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Method for forming wiring structure
Semiconductor device
Electrical contact for compound semiconductor device and method for forming same
Semiconductor device having an improved construction in the interlayer insulating film
Semiconductor device with fuses
Low-voltage punch-through bi-directional transient-voltage suppression devices having surface breakd...
Detection of surface-associated human leukocyte elastase
Mixture for the treatment of waste materials
Versatile, modular, multi-stage water purification system
Method and device for treating waste liquid, solvent separator, and cleaning device using thereof
Replaceable filter with locking mechanism
Apparatus and method for extracting particles from a fluid stream
Point-of-use water treatment system
Method and apparatus for mixing fluids, separating fluids, and separating solids from fluids
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus having developer container with light transmitting window used for remaining...
Image developing apparatus, process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and deve...
Image processing apparatus and method, and profile generating method
Scanning type display optical system and scanning type image display apparatus
Polarization beam splitter and method of producing the same
Stage device, method of controlling same, and exposure apparatus
Projection exposure apparatus having aberration measurement device
Stage system
Image pickup apparatus
Camera with first and second compression units and with a digital capture unit providing an output t...
Process and apparatus for forming images
Cable-enrolling conductive thin-film sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Bottom structure for a smelting furnace
Electron beam melting method for metallic material
Mining method for steeply dipping ore bodies
Plasma flat lamp
Speech communiction system and method, and robot apparatus
Sterility sampling test method and apparatus
Picture taking mobile robot
Machine and method for inspecting ferrule of optical connector
Finger unit for robot hand
Palm mechanism for robot hand
Wafer transfer system of wet cleaning equipment
Synchronization control apparatus and method, and recording medium
Medical tele-robotic system
Robot system and control method thereof
Articulated robot
Mobile robot
Control system of a robot cleaner
Method and system for controlling robots
Physical programming toy
Air cleaning robot and system thereof
Robot cleaner equipped with negative-ion generator
Robot cleaner having floor-disinfecting function
Hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for a robot
Motion-control apparatus and motion-control method for legged mobile robot, and method for generatin...
Medical tele-robotic system
Detection of impulse noise using unused codes in CDMA systems
Channel assignment apparatus and method for a common packet channel in a WCDMA mobile communication ...
Sword blade
Olefin derived copolymer
Control system for plant
Volume control pedal
Lithographic tool with dual isolation system and method for configuring the same
Non-switched capacitor offset voltage compensation in operational amplifiers
Central control unit for controlling the charging process of a battery
Battery charger with protection circuitry
Force sense imparting/inputting apparatus capable of preventing oscillation of operation member, and...
Surface analysis preceding electrofusion of thermoplastics
Housing part for an electrical adjusting drive
Process for producing olefinic polymer
Binder resin containing novel polyhydroxyalkanoate, toner containing the binder resin, and image-for...
Variable venturi
Personal watercraft having a hybrid power source
Illuminated eyewear and a method for illuminating eyewear
Air bleed apparatus for a burner unit
Electronic gas blender and gas flow control mechanism therefor
Sweeping real-time single point fiber
Simultaneous dual polarization radar system
Three-dimensional integrated adjustable inductor, its module and fabrication method of the same
Piezoelectric resonator
Metamaterials for controlling and guiding electromagnetic radiation and applications therefor
Configurable device and method for dispensing a substance
Demodulation capacity of an electromagnetic transponder
Method and apparatus for requesting and displaying worklist data from remotely located device
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Time-domain data integration of multiple gradient, multiple TE echo trains
Method for magnetic resonance fluid characterization
System and method for risk management of errors in software program code
Electro-optically connected multiprocessor configuration including a ring structured shift-register
Remote semiconductor microscopy
Error corrective mechanisms for consensus decoding of speech
Method for determining parameters of earth formations surrounding a well bore
Gesticulating anthropomorphic interface
Predictive optimization of wavelength division multiplexed systems
Portable digital recorder
Alleviating line end shortening by extending phase shifters
Microstructured optical fiber
Index-guiding microstructured optical fibers
Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization, process for producing the same, process for prod...
Image signal encoding device and images signal encoding method
Optical deflector and electromagnetic actuator
Voltage detecting circuit
Spark plug having an oil film on an intermediate portion of the insulator or intermediate portion of...
Vibrator, vibratory gyroscope, and vibration adjusting method
White color light emitting device
Wholly aromatic polyester carbonate and process therefor
Granulated cuprous oxide for antifouling coatings
Derivatives of isosorbide mononitrate and its use as vasodilating agents with reduced tolerance
Lipase genes
Communication apparatus
Photosensitive composition and negative working lithographic printing plate
Data structures, and systems to configure avionic equipment with profile data
Lithium secondary battery with low internal resistance
Target support and method for ion production enhancement
Detection systems for registering protein interactions and functional relationships
Arylation of olefins
Cyclic hydroxamic acid as metalloproteinase inhibitors
Multi-chambered, uniform dispensing tube
Multifunctional autonomically healing composite material
Processing chamber for atomic layer deposition processes
Polymerization catalyst activators, method of preparing, and their use in polymerization processes
Apparatus for processing a lens
Battery cathode
Flag fastening assembly
Apparatus for scanning originals
Equipment for coating printing materials in a printing press, and method of operating the equipment
Clutch for drive elements of a printing machine
Modular printing machine system for printing on sheets
Method and apparatus for decoding information using late contexts
Image retrieving apparatus
Portable information apparatus
Inkjet type color image processing apparatus for textile printing
Image formation apparatus displaying the capacity of data of image to be formed
Auto focus mechanism in image input apparatus
Least squares method for color misregistration detection and correction in image data
Input data processing device, data processing method and computer program product excellent in graph...
