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Method and apparatus of a collaborative proxy system for distributed deployment of object rendering
Fixing member, fixing assembly and image-forming apparatus
Thermographic material with adhesion-promoting layer and method of making
Methods of treating a pathology or a fibrotic condition by administering decorin
Method of promoting mucosal hydration with certain uridine, adenine and cytidine diphosphates and an...
Wrinkling modifiers
Heteroatom-interrupted analogs of 15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid and methods of use
File-based virtual storage file system, method and computer program product for automated file manag...
Method for operating a postage meter and addressing machine
Film removal employing a remote plasma source
Compound bearing an urethane linkage, which is an addict of ricinoleic esters and an isocynate, usef...
Transflective display device
Thermally enhanced microcircuit package and method of forming same
Hydrophone for use in a downhole tool
Multi-autofocus distance-measuring system with a wide distance-measuring area
Photographic camera system
Digital video teleconferencing camera system having a base
Apparatus for preventing leakage of light in zoom lens barrel
Camera film loading with delayed culling of defective cameras
Balloon composed of two multilayered superimposed sheets
Agitated continuous casting process for aluminum alloy
Semiconductor circuit for an electronic unit
Agent for preventing and treating skin diseases
Submarine plough
Radio communication device and transmission power control method for radio communication device
Gene promoter sequences and uses thereof
Transfer unit extending between two or more cabinets for expansion of tape library systems
Method and arrangement for secure tunneling of data between virtual routers
Recording device, interface card for using the same, and method for sending recording data from a ho...
Electronic bulletin board system
Connectivity-based approach for extracting layout parasitics
Adjustable lamp shade
Enclosing / snapping-type inlaid light
Vehicle lamp lens with surface treatments
Vehicular headlamp
Headlight with a ventilated mask
Intensity controllable hand-held surgical light
Automatic leveling system for automotive headlamps
Methods and apparatus for stationary object detection
Virtual studio position sensing system
Method and system for compressing data which allows access to data without full uncompression
Imaging apparatus and network system using the same
Radiation curable resin composition
Optical waveguide and process for producing same
Upgradeable connector module for use in a fiber administration system
Cable organizer and method
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
Cable retainer and cable organizer using same
Apparatus for temporarily fixing light waveguide ends in a defined position
Method for motion compensated frame rate upsampling based on piecewise affine warping
Imaging system having a sensor array reset noise reduction mechanism
Financial document processing system and method of operating a financial document processing system
Method and system for manufacturing semiconductor devices, and method and system for inspecting semi...
Method and system for managing semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Processing handwritten and hand-drawn input and speech input
Memory loop ECG recorder with continuous recording
Biopotential sensor electrode system
Method and apparatus employing a scaling exponent for selectively defibrillating a patient
Textured silicone tubing for electrical pacing leads
Auxiliary memory device, method of setting time for electronic device, and information processing ap...
Prefabricated concrete wall system
Culinary knife maintenance and sharpening steel
Non-oriented magnetic steel sheet having low iron loss and high magnetic flux density and manufactur...
Process of treating a stainless steel matrix
Method for surface processing of a continuously cast steel product and device therefor
Weatherable steel material
Continuous steel strip for twin presses and method for producing the same
Zinc-comprising-plated high tension steel sheet
Rasp for use in spine surgery
Galvanic-cell gas sensor
Hydraulic and gear lubricants
Real-time programming method
Continuously pumped miniature X-ray emitting device and system for in-situ radiation treatment
Visual presentation of information derived from a 3D image system
Indentification and quantification of needle displacement departures from treatment plan
Method and apparatus for cardiac analysis using four-dimensional connectivity
Imaging safety device
Pet restraint device and method of making thereof
SR-BI and ApoE knockout animals and use thereof as models for atherosclerosis and heart attack
Centrifugal brake structure of dual bearing type fishing reel
Protein skimmer
Method of reducing cholesterol in chicken eggs
Generating partition corresponding real address in partitioned mode supporting system
DCE functional dimensioning
Apparatus and method for conversion of messages
Method and apparatus for analyte detection using intradermally implanted skin port
Testosterone derivative
Method and apparatus for production of labels
Step-tapered flexible peripheral coil
Process and device for measuring tear fluorescein clearance
Fiber tracking management system for inkjet printheads
Emollient for cuticle treatment and delivery system therefore
Use of a hybrid polymeric material for coating keratinous materials
Alkaline detergent containing mixed organic and inorganic sequestrants resulting in improved soil re...
System for assisting customers in selecting an optimum color cosmetic product
In-memory modification of computer programs
Strap and lock assembly for luggage
Nozzle arrangement that includes a thermal actuator for an ink jet printhead
Folding collapsible golf cart
Anti-scatter grid, method, and apparatus for forming same
High speed rotor aircraft
Process for the protection of stored program controls from overwriting
Acidic aqueous chlorite teat dip providing shelf life sanitizing capacity and tissue protection
System, method and article of manufacture for using multiple bidirectional ports in association with...
Notebook computer
Device and method for the regeneration of mixed ion exchange resin beds
Semiconductor factory automation system and method for resetting process recipe by employing trace f...
Method and device for encoding data into high speed optical train
Method and apparatus for a digitally controlled constant current source for phase adjustment of a sy...
