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Intelligent weapon
Automobile vent extender
Method and mechanism for improved performance analysis in transaction level models
Overlay control for laser peening
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor device formed over a surface with a drepession portion and a projection portion
Image writing device, light source, light source unit, microlens and fabrication method for microlen...
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, method for manufacturing the photoreceptor, and image forming met...
Organic electroluminescence device and method of manufacturing same
Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescence display device
Laser apparatus, laser irradiation method, manufacturing method for a semiconductor device, semicond...
Download and processing of a network management application on a network device
Laser printer
Mailing machine
Combined duo highlighters and holder therefor
Pen shell
Correction tape casing
Memo pad holder
Golf club iron head
Wood type head for a golf club
Tennis racket weight
Fishing lure brake away hook harness
Decorative shower head
Air cleaner
Ceiling fan blade
Stress-relieved acrylic optical lenses and methods of manufacture by injection coining molding
Optical system and methods that compensate for changes in atmospheric conditions
Optical fabricating method and apparatus
Optical substrate having alignment fiducials
Method of preparing optically pure (R)- or (S)- tetrahydrofuranyl ketone
Wafer level creation of multiple optical elements
Fire-retardant fabric with improved tear, cut, and abrasion resistance
Core-shell fluoropolymer dispersions
Cleaning agent and method for cleaning ultrafiltration membranes in electrophoretic dip coating inst...
Separation fingers for electro photographic devices
Titanium-zirconium catalyst compositions and use thereof
Mug handle cover and method for identifying a mug with a mug handle cover
Process for coating particulates with phosphated castor oil
Polyelectrolyte dispensing polishing pad, production thereof and method of polishing a substrate
Production of 5-methyl-N-(methyl aryl)-2-pyrrolidone, 5-methyl-N-(methyl cycloalkyl)-2-pyrrolidone a...
Thermally stable polyester, process for its preparation and its use
Labeling paint and method for the manufacture thereof
Biohazard sensing system and methods thereof
Tooth bleaching compositions and methods of bleaching discolored tooth
White, sealable, flame-retardant, biaxially oriented polyester film, its use and process for its pro...
Thermal conditioning for integrated circuit testing
Image editing via grid elements
Efficient, dynamically adaptive bias architecture and associated methods
Peptide-mediated transfection agents and methods of use
Biphenyl-substituted triazines
Ink-jet printing receiving sheet comprising gelatin and a metal salt
Ink jet recording element
Printable plastic film with printable coating comprising epoxy acrylate
Method of and system for cooling a backup power system
Process for laminating textile sheet materials onto moldable particle foam or onto foamed moldings
Durable press treatment of fabric
Ionic photoacid generators with segmented hydrocarbon-fluorocarbon sulfonate anions
Polymerization of halogen-containing monomers using siloxane surfactant
Ring-opened azlactone chain transfer agents for radical polymerization
Crystallizable poly (2,5-di-substituted-1,4-phenylene oxide) and a method of preparing the same
Space environmentally durable polyimides and copolyimides
High density, miniaturized arrays and methods of manufacturing same
Isolated FGF receptor
Method for consolidating natural stone blocks
Terahertz transceivers and methods for emission and detection of terahertz pulses using such transce...
Material measure and position measuring device comprising such a material measure
Non-volatile memory
Semiconductor component for the emission of electromagnetic radiation and method for production ther...
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit with high triggering voltage
Si-MOS high-frequency semiconductor device
Method for producing input/output permutation of several conductive strips with parallel branches of...
Color luminous device
Control agents for living-type free radical polymerization, methods of polymerizing and polymers wit...
Main-group metal-based asymmetric catalysts and applications thereof
Method of determining lattice constant, method of evaluating material by using the same and electron...
Method for determining location of gastrointestinal bleeding
Loop antenna, loop antenna system and wireless communication system
Data exchange methods for a switch which selectively forms a communication channel between a process...
Use of Parapox B2L protein to treat cancer and modify immune responses
Methods for inhibiting rejection of transplanted tissue
Composition of koji of rice bran and non-propagating lactic acid bacteria
Adjuvants and copolymer compositions
Use of selenium for treating patients suffering from systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS),...
Cosmetic preparation containing extracts of Tuberaceae
Compounds derived from benzoic acid esters, composition containing said compounds and use thereof
Immunogenic composition comprising an influenza virus with a temperature sensitive PB2 mutation
Electrostatically charged nasal application product with increased strength
Tablet composition
Cosmetic unit
Applicator assembly, system and method
Fluoro alkyl dimethicone esters
Device for packaging and applying a cosmetic or care product
Anhydrous cosmetic or dermatological composition containing the combination of a silicone oil and a ...
Cosmetic articles basket with adjustably configurable handle and mirror
Capless holding device
Semi-solid compositions for removing cured product
Lithium secondary battery
Battery, tab of battery and method of manufacture thereof
Electrode for lithium secondary battery and method for producing the same
Water bottle tilting and loading device
Surgical clip applier having jaws adapted to guide and deform a clip
Fecal incontinence management device
Valve arrangement
Use of 1-phenyl-3-dimethylaminopropane compounds for treatment of urinary incontinence
Anti-hypertensive composition and methods of treatment
Heterocycles useful in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
Window dressing
User navigation and guidance during configuration and storage of parameters for medical device
System and assembly having conductive fixation features
Flat glass having high transmittance
Composition comprising fluorinated, radiation-curable dyes for surface energy control
Synergistic herbicidal compositions comprising herbicides from the benzoylcyclohexanedione group for...
Enhanced scratch resistant coatings using inorganic fillers
Polyurethane compositions containing both radiation and moisture curable groups
Shelf stable haze free liquids of overbased alkaline earth metal salts, processes and stabilizing ha...
Moisture-curable, polyether urethanes with reactive silane groups and their use as sealants, adhesiv...
