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Replacement data error detector
Computer system with integrated directory and processor cache
Providing multiple memory controllers on a memory bus
Electrodes for fuel cell and processes for producing the same
Apparatus and method for implementing a decoder for convolutionally encoded symbols
Dynamic color imaging method and system
Image forming apparatus having a developing-device assembly comprising developing devices
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Reflector formed with highly reliable conductive pattern, process for fabricating reflector and liqu...
Network device with embedded timing synchronization
Driving circuit for a magnetic head and magnetic recording apparatus
Signal transmission apparatus and signal reproduction apparatus using a rotary transformer
Digital information reproducing apparatus using rotary magnetic heads
Disk unit and information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for mitigating thermal pole tip protrusion
Circuit and method for controlling the gain of an amplifier based on the sum of samples of the ampli...
Storage device mounted in portable data storage media type cartridges
Efficient feedforward compensation for repeatable runout in a disc drive
Disk drive comprising VCM stall detector for velocity control of an actuator arm
Cassette loading device
Disk drive employing a spindle motor comprising a locking spring arm disengaged through stator coil ...
Retractable low profile head brush assembly for cleaning read/write heads in a media tape drive
Disc drives having flexible circuits with liquid crystal polymer dielectric
Vibration-damped push-pin assembly for disk drive servo writing
Cleating features to improve adhesive interface between a bobbin and a coil of an actuator coil port...
Spin valve magnetic properties with oxygen-rich NiO underlayer
Magnetic sensing element with ESD resistance improved by adjusting the lengths of antiferromagnetic ...
Self-pinned in-stack bias structure with improved pinning
Method and system for accessing multiple rows of media objects in an automated storage library using...
Recording medium for storing version information for maintaining recording and/or reproducing compat...
Method and apparatus for optimizing skip mask operations in a disc drive
Recording medium with colored image information and method of producing a recording medium
Microbead and immiscible polymer voided polyester for thermal imaging medias
Carbonated fortified milk-based beverage and method for suppressing bacterial growth in the beverage
Grb14, Grb14 fusion proteins, and screening methods
Human hydroxylases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Isolated human lipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human lipase proteins, and uses ther...
Treatment of insulin resistance
Pyridine and pyrimidine derivatives
Cardioprotective phosphonates and malonates
Compounds, their preparation and use
Phenoxypropanolamines, method for producing them and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Compounds that modulate PPAR activity and methods of preparation
Thiazole or oxazole derivatives which are useful in the treatment of cardiovascular and related dise...
Adjusting a scan line in a laser imaging device
Semiconductor laser array and optical scanner
Process and structure for repairing defect of liquid crystal display
Biochip reader
Method and apparatus for optical scanning capable of reducing a dot position displacement and a dot ...
Microscope for reflected-light and transmitted-light microscopy
Light source device
Optical information recording apparatus for stable recording
Optical pickup
Dual-wavelength passive self-modulated mode-locked semiconductor laser diode
Frequency-narrowed high power diode laser system with external cavity
Low cost means of modulating a laser
CS-RZ optical clock signal generator, and a resynchronized optical multiplexer containing such a gen...
Compact laser package with integrated temperature control
Semiconductor laser device, method of fabricating the same, and optical pickup employing the same
Resonator optics for high power UV lasers
Method for designing photonic-crystal distributed-feedback and distributed bragg-reflector lasers
Method for fabricating chirped fiber Bragg gratings
Method and apparatus for controlling wavelength and dominant mode in fiber lasers
Apparatus and method for combining multiple optical beams in a free-space optical communications sys...
Device for absorbing carbon dioxide, and a method for absorbing carbon dioxide
Nitrogen recovery system and method
Process for making aligned carbon nanotubes
Substituted thiourea complexing agent and a method for extracting a noble metal from a matrix using ...
NOx reduction catalyst and NOx reduction system
Energy production, storage and delivery system
Method of generating hydrogen from borohydrides and water
Mesostructured material incorporating particles of nanometric dimensions
Air compressor accessory package
Pressure washer having oilless high pressure pump
Multi-hand poker game method and device with wager allocation
Device installed at a ditch on a road, to prevent back flow of sewage and malodor
Revetment block and mat
Multi-use fluid collection and transport apparatus
Fiber optic installation
System and method for a process attribute based computer network filter
Intermediate resource management device
Method, system, and article of manufacture for optimizing storage utilization
Cache coherence protocol for a multiple bus multiprocessor system
Data storage device and method for storing information using alternate information storage architect...
Carry generation in address calculation
Processor and method of executing load instructions out-of-order having reduced hazard penalty
Automated multi-device test process and system
Method and apparatus for text layout across a region
Method and system for extending delay and slew metrics to ramp inputs
System and method providing single application image
Recycling events to take advantage of capabilities of a management system
Method for re-using system-on-chip verification software in an operating system
Photosensor system and drive control method thereof
Transport stream to program stream conversion
Lane recognition system for vehicle
Efficient block transform including pre-processing and post processing for autostereoscopic displays
Methods for automatically and semi-automatically transforming digital image data to provide a desire...
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, and storage medium
Display system
Flat moldable HDTV display
Method, system and article of manufacture for identifying the source type and quality level of a vid...
Apparatus and method for processing additional information in television
Method and device to display an index of teletext pages
Natural luminance transient enhancement
Automated language filter for home TV
Digital television receiver and antenna control method therein
Method for displaying audio settings menu of display apparatus
Image inputting apparatus and its control method, information processing apparatus and method, and p...
