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Network compatible RF wireless link for medical device data management
Turntable device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor memory device including an SOI substrate
Liquid crystal display
Panel type color display device and system for processing image information
Crawlspace encapsulation system
Sealing arrangement
Seawall panel
Solid polymer electrolyte-catalyst composite electrode, electrode for fuel cell, and process for pro...
Plastic substrate for solid-state laser
Method and apparatus for processing multiple types of pixel component representations including proc...
System and method for a graphics processing framework embodied utilizing a single semiconductor plat...
Dental care composition
Compositions utilizing dispersants
Point of sale product personalization system
Negative-acting chemically amplified photoresist composition
Control device
Control in application of pulp insulation to electrical conductors
Apparatus for sterotaxic lateral extradural disc puncture
Water purification process and apparatus
Process for producing fiber-reinforced silicon carbide composites
Methods for treating cognitive impairments caused by traumatic brain injuries
Monofilament dental tapes with soft abrasive coatings
Welding method for semiconductor materials
Press machine having suspension mechanism
Chiral phosphines, transition metal complexes thereof and uses thereof in asymmetric reactions
System and method for interfacing two modules supporting various applications
Document management system and document management method applied thereto
Image forming apparatus and method thereof
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image processor and image processing system
Method for controlling data display
Accelerated content delivery over a network using reduced size objects
Multi-threaded processing system and method for scheduling the execution of threads based on data re...
Federated searches of heterogeneous datastores using a federated datastore object
Method for synthesis of nucleic acids
Process for making sulfonated polyester compounds
Method and apparatus for making smooth shifts during mode changes of an HMT when using mechanical cl...
Computer based instrumentation and sensing for physical examination training
Waterborne sanitary can coating compositions
Natural language speech recognition using slot semantic confidence scores related to their word reco...
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor
Subdermally-reinforced elastomeric transitions
Airbag mounting module
Branch and return on blocked load or store
System for continuous processing of powder coating compositions
Polyamine treatment of neurological disorders
Method and apparatus for performing addressing operations in a superscalar superpipelined processor
Address management for a shared memory region on a multi-processor controller board
Memory devices
Method for controlling a substrate interior pressure
Promoter sequence expressed in anthers and pollens
Methods and apparatus for controlling exponent range in floating-point calculations
Rubber/rubber laminates
Transducer for microfluid handling system
Stainless steel cooking utensil with composite capsular base heatable by magnetic induction
Enhanced machinability precipitation-hardenable stainless steel for critical applications
Method of welding high chromium austenitic stainless steel pipe and shielding gas mixture for weldin...
Process for the manufacture of a part with very high mechanical properties, formed by stamping of a ...
Stitch structure of steel-head shoes
Dispensing device for multi-pack cans
Rapid prototyping method and apparatus with simplified build preparation for production of three dim...
Bladder reconstruction
Bone putty and method
Water quality management system and method
Cytokine receptor zalpha11
Programmatic resetting of circuit breakers
Method, data structure, and computer program product for identifying a network resource
Methods for treating HIV-Infected Patients by the Administration of GM-CSF and a protease inhibitor
System for detecting skin-tone regions within an image
Running toy system
Information processing method, information processing system, electronic device, and cartridge
Focus state detection apparatus with image sensing device controls
Narrow-pitch connector, pitch converter, micromachine, piezoelectric actuator, electrostatic actuato...
Method and apparatus for selecting at least one desired channel utilizing a bank of vibrating microm...
Liquid crystal display device having particular sapphire substrates
Pedal mechanism for operating brake and directional lock on lever-operated caster wheels
Noise abatement device and separation aid for use in fluid flow systems
Method for treating pharmaceutical compositions
Inclusion packaged product and preparation of the same
Digital Component test Apparatus, an apparatus for testing electronic assemblies and a method for re...
System for loading a saved write pointer into a read pointer of a storage at desired synchronization...
Prefillable intradermal injector
Inspection device for wiring of an integrated circuit
Ground Cover rose plant named `Noalesa`
Arrangement and a method relating to power supply in a communications network
Method for automatically processing setting of portable telephone additional services and portable t...
Cellular phone system with outgoing message selection system
Accounting system in a communication network
Portable communication unit with discrete allocable blocks of airtime
Automatic composition apparatus and method using rhythm pattern characteristics database and setting...
Method of enhancing adhesion of a conductive barrier layer to an underlying conductive plug and cont...
Glass substrate for a magnetic disk, a magnetic disk which can be formed with a stable texture
Optical amplifier
Electrophoretic displays, display fluids for use therein, and methods of displaying images
Plasma addressed liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Thin-film EL device, and its fabrication process
Display device and defect repairing method of the same with low stacked conductor regions to facilit...
Optical apparatus and method of manufacturing optical apparatus
Light-radiating semiconductor component with a luminescence conversion element
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device having at least a pixel unit and a driver circuit unit over a same substrate
High toughness plate alloy for aerospace applications
Tantalum-silicon alloys and products containing the same and processes of making the same
Output buffer having a plurality of switching devices being turned on successively at shorter time i...
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a built-in data storage circuit for nonvolatile storage of c...
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with programming voltage generating system and data program...
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
Robotic toy modular system with distributed program
Transfer arm
Impatiens plant named `HGI-1068-1`
Waterproof connector with cover having tubular portion
Display holder and method for using same
Game device
Techniques for automatically providing a high-resolution rendering of a low resolution digital image...
Security system
Divalent metal stannate products
Liquid gauging apparatus using a time delay neural network
Inhalation device
Method and apparatus for data permutation/division and recording medium with data permutation/divisi...
Base transceiver station of digital mobile telecommunication system
System, method and apparatus for automatically distributing multimedia calls
AC type plasma display panel
SQL query generator utilizing matrix structures
Relational database access system using semantically dynamic objects
Method and system for conducting reverse index scans
Optimized virtual memory management for dynamic data types
Cache memory system and method for managing streaming-data
Distributed load-balancing internet servers
Security system for electronic information sharing
Fully integrated, on-line interactive frequency and award redemption program
Method of and apparatus for deriving prime numbers, as well as record medium having program for exec...