Antibiotics RK-1061 and process for preparing the same
Catalysts containing per-ortho aryl substituted aryl or heteroaryl substituted nitrogen donors
Advanced voice recognition phone interface for in-vehicle speech recognition applications
Flowchart-based control system with active diagnostic objects
Communication terminal apparatus and seal-like recording medium
Preparation of particles by hydrolysis of a metal cation in the presence of a polymer
Polysaccharides with antithrombotic activity comprising at least a covalent bond with biotin or a bi...
Media in the form of complex dispersions, method for preparing same and uses
High K glass and tape composition for use at high frequency
Glass and conductive paste using the same
Polyolefin composition with improved impact properties
Hydrofluorination catalyst and method
Integrated hydrotreating process for the dual production of FCC treated feed and an ultra low sulfur...
Optical recording medium and optical recording method
Bumper assembly for vehicle
Quick-installing, quick-releasing frame for pull out drawer system for pickup trucks, other vehicles...
Recuperating machine
Trigger device for chain brake
Gardening implement
Portable modular storage support device
Bag carrying bicycle rack
Article holder with attachment clip
Rear suspension system for two-wheeled vehicles, particularly bicycles
Weather-proof spring post
Brakable wheel hub device
Permanent magnet motor rotor having magnetic permeable material for enhanced flux distribution
Bell crank assembly and mounting bracket for a bicycle hub transmission
Damping device for an exercising cycle
Two wheeler frame, in particular a bicycle frame
Optical element containing nanocomposite materials
Triclosan and silver compound containing medical devices
High refractive index aromatic-based prepolymer precursors
Solar diffusion loss compensator and collimator
Fuel cell performance recovery by cyclic oxidant starvation
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell system
Variable pressure drop plate design
Fuel cell and membrane
Method and apparatus for removing NOx and soot from engine exhaust gas
Fuel cell stacking body
Oxide-ion conductor and use thereof
Method for the production of glyceric acid
Photomask for test wafers
Drive control device and image forming apparatus including the same
Method of fabricating a COF utilizing a tapered IC chip and chip mounting hole
Fuel pump module and vehicle residual fuel detector
Annealed wafer manufacturing method and annealed wafer
Glow plug energization control apparatus and glow plug energization control method
Method for producing acrylic polymer fine particles
Semiconductor package board using a metal base
Moving body drive control device
Semiconductor integrated circuit having high-speed and low-power logic gates with common transistor ...
Optical beam scanning device and image forming apparatus
Separator with fluid distribution features for use with a membrane electrode assembly in a fuel cell
Preparation of olefin-acrylic copolymers with late transition metal catalysts
Acrylic resin composition
Data-storing device
Refrigerant recycling system with single ball valve
Method and apparatus for validating the accuracy of a flowmeter
Recombinant kid pregastric esterase and methods for its production and use
Matrix storage and retrieval system
Production method of III nitride compound semiconductor, and III nitride compound semiconductor elem...
LSI device polishing composition and method for producing LSI device
III-V compound semiconductor
Compact semiconductor device capable of mounting a plurality of semiconductor chips with high densit...
Semiconductor device and method of relaxing thermal stress
Long and short-chain cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, cyanate ester and Lewis and Bronsted catalysts
Method and apparatus for pre-heating the conductor elements of cables with extruded insulators, in p...
Component of a radiation detector comprising a substrate with positioning structure for a photoelect...
Three level stacked reflective display
Cartridge for electronic devices
Surface shape recognition sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Electric-powered vehicle
Parallel hybrid vehicle
Sensor device for a motor vehicle used for detecting environmental parameters
Tire side slip angle control for an automotive vehicle using steering peak seeking actuators
Luggage rack and backrest mounting system
Steering system for vehicle with four drive wheels
Steering apparatus for a vehicle
Vehicle steering apparatus
Method and system of actuating a deployment of a vehicle restraint system
Box for set of electric storage batteries
Seat weight measuring apparatus
Dual-use generator and shock absorber assistant system
Systems and methods for controlling handling characteristics of a tire
Engine engagement control for a hybrid electric vehicle
Motor vehicle steering system
Method and apparatus for controlling ground speed of a work machine based on tire condition
Torque distribution control device for four-wheel drive vehicle
Method of controlling traveling stability of vehicle
Controller which determines presence of memory in a node of a data network
Methods and apparatus for facilitating the design of an adapter card of a computer system
Aiming indicia for a bar code and method of use
System and method for generating two effective frequencies using a single clock
Semiconductor memory device and data access method for semiconductor memory device
Communication packet processor with a look-up engine and content-addressable memory for modifying se...
Positioning system and position calculating method in mobile communication system
Pacemaker passive measurement testing system and method
System and method for intermediating communication with a moveable media library utilizing a plurali...
Data backup in presence of pending hazard
System and method of operation of dual redundant controllers
Wavefront coding optics
Personal hygiene cleansing apparatus
Mammalian cytokines; receptors; related reagents and methods
Monoclonal antibodies for the detection of decoy receptor 3, hybridomas producing said antibodies an...
Method for analyzing the amount of intraabdominal adipose tissue
Recombinant reduced valency carbohydrate binding ligands
Compositions comprising polynucleotides encoding human fibroblast growth factor receptor and uses th...
Bubble detector and method of evaluation or calibration thereof
Electrical line end shortening quantification
Multidirectional router
Semiconductor integrated circuit device using programmable peripheral control
System and method for multi-level memory domain protection
Multi-line editor for compact display
Slidably movable member and method of producing same
Navigation apparatus, method and program for updating facility information and recording medium stor...
Method and system for providing narrative information to a traveler
System and method for broadband multi-user communication sessions
Method and apparatus to enhance a multicast information stream in a communication network
Method for controlling software in an electronic system having an insertable peripheral device
Method and system for a host processor to broadcast data to instruction or data memories of several ...
