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Method and system for improving the performance of an embedded control system by reducing the comple...
Method for detecting road slope and system for controlling vehicle speed using the method
Method and apparatus for data compression and decompression for a data processor system
Adjustable porous structures and method for shoreline and land mass reclamation
Process for obtaining N-monosubstituted amides
Isolated human zinc metalloproteases, nucleic acids molecules encoding said enzymes, and uses thereo...
Support materials for use with polymerization catalysts
Garnet crystal for Faraday rotator and optical isolator having the same
System and method for storing and retrieving objects
Magnetic head with tunneling magnetoresistive element biased by current controller
Apparatus for spacecraft thermal management
Layout for measurement of overlay error
Reagent for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus by agglutination
Shelf product management and information display
Conductive adhesive and method
Image forming apparatus featuring a conductive developing roller including a mandrel, an elastic lay...
Process for preparing acetophenone, products produced therefrom and organoletpic uses of said produc...
Rear projection screen with uniformity of luminance
Screen textile material
Method for producing long chain polyether polyols without reprocessing
Photosensitive polymer and chemically amplified photoresist composition containing the same
Data storage system and method with improved data integrity value calculation
Cup attaching apparatus
Electronic document answering machine
Method for determining optimal configuration for multinode bus
Cathode ray tube apparatus equipped with deflection yoke
Flip chip led apparatus
Memory device having memory cells capable of four states
Method of electrochemical formation of high Tc superconducting damascene interconnect for integrated...
Machine sealable mailing form for non-impact printing
Garbage can
Obturators and tube assemblies
Aerosol can and contents salvage apparatus
Polarization and wavelength stable superfluorescent sources using Faraday rotator mirrors
Method and device for automated transfer and maintenance of internet based information
Fish farming system and method
Technique for producing a parameter, such as a checksum, through a primitive that uses elementary re...
Method and arrangement for establishing an encrypted mobile connection
Key recovery process used for strong encryption of messages
Method and apparatus for regenerating secret keys in Diffie-Hellman communication sessions
Self-preserving multipurpose ophthalmic solutions incorporating a polypeptide antimicrobial
Apparatus for removing organic antireflection coating
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including a cleaning step, and semiconductor device man...
Therapeutic chair
System and process for providing remote interactive access to a real estate information database usi...
Air control system for an air bed
Systems and methods for passively compensating transducers
Bat and method of manufacturing
Method of correcting the pre-programmed initiation of an event in a spin-stabilized projectile, devi...
Document printer/copier with decoupleable drum-support member
Integral magazine extraction extensions
Revolving firearm
Firearm safety lock
Rear sight for a firearm
Method and device for handling propellant charges
Combination utility belt and climbing harness
Press simulation apparatus and methods
Multi-stage rocket motor assembly including jettisonable launch motor integrated with flight igniter
Reuseable training dispenser
Metal hydrazine complexes for use as gas generants
Full length insole for arthritic and/or diabetic people
Reflective display device and a light source for a display device
Sensor array and transmitting/receiving device
System and method of generating a high efficiency biphasic defibrillation waveform for use in an imp...
Assembly and method for joining a drain pipe and a catch basin
Process for the production of a liquid laundry detergent composition of a desired viscosity containi...
Ink jet recording material demonstrating a balance of properties including improved imaging performa...
Method for externally sizing fibrous materials
Apparatus and method for dicing and testing optical devices, including thin film filters
Isolated human protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses ...
Integrated-optical chemical and biochemical sensor
Apparatus and methods for time-resolved spectroscopic measurements
Antibodies to ARF-p19
Magnetic disk apparatus including magnetic head having multilayered reproducing element using tunnel...
Lithium-aluminum dual-cation rechargeable electrochemical battery cell
Condiment dispensing nozzle apparatus and method
Modified particles, carrier prepared therefrom, olefin polymerization catalyst component prepared th...
Quick set ebonite composition
Polypropylene/ethylene polymer fiber having improved bond performance and composition for marking th...
Polypropylene/ethylene polymer fiber having improved bond performance and composition for making the...
High char yield benzoxazine compositions
Imidazole containing compounds having relatively low hydrogen content and relatively high nitrogen c...
System and method of ultrasonic mammography
Amorphous form of cell cycle inhibitor having improved solubility and bioavailability
Efficient path based forwarding and multicast forwarding
Inhibitors of .alpha.4.beta.1 mediated cell adhesion
Multistage process for the preparation of oxo aldehydes and/or alcohols
Method for producing lithographic printing plate
Lactate thiolester for cardiac energy resuscitation and prevention of reperfusion injury and use as ...
Dyed molded article
Methods for preparing non-corrosive, electroactive, conductive organic polymers
Methods for producing lithium metal oxide particles
Rechargeable lithium battery
Longitudinally ribbed smoker's urn holder
Garbage can
Cart-housing for automotive service equipment
Spacecraft sunshield for use in performing solar torque balancing
Access control using attributes contained within public key certificates
Powder charging apparatus
Connecting device for power semiconductor modules with compensation for mechanical stresses
Method for distilling ammonia
Biological material for the repair of connective tissue defects comprising mesenchymal stem cells an...
Alkaline cell with improved cathode and current collector configuration
Storage and maintenance of blood products including red blood cells and platelets
Polynorbornenes with pendant cyclotriphosphazenes
Heat exchanger for cooling circulating water of fuel cells & process for producing same
Amorphous Ni alloy membrane for separation/dissociation of hydrogen, preparing method and activating...
