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Methods for concentrating and detecting microorganisms using centrifuge tubes
Car navigation system
Electrically induced vessel vasodilation
Intraconazole exhibiting an improved solubility, a method of preparing the same and a pharmaceutical...
Method for identifying different maize cytotypes and for measuring the contamination of male-fertile...
Field emission array (FEA) addressed deformable light valve modulator
Integrated multimedia system with local processor, data transfer switch, processing modules, fixed f...
Device having a display
Copper-tin alloys and uses thereof
Amplifier circuit with reduced DC power related turn-on and turn-off transients
Remote global positioning device and method
Asymmetric ring-closing metathesis reactions involving achiral and meso substrates
Led lamp apparatus
Recording of result information in a built-in self-test circuit and method therefor
Process for producing high-epsilon dielectric layer or ferroelectric layer
Treatment of pharmacology of drug misuse and other addictive disorders
2-Hydroxymethylolanzapine compositions and methods
Compositions including modafinil for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and multi...
Defectively joined portion removal apparatus for use in a continuous hot rolling process
Method and apparatus for testing disk drive read/write heads by oscillating a recordable medium
Charging device for low blast furnaces
Production process of cross-linked polysuccinimide resin
Bulk display unit
Detection of binding reactions using labels detected by mediated catalytic electrochemistry
Ceramic fusion implants and compositions
Prostate cancer gene
Projection screen with movable shutter
Method for calling by a terminal, like a card controlled mobile station, of a mobile communication s...
Beam splitter for automatic focusing device
Optical scanning device
Dye combinations for multiple bandpass filters for video displays
Upgradable optical communication system module
Galvano mirror unit
Zoom lens system
Optical system of optical pick-up
Cache coherency protocol employing a read operation including a programmable flag to indicate deallo...
Multiprocessor system bus protocol with command and snoop responses for modified-unsolicited cache s...
Composite water-tight door panel installation
Method and apparatus for separating target and non-target species harvested from waterbodies
Method of injecting tubing down pipelines
Pharmacophore recombination for the identification of small molecule drug lead compounds
Apparatus and method for performing microfluidic manipulations for chemical analysis
Electromagnetic sensor
Poinsettia plant named `Fisnova`
Tilt mechanism for work machine
Apparatus and method for coding speech signals by making use of an adaptive codebook
Cache allocation mechanism for modified-unsolicited cache state that modifies victimization priority...
Resilient sole for use in articles of footwear to enhance balance and stability
Liquid crystal display device and method for producing the same
Fuel delivery regulator
Switched-opamp technique for low-voltage switched capacitor circuits
Impedance adjusting circuit
Linearity error compensator
Voltage multiplier having an intermediate tap
Vibration exciter
Antenna system for a satellite-supported vehicle navigation device
Fugitive emission sensing system
Mimicking peptides in cancer therapy
Electrophoresis of nascent proteins
Antigen test to detect equine protozoal myeloencephalitis in horse serum and cerebrospinal fluid
Viability assay for sporocyst-forming protozoa
Human G protein coupled lysophosphatidic acid receptor
Serpentine resistive shunt for MR heads having conductive shields
Articulated wire bonder
Procedure and system for processing data traffic signals carrying information
Flavored tooth conditioning compositions and methods for using the compositions to condition a tooth...
Process for producing .alpha.-olefin polymers
Propylene polymers incorporating macromers
Fluid cosmetic and/or dermatological composition in the form of a water-in-oil emulsion
Method for segmenting medical images and detecting surface anomalies in anatomical structures
Treatment of chemotherapeutic agent and antiviral agent toxicity with acylated pyrimidine nucleoside...
Electron-emitting device
Reclaimed pet resin composition, molded article thereof, and flame-retardant resin composition and m...
Latex elastomer based oil seals and process thereof
Method for the disinfection of medical waste in a continuous manner
Pouch for medical inhaler
Drilling tower
Haemophilus parasuis vaccine and diagnostic
Spathiphyllum plant named `Spalifa`
Method for fixing an adjustable automobile steering column and device for carrying out the method
Ink circulation in ink-jet pens
Automatic compilation of songs
User interface mechanism for manipulating context in computer management applications
Methods of providing lower resolution format data into higher resolution format
Method and apparatus for using a rasterizer and a print engine of incompatible bit-depth representat...
Method and apparatus for automatic load-balancing on multisegment devices
Shutter pin and developing cartridge
Walking and in-line skate shoe
Liquid crystal display device substrate and method for manufacturing thereof
Suspension lug for a swinging load, especially an exhaust system of a motor vehicle
Vibration drive for a mold
Representing base pointers in a shared memory heap
Device for monitoring the storage level of a product stored in a tank
Magnetoresistive read sensor using overlaid leads with insulating current guide layer
Integrated pull tester with an ultrasonic wire bonder
Method for rejecting cells at an overloaded node buffer
Door frame and kit
Single pass lead having retractable, actively attached electrode for pacing and sensing
Apparatus method and computer readable storage medium with recorded program for managing files with ...
Combination of a retinoid with a polyamine polymer
Method and apparatus for reverse rewriting
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving television signal
Computer based interactive defect reporting system for the paperless reporting of problems in a vehi...
Method and apparatus for forensic analysis of information stored in computer-readable media
N-[4-(3-chloro-4-fluoro-phenylamino)-7-(3-morpholin-4-yl-propoxy)-quinazoli n-6-yl]-acrylamide, and ...
Method for configuring a fuzzy automatic-control device which is used for comparing a measurement si...
Fuel cell stack with solid electrolytes and their arrangement
Flexible barrier member useful in aerosol dispensers
Hybrid method for firing of ceramics
Hybrid method for firing of ceramics
Multistable mechanical switching device
Metal matrix composite wires, cables, and method
Organic electroluminescent materials and devices made from such materials
Lead and lead alloys with enhanced creep and/or intergranular corrosion resistance, especially for l...
Agent for expression of long-term potentiation of synaptic transmission comprising compound having b...
