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Method and apparatus for monitoring or controlling a gaming machine based on gaming machine location
System and method for processing currency bills and documents bearing barcodes in a document process...
Unified probabilistic framework for predicting and detecting seizure onsets in the brain and multith...
CNG fuel storage and delivery systems for natural gas powered vehicles
Apparatus for inhibiting fuels from flowing out of fuel tanks
Method and system for determining the position and orientation of a device in a well casing
Downhole tool with ratcheting swivel and method
Compressed gas cartridge dispensing system allowing interchangeable use of different capacity compre...
Adjustable leather rifle sling
Deer stand and gun carrier
Method of making a ceramic body of densified tungsten carbide
Material applicator assembly and a method for using the same
Xerographic method for coating a material with solid particles
Cytokine receptor common gamma chain like
Composition curable by metathesis reaction
Glass funnel for a cathode ray tube and process for its production
Multiple beam linear accelerator system
Heat-absorbing filter and method for making same
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Load bearing fabric attachment and associated method
Electro-luminescent footwear or clothing system
Toner cartridge adaptor
Aligning in five degrees of freedom a multichannel laser printhead for transferring OLED material
Multi-beam scanning device
Ladar system for detecting objects
Device for the non-contacting measurement of an object to be measured, particularly for distance and...
Initialization method for phase change type optical disc
Optical pickup apparatus
Tuning of laser wavelength in actively mode-locked lasers
Laser apparatus with improved thermal stress resistance
Semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
Coherent light source and recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
Organic laser that is attachable to an external pump beam light source
Narrow lateral waveguide laser
Encapsulated optoelectronic devices with controlled properties
Laser illuminating apparatus for illuminating a strip-shaped or linear area
Laser array and method of making same
Detection of adsorbates on interior surfaces of holey fibers
Method of attenuating an optical signal
Composite wood and manufacturing method thereof
Laser machining of semiconductor materials
Resin composition, adhesives prepared therewith for bonding circuit members, and circuit boards
Multiple hazard protection articles and methods for making them
Detecting damage to a structural member
Reinforced composite structural members
Thermal management material, devices and methods therefor
Copper based sintered contact material and double-layered sintered contact member
High permeability composite films to reduce noise in high speed interconnects
Silicon nitride based composite sintered product and method for production thereof
Superconducting cable
Drum commutator and method for producing the same
Compensation technique for measurement of magnetic moment and anisotropy field of perpendicular reco...
Product attribute data mining in connection with a web converting manufacturing process
Process and apparatus for making articles
Electrochemical capacitor with a double electric layer
Heat exchanger device using a two-phase active fluid, and a method of manufacturing such a device
Single or multi-layer printed circuit board with recessed or extended breakaway tabs and method of m...
Pneumatic radial tire
Golf ball having a polyurethane cover
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure and program for judging decompressi...
Golf ball
Method for manufacturing golf ball
Ink for golf ball
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Complexes of mid-transition metals and unsaturated nitrogenous ligands as single-site catalysts
Golf ball
Golf ball
Tire tread
Tracking means for precision cord length on two drums
Splicing joint and method for synchronous drive belt
Tire sidewall
Apparatus for the measurement of the characteristics of rubber tires, in particular motor vehicle ti...
Self-sealing pneumatic tire and preparation thereof
Tire tread
Pneumatic tire
Variable-stiffness wedge insert for runflat tires
Radial medium truck tire with organic polymer reinforced top belts
Multi-mode GPS receiver
Minimum cycle slip airborne differential carrier phase GPS antenna
Multi-segment single panel grip
Sole construction for energy storage and rebound
Method and apparatus for message transmission verification
Apparatus and method of asynchronous FIFO control
Ensuring fairness in a multiprocessor environment using historical abuse recognition in spinlock acq...
Test pattern generator and test pattern generation
User equipment for communicating using a selected code over a common packet channel
Electrical equipment for mounting on vehicles, electrical machines, and manufacturing methods of the...
Automatic sketch generation
Multi-test circuit breaker locator having a transmitter and a receiver
Compact stud finder
Voltage sensing hand tool
Method of fabricating an organic photosensitive optoelectronic device with an exciton blocking layer
Method and device for detecting whether the alignment of bit line contacts and active areas in DRAM ...
III-nitride light-emitting device with increased light generating capability
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and method for fabricating the same
Thin film transistor
CMOS imager with a self-aligned buried contact
Storage capacitor and associated contact-making structure and a method for fabricating the storage c...
Ferroelectric memory devices having expanded plate lines
ESD/EOS protection structure for integrated circuit devices
III nitride epitaxial substrate, epitaxial substrate for III nitride element, and III nitride elemen...
High luminosity phosphor blends for generating white light from near-UV/blue light-emitting devices
Pharmaceutical Composition
Process for preparing a non-woven fibrous web
Control of parasitic mites of honey bees
Encapsulated dye particle
Therapeutic treatment and prevention of infections with a bioactive materials encapsulated within a ...
Microencapsulated and macroencapsulated drag reducing agents
Floor mat including tacky surface with tacky-when-dry and tacky-when-wet properties
Ether-capped poly(oxyalkylated) alcohol surfactants
Treatment of preeclampsia, toxemia and preterm labor with combination of progestational agent and a ...
Polysaccharidic esters of N-derivatives of glutamic acid
Polyoxometalate catalysts for the preparation of sterically hindered N-substituted aryloxyamines
Display device and recording medium
Rear electrode structures for displays
Illumination system for nonemissive electronic displays
Reactive formation of dielectric layers and protection of organic layers in organic semiconductor de...
Sheet-like diagnostic device
Method and device for capping seedling buds
High-frequency dielectric ceramic member, dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplex...
xDSL transceiver
Method and device for processing signals of a digital transmission system
Arrangement for receiving a digital signal from a transmission medium
Cascaded biquad infinite impulse response filter
EMI shielding fabric
System for producing patterned deposition from compressed fluid in a dual controlled deposition cham...
