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Method and device for processing a thermoplastic condensation polymer
Combination therapy comprising glucose reabsorption inhibitors and retinoid-X receptor modulators
Isolated nucleic acids encoding methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase enzymes
Foam pad and process for production thereof
Separation of floor covering components for recycling
Method for cutting rare earth alloy, method for manufacturing rare earth magnet, and wire-saw machin...
CVD chamber cleaning using mixed PFCs from capture/recycle
Composite for use in the manufacture of transportation vehicle seating trim
Electrical connector incorporating terminals having ultrasonically welded wires
Ultrasonic weld pattern for adsorbent containing package
Package with zipper closure
Stirrup prosthesis
Lighting system and electric power supplier for the same
Learning equipment and learning method, and robot apparatus
Method and apparatus for diagnosing damages of conductive materials
Bone conduction speaker
Optical head and optical pickup having improved thermal coefficient matching for thermal expansion a...
Magnetic switching device and magnetic memory using the same
Switching power supply circuit
Multi-way set associative cache memory
Enhanced transport using membrane disruptive agents
Method and apparatus for facilitating circuit design
Shorting switch and system to eliminate arcing faults in power distribution equipment
Flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition containing styrene polymer as compatabilizer and oxa...
Oxirane production using peroxidized compound
Pregel compositions for polymer gel electrolytes, method of dehydrating pregel compositions, seconda...
Tiered interest rate revolving credit system and method
Methods of making bioprosthetic heart valves with strain matched leaflets
Flat-object holder and method of using the same
Recording method and apparatus with an intermediate transfer medium based on transfer-type recording...
Printing apparatus and printing method
Fall arrest safety device
Small-size color electro-photographic apparatus
Installation method of fireproof structure for protecting water pipes
Optical waveguide coupler circuit device
Object oriented operating system
Data recording system
Active matrix substrate, electro-optical device and electronic equipment
Digital to analogue converter and analogue to digital converter using the same
Semiconductor light receiving element
Nitride semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Ceramic heater
Methods and devices for laser desorption chemical ionization
Utilization of an extracting agent as antifoaming agent in the production of anhydrous formic acid
Optical film and method of producing the same, optical element, and image display device
Apparatus for controlling aquatic creatures
Tungsten plug with conductor capping layer
Three-dimensional integrated CMOS-MEMS device and process for making the same
Medical bladed device
Lens system and methods for power adjustment
Intraocular lens having a central lens area, an annular lens area, and a meridian section
Instruments and methods for examining and quantifying cataracts
Climber crosstrainer exercise apparatus
Bicycle derailleur for gear changes
Modular suspension strut assembly for bicycle pedal height adjustment
Bicycle frame
Method and apparatus for controlling a bicycle transmission
Scooter stabilizing systems and methods
Storage container intended for placement into standard water bottle holders often found on bicycles
Apparatus for mounting a brake drum to a bicycle frame
Emergency taillight for vehicles, especially for motor vehicles
Bicycle safety pedal
Flashlight served as warning light of bicycle
Bicycle cable connector for splicing two cables in series
Method for making a bowl in thermostructural composite material
Apparatus and method for gasifying liquid or solid fuel
Integral pump for high frequency atomizer
Papermaker's forming fabric
Antifuse for use with low .kappa. dielectric foam insulators
Highly concentrated free-flowing pearly lustre concentrates
High thermal expansion glass and tape composition
Pyrolytic layer of aluminium oxynitride and glazing comprising same
Multi-layered magnetic pigments and foils
Method of film deposition using activated precursor gases
Method for manufacturing carbon/silicon-carbide composite
Carboxylic acid substituted heterocycles, derivatives thereof and methods of use
Pyrimidine derivatives
Magnetic list and method for making lists
Device for cutting paper webs
Cylinder of rotational printing press
Device for sustaining a contact force of a control roller on a control cam appertaining thereto
Method and circuit arrangement for driving laser diodes
Method of setting the image line width in an exposer
Laser imaging with variable printing spot size
Device for simultaneously holding by suction and transporting a sheet
Purine inhibitors of phosphodiesterase (PDE) 7
Method and apparatus for clamping a printing media
High frequency deformable mirror device
Variable data print job system
Electromagnet assembly for electromagnetic apparatus
Methods for diagnosis and treatment of Bloom's syndrome
Article with intermediate layer and protective layer, and its fabrication
Pet diaper garment
Apparatus and method for access to network via satellite
Computer architecture with caching of history counters for dynamic page placement
Tipping balance scale for weighing moving objects
Motorized percussion devices
Drumshell laminate
Process for the preparation of esters of (meth)acrylic acid
Deoxyamino acid compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting b...
Cationically electrodepositable coating material
Heteroaryl substituted hydroxyphenyltriazine uv-absorbers
Graft polymer composition and its production process and uses
EC-3, an inhibitor of .alpha.4.beta.1 and .alpha.4.beta.7 integrins
Compositions and methods for mitigating corrosion of applied color designs
Solid containing groups which are bound to the base structure via ureathane groups and which contain...
Water-decomposable fibrous sheet containing gel compound
Oral or intranasal vaccines using hydrophobic complexes having proteosomes and lipopolysaccharides
Agricultural formulation
Volatility-inhibited urea fertilizers
2,5-diaminopyridine oxidation bases for the dyeing of keratin fibres
Lavatory cleaning device
Cosmetic composition comprising a polymer blend
Polyether, active-hydrogen ingredient, resin-forming composition, and process for producing foam
Polishes and their use
Brush for applying makeup, a device fitted therewith, and a method of manufacture
Fragrance dispenser
Cleaning brush
Method and apparatus for vending machine controller configured to monitor and analyze power profiles...
