranking search results by reranking the results based on local inter-connectivity
CW far-UV laser system with two active resonators
Method and system for controlling Raman gain flatness sensitivity to pump laser wavelength variation
Liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus to compensate for dark current in an imaging device
Image forming apparatus having developing device including developing rollers with differing flux de...
Critical path optimization-optimizing branch operation insertion
Method and apparatus for calibration and quality assurance of nuclear medicine imaging
Spectrum processing and processor
Method and apparatus to prevent signal pile-up
Absorbent article containing unitary stratified composite
Method and apparatus for attaching connective tissues to bone using a knotless suture anchoring devi...
Automated fold and tumble vehicle seat assembly
Kernel streaming test method and system
Vehicle communications system
Programmable operational system for managing devices participating in a network
Relaxed quorum determination for a quorum based operation of a distributed computing system
Compensating resource managers
Method and system for downloading selected rows within a listing using HyperText Transport Protocol ...
System and method for efficient transfer of data blocks from client to server
Biological compositions and methods for enhancing plant growth and health and producing disease-supp...
Long line receiver for CMOS integrated circuits
System and method for optimizing a device driver by incorporating debugging and tracing
High throughput HPLC method for determining Log P values
Stable pharmaceutical formulation
Information recording system
Method for interchange of cryptographic codes between a first computer unit and a second computer un...
Multi-level encryption access point for wireless network
Apparatus and method for TV broadcast copy protection
Electrochemically stabilized CaNi5 alloys and electrodes
Cold-rolled steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet, which are excellent in formability, panel shapea...
Conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Alloy based on titanium aluminides
Iron base high temperature alloy
Transfer fixing device, image bearing and conveying body, and image forming apparatus with plural gl...
Hybrid electrophotographic apparatus for custom color printing
Versatile system for creating test images in a digital printing apparatus
Apparatus and method for identifying and tracking objects with view-based representations
Systems and methods for producing visible watermarks by halftoning
Optical filtering apparatus and method
Unactivated oocytes as cytoplast recipients of quiescent cell nuclei while maintaining correct ploid...
Conformationally constrained L-nucleosides
Multimerized DBH enhancer domains
Led assembly
Chemically resistant polythiothers and formation thereof
Tamper-evident form
Rubber composition for golf ball and golf ball produced using the same
Devices for controlling the position of an underwater cable
Sales/inventory management system using a display not directly readable by a person to indicate a to...
Multi-player game system using mobile telephone and game unit
Game controller with a monitor
Security system for bingo-type games
Multi-level lottery-type gaming system with player-selected second level game
Method and apparatus for playing blackjack with a three card poker wager ("21+3/4")
Haptic interface including clutch control
Process for preparing epoxy compounds, aromatic compositions containing the same
Chromene compound
Method of treating hair loss using diphenylether derivatives
Cleaning wipe comprising a center detergent layer
Very fine grain field programmable gate array architecture and circuitry
Composition including sea buckthorn oil extract and antioxidant and/or a UV filter
Power assist marine steering system
Watercraft having auxiliary steering
Swimmer propulsion device
Container transfer terminal system and method
Efficient processing of quadtree data
Message status retrieval system and method
System and method for automatic location identification discrepancy notification
Directly verifying a black box system
Information search apparatus and method
Method for transmitting video images, a data transmission system and a multimedia terminal
Frame-level rate control for plug-in video codecs
Aerosol formulations of peptides and proteins
Use of nuclease to reduce wrinkles and discolorations in humans
Use of substituted vinyltetrahydronaphthalenes and vinyl-benzotetrahydropyrans as light protection a...
Bottle and cap
Method of caching web resources
Process for preparing bound zeolites
Process and apparatus for the treatment of carbon dioxide with carbonic anhydrase
Method for producing .alpha.-alumina powder
Zirconium dioxide powder, method of its production and use
Electrode for an electric double layer capacitor and process for producing it
Optical amplifiers with a simple gain/output control device
Polarizing glasses having integral non-polarizing regions
Glass backdust for roof covering
Method for removing an acidic deposit
Rear gate door for vehicle
Process for the stabilization of a stabilizer mixtures for recycled plastic mixtures
Process for preparing polyolefin products
Dendritic macromolecules for metal-ligand catalyzed processes
Biodegradation of gasoline oxygenates
Method of prepregging with resin and novel prepregs produced by such method
Base plate, in particular for preparation of concrete products
Method for manufacturing a gate structure incorporating therein aluminum oxide as a gate dielectric
Integrated memory with redundancy
Methods for developing an integrated circuit chip design
Method for creating circuit redundancy in programmable logic devices
Methods for configuring FPGA's having variable grain blocks and shared logic for providing symmetric...
Architecture and method for partially reconfiguring an FPGA
Signal processing architecture
One-time use camera assembly process having filmstrip anchored during camera frame assembly transpor...
Snap-in hanger
Chimeric gene formed of the DNA sequences that encode the antigenic determinants of four proteins of...
Stabilized liquid polypeptide-containing pharmaceutical compositions
Composition and method for treating peyronie's disease and related fibrotic tissue disorders
Vacuum fluorescence display
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal alignment structures and optical devices containing same
Aminoaryl oxazolidinone N-oxides
Color liquid crystal display apparatus for producing a display having a high contrast and a wide vis...
