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Power supply apparatus and method for controlling same in a mobile communication terminal
Adjusting maximum transmit power to maintain constant margin for adjacent channel power rejection
Logic circuit evaluation using sensing latch logic
Efficient multimode power amplifier
Apparatus and method for automatic correction of pole-zero error in a spectroscopy system
Apparatus, and associated method, for selectively modifying characteristics of the receive signal re...
Method and arrangement for attenuating mechanical resonance in a loudspeaker
Noise attenuation panel
Speaker device
Anechoic chamber
Pylon servicing apparatus
Cellular plastic packaging container and assembly comprising such a container and its lid
Bottom structure for collapsible container
Bulk bag with multiple ply walls and a method of forming it from tubular blanks
Scalable visualization for interactive geometry modeling
Enclosure for electrical components installed in locations where a flammable gas or vapor is expecte...
Disposable article having sensor to detect impending elimination of bodily waste
Therapeutic uses for nitric oxide inhibitors
Method for nucleic acid transfection of cells
Method and apparatus for surface profiling of materials and calibration of ablation lasers
Therapeutic method to treat herpes virus infection
Method of promoting skin cell metabolism
Products for topical applications comprising oil bodies
Dentifrice for the mineralization and remineralization of teeth
Thermoplastic fluoropolymer compositions containing hydrogenated plasticizers
Photothermographic materials providing improved image stability and methods of use
Methods for bleaching, opacifying and desensitizing teeth
Use of unsymmetrically substituted triazine derivatives in cosmetic or dermatological preparations f...
Polyoxyalkylene substituted and bridged triazine, benzotriazole and benzophenone derivatives as UV a...
Cosmetic compositions containing substituted amide derivatives
Composition comprising a cinnamic acid derivative and a polyamino polymer
Compositions in solid form comprising an oil and a specific gelling compound, cosmetic treatment pro...
Low cost, corrosion and heat resistant alloy for diesel engine valves
Method of making mg treated iron with improved machinability
Platinum solder
Hydrogen storage alloy and method for preparation thereof
Semi-tension mask of low-expansion Fe-Ni alloy, and color picture tube using the mask
Magnesium injection agent for ferrous metal
Combined and stabilized turf for an athletic field
Programmatic method for reducing cost of control in parallel processes
Weakest precondition analysis
Dynamic use and validation of HTTP cookies for authentication
Software branch prediction filtering for a microprocessor
Web applications interface system in a mobile-based client-server system
Method and system for providing cross-platform remote control and monitoring of facility access cont...
Method for producing an iron melt using iron-containing residual smelting plant materials
Methods to partially reduce a niobium metal oxide and oxygen reduced niobium oxides
Continuous hot rolling mill with metal block conveying apparatus
Treatment of menstrual function
Spirocyclic ketones and their use as tachykinin antagonists
(+)-1-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane, compositions thereof, and uses as an anti-depr...
Treatment of hyperactivity disorders
Three-dimensional tree-structured data display
Communication signal suppressing apparatus and common line signal apparatus capable of reducing work...
Latch for an on-board entertainment system
LCD motor reverse driving with storage capacitors
Motion estimator for a CDMA mobile station
Process for manufacture of in vivo stain composition
Cold isopressing method
Neurturin receptor
Methods of spray-drying a drug and a hydrophobic amino acid
Method of magnetic resonance imaging
Nuclear magnetic resonance logging with azimuthal resolution
MRI contrast media recognizing minor environmental changes
Method, system, and computer program product for modified blending between clip-map tiles
Using a fast AGC as part of SIR calculation
2-decarboxy-2-phosphinico Prostaglandin F analogs
Liquid detergent compositions comprising polymeric suds enhancers
Electric toothbrush
Communication network having a plurality of bridging nodes which transmit a beacon to terminal nodes...
Method of physical radio channel power control
Method and apparatus for trunked radio repeater communications with backwards compatibility
Flexible radio access and resource allocation in a universal mobile telephone system
Production of 6-aminocaproic acid
Glycol dispersion of inorganic powder, process for producing the same, and polyester composition con...
Perovskite-type metal oxide compounds and methods of making and using thereof
Calibrator material for instruments which measure interferents in serum and plasma specimens
Laser marking of articles
Production of alcoholates
Molecular weight control in olefin polymerization
Delamination-resistant laminated glass structures
Organoboron waste stream treatment using hydrogen peroxide
Binders for use in cathodic electrodeposition coatings, process for their preparation and cathodic e...
High-availability super server
Mechanisms for converting address and data signals to interrupt message signals
Flag-controlled arbitration of requesting agents
Method and apparatus for initializing a computer interface
Active server management
Doll having internal religious image
Ice cream bar bank
Container for saving coins
Wedding canopy
Cremation urn lid
Portable lifting apparatus
Hose reel cart
Image reader incorporated in electro-developing type camera and electro-developing recording medium ...
Data imprinting system for camera
Camera with magnetic recording device
Counting device preferably picture counting device for a camera and camera with picture counting dev...
Piezoelectric transducer and electrophoretic ink display apparatus using piezoelectric transducer
Multi-wavelength cross-connect optical switch
Magnetically-controllable, semi-active haptic interface system and apparatus
Etching method and etching device
Microlens array, a manufacturing method therefor, and a display device using the microlens array
Interchangeable equipment carrier sling/waist belt
System for dedicating a host processor to running one of a plurality of modem programs and dedicatin...
Pesticidal proteins
Heat dissipation and thermal indication for wheel set assembly
Motor main shaft provided with fast cooling means
Triboligical performance of thermoplastic composites via thermally conductive material and other fil...
Ball screw
Method and apparatus for applying pre-load to the bearing structure of a drive shaft that is directl...
