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Heterophasic polyolefin alloy
Compatibilizer for immiscible polymer blends
Radiation curable compositions comprising metallocene polyolefins
Heat resistant emulsion resins
Biodegradable stent
Electrostatic grounding glove
Process for regenerating unreacted vinyl chloride monomers recovered
Methods of using antibodies against hormone-related determinants
Protein purification
Amide-based cationic lipids
Vectors and methods for immunization or therapeutic protocols
Determination of ionic species concentration by near infrared spectroscopy
Coordinate input system and display apparatus
Method for marking semiconductor device using a green laser
Method and device for radio communication
Radio apparatus
Diversity reception system
Exhaust passage control valve
Kapok loudspeaker enclosure damping material
Compact vibrator and seismic monitoring or prospecting method using such a vibrator
Energy attenuation device for a conduit conveying liquid under pressure, system incorporating same, ...
Plastic closing cap with a separable safety seal and inner seal
Internet service provider advertising system
Method and apparatus for defining private currencies
System and method for visualizing vehicles with accessories
Retail store efficiently configured to distribute electronic coupons at multiple product locations
Dockable electronic equipment container
Error-recovery mechanism using a temporary forwarder in a wireless-ATM network
Device for determining the weight of a motor vehicle
Using alpha values to control pixel blending
Filter mask
Toy vehicle having center steering circuit and remote controller with toggle function
Method of forming Group II metal-containing films utilizing Group II MOCVD source reagents
Blow-by gas passage abnormality detecting system for internal combustion engines
Polarizing member, optical member and liquid-crystal display device
Reinforcing web, covering complex containing same and use in vehicle seat
Method for setting and displaying performance thresholds using a platform independent program
Serial data storage system with automatically adjusted data protection to implement worm media with ...
Collagen gel
Methods and apparatus for rendering an optically encoded medium unreadable
Developer unit with cleaning element
Wan-based gateway
Pivoting frame suspension scooter
Aircraft flight control device
Using padded instructions in a block-oriented cache
Hybrid vehicles incorporating turbochargers
Miniature rose plant named `JAChotta`
Camera with zoom lens
Composition and method for road-film removal
Exercise method and apparatus with an adjustable crank
Safety brake type rollator
Using hyperbolic trees to visualize data generated by patent-centric and group-oriented data process...
Noise reduction for a bicycle spoke, especially useful as a magnetic device
Phone holder
Method and apparatus for intelligent data network call spawning system
Telephone disable feature
Telephone apparatus with howling prevention function
Telephone device
Method and apparatus for automatic callback in a telecommunication system
Self contained, buckle attachable and actuated alarm device
AC motor control for a vehicle having a multi-speed transmission--II
Theft prevention system for trailers
Automotive aerodynamic component and object carrier fixture
Heat-sensitive recording material
Fabrication of photonic band gap materials
Process for producing polypropylene from C3 olefins selectively produced in a fluid catalytic cracki...
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating thereof
Oxygenator membrane
Ferroelectric capacitor of semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Display system having multiple memory elements per pixel
Multiprocessor with each processor element accessing operands in loaded input buffer and forwarding ...
Device and method for damping a digital media drive
Remote sensor head for laser level measurement devices
System and method for eliminating pulse width variations in digital delay lines
Syringe dose identification system
Lens shutter camera
Apparatus for assembling floor of vehicle
Automatic painting device
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Orange Ember`
Personal training and development delivery system
Inboard motorboat bilge drainage system
Waste collection device
Dynamic semi-structured repository for mining software and software-related information
Aerosol container
Pressure relief valve for an inhalator
Baseball glove
System for supporting secured log-in of multiple users into a plurality of computers using combined ...
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic head assembly, magnetic storage system
Phosphor and method for producing same
Photographic optical system
Sportspoker game
Cathoderay tube
Comptothecin analogues, preparation methods therefor, use thereof as drugs, and pharmaceutical compo...
Single use camera with built-in electronic flash
System and method for performing database operations on a continuous stream of tuples
Query simplification and optimization involving eliminating grouping column from group by operation ...
Query optimization by transparently altering properties of relational tables using materialized view...
Exploitation of subsumption in optimizing scalar subqueries
Interleaving with golden section increments
Storage and reproduction apparatus using a semiconductor memory
Information sharing system and computer program product for causing computer to support the informat...
System and method for transmitting voice messages through the internet
Reference counting mechanism for garbage collectors
Read/write data sharing of DASD data, including byte file system data, in a cluster of multiple data...
Persistence mechanism and method for objects
Aroma sensory stimulation in multimedia
Methods for treatment of Emphysema using 13-cis retinoic acid
Iron compounds, compositions, methods of making the same and uses thereof
Bell pepper soap
Head lamp for automobile
Faux french garage door
Storage shed with windows
Integrin-linked kinase and its uses
Use of IL-12 and IL-12 antagonists in the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Proteins having insecticidal activities and method of use
Process for the stabilization of proteins in complex mixtures during their storage in aqueous solven...
Dahlia plant named `Picardie`
Geranium plant named `Fisrimba`
Dahlia plant named `Rousillon`
Peach tree named `Intrepid`
Method of encrypting information for remote access while maintaining access control
Graphics display list handler and method
Process for autothermal catalytical stream reforming
Vane type variable valve timing control apparatus and control method
Valve timing control device
Electronic device for controlling gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine with variable...
Strap device for use with a video game controller
Adaptive vehicle speed control system
System and method for fleet tracking
System and method for engine data trending and analysis
System and methods for performing rotor assays
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor with diffusible or non-leachable redox mediator
High foaming detergent composition having a non-ionic surfactant base
Hybrid method for design verification
Information recording method and information reproducing method
Multi-well microfiltration apparatus
Bioabsorbable branched polymers containing units derived from dioxanone and medical/surgical devices...