Image-taking apparatus, and camera and camera system incorporating it
Programmable motion estimation module with vector array unit
Method and systems for compressing a video stream with minimal loss after subsampled decoding
Boat hook attachment
Watersport towers
Boat fold-away transport platform
Anchor block construction for an escape line
Acrylic based composite fiber and method for production thereof, and fiber composite using the same
System for distribution of electric power
Waterjet control system
Method for use with caller ID system
Low-impact method and apparatus for maintaining network access servers
Method and device for increasing the fail safety of information desks connected to exchanges
Retrieval of data related to a call center
Customer touch-point scoring system
System and method for providing a service to a customer via a communication link
Off-hook visual message waiting indicator
Non-voice signal repeater for speech coders
Echo canceling method, echo canceller and voice switch
Echo processing apparatus
Method for transmitting a displayable message to a short message entity in more than one data packag...
Dual dialing mode wireless telephone
Headset with retractable battery pack
Method for advertising in speech-supported telecommunication links
Method and apparatus for the provision of information signals based upon speech recognition
Tele/datacommunications payment method and apparatus
Aluminum based material having high conductivity
Method of using a spray formed copper-nickel-manganese alloy
Non-austemper treated spheroidal graphite cast iron
High temperature powder metallurgy superalloy with enhanced fatigue and creep resistance
Aluminum alloy with excellent decorativeness
Wear and corrosion resistant austenitic iron base alloy
Method and apparatus for rental storage system
Systems and methods for integrating a network gateway device with management systems
Spread-maximizing travel-services trading system using buyer- and seller-specified multi-attribute v...
Document transmit system and document transmitting method
Secure online music distribution system
Copy detection for digitally-formatted works
Auditing method and system for an on-line value-bearing item printing system
Postage security device having cryptographic keys with a variable key length
Virtual document organizer system and method
Input device having positional and scanning capabilities
Process for monitoring the consumptions of franking machines
Reproducing apparatus and information distribution system
One-time pad Encryption key Distribution
Structure for quick-assembly cabinet
Method and apparatus for coupling seismic sensors to a borehole wall
Oil well acoustic logging tool with baffles forming an acoustic waveguide
Cam apparatus and pick and place apparatus utilizing the same
Robotic system and method for collecting and dispensing regular and irregular shaped objects
Digital photo album
Education management system, method and computer program therefor
Learn-and-play programming method for motorized toys and domestic appliances
Method for measuring acute stress in a mammal
Genetic people's health: the biocultural microcomputers and microprocessor toys for grown-ups and ki...
System and method for simulated device training
Modular human habitat simulator
Dressmaking kit shop and mail-order system
Speech (lecture) recorder and printer
Method and system for conveying how to replace a part using 3D computer models in animation
Behavior modification aide
Fluvial geomorphic landscape design computer software
Method for censorship
Method and system for providing instructions for installation of stereo components
Molecular model representing molecular structure
Program for teaching algebra
CPR training device
Individualized learning system
Point of sale display for doorbell
System and method for comparing candidate responses to interview questions
Gypsum board forming device
Mold for use in slip casting method, and method of manufacturing open porous body for use in mold
Interior wall and partition construction
Insulated stud panel and method of making such
Phase-change structural insulated panels and walls
Coated clumping litter
Interferon inducing genetically engineered attenuated viruses
Compositions including different types of transfer factor, methods for making the compositions, and ...
Methods to identify polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences which may be associated with physiologi...
Method and apparatus for increasing the dynamic range and accuracy of binding assays
Antibodies to human chemotactic protein
Replication deficient adenovirus vectors and methods of making and using them
Treatment of papillomavirus infections
Methods of screening novel agents for use in cancer therapy and prevention
Methods of treating diabetic cardiomyopathy using glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors
Cell-permeable protein inhibitors of calpain
Virus-free plasma protein compositions treated with porous membrane and process for producing the sa...
Gapped oligomers having site specific chiral phosphorothioate internucleoside linkages
Clean, high-yield preparation of S,S and R,S amino acid isosteres
Chemiluminescent device
Portable lantern
LED lamp and head section thereof
Sunrise solar light
Lighting fixture hanger
Light fixture
Crystal ornament for lamp
Crystal ornament for lamp
Utility lighter
Cigarette pack
Soap bar
Hair dryer
Microwave-heatable hair curler
Cosmetic container
Bird feeder
Hip hugging hamper
Trash can assembly
Trash can
Security box
Method, system and reaction vessel for processing a biological sample contained in a liquid
Recombinant L-N-carbamoylase from Arthrobacter aurescens and method of producing L-amino acids there...
Reversibly modified thermostable enzymes for DNA synthesis and amplification in vitro
Use of intramolecularly, covalently cross-linked proteins as binding partners in immunoassays
Biotin biosynthetic genes
Modified phytases
Method for the uncoupled, direct, exponential amplification and sequencing of DNA molecules with the...
Overcoming DAPA aminotransferase bottlenecks in biotin vitamers biosynthesis
Method for the efficiency-corrected real-time quantification of nucleic acids
Mannitol and glucitol derivatives
Bicarbonate receptor compounds
Method for the direct, exponential amplification and sequencing of DNA molecules and its application
Compositions and methods for detecting certain Flaviviruses, including members of the Japanese encep...
Device for receiving a chip shaped carrier and process for assembling a plurality of such devices
Vessel system for the treatment and/or storage of liquids
Method for bisulfite treatment
Monoclonal antibodies specific for buprenorphine and metabolites thereof
Ecstasy-class derivatives, immunogens, and antibodies and their use in detecting ecstasy-class drugs
Thermostable DNA polymerase from anaerocellum thermophilum
2'-terminator nucleotide-related methods and systems
Fluorescent resonance energy transfer probes
Methods of diagnosing and treating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and SIBO-related con...
Genetic polymorphisms which are associated with autism spectrum Disorders
Method for assisting in differential diagnosis and treatment of autistic syndromes
Methods and apparatus for processing administrative requests of a distributed network application ex...
Transformer structure
Business transactions using the internet
Petroleum resins and their production with BF3 catalyst
Microdischarge devices and arrays
Adaptive voltage scaling digital processing component and method of operating the same
Catalytic naphtha cracking catalyst and process
Optical waveguide, method of fabricating the waveguide, and optical interconnection device using the...
