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Fractionation of phytosterol esters in oil
Wide area gaming and retail player tracking
High-activity phytase compositions
Production of alcohol from a combination of sweet sorghum and other feedstock
Structure of artificial implantable dental
Bendable tubular elongated toy
Rice flour compositions
Brassica seeds
Baby-food compositions enhancing cognitive ability and methods therefor
Process for the recovery of a phytolipid composition
Mixture for preparing a slimming coffee drink
Gel food
Method for preparing cooked and pre-cooked crab-based food products
Production of thin, irregular chips with scalloped edges and surface bubbles
Method and apparatus for separation of milk, colostrum, and whey
Methods and apparatus for processing vegetables
Soluble soy protein with superior functional properties
Acidic composition and its uses
Sanitizing food products with prewash
Method and device for securely storing data
Method and apparatus for telemetered probing of integrated circuit operation
Satellite position measurement system
Method and apparatus for using RF-activated MEMS switching element
Wireless radio architectures and methods therefor
Method and system for selectively reducing call-setup latency through management of paging frequency...
System and method of power control using a modulated signal
Cellular communications system featuring a central radio pool/traffic router
Automatic radio button mute
Radio reception apparatus and high speed equalization processing method therefor
Combined open and closed loop beam forming in a multiple array radio communication system
Frequency translating devices and frequency translating measurement systems that utilize light-activ...
Method and configuration for transmitting data over a radio interface in a radio communications syst...
Receiving method and receiver
Cellular wireless internet access system using spread spectrum and internet protocol
Data transmission methods with payload unit numbering in a telecommunication system
Method of producing electronic unit of radio system and electronic unit
Structure of radio frequency variable capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Method for brazing components using a Ni-Au-P ternary brazing alloy, the assembly so produced and th...
Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant Ni-Cr-Mo thermal spray powder and method
Titanium resistant to discoloration in atmospheric environment and process of production of same
Non-asbestos-based friction materials
Coating composition, a process for its preparation, and its use in the production of textured coated...
High purity niobium and products containing the same, and methods of making the same
Process and alloy for decorative galvanizing of steel
Aluminum sheet material for automobile and method of producing the same
White gold compositions without nickel and palladium
Zirconium based alloy and method for making a component for a nuclear fuel assembly with same
Geranium plant named `Genstarvi`
Raspberry plant named `Jaclyn`
Impatiens plant named `Tamar Cherry Red`
Rose plant named `POULac009`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S71`
Rose plant named `POULcs006`
Variety of calla lily named `Hawaii`
Helleborus plant named `HGC Green Corsican`
Helleborus plant named `HGC Jericho`
Helleborus plant named `HGC Silvermoon`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Frivolous Pink`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Mist`
Leucanthemum plant named `Kiedai`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sulte Broe`
Argyranthemum plant named `OHAR01240`
Geranium plant named `Amri Derose Two`
Osteospermum plant named `Iringa`
Ageratum plant named `Agrosamtis`
Geranium plant named `Clips Whitspla`
Bracteantha plant named `OHB003790`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `TAN99065`
Method and system for processing an electronic version of a hardcopy of a document
System and method for encoding and decoding an image or document and document encoded thereby
Self-laminating strip label and method for assembling same
Special service mailing assembly with label, tracking area and receipt and a method for preparing a ...
Apparatus for increasing transaction efficiency in a multiple client environment and method of fabri...
Holder for displaying travel related documents
VoIP terminal security module, SIP stack with security manager, system and security methods
Communication device with multi-line message memory access and method therefore
Method for controlling data transmission in a wireless V.24 data transmission system operating betwe...
Method for extracting a computer network-based telephone session performed through a computer networ...
Dynamic integration of web sites
Method for recognizing spoken identifiers having predefined grammars
Method and arrangement for guiding a user along a target path
Radiotelephone for visual communication
Device for implanting a microphone and a pressure compensating member in a telephone watch
Constant current line circuit with class features
Echo cancellation method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for switch hook detection
Dynamic, real-time call tracking for web-based customer relationship management
Method and system for routing transactions in an automatic call distribution system based on non-voi...
Methods and apparatus for transferring from a PSTN to a VOIP telephone network
Call control in intelligent network
Apparatus and method for providing conference call roster information with speaker voice identificat...
System and method for placing a telephone call
Method for calculating advice of charge
System and method for electronic message status certification
Process for rewriting executable content on a network server or desktop machine in order to enforce ...
IC layout system employing a hierarchical database by updating cell library
Statistical method for extracting, and displaying keywords in forum/message board documents
Power supply event notification system for sending an electronic notification to multiple destinatio...
Protecting content from illicit reproduction by proof of existence of a complete data set via a link...
Memory card and system for updating distributed memory
Method and system for simplified access to internet content on a wireless device
Method and system for multiprocessor garbage collection
Method for recovering a database provided with disk back-up
Electronics assembly engineering system employing naming and manipulation functions for user defined...
Systems and methods for knowledge discovery in spatial data
Job analysis system
Dynamic multi-object collection and comparison and action
Simplified thread control block design
Method and apparatus for the design and analysis of market research studies
Method and system for efficiently retrieving information from a database
System and method for selecting internet media channels
Method and system for network-based speech recognition
Apparatus and method for synchronous and asynchronous transfer mode switching of ATM traffic
Framework for providing visual context to www hyperlinks
Internet system for virtual telepresence
IP network for accomodating mobile users with incompatible network addressing
Communications system, apparatus and method therefor
Methods for enabling near video-on-demand and video-on-request services using digital video recorder...
Methods for enabling near video-on-demand and video-on-request services using digital video recorder...
Method and apparatus for providing and integrating high-performance message queues in a user interfa...