Gas chromatograph
Cable with fire-resistant, moisture-resistant coating
Collision handling scheme for discrete multi-tone data communications network
G-protein parathyroid hormone receptor HLTDG74
MRI system with fractional decimation of acquired data
Method for the operation of a nuclear magnetic resonance tomography apparatus for separating water a...
Asthma analysis method employing hyperpolarized gas and magnetic resonance imaging
Methods, apparatus and data structures for overscaling or oversampling character feature information...
Apparatus and method for increasing speed in a network file/object oriented server/client system
Data extractor
Pseudo-anding in dynamic logic circuits
Automatic detecting unit for diagnosing a connection and identifying an external device, information...
Process for the preparation of tetrahydropyran derivatives
Surface acoustic wave device comprising first and second chips face down bonded to a common package ...
Liquid crystal display device
Process for forming interrupted material with backing
Method and apparatus for processing a physiological signal
Method and apparatus for modulated integrated optically pumped vertical cavity surface emitting lase...
Active mirror amplifier system and method for a high-average power laser system
Night vision monocular
Apparatus and method for carrying out analysis of samples
Apparatus and method for measuring concentrations of a dye in a living organism
Heating device with resistive elements for an aerodynamic profile
Method and device for carrying out a function assigned to an instruction code
Radio selective calling receiver having telephone directory function
In-vehicle audio/video system
Vehicle control apparatus having means for preventing interference between transmission controls by ...
Apparatus and method for performing data transformations in data warehousing
Apparatus and method for storing, tracking and documenting usage of anesthesiology items
Data binning method and apparatus for pet tomography including remote services over a network
Method and device for superimposing additional information on a video signal
Peach tree named `P. F. 12-B`
Optical apparatus
Metal organic chemical vapor deposition apparatus and deposition method
Peptide-lipid conjugates, liposomes and lipsomal drug delivery
Generation of session keys for El Gamal-like protocols from low hamming weight integers
Slotted mode code usage in a cellular communications system
Pseudo-random sequence generator and associated method
Enhanced viewing angle performance on non-polarizer based color reflective liquid crystal display us...
Drawing processor
Method and apparatus to limit dark spot propagation in organic light emitting diodes
Reduction of stitch joint error by alternating print head firing mode
Methods and apparatus for thermally-insensitive mounting of multiple actuators
Transgenic mammals expressing heterologous DNA in urothelium and isolation of biologically active mo...
Assay of substance in biological sample using labeled probe
Device for moving and controlling the keels of sailing yachts
Storm water control header for culverts
Fish hook and knot therefor
Precision parachute recovery system
Landing impact absorbing deployment system for aircraft with damaged landing gear
Apparatus and methods for in-space satellite operations
Inhalation apparatus
Carbon monoxide reducing device for reducing carbon monoxide in a reformate gas
Light-emitting element, semiconductor light-emitting device, and manufacturing methods therefor
C2 substituted phenyl taxane derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Isolated nucleic acid encoding an integrin .beta.-subunit
Time-resolved breast imaging device
Process of preparing immunoglobulin for intravenous injection by viruses double-sterilized without a...
Whitened polymers and the use thereof in coating slips for coating substrates
Color PDP with ARC discharge electrode and method for fabricating the same
Polarization maintaining fiber optic circulators
Device and method for writing on imaging material with an integrated waveguide
Glass melting tank and process for melting glass
High power semiconductor light source
Photosensitive resin composition and method for formation of resist pattern by use thereof
Negative developing agent and image forming apparatus using the same
Aqueous emulsion containing silicone rubber particles and process for preparing the same
Rubber composition
Monomolecular electronic device
Conjugate of biologically active compound and polar lipid conjugated to a microparticle for biologic...
Resist compositions and patterning process
Polymeric micelle compositions
Conductive PTFE bend actuator vented ink jet printing mechanism
.alpha.-TCP/HAP biphasic cement and its preparing process
Process for producing niobium and tantalum compounds
Storage material for sulfur oxides
Absorbent and/or catalyst and binder system and method of making and using therefor
Production of alkyl aromatics by passing transalkylation effluent to alkylation zone and to product ...
Diesel engine cylinder oils
High octane number gasolines and their production using a process associating hydro-isomerization an...
Process for the production of methylacetylene and propadiene
Process of production of natural flavor or fragrance
Fluorescent lamp containing a mercury zinc amalgam and a method of manufacture
Method for detection of extremely low concentration
Integrated ion implant scrubber system
Internet protocol switch having input cell buffers
Method and article for apparatus for performing automated reconcile control in a virtual tape system
Image processing apparatus for executing image processing in correspondence with portrait and landsc...
Communications system with controlled selective measuring of traffic properties
Peristaltic system and method for plasma separation and blood dispensation
Method of making an electrotransport device
Cartridge for information-recording media having deformable elastic member on shutter
Determination of light absorption pathlength in a vertical-beam photometer
Use of carbon monoxide dependent guanylyl cyclase modifiers to stimulate neuritogenesis
Expression of an exogenous gene in a mammalian cell by use of a non-mammalian DNA virus having an al...
Nucleic acids encoding receptor recognition factor stat4 and methods of use thereof
Sealing system for large-surface thin parts
Formation treatment method using deformable particles
Rodent repellent system
Conductive polymer blends with finely divided conductive material selectively localized in continuou...
Stranded conductor filling compound and cables using same
Method and apparatus for cross polarized isolation in a communication system
Pulse control in laser systems
Pen-based interface for a notepad computer
Composition and use
Inclination adjusting device for light controlling element used in optical scanner
Exhaust emission control system for internal combustion engine
Liquid crystal display device
Footwear with molded web platform for attaching outsole
Image forming apparatus and process
Eddy current probe for inspecting electrically conducting parts
Small-size motor
Method and system for dynamically locating frequently accessed memory regions or locations
2,1-benzisothiazoline 2,2-dioxides
Enhanced call-waiting with caller identification method and apparatus
Raspberry plant named `Emily`
Selectable multi-lens disposable camera
Portable, adjustable-contour, putting green
Open passage water ballast twin hull apparatus
Movable barrier wall
Method for growing nitride compound semiconductor
Method of forming semiconductive active area having a proximity gettering region therein and method ...