Nonvolatile memory device having circuit for stably supplying desired current during data writing
Image formation apparatus and a method of controlling the image formation apparatus
Organic electroluminescence device emitting white light
Information linking method, information viewer, information register, and information search equipme...
Application of an ionomer layer to a substrate and products related thereto
Object-oriented programmable controller
Dispensing apparatus
Method and apparatus for entering information in a mobile device with special characters
Combination analog and digital modem
Geranium plant named `Balfansal`
Adjustable sports helmet
Pine cone extracts and uses thereof
Robot cleaner, robot cleaning system and method for controlling the same
Controlled substance analysis, wastage disposal and documentation system, apparatus and method
Low-power gas chromatograph
Method and system for general-purpose interactive notifications
Peach tree named "P.F. 24-C cold hardy"
Exfoliated polystyrene-clay nanocomposite comprising star-shaped polymer
Resource locator
Systems and methods for providing voice/data communication systems and voice/data communications
Security systems and methods applicable to an electronic monetary system
Seismic method of performing the time picking step
Apparatus and method for coating an article
Transaction processing system to facilitate the commercial support activities associated with the bu...
Alkoxylated silicone carboxylate-polymeric cationic complexes used in personal care applications
Process for preparing polysulfides using clarified white liquor
System for guiding the visually handicapped
Displacement based dynamic load monitor
Systems and methods for creating and displaying a user interface for displaying hierarchical data
Computer graphic display visualization system and method
Calcium hydroxide absorbent with rheology modifier and process involving same
Methods, instruments and materials for chondrocyte cell transplantation
Coin holder
Methods for producing a catalyst for ethylene homo- and co-polymerization
Muscle-derived cells (MDCs) for treating muscle-or bone-related injury or dysfunction
Control apparatus for transmission-equipped hybrid vehicle, and control method for the same
Method and apparatus for sample analysis
Feedback control method in V-shaped characteristic system, and NH3 injection rate control method for...
Asynchronous programming environment
Signal accessory for a molded case circuit breaker
Balance shaft jack cradle
Method and apparatus for automatic ID management
Pressure isolation mechanisms and fluid delivery systems including pressure isolation mechanisms
Reconfigurable clean-in-place air-blow valve
Interleaved delay line for phase locked and delay locked loops
Air filter unit for a vehicle with an internal-combustion engine
Valve means
Imaging bar code reader with moving beam simulation
Audio/visual method of browsing web pages with a conventional telephone interface
Device for detecting a thermal linear dilation on part of a machine
Hydraulic control system
Halogenated phosphines
Light hardening apparatus particularly for a dental practice
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor laser
Double doped-layer, phosphorescent organic light emitting devices
Bi-color light source for indicating status of information handling system
Vehicle brake control system
Ultra-low loadings of Au for stainless steel bipolar plates
Irradiation apparatus and method
Consumer replaceable data player door
Injection blow-molded disposable tumbler and method of making same
Ingestibles possessing intrinsic color change
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto and analogues thereof
Reflective liquid crystal display
In-line process for monitoring binder dosage and distribution on a surface and apparatus useful ther...
ArF photoresist copolymers
Nucleic acid binding proteins
Loop restoration scheme for distribution feeders
Substrate for electrooptical device, method for manufacturing the substrate, electrooptical device, ...
Olefin polymers, method of making, and use thereof
Ingress noise control system and ingress noise blocking device
Method of producing a pump
Interactions between substances and surfaces that are made up of amphiphilic molecules
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses thereof
Peptide inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
Thermal processing apparatus
Interactive program summary panel
Polymer lined sealing member for a container
Process for the synthesis of atorvastatin form v and phenylboronates as intermediate compounds
Cationic alkyd polyesters for medical applications
Methods for promoting growth of bone, ligament, and cartilage using zvegf4
Method and apparatus for linking and/or patterning self-assembled objects
Hygromycin A derivatives
Medical devices and applications of polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers
Tear resistant, crystalline midblock copolymer gels and articles
Polymers and polymerization processes
Human hemicentin proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Oxamide IMPDH inhibitors
Methods for the preparation of pyrrolotriazine compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Vitamin D3 derivative and treating agent for inflammatory respiratory disease using same
Substituted phenylalkanoic acid derivatives and use thereof
Odor control absorbent article and method
Laser cutting of stents and other medical devices
Scanning of biological samples
Method and device for detecting substances in body fluids by Raman spectroscopy
Cardiac remodeling
Apparatus for treating a tumor or the like and articles incorporating the apparatus for treatment of...
Thermotherapy catheter and method of prostate thermotherapy with improved guide and heat confinement
Arrangement for implanting an endocardial cardiac lead
Monitoring auditory evoked potentials
Minute ventilation sensor with automatic high pass filter adjustment
Production and preprocessing system for data mining
Method of correction of the error introduced by a multibit DAC incorporated in an ADC
Inorganic spherical absorption pigments
Indirect extrusion method of clad material
Printer assembly having flexible ink channel extrusion
Apparatus for manufacturing tread bands for vehicle tires
Extrusion die with supply groove transfer
Animal feeds including heartworm-prevention drugs
Method and apparatus for producing co-extruding pasta
Transfer foil for golf balls
Method of manufacture of a gear driven shutter ink jet printer
Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display panel
Process for forming a sector of an air intake lip, device for practicing the same, and sector thus o...
Seaplane with retractable twin floats
Method and system for presenting moving simulated images in a moving vehicle
Pressure responsive blowout latch
Pressure responsive blowout latch with reservoir
Aerial refueling hose reel drive controlled by a variable displacement hydraulic motor and method fo...
Apparatus for and method of flying two-line steerable kites
Method for limiting interference between satellite communications systems
Automated docking of space vehicle
Reconfigurable porous technology for fluid flow control and method of controlling flow
Method and device for altering the separation characteristics of air-flow over an aerodynamic surfac...