Silicone-oil soluble polymer, image display medium using the silicone-oil soluble polymer and image ...
Radiative reduction of entropy
Recondensing superconducting magnet thermal management system and method
Pigs and pig cells having an inactivated .alpha. 1,3-galactosyl transferase gene
GP64-null baculoviruses pseudotyped with heterologous envelope proteins for gene therapy
Integrated or autonomous system and method of satellite-terrestrial frequency reuse using signal att...
Fault-tolerant fiber-optical multiwavelength processor
Induced absorption filter (IAF)
Method and apparatus for alignment of sheet material for printing or performing other work operation...
Smoke alarm and mounting kit
Safety system
Die carrier
Method and apparatus for evaluating anisotropic materials
MEMS actuators
Electrophoretic display and novel process for its manufacture
Multiplexed medical device lead with standard header
Cardiac pacing using adjustable atrio-ventricular delays
Apparatus and method for closed-loop control of laser welder for welding polymeric catheter componen...
Substituted indolinones
1-phenyl imidazol-2-one biphenylmethyl compounds for treatment of circulatory disorders
Sphingosine kinases
Test for oxidative stress using cell suspensions
Electrolyte solution filling method and battery structure of lithium secondary battery
Glucocorticoid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical compositions, and uses thereof
Potassium channel inhibitors
Potassium channel inhibitors
Method of manufacture of programmable switching circuits and memory cells employing a glass layer
Elimination of dendrite formation during metal/chalcogenide glass deposition
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Salts of alkali metals of N, N' disubstituted amides of alkane sulfinic acid and nonaqueous electrol...
Substituted 2,3-benzodiazepine derivatives
System and method for harvesting electric power from a rotating tire's static electricity
Rectifying charge storage device with bi-stable states
System for enabling arc welders
System and method for training and monitoring data reader operators
RFID temperature device and method
Adaptable chip card
Systems and methods of inventory management utilizing unattended facilities
Continuous slurry polymerization volatile removal
Method for preparing bromofluorenes
Intermediate of carbapenem antibiotics and process for the preparation thereof
Curable hot melt adhesive for casemaking
Water compatible energy curable compositions containing malemide derivatives
3-Arylphenyl sulfide derivative and insecticide and miticide
Anionic surfactants
Asymmetric copper complex and cyclopropanation reaction using the same
Supported constrained geometry olefin polymerization catalysts
Polymer matrix containing catalase co-immobilized with analytic enzyme that generates hydrogen perox...
Surface protective film and process for producing the same
Method of manufacturing plastic thin-plate article with protrusions on surface thereof
Black aqueous ink composition, ink jet recording process using the same, and recorded matter
Diagnostics for industrial process control and measurement systems
Optically-pumped multiple-quantum well active region with improved distribution of optical pumping p...
Device and method for adapting the size of an ion beam spot in the domain of tumor irradiation
Systems and methods for adaptive wind noise rejection
Dual-wavelength hybrid waveguide coupler
Programmable fuse and antifuse and method thereof
Double pass arrangement for a liquid crystal device
Memory array of a non-volatile ram
Method for examining structures on a semiconductor substrate
Low voltage tunable photonic crystal with large defects as wavelength routing
Method for forming a holographic spectral filter
Super resolution microscope
Prism-nonlinear optical crystal coupler for laser frequency conversion
Post/wall flag holder
Fishing reel spool
Animal toilet enclosure
Fishing reel component
Strip dispenser rearing hatchlings
Spinning reel having cover for decoration
Teat cup system
Worm shaft attachment structure for spinning reel
Fishing bait apparatus
Tip-up bobber strike indicator
Case structure for housing fishing hook and its fixing method
Estimation of vector velocity
Polycarbonate containing diphenyl carbonate and sheets made therefrom
Method of manufacture of polyester molding compositions and articles produced therefrom
High throughput mechanical rapid serial property testing of materials libraries
Myoelectric-pattern classification method and apparatus
Method and device for the diagnosis and therapy of chronic heart failure
Diagnostic complex for measurement of the condition of biological tissues and liquids
Methods and devices for ablation
Blood withdrawal system
Multiple biopsy device
Method and apparatus for determining the cardiac output of a patient
Method and apparatus to control microbubble destruction during contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging,...
Ultrasonic angioscope system
Automatic ultrasound transmit power setting method and system
Tendon-driven endoscope and methods of insertion
Electronic endoscope system including a plurality of video-processors
Robust method for image feature estimation
Method for recovering 3D scene structure and camera motion from points, lines and/or directly from t...
Method and apparatus for slope to threshold conversion for process state monitoring and endpoint det...
Method of analyzing fringe image having separate regions
Signal processing using the self-deconvolving data reconstruction algorithm
Faster lossless rotation of JPEG images
Image predictive coding method
Method for eliminating blocking effect in compressed video signal
Word recognizing apparatus for dynamically generating feature amount of word and method thereof
Method for segmenting multi-resolution video objects
Flattening images with abstracted objects
Automatic sealing mechanism for optical interconnection units
Tuning tool for tunable fiber optic connector
Optical waveguide-integrated substrate, method for producing the substrate, and optical transceiver ...
Coated optical fiber and optical fiber ribbon and method for the fabrication thereof
Optical fiber, and optical amplifier and transmission system including the optical fiber
Systems and methods for forming ultra-low PMD optical fiber using amplitude and frequency keyed fibe...
Optical fiber and optical transmission system including the same
Color display device fabricated with light emitting polymer (LEP) fiber controlled by image display ...