Field emission electron source and production method thereof
Result compare circuit and method for content addressable memory (CAM) device
Method and computer program product for implementing search engine operational modes
Anisotropic etching of organic-containing insulating layers
Method for fabricating a semiconductor storage device having an increased dielectric film area
Etching method for semiconductor silicon wafer
Polymers and photoresist compositions for short wavelength imaging
Process of CVD of Hf and Zr containing oxynitride films
Correction of localized shape errors on optical surfaces by altering the localized density of surfac...
Precleaning method of precleaning a silicon nitride film forming system
Substrate holder, plating apparatus, and plating method
Suspended gate single-electron device
Fabrication method of nitride-based semiconductors and nitride-based semiconductor fabricated thereb...
Light emitting semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Master slice type semiconductor integrated circuit and method for designing the same
Non-volatile memory device having improved programming and erasing characteristics and method of fab...
Reversible field-programmable electric interconnects
Antifuse with electrostatic assist
Microelectronic package with reduced underfill and methods for forming such packages
Metal film semiconductor device and a method for forming the same
Electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Protecting resin-encapsulated components
Method of determining the fluid condition of diesel engine lubricant during real time operation
Non-reciprocal circuit device
Digital pulse shaper with variable weighting function
Methods and apparatus for adjusting center magnetic field of a magnetic field generator for MRI
Transducer with field emitter array
Multi-plane graphic prescription interface and method
Photonic band gap fiber
MRI compatible guide wire
System for correlation of MR images with physiological data
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Optical sensor for analyzing a stream of an agricultural product to determine its constituents
Determination of an empirical statistical distribution of the diffusion tensor in MRI
Double-resonance-absorption microscope
Method of verifying a semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus, which can sufficiently evaluate a ...
Scatter spectra method for x-ray fluorescent analysis with optical components
User equipment utilizing weighted open loop power control
Frequency hopping sequence allocation
Method, system, and computer program product for improved trajectory planning and execution
System for protecting and controlling substation main circuit components
Multi-level partitioned database system
Synchronized signal transfer system
Computed tomography apparatus wherein an image of a subject is reconstructed for a reconstruction fi...
Three dimensional back projection method and an X-ray CT apparatus
Dental image processing method and system
Slotted electrode electro-optic modulator
Optical circuit with harmonic generator
Method and apparatus for timing adjustment for transfer assist blade activations
Medical examination and/or treatment installation
Sheet for absorbent article and absorbent article using the same
Front film for flat display panel and flat display device using the same
Mutual inductance bridge for detection of degradation in metallic components
Method of using nuclear spectroscopy measurements acquired while drilling
Amplifier device with a selectable active or passive operational mode and ultrasonic apparatus
Electrophoretic device, method of manufacturing the same, electronic apparatus, microcapsule, and me...
Luminous intensity distribution control device and display having the same
Optical pick-up device with convergent light diffraction for recording/reading information on optica...
System and method for the production of 18F-Fluoride
Laser channeling devices
Cleaning sheet, cleaning method, and image forming apparatus
Automatic vessel indentification for angiographic screening
Low-field MRI
Systems and methods for modulation of circulatory perfusion by electrical and/or drug stimulation
Streptococcal ABC transporter protein
Positive photosensitive compositions
Photopolymerizable mixture and recording material prepared therewith
High-speed thermally developable imaging materials and methods of using same
Silver halide color photosensitive material
Image processing involving correction of beam hardening
CT image reconstruction
Mammography apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for detecting items in objects
Imaging plate cassette for extended X-ray photographs
Self-contained, portable inspection system and method
Ultrathin-walled rolling bearing
Method and apparatus for endpoint detection in electron beam assisted etching
Methods for preparing rare-earth oxysulfide phosphors, and resulting materials
Method and system for replacing content in a digital version of a mass-produced printed paper
Vehicular lamp system for automotive vehicle
Armored and signature managed headlights
Waveguide based light source
Multiple lamp coupler
Jewelry gift box with illuminated display
Methods, data structures, and systems for processing track logs
Telemetric contextually based spatial audio system integrated into a mobile terminal wireless system
Multi color and omni directional warning lamp
Vehicular alarm system and apparatus
Vehicle tracker including a connector for an upgrade device and related methods
Method for providing road users with information and device for carrying out same
Optical element having programmed optical structures
Method of and system for deriving inertial-aided deviations for autoland systems during GPS signal i...
Communication link between mobile input/output bins and a data center to provide backup
Optically active isomers of quinine and quinidine and their respective biological action
Vegetable oil refining
System for dynamic diagnosis of apparatus operating conditions
System and method for mobile station authentication using session initiation protocol (SIP)
Apparatus and method for controlling initialization of a DMT system
Semiconductor laser device, semiconductor laser module, and optical fiber amplifier using the device...
Method of driving a shift register, a shift register, a liquid crystal display device having the shi...
DC WDM device and DC WDM system and transmission network using the same
Optical fiber maximizing residual mechanical stress
Development device to detect a developing gap
Image forming apparatus to form uniform nip
Voice data recording and reproducing device employing differential vector quantization with simplifi...
Prosody template matching for text-to-speech systems
Semiconductor memory device having externally controllable data input and output mode
Bus system for master-slave device accesses, has multiple pseudo-delayer connected to controllers wh...
User initiated microcode modification
System and method for selecting between a high and low speed clock in response to a decoded power in...
Method of verifying defect management area information of optical disc
System and method for the automated analysis of performance data
Communications system enhanced with human presence sensing capabilities
Geranium plant named `Amri Orch`
Methods for fabricating metal nanowires
Microstructure-bearing articles of high refractive index
Methods for identifying a preferred liver transplant donor
Crystallization of a GLP-1 analogue
Orally active fraction of momordica charantia, active peptides thereof, and their use in the treatme...