Method of forming a flexible insulation blanket having a ceramic matrix composite outer layer
Unmanned aerial vehicle apparatus, system and method for retrieving data
Flight control system for controlling the pitch of an aircraft with vertical takeoff and with an ori...
Satellite constellation system
Removable hitch ball
Dual purpose golf putting practice device
Ergonomic systems and methods providing intelligent adaptive surfaces and temperature control
Water-soluble electrically conductive composition, modifications, and applications thereof
Solution-processed thin film transistor formation method
Floating chip photonic device and method of manufacture
Magnetic memory with reduced write current
Memory device and fabrication method thereof
Power semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
FinFET SRAM cell with chevron FinFET logic
Silicon nitride read-only-memory
Memory device and method for forming a passivation layer thereon
Magnetic shielding for reducing magnetic interference
Semiconductor device with an inductive element
Method for rewiring pads in a wafer-level package
Electromagnetic interference package protection
Metal core integrated circuit package with electrically isolated regions and associated methods
Integrated circuit having a device wafer with a diffused doped backside layer
Semiconductor packaging
Semiconductor device
Controlling interdiffusion rates in metal interconnection structures
Semiconductor device, a method for making the same, and an LCD monitor comprising the same
Plastic ball grid array assembly
Method and apparatus for fabricating semiconductor laser device
Micromirrors and off-diagonal hinge structures for micromirror arrays in projection displays
Semiconductor memory array of floating gate memory cells with control gate spacer portions
Method and application of metrology and process diagnostic information for improved overlay control
Method and apparatus for determining wafer quality profiles
Electronic gaming machine
Audio calling name and number delivery
Steering control system and method for watercraft
Methods, devices, and systems for automatic flight logs
System for real time, non-invasive metrology of microfluidic chips
Group interaction system for interaction with other vehicles of a group
Frequency domain reflectometry system for testing wires and cables utilizing in-situ connectors, pas...
Personal communication system for communicating voice data positioning information
Methods and systems for calculating steam turbine radial clearance
Systems and methods for time corrected lightning detection
Method and apparatus for monitoring internet based sales transactions by local vendors
Equipment information system and method
Method of transmitting data including a structured linear database
Method and system for implementing a global ecosystem of interrelated services
Mechanism and apparatus for returning results of services in a distributed computing environment
Method for caching of media files to reduce delivery cost
Binned remembered sets
Memory exchange
Location transparent event handling
High-flow rate, low-noise, gas sampling apparatus and methods for collecting and detecting particula...
Method and system for a plurality of mobile units to locate one another
Mobile data device and method of locating mobile data device
Method and apparatus for simultaneous multiline phone and data services over a single access facilit...
Mobile node, mobile agent-and network system
Method and apparatus for measuring network data packet delay, jitter and loss
Telephony call control using a data network and a graphical user interface and exchanging datagrams ...
Internet fax system, transmission result ascertaining apparatus for internet facsmile and running me...
Apparatus and method for transmission and receipt of conference call roster information via a teleph...
Multi-purpose safety management system
Emergency management system
Monitoring system for determining and communicating a cost of insurance
Internet-enabled lead generation
System and method for electronic shopping using an interactive shopping agent
Internet addressing architecture and hierarchical routing method thereof
Method and apparatus for creating and executing internet based lectures using public domain web page...
Server configuration management and tracking
Internet home page data acquisition method
Method and apparatus for password re-entry
Light amount adjustment apparatus, manufacturing method, and photographing apparatus
Method for replenishing developer of automatic developing apparatus for photosensitive lithographic ...
Photographic processing
Method and apparatus for object surveillance with a movable camera
Speed control device for optical system
Focus adjustment mechanism for a video or image pickup apparatus
Iris type light quantity adjusting device, lens device, and image-taking apparatus
Imaging using silver halide films with micro-lens capture and optical reconstruction
Webcam mount for flexible positioning
Cargo vehicle wall
Simultaneous stimulation and concentration of cells
Method for determining and modifying protein/peptide solubility
Peptides that deliver antisense oligonucleotides which downregulate protein expression in cells
Method for diagnosis of thrombotic disorders
Point of care diagnostic systems
Biological material detecting articles of manufacture
Method for preparing zinc-oligopeptide easily absorbable by the human body
Use of adipsin/complement factor D in the treatment of metabolic related disorders
Enzyme activated nitric oxide donors
Method of targeting conjugate molecules to mitochondria
Agents and methods for the treatment of proliferative diseases
DNA encoding apoptosis-induced eucaryotic initiation factor-5A and deoxyhypusine synthase and a meth...
Polycystic kidney disease gene
Modified polynucleotides and uses thereof
Characterization of novel gene cbl-SL
Swine defective for transmission of porcine endogenous retrovirus and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for screening for angiogenesis modulating compounds
Plants with enhanced ability to produce starch and methods for obtaining them
Protein kinase stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Plant cellulose synthases
Production method of recombinant rotavirus structural proteins and vaccine composition
Method and apparatus for sizing an environmental control system
System and method for teaching second language writing skills using the linguistic discourse model
Electronic device for the preparation of mixed drinks
Fire-fighter training
Gel electrophoresis training aid and training kit
Method for providing business conduct training
Teaching aids
Apparatus for maneuvering boats
Capacitive micro-electro-mechanical switch and method of manufacturing the same
Radio-frequency power component, radio-frequency power module, method for producing a radio-frequenc...
Sideband diversity reader for electronic identification system
Multiplatform multifunction avionics architecture
System and method for frequency management in a communications positioning device
Recessed aperture-coupled patch antenna with multiple dielectrics for wireless applications
AM antenna noise reducing
Portable information processing system
Radio frequency identification device and method
Method for confirming receipt of protocol data
Method and apparatus for compressed mode communications over a radio interface
Device enabling different spreading factors while preserving a common rambling code, in particular f...