Method of manufacturing an optical fiber ribbon, and an optical ribbon
Optical fiber cable with controlled helix values
Gel-swellable particles and yarns in gel-filled buffer tubes
Hybrid electrical-optical cable for overhead installation
Alignment of optical waveguides
Optical fiber block
Method and apparatus for wafer level testing of integrated optical waveguide circuits
Two-dimensional array type radiation detector
Drive control method for photosensor system
Method of fast automatic exposure or gain control in a MOS image sensor
Image detection apparatus, program, and recording medium
Command frames and a method of concatenating command frames
Digital video format converter and method therefor
Projection system with folded optical path
Scaling adjustment to enhance stereo separation
Film source video detection
Adaptively deinterlacing video on a per pixel basis
High performance light engine
Light stick with LED light source
Lighting or indicating device for a motor vehicle
Vehicle headlamp
Lighting apparatus with enhanced capability of heat dissipation
Reversible cover and diffuser for a lampshade
Decorative lighting equipment
Illumination optical system and exposure apparatus having the same
Luminous diode arrangement with reflector
Ring illuminator
Illumination system with multiple lamps
Power outlet with night-vision-function
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus
Solid state light source, as for a flashlight
System to warn of an approaching emergency vehicle
LED flashlight with side panels inside structure
Driving means for driving light sources in various illuminating pattern and luminous shoes applied t...
LED work light
Illuminated bottle cap with epoxy dome
Basket for espresso coffee maker
Dicing machine with interlock
Shape memory polyurethane or polyurethane-urea polymers
Ferroelectric fibers and applications therefor
Irradiated multilayer film having seal layer containing hyperbranched polymer
Method for utilizing gas reserves with low methane concentrations for fueling gas turbines
Fabrication of drug loaded biodegradable polymer fibers
Apparatus and method for controlling allocation of resources and task execution
Pro-perfume compositions and substrate-treating products and methods using them
Process for making perfume containing surfactant compositions having perfume burst when diluted
High bond strength, repositionable adherent sheet
Stabilization of terpenoids in cosmetic compositions
Apparatus and method for controlling the temperature of manufacturing equipment
Footwear construction
Rolling bearing
Wheel end assembly with locking fastener
Axial thrust bearing
Caged roller assembly and reduction gear unit using the same
Adapter mounted bearing assembly
Protective device for antifriction bearing with rotational speed measurement
Magnetic encoder and wheel bearing assembly using the same
Rotor bearing with propeller for increased lubricant flow
Rodless slide assembly
Process for signalling cost information upon connection establishment and a tariff server therefor
Platform for prepaid calling card calls
Call queue handling
Targeted advertising in a telephone dialing system
Explosive ammunition with fragmenting structure
Primer body
MEMS optical components
Platen for automatic sampler
Devices with optical gain in silicon
Optically scanning apparatus and defect inspection system
Ion optics for mass spectrometers
Attenuated embedded phase shift photomask blanks
Information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Iontophoretic devices
Splice module with optical fiber aligning passageway determining inscribed circle of reduced radius
Offset projection for slim rear projection displays
Information providing system, apparatus for producing a medium for providing the information, appara...
Optically baffled solder sleeve heating station
Method of manufacturing light emitting device
Conductive organic compound device, conductive liquid crystal device, and organic electroluminescenc...
Electroluminescent device and method for the production thereof
Fluorescent composition for the manufacture of CD-ROM type optical memory disks
Personal communications apparatus
Search engine for video and graphics
Minimum procedure system for the determination of analytes
Toner for electrostatic development, charge controlling agent for the toner and process for producin...
Organogel particles
Anti-inflammatory androstane derivative compositions
Corrosion resistant and lubricated pipelines
Pigmented vitreous material
Surface-modified pearl pigment and process for producing the same
Electro chemical mechanical polishing method
Methods of forming ferroelectric capacitors on protruding portions of conductive plugs having a smal...
Optical switch using risley prisms
Organic glass ophthalmic lens having an impact-resistant primer layer based on a polyurethane latex ...
Abrasive articles with resin control additives
Method of manufacturing ferroelectric capacitor
Silicon wafer and silicon epitaxial wafer and production methods therefor
Reagent container
Digital camera
Digital camera
Optical element, mold for molding optical element and optical pickup device
Dynamic threshold system for multiple raster content (MRC) representation of documents
Photoconductive imaging members
Domain size controlled liquid crystals
Phase change inks
Visible identification of solid ink stick
Drop generating apparatus
Ink jet apparatus
Printer sheet feeding path idler rollers biased mounting system
Second side multi-zone screen for a community communication hub kiosk
Decking anchor device
Reinforcing support for plastic pipe
Raised terrace floor using small paving blocks
Method and apparatus for making foam blocks and for building structures therewith
Set of golf club irons
Panel, a kit and a method for forming a masonry wall
Building structure
Modular wall component with insulative thermal break
Hermetically sealed baits for subterranean termites
Feed network and method for an offset stacked patch antenna array
Artificial waterfall climbing structure
Cosmetic agent containing 2-furanone derivatives
7,8-fused 4H-chromene and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis and the use th...
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same, and uses thereof
Process for producing protein hydrolyzate
Multi-fragrance scent dispenser
Method and circuit arrangement for clock recovery
Method and apparatus for predicting transient response of a closed loop apparatus
Power amplifier sharing in a wireless communication system with amplifier pre-distortion
N.times.N switching arrangement of two planar arrays without waveguide crossings
Integrating power-controlled and rate-controlled transmissions on a same frequency carrier
Prevention of deadlocks and livelocks in lossless, backpressured packet networks
Method, apparatus and system for reducing gain ripple in a raman-amplified WDM system
Monolithic two-axis MEMS device for optical switches
Systems and methods for reconfiguring network devices
Adapter and method for handling errors in a data storage device converted to be accessible to multip...