Fiber optical circulator
Optical switching device with reduced insertion loss
Protection switching in bidirectional WDM optical communication networks with transponders
Dispersion compensation
Material directory-spindle speed and feed rate calculator
Integrated system and method of vending prescription medications using a network of remotely distrib...
Jewelry setting
Method and arrangement for the reliable transmission of packet data
Inductive detection sensor head for buried ferrous and non-ferrous electrically conducting objects
Declarative message addressing
Method for seismic facies interpretation using textural analysis and neural networks
Computer-assisted methods and apparatus for identification and characterization of biomolecules
Semantic user interface
Modulating angiogenesis
Process for the preparation of 10-deacetylbaccatin III
AC plasma display device
Slurry and method for producing refractory boride bodies and coatings for aluminium electrowinning c...
User interface for sorting photographs on a digital camera
Cable length and quality indicator
Device for improving the security of aircraft in visual flight regime
Method of forming semiconductor structure
Magnetic field element having a biasing magnetic layer structure
Integrated memory having memory cells and reference cells
Device for changing the speeds of the front and rear wheels in a four-wheel-drive vehicle
Copy protection apparatus and information recording medium used in this copy protection apparatus
Process and system for commissioning industrial plants, in particular in the primary industry
Luciferases, fluorescent proteins, nucleic acids encoding the luciferases and fluorescent proteins a...
.alpha.,.beta., .beta.-trifluorostyrene-based composite membranes
Method and system for testing an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for deterministically altering cyclic redundancy check information for data sto...
Apparatus and method for fast code coverage analysis
Reduced pigment gene of carrot and its use
Inbred maize line 2070BT
Inbred corn plant 3323 and seeds thereof
Method and apparatus for revealing latent characteristics existing in symbolic sequences
Process of manufacturing compositions comprising cyclodextrin
Absorbent articles having a liquid swellable material coated breathable backsheet
System and method for eliminating compile time explosion in a top down rule based system using selec...
Methods and apparatuses for designing integrated circuits
Joint body of ceramic member and metal member and method of producing the same
Delivery system for a medicament and method for the assembly thereof
Aerosol formulations for buccal and pulmonary application
Wireless modem alignment in a multi-cell environment
Dynamic multi-step overload control for message processing in wireless communication service network
Power control and cell site location technique for CDMA systems with hierarchical architecture
System for robust location of a mobile-transmitter
Apparatus, method and system for cross-speaker speech recognition for telecommunication applications
Method for information retrieval in broadcast disk systems
Method and memory cache for cache locking on bank-by-bank basis
Articulated multiple buoy marine platform apparatus
Buoyancy system with buoyancy module seal
Air induction system for small watercraft
A-scan ISAR target recognition system and method
Hexagonal-annulus phased array antenna for radar wind profiling on moving platforms
Method for producing a 3D image
Method of producing a newspaper
Interactive games and method of playing
Reusable checklist device
Folding carton with attachment and cover
Method and apparatus for making an album page
Tab marking system
Image-recording medium, method for forming image-recording medium, method and apparatus for reading ...
Laser processing device
19-nor-cholane steroids as neurochemical initiators of change in human hypothalamic function
Method for preparing silicones with arylalkyl function(s) by hydrosilylation
Quaternary ammonium compounds and process for preparing and using same
Reduced odor absorbent article and method
Group walking toy
Progressive wagering system
Portable game machine having image capture, manipulation and incorporation
Slot table game apparatus and method of playing slot-table game
Competitive balance exercise game device and method of play
Image processing method image processing unit and recording medium recording integrated shaping mode...
Multiblock robot system
Industrial robot
System and method for optical chemical sensing
High voltage switch isolation for implantable cardioverters/defibrillators
Aerogel thin film formation from multi-solvent systems
Apparatus for the exposure of additional information into the film plane of a camera
Microcode patch device and method for patching microcode using match registers and patch routines
Maize RS81 promoter and methods for use thereof
Drill guide and plate attachment mechanism for orthopedic plating
Automated content and collaboration-based system and methods for determining and providing content r...
Method and apparatus for leveling and shielding a stud gun and operator
Method and apparatus for ground working
Extended functionally remote control system and method therefore
Microwave coffee roasting devices
Athletic leg guard
Multi-level cat play structure
Paint scraper
Trash can receptacle
Waste receptacle
Serving cart with sink and foldable faucet
Methods and protocol for simultaneous tuning of reliable and non-reliable channels of a single netwo...
Level/position sensor and related electronic circuitry for interactive toy
Optical switching device and image display device
Pipette tip
Gas recovering apparatus
Bitextual, bifocal language learning system
Drive circuits for microelectromechanical systems devices
Self-powered tire revolution counter
Device for displaying a character having a virtual image
Pet food composition and method
Elemental nutritional products
Multilayer film
Adduct having an acidic solution of sparingly-soluble group IIA complexes
Compositions for reduced food adhesion
Convertible rotisserie and grill
Method and device for cooking and vacuum packing of mussels with microwaves
BPN' variants having decreased adsorption and increased hydrolysis wherein one or more loop regions ...
Antimicrobial cleansing compositions containing 2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid
Detergent compositions
Dryer sheet process
Method for preparing fabric softening compositions
Guanidinylamino heterocycle compounds useful as .alpha.-2 adrenoceptor agonists
Robot failure diagnosing system
Dual solder-hole layout for expansion slots
Toner supplying container and image forming apparatus
Secure wiretap support for internet protocol security
Three-dimensional virtual reality space display processing apparatus, a three-dimensional virtual re...