Dual purpose balloon catheter
Intraluminal delivery system for an attachable treatment device
Lumen support for welding
Multi-fastener surgical apparatus and method
Expanded UHMWPE for guiding catheter liners and other lubricious coatings
Electrosurgical probe with movable return electrode and methods related thereto
Articulated electrosurgical probe and methods
N-acyltetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives
Apparatus and methods for mapping and ablation in electrophysiology procedures
Surgical probe for supporting inflatable therapeutic devices in contact with tissue in or around bod...
Electrosurgical apparatus having compound return electrode
Bluntable needle assembly with open-ended blunting probe
Catheter anchoring system
Method and an apparatus for forming a one-piece introducer
Self-deploying catheter assembly
Catheter having a multilayered shaft section with a reinforcing mandrel
Catheter having a soft distal tip
Indwelling urinary catheter with base drainage port
Negative electrode material for a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and processes for its ma...
Flexible thin battery and method of manufacturing same
Photopolymerizable composition
Method and apparatus for controlling a combined heat and power fuel cell system
Bifunctional catalytic electrode
Abrasive article for the deposition and polishing of a conductive material
Battery charging method using supercapacitors at two stages
Electropolishing solution and methods for its use and recovery
Method for leaching zinc concentrate
Niobium sintered body, production method therefor, and capacitor using the same
Thin film battery
System and method for multicast stream failover
Photonic bipolar modem for secure multi-channel communication
Optical fiber cladding with low polarization dependence and an acousto-optic tunable filter with low...
Two-dimensional, anti-scatter grid and collimator designs, and its motion, fabrication and assembly
Demultiplexer for optical time-division multiplexed signals
Optical device
Swinging gate assembly, electronic livestock feeding station, and automated sorting system
Hog facility management system and method
Tangle-proof collar assembly
Device for collection of animal waste
Religious meditation apparatus
Treatment fluid dispenser for control of mites
Programmable electronic maze for use in the assessment of animal behavior
Device for harvesting of and tending to shells and for cleaning of an associated shell collector in ...
Animal litter
Animal waste receptacle having vibration directed flow
Partitioned cat litter box
Bird feeder mobile
Device for impeding a route of travel of crawling arthropods
Insulators for high density circuits
Catalytic system and process for the preparation of elastomers by means of this system
Splittable multicomponent elastomeric fibers
High throughput mechanical rapid serial property testing of materials libraries
Golf balls containing a halogenated organosulfur compound and resilient regrind
Process for preparing poly(trimethylene terephthalate) tetrachannel cross-section staple fiber
Adhesive systems
Magnesium chloride-alcohol carrier and olefin polymerization catalyst components made from the same
Binding proxy for mobile devices in a data network
Optical apparatus and method for selectively transmitting optical signals
Holographic grating spectrum analyzer
Aiding location determinations in satellite positioning system receivers
Method and system to map a service level associated with a packet to one of a number of data streams...
Method of and an arrangement for characterizing non-linear behavior of RF and microwave devices in a...
Electronic test system and method
Electronic device having a multi-state antenna ground structure
Multiple axis hinge assembly
Method and apparatus for a redundant clock
Self-dithering sigma-delta converter and communication device incorporating same
Lighting system for vehicle
Self-adjustable auxiliary vehicle lamp adjusted with the turning of the vehicle
Lighting apparatus
Lighting device
Cover for a shell of a tail-light of a vehicle
Lampshade assembly
Method and system for the visually impaired to navigate a route through a facility
Method and system for account activation
Compact protocol and solution for substantially offline messaging between portable consumer device a...
Illumination light supply system
Market-based temperature control system and method
Start up system and method for a fuel cell power plant using a cathode electrode fuel purge
Integrated fuel processor for rapid start and operational control
Fuel reforming apparatus for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Fuel cell system with load management
System and method for shutting down a fuel cell power plant
Compact endothermic catalytic reaction apparatus
Fuel processing system having gas recirculation for transient operations
Rapid startup of fuel processor using water adsorption
Skin whitener
Two-agent type liquid bleaching compositions
Method for processing silver halide color photographic material
Ink-jet recording paper
Dry paint transfer process and product
Laser marking using a digital micro-mirror device
Golf balls comprising light stable materials and methods of making the same
Dry paint transfer process and product
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water- and water-in-oil- type
Oil-free cosmetic or dermatological preparations with a content of solid and liquid UV filter substa...
Same virtual machine mode for distributed test execution
Space based augmentation system with hierarchy for determining geographical corrections source
Navigation method/apparatus capable of registering detailed navigation course information, and navig...
Displaying a table
Real-time display of bandwidth utilization in a transport multiplexer
Image display system and information storage medium
Specular laminates
Fiber thickness gauging system and method
Data processing apparatus with register file bypass
Data management appliance
Multi-bank scheduling to improve performance on tree accesses in a DRAM based random access memory s...
Synchronous task scheduler for corba gateway
Electrically controlled pneumatic end of train pneumatic emulation system
Cobalt catalysts
Element with antistat layer
Method for forming lithium metal anode protective layer for lithium battery and lithium battery havi...
Ultrafine particulate complex oxide containing titanium oxide
Organometal catalyst composition
Adhesive compositions and tapes comprising same
Rubber composition comprising composite pigment
Titania ultrathin film and method for producing it
Low pigments costs algae-retardant roofing granule products containing metallic copper
Coloring pearlescent flake pigment, manufacturing method of the same and cosmetic product containing...
Ceramic-made filter and process for production thereof
Magnetic recording medium
Processes and apparatus for reacting gaseous reactants containing solid particles
Method and apparatus for mechanochemical polishing
Reaction of fluoropolymer melts
Synthesis of alkenoate esters from lactones and alcohols
Aqueous hydraulic medium
Techniques for providing add-on services for an email system
Substituted urea retinoid agonists
Arylpiperidinopropanol and arylpiprazinopropanol derivatives and pharmaceuticals containing the same
Pharmaceutical composition that exhibits reduced side-effects comprising O-(3-piperidino-2-hydroxy-1...