Switchover device and information recording/reproducing apparatus having the switchover device
Interleaver for turbo decoder
Electronic guitar
Hot-fillable, blow molded container
Head portion of a ratchet wrench
Inferior-and-superior-limb blood-pressure-index measuring apparatus
Apparatus and methods for therapeutically treating damaged tissues, bone fractures, osteopenia, or o...
Grating dispersion compensator and method of manufacture
Multi-beam multi-column electron beam inspection system
Lithography system comprising a converter plate and means for protecting the converter plate
Optical element deformation system
Anastomotic connector for sutureless anastomosis systems
Manatee warning system
Bone suturing device
Self-renewing air filter
Inkjet ink, dye set, ink set, and method of use thereof
Composition for an organic EL element and method of manufacturing the organic EL element
Method for fabricating a ferroelectric polymer film
Torsion spring for electro-mechanical switches and a cantilever-type RF micro-electromechanical swit...
Fabrication method and apparatus for antenna structures in wireless communications devices
Wideband low profile spiral-shaped transmission line antenna
Imprint lithography template comprising alignment marks
Method and apparatus for generating a phase-modulated wave front of electromagnetic radiation
Multi-axis imaging system having individually-adjustable elements
Apparatus for energy extraction-I
Backplane wire and noise eliminator tube
Gyro aided magnetic compass
System and process for detecting leaks in sealed articles
Flexible vibratory micro-electromechanical device
Partially closed microfluidic system and microfluidic driving method
Array of abutting print chips in a pagewidth printhead
Projection apparatus
Gimbaled micromechanical rotation system
Wing structure of air swirling device for internal combustion engine
Hydraulic control valve and fuel injector using same
Surge absorber flow regulation for modular pressure swing adsorption
Single source sputtering of thioaluminate phosphor films
Crude oil desulfurization
Fluorocarbon, oxygenated and non-oxygenated lubricant, and compatibilizer composition, and method fo...
Sterilization system with a plasma generator controlled by a digital signal processor
Method for inhibiting corrosion by post-dip of coated parts
Chromatic diffractive pigments and foils
Single stage HID electronic ballast
Constant switching for signal processing
Highly accurate digital to analog converter
Dc-to-dc converter with flyback period detector circuit
Switching power supply, and a method of driving the same
Multi-output DC-DC converter
Universal adapter with interchangeable plugs
Controller for DC to DC converter
Maximum power point tracking method and device
DAC cell circuit
Multi-level Class-D amplifier by means of 2 physical layers
Alkyl urea retinoid agonists
Hydrates of a neuraminic acid compound and crystalline forms thereof
Substances for use in treating psoriasis
Indenoindolone compounds
Modified, hydroxy-substituted aromatic structures having cytoprotective activity
Benzamides and related inhibitors of factor Xa
Device for communication between a vehicle and one of its wheels
Pinch detection system
Fluid flow through an integrated pressure management apparatus
Method of manufacturing a throttle valve connection piece and a housing therefor
Apparatus for pressing shirts
System for supplying a generator with hydrogen
Method for operating a fuel cell plant and fuel cell plant
Multiple-pole electric motor and method of producing the same
Fuel cell mixture sensor
Multiport-RAM memory device
Method and apparatus for computer input using six degrees of freedom
Two-speed gearbox with integrated differential
Data processing apparatus, image displaying apparatus, and information processing system including t...
Portable computer usable in a laptop and tablet configurations
Method facilitating inter-mode handoff
RF receivers with reduced spurious response for mobile stations and methods therefor
Method for the communication of information and apparatus employing the method
Method and system for assessing the susceptibility of a wireless communication channel to wind-induc...
Access parameter adaptation and packet data resource management using detailed mobile status informa...
Fluorene based polymers and light emitting diodes fabricated with the same as light emitting materia...
Light emitting device and display unit which make use of porphyrin derivative compound
Organic electroluminescent material and organic electroluminescent device fabricated using said mate...
Decorations and methods for decorating cables
Method and apparatus of a fast two-loop automatic gain control circuit
Electrosurgical system
Coaxial radio frequency adapter and method
Inspection jig for radio frequency device, and contact probe incorporated in the jig
Method of sand coremaking
Interactive television program guide display
Domestic nanofiltration membrane based water purifier without storage tank
High rate filter and high rate filtration method using the filter
Apparatus and method for cleaning membrane filtration modules
Symbiotic residual water treatment station
Method and device for the anaerobic purification of a slurry which contains organic constituents
Reversed-phase liquid chromatography, liquid chromatograph apparatus, and column
Method and apparatus of purifying an electrolyte
Spacer and filter assembly utilizing the spacer
Filter unit with high-pressure filter cap
Corrosion-resistant filter element
Hemodialysis system
Method for handling filled reject flows in a paper or paperboard mill
Separation of hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon containing liquid
PH reduction system and method for concrete plant discharge
Detoxification of onium compounds
Sanitization of chromatographic media
Inverted cavity aerator for membrane module
Pump for low flow rates
Purification and recovery of fluids in processing applications
Automatic sensing of valid regeneration signal
Method and device for treating hydrophilic sludge by hydraulic turbulence effect combined with oxida...
Device and process for treating cutting fluids using ultrasound
Method for purifying liquids
Device for oxygenating sea water
Use of ozone for controlling growth of organisms
Systems and methods for water purification through supercritical oxidation
Hydraulic annular washing column, and process for separating solids from a suspension
Method for the separation of blood plasma particles from a blood plasma suspension
Method of cleaning water pollution trap
Fluidized solids removal with pulsation
Device for removing bacterial lipopolysaccharides and/or lipoteichoic acids from protein-containing ...
Centrifuge for separation of liquids and solids with solids discharge using a piston or scraper
Device and method for treating waste product
Static pool skimmer
Wastewater treatment system
Eye-wear articles for use with respiratory masks
First responder communications system
Pro-aggressive roulette
New fluorous tagging and scavenging reactants and methods of synthesis and use thereof
Method and system for identifying key opinion leaders
Low power reduced voltage swing latch
Mappicine analogs, intermediates in the synthesis of mappicine analogs and methods of synthesis of m...