Polyols, polyurethane systems and polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesives produced therefrom
One-pack cold moisture curable resin compositions
Thermoplastic resin composition
Tire with tread which utilizes an alpha-methyl styrene oligomer
Water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesives
Polymer composition
Gray scale all-glass photomasks
Method for treating thyroid disorders
Apparatus for filtering and separating particularly biologically organic fluids
Method of making a parallel capacitor laminate
Metal salt crosslinked adhesives
Clear personal care formulations containing quaternary ammonium compounds and other nitrogen-contain...
Polymer delivery system in treatments for parasitic skin diseases
Remote control with speech recognition
Electronic device and a control means
System and method for creating a digit string for use by a portable phone
Cellular phone capable of accommodating electronic device
Method, system, and computer program product for extending the functionality of a personal informati...
System and method for automated pre-paid wireless replenishment with notification
System and method for generating coherent radiation at vacuum ultraviolet wavelengths using efficien...
Low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with ceramic electrode shield
Very high color rendition fluorescent lamps
Method for the catalytic gas-phase oxidation of propene to acrylic acid
Hydrogenation catalyst for aromatic hydrocarbons contained in hydrocarbon oils
Appliances having UV disinfection device and method
Apparatus and method for photocatalytic purification and disinfection of water and ultrapure water
Camshaft timing device for internal combustion engines
Control unit for adjusting the angle of rotation of a camshaft
Valve timing adjusting apparatus for internal combustion engine
Luminous toy
Toy vehicle gear shield
Tape recorder and animal shaped child's toy combination
Turbo decoder
Turbo product code decoder
PCI and compactpci integration
Document object print interface
Architecture for a hierarchical folder structure in hand-held computers
Apparatus and method for removing a lodged mass from an animal airway
Method and system for imaging an object with a plurality of optical beams
Method and device for event detection utilizing data from a multiplicity of sensor sources
Control unit for a motor vehicle
Highly integrated single substrate MMW multi-beam sensor
Method for treating cyclic phosphate compound
Character recognition system
Image forming apparatus having transferring roller of small diameter
Power control system and method for distribution of power to peripheral devices
Image forming apparatus with sheet transport speed controls to reduce noise
Developing device
Magnetic tape cartridge having abutment reference surfaces
Thick film thermal head
Vehicle speed control
Polarization control apparatus and associated method
Device and method for producing optically-controlled incremental time delays
Microscope generating a three-dimensional representation of an object and images generated by such a...
Electrophoretic display and method for producing same
Integral organic light emitting diode fiber optic printhead utilizing color filters
Method and apparatus for improved gas sensor
Process for preparing amines
Electromagnetic diaphragm pump
Edge bead remover for thick film photoresists
Composite crucible, and preparation method and regeneration method thereof
Dual-canister inhaler having a spacer and easy to operate lever mechanism
Method and apparatus for identifying the source of a digital signal
Fiber optic replicant lamp
Carry through monitor
DVD sub-picture decoder with minimal buffering
Pixel image enhancement system and method
Floating frame for optical storage device loading mechanism
Data driven type information processing system consisting of interconnected data driven type informa...
Electronic mail communication apparatus and electronic mail transmission method
Device for processing strings
Generating labels indicating gaps in retrieval of electronic documents
Apparatus and method for packetizing significance-based information
Apparatus for restarting interrupted data transfer and method therefor
Method, system and program for performing remote usability testing
Data processing system and method for waking a client only in response to receipt of an authenticate...
Method for retrieving previous input commands to an external program from an editor environment
Process and composition for the antiparasitic treatment of the surroundings of animals
Interactive astronomical system and method
Purification of alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor
Data protection system
Centrifugal sleeping section for a space craft
System and method of use for revascularizing stenotic bypass grafts and other occluded blood vessels
Time-temperature indicators activated with direct thermal printing and methods for their production
Method and apparatus for space-efficient inter-process communication
5HT1 antagonists for antidepressant therapy
Adapter for a microprocessor
Method for compiling a procedural program to an object class definition
Remote pluggable system having bays for attachment of computer peripherals
Apparatus and method for speculatively updating global branch history with branch prediction prior t...