4-(phenyl-piperdin-4-ylidene methyl)-benzamide derivatives and their use for the treatment of pain, ...
Dosing regimen
2,4-Di(hetero-)arylamino(-oxy)-5-substituted pyrimidines as antineaoplastic agents
Pyrimidine compounds and their use
One-chip microcomputer with analog-to-digital converter
PWM half-bridge converter with dual-equally adjustable control signal dead-time
Current-powered converted with energy recovery clamping circuit
Segmented arc generator
Plate-fin exchangers with textured surfaces
Health monitor
Micro-machined multi-sensor providing 1-axis of acceleration sensing and 2-axes of angular rate sens...
Photonic switch
Structures that correct for thermal distortion in an optical device formed of thermally dissimilar m...
System and method for measuring physical stimuli using vertical cavity surface emitting lasers with ...
Integrated tunable fabry-perot filter and method of making same
Inspection system calibration methods
Components implemented using latching micro-magnetic switches
Electrical through wafer interconnects
Emitter and method of making
Method for etching high-k films in solutions comprising dilute fluoride species
Stage-actuators that do not generate fluctuating magnetic fields, and stage devices comprising same
Surface acoustic wave device suitable for use in GHz band
Lithographic projection apparatus and particle barrier for use therein
Arrangement of a rhythmic apparatus with a vehicle sound apparatus, rhythmic accompaniment method an...
Semiconductor polysilicon component and method of manufacture thereof
Layered product, capacitor and a method for producing the layered product
Laser ablation method for patterning a thin film layer
Ultrasonic search unit and method for producing the same
Method and device for indicating an undesired operation condition of a centrifugal separator
Ratchet wrench
Process for measuring depth of source and drain
Methods for using the obese product to stimulate hematopoietic development
Case for musical instruments
Admission control for aggregate data flows based on a threshold adjusted according to the frequency ...
Simultaneous imaging of cardiac perfusion and a vitronectin receptor targeted imaging agent
Opto-electronic sensor
Method and apparatus for using anti-jam technology to determine the location of an electromagnetic r...
Notification of use of network-enabled device
Mobile route monitoring unit
System and method for deploying a mirror assembly of a display unit
Sampling interface for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for design of integrated circuits
Broadcasting receiver for receiving and regenerating records of digital broadcasting
Multichannel digital television system
Method and apparatus for a web-related state machine
Method for implementing bit-swap functions in a field programmable gate array
Network system extensible by users
Cladding-pumped 3-level fiber laser/amplifier
Optical subassembly with port configuration
Method of checking electrical connections between a memory module and a semiconductor memory chip
Optically transparent film, method of manufacturing optically transparent film, alignment film, and ...
Process of producing multicolor optical element
Optical assemblies for transmitting and manipulating optical beams
Optical testing of integrated circuits with temperature control
Method and system for optically sorting and/or manipulating carbon nanotubes
Hybrid phase-shift mask
Marking substrates
Optically active compound and liquid crystal composition containing the compound
Marking substrates
Phosphorescent compounds and devices comprising the same
Test head actuation system with positioning and compliant modes
Promoters for regulated gene expression
Peptide repeat immunogens
Human pluripotent hematopoietic colony stimulating factor, method of production and use
Apparatus for treating a workpiece with steam and ozone
System and method for expediting transfer of data from a local storage facility to a remote storage ...
Under-the-rim dispenser for a toilet bowl
Backplate for use with a scuba apparatus
Golf exerciser
Billiard table
Golf club head
Golf club head
Club head for a golf putter
Pump body for a mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitator
Golf putter head
Cervical sampler
Croquet stake
Flexible holder for clips used with a radio controlled vehicle
Breast pump
Combined baseball stacking puzzle and pieces
Combined football stacking puzzle and pieces
Recording sheet and method for preparation thereof
Film production method and film-element production method
Production process of silver halide photographic emulsion and silver halide photographic light-sensi...
Solid electrolyte with high ion conductivity and electrochemical system using the solid electrolyte
Silica layers and antireflection film using same
Method and apparatus for instrumenting a gas turbine component having a barrier coating
Liquid crystal display
Reactive and gel-free compositions for making hybrid composites
Polyolefin-based nanocomposite and preparation thereof
Active matrix display device and mobile terminal using the device
Silicon nitride film, and semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for precision-processing a fine structure
Semiconductor device provided with semiconductor circuit made of semiconductor element and method of...
Vertical cavity laser including inorganic spacer layers
Diphenylsquarylium compound and filter for display containing the same
Method for manufacturing a display device, and display device substrate
Portion of a cleaning sheet
Embossed, non-woven fabric
Tablet containing a coated core
Testing bottom-emitting VCSELs
Lightweight oxygen delivery device for patients
Pipelined hardware implementation of a neural network circuit
Semiconductor memory device with proper sensing timing
Magnetic random access memory
Nitride semiconductor device
Water compatible energy curable compositions containing malemide derivatives
Treatment of ocular disorders
Dry toner and image forming method using same
Laminated composites
Jelly pens
Lithographic method and lithographic device, plate making method and plate making device, and ink je...
Method and apparatus for logically expanding the width of memory
Increased reliability of data stored on flash memory in applications sensitive to power-loss
Cache system with a cache tag memory and a cache tag buffer
RAM-based range content addressable memory
Method for enabling overlapped input/output requests to a logical device using assigned and parallel...