Proton conducting polymer, method for producing the same, solid polymer electrolyte and electrode
Gradient interface magnetic composites and methods therefor
Method for improving the cold starting capability of an electrochemical fuel cell
EMC protection in digital computers
Multimedia switching system
Guzmania plant named `GUZ 229`
Aechmea plant named `228`
Lighted coil spring amusement device
Pet cleaning cart
Infra-red laser device and method for searching for lost item
Automated portfolio selection system
Method for backing up consistent versions of open files
Electrical rules checker system and method providing quality assurance of tri-state logic
Hardy green ash tree named `Heuver`
Sodium percarbonate and process for producing sodium percarbonate
Carbon blacks useful in wire and cable compounds
Processes for preparing mixed metal oxide powders
Thermal management system
Ampholyte polymer composition and method of use
Digital printable and releasable form construction and composition useful thereto
Coated particles, methods of making and using
Adhesive for lamination
Lubricating compositions with improved thermal stability and limited slip performance
Semiconductor light emitting element coupled with optical fiber
Fiber optic cable and optical transmission system
Optical-fiber cable containing thermally bonded fiber optic buffer tubes and fabrication process
Fiber management frame having movable work platform
Non-adhesive mechanical fiber connection
Digital plant protection system with engineered safety features component control system
AZT derivatives exhibiting spermicidal and anti-viral activity
Apparatus and method for ring spline convergence correction
Lighted magnifying device incorporating a light emitting diode
All metal giant magnetoresistive memory
Protective layers prior to alternating layer deposition
Customs declaration form for non-impact printer
Knowledge management system for performing dynamic distributed problem solving
Multifunctional reactive monomers for safety protection of nonaqueous electrochemical cells
Enhanced isolation chambers for ascending-stream extractive vaporizer
Solid solutions of monoazo pigments
Inbred corn line FR3361
Electromagnetic induction heating device and image recording device using the same
Cast honeycomb structure with integral damping for ROS platform
Error diffusion on moderate numbers of output colors
Image processing system, image processing method, image transmitting system, and image transmitting ...
Surface emitting semiconductor laser with oxidized post structure
Crominance channel overshoot control in image enhancement
Micro region count image texture characterization
Taste masked pharmaceutical liquid formulations
Dual laser shock peening
Method of positioning a workpiece for optimal processing
Mechanical gauges for quality assurance of laser peening
Linear motor
Disposition structure of zoom drive gear for a camera
Spathiphyllum plant named `Sthirtyone`
Method and system for performing online data queries in a distributed computer system
Method for distributed object communications based on dynamically acquired and assembled software co...
Human DNase
Wireless mobile phone combining with car hi-fi speakers
Awning assembly and control system
GPS method and apparatus, navigation system, program storage device and computer data signal embodie...
Wide viewing angle liquid crystal display having both optical compensator and optical diffuser
Method of calibrating an apparatus for producing a three-dimensional object, calibration apparatus a...
Multistage optical amplifier with gain flattening
Footwear and accessory device
Time interval and event display device
Method of providing differential frequency adjusts in a thin film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) fil...
Gravity-powered toy vehicle with dynamic motion realism
Prosthetic spinal disc
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and method for generating a magnetic resonance image of a su...
MRI using variable ratio of pre-pulses to flip pulses
Electrolytic generation of nascent iodine as a method of treatment and for the prevention of infecti...
Methods of reducing bone loss with CD40 ligand
Compounds and methods for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Growth-hormone secretagogues
Bicyclic signal transduction inhibitors, compositions containing them & uses thereof
Path connection control system and control method thereof in CDMA mobile communication system
Produce container and method for making the same
Non-fouling, wettable coated devices
Inbred corn line NP 2010
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Apparatus for making a magnetically readable card
Poly(1,3 propanediol terephthalate) for use in making packaging materials
Conforming shielded form for electronic component assemblies
Cable connector having good signal transmission characteristic
Method for producing a supported catalyst for ethylene polymerization and ethylene/.alpha.-olefin co...
Detecting costophrenic angles in chest radiographs
Waveguide structures
Language model adaptation via network of similar users
Memory redundancy techniques
Methods for detecting mutations using primer extension
Method and apparatus for processing MRI data acquired with a plurality of coils using dixon techniqu...
Method for improving direct memory access performance
Absorbent articles having skin health benefits
Method and apparatus for removing pernicious contaminants from bilgewater discharge
Sorbent mat assembly
Ink follower for writing tool
Coating composition and coated metal plate having coating film formed therefrom
Multi-interface symmetric multiprocessor
Portable/hanging feminine sanitary napkin bag
Modular system for seaming metal sheets
Nucleoside triphosphates and their incorporation into oligonucleotides
Pacing methods and devices for treating cardiac arrhythmias and fibrillation
Benzene derivatives, preparation method and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Optically generated ultrasound for enhanced drug delivery
Discrimination of supraventricular tachycardia and ventricular tachycardia events
Multilayered board comprising folded flexible circuits
Garment for minimizing the distribution of domestic pet hair
Method and apparatus for running metrology standard wafer routes for cross-fab metrology calibration
Phosphonium salt composition
Antibody compositions for preparing enriched cell preparations
Image forming apparatus with highly operable sheet discharge device
Liquid crystal display device
Image processing device
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for encoding zerotrees generated by a wavelet-based coding technique
Diagnostic vibration data collector and analyzer
Rotary-wing aircraft rotors with manually folding blades and electrical connection installation
Method and apparatus for sensing skews and disconnects of adjacent movable components
Device for the unambiguous measurement of the roll of a projectile and application to the correction...
Ground proximity warning system, method and computer program product for controllably altering the b...
Embedded terrain awareness warning system for aircraft
Dryer with integrated cooling unit and method of operation
Method and device for the feed of printing plates
Method for controlling a quantity of ink in an inking unit
Safety signaling apparatus for personal water craft
Apparatus and method for inserting and removing a flexible first material into a second material
Cantilever supported drilling rig
Marine structure
Wireless interface for electronic devices located in enclosed spaces
Computerized medical diagnostic and treatment advice system including network access
Compositions and methods for fumonisin detoxification
Anterior chamber intraocular lens having fixation members attached to the cornea and methods of impl...
Lens epithelial cell growth assay for intraocular lens materials
Low-impedance high-density deposited-on-laminate structures having reduced stress
Circuit board for mounting bare chip
Rear projection screen with optical sheet having irregularities caused by diffusing material smoothe...
Transmission-type screen
Method for the production or preparation of 2,6-dichlorotoluol
Photoresist cross-linker and photoresist composition comprising the same
Addressable diode isolated thin film cell array
Fuel optimization system with improved fuel level sensor
Navigation system with road condition sampling
On-vehicle vehicle guide apparatus, communication server system, and substitute vehicle guide system
Vehicle operation and position recording system incorporating GPS
Wireless vehicle monitoring system
System for automatically measuring paint film thickness
Apparatus for illuminating a portable electronic or computing device
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dreamy Yomarilyn`
Dynamic rule based market research database
Process for the conversion of starchy substances in the dry phase
Fractionation method for sucrose-containing solutions
Electrodialysis water splitting process
Quick-setting starch composition and starch gum confection
Polyurethane hotmelt adhesives with acrylic copolymers and thermoplastic resins
Inorganic dispersant, stabilizer for suspension polymerization and polymer particles
Hologram laminates
Synchronizing readers of hidden auxiliary data in quantization-based data hiding schemes
System and method for allocating requests for objects and managing replicas of objects on a network
System and method for the monolithic integration of a light emitting device and a photodetector usin...