Rotating tether for securing an animal
Pet carrier
Method and apparatus to minimize phase misregistration artifacts in gated CT images
Catalyst support and catalyst for the polymerization of .alpha.-olefins
Gutter outlet tube, stamping dies and method
Enameled steel and process for enameling a zinc or zinc-alloy precoated steel surface
Method for producing load-optimized steel strips
Method and apparatus for improving internal quality of continuously cast steel sections
Method for setting shape and working stress, and working environment of steel member
Down syndrome critical region 1-like proteins
Geomembrane and method of manufacture
Light-emission-enhancement microbead paint compositions and their preparation
Surface acoustic wave filter
Multi-technology multi-beam-former platform for robust fiber-optical beam control modules
Cooled oil reservoir for watercraft
Liquid crystal display device having spacers with two sizes and metal films and protrusions
Blade for an ice skate
Cover for a hard disk drive
Intravesical drug delivery system
Formulations and methods for providing prolonged local anesthesia
Enzyme and DNA sequence encoding krill-derived multifunctional protein
Diagnostics for cardiovascular disorders
Method for evaluating circuit design for ESD electrostatic discharge robustness
Method of treating a cancerous condition by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune system
Chrysanthemum plant named `Festival Time Improved`
Circuit for a photographic flash
Single photon emission computed tomography system
Single photon emission computed tomography system
Method for producing high strength aluminum alloy welded structures
Vehicle security and monitoring system
Method of preventing car thefts
Method and a system for controlling the propulsion of a motor vehicle
Substituted pyrimidine and pyridine herbicides
Optical fiber array for preventing flow of glue between fibers and waveguide
Electrophoretic displays, display fluids for use therein, and methods of displaying images
BEOL decoupling capacitor
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor apparatus and process for its fabrication
Barrier layers ferroelectric memory devices
Integrated optical interrogation of micro-structures
Polynucleotide encoding human serpin
Macro cell creating method, apparatus and library thereof, and recording medium
Apparatus for developing a dynamic servo signal from data in a magnetic disc drive and method
Semiconductor device having chip scale package
Gravity-flow filtration cartridge for the removal of microorganisms and/or other contaminants
Recording paper cutter and printer therewith
Automatic valved bottle cap for use with liquid containers
Drum unit for facsimile machine
Robot arm
Apparatus for grasping a load from above or from the side, in particular for use in a manipulator
Tandem mobile robot system
Method and apparatus for distributing electrical question and corresponding video materials
Electronic picture book
Integrated circuit wireless tagging
Efficient use of display real estate in a wrist watch display
Positional camera and GPS data interchange device
Automated diagnostic system and method including multiple diagnostic modes
System and method for eye screening
Aerosol compositions
Automatic control method for supplying anaesthetic to a low flow-type closed circuit
Method for fabricating semiconductor memory device
Circuit configuration for evaluating the information content of a memory cell
P-contact for GaN-based semiconductors utilizing a reverse-biased tunnel junction
Camera having a filmstrip holdfast spaced apart from a film path and transportable camera intermedia...
Organic electroluminescent device
PGC-1, a novel brown fat PPARgamma coactivator
Methods of treating mental diseases, inflammation and pain
Method for locating faulty elements in an integrated circuit
Content addressable memory (CAM) with accesses to multiple CAM arrays used to generate result for va...
Telecommunications system for generating a three-level customer behavior profile and for detecting d...
Animated music box card
Immunoeffector compounds
Trypsin inhibitors with insecticidal properties obtained from Pentaclethra macroloba
Method and network device for creating circular queue structures in shared memory
Image object managing method, an image processing apparatus using said method, and a recording media...
Method for watermarking a register-based programmable logic device core
Biological toxin detection system for mailed materials
Expression element
Starch compositions and methods for use in papermaking
System and method for automatically generating automobile insurance certificates from a remote compu...
Method and system for controlling a vehicle speed
Self-propelled agricultural harvesting machine
Walk behind self-propelled crawler snowplow
Operator control system for self-propelled vehicles
Operator control system for self-propelled vehicles
Midmount mower apparatus with raiseable and accessible mower deck
Gas main robotic inspection system
Walk behind floor stripping machine with hydraulic drive
Walk-behind implement having forward and reverse drives and a method of operation therefor
Corner irrigation system including an ultra wide band (UWB) guidance system
Freewheeling bi-directional clutch
Systems and methods for transporting fluids in containers
Control assembly for steering lawn mower
Self-propelled walk-behind implement and transaxle therefor
Universal device for processing Reed-Solomon forward error-correction encoded messages
Method for testing a testable electronic device
Semiconductor device allowing control of clock supply to processor on a clock cycle basis
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Security protection system for identifying a user who uses an electronic device
Personal date/time notary device
Automobile camera system
Rule-compliant password generator
Method and system for data distribution
Method and apparatus for distance learning and workgroup collaboration utilizing the world wide web
System and method for intelligent merchandise indicator and product information provision
Apparatus and method for designating a recipient for transmission of a message in a mobile terminal
Broadcast receiving device and its method
Power lawn mower including shortened control arms for use in deck lift system
Mechanism for automatically configuring integrated access device for use in voice over digital subsc...
Memory writing device for an electronic device
Input/output controller, device identification method, and input/output control method
USB compound device and the method for implementation thereof
CD-R burning device
Network-enabled and intelligent versatile device (VD)
Method and apparatus for controlling card device
Image processing apparatus, management apparatus and image processing method that reduce delays in p...
System, method and apparatus for updating electronic mail recipient lists
Method and apparatus for enhancing the business and engineering communication between a supplier and...
Web telephone set that can make an internet phone
Network facsimile apparatus
Image processing apparatus having rewritable firmware, job management method, and management apparat...
Real image projection device incorporating e-mail register
Friction drive cable shifter
Covalent conjugates of sodium channel blockers and active compounds
Code management system and method for CDMA communication networks
Multi-vehicle communication interface
Computer peripheral mounting bracket
Computer mouse with integral digital camera and method for using the same
Multiple orientation image forming device and carriage for use with same
Carrier for fluid ejection device
Printer orifice plate with mutually planarized ink flow barriers
Banding reduction in incremental printing, by spacing-apart of swath edges and randomly selected pri...
Narrow ink jet printhead
Polymerization catalyst systems and processes therefor and therewith
Airflow system of metal-air battery
Process for recovering feed-grade protein from animal manure
Laser marker and method of light spot adjustment therefor
Traffic control apparatus
Activation of word lines in semiconductor memory device
Circuit board fixing structure of heatsink fan
Device for accumulating electrical energy composed of a winding of superimposed strips and method of...
Thin film magnetic head having a non-magnetic body and method of manufacturing the same
Fuel cell adapter system for combustion tools
2,6-.beta.-D-fructan hydrolase enzyme and processes for using the enzyme
Osmotic delivery system flow modulator apparatus and method
Electroacoustic transducer having a moving coil and elastic holding elements for the connecting lead...