Radio communication system with request re-transmission until acknowledged
Space hopping receiving system and received radio-waves estimation method
Repeater with diversity transmission
Radio station with optimized impedance
Method and apparatus for roaming in hierarchical mobile communications network
Mobile radio system and a method for channel allocation in a radio system
Power characteristic of a radio transmitter
Method and apparatus for providing high quality transmissions in a telecommunications system
Method and system for packet communication employing path diversity
Method and apparatus for providing multimedia playback
Multimedia program bookmarking system
Apparatus, method, and article of manufacture used to invoice for services consumed in a communicati...
Multi-level skimming of multimedia content using playlists
Ruggedized instrumented firefighter's vari-nozzle
Determination of finger position
Excitation circuit for a fluxgate sensor
Three dimensional display control apparatus and method, and storage medium
Virtual image registration in augmented display field
Generation of free-form surface model by reversible rounding operation
End point value correction when traversing an edge using a quantized slope value
System and method for generating graphical user interfaces
Time domain imager
System and method for median fusion of depth maps
Method and apparatus for recording and synthesizing position data
Motion vector coding and decoding in interlaced frame coded pictures
Chroma motion vector derivation
Chroma motion vector derivation for interlaced forward-predicted fields
Bitplane coding for macroblock field/frame coding type information
Self-referencing bi-directionally predicted frames
Four motion vector coding and decoding in bi-directionally predicted interlaced pictures
Bitplane coding of prediction mode information in bi-directionally predicted interlaced pictures
Interlace frame lapped transform
System and method providing subpixel-edge-offset-based determination of opacity
Methods and systems for managing multiple inputs and methods and systems for processing media conten...
System and method for the logical substitution of processor control in an emulated computing environ...
Computer-aided reading system and method with cross-language reading wizard
System and method for real-time detection and preservation of speech onset in a signal
System and method for providing high-quality stretching and compression of a digital audio signal
Audio watermarking with dual watermarks
System and method for manifest generation
Apparatus and computer-readable media for processing HTTP requests
Image retrieval systems and methods with semantic and feature based relevance feedback
Systems and methods for representing units of information manageable by a hardware/software interfac...
Matching media file metadata to standardized metadata
Systems and methods for separating units of information manageable by a hardware/software interface ...
Tremolo unit for electric guitar
Drum acoustic wire assembly and a drum using the same
Musical tone generating apparatus, musical tone generating method, and program for implementing the ...
Enhanced mechanical acoustic sound generation system and method
Method and apparatus for producing improvised music
Musical instrument capable of changing style of performance through idle keys, method employed there...
Electronic musical instrument, difference tone output apparatus, a program and a recording medium
System and method for generating tone in response to movement of portable terminal
Annotation management in a pen-based computing system
Agonists and antagonists of moxifin for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Cyclohepta[b][1,4]diazepino[6,7,1,-hi]indoles and derivatives
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Propanolaminomethyltetralines, their preparation and pharmaceutical composition comprising same
Methods of treating metabolic syndrome using dopamine receptor agonists
5-HT receptor ligands and uses thereof
Pyrazine modulators of cannabinoid receptors
GSK-3 inhibitors
Substituted 2,3-dihydro-1h-isoindol-1-one derivatives and methods of use
Nitrogenous five-membered ring compounds
1 H-imidazole derivatives having CB1 agonistic, CB1 partial agonistic or CB1-antagonistic activity
Pharmaceutical composition
Non-mammalian GnRH analogs and uses thereof in regulation of fertility and pregnancy
Use of sugar phosphates, sugar phosphate analog, amino acids, amino acid analogs for modulating tran...
Method and system for rapidly conferring a desired trait to an organism
Use of glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors for treatment of cardiovascular diseases
2-Substituted benzimidazole piperidines analogs as selective melanin concentrating hormone receptor ...
Azepinoindole derivatives as pharmaceutical agents
Mutant adeno-associated virus virions and methods of use thereof
Therapeutic polypeptides, nucleic acids encoding same, and methods of use
Regulation of human serine/threonine protein kinase
Protocol and software for multiplex real-time PCR quantification based on the different melting temp...
Method for identifying polymorphisms
Novel proteins with targeted binding
Novel serine protease BSSP4
Oxidoreductase molecules
Methods for identifying and using maintenance genes
Methods of using deacetylase inhibitors to promote cell differentiation and regeneration
Methods of detecting and treating facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
Postpartum cells derived from umbilical cord tissue, and methods of making and using the same
Methods and compositions for treating and preventing infection using human interferon regulatory fac...
Targeted particles and methods of using the same
Press station with add-on weights
Methods and compositions for treating ocular disorders
Methods of treatment using wisp polypeptides
Albumin fusion proteins
Somatostatin antagonists and agonists that act at the sst subtype 2 receptor
Method for processing image data
Method and display for multivariate classification
Methods and apparatus for system and device design
Method of and computer program for searching information
High-performance location management platform
Fuzzy text categorizer
Means for and method of displaying a visual decision tree model
System and method for customizing and processing business logic rules in a business process system
Kite with durable light display feature
Movable gaming machine tray
Game system and method of playing a game
Card game
Disk tossing game and disks therefor
Parachute device with improved handle
Apparatus and method for producing ambulatory motion
Gaming device having wild indicators
Ice rink
Polo training apparatus
Dual path helical ramp
Inflatable toy with expandable figurine
Recording medium, program executing system, and program executing device
Device control via digitally stored program content
Gaming machine with bingo feature
Radio wave measurement of surface roughness through electromagnetic boundary conditions
Coaxial radio frequency adapter and method
Determination of wheel sensor position using radio frequency detectors in an automotive remote tire ...