Method for transmission of circuits, packets, and cells in a satellite/wireless TDMA system
Continuous formation of center filled gum
Kitchen appliance with elongated light source
Container for monitoring consumption of selected chemical compounds of a liquid
Apparatus for filling containers with viscous liquid food products
Food cooking rotisserie
Bacteria resistant butcher table
Beta-glucan compositions and process therefore
Oil or fat composition
Oil-in-water type emulsion food
Frozen fudge drink
Weighting agent for flavoring oils and drinks concentrates and drinks produced therewith
Method for smoking white rice
Apparatus, systems and methods for detecting and transmitting sensory data over a computer network
Writing and reading data from a queue
Field-operable, stand-alone apparatus for media recovery and regeneration
Voltage regulation for computer system components that increases voltage level when a component ente...
Multi-tier data storage system
Method and apparatus to maximize bandwidth availability to USB devices
System and method for transferring data over a communication medium using data transfer links
Computer interface method and apparatus with portable network organization system and targeted adver...
Radioligand and binding assay
Construction of high efficiency retroviral vector for gene therapy of hunter syndrome
Smoke detector with performance reporting
Communication system and arrangements comprising such a communication system
System for detecting metal content on a semiconductor surface and method of operating the same
Photoelectric sensor having special display features
Macroencapsulation container having both releasable and permanent sealing means
Solar battery module and power generation apparatus
Compositions for water-based and solvent-based sprayable gels and methods for making same
Versatile network operations center and network for transaction processing
Rule based system and method for automatically generating photomask orders in a specified order form...
Anti-stokes fluorescent compositions and methods of use
Computing and using resource colors for composite links
System and method for converting radio control transmitter and joystick controller signals into univ...
Game racquet with separate head and handle portions for reducing vibration
Glow-in-the-dark film for bowling lanes
Method and apparatus for interactive real time distributed gaming
Printing and dispensing bonusing system for gaming devices
Method and apparatus for mapping information from multiple sources onto a single image
Method of playing a wagering game and gaming devices with a bingo-type secondary game
Apparatus for and method of video gaming
Apparatus for and method of playing games of chance
Racing game machine
Poker game with bonus payouts
Hockey playing table device
Table game
Process for co-production of paraxylene, metaxylene and/or orthoxylene
Process for preparing bicylo[2.2.1] heptane derivatives
Process for the dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene
Process for making a lube base stock from a lower molecular weight feedstock in a catalytic distilla...
Instant degradation of plastics into soluble non-toxic products
Method of cutting polymer chains and method for producing chemical raw materials
Process for preparing cumene which is used in the preparation of phenol
Hydrocarbon conversion using zeolite SSZ-53
Antigelling agent for hydrocarbon mixture containing conjugated diene and method of preventing clogg...
Liriope muscari plant named `Love Potion No. 13`
Gaura plant named `Bijou Butterflies`
Lavatera plant named `Inovera`
Hydrangea plant named `Little Honey`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Carlos`
Stromanthe plant named `Valmic`
Liriope muscari plant named `Bigun`
Minature rose plant named `POULhi015`
Impatiens plant named `Balfusheat`
System for providing early warning preemptive postal equipment replacement
Encryption apparatus, cryptographic communication system, key recovery system, and storage medium
Secure digital video disk and player
Method and apparatus to control copying from a drive device to a data reproducing device
Challenged-based tag authentication model
Transparent secure electronic credit card transaction protocol with content-based authentication
Systems and methods for phase encode placement
Gain adjustment method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
MRI method and apparatus with elimination of the ambiguity artifact
Methods and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus to reduce RF power in high field MR imaging incorporating multi-phase RF pulse ...
Diffusion weighted multiple spin echo (rare) sequence with periodically amplitude-modulated crusher ...
Conduction cooled passively-shielded MRI magnet
Method and apparatus for client-in-charge business transaction processing
High speed melt spinning of fluoropolymer fibers
Suspended pedal system for golf cars
Alignment guide for practice putting
Rotor type sprinkler with insertable drive subassembly including horizontal turbine and reversing me...
Cockpit instrument panel systems and methods with redundant flight data display
Target designation system
Adjustable multipoint docking system
Miniature, unmanned aircraft with interchangeable data module
Airframe mounted accessory drive (AMAD) power take-off shaft auxiliary power generation
Aircraft internal wing and design
Fluttering wing-operated flying moving apparatus
Resonant wingbeat tuning circuit using strain-rate feedback for ornithoptic micro aerial vehicles
Low molecular weight nitrile rubber
Composition and uses thereof
Anti-microbial fiber and fibrous products
Vapor-permeable shoe
Portion of a shoe
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe sole
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Compositions and methods for softening, thinning and removing hyperkeratotic tissue
Sport board
Roller skate frame
Bi-modulus reinforcement fabric
Foot measurement system
Portion of a shoe upper
Multi-site responsibility-based routing
Side element of a shoe upper
Heating insert for use with footwear
Side element of a shoe upper
Heat sink
Radio communication device and method capable of reducing power consumption by controlling an A/D co...
3a,4,5,9b-tetrahydro-1H-benz[e]indol-2-yl amine-derived neuropeptide Y receptors ligands useful in t...
Color tunable organic electroluminescent light source
Biopolymers obtained by solid state irradiation in an unsaturated gaseous atmosphere
Spiro-pyrimidine-2,4,6-trione metalloproteinase inhibitors
Extensible architecture for versioning APIs
Light heating apparatus and method therefor
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Reduction of lignin biosynthesis in transgenic plants
Medical monitoring device and system
Image forming method using an intermediate transfer member having low adhesion area
Self-calibrating position determination system
Method and device for capacitive image acquisition
Intelligent auxiliary cooling system
Tissue engineered tendons and ligaments
ND filter, method for producing the ND filter, and aperture device including the ND filter
Polymer lightguide
Bi-directional and multi-axial fabrics and fabric composites
Image forming apparatus with order-of image-transfer charge control feature
Corrosion inhibitor for bathing water containing sodium chloride and magnesium sulfate
Traffic sign device
Methyl-D-erythritol phosphate pathway genes
Coffee mannanase
Water re-dispersible granules comprising an active matter in liquid form
Attachment of machine tool and machine tool
Ink-spread compensated bar code symbology and compensation methods
Full-text relevancy ranking
Simple structured portable phone with video answerphone message function and portable phone system i...