Internet messaging system and method for use in computer networks
Packet processing relay agent to provide link layer forwarding in one-way cable/wireless/satellite m...
Antisense intron inhibition of starch branching enzyme expression
Mutants of the LAG-3 proteins and nucleotides encoding LAG-3 mutants
Music annotation system for performance and composition of musical scores
Hierarchical texture cache
Accessing annotations across multiple target media streams
Hash technique eliminating pointer storage to reduce RAM size
Gate close balking for fair gating in a nonuniform memory architecture data processing system
Streaming media search and playback system for continuous playback of media resources through a netw...
Storing multidimensional data in a relational database management system
Accessing domain object data stored in a relational database system
Rose plant named `Yopilit`
Powered support frame for large seam thicknesses with controlled gap sealing plates
Insect repellant formulation deliverable by piezoelectric device
Regulation of T cell-mediated immunity by tryptophan
Methods for producing parthenocarpic or female sterile transgenic plants and methods for enhancing f...
Color television receiver or color monitor having a flat screen
Light-shielding packaging system for photosensitive web roll
Testing system for evaluating integrated circuits, a testing system, and a method for testing an int...
System and method for the add or swap of an adapter on an operating computer
Ferroelectric memory device
Method of growing electrical conductors by reducing metal oxide film with organic compound containin...
Unitary stack of paper sheets for item posting
Crystal structure
Water-filled hoop construction
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly...
Atomic operations on data structures
Tunnel thruster and water lubricated rotor duct assembly
Image processing
Process for stable widthwise regulation of bulb angle in extrusion of sheets of heat-sensitive plast...
System and method for improved learning of foreign languages using indexed database
Method for developing answer-options to issue-questions relating to child-development
Electronically active primer layers for thermal patterning of materials for electronic devices
Elastomeric tensioning system for head and ear mounted eyewear
Transfer arm
Single actuator per leg robotic hexapod
Gripping device
Distance measuring apparatus and method employing two image taking devices having different measurem...
Immunotherapeutic anti-cancer pharmaceutical compositions
Method of manufacturing hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode
High-hardness powder metallurgy tool steel and article made therefrom
Etching methods for anisotropic platinum profile
Silica reinforced rubber compositions of improved processability and storage stability
Capacitor utilizing c-axis oriented lead germanate film
Capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating an optical component
Flat panel sound radiator with special edge details
Power steering system
Tandem robot control system and method for controlling mobile robots in tandem
Method of selecting a preceding vehicle, a preceding vehicle selecting apparatus, and a recording me...
Equipment and processes for echo suppression with adaptive fir filters
Telephone set having storage cavity, for receiving handset
Telephone with a receiver arousing bone-conduction and air-conduction hearing
Iris imaging telephone security module and method
Device for connecting a main board with an LCD Module in a folder type portable radiotelephone
Voice frequency-band encoder having separate quantizing units for voice and non-voice encoding
Compact elliptical exercise apparatus
Method and device for hydraulically tensing of relaxing a membrane of a musical instrument
Power system for electric vehicle
Cable connecting apparatus for a bicycle component
Parallel dual shaft drive apparatus
Method of using substituted N-benzyl-N-phenyl aminoalcohols for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfe...
Playstation with water slide
Swing ride with bubble generator
Removable front panel for an entertainment device
Dahlia plant named `Melody Dora`
Electrical rules checker system and method for reporting problems with tri-state logic in electrical...
Parking aid system
Toner particles of controlled morphology
Sensor for detecting relative rotation between shafts
Compositions which contain triterpenes for regulating hair growth
Methods and compositions for detecting and treating kidney diseases associated with adhesion of crys...
Carboxylated polysaccharides 6-substituted
Methods and apparatus for attenuating noise from a cabinet that houses computer equipment
SIM card with directory entries for mobile telephones
Sock with asymmetrical toe and method of producing such a sock
Surface acoustic wave device
Radio controlled bicycle
Process for preparing acetonides
Two-photon, three-or four-dimensional, color radiation memory
System and method for managing third-party input to a conditional purchase offer (CPO)
Selection and ordering of lamp components
Method and apparatus for publishing part datasheets
Personalized interface browser and its browsing method
Isolated human secreted proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human secreted proteins, and uses ...
Data recording and/or reproducing apparatus and method for detecting sector defects
Inflatable object that contains a module that is inaccessible from the outside but which becomes pow...
Hot-melt adhesives for vehicles lights or vehicle headlamps
Ornamental accessory and method of making same
Led strobe light
Rearview mirror assembly incorporating electrical accessories
Multi color and omni directional warning lamp
Image processing apparatus and method, and medium therefor
Determining a depth
Digital video filter sequence for bandwidth constrained systems
Face image photographing apparatus and face image photographing method
Non-telephonic, wireless information presentation device
Methods for sensing arrhythmias in a pacemaker/defibrillator and a pacemaker/defibrillator programme...
Method for optimized brain stimulation for treating movement disorders
Minimally invasive surgical instrument for tissue identification, dislodgment and retrieval and meth...
Coincident multiple compton scatter nuclear medical imager
Tilt-up wall
Fiber optic biosensor for selectively detecting oligonucleotide species in a mixed fluid sample
Laser marking system and method
Easy tear non-halogenic food wrap
Heat retentive food storage/delivery container and system
Electric heating devices and elements
Emergency vehicle with medical image scanner and teleradiology system and method of operation
Continuous detection and analysis of tissue changes
Real-time interactive three-dimensional locating and displaying system
DNA molecules encoding enzymes involved in starch synthesis, vectors, bacteria, transgenic plant cel...
Apparatus and method for transferring data between address spaces with different segment lengths
System and method for maintaining N number of simultaneous cryptographic sessions using a distribute...