Electrical detection of V-groove width
Reagent-free immunoassay monitoring electrode assembly
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Formulations including a 1,3-dicarbonyl compound chelating agent and copper corrosion inhibiting age...
Geranium plant named `Fisrowi`
Low-lift fork truck
Tyrosine alkoxyguanidines as integrin inhibitors
Systems for ameliorating aqueous hydrocarbon spills
Arrangement for reading from and/or writing to flexible sheet media in a curved configuration and me...
Human MutT2
Digital audio broadcasting method using puncturable convolutional code
Method and apparatus for software-based dispatch stall mechanism for scoreboarded IOPs
Deployment inhibiting arrangement for a thrust reverser system
Fixing apparatus with heat ray generating device
Graphical user interface for displaying and manipulating objects
Automated projectile firing weapon and related method
Solvent application system
Ammunition detector
Spindle motor
Rolling bearing unit with rotational speed sensor
Ball-type system for coupling two sliding shafts
Bearing and umbilicus gimbal with bearing retainer in blood processing system
Collapsible wall mounted seat
Liquid crystal display device
Cellular extrusion die
Tyre pressure determination
Catalytic hydrogenation of 3-hydroxypropanal to 1,3-propanediol
Bristle for a brush
Luminous flux diameter variable type objective lens and optical apparatus using the same
Method of producing wear resistant synthetic hair
Automotive hydrocarbon sensor
Anhydrous composition, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or hygiene use
LED display device
Thermoplastic resin composition
Compositions and methods for inhibiting cox-2 expression and treating cox-2 associated disorders by ...
Biodegradable targetable microparticle delivery system
Multivariable statistical method for characterizing images that have been formed of a complex enviro...
Apparatus and methods of bioelectrical impedance analysis of blood flow
Fencing system
Modified hydrophobic textile product
Self-tanning composition
Method of dicing workpiece
Ink composition
Diagnostic detection of nucleic acids
Method for producing double-stranded DNA whose terminal homopolymer part is eliminated and method fo...
Methods for recombining nucleic acids
Nucleic acid ligands which bind to hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor (HGF/SF) or its receptor ...
Delivery system for whitening teeth
Water immiscible solvent based binding systems
Methods for the rapid detection of actively respiring microorganisms
Monoclonal antibodies against the extracellular domain of human VEGF-receptor protein (KDR)
Digital imaging system for assays in well plates, gels and blots
Firing nipple for muzzle loading firearm
Magneto-resistive tunnel junction head with specific flux guide structure
System for transferring information between a server and a data terminal through a network
Process for producing osteoinductive bone, and osteoinductive bone produced thereby
Method for retarding and ameliorating fever blisters and canker sores
Compounds and methods for modulating adhesion molecule function
Two-step pretargeting methods using improved bidtin-active agent conjugates
Locally injectable chemotherapeutics
Adjustable length orthopedic fixation device
Mobile telephone system and method for carrying out financial transactions using a mobile telephone ...
Roof ridge ventilator system of natural fiber matting
In-line decryption for protecting embedded software
Composition for the treatment of hair loss
Device and method for variable valve timing in an internal combustion engine
CAM angle sensor mounting structure for engine
Variable valve timing and lift structure for four cycle engine
Apparatus for and method of controlling internal combustion engine
Information system for new home builders
Extraction and tagging control palette
Pattern forming method using charged particle beam process and charged particle beam processing syst...
Process for producing an extract of an accelerated oak aged alcoholic concentrate
High frequency, high efficiency electronic lighting system with iodine and/or bromine-based metal ha...
UV oven for curing magnet wire coatings
Process for recovering gold from thiosulfate leach solutions and slurries with ion exchange resin
Alkane and polyamine solvent compositions for liquid delivery chemical vapor deposition
Photosensitive silver halide element with increased photosensitivity
Fluorescent water-soluble polymers
Method and apparatus for altering material
Method for controlling liquid movement in a chemical device
Aromatic polyamide film for high-density magnetic recording media
Metal loss inhibitors and processes therewith
Directly imageable waterless planographic printing plate precursor, and directly imageable waterless...
Use of low unsaturated polyether polyols in slabstock foam applications
Compositions comprising a substantially random interpolymer of at least one .alpha.-olefin and at le...
Resin composition and process for producing the same
Process for extraction and concentration of liposoluble vitamins and provitamins, growth factors and...
Irreversible inhibitors of tyrosine kinases
Optical parametric amplifiers and generators in optical communication systems
High dispersion, laser protection lens
High voltage capacitor and magnetron
Method for manufacturing the thermo-optic switch, and method for changing optical line using the the...
Method for molding composite structural plastic and objects molded thereby
Plasma display panel with dielectric layer suppressing reduced electrode conductivity
Automotive coatings from non-aqueous dispersions
Rolling circle replication reporter systems
O- or S- substituted tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives having retinoid and/or retinoid antagonist-li...
Substituted urea derivatives as cell adhesion inhibitors
Water soluble analogs and prodrugs of paclitaxel
System and method for testing high speed VLSI devices using slower testers
Code error correcting apparatus
Method for testing bus connections of writable and readable integrated electronic circuits, in parti...
Substrate containing compound semiconductor, method for manufacturing the same and semiconductor dev...
ATR-2 cell cycle checkpoint
Reusable, separable, structural connector assembly
Methods and apparatus, using expansion attributes having default, values, for matching entities and ...
Solid polymer electrolyte-catalyst composite electrode, electrode for fuel cell, and process for pro...
Anti-graffiti aerosol spray can having an internal spray head valve control assembly
Reusable building foundation form apparatus and method
Method for automatic trap selection for correcting for separation misregistration in color printing
Full-color toner cartridge, method for supplying toner from cartridge and method for filling toner c...