Moving picture decoding processor for multimedia signal processing
Accessory for multimedia console
Manifold valve having position detecting mechanism
Working cylinder
Heat activated coating texture
Methods and systems for alleviating network congestion
Method and apparatus for determining neovascular flow through tissue in a vessel
Means and a method for training dogs to hunt
Optical fiber cord and optical fiber cord with a plug
Trim hold down box apparatus
Chemical process and plant
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods for analyzing fluids extracted from earth formation
Writing instrument
Modulation of primary stem cell differentiation using an insulin-like growth factor binding protein
Use of adipose tissue-derived stromal cells for chondrocyte differentiation and cartilage repair
Open chain alkoxyamine compounds and their use as polymerization regulators
Rust-resistant calcium steel
Hot working die steel excelling in molten corrosion resistance and strength at elevated temperature ...
Anti-tarnish silver alloy
Method for brazing aluminum alloy-assembled articles within a short period of time and a filler allo...
Inhibitors of HIV membrane fusion
Fetal educator strap
Resistive suction muffler for refrigerant compressors
Consolidated body fluid testing device and method
Automatic device for heating and frothing a liquid, in particular milk
Agent accessory tool cooperating with integrated application on WEB server by HTTP protocol
System and method for a refreshable proxy pool in a communication services patterns environment
Vertebral body end plate cutter
Composition and method for treating the effects of diseases and maladies
Capacitor and method for producing a capacitor
Thermogelling biodegradable aqueous polymer solution
Waveguide grating-based wavelength selective switch actuated by micro-electromechanical system
Pharmacological activities of curcuma longa extracts
Parallel link manipulator and its control device
Stowage and retrieval system
Disinfecting composition and process for disinfecting surfaces
Fluorinated carbon fiber, and active material for battery and solid lubricant using the same
System and method for dynamic management of a startup sequence
Adapter clamp for aerosol can
Methods and devices for use in performing pulmonary procedures
Automated teller machine
Hydrogen production from hydro power
Methods and apparatus for selecting a data classification model using meta-learning
Capacity management
Methods and apparatuses for simultaneous access by multiple remote devices
Method and apparatus for reducing start-up delay in data packet-based network streaming applications
Personal digital content system
Blue electroluminescent polymer and organic electroluminescence device using the same
Strobe through differential signaling
Systems and methods for communicating with memory blocks
Laser driving method and device, and recording/reproducing device and method
Voltage detector circuit with application to variable voltage filter and variable output buffer
Display apparatus and driving method of the same
Treatment of molecular sieves with silicon containing compounds
Image capture device
Connector for glow sticks having display area
Computer system with privileged-mode modem driver
Use of global logical volume identifiers to access logical volumes stored among a plurality of stora...
Color display system for NVIS Class A compatibility
Photo ablation to resolve "bright on" pixel defects in a normally white LCD
Full duplex communication slot assignment
Color LCD projector with micro display light engine
Pressurized antenna for electronic warfare sensors and jamming equipment
Frequency agile material-based reflectarray antenna
Synthetic pressure altitude determining system and method
On-axis optical system for illumination and projection of a reflective LCD microdisplay
Method and apparatus for interactively displaying a route window for a flight management system
Method and apparatus for providing an electronic chart with an aircraft having a flight management s...
Data communications receiver with automatic control of gain or threshold for soft decision decoding
Interference-aided navigation with cyclic jammer cancellation
Method and apparatus for assigning receive slots in a dynamic assignment environment
Construction approach for an EMXT-based phased array antenna
Method and apparatus for backlighting a dual mode liquid crystal display
Acoustic attenuation materials
Small-particle latex compositions based on waterborne alkyd seeds
Glass compositions
Cement compositions with improved fluid loss characteristics and methods of cementing in surface and...
Permeable cement and methods of fracturing utilizing permeable cement in subterranean well bores
Permeable cement and sand control methods utilizing permeable cement in subterranean well bores
Coating compositions
Raw material with a high content of aluminum oxide, and method of manufacturing the raw material
Medical simulation apparatus and method for controlling 3-dimensional image display in the medical s...
Gypsum plaster
Compositions for use in making models
Housing made of fire-inhibiting material
Mold material for casting metal
Glass adhesion promoter
Binder to improve light fastness for inkjet photo media
Grinding aid of mineral materials in aqeous suspension, resulting aqeous suspensions and uses thereo...
Composition and method for modifying the soil release properties of a surface
Fibrous sheets coated or impregnated with biodegradable polymers or polymers blends
Lightweight wallboard compositions containing natural polymers
Ready-mixed setting-type composition and related kit
Drive pin for fastening to a sheet-metal framing member
High solids pumpable cement additives
Use of fermentation residues as flow-enhancing agents in cementitious materials
Use of surfactants as plasticizers to reduce volatile organic compounds in water-based polymer coati...
Water detection and source identification methods for structures using electromagnetic radiation spe...
Methods, compositions and biodegradable fluid loss control additives for cementing subterranean zone...
Methods, well cement compositions and lightweight additives therefor
Extruder for making a board based on a binder such as gypsum plaster
Use of microcapsules in gypsum plasterboards
Gypsum wallboard process
Gypsum panel having UV-cured moisture resistant coating and method for making the same
Coated gypsum board products and method of manufacture
Formulations containing polyvinyl alcohol and sulphonated melamine polycondensate for use in gypsum ...