Enabling software designed for one operating system to operate on another operating system
Apparatus and method for detecting a substance
Method and apparatus for controlling a vehicular component
Microscope, in particular a stereomicroscope, and a method of superimposing two images
Method and system for healthcare treatment planning and assessment
Method, apparatus, and system for maintaining processor ordering by checking load addresses of unret...
Motorbike transport case comprising a releasable handle lock
Method and facility for preventing overheating of a thermal ink jet print head
Detachable support system for inflatable air bag cushion
Dish cradle
Silicon thin film structure for optoelectronic devices and method for fabricating the same
Gimbaled thruster control system
Multi-ring animal training collar
Switching assembly for fluid pressure actuator
Aerobic bioreduction of municipal solid waste landfill mass
Auto-contactor system and method for generating variable size contacts
Use of neomycin for treating angiogenesis-related diseases
Methods for the preparation of 4-hydroxy benzothiophene
Substituted cyclic amidine derivatives as inhibitors of cell adhesion
1-benzylimidazole derivatives
Prodrugs of 3-(pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives
Isoindolin-1-one glucokinase activators
Method for producing solid-state imaging device
MEMS-based polarization mode dispersion compensator
PMD compensator
Method of writing a bragg diffraction grating
Optical element having an integral surface diffuser
Compact optical amplifier module
Copper alloy with punchability, and a manufacturing method thereof
Steering arrangement for a vehicle
Coated calcium or magnesium acetylacetonate, and its use for stabilizing halogenated polymers
Coordinating remote copy status changes across multiple logical sessions to maintain consistency
Server, terminal and control methods for transmitting real-time images over the internet
Filtering incoming e-mail
Wireless data communications network and a method of obtaining data files via transmitters in said n...
Managing shared devices in a data processing system
Prepress workflow method using raster image processor
Method for transforming an image from a resolution to a lower resolution
Slide driving method for link type transfer press and link type transfer press
Mechanical device productivity improvement with usage analysis, management, and implementation metho...
Positioning device, capacity controller using positioning device, and speed changing device
Plate member mounting structure
Antenna diversity switching system for TDMA-based telephones
Aerosol formulations and method
Active matrix displays having high contrast values
Method of improving the weatherbility and color retention performance of styrene copolymer compositi...
Systems and methods for viewing product information, and methods for generating web pages
Portable heat source
Sustained-release preparation of physiologically active polypeptide and production thereof
Light pipe, planar light source unit and liquid-crystal display device
Lenticular lens sheet with both a base sheet having lenticular elements and a surface diffusing part...
Lenticular lens sheet capable of reducing color shift and improving overall light team transmittance
Lenticular sheet, rear-projection screen or TV using the same, and fabrication method for said lenti...
Method for agrobacterium mediated transformation of cotton
Oxime sulfonate and N-oxyimidosulfonate photoacid generators and photoresists comprising same
Electric power supply system for simplifying the architecture of power and air-conditioning installa...
Capacitor switch with external resistor and insertion whip
Magneto-optical recording method using the relation of beam diameter and an aperture of converging l...
Method and apparatus for coupling to regions in an optical modulator
Optical cross connect switching array system with optical feedback
Method and apparatus for treating poor laryngeal-elevation disorder with sequential-high voltage ele...
Security profile for web browser
Method and apparatus for setting programmable features of an appliance
Graphical network security policy management
Perfluorinated acid fluorides and preparation thereof
Optimization of garbage collection code in the context of raw native interface function calls in the...
Lobelia plant named `Grape Knee-Hi`
Antisense modulation of dual specific phosphatase 8 expression
Condition assessment of nonlinear processes
Polypeptide having human HIV inhibitory activity, a gene encoding the polypeptide, a method to produ...
Keystone distortion correction system for use in multimedia projectors
Method of operating a memory device having decoupled address and data access
Macrodiversity transmission in a mobile radio system
Current driver configuration for MRAM
Method for driving nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device
Semiconductor device having improved metal line structure and manufacturing method therefor
Beverage holder with remote control
Method and apparatus for rolled fingerprint capture
Methods and apparatus for a multimedia authoring and presentation system
Mobile internet protocol for mobility of access hosts between networks
Inertia exercise machine
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding a turbo code in an integrated modem system
Wedlable nickel aluminide alloy
Composition having bactericidal action, cosmetics containing said composition and ultraviolet ray sc...
Antimicrobial wipes which provide improved residual benefit versus gram positive bacteria
Substance mixture for topical application comprising olive oil and honey
Astringent composition and method of use
Method of locking 1.alpha.-OH of vitamin D compounds in axial orientation
Pyridine-thiols for treatment of a follicular dermatosis
(-)-hydroxycitric acid for wound healing and immunomodulation
Aerosol antimicrobial compositions
Subset search tree integrated graphical interface
Method of isolating mucilaginous polysaccharides and uses thereof
Quinones as disease therapies
Process for producing an alicyclic unsaturated alcohol
Process for the preparation of .beta.-isophorone epoxide
Computer system for stress relaxation and operating method of the same
Method and apparatus for the preparation of aldehydes
Interactive simulation including force feedback
Method and apparatus for identifying a winner in a bingo game
Gaming machines with board game theme
Computer readable recording medium recording a program of a ball game and the program, ball game pro...