Rolling element bearing with improved rolling contact surfaces
Housing device for a ball-type rolling bearing and associated rolling bearing
Laser beam apparatus for adjusting telescopic gun sights
Image sensing operator input device
Ammunition magazine for use in a firearm adapted for firing non-impact detonated cartridges
Training projectile using shape memory alloy members
Lightweight fragmentation resistant body armor configuration
Ammunition holder
Underwater strobe light control circuitry
Bend limiting device for cables
Chase me system
Chromogenic glazing for automobiles and display filters
Haptic authoring
Photographing box
Generation computer with program-in-chips (PIC)
Sprocket equipped with cushion body
Method and apparatus for tracking multi-threaded system area network (SAN) traffic
Method and apparatus for optically interconnecting a plurality of devices
Double hermetic package for fiber optic cross connect
Channel-switched tunable laser for DWDM communications
Sub-nanosecond passively q-switched microchip laser system
Optical pick-up apparatus
Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus based on tracking control of irradiated light
Stable medicinal compositions containing 4,5-epoxymorphinan derivatives
Cloning and recombinant production of vespid venom enzymes, such as phospholipase and hyaluronidase,...
C-4 specific sulfotransferase
Developer compositions and processes
Cool ice service templates
Electric continuously variable transmission
Artificial satellite equipped with generators of magnetic and aerodynamic moments and control proces...
Fixed-location method of musical performance and a musical instrument
Inflatable security device
Radiolucent position locating device and drill guide
17-side chain alkynyl-and 20-oxopregna-derivatives of vitamin D, methods for their production and ph...
Processing machine with lockdown rotor
System and method for increasing dual FIR filter efficiency
Self moderated virtual communities
Scalable system for clustering of large databases
Intelligent device having background caching of web pages from a digital television broadcast signal...
Method for generating a footprint image file for an intelligent backup and restoring system
Message service system that provides flexible route control and user interface adaption
Method and apparatus for load balancing of web cluster farms
Apparatus, method & computer program product for client/server computing with client selectable loca...
Antifungal proteins
Crystalline dibenzothiazepine derivative and its use as an antipsychotic agent
Hemerocallis plant named `Calypso Queen`
Bandgap circuit
Method and system for providing walking instructions with route guidance in a navigation program
Apparatus and methods for authentication using partially fluorescent graphic images and OCR characte...
Bicycle theft protection system
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Adjustable pedal drive mechanism
Manual air pump having at least two selectable inflation modes
Method and system to provide an action control point master gatekeeper
Communication method and apparatus that employs facsimile to electronic mail conversion through a co...
Method of using memories in aid of vehicle navigation
Acoustic guide for audio transducers
Dual mode communication device
Extended speed range operation of permanent magnet brushless machines using optimal phase angle cont...
Seat belt system
Apparatus for controlling behavior of vehicle
Control apparatus of electric power steering system
Method for forming a semiconductor device
Cap for a hermetically sealed container
Optical systems and methods for rapid screening of libraries of different materials
Optical system with improved durability for projection exposure apparatus and method for manufacturi...
Liquid management member for absorbent articles
Mother mold-forming silicone rubber composition and mother mold
Flip-chip type semiconductor device underfill
Electrophotographic apparatus
Electroluminescence device, electroluminescence apparatus, and production methods thereof
Active matrix display
Level conversion circuit as well as semiconductor device and display unit comprising the same
Efficient solid-state light emitting device with excited phosphors for producing a visible light out...
Organic electroluminescent device with high resistance inorganic hole injecting layer
Method and apparatus for reading and recording image information
Active matrix electroluminescent display devices
Method of manufacturing an electrical interconnection of a semiconductor device using an erosion pro...
Energy meter with instrumentation systems and methods
Packet-based integrated circuit dynamic random access memory device incorporating an on-chip row reg...
Tape printing apparatus and method of forming print image for tape
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with threshold control
Coin processing method and apparatus
Weighing, packaging and inspecting system
Lens shutter camera
System for protecting information stored in a storage apparatus assembled into an equipment when the...
Data transmitting apparatus, data transmitting method, data receiving apparatus, data receiving meth...
Synchronization technique and method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving coded signals
System, method and article of manufacture for transmitting messages within messages utilizing an ext...
Method for user identity protection
Step stool
Printing systems and methods
Arcuate surface apparatus design method
Xerographic development system, method for determining when the developer material supply should be ...
Powered staple remover and a document reproduction machine having same
Hypermedia document authoring using a goals outline and a presentation outline
Method and apparatus for segmenting data to create mixed raster content planes
Inbred corn plant NL054B and seeds thereof
Soybean cultivar 9472569612612
Plants with modified stamen cells
Transformation method for plants
Composition containing inorganic porous crystals-hydrophilic macromolecule composite and product mad...
Shrub rose plant named `POULtumb`
Demonstrator for new automotive technologies
Programmable vehicle model
Interactive computer-based training system and method
Apparatus and a method for automatically erasing a blackboard
Educational homeroom for providing user specific educational tools and information
Universal shampoo indentification logo
Adhesive tape
Fantasy internet sports game
Single chip networking device with enhanced memory access co-processor
Vehicle wheel alignment adjustment method
Active substance and composition inhibiting tumorous proliferation in ectoderm derived tissues
Method and apparatus for displaying higher color resolution on a hand-held LCD device
Disc-like plastic body with inlay portion
Goal assembly
Method and apparatus for playing blackjack with a three card poker wager ("21+3")
Game apparatus and method
Damping device in microwave oven
Cycolalkylated B-glucoside
Process for producing dip-formed rubber article
Water-in-oil type silicone emulsion compositions
Foamable rubber composition and foamed rubber
Pattern generator with improved address resolution
Heat sink for hand-held, high power laser
Divider means
Label and/or form for special service mailing and a method of assembling a mailpiece requiring speci...
Floating vessel for deep water drilling and production
Seawater circulating system
Folding kayak
Versatile buoyancy, attitude, hover, and glide control system for undersea vehicles
Combined foam and inflatable collar assemblies for watercraft
Collar assembly for watercraft
Explicit route and multicast tree setup using label distribution
Method and apparatus for detecting and recovering from data corruption of a database via read preche...
Internet to voice mail messaging
Automatic retraining of a speech recognizer while using reliable transcripts
Method and system for overhead message updates
High priority and/or emergency overload access control system
Yitterbium laser system
Method for die separation of a wafer by ion implantation
Two-color hologram recording/reproducing apparatus
II-VI semiconductor component having at least one junction between a layer containing Se and a layer...