Conductive soil-repellent core-sheath fiber of high chemical resistance, its preparation and use
Vehicle light apparatus
Speedometer display and method for motor vehicles
Alarm system and kit with event recording
Method for pulse width modulation of a radar system
Fusion monitor system for vehicles
System and method for performing acoustic analysis of devices
Engine torque control for a hybrid electric vehicle using estimated engine torque
System and method for storage virtualization
Variable valve timing control apparatus and method for an internal combustion engine
Cam synchronization algorithm for engine with variable cam timing
Method for balancing engine cylinder bank output using crankshaft sensing and intake cam phasing
Sliding mechanism and variable valve timing mechanism for internal combustion engine
Intake control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus and control method of internal combustion engine
Control apparatus, control method and engine control unit for variable cylinder internal combustion ...
Internal exhaust gas recirculation amount estimation system of internal combustion engines
Method to use the internet for the assembly of parts
Composition and method for the production of planar structures, especially structures made of paper ...
Fluid resistant silicone encapsulant
Bicycle carrier
Adjustable load support-mounting device for a backpack
Iconic printer interface providing document composition features
Recording/reproducing apparatus and control method thereof
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Identity-coded surface with reference points and coded marks
Contact smart cards having a document core, contactless smart cards including multi-layered structur...
Imposition process and apparatus for variable imaging system
Method and apparatus for deprioritizing a high priority client
Fluidic switches and methods for controlling flow in fluidic systems
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Melanoma differentiation associated gene-7 promoter and uses thereof
Infectious cDNA clones of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and expression vectors...
Biotin biosynthesis in bacillus subtilis
Bistable genetic toggle switch
Methods of inhibition using glycosyl sulfotransferase-3
Process for the preparation of enantiomerically enriched esters and alcohols
Transgenic plants incorporating traits of Zostera marina
Device and a method for thermal sensing
Thyristor-based content addressable memory (CAM) cells
Information retrieval system with a neuro-fuzzy structure
Light recovery for projection displays
Mercury lamp, lamp unit, method for producing mercury lamp and electric lamp
Illumination system and display device
Millimeter- and submillimeter-wave noise generator
Advanced roller bottle system for cell and tissue culturing
Method for hydrogenating aromatic polymers in the presence of special catalysts
Sulfonation method for zonisamide intermediate in zonisamide synthesis and their novel crystal forms
ATR crystal device
Plasma filter antenna system
Device for exposing a sample to electromagnetic radiation, for testing the aging of samples
Process for the purification of flue gas
Supported peroxides
Cosmetic or dermatological composition contacting at least one natural or recombinant spider silk or...
Silicone compositions for personal care products and method for making
Polymer granules produced by fluidized bed granulation
Preventing flow through subterranean zones
Fracturing fluids and methods of making and using same
Antisoiling hardcoat
Biocompatible polymer film
Process for the preparation of protective colloid-stabilized, emulsifier-free, aqueous dispersions
Method of manufacturing liquid medium containing composite ultrafine particles and apparatus thereof
Water-based catalyst inks and their use for manufacture of catalyst-coated substrates
Molecular sieve compositions, catalyst thereof, their making and use in conversion processes
Support for imaging material
Image-receiving sheet for electrophotography
Heat-activated adhesive tape having an acrylic foam-like backing
Repeated use of an adhesive-film laminate
Starches for use in papermaking
Plaster containing felbinac
Hot melt moisture cure polyurethane adhesive with wide range of open time
Photocurable/thermosetting resin composition, photosensitive dry film formed therefrom, and method o...
Method for developing multilayer imageable elements
Modified alkyd compositions comprising polyol latex compositions and processes of making them
Ultra-violet light curable hot melt composition
Use of disazo compounds
Ink jet printing method and printing apparatus
Circuit and method of forming the circuit having subsurface conductors
Background operation for memory cells
Modified cellulose aggregate material
Method and apparatus for separating a component from a mixture
2D/3D chemical sensors and methods of fabricating and operating the same
Variant varicella-zoster viruses and methods of use
Multilayer articles comprising polycarbonate and polypropylene and method for their preparation
Easy refuelling metal-gas cell battery with soft pocket
Electrostatic latent image developing toner and image forming method
Waste plastic additive for asphalt
Methods of making intermediates from polyhydroxyalkanoates
Coolant cooled type semiconductor device
Skin electrode
Method and apparatus for post-detection maximum ratio combining with antenna diversity in an orthogo...
Method and apparatus for wireless communication utilizing electrical and magnetic polarization
Method and apparatus for optimizing routing through network nodes
Controlling a video-buffer-verifier buffer using an MPEG-like encoder
Methods and apparatus for characterization, adjustment and optimization of wireless networks
Motion estimation and compensation for video compression
Framework for flexible and scalable real-time traffic emulation for packet switched networks
Data transmission in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for peak-to-average signal reduction for radio frequency transmitters
Joint placement and configuration of cross-connects and add-drop multiplexers in an optical mesh net...
Silicon oxide based gate dielectric layer
Antibacterial cleaning wipe
Process of preparing a crystalline sodium silicate builder composition
Spontaneously degradable fibers and goods made thereof
Spontaneously degradable fibers and goods made thereof
Method for validating that the detection ability of a sensor array mimics a human nose detection abi...
Hemorrhoid therapeutic treatment
4-methylene-1,3-dioxolanes as cross-linking agents
High functionality number, low molecular weight polymers and methods of making same
Method for the conversion of a Z-isomer into E-isomer
Balance watch
Polymide-free alignment layer for LCD fabrication and method
Assembly of calendar sheets in books, ring binders or the like
Method for producing a substantially continuous, nonporous thermoplastic coating and articles constr...