Apparatus and method of calibrating a keyless transmitter
Radio transceiver and method of controlling direction of radio-wave emission
Method and system for conducting a collaboration session over the internet
Cold-molding process for loading a stent onto a stent delivery system
Naphthopyran compounds, photoresponsive compositions and lenses
Photochromic matrix compositions for use in ophthalmic lenses
Use of hyaluronidase in the manufacture of an ophthalmic preparation for liquefying vitreous humor i...
Low-E matchable coated articles and methods of making same
Column-row addressable electric microswitch arrays and sensor matrices employing them
Low threading dislocation density relaxed mismatched epilayers without high temperature growth
Image enabled reject repair for check processing capture
Management system of monitor wafers
Method and apparatus for providing group calls via the internet
Method of administering a rebate system
Methods to diagnose a required regulation of trophoblast invasion
Genetically modified tumor-targeted bacteria with reduced virulence
Antifungal proteins
Semiconductor memory card, playback apparatus, recording apparatus, playback method, recording metho...
Programmatically calculating paths from a spatially-enabled database
Method of estimating the pitch of a speech signal using an average distance between peaks, use of th...
LPAS speech coder using vector quantized, multi-codebook, multi-tap pitch predictor and optimized te...
Correcting for network address changes
Low temperature methods of bonding components
Latching fluid level switch
Digital detector for x-ray imaging
Measurement of wafer temperature in semiconductor processing chambers
Single-piece continuity tie
Electronic devices and methods for making same using nanotube regions to assist in thermal heat-sink...
Memory cell strings in a resistive cross point memory cell array
Device for exchange of gas volume
Process for producing cured photochromic
Polyetherpolyamide elastomer having low water absorption
Blooming natural oil cleaning compositions
Thickened fabric conditioners
Cyclic ketals, fragrance compositions containing the same and methods of using the same
Sheet feeding apparatus having an adaptive air fluffer
High-speed, high-quality descreening system and method
Single roller cleaning systems for fluid ejector system
Liquid ink cartridge using viscous gel
Coating die with laser position sensors
Photoconductive imaging members
Printhead with plural arrays of printing elements
Computer console case
Tape printing apparatus and data input processing method therefor
Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device producing method
Semiconductor device having a protruded active region, memory system having the same, and electronic...
Dielectric porcelain composition, and dielectric resonator and nonradiative dielectric strip using s...
Ridge waveguide type photo semiconductor device and method for fabricating same
Ageratum plant named `Agetis`
Efficient schema for storing multi-value attributes in a directory service backing store
1-adamantyl chalcones for the treatment of proliferative disorders
4-piperidinyl alkyl amine derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Oxy-and amino-substituted tetrahydrofuryl derivatives with antitumour activity
Inhibitors of the EGF-receptor tyrosine kinase and methods for their use
Environmental sampler for mass spectrometer
Device and method for improving the extraction of a food substance contained in a refill
Appliance for preparing hot beverages
Filter-holder for espresso coffee machine
Soluble poly(aryl-oxadiazole) conjugated polymers
Packaging optically coupled integrated circuits using flip-chip methods
Electronic displays using optically pumped luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals
Optically transparent millimeter wave reflector
Image generator having a miniature display device
Multistage optical amplifier having a fiber-based amplifier stage and a planar waveguide-based ampli...
Optical device including a calibrating unit for calibrating a level adjusting unit
Image forming apparatus
Miniature endoscope with imaging fiber system
Rotating electric switch
Circuit breaker including operating handle having one or more operating arms and extension springs
Gas discharge display device
Smoke producing system
Vote certification, validation and verification method and apparatus
Ballistic protection composite shield and method of manufacturing
Wheel-support rolling bearing unit and method of manufacturing the same
Railroad car energy absorption apparatus
Sliding member
Bearing with rotational sensor
Sliding bearing and method of manufacturing the same
Methods and apparatus for speculative probing of a remote cluster
System and method for providing highly-available volume mount points
Nebulizer assembly
Stable oral compositions comprising casein phosphopeptide complexes and fluoride
Adhesives comprising linear isotactic polymers
Use of bisphosphonates for the treatment of osteogenesis imperfecta
Assays for monitoring cell motility in real-time
Bioreactor and method for fluidly suspending a product
Acrylic rubber latex having bimodal particle distribution
Method for preparing graft copolymers and compositions produced therefrom
Method for testing the degradation of polymeric materials
Process for manufacturing a tire compound
Microbead and immiscible polymer voided polyester for inkjet imaging medias
Apparatus for conversion of breech-loading firearms into muzzle-loading firearms
Firearm breech safety lock
Digital elevation knob
Scope-to-firearm alignment assembly
Shell for bullets of automatic or semiautomatic firearms with intertial closure
Method for producing a less lethal projectile
Projectile for rapid fire gun
Device for vehicle lighting
Anti-dazzling transparent screen for illuminants
Plane light source unit and reflection type liquid-crystal display device
Front light module
Ergonomic controls in a surgical lighting system
Cup pads having light emitting members
Lighting fixtures having releasably attachable objects and methods for trimming lighting fixtures
Lighting device
Light bar with integrated warning illumination and lens support structure
Operating theater lamp
Motorcycle accessory riding light
Light source for projector and projection type image display apparatus using thereof
Reflector device for automobile vehicle headlight
System and method of operating low coupling efficiency optical source by dissipating cladding modes
Athermal optical coupler
Athermal optical components
Fiber array with passive alignment
Optical structure for the compensation of chromatic dispersion in a light signal
Optical transmission line and optical transmission system
Method of making optical fiber with reduced E-band and L-band loss peaks
Optical fiber connection and distribution module intended for use in an optical distribution frame
Rotating radius limiter for cable management panel and methods
Fiber optic splitter package and method of manufacture
Visual alignment of multiple-reflector collimation system
Method for adjusting color in an image
Pattern inspection method and apparatus
Color conversion device and color conversion method
Image reproducing apparatus, image reproducing method, and computer readable storage medium
Palette-based histogram matching with recursive histogram vector generation
Pattern recognition method, pattern check method and pattern recognition apparatus as well as patter...