Single pass duplexing method and apparatus
Xerographic printer where DC bias is changed to zero during the transfer step
Obtaining network addresses from identifiers
Fastener and connection assembly
Long-acting disinfectant and its preparation method
Heat developable photosensitive material
Lipoprotein-regulating medicaments
Downhole sorption cooling of electronics in wireline logging and monitoring while drilling
Impatiens plant named `TiCher`
Method and apparatus for detecting a user-controlled parameter from a client device behind a proxy
Optimized system and method for binning of graphics data
Electric energy charging control apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
Reduction of access time delay in frequency-hopping radio systems using a direct sequence mode
Process and device for the increase of subscriber capacity in a cellular mobile radio network
Radio system which overcomes signal interference from clock oscillation circuit
Signalling method and a digital radio system
Method and apparatus for estimating internal power consumption of an electronic circuit represented ...
System for maintaining visible presentation of status indication by undocking it when it is moving o...
Vertical/short take-off and landing aircraft
Security device manufacture
Light dispersing film and method of manufacture
Functional device based on focusing-concave gratings for multi-wavelength channel manipulation
(R)-transaminase from arthrobacter
Thermal printer, thermal printing method and conveyor for recording material
Methods and apparatus for retrieving audio information using content and speaker information
Image forming apparatus and a method to control paper conveying speeds in image forming apparatus
Surface treatment
Light guide device enhancing a polarized component and liquid crystal display device
Ferroelectric element process for producing the same and ink jet head
Propynyl uracils
Network match maker
Method of performing diagnostic procedures on a queue structure
Technique to minimize data transfer between two computers
Address protection using a hardware-defined application key
Methods of producing nucleic acid ligands
Multiple frequency method for nuclear magnetic resonance longitudinal relaxation measurement and pul...
Tapered birdcage resonator for improved homogeneity in MRI
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Light-emmiting diode lamp with directional coverage for the emmitted light
Method of preparing vinyl chloride resin having high impact strength and low die swell
Liposome immunoassay
Ultra violet light protective coating
Cosmetic composition in the form of a soft paste and process for preparation of same
Light-activated tooth whitening composition and method of using same
Medicated chewing gum delivery system for nicotine
Fluorescent polymers and coating compositions
Heliographic ink jet apparatus and imaging processes thereof
Closure having back-angled lugs
Medical electrical lead having controlled texture surface and method of making same
Image processing apparatus and method of processing height data to obtain image data using gradient ...
Process and device for determining the cardiac output
Biodegradable aliphatic polyester grafted with polyether and a process for preparing the same
Therapeutic/cosmetic compositions comprising CGRP antagonists for treating the eyes or eyelids
Water base erasable ink compositions
Bioactive agent release coating
High-isolation, common focus, transmit-receive antenna set
System and methods for providing a magnetoresistive element having an improved longitudinal bias mag...
Debugging support device and debugging support method
Optimized program code generator, a method for compiling a source text and a computer-readable mediu...
Storage unit, storage medium and identification information recording method
Method and compositions for treatment of fungal nail disease
System for maintaining a user-modifiable confirmation message configuration record that specifying w...
Water soluble luminescence oxygen sensor and method
Solid electrolyte for sodium-sulfur secondary cell and process for preparing the same
Tissue anchoring system and method
Procedure for setting up a secure service connection in a telecommunication system
Speed ratio control device for vehicle
Method of and device for determining a position of a vehicle
Vehicle navigation system and method
Collision avoidance using GPS device and train proximity detector
Vehicle inspection device
Road vehicle sensing apparatus and signal processing apparatus therefor
Image processing device, image processing method and recording medium
Information processing apparatus printer, method of controlling information processing apparatus and...
Distributed security system for a communication network
Conductive and resistive materials with electrical stability for use in electronics devices
Maltitol crystals of particular forms, crystalline compositions containing them and processes for th...
Process for the production of aspartic acid condensate
Automated method and apparatus to package digital content for electronic distribution using the iden...
Nectarine tree named `Honey Haven`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Maxi Red`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Frosty Red`
Tiarella plant named `Iron Butterfly`
GLP-1 as a diagnostic test to determine .beta.-cell function and the presence of the condition of IG...
Lipophilic peptides for macromolecule delivery
Insect control method with genetically engineered biopesticides
Diacylglycerol o-acyltransferase
Treating cells
Semaphorin-specific antibodies
System and method for copy protecting computer graphics
Method, system and apparatus for improved reliability in generating secret cryptographic variables
System and method for integrating business and manufacturing environments
Apparatus and method for detecting abnormal operation of parts of microwave oven
Method and apparatus for using an information model to organize an information repository into an ex...
Method and system for look ahead query evaluation planning based on interesting partition properties
System and method for communicating with various electronic archive systems
Data management system
Search system having user-interface for searching online information
Disubstituted acetylenes bearing heterobicyclic groups and heteroaromatic or phenyl groups having re...
Plasma display panel device with auxiliary electrode
Method and system for website overview
Method, device and telecommunication system for providing a consistent set of services to a roaming ...
Electrode structure of compound semiconductor device
Sol-gel catalyst for electroless plating
Clustering with mixtures of bayesian networks
Robust watermark method and apparatus for digital signals
Mobile medical supply device
Aerosol hair cosmetic compositions containing non-ionically derivatized starches
Resin net and its production method
Multilayered polyolefin high shrinkage, low shrink force shrink film
Mathematical card and dice game
Tiarella plant named `Spring Symphony`
Cutter, method of making the same and apparatus for shaping and cutting tape end
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and data programming method
Instruction cache memory includes a clock gate circuit for selectively supplying a clock signal to t...
Cationic lipid:DNA complexes for gene targeting
Production of metal/refractory composites by bubbling gas through a melt
Ti(C,N)-(Ti,Ta,W)(C,N)-Co alloy for general finishing cutting tool applications
Microfluidic method for nucleic acid purification and processing
Reflection type liquid crystal display and a method for fabricating the same
Organic electroluminescent display device capable of preventing color mixing
Method of checking authenticity of a data carrier
Organic electroluminescence device
Dimensionally stable core for use in high density chip packages and a method of fabricating same
Biodegradable implant material comprising bioactive ceramic
Thin-film field-effect transistor with organic semiconductor requiring low operating voltages
Thin-film field-effect transistor with organic-inorganic hybrid semiconductor requiring low operatin...