Colloids comprising amorphous borosilicate
Combined en bloc staining and embedding process
Method and device for stabilizing the scale factor of a fiber optic gyroscope
Method and apparatus for uploading, indexing, analyzing, and searching media content
Portable-PC audio system with digital-audio links to external audio in a docking station
Cryptographic method and apparatus for restricting access to transmitted programming content using p...
Wireless multimedia carrier system
Multimedia computer and television apparatus
Dynamic alloy wire valve for a multimedia linked scent delivery system
Clamping ring for connecting cylindrical units of missiles
Anti-rotation clip
Aerodynamic component with a leading edge flap
System and method for manipulating and controlling fluid flow over a surface
System for maintaining precomputed views
Device, system and method for preventing collapse of the upper airway
Vinylidene fluoride copolymer for gel-form solid electrolyte formation, solid electrolyte, and batte...
Charging unit, a manufacturing method thereof, a charging device using the charging unit, and a tran...
Process and apparatus for the destructive distillation of rubber
Synthesis of styrene-butadiene rubber
Resin composition
Method for preparing polyorganosiloxanes (POS) with thiol functions, POS obtainable by this method a...
Process for the conversion of mixed plastic waste
Toy vehicle with variable drive and variable speed
Corporate disclosure and repository system utilizing inference synthesis as applied to a database
Monomers for preparing arylamine-substituted poly(arylene-vinylenes)
Hemoglobin genes and their use
Horse endothelin-B receptor gene and gene products
Methods of fabricating integrated circuit ferroelectric capacitors including tensile stress applying...
Single-chip audio circuitry, method, and systems using the same
Mammalian toxicological response markers
Process for preparing polysaccharides with alkyl-aryl hydrophobes and latex compositions containing ...
Semiconductor laser structure with an increased catastrophic optical damage level
System using leo satellites for centimeter-level navigation
Alignment key formed on the substrate of the liquid crystal display device
Ventilated footwear assembly
Hamamelis mollis plant named `5473`
Method and apparatus for sharing music content between devices
One-twelfth wavelength impedence matching transformer
Envelope having nested rings
Process for producing folded, bound printed products, and the printed product produced
Lateral tunnel thruster propeller control method and system
Sail furling system
E-mail signature block analysis
System for transmitting data between circuit boards in a housing
Code division multiple access communication with enhanced multipath diversity
Battery charging system for portable electronic devices
RF filter architecture supporting simultaneous filtered reception of A and B bands of the cellular r...
Method of manufacturing a patterned light emitting diode devices
Method of making colloidal silica
Hemostatically active aerosol composition of polyanhydroglucoronic acids and its salts
Inhalation type drug dispenser
Method for estimating parasitic capacitance coupled to signal line longer than critical length at hi...
Apparatus and method for providing list and read list capability for a host computer system
Single stage process for converting oxygenates to gasoline and distillate in the presence of undimen...
Process for forming silicon LC pixel cell having planar alignment layers of uniform thickness
System and method for adapting a PC-based application to an automated format
Cells for the electrowinning of aluminium having dimensionally stable metal-based anodes
Efficient database for die-per-wafer computations
System and method for detecting patterns or objects in a digital image
Method, system and computer program product for visually approximating scattered data using color to...
Synthesis of 4-phenylbutyric acid
Optical resolution of aminoisobobutyric acid
.beta.-sheet mimetics and methods relating to the use thereof
Immunoassay for determining the avidity of immunoglobulins
Canine coronavirus S gene and uses therefor
Method of producing specific immunoglobin to block HCV infection
Image distortion correcting device
Methods of surveying for CC (Beta) chemokine receptor variants and their association with HIV-1 tran...
Reflection type liquid crystal display element
Communication cable containing novel filling material in buffer tube
Light transmitting/receiving module
Optical device
Phase dependent splitter/combiner 4-port coupler device
Process for the production of (-) 3,4-divanillyl tetrahydrofuran
Maleated liquid C5 hydrocarbon resins
Solvent based interactive polymeric compositions containing a substantially non-gelled polymeric com...
Esterification catalysts
Separating method, method for transferring thin film device, thin film device, thin film integrated ...
Swabbing means and methods of use
Tie ligands
UV-photoprotecting sunscreen compositions comprising immixture of polyethylene/carboxylated polyethy...
Polysaccharides with alkyl-aryl hydrophobes and latex compositions containing same
Dithiocarbonate composition
Microgel-containing rubber mixtures with masked bi-functional mercaptans and vulcanization products ...
Use of aqueous film-forming preparations based on copolymers of methacrylic acid alkyl esters for co...
Nail varnish comprising an aqueous polymer dispersion
Capillary electrophoresis method and apparatus for reducing peak broadening associated with the esta...
Hair treatment compositions with polymers made from unsaturated saccharides, unsaturated saccharic a...
Histochemical labeling stain for myelin in brain tissue
Carbon fluoride composite material and process for preparation of same
Process for oxidizing the H2S contained at low concentration in a gas directly to sulphur by catalyt...
Carbon fiber manufacturing via plasma technology
Polymeric ligands, polymeric metallocenes, catalyst systems, preparation, and use
Reducing undesired polymerization in the basic wash unit of hydrocarbon cracking process
Sulfamato hydroxamic acid metalloprotease inhibitor
Offshore caisson having upper and lower sections separated by a structural diaphragm and method of i...
Optical pickup information reproducing apparatus and information recording apparatus
Microelectromechanical liquid metal current carrying system, apparatus and method
Mercury lamp of the short arc type having specific relationship with various dimensions of the bulb ...
Transparent optical device and fabrication method thereof
Alkaline sorbent injection for mercury control
Probe for machine tools with a tool spindle
System and method for generating hierarchical forward knowledge
System and method for differential compression of data from a plurality of binary sources
Natural-language information processor with association searches limited within blocks
Data merging techniques
Shared intelligence automated access control system
Consumable authentication protocol and system
Apparatus and a method for variable size pages using fixed size translation lookaside buffer entries
Gesture synthesizer for electronic sound device
Method for inducing DNA synthesis in neurons
Glucose responsive .beta.-cell line
Nectarine tree named `Burnectwo`
Agapanthus plant named `Snowstorm`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ovation Red`
Climbing rose variety `POULnorm`
Apple tree named `Rankin Red`
Digital subscriber line server system and method for dynamically changing bit rates in response to u...