Efficient electroluminescent device
Material for use in a light-emitting device and highly efficient electroluminescent device
Bisphenylene-spirobifluorene compounds, method for synthesizing the same, and electroluminescence ma...
Organic red electro-luminescent device and dopant
Organic electroluminescent device
Method of forming tapered drain-to-anode connectors in a back plane for an active matrix OLED device
Conductive polymer materials and methods for their manufacture and use
Organic device including semiconducting layer aligned according to microgrooves of photoresist layer
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Organic light emitting didode display device having light-absorbing layer
Organic light emitting diode display with an insulating layer as a shelter
EL display device, driving method thereof, and electronic equipment provided with the EL display dev...
Device for controlling a matrix display cell
Hole transporting polymer and organic electroluminescence device using the same
Organic light-emitting device having pyrylium salt as charge transport material
Base panel having partition and plasma display device utilizing the same
Display devices with organic-metal mixed layer
Device for driving luminescent display panel
Display apparatus and display method for minimizing decreases in luminance
Swing-and-hit device for ball games
Magnetic resonance system with a local coil arranged in an examination tunnel
Diffusion tensor and q-space MRI specimen characterization
Method and apparatus for acquiring multidimensional spectra and improved unidimensional spectra with...
Magnetic resonance apparatus and operating method therefor employing a steady-state pulse sequence
Magnetic resonance imaging method involving sub-sampling
Nuclear Magnetic resonance apparatus and method for assessing whole body composition
Device for detecting force acting on a tire
System and method for a push-pull gateway-directed digital receiver
Distribution of traffic and transit information
Navigational-based speed limit recording and warning system
Systems, functional data, and methods to bias map matching
GPS device with compass and altimeter and method for displaying navigation information
Rotating map and user-centric weather prediction
Point-of-care in-vitro blood analysis system
System, apparatus and method for using and managing digital information
Flexible interrupt controller that includes an interrupt force register
Conflict-free memory system and method of address calculation and data routing by using the same
Method and apparatus for collecting and displaying bit-fail-map information
Relevance assessment for location information received from multiple sources
Systems and methods for locating a tooth's apical foramen
Method and system for remote control of mobile robot
Site profile based control system and method for controlling a work implement
Ceramic filter and filter device
Abatement system targeting a by-pass effluent stream of a semiconductor process tool
Process for recovering metal values by dissolving them in a sulfuric acid solution containing a carb...
Process and catalyst for reducing nitrogen oxides
Method for purifying trichlorosilane
Krypton and xenon recovery system
Method for extracting silica from herbaceous plants
Oxide sintered body and manufacturing method thereof
Ultrastable porous aluminosilicate structures and compositions derived therefrom
Microporous materials (TIQ-6 and METIQ-6) of high surface area active in oxidation reactions
Apparatus and method of recovering lithium cobalt oxide from spent lithium batteries
Zero thermal expansion material and practical component parts making use of the same
Fullerene derivative and composition comprising the same
Process for determining a zeolite structure and its corresponding adsorption isotherm
Direct detection of bacteria-antibody complexes via UV resonance Raman spectroscopy
Device for carrying out lateral-flow assays involving more than one analyte
Gene therapy approaches to supply apolipoprotein A-I agonists and their use to treat dyslipidemic di...
Inhibitor protein of the wnt signal pathway
Nucleic acid encoding spinocerebellar ataxia-2 and products related thereto
Polymorphic DNAs and their use for diagnosis of susceptibility to panic disorder
Nucleic acid labeling compounds
Arabidopsis BIO2 gene promoter
Nucleic acids encoding a phytochelatin synthase and uses thereof
Soybean cultivar 0332130
Soybean variety XB37J03
Inbred maize line NP2174
Apparatus for optical scanning of multiple specimens
Screening methods using the crystal structure of ribosomal protein L11/GTPase activating region rRNA...
Composition containing a meiosis activating substance
Modular peptide mediated intracellular delivery system and uses therefore
Compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer and methods for their use
Compositions comprising pentamantanes and processes for their separation
Process for removal of carbonyl sulfide from hydrocarbons
Process to control conversion of C4+ and heavier stream to lighter products in oxygenate conversion ...
Processes for the purification of higher diamondoids and compositions comprising such diamondoids
Substituted polycyclic cyclopentadienes and method for their preparation
Alkylation process
Method of separating dimethyl ether from an olefin stream
POS terminal, method of controlling the POS terminal, POS system using the POS terminal, and informa...
Universal shopping center for international operation
Method and apparatus for transporting passenger baggage
Method of processing a check and an apparatus therefor
Advanced information gathering for targeted activities
Electronic voting method and system and recording medium having recorded thereon a program for imple...
Multiple factor-based user identification and authentication
Event-based communication in a distributed item tracking system
Smart card that can be configured for debugging and software development using secondary communicati...
Measuring apparatus with user profile
Electronic display system tag, related interface protocal and display methods
Bottle top applicator
Spoon for medical use
Cautery device
Prostate massager
Palm design barzebo
Three way; outside, inside, bullnose corner
Embossed single ply roofing membrane
Embossed single ply roofing membrane
Rear combination lamp for an automobile
Lighting fixture with extended arm
Lighting fixture
Wall lamp
Hair steamer
Face mask connector cinch
Animal mobile-home
Wall-mounted cat scratching device
Method and apparatus for creating and ordering customized branded merchandise over a computer networ...
Process and device for internet payments by means of security modules
System and method for adaptive text recommendation
Mobile ad hoc extensions for the internet
Network address translation based internet protocol mobility
Video camera interface adapter
Celestial object location device
Method and system for network access over a low bandwidth link
Method and system for distributed navigation
Device, system, method and computer readable medium for pairing of devices in a short distance wirel...
Water treatment monitoring system
Method and system for content deployment and activation
Virtual-wait queue for mobile commerce
Storing subscriber location indication at DNS, to enable location specific provision of internet con...