Optical switching element and switching arrangement
Gas sensor
Vehicle steering control system based on vehicle body side slip angle
Vehicle driving force control with differential dependent correction
Method and system for advanced neutral tow
Electromechanical brake system
Bicycle saddle having an improved shock absorber
Eyeglass pocket clip and method
Cantilevered helically twisted bicycle stem clamp
Pneumatically actuated marine engine water drain system
Automatic continuously variable transmission
2-aminocarbonyl-5(2H)-isoxazolones as ligands of a DFP-binding site treatment of CNS-diseases
Rubber composition for a colored tire
Automatic broker tools and techniques
Low-profile infant swing assembly
Vehicle loudspeakers
Peach tree named `Sierra Rich`
Mono- and bis-benzotriazolyldihydroxybiaryl UV absorbers
Multiplexing of clients and applications among multiple servers
Methods and apparatus for remote configuration of an appliance on a network
Heat recovery and pollution abatement device
Pyrotechnically operated electrical contactor
Figure-like toy projectile and launching platform assembly
Driving apparatus for a doll
Christmas tree shaped toy structure
Method and apparatus for transferring or applying a drawing to a surface
Computerized interactive educational method and apparatus for teaching vocabulary
Missile seeker having a beam steering optical arrangement using risley prisms
Motor control apparatus for vehicle
Image forming apparatus
Putamen OVI
Replenishable stent and delivery system
Television receiver with horizontal deflection circuit
Preparation of diagnostic agents by spray drying
Product and method for treating joint disorders in vertebrates
Conjugated diolefin copolymer rubber and rubber composition
Liquid crystal panel substrate liquid crystal panel and electronic device and projection display dev...
Marine propulsion system having a water pump driven by an electric motor
Piezoelectric component and method of manufacturing same
Flash unit
Camera with blur reducing function
Distance measuring equipment and camera
Interchangeable lens
Light-emission control apparatus camera apparatus and light-emission control method
Combined sleeping bag, character display item, and backpack
Modified aminoacids, pharmaceuticals containing these compounds and method for their production
Synthesis shell generation and use in ASIC design
Switch device
Assay apparatus
Customer loyalty investment program
System and method for implementing a mortgage plan
Electronic purse application system and method thereof
Method and system for resolving temporal descriptors of data records in a computer system
Recovery method and system for a resource management system
Sealing a clearance between a host pipe and a linear pipe
Gradient based motion estimation
Isolated human metalloprotease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, an...
Aqueous pigment dispersion composition for electro-deposition color coating
Apatite-coated solid composition
Femoral intramedullary rod system
Method and system for changing a direction of establishing a telecommunication connection
Disc type discriminating apparatus for use with disc cartridge and drive device
Process and composition for forming an adherent paint or vitreous enamel coating on steel
High tensile strength steel product for high heat input welding, having excellent toughness in heat-...
Ferritic-austenitic two-phase stainless steel
Low-thermal expansion cast steel with excellent machinability
Enhanced visibility materials for implantation in hard tissue
Interchangeable jewelry accessory
Laser making system and certificate for a gemstone
Cut cornered square mixed-cut gemstone
Cut gemstone, in particular cut diamond
Apparatus and method for grading, testing, and identifying gemstones
Setting for a gemstone
Base station for phasing a transmission signal to a mobile unit based on information recieved from t...
Scheduling interface system and method for medical professionals
Agents for promoting bone formation
Preparation process of fluorenes
Plasma display device
Extrusion of synthetic wood material
Charger having a data store and data link
Lens-fitted film unit with IC memory and method of writing data in IC memory
Microprocessor core power reduction by not reloading existing operands
Arrangement, system and method relating to mobile communications
Algainn elog led and laser diode structures for pure blue or green emission
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Diacetylene-based polymer containing light emitting group and electroluminescent device using the sa...
Combined marine entertainment system and depth sounder
Redundant electrical DC power system for aircraft
Vehicular velocity controlling apparatus and method to follow up a preceding vehicle running ahead o...
Operating system having external media layer, workflow layer, internal media layer, and knowledge ba...
Rewriting queries to access materialized views that group along an ordered dimension
Running toy system
Method of forming catalyst layer for fuel cell
Environmental and power error handling extension and analysis for systems with redundant components
Method and means for computationally efficient on-the-fly error correction in linear cyclic codes us...
Interconnected integrated circuits having reduced inductance during switching and a method of interc...
Alteration of plant morphology by control of profilin expression
Method to obtain male sterile plants
Interspecific nicotiana hybrids and their progeny
Plants with modified stamen cells
Method for producing human hemoglobin proteins using plant cells
Cryptographic method and apparatus for data communication and storage
Multi-processor data synchronization method and apparatus
Inhibition of p38 kinase activity by aryl ureas
Human transcription factor IIA
X-ray fluorescence system and method
System, method, and product for dynamically propagating translations in a translation-memory system
System, method, and product for dynamically aligning translations in a translation-memory system
Method and apparatus for retrieving audio information using primary and supplemental indexes
Method and system for supporting multiprocessor TLB-purge instructions using directed write transact...
Inertia-resistant preventer mechanism for firearm safety enhancement system
Copper alloy for electrical or electronic parts
Method of and a device for dry application of substances on inhalable pulverulent carrier substances
Method for preparing a viral aerosol and its use in gene therapy treatment
Methods and apparatus for adapting multimedia content for client devices
Processing entailing sol-gel fabrication of silica glass
Coaxial cable connector testing methods and apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating temperature based alerting signals
Methods and systems for producing linear polarization states of light at the end of a length of opti...
Modular backplane
Finger assignment system for a multiple finger receiver and method thereof
Pontoon watercraft
Line jammer device
Canoe and kayak mid-point sponsons safety
Modular bulwark deck shielding construction and assemblage
Arrangement for controlling floating drilling and intervention vessels
Jet boat with improved hull design and engine placement
Labeled medical container assembly
Security device
Printed document having a value and comprising a luminescent authenticity feature based on a host la...