System and method for communication between computers via an integrated hardware device
Method and system for servicing software
Authoring and using generic classes in JAVA language code
Methods and systems for objects supporting structured language persistent state
System and methods for facilitating adaptive grid-based document layout
Methods and systems for dynamically creating user interfaces
System and method for integrated spreadsheets and word processing tables
Method and system for rollback-free failure recovery of multi-step procedures
System and method for building a target operating system from a source operating system
Coordinated network initiator management that avoids security conflicts
Integrated circuit device with data modifying capabilities and related methods
Automotive computing devices with emergency power shut down capabilities
System and method for automatic conversion from WAP client provisioning XML represented objects to O...
System and method for managing access points to distributed services
System and method for providing continual rate requests
Context-aware systems and methods, location-aware systems and methods, context-aware vehicles and me...
Protocol agnostic request response pattern
System and method for an OMA DM extension to manage mobile device configuration settings
Panning while displaying a portion of the frame buffer image
Graphics data synchronization with multiple data paths in a graphics accelerator
Method and apparatus for transmitting data from a remote location to a desired device
Endoscopic tutorial system with a bleeding complication
Augmenting reality system for real-time nanomanipulation using atomic force microscopy
Automatic generation of card-based presentation documents from multimedia data
Multimedia extensions for wireless local area network
Method for automatically classifying images into events in a multimedia authoring application
System and method for sending multimedia attachments to text messages in radiocommunication systems
Keyboard with dogbone-shaped roller and multimedia control
Golf putter
System and method for interactive on-line gaming
Wireless gaming system using standard cellular telephones
Method for controlling movement of viewing point of simulated camera in 3D video game, and 3D video ...
Frame buffer capture of actual game play
Method of playing a game involving questions and answers
Folding walking or jogging strollers and cargo carriers including pivoting wheel axles
Fishing leader apparatus and method of making same
Coin and bill video game terminal system
Receptacle and plug connectors
Voice book device
Personal mnemonic generator
Color preference self-help system
Reading teaching aid
Equipment for detecting that a target has received a direct hit from a simulated weapon
Method and device for marking golf balls
Optical microphone for communication and other devices
Compositions and methods for prophylactic and therapeutic supplementation of nutrition in subjects
Soluble, degradable poly (ethylene glycol) derivatives for controllable release of bound molecules i...
Phosphodiesterase 10
Block polymers, compositions and methods of use for foams, laundry detergents, shower rinses and coa...
Method for collecting and preserving semen
Allantoin-containing skin cream
Hydrophobicized copolymers
Therapeutic agents for glomerulosclerosis
L-ergothioneine, milk thistle, and S-adenosylmethionine for the prevention, treatment and repair of ...
Enteral formulation
Glycoprotein matrix compositions and methods related thereto
Artery-and vein-specific proteins and uses therefor
Immediate release eplerenone compositions
Pharmaceutical composition for compressed annular tablet with molded triturate tablet for both intra...
Vibration absorbing apparatus for exhaust system of engine
Loudspeaker diaphragm
Low profile audio speaker
Method for manufacturing an ear device and ear device
Operation lever apparatus
Lens drive device and lens device capable of setting an optimum braking characteristic
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system using the same
Optical distance measuring device
Hybrid film-electronic camera having a dynamic number of stored electronic images protected from ove...
Optical apparatus
Photographic film cartridge and camera including such
Method for client-side personalization
Closed system meter having address correction capabilities
Method and system for reporting carrier delivery status to a mailer
Method and system in electronic commerce for inspection-service-based release of escrowed payments
Postage metering system having third party payment capability
Network open metering system
Personal date/time notary device
Identification of seeds or plants using phenotypic markers
Contents rendering control method, contents reproducing equipment, and contents distribution equipme...
System and method for providing conditional access to digital content
Method and apparatus for use of a watermark and a unique time dependent reference for the purpose of...
Device and method for producing an optical registration carrier by means of a master mold, an optica...
Copy protection apparatus and method
Data copying system, data copying apparatus, data copying method, and recording medium
Removable content repositories
System for secure distribution and playback of digital data
Method and apparatus for concurrency control in a policy-based management system
Virtual publishing system and method
Customer activated multi-value (CAM) card
Methods and systems of assisting users in purchasing items
GPS navigation device
Hinge assembly for deploying the petals of a sectored mirror of an optical space telescope
Aerodynamic profile with an adjustable flap
Mitigation of angular acceleration effects on optical sensor data
Multi-purpose aircraft servicing bridge
Method and system for controlling an aircraft control surface
Control of an aircraft as a thrust-vectored pendulum in vertical, horizontal and all flight transiti...
Hovering body
Fluid conduit for use with hydraulic actuator
Electric power assist steering system and method of operation
Drive system for automotive vehicle of front-and-rear wheel drive type
Driving apparatus for vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling vehicle cruise
Tandem axle power divider assembly with inboard slip driveshaft connection
Traction distribution control system for four-wheel drive vehicle
Bi-directional autonomous truck
Method and apparatus for vehicle stability enhancement system
Instrument panel-air conditioning duct assembly for vehicle
Electrically-powered steering apparatus
Automotive vehicle occupant protection system
Method and device for controlling driving dynamics
Side impact automotive crash sensor system
Electronic system for a vehicle and system layer for operational functions
Infant carrier-receiving component with indicator
Electric power steering control apparatus
Steering mechanism of electric car
Rotary slide valve for servo-assisted steering systems
Hydrostatic power steering device for fast steering
All-terrain vehicle
Edge correction circuit
High voltage reset method for increasing the dynamic range of a CMOS image sensor
Image sensor with correlated double sampling technique using switched-capacitor technology
Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling the image pickup apparatus, and external device
Method and apparatus for tuning compensation parameters in a motion control system associated with a...
Video recovery system and method
Method apparatus and system for compressing data that wavelet decomposes by color plane and then div...
Communicating information from an imaging device to a processor-based system
Structural analysis of videos with hidden markov models and dynamic programming
Method for capturing a panoramic image by means of an image sensor rectangular in shape
Channel tuning apparatus
Television tuner having less distortion
Television tuner input circuit having satisfactory selection properties at high band reception
Method and apparatus for production of an image captured by an electronic motion camera/sensor that ...