Method and apparatus for storing and retreiving business contact information in computer system
Data network communications
Railway wheel counter and block control systems
Method and mechanism for retrieving values from a database
Method for extracting multiresolution watermark images to determine rightful ownership
Embedding watermarks into compressed video data
Sign kiosk assembly
Processing of developing film and sending reprints
Photo kiosk for electronically creating, storing and distributing images, audio, and textual message...
Thermal processing system and method including a kiosk
High temperature flame retardant insulation compositions stabilized with zinc salt/secondary amine c...
Polymer composition
Cloning of UDP-galactose epimerase
Coating for paper products
Torque based cam timing control method and system
Control method of an internal combustion engine
Toy having remote control device and remote controlled model vehicle
Hand driven toy
Automated doll with a set of light emitted Christmas decorations
Plush animal figure having moving ears and nose
Method and arrangement for implementing convolutional decoding
Molded pen cap with biasing clip
Method and system for monitoring telecommunications traffic
Processing data signals
Combined game system
Motion pinball game
Method for crediting a player of an electronic gaming device
Transportation arrangement system and transportation arrangement apparatus
Vehicle guidance method for navigation system
Points of interest for a navigation system
Public transit vehicle arrival information system
Debugger thread identification points
Gyrating programmable scanner
Optimizing the operation of an equipment control system using one or more servers
Rotisserie cradle
Geranium plant named `Free Burgundy`
Floribunda rose plant named `Meimonblan`
Verbena plant named `Scarlena`
Strawberry plant named `Canterbury`
Jamesbrittenia plant named `Yagepin`
Shrub rose plant named `POULbut`
Jamesbrittenia plant named `Yagero`
Cosmetic composition, in particular a make-up composition, comprising a pigment derived from pyrrolo...
Method and apparatus for controlled contraction of collagen tissue
Method for controlled contraction of collagen in fibrous septae in subcutaneous fat layers
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising novel benz-x-azole-substituted silane/siloxane suns...
4-hydroxyisothiazole compounds
Photoprotective cosmetic composition containing an anionic surfactant, compounds for screening out u...
Container for storing and dispensing cosmetic stick products
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and...
Collision arbitration method and apparatus for reading multiple radio frequency identification tags
Complex oxide having high seebeck coefficient and high electric conductivity
Process for dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene
Dispersible compositions containing L-DOPA ethyl ester
System for controlling movement of a vehicle
Methods for the synthesis of .alpha.- hydroxy-.beta.-amino acid and amide derivatives
Data processing system for managing chemical product usage
Computer and a bus structure for switching the I/O slot connection
RF coil array for vertical field MRI
Abdominal exercise device
Pill counter and method of counting pills
Method for quantitative measurement of fluorescent and phosphorescent drugs within tissue utilizing ...
Method and system for converting expertise based on document usage
Tubing for lining pipes and method for producing the same
Application of protein structure predictions
Method and apparatus for generating user-specified reports from radius information
Media server interconnect architecture
In vivo tissue engineering with biodegradable polymers
Attitude estimation in tiltable body using modified quaternion data representation
Test mode circuit capable of surely resetting test mode signals
Metallocene compositions
Single-site catalysts for olefin polymerization
Method and system for attaching customized indexes to periodicals
Insulation protection tape
Writing instrument
Osteoporosis compounds
Biosensor array comprising cell populations confined to microcavities
Method of handling macro components in circuit design synthesis
Activated carbon free absorbent articles having a silica and zeolite odor control system
Digital signal reproducing apparatus
Bag support for golf pull-cart
CAF1-related protein
1,3 butylene glycol of high purity and method for producing the same
Electrolyte composition, photoelectric conversion device and photo-electrochemical cell
Method for functionalizing a polymer and preparing copolymers and terpolymers
Signal capture and distribution system
Compositions and methods involving an essential Staphylococcus aureus gene and its encoded protein
Phenethyl-5-bromopyridlythiourea (PBT) and dihydroalkoxybenzyloxopyrimidine (DBABO) derivatives exhi...
Polynucleotide vaccine formula in particular against bovine respiratory pathology
Oligonucleotide mediated nucleic acid recombination
Recombinant alphavirus particles
Heterophil-adapted poultry vaccine
DNA encoding a novel homolog of CSBP/p38 MAP kinase
Production of pathogen resistant plants
Apparatus and method for analyzing the amount of chemical substrates in a liquid
Biodegradable polymers chain-extended by phosphates, compositions, articles and methods for making a...
Methods and compositions for organ decellularization
Submucosa extracts
Synchronous semiconductor memory device with multi-bank configuration
Bank conflict avoidance in multi-bank DRAMS with shared sense amplifiers
Output data path scheme in a memory device
System and method for analyzing a medical image
Portable telephone set and communications system incorporating same
Ear-mounted headset device
Loudspeaker systems
Cover for marine generators
Soundproofing material and the use thereof
Silencer with internal rain diverter
Baffle plate of discharge muffler for hermetic reciprocating compressor
System and method for a combined rotatable mechanical and electrical speaker mounting system
Subterranean boring machine
Method of assaying downhole occurrences and conditions
Trusted agent for electronic commerce
Method for making a wall in the ground and drilling element used therewith
Electrode seal for arc furnace
Integrated die cast
Pressure wire drawing tool with detachable pressure and drawing dies
Method of treating sexual dysfunction
Treatment of pain
Treatment of gallstones
Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome
Cycloalkyl-substituted aryl-piperazines, piperidines and tetrahydropyridines as serotonergic agents
Intelligent software components for virtual worlds
Parallel to serial asynchronous hardware assisted DSP interface
Fluorine-containing resin-coated pressure roller and heat-fixing device
Precision reference generation system and method
Apparatus for improving gas distribution in a prepurifier
System and method for dynamically modifying an install-set
Electronic translator for assisting communications
Implements comprising highly durable foam materials derived from high internal phase emulsions
Substituted six-membered heterocyclic compounds useful for treating multidrug resistance and composi...