Digital watermarks and methods for security documents
Portable laser system with portable or stationary fume evacuation
Holographic recording material
Detergent composition
Treating skin wrinkles/fine lines with calcium channel inhibitors
Aqueous primer coating composition and article coated therewith
Reduced temperature curing of acetylenic polymers
Polymerisable monomers and polymers
Extraction of volatile oils
Systems and methods wherein a gambling result is based on a user input
Method of tracking and using player error during the play of a casino game
Entertainment system offering merit-based rewards
Game control with analog pressure sensor
Golf game practice device
Bat with high moment of inertia to weight ratio and method of fabrication
Variable sensor with tactile feedback
Yeast extract composition, yeast for obtaining the same, and process for producing yeast extract com...
Process for the preparation of polymers comprising at least one double bond and having functional gr...
Prune tree named `Sutter`
Impact absorbing protective apparatus for the frontal, temporal and occipital basilar skull
Control method for an industrial robot
Omega-3 fatty acids in the treatment of bipolar disorder
Materials and products using nanostructured non-stoichiometric substances
Tree harvester
System and method for powering, controlling, and communicating with multiple inductively-powered dev...
Method of preparing hydrophobic silica
System and method for providing automated take back and transfer functionality to a computer telepho...
Inbound/outbound call record processing system and method
Telephone number area code preprocessor
Central office line interfacing circuit
Cam retainer for flip-style portable phone
Developing voice response applications from pre-recorded voice and stored text-to-speech prompts
Deposit assessment of Bacillus thuringiensis delta-endotoxin
Camera with built-in electric circuit
Nectarine tree named: `Autumn Blaze`
Composition for freshening nostrils and sinus cavities
Foamed polystyrene products and method for their production
Phospholipid-analogous compounds
Bone augmentation device
Managing Vt for reduced power using a status table
Tone generation device and tone generation method, and distribution medium therefor
Shared aperture dichroic active tracker with background subtraction
Parking conduct device and parking conduct method
Conditional purchase offer management system for telephone calls
Pet toy
Vacuum processing equipment configuration
Dirt cup lid for a vacuum cleaner
Upper handle for a vacuum cleaner
Set of serving trays
Predicate indexing for locating objects in a distributed directory
Split data path distributed network protocol
Bacillus thuringiensis toxins and genes for controlling coleopteran pests
Cylindrical denaturation steaming, heating, and freezing footwear fabrication machine
Display device
Vehicle for scraping a floor
Moon phase demonstration system
Method for micro-mechanical structures
Non-magnetic system for a memory disk test system
Toy catapult game
System for quantitative determination of the local distribution of a quantity to be measured
Skin care compositions
Skin deodorizing and santizing compositions
Method for preventing HIV-1 infection of CD4+ cells
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39D81
Method and apparatus for a logic circuit design tool
System and method for performing a three-dimensional virtual examination, navigation and visualizati...
System for energy recovery in a vacuum pressure swing adsorption apparatus
Developer scraping member and developing apparatus
Intermediate system transmitting relevant selections based on permutation function applied consumer/...
Stimulable phosphor sheet for double-side reading system
Low-rate speech coder for non-speech data transmission
Method and apparatus for ensuring accurate and timely processing of data using a queued direct input...
Computer program device and product for timely processing of data using a queued direct input-output...
Queuing method and apparatus for providing direct data processing access using a queued direct input...
Method and apparatus for exchanging data using a queued direct input-output device
Method and system for determining a cache single reference residency time
Register file access
Piperazine ethylamide derivatives
Method of producing aluminum alloy sheet for automotive applications
Preventive maintenance method and apparatus of a structural member in a reactor pressure vessel
Swash-plate of swash-plate type compressor
Nucleic acid analysis techniques
Contulakin-G, analogs thereof and uses therefor
Anaerobic bioremediation system
Computer-based communication system and method using metadata defining a control-structure
Voltage contrast method for semiconductor inspection using low voltage particle beam
Transportation system for dredged material and method of levy building
Ultrasonic standard
Bow dome sonar
Muffler with catalytic converter
Silencer with a shunt resonator
Intake manifold of internal combustion engine
Blowdown and venting jet noise suppressor
Turbine exhaust structure for vehicle
Prefetch and restore method and apparatus of semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor storage device
Radio front-end circuit
Implant guiding programmer for implantable cardioverter defibrillator
Method and device for error recovery
Reactant flow arrangement of a power system of several internal reforming fuel cell stacks
Using carbon dioxide to indicate oxygen depletion
Expression of active human factor IX in mammary tissue and of milk non human transgenic mammals
Puncture sealing agent
Influenza virus replicated in mammalian cell culture and vaccine production
Herpes virus vectors and their uses
Human EDG3sb gene
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer
Compositions and methods comprising DNA sequences encoding B. burgdorferi polypeptides
Polynucleotide sequences from Candida albicans encoding polypeptides associated with filamentous gro...
Non-ionically stabilized transparent powder-coating dispersion
Method of producing highly pure trimethylolpropane
Isolated human protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses ...
Lithium secondary battery
Lithium electrochemical cells with enhanced cycle life
Process for preparing a positive electrode active material for a nonaqueous secondary battery by for...
Zinc alloy powder for use in rechargeable cells
Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
Fabrication of highly textured lithium cobalt oxide films by rapid thermal annealing
Porous ceramic sheet, process for producing the same, and setter for use in the process
Coin separator
Packager apparatus and method for physically and logically packaging and distributing items in a dis...
Method and apparatus for compressing hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) messages
Method for platform and protocol independent communication between client-server pairs
Maintenance of speculative state of parallel executed jobs in an information processing system
Directional set operations for permission based security in a computer system
Run-time customization in object-oriented design
Coherent object system architecture
Functionalized diene monomers and polymers containing functionalized dienes and methods for their pr...
Continuous preparation of cyclohexene by partial hydrogenation of benzene
Highly selective catalytic process for synthesizing 1-hexene from ethylene
Maximum likelihood servo detector for detecting an error correcting servo code recorded on a disc st...
Method and system for advertising applications
Web page rendering architecture
Personalized information for an end user transmitted over a computer network
Network proxy capable of dynamically selecting a destination device for servicing a client request
Network computer system and method for executing data synchronization process thereof
Method for installing plug-n-play device by copying INF files to a corresponding directory and delet...