User definable image reference points
Method of translating a net description of an integrated circuit die
Ultrasound display of tissue, tracking and tagging
Stress test devices and methods
Automated system for the radiation treatment of a desired area within the body of a patient
Articulation mechanism for medical devices
Operating trocar
Excisional biopsy devices and methods
Reaction measurement method and system
Surface electromyographic electrode assembly
Reverse thermal gels and the use thereof for rapid prototyping
Polymerization and propylene block copolymer
Method to adsorb an adsorbate using modified carbonaceous material
Fluoroelastomers having low temperature characteristics and solvent resistance
Method of encoding image information, its encoder, its decoding/composing method, its decoder/compos...
Plastic material
High dielectric polymer composites and methods of preparation thereof
Apparatus and method for measuring current flow in an animal or human body
Method of fish tagging and device
Fishing rod holder
Fishing lure with automatically retracting hook
Fishing accessory that can be a float or a sinker
Food preservation container and filter
Method and device for rearing insects, especially for obtaining secretion from fly larvae for therap...
Computer system for determining a customized animal feed
Convertible seed port for bird feeder
Rake for a self-cleaning litter box
Method of making coconut coir pitch cat litter from powder created from crushed coconut husks
Tidal irrigation and electrical system (TIES)
Roll-top pet carrier
Cam operated latch assembly
Animal eyewear
Non-slip pads for animal paws
Chronic hepatitis virus infection and clonal hepatocellular carcinoma in mouse repopulated livers
Edge-emitting semiconductor tunable laser
Semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser device withspot-size converter and method for fabricating the same
Ultrafast laser beam switching and pulse train generation by using coupled vertical-cavity, surface-...
Device for x-ray lithography
Method for horizon binning for an area of interest
Non-linear axisymmetric potential flow boundary model for partially cavitating high speed bodies
Hybrid inflator
Photoreactive adhesive composition and method of bonding with the same
Process for producing cyclic compound
Thermosensitive color-changing dry offset ink and a printed material using the same
Process for producing ascorbic acid
Bulk anisotropic rare earth permanent magnet and preparation method
Interlayer for laminated glass and laminated glass
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Fast method of transforming competent cells
Manually operated switch for enabling and disabling an RFID card
Systems and methods for estimating pages remaining for a printing device component
Method and apparatus for identifying a sales channel
On-demand label applicator system
Method and apparatus for on-demand production of digitally imaged webs
Oxadiazole derivative and its use as charge transport and light emitting material
Method and apparatus for non-volatile display of information for an electronic device
Multi-step method for metal deposition
Photoelectric cell and process for producing metal oxide semiconductor film for use in photoelectric...
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Zwitterionic imides
Battery with a controlled release anode
Slotted mold for making a catheter balloon
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
System for previewing a photorealistic rendering of a synthetic scene in real-time
Particle size distribution measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for servowriting using a unipolar write current
Method and apparatus for reducing multi-path interference in dispersion compensation systems
Bistable latching actuator for optical switching applications
Fiber optic device with enhanced resistance to environmental conditions and method
Fiber optic transceiver
Method and apparatus for improved memory core testing
Method and device for carrying out the protected detection of the pollution of water
Tactile overlays for screens
Composition (e. g. ink or varnish) which can undergo cationic and/or radical polymerization and/or c...
Image forming system
Control device of a liquid crystal display device
Synchronization signal generation circuit, image display apparatus using synchronization signal gene...
Light scanning device and image forming apparatus
Network system, method and computer readable medium including print log generation
Method and apparatus for recognizing document image by use of color information
Compound document compression based upon neighboring pixels
Dual high pressure rotary union for mechanical power press
Type font
Method and device for transferring storage containers, preferably cassettes for printing plates
Apparatus for setting the lateral register for printing units of rotary presses
Inking unit for rotary printing machine
Cylinder and device for securing a flexible packing on the cylinder
Label holder with locking window
Reducing aliasing artifacts when shaping a digital image
Composite foam made from polymer microspheres reinforced with long fibers
Hard disk drive library
Heterocyclic-amide catalyst compositions for the polymerization of olefins
Catalyst support method and polymerization with supported catalysts
Curable compositions
User-activatible substance delivery system
Method and apparatus for modifying depth values using pixel programs
Intraocular lens
Indole-type derivatives as inhibitors of p38 kinase
High refractive index aromatic-based prepolymer precursors
High refractive index aromatic-based prepolymers
Hybrid organic-inorganic light emitting polymers
Strong durable low cost composite materials made from treated cellulose and plastic
Sterically regulated methacrylic polymer and process for producing the same
Apparatus and method of monitoring insulation of a DC network that is electrically insulated with re...
Sheathless interface for capillary electrophoresis/electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry using a...
Equipment for grinding optical fiber end
Spark plug
Active-matrix liquid crystal display apparatus and method for driving the same and for manufacturing...
Metal-enclosed switchgear
Method of forming tungsten-coated W--Cu composite powder
Manufacturing method of product having sprayed coating film
Consolidated material of coated powders and process for producing same
Electrophotographic toner, manufacture of the same, electrostatic latent image developer, and image ...
Process for lapping wafer and method for processing backside of wafer using the same
Method for fabricating III-V compound semiconductor
Image sensor having uniform sensitivity
Apparatus of high power density fuel cell layer with micro for connecting to an external load
Compact dynamic crossbar switch by means of planar optics
Positive dispersion optical fiber
Image forming apparatus using a developing liquid
Dynamic queue depth management in a satellite terminal for bandwidth allocations in a broadband sate...
Optimization of manufacturing equipment capacities in a batch manufacturing process
Method, system, and storage medium for optimizing scheduling activities in a manufacturing environme...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device capable of switching mode for trimming internal circuitry th...