Manganese dioxide for alkaline cells
Flue gas treating system and process
Process and apparatus for treating combustion exhaust gas
Process to produce simonkolleite, zinc oxide and zinc hydroxide
Method for recovering rhodium from hydroformylation products
Process of separating/purifying pentafluoropropane
Methods for making composite bonded structures
Cerium oxide abrasive and method of polishing substrates
Process to reduce mercury emission
Carbonaceous material, its production process and electric double layer capacitor employing it
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Photocatalysts for decomposition of water by visible light
Process for preparing sodium silicate alkali solution depleted of sodium salt and enriched in silica
Free-standing and aligned carbon nanotubes and synthesis thereof
Installation and process for the production of synthesis gas comprising a reactor for steam reformin...
Method and apparatus for producing synthesis gas from carbonaceous materials
Iron oxides of reduced chloride content
Method and apparatus enabling automatic login for wireless internet-capable devices
System and method for detecting modifications of video signals designed to prevent copying by tradit...
Method for secure installation of device in packet based communication network
System and method for securing a computer communication network
Electronic mail system with authentication methodology for supporting relaying in a message transfer...
Executing permutations
Video game with distinctive attributes for enemy characters, predetermined characters, and candidate...
Method for sequencing polynucleotides
Inbred maize line PH6MN
Inbred corn line N10018
Inbred corn plant WDDQ1 and seeds thereof
Soybean variety 94M70
Soybean variety XB39N03
Method for producing .alpha.-hydroxycarboxylic acid
Human n-methyl-d-aspartate receptor subunits, nucleic acids encoding same and uses therefor
Treatment of shock using adrenomedullin and adrenomedullin binding protein-1
Biglycan and related therapeutics and methods of use
Compositions and methods for treating cellular response to injury and other proliferating cell disor...
G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) agonists and antagonists and methods of activating and inhibiting ...
Barrier island forming method for beach renourishment
Revetment useful to line stream bed and assembly of said revetments
Corner block for use in forming a corner of a segmental retaining wall
Method and apparatus for remediation and prevention of fouling of recirculating water systems by det...
Barge-mounted tidal-powered desalinization system
Method and material for preventing erosion and maintaining playability of golf course sand bunkers
Mobile system for manufacturing and installing reinforcing members
Apparatus for injecting fluids
Compressed gas utilization system and method with sub-sea gas storage
Robot capable of detecting an edge
Vibrating device for repelling birds from boats
Pontoon boat fender
Fender covers
Composite rub rail for watercraft, and method of installing same
Flexible wing-sail and wind-propelled vehicle including same
Radar reflecting rescue device
Sea wave to electrical energy conversion plant
Air ventilation system for a watercraft
Safety seat for a marine craft or other vehicle
Apparatus and method for storing and accessing personal floatation devices and/or other articles
Hull of personal watercraft and method of manufacturing the same
Inflatable kayak
Boat propulsion system
Heat-integrated high pressure system for separation of byproducts from an olefin stream
Catalyst comprising at least one zeolite with structure type NES and rhenium, and its use for transa...
Silica-supported alkylation catalyst
Conversion of syngas to distillate fuels
Substituted pentacene semiconductors
Distillation of styrene
Separation of tertiary butyl alcohol from diisobutylene
Determining the position of a receiver and/or the system time of a positioning system
Method and apparatus for dynamic localization of documents
Scan multiplexing for increasing the effective scan data exchange rate
Methods, systems, and computer program products for compressing a computer program based on a compre...
Apparatus and method for building distributed fault-tolerant/high-availability computed applications
Method of generating attribute cardinality maps
Meeting location determination using spatio-semantic modeling
Method of recording the temperature of perishable products in cold chain distribution
Method for management of workflows between devices in a pervasive embedded or external environment
Area based position determination for terminals in a wireless network
Optically-based location system and method for determining a location at a structure
Apparatus and method for forwarding a message waiting indicator
Method and system for enhanced transcription
Method for resolving trouble in a connection having a plurality of components
Method for tracking data in an optical storage medium
Apparatus and method for magnetic resonance measurement and mapping of electrical impedance, complex...
Active-passive electromagnetic shielding to reduce MRI acoustic noise
Methods for identifying a compound that can bind to membrane-bound receptors
Coupled high temperature superconductor coils
Radially-compact NMR flow cell assemblies and methods
Cryo head with a plurality of heat exchangers for cooling the RF coils or resonators
Gaming device with transport device and method of use
Method of hydrophilizing materials
Fluoropolymer extrusions based on novel combinations of process parameters and clay minerals
Process for production of nanoparticles and microparticles by spray freezing into liquid
Statine derivatives for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Dipeptide inhibitors of .beta.-secretase
Purified antigen for Alzheimer's disease and methods of obtaining and using same
Power transmission device for automobile
Method and apparatus for determining vehicle position on a map
Display method and apparatus for navigation system
Location detection method, location detection system and location detection program
LED intense headband light source for fingerprint analysis
Back-up detecting device with a distance reset capability
Automobile monitoring for operation analysis
Information display system for vehicle
Display apparatus for transportation means
Surveillance system for aircraft interior
Ferromagnetic loop
Emergency lighting device for firefighters
Actuator controller for selecting a communication language
Potential collision detection and reversing aid system
Backup aid system and method for detecting the presence of a trailer attached thereto
Lighting effect generator
Light guide illumination device appearing uniform in brightness along its length
Motor vehicle headlamp of the elliptical type capable of emitting a cut-off beam with improved photo...
Browser-to-browser, dom-based, peer-to-peer communication with delta synchronization
Method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for searching and navigating a document database
Method for providing consumers with offers
Text to speech
Automated medical imaging system maintenance diagnostics
Process and device for evaluating the performance of a process control system
Method and apparatus for noise tomography
Method and apparatus for impurity detection
Container and method for dispensing transdermal dosage forms
Robot pre-positioning in a wafer processing system
Electrically induced vessel vasodilation
Visceral fat determining device
Patient positioning system for radiotherapy
Method of using time interval in IC foundry to control feed back system
Backside deposition for relieving stress and decreasing warping in optical waveguide production
Method for forming an optical printed circuit board
Semiconductor laser device, method of fabricating the same and optical information reproduction appa...