Penetrator and method for using same
Apparatus and methods for in-space satellite operations
Vertical take-off and landing aircraft
Lighter-than-air twin hull hybrid airship
Fail-safe aircraft engine mounting system
Method and apparatus for rotatably supporting movable components, including canards
Parachute slider reefing with friction induced retardation
Variable trailing edge geometry and spanload control
Energy absorbing system
Method for secondarily bonding a ceramic matrix composite layer to a flexible insulation blanket and...
Flexible insulation blanket having a ceramic matrix composite outer layer
Satellite charge monitor
Aircraft anti-terrorism security system
Airliner irreversible-control anti-hijack system
Micro-satellite and satellite formation for inverse and distributed proximity operations
Flying toy
Rod and connector toy construction set
Design making toy
Spring novelty with rotating appendage and removable securing portion
Electromechanical toy
Air freshener sports figure fan for air vents
Personal watercraft having a preformed rub rail
Transonic hull and hydrofield (part III)
Sail with reinforcement stitching and method for making
Outboard motor steering system
Anchor assist
Near shore port security barrier
Transport, launch and recovery craft
Methods of stimulating the immune system
Herbal healing lotion for veterinary use
Substrates for powder deposition containing conductive domains
Amylose products as matrix former for programmed release systems, process for preparing these amylos...
Diagnosis and treatment of PTP04 related disorders
Mutants which produce a potentiator of bacillus pesticidal activity
Methods and modified cells for the treatment of cancer
Cleaning compositions and their use in feminine hygiene wipes
Use of copolymer 1 and related peptides and polypeptides and T cells treated therewith for neuroprot...
Treatment of alopecia
Chromogenic substrates of sialidase and methods of making and using the same
Stabilization of retinoid compounds
Pesticidal compounds and compositions
Crosslinked anion-exchange resin or salt thereof and phosphorus adsorbent comprising the same
Compositions and methods for regulating bacterial pathogenesis
Combination of intercalating organometallic complexes and tumor seeking biomolecules for DNA cleavag...
Method for removing the transforming growth factor-.beta. by adsorption
N-substituted derivatives of morphinan and uses thereof
Method of assaying modulators of hypertension
Sound data processing system and processing method
Method and system of valuing transformation between extensible markup language (XML) documents
File management system having function for managing use state of file that stores moving picture dat...
Pet identification system and method
System and method for managing concurrent scheduled or on-demand replication of subscriptions
One-phase commit in a shared-nothing database system
Real-time computer "garbage collector"
Creating virtual private connections between end points across a SAN
Web site access manual of a character string into a software interface
Remote systems management via DBMS stored procedures and one communication line
Method and apparatus for identifying network devices on a storage network
Apparatus and method for storing data into incompatibly formatted storage systems
System for maintaining a buffer pool
Online repository for personal information
System for contracting out part of accepted request
User support method and user support apparatus
Method and an apparatus for implementing a key frame
Database for design of integrated circuit device and method for designing integrated circuit device
Distance measuring sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Interchangeable lens type camera system
Processing method and apparatus for converting information from a first format into a second format
Apparatus and method for depositing encryption keys
Programmable data bus
Display unit storing and using a cryptography key
Method and arrangement for controlling an accelerator pedal in an internal combustion engine
Power conversion apparatus and mobile object incorporating thereof
Vehicle belly pan
Control system and method for hybrid vehicle
Traction distribution control system for four-wheel drive vehicle
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus
Hydraulic apparatus for vehicles
Method of controlling a power steering system
Power steering system
Transmission mechanism with a single differential mechanism for driving four wheels
Electric power steering device capable of reducing vibration of steering wheel
Apparatus and method to achieve multiple effective ratios from a fixed ratio transaxle
Vehicle steering control system
Electric power assist torque check
System for braking control in a vehicle including a multi-combination vehicle
Power steering system
Fastener cover
Pivoting instrument panel central stack structure and method for flow-through instrument panel conso...
Front body structure for vehicle
Multiple axis modular controller and method of operating same
Transfer apparatus and method for semiconductor process and semiconductor processing system
Contact device for hearing aids
Propellants and explosives with flouro-organic additives to improve energy release efficiency
Method and device for producing lipid vesicles
Injection molding of ceramic powders using non-gel forming water soluble organic binders
Polypeptide-calcitonin 11 and the polynucleotide encoding it
Tricyclic 2-pyrimidone compounds useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Cooperative vending machine data reporting
Electronic mail apparatrus and method
Internet-enabled voice-response service
Utilities module for proactive maintenance application
Method for frequency and loop length grouping for cross-talk reduction in a plurality of DSL channel...
Check for pending e-mail using caller ID and selective answer ring
Picture/sound output equipment with caller identification and volume adjustment functions
System and method to stop call looping
Network independent party addressing using a unique identifier linked to network specific addresses
Allocation of resources to flexible requests
Technique for effectively processing and dynamically routing communication calls
System for reducing distortion in a line powered modulator
Linear polarity guard and method for DSL-ready pots devices
Retractable-removable headphone module for portable computers
Wireless telephone system with discardable keyless instruments
Broadband wireless shared resource network architecture
Method and system for transmitting messages in a communications network
Programmable echo cancellation filter
Performing operating system recovery from external back-up media in a headless computer entity
Computer system with heap and card table
System for preventing memory usage conflicts when generating and merging computer architecture test ...
System, method and program for implementing logon assignments and preferences for users in a heterog...
Method and apparatus for controlling transitions between a first and a second clock frequency
Method and system for leveraging spares in a data storage system including a plurality of disk drive...
Managing disk drive replacements on mulitidisk headless appliances
Method for managing an uncorrectable, unrecoverable data error (UE) as the UE passes through a plura...
Method and system to identify a memory corruption source within a multiprocessor system
Memory sub-system error cleansing
Problem detector and method
System and method for generating electronic documents having independently formattable regions
Technique and method which dynamically generates various depth levels of abstracts for text based da...