Method for making apatite ceramics, in particular for biological use
Organic electroluminescent device, and its fabrication method
Image information processing apparatus
Dynamic art form display apparatus
Method and system for handling foreign key update in an object-oriented database environment
Cosmetic composition comprising an anionic surfactant, an amphoteric surfactant, a polyolefin, a cat...
Blood separator system
Dimeric arylisoquinoline alkaloids and derivatives thereof
Merged MR head having notches in the sides of a lower shield pedestal
Method and composition
Pipette tip having plural channels and a titration kit therefor
Polyolefin resin modifier, polyolefin resin composition and oriented polyolefin film
Method and system for providing wideband communications to mobile users in a satellite-based network
Nail technician ventilation system
Respirator headpiece and release mechanism
Panoramic periscope
Ink chamber and piezoelectric actuator structure in an ink jet printer head, and ink jet printer inc...
Image display device and image displaying method
Fluid bearing seal and support structure
Retaining arrangement for a bearing, in particular for a high pressure compressor shaft
Instrumented rolling bearing
Self-lubricating bearings and assemblies thereof
Bearing mechanism, hard disk drive mechanism and polygon mirror drive mechanism using the bearing me...
Universal guide device and moving table device using same
Developing method
Memory system for permitting simultaneous processor access to a cache line and sub-cache line sector...
Network management tool
Apparatus for performing assays at reaction sites
Process of making a compound by forming a polymer from a template drug
Water well recharge throttle valve
Hydrogel product for adsorption purposes
Process for hydrophilic treatment of aluminum materials and primers therefor and hydrophilic coating...
Packaging laminate with gas and aroma barrier properties
Organic electroluminescent device and making method
Soft x-ray light source device
Portable self-contained tracking unit and GPS tracking system
Photostable cosmetic light screening compositions
Clinical use of oxytocin alone or in combination to treat bone disorders
Method for plasma separation and measurement
System for compression and decompression of audio signals for digital transmission
Write head before read head constructed magnetic head with track width and zero throat height define...
Flexible heart valve leaflets
Pigment with color dependant on viewing angle, method of making and use of same
Vapochromic LED
Multiple pig subsea pig launcher
Smart electronic receipt system
Means and method for integrated lighting fixture supports and components
Stable compositions for parenteral administration and their use
Determining signal transduction pathways
Method and data processing system for specifying and applying rules to classification-based decision...
Self-diagnosing and self correcting data entry components
Automatic clock switcher
Software branch prediction filtering for a microprocessor
Thread switch logic in a multiple-thread processor
Protocol for coordinating the distribution of shared memory
Device for casting of metal
Zirconium and niobium alloy comprising erbium, preparation method and component containing said allo...
Intelligent system for generating and executing a sheet metal bending plan
Hot rolling method and equipment
Virtual reality integrated caloric tabulator
Apparatus for data decomposition and method and storage medium therefor
Module for optical communication
Internal natural light delivery system
Universal machine translator of arbitrary languages
Inbred corn plant 17INI30 and seeds thereof
Directing data object access requests in a distributed cache
Alkynyl containing hydroxamic acid compounds as matrix metalloproteinase and tace inhibitors
Viral treatment
Bleaching and dye transfer inhibiting composition and method for laundry fabrics
Transfer resistant cosmetic compositions
Process and device for dispensing a powdery product
Integrated change management unit
Temperature-preserving electrically heated cooker
Treatment or prevention of osteoporosis
Freshness-retaining agent and method for agricultural/horticultural products
Strain of the microorganism penicillium oxalicum var. armeniaca and its application
Shrink films
Dry product which can be reconstituted with hot aqueous liquids and process for its production
Sound elimination structure for air pump
Waterslide toy block construction system
Method for calibrating a piezoelectric actuating drive
Methods, systems and apparatuses for matching individuals with behavioral requirements and for manag...
Exhaust system for an outboard motor
Laser radiating apparatus and methods for manufacturing a polycrystalline semiconductor film and a l...
Power converter for supplying electricity from a difference in temperature
Computer docking station with PCMCIA card slot
Filter circuit with positive feedback loop
Method and apparatus for zeroing a transfer buffer memory as a background task
Sub-freezing weather helmet
Cooling vest
Cosmetic container
Methods of producing collection assemblies, laminates, and autosensor assemblies for use in transder...
Coffee maker
Media channel and method of clearing media jams
Pedal supporting structure of a vehicle
Compact storing and retrieving apparatus particularly useful for aircraft
Apparatus and method for processor performance monitoring
Plate for joining a pelvic fracture
Process for preparing a 2-(2-amino-1, 6-dihydro-6-oxo-purin-9-yl)methoxy-1,3-propanediol derivative
Two platform motion seat
Electronic coin stick with potential for future added value
Geranium Plant Named `Fisbella`
Operation dial with an illuminator for a camera
Microsystems integrated testing and characterization system and method
Projection eyepiece and method for aligning pattern areas on opposing substrate
Matrices with memories
Integrative protein-DNA cochleate formulations and methods for transforming cells
Object oriented motion system
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tamar True Pink`
Security lottery ticket stock
Advertising materials and method for cooperative promotions
Multipurpose tuck label/form
Weighing apparatus
Method for constructing an offshore platform
Clamping device for third-axis input device of mouse
Method of coating a game ball with a solvent-based polyurethane cured with catalyst
Computer readable program product storing program for ball-playing type game, said program, and ball...
Cashless peripheral device for a gaming system
Game machine and information storage medium
"Double Cross.TM." game show
Pachinko stand-alone and bonusing game
Preparation of halogenated primary amines
Non-Hazardous pest control
Rapid onset formulation
Diamide compound and drugs containing the same
Allyl ether
Laundry detergent or cleaning product tablets with partial coating
Natural gas composition transport system and method
Method and apparatus for using multiple co-dependent DMA controllers to provide a single set of read...