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Image-display game system and information storage medium used therefor
Aquatic game
Seismic cable with sensor elements being heavier than the cable
Tread supporting membrane
Waterproof reflector device
Robot apparatus and method for controlling jumping of robot device
Method and composition for treating mammalian disease caused by inflammatory response
Web interface to a programmable controller
Method for calibrating a free-space-coupled fiber-optic transmission system
Lens device
Rose plant named `Yoreda`
Product of heat treatment of uronic acid, food, drink, or drug including the product
Bis-poly(ethylene oxide) surfactants and their use as antistats in photographic materials
Fracture reduction clamp
Supplemental audio content system for a cinema and related methods
Sodium-based dechlorinating agent and waste treatment equipment
Vehicle-use cooling fan driving apparatus provided with a trouble sensing function
System and method for selecting and purchasing stocks via a global computer network
Throw-away container for heating and cooling of liquids
Spoon shaped coffee brewing apparatus
IC package similar IDE interface solid state disk module and optimized pin design
Concurrency control method for high-dimensional index structure using latch and lock
Constructed Bacillus thuringiensis strains producing mosquitocidal crystal proteins
Perforated retroreflective film
Method for interactively entering alphanumeric text into a multiline display device using a keypad
Process for the catalytic removal of polycyclic aromatic nitro, nitroso and/or amino compounds
Tree-based approach to proficiency scaling and diagnostic assessment
Wide area inverse differential GPS
Packaging atmosphere and method of packaging a MEMS device
Magnetization drive method, magnetic functional device, and magnetic apparatus
Network for evaluating data obtained in a biochip measurement device
Toy figure with articulating joints
Timed shooting with a dynamic delay
Positive hydration method of preparing confectionery and product therefrom
Laundry detergent and fabric conditioning compositions with oxidized cyclic amine based polymers
Detergent composition comprising mid-chain branched surfactants
Liquid hard-surface cleaning compositions
Compounds and methods for use thereof in the treatment of cancer or viral infections
Process for producing maleic acid
Heater lift lead screw for vertical furnaces
Method and apparatus for automatic timing-driven implementation of a circuit design
Method for obtaining a plant with a genetic lesion in a gene sequence
Process for recycling a toner cartridge
Method for providing repeated contact with software end-user using authorized administrator
Priority access channel reservation
Long acting antidepressant microparticles
Apparatus for producing casting mould parts and comprising auxiliary guiding means
Method of generating application specific integrated circuits using a programmable hardware architec...
Patterns for modeling computer component interactions
Inferring operand types within an intermediate language
Compiling and persisting of intermediate language code
Exception handling method and system
Conformationally-restricted peptide probe libraries
Method and system for providing a polymorphism database
Composite fabric webs for reinforcing soil layers
Method and system for dynamically distributing updates in a network
Seismic surveying
Secondary automatic gain control loops for direct conversion CDMA receivers
Iminooxy-substituted benzyl phenyl ethers, processes and intermediates for their preparation, compos...
Tumor suppressor designated TS10q23.3
Modification of mutated P53 gene in tumors by retroviral delivery of ribozyme A
Compositions and methods for delivery of genetic material
LPS with reduced toxicity from genetically modified gram negative bacteria
Leptospira vaccine antigens for the prevention of Leptospirosis
Fab'-epitope complex from HIV-1 cross-neutralizing monoclonal antibody 2F5
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds which inhibit platelet-derived growth factor and/or p56lck tyros...
Power trowel dolly
Magnetic recording-reproduction device
Method for adhering to hard tissue
Method and apparatus for PCB array with compensated signal propagation
Metallocenes, polymerization catalyst systems, their preparation, and use
Metallocene compounds having indenyl ligand and catalysts for olefin polymerization containing the s...
Method and device for determining the position of communication satellites
Methods and compositions for producing artificial fascia
Television audience monitoring system and apparatus and method of aligning a magnetic pick-up device
Dispensing container
Modified ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase for improvement and optimization of plant phenotypes
Suction Device
Chimeric proteins comprising the extracellular domain of murine Ob receptor
Interleukin 17-like receptor protein
Fluoroscopic tracking and visualization system
Method for routing data messages through a cable transmission system
Universal claims formatter
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Method and system for dynamic and interactive route finding
Elegant hydrogenated castor oil ointments
Liquid bleaching compositions comprising hydrogen peroxide, betaine, and ethoxylated nonionic surfac...
Isocyanate-based hardenable preparations
Ether-capped poly(oxyalkylated) alcohol surfactants
Inorganic composite powder and cosmetic comprising the same
Coated powder having super-dispersibility and cosmetic containing the same
Transfer-resistant lip compositions
Nested flip cover lid for a hand-held computing system
Pharmaceutical composition containing bupropion hydrochloride and a stabilizer
Thermal print head and method of manufacturing thereof
Cradle for supporting a PDA and similar portable electronic devices
Analyte sensor and method of making the same
Small animal carrying device
Method and apparatus for providing extensible object-oriented fault injection
Methods and arrangements for mapping widely disparate portable tokens to a static machine concentric...
Safe for electric money and an electric money system
Substituted heterocyclic siprodecane compound active as an antagonist of neurokinin 1 receptor
Flexible hydraulic structure and system for replacing a damaged portion thereof
Adaptive computer peripheral with permanently disabled default protocol
Information management, retrieval and display system and associated method
Apparatus and method for generating and circulating ozone for disinfection/sterilization of dental w...
System for and method of efficient contact pad identification
Conversion reactions for organic compounds
Process for converting oxygenates to olefins with direct product quenching for heat recovery
Method for improving light olefin selectivity in an oxygenate conversion reaction
Process for the manufacture in pure form of 1-pentene or an alpha-olefin lower than 1-pentene
Layered adsorption zone for hydrogen production swing adsorption
Integrated fractional distillation for adsorptive separation process
Removal of impurities from a hydrocarbon component or fraction
Library for storing pattern shape of connecting terminal and semiconductor circuit designed with dif...
Spindle in a machine tool
Nickel based alloys for internal combustion engine valve seat inserts, and the like
Tag for attaching to a garment having an attribute and identifying the attribute to a person unable ...
Coalescing properties, methods and events
Method and power supply device for generating regulated D.C. voltage from A.C. voltage
Isocyanates modified to give them a surfactant property, composition containing them and coating res...
Light curing device and method for curing light-polymerizable dental material
Porcine Oct-4 promoter
Single-component arctic bright calcium halophosphate phosphor
Method and system for monitoring peak compressive and tensile process severity levels of a press mac...
Vehicle travel control system
Emergency lighting fixture
Memory modules with high speed latched sense amplifiers
Portable telephone antenna
Deodorant rayon fibers and method for producing the same
Pyrochlore thin films and process for making
Negative active material for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery using the same
Antimuscarinic compounds and methods for treatment of bladder diseases
Pentafluorobenzenesulfonamides and analogs
Isomeric nonanols and decanols, their preparation, phthalic esters obtained therefrom and their use ...