Wrinkle reduction laundry product compositions
Detergent component or composition with protective coating
Nonaqueous detergent compositions containing enzymes
Detergent compositions comprising a mannanase and a protease
Bioactive peptides, uses thereof and process for the production of same
Compact quick-cooking oven
Cooking appliance with infrared sensor having movable field of view
Serving and transport receptacle
Nutritional product for a person having renal failure
Glass water ball structure
Means and method for a synchronous network communications system
Internet priority call device
Hybrid microelectromechanical system tunable capacitor and associated fabrication methods
Accounting system in a network
Method and apparatus for providing sessions for computer-based quizzes
Method of simulation for gate oxide integrity check on an entire IC
Fabric venetian blind and method of fabrication
System and method for providing a low power receiver design
Industrial position sensor
Saw resonator filter with bridged-T configuration
Plasma enhanced chemical processing reactor and method
Method for producing remotely a display device storing one or more audio messages
Therapeutic ankle & foot apparatus having a contact sensor mechanism
Cache with access to a moving two-dimensional window
Caching associative memory
System to implement a cross-bar switch of a broadband processor
Classification of biological agents according to the spectral density signature of evoked changes in...
Seat belt control device
Automatically-actuated cargo and personnel scooping apparatus with techniques for alleviating the ef...
Compilation of embedded language statements in a source code program
Method for processing and reproducing audio signal
Cellular encoding using typed development operators
Cartilage grafting
Method, computer program product, and system for separating connection management functionality from...
Water filled ballasts for swing sets
1-(4-sulfamylaryl)-3-substituted-5-aryl-2-pyrazolines and inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2
Device and method for delivering various transparent substrates into a high-precision measuring inst...
Ion exchanged aluminum-magnesium silicate or fluorinated magnesium silicate aerogels and catalyst su...
Method and apparatus for determination of a substance coexisting with another substance
Methods and apparatus for determining mineral components in sheet material
Method of manufacturing flexible display with transfer from auxiliary substrate
Envelope assembly having registration lines
Combination sample dispenser and order form device
Index print for use in a positive sleeving system for photographic negatives
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire formed using the rubber composition
Immunosuppressive effects of administration of a cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor and a 5-lipoxygenase inh...
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Tumor demarcation using optical spectroscopy
Automatic word completion system for partially entered data
Method and device to feed premixed gas to tuyeres of electric arc furnaces
Neural network system for estimating conditions on submerged surfaces of seawater vessels
Game screen display control method and character movement control method
Portable punching balloon support
Portable game apparatus with acceleration sensor and information storage medium storing a game proga...
Gaming device displaying an exhibition for replacing video reels
Interactive gaming system and process
Method and apparatus for implementing in video a secondary game responsive to player interaction wit...
Game system, computer-readable storage medium, and storage device for use in a card game
Pharmaceutical compositions having appetite suppressant activity
Methods for treating alopecia
Non-hazardous pest control
Aqueous miticide compositions containing benzyl benzoate
Hydroxy-substituted N-alkoxy hindered amines and compositions stabilized therewith
Expert system knowledge-deficiency reduction through automated database updates from semi-structured...
Aerosol valve assembly for spraying viscous materials or materials with large particulates
Mammalian transgenesis by intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Methods of hydrating mammalian skin comprising oral administration of a defined composition
Multi-purpose acid compositions
Production of gold decorative items
Jacketed projectile with a hard core
Viterbi decoding using single-wrong-turn correction
Software installation and validation using custom actions
Secure printing
Garment stain removal product which uses sonic or ultrasonic waves
Nucleic acids encoding EMF1 that control reproductive development in plants
Plant seedling and embryo promoter
Starches via modification of expression of starch biosynthetic enzyme genes
Plants having resistance to multiple herbicides and its use
Debugger thread synchronization control points
Process and system for treating material containing noxious components
Desalting and purification of oligosaccharides and their derivatives
Zirconia sol, process of making and composite material
Method of producing a porous paste, especially a porous plaster slurry, and a mixer for preparing su...
Catalyst for preparation of synthesis gas and process for preparing carbon monoxide
Nonlinear optical silica material and nonlinear optical device
Optical device with negative thermal expansion substrate and uses therefor
Optical component coating
Prism and viewing optical system using the prism
Galvano mirror unit
Organosilicon-modified charge transporting compound and curable composition containing the compound ...
Oligosiloxane and method of preparing same
High-refractive-index optical silicone oil and high-refractive-index optical silicone oil mixture
Device for displaying multiple scenes animated by sequences of light
System for assessing performance of computer systems
Local upstream hub for one-way cable system data/video/services requests
Indexing multimedia communications
Video server content synchronization
Address mapping in home entertainment network
Methods for producing droplets for use in capsule-based electrophoretic displays
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device with row redundancy circuit and method for relieving failed ...
Magnetic element with improved field response and fabricating method thereof
Gallium nitride semiconductor light emitting element with active layer having multiplex quantum well...
Production of high purity meta-xylene
GPS guided ground-clearing apparatus and method
Signal line driving circuit with self-controlled power dissipation
Waterproof type lens-equipped film unit and method of assembling the same
X-ray tubes and x-ray systems having a thermal gradient device
Online system and method for providing composite entertainment and health information
Human RNase H and compositions and uses thereof
Integrated proxy interface for web based data management reports
Resonant bio-assay device and test system for detecting molecular binding events
Process for production of paraxylene
Data backup device and method for use with a computer, and computer-readable recording medium having...
Collaborative framework with shared objects
Pipelined method and apparatus for processing communication metering data
Apparatus and method for microwave imaging and excavation of objects
Controling elements of a telecommunications network
Three-stone, heart-shaped setting for diamonds and gemstones
System for seamless streaming of data stored on a network of distributed primary and target servers ...