System and method for detecting and using a replacement boot block during initialization by an origi...
Method and apparatus for driving signals on a bus
Method of manufacturing a tunnel magneto-resistance based magnetic memory device
MRAM MTJ stack to conductive line alignment method
Semiconductor diode having a semiconductor die with a substrate and multiple films applied thereover
Meso-microelectromechanical system package
Method of manufacturing an electrolytic cell
Compositions for treating biofilm
Methods of consolidating formations
Reduced ignition propensity smoking article
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Paste type positive electrode for alkaline storage battery, and nickel-metal hydride storage battery
Hydrofining catalyst and hydrofining process
Joint optimization of excitation and model parameters in parametric speech coders
System and method for encoded spatio-spectral information processing
Valve timing control for marine engine
Device II
Apparatus and method for treatment of long bone fractures
TACI antibodies and uses thereof
Use of chromen-4-one derivatives
Derivatives of 2-(iminomethyl)amino-phenyl, their preparation, their use as medicaments and the phar...
Combination therapies for treatment of hypertension and complications in patients with diabetes or m...
Propylcarbamate derivatives as inhibitors of serine and cysteine proteases
Polyamine compounds for treating chemokine receptor mediated diseases
Quinazolinone derivative
Formulations for reducing neuronal degeneration
Rifamycin analogs and uses thereof
Crystalline complexes of fluticasone-2-furoate
Combination of dehydroepiandrosterone or dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate with a lipoxygenase inhibito...
Hydroxyl compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
Compositions and methods for inhibiting slit protein and glypican interactions
Methods of inhibiting neurodegenerative disease
Methods of treating xerostomia and xerophthalmia
Pharmaceutically active uridine esters
Benzothiepine ileal bile acid transport inhibitors
Neurotransmitter signaling can regulate life span in C. elegans
Wall prosthesis that can be implanted in the center of a wound to reinforce abdominal wall closure
System and method of assessment of the efficacy of treatment of neurological disorders using the ele...
Methods of improving the safety of zonisamide therapy
Anastomosis system for performing anastomosis in body
Oxindole hydrazide modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (ptps)
Methods of using zonisamide as an adjunctive therapy for partial seizures
Aminopyrazole compounds
Methods of using zonisamide as an adjunctive therapy for partial seizures
Substituted an unsubstituted benzooxathiazoles and compounds derived therefrom
Remote electrocardiogram for early detection of coronary heart disease
Aminoalcohol derivatives and their use as beta 3 adrenergic agonists
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of obesity or to facilitate or promote weight loss
Novel pyrrole-based HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
System and method of securing a computer from unauthorized access
Logical fuzzy union and intersection operation calculation circuit
Method for customer segmentation with applications to electronic commerce
Methods and apparatuses for measuring diversity in combinatorial structures
System and process for separating multi phase mixtures using three phase centrifuge and fuzzy logic
Architectural reference model for QoS-driven wireless LANs
Leadframe-based semiconductor package for multi-media card
Multimedia display
Data retrieval using graphic display
Digital recording and playback apparatus having MPEG CODEC and method therefor
Method and apparatus for multi-media communication over multiple networks
Systems and methods for connecting reinforcing mesh to wall panels
Waste containment and processing facilities formed contemporaneously with the disposal of mineral re...
Adsorbent particles preparation method and treatment of soils polluted by hydrocarbons using said pa...
Method and apparatus for aligning channel sections with an adjustable alignment key
Floating river debris skimmer
Culvert shelves to assist animal migration
Helical rebar structure
Process for preparing methyllithium
Integrated access device resident mechanism for automatically routing call to specified number upon ...
Method and apparatus for delivering secured telephony service in a hybrid coaxial cable network
Electronic-mail apparatus
Method and apparatus for extending a telephone's capabilities
System data sharing management system in LAN telephone system
Systems and methods for per use no-answer message
Keypad browser
Methods, apparatus, scripts, and computer readable media for facilitating secure capture of sensitiv...
Intelligent-networked system with service for notifying and hearing selected E-mails via a public sw...
Device and method of interfacing voice data between a switch and a computer system
Incorporation of internet connexion connectivity to a preexisting communication infrastructure
Backplane architecture for a telecommunications system chassis
Configuration utility
Laundry system
Power supply device for radio telephone system
Wireless telephone system with information service
System and method for distributed call processing using a distributed trunk idle list
System and method for providing power over a home phone line network
Controlled switching mechanism for accomplishing soft polarity reversal, ring-trip filtering, and li...
Monitoring system for a communication network
Methods and apparatus for wireless operator notification in document processing systems
Polycrystalline silicon and process and apparatus for producing the same
Sintered polycrystalline gallium nitride and its production
Continuous hydrogenation process
Method for treating and upgrading effluents containing metallic sulphates using an ammonia addition ...
Refining of metallurgical grade silicon
Method for purification of phosphoric acid high purity polyphosphoric acid
Ceramics and method of producing ceramics
Method of removal of impurities from gold concentrate containing sulfides
Process for depositing layers of zirconium oxide using soluble powders
Recovery of precious metal from sulphide minerals by bioleaching
Carbon foam abrasives
Magnetic resonance apparatus with an adhesively attached gradient coil system
Measurement and correction of gradient-induced cross-term magnetic fields in an EPI sequence
NMR probe for material analysis
Multi-measurement NMR analysis based on maximum entropy
Steady state free precession magnetic resonance imaging using phase detection for material separatio...