Method of fabricating waveguide channels
Grounding assembly with self-aligning fingers
Digital printing apparatus with remotely selectable operating speeds and features
Color halftoning using a single successive-filling halftone screen
Method for trapping raster data in a run-length encoded form
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus capable of verifying the availability of desired image developing units
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and control board thereof, method for recycling the image forming apparatus,...
Phase change ink imaging component with MICA-type silicate layer
Carding machine and carding method
Engine control device
Rotary damper device
Optical module and connecting construction for optical module
Method of processing character in tape printer as well as tape printer
Engine start control method and device
Software delivery method with enhanced batch redistribution for use in a distributed computer networ...
Method for controlling non-volatile semiconductor memory system by using look up table
Digital camera
Portable liquid oxygen unit with multiple operational orientations
Fluid-moving device with a clearance seal
Three-dimensional image projection employing retro-reflective screens
Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing process thereof
Integrated device with Schottky diode and MOS transistor and related manufacturing process
Wiring substrate
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with first and second read modes
Method for generating design constraints for modules in a hierarchical integrated circuit design sys...
Apparatus and method for capping wide web reclosable fasteners
Optoelectronic and photonic devices formed of materials which inhibit degradation and failure
Support for lithographic printing plate and presensitized plate
Conductance valve and pressure-to-conductance transducer method and apparatus
Coated abrasive articles and method of abrading
High temperature superconducting composite conductors
Crystal thin film and production method therefor
Method and materials for patterning of an amorphous, non-polymeric, organic matrix with electrically...
Gate oxides, and methods of forming
Machine for deburring and fine machining of tooth flanks of toothed workpieces
Retrieval system and method using distance index
Methods for cleaning semiconductor surfaces
Cathode current control system for a wafer electroplating apparatus
Method of treating atherosclerosis
(3) and (6) substitued estrogenic compounds
4-fluoroalkyl-2h-benzopyrans with anti-estogenic activity
Pyrimidine derivatives for inhibition of cell proliferation
Salt forms of E-2-methoxy-N-(3-{4-[3 methyl-4-(6-methyl-pyridin-3-yloxy)-phenylamino]-quinazolin-6-y...
Corticotropin releasing factor antagonists
Substituted quinolin-2-one derivatives useful as antiproliferative agents
Heterocyclic compounds useful as inhibitors of tyrosine kinases
Preparing pyrazolopyrimidinone derivatives for the treatment of impotence
Process for preparing substituted pyridines
(20S)-1.alpha.-hydroxy-2.alpha.-methyl and 2.beta.-methyl-19-nor-vitamin D3 and their uses
Absorbent article with improved liquid acquisition capacity
Batting helmet
Coffee brewer
Polyloaded optical waveguide device in combination with optical coupler, and method for making same
Remotely configurable add/drop for wavelength division multiplexing and method of operating the same
Method for coupling diode array light into an optical fiber
Multi-format connector module incorporating chip mounted optical sub-assembly
Transparent substrate and hinged optical assembly
Optical module with lens holding member
Fastening means with machine-readable information storage means
Optically isolated bias control circuit
Optical system and exposure apparatus provided with the optical system
Apparatus and methods for removing optical abberations during an optical inspection
Agent for prophylaxis and treatment of interstitial pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis
Asymmetric diisocyanate monomers in urethane polymers and oligomers to reduce crystallinity
Method and device for measuring the velocity of a moving surface
Allocating access across a shared communications medium
Method and apparatus for indicating story-line changes by mining closed-caption-text
In-situ formation of cap for ammunition projectile
Trigger safety lock for pistols and trigger assembly
Method and apparatus for detecting target objects
Mobile artillery system
Ceramic bearing structure
Deflection adjustment roll
Bearing assembly and locking collar
Needle roller retention design for tripot joint
Encoder-equipped seal
Lubricating system including a lubricating structure
Hydrodynamic bearing unit
Regulator bearing mount
Roller thrust bearing
High-speed spindle unit for machine tools
Method for providing distributed material management and flow control in an integrated circuit facto...
Integrated data bank combining system
System and method for interfacing a CAN device and a peripheral device
Paradigm for server-side dynamic client code generation
Objective lens driving device with cover having an opening for exposing a tracking coil
Systems for controlling a drying cycle in a drying apparatus
Disposable absorbent article having reinforced ear panels
Home laundry method
Process for splicing the bottom end portion of the first stack of web material and the top end porti...
Apparatus and method for treating a workpiece using plasma generated from microwave radiation
Low surfactant, high sugar bars
Method of preparing fabric conditioning compositions
Adapter plates for cleaning implement
Ring rolling simulation press
Fabric conditioning compositions
Method of controlling tension in a web
Detection of roller damage and/or misalignment in continuous casting of metals
Methods for identifying and using maintenance genes
Tri-aryl-substituted-ethane PDE4 inhibitors
Intradermal needle
Serine protease genes related to DPPIV
Nb3Ga multifilamentary superconducting wire and process for preparing the same
Benzofuran derivatives
Topical formulations of natamycin/pimaricin
Copolymers comprising low surface tension (meth) acrylates
Natural resin formulations
Water walker assistant for physically challenged and rehabilitation patients
Adhesives with improved rivet properties and laminates using the same
(CO)polymerization of vinyl chloride in the presence of a stable nitroxyl radical
Dye diffusion promoting agents for aramids
Soft absorbent web material
Modification of syndiotactic polypropylene with mineral oil
Golf ball compositions containing oxa esters
Polymer blends containing polyhydroxyalkanoates and compositions with good retention of elongation
Thermoplastic blend
Smoothly blended optical surfaces
Process for adjusting WVTR and other properties of a polyolefin film
Print media products for generating high quality images and methods for making the same
Sulfonated substantially random interpolymers, blends therewith and articles made therefrom
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating semiconductor device with high CMP uniformity and res...