Method of restricting reproduction for information signal, information signal reproducing device, an...
Format programmable hardware packetizer
Method and apparatus for asynchronous reservation-oriented multiple access for wireless networks
Audio reproduction apparatus for reproducing music information recorded on a digital disk
Music box transmitting mechanism
Manipulation of Mlo genes to enhance disease resistance in plants
Methods for providing differentiated stem cells
Thermostable DNA ligase mutants
2,5-diketo-L-gluconic acid reductases and methods of use
Direct selection of antigen-specific T cells, compositions obtained thereby and methods of use there...
Purification process for improving total yield of curcuminoid colouring agent
Drug and pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of lesions of the nervous system and fractions...
Cooking banana plant `FHIA-25`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Ibe`
Digital recording system using variable recording rate
Recorded contents protection scheme for digital recording/reproducing system
Detection of auxiliary data in an information signal
Watermark-based object linking and embedding
Watermark detection
Connection element for jewellery
Apparatus and method for the controlled lubrication and cleaning of conveyors
Metering device for releasing water and detergent
Inhibitors of aggrecanase and matrix metalloproteinases for the treatment of arthritis
Sample preparation and detection device for infectious agents
Method for identification of cell growth or differentiation factors
Device and method for collecting and testing fluid specimens
Resin-based pulp capping and basing cements
Evaporative cooler for a gas turbine engine
C-4"-substituted macrolide derivatives
Channel compensator for DS-CDMA receiver
Electronic ballast with lamp run-up current regulation
Bipolar differential amplifier
3-aryl-succinamido-hydroxamic acids, methods for producing said acids and medicaments containing the...
Apparatus for intestinal sampling and use thereof
Fluid dose, flow and coagulation sensor for medical instrument
DNA vectors without a selection marker gene
Non-anaphylactic forms of grass pollen Phl p 6 allergen and their use
System for determining analyte concentrations in body fluids
Monoclonal antibodies against the interleukin 2 receptor
Barrier region for optoelectronic devices
Optical switch
Image forming method and apparatus with toner recycling unit
Method and system for classifying network devices in virtual LANs
Process parameter sensor apparatus, methods and computer program products using force filtering
Apparatus and method for improving diagnoses
Method and apparatus for transcoding coded picture signals from object-based coding to block-based c...
Cost calculation in load balancing switch protocols
Relocatable overland peripheral paging
Multi-stage process for the preparation of .alpha.-olefin polymers having controlled stereoregularit...
22012, human carboxypeptidase
Method and apparatus for isolating a fuel cell assembly from its surroundings
High-molecular weight, segmented, polycarbonate elastomers
Thermoplastic moulding compositions and mouldings of polycarbonates, with improved ease of mould rel...
Method of correcting residual errors at the output of a turbodecoder
Coding device and method, decoding device and method and systems using them
Error recovery method and apparatus for ADPCM encoded speech
Stable microbubbles comprised of a perfluoropropane encapsulated lipid moiety for use as an ultrasou...
Substituted and unsubstituted benzooxathiazoles and compounds derived therefrom
Antisense modulation of caspase 6 expression
Antisense inhibition of dual specific phosphatase 9 expression
Antisense modulation of Interferon gamma receptor 1 expression
Method an device for introducing oxygen into water or aqueous solutions
Optical recording medium
Characterization of non-biological polymers using flow-injection analysis with light-scattering dete...
Liquid crystal device
Multi-output composite piezoelectric transformer with expansion vibration mode
Method for bonding heat sinks to overmolds and device formed thereby
Method and arrangement for controlling the output of a load connected to an ac line voltage
Method and arrangement for controlling the output of electrical consumers connected to an AC line vo...
Rising bracket prosthesis for implantation in middle ear
Transfer foil
Method of providing a tick pattern to simulated wood transfer films
Structure arrangement with a relief structure having an optical-diffraction effect
Stamping foil, in particular a hot stamping foil with decorative or security elements
Enhanced code allocation method for CDMA systems
Circuit arrangement
Inner shield for color CRT
Method and apparatus for identification of hazards along an intended travel route
Fault tolerant, low latency system resource with high level logging of system resource transactions ...
Fixing device that uniformly heats unfixed toner images along a fixing nip portion
NQR method and apparatus for testing a sample by applying multiple excitation blocks with different ...
High-speed processor system and cache memories with processing capabilities
Ultrasound echogenic cardiac lead
Fuel cell system and method
Cold-emission film-type cathode and method for producing the same
Magnetic field applicator for heating magnetic substances in biological tissue
Binocular lens systems
Multifocal ophthalmic lens
Dry polishing of intraocular lenses
High-resolution retina imaging and eye aberration diagnostics using stochastic parallel perturbation...
Method to agglomerate metal particles and metal particles having improved properties
Self-cleaning print head for ink jet printer
Method and apparatus for real-time detection, control and recording of sub-clinical therapeutic lase...
Studless tire including tread comprising short fibers
Fluid-dispensing and refilling system for a power toothbrush
Golf ball and method of manufacturing the same
Device for electrostatic charging of a multilayer paper web
Color supply device for a color ductor
Control console for a printing machine
User detection system for an image-forming machine
Compensating drive belt tensioner
Flyer assembly
Glide slope tracking system
Fluoroluminescent lighted kite
Phosphorous-containing flame retarding epoxy resin and an epoxy resin composition containing the sam...
Carbohydrate mixture
Method of making a high gasoline permeation resistant plastic container
Electrically heated semen warming and storage unit
Sterile pouch
Animal control system
System and method for accessing a shared computer resource using a lock featuring different spin spe...