Serial protocol for transaction execution in main-memory database systems
Coding and decoding of audio signals by using intensity stereo and prediction processes
Packet classification method and apparatus employing two fields
Method and apparatus for extending the dynamic range of a frequency mixer
Low voltage cutoff circuit with short circuit detection capability and method of operation thereof
Removable, spring biased fastener
.alpha.-Lithium aluminate and method of manufacturing the same, and electrolyte support material of ...
Method and apparatus for generating and distributing reports
Ballistic aerosol marking apparatus for treating a substrate
Airway treatment apparatus with airflow enhancement
Digital signature generating/verifying method and system using public key encryption
System for collaborative engineering using component and file-oriented tools
ATM node having local error correcting procedures
Promoter of the tomato expansin gene LeExp-1
Potent genetic switch allowing regulated gene expression in eukaryotic cells
Inbred tomato line FDR 26-682
Method for selective increase of the anticarcinogenic glucosinolates in Brassica sp.
Rodent models of human amyloidoses
Fluorescent conjugates of nucleosides or nucleotides, process for their preparation and their uses
Caspase-14, an apoptotic protease, nucleic acids encoding and methods of use
Method of inhibiting the proliferation and causing the differentiation of cells with IGF-1 receptor ...
System and method for optimizing program execution in a computer system
Method for automating the placement of a repeater device in an optimal location, considering pre-def...
Integration of data prefetching and modulo scheduling using postpass prefetch insertion
Decision feedback equalizers, methods, and computer program products for detecting severe error even...
Web-based virtual computing machine
Information providing apparatus and portable communication terminal
Method and apparatus for controlling an actuatable occupant protection device
Low energy method for changing the inclinations of orbiting satellites using weak stability boundari...
Apparatus and methods for a television on-screen guide
Self-securing pompon
Reagent system and method for increasing the luminescence of lanthanide(III) macrocyclic complexes
Circuit for driving nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Magnetic random access memory circuit
Method for interfacing two buses
Process and device for separating ethane and ethylene from a steam-cracking effluent by solvent abso...
Transmitter-receiver circuit for radio communication and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Light-quantity controlling device and apparatus using the same
System and method for dynamic assistance in software applications using behavior and host applicatio...
Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
Platinum (IV) complex used as anti-cancer agent and preparing method thereof
Detection and characterization of microorganisms
Efficient inter-task queue protocol
Business service platform, network, and system
Method of managing a subscriber service by an intelligent network service
Compositions for dyeing keratin fibers containing S-oxide-thiazolo-azoles and/or S,S-dioxide-thiazol...
System, method, and computer program product for synchronizing content between a server and a client...
Jewelry apparatus
Gem identification viewer
Cut gemstone, in particular cut diamond
Bone matrix composition and methods for making and using same
Neuronal uses of BMP-11
Immunofluorescence measurement of analytes bound to a substrate and apparatus therefor
Load bearing building component and wall assembly method
Scrim reinforced lightweight concrete roof system
Mechanical support for foam building blocks
Insulated wall construction and forms and method for making same
Flexible interlocking wall system
Lightweight floor panel
Building panel and method and apparatus of forming same
Position tracking and imaging system for use in medical applications
Biomedical electrode
Wearable apron for use in egg and other medical tests
Multi-layer guide wire and method of manufacture therefor
Automated compulsory blood extraction system
Graphical user interface for image acquisition and processing
Method and apparatus for analyzing an image
Mid-spatial frequency digital boost filter
Image content autofocus for microscopy using a noise-insensitive focus filter
Method and apparatus for imaging artefact reduction
Method and apparatus for lossless precompression of binary images
System and method for transmitting/receiving signal level data
Variable attenuation type optical power attenuator with latching ratchet
Organic optical components and preparation thereof
Lenticular structure for integrated waveguides
Method and arrangement for installing optical fibre cable elements
Automatic light-coupling system for optical components
Method and apparatus for the passband flattening of dense wavelength division optical filters
Recording and reproduction of an information signal in/from a track on a record carrier
Worldwide television tuning system with object-based tuning control modules
.gamma. Correction system and method utilizing graph approximation
Emission control with scanning beam velocity modulation
System and method for using temporal gamma and reverse super-resolution to process images for use in...
Automatic clock phase adjusting device and picture display employing the same
Apparatus for polarization conversion
Illumination components
Indicator light with uniform illuminating surface for a motor vehicle
Hanger structure used for decorative light bulb strings
Transitioning ownership of data items between ownership groups
Apparatus and method for maintaining data coherence within a cluster of symmetric multiprocessors
System and method for scheduling a resource according to a preconfigured plan
Machine tool displacement correcting apparatus
Rechargeable cell support device with insulating rings
Ionic compounds with delocalized anionic charge, and their use as ion conducting components or as ca...
2,5-Dimercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole dilithium salt and its dihydrate and their manufacture, and a secon...
Modular battery tray assembly
Substituted napthopyrans
Television schedule system and method of operation for multiple program occurrences
Video on demand DVD system
Antibodies to PIGR stalk
Antiviral methods using [1,8]naphthyridine derivatives
Protein fragments for use in protein targeting
Adjuvants for vaccines
Identification of antigenic peptide sequences
Recombinant avipox virus
Superantigen based methods and compositions for treatment of diseases
Cement admixture, concrete, and process for producing fluorooxyalylene compounds
SPA chemistry monitor and treatment unit
Process for preparing synthesis gas by autothermal reforming
Fuel cell system having common scroll type compressor and regenerator
System for cell growth
Semiconductor memory device allowing effective detection of leak failure
Dynamic random access memory in switch MOSFETs between sense amplifiers and bit lines
Semiconductor memory circuit including a data output circuit
Use of a material with a high internal damping for a component of a sound-emitting machine
Underground storage vault
Steerable rotary directional drilling method
Method for changing a security policy during processing of a transaction request
Web-based information retrieval responsive to displayed word identified by a text-grabbing algorithm
Method and apparatus for operating a secure metering device
Microencapsulated acetochlor herbicidal composition
Modifiable display having fixed image patterns
Intelligent power distribution network
Graphical user interface for testability operation
Autonomous unified on-board orbit and attitude control system for satellites
Adaptive method to control and optimize aircraft performance
Lighting circuit for discharge lamp
Robust engine variable vane monitor logic
Image forming apparatus and method with adjustable image density factor
Antiviral composition derived from allium CEPA and therapeutic use thereof
Remotely controllable camera system
Lens-fitted film unit
Rangefinder apparatus and rangefinding light-detecting device
Film scanner
Resist peeling system and control method of a resist peeling solution
Fused pyridine derivatives
Vibration displacement sensing device
Air feeder provided with by-pass bypassing cooling section, substrate processing apparatus including...