Method and apparatus for creating an EH antenna
Directional tactile feedback for haptic feedback interface devices
Computer system providing hands free user input via optical means for navigation or zooming
Method and apparatus to pre-scan and pre-treat film for improved digital film processing handling
Drive apparatus and drive method for electromagnetic drive actuator
Gas analyzing method and gas analyzer for semiconductor treater
Timing control for two-chamber gas discharge laser system
Dispersion compensating filters
Fixing apparatus equipped with sheet flattener
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Geared motor comprising position sensor
Apparatus and method for controlling intake air amount of internal combustion engine
Fuel tank and a method of making same
Medium-edge setting device and image forming apparatus
Control circuits and methods for inhibiting abrupt engine mode transitions in a watercraft
Operational control having a spring wiper contact
Method and circuits for controlling the power of an electronically switched, two-phase reluctance ma...
System and method for on-chip filter tuning
Dual-mode focal plane array for missile seekers
Liquid crystal display
Integrated warning device for providing flashing brake lights
Fluorinated phenyl thiophenyl derivatives and their use for imaging serotonin transporters
Bump chip lead frame and package
Electrical contacts for flexible displays
Semiconductor device testing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method using it
Active matrix substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and display and image-capturing devices u...
Optical modulator module
Cooling device
Optical transmission module and the production method of the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having active element connected to an electrode metal pad via a barrier metal l...
Post-passivation thick metal pre-routing for flip chip packaging
Semiconductor package
Via plug adapter
Semiconductor device
Matrix type actuator
Organic light-emitting display device
Motor vehicle drive arrangement
Electric wheelchair drive system
Motorcycle traction accessory device
Selectable control parameters on power machine
Clutch shield
Modular bi-directional clutch assembly
Method of controlling engine speed during performance shift
Adaptive asymmetric network connectivity probing system and method
Method for core-based system-level power modeling using object-oriented techniques
Synchronous flash memory with test code input
System of and method for decoding trellis codes
Network management support for OAM functionality and method therefore
UART automatic half-duplex direction control with programmable delay
Scalable self-routing superconductor switch
Adaptive data security systems and methods
Real-time control system development tool
H-bridge with sensing circuit
Switched reactance modulated E-class oscillator design
N-heterocyclic derivatives as NOS inhibitors
Variable acuity rendering for a graphic image processing system
Run-time property-based linking of software modules
Automated crosstalk identification system
Flowchart-based control system including automatic downtime and cycle time analysis
Method for implementing polyinstantiated access control in computer operating systems
Underground object locating system without direction ambiguity
Horizontal robotic packing system
Geminally disubstituted olefin-carbon monoxide-ethylene polymer useful as a polyvinyl chloride plast...
Slurry flow control and monitor system for chemical mechanical polisher
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Fine line printing by trimming the sidewalls of pre-developed resist image
Method of reducing surface contamination in semiconductor wet-processing vessels
Method of washing a semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor configuration and process for etching a layer of the semiconductor configuration using...
Methodology for measuring and controlling film thickness profiles
Hydrogen barrier layer and method for fabricating semiconductor device having the same
Langmuir-blodgett chemically amplified photoresist
Aqueous cleaning composition containing copper-specific corrosion inhibitor
Apparatus and method for integral bypass diode in solar cells
SRAM cell and method for fabricating the same
Light emitting diode
SOI MOSFET junction degradation using multiple buried amorphous layers
High density flash memory architecture with columnar substrate coding
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
MOS field effect transistor with reduced on-resistance
Ignition apparatus for internal combustion engine
Surface aeration impeller designs
Temperature measuring method, heat treating device and method, computer program, and radiation therm...
Reactive compositions for fluid treatment
Method for producing metal powder and metal powder, and electroconductive paste and monolithic ceram...
Composition for bulkhead of thin display panel
Nonflammable, nonozone depleting, refrigerant mixtures suitable for use in mineral oil
Circuits with dynamic biasing
Catalytically enhanced filtration apparatus
Proton-conducting membrane, method for producing the same, and fuel cell using the same
High-efficiency amplifier output level and burst control
Ultrasound device for axial ranging
System and method for delivering hemostasis promoting material to a blood vessel puncture site by fl...
Piperidine and azetidine thrombin inhibitors
Benzo[4,5]thieno[2,3-c]pyridine and Benzo[4,5]furo[2,3-c]pyridine Derivatives Useful as Inhibitors o...
Materials and methods for treating coagulation disorders
Method and system for accurately forecasting prices and other attributes of agricultural commodities
Ceramic optical components and production method therefor
Organic metal complex, infrared-absorbing dye and infrared absorption filter containing it, and filt...
Dental drill system and method of use
Expandable polymer dental implant and method of use
Phospholipid-coated implants
Composite shaped bodies and methods for their production and use
System and method for testing an ignition device
Method for synchronizing a local time base on a central time base and device for implementing said m...
Low noise motor with one-piece frame and torsion flux ring
Method for vibration compensation in a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Insertion device for gradient coils of a magnetic resonance apparatus
Amplifier device with an adjustable operating-control
System and method for auxiliary contact assembly and snap mounting
Method and apparatus for evaluating medical examination images
Time-base generator with self-compensating control loop
Method and transmission system for optimization of the transmission characteristics of an optical wa...
Method for pulse offset calibration in time of flight ranging systems
Method for operating a computed tomography apparatus
Simulation of electro-optical connections that takes spatial direction into consideration
State machine for a pulse output function
Linkable digital cameras for an image capture system
Wide dynamic range and high speed voltage mode sensing for a multilevel digital non-volatile memory
Independent reset of arbiters and agents to allow for delayed agent reset
Electronic device with active matrix type display panel and image sensor function
Measuring turbidities by reflectometry
Integrated image-reading/writing head and image processing apparatus incorporating the same
Three-dimensional photonic crystal