Impregnation of ion-exchange membranes to improve electrochemical fuel cell performance
Multilayered article
Fountain having lighted portion
Spread illuminating apparatus with plurality of light conductive bars arrayed adjacently
Illuminative universal joint
Canopy luminaire
Luminaire pendant system
Back light module
Device for storing and displaying decorative light strings
Backlight device and method of fabricating the same
Mounting assembly for high output electrodeless lamp
Lighting assembly
Surface light source apparatus, and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Optical amplifying and relaying system
Optical bandpass filter using long period gratings
Optical tap
Optical fiber cable including a hydrogen-absorbing composition
Fiber optic assemblies, cable, and manufacturing methods therefor
Poled fiber, a method of fabricating the poled fiber, and a dispersion compensator
Semiconductor optical device
Interbay housing assembly for fiber optic management systems
Optical fiber enclosure system
Optical high-density distribution frame and method for making jumper connections in such a distribut...
Fibre-optic cable network
Optical connector with a shutter
All-optical holographic code division multiple access switch
Apparatus and method of inputting fingerprints
Arrangement and method for the identification of substrates
System and method for on-line computation and storage of scene histograms in an image acquisition ap...
Motion predicted image signal compression
Predicting ringing artifacts in digital images
Object taking out apparatus
System for monitoring and analyzing diagnostic data of spin tracks
Blood pressure monitoring device and method of manufacturing a parts mounting module of a blood pres...
Technique for diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Blood drawing system
Device for controlled endoscopic penetration of injection needle
Antibody against rat postacrosome reaction sperm and utilization thereof
Intervertebral implant
Magnetic field measurement apparatus
Surgical instrument
Round pen and method for installing the same
CeSERT genes, proteins, and modulatory compounds
Method for iron delivery to a patient by transfer from dialysate
Weedless lure for wacky style fishing
Fishing lure
Fishing sinker
Device for at least one milking stall and a parlor comprising a plurality of milking stalls
Squirrel-proof bird feeder for clinging type birds
Pet watering system with retractable bowl
Water tray drinker for pigs
Oscillation mechanism for fishing reel
Anti-reverse bail control
Method and apparatus for measuring chemical concentration in a fluid
Multi-layer opto-electronic substrates with electrical and optical interconnections and methods for ...
High-speed silicon-based electro-optic modulator
Temperature controlling device for aerosol drug delivery
Method for fabrication of patterns and semiconductor devices
Variable blazed grating
Semiconductor pressure sensor device protected with perfluoropolyether gel
Lavender plant named `Barcelona Rose`
Climbing rose plant named `POULyc007`
Petunia plant named `Whip Pur`
Gas monitoring system and method
Apparatus and method for treating a substrate electrochemically while reducing metal corrosion
Horizontal fuel cell tube system and methods
Electrolyte rebalancing system
Electrolyte composition with a molten salt and crosslinked polymer
Alkaline cell with improved cathode
Materials useful as electrolytic solutes
Conductive microplate
Medical applications of artificial olfactometry
Adhesive composition for metal foil, and adhesive-coated metal foil, metal-clad laminate and related...
Ionic compounds with delocalized anionic charge, and their use as ion conducting components or as ca...
Powder for capacitor, sintered body and capacitor using the sintered body
Methods and compositions for the treatment of pancreatitis
Image recording material
High ionic conductivity gel polymer electrolyte for rechargeable polymer batteries
Densification of aerated powders using positive pressure
Highly conductive and stable nonaqueous electrolyte for lithium electrochemical cells
System and method of use for revascularizing stenotic bypass grafts and other occluded blood vessels
Slideable vascular filter
Patient temperature regulation method and apparatus
Method and system for identifying and displaying groups of cardiac arrhythmic episodes
Delivery apparatus for a self expanding retractable stent
Bifurcated intraluminal prostheses construction and methods
Latex for dip forming and molded object obtained by dip forming
Method for mapping electrical activity
Device for stocking/extracting part
Process for the co-production of aliphatic diols and cyclic ethers
Wafer level system for producing burn-in/screen, and reliability evaluations to be performed on all ...
Raceway for providing power and communications connectivity
Electric sparking drill and method for forming a hole with an electric spark
Rotating aperture system
Packaging mold with electrostatic discharge protection
Double sided wire grid polarizer
Image display system and electrically actuatable image combiner therefor
Flyback converter
Wideband wireless communications architecture
Web phone dialer system apparatus and method
Apparatus for recognizing tissue types
Text stream filter
Production of high added value products from resin-bonded waste composite wood products
Polyvinyl chloride/wood composite having a natural wood grain finish and a method for creating the f...
Method for induced lactation
System and method to provide tight locking for DLL and PLL with large range, and dynamic tracking of...
Method and apparatus for error detection
Encoding multiple messages in audio data and detecting same
Machine tool
Method to reduce noise of a cam phaser by controlling the position of center mounted spool valve
Method and installation for separating and purifying diphenols in the phenol and phenol derivatives ...
Production of tyrosine hydroxylase positive neurons
Articles comprising cationic polysaccharides and acidic pH buffering means
Blue backlight and phosphor layer for a color LCD
Tensioning apparatus and method
Device for torque compensation in a sheet-processing machine and reversing drum having a torque comp...
Sheet-processing rotary printing press with a sheet guiding device
Non-trapped stripper belt
Method and device for measuring a position of a passing sheet
Method and apparatus for providing power to a visual messaging system for high-speed networks
Stem cell factor compositions
Process for preparing substituted benzoyl chlorides
Contacting arrangement for an electroacoustic microphone transducer
Containers having improved barrier and mechanical properties
Ethoxylated alcohol intercalated smectite materials and method
Thermosetting inorganic clay nanodispersions and their use
Coffee brewer
Silicone compositions for personal care products and method for making
Method for forming carbon nanotubes with post-treatment step
Method for forming carbon nanotubes with intermediate purification steps
Method for the production of metal-carbon composite powders
Apparatus and method for multiple identical continuous records of characteristics on the surface of ...