Liquid crystal display device with common electrode arrangement
Cushioned rubber floor mat article comprising at least one integrated rubber protrusion and at least...
Toner for developing an electrostatic latent image
Computerized parking facility management system
Low vibration omni-directional wheel
Moment control unit for spacecraft attitude control
System for I/O path load balancing and failure which can be ported to a plurality of operating envir...
Plant treatment material and method
Geranium plant named `Fisrocky Orange`
Portable fight ring
Amusement ride vehicle with wheelchair ramp
System and method for communicating information relating to a network resource
Composite bicycle frame and method of construction thereof
Exercise method and apparatus
Bicycle sprocket
Kickstand support base for motorcycles
Highway grade crossing vehicle violation detector
Supporting and connecting a portable phone
Portable telephone with shielded transmission antenna
Unique phone accessory system
Telecommunications intelligent network
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information including tailored announ...
Answering machine for transmitting messages to remotely accessible user account
Vehicle drive device
Anti-vibration support for construction machine cab
Bicycle equipped with drive assist
Pollutant treating devices and methods of making the same
Hybrid least squares multivariate spectral analysis methods
Highly orientated flaky pigment and a process for producing the same
Particles aqueous dispersion and film of titanium oxide and preparation thereof
Colored film-coated ultraviolet/infrared absorbent glass plate and window glass of vehicle
Thin film capacitor and method of manufacture
Methods for fabricating large single-grained ferroelectric thin film, for fabricating ferroelectric ...
Reagent composition for measuring hydrogen sulfide and method for measuring hydrogen sulfide
Cleanerless image forming method and system therefor
Infra-red light emitting Si-MOSFET
Multilayer photovoltaic or photoconductive devices
Conjugated polymers
Metal chelate containing compositions for use in chemiluminescent assays
Heat developable color photosensitive material
Organic electroluminescent device
Apparatus for multichannel fluorescent immunoassays
Multiple channel scanning device using oversampling and image processing to increase throughput
Method for the heat treatment of a ZnSe crystal substrate, heat treated substrate and light emission...
Nickel-free white copper alloy
Ti(C,N)-(Ti,Ta,W)(C,N)-Co alloy for superfinishing cutting tool applications
Method for combining metals with different melting points
Gray cast iron system for scroll machines
Device including a chromophoric composition to be applied to the skin, a method of fabricating such ...
Integrity tester for parallel signal bus
Semiconductor light emitting device including a fluorescent material
Tape printing method to allow for removal of excess tape in a background environment
System for producing optical data carriers
Three-degree-of-freedom parallel planar manipulator
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Sunset Pink`
System and method for certifying information technology skill through internet distribution examinat...
Astrolabe having rotating rete and plate
System and method for evaluating a document and creating a record of the evaluation process and an a...
Dynamically relocatable tileable displays
Clay-containing mixture of dry solids to be used in forming a moisture resistant gel and method for ...
Method for producing nickel hydroxide
Information retrieval system and method
Rebreather nebulizer device
Method and apparatus for correcting improper encryption and/or for reducing memory storage
System for selecting a computer solution from a pre-defined set
Erythropoietin conjugates
Method of fabricating iridium-based materials and structures on substrates, and iridium source reage...
Magnetic tunnel junction elements and their fabrication method
Process for the recovery of perfluorinated sulphonic acids from spent acid
Communication method for broadband digital radio system and broadband digital radio communication te...
Fluorescent display device and method for driving same
Prodrugs and conjugates of thiol- and selenol- containing compounds and methods of use thereof
Database system with methods for optimizing performance of correlated subqueries by reusing invarian...
Inline tree filters
Method and apparatus for event modeling
System and method for performance complex heterogeneous database queries using a single SQL expressi...
Image processing apparatus for retrieving moving image data
Inventory management system and method
Random number generating circuit
Reptilian-derived peptides for the treatment of microbial infections
Vegetable-based transformer oil and transmission line fluid
Film forming compositions comprising modified starches and iota-carrageenan and methods for manufact...
New Guinea Impatiens Plant Named `Tamar White`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tamar Purple`
Geranium Plant Named `Fispurple`
Geranium Plant Named `Fisbarock`
Spreadsheet-based network information exchange with two-part cache
Method for providing vendor notification marketing in an electronic commerce network environment
Device and method for processing image data, transmitting medium, and recording medium
Imaging engine and method for code readers
Method for communicating and controlling transactions between unsecured parties
Collapsible game decoy
Apparatus and methods for providing route guidance to vehicles
Rear wheel steering control system for rear two-axle vehicle
Method and device for regulating the attitude of a motor vehicle
Fluorescent labelling compositions and methods for their use
Methods and apparatus for improved luminescence assays
Urea hydrochloride stabilized solvent for cleaning stainless steel and aluminum
Stainless steel
Non-oriented electrical steel sheet and method for producing the same
Flux cored wire for welding duplex stainless steel
Laser hardened steel cutting rule
Resin-coated steel sheet suitable for use in thin-walled deep-drawn ironed can and steel sheet there...