Method and apparatus for facilitating management of information technology investment
Microprocessor and microcontroller stabilized geophysical instruments
Method and system for secure cashless gaming
Integrated and/or modular high-speed aircraft
Optical recording medium having transparent color ink formed on the reflective layer
Apparatus for pivotally supporting a liquid container
Non-aqueous electrochemical apparatus and electrolyte thereof
Positive electrode and lithium battery using the same
Graphite powder suitable for negative electrode material of lithium ion secondary batteries
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell, and material for negative electrode used therefor
Method of manufacturing lithium-manganese oxide for use in lithium secondary battery
Emergency power system, and system for automatically detecting whether or not failure of single cell...
Wet-strength agent with low DCP content
Malononitrile-derivative anion salts, and their uses as ionic conducting materials
Dew point hygrometers and dew sensors
Method and apparatus for treating aqueous medium
Method and apparatus for scheduling requests using ordered stages of scheduling criteria
Pharmaceutical compositions, dosage forms and methods for oral administration of epothilones
Method and logic for storing and extracting in-band multicast port information stored along with the...
Antiviral agents
Cascade polymer bound complexing compounds, their complexes and conjugates, process for their produc...
Ferrule connection type optical isolator with optical fiber
Method for detecting transient write errors in a disk drive having a dual transducer slider
Precision fragrance dispenser apparatus
Aminooxy functionalized oligomers
Water-dispersible acrylic-modified polyester resins used in coatings and process for their preparati...
Oxidation polymer of a substituted phenol
Blends of carbon dioxide-propylene oxide copolymer and poly (3-hydroxyalkanoate) and a method of mak...
Process for the preparation of vinyl ester/(meth)acrylate copolymers
Composite container having barrier property
Coupling antenna with high inductance
Method of purifying DNA
Nitrogen-containing esterified carboxy-containing interpolymers having enhanced oxidative stability ...
Anti-aliasing for three-dimensional image without sorting polygons in depth order
Two-layered elastic tubular covering for electric components, in particular terminations for electri...
Process for the production of polyamide moulded parts with improved crystallization behavior
High flow polyphenylene ether formulations
Damping resin composition and molded article using the same
Yarn and method for manufacturing a yarn containing super absorbent fibers
Electrically conductive and electromagnetic radiation absorptive coating compositions and the like
Inhibiting scale in vinyl monomer polymerization
Beach chair having a swivelable means
Direct action anti-mycotic
Insect repellent
Container cap
Use of a context-dependent functional entity to enhance the efficacy of an agent
Method for dynamic autocalibration of a multi-sensor tracking system and apparatus incorporating it ...
Vitronectin receptor antagonists
Methods of using VEGF-related protein
Replicon based activation of endogenous genes
Signal transduction inhibitors, compositions containing them
Magnetic resonance imaging method for imaging time-dependent contrast
Method of producing magnetic resonance images
Method and system for supporting off-line mode of operation and synchronization using resource state...
Wireless infrared peripheral interface for a communication device
Methods and systems for providing temporary identification numbers for mobile terminals
Method of co-operation between entities of a cellular mobile radio network during call handover
Method for making anatase type titanium dioxide photocatalyst
Process for producing a catalyst body
Printing medium
Acid dyeable polyester compositions
Gene involved in pyrimidine biosynthesis in plants
Catalyst regeneration by treatment with an oxidizing agent
Water-dilutable binder agent composition
Powder composition for the production of aqueous coating agents
System, method and article of manufacture to remotely configure and utilize an emulated device contr...
Snoop blocking for cache coherency
Method and apparatus for altering data length to zero to maintain cache coherency
Tracking and control of prefetch data in a PCI bus system
Predictive mechanism for ASB slave responses
Illuminating toy figure
Micromechanical structure
Electronic device having liquid crystal display device
Flexible shoe sole
Bearing and shaft cooling device
Bayonet roll end adaptor
Brake rotor and wheel bearing assembly
Composite bearing with double ball bearings, process for its assembly and tool for the realization o...
Multi-layer sliding bearing
Thermal compensation without creep in a hydrodynamic bearing
Hydraulic bearing motor
Firearm laser training system and method employing an actuable target assembly
Hunter's gear bag
Practice cartridge
Malleable high density polymer material
Large caliber case telescoped ammunition
Composite armor panel
Wireless PC card
Capacitor having epoxy dielectric layer cured with aminophenylfluorenes
Lens film with conductive lens layer or conductive layer
Method and system for typesafe attribute matching
Protective-sleeve cartridge and stethoscope incorporating same
Excavator cab with side cover
Excavator cab
Excavator cab with extended rear housing
Adjustable breast beam system for heaving loom
Circuit arrangement for an interference data alarm system in communication facilities, particularly ...
Method and system for stabilizing reflected light
Process for the preparation of 1-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydroisobenzofuran...
Chain-extended or crosslinked polyethylene oxide/polypropylene oxide/polyethylene oxide block polyme...
Composition for treatment of stress
Compositions having improved bioavailability
Use of a celecoxib composition for fast pain relief
Substituted isonipecotyl derivatives as inhibitors of cell adhesion
Sustained-release form of administration containing tramadol saccharinate
Treatment of patients at elevated cardiovascular risk with a combination of a cholesterol-lowering a...
Thin film delamination detection for magnetic disks
Circuit device for sustaining illumination of vehicle used high illumination discharged lamps
Thermoplastic moulding materials
Agent and method for prevention and treatment of cancer in animals
Test system for detecting a splicing reaction and use thereof
Feline immunodeficiency virus nucleotide sequence
Method and system for providing administrative support
System and method for voice-enabled transactions
Wireless mobile telephone system with voice-dialing telephone instruments and DTMF capability
Portable telephone set
Method of transmitting telephone number in wireless local loop system
Echo canceller for a full-duplex communication system and method therefor
Acoustic echo canceler with a peak impulse response detector
Detergent particles and methods for making them
Water-soluble package and preparation thereof
Detergent compositions or components comprising hydrophobically modified cellulosic polymers
Liquid laundry detergent compositions having enhanced clay removal benefits
Laundry compositions
Terephthalic polyester composition and its use as soil release agent
Stabilized proteinaceous protease inhibitors and variants thereof
Novel interspecific mushroom strains
Mushroom cultivation
Soluble phosphorylated glucan: methods and compositions for wound healing
Shiitake mushroom plant named `Hokken 601`
Methods and compositions for prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of infections
Process for producing shaped articles from vegetable particulate materials
Soluble phosphorylated glucan
Digital persona for providing access to personal information
Flash EEPROM system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block...