Sheet for protecting paint films of automobiles
Hybrid model and method for determining manufacturing properties of an injection-molded part
Aqueous based electrolyte slurry for MCFC and method of use
Protective glove having inner ribs between inner liner and outer shell
Nitric oxide-releasing polymers incorporating diazeniumdiolated silane derivatives
Conformationally constrained backbone cyclized interleukin-6 antagonists
Indole derivatives useful for the treatment of diseases
Fungicidal properties of sampangine and its analogs to agriculturally important fungal plant pathoge...
High-frequency electric connector having no ground terminals
Position control apparatus for motor
Wide angle paraconic reflector antenna
Projection optical system, exposure system provided with the projection optical system, and exposure...
Lens system installed in mobile communication terminal
Semiconductor memory device using open data line arrangement
Optical branching device
Clock switching circuitry for jitter reduction
Air cleaning apparatus and method for cleaning air
Optical disk using groove recording system
Solid polymer type fuel cell
Lithium secondary cell and assembly thereof
Etching method
Device and system for adjusting delay in a data path based on comparison of data from a latch and da...
Method and device for compensating for magnetic noise fields in spatial volumes, and nuclear magneti...
Coupled resonant cavity surface-emitting laser
Apparatus for destroying pathogen molecules using frequencies
Arrangement of a data coupler for power line communications
Method and apparatus for remote communication of vehicle combustion performance parameters
Polarizer and method of producing the same
Thermohardening polymer dispersion
UV stabilizing additive composition
Long-fiber-reinforced polyolefin structure, process for its production, and moldings produced theref...
Photosenseitive polymer having fluorinated ethylene glycol group and chemically amplified resist com...
Fluoropolymer compositions containing a nitrogen cure site monomer
Catalyst compositions for the polymerization of olefins
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses therefor
Pre-filled drug-delivery device and method of manufacture and assembly of same
Device and method for keeping meals warm
Container packaging method
Multi-personality chat robot
Infrared ray lamp, heating apparatus and method of producing the infrared ray lamp
Active antenna with interleaved arrays of antenna elements
Compounds useful in pain management
Process for the preparation of donepezil
Liquid container, ink jet cartridge and ink jet printing apparatus
Recording head structure provided with ink reservoir section
Image display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Motor device
Developing assembly, image-forming apparatus and process cartridge
Zoom lens and image taking apparatus using the same
Semiconductor substrate, SOI substrate and manufacturing method therefor
Sheet treating apparatus and image forming apparatus
Exposure method and apparatus
Interferometer and interferance measurement method
Optical element and optical apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Encoding method and device, decoding method and device, and systems using them
Method of producing fiber, and methods of producing electron-emitting device, electron source, and i...
Ink, recording method, recording unit, ink cartridge, ink set, and recording apparatus
System and method of water treatment
Air filtering apparatus
Compound/curvilinear immiscible liquid separator apparatus and method
Method of distributing skin care products
Rapid lateral flow assay for determining exposure to Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other mycobacter...
1,2-Dioxetane derivatives and reagents employing them
Method of inhibiting fungal growth
Device for arraying biomolecules and for monitoring cell motility in real-time
Osteogenic cell growth using a TGF.beta.1-von Willebrand's factor fusion protein
Methods for oxygen transport comprising a high oxygen affinity modified hemoglobin
Peptidase-cleavable, targeted antineoplastic drugs and their therapeutic use
Magnetically shielded conductor
Motion compatible sensor for non-invasive optical blood analysis
Treatment of shoulder dysfunction using a percutaneous intramuscular stimulation system
Stabilizer for pharmacons
Alumina insulation for coating implantable components and other microminiature devices
Adhesive compositions and constructions with outstanding cutting performance
Method and apparatus for minimization of magnetic bias force harmonics in a spindle motor
System and method for selecting a server in a multiple server license management system
Systems and methods for harvesting fresh produce
Retractable handle bar assembly with safety alert system for traveling container
Moisture barrier fabric and methods of making same
Methods and compositions for reducing wear in heavy-duty diesel engines
Method for the production of liquid cleaning agent or detergent compositions containing at least two...
Encapsulated flavor and fragrance
Aqueous liquid detergent compositions comprising a polymeric stabilization system
Methods and apparatuses for signal processing
System, method and computer program product for an improved programmable vertex processing model wit...
Interpage prologue to protect virtual address mappings
Tongue fish guitar body
Reservoir unit
Reservoir unit
System for, and a method of pumping fluids from a well
Centrifugal fluid pump apparatus
Positive-displacement oil pump
Radial piston pump
Plural fan installation for a cooling system for a motor vehicle, with a control unit, for controlli...
Air compressor with shock-absorption rubber strips at a bottom thereof
Continuous liquid flow system
Valve mounting arrangement in a diaphragm pump
Diaphragm pump including a wobble plate
Mounting structure of blower for vacuum cleaner
Cooling system for a magnetic pump
Optical device
Method of classifying particles on two-dimensional frequency distribution map and blood analyzer uti...
Device for a quantified determination of the quality of surfaces
Method and system for diagnosing pathology in biological samples by detection of infrared spectral m...
Method for processing a digital image to adjust brightness
Ratchet wrench
Liquid-jet head and liquid-jet apparatus
Multi-function opto-electronic detection apparatus
Microelectromechanical system and method for producing displacement multiplication
Drive apparatus
Wiring board and method of manufacturing same
Method for obtaining biometric data for an individual in a secure transaction
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric actuator for ink-jet head based on use of the sa...
SAW filter with an improved attenuation characteristic at a frequency any multiple of an attenuation...
Stationary coil oscillator scanning system
Method for capturing and displaying a variable resolution digital panoramic image
Focus control method and focus controller
Heart-sound detecting apparatus and pulse-wave-propagation-velocity-relating-information obtaining s...
Method for detecting engine knock
Continuously variable analog micro-mirror device
Microelectromechanical system based sensors, sensor arrays, sensing systems, sensing methods and met...