Signal via impedance adjustment tool
Method and apparatus for sharing data files among run time environment applets in an integrated circ...
Method and apparatus for enabling a compiler to reduce cache misses by performing pre-fetches in the...
Extended attribute information retention file format for object files
System and method for enabling atomic class loading in an application server environment
Method and system for managing lock contention in a computer system
Web request broker controlling multiple processes
Paintball storage tube carrier
Rock, paper, scissors card game and methods of play
Tossing ball game
Apparatus and method for dispensing prizes
Method for casino game
Gaming device having a selection-type bonus game that activates a mechanical device
Gaming machine with visual and audio indicia changed over time
Electronic amusement device offering secondary game of chance and method for operating same
Device and method for installing vehicle door speaker
Speaker parts and method of manufacturing same
Aluminum alloys having improved cast surface quality
Wireless multimedia player
Method for concurrent multiple services in a mobile communication system
Multimedia data structure reflecting change of user relevance feedback and method of determining wei...
Trim table
Composite packaging material having a base layer of paper and an attached additional layer or tubula...
Lighter fluid composition
Anti-microbial-adhesion fraction derived from vaccinium
Process and apparatus for the preparation of chlortetracycline-containing animal feed compositions
Brew-in-the-cup disposable beverage assembly
Rapid method for predicting tomato paste consistency
Food processing method for edible and perishable plants
Method for mixing meat products to produce a pH adjusted meat product
Flavor/aroma materials and their preparation
Solutions of carotenoids for use in foods and personal care products
Oil or fat composition
Process for producing themochemically modified starch
Nucleotide sequences for detection of Bacillus anthracis
Gels comprising asymmetric dipolar multi-substituted alditol derivatives
Method for obtaining avian biological products
Electric grill with food divider
Thaw-server system for convection cooking appliance
Process for microwave cooking and vacuum packing of food
Temperature measuring device for microwave oven
Device for thawing sushi or similar foodstuffs using microwaves
Device and method for raising sunken objects
Erosion control panels
Stabilization of toxic metals in a waste matrix and pore water
In situ subsurface decontamination method
Apparatus able typically to transform a frame mounted on crawler tracks into a pipe playing machine
Cardiac phantom
Educational toy
Game system
Educational instruction system
Radio frequency monolithic power amplifier layout techniques
Low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) circulator
Method and apparatus for detection of warning system breach
Radio frequency link performance tool process and system
Waterproof combined global positioning system receiver and two-way radio and method of waterproof en...
Method and device for instantaneous determination of orientation, based on satellite positioning sig...
Planar antenna having linear and circular polarization
Returnable item for use in storage and transportation of commercial goods
Device for transmission/reception of facsimile data in wireless local loop (WLL) system
Cellular congestion reduction via intracell handover providing fixed and flexible service
Radio communication system and radio terminal device using faster and slower radio networks cooperat...
Efficient header handling involving GSM/EDGE radio access networks
Basic QoS mechanisms for wireless transmission of IP traffic
Analog peak detection circuitry for radio receivers
System and method for analog cellular radio geolocation
Directivity control type communication apparatus and adaptive array antenna apparatus
Location based power control for mobile communications systems
Analog test output switchably connected to PCMCIA connector pin
Electromagnetic antenna apparatus
On-vehicle audio video control device
Charging system which carries out data processing for fee payment
Multimedia modular card, device for operating the same, and integrated multimedia system
Method and system for distributing load by redirecting traffic
Virtual connnectivity with local connection translation
System and method to facilitate native use of small form factor devices
Methods, computer readable mediums and systems for requesting, retrieving and delivering metadata pa...
Block cache size management via virtual memory manager feedback
Dynamic contextual helper user interface
Network connection agents and troubleshooters
Type system for representing and checking consistency of heterogeneous program components during the...
System and method for testing, simulating, and controlling computer software and hardware
Resolving metadata matched to media content
Aggregating metadata for media content from multiple devices
Storing objects in a spreadsheet
Binary cache file format for themeing the visual appearance of a computer system
Handling data across different portions or regions of a desktop
Mapping tool graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for minimizing weighted networks with link and node labels
Method and system for designing customizable applications and user-interfaces based on user-defined ...
Orchestration designer
Software component execution management using context objects for tracking externally-defined intrin...
Method and system for providing information related to elements of a user interface
Interactive entertainment system for presenting supplemental interactive content together with conti...
Clear polymeric label including delaminatable mask layer
Method and system for straight through processing
Playback apparatus for displaying angular position based on remainder corresponding to elapsed time
Micro mirror device and projector employing the same
Video converter board
Method and apparatus for improved color correction
Color non-uniformity correction method and apparatus
Restaurant video conferencing system and method
Image processing
Wireless intelligent host imaging, audio and data receiver
Modification of column fixed pattern column noise in solid state image sensors
Active pixel sensor (APS) readout structure with amplification
Image detector
Image recording and reproducing apparatus
Method and system for reverse universal remote control feature
Micro-mirror device including dielectrophoretic liquid
Video data multiplexer, video data multiplexing control method, method and apparatus for multiplexin...
Real time remote monitoring system and method using ADSL modem in reverse direction
Watermark resistant to resizing and rotation
Road lane marker recognition
Method and apparatus for monitoring an analog meter
Automatic separation of subject pixels using segmentation based on multiple planes of measurement da...
Image recording system and method for controlling the image recording system
Method of controlling a robot through a singularity
Method for maintaining designed functional shape
Creamy foodstuff and method for production thereof
Tomato fiber composition, uses thereof and process for its preparation
Novel multi-component garlic food supplement
Sucralose composition
Soft dried marshmallow and method of preparation
Laminated cook-in food package
System for controlled nutrition consumption
Apparatus and method for detecting undesired residues in a sample
Glycoprotein with antidiabetic, antihypertensive, antiobesity and antihyperlipidemic effects from Gr...