Process for fabrication of metal-carbon fiber matrix composite material
Meted hyperpolarized noble gas dispensing methods and associated devices
Fish safe screened water diversion apparatus
Stabilization system for soil slopes
Lift boat
Wall block with interlock
Wall forming system for retaining and non-retaining concrete walls
Slope guard
Clip card
Control method of inter-axle differential and inter-axle differential apparatus
Compositions and methods for the treatment and prevention of bovine mastitis
Current limiting switch and related method
Telecommunications system simultaneously receiving and modulating an optical signal
Image processing
Wireless underwater video system
Video graphics controller with high speed line draw processor
Input device that analyzes acoustical signatures
Electrical circuit tracing device
Controlled-access broadcast signal receiving system
Axial-mode linear wind-turbine
Capacitor-mounted metal foil and a method for producing the same, and a circuit board and a method f...
Adaptive timeout value setting for distributed computing environment (DCE) applications
Method of treating pain using nalbuphine and opioid antagonists
Cyanoiminoquinoxaline derivatives
Receptor specific atrial natriuretic peptides
Methods for inducing the differentiation of monocytes into functional dendritic cells
Selective factor Xa inhibitors
Smoke evacuation apparatus
Striding-type generation scanning for parallel garbage collection
Performance control system and method for gas discharge lasers
Polymerization of silicone in a surfactant medium
Method and apparatus for after recording of digital recording medium and method and apparatus for re...
Diagnostics and therapy based on vascular mimicry
Low-power/wideband transfer function measurement method and apparatus
Method, system, and program for remote copy in an open systems environment
Systems and methods for backing up data files
Information system using human resource profiles
Application of personality models and interaction with synthetic characters in a computing system
Piezoelectric resonator utilizing a harmonic in a thickness-extensional vibration mode
Small-sized vehicle
Liquid crystal display device and its manufacture method in which the alignment films having differe...
Support device with floating pins bag
Sound absorbing-insulating structure for vehicles
Apparatus for the determination of microorganisms in liquid test specimens
Hydantoinase variants with improved properties and their use for the production of amino acids
Arrangement consisting of a photodiode and an optical fiber
Toner support member and developing device prevented from charging toner by friction
Method of optimizing transmission, and transmitter
Digit transmission over wireless communication link
Wideband multi-protocol wireless radio transceiver system
Antenna impedance adjuster
Phase-locked tracking filters for cellular transmit paths
Threshold detection for early termination of iterative decoding
Bipiperidine derivatives as modulators of CCR3 activity and as H1 antagonists
Use of adapter key to increase performance when updating a value referenced by a data access object
Round trip response time measurement for computer programs
Method of compiling navigation route content
Method and system for compact representation of routes
Modem with firmware upgrade feature
Digitized document circulating system with circulation history
Browser image display bookmark system
Method of scheduling garbage collection
Poinsettia plant named `Klepopisa`
Method of deposition of films
Method of making bioluminescent assay reagent based on non-viable E. coli
MEMS optical balanced path switch
Visual neural classifier
Mobile communication system
Analyzing characteristics of geometries
Magnetic memory cell having magnetic flux wrapping around a bit line and method of manufacturing the...
Light emitting semiconductor devices including wafer bonded heterostructures
Compact photographic apparatus of the self-developing type
Removing or increasing permeability of embryonic capsule to prepare equine embryos for cryopreservat...
Low power, linear geometry hall plasma source with an open electron drift
Use of known agonists of the central cannabinoid receptor CB1
Thread-wound golf ball
Polycarboxylates-based aqueous compositions for cleaning of screening apparatus
Process for producing hydrogen peroxide and composition therefor
Process for making calcium chlorides
Method for producing aqueous hydroxylamine solutions which are substantially free of metal ions
Self-regenerative process for contaminant removal from ammonia
Production of soluble silicates from biogenic silica
Pitch fiber bundle and pitch type carbon fiber bundle and method for production thereof
Heavy oil - solid composition and method for preparing the same
Use of metal compounds in imagable articles
Interoperable workflow management system
Bubble-blowing toy
Decorative balloon holder
Toy projectile launcher
Reticulated fish aggregation apparatus
Foldable display panel
Steerable self-propelled all terrain vehicle
Implement combination
Auxiliary powered forest clearing implement
Power lawn mower with stand-on and sit-down modes with battery located between feet of operator
Snow sled with deformable steering mechanism
Modular unit for mounting on a grass treatment machine
Walk-behind, self-propelled working machine
Walk behind self-propelled crawler snowplow
Racing game machine
Radiant electric heater
In vitro sorting method
Methods and compositions for treatment of disorders associated with chlamydia and similar bacterial ...
Functional coating of linezolid microcapsules for taste-masking and associated formulation for oral ...
Alkali or acid corrodible organic or composite particles in resin matrix
Rubber composition for tire-tread having high frictional force on ice and pneumatic tire using same
Porous ceramic material and producing method of same, and valve unit
Hollow bone mineral-like calcium phosphate particles
Sealable multilayer polyolefin film containing hollow particles process for its production and its u...