Programmable timing generator
High-bandwidth low-voltage gain cell and voltage follower having an enhanced transconductance
Wafer level burn-in and test methods
EMI reduction device
Adhesive compositions and constructions with outstanding cutting performance
Oxidative fluorinator compounds as antimicrobials
Dual mode antimicrobial compositions
Methods of using primer molecules for enhancing the mechanical performance of tissue adhesives and s...
Animal model for detection of vulnerable plaques
Therapeutic anti-cytomegalovirus compounds
Compositions and methods for treatment of sexual dysfunction
Cosmetic powder pencil or powder chalk
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Assessment of concentration of inhalational compounds in the brain
Vehicle adaptive cruise control system and method
Driving force controlling apparatus and method for four-wheel drive vehicle
Electric caliper hardware topologies for a safety system
Motor vehicle steering system
Rear wheel steering control
Lane-following system by detection of lane marking
High efficiency fuel cell and battery for a hybrid powertrain
Slot machine with in-built security system
Gaming device having a cash out menu screen and a system and method for enabling a player to retriev...
Electronic amusement device and method for operating a game offering reels having puzzle pieces
Protected coin tray for use with a gaming device
Online database that includes indices representative of a tissue population
Use of multiphoton excitation through optical fibers for fluorescence spectroscopy in conjunction wi...
Non-reciprocal recombination-mediated transgene deletion in transgenic plants
Soybean variety 91B33
Extracellular signal-regulated kinase, sequences, and methods of production and use
Fusing system including a heat distribution mechanism
Methods for the assay of troponin I and T complexes of troponin I and T and selection of antibodies ...
Assay of YKL-40 as a marker for cancer
Absorbent article and the like
Legged mobile robot and method and apparatus for controlling the operation thereof
Robot touch shield
Robotic containerization and palletizing system
Apparatus and methods for handling semiconductor wafers
Semi-automated media rework tool
Arm structure of human-type robot
Process for the preparation of mineralized collagen fibrils and their use as bone substitute materia...
Nanostructured feeds for thermal spray systems, method of manufacture, and coatings formed therefrom
Electrochromic-nanoparticle displays
Modular tracking and profiling system
Method for preparing or purifying aqueous solutions of a tertiary amino-oxide
Process and composition for removing toxins from bodily fluids
Apparatus and method for determining bus use right
Apparatus for generating and transferring managed device description file
Image forming apparatus capable of inverting sheet, control method thereof, and recording medium rec...
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and device manufacturing method
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the device
Image heating apparatus
Pyrimidine-2,4,6-trione metalloproteinase inhibitors
System to dynamically adjust image colors in client/server environment to assure accurate color repr...
Position location system and method
Method for aligning a spatial array of pattern pieces comprising a marker method
Clear toner for conditioning of development systems
Method and apparatus for the low cost formation and control of images on conformal materials
Inexpensive diaper wetness monitoring system
Self-assembled sulfonated block copolymer semipermeable membrane and uses therefor
Exterior compartment of a handbag for an article such as a mobile phone, eyeglasses or the like
CDMA transmission power control capable of preventing call disconnection and degradation of capacity...
Liquid crystal display including at least two light guiding plates arranged in parallel
Apparatus and method for speculatively forwarding storehit data based on physical page index compare
Floor shape deducing device for legged mobile robot
Robot control system and robot control method
Method of non-disruptive capacity scaling for a data storage library
Robotic rack loading apparatus and method
Online, safe service technique for automated libraries
System and method of producing wafer
Accessing sources of resources within standard request-response protocols
Scalable computing system for managing dynamic communities in multiple tier computing system
Directory synchronization
Scalable system for clustering of large databases having mixed data attributes
Test generator for database management systems
Learning by observing a user's activity for enhancing the provision of automated services
System and method for correction of speech recognition mode errors
Method for securely creating, storing and using encryption keys in a computer system
System and method for providing integrated optical waveguide device
Computer implemented method and system for simulating strategic planning and operations using operat...
Method and recognizing music and computer-readable recording medium having music-recognizing program...
Modulation of .gamma.-secretase activity
Biomaterials comprising N-sulphated hyaluronic acid compounds or derivatives thereof
Thin-film circuit substrate and method of producing same
Ethylene styrene interpolymers with double reverse styrene incorporation
Conformable multilayer films
Method for purifying norbornene by distillation
Backlight for color liquid crystal, color liquid crystal display device, and EL element for backligh...
Amplifier circuit for electret microphone with enhanced performance
ECG electrode structure and method for measuring ECG signal from a person in water
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communi...
Neuronal phase-locked loops
Minimal level sensitive timing representative of a circuit path
Automatic design of VLIW processors
Method and apparatus for efficient cache mapping of compressed VLIW instructions
Dynamic remapping of address registers for address translation between multiple busses
Server providing access to a plurality of functions of a multifunction peripheral in a network
Gripper mounting bracket
Method for optimal imaging of the peripheral vasculature emphasizing distal arterial visualization i...
Automated activation and deactivation of operational data logging on medical imaging device
Apparatus and method for improving e-mail routing in an internet protocol network telephony call-in ...
Compression of optical readout biomolecular sensory data
Iterative decoding with post-processing of detected encoded data
Olefin recovery in an olefin production process
Display device with improved contrast
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method for operating the same
Adaptive forward power management algorithm for traffic hotspots
Biosensing using surface plasmon resonance
Tokenless biometric electronic check transactions
Parallel processing apparatus and method of the same
Image forming apparatus including structural members between consecutive optical writing devices
Optical waveguide circuit
High-power semiconductor laser device in which near-edge portions of active layer are removed
Servo detection using a correlation data structure for concurrent processing of quad signals
Cooking timer device
Method of using a pointer and a opt-out period to tell an actuator to actuate itself
Buoyancy regulator for diving
Method and apparatus for air can vent systems
Submergible tire structure
Revetment block
Method and system for storing gas for use in offshore drilling and production operations
Integrated precast footings
Anchoring device for fixing a structural cable to a building element
Image-guided thoracic therapy and apparatus therefor
Nitrosated and nitrosylated compounds and compositions and their use for treating respiratory disord...