Piperidine derivatives having effects on serotonin related systems
Brassiere underwiring
Method and apparatus for recovering metal values from liquid slag an baghouse dust of an electric ar...
Treatment process for resins or organic compounds, or waste plastics containing them
Dynamic handling of object versions to support space and time dimensional program execution
Program conversion apparatus
System and method for scheduling use of system resources among a plurality of limited users
System and method for configuring a programmable logic device
Dynamic mapping of component interfaces
Method for detecting chemical interactions between naturally occurring biological analyte molecules ...
Compounds having protected hydroxy groups
Vertical membrane storage system and method of storing liquids using the same
Method for predicting the directional tendency of a drilling assembly in real-time
Apparatus for the redistriabution of acoustic energy
Motor vehicle muffler
Sound absorbing structure
Acoustic transducer panel
Adjustable universal implant blank for modifying corneal curvature and methods of modifying corneal ...
Method of securing a graft using a graft fixation device
Process for producing porous polymer materials
Producing electrical energy from natural gas using a solid oxide fuel cell
Direct antifreeze cooled fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell battery with afterburning at the periphery of a cell stack
Water management system for electrochemical engine
Apparatus for generation of pure hydrogen for use with fuel cells
Water recovery, primarily in the cathode side, of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Device for the measurement of moisture of harvested crop
Electrode for evaluating cardiac functions via esophagus
Nucleic acids encoding sucrose-binding proteins
Compounds for treatment of infectious and immune system disorders and methods for their use
Inhibitors of anthrax lethal factor activity
Transferrin receptor of moraxella
Nucleic acids encoding KSP, a kinesin motor protein
Cationic lipids
Arrangement for TV broadcasting outdoor events or the like
Living radical graft copolymerization of vinyl monomers initiated from the structural defects of pol...
Performing selected optical measurements with optical coherence domain reflectometry
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Nucleic acids and polypeptides
Set of forks with markings for a high-lift pallet truck
Trace operations in an integrated circuit for a disk drive
Absorbent article having improved fluid acquisition performance
Bone morphogenetic protein-11 (BMP-11) compositions
System and method for calibrating time-of-flight mass spectra
Passivating etchants for metallic particles
Malleable paste with high molecular weight buffered carrier for filling bone defects
Receptacle for enclosing low-voltage electronic devices in a wall
Method for installing a hard drive into a computer and improved components therefor
Porphyrin-nucleus introduced polymers
Method and apparatus for testing large arrays of storage devices
System and method of land marking
Non-elastomeric polyurethane compositions
Method and system for selecting television programs based on the past selection history of an identi...
Method and apparatus for object cache registration and maintenance in a networked software developme...
Yarn carrier having an annular recess containing markings for yarn identification
System, method and computer implemented process for assaying coagulation in fluid samples
Strong early seed-specific gene regulatory region
Hyperbaric hydrothermal atomic force microscope
3-heteroatom substituted and two carbon homologs of 15-HETE and methods of use
Gel type vapor release device
Magnetic resonance method and device for measuring a periodically varying fluid flow in an object
Communication equipment, communication route selection method, and computer program product in memor...
Method of treating complex regional pain syndromes by electrical stimulation of the sympathetic nerv...
Low-fat snacks having improved eating qualities and dough compositions used to prepare low-fat fabri...
Oxygen absorber
Viburnum plant named `Henneke`
Azalea plant named `Timeless`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Make-Up`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Wish`
Hydrangea plant named `Limelight`
Bracteantha plant named `Florabella Lemon`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Meibosnio`
Hash Cam having a reduced size memory array and its application
Luggage with adjustable packing board
Chimeric viral proteins
Method for the simultaneous demonstration of various opportunistic pathogens
Compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Prodrugs of aspartyl protease inhibitors
Hardener for epoxy molding compounds
Hearing aid construction with electronic components encapsulated in soft polymeric body
Hearing aid communications earpiece
VMP-like sequences of pathogenic borrelia
Software based stamp dispenser
System for retrieval of information from data structure of medical records
System and method for re-routing of e-mail messages
Method and apparatus for establishing communication between a transaction initiator and a transactio...
Method and system for using caller pays service for single use and short term access to internet sub...
Vault controller based registration application serving web based registration authorities and end u...
Transmitting messages over a network
Thermal printer
Radio telephone holder with battery charging and movable cradle having telephone lock
Nitrogen doped carbon-coated effect pigments and their manufacture
Rheology stabilizer for high-temperature high-pressure high-mineralized degree drilling fluids
Low foam n-alkyltartarimide and n-alkylmalimide wetting agents
Process for producing dispersant for powdery hydraulic composition
Molded resin articles
Acrylic polymer compositions with crystalline side chains and processes for their preparation
Apparatus for tissue remodeling
Programmatic iteration scheduling for parallel processors
Collection assemblies, laminates, and autosensor assemblies for use in transdermal sampling systems
Heat pipe cooling of aircraft skins for infrared radiation matching
Method and apparatus for client authentication and application configuration via smart cards
Chip-type circuit element mounting apparatus
Antimicrobial and antiviral compositions containing an oxidizing species
Integrated television and internet information system
Apparatus for data copyright management system
Security monitoring arrangement for a computer system
Rotary actuator with cushion mechanism
Articulated multiple buoy marine platform apparatus and method of installation
Multi-channel signal processing in an optical reader
Scalable audio coding/decoding method and apparatus
Method and system for restoring a computer to its original state after an unsuccessful patch install...