Model-based detection of leaks and blockages in fluid handling systems
Frameworks for generation of java macro instructions for instantiating java objects
Robotic storage buffer system for substrate carrier pods
Robot controller
Information processing device, information processing method, and robot apparatus
Sonar scanner
Apparatus and method for mail sorting
Processing platform with integrated particle removal system
Factory interface particle removal platform
Chloride assisted hydrometallurgical extraction of metal
Method for processing gold-bearing sulfide ores involving preparation of a sulfide concentrate
Method for processing gold-bearing sulfide ores involving preparation of a sulfide concentrate
Gold recovery from refractory carbonaceous ores by pressure oxidation and thiosulfate leaching
Gold recovery using controlled oxygen distribution pressure oxidation
Method and system for facilitating timing of base stations in an asynchronous CDMA mobile communicat...
Electrically thin multi-layer bandpass radome
Nano-structures, process for preparing nano-structures and devices
Frequency selective microwave devices using narrowband metal materials
Periodic dielectric structure of the three-dimensional photonic band gap type and method for its man...
Process for the biological purification of wastewater
Hand tool handle
Dish washing process
Knife handle
Diamond containing edge material
Genetic test to determine non-responsiveness to statin drug treatment
Benzodiazepinone .beta.-amyloid inhibitors: arylacetamidoalanyl derivatives
Robot control system and method for introducing robot control software
Method for informing a user of a communication device where to obtain a product and communication sy...
Apparatus and method for accessing a memory device during speculative instruction branching
Fan flow sensor for hydrogen generating proton exchange member electrolysis cell
Herbicidal sulphonylamino(thio)carbonyl compounds
Toner processes
Miniaturized conformal wideband fractal antennas on high dielectric substrates and chiral layers
Extruded label holder
Intermediates for the synthesis of benzimidazole derivatives and a process for the preparation there...
Method for generating test data for listing program, listing program generation apparatus, and stora...
Two-part disinfecting systems and compositions and methods related thereto
Multi-carrier pheromone carrying substrate dispenser, apparatus distribution system
High areal density thin film magnetic head
Power cord clip
Attenuated vaccination and gene-transfer virus, a method to make the virus and a pharmaceutical comp...
Methods and compositions for impairing multiplication of HIV-1
Body weight supports and teaching aid
Shoveling hand cart apparatus
Electrodeposition of metals in small recesses using modulated electric fields
Method for crushing cell
Geometrically restricted 2-indolinone derivatives as modulators of protein kinase activity
Formal verification of a logic design through implicit enumeration of strongly connected components
Colorants, colorant stabilizers, ink compositions, and improved methods of making the same
Melt blown composite HEPA filter media and vacuum bag
Monohydroxylated diene polymers and epoxidized derivatives thereof
Disc-like record carrier with information track containing control information including disc diamet...
Monocyte locomotion inhibitory factor
Methods for identifying estrogen surface receptor agonists
DNA damaging agents in combination with tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Expression cloning processes for the discovery, characterization and isolation of genes encoding pol...
Human RNA binding process
Method, system and program product for determining the value of a proposed technology modification
Apparatus for non-instrusively measuring health parameters of a subject and method of use thereof
Moisture barrier film
Method for utilizing gas reserves with low methane concentrations and high inert gas concentration f...
Implantable measuring device, particularly a pressure measuring device for determining the intracard...
Feed forward method for canister purge compensation within engine air/fuel ratio control systems hav...
Liquid-crystal display device
Article of footwear for gripping and kicking a ball
Hermetically sealed compressors
Peripheral bus extender
Single use toothpaste dispensing devices and disposible toothbrush kit utilizing the same
Portulaca plant named `Sleeping Beauty`
Tremble correction camera
Carbon-bonded metal structures and methods of fabrication
Protecting optical switches
Gypsum composition with ionic styrene butadiene latex additive
Personal watercraft and off-power steering system for a personal watercraft
Semi-submersible, mobile drilling vessel with storage shaft for tubular drilling equipment
Trailer platform
Adjustable foot brace system
Adjustable sponson for watercraft
Dispersion-managed fiber preform and fabricating method thereof by MCVD
Search scheme for receivers in mobile communication systems
Laser communication system and method of operation using multiple transmitters and multiple receiver...
Optical system for characterizing particles in a colloidal suspension using interferometry
Mobile partition device for separating classes in a passenger compartment such as in an airliner
Illuminated emergency signaling device and flying balloon
Exterior armor for use on bottom of helicopter
Method of treating a substrate employing a ballistic aerosol marking apparatus
Cellulose-based fire retardant composition
Method and device for producing fibrous materials from thermoplastic materials
Method and composition for dispersing hydrophobic particles in aqueous suspensions
Wet waste compostable bag and method and apparatus for manufacturing same
Plastic lumber pallets
Apparatus and method for eliminating imaging sensor line noise
Generalized scalability for video coder based on video objects
Method and apparatus for video compression using block and wavelet techniques
Methods and apparatuses for refining a geometric description of an object having a plurality of exte...
Arrangement for identifying an information packet stream carrying encoded digital data by means of a...
Method of heat-treating nitride compound semiconductor layer and method of producing semiconductor d...
Metal halide lamp with lithium and cerium iodide
Electronic ballast for high-intensity discharge lamps
Apparatus and method for boil phase detection based on acoustic signal features
Frameworks for generation of java macro instructions in java computing environments
Dead reckoning system for reducing auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
Break away counterweight with neutralizing buoyancy offset for diver's safety
Smart light bulb
Detection apparatus and method using digitally encoded serial data
Scatter controlled emission for optical taggants and chemical sensors
Integrated paint quality control system
Active left-right flow control in a two chamber cardiac prosthesis
Centrifugal fermentation process
Fusion proteins, DNA molecules, vectors, and host cells useful for measuring protease activity
System and method to compile instructions to manipulate linguistic structures into separate function...