Remedies for life style-related diseases or cibophobia and method of screening the same
Compositions for improved oxidative status in companion animals
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor ligands and process for producing the same
Targeted biocides
Manufacture of retinoids
System and method for managing a regulated industry
Method and apparatus for automated food court operation
Method of limiting brewer operation to authorized substances
Assessment of neurons in the arcuate nucleus to screen for agents that modify feeding behavior
Hypoallergenic transgenic soybeans
Apparatus method and system for providing enhanced digital services using an analog broadcast licens...
Articulator to realize gypsum models
Method of edge-sealing gypsum board for clean room quality
Method for making smooth surfaced gypsum fiberboard panel
Method and device for producing gypsum boards
Compositions and methods for treating set gypsum
Polymer modified gypsum membrane and uses therefor
Coating for gypsum board face with uniform gloss intensity
Gypsum-containing composition having enhanced resistance to permanent deformation
Method for controlling the working time of a gypsum composition in bone restoration operation and th...
Water-resistant gypsum formulations
Substrate smoothed by coating with gypsum-containing composition and method of making
Gypsum layered panels containing styrene butadiene latex additive
Magnetic gypsum panel
Gypsum-based building material
Gypsum decontamination process
FGD gypsum dewatering improvement through crystal habit modification by carboxylic acids
Surfactant composition for gypsum plaster boards
Method and apparatus for separating adhered paper from paper-covered gypsum board
Mat-faced gypsum board
Method for producing an inorganic foam structure for use as a durable acoustical panel
Process for the preparation of protective colloid-stabilized aqueous dispersions
Method for making gypsum and zinc sulfide
Methods and compositions for cementing subterranean zones
Reduction of zinc oxide from complex sulfide concentrates using chloride processing
Hollow strandfoam and preparation thereof
Abradable dry powder coatings, methods for making and coating, and coated articles therefrom
Discharged waste processing material for animals
Composite absorbent particles
Reactive sealing compositions for sealing hydrocarbon containing subterranean formations and methods
Coating compositions having antiseize properties for disassemblable socket/pin and/or threaded conne...
Cove elements and floor coatings and methods for installing
Storable water-microsphere suspensions for use in well cements and methods
Material comprising gypsum and blast furnace slag, a process and an installation of making the same
Cement binder based plate
Application methods for fine powders and uses thereof
Method of reducing the solubility of calcium sulfate dihydrate in an aqueous suspension and method o...
Method of and system for forming a fire door core
Characterizing a mass distribution pattern
Additives for cement compositions
Filler for architectural panel joints and tool
Method for manufacturing filler container chemical pulp
Fluid loss additives for cement slurries
Cleaning agent, antibacterial material, environment clarifying material, functional adsorbent
Composite absorbent particles
Nac1--a plant gene encoding a transcription factor involved in cotyledon and lateral root developmen...
Dna sequences coding for a polyol carrier and use thereof, in particular for preparing transgenic pl...
Multistage immersion type membrane separator and high-concentration wastewater treatment facility us...
Three-stage aquarium filtration
Ornamental pond
Base receptacle with fixed retainer for filter cartridge incorporating a peripheral compatibility ma...
Combined filter manifold and shut-off valve for a water purification system
Fuel filter with leak avoidance plug
Filtration apparatus and process
Cleaning device for sieve discs
Slow release lubricant additives gel
Method for separating in an aqueous medium lanthanides and/or actinides by combined complexing-nanof...
Protection of the chromatographic bed in dynamic axial compression chromatography devices
Carbon-coated metal oxide nanoparticles
Ion exchange system using U-tube principle
Method of separation and recovery of elements from radioactive liquid wastes
Bead and process for removing dissolved metal contaminants
Compositions for removing metal ions from aqueous process solutions and methods of use thereof
Containment/exclusion barrier system with infuser adaptation to water intake system
Method for stabilizing chlorine in aqueous solution
Inorganic electrolytic coagulant and a method of transforming sludge by using this inorganic electro...
Method for capturing analytes eluted from surface-bound ligands
High efficiency magnetic sensor for magnetic particles
High throughput flash purification stand and cartridge
Quick-change filter and bracket system
Extracorporeal blood treatment machine
Filter cartridge for a water tank of a coffee machine
Filter device for garden ponds or similar
Asymmetric gel-filled microporous membranes
Carbon or activated carbon nanofibers
Integrated technology for treatment and valorization of organic waste
Bionest reactor for the application of anaerobic wastewater treatment and bioenergy recovery
Gel-based remedial additive for remediation of environmental media and method of use
Method and device for solid phase microextraction and desorption
Water desalination process using ion selective membranes
Apparatus for extracorporeal blood treatment with a device for checking a sterile filter, and method...
Highly asymmetric, hydrophilic, microfiltration membranes having large pore diameters
High throughput flash purification stand and cartridge
Additives for reversed-phase HPLC mobile phases
Control of centrifuges
Radiation source assembly and radiation source module containing same
Water treatment apparatus and method
Process and filter for filtering a slurry
Method for selectively removing virus and leukocytes eliminating material and eliminating apparatus
Amination process
Fluorous tagging compounds and methods of use thereof
Polysiloxane-containing polymers for wrinkleproofing cellulosic textiles
Process for preparing single enantiomers of 5,5,5,5',5',5'-hexafluoroleuci- ne and protected analogs
Trocar having an inflatable cuff for maintaining an insufflated abdominal cavity during an open lapa...
Method of hydroborating alcohols and reducing functional groups using a recyclable fluorous borane-s...