Extracts of celery seed for the prevention and treatment of pain, inflammation and gastrointestinal ...
Crude drug extracts, and methods for making and standardizing same
Flexible preparation of propene and hexene
Process for producing aqueous solution of monoallylamine polymer
Stabilized silica and method of making and using the same
Electrical beverage making apparatus
Phosphole and diphosphole ligands for catalysis
Polymyxin B conjugates
Path following using bounded beacon-aided inertial navigation
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Bonding resins
Method of making multi-level wiring in a semiconductor device
Chemiluminescence chemical detection of vapors and device therefor
Blood analyte monitoring through subcutaneous measurement
Polymer electrolyte battery
Multi-layered anti-coking heat resistant metal tube and method for manufacture thereof
Magnetic recording tape with controlled Hc and magnetic flux/unit area value and controlled Cl/Fe in...
Quantitative precipitation prediction method
Inverter for driving EL lamp and light emitting diodes
Automatic mechanism for cleaning corona wires
Electrophotographic process control and diagnostic system
Method and arrangement for scanning masters
Device for transporting a sheet for a rotary printing machine
Method and device for operating a rotary printing press
Type font
Ram air turbine with high power density generator and self-contained fluid cooling loop
Background rejection circuit
Robotic sailing device and design
Airlifting surface division
Kite altitude measuring apparatus
Liquid dropping apparatus for helicopter
Passenger orientation arrangement in a passenger cabin
Light emitting device with phosphor composition
Dominant error correction circuitry for a Viterbi detector
Multiple source generic memory access interface providing significant design flexibility among devic...
Information filtering system and method
System for controlling power plants and method for arranging the system
Pixel-based digital watermarks located near edges of an image
Latch circuit, shift register circuit and image display device operated with a low consumption of po...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Temperature compensated magnetic field apparatus for NMR measurements
Intelligent compilation of materialized view maintenance for query processing systems
Tunable nanomasks for pattern transfer and nanocluster array formation
Filler wire for aluminum alloys and method of welding
Method for preparing tetrakis (pentafluorophenyl) borate derivatives
Method and arrangement for hydraulic steering
Compressor with blocked suction capacity modulation
Abstracting netlist to manage routing information
Laser transmitter assembly configured for placement within a firing chamber and method of simulating...
Machine tool management system
3-(cycloalkanoheteroarylidenyl)-2-indolinone protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Method and kit for treating illnesses
Pyridazinone aldose reductase inhibitors
Purine derivatives and adenosine A2 receptor antagonists serving as preventives/remedies for diabete...
High temperature elastomers from linear poly(silarylene-siloxane-acetylene)
Removal of sulfur compounds from hydrocarbon feedstreams using cobalt containing adsorbents in the s...
Methods and compositions for inhibiting polymerization of vinyl monomers
BiOC1 pigment
High strength Fe-Cr brown with excellent weathering
Hand-held ultraviolet water purification system using solid state devices
Method and apparatus for improving access time in set-associative cache systems
Information retrieval system providing secondary content analysis on collections of information obje...
Data rate algorithms for use in wireless local area networks
Secure remote voice activation system using a password
Asset management system for analyzing the condition of assets and evaluating repair/replacement opti...
Project specific communications system and method
Report searching in a merger and acquisition environment
Method of response synthesis in a driver assistance system
Support for small-diameter filamentary elements and a bundle of filamentary elements held together b...
Routing and rate control in a universal transfer mode network
Rural mailbox drawer
Grave marker with flag holder
Canoe/kayak carrier
Garbage can
Decorative compost collector
Garbage can
Absorbent composition including an uncrosslinked polymer
Composition of polyarylenesulfide, epoxy resin and oxazoline polymer
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Flat-type display
Wet-formed mat applications for cement backerboards
Aqueous coating composition comprising a mixture of polyurethane dispersions
Organometallic monoacylarylphosphines
Analysing device non-destructive of plants and vehicle comprising such device on board
Interface devices for instruments in communication with implantable medical devices
Magnetic field sensor for an implantable medical device
Tactile feedback device providing tactile sensations from host commands
Side-dumping loader
Hardware debugging in a hardware description language
Lavatera plant named `Red Rum`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meiceppus`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yopresidio`
Baccharis plant named `Kolmstar`
Echinacea plant named `Razzmatazz`
Echinacea plant named `Vintage Wine`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Pra`
Method and apparatus for producing bulk quantities of nano-sized materials by electrothermal gun syn...
Friction pads and disks and compositions and methods for producing same
Method for transmitting control frames and user data frames in mobile radio communication system
Coloring method and apparatus for multichannel MRI imaging process
Hierarchical traffic control system which includes vehicle roles and permissions
Method and apparatus for determining analyte concentration using phase and magnitude detection of a ...
Method, system and apparatus for a computer subsystem interconnection using a chain of bus repeaters
Dynamic insertion and updating of hypertext links for internet servers
3-brain architecture for an intelligent decision and control system
Profile extraction method and profile extraction apparatus
Space weather prediction system and method
Information processing method and information processing apparatus
Source coding to provide for robust error recovery during transmission losses
Pipelined, superscalar floating point unit having out-of-order execution capability and processor em...
Expanding microcode associated with full and partial width macroinstructions
Apparatus and method for improved non-page fault loads and stores
Method for generating gas to deliver liquid from a container
Modular mounting arrangement and method for light emitting diodes
Method for identifying compounds in a chemical mixture
Method for calibrating a mass spectrometer
Methods of reconstructed goat embryo transfer
Food product comprising gas bubbles
Method for producing slices of bulk foodstuff materials
Vented beehive cover
X-ray system with implantable needle for treatment of cancer
Method and system for reducing background artifacts from uniformly redundant array collimators in si...