Electrochemical analyte sensor
Apparatus and process for preparing crystalline particles
Thermoplastic laminate fabric heater and methods for making same
Industrial robot
Hybrid pigments
Electronic advertising device and method of using the same
Method and system for incremental database maintenance
Preparation of multi-purpose magnetized and sintered ceramics
Suboxide fuel cell catalyst for enhanced reformate tolerance
Single-pipe cylinder type reformer and method of operating the same
Selective removing method of carbon monoxide and hydrogen refining method
Honeycomb structural body
Electrochemical cell with sintered anode of metallic particles and oxides
Light-mediated method and apparatus for the regional analysis of biologic material
Process for manufacturing a biodegradable polymeric composition
Rear projection screen incorporating a prism
Single-channel attenuators
Polymerization of olefins
Idle control device for fuel cell vehicle
Gas/liquid mixing apparatus and method
Bioreactor and related method
Method for potting or casting inorganic hollow fiber membranes into tube sheets
Falling film evaporator for a vapor compression refrigeration chiller
Desalination of seawater by evaporation in a multi-stack array of vertical tube bundles, with waste ...
Heat transfer device, particularly exhaust gas heat transfer device
Gas fired tube and shell heat exchanger
Electromagnetic position single axis system
E-mail server of a provider of e-mail services
Fluorescent nucleoside analogs and combinatorial fluorophore arrays comprising same
Contactless proximity automated data collection system and method
Process for continuously producing dialkyl carbonate and diol
Autofocus distance-measuring optical system
Light amount distribution control device
Diopter adjusting device
Objective lens for optical pick-up
Polymerization of silicone microemulsions
Garment having integrally-formed surface protrusions
Disposable pant-type diaper having enhanced extensibility around waist opening
Vision comparison inspection system graphical user interface
Boat with center pontoon and separate motor mount
Cargo holding system for marine freight vessels
Bilge drainage system
Assembly of a safety rail for an access hatch
Fender for watercraft
Radial bearing arrangement and method for installation
Stand-alone device for transmitting a wireless signal containing data from a memory or a sensor
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Red`
Combinational test pattern generation method and apparatus
Data processing system and method for permitting a server to remotely perform diagnostics on a malfu...
Exhaust pipe cooling system for watercraft
Repair device for decorative light shunt
Composition and method for treating plants with exogenous chemicals
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Process for the preparation of polymer-based sustained release compositions
Ink cartridge with self-closing valve
Magnetic resonance signal receiving method and apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Apparatus and method for invoking an annotation function for an ultrasound machine
2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indole and estrogen formulations
Orphan computer process identification
Unit dose tube and cap assembly
Golf training device
Abrasive article and method of making
Combined dry dock and boat launching apparatus
Spacecraft multiple loop heat pipe thermal system for internal equipment panel applications
Method and apparatus for relocating live poultry
System and method for maintaining a state for a user session using a web system
Method for merging multiple knowledge bases into one optimized and compressed knowledge base
Tagged markup language interface with document type definition to access data in object oriented dat...
Input sub-ranging converter system for sampling semiconductor temperature sensors
Method for filtering a three-phased reaction mixture
Self-orienting logo assembly
Coupling sleeve for high-pressure pipe
Ultra high oxygen barrier films and articles made therefrom
Quantum energy surgical device and method
Clear dentifrice gels
Method and apparatus for inserting an oxygen scavenger into a modified atmosphere package
Multiple stream high pressure mixer/reactor
Developing roller with porous surface
Rear projection screen
Processes for preparing 3-(1-hydroxyphenyl-1-alkoximinomethyl) dioxazines
Heterocyclic benzenesulphonamide compounds as bradykinine antagonists
Efficient concurrency control method for high dimensional index structures
Toy vehicle collision course
Variable valve timing system
Vane-type hydraulic variable camshaft timing system with lockout feature
Valve timing control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Methods for providing prepaid telephony service via an internet protocol network system
Motorized frame for adjusting the interelectrodic gap in mercury cells
High intensity discharge lamp, driving apparatus for high intensity discharge lamp, and high intensi...
Process for the preparation of ammonia and ammonia synthesis gas
Rapid synthesis of carbon nanotubes and carbon encapsulated metal nanoparticles by a displacement re...
Micronized alkaline earth metal carbonate
Cosmetic compositions containing inorganic-organic hybrid prepolymers and methods of treating hair, ...
Ribbon shaped magnet material magnetic powder and rare earth bonded magnet
Direct hydrocarbon fuel cells
Transparent, deep-drawable and quick-sealing film with ultraviolet-blocking properties
Hybrid polymers for phase change ink jet inks
Graft copolymer of polyamide and a glycidyl group-containing acrylate copolymer, process for prepara...
Miniaturized fluid transfer device
Antitumor dibenzofluorene derivatives
Hybrid optical waveguide circuit chip, and method for predicting the characteristics thereof
On-chip multiple layer vertically transitioning optical waveguide and damascene method of fabricatin...
Waveguide-type wavelength multiplexing optical transmitter/receiver module
High fiber count ribbon sub-unit breakout cable
Reflection liquid crystal display element
Plasma display panel, fabrication apparatus for the same, and fabrication process thereof
Alkylaromatic process using efficient prefractionation
Signal routing in programmable logic devices
Method and system for proactively debugging fitting problems in programmable logic devices
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for driving the same
Fatigue monitoring systems and methods incorporating neural networks
Rear suspension mechanism for remote control model car
Vehicle fuel cell supporting apparatus and method
Dispenser with doses' counter
Flight control indicator for an aircraft, intended to supply the engine pressure ratio
Remote activation mechanism for equipment regulated deployment or release
Sensor and sensor assembly for detecting a target gas in a breath sample
Silica-alumina carriers preparation, hydrogenation catalysts preparation therewith and their use for...
Particles, aqueous dispersion and film of titanium oxide, and preparation thereof
Fabrication of multilayer-coated particles and hollow shells via electrostatic self-assembly of nano...
Semiconductor structure having a crystalline alkaline earth metal silicon nitride/oxide interface wi...
Glass-ceramic microspheres that impart yellow color to retroreflected light
Amino acid derivatives and methods of making the same
Device and method for separating components of a fluid sample
Encryption and decryption devices for public-key cryptosystems and recording medium with their proce...
Elliptic curve encryption method and system
Method for exchanging cryptographic keys in an ATM network using multiple virtual paths or circuits
Receptor activator of NF-.kappa.B
Method of manufacturing a substrate with directionally anisotropic warping
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device having a metal oxide or a metal silicate gate dielect...