Semiconductor processing chamber substrate holder method and structure
IC die analysis via back side lens
Electro-optic device
Electron emitter device for data storage applications
Alignment mark for aligning wafer of semiconductor device
Wiring structure of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Grounding mechanism for semiconductor devices
Method and apparatus for reducing fixed charge in semiconductor device layers
Semiconductor memory device
CVD organic polymer film for advanced gate patterning
Photo detector methods to reduce the disabling effects of displacement current in opto-couplers
High performance FET with elevated source/drain region
Semiconductor wafer
Methods and apparatus for automatically generating a routing table in a messaging server
Engine control for vehicle using electronic key system
Method and system for manufacturing and servicing a computing product with the assistance of a wirel...
User interfacing device for PDA/wireless terminal
Method and system for excess resource distribution in a communication system
Method and communication network for routing a real-time communication message based on a subscriber...
Method of notifying a wireless subscriber as to call payment responsibilities
System and method for a GPS enabled antenna
Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding data within wireless networks
Enhanced wireless handset, including direct handset-to-handset communication mode
Method and apparatus for connecting devices via an ad hoc wireless communication network
Machine post-launch process optimization through wireless connected customer replaceable unit memory
Frequency hopping spread spectrum modulation and direct sequence spread spectrum modulation cordless...
Method and system for queuing traffic in a wireless communications network
EUV, XUV, and X-ray wavelength sources created from laser plasma produced from liquid metal solution...
Magnetic random access memory having flux closure for the free layer and spin transfer write mechani...
Tunable electronic lens and prisms using inhomogeneous nano scale liquid crystal droplets
Laser chemical fabrication of nanostructures
Article comprising gated field emission structures with centralized nanowires and method for making ...
ECG signal processor and method
Deterministic distortion insensitive adaptive receiver using decision updating
Bandpass filter and apparatus using same
Substituted aryl ketones
Compositions and methods for regulating bacterial pathogenesis
Electrophoretic display and novel process for its manufacture
Self-stabilized electrophoretically frustrated total internal reflection display
Electrophoretic electronic displays with low-index films
Full color reflective display with multichromatic sub-pixels
Regulation of phospholipase D activity
Derivatives of dicarboxylic acid having pharmaceutical properties
Covalent derivatives of alkanolamides of monocarboxylic and dicarboxylic acids functionally active o...
Active substance combinations having insecticidal and acaricidal properties
Substituted triazinyl amide derivatives and methods of use
Methods and compounds for prevention and treatment of elevated intraocular pressure and related cond...
Electronic devices containing organic semiconductor materials
Image display device and light emission device
Base of LED
Bipolar transistor structure with a shallow isolation extension region providing reduced parasitic c...
Method and apparatus for a backsided and recessed optical package connection
Vertical color filter detector group and array
Focal plane arrays in type II-superlattices
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having a ghost source/drain region and a method of manufacture therefor
High breakdown voltage CMOS device
Controllable semiconductor switching element that blocks in both directions
Integrated, tunable capacitor
Memory device
Bipolar structure with two base-emitter junctions in the same circuit
Pressure contact type semiconductor device having dummy segment
Nitride semiconductor field effect transistor (FET) and method of fabricating the same
Light emitting device
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
III group nitride system compound semiconductor light emitting element
Hybrid early-termination methods and output selection procedure for iterative turbo decoders
System and method for identifying executable diagnostic routines using machine information and diagn...
Controlling VLIW instruction operations supply to functional units using switches based on condition...
Method and apparatus for arbitration and fairness on a full-duplex bus using dual phases
Method and an apparatus for dynamically reconfiguring a system bus topology
System and method for transparently redirecting client requests for content using a front-end indica...
Method and apparatus for providing distributed control of a home automation system
Three input variable subfield comparation for fast matching
Determining materialized view coverage
Replaceable outcome decider
Method and apparatus for attribute selection
Thickness gauge for meat products
Crosslinkable rubber compositions and use thereof
Correlated set of golf club irons
Golf club having replaceable striking surface attachments and method for replacing same
Method and apparatus for conditioning coins prior to discrimination
Cushioning means
Prosthetic foot having shock absorption
In-line skate assembly with backslide plate
Footwear article having an elastic tightening
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
System and method for powering down a mobile device
Regulating real-time data capture rates to match processor-bound data consumption rates
Wire protocol for a media server system
Pluggable channels
Use of a unified language model
Two wire exchange system
Gaming device having a changing multiple selection set bonus scheme
Method of manufacturing monolithic ink-jet printhead
Method of manufacturing structural body, liquid tank and ink jet printing apparatus, and an ink jet ...
Method of manufacturing organic EL element, organic EL element, and organic EL display device
Method of manufacturing an ink jet print head
Method for manufacturing thin body warming devices
Device and method for automatically opening the cover of an image forming apparatus
Manufacturing method for an ink jet recording head
Method of manufacture of an ink jet printer having a thermal actuator comprising an external coil sp...
Ink jet recording apparatus and handling method thereof
Plasma display panel manufacturing method for manufacturing a plasma display panel with superior pic...
Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric print-head
Method for manufacturing ink jet recording head, ink jet recording head and ink jet recording method
Low voltage ink jet printing module
Cotton swab line marking means
Polypropylene monofilament and tape fibers exhibiting certain creep-strain characteristics and corre...