Intelligently interpreting errors in build output log files
Fault-tolerant access to storage arrays using active and quiescent storage controllers
Lighting device for motor-vehicles, having a highly discontinuous reflective surface
Lighting fixture with downlight reflector and wallwash reflector
Double-lock control safety electronic lighter
Bulb assembly connected with a decorative flower
Christmas light string
Polarization luminaire and projection display
Illumination apparatus and projection type display apparatus
High speed channel detection apparatus and related method thereof
Controller for electronic goods
Bidirectional digital signal transmission system and repeater for the same
Image processing system, image data transmission and reception apparatus, and image processing metho...
Compressed picture data editing apparatus and method
Multiple description transform coding using optimal transforms of arbitrary dimension
Tuneable add/drop multiplexer
Wavelength division multiplex optical star coupler, communication station, and optical transmission ...
Optical fiber output semiconductor device
Semiconductor light emitting element coupled with optical fiber
Optical fiber
Double-clad optical fiber with improved inner cladding geometry
Optical attenuation device having different type magneto-optical optical attenuation elements cascad...
Method for transmitting data using an embedded bit stream produced in a hierarchical table-lookup ve...
Video data compression preprocessor using holographic optical correlation and feedback
Generation of tone reproduction curves using psychophysical data
Wide-field scanning tv
Method and arrangement for ensuring quality during scanning/copying of images/documents
Method and computer program product for subjective image content similarity-based retrieval
Apparatus and method for retrieving image information in computer
Examination table, particularly in machines for nuclear magnetic resonance image detection
Enhanced high resolution breast imaging device and method utilizing non-ionizing radiation of narrow...
Methods and apparatus for 3D scanning of the human body form
Electrode for detecting an electric biological signal, in particular an electrocardiographic signal,...
Age-based heart rate target zone method and apparatus
Implantable stimulation system for providing dual bipolar sensing using an electrode positioned in p...
System and method for ventricular capture using far-field evoked response
Process and apparatus for making papermaking belt using extrusion
Interactive television system and method for converting non-textual information to textual informati...
Temperature-controlled pH-dependent formation of ionic polysaccharide gels
Metal nanoshells
Reverse phase connective tissue repair composition
Illumination device with light reshaping element for an optical valve
Intramedullary skeletal distractor and method
Polysaccharide, micro-organism and method for obtaining same, composition containing it and applicat...
Method for producing L-amino acids by fermentation
Process and system for electrical extraction of intracellular matter from biological matter
Medicine drink food and feed having an action of strengthening bone
Solvent fractionation of chicken fat for making lipid compositions enriched in unsaturated fatty aci...
Thermoelectric heated food service cart
Energy network commerce system
Method and apparatus for supporting a connectionless communication protocol over an ATM network
Discharge lamp having an internal electrode formed of a spiral band
Lead-free alloy plating method
Shipboard biomechanical oil water separator
Apparatus and method for sanitizing and cleaning a filter system
Method of forming a foamed thermoplastic polymer and wood fiber profile and member
Organic thin film and process for producing the same
Non-metallic constituent components of printed wiring assemblies and printed wiring boards
Method for treating cancer with water-insoluble S-camptothecin of the closed lactone ring form and d...
Trench isolation for micromechanical devices
Modified phycobilisomes and uses therefore
Method and apparatus for decoupled thermo-photocatalytic pollution control
Vibration correction apparatus and optical device
Motor-driven stair climbing device
Real-time signal processing system for serially transmitted data
Transportation method for substrate wafers and transportation apparatus
Portion of a shoe upper
Display device, electronic equipment, and driving method
Marine propulsion housing arrangement
Piezoelectric transformer element and method of mounting it in a housing
Culture medium container, with integrated geometry for air suction and air conduction, for the purpo...
Entertainment/Information system having disparate interactive devices
Top cover air gate for an air vane latch apparatus in a disc drive
Projection system employing multiple beam reflections
Method of announcing an internet call
Nucleic acid which is upregulated in metastatic human tumor cells
Amber vehicle lamp
Camera with blur reducing function
Methods for forming group III-arsenide-nitride semiconductor materials
Identifying pharmacophore containing combinations of scaffold molecules and substituents from a virt...
Inhalation apparatus
System for collecting oil on water
Cushioning product and machine and method for producing same
Synergistic insecticidal compositions
Method for producing piezoelectric films with rotating magnetron sputtering system
Tank cover attachment structure for motorcycle
Computerized, multimedia, network, real time, interactive marketing and transactional system
Large-scale integrated circuit and method for testing a board of same
System for analyzing and managing equity participation life insurance and annuity contracts
Portion of a shoe sole
Display device capable of producing a good display state in plural angles of view
Method of depositing a multilayer thin film by means of magnetron sputtering which controls the magn...
Piezoelectric transformer and operating method
System and method for synchronizing disparate processing modes and for controlling access to shared ...
Elastomeric dielectric polymer film sonic actuator
Optical disk-based assay devices and methods
Apparatus and method for the longitudinal splitting of pipes laid underground
Oil-in-water emulsion containing C10-C24 fatty acid derivatives for treating skin of mammals
Electrochemiluminescent assays
Methods and compositions for bone graft implants
I/O connector for a portable communications device
System integrating credit card transactions into a financial management system
Access to extended telephone services via the internet
Diagnostic kits comprising genetically engineered human immunodeficiency virus-like particles contai...
Fluorescent lamp, method for manufacturing the same, and fluorescent lamp device
Lens-fitted film unit
Surface acoustic wave device, substrate therefor and method of manufacturing the substrate
Estimator of independent sources from degenerate mixtures
Inhalant medicator
Emergency exit system
Method of simultaneously reducing inclination and eccentricity for geostationary orbit transfer
Spacecraft motion estimation using a gimballed momentum wheel
Service valve and use of same in reaction control system
Self-adjusting lumbar support for buoyancy compensator vest
Antenna device and a radio communication device including an antenna device
Dual pathlength system for light absorbance detection
Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Plasma process for organic residue removal from copper
Antiskid brake control system for automotive vehicles
Oncoprotein protein kinase
Aryl or heteroaryl amides of tetrahydronaphthalene, chroman, thichroman and 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinol...