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Scarlet Blush`
RAM based directory layer for a flash file system
Framework for providing quality of service requirements in a distributed object-oriented computer sy...
Method for control and communication between computer systems linked through a network
Imidazole derivatives having affinity for .alpha.2 receptors
Method and apparatus for occlusion culling in graphics systems
System and method for resource optimized integrated forward error correction in a DMT communication ...
Methods of synthesizing acylanilides including bicalutamide and derivatives thereof
Absorbent structure with angularly orientated absorbent members
Seat occupant weight detection system having compensation for seat aging and usage
Method for improving the start up of an ultrasonic system under zero load conditions
ECC mechanism for set associative cache array
Flight control system for a hybrid aircraft in the yaw axis
Method and system for multi-entry and multi-template matching in a database
Method and system for accomodating a wide range of user data rates in a multicarrier data transmissi...
DNA fragment responsive to low temperatures and a plant transformed with the DNA fragment
Low defect organic BARC coating in a semiconductor structure
Electroluminescent device and method for the production of the same
Easy opening pants
Apparatus for displaying and securing an object such as a rifle
Spinning and translating target for firearms
Non-toxic primer mix
Method of manufacturing a composite structure using a conformable locating aperture system
Velocity variance reducing multiple bearing arrangement for impeller shaft of centrifugal supercharg...
Needle bearing
Wheel-support rolling bearing unit and a method manufacturing the same
High thrust turbocharger rotor with ball bearings
Rolling bearing and method of machining rolling element of the bearing
Method of coating a concave friction bearing
Hard disk drive actuator assembly with damped tolerance ring for enhancing drive performance during ...
Color-filterless liquid crystal display device
Moisture migration inhibitor for wet marine exhausts, and method therefore
Method of inspecting piezoelectric ceramic device
Poseable figure and spine system for use therein
High-durability, low-yellowing repellent for textiles
Fluorochemical water and oil repellents
Process for converting caprolactam to nylon 6
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body
Program guide system with user designated color coding
Chlorinated vinyl chloride resin composition for siding extrusion molding and siding molded article ...
Polymeric compositions for soil release on fabrics
Pressure sensitive adhesive articles and methods for preparing same
Vinylidene chloride polymer composition and film
Antifouling paint
Electrical devices comprising conductive polymer blend compositions
Polyolefin thermoplastic silicone elastomers employing radical cure
Lectomedin materials and methods
Human peripheral nerve, tetrodotoxin-resistant sodium channel .alpha.-subunit polypeptide
Pre-disposed assay components in microfluidic devices and methods
Protection structure for a disk drive and electronic apparatus
Method for reducing scan time in a radio receiver
Tunneling of non-GSM signaling messages in a GSM based network to enable both non-GSM circuit servic...
Method and system for generating self-testing and random input stimuli for testing digital systems
Methods and apparatus for reducing noise associated with an electrical speech signal
Method and apparatus for voice communication
Power saving method for performing additions and subtractions and a device thereof
Fluxional catalysts and related ligands containing bulky substituents
Method of preparing gas and gaseous precursor-filled microspheres
Multiple phase polymeric vinyl chloride systems and related core-shell particles
Sulfonated substantially random interpolymers, blends therewith and articles made therefrom
Lightweight overcap having intermittent nesting and stacking elements
Printed wiring board for semiconductor plastic package
Reducing internal bus speed in a bus system without reducing readout rate
Formulation for menopausal women
Cosmetic formulation
Method of leaching zinc concentrate
Manufacturing method of spinel lithium manganese oxide for lithium secondary cell
Carbon electrode material
Electrolyte having alkyne derivative and lithium secondary battery using the same
Non-aqueous electrolyte for electrochemical systems and lithium secondary battery comprising the sam...
Catalytic antibodies which hydrolyze primary amides and methods for eliciting and use of such antibo...
Negative active material for lithium secondary battery
Electrical insulating resin material, electrical insulating material, and electric wire and cable us...
Roller system to help remove chad and trimmed media in a thermal printer
Shearing lifting jack
Process for structuring lipids and the structured products thereof
Method for producing a battery with separators containing fusible binders
Method for manufacturing filter having ceramic porous film as separating film
Particulate compositions
Polymerization initiator systems and bonding compositions comprising vinyl aromatic compounds
Method and system for implementing software objects
Variable attenuator, composite variable attenuator and mobile communication apparatus
Spacecraft protected by a coating including pyroelectric/ferroelectric particles, and the coating ma...
System for monitoring and managing devices on a network from a management station via a proxy server...
Pistol grip transducer
Support structure for liquid crystal display screen
Image-forming apparatus
Applicator for footwear
Method for cyclizing hydrolysis of an aminonitrile compound into lactam
Machine control using response time specifications from sequential and state machine modes
Centralized trace facility with dynamic tracing in data processing system
Integration of objects including Java bytecodes with legacy 3270 applications
Optimistic transmission flow control including receiver data discards upon inadequate buffering cond...
Bus protocol and token manager for SMP execution of global operations utilizing a single token with ...
Reflective impact-absorbing bumpers for utility poles
Chlorine dioxide tooth whitening compositions
Multibeam antenna for establishing individual communication links with satellites positioned in clos...
Total delivery oxygen concentration system
Desorbable sorption filter suitable for a motor vehicle heating or air-conditioning system
Hybrid optical disc construction
Silver halide color photographic material and development processing method of the same
Chewing gum and confectionery compositions with encapsulated stain removing agent compositions, and ...
Method and apparatus for delivering a measured of a gas
Decals and methods for providing an antireflective coating and metallization on a solar cell
Methods for forming openings in a substrate and apparatuses with these openings and methods for crea...
Photovoltaic device module
Microelectronic capacitor structure compatible with copper containing microelectronic conductor laye...
Blow-molded foamed films of polyester resin
Process for producing head slider
Ionizing radiation curable resin composition for fresnel lens and transmission screen
Rear projection image display apparatus including light exit surface configured to reduce noise
Method for reacting an organic compound with a hydroperoxide
Self-reinforced rubber matrix having high glass transition temperature thermoset domains
Spring-loaded car window breaker and retractable safety sheath
Convertible patient isolation pod
Multi-conductor soft heating element
Protective glove
Puncture-resistant gloves
Lightweight composite yarn
Wound irrigation device and method
Estimating subscriber terminal speed, selecting cell, and radio system
Radio receiver
Communications interface adapter
Iterative, noise-sensitive method of routing semiconductor nets using a delay noise threshold
Computer RAM memory system with enhanced scrubbing and sparing
Magnetic toner with negative polarity for developing latent electrostatic images, and image forming ...