Interface code architecture
Hardware realized state machine
Decoding method and decoding player and recording medium
Method for reducing onset time of pharmaceutically active compounds
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Tricyclic compounds, preparation method and said method intermediates, application as medicines and ...
Lubricious coatings for medical devices
Transmitter and external controller of tire inflation pressure monitor
Connection device
Flame-retardant thermoplastic resin composition
Aminopolycarboxylic acid chelating agent, heavy metal chelate compound thereof, photographic additiv...
Compositions and uses thereof
Compositions containing neem seed extracts and saccharide
Transfer-resistant make-up or care composition containing a volatile linear silicone
Compositions and methods for inhibiting nematocyst discharge
Accessible pedestrian signal system
Guanidine derivatives as inhibitors of cell adhesion
Human cell lines
Magnetic field generator for MRI
Consensus configurational bias Monte Carlo method and system for pharmacophore structure determinati...
Multiple contrast FSE approach to black blood angiography with redundant and supplementary vascular ...
Filter for digital-to-analog converters
Content addressable memory addressable by redundant form input
Database system with methodology for accessing a database from portable devices
Ink jet recording head
Liquid crystal display device in which the pixel electrode crosses the counter electrode
Methods of using odor eliminating items for hunting
Method and apparatus for data capture using latches, delays, parallelism, and synchronization
Device for administrating electro-muscle stimulation and method of use
Optical pulse generation using a high order function waveguide interferometer
Channel monitoring apparatus in a wavelength division multiplexing system
Energy-efficient method and system for processing target material using an amplified, wavelength-shi...
Method for optical resolution of piperidine carboxylic acid derivative
Stationkeeping method utilizing open-loop thruster pulses and closed-loop authority limited momentum...
Method and systems for creating multi-instanced software with a preprocessor
Method for improving TFCI transportation performance
Apparatus for detecting and restoring physical identification
Radio modem fitted with a memory card reader
Dual-frequency helix antenna
Exclusive multiple queue handling using a common processing algorithm
Signal equalization
Adaptation system and method for E-commerce and V-commerce applications
End-to-end response time measurement for computer programs using starting and ending queues
System and methods for facilitating the viewing and analysis of web site usage data
Real-time computer "garbage collector"
Geranium plant named `Fissil`
Electrochemical biosensors and process for their preparation
Method and apparatus for servo data synchronization in a disc drive
Absorbent coating for contact transfer of liquid toner images
Image forming apparatus with cleaning bias feature
Anamorphic object optimized function application for printer defect pre-compensation
Network printer document interface using electronic tags
Support structure for wells, production facilities, and drilling rigs
Sodium percarbonate and process for producing it
Programmable and expandable hamming neural network circuit
Apparatus, methods, and computer program products for monitoring the attitude of an aircraft
Plant-optimized polynucleotides encoding approximately 15 kDa and approximately 45 kDa pesticidal pr...
Energy-conserving computer accessible remotely and instantaneously by providing keep-alive power to ...
Non-steroidal estrogen-receptor antagonists
5H-Pyrano[2,3-d: 6,5-d']dipyrimidine derivatives having an antibacterial, antiviral and immuno-modul...
Process of polymerizing vinyl chloride with hydroxylamines
Fluorescent lamp with luminescent material layer thickness according to the geometrical discharge di...
Extrinisic optical waveguide sensors
Low drive voltage optical modulator
Optical amplifier system with transient control using spectrally filtered input
Performance gain flattened erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Dynamic power equalization of many wavelength-division-multiplexed channels in a fiber-optic system
Diarylbenzopyran derivatives as cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
Soldering methods and compositions
Printed circuit board for a CCD camera head
Strengthened, light weight wallboard and method and apparatus for making the same
Article comprising vertically nano-interconnected circuit devices and method for making the same
Adhesion strength testing using a depth-sensing indentation technique
Method and apparatus for dispensing airborne materials for controlling pests
Method for the simultaneous modernization of a plant for ammonia production and a plant for urea pro...
Method for leaching zinc concentrate in atmospheric conditions
Method for synthesizing n-type diamond having low resistance
Light, extruded compositions containing a light, extrudable, ceramic carrier, methods for their use,...
Method for operating direct current metal halogen arc lamp circuit pertaining thereto
Method for improving the osteointegration of osseus fixing implants
Internal combustion engine
System and method for plasma separation and measurement
Tightly coupled porphyrin macrocycles for molecular memory storage
Cleaning wipes
Data writing/reading apparatus
Radiopaque markers and methods of using the same
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Process and system for operating magnetron discharges
System and method for monitoring a condition of a vehicle tire
Dispensing mechanism for pressurized container
Detection and quantitation of single nucleotide polymorphisms, DNA sequence variations, DNA mutation...
Apparatus and method for containing semiconductor chips to identify known good dies
Radio wave propagation prediction method using urban canyon model
Gas filter, method for producing a gas filter and use of said gas filter
Intumescent laminates with high heat transfer resistance
Matte coextruded nylon film for book covers
Organically post-treated pigments and methods for their production
Genes encoding sulfate assimilation proteins
High purity, clear, light stable, formaldehyde-free preservative compositions containing a compound ...
Inkjet printing head with oval flexible cable configured to be received within oval hollow portion
Solid fuel burner for a heating apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Disposable shoe cover
Air bag assemblies with foamed energetic igniters
Small charge blasting apparatus including device for sealing pressurized fluids in holes
Ammunition-feeding device for a cannon
Liquid-crystal panel of polymer dispersed type and method of manufacturing the same
Through bond energy transfer in fluorescent dyes for labelling biological molecules
Use of .alpha.-linolenic acid metabolites for treatment or prevention of cancer
Cytotoxic agents comprising taxanes and their therapeutic use
2-benzimidazolylamine compounds as ORL-1-receptor agonists
Fire door core
Geranium Plant Named `Fisom`
Pattern formation method
Flexible membrane for tunable fabry-perot filter
System for controlling a process for interconnection of optical fibers including fuzzy logic control...