Process and device for forming dense layers in a gypsum slurry
Continuous method of making four-tapered edge gypsum board and the gypsum board made therefrom
Gypsum product and method therefor
Tapering device for removing portions of a gypsum board
Method and apparatus for fabricating gypsum board
Polymer modified gypsum composition
Granulated hydrophobic additive for gypsum compositions
Apparatus and method for cutting fiber-reinforced gypsum and/or cement
Gypsum board having polyvinyl alcohol binder in interface layer and method for making the same
In radiant wall and ceiling hydronic room heating or cooling systems, using tubing that is fed hot o...
Lightweight gypsum board product and method of manufacture
Water-resistant gypsum formulations
Antifungal gypsum board
Coating for gypsum board face with uniform gloss intensity
Treatment of phospho gypsum
Water-resistant gypsum formulations
Method in processing gypsum boards or tiles
Gypsum board hanging tool
Method of controlling the working time of a gypsum composition in the bone treatment
Method for extrusion molding an extrudable cement-based or gypsum-based hydraulic composition
Use of polymers in gypsum wallboard
Gypsum-based building material
Gypsum-based construction material
Gypsum compositions and related methods
Process for making gypsum board having improved through-penetration strength
System and method for using web-based applications to validate data with validation functions
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmitting medium
Refrigerator and method for controlling the same
Method of connecting network URL addresses through cellular network
Wireless access of packet based networks
Non-encapsulation mobile IP
Method and system for registering and automatically retrieving digital-certificates in voice over in...
Call waiting feature for a telephone line connected to the internet
Internet protocol transport of PSTN-to-PSTN telephony services
Document data structure and method for integrating broadcast television with Web pages
System, method, and data storage medium for sharing data between video games
Flexible interface for controlling streaming data in passive streaming plug-ins
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely sch...
Combined content selection and display user interface
Task-sensitive methods and systems for displaying command sets
Scripted text discussion system
Method and system for providing alternatives for text derived from stochastic input sources
Adaptive multi-line view user interface
Organization-based content rights management and systems, structures, and methods therefor
Method of assisting an application to traverse a firewall
System and method for individualizing installation media
Three way validation and authentication of boot files transmitted from server to client
System and method for unified sign-on
Capacity planning for server resources
System and method for implementing integrated polling functions in a client management tool
System and method for implementing polling agents in a client management tool
Conversation grouping of electronic mail records
Automatic grouping of electronic mail
Method and system for transporting data content on a storage area network
Reflection-based processing of input parameters for commands
Multi-component acoustically resistive layer for acoustical attenuation panel and panel thus obtaine...
Exhaust muffler
Disengagement mechanism for film pre-loading and film pre-loading method
Methods for simulating action photographs and films
ND filter and aperture device including the same
Image reading device
Monitoring apparatus and method particularly useful in photolithographically processing substrates
System to teach, measure and rate learner knowledge of basic mathematics facts
Decorative magnetic sheet and method for decorating an appliance
Method for the impact or shot evaluation in a shooting range and shooting range
Method and system for situation tracking and notification
Processing of textual electronic communication distributed in bulk
Application program interface for message routing and management system
Clip arrangement for portable electronic apparatus housing assembly
Portable electronic device multipart housing electrical connection
Portable cellular phone
Communication with current detection
Frequency-dependent impedance synthesis for DSL interface circuits
Meter pulse filtering circuit for analog modems
Digital adaptive filter and acoustic echo canceller using the same
Interface means between a network switch and a CTI server means and apparatus for providing a servic...
Method and apparatus for providing telecommunications services
Systems and methods for managing electronic communications
Parallel computer network and method for telecommunications network simulation to route calls and co...
Method of and apparatus for controlling devices
Signaling mechanism for modem connection holding and reconnecting
Voice mail service system for a private switching system
System and method for self-checkout of video media in a rental store
Information extraction from documents with regular expression matching
Self-service terminal
Methods and apparata for highly automated quality assurance of building construction projects
Recording medium with electronic ticket definitions recorded thereon and electronic ticket processin...
Method for providing automatic payment when making duplicates of copyrighted material
System for electronic barter, trading and redeeming points accumulated in frequent use reward progra...
System and method for providing property value estimates
Travel information method and associated system
Drug auditing method and system
Real-time prediction and management of food product demand
System, and method for online color algorithm exchange
Bipolar cauterizing instrument
Transport apparatus and vacuum processing system using the same
Thermogravimetrical analyzer autosampler sealed sample pan
Tendon link mechanism with six degrees of freedom
Marine electromagnetic measurement system
Method and device for desalting water
Amphibious recreational vehicle
Spade connector for attaching an intermodal container to a vehicle
Kayak storage cooler
Method and apparatus for enabling work to be carried out on a submerged portion of a vessel
Towed transport, launch and recovery raft
Device and method for cleaning parts of a boat immersed in water
Dehooking device with slidable bite sleeve
Interactive battling robots with universal vehicle chassis
Doll assembly
Flexible flying disk
Nucleic acid encoding the arabidopsis SSE1 protein and a method of using it to modify plant storage ...
Pesticidal activity of plant essential oils and their constituents
Topical stabilized prostaglandin E compound dosage forms
Materials and methods for controlling wood-boring insects
Brain, spinal, and nerve injury treatment
Immunomodulation by genetic modification of dendritic cells and B cells
Peptides and their use to ameliorate cell death
Production and use of biosolid granules
Selective removal of contaminants from a surface using colored particles and articles having magnets
Transcription factor E2F DNA-binding domain inhibitor peptides and their use
Enhanced immunogen for inactivated vaccine for infection with Japanese encephalitis viruses and proc...
Herpes virus complementing cell line
Protein C derivatives
Epitopes in viral envelope proteins and specific antibodies directed against these epitopes: use for...