Delivering service to a client via a locally addressable interface
Water purification system and method including dispensed volume sensing and control
Control system for mobile NOx SCR applications
SOX tolerant NOX trap catalysts and methods of making and using the same
System for reduction of harmful exhaust emissions from diesel engines
Process for reduction of gaseous sulfur compounds
Massive bodies for producing highly converted solutions of chlorine dioxde
Process for generating hydrogen-rich gas
Process and system for formulating digital images resulting from auxiliary graphical elements inlaid...
Teletext with transparent function
On-screen display system
Logo insertion based on constrained encoding
Composition of error messages in an error message system based upon non-local contextual information
Mixture of diesters of adipic or phthalic acid with isomers of nonanols
Low molecular weight high-cis polybutadienes and their use in high molecular weight-low molecular we...
Catalyst and processes for the selective hydrogenation of unsaturated compounds in hydrocarbon strea...
Process for the preparation of styrenes
Making an olefin product from an oxygenate
Process for metathesis of olefins in the presence of a stabilizing agent of the catalyst
Mazzite supported catalyst
PDE IV inhibiting amides, compositions and methods of treatment
Glucocorticoid receptor antagonists for treatment of diabetes
Use of fumaric acid derivatives
Diacyl-substituted guanidines, a process for their preparation, their use as medicine or diagnostic ...
Methods for the preparation of 4-hydroxy benzothiophene
Imidazole compounds
Phosphate derivatives as immunoregulatory agents
Object routing system
EL display device and manufacturing method thereof
Camera with dual-function battery/manual operating button unit
Semiconductor device structures incorporating "buried" mirrors and/or "buried" metal electrodes and ...
Demodulator, particularly for a SECAM chrominance signal, with double frequency adjustment
Methods for generating image set or series with imperceptibly different images, systems therefor and...
Method and apparatus for multi-level image alignment
Multiview three-dimensional image display apparatus
Data compression on a data connection
Method and apparatus for encoding video information
Automotive engine misfire detection system including a bit-serial based recurrent neuroprocessor
Edge rinse apparatus and edge rinse method
Separation of trioxane from liquid mixtures
Photoresist stripper composition and method for stripping photoresist using the same
Miniaturized thermal cycler
Fire resistant thermoplastic silicone vulcanizates
High resistance polypropylene tube
Mini pneumatic mechanical pulmonary ventilator
Gasketed aerosol mounting cup
Shortened solar cell array
Single variable priority constraint fuzzy control system
Artificial reef structure
Apparatus and method for trapping bead based reagents within microfluidic analysis systems
Compositions based on polyolefins and low-melting-point polyamides
Investment cast stainless steel marine propeller
Optical signal switching apparatus
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Finishing element with finishing aids
Method of recording data on photographic film
Rose plant named `Tanrostax`
Coin discriminating apparatus
Apparatus and buffing element for uniformly reconditioning digital recording discs
High refractive index silicone for use in intraocular lenses
Non-arrhythmogenic metabolite of oxybutynin
Tamper-proof identification of solid objects
Method of detecting microorganisms utilizing transparent sample container
Composition for use in adsorption treatment, products formed with the same, and a method for produci...
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Air bag inflator with mechanism for deactivation of second stage and autoignition
Active rear posts improved stiction flyability slider integrated pads
Combinatorial polypeptide antigens
Methods and systems for securely delivering electronic mail to hosts having dynamic IP addresses
Oil exuding roller for an electrophotographic printer, including a method for its fabrication, and i...
Containment system for spills
GPS device with compass and altimeter and method for displaying navigation information
Vinyl chloride-based polymers capable of giving plastisols having specific properties, and process f...
Glass-ceramic material and method of making
Frozen dessert products and method of production
Golf ball
High speed melt-spinning of fibers
Chemical sensor and coating for same
Food product and method of preparation
System for supervision and control of objects or persons
Entryway system using proximity-based short-range wireless links
Method and system for facilitating patient care plans
Interactive customer support for computer programs using network connection of user machine
Assay of peroxidase activity
Growth factor homolog ZVEGF3
Stabilization and amplification of electrochemiluminescence signals
Biosensors utilizing ligand induced conformation changes
Beclin and uses thereof
Optical storage device and cartridge holding mechanism
Method and system for estimating adaptive array weights used to transmit a signal to a receiver in a...
Method and apparatus in a wireless communication system for retrieving local information and service...
Method and apparatus for channel pattern based managing inbound traffic in a two-way wireless messag...
Distributed processor system having status voting mechanism of each processor by all other processor...
Low phase jitter clock signal generation circuit
Method and apparatus for adjusting fiberglass manholes
Method of producing polyetherester monomer and cement dispersants
Process of making a microfibrillated article
Transparent acoustical and mechanical barrier
Embossed film having controlled tear
Variably printed tape and system for printing and applying tape onto surfaces
Microfibers and method of making
Photosensitive composition
Method of processing silver halide color photographic lightsensitive material
Data capture and verification system
Separator for a high energy rechargeable lithium battery
Control circuit for the charging current of batteries at the end of the charging phase, especially f...