Process for the production of semi synthetic statins via novel intermediates
Apparatus for automatic sensing of line amplifier configuration for status monitoring
Solid water-soluble or water-dispersible compositions
Inhibition of apoptosis using interleukin-1.beta.-converting enzyme (ICE)/CED-3 family inhibitors
Cyclic amino acid compounds pharmaceutical compositions comprising same and methods for inhibiting ....
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses thereof
Plant genes and uses thereof
Integrated position and direction system with map display oriented according to heading or direction
Multimedia computer speaker system with bridge-coupled subwoofer
System and method for complexity analysis-based cardiac tachyarrhythmia detection
Virtual positioning media control system
System and method for VDSL real time response to video programming
System for personalized settings
Personal communication system for communicating voice data positioning information
System and method employing indwelling RF catheter for systemic patient warming by application of di...
Electronic template medical records coding system
Image forming method, image forming apparatus, toner removing device and image receiving sheet
Cable network system with ingress noise suppressing function
Car wash entry station face plate
Logarithmic compression methods for spectral data
Glint-resistant position determination system
Pneumatic grinding tool
System, method and article of manufacture for remote unlocking of local content located on a client ...
High throughput methods, systems and apparatus for performing cell based screening assays
Multiwall polymeric microcapsules from hydrophilic polymers
Gas-insulated switchgear
Transition metal compound, addition polymerization catalyst component, addition polymerization catal...
Molecular light emission device
Fuel cell stack having bent section flow passage grooves
Intravascular imaging guidewire
Apparatus for continuously determining volatile substances dissolved in insulating fluid
Back-loading catheter
Method of producing concentrated non-buffered solutions of fibronectin
Network connection controlling method and system thereof
Interactive connotative dictionary system
Image forming apparatus and fixing device
Image forming system for controlling the amount of toner deposited on a photosensitive drum based on...
Optical circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Image processing apparatus
Electronic computer with a file bay cover including an electronic lock and method of controlling the...
Head assembly and suspension having a terminal section with a bend for contact
Retaining wall assembly
Grit surface cable products
Cylindrical steel core caisson
Buoyancy compensator weight system
Canal or pipe system as well as process for installation of a cable or empty pipe into a canal or pi...
Erosion control rolls
Inflatable electrode for temporary pacing
Mammalian cytokine-like factor-7
Chromogenic light filter and controls
Electrode for fuel cell and process for producing the same
Admixture composition for mixing with lubricant
Plug of pipe coupling
Polyhydroxybutyrate polymerase
Process for producing aliphatic polyester excellent in stability
Coffee making machine
Robot and method for controlling motor speed of the robot
Nucleotide sequence of the Haemophilus influenzae Rd genome, fragments thereof, and uses thereof
Aqueous copolymer dispersion, its method of production and its use
Electron source for food treating apparatus and method
Conductive polymer compositions and methods of manufacture thereof
Treatment of anti-depression drug-induced sexual dysfunction with apomorphine
Method of developing a system for identifying the presence and orientation of an object in a vehicle
Process for the preparation of 1-Propyl-2, 4, 5-trimethoxybenzene from toxic .beta.-asarone of acoru...
Manufacture of semiconductor capacitively-coupled NDR device for applications such as high-density h...
Dubbing apparatus
Card reader
EL lamp with increased phosphor density
Esterified polysaccharide products and B-lactone ring opened ketene dimer products containing the co...
Configurable monitoring of program viewership and usage of interactive applications
Engraftable human neural stem cells
Exterior coating, composition used for such coatings and method for obtaining same
Methods, systems and computer program products for controlling applications/preferences of a pervasi...
Apparatus for information display in programmable and reprogrammable spherical devices
Iron-based alloy containing bonded and free carbon and method of manufacturing the same
Variable pitch spindle line drilling machine
Transgenically produced non-secreted proteins
Cyclic compounds useful in the treatment of dyslipidaemia, atherosclerosis and diabetes, pharamaceut...
Amidocarboxylic acid derivatives
Method of treating the syndrome of coronary heart disease risk factors in humans
Pyrimidine compounds useful in treating cytokine mediated diseases
Pyrazole compositions useful as inhibitors of ERK
Inhibitors of p38
Process for the production of an isomer of xylenes in three stages: separation, isomerization in the...
Preparation of cyclopropylethyne and intermediates for preparation of cyclopropylethyne
Estrogenic compounds as anti-mitotic agents
Diyne-containing (co)polymer, processes for producing the same, and cured film
Catalyst compositions employing sol gel particles and methods of using the same
Cyclobutyl silanes for catalysts useful for making highly isotactic olefin polymers
Method of separating and recovering proteins from a protein solution
Method for setting a timer based on previous channel request statistics
Porting engine for testing of multi-lingual software
Automatic payment system for a plurality of remote merchants
Wearable computer-battery system
Fluid pressure cylinder
Heating member for combination heating and chilling apparatus, and methods
Method and apparatus for pre-processing and packaging class files
Landscaping pond system
Method and apparatus for the secure storage of audio signals
Aerodynamic lift generating device
Data storage medium, and apparatus and method of reproducing the data from the same
Method and device that validates time of an internal source using an external source
Wireless device cradle with spatial antenna diversity capability
Thermal printer and driving device for the same
Methods and systems for carrying out directory-authenticated electronic transactions including conti...