Position measuring apparatus and optical deflection angle measuring apparatus for underground excava...
Mini-optical light shelf daylighting system
Tunable external cavity laser
Optically transparent, heat conductive fluid heat sink
Integrated optical circuit device and method for producing the same
Cushioned carpeted floor covering article comprising at least one integrated rubber protrusion
Method of illuminating liquid crystal layer and liquid crystal display device using the same
Vacuum package fabrication of microelectromechanical system devices with integrated circuit componen...
Piezoelectric oscillator and electronic device
Two-legged body
Hardware component interface for desktop computer management systems
Information processing method and system for composite appliance
Disk cache device and method for secure writing of hard disks in mass memory subsystems
Smart card memory management system and method
Power management method for a computer system having a hub interface architecture
Performance monitor synchronization in a multiprocessor system
Ionic molecular conjugates of N-acylated derivatives of poly(2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucose) and polypept...
6, 9-disubstituted 2-[trans-(4-aminocyclohexyl)amino] purines
Antagonism of immunostimulatory CpG-oligonucleotides by 4-aminoquinolines and other weak bases
Cyclic ether vitamin D3 compounds, 1.alpha.(OH)3-EPI-vitamin D3 compounds and uses thereof
Method and system for providing an aircraft drift advisory
Apparatus for introducing granular mold flux onto the top of a slab being cast within a continuous c...
Shrinkable tray with attachable lids
Buoyancy compensator jacket for diver
Method and arrangement for forming a transmission signal
Isolated human phosphatase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phosphatase proteins, and...
Ligands for metabotropic glutamate receptors and inhibitors of NAALAdase
Nested diffusional filter
Methods of engaging and releasing a surgical device to a handle
Inspection side panel for a container
Polymerizable compositions for making optical lens with high refractive index and high abbe number, ...
Cooling device for hard disc
Electrogenerated chemiluminescence labels for analysis and/or referencing
Container having a preshaped end closure
Forms of the angiogenic factor vascular endothelial cell growth factor: VEGF
Lighting system
Noninvasive devices, methods, and systems for shrinking of tissues
Method of detecting vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque
Compositions of tocol-soluble therapeutics
Magnetic resonance imaging of several volumes
Removable and repositionable pocket assembly for golf bags
High thermal efficiency ink jet printhead
Universal wheel transport hook
Motion detection for physiological applications
Field delivery safety system using detection of atypical ECG
Method and apparatus for mammography
Cardiac electrode catheter and method of manufacturing same
X-ray image display apparatus
Low cost compact omini-directional printed antenna
Adjustable antenna mounting apparatus
Low bandwidth encoding scheme for video transmission
Oil application roller
Universal serial bus test system
Sanitary mount for a container
Method of and apparatus for recovery of in-progress changes made in a software application
System and method of accessing and recording messages at coordinate way points
Image display invention
Optical switching device
Sidewall electrodes for electrostatic actuation and capacitive sensing
Technique for detecting the status of WDM optical signals
Fibre termination compound graded index lenses
Smoke-modifying agents and smoking material rods comprising smoke-modifying agents
Color discrimination apparatus and method
Method of retaining and managing currently displayed content information in web server
Scheme for managing nodes connected to a home network according to their physical locations
Real-time information transmission system
Method for locking a cylinder dressing on a printing machine cylinder
Method for scanning screened image master images
Rub-off test method and apparatus
Device for infeeding a material web into a rotary printing machine
Ink key presetting system for offset printing machines
Method and device for cleaning a nozzle outlet surface on a print head of an ink jet printer
Compact multi-band direction-finding antenna system
Pharmaceutical formulation of fluticasone propionate
Self-cleaning air purification system and process
High-intensity, water- and shock-resistant flashlight
Preheat system for convection cooking appliance
Range door lock with nuisance latch
Self-cleaning spray chamber for livestock and poultry feed pellet processing system
Self-cleaning pressure compensating irrigation drip emitter
Iris fixated intraocular lens and method of implantation
Method and device to sense breathing
Imaging system for an optical scanner
Rear projection screen having reduced scintillation
Preparation of vinylphosphonic acid compounds
Late transition metal complexes, their use as catalysts and polymers therefrom
Class of electrocatalysts and a gas diffusion electrode based thereon for fuel cells
Optical module
Automatic boom soft setdown mechanism
Grouping class sensitive queues
Alignment method and method for producing device using the alignment method
Method and apparatus for applying decimation processing to vehicle position data based upon data acc...
Positioning and proximity warning method and system thereof for vehicle
Positioning sensor for a motor vehicle
Memory rewriting system for vehicle controller
Video game device, play control method for video game, and readable recording medium recording the m...
Checker-type game for four players
Secure streaming of digital audio/visual content
Process for removing sulfate from an aqueous salt solution
Method for separating a basic amino acid from fermentation broth
Method of recovering 1,3-propanediol from fermentation broth
Instant photo kiosk
System and method for printing a document having merged text and graphics contained therein
Multicast and unicast scheduling for a network device
Apparatus for and method of embedding and extracting digital information and medium having program f...
Encrypted data reproducing transmitting and processing method and apparatus with separately encrypte...
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Dark Salmon`
Genotyping the human UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1 (UGT1) gene
Solid phase enzymatic assembly of polynucleotides
Recombinant phages capable of entering host cells via specific interaction with an artificial recept...
Sugarcane fractioning system
DNA Ligase II orthologue uses thereof
Method of controlling tone generating drivers by integrating driver on operating system
Power pack for cordless tools and electronics
System and method for improving database data manipulation using direct indexing within a B*tree ind...
Information processing apparatus capable of automatically setting degree of relevance between keywor...
Extension of data definition language (DDL) capabilities for relational databases for applications i...
Method and apparatus for increasing database availability
Robotic device for removing selected portions of a polyacrylamide gel
Method and system for route guiding
IL-B30 proteins