Treatment and prevention of immunodeficiency virus infection by administration of non-pyrogenic deri...
Surveillance system
Pixel-based data modifying method and device
Vehicle area detecting apparatus and vehicle area determining method
VSB/QAM receiver and method
Method for manufacturing image displaying medium
TV signal receiving tuner capable of outputting oscillation signal having wide frequency band by mea...
Automatic extraction method of the structure of a video sequence
Method and system for automatic correction of motion artifacts
Device for transforming computer graphics signals to television video signals
Inverse telecine conversion apparatus
Electronic camera
Solid state image pickup device having an amplifier for each vertical signal line and driving method...
Color image restoration with anti-alias
Video bit stream extension with supplementary content information to aid in subsequent video process...
Road monitoring method for a vehicle and a system thereof
Deflection yoke
Method and apparatus for detecting objects
Method and system for implementing collection program interface for accessing a collection of data a...
Thread memory reclamation
Computer program product for defining slits in a bus on a chip
Method and apparatus for configuring access times of memory devices
Digital data storage subsystem including arrangement for increasing cache memory addressability
Method and system for dynamically selecting tape drives to connect with host computers
Method and apparatus for a disc drive interface
Apparatus and method for testing and charging a power source with ethernet
Method and device for location detection for a scheduling program
Computer-controlled power wheelchair navigation system
Process control at an interconnect level
System and method for providing traffic information using operational data of a wireless network
Optical waveguide switch
Flexible DMA descriptor support
Method and system for device addressing on a computer network
Foundation repair bracket
Device for positioning and lifting a marine structure, particularly a platform deck
Thermal remediation process
Flood control panel system
Underground alluvial water storage reservoir and method
Distributed natural gas storage system(s) using oil & gas & other well(s)
System for the realization of structural remaining caissons, for (reinforced) concrete casting
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and flash memory
System and method of vehicle competition with enhanced ghosting features
Method and system of studying music theory
Multi-dice chip scale semiconductor components and wafer level methods of fabrication
Transmission electron microscope sample preparation
Fiber pattern printing
Method of manufacturing Er-doped silicon nano-dot array and laser ablation appparatus used therein
Permeable composite material, method for producing said composite material, and use of the same
Machinable preformed calcium phosphate bone substitute material implants
Carbon nanocapsule supported catalysts
Carbide and oxycarbide based compositions, rigid porous structures including the same, methods of ma...
Method of producing aluminum oxides and products obtained on the basis thereof
Fluoroalkyl phosphates for use in electrochemical cells
Thermal management system
Method for the production of a titanium-containing zeolite
Mesostructured oxide ceramics and their synthesis method
Bulk synthesis of long nanotubes of transition metal chalcogenides
System for in-situ generation of fluorine radicals and/or fluorine-containing interhalogen (XFn) com...
Method and apparatus for producing hydrogen fluoride
Methods of chemically derivatizing single-wall carbon nanotubes
Method and device for temperature reduction of exhaust gas by making use of thermal water
Mineralizer composition and method for growing zinc oxide crystals, films and powders
Silicon single crystal produced by crucible-free float zone pulling
Methods of simultaneously cleaning and disinfecting industrial water systems
Method and apparatus for evaluating automotive window regulators
Power calibration system
Use of amplified spontaneous emission from a semiconductor optical amplifier to minimize channel int...
Method for apodizing a planar waveguide grating
Apparatus for the generation of variable duration laser pulses
Semiconductor laser element and electronic device using the same
Semiconductor laser device having a current non-injection area
Nitride-type compound semiconductor laser device and laser apparatus incorporating the same
Fiber optic laser transmitter with reduced near end reflections
Semiconductor passive Q-switch providing variable outputs
Wavelength tunable light source equipment
Method of calculating write condition detection index and optical disk writing method and apparatus ...
Thin film magnetic memory device provided with program element
Broad band DUV, VUV long-working distance catadioptric imaging system
Beam expander
Analysis of isolated and aperiodic structures with simultaneous multiple angle of incidence measurem...
Method of measuring the geometry of grooves in an elongated element
Laser wavelength meter
Method for improved range accuracy in laser range finders
Fusion attachment of rigid pellicles and/or frames
Processability butyl rubber and process for production thereof
Plastic composition
Thermoplastic elastomer composition, foam made from the same, and process for producing foam
Extruded styrene resin foam and process for producing the same
Mold assembly for blow molding plastic articles and method of use
Process for manufacturing thermoformed article having textured or grained surface
Anti-extrusion apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for injection molding light metal alloy
Silver-colored luster pigment
Treatment and prevention of mucositis in cancer patients
Compositions and methods for topical delivery of oligonucleotides
Preparation of capped mRNA
Herbal compositions and treatment methods
Cable connector for connecting solar cell modules
6,11-4-carbon bridged ketolides
Certificate reissuance for checking the status of a certificate in financial transactions
Color filter inspection apparatus
Dispensing apparatus and method
Liquid developing system developing device
Augmented classical least squares multivariate spectral analysis
Substrate for electro-optical panel and fabrication method of the same, electro-optical panel and el...
Devices and methods for preventing distal embolization using flow reversal in arteries having collat...
Display device
Liquid crystal display
Coffee apparatus with vacuum-fresh coffee beans
DSP-4 dual specificity phosphatase
Method for making a polyurea-polyurethane composite structure substantially free of volatile organic...