Fault indicator providing light indication on fault detection
Lithium secondary battery
Processes for the recovery of copper from aqueous solutions containing nitrate ions
Air filter assembly for low temperature catalytic processes
Hydrogen generation by electrolysis of aqueous organic solutions
Electrochemical activation of organic disulfides for electrophilic substitution
Electrode structural body, rechargeable battery provided with said electrode structural body, and re...
Sealed battery
Battery and capacitor using quinoxaline resin
Lithium ion batteries with improved resistance to sustained self-heating
Method of manufacturing secondary battery negative electrode
Hockey equipment carrying bag
Three-heads one-pass type thermal printer
Device for steering a conveyor belt
Test interface for coaxial cable
Multicasting method and apparatus
Solar lighting apparatus
Incubating box
Human leukocyte 12-lipoxygenase and its role in the pathogenesis of disease states
Method and product for regulating cell responsiveness to external signals
Method for identifying compounds that inhibit or enhance activation of a transmembrane ligand for a ...
Methods and reagents for isolating biologically active peptides
Animated toy doll and scooter assembly
Multiple component activatable mechanism and toys containing such mechanisms
Methods and apparatus for amusing young children
Method and system for transient load response in a camless internal combustion engine
Torque control in an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Apparatus and a method for sliding mode control
Valve timing control device
Control system for variable displacement engines
Checking device
Method for the exchange, analysis, and reporting of performance data in businesses with time-depende...
Critical resource management
Lawn colorant composition having rearing effects
Fuel injection nozzle and method of use
Corrosion inhibition during transport of water and a hydrocarbon through a pipeline
Bimetallic catalyst comprising fluorine, and its use for hydrogenating aromatic compounds in the pre...
Process for the preparation of 2-(4-methylphenyl)-benzoic acid derivatives
Preparation of phosphonium salts
Process for the production of olefins
Method for converting methane-containing gaseous hydrocarbon mixtures to liquid hydrocarbons
Method for removing nitrogen oxides from exhaust gas
Method for removing hydrogen sulfide from gas streams
Particles for non-magnetic undercoat layer of magnetic recording medium, method thereof and magnetic...
Process for operating a methanol reforming system
Apparatus and methods for storing and releasing hydrogen
Permanent images produced by use of highly selective electrostatic transfer of dry clear toner to ar...
Forming ink images having protection films
Stable adhesive composite material made of polyurethane and of another thermoplastic material, a pro...
Magnetic recording medium
Roughened electrolyte interface layer for solid oxide fuel cells
Enhanced bright peak clear phase shifting mask and method of use
Fabrication of gratings in planar waveguide devices
Methods of determining the presence of double stranded nucleic acids in a sample
Treatment of hearing impairments
Method of attaching a group to a pigment
Pigment preparation with modified colophony resins
Breathable film layer compositions
Image formation method, electrophotographic toners, and printed matter
Electrophotographic toner and image forming method using the toner
Process for manufacturing pigments
Method and system for accessing electronic resources via machine-readable data on intelligent docume...
Optical couplers for multimode fibers
Optoelectronic connector system
Reducing mode interference in transmission of a high order mode in optical fibers
Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Pentacyclic triterpenes
Topical anti-acne composition
Medicament compositions based on tiotropium bromide and formoterol fumarate
Hepatitis C virus multiple copy epitope fusion antigens
Plant extracts for the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of hepatitis
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
Bicyclic antagonists selective for the .alpha.v.beta.3 integrin
Tricyclic and tetracyclic taxane intermediates
Preparation of 6-.alpha.-hydroxy-7-deoxytaxanes using nocardioides luteus or a hydroxylase isolated ...
Intermediates for preparation of 16-ene-vitamin D derivatives
Fluorescence observing apparatus
Method and apparatus for magnetic shielding of an integrated circuit
Method for forming encapsulated lithium electrodes having glass protective layers
Fluid mixing apparatus, method and system using same
Pharmaceutical gel and aerosol formulations and methods to administer the same to skin and mucosal s...
Spring canola (Brassica napus) variety "Nex 705"
Soybean cultivar 6167541382
Soybean cultivar 96-01862
Paged memory management system within a run-time environment
Methods for improving the efficiency of clock gating within low power clock trees
Method and apparatus for confining an optical beam in an optical switch
Poinsettia plant named `Jacaimee`
Method of instrumenting garbage collection generating a trace file making a single pass analysis of ...
Generating instruction sequences using independently executable pane renderers
Application of adaptive object-oriented optimization software to an automatic optimization oilfield ...
Control property is mapped modally compatible GUI element
Alignment free methodology for rapid determination of differences between a test data set and known ...
System and method for referencing object instances and invoking methods on those object instances fr...
System and method for reliable caching of database connections in a distributed application
Distributed metadata searching system and method
Smart antenna with no phase calibration for CDMA reverse link
Procedure for the setup of an emergency call made by an unidentified subscriber in a wireless local ...