Method for power routing and distribution in an integrated circuit with multiple interconnect layers
Stereospecific living polymerization of olefins by a novel Ziegler-Natta catalyst composition
Infrared sensor
Internet based home communications system
Method for producing chiral dihydrotagetone, and its conversion to chiral 5-isobutyl-3-methyl-4,5-di...
Permeable packaging film
Liquid absorbing sheet for an exuding food product
Stabilizing of extruded vegetable protein with the addition of further soluble proteins
Computer-system-on-a-chip with test-mode addressing of normally off-bus input/output ports
Celestial timepiece assembly
Toy comprising interconnected figures having directionally selectable spring-loaded propulsion mecha...
Method of manufacturing environmental protective paper doll
Twisting and dancing figure
Modular yo-yo
Novelty attachment for a drinks receptacle
Drug delivery device and methods therefor
Boat positioning apparatus and system
Articulated, collapsible boat boarding apparatus
Mooring whip mounting base for selective movement of mooring whip between positive stops determining...
Small watercraft hull and engine arrangement
Sailing boat
Hexagonal brilliant cut diamond
Multiply and accumulate unit (MAC) and method therefor
Service framework for evaluating remote services based upon transport characteristics
Optical switch incorporating stepped faceted mirrors
Multistage photonic switch fault isolation
Method and apparatus for backward recursion next state generation in recursive convolutional decodin...
Plated steel wire with corrosion resistance and excellent workability, and process for its manufactu...
Free machining steel for use in machine structure of excellent mechanical characteristics
Mechanical connector between headed studs and reinforcing steel
Method of making steel couplers for joining concrete reinforcing bars
Assembly for gathering card sliver for packaging thereof in cans of various size
Rapid prototyping
Device and a method for the automatic control and administration of medical apparatus and installati...
Automated profiler system for providing medical information to patients
Heart activity detection apparatus
Method and apparatus for diagnosing sleep breathing disorders while a patient in awake
Method for a sequential prediction of binary element's state in a binary process and the system for ...
Accurate contact critical dimension measurement using variable threshold method
Multipoint inspection system
Virtual zero task time speech and voice recognition multifunctioning device
Fiber splice holder with protected slack storage feature
Optical fiber systems
Birefringence free optical waveguide structures
High-resolution variable optical attenuator with mechanical adjustment
Method for providing a compressed rendition of a video program in a format suitable for electronic s...
Photographic firearm apparatus and method
Driver assistance system for a vehicle
Detecting and coding flash frames in video data
Low voltage speaker and lighting system
Flexible substrate mounted solid-state light sources for use in line current lamp sockets
Method for triggering a sensor-controlled lamp
Umber paint for turn signal lamps and bulbs coated therewith
Structure for preventing a wrinkle in a reflective sheet of a backlight unit
Foldable ornament frame structure
Composite container having barrier property
Transition-metal-catalyzed process for the preparation of sterically hindered N-substituted aryloxya...
Linkers for synthesis of oligosaccharides on solid supports
Compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer and methods for their use
Orthopedic mixtures prepared by supercritical fluid processing techniques
Composite material and process for production thereof
Polypeptide, novel DNA and novel antibody
Human uridine kinase
Rapid thermal cycle processing methods and apparatus
Semiconductor laser device having selective absorption qualities
Container body portion
High speed downhole communications network having point to multi-point orthogonal frequency division...
Recording materials with improved shelf-life, image tone and/or stability upon thermal development
Coated chewing gum products containing an antigas agent
Hygiene mouthspray composition
Computer program language subset validation
System, apparatus and method for controlling access
Techniques for identifying and accessing information of interest to a user in a network environment ...
Method and apparatus for encoding license parameters within a license number for authentication purp...
Routing number variable and indexes
Resonator fiber bidirectional coupler
Methodology for classifying an IC or CPU version type via JTAG scan chain
Technique for visually creating and adding members to a class
Methods and systems for providing logic cores from third party logic core providers
Smart card which operates with the USB protocol
Method and system for reading and propagating authenticated time throughout a worldwide enterprise s...
Method of treating a liver disorder with fatty acid-antiviral agent conjugates
Cleaning device, and image forming method and image forming apparatus using the cleaning device
1.alpha.-hydroxy-2-methylene-19-nor-homopregnacalciferol and its uses
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
IL-17 related mammalian cytokine polypeptides (IL-17E)
Nuclear magnetic resonance logging based on steady-state free precession
Feed device for a shaft furnace
Method of treating fabrics
Multi-purpose absorbent and shred-resistant sheet material
Stave cooler
PCI bridge having latency inducing serial bus
High performance internal bus for promoting design reuse in north bridge chips
Policy validation in a LDAP directory
Loudspeaker apparatus
Hydrophone array
Micro-opto-electro-mechanical system (MOEMS)
Systems and methods for a navigational device with forced layer switching based on memory constraint...
Dual sided liquid crystal display device
System and method for instant consolidation, enrichment, delegation and reporting in a multidimensio...
Reactor modifications for NOx reduction from a fluid catalytic cracking regeneration vessel
Article tracking device
Location privacy feature for wireless mobile stations and method of operation
Piston ring locating system
Roadway-powered electric vehicle system having automatic guidance and demand-based dispatch features
System and method for monitoring and improving dimensional stability and registration accuracy of mu...
System and method for detecting and updating non-volatile memory on an electronic adapter board inst...
Serial command port method, circuit, and system including main and command clock generators to filte...