Semiconductor integrated circuit supervising an illicit address operation
Portable optical scanning and pointing systems
Naphthyoxyalkyl(meth)acrylates with high refractive indices and low glass transition temperatures
Use of Ce/Zr mixed oxide phase for the manufacture of styrene by dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene
Method for making an oxirane
Process control
Pipecolic acid derivatives for vision and memory disorders
Method and apparatus for performing frame processing for a network
Method for separating arteries and veins in 3D MR angiographic images using correlation analysis
Piperidine compounds
Method for non-invasive measurement of an analyte
Search system and method for retrieval of data, and the use thereof in a search engine
Method and apparatus for evolving a plurality of versions of a configuration bitstream in parallel
System and method for testing a microprocessor with an onboard test vector generator
Method and system for testing cluster circuits in a boundary scan environment
Controller for scan distributor and controller architecture
Holding device for rods and the like
Spincast fishing reel
Leash and collar having quick connect/disconnect connector with disconnect control in handle
Tangle free pet restraint
Animal restraining device
Kennel stroller
Tool guide for a surgical tool
Integral gamma-ray camera and compression member
System and method for computer input of dynamic mental information
Real-time MR image subtraction and reconstruction
Patient table in combination with biomedical apparati like magnetic resonance imaging machine
Method of providing radiation therapy to the head of a patient
Method for planning the generation of combinatorial chemistry libraries method for planning the gene...
Method for management and documentation of contact points of a wiring network
Machinable glass-ceramics
Method for enhancing the color of minerals useful as gemstones
Oval-shaped gemstone arrangement
Isoprenoid pathway inhibitors for stimulating bone growth
Agents and methods for inhibiting F1/F0 ATPase
Surface-treated steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Process for the manufacture of decorative stainless steel articles
Ferrite-based thin steel sheet excellent in shape freezing feature and manufacturing method thereof
Weaving machine member made of an abrasion-resistant steel
Pearlitic steel railroad rail
Method for controlling structure of two-phase steel
Method of judging slag forming state in electric furnace steel production and method of operating el...
Automated test generator
Method and device for sensing impedance respiration
R-wave detector circuit for sensing cardiac signals
Transtelephonic monitoring of multi-channel ECG waveforms
Signal acquisition and processing system for reduced output signal drift in a spectrophotometric ins...
Data encoding scheme
Data inputting device
Method for archiving master images by digital image data processing
Synchronous DRAM bandwidth optimization for display downsizing of an MPEG-2 image
Iteratively building displacement maps for image warping
Methods and systems for detecting the edges of objects in raster images using diagonal edge detectio...
Method for determining optimum pressure for forming a bubble in liquid
Optical fiber holder
Lead frame, optical module, and a method of optical module
Wave guides and material comprising wave guides and its applications
Dispersion Managed optical fiber transmission-line
Two dimensional fiber optic output array
Optical fiber cable and core with a reinforced buffer tube having visible strength members and metho...
Integrated remote controlled computer and television system
Communication terminal apparatus
Reproducing apparatus for processing recording date-and-time information
Reduced microprocessor apparatus and method for device control system using impedance isolating expa...
Image-sensor emulating device
High powered tri-mode light show
Warning light synchronization
Power supply to xenon ARC lamp interface
Circuit assembly for inclusion within fluorescent lamp
Lamp structure for lamp strings
Indefinitely reusable candle
Light source device using optical fibers
Multimedia search and indexing for automatic selection of scenes and/or sounds recorded in a media f...
Quinoline-indole antimicrobial agents, uses and compositions related thereto
Process for the preparation of 3-isothiazolone mixture and composition comprising the mixture
Pigment dispersants having anionic functionality for use in anodic electrocoat compositions
Vibrating transport apparatus and method of detecting vibration characteristic
Process and apparatus for sealing abandoned well bores
Database having an integrated transformation engine using pickling and unpickling of data
On-line database updating network system and method
Method and apparatus for setting a price for a security on an automated exchange based on a comparis...
Single account portable wireless financial messaging unit
Interface with data transmission mode from weighing scale to one or more peripheral devices and mail...
Electrophoretic buss for transport of charged materials in a multi-chamber system
Terminal emulator for interfacing between a communications port and a KVM switch
Object oriented server process framework with implicit data handling registry for remote method invo...
Current-conducting arm for an electric arc furnace
Double-sleeved electrostatographic roller and method of using
Wireless repeater using polarization diversity in a wireless communications system
Luggage cart
Electric steam iron
Nozzle for vacuum cleaner
Head of hand-held vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Kneeling disk
Method and system for adaptive component placement
Method and device for controlling the drive train of a vehicle
Using budgeted required time during technology mapping
Vehicle control apparatus having power source and continuously variable transmission, and control me...
Identifying mismatches between assumed and actual pronunciations of words
Cooling fan failure detection apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Quaternary ammonium salts and their use
Concrete elevation assembly, hollow concrete block, and method of making
Microelectromechanical switch with fixed metal electrode/dielectric interface with a protective cap ...
Removable electronic scale cartridge, and a system and method which uses the scale cartridge to comp...
Susceptorless semiconductor wafer support and reactor system for epitaxial layer growth
Liquid crystal display device
Footwear having a bladder with support members
Shared instruction cache for multiple processors
Upregulation of endogenous prostaglandins to lower intraocular pressure
Control of immune responses by modulating activity of glycosyltransferases
Sustained-release preparation
Drug composition with controlled drug release rate
Method of manufacturing reversible heat-sensitive recording medium and reversible heat-sensitive rec...
Apparatus for processing paper sheets to decolor an image formed thereon
Method of producing liquid toner with metallic sheen
Modular digital data communication cyberstation and cyberserver
Engine mount assembly
Hybrid composites for oxygen propulsion systems
Integrated directory services
Motorized support for imaging means and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Aqueous coating composition comprising an addition polymer and a rheology modifier
Method for applying a conductive paint coating and articles made thereby
Lavender plant named `Bee Happy`
Operation button used for portable apparatus
Multi-density cereal product
Two-way interactive water slide
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Bicyclic compounds
Devices activating an iontophoretic delivery device
Method of integrally forming a bicycle front fork formed from a compound material
Handlebar accelerator for an electrical bicycle
Daylight/nightglow colored phosphorescent plastic compositions and articles
Web response unit including computer network based communication
Real time subscriber billing system and method
Distributed recognition system having multiple prompt-specific and response-specific speech recogniz...