Acoustically damped gradient coil
Magnetic resonance surface coil unit
Phased array coil assembly and method and system for employing the same
NMR probe with flow restriction element
Nuclear magnetic resonance equipment
Apparatus and methods for J-edit nuclear magnetic reasonance measurement
Radio frequency coil with two parallel end conductors
Magnetic resonance device comprising a mobile gradient coil unit
Gaming machine having a player time-selectable bonus award scheme and an intelligent button
Mixtures of thermoplastic elastomers and polar polymers
Breathable neoprene substitute
Desert boot outsole
Tightening device for footwear, and an article of footwear incorporating such tightening device
Energy return sole for footwear
Footwear upper portion
Footwear upper
Bead cushioning device
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Composite fins for heat sinks
Heat sink for a silicon controlled rectifier power controller
Method of using a cartridge for containing a specimen sample for optical analysis
Strategic-response control system for regulating air conditioners for economic operation
Cooling system for fuel cell powered vehicle and fuel cell powered vehicle employing the same
Heat exchanger
Radiator fan
Device for heat transfer between two walls
Heat-dissipating device
Bottom member and heat loops
Lift pump mounting bracket for an electronic control module cooler
Method for attaching an air duct to a recuperator core
Systems and methods that use at least one component to remove the heat generated by at least one oth...
Stairclimber apparatus pedal mechanism
Adjustable mass exercise methods and apparatus
Intermediate section for exercise bar
Bicyclic compounds
Compositions and methods relating to glucose metabolism, weight control, and food intake
Dysfunctional satiety center syndrome and method of treatment therefor
Surface-enhanced spectroscopy-active sandwich nanoparticles
.beta.-carboline derivatives and its pharmaceutical use against depression and anxiety
Use of EP4 receptor ligands in the treatment of neuropathic pain and colon cancer
Object manager for common information model
Method for adjusting a lamp relative to an illuminating beam path of a microscope and a microscope s...
NANBV diagnostics and vaccines
Converting expressions to execution plans
Methods and compounds for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis
Microwave device and method to fuse toner onto print substrate
Method for manufacturing multi-kind and small quantity semiconductor products in a mass-production l...
Display device with capacitor formed in a region of the substrate where the drive circuit is mounted
Method system for loading a self-expanding stent
Iminoamines and preparation thereof
Optical diffusing layer, optical diffusing sheet, and optical element
Electronic coupon system
Maintaining desirable performance of optical emitters over temperature variations
Optical information recording medium, optical information recording/reproduction method, and optical...
Electro-optical device, electronic apparatus, method for forming a colored layer, and method for man...
green phosphor and device using the same
Internal breaker
Spindle assembly for machine tool
Interactive process for recognition and evaluation of a partial search query and display of interact...
Single-shot nail stapler
Cavity-filling biopsy site markers
Flagpole halyard replacement and tool therefor
Compounds and methods for the modulation of CD154
Bunion treating device
Composition and method for detecting an adulterant in an aqueous sample
Antibodies to cytokine receptor common gamma chain like
Method of determining an analyte concentration in a sample from an absorption spectrum
Process for making lyocell fiber from sawdust pulp
Method and apparatus for computer modeling a joint
Methods of therapy with thrombin derived peptides
Airport map system with compact feature data storage
Method and apparatus for event-driven processing of data
World globe with detail display 2
Audio speaker
Signal controller for a musical instrument
Verbena plant named `Lan Burg`
Rotary dial device having a click stop mechanism
Export and modification of (poly)peptides in the lantibiotic way
Mechanism by which platform independent software may bind to and access platform dependent software
Air gap interconnect method
Attenuation devices
Use of plant extracts in a cosmetic composition to protect keratinous fibers
Man-machine interface unit control method, robot apparatus, and its action control method
Geranium plant named `Genfivio`
Aerosol dispenser with ultrasonically welded closure and method of making
Pediatric ventilation mask and headgear system
Method of manufacturing high purity zirconium and hafnium
Extensible device command commutation engine for formatting device commands for the controls of devi...
Methods and apparatus for chocolate dispensers
Internet navigation using soft hyperlinks
System and method for displaying event related electronic program guide data on intelligent remote d...
Antifalsification recording paper and paper support therefor
Creatine salt having enhanced nutritional and therapeutic efficacy and compositions containing same
Electrically programmable three-dimensional memory
Hybrid parsing system and method
Processes for the purification of higher diamondoids and compositions comprising such diamondoids
Metal vapor discharge lamp
Liquid hydrocarbon treatment method
Method and apparatus for controlling page cost in an image-rendering device
Automated cooking system for food accompanied by machine readable indicia
Apparatus and method for in situ measuring of evaporation from a surface
Process for making coated paper or paperboard
Method and apparatus for converting spent water-based drilling muds into fertile indigenous top soil
Methods for automated essay analysis
Methods and apparatus for use in sound replacement with automatic synchronization to images
Urethral sphincter simulator
Sleep quality data collection and evaluation
Dummy medical instrument for use in a simulator
Apparatus for use in training an operator in the use of an endoscope system
Behavior board
Method and system for providing career guidance information
Interactive magnetic book and display system and method
Flipbook for making words according to orthographic patterns
Communication service system and method based on open application programming interface for disabled...