Halogen incandescent lamp with clamping saddles
System, method and article of manufacture to optimize inventory and merchandising shelf space utiliz...
Eyebrow shaping and waxing template
Serpentine transmembrane antigens expressed in human cancers and uses thereof
Nucleic acids encoding a lymphocyte surface receptor that binds CAML
Active matrix display device having at least two transistors having LDD region in one pixel
Meta substituted arylalkylamines and therapeutic and diagnostic uses therefor
Method of hard tissue repair
Molecular recognition at surfaces derivatized with self-assembled monolayers
Phthalocyanine and use of phthalocyanine as a marking agent
Method of evaluation of skin conditioning-ameliorating agents and method of producing compositions f...
Silsesquioxane polymers, method of synthesis, photoresist composition, and multilayer lithographic m...
Silicone polymer diol compositions and condensation polymer/silicone polymer blends
Interior trim for automobile
Fuel hose
Free flowing fat compositions
Ink bottle
Polycarbonate electrolyte, the preparation thereof and polymer lithium batteries containing the same
Long cycle-life alkali metal battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Alkali-metal-.beta.- and .beta."-alumina and gallate polycrystalline ceramics and fabrication by a v...
Film for a separator of electrochemical apparatus, and production method and use thereof
Sol-casting of molten carbonate fuel cell matrices
Desk set
Beta-alumina solid electrolyte and process for production thereof
Rechargeable positive electrodes
Beta-alumina solid electrolyte
Long life NA/NiCl.sub.2 cells
Magnesia-based beta alumina sintered bodies and a process for producing the same
Electrochemical cell
Alkali metal battery
Process for utilizing external handwriting recognition for personal data assistants
Drive power control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Automatic drive control system
Control system for a hybrid vehicle
Preventing the collision of a vehicle with an obstacle
Electronic throttle/brake control system for monitorized wheel hub
Mobile type X-ray apparatus
Weight sensor for vehicle occupant
Motorized swim fin
Boat steering torque compensator
Self-propelled boat launch vehicle
Apparatus and method for windlocking a building opening
Ship to platform transformer
Explosion prevention system for internal turret mooring system
Wind-powered air/water interface craft having various wing angles and configurations
Process for obtaining aminopolyamide-epichlorohydrin resins with a 1,3-dichloro-2-propanol content w...
Control of microbial populations in the gastrointestinal tract of animals
Method of detecting shigella and shigella mxiM DNA
Method of absorbing grease during cooking
Process and device for preparing meals
Method of preserving foods using noble gases
Method and apparatus for controlling the blending of drinks
Method for cutting a seat in the setting of stones in jewelry
Novelty item and product sample card with video or audio device carrier
Top surface of a gemstone setting
Combined ring sizer and gemstone measuring device
Top surface of a gemstone setting
Crown of a round facetted gemstone
Electronic devices with dielectric compositions and method for their manufacture
Inorganic ion receptor active compounds
Surface treatment agent for steel material
Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
Stainless steel powder
Controllable variable magnetic field apparatus for flow control of molten steel in a casting mold
Fluid-fuel furnace burner for iron and steel products
Steel cord with polymer core
Steel guard rail highway blockout safety delineator
Methods for making contact device for making connection to an electronic circuit device and methods ...
Hard surface cleaner containing nonionic surfactants
Receiver and program updating method
Method of making link directive file and tool for making link directive file
System and method for rendering content received via the internet and world wide web via delegation ...
System and method for program verification and optimization
Method for optimizing array bounds checks in programs
Distributed processing for control of a telecommunications network
Retargetable information process system
Constructing method for underground continuous double-row walls and the structure of continuous doub...
Structural panel system
Prefabricated building system
Building construction panels and method thereof
Insulated wall and components therefor
Insulated masonry block and wall
Method for concrete building system using composite panels with highly insulative plastic connector
Hearing evaluation device with predictive capabilities
Device for measurement and analysis of brain activity of both cerebral hemispheres in a patient
Method and apparatus for fluorescence imaging of tissue
Miniature spectrometer
Multifunction electrode for neural tissue stimulation
Implantable glucose sensor
Reusable pulse oximeter probe and disposable bandage apparatus
Detection and deterrence of counterfeiting of documents with tokens characteristic color and spacing
Contact type image sensor and information processing apparatus
Color selection method and system for floor, wall, and window coverings
Image processing device
Utilization of caching in image manipulation and creation
Method and apparatus for modeling and reconstruction of halftoned images
Micromachined voltage controlled optical attenuator
Over-molded reflective optical fiber terminal
Long haul single mode waveguide
Optical fiber with core containing chlorine and cladding containing fluorine and a method of manufac...
Laser delivery system with optical fibers having fluid delivery channels
Gold coated signal cable
Composite fiber optic/coaxial electrical cables
Method and system for curriculum delivery
Tuner for digital and analog use
Camera having both silver-salt picture-taking function and electronic-image pickup function
Method and apparatus for superimposing additional information signal to video signal
Method and apparatus for recording a TV signal, method and apparatus for reproducing a TV signal, ap...
Enhancements in radiant energy transducer systems
Photoelectric module device
Pulsed laser thermometer
Motor vehicle headlight having means for selectively emitting a beam for driving on the left or on t...
Vehicle lamp
Vehicle headlight, capable of emitting different types of beams
Display device for an automatic motor vehicle transmission and method of using same
Property address holder
Pressure and temperature responsive switch assembly
Electrochemically stable plasticizer
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of manufacturing negative electrode
Hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode and process for producing same
Fuel cell generation system
Geometry change diffusion tube for metal-air batteries
Eukaryotic layered vector initiation systems for production of recombinant proteins
Method for detecting nucleic acids, detector for nucleic acids and method for producing the same
Alterations in the long QT syndrome genes KVLQT1 and SCN5A and methods for detecting same
Probe-based analysis of heterozygous mutations using two-color labelling
Detection of molecular interactions by reporter subunit complementation
Method for detecting and classifying nucleic acid hybridization
Agonists and antagonists of peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptors
Three-dimensional braided stent
N-hydroxy-2-(Alkyl,Aryl or Heteroaryl sulfanyl, sulfinyl or sulfonyl) 3-substituted alkyl, aryl or h...