Metallized multilayer film
Electro-kinetic air transporter-conditioner with a multiple pin-ring configuration
Process for forming a medical device balloon
Method of making a cable tie using insert molding
Nozzle insert for long fiber compounding
Exhaust gas purifying filter and manufacturing method therefor
Adapter for an extruder for producing plastic profiles
Method for cutting extruded profile sections into lengths
Mounting of flexible display panels
Temperature-responsive polymer/polymer complex
Deep ultraviolet unit-magnification projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus
Thermal-assisted switching array configuration for MRAM
Optical system with isolated measuring structure
Apparatus, method, and system for a laser-assisted field emission microwave signal generator
Probe for scanning probe microscope
Preparation and use of photopolymerized microparticles
Biotin containing C-glycoside nucleic acid labeling compounds
Layered silicate material and applications of layered materials with porous layers
Semiconducting oxide nanostructures
Process for making angstrom scale and high aspect functional platelets
Method and apparatus for manipulating a sample
Process for photocatalysis and two-electron mixed-valence complexes
Ethanol and volatility sensor and fabrication method
Enterprise test system having program flow recording and playback
Heat dissipation for electronic enclosures
Thermally enhanced semiconductor package with EMI shielding
Clip for heat sink
Heat dissipating assembly
Microstructure cooler and use thereof
Compact fluid cooled power converter supporting multiple circuit boards
Cooling fan
Method of cooling system for a personal computer and personal computer
Hybrid cooling system for automatic test equipment
Catalyst and adsorption compositions having improved adhesion characteristics
Shaft cooling mechanisms
Crossflow air heater bypass
Measuring gas pump with heated and insulated pump head
Flexible and mobile high transition rate of temperature test devices
Heat exchanger with nested flange-formed passageway
Flow distributor for an alkylation reactor or heat exchanger
Laminated heat exchanger
Cooling device boiling and condensing refrigerant
Micro grooved heat pipe
Labeling of proteomic samples during proteolysis for quantitation and sample multiplexing
Cloning and characterization of a human adenylyl cyclase
Yeast cells expressing modified G proteins and methods of use therefor
Structure-based screening techniques for drug discovery
1,3-dihydro-2H-indol-2-one derivatives, method for preparing same and pharmaceutical compositions co...
.beta.3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Cycloalkano-indole and -azaindole derivatives
Acetindine derivatives, their preparation and medicaments containing them
Resistor-capacitor (R-C) hybrid successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter ...
Signaling dependent adaptive analog-to-digital converter (ADC) system and method of using same
Thermal magenta donor and dyes
Weatherproof sheets for copying, printing and writing and methods related thereto
Spin valve sensor with exchange biased free layer and antiparallel (AP) pinned layer pinned without ...
Disk drive
Disk drive device having a lifting plate configured to lift a magnetic head supporting member
Slider of thin-film magnetic head
Load beam attachment to actuator arm
Gapless longitudinal magnetic recording head with flux cavity
Longitudinal magnetic recording heads with variable-length gaps
Disk drive having a shroud assembly for shielding at least one of a flex cable and an actuator arm
Magnetic tape device with a pressing mechanism
System and method of cleaning an automated tape library with a pass-through cleaning tool using clea...
Apparatus and method to calibrate servo sensors in a noisy environment
Head position control method and disk storage device
Servo signal recording device and servo signal verifying device using edge detection
Methods, systems and devices for converting the kinetic energy of a rotating disk drive spindle moto...
Information storing device and method for controlling same to record/reproduce information by select...
Automatic library for data storage tape cartridges
Method and system for writing data on a magnetic tape
Method for magnetic recording on patterned multilevel perpendicular media using thermal assistance a...
Data set information for recovery of synchronized data on magnetic tape
Algorithmic design of peptides for binding and/or modulation of the functions of receptors and/or ot...
Image processing method, system and examination apparatus for a total extraction of a threadlike str...
Radiation system with inner and outer gantry parts
Method and device for acquiring a three-dimensional image data set of a moving organ of the body
Systems within a communication device for evaluating movement of a body and methods of operating the...
Nanomagnetically shielded substrate
Stable amorphous celecoxib composite and process therefor
N-heterocyclic derivatives as NOS inhibitors
Agonists specific for the peripheral cannabinoid receptor
Antifungal agents of sordarin derivatives
Method and composition for treating cancer using cellular organelle crystallizing agents
Synergistic combinations including N-acylated 4-hydroxyphenylamine derivatives
Semiconductor memory device having the operating voltage of the memory cell controlled
Method for compensating mild lateral velocity variations in pre-stack time migration in the frequenc...
Multi-dentate late transition metal catalyst complexes and polymerization methods using those comple...
Production of low sulfur/low nitrogen hydrocrackates
Aromatic conversion processes and zeolite catalyst useful therein
Process for increasing yield in coking processes
Bimetallic catalyst for ethylene polymerization reactions with uniform component distribution
Process for reducing coke agglomeration in coking processes
Wooden bracelet
Driving circuit for electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic equipment
Flyback power converter having a constant voltage and a constant current output under primary-side P...
Method in connection with converter bridges
Switching-mode power converter with complementary synchronous rectification
Bridge-buck converter with self-driven synchronous rectifiers
Radar apparatus
System and method for improving dynamic range of analog-to digital converters
Method and apparatus for providing optimized high speed link utilization
Hearing aid with a flexible shell
Ratchet wrench
Color correction for a scene based on the detection of artificial illumination in the scene
DNA detection device
Optical taps formed using fiber gratings
Apparatus and method for investigating a sample
Measuring method and apparatus using attenuation in total reflection
Linear filter based wavelength locking optical sub-assembly and associated methods
Reconfigurable memory architecture
Reflectometer device
Apparatus and method for delivering ablative laser energy and determining the volume of tumor mass d...