Novel method for paintings
Process for preparing an anti-oxidant in a plant by transformation with glucan lyase DNA
System and method for providing help/training content for a web-based application
Driving simulator
Secure internet-based call accounting service
Acoustic guitar resonator
Video on demand methods and systems
Object connectivity through loosely coupled publish and subscribe events
Stream class driver for computer operating system
Threading and communication architecture for a graphical user interface
Methods and systems for obtaining computer software via a network
System and method for focused testing of software builds
Task library of task data for a plurality of components on a computer system
Extensible scheme for defining the visual appearance of computer system components
Spreadsheet fields in text
Spreadsheet fields in text
Language input architecture for converting one text form to another text form with tolerance to spel...
Reviewing and merging electronic documents
User interface for integrated spreadsheets and word processing tables
Dynamic power control apparatus, systems and methods
Peer-to-peer authorization method
Method and apparatus for dynamically unloading file system filters
Automotive computing devices with emergency power shut down capabilities
Electronic ink processing
Resource manager architecture
System for matching stereo image in real time
Process and device for collision detection of objects
Speaker system
Suction gas guiding system for reciprocating compressor
Planar acoustic waveguide
Hearing aid instrument flexible attachment
Method and system for dispatching socks traffic based on socks connection identified by source addre...
System and method for facilitating distributed server administration of server systems that are scal...
Multiple `express buy` profiles for multiple stores ( and
System and method for providing internet address corresponding to an electronic signal to a user
Method to provide information in an internet telecommunication network
Secure locker system and method
Monitoring system and process for structural instabilities due to environmental processes
Self-configurable multipurpose modular portable device and methods for configuring same
L4 lookup implementation using efficient CAM organization
Generic method for programmatically locating and executing any application
Hash table dispatch mechanism for interface methods
Extendable method for revising patterned microelectronic conductor layer layouts
Checking device and recording medium for checking the identification of an operator
First tier cache memory preventing stale data storage
Reading data from a storage medium
Interruptable and re-enterable system management mode programming code
Method and system for locating devices over a serial bus
System and method for rapidly identifying the existence and location of an item in a file
Linewidth measurement tool calibration method employing linewidth standard
GPS device with compass and altimeter and method for displaying navigation information
Using location data to determine traffic and route information
Bowing coefficient representation of curvature of geographic features
Method for automatically establishing and updating a table of distances
Method for inferring useful information from position-related vehicular events
Appliance control system with LED operation indicators
Method and apparatus for blanking T-waves from combipolar atrial cardiac signals based on expected T...
Gaming machine having a player time-selectable bonus award scheme
EUV, XUV, and X-ray wavelength sources created from laser plasma produced from liquid metal solution...
Plant extracts with anti-radical type action
Method for producing a composite metal product
Golf ball cover compositions
Putter having an insert of variable thickness
Golf club and methods of manufacture
Golf club
Apparatus for measuring green-speed
Golf putter head attachment
Self-propelled figure
Image retainer
Disc toy
Bubble making amusement device
Framed dartboard
Electronic pinball
Game combining strategy and ball kicking skills
Gaming apparatus having door mounted display
Gaming machine with action unit container
Toy having a simulated climbing figure
Play arch attachable to stroller chair
Carabiner attachment bracket for a basket rescue stretcher
Impact-G-force vector-modifying seat structure and method
Aircraft flight surface control system
Spacecraft spin axis reorientation method
Apparatus and method for folding helicopter rotor blades for storage and transport of helicopter
Hybrid flying wing
Deployable projectiles
Auto-lock tool mounting system
Gripping and vacuum end effector for transferring articles
Workpiece transfer device for machine tools
Manipulation unit
Computer directed head stack assembly installation system
Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus
Transferring apparatus of color laser printer
Wavelength tunable laser and method of formation
Light source-optical fiber coupler
Optical luminescent display device
Extinction ratio control of a semiconductor laser
Quantum dot tunable external cavity laser (QD-TEC laser)
Semiconductor laser device
Polarization-stable vertical cavity surface emitting laser device and a method of stabilizing the po...
Passivation scheme for oxide vertical cavity surface-emitting laser
Hybrid heat capacity-moving slab solid-state laser
Electrical excitation circuit for a pulsed gas laser
Semiconductor laser device
Laser diode arrangement
Tunable laser assembly
High power semiconductor laser diode and method for making such a diode
Laser light generating apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for holographic recording of fast phenomena
Apparatus for manifesting latent characteristics existing in sequences of symbols
Image metrics in the statistical analysis of DNA microarray data
Inbred tomato line 294
Soybean cultivar 0491711
Method for plant protection against insects or nematodes by transformation with a nucleic acid encod...
Aspartate kinase
Sodium/proton antiporter gene
Isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding a glycine-rich polypeptide
Nucleic acid fragments, recombinant vector containing the same and method for promoting the expressi...