Cordless communication system operating under the dect standard
Method for selecting cell in cellular network
Method of implementing dynamic channel allocation in a cellular radio system
Portable communications and data terminal having multiple modes of operation
Method and apparatus for constraint graph based layout compaction for integrated circuits
Method for accessing a network using programmed I/O in a paged, multi-tasking computer
Method and apparatus for the automatic configuration of strapping options on a circuit board assembl...
System for combining requests associated with one or more memory locations that are collectively ass...
Apparatus and method for multiplexing bi-directional data onto a low pin count bus between a host CP...
Method and apparatus for disabling power-on in a system requiring add-in modules
Method for in-situ, post deposition surface passivation of a chemical vapor deposited film
Packaging micromechanical devices
Controlling activation of devices
Hula hoop
Automatic detection and recovery for problems arising with interconnected queue managers
Method for monitoring abnormal behavior in a computer system
Prophylactic and therapeutic method
Reflected-wave bus termination
Data reading system in an electric component memory
Magnetic resonance transmission method supplying fraction of output signal to receiver and using int...
MRI magnet with vibration compensation
Dipeptide derivatives
Benzothiophene compounds intermediates processes and methods of use
Oil secreting supply roller for an electrophotographic printer, including a method for applying a to...
Sterilized cyanoacrylate solutions containing thickeners
Edge seal closure
Internal profile hanger with outwardly projecting tab member with informational indicia thereon
Dock technology
Testing system and method for automotive component using dynamometer
Inbred corn line 6TR512
Soybean cultivar 95765-14
Multilayer golf ball with filled inner layer having dual core, liquid core, or wound core
Thermal and stress mapping of body lumens
Resin composition and resin sheet
Fiber-forming polyamide with concentrate of polyamide and sulfonated aromatic acid
Roll having a composite cover
Catalytic component and its use in olefin polymerization
Microprocessor having a DSP and a CPU and a decoder discriminating between DSP-type instructions and...
Method for estimating pore fluid pressure in subterranean formations
Measurement of gastric emptying using stable isotopes
Human calcium dependent proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Shifting sampling window and interleaves sparse K-space data acquisition for improved temporal resol...
Travel bag with protected zippers
Thermal printhead compensation
Combined vessel dissection and transection device and method
Amidino derivatives and their use as thormbin inhibitors
Compound magnetoresistive head and method for manufacturing same
Roping sit harness with force distributor
Rack mount system for pluggable computer modules
Telephone interface call processing system with call selectivity
Apparatus and methods for combining audio compression and feedback cancellation in a hearing aid
Grating writing method and apparatus
Driving mechanism using shape-memory alloy
Closed system for rearing aquatic life
Method and apparatus for identifying network data traffic flows and for applying quality of service ...
High voltage fault discrimination for EGR temperature sensor
Vehicle accessory for monitoring travel distance
Method for requesting and processing traffic information
Modular data collection and analysis system
Information communications apparatus for vehicle
On-vehicle navigation system for searching facilities along a guide route
Game using playing pieces
Game playing apparatus
Fast fourier transform apparatus and method
Earring cuff pad
Medium penetration call announcement in telecommunications system
Accounting in an image transmission system based on a transmission mode and an accounting mode based...
Programmable timer & methods for scheduling time slices executed by a controller circuit
Compositions containing phosphate and xanthan gum variants
Process for removal of dissolved components from solution
FIFO with random re-read support and its application
Therapeutic and diagnostic methods and compositions based on jagged/notch proteins and nucleic acids
Use of plant fatty acyl hydroxylases to produce hydroxylated fatty acids and derivatives in plants
Method of making natural oil-based polyols and polyurethanes therefrom
Method for producing soundtracks and background music tracks, for recreational purposes in places su...
Notating system for symbolizing data descriptive of composed music
Background music play device and method thereof for mobile station
Method for automatically creating dance patterns using audio signals
Method for effective indexing of partially dynamic documents
Popular-object handling in a train-algorithm-based garbage collector
Scalable-remembered-set garbage collection
Object-oriented system, method and article of manufacture for a client-server graphical user interfa...
Temporal updates of relevancy rating of retrieved information in an information search system
Structured-text cataloging method, structured-text searching method, and portable medium used in the...
File prefetch control method for computer system
Method for querying a database in which a query statement is issued to a database management system ...
Method of determining electrical properties of silicon-on-insulator wafers
Method and apparatus employing external light source for endpoint detection
Optical method for measuring poisson's ratio
Thermal swing adsorption process
Vapor-adsorbent filter for reducing evaporative fuel emissions, and method of using same
Method and apparatus for preventing reactive vapor backstreaming and backstreaming induced depositio...
Solid chloride absorbent
Acid catalyzed isomerization of substituted diaryls
Process for the production of hydrocarbons with a high octane number by the selective dimerization o...
Modified catalyst and a method of using same for conversion of methanol into olefins
Preparation of propene and, if desired, 1-butene
Cosmetic compositions comprising at least one film-forming polymer
Hair care compositions which provide hair body and which comprise elastomeric resinous materials
Cosmetic composition including at least one silicone-grafted polymer and at least one polysiloxane-p...
Non-systemic control of parasites
Polyvinyl alcohol-stabilized 1,3-diene/ (meth)acrylate copolymers
Polymer compositions providing low residue levels and methods of use thereof
Non-newtonian fluid spray applicator and method
Membrane process for the production of hydrogen peroxide by non-hazardous direct oxidation of hydrog...