Mobile telephone having a folding antenna
Radio telephone
Vehicle power steering system with digital angle sensing device
Steering device for self-propelled working machines
Powered wheelchair
Wave arrival direction estimating method and antenna apparatus having wave arrival direction estimat...
Contrast agents
Optical intensity modulator and switch comprising the same
Multi-planar volumetric display system and method of operation using three-dimensional anti-aliasing
Metal organic precursors for transparent metal oxide thin films and method of making same
Planar waveguide devices and fiber attachment
AB5-type rare earth transition intermetallic compounds for the negative electrodes of rechargeable b...
Aluminium alloy and extrusion
Nickel-base alloy and article manufactured thereof
Hardfacing alloy, methods, and products
Multi-value semiconductor memory device and reading method thereof
Disk rotating drive mechanism
Optical wavelength division multiplexed interconnect system providing autonomous information selecti...
Synchronous dynamic random access memory
Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus
Load driver circuit
Robot controller with abnormality monitoring function
Legged walking robot
Force feedback user interface for minimally invasive surgical simulator and teleoperator and other s...
Gas turbine component refurbishment apparatus and repair method
Tool connecting device for robot hand
Robot mounted door opener
Sports helmet with full flexible brim
Actuator for independent axial and rotational actuation of a catheter or similar elongated object
Method for facilitating alliance building
Educational tool
Sound comprehending and recognizing system
Method and system for multi-client access to a dialog system
Small vehicle launch platform
Guide device for production risers for petroleum production with a "dry tree semisubmersible" at lar...
Method for displaying internet search results
Internal vortex mechanism for inhaler device
Nasal dilator
Power bus and method for generating power slits therein
Apparatus and methods for providing software updates to devices in a communication network
Polymer and macromolecular solid electrolyte containing the same
Method and apparatus for assigning a confidence level to a term within a user knowledge profile
Method for remote-controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle
Methods for coexpression of more than one gene using at least one internal ribosome entry site (IRES...
Block architecture option circuit for nonvolatile semiconductor memory devices
Semiconductor materials, methods for fabricating semiconductor materials, and semiconductor devices
Process to remove reaction by-products from a selective hydrogenation effluent stream
Zoom camera and adjusting method for field ratio of zoom finder of zoom camera
Multi-beam group electron gun for beam index CRT
Apparatus and process for the separation of liquids and solids
Myeloma cell and ovarian cancer cell surface glycoproteins, antibodies thereto, and uses thereof
Voice recognition for animated agent-based navigation
Directory access method
Initial ordering of tables for database queries
Streaming information appliance with buffer read and write synchronization
Mechanism for determining actual physical topology of network based on gathered configuration inform...
Electronic device, control method thereof and storage medium
Web crawler system using parallel queues for queing data sets having common address and concurrently...
Data processing apparatus and file management method therefor
Method and system for deriving metaclasses in an object oriented system
Distributing system, client, method and medium
High quality streaming multimedia
Software program for routing graphic image data between a source located in a first address space an...
Labelled phosphoinositides and analogues
Proteins related to encapsulation and genes encoding the same
Gene delivery compositions and methods
Cleaning compositions containing multiply-substituted protease variants
Acidic cleaning composition comprising an acidic protease I
Benzoylcyclohexanediones, process for their preparation and their use as herbicides and plant growth...
Conserving storage space by means of low resolution objects
Queuing architecture including a plurality of queues and associated method for scheduling disk acces...
System for providing internet access from locations different from those for which the user's softwa...
Device for determining amount of deployment of an anchor from a rope compartment having an anchor li...
System and method for processing compressed audio data
System and method for printing a document having merged text and graphics contained therein
Removal of gum and chlorophyll-type compounds from vegetable oils
Amylose products as matrix former for programmed release systems, process for preparing these amylos...
Modified starch as a replacement for gelatin in soft gel films and capsules
Water-resistant, viscosity stable, alkaline corrugating adhesive composition
Process for production of purified cane juice for sugar manufacture
Non-linear method of guiding to arbitrary curves with adaptive feedback
Navigation apparatus and medium recording program therefor
Braking force control device
Multi-chambered supercritical fluid extraction cartridge and processes using it
Retro-reflective scan module for electro-optical readers
Adjustable amplitude exerciser with foot cradle
Dye labeled imidazoquinoline compounds
Process for the production of styrene
Method for olefin polymerization with recycling of co-catalyst
Substituted oxygen alicyclic compounds, including methods for synthesis thereof
Synthesis of substituted prolines
Treatments for spinal muscular atrophy
Warming system and method for heating various items utilized in surgical procedures
Method and system for integration of several physical media for data communications between two comp...
Piperidine derivatives as neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibitors
Cryptographic system
Routing string indicative of a location of a database on a web associated with a product in commerce
Method and system for more effective communication of characteristics data for products and services
Device for delivering localized x-ray radiation and method of manufacture
Hierarchical test access port architecture for electronic circuits including embedded core having bu...
Caulk storage and dispensing system with a reusable closure device
Low-temperature, high-strength metal-matrix composite for rapid-prototyping and rapid-tooling
Door mechanism having spring that urges first and second door panels toward closed positions
Airless type dispenser
Isolated human phosphodiesterase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phosphodiesterase p...
Device and method for measuring hay bale moisture
Deck installation system for offshore structures
Device for manufacturing cushions filled with a gaseous medium
Displayable produce container and method for making the same
Paperboard dispenser carton with plastic cutting blade on carton body
Hot-fillable grip container
Conveyor system
Antimicrobial composition for food and beverage products
Printer including a moving image-carrying belt
Twisted pair communications line system
Bacteriochlorins and bacteriopurpurins useful as photoselective compounds for photodynamic therapy a...