MraY gene and enzyme of pseudomonas aeruginosa
Analysis of biological targets using a biochip comprising a fluorescent marker
Everninomicin biosynthetic genes
Detection and quantification of neu related proteins in the biological fluids of humans
PYK2 and inflammation
Methods for enhancing graft survival by modulating heme oxygenase activity
Method and device for improving protein stability and solubility
Cleaning compositions containing human serine protease T
Lipid membrane, method for measuring membrane permeability, and method for screening
Three dimensional microstructures and method of making
Sealing resin composition sealing films and use thereof
Method for laminating closure member to film web
Recording paper that can be printed on the reverse
Printing inks and lacquers containing polyolefin waxes
Polymer beads
Organopolysiloxanes for defoaming aqueous systems
Disazo dyes and inks containing them
Methods of monitoring glucose levels in a subject and uses thereof
DPP IV inhibitors
Azabicyclylmethyl derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-dioxino[2,3-f]quinoline as 5-HT1A antagonists
Benzimidazole compounds as ORL1-receptor agonists
N-substituted 1,2,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-benzo[d]azepine compounds
Therapeutic and diagnostic tools for impaired glucose tolerance conditions
Human kinase and polynucleotides encoding the same
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Method of screening for triacyglycerol hydrolase inhibitors
Variation in drug response related to polymorphisms in the .beta.2-adrenergic receptor
Fertility kit
Double barrel ventilation mask for a patient
2,3-oxidosqualene-lanosterol cyclase inhibitors
Indole derivatives
Heteroaryloxy propanolamines, preparation method and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Non-linearity correcting method and device for A/D conversion output data
Ceramic member with fine protrusions on surface and method of producing the same
Nociceptin analogs
Profile-driven data layout optimization
Discharge lamp ballast with DC-DC converter
Method and apparatus for converting an expression using key words
Fusing and fixing unit of image forming apparatus having infrared heat source
Spinal cord stimulation as a therapy for sexual dysfunction
System and method for controlling power demand over an integrated wireless network
Circularly-polarized-light extracting optical element and process of producing the same
Running method and washing method for spiral wound membrane element and spiral wound membrane module
NAD synthetase inhibitors and uses thereof
Reservoir water treatment
Compounds capable of modulating the activity of multidrug transporters and therapeutic use of the sa...
Solid transparent acrylic letters
Preparation of phosphorothioate oligomers
Pelvic disorder treatment device
Illumination device and method for spectroscopic analysis
Promoter of a maize major latex protein gene and methods of using it to express heterologous nucleic...
Method for a general near optimal turbo code trellis termination
Verbena plant named `Lan Chered`
Real image mode finder optical system
Air-stable metal oxide nanoparticles
Tap monitor
Method and apparatus for endotracheal intubation using a light wand and curved guide
Nodular cast iron alloy
Method and system for controlling the performance of a motor vehicle
Laser printable window decal from construction
Semiconductor device which is low in power and high in speed and is highly integrated
Nitride semiconductor substrate and method for manufacturing the same, and nitride semiconductor dev...
Process for waste plastic recycling
Transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) packet-centric wireless point to multi-poin...
Control of leachable mercury in mercury vapor discharge lamps
Object oriented approach to a redundant array storage system
Printing system
Method for weighing mail pieces
Microwave oven having a steaming plate
Address counter for addressing synchronous high-frequency digital circuits, in particular memory dev...
Providing fault-tolerance by comparing addresses and data from redundant processors running in lock-...
Dynamic redistribution of parity groups
Synchronization of load operations using load fence instruction in pre-serialization/post-serializat...
Superscalar processor having content addressable memory structures for determining dependencies
Microprocessor and device including memory units with different physical addresses
Methods and apparatus for performing a memory management technique
Command order maintenance scheme for multi-in/multi-out FIFO in multi-threaded I/O links
Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling same
System and method for optimizing establishment of mirrored data
Tagged address stack and microprocessor using same
Method and apparatus for using cache coherency locking to facilitate on-line volume expansion in a m...
Synchronous DRAM utilizable as shared memory
Hardware assisted lease-based access to memory
Method, system, and apparatus for space efficient cache coherency
Method and apparatus for avoiding locks by speculatively executing critical sections
Cache having a prioritized replacement technique and method therefor
High density storage scheme for semiconductor memory
Chain link conveyor structure
Mesh basket
Waste receptacle panel
Leaf bag filler
Iron rest
Surface squeegee
Mitt with abrasive-coating
Pipe for vacuum cleaner
Automatic washer
Litter box
Pet bed
Candle snuffer
Hand protector
Cosmetic unit
Hair accessory
Hair dryer
Housing for hair coloring apparatus head
Hair coloring apparatus
Piezoelectric clamp lighter
Lamp holder
Human endometrial specific steroid-binding factor I, II and III
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Bis-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Acyl and sulfonyl derivatives of 6,9-disubstituted 2-(trans-1,4-diaminocyclohexyl)-purines and their...
Nucleosidic and non-nucleosidic folate conjugates
4-aryl substituted indolinones
Pyridin-4-YL or pyrimidin-4-YL substituted pyrazines
Immunological adjuvant compositions
Polypeptide inducing antibodies neutralizing HIV
Method of identifying a gene product
Methods and compositions for treatment of HIV-1 infection using antiviral compounds in simultaneous ...
Methods of diagnosing or treating irritable bowel syndrome and other disorders caused by small intes...
Methods for removal, purification, and concentration of viruses, and methods of therapy based thereu...
Needle tip guard for percutaneous entry needles
System, method and computer program product for the immediate creation and management of websites an...
System for tracking nutritional content of food purchases
Gastrointestinal sleeve device and methods for treatment of morbid obesity
Food or beverage containing fucoidan and method for production thereof
Diet planner and method
Film for food packaging
Dextrinized, saccharide-derivatized oligosaccharides
Sago-based gelling starches
Meat-containing, strip-shaped food product and method of making same
Method for processing fish of red flesh
Shortening system
Infusion system for enhanced flavor beverages
UHT treated 100 % non-dairy whipping cream
Low carbohydrate pasta
Composite food product
Flavored oil-in-water emulsions for food applications
Apparatus and method for improving the dimensional quality of extruded food products having complex ...
Method for regulating extrudate flow in a cooling die
Flow distributor device for an extruder
Frozen food item and mold system and method therefor
Method and system for extending the shelf life of feed
Multi-standard channel decoder
System and method using a packetized encoded bitstream for parallel compression and decompression
Stereoscopic image pickup system
Image-capturing apparatus, method of controlling the same apparatus, and computer program product fo...