Reversibly soluble enzyme-polymer conjugates
Method for reducing the quantity of residual monomers in aqueous polymeric dispersions
Treatment of balance impairments
Nanosize metal oxide particles for producing transparent metal oxide colloids and ceramers
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Wafer-scale assembly of chip-size packages
Formation of thin film capacitors
Rosin-fatty acid vinylic polymers as ink additives
Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive which exhibits minimal staining
Hydrogenation process
2-methoxyimino-2-(pyridinyloxymethyl)phenyl acetamides with (derivatized) hydroxyalkyl derivatives o...
2-methoxyimino-2-(pyridinyloxymethyl) phenyl acetamides with polyether derivatives on the pyridine r...
High throughput generation and screening of fully human antibody repertoire in yeast
Browser for hierarchical structures
Striated-specific muscle cell polypetides
Quinone derivatives
Tilted polarizers for liquid crystal displays
Inductional undulative EH-accelerator
Rosin-fatty acid vinylic emulsion compositions
PEG-LHRH analog conjugates
Compositions of highly-purified natural mixtures of type I Interferon derived from leukocytes and me...
Swine hepatitis E virus and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for treatment of Hepatitis C virus associated diseases
Aminoplast resin photochromic coating composition and photochromic articles
Voiceband/modem signal relay
Charged-particle beam irradiation method and system
X-ray CT apparatus and X-ray imaging method
Method for automatic detection of targets within a digital image
Computer-aided diagnosis system and method
Online syntheses programming technique
Data-imprinting apparatus for a lens-equipped film unit
Single cell rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifier
Process for fractionating dibutene
Pattern forming method
System and method for high-level test planning for layout
Method for modifying placement of components of an integrated circuit by analyzing resources of adja...
Method for programming an FPGA and implementing an FPGA interconnect
Location based timing scheme in memory design
Smart fiber optic magnetometer
Chain RAM and method for fabricating the same
Method of copper electroplating
Site specific protein modification
Trans-activation of transcription from viral RNA
Use of .beta.-glucosidase to enhance disease resistance and resistance to insects in crop plants
Promoter regulating circadian clock function and photoperiodism
Debranching enzymes and DNA sequences coding them, suitable for changing the degree of branching of ...
Water permeable porous layer materials treated with surfactant-modified cyclodextrins
Size recognition system with method for determining price of a commodity
Method and device for identification of a type of material in an object and utilization therefor
Device and method for photoactivation
Pulsed light sterilization of drinking water and drinking water containers
Wavelength-selective optical amplifier
Display illumination system
Orientation regularizing apparatus and sorting apparatus for lens-fitted photo film unit
TCP/IP offload network interface device
Image capturing device provided with focusing system
Beam converter for enhancing brightness of polarized light sources
Optical transmission element, process as well as device for its manufacture
Laser optimized multimode fiber and method for use with laser and LED sources and system employing s...
Single mode optical waveguide fiber with reduced dispersion
Synthesis of aluminosilicates via cofeeding an alkali metal aluminate and sodium silicate and cofeed...
Antiperspirant salts, and methods of their preparation
Group III-V compound semiconductor, and semiconductor device using the compound semiconductor
Articles comprising highly crystalline graphite and method for their preparation
Rechargeable battery including an inorganic anode
Electrolyte composition for electric double layer capacitor, solid polymer electrolyte, composition ...
Throat soothing compositions
Dough compositions used to prepare reduced and low-calorie snacks
Formed polyethylene terephthalate polarizing film for incorporation in optical-grade plastic parts
High SPF nontacky/nongreasy UV-photoprotecting compositions comprising particulates of MMA crosspoly...
Cosmetic compositions containing creatine, carnitine, and/or pyruvic acid
Compositions for regenerating tissue that has deteriorated, and methods for using such compositions
Method for treatment with an antibacterial and antiseptic mixture
Very high solid content aerosol delivery system
System and method for storing and retrieving filenames and files in computer memory using multiple e...
Scalloped wing leading edge
Wing comprising a distal wing grid
Single release system
Method and apparatus for operating satellites in orbit
Failure resistant multiline tether
DSP signal processing for open loop fiber optic sensors
Polarization and wavelength stable superfluorescent sources
Controlliing gas or drug delivery to patient
Method of preparing molding compositions with fiber reinforcement and products obtained therefrom
Method for processing polyethylene having a molecular weight of at least 400,000 by heating at an el...
Polyamide-imide having head-to-tail backbone
Electrode interface bonding
Programmable network element for packet-switched computer network
Method and system for providing computer storage access with quality of service guarantees
System and method of transmission using coplanar bond wires
Method and apparatus for estimating a percentile for a value
System for keeping afloat any type of boat in case of a leak
Big game fishing chair
Apparatus for drilling an offshore underwater well
Hoisting machine to move several boat to and from land and sea simultaneously
Arrangement and method for turning a propulsion unit
Remote operating ballast filter for vessels
Ink-imprintable release coatings, and pressure sensitive adhesive constructions
Nested label
Label with booklet
Data processor apparatus and shading apparatus
Thermoplastic elastomeric resin composition and a process for the preparation thereof
Video game system using radar picture
Security systems for use in gaming tables and methods therefor
Fairness evaluation system about judgment of referees and management of coaching staffs in a sports ...