System for non-invasive measurement of glucose in humans
Calibration technique for non-invasive medical devices
Power conserving adaptive control system for generating signal in portable medical devices
Electrochemical biosensor strip for analysis of liquid samples
Physiological object displays
Manufacturing process of roof unit and basic structure of a road-bound vehicle
Roof unit and basic structure of a road-bound vehicle
Dual drive for hydraulic pump and air boost compressor
Linear motor
Lantern and fuel system
Vacuum preventing oil seal for scroll compressor
Split seal plate with integral brush seal
Generic free-piston engine with transformer valve assembly for reducing throttling losses
Reciprocating compressor
Wind driven high pressure water pump
Fluid pump relief valve
Variable capacity compressor
Variable speed hydraulic pump
Lubricant injector assembly
Sealed ESP motor system
Motor pump with balanced motor rotor
Methods and apparatus for unloading a screw compressor
Air actuated hydraulic pump
Rotary compressor
Soundhole cover for a guitar or the like
Method and apparatus for managing the configuration and functionality of a semiconductor design
Layer stripping converted reflected waveforms for dipping fractures
Information data multiplex transmission, system, its multiplexer and demultiplexer, and error correc...
Method and apparatus for processing calls on a multiprocessor communication system
Interpolating filter banks in arbitrary dimensions
Cursor movable interactive message
Optimized turbo decoder
Butterfly processor for telecommunications
Method and device for channel encoding in an information transfer system
Methods and apparatus for using a modified index to provide search results in response to an ambiguo...
Electronic system for parking management and personal guidance
Navigation apparatus and interactive information providing program
High resolution autonomous precision positioning system
Method and system for implement steering for agricultural vehicles
Communication network for an automobile
Train control system and method of controlling a train or trains
Quiet mode operation for cockpit weather displays
Subsea navigation and survey
RF MEMs-tuned slot antenna and a method of making same
Method for receiver autonomous integrity monitoring and fault detection and elimination
Personal property security device
High-density removable expansion module having I/O and second-level-removable expansion memory
Driver side air bag module with annular air bag and centrally disposed control module
Method and system for automated fault reporting
Integrated digital control system and method for controlling automotive electric device
Drive circuit for an LED array
Radar detection method and apparatus
Electromagnetic methods and apparatus for determining the content of subterranean reservoirs
Inhibition of NF-.kappa.B activation by blockade of IKK.beta.-NEMO interactions at the NEMO binding ...
1-(2-m-methanesulfonamidophenylethyl)-4-(m-trifluoromethylphenyl) piperazine and pharmaceutically ac...
Thin film media with a dual seed layer of RuAI/NiAIB
Automobile front bumper
Self-regulating voltage controlled oscillator
Strawberry plant named PS-2880
Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Cambria`
Drive transmission mechanism for transmitting drive to processing means and cartridge provided with ...
Image forming apparatus with an adjustable, lockable operating surface
Termination assembly for use in optical fiber hydrophone array
Optical connector cleaning instrument and optical connector cleaning method
Inexpensive analog laser module
Method and apparatus for eliminating alignment error in an optical system
Optical member and liquid-crystal display device
Sensor having improved selectivity
Multiaxis turbine
Cassette assembly for use with roentgen apparatus with automatic exposure control
Radiation image conversion panel
Optical deformation sensor with operational testing by different wavelengths, for side crashers
Electrical insulators, materials and equipment
Integrated continuous process for anhydro sugar alcohol manufacture
Fibre reactive azo dyes
Production process for ethylene oxide copolymer
Regeneration and augmentation of bone using mesenchymal stem cells
Method and apparatus for separating liquid from a multi-phase liquid/gas stream
Periphyton filtration pre-and post-treatment system and method
Device for treating water
Fluid bubble eliminator
Coding apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for dividing document including table
Detection and removal of image occlusion errors
Image forming device control system and method
Imaging lens system and image taking apparatus using the same
Heater having metallic substrate and image heating apparatus using heater
Zoom lens and camera having the same
Image reading apparatus for grouping sensors according to characteristics
Information processing apparatus for displaying data related to image forming apparatus, and informa...
Linear motor, stage apparatus, and exposure apparatus
Active anti-vibration apparatus and exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the sam...
Charged particle beam exposure method and apparatus
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, semiconductor manufacturing plant and method of mai...
Method for manufacturing liquid ejecting head
Method for manufacturing fiber aggregate, fiber aggregate, and liquid container using such fiber agg...
Illumination optical system, image display optical system, projection type image display apparatus, ...
Stackable marker
Multilayered, surface-structured semi-finished product consisting of thermoplastics and film-structu...
Acetylenic diol ethylene oxide/propylene oxide adducts and processes for their manufacture
Process for preparing salts of methallylsulfonic acid
Process for the gas phase polymerization and copolymerization of olefin monomers
Selectivated metallosilicate catalyst composite for alkylaromatic conversion, process for the prepar...
Combinatorial strategies for polymer synthesis
Oxygen scavenging monolayer bottles
Pulverulent polymers crosslinked on the surface
Fastener retention foam sheet and associated method
Apparatus and method for continuous formation of composites having filler and thermoactive materials...
Transparent, sealable, UV-resistant polyester film, its use and process for its production
Surface material of urethane resin and a method for preparation thereof
Dew point humidifier (DPH) and related gas temperature control
Apparatus and procedure for attachment of a tool on a tool attachment plate on an industrial robot
Device for determining interference region of robot
Gait generation device for legged mobile robot
Robot collaboration control system
Operation control device for leg-type mobile robot and operation control method, and robot device
Information gathering robot
Intraoperative stereo imaging system
Industrial robot system
Ultra low contact area end effector
Gait producing device for leg type movable robot, and control device
Painting system
Interactive web book system
Robot apparatus, control method for robot apparatus, and toy for robot apparatus
Robot capable of detecting an edge
Robot program position correcting apparatus
Walking robot using simple ground reaction force sensors and a method of controlling the same
Valve stem installation assembly using radial zone identification system
Apparatus and method of circular group-wise parallel interference cancellation for multi-rate DS-CDM...
Multipath interference reduction for a CDMA system
Apparatus and method for generating frame sync word and verifying the frame sync word in W-CDMA comm...
Method and apparatus for performing an interfrequency search
Method and system for soft handoff in wireless code division multiple access (CDMA) internet protoco...