Custom event and attribute generation for use in website traffic data collection
Liquid vapor delivery system and method of maintaining a constant level of fluid therein
Recovery method for catalysts, reagents and co-products
Non-racemic hexafluoreleucine, and methods of making and using it
Treatment for central nervous system disorders
Carbon dioxide-philic compounds and methods of synthesis thereof
N-vinylformamide derivatives, polymers formed therefrom and synthesis thereof
Child support device
Nasal mask
Process for the synthesis of derivatives of 2, 3-dihydro-1, 4-dioxino- [2, 3-f] quinoline
Analogs of discodermolide and dictyostatin-1, intermediates therefor and methods of synthesis thereo...
Durable hydrophobic surface coatings using silicone resins
Alkyl and aryl trifluoromethoxytetrafluorosulfuranes
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
System for determining a linkage position
Wireless sensor apparatus and method
Handheld rotary vacuum cleaner
Stream class driver for computer operating system
Method and apparatus for providing money for operating a gaming machine
Reclaim space reserve for a compressed memory system
Colored electric lamp with a colored pigment-containing coating
LED lamp
Thin film magnetic memory device executing self-reference type data read
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for fabricating the same
Method of fabricating a magneto-resistive random access memory (MRAM) device
TCS stability utilizing a controlled center coupling and controlled brake system
Coding and memorizing method for fuzzy logic membership functions and corresponding method and circu...
Finely divided metal catalyst and method for making same
Cart for fishing accessories
Kelvin sensed hot-wire anemometer
Inhibitors for the blood-clotting factor Xa
Chenopodium ambrosioides extract for treating uterine fibroids
Device and method for communicating data in a process control system
Optical cross-connect device and optical network
Electrochemical-sensor design
Method for forming pore structure for programmable device
Parameter memory for hardware accelerator
Signal processing apparatus and method, and data recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
Cement composition
Current-carrying electronic component and method of manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for preventing loops in a full-duplex bus
Methods for the reduction of stutter in microsatellite amplification
Heating oven for dynamo-electric machine component manufacture
Avian medicament or pest control product and method
Application of co-verification tools to the testing of IC designs
Probiotic mixture intended for monogastric animals to control intestinal flora populations
Apparatus for displaying a flying object
Paste dispenser
Rapid diagnostic multi data retrieval apparatus and method for using the same
Method of making a polyimide resin and carbon fiber molded tube clamp
UV-curable pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and its pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Method for producing anhydrous formic acid
Polymers, processes for polymer synthesis and photoresist compositions
Ex-situ PEM fuel cell testing: towards visualizing gas diffusion
Fuel cell
Catalyst composition, method of polymerization, and polymer therefrom
Image formation apparatus including an overlap between portions of a photosensitive drum and an adja...
Dimmable electrolumanescent lamp drivers and method therefor
Method for decreasing low density lipoprotein
Surface acoustic wave device
Back-end metallisation process
Dispersions containing living radicals
High efficiency slot fed microstrip patch antenna
Multilayer optical adhesives and articles
Sampling for aggregation queries
High-voltage CMOS-compatible capacitors
Ceramic mass and a capacitor having the ceramic mass
Multi-electrode double layer capacitor having hermetic electrolyte seal
Photoimageable waveguide composition and waveguide formed therefrom
Method and apparatus for in-vivo transdermal and/or intradermal delivery of drugs by sonoporation
Adaptive control method
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Use of MWD assembly for multiple-well drilling
Electrophoretic dispersion, electrophoretic device, and electronic device
Power divider for motor vehicles comprising an off-road speed gear and a set-off-out-put
Production of chimeric human papillomavirus
Method and system for sharing CDMA data traffic channel among multiple users
Subscriber RF telephone system for providing multiple speech and/or data signals simultaneously over...
Wireless communication device with multiple external communication links
Method and system for performing call admission control in the uplink for third generation wireless ...
User interface using speech generation to answer cellular phones
Robot system
Signal processing system for filtering spectral content of a signal for speech coding
Method and system for increasing data rate in wireless communications through aggregation of data se...
Ad hoc network discovery menu
Method and system for message routing
Wireless information storage device and method
Stainless steel airport light container apparatus and method
Miniature flashlight having replaceable battery pack
Lamp rod assembly of detachable ceiling lamp
Lighting enhanced by magnified reflective surfaces
Flashlight head with isolated lighting elements
LED light and reflector
LED light set
Light guiding plate for backlight module
Sunshade with an illuminating device
Graphic street cage
Transition region between a vehicle engine hood or front trunk lid and a headlight
High signal lights for automotive vehicles
Flush fitting LED turn signal
Architectual star field
Panel branch for an artificial tree
Brightness controllable flashlights
Customizable cockpit display systems and methods of customizing the presentation of cockpit data
Electromechanical switching device and emergency shut-off and communication system utilizing same
Apparatus and method for thermal spraying
Method of manufacturing multiple levels of automobile trim
USB adapter for burst mode communications
Portable electronic device having LCD and touch screen
Vertical NROM having a storage density of 1 bit per 1F2
Internal voltage generating circuit for periphery, semiconductor memory device having the circuit an...
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory with power-up read mode
Optical disc driver and data recording method therefor
Harmonic wave generator
Apparatus for acquisition of asynchronous wideband DS/CDMA signal
Apparatus and method of transferring transmission stream in digital interface
Method of controlling charging potential of conductive roller in printer and apparatus therefor
Received data processing method in communication device for supporting bluetooth wireless communicat...
Method for automatic device monitoring by a central computer
Method for managing a digital interface connection
Output drivers preventing degradation of channel bus line in a memory module equipped with semicondu...
Superoxide dismutase stabilized with fragments of casein and pharmaceutical compositions incorporati...
Transportable basketball system having wind-transmissive mesh backboard structure and sand-anchorabl...
Integrated bias reference
Radio frequency power amplifier module
Dual frequency voltage controlled oscillator circuit
Radio frequency circuit module on multi-layer substrate
Dual mode data logging
Combined mechanical package shield antenna
Apparatus and method for compensating tilt of optical disc
Network combining wired and non-wired segments
Procedure for increasing the manipulation security for a bi-directional contactless data transmissio...