Golf swing training club
Collapsible/portable soccer goal
Octahedron ball game device and method of using the same
Method and apparatus adaptable to a standard game port of a personal computer for interfacing an ext...
High performance output buffer with ESD protection
Iron-based catalyst composition for producing oligomers of conjugated dienes
Internal diffuser for a charge controlled mirror screen display
Memory album
Drive simulation apparatus
Food group monitoring apparatus
Stop smoking method and composition
Method for developing and administering tests over a network
Flexible polyurethane foams
Hands-free portable towelette dispenser apparatus
Inbred corn plant 89AHD12 and seeds thereof
Plants and seeds of corn variety I889291
Process and apparatus for obtaining ink dispersions by subjecting the liquid inks to an ultrasonic o...
Ink jet printing with inks containing comb polymer dispersants
Color printing system
Systems and methods for managing print jobs
Liquid ink development (LID) machine having a fluid film thickness control apparatus
Transfix component having fluorosilicone outer layer
Information signal output control method, information signal duplication prevention method, informat...
Multi-purpose transaction card system
Reproducing method and apparatus, for a video signal having copy control information
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of treating or inhibiting colonic polyps and colorectal cancer
Epitaxial wafer and light emitting diode
Graphical action invocation method, and associated method, for a computer system
Image scanning apparatus having a bifurcating guide member
Method and apparatus for updating data stored in plural storage means in an information processing s...
Copper alloy with a golden visual appearance
Method for adjusting the workpiece flow in a production system
Automated placement of signal distribution to diminish skew among same capacitance targets in integr...
MEMS-based optical bench
Nitride semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Miniaturized chip scale ball grid array semiconductor package
Semiconductor laser high power amplifier system for materials processing
Non-degenerate wide bandgap semiconductors as injection layers and/or contact electrodes for organic...
Hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductor structures and sensors based thereon
Display device
OLED active driving system with current feedback
Device comprising a bipolar semi-conducting film
MOCVD-grown emode HIGFET buffer
Method of manufacturing a field-effect transistor substantially consisting of organic materials
Field-effect transistor
Surface modifying layers for organic thin film transistors
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry useful for copper substrates
Rigid porous carbon structures, methods of making, methods of using and products containing same
Compositions, kits, and methods for inhibiting cerebral neurovascular disorders and muscular headach...
Tunable microwave devices
Reflection type liquid crystal display device and display apparatus therewith
Photocatalytic device for disk drive contamination reduction
Optical interconnects with hybrid construction
Process for sulfurizing catalysts in a reducing medium
Suspension control system
Shift control method for automatic transmission
Technique for limiting the range of an object sensing system in a vehicle
Dynamic negotiation of resources for user equipment in wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for network paging
Multiple handset cordless telephone including a ring signal/call routing module
Speakerphone feature for a wireless handset
Computer network telephony
Steering bearing assembly for a bicycle
Bicycle hub for disc brake
Bicycle hub
High torque impulse turbine
Finger-operated toy bicycle
Continuously variable transmission
Disposable bioreactor for culturing microorganisms and cells
Electric circuit board system for camera capable of structuring target camera by merely exchanging u...
Script character processing method for interactively adjusting space between writing element
Web server providing role-based multi-level security
Connection control interface for asynchronous transfer mode switches
System and method for identifying latent computer system bottlenecks and for making recommendations ...
Computer operating system using compressed ROM image in RAM
Authentication and authorization mechanisms for Fortezza passwords
Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for analyzing performance of application programs
Head mounted display with eyetracking capability
Cleaning apparatus
Systems and methods for processing workpieces
Reactor vessel having improved cup, anode and conductor assembly
Reactor vessel having improved cup, anode and conductor assembly
Apparatus and method for electrochemical processing of a microelectronic workpiece, capable of modif...
Naphthyloxyalkyl(meth)acrylates with high refractive indices and low glass transition temperatures
Modular trial instrument with interlock mechanism
Surface roughness dependent methods of electric discharge machining and device thereof
Apparatus for selectively dissolving and removing material using ultra-high frequency ultrasound
In-situ metalization monitoring using eddy current measurements during the process for removing the ...
Liquid sensor and body fluid leak sensing device comprising the same
Apparatus for measuring intrauterine pressure and fetal heart rate and method for using same
Intramuscular medical electrical lead with fixation member
System and method for indexing and querying audio archives
Magnetic sensor
Computer system and method for providing digital video and data over a communication channel
Animated virtual agent displaying apparatus, method for displaying a virtual agent, and medium for s...
Pre test electronic mail process
Comprehensive global information network broadcasting system and methods of distributing information
IP network for accomodating mobile users with incompatible network addressing
Internet-enabled service management system and method
Two moment RC delay metric for performance optimization
Method and system for distributed queues in a multimedia network with proxies
Multimedia data storage system and method for operating a media server as a cache device and control...
Communication management system and method
Extensible, object-oriented network interface
Computing system which implements recording and playback of semantic commands
System and method for evaluating a very large scale integrated circuit for potential design errors
Method for extracting inductance parameters from a circuit design
Method and apparatus for debugging of optimized code using emulation
Method of producing toner by way of dispersion polymerization for use in developing latent electrost...
Diagnostic applications of perlecan domain I splice variants
Detergent mixtures containing oligomeric esterquats