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Level contact structure for an electroluminescent lamp
Heat cell for a roof
Access plus with sealing for high temperature equipment
Radiant barrier facing material
Two-phase quality/flow meter
Coating for phosphor particles
Protective system for face and respiratory protection
Calibrachoa plant named `Colorburst Violet`
Free-forming one-way network
Electronic greeting card with a custom audio mix
Musical notation system
System and methods for frame-based augmentative communication using pre-defined lexical slots
Video game with randomly generated images
Bonding a thermoplastic elastomer to a magnesium based metal
Interruptable multiply and/or divide operations for use with an interrupt in a medical device proces...
Computer user interface using a physical manipulatory grammar
Tagging related files in a document management system
User level accessing of low-level computer system operations.
Encasement for a handheld computer
Plantable wall block assembly and retaining wall formed therefrom
Electropipettor and compensation means for electrophoretic bias
Process of producing fluoride glass
System, method and article of manufacture for a globally addressable interface in a communication se...
Method for expanding lamellar forms of graphite and resultant product
Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH)
Allergen detection and air/asthma advice provision
Apparatus and method for a bookmarking system
Single dose inhaler I
Memory configuration which support multiple cryptographical algorithms
Continuous melt process for fabricating ionically conductive articles
Compositions containing .alpha.-sulfofatty acid esters and methods of making and using the same
Fire detection systems using artificial intelligence
Beacon-assisted spacecraft attitude control systems and methods
Food processor motor controller
Optical pulse generator
Method and apparatus for determining the boundary of an object
Fabrication of semiconductor devices
Magneto-optical recording device using magneto-resistive head
Automated banking machine apparatus and system
Method for improving non-invasive determination of the concentration of analytes in a biological sam...
Coffee machine
Method and system for accessing information using keyword clustering and meta-information
Configurable aerial vehicle aerosurface
System and method for efficiently implementing an authenticated communications channel that facilita...
VDHL/Verilog expertise and gate synthesis automation system
Portable interactive kiosk
Flexible composite suitable as packaging material
Thin film electroluminescence device
Method of filtration of a dairy stream
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Bioarray chip reaction apparatus and its manufacture
Allele detection using primer extension with sequence-coded identity tags
Laminated assembly for active bioelectronic devices
Light-emitting semiconductor device using group III nitride compound
Cooking apparatus
Milkfat treatment
Battered and battered/breaded foods with enhanced textural characteristics
Oil-free glycerophospholipid formulations and method for the production thereof
Compositions and methods for the control of smoking
Apparatus and method for feeding a film
Method for real-time lossless data compression of computer data
Stick of fasteners
Headline posting algorithm
Identification of sample component using a mass sensor system
Methods and apparatus for distinguishing inflamed and tumorous bladder tissue
Inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Synthetic antigens for the detection of antibodies to hepatitis C virus
Recombinant proteins of a Pakistani strain of hepatitis E and their use in diagnostic methods and va...
Molecular cloning using rolling circle amplification
Highly branched oligomers, process for their preparation and applications thereof
Process for preparing an aqueous composition in gel form and compositions obtainable from this proce...
Nimesulide topical formulations in the form of liquid crystals
Process for producing a vinyl chloride polymer in the presence of a chelating agent
Powdery material and modifier for cementitious material
Method of stabilizing unsaturated organic compounds from polymerization
Suppression of the moire effect on a flat display screen
Compositions and methods useful in treatment and prevention of HIV-1 infection
Liquid crystal display device having comblike bent interdigital electrodes
Induction heating system with split resonance capacitance
Passband flattening of a phasar
Optical component of the waveguide array spectrograph type, having centered outlet channels
Fiber-optic cable routing and storage device
Laser aided tilt adjustment of an optical lens
Fiber optic acoustic emission sensor
Methods of synthesis of halogen base-modified oligonucleotides and subsequent labeling with a metal-...
Spirocyclic containing hydroxamic acids useful as metalloprotease inhibitors
Network scan server support method using a web browser
Ethylene-isoprene random copolymer
S-EB-S block copolymer/oil aqueous dispersion and its use in forming articles
Acrylic emulsions containing tackifiers, processes for preparing them, and adhesive tape containing ...
Foaming urethane composition and methods of using such compositions
Liquid toner composition
Propylene random copolymer, propylene resin composition, film of these, and multilayered propylene r...
Fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies with improved power outputs
Intercalates and exfoliates formed with monomeric ethers and esters; composite materials containing ...
Pitch based foam with particulate
Orthopedic and dental ceramic implants
Micro-electro mechanical system
Tactile sensor comprising nanowires and method for making the same
Abrasive jet stream polishing
Aqueous dispersion adhesive
Compositions comprising anti-drift agents and processes and methods for their use
Biocompatible lubricious hydrophilic materials for medical devices
Agent delivering system comprised of microparticle and biodegradable gel with an improved releasing ...
Shampoos with stabilizers
Composition especially in the form of emulsion, gel or aqueous solution, including a crosslinked pol...
Treatment of combustible gas streams
Method for manufacturing sulfuric acid
Production of chlorine dioxide by chemical reduction of ammonium chlorate in aqueous acidic solution
Hydrotalcite compounds of low uranium (U) content and processes for their preparation
Preparation of hydrogen cyanide
Process for making a lubricating composition
Catalyst for use in organic compound transformation reactions
Supported dendrimer catalyst
2-(2, 3-dihydrobenzofuran-5-yl)-4-aminomethylimidazoles: dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Process for isolating a protein composition from a muscle source and protein composition
Anti-endotoxic, antimicrobial cationic peptides and methods of use therefor
Navigation editor framework for building mulitmedia titles
Method and apparatus for removing residual material from an alignment mark of a semiconductor wafer
Metal halide lamp
Ferrite-free electrodeless fluorescent lamp
Antimicrobial compositions
Synthetic resin additive and synthetic resin composition containing particles of porous hydroxyapati...
Back-light unit for liquid crystal display
Geothermal steam processing
Context-sensitive authorization in an RDBMS
Autonomous citation indexing and literature browsing using citation context
Database analysis using a probabilistic ontology
System and method for computing rows since sequence function in a database system
Efficient modified viterbi decoder
Disk drive employing off-line scan to collect selection-control data for subsequently deciding wheth...