Data storage system
Rewritable compact disk and manufacturing method thereof
Matrix type printed circuit board for semiconductor packages
Capacitance type humidity sensor and manufacturing method of the same
Information recording/displaying card
Method for forming bumps, semiconductor device, and solder paste
Solid electrolyte capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Biosorbents and process for producing the same
Cured polyesters containing fluorinated side chains
Biaxially-oriented metallocene-based polypropylene films
Process for producing isobutylene polymers
Superabsorbent polymers having a slow rate of absorption
Phase shifter and optical head device mounted with the same
Glass funnel for a cathode ray tube having outwardly protruding portion surrounding the yoke
Coated articles
Glass funnel having arch-like ridge portions and cathode ray tube using same
Synthetic quartz glass and method for preparing the same
Glass substrate for use as information recording medium and method of manufacturing such glass subst...
Package having a multilayer film disposed around a layered coil of filament strands
Potassium titanate powder
SPOX-enhanced process for production of synthesis gas
Method of cleaning of harmful gas and cleaning apparatus
Method for controlling absorbent at decarboxylation facility and system therefor
System and process for removal of pollutants from a gas stream
CDMA receiver having a controllable search range and method for controlling the same
Dispersion map for slope compensating fibers
Method for making shaped highly birefringent optical fibers
Surface acoustic wave apparatus
Borehole inspection instrument having a low voltage, low power fiber optic light-head
Goodpasture antigen binding protein
Rubber articles adapted to make weldable seals; their manufacture and use
Frequency translation using optimized switch structures
Method and device for switching, amplification, controlling and modulation of optical radiation
Analog pulse position modulation in harmonically mode-locked lasers
Up-converter and down-converter for in-building CATV system
Self-calibrating measuring setup for interference spectroscopy
Interrupt controller and a microcomputer incorporating this controller
Calibrations of an analogue probe and error mapping
Route navigation system, client terminal, server, route navigation method, and route identicalness d...
Positioning system
System and method for resynchronization of transmit and receive compression dictionaries
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Tap switch for frequency response and partial discharge measurement
PWM feedback control by using dynamic pulse-to-pulse error compensation
Fusing roller assembly for electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Technique and apparatus to control the transient response of a fuel cell system
Fuel cell powered magnetically driven shaft assembly
Fuel cell system having a compact water separator
Variable electrostatic spray coating apparatus and method
Electrochemical measuring cell for detecting hydrocyanic acid
Method for removing sulfur compound present in city gas
Photovoltaic cell
Deuterated semiconducting organic compounds used for opto-electronic devices
Chemical mechanical polish planarizing method with pressure compensating layer
Solar cells using fullerenes
Method for transferring and stacking of semiconductor devices
Clot capture coil and method of using the same
Connecting rod for knuckle joint device and knuckle joint device comprising said rod
Recording medium detecting apparatus for distinguishing between a recording medium having a relative...
Reclaiming memory from deleted applications
Load balancing in a distributed computer enterprise environment
System and method for integrating arbitrary isochronous processing algorithms in general media proce...
Treatment/purification of lactam media of reaction
Freehand drawing training and guiding device
Spline cushion clutch driver for an electromagnetic clutch
Remotely operated release device
Methods and systems for jet engine overthrust protection
Method for preparing a bitumen emulsion, corresponding bitumen emulsion and use thereof
Remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil
Polymer compositions in powder form
Asphalt paving mix formed of recycled asphalt concrete for paving at ambient temperatures and a proc...
Process for the preparation of dense bituminous mixes with emulsion, and emulsion for achieving same
Bitumen emulsion, process of producing a bitumen emulsion and process of producing a bituminous mate...
Article sorting system and method
Apparatus and methods for multiple fluid infusion
Structure for protecting a micromachine with a cavity in a UV tape
Process for the anionic polymerization of lactams
Thermoplastic vulcanizate with defined morphology for optimum elastic recovery
Patterned deposition of antibody binding protein for optical diffraction-based biosensors
Breathable laminate permanently conformable to the contours of a wearer
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Bioabsorbable drug delivery system for local treatment and prevention of infections
Polyamide-ionomer graft copolymer and blends thereof for use in golf ball covers or mantles
Moisture barrier film
Slide bead coating with a low viscosity carrier layer
Method for supplementing the diet
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized use of a permanent virtual connection
Diagnosis and management of infection caused by chlamydia
Medical instrument
On-chip testing circuit and method for integrated circuits
Method and device for supplying information to a driver of a vehicle
Optical recording medium with aligned prepit portion
Back-up DC vent system for equipment enclosure
Active matrix liquid crystal display device having electrostatic shielding layer between data lines
Methods of producing security documents having digitally encoded data and documents employing same
Systems with integrated optically pumped vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Element for lighting rooms by selective daylight guidance and method of manufacturing such an elemen...
Two-way optical transmission and reception device
Optical semiconductor module, its manufacture, reflection film, its manufacture, and laser and optic...
Vapochromic LED
Method of culturing algae capable of producing phototrophic pigments, highly unsaturated fatty acids...
Methods and tools for identifying compounds which modulate atherosclerosis by impacting LDL-proteogl...
Composition for topical application to skin
Tissue regenerative compositions for cardiac applications, method of making, and method of use there...
Product label
Coffee grinder with storage and dispensing means
Tendon anchors
Automated semiconductor immersion processing system
Method for internet radio broadcasting including listener requests of audio and/or video files with ...
Arrangement relating to telecommunication
Method and apparatus for dynamic channel allocation for wireless communication using channel occupan...
Method and system for improving handoffs in cellular mobile radio systems
Authentication and security in wireless communication system
Poly(arylene ether)-polystyrene composition
Managing multiple private data networks using network and payload address translation
Method and apparatus for storing short-lived objects in a virtual machine
Method and system for efficient file archiving and dearchiving in a DMD system
System and method for database synchronization
Waterborne primer with improved chip resistance
Flavoring materials from filamentous fungi
Simplified shutter release assembly and camera having same
Ice fishing hole simulator system
Deionizers with energy recovery
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Dental try-in pastes, kits, and methods
Semiconductor memory device having ferroelectric film and manufacturing method thereof
Page back intrusion detection device
Vehicle internal image surveillance, recording and selective transmission to an active communication...