Dual sided lithographic substrate imaging
Temporary coatings for protection of microelectronic devices during packaging
Microelectromechanical systems actuator based reconfigurable printed antenna
Dual band antenna for wireless communication
Actuator-controlled mirror with Z-stop mechanism
Spatial light modulators with light absorbing areas
Microelectromechanical device with continuously variable displacement
Electronic systems, constructions for detecting properties of objects, and assemblies for identifyin...
System and method for adaptive antenna impedance matching
Linear optical beam translator for optical routing
Control of an optical fiber scanner
Configurable wavelength routing device
Plate fin type heat exchanger for high temperature
Automobile radiant heating apparatus
Condenser for domestic refrigerator cabinets and a domestic refrigerator cabinet provided with such ...
Docking station to cool a notebook computer
High performance heat sink configurations for use in high density packaging applications
Electronic apparatus having a circulation path of liquid coolant to cool a heat-generating component
Portable diagnostic apparatus for computer components and systems and method of using same
CPU and electronic chipset cooler
Method and apparatus for adjusting the temperature set point based on humidity level for increased c...
Water-cooled type engine cooling apparatus and transmission oil cooler module
Gilled pipe
Compact ductless cooling with heat exchangers
Heat pipe unit and heat pipe type heat exchanger
Semi-closed air cooling type radiator
Inverted lid sealing plate for heat exchanger
Air conditioning system and operating method for a motor vehicle with heat pump and/or reheat operat...
Electrochemical device and method for preparation thereof
Method of producing difluoromethane
Thin film light emitting diode
Piezoactuator and drive circuit therefor
Method and apparatus for turbulent refrigerant flow to evaporator
Method for resetting a state of charge of a battery of a hybrid electric vehicle
Ultrasonic impact methods for treatment of welded structures
Electrochromic windows and method of making the same
Optical recording media for air-incident optical recording
Method for configuring and routing data within a wireless multihop network and a wireless network fo...
Gas-supplying apparatus for fuel cell
Humidifier for humidifying reactant gases for a polymer electrolyte fuel cell system
Hot wall rapid thermal processor
Vehicular electric power generation control apparatus
Permanent magnet motor having flux density characteristics that are internally variable
Optical exposure apparatus for forming an alignment layer
Shoe outer sole, method for its manufacture, and mold therefor
Apparatus for determination of recruitable volume of a lung
Method and system for intubation
Inclinometer system
Method and system for event notification for wireless PDA devices
Piperazine derivatives
Immuno-reactive peptide CTL epitopes of human cytomegalovirus
Oligomerization of hepatitis delta antigen
Protein and DNA thereof
Process for manufacturing a magnetic read head
Head protection device and a card reader having the head protection device
Tape cartridge producing and method thereof
Disk drive comprising a ratchet arm applied to a disk and disengaged through windage generated by th...
Single slider air bearing process using polymer brush formation
Head feeding mechanism having protrusion engaged with lead screw
Magnetic memory using perpendicular magnetization film
Magnetoresistive sensor capable of narrowing gap and track width
Spindle motor for hard disc drive with static charge discharging
Boron doped CoFe for GMR free layer
Enclosure case for hard-disk-drive case
Computing system capable of controlling disk loading and disk unloading operations of an optical dis...
Male luer lock connector for medical fluid lines
Successive-approximation-register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and method utilizing N thr...
Method and apparatus for improving the sensitivity of a taut wire intrusion detection system
Modular protein libraries and methods of preparation
Right-angle power interconnect electronic packaging assembly
Corn plant evaluation
Dental device
Medical implant
Expandable polymer dental implant and method of use
Percutaneous bone anchored transferring device
Porous implant system and treatment method
Cross-reactive monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies which recognize surface proteins from coagulase-...
Dental implant
Method of producing bioactive composite materials
Arc extinguisher with an attachment for low voltage switchgear
Magnetic resonance apparatus, and coil arrangement and reception circuit therefor enabling frequency...
Magnetic resonance gradient coil system containing latent heat storage material which undergoes a ph...
Magnetic resonance apparatus with compensation of fields arising due to eddy currents
System and method for auxiliary contact assembly
Method and a network for ATM switching
Method and device for converting virtually concatenated data streams into contiguously concatenated ...
Methods and apparatus for shifting focus between multiple devices
Gas turbine with flexible combustion sensor connection
Positive stop diaphragm assembly for fuel pressure regulator
Fuel injector including a bent inlet tube
High-level built-in oven unit
Fuel tank pressure control valve including an integrated sensor
Computer-assisted configuring tool
Vehicle occupant weight classification system
Simulation method
Method for isolating terpene trilactones (ginkgolides, bilobalide) from leaves and pharmaceutical po...
Marked plate for a rotational angle sensor element, an angular sensor element for rotating structura...
Alignment system and methods for lithographic systems using at least two wavelengths
Routing protocol selection for an ad hoc network
Method for accessing hierarchical data via JDBC
Server-side state replication among collaborating world wide web servers
Lookup discovery service in a distributed system having a plurality of lookup services each with ass...
Interface method and system for accessing inner layers of a network protocol
Embedded file system for a programmable logic controller
System and method for developing software applications using an extended XML-based framework
Optically functional element and production method and application therefor
Ultrahigh resolution multicolor colocalization of single fluorescent probes
Chromosome 17P-linked prostate cancer susceptibility gene
Peptide-based carrier devices for stellate cells
Injection molding techniques utilizing fluid channels
Sulfonamide hydroxamates
Methods for using annexin for detecting cell death in vivo and treating associated conditions
Method of using triaxial magnetic fields for making particle structures
Polyfunctional carbosiloxanes with linear and cyclic components
Method for manufacturing structural components from an extruded section
Compression set, large expansion packing element for downhole plugs or packers
Aluminum extruded tailgate construction
Filter with varying cell channels
Method of making polymer compositions containing thermoplastic starch
Helical shed
Micro-fluidic manufacturing method for forming a color filter