Dynamic programmable mode switching device driver architecture
Consultant matching system and method for selecting candidates from a candidate pool by adjusting sk...
Computer system and process for checkpointing operations on data in a computer system by partitionin...
Layout synopsizing process for efficient layout parasitic extraction and circuit simulation in post-...
Musical performance practicing device and method
Seed plants characterized by delayed seed dispersal
Use of kinase inhibitors for treating neurodegenerative diseases
Separation and purification of carboxylic acids from fermentation broths
Method of transferring a DNA sequence to a cell in vitro
Maize histone deacetylases and their use
Process for the selective enzymatic hydroxylation of aldehydes and ketones
Ornithogalum dubium plant named `Namib Sunrise`
Bermuda grass `P18`
Peach tree `Sweet Alice`
Guzmania plant named `Siralbert`
Dynamic network configuration of a one-way adapter using a proxy agent that communicates with a reso...
System and method for structured news release generation and distribution
Method and apparatus for secure measurement certification
Intelligent agent for identifying intellectual property infringement issues in computer network site...
Image processing device and method for indentifying an input image, and copier scanner and printer i...
Shroud cover for trigger sprayer
Communication network for a hospital bed
Method and system for delivering digital products electronically
Sweetened extruded cereals containing pregelatinized high amylose starches
Embedded trimmable resistors
Polymer electrolyte with enhanced impregnation
Implantable, bioresorbable vessel wall support, in particular coronary stent
Implantable stimulation device and method for determining atrial autocapture using programmable AV d...
Cardiac stimulator with rate-adaptive PVARP
Implantable device with electrical infection control
Efficient generation of sensing signals in an implantable medical device such as a pacemaker or ICD
Gaming machine payout dispensing system and method
Vector for expression of heterologous protein and methods for extracting recombinant protein and for...
Aerofoil having a slat with flexible data link
Enhanced integrated data delivery system
Creating boot code image on a storage medium
Method and apparatus for N-NARY hardware description language
Transcatheter microwave antenna
Electrical apparatus for medical treatment using EMG envelope signal
Fluid biofeedback device
Interactive systems and methods for controlling the use of diagnostic or therapeutic instruments in ...
Apparatus for energizing a remote station and related method
Secure user identification based on constrained polynomials
Method and apparatus for digitally removing or defeating effects of copy protection signals from a v...
Method for the production of a substantially open-cell polystyrene sheet
Probe card and testing method for semiconductor wafers
Seat bolster adjustment assembly
Value data system having containers for theft deterrent repositories
Axle unit for driving a vehicle wheel
Rolling mill and rolling method and rolling equipment
Statistical simulation method and corresponding simulation system responsive to a storing medium in ...
Power supplying device for flashes
Controlling a plant parasitic nematode with pasteuria
Biological insect control agents expressing insect-specific toxin genes, methods and compositions
Method for optimizing Java performance using precompiled code
Gas diffusion electrodes containing modified carbon products
Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
Solar-cell watch dial and process for producing the same
Charge transporting material and method of preparing charge transporting particulates used therein
Solar cell module and solar cell integrated cladding assembly
Electrically conductive composition for a solar cell
Solar cell and method for producing electrode for solar cell
Low temperature thin film transistor fabrication
Active matrix liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing same
Using an organic layer as an ion implantation mask when forming shallow source/drain region
Multi-layer gate for TFT and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device and method for making pattern data
Process and device for production of metallic coatings on semiconductor structures
Multi-step plasma process for forming TiSiN barrier
Transcutaneous sensor insertion set
System for determining analyte concentration
Microactuator for fine tracking in a magneto-optical drive
Antenna system for a motor vehicle
Angiogenesis promoters
Electronic bill processing
Bicycle helmet
Equipped balancing jacket
High throughput screening assay systems in microscale fluidic devices
Polyimide coated heavy metal fluoride glass fiber and method of manufacture
Desorption/ionization of analytes from porous light-absorbing semiconductor
Electronic device featuring thermoelectric power generation
Polyphenylene oligomers and polymers
Quick heat roller
X-ray target
Integrated circuit with oxidation-resistant polymeric layer
Wireless medical diagnosis and monitoring equipment
Apparatus and method for predicting probability of ruminating behavior in people
Electroencephalograph based biofeedback system and method
Quantitative electroencephalographic (QEEG) process and apparatus for assessing attention deficit hy...
Method and apparatus for treating an individual using electroencephalographic and cerebral blood flo...
Video or compact disk encoder/decoder for brain wave synchronizer
Method of and apparatus for evaluation and mitigation of microsleep events
Diagnosis and treatment of supravalvular aortic stenosis and Williams syndrome
Coal ash as soil amendment to enhance water balance, growth, and harvesting of turfgrasses
Adaptive body-bending estimator for use with a missile during flight
System for temporarily blocking the relative displacement of two bodies, following at least a preset...
Inhalation device
Battery including a non-aqueous multi-cell spiral-wound electrode assembly
Concurrent learning and performance information processing system
Pay information providing system for descrambling information from plural sources and rescrambling t...
Method for reconstructing a video frame received from a video source over a communication channel
Electronic camera
Composite video apparatus
Video device with an electronic program guide decoder
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having power reduction mechanism
Signal processing for measurement of physiological analysis
Coffee machine
Method, apparatus and computer program product for debugging a computer's boot process
Optimized emulation and prototyping architecture
Method and apparatus for scrambling and descrambling of video signal with edge fill
Oil gel formulations containing polystyrene-polydimethylsiloxane or polyethylene-polydimethylsiloxan...