Image projection apparatus
Display apparatus and controlling method for on-screen display of bar code data
System and method for process variation monitor
Camera stabilizer platform and camcorder therefor
Video reproduction apparatus
Digital broadcast receiving apparatus for restoring and synchronizing sound and image data and contr...
Image processing device, image processing method, and recording medium storing the image processing ...
Device for converting video format
Method and apparatus for three dimensional inspection of electronic components
Sliding lens cap apparatus with close-up and start-up functions
Stereo image processing for radiography
Circuit for processing charge detecting signal having FETS with commonly connected gates
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Electric baby food warmer with water vapor and cover for an electric baby food warmer and method for...
Production of proteins in eggs
Soluble highly branched glucose polymers and their method of production
Method of processing roasted coffee
Process for preparing a storage-stable brown stock
Method of roasting food products
Process and apparatus for the integral utilization of oil-producing drupes, particularly olives, and...
Frozen dessert and process of manufacture
Method for making reduced calorie cultured cheese products
Dairy products with reduced average particle size
Method for processing and recycling animal waste and method for doing business using the same
Ant-proof pet food bowl
Food injection device
Food winding apparatus and system
Package for heating a food product
High strength, tarnish resistant composition of matter
Age-hardenable, corrosion resistant Ni--Cr--Mo alloys
Method of controlling an automated transmission of a vehicle
Distributed steering by wire control using time-triggered protocol communication network
Method for automatically adjusting reference models in vehicle stability enhancement (VSE) systems
Positional data utilizing inter-vehicle communication method and traveling control apparatus
Control strategy for an electric motor using real time predictions of motor capability based on ther...
Power supply equipment for motor vehicle with battery and capacitor
Play-free steering gear
Continuously variable transmission with two piece cam
Suspension system, positive hydraulic braking system, positive drive belt system and belt tensioning...
Body assembly and method of making same
Utility motor vehicle with carrier
Patient carrier with storage
Electric power steering control system
Electric power steering apparatus
Rear structure of motorcycle
Utility vehicle having hydrostatic drive
Motor vehicle that acquires driving power for running from high voltage power supply
Drive for a motor vehicle hood
Vehicle transmission shift safety system
Running power transmission mechanism for a vehicle
System and method for retrieving and displaying data, such as economic data relating to salaries, co...
System and method for managing product development
Authenticated secure printing
Production protection system dealing with contents that are digital production
Patch distribution system, method and computer program product
System and method for managing tier-priced commodity transactions
Systems, methods and computer program products for performing a generalized contingent claim valuati...
System and method for making a payment from a financial account
System and method for shipping material
Automated transaction management system and method
System and method for facilitating interaction between businesses, delivery agents, and customers
Credentialer/Medical malpractice insurance collaboration
Automated validation processing and workflow management
Production method and a production system
Stereoadapter, pattern projection adapter, and adapter for light-emitting member
Camera, lens apparatus, and camera system
Image pickup system
Loyalty camera and a system and method for promoting consumer loyalty
Film molded casing
Photographic processing system having a vacuum platen
Driving apparatus, light-amount regulating apparatus, and lens driving apparatus
Lens holding structure for wall-mounted surveillance camera
Camera assembly having over-center biasing of traveler against rests
Gaming machine with reel strips having an organic light emitting diode display
Method of reducing noise in volume imaging
Method and apparatus for securely providing billable multicast data
Methods, apparatus, and systems employing soft decision decoding
Controlling method for manufacturing process
Method for combining proton beam irradiation and magnetic resonance imaging
Method and system for multiple channel wireless transmitter and receiver phase and amplitude calibra...
Toner container cartridge and refilling apparatus
Automated banding defect analysis and repair for document processing systems
Method and system for galvanically isolated transmission of gigabit/sec data via a slip ring arrange...
Imaging device
Semiconductor apparatus which prevents generating noise and being influenced by noise
Linear track based digital tomosynthesis system and method
Semiconductor memory device
X-ray CT apparatus and method of controlling it
Assist channel coding with character classifications
System and method for iterative reconstruction of cone beam tomographic images
Compensation for polarization mode dispersion in single mode fiber
Whitening matched filter for use in a communications receiver
Spatial and temporal equalizer and equalization method
Network receiver utilizing pre-determined stored equalizer coefficients
Device with n-type semiconductor
Solid state heterojunction and solid state sensitized photovoltaic cell
Barrier region and method for wafer scale package (WCSP) devices
Placement template and method for placing optical dies
Ladder-type gate structure for four-terminal SOI semiconductor device
High-speed programmable read-only memory (PROM) devices
MOSFET threshold voltage tuning with metal gate stack control
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Continuous good step coverage CVD platinum metal deposition
Lower electrode contact structure and method of forming the same
Electrically programmable resistance cross point memory structure
Structure of a CMOS image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Floating trap type nonvolatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
On-p-GaAs substrate Zn1-xMgxSySe1-y pin photodiode and on-p-GaAs substrate Zn1-xMgxSySe1-y avalanche...
Silicon-on-insulator diodes and ESD protection circuits
Gallium indium nitride arsenide based epitaxial wafer, a hetero field effect transistor using the wa...
Double diffused vertical JFET
Package of lightemitting diode with protective element
Optically coupled semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Active-matrix addressed reflective LCD and method of fabricating the same
Chip CMOS optical element
Process for chemically bonding an odor-encapsulating agent to textiles and textiles formed by the pr...
Immunogenic compositions against gastrin peptides
Salmonella secreted proteins and uses thereof
Screening of neisserial vaccine candidates and vaccines against pathogenic neisseria
Antibiotic sensitivity testing
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer
Modulating Robo: ligand interactions