Minimalistic electronic commerce system
Prepayment energy metering system with two-way smart card communications
Method for managing group membership in internet multicast applications
System and method for identifying an unidentified customer at the point of sale
Authenticating method for an access and/or payment control system
Retrovirus from the HIV group and its use
Method for optimizing locks in computer programs
Tiarella plant named `Butterfly Wings`
Antirrhinum plant named `Balumhopi`
Citrus tree named `Yanov`
Poinsettia plant named `KLEW01064`
Poinsettia plant named `KLEW01052`
Citrus tree named `Nectar`
Phlox plant named `Natural Feelings`
Process of treating fabrics with a laundry additive
Solid cosmetic composition and uses thereof
Cosmetic compositions
Cosmetic composition containing N-acyl neutral amino acid esters of lower alcohols
Pigmented cosmetic compositions
Flocked cosmetic sampler, method of making and method of use
Application unit for a lipstick-type product
Catalyst support material having high oxygen storage capacity and method of preparation thereof
Recovery of polyunsaturated fatty acids from urea adducts
Voice guidance switching device and method
Azo amino acids derivatives
Puncture needle support tool, RF coil, magnetic resonance signal measuring apparatus, and magnetic r...
Intervertebral disk prosthesis
Selective retinoid agonists
Method and apparatus for imaging cardiovascular surfaces through blood
Lyocell fiber from sawdust pulp
Resilient containers for hyperpolarized gases and associated methods
Low water activity filling
Device for the automatic regulation of the quantity of adhesive deposited in flexible film rolling m...
Composition and method
Apparatus and method for reorienting an egg between vertical and horizontal orientations
Instrumented and actuated guidance fixture for sterotactic surgery
Digital magnetic system for magnetic surgery
Method for mapping internal body tissue
Method and apparatus for volumetric image navigation
Picture archiving and communication system and method for multi-level image data processing
Deployment of snapshots with parameterized data description language strings
Configuration for enhanced entertainment system control
Blood filter having legs and centering elements integrally manufactured
Route planner with area avoidance capability
Method and apparatus to eliminate failed snoops of transactions caused by bus timing conflicts in a ...
Rheology modification of polymers prepared using metallocenes
Driving fit rivet made of aluminum
Composition and method for improved carbohydrate management in mammals
Insecticidal protein toxins from Photorhabdus
Non-wax packaging film
Morinda citrifolia dietary fiber
Single handed container for mixing foods
Utility lighter
Nucleic acid mediated electron transfer
Laser lap welding process of welding together overlapped plated steel sheets
Zinc coated steel plates coated with a pre-lubricating hydroxysulphate layer and methods for obtaini...
Surface-treated steel sheet having lowered contact resistance and connecting terminal members made b...
Manufacturing steel belted planks from scrap tires
Steel wire and method of manufacturing the same
Silicon steel sheet and method for producing the same
2-(purin-9-yl)-tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol derivatives
Molded building panel and method of construction
Concrete structure
Robot and information processing system
Extradural leads, neurostimulator assemblies, and processes of using them for somatosensory and brai...
Communication and control by means of brainwave and other processes causing voltage changes that can...
Heart rate variability as an indicator of exercise capacity
Implantable medical device for tracking patient cardiac status
Produce recognition system and method
Navigation system with zoomed maneuver instruction
Recording method and apparatus
Image processing system
System for electronic compensation of beam scan trajectory distortion
Optical element having an integral surface diffuser
Method for formatting the facet of optical waveguide element for use in optical communication
Waveguide incorporating tunable scattering material
Method to optimize rare earth content for waveguide lasers and amplifiers
Optical devices employing an optical thresholder
Manual variable optical attenuator and method
Elimination of optical power limitation due to stimulated raman scattering in fiber optic links
Method and system for controlling operation mode switching of portable television (TV) phone
Picture image recording device
Device for selecting and controlling a plurality of signal sources in a television system
Method and apparatus for installing in swimming pool a track for receiving optical fibers
Display device including a light guide with movable element for emitting visible light when excited ...
Luminescent kite apparatus
Adjustable light display assembly
Pumpkin/fruit display stand
Universal swivel mount
Clutching feature for adjusting device
System and disassembling test data and method
Self-healing computer system storage
Methods for increasing file storage capacity of optical discs
Method for managing a database for storing variable size data records using fixed size buckets
Method and system for maintaining data coherency in a dual input/output adapter utilizing clustered ...
Method and apparatus for maintaining and restoring mapping table entries and data in a raid system
Method and apparatus for error recovery in a storage device
Automated control of interactive application execution using defined time periods
JIT/compiler Java language extensions to enable field performance and serviceability
RTL annotation tool for layout induced netlist changes
Method and apparatus for tolerating defects in a programmable logic device using runtime parameteriz...
Burial columbarium
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds which inhibit platelet-derived growth factor and/or p56lck tyros...
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Method for in vivo ex vivo and in vitro repair and regeneration of cartilage and collagen and bone r...
Antistatic resin composition
Tumor antigen protein, gene thereof, and utilization thereof
Polypeptide variants
Antibodies that specifically bind ACT-4-L-h-1 ligand
Receptor activator of NF-.kappa.B
Method for transferring nucleic acid into multicelled eukaryotic organism cells and combination ther...