Method for treating and preventing hyperparathyroidism
Combination of an agent that binds to the androgen receptor and a bisphosphonic acid in the preventi...
Asymmetric zonal shim coils for magnetic resonance
Residuum rare earth magnet
Magnetic resonance imaging device for operation in external static magnetic fields
Compounds and methods for inhibition of HIV and related viruses
"SLIME" cache coherency system for agents with multi-layer caches
Dynamic assignment of multicast network addresses
Balloon holder
Surface acoustic wave device with a layered conductive film and method of producing the same
Batch fabrication of precision miniature permanent magnets
Method and apparatus for preventing edge deposition
Liquid crystal display device and method of making same
Adjustment system for a garment or other article
Method and apparatus for configuring a memory device and a memory channel using configuration space ...
Memory device and system including a low power interface
User interface for global positioning system receiver
Toothed belt
Optical cross connect utilizing grating-based channel routers
Transverse mode transformer
Apparatus and method for analysis and control of a train of high speed, high power, multi-level lase...
Polymeric phased array
Method for providing improved equalization for the reading of marks on optical data-storage media
Optical scanning device having an improved response characteristic
Variable camber leading edge for an airfoil
Integrated circuit testing
Process and manufacturing tool architecture for use in the manufacturing of one or more protected me...
Single semiconductor wafer processor
Cellular mobile telephone apparatus and an alarm device therefor
Asymmetric data transmission for use in a multi-modulation environment
Resource assignment method according to the data transmission types in wireless local loop system
Interworking function in an internet protocol (IP)-based radio telecommunications network
Process for manufacturing potassium sulfate fertilizer and other metal sulfates
Non-sedating diphenhydramine metabolites
Suspend/resume capability for a protected mode microprocesser
Method of communicating asynchronous elements from a mini-port driver
Transactional configuration store and runtime versus administration isolation with version snapshots...
Method and apparatus for controlling server access to a resource in a client/server system
Graphical interface to select characters representing phonetic articulation and no articulation grou...
Phlox plant named `Barfive`
Thermally protective camera case
Process for producing a linearly-miniaturized densified optical article using a mold having an inter...
Two-stage optical detonator with shock-detonation transition
Single mode oscillator for a laser peening laser
Micromechanical phase-shifting gate optical modulator
Metforimin-containing compositions for the treatment of diabetes
Method and system for analyzing imaging problems
Efficient heating of intermediate transfuse member
Toner agitating and transporting member of a toner cartridge and developing device
Method and apparatus for communication, without a solid medium, among control boards in a printing a...
Method to evaluate the cleaning performance of brush cleaners in an electrophotographic printer
Toner concentration measuring apparatus
Oil recovery system
Method for widening road, superhighway or railway tunnels, without interrupting the traffic
Dispenser unit for non-gaseous flowable material
Method for multiplication in Galois fields using programmable circuits
High barrier amorphous polyamide-clay intercalates, exfoliates, and nanocomposite and a process for ...
Implementing automatic learning according to the K nearest neighbor mode in artificial neural networ...
Angular rate and reaction torque assembly
Method for fabricating a ferroelectric device
GaN semiconductor light emitting device having a group II-VI substrate
Process for the production of at least one isomer of xylenes that comprise an adsorption stage and a...
Multiple-point automatic focusing camera
Recombinant, active caspases and uses thereof
Electronically-indexed solid-phase assay for biomolecules
Immunological herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for use thereof
Electrical interconnection for an electro-hydraulic brake system using wire form buttons
Disposable ventilated face shield and head covering
Lamination adhesives
Method and tower for removing residual monomers
Cold cathode field emitter flat screen display
Methods of using modified natural products as dewatering aids for fine particles
Reflective film material having symmetrical reflection characteristics and method and apparatus for ...
Waveguide based component optical signal power and wavelength detector
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and process for producing the same
Method of preparing hybrid polymers for phase change ink
Thermoplastic blend
Cleaning process and composition using fluorocarbons
Method for manufacturing lithium polymer secondary battery and lithium polymer secondary battery mad...
Layer manufacturing using electrostatic imaging and lamination
Fine grain carriers and medicinal composition prepared with the use of the same
Lyme combination compositions and uses
Chemical mechanical method of polishing wafer surfaces
Coating compositions, a process for their production and their use for coating water-resistant subst...
Aqueous pigmented coating compositions
(Photo) thermographic material with a blue background
Quaternary ammonium compounds, compositions containing them, and uses thereof
Wetted wall vapor/liquid separator
Selective olefin oligomerization
Attrition resistant zeolitic layered catalyst composition and aromatics alkylation process for using...
Feeding device for discharge lamp
Ultraviolet ray-transparent optical glass material and method of producing same
Method for the removal of mercury and nitrogen oxides from combustion flue gas
Process and apparatus for recovery of raw materials from wastes residues
Method and apparatus for measuring scaling capacity of calcium oxalate solutions using an electroche...
Process and device for carrying out a venous plethysmography using compression
Method for performing targeted marketing over a large computer network
Patty loader and method
Valve during apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device
Multi-position variable camshaft timing system actuated by engine oil pressure
Valve timing controller
Arrangement for rotary angle positioning of a camshaft relative to the crank shaft of an internal co...
Electric swayable toy
Interactive talking dolls
Tool for planting flower bulbs and ornamentals
Dielectric ceramic compositions and method of preparation therefor
Nickel powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Rechargeable positive electrodes
Metal fuel cell with movable cathode
Solid electrolyte battery having reduced sized electrodes
Electrode active material and polymer electrolyte matrix composition for lithium ion polymer battery
Rechargeable lithium battery containing a complex sulfide active material
Active material for positive electrode used in lithium secondary battery and method of manufacturing...
Method for manufacturing lead frames and lead frame material for semiconductor device
Multi-layer plated lead frame
Methods for lyophilizing and using ericoid mycorrhizal fungi
Lead frame containing leads plated with tin alloy for increased wettability and method for plating t...
Semiconductor lead frame having multi-layered plating layer including copper-nickel plating layer
Leadframe for integrated circuit package and method of manufacturing the same