Album page and fabrication
Multifunctional phosphate polymers
Time-scale modification of data-compressed audio information
Optical switch
Round bale transporter
Method and device for assisting in a passing maneuver for motor vehicles
Pyridinones to treat and prevent bacterial infections
Graft copolymers of methylene lactones and process for emulsion polymerization of methylene lactones
Aza-and polyaza-naphthalenyl carboxamides useful as HIV intergrase inhibitors
Wire for welding
Systems and methods for providing an automated diagnostic audit for cluster computer systems
Dynamic attributes for distributed test framework
Immunity enhancing supplements for lung support
Anisotropically conductive sheet, production process thereof and connector
Production of heterologouus proteins from Zygosaccharomyces bailii
Optical switch incorporating stepped faceted mirrors
Method and apparatus for improving message availability in a subsystem which supports shared message...
De-aggregating and dispersing dry medicament powder into air
Automatic generation of an optimized API
Crosslinked polymer electrolyte membranes for heat and moisture exchange devices
Method and system for operations management
Information storage apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
System for and method of four-conductor magnetic random access memory cell and decoding scheme
Turbidity sensor
Valley truss clip
Fluorescent lamp
Computer system and method for transferring data between multiple peer-level storage units
Crystalline TNF-.alpha.-converting enzyme and uses thereof
Method and a system for communicating bandwidth information of a digital broadcast network
Consumer specific marketing tool method and apparatus
Tongue depressor
Compositions enriched in phenolic compounds and methods for producing the same
Novel biologically active lasonolide compounds
4-Aminoquinoline compounds
Compositions for delivering peptide YY and PYY agonists
Rotary cutter assembly
Drive adapter for food processor
Computer program, method, and system for monitoring nutrition content of consumables and for facilit...
Modified starches for use in gluten-free baked products
Jerky product and method of producing the same
Grain protein-based formulations and methods of using same
Methods of preparing meat analogues, meat analogues, and foodstuffs comprising meat analogues
Meat product for feeding animals
Non-Hydrogenated canola oil for food applications
Non-hydrogenated canola oil for food applications
Pellet systems for preparing beverages
Method for extraction and/or squeezing of edible food and drink
Beverage whitener formulation
Fermented milk product
Profile searching in nucleic acid sequences using the fast fourier transformation
Romaine lettuce variety named Sunbelt
Functionalized thiophene oligomers and their use as fluorescent markers
Method for recovering proteins from the interstitial fluid of plant tissues
Purification of human Troponin I
Diagnosis and treatment of AUR1 and/or AUR2 related disorders
Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-.beta.) blocking agent-treated stem cell composition and method
Regulation of BCL-2-gene expression
Combination therapy using nucleic acids and radio therapy
Protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor
Integrated console and controller
Methods of diagnosing prostate cancer through the detection of the presence or absence of Pax 2 mRNA
Deformable mirror with passive and active actuators
Silicon micro-mold and method for fabrication
Inspection apparatus for tires
Onium salts and positive resist materials using the same
Planographic printing plate precursor
Polymeric mold for providing a micro-scale part
Contextual responses based on automated learning techniques
Method of improving a digital image having white zones
Cone beam computed tomography with a flat panel imager
Substance hardness measuring instrument, biological tissue hardness measuring instrument, and record...
Exposure apparatus and exposure method using same
Method and apparatus for connecting temporally separated sinograms in an EBT scanner
Vertical color filter sensor group with non-sensor filter and method for fabricating such a sensor g...
Large area, fast frame rate charge coupled device
Maskless photon-electron spot-grid array printer
Radiation sensor device
Gamma camera and CT system
Method of determining the quantity of radiation absorbed by a radiation sensor
Document cache replacement policy for automatically generating groups of documents based on similari...
System and method for enforcing communications bandwidth based service level agreements to plurality...
Method and apparatus for effective well and reservoir evaluation without the need for well pressure ...
Angiography method and apparatus
Intermittent DC bias charge roll AC cleaning cycle
Reload error compensation in color process control methods
Adaptive color super resolution thresholding
Wireless telephone system with diversity transmission and method
Method to dynamically determine interference and carrier-to-interference ration during TDMA calls
Optical disc having plural grooves of different depths
Automatic selection of recording mode in portable digital audio recorder
Methods and apparatuses for maintaining information stored in a non-volatile memory cell
Inverter module for train traction systems
Mapping and addressing system for a secure remote access system
Methods and apparatus for decision making of system of mobile robotic vehicles
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and manufacturing system
Optical loop ring-down
Command decoder and decoding method for use in semiconductor memory device
Configurable metrology device that operates in reflectance mode, transmittance mode, or mixed mode
Liquid crystal display and electronic device
Touch panel having edge electrodes extending through a protective coating
Method of evaluating the time left before gelation of a thermosetting composition
Gradient coil system and magnetic resonance device with the gradient coil system
Planar NMR coils with localized field-generating and capacitive elements
Radio-frequency antenna for a magnetic resonance system
C-shaped magnetic resonance imaging system
MRI systems with parallel receivers for phase correction
Method and device for acquiring data for diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method with adherence to SAR limits
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus employing partial parallel acquisition, wherein each...
Method and apparatus for tracking functional states of a web-site and reporting results to web devel...
Method and apparatus for content personalization over a telephone interface with adaptive personaliz...
Symbolic simulation driven netlist simplification
Usage based strength between related information in an information retrieval system
Method and system for information extraction
Network switch using network processor and methods
Electrotransport delivery device with voltage boosting circuit
Osmotic delivery system flow modulator apparatus and method
Global positioning system interference detection
Data filtering apparatus and method of filtering a plurality of data signals
Coherent adaptive calibration system and method
Oscillator module incorporating spiral looped-stub resonator
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device and method for producing the same
PIN photodiode
Heterojunction thyristor-based amplifier
Method for generating mid-infrared light
Light-emitting device
Encapsulant for opto-electronic devices and method for making it
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for electrical-optical packaging with capacitive DC shunts
Neutron detecting device
Semiconductor device
Doubly asymmetric double gate transistor structure
1T1R resistive memory