Assembly, and associated method, for facilitating control over power levels of communication signals...
Coordination of competing protocols
Radio having adjustable seek sensitivity based on average signal strength and method therefor
Automated service configuration of mobile radio station devices
Package with integrated utensil
Tumble drum for mixing food product
Method for quantifying antioxidant levels in food and medical specimens
Foamed polyester resin molding and process for producing the same
Indoor barbecue
Use of oyster flesh enzymatic hydrolysates for preparing compositions eliminating free radicals
Dental care pet food
Pet food compositions comprising electrostatically charged gelatin
Method for preparing lactic acid fermented solution of mushroom and lactic acid fermented solution o...
Encapsulated multifunctional biologically active food component, process for its production and its ...
Olive oil containing food composition
Process for producing aspartame derivatives, process for purifying aspartame derivatives, production...
Modified oilseed material
Flavored coffee compositions and methods of making the same
Method of making heat-resistant chocolate and chocolate-like compositions with reduced apparent visc...
Drinks consisting of extracts of Fomes japonicus extracted with honey and vinegar
Method and apparatus for selective biological material detection
Root retardant
Restricted access devices
Adjusting timestamps to preserve update timing information for cached data objects
Automatically configured network server
Method for documentation of data for a vehicle
Method and system for detecting viruses on handheld computers
Method and system for analyzing bitmap test data
Network-based server code auto upgrade method and system
System and method of implementing a buffer memory and hard disk drive write controller
Microwave oven incorporating a toaster
Single-instance class objects across multiple JVM processes in a real-time system
Method, apparatus and system for acquiring a plurality of global promotion facilities through execut...
Method to maintain nonvolatile system information cached in a distributed control network
Method and apparatus for filtering error logs in a logically partitioned data processing system
Method for global breakout identification
Robust device driver token management for upgraded computers using legacy device cards
Synchronization and resynchronization of loosely-coupled copy operations between a primary and a rem...
Streaming media cache filing
Metal halide lamp
System and method for wireless voice and computer communication
VIA0 etch process for FRAM integration
Method and device for controlling the drive unit of a vehicle
Programmable chaos generator and process for use thereof
Method and apparatus for hierarchically restructuring portions of a hierarchical database based on s...
Assembly for fixing a tube for medical purposes to a patient's mouth
Modular method and system for performing database queries
Two input, two output optical switch using two movable mirrors
Formulation suitable for ink receptive coatings
Electrostatic levitation and attraction systems and methods
Methods and use of motoneuronotrophic factors
Lifting apparatus and method for oil field related services
Rawhide pet chew
Methods of inhibiting production of T helper type 2 cytokines in human immune cells
Identifier and method of marking archery cables
Non-volatile memory cell fabricated with slight modification to a conventional logic process and met...
Method and apparatus for transporting, storing and dispensing viscous products
Surface coating for microfluidic devices that incorporate a biopolymer resistant moiety
Device for making coffee drink having a crema layer
Peroxidised polyorganosiloxanes (POS), one of the methods for preparing them and their uses as bleac...
Wired circuit board
Pattern formation method
Gas flow rate measuring device and gas flow rate measuring method
High water permeability proton exchange membrane
Modified supported catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Semiconductor integrated circuit designing method and semiconductor device
Organic PTC thermistor
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of developing means around an image carrier
Inducible promoters
Integrated multifunction flasher system
Client side caching of printer configuration
Method for assembling disc apparatus
Magnetic tape cartridge
Recording tape cartridge
Method of patterning magnetic products using chemical reactions
Apparatus and method used in disk drive for driving spindle motor
Magnetic recording and/ or reproducing apparatus
Measurement of write track width for magnetic tape head
Time-based servo for magnetic storage media
Magnetic head having highly thermally conductive insulator materials containing cobalt-oxide
Thin-film magnetic head including thin-film coil and lead layer connected via connecting layer
Thermal compensation for head protrusion in a magnetic drive
Magnetic head slider having optimized ratio of negative pressure bearing to a front or center step b...
Rotary head drum device having hollow portions in bonding surfaces for adhesively bonding rotary tra...
Precise positioning actuator for head element and head device with the actuator
Dual stripe read head with magnetic support structures which provide a uniform magnetic field for st...
Floating down stream perpendicular write head shield
Magnetoresistive device and method of manufacturing same, and thin-film magnetic head and method of ...
Magnetoresistive effect head and a method of producing the same
Magnetic spin valve sensor having an exchange stabilization layer recessed from the active track edg...
Magnetoresistive element, magnetic head, magnetic memory and magnetic recording apparatus using the ...
Housing for information storage medium and apparatus to move same
Method of fabricating anisotropic crystal film on a receptor plate via transfer from the donor plate...
Thermal transfer imaging element containing infrared bichromophoric colorant
Dynamic Compiling
Method and apparatus for selecting classes using a browser for use by a virtual machine in a data pr...
Method and apparatus for monitoring and handling events for a collection of related threads in a dat...
Apparatus and method for resource negotiations among autonomous agents
System and method for providing dynamic references between services in a computer system
Apparatus and method for selectable compression
Method and system for modifying mail rules
Preemptive memory-block splitting
Method and apparatus for token triggered multithreading
Reading a selected register in a series of computational units forming a processing pipeline upon ex...
Thread suspension system and method
Method and apparatus to concurrently boot multiple processors in a non-uniform-memory-access machine
Tamper resistant software encoding
Skin protection device for fingers and/or thumbs
Air spring and pedestal
Reduced size GPS microstrip antenna
Light-emitting device comprising a gallium-nitride-group compound-semiconductor
Heterostructure semiconductor device
Mask for correcting optical proximity effect
Photodiode for ultra high speed optical communication and fabrication method therefor
Low-GIDL MOSFET structure and method for fabrication
Method of manufacturing SOI element having body contact
Array of gate dielectric structures to measure gate dielectric thickness and parasitic capacitance