System and method for the dynamic display of three-dimensional image data
Augmentation of muscle contractility by biphasic stimulation
Nanocomposite layered airfoil
Method of determining a scaling factor
Method for determining load parameters for a manipulator
Memory caching for force feedback effects
Image heating apparatus with core for guiding magnetic flux and temperature sensor to control power ...
Double action pistol
Ceramic liner for closed bomb applications
Elastic waistband with transverse stiffeners and tautness adjusting lacings
Liquid crystal display device
Sealed exhaust sensor utilizing a mat support system
Acoustic charger for electronic devices
Integrated business-to-business web commerce and business automation system
Method for characterizing nucleic acid duplex
Conduit cable feeding sheave
Magnetic counter for exercise equipment
Elastic fibers and articles made therefrom, including crystalline and crystallizable polymers of pro...
Indwelling catheter
Two-layered elastic tubular covering for electric components
Hydrocarbon gelling compositions useful in fracturing formations
Electrical contact cleaner
Multiple pocket electron beam source
Process for the preparation of alkyl esters from commercial lactic acid
WD-40-derived peptides and uses thereof
cDNAs coding for members of the carcinoembryonic antigen family
Diagnosis and treatment of ALP related disorders
Method and apparatus for shooting using biometric recognition
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
DC brushless motor system with capacitors
Robotic vehicle servicing system
Automatic guidance system for flight vehicle having parafoil and navigation guidance apparatus for t...
Method and device for controlling semiactive suspensions of motor vehicles
Disk arrays using non-standard sector sizes
Amphiphilic compounds with at least two hydrophilic and at least two hydrophobic groups based on ami...
Method and a system for processing a virtual acoustic environment
Valve timing control device and method for vehicle engine
Variable inlet valve damper for an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Fatty acid desaturases and mutant sequences thereof
Cloud point depressants for middle distillate fuels
Sensor panel and a detection apparatus incorporating the same
Digital computer system using embedded comments to manipulate virtual controller functions
Spathiphyllum plant named `Jumbo`
Peach-challenger cultivar
Begonia plant named `77VR Rose Red`
Strawberry plant called `Gem Star`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Flame`
Therapy of cancer by insect cells containing recombinant baculovirus encoding genes
Radiation enhanced gene therapy for tumors expressing a gene for a viral pyrimidine kinase in the pr...
Methods and regents for identifying synthetic genetic elements
Methods and compositions for the purification of proteins or other macromolecules
Process for preparing recombinant eglin, protease inhibitor
Tune changeable panpipe without harming the lips of a player
Data reproducing apparatus
Computer telephony application programming interface
System and method for electronic and physical mass mailing
Storing the uncompressed data length in a LOB map to speed substring access within a LOB value
Method and system for controlling access share storage devices in a network environment by configuri...
Efficient access to variable-length data on a sequential access storage medium
Method and system for fast maximum a posteriori decoding
Fast location of address blocks on gray-scale images
Efficient technique to defer large object access with intermediate results
Assembly for purifying water
Removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous media
Process for regenerating an adsorbent
Illumination corrections to reduce geometrical artifacts in seismic data
Oxetanone derivatives
Methods and compositions for inhibiting vinyl aromatic monomer polymerization
Method for carrying out reactions characterized by an equilibrium
Formulations for controlling human lice
Solid cosmetic composition and uses
Cross-linkable copolymers and hydrogels
Water-swellable crosslinked polymer, its composition, and their production processes and uses
Ink jet recording method using two liquids and ink jet recording apparatus with the method
Ink jet printing process using reactive inks
Amorphous silica particles having a double structure, process for producing the same and use
Cosmetic compositions containing film forming polymers plasticized with esters and malic acid
Method for treating a solid material to make it hydrophobic, material obtained and uses
Cycloolefin resin pellets and a process for producing a molded product thereof
Polarizer lighting device and liquid crystal display
Remote participant hold and disconnect during videoconferencing
3-(arylsulfonylamino)-tetrahydrofuran-3-carboxylic acid hydroxamides
Electro-absorption modulator and method of manufacturing a semiconductor optical device
Optoelectric multichip module
Method for resection of tumors
High pressure discharge lamp
Vinyl monomer polymerization inhibition using hindered hydroxylamines
Pyrrolo[2,3-d] pyrimidines as antiviral agents
Products of and methods for improving adhesion between substrate and polymer layers
Synthesis of conjugated fatty acid
Methods for the production and isolation of D-chiro-inositol from kasugamycin and the use of D-chiro...
Cathode ray tube for multimedia
Method of invoking a low power mode in a computer system using a halt instruction
Method for removing ethylbenzene from a para-xylene feed stream
Systems based on opto-electronic substrates with electrical and optical interconnections and methods...
Non-volatile spin dependent tunnel junction circuit
Method for fabricating an SrRuO3 film
Method for testing for readiness for harvesting of tribulus terrestris l. having high steroidal sapo...
Wide shifting in the vector permute unit
Powder-coating compositions containing transfer efficiency-enhancing additives
Process for depolymerizing nylon-containing waste to form caprolactam
Heat developing method for heat developable image recording material
Lens cleaning apparatus and method and recycling apparatus and method for lens-fitted photo film uni...
Scanning optical system
Three-port filter and method of manufacture
Controller for controlling a built-in flash of a camera
White balance adjusting device
Multi-stage combustion for fuel processing for use with fuel cell
Gypsum-containing product having increased resistance to permanent deformation and method and compos...
Calcium fluoride crystal, optical article and exposure apparatus for photo-lithography using the sam...
Process for preparing a zeolite with structure type EUO
Moisture sensor
Data file editor for multiple data subsets
Labelling and selection of molecules
User selectable input devices for speech applications
Polyamide and process for producing the same
Organic particulate-filled adhesive
Organogel comprising an oxidation-sensitive hydrophilic compound, and uses thereof, in particular co...