Suppressor of HIV replication and transcription
Cytolytic T-cell clones against colorectal carcinoma
Selective removing method of carbon monoxide
Reforming with intermediate reactant injection
Multi-component polymeric networks containing poly(ethylene glycol)
Imaging of neuronal material
Method of reducing effects of a rough sea surface on seismic data
Multi-object fetch component
Methods for reducing intraocular pressure using A3 adenosine receptor antagonists
Method and apparatus for monitoring the performance of internal queues in a microprocessor
Method and apparatus for timing duration of initialization tasks during system initialization
Network attached virtual tape data storage subsystem
Selective interception of system calls
Method for exchanging digital data between electronic cards and corresponding connection system
Apparatus and method for speaker verification/identification/classification employing non-acoustic a...
Integrated cooling system
One-way force transmission
Apparatus and method of velocity estimation
Method for improving productivity of higher plants
Computer system implementing system and method for ordering write operations and maintaining memory ...
Vacuum heat treating furnace
Liquid detergent compositions comprising polymeric suds enhancers
Liquid detergent compositions comprising block polymeric suds enhancers
Durable press/wrinkle-free process
Inhibition of viral infection using antigen-binding proteins
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor and wrinkle control
Roll for the continuous casting of metal strips comprising a cooling circuit
Exterior structure for electronic keyboard instrument
Doll head with an attachable doll wig and method of making the same
Game call assembly system and method
Electrode for tissue stimulation
Waveguide tunable Bragg grating using compliant microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology
Computerized scientific method educational system for collecting and analyzing data from prerecorded...
Methods for reducing contamination of semiconductor substrates
Apparatus and method for inspecting cell defect of liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for fading a dyed textile material
Methods and apparatus for using a modified index to provide search results in response to an ambiguo...
Generating 3D models by combining models from a video-based technique and data from a structured lig...
System for rewarding viewers of interactive commercial advertisements
Web-based control of telephone
Methods and apparatus for tailoring spectroscopic calibration models
Method for reducing power consumption, and portable electronic device and entertainment system that ...
Virtual machines in OS/390 for execution of any guest system
Device for repairing a soft-tissue tear and method
Derivatized polystyrene and other polymer supports for spectroscopic studies
Back for a seating structure
Rotating bed magnetic refrigeration apparatus
Camera for preventing plastic deformation of locking member of light-shielding door or film cartridg...
Method of striping data onto a storage array
Competition water slide
Portable play tunnel
Convertible dipole/inverted-F antennas and wireless communicators incorporating the same
Jog control for industrial control network
Screening methods for identifying modulators of proliferation and differentiation of bone cells
Floor mounted retention system
Method of and apparatus for predicting vehicle interior noise
Voice recognizer, voice recognizing method and game machine using them
Hand microphone interfaced to game controller port of personal computer
Rendering method and apparatus, game system, and computer readable program product storing program f...
System for profiling mobile station activity in a predictive command wireless game system
Video screen indicated position detecting method and device
Game system with musical waveform storage
Video game with split screen and automatic scrolling
Method and apparatus for measuring skin moisture by using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy
System for removing liquid carrier
Manual interface combining continuous and discrete capabilities
Production of transgenic impatiens
Blocked mercaptosilane coupling agents for filled rubbers
Methods for making 2-(.omega.-alkoxycarbonylalkanoyl)-4-butanolide, ester of .omega.-hydroxy-(.omega...
Apparatus for frequency conversion of a laser
Device and method for flat holding of a substrate in microlithography
System and method of knowledge architecture
Techniques for DLM optimization with re-mastering events
Aerosol air flow control system and method
Method for supplying bioavailable methionine to a cow
Power storage unit charging system for firearm
Toy having enclosed antenna
Knowledge based expert analysis system
Policy-based multivariate application-level QoS negotiation for multimedia services
Method to modify 1T-RAM by extra resist protect oxide (RPO) blocking
Thin film magnetic memory device capable of reducing number of wires and reading data at high speed
Surface emitting semiconductor laser
System and method for determining the 3D position of aircraft, independently onboard and on the grou...
I2C/SMBus start-stop detecting circuit that reduces the likelihood of stalling the bus due to glitch...
Lens cover assembly for a folding camera
Monitor for the control of multimedia services in networks
Cobalt-tungsten-phosphorus alloy diffusion barrier coatings, methods for their preparation, and thei...
Plasma display with reduced power consumption
Gateway architecture for data communication over bandwidth-constrained and charge-by-use networks
Bridged metallocenes for olefin copolymerization
Apparatus and method for providing and updating recorded audio messages for telecommunication system...
Temperature compensation for ground piercing metal detector
Compositions containing and methods of using 1-aminoindan and derivatives thereof and process for pr...
Permission-based scanning of a web site
Method and apparatus for an easy identification of a state of a DRAM generator controller
Method and device for tunnel switching
Ballast system for a fluorescent lamp
Method and apparatus for delivering a virtual reality environment
System and method to reduce the peak-to-average power ratio in a DS-CMDA transmitter
Apparatus and methods for assisting cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Bioreactor carrier gel prepared from a crosslinked N-vinylcarboxamide resin
Method for removal of HIV and other viruses from blood
Thermal infrared detector
Process for producing simvastatin and/or its derivatives
(Substituted)Acyl dipeptidyl inhibitors of the ice/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
Current controlled CMOS transconductive amplifier arrangement
Salicylamide-lanthanide complexes for use as luminescent markers
System and method for controlling vehicle velocity and inter-vehicle distance
Image forming apparatus having registration rollers of a variable rotating speed
Reservoir monitoring in a laminated reservoir using 4-D time lapse data and multicomponent induction...
Method and system for managing storage systems containing redundancy data
Lithium battery