Method and apparatus for providing dispatch scan in a CDMA communication system
System and method for tire pressure monitoring using CDMA tire pressure signals
Method and apparatus for managing a CDMA supplemental channel
Transparent or translucent resin composition
Substrate holding device, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and device manufacturing method
Sword handle
Document retrieval method and system and computer readable storage medium
Creatinine biosensor
Process for the preparation of ethylene polymers
Romp with oligomeric UV-absorbers
Accelerator for metathesis catalyst
Rotary tool
Method and system for simplified control of a subscriber terminal
Osteogenic implants derived from bone
Method for producing propylene hydroformylation products and acrylic acid and/or acrolein
Use of hydrophilic graft copolymers containing N-vinylamine and/or open-chain N-vinylamide units in ...
Coffee making machine
Optical head and method of manufacturing the same
Process for preparing acyloxybenzenesulfonates
Reservoir monitoring through windowed casing joint
Phosphorus compounds
Photon source and method of its fabrication and operation
Modified polyamides, polyamide compositions, and method for making same
Supplemental handle
Disposable filter floor stand
Apparatus and a method for monitoring an animal related space
Printing plate material
Method for forming azo colorant using diazo compound and coupler having leaving group and recording ...
Aqueous suspensions containing polymerized fatty acid-based polyamides
Polycarboxylic acid copolymer, production method and use thereof
Printed circuit board manufacture
Ink-jet ink, ink set, method for ink-jet printing, ink-jet printing apparatus, ink-jet printing unit...
Ink jet recording method and ink set therefor
Defoamer and/or deareator on the basis of oil-in-water dispersions
Phthalamide-lanthanide complexes for use as luminescent markers
Granules for carrying surfactant and method for producing the same
Composition and method for road-film removal
Method of making a laundry detergent article containing detergent formulations
Permanent wave agent composition having dyeing effect and method for dyeing hair using the same
Agent for dyeing keratin containing fibers
Liquid composition, ink set, method of forming a colored section on recording medium and ink-jet rec...
System for producing dried singulated cellulose pulp fibers using a jet drier and injected steam
Personal care formulations
Cationic fibers
Measurement of wax precipitation temperature and precipitated solid weight percent versus temperatur...
Articles containing thioxanthone dyes
Asphalt emulsion composition
Fire resistant fabric material
Asphalt-based formulations and method of making and using the same for paving and coating applicatio...
Method for the production of cross-linked and/or functionalized bitumen/polymer compositions and use...
Shingle tear strength with fiber mixture of different fibers
Moisture resistant, repulpable paper products and method of making same
Trifluoromethyl-substituted spirocyclic ketoenols
Process and system for production of a warm foam mix asphalt composition
Jar and cap
Process and press for the production of tablets
Device and method for dispensing a fluid product
Lavatory device
Cosmetics product and marketing system
Compositions for dyeing keratinous fibers comprising pyrazoloazoles; their use in dyeing as oxidatio...
Lavatory device
Lavatory device
Snowboard rack for snowmobiles
Method and system to insert a flow marker into an instruction stream to indicate a thread switching ...
Ophthalmic compositions for treating ocular hypertension
Photoresist residue removing liquid composition
Stabilization of resorcinol derivatives in cosmetic compositions
Production of 5-methyl-n-aryl-2-pyrrolidone and 5-methyl-n-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone by reductive aminatio...
Device for dispensing a therapeutic or cosmetic substance onto the skin and a method of skin treatme...
Tissue paper penetrated with softening lotion
Hydrogel wound dressing and the method of making and using the same
Humeral shoulder prosthesis
Polyolefin resin composition and shrink film made from the same
Calcilytic compounds
Apparatus and method for generating a set of test vectors using nonrandom filling
Zero-crossing direction and time interval jitter measurement apparatus using offset sampling
Optical systems and methods using coupling fixtures for aligning optical elements with planar wavegu...
Method and apparatus for resolving half duplex message collisions
Packet transmission method
System and method for adjusting the optical path length of an optical path
Variable optical slit assembly
Distributed capacitive/resistive electronic device
Apparatus for testing integrated circuits having an integrated unit for testing digital and analog s...
High density, high frequency, board edge probe
Voltage probe
Determining cable attenuation and loss of signal threshold
Electrophoretic processes for the selective deposition of materials on a semiconducting device
Arrays and their reading
Make-up water re-circulation in slurry processing unit
High efficiency external counterpulsation apparatus and method for controlling same
Utilization of unused disk space on networked computers
Method and system for operating virtual devices by master controllers in a control system
Data mining application programming interface
Data processing device
Control processor dynamically loading shadow instruction register associated with memory entry of co...
Method for allocating web sites on a web server cluster based on balancing memory and load requireme...
Cross point switch with serializer and deserializer functions
Magnetic marker and manufacturing method therefor
Liquid-cooled mold for the continuous casting of metals
Heterobifunctional poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives and methods for their preparation
Paper product
Method and system for searching information using processing sensor
High precision, rapid laser hole drilling
Lithographic apparatus, apparatus cleaning method, device manufacturing method and device manufactur...
Valve stem for use in a metering valve of a metered dose inhaler
Fibrin applicator pistol
Niobium powder, sintered body thereof, chemically modified product thereof and capacitor using them
Method for reducing critical dimension attainable via the use of an organic conforming layer
Apparatus and method for providing multiple power supply voltages to an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for fastening steel framing members
Display and method for manufacturing the same
Method and system for embedding date information in computer-generated digits
Monitoring and preventing failure of an automated theater system
Method and system for composition and delivery of electronic mail using processing sensor
High definition media storage structure and playback mechanism
Watermark detection
Color display kiosk
Use of modified starch as an agent for forming a thermoreversible gel
Method for producing exopolysaccharides
Hydroxyethyl starch composition and use in paper products
Perception-based image retrieval
Document processing in a cross-platform environment
Dynamically delivering, displaying document content as encapsulated within plurality of capsule over...
Communication control device
Electronic program guide with related-program search feature
Methods and apparatus for reducing the shrinkage of an optical disc's clamp area and the resulting o...