Fastener loop material, its manufacture, and products incorporating the material
Polymer glucan ether derivatives, their manufacturing as well as their use
Method and apparatus for maintaining control of liquid flow in a vibratory atomizing device
Valve mounting assembly for aerosol container and method
Efficient search and organization of a forwarding database or the like
Method for increasing immunogenicity, product obtained and pharmaceutical compositions
Reductive combustion of ammonium salts of sulfuric acid
Hydrogen storage composition
Apparatus and method for in-situ thickness and stoichiometry measurement of thin films
Colorants and colorant modifiers
Embedded cluster metal-polymeric micro interface and process for producing the same
Method for isolating, in particular for detecting or quantifying an analyte in a medium
Silicon on insulator structure having a low defect density handler wafer and process for the prepara...
Tin electroplating bath
Efficient rate control for multi-resolution video encoding
ANSI 41 dialed number validation
On-line reorganization in object-oriented databases
Methods and apparatus for generating a verified algorithm for transforming a program from a first fo...
Generating text in which the word sequence is reversed in alternating lines of text
Potassium channel activators and their use
Super absorbent composition intended for the production of sanitary articles of the underwear, diape...
Non-hazardous pest control
Non-hazardous pest control
Gel for treatment of skin diseases and for disinfection of the skin
Indane aldehydes and derivatives
Accessory carrying case
Flush poker game
Video game device, play control method for video game, and readable recording medium recording the m...
Input device for game machine
Music game system, staging instructions synchronizing control method for same, and readable recordin...
Video game system and coprocessor for video game system
Processability of silica-filled rubber stocks
Method and system for acquiring a foreign language
Method and system for learning a language
Method and apparatus for distance learning based on networked cognitive agents
Personalized wireless video game system
Water gaiters and sleeves
Datura plant named `Reverend Schusler`
Method for producing polymer foam using a blowing agent combination
Use of HrmA proteins and their genes for broad range protection of plants against bacterial, fungal ...
Plants resistant to WT strains of cucumber mosaic virus
Regulation of source-sink relationships and responses to stress conditions in plants
Seed specific promoters
Interactive device for displaying information from multiple sources
Speech detection apparatus in which standard pattern is adopted in accordance with speech mode
Image recording apparatus and method using light fields to track position and orientation
Gamut mapping algorithm using inverted gamma function
Optical scanning apparatus capable of correcting positional shifts contained in plural images to be ...
Image coding system, image decoding system, image processing system, image coding method, image deco...
Protective device for clean robot
Polymeric castor polyesters
Energy-absorbing member
Corrosion resistant nickel-based alloy
A1-mg based alloy sheets with good press formability
Nickel-free grey gold alloy
Magnesium-based casting alloys having improved elevated temperature properties
Method for identifying plural relations in a sheet manufacturing process
Multiprocessor system bus with cache state and LRU snoop responses for read/castout (RCO) address tr...
Apparatus and method for optimizing die utilization and speed performance by register file splitting
Method and system for the dynamic scheduling of requests to access a storage system
Wavelength division multiplex transmitter
FOD inspection of laser shock peened gas turbine engine airfoils
Paper product with embossed surface pattern
Sheet material
Optical sensor arrangement
Cholesterol sensor and method of determining cholesterol
Anchored catalyst system and method of making and using thereof
Method for synthesizing solids such as diamond and products produced thereby
Aqueous gels comprising ethoxylated polyhydric alcohols
Ferroelectric memory cell fabrication method
Capacitor for semiconductor memory device and fabrication method thereof
Infrared absorbing glass, and it's fabrication method
Semiconductor storage device with ferrielectric capacitor and metal-oxide isolation
Method of fabricating barrier adhesion to low-k dielectric layers in a copper damascene process
Human telomerase RNA elements
Method and apparatus for routing traffic in a circuit-switched network
Method of establishing a toll-free communication connection, as well as a service unit, an exchange ...
Telephone networking system
Unified method and apparatus to simplify telephone area code dialing
Method and apparatus for interfacing analog telephone apparatus to a digital, analog or hybrid telep...
Digital cordless telephony with PCM coding
Continuously adjustable telescopic pedal crank length
Apparatus for cornea reshaping
Polypropylene outdoor fabric
Method for enhancing or achieving training-induced bradycardia with Carnitine
Icon display method
Image signal processor apparatus for restoring color signals at high definition by using image struc...
Educational and amusement center
Double wall slide with varying sloped slide bed playground slide
Waterfall diverter
Amusement ride with enhanced ride control
Image forming apparatus and method for live performances
Apparatus and method for a child's suspended merry-go-round
Japanese pear tree named `Akizuki`
Chemical process
Imidazole derivatives and their use as farnesyl protein transferase inhibitors
Waterborne primer with improved chip resistance
Seamless multimedia branching
Method and apparatus for random update synchronization among multiple computing devices
Method and system for collecting data for updating a geographic database
Remote web site authoring system and method
Cooperative work support system
Autonomous multi-services card
System and method for mapping a design model to a common repository with context preservation
Method and apparatus for parallelizing a graphics pipeline
Conserving storage space by means of low resolution objects
Graphics processing unit with an integrated fog and blending operation
Ice scraper
Ice scraper
Ice scraper
Wood scraper
Garbage can
Garbage can
Internet system for connecting client-travelers with geographically-associated data
Transmission power control apparatus and radio communication apparatus
Field programmable radio frequency communications equipment including a configurable if circuit, and...
Method to protect against interference from mobile radios
Transmission power control method, mobile phone, base station, and recording medium
Multimode telecommunication terminal device
Digital portable telephone device
Seamless surveying system
Lift and rotate assembly for use in a workpiece processing station and a method of attaching the sam...
Image analyzing apparatus
Remotely aligned surgical drill guide
Cache coherent network adapter for scalable shared memory processing systems
Apparatus for and method of reproducing music together with information representing beat of music
Device for attaching an aircraft engine
Method and system for providing weather information over the internet using data supplied through th...
Charging device, charging roller, and image forming apparatus
Cosmetic products compatible with cutaneous ecology