Dendrimer biocide-silver nanocomposites: their preparation and applications as potent antimicrobials
Data memory device
Associative memory
Switching circuit utilizing a high voltage transistor protection technique for integrated circuit de...
Circumferential confronting type motor
Glass ceramic sintered product
Integrated circuit memory devices having non-volatile memory transistors and methods of fabricating ...
Centrifuge bag and methods of use
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage
Method and generator for generating orthogonal spreading code in CDMA radio system
System for copy protection of recorded information
Electronic combination lock utilizing a one-time use combination
Processing of nickel aluminide material
Technique enabling end users to create secure command-language-based services dynamically
Apparatus and method for non-interactive magnetic brush development
Module to module attaching and securing apparatus
Low cost trim-gap-conductivity TC sensor
Method and system for managing replenishment of toners
Acyl CoA:cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT-2)
Biological specimen heating device and quality control method for immunohistochemistry heat retrieva...
Corn hybrid P741
Consensus phytases
Fire resistant styrene polymer foams with reduced brominated fire retardant
Basic mathematics teaching and learning aid
Interactive learning system method for infants, toddlers and young children
Software product for preventing and treating repetitive stress injuries
Apparatus and method for stimulating creativity, spontaneity, and inspiration
Time and work tracker for wireless devices
Integration of voice mail, email, fax and personal calendar systems to automatically update messages
Bowling center system
System and facility for educating students concerning the game of golf
Multi-player game system
Video game system, a video game display method and a readable storage medium storing a video game di...
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Process for producing 2',3'-diethyl substituted nucleoside derivatives
Methods for sterilizing cyanoacrylate compositions
Foaming oil-in-water emulsion based on nonionic surfactants, a fatty phase and a crosslinked cationi...
Evaporator device
Method for correcting articles of mail and article of mail produced thereby
Partially-secured label, label sheet and manufacturing method
Frequency stable resonator with temperature compensating layers
Broadband wavelength-division multiplexer/demultiplexer
Method and apparatus for parametric representation of handwritten symbols
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation with self-deactivation
Vigilance monitoring system
Shock-absorbing gaff device
Scalable MPEG-2 video system
Connector for use in packaging aerosol containers
Topical steroid spray
Penetration enhancing and irritation reducing systems
Use of physiologically acceptable vanadium compounds, salts and complexes
Process for producing a thermoplastic resin molded article
Liquid transport member for high flux rates between a port region and an opening
Massage device having an oscillating active contact surface
Soft tissue paper having a softening composition containing an electrolyte deposited thereon
Apparatus and method for identifying a digital device based on the device's uniform device descripto...
Electric double layer capacitor and electrolyte therefor
Tetrafluoroethylene/ethylene copolymer and its film
String binders
Rubber waste disposal apparatus and method of treating rubber waste
Methods for manufacturing foam material including systems with pressure restriction element
Dispersible compositions and articles of sheath-core microfibers and method of disposal for such com...
Apparatus for bio-conversion of putrescent wastes
OBG3 globular head and uses thereof for decreasing body mass
One time programmable fuse/anti-fuse combination based memory cell
Integrated multilayered microfludic devices and methods for making the same
Process for selectively sealing ferroelectric capacitive elements incorporated in semiconductor inte...
Magnetoresistive memory with a low current density
Methods for testing oligonucleotide arrays
Arrays and methods for detecting nucleic acids
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting devices
Automated crosstalk identification system
Method for reducing simulation overhead for external models
Camera crane
Butt joint of frame components
Electron-beam generating device having plurality of cold cathode elements, method of driving said de...
Liquid crystal display
Radiation curable adhesive compositions comprising block copolymers having vinyl functionalized poly...
Developer composition and heat sensitive recording material
Process for converting a metal carbide to carbon by etching in halogens
Dispensing method and apparatus for dispensing very small quantities of fluid
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Polyurethanes having a low friction coefficient
Method for producing paper, paperboard and cardboard using an uncrosslinked fixing agent during pape...
Plant extract based on glycerides, a method for the preparation of this extract and a cosmetic compo...
Low-pressure gas discharge lamp having adapter including contact element provided with barbed hook
Method of making trimethylene carbonate
Durable electrostatic printing plate and method of making the same
Treatment of gas streams containing reduced sulfur compounds
Replaceable reference junction including an ion-barrier for an electrochemical sensor
Query optimization with switch predicates
Method for recording a data state in a data processing system
Fast address lookup in routing tables
System and method for performing a Chien search using multiple Galois field elements
Apparatus and method of requesting retransmission of a message across a network
Remote automated notice system
Inhibition of stress activated protein kinase (SAPK) pathway and sensitization of cells to cancer th...
Effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 (7-36) on antro-pyloro-duodenal motility
Internet communication system
Method and apparatus for terrain reasoning with distributed embedded processing elements
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Quantization-based data hiding employing calibration and locally adaptive quantization
Method and apparatus for discerning image distortion by reference to encoded marker signals
Single-site catalysts based on anionic thiopyran dioxide ligands
Process for extracting polyphenolic antioxidants from purine-containing plants
Method of tempering composite board panels without use of a bake oven
Actuator assembly for electrohydraulic operation of cylinder valves
Valve-deactivating lifter
Variable valve operating system of internal combustion engine enabling variation of valve-lift chara...
Method of reducing emissions in the exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine
Variable-valve-actuation apparatus for internal combustion engine
Valve operating control system in engine
Foldable keyboard for mobile communications device
Apparatus for diverting, revectoring and accelerating a flowing gas mass
Secure method of updating bios by using a simply authenticated external module to further validate n...
Computer game and procedure of aligning objects in a field and applications of the procedure
Vehicle air conditioning apparatus
System and method for barrier proximity detection
Vehicle position calculation apparatus and method
Vehicle-mounted navigation system, and recording medium having recorded thereon a processing program...
Method and device for recognizing cornering and for stabilizing a vehicle in case of over-steered co...
System and method for predicting tire forces using tire deformation sensors