Soybean variety 93B26
Process for coating a substrate with a powder paint composition
System and method providing custom attack simulation language for testing networks
Additional information superposition method and video signal outputting apparatus
Dynamic challenge-response authentication and verification of identity of party sending or receiving...
Data copyright management system
Device and method for preventing fraudulent copies of data containing encrypted copy-management info...
Mobile telephones
Information distribution and processing system
Method and apparatus for a livestock data collection and management system
Non-peptidyl moiety-conjugated CD4-gamma2 and CD4-IgG2 immunoconjugates and uses thereof
Human pelota homolog
Secreted protein HLHFP03
Anti-viral triaza compounds and compositions
Nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of tumor gene Int6
Cell lines and viral isolates associated with multiple sclerosis
Methods of fabricating cross-linked biobased materials and structures fabricated therewith
1,3,4-oxadiazine derivatives and their use as pesticides
Molecular regulatory circuits to achieve sustained activation of genes of interest by a single stres...
Metering recycled-tailings stream in combine harvester
Methods and apparatus for electrical connection inspection
Apparatus for converting gray levels of an image, a method thereof, a program storage device thereof...
Column redundancy circuit for semiconductor memory
Semiconductor device allowing switchable use of internal data buses
Transformerless high voltage inverter using a fourth-order impedance network
Crosstalk suppression in a multipath optical amplifier
Optical fiber amplifier and dispersion compensating fiber module for optical fiber amplifier
Flexible protective sleeve
Speaker apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Retractable speaker assembly for a partition
Axially propagating mid and high frequency loudspeaker systems
Dual cone loudspeaker
Active noise control for plug fan installations
Exhaust muffler with stamp formed internal assembly
Packaging spool and process for producing same
Hand held food server package with extended shelf life for perishable foods (salad cup)
Method and device for local clock generation using universal serial bus downstream received signals ...
Cellular construction, in particular supporting or sound insulating construction capable of being gr...
Optical disk reading device using both a decipher key and disk identification information
Resource retrieval over a source network determined by checking a header of the requested resource f...
Estimation and designing supporting apparatus
Method and system for billing on the internet
Distributed execution software license server
System and method for statically detecting potential race conditions in multi-threaded computer prog...
Method and apparatus that utilizes state locks to lock resources
Method and apparatus for network transport independence
Feeder of molten metal for moulds of continuous casting machines
Furnace for the direct reduction of iron oxides
Aluminum-magnesium alloy plate or extrusion
Derivatives of (-)-venlafaxine and methods of preparing and using the same
Bupropion metabolites and methods of use
File updating method capable of updating an operation file without interrupting online processing
Toner for development of electrostatic charge image and method for producing the same
Method and kit for attaching side shields to eyeglass temples
Earplug system
A33 antigen specific immunoglobulin products and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for treating bone deficit conditions
Remedies for thrombocytopenia
Neurturin receptor
Real-time multi-axis gradient distortion correction using an interactive shim set
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and method in the form of a frequency-selective and location...
Method for quantification and representation of in vivo fluid flow using magnetic resonance
Method for resistivity well logging utilizing nuclear magnetic resonance
Amphipatic polycarboxylic chelates and complexes with paramagnetic metals as MRI contrast agents
1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-1,4-diacetic acid derivatives as chelating agents
DNA construct containing Bacillus thuringiensis gene and plants containing it
Automated configuration of computing system using zip code data
Fluorogenic or fluorescent reporter molecules and their applications for whole-cell fluorescence scr...
Hard surface cleaning compositions comprising modified alkylbenzene sulfonates
Bar comprising soap, fatty acid, polyalkylene glycol and protic acid salts in critical ratios and pr...
Device having fecal component sensor
Automatic state consolidation for network participating devices
Methods, systems and computer program products for remote control of a processing system
Data lineage
External data store link for a profile service
Method and apparatus for communicating information over low bandwidth communications networks
Computer conferencing system with real-time multipoint, multi-speed, multi-stream scalability
Skin area detection for video image systems
Ultrasonic transmitting and receiving system for digital communication
Attachment integrated claims system and operating method therefor
Balanced oscillator having a short circuited quarter-wave paired line
Dopamine receptors and genes
Security documents with hidden digital data
System for data dependent voltage bias level
Alpha-2-macroglobulin diagnostic test
Device for cleaning exhaust fumes
Liquid crystal display device
Durable outsole for article of footwear
Tri-closure dispensing top
Hard disk drive actuator pivot with inboard pads and enhanced pivot sleeve thickness for improved se...
Small-sized motor and method of manufacturing the same
Bearing material for porous hydrostatic gas bearing and porous hydrostatic gas bearing using the sam...
Rolling bearing
Roll support frame without housing
Hydrodynamic bearing and method of manufacturing the same
Production method of porous static-pressure air bearing
System bus directory snooping mechanism for read/castout (RCO) address transaction
Optical spectrum analyzer
Interface circuit and optical disk manufacturing system that uses same
Multiple image diffractive device
Method and apparatus for improving spectral efficiency in wavelength division multiplexed transmissi...
Image-shake correcting device having first and second correcting means and control means for proport...
Method for producing 1-menthol
Process for preparing optically active amines and optically active carboxylic acids, and intermediat...
Combined order limit for a group of related transactions in an automated dealing system
Benzenoid derivatives of 15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid and methods of their use in treating dry ey...
Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents in combination with compounds that have FP prostagland...
Compositions for nasal administration
Powder composition, a powder dispersion in oil and a cosmetic composition containing said powder com...
Make-up composition comprising fibers