Variable-length, high-speed asynchronous decoder circuit
Vacuum system for engine with variable valve lift
Valve driving apparatus and internal combustion engine including the same
Control unit for variable valve timing mechanism
Engine variable valve timing system
Valve timing control for marine engine
Article of jewelry
Dynamic trust anchor system and method
Speech and music signal coder/decoder
CD-type disc in which a DVD application is recorded on a physical layer of the CD-type disc, and a r...
Ornamental display in a bottle
Pulse width modulation digital amplifier
Method and device for recognizing cornering and for stabilizing a vehicle in case of over-steered co...
Method of operating a vehicle transmission
Active vibration cancellation of gear mesh vibration
System and method for initial synchronization of steering wheel and road wheels in a steer-by-wire s...
Passenger vehicle
Method and device for classifying vehicles
Vehicle-installed exhaust gas analyzing apparatus
Process and apparatus for the technical fractionation of oligomers and polymers
Process for preparing water soluble diterpenes and their applications
Flood and drain wastewater treatment system and associated methods
Supported biofilm apparatus and process
Pollulant containment system
Hollow fiber membrane and braided tubular support therefor
Beverage filter cartridge
Spin-on filter including improved seal arrangement and methods
Filtering device for a portable beverage container
Nonwoven-fabric-type oil filter integral to a valve body
Erythrocytic cells and method for loading solutes
Rotating filter system
Dialyzer reprocessing system
Underdrain useful in the construction of a filtration device
Water filtration system for food processing line
Spin-on filter including improved seal arrangement and methods
Liquid chromatography apparatus
Pivotal gate for a catch basin of a storm drain system
Monitoring and control system for blood processing
Device and process for facilitating the atomization of liquid fuels
Control system for driving fluids through an extracorporeal blood circuit
Automated, self-contained, home sewage treatment system
In-tank type fuel feed apparatus
Pre-filter device
Membrane module
Method of assembling plastic filter element with plastic casing
Collector for adsorptive recovery of dissolved metal from sea water
Filtration apparatus
Filter cartridge incorporating a peripheral compatibility matrix
Shale shaker
Wastewater aeration system with lift out lateral pipes and diffusers
Method and device for calculating dialysis efficiency
Shale bin/settling tank/centrifuge combination skid
Modular water softener system
Oxygen scavenger and boiler water treatment chemical
Self-cleaning water filter
Edge filter having improved flow rate
Hin-2 nucleic acid molecules, proteins, antibodies, homologues, receptors, and uses thereof
Molecular vaccine linking an endoplasmic chaperone polypeptide to an antigen
Partial or full A1 agonists - N6 heterocyclic 5' thio substituted adenosine derivatives
Biosynthetic platform for cardioprotective stress response in human fetal heart tissue
RNA interference mediated inhibition hairless (HR) gene expression using short interfering nucleic a...
RNA interference mediated inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor and vascular endothelial ...
Identification of ses-1 and the uses of the same
Peptide agonists of prostate-specific antigen and uses therefor
Mutants and assay system to identify USP/RXR ligands
Control of growth and repair of gastro-intestinal tissues by gastrokines and inhibitors
Proteases and variants thereof
Mammalian protein phosphatases
Cct protein expression promoter
Polysaccharide gum and process for its manufacture
Variant cell surface molecule associated with cancer
Interleukin-7 molecules with altered biological properties
Interferon variants with improved properties
Modified interferon beta with reduced immunogenicity
Albumin fusion proteins
Novel fluorescent proteins
Membrane-bound desaturases
Antifungal proteins, DNA coding therefore, and hosts incorporating same
2,5-diketo-L-gluconic acid reductases and methods of use
Avermectin aglycon synthase genes
Multiplex amplification and separation of nucleic acid sequences using ligation-dependant strand dis...
Epithelial protein lost in neoplasm (EPLIN)
Vaccinia topoisomerases I-based assays for detection of specific DNA breaks
Construction of uni-directionally cloned cDNA libraries from messenger RNA for improved 3' end DNA s...
Method for detecting ribosome inactivating proteins
Enhanced sequencing by hybridization using pools of probes
Plant gene constructs and their use
Single-phase amplification of nucleic acids
Method for producing hybridization complexes whose stability is substantially independent of the bas...
Factorial chemical libraries
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein named 158P1D7 useful in the treatment and detection of bladde...
Integrated internet/intranet camera
Method and system for performing information extraction and quality control for a knowledgebase
Gaming machine in which second game can be obtained continuous to first game under predetermined con...
Light emitting device comprising light-emitting layer having triplet compound and light-emitting lay...
Planar polymer transistor
White light emitting OLEDs from combined monomer and aggregate emission
Polypeptides from CREB binding protein and related protein p300 for use in transcriptional regulatio...
Fluorescent thin film, its fabrication process, and EL panel
Composite reactive multilayer foil
Method of operating an electron beam physical vapor deposition apparatus
Multi-stage processes for coating substrates with multi-component composite coating compositions
Method of making an anti-slip coating and an article having an anti-slip coating
Distributed control system for powder coating system
Method of using underbalanced well data for seismic attribute analysis
Guide ring to control granular mixing in a pebble-bed nuclear reactor
Laser diode with a spatially varying electrostatic field frequency converter
Reticle for correcting parallax shift in aiming telescopes
Radar system using random RF noise
Method and apparatus for directing electromagnetic radiation to distant locations
Color pixel element cathode ray tube
Preparation and screening of crystalline zeolite and hydrothermally-synthesized materials
Cooling structure for multi-shaft, multi-layer electric motor
Accessory-driving equipment for an automotive vehicle
Disk drive with compensation of disk eccentricity
Construction kit and method for constructing several complex industrial installations
Discrete pattern, apparatus, method, and program storage device for generating and implementing the ...
Resonant optical filters
Tunable optical wavelength filters and multi-level optical integrated circuits
Optical device
Adaptively controllable polarization mode dispersion compensator
Wavelength tunable VCSEL
Electrolytic capacitors and method for making them