HDI land grid array packaged device having electrical and optical interconnects
Two platform motion seat
Mounting controls on right rear corner post of operators cab
Method of treating male impotence by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune system
Method and composition for promoting and controlling growth of plants
Heterologous gene expression in lactococcus, and the expression products therefrom
Code implants for compilers
Use of inorganic aerogels in pharmacy
Glucose level monitoring apparatus
Sensor for analyzing components of fluids
Sheeting with composite image that floats
Method of thermally spraying metallic coatings using flux cored wire
Mirror system
Removable adhesive of polyepoxide, curing agent and microspheres
Material and method for lubricating the metal surfaces of an earth-pressure tunnel boring machine
Visual display device with continuous animation
Label, especially for a package for a cosmetic product
Pads of embossed, self-stick paper and process and apparatus for making same
Camper back boat assembly
Boat and method for manufacturing
Baffle system for mitigation of thruster wake deficit
Open loop minesweeping system
Microfluidic devices, systems and methods for performing integrated reactions and separations
Heavy metal-oxide glass optical fibers for use in laser medical surgery and process of making
Glass body for optical fiber method of selecting the same optical fiber and method of making thereof
Method for producing silica glass for use with light in a vacuum ultraviolet wavelength range
Transparent glass-ceramics
Method for the fabrication of fluoride glass single mode optical fibers with flowing of an etchant t...
Method for making a preform for optical fibers by drawing a mother ingot
Method for changing incident heat and pulling of an optic fiber via monitoring of rate of change of ...
Process for treating optical fibers by cryogenic tempering
Laser surface treatment device and method
Method of forming a fiber optic coupler by dynamically adjusting pulling speed and heat intensity ba...
Apparatus for producing an optical fiber porous glass preform
Arrangement for automated fabrication of fiber optic devices
All-pass optical filters
Intelligent memory devices for transferring data between electronic devices
Flexible monitoring of location and motion
Apparatus and method for determining a person's sobriety
Device and process for determining the temperature of the gas sample flow during breath alcohol meas...
Directional baton with a breath analyzer
Methods for genome identification using direct label probe composition
Portable anaesthetic machine and emergency kit
Leave-on antimicrobial compositions which provide improved residual benefit versus gram positive bac...
Disintegrant-impregnated detergent agglomerates with improved solubility
Method for applying a resin to a substrate for use in papermaking
Dough compositions made with dehydrated potato flanules
Low-pH, acid-containing personal care compositions which exhibit reduced sting
Apparatus for increasing bulk of foreshortened fibrous web
Process for producing polyolefins
Producing thin film photovoltaic modules with high integrity interconnects and dual layer contacts
Polyolefin microspheres
Hand-held game with visual display and feedback
System for converting neural network to rule-based expert system using multiple-valued logic represe...
Multiple injection, toggle-action dispensing structure
Method for preparation of conjugated arylene or heteroarylene vinylene polymer and device including ...
Multi-layer approach for optimizing ferroelectric film performance
Method of forming transparent contacts to a p-type GaN layer
Photographic optical system and photographing apparatus having the same
Tilt-up concrete panel and forming system therefore
Electron-emitting apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Mutant rex transdominant repressors of HIV replication
TNF-.alpha. converting enzyme
External positivistic forward transfer in call routing systems
Self-resetting child-resistant trigger sprayer
Communication network terminal supporting a plurality of applications
Hearing aids with standardized spheroidal housings
Use of N-aryl-2-hydroxyalkylamides for stimulating or inducing hair growth and/or arresting hair los...
Method for the production of modified plants
Diffuse reflectance monitoring apparatus
Coffee machine
Coffee-making apparatus
Assembly for feeding prepackaged coffee portions to a brewing unit of a coffee machine
Coffee and tea brewing apparatus and system
Insulating sleeve
System and method for generating a hazard-free asynchronous circuit
Method and system for generating incentives based on substantially real-time product purchase inform...
Vehicle-applied rear-and-side monitoring system and vehicle-applied rear-and-side monitoring and ala...
Flying craft with water and air propulsion source
Process for producing a membrane for separating a mixture
Welding member and welding method
Simultaneous power supply source
Wear resisting steel, sliding member for cylinder in internal combustion engine, and ring spring
Field howitzers
Degassing device for aerosol container and lid provided with degassing construction
Internal combustion catapult
Retargeting optimized code by matching tree patterns in directed acyclic graphs
Apparatus and method for processing music data
Computer aided maintenance and repair information system for equipment subject to regulatory complia...
State machine bit group selection apparatus for debugging a digital system
Method and system for improving the locality of memory references during execution of a computer pro...
Device for fixing the sacral bone to adjacent vertebrae during osteosynthesis of the backbone
Azulenyl nitrone spin trapping agents, methods of making and using same
Method and apparatus for scrambling and descrambling of video signals with edge fill
Catalyst obtained from phosphinoalkyl-functionalized polystyrene and method for the production of .d...
Chip-size semiconductor packages
Chair construction and method of assembly
Apparatus for testing communication equipment
Interference with viral IRES-mediated translation by a small yeast RNA reveals critical RNA-protein ...
Representing entitlements to service in a conditional access system
Public key cryptosystem with roaming user capability
Phosphoric acid group-containing non-aqueous dispersion and a process for the application thereof
Packaging for sports equipment
Bicyclic amine derivatives
4-anilinoquinazoline derivatives
Herbicidal compounds
Fluorescence energy transfer substrates
AZO dyes and compositions comprising such dyes
Oxindole derivatives
Ripening-related DNAs from banana
Antifungal proteins, DNA coding therefor, and hosts incorporating same
Composition board binding material
Fungicidal compositions and methods of making thereof
3-aryl alkenyl-1,2,4-oxadiazole derivatives and their use as parasiticides for animals
Viscosified aqueous chitosan-containing well drilling and servicing fluids
Agent for controlling diseases and insect pests, containing alkoxyimino-substituted bicyclic derivat...
Metallocenes, polymerization catalyst systems, their preparation, and use
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Danharpl`
Method and apparatus in a data processing system for systematically serializing complex data structu...
Context-sensitive self implementing modules
Enabling multiple runtime processors in an interpreter-based embedded scripting system
Method for fast translation of java byte codes into efficient native processor code
System, method, and medium for retrieving, organizing, and utilizing networked data
Digital engineered safety features actuation system
Strain of bacillus for controlling plant diseases and corn rootworm
Additive composition for plant protection
Method of stimulating an immune response by administration of host organisms that express intimin al...
Inhibition of carbon deposition on fuel gas steam reformer walls
Fungicidal fused bicyclic pyrimidinones
Stereo camera
System and method for selection/deselection of timer recording
Game utilizing the sense of touch and memory
Railroad theme restaurant and food delivery system and method of making same
Game machine with automated tournament mode
Quantitative supply and demand model based on infinite spreadsheet
System and method for independently configuring international location and language
Question and answer system using computer networks
Merchant analysis support method
Interactive web book system
Playing a Video Responsive to a comparison of two sets of Content Preferences
System for optimizing interaction among agents acting on multiple levels
Virtual property system
Intelligent agents for electronic commerce
Circuit for producing a contrast voltage signal for a liquid crystal display which uses a differenti...
Nicotinic acid compositions for treating hyperlipidemia and related methods therefor
Power/data protocol
Electrical energy management for manually powered devices
Spiro compounds as inhibitors of fibrinogen-dependent platelet aggregation
Nanostructured moulded bodies and layers and method for producing same
Method of manufacturing cushioned bicycle saddle
Auxiliary device for filter exchange in clean room
Derailleur for a bicycle
Method of connecting base station to cellular system
Method and apparatus for communicating messages of varying protocols over a single communications ne...
Method and apparatus to automatically address a voice mail reply to a voice mail message
Method and apparatus for facilitating distributed speech processing in a communication system
Application-independent language module for language-independent applications
Wireless mobile telephone system with voice-dialing telephone instruments and DTMF capability
Method for forwarding call in high penetration notification mode in satellite communication terminal
Vehicle occupant presence and position sensing system
System and method for controlling the switching on of ancillary equipment driven by an engine
Interference preventing device for vehicle
Preceding vehicle follow-up control system
Wheelslip regulating brake control
Collision-determining circuit for vehicle airbag system with device malfunction monitoring feature
Exhaust system for jet propulsion boat
Energy management system and method
Sound absorber for sound waves
Method of manufacturing a sandwich board and a sound insulating structure
Method of forming dual metal gate structures or CMOS devices
Rare earth polymers, optical amplifiers and optical fibers
Multi-mode broadband patch antenna
Laser machining method for glass substrate, diffraction type optical device fabricated by the machin...
Photoelectric conversion device and photo cell
Silica-magnesium fluoride hydrate composite sols and process for their preparation
Catalysts containing a platinum group metal and produced in a sol-gel method, as well as a method fo...
Method for manufacturing semiconductor memory device
Self-luminous display element driving device
Organic electroluminescence display device and producing method thereof
Display device based on grating electromechanical shutter
Multi-color organic electroluminescence device with overlapping luminous layers
Closed loop infusion pump system with removable glucose sensor
Antibodies to motilin homologs
Shadow arrays for distributed memory multiprocessor architecture
Method for automatically searching for functional defects in a description of a circuit
Catalysts made from transition metal compounds and 4, 5-diphosphinoacridine-ligands
Plasma transferred wire arc thermal spray apparatus and method
Method and apparatuses for backgaging and sensor-based control of bending operations
Illuminated helmet device
Externally mounted adjustable damping system for drum head
Hamamelis virginiana plant named `November Glow`
System and method for managing computer and phone network resources
Method and system for forming a database of geographic data for distribution to navigation system un...
Vehicle function management system
Robotic telepresence system
Screen navigation control apparatus for ophthalmic surgical instruments
Methods and compositions for retarding the development of atherosclerotic lesions
Method of controlling development of game reflecting player's personality, video game apparatus and ...
System for issuing and developing investiture certificates and other documents
Phone-assisted clinical document information computer system for use in home healthcare, post-acute ...
Electronic communications manager
System for automatically charging the battery of a remote transmitter for use in a vehicle security ...
Calendar with refillable sleeves
Folding puzzle/transformational toy with 24 linked tetrahedral elements
Process for producing blends of syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene and rubbery elastomers with a chromiu...
Underwater cable arrangements, internal devices for use in an underwater cable, and methods of conne...
Reduction of leachability and solubility of radionuclides and radioactive substances in contaminated...
Phosphazene azide coupling agents and their use in rheology modification of polymers
Process for preparing benzoperhydroisoindole compounds
Simulated baseball game
Video game apparatus and memory used therefor
Gaming system with zero-volatility hold
Game machine
Electronic game with moving bonus symbol
Interactive game apparatus with game play controlled by user-modifiable toy
Packaging to hold fastfoods and expose only bite-sized portions being eaten
Fiber coated with a crosslinked epoxidized-polydiene oligomer
Limonene and other downstream metabolites of geranyl pyrophosphate for insect control in plants
Processes for preparing 2-(omega-alkoxycarbonylalkanoyl)-4- butanolides omega-hydroxy-(omega-3)-keto...
Solvent systems for low dielectric constant polymeric materials
Laser apparatus for simultaneously generating a plurality of laser planes from a single laser source
Method and apparatus for recording three-dimensional distribution of light backscattering potential ...
Apparatus and method for transporting equipment between buildings
Process for the manufacture of halocarbons and selected compounds and azeotropes with HF
Diolefin/hydroxyaryl condensates and catalyst therefor
Polymerizable halogenated vinyl ethers
Siloxane compounds, process for preparing the same, and liquid composition containing the same
Organo-Lewis acids of enhanced utility, uses thereof, and products based thereon
Dental cement composition
Protection for MEMS cross-bar switch
Core insertion method and apparatus for making optical fiber preforms and optical fibers fabricated ...
Undeniable certificates for digital signature verification
Preparation of substituted hydroxyhydrocinnamate esters by continuous transesterification using reac...
Process for preparing vinyl chlorosilanes
VNTR probes and methods of using thereof
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and information providing medium
Aqueous hair aerosol styling aids
Nasal aspirator
Welding material
Sensor cap for a drum rotation indicator handle for a crane winch
Anti-bodies binding adhesin-derived antigens
Aqueous coating compositions, coated substrate and method related thereto
Treating cancers associated with overexpression of class I family of receptor tyrosine kinases
4,5-dihydro-[1H]-benz[g]indazole-3-carboxylic acid derivatives
Bispidine antiarrhythmic compounds
Lipid complexes for transferring at least a therapeutically active substance, in particular a polynu...
Method to allow hardware configurable data structures
Method for identifying the language of individual words
System for automated translation of speech
Combined motor drive and automated longitudinal position translator for ultrasonic imaging system
Scanning apparatus
Manager for dynamic complex systems
Volatile key apparatus for safeguarding confidential data stored in a computer system memory
Monitor toy assembly
Selecting cells in a table having individual cells and joined cells
Universal information appliance with parser
Client account generation and authentication system for a network server
Dynamic bandwidth selection for efficient transmission of multimedia streams in a computer network
Operating system installation
Magnetic torquer control with thruster augmentation
Device for induction heating of a cooking vessel
Return path ingress in a two-way CATV system
Dispensing structure which has a lid with a pressure-openable valve
Solid-state image intensifier and x-ray examination apparatus comprising a solid-state image intensi...
flt3-L mutants and method of use
Integrated circuit devices having buffer layers therein which contain metal oxide stabilized by heat...
Integrated memory having cells of the two-transistor/two-capacitor type
Magnetic element with improved field response and fabricating method thereof
GaN related compound semiconductor light-emitting device
Process for preparation of high-purity indene
Receiving data on a networked computer in a reduced power state
Distance measurement system
Back pack for use with hunting bow and method
Apparatus and method for thermal tissue modulation
Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
4-amino-phenylalanine type compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Combination of bisphosphonate and tetracycline
Methods for the high-resolution identification of solvent-accessible amide hydrogens in polypeptides...
High temperature olefin polymerization process
Methods and system for using web browser to search large collections of documents
Database system
Method for determining actionable patterns in a database
Method and apparatus for improving access to literature
Indexed file system and a method and a mechanism for accessing data records from such a system
Method of integrating text retrieval to enhance software stem searching
Advanced modular cell placement system
Alias-free content-indexed object cache
Technique for automatic remote media access control (MAC) layer address resolution
Method and system for bill presentment and payment
Computer interface system for a robotic system
Robotically drivable interface mechanism
Method for providing a fault tolerant network using distributed server processes to remap clustered ...
System and method for converting from one modeling language to another
Certificate revocation system
Apparatus and method for providing secured communications
Welding materials for high-Cr steels
Heat treatable aluminum alloys having low earing
Hot rolled steel sheet having an ultrafine grain structure and process for producing steel sheet
TiB2 particulate ceramic reinforced Al-alloy metal-matrix composites
Silver-palladium alloys for producing a dental prosthesis which can be covered with dental ceramic
Transesterification of insoluble polysaccharides
Organic-inorganic hybrid materials and processes for preparing the same
Robustaflavone, intermediates and analogues and method for preparation thereof
Material exhibiting compensation for polymerization-induced shrinkage and recording medium formed th...
Situ treatment of contaminated groundwater
Electrical continuity interlock for a laser-based fiber optic vehicle lighting system
Method for preventing or reducing stress-induced gastric injury using grape seed proanthocyanidin ex...
DMA controller adapted for transferring data in two-dimensional mapped address space
Multiple quantum well semiconductor laser diode and DVD system using the same
Method and apparatus for resolving deadlocks in a distributed computer system
Active-matrix liquid crystal display
Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus using the same
Method for producing silicon single crystal wafer for particle monitoring and silicon single crystal...
Nucleic acid archiving
Helmet cover system
Scaevola plant named `Brillant`
Indicator provided within finder for single lens reflex camera
Extrudable composite of polymer and wood flour
Method and apparatus for encoding music into seven-bit characters that can be communicated in an ele...
Mechanical musical movement with electronic light control
Variable contour head support
Bone cement compositions comprising fused fibrous compounds
Dietary supplements for each specific blood type
Antibodies specific for proteins having polyglutamine expansions
Metal-binding cystein-free peptides for diagnostic and therapeutical purposes, methods for their pro...
Fork lift truck
Transport cart
Vending cart
Waste basket
Plate draining tray
Portable hand grip
Production of hydroxylated fatty acids in genetically modified plants
Estrogen receptor modulators
DNA virus vectors and methods for their preparation
Human cytomegalovirus DNA sequences
Fuji apple tree named `Snyder`
Interspecific tree named `Flavor Grenade`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Danharroyrd`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Danharltpk`
Ovenable coated paperboard
Multilayer shrinkable film with improved shrink, optics and sealability
Process for obtaining sturgeon caviar analog, and product thus obtained
Method of producing a soy-based dough and products made from the dough
R-T-E cereal and method of preparation
System and method for determining a preferred service in a network
Polymorphic enhanced modeling
Apparatus and method for non-sequential image data transmission and display
Process and system for processing cherry pits
Wafer drying apparatus and method with residual particle removability enhancement
Electronic graphic system
Tunable architecture for device adapter
Line shunt and ground fault apparatus method
Method and apparatus for managing power in a frequency hopping medium access control protocol
Channel hopping protocol
Structure and method for controlling a host computer using a remote hand-held interface device
Advanced priority statistical multiplexer
Process for producing drug complexes
Pharmaceutical preparations containing hydrosoluble ketoprofen salts and their application
Cells or tissues with increased protein factors and methods of making and using same
Mixed liposome pharmaceutical formulation with amphiphiles and phospholipids
Stable multiple emulsion composition
Powder to liquid compositions
Sunscreen compositions
Indicator for proper heating of food and a method for constructing thereof
Thermal recording apparatus
Magnetic switch controlled power supply isolator and thyristor commutating circuit
Transgenic plants expressing mutant geminivirus AC1 or C1 genes
Method and apparatus for entity authentication and session key generation
Transgenic animals
Fungal target genes and methods
Method of eliminating inhibitory/instability regions of mRNA
Methods and apparatus for non-invasive glucose sensing: non-invasive probe
Espresso coffee machine provided with a device for whipping milk
Solar thermal rocket
Method for electrolytically depositing copper on a semiconductor workpiece
Method for cleaning copper surfaces
Temperature control system for a thermal reactor
Temperature control system for a thermal reactor
Modular semiconductor workpiece processing tool
Vapor assisted rotary drying method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for electrolytically depositing a metal on a microelectronic workpiece
Power delivery system and method of controlling the power delivery system for use in a radio frequen...
Display method and system for radio receiver
Multicell area paging for cellular telecommunications system
Method of implementing a handover in a cellular radio system
Selective calling radio-receiver and method of receiving selective calling radio signal
Digital noise blanker for communications systems and methods therefor
Method and apparatus for defeating effects of color burst modifications to a video signal
Expandable polystyrene resin beads, process for the preparation of them, and foam made by using the ...
Process for underfilling chip-under-chip semiconductor modules
Chair with power seat
Automatic selection of an upgrade controller in an expansion slot of a computer system motherboard h...
Electrical drive system
Method and apparatus for providing high quality audio in a computer system
Method and apparatus for creating perspective correct graphical images
Method and apparatus for accelerating the transfer of graphical images
High quality audio generation by storing wave tables in system memory and having a DMA controller on...
Method and apparatus for providing address translations for input/output operations in a computer sy...
Apparatus accessed at a physical I/O address for address and data translation and for context switch...
Method of controlling I/O routing by setting connecting context for utilizing I/O processing element...
Antiviral anticancer poly-substituted phenyl derivatized oligoribonucleotides and methods for their ...
Voice/audio data communication with negotiated compression scheme and data header compressed in pred...
Inter-carrier signaling and usage accounting architecture for internet telephony
Method and mechanism for coordinating input of asynchronous data
Network bandwidth and object obsolescence sensitive scheduling method and apparatus for objects dist...
Method and device for network management
Systems and methods using cryptography to protect secure computing environments
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Danharmgta`
Optical apparatus with recording of selected hierarchal information with respect to a region
Bacillus thuringiensis mutants which produce higher yields of crystal delta-endotoxin than their cor...
Electrically conducting ruthenium dioxide-aerogel composite
Transcutaneous sensor insertion set
Isolated nucleic acid which encodes protein which binds to A33 antibody
Angular-precision enhancement in free-space micromachined optical switches
Method for thermal spray coating interior surfaces using deflecting gas nozzles
Regulators of the hedgehog pathway, compositions and uses related thereto
Machine control using a ReferenceClock construct
Infrared beacon positioning system
Apparatus and method for minimizing the halo effect in an electrostatographic printing system
Printing system for applying a mixed combination of colorants for one separation to a photoreceptor
Blade for removing electrically charged particles from the back side of a belt in an electrostatogra...
Image encoding method and apparatus with adaptive prediction
Single rotating polygon mirror with v-shaped facets for a multiple beam ROS
Inbred corn plant WDHQ11 and seeds thereof
Soybean cultivar 50955984
Nucleic acids encoding plant group 2 proteins and uses thereof
Fluorescent lamp with external electrode housing and method for making
Insulated container for packaging perishable goods
Composite thermal insulation and radioactive radiation shielding
Pad including heat sink and thermal insulation area
Method and apparatus for insulating buildings
Flex wrapped vacuum insulator
Insulation batts
Water-soluble derivatives of camptothecin/homocamptothecin
Highly viscous chemical anchoring adhesive
Microelectromechanical device having single crystalline components and metallic components
Method and apparatus for making optical fiber preforms and optical fibers fabricated therefrom
Encapsulation of oxidants for pitch stabilization
Hereditary hemochromatosis diagnostic markers and diagnostic methods
Pharmaceutical solution aerosol formulations containing fluoroalkanes and budesonide
Partial liquid breathing of fluorocarbons
Electrolytic-solution-supporting polymer film and secondary battery
Remote-controlled walking toy animal
System and method for dynamic knowledge generation and distribution
Trimming process for adapting a simulation system to an automatically controlled reference system
Power control method for set top box
Business system and method of compiling mailing list of interested customers
Dispensing structure with an openable member for separating two products
Oligonucleotide derivatives
Method and composition for treatment of kaposi's sarcoma
Spike tissue-specific promoter
Method of manufacturing schottky gate transistor utilizing alignment techniques with multiple photor...
Molecular detection apparatus
Methods and systems for biological reagent placement
Method of photoelectro-manipulation of target molecules and apparatus therefor
Molecular detection devices and methods of forming same
Noninvasive apparatus having a retaining member to retain a removable biosensor
Electrophoresis apparatus and method involving parallel channels
Powder-metallurgical composition having good soft magnetic properties
Electrochemical denaturation of double-stranded nucleic acid
Very large scale immobilized polymer synthesis
Nucleic acid adapters containing a type IIs restriction site and methods of using the same
Light emitting device having a finely-patterned reflective contact
RTL analysis tool
Methods for configuring FPGA's having variable grain blocks and shared logic for providing time-shar...
Line path determining method and delay estimating method
Reduction of process antenna effects in integrated circuits
Integrated low pressure depropanizer/debutanizer column
Movable campfire box
Pinball gumball vendor
9-desoxobaccatin III and analogs thereof
Hydrophobic taxane derivatives
Process for the preparation of aziridinyl epothilones from oxiranyl epothilones
Soft labels for MFP panel display
Diesel fuel for use in diesel engine-powered vehicles
Hepatitis E virus antigens and uses therefor
Hepatotropic conjugates of antiviral drugs carriers thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containi...
Apparatus and method for high-bandwidth optical tomography
Method of preventing scale adhesion to the surfaces of a polymerization tank
Coating material
Treatment of power plant condensate water with ion exchange resins
Latex compositions containing ethylenically unsaturated esters of fatty compounds and applications t...
Blanker array for a multipixel electron source
Oral medicinal preparations with reproducible release of the active ingredient gatifloxacin or its p...
Optical attenuator and optical attenuator module
Fiber optic probe and coupler assembly
Method for determining an aging condition for an optical waveguide grating and temperature sensor
Wavelength selective switching element
Transport of caller identification information through diverse communication networks
Process for selective derivatization of taxanes
Pharmaceutical compositions and method of using same for the treatment of failing myocardial tissue
Computer system with dynamically configurable boot order
Aromatic vinyl/isoprene block copolymer, process for the production thereof, and hardenable pressure...
Alkali-soluble adhesive agent
Surfactant-containing formulations
Cleaning process
Detergent composition containing wool compatible high alkaline proteases
Toner for toner-jetting
Toner for toner-jetting
Pass/fail battery indicator and tester
Thermochromic flowable topical personal care product
Anti-IgE antibodies and method of improving polypeptides
Method of manufacture of a conductive PTFE bend actuator vented ink jet printer
Planar hoytether failure resistant multiline tether
Preparation of polymer powders
Bonding method for water-based formulations having enhanced characteristics
Application of film forming technology to fragrance control release systems; and resultant fragrance...
Derivatives of arabinogalactan and compositions including the same
Carboxyl-bearing silicone emulsions method of making and hair preparations
Polyamino acid derivatives
Elastomer dispersion having a unique particle size distribution
High cleaning dentifrice
Gamma lithium aluminate product and process of making
Method for the removal of unwanted color from hydrochloric acid
Flowable cyanuric chloride, process for the production thereof and use thereof
Process for dimerizing olefins
Catalysis using phosphine oxide compounds
Methods and equipments of using dual functional catalyst of packing type
2-alkyl-4-(2,6-dialkylphenyl) indenes
Catalysts and process for hydrogenolysis of sugar alcohols to polyols
Process for the preparation of alkanolamines having improved color quality
Catalyst system, the use thereof in the polymerization of dienes in a solution, suspension and vapor...
Filtration and flow distribution method for chemical reactors using reticulated ceramics with unifor...
Polymer composition
Method and device for the optical measurement of coating layers
Halofluorocarbon hydrogenolysis
Polymer synthesis
Azeotropic or azeotrop-like compositions of hydrofluoric acid with dihaloethanes
Hydrocarbon/co-solvent spin liquids for flash-spinning polymeric plexifilaments
4'-C-ethynyl pyrimidine nucleoside compounds and pharmaceutical compositions
Viscosity-modified lactide polymer composition and process for manufacture thereof
Silicone composition for oral mucosa impression
Alkylaminoalkyl-terminated sulfide/sulfonyl-containing propargyl amino-diol compounds for treatment ...
Cyclopentane heptan(ENE)oic acid, 2-thiocarbamoyloxy and 2-carbamoyloxy compounds as therapeutic age...
Components and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Method and apparatus for binding pollutants in flue gas
Method for removing sterilant from objects subjected to gaseous sterilization
Method of and system and apparatus for remotely monitoring the location, status, utilization and con...
Methods and investment instruments for performing tax-deferred real estate exchanges
Populating cells of an electronic financial statement
Apparatus for importing and exporting partially encrypted configuration data
Process for the in-situ preparation of single-site transition metal catalysts and polymerization pro...
Textile sizes containing anhydride based graft copolymers
Process for production of organic acids and esters thereof
Polyurethanes with carboxylate functionality for hair fixative applications
Process for modifying unsaturated triacylglycerol oils; Resulting products and uses thereof
Treatment composition which provides anti-wrinkling properties to textiles
Rosin emulsion including starch derivative for paper sizing
Imaging system for vehicle headlamp control
Method of manufacturing a multi-page booklet with a removable insert from a single sheet
Continuous special service labels and a method for preparing a mailpiece for delivery by special ser...
Shipment form including reusable adhesive
Locking unit for a device for modifying the timing of charge change valves in internal combustion en...
Control for variable valve timing
Assembly for altering camshaft timing
V-shaped internal combustion engine
Remotely activatable attractant for deer
Interactive talking toy
Process and intermediates useful to produce vitamin D analogs
Real-time facial recognition and verification system
Dynamic light beam deflector
Dynamic load balancing among processors in a parallel computer
Information processing
Vehicle attitude angle estimation using sensed signal blending
Braking control system for vehicle
Device for acquiring lane path indicative data
Vehicle positioning method and system thereof
GPS receiver with cross-track hold
Heterogeneous wireless network for traveler information
Process for the specification of position data
Debit card box package
Line scan camera
N.times.N non-blocking optical switch
Disk drive apparatus with elastic dampers
Optical device and a method of processing a digital optical signal in parallel and in free space
Portable scanner with tilting body design
Solid-state non-invasive infrared absorption spectrometer for the generation and capture of thermal ...
Household espresso coffee maker machine
Smart memory interface
Apparatus for detecting enuresis in a patient
Endopelvic fascia treatment for incontinence
Temporal artery temperature detector
Non-invasive sensing of a physical parameter
X-ray diagnostic device including means for determining the dose
Video media security and tracking system
Concrete mix containing polystyrene beads
Conductive elastomer interconnect
Method and system for reflexive tunneling
Information display for vehicles
Method for tapping the immunological repertiore
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Danharltorc`
Exposure count indicator for camera
Bacillus mycoides strain for controlling insects
Printed wiring board having highly reliably via hole and process for forming via hole
Aromatic polyamide film, method for producing the same, and magnetic recording medium and solar cell...
Method of manufacturing a compound semiconductor thin film for a photoelectric or solar cell device
Solar cell
Group of solar cell elements, and solar cell module and production method thereof
Conductive paste, solar cells with grid electrode made of the conductive paste, and fabrication meth...
Methods for forming wraparound electrical contacts on solar cells
Method for producing a transparent conductive ZnO film by incorporating a boron or aluminum containi...
Method of etching a layer
Thin-film transistor monolithically integrated with an organic light-emitting diode
Thin film transistors
Light emitting apparatus and method of fabrication
Light-emitting apparatus and method of fabrication
Image display device with element driving device for matrix drive of multiple active elements
Full color organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabrication
Abrasive finishing with partial organic boundary layer
Tungsten coating for improved wear resistance and reliability of microelectromechanical devices
Photocatalytic coatings on optical solar reflectors to decompose organic contaminants
Method for making semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a package structure, and semiconductor device ...
Method for manufacturing a photoelectric conversion device
Composition for forming antireflective coating film and method for forming resist pattern using same
Glucose monitoring system
Enzyme-containing polymeric sensors
Occupant restraint system
Protective helmet with adjustable sizes
Roller rack device
Phosphate mineral-based reactive barrier containment system
Method for dicing of micro devices
Surface treatment of halide glass articles
Method and apparatus for analyzing neurological response to emotion-inducing stimuli
EEG operative and post-operative patient monitoring method
EEG d-c voltage shift as a means for detecting the onset of a neurological event
Brain function scan system
Apparatus and method for predicting probability of explosive behavior in people
Method for enhancing and separating biopotential signals
Electrode array system for measuring electrophysiological signals
Diagnosis of Williams syndrome
Ballistic performance simulator
Aerosol separator; and method
Safety system and method for preventing mixing of different anaesthetics in an anaesthesia system
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery
Method and apparatus of synthesizing plucked string instruments using recurrent neural networks
System and method for controlling the transfer of an image on a first medium to other recording medi...
Image coding and decoding using mapping coefficients corresponding to class information of pixel blo...
Sealed dispensing closure with a sealed penetrator
Method of and apparatus for forming a metal interconnection in the contact hole of a semiconductor d...
Wall-mounted microwave oven
Camera and its battery pack
Steel construction system
Halogen incandescent lamp having U-shaped inner supply lead held mechanically in a fold in the foil
Hydroxy and polyhydroxy derivatives of coumarin, preparation thereof and antiviral action thereof
Use of nuclear magnetic resonance to design ligands to target biomolecules
Information storage system including state-designating area on memory card and detecting presence or...
In-band management control unit software image download
Enhancing utility and diversifying model risk in a portfolio optimization framework
Neural electrode arrangement
Implantable medical device having atrial tachyarrhythmia prevention therapy
Atrial defibrillation methods and apparatus
Devices and methods for calibration of a thermal gradient spectrometer
Coffee machine
Multilevel security attribute passing methods, apparatuses, and computer program products in a strea...
Video media security and tracking system
Groups IIA and IIIA based catalyst composition for preparing high-syndiotacticity polystyrene
Mounting for high frequency device packages
Polyisocyanate based polymers prepare from formulations including non-silicone surfactants and metho...
Method and apparatus for providing access control to local services of mobile devices
Occupant detection system
Method for producing polymers having a preselected activity
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Danharpch`
Biopesticides related to natural sources
Aerogel backed ultrasound transducer
Metallic solid supports modified with nucleic acids
Modular, wireless damage monitoring system for structures
Automotive fuel tank electrical fitting
Tripeptide compounds and anti-AIDS medicine
Holder for securing a timepiece to an article
Peptidomimetic inhibitors of the human cytomegalovirus protease
Marine fender
Diverless subsea hot tap system
Vacuum fusion bonding of glass plates
Method of manufacturing a multi-component glass cylindrical part in the form of a tube and/or rod
Fully-dielectric-isolated FET technology
Highly charged ion secondary ion mass spectroscopy
Bimodal silicon nitride BAS ceramic composites
Ion sensitive binder for fibrous materials
Pre-semiconductor process implant and post-process film separation
Method for fabricating a semiconductor structure having a stable crystalline interface with silicon
Method and system for sequencing genomes
Chemical sensor pattern recognition system and method using a self-training neural network classifie...
Aerosol dispenser for liquid products
Portable rescue breathing device
Separator for fuel cell, fuel cell incorporating the same, and method of production of the same
Simulation tool input file generator for interface circuitry
Bi-modal dispensing system for particulate material
Growth of GaN on sapphire with MSE grown buffer layer
Folding wardrobe
Metal halide lamp with ARC tube secured to frame by clips passing through protective sleeve
Benzimidazoles/Imidazoles Linked to a Fibrinogen Receptor Antagonist Template Having Vitronectin Rec...
Apparatus and process for calculating an option
Optical polarization sensing apparatus and method
Filter apparatus
Medical treatment device with functions, operated under passcode control
Method and apparatus to reduce effects of certain copy protection purses within a video signal
Extended polymer compostion derived from blends of elastomers and syndiotactic polystyrene
IC socket
Modular automotive seat frame
Belt retractor
Method for producing polymers having a preselected activity
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Danharsal`
Steinernema sp. nematode for suppression of Helicoverpa zea and Spodoptera frugiperda
Method of making fullerene-decorated nanoparticles and their use as a low dielectric constant materi...
Differential control topology for LC VCO
Method of depositing and using a composite coating on light metal substrates
Methods and compositions for the treatment and prevention of Staphylococcal infections
Insect protective head screen attachable to several different types of hats
Device for storing fenders on a boat
Diverless subsea hot tap system with lateral pipe tie-in
Microfluidic interconnects
Method for making optical fiber preforms and optical fibers fabricated therefrom
Computer-aided telecommunication system and method
DCC probes, primers, and kits
Method and apparatus for determining and forming delayed waveforms for forming transmitting or recei...
Continuous method for manufacturing a Laminated electrolyte and electrode assembly
Supported olefin polymerization catalyst, its preparation and use
Thermally stable polymers, method of preparation, and articles made therefrom
Method for fabricating large area flexible electronics
Composition which is useful for obtaining a matt or satin coating, use of this composition and coati...
Process for the polymerization of olefins
Integrated design and manufacturing system
Dispensing structure which has a pressure-openable valve retained with folding elements
Semiconductor thin film, method for manufacturing the same, and solar cell using the same
Programmable resistive circuit using magnetoresistive memory technology
Ergonomic string instrument
Thermal transfer element and process for forming organic electroluminescent devices
Folic acid derivatives
Secreted proteins
Speech processing system using format analysis
Information transfer systems and method with dynamic distribution of data, control and management of...
Receipts and dispatch timing of transport packets in a video program bearing stream remultiplexer
Creating a three-dimensional model from two-dimensional images
Structured query language to IMS transaction mapper
Methods and apparatus for accessing information from multiple remote sources
Server-based host monitor
System for propagating, retrieving and using transaction processing facility airline computerized re...
System for the radio transmission of real-time airline flight information
Multifunctional card system
Distributed matching system for displaying a book of credit filtered bids and offers
Method and apparatus for displaying two video pictures simultaneously
Coffee maker
Beverage preparation and layering device for an espresso machine
Method for minimizing entropy in hidden Markov models of physical signals
Basket level indicator for cotton harvester
Fortified coffee drink
Brewing unit for automatic beverage dispensers comprising in particular a boiler
Coffee system
Quick-acting, water-tight composite door assembly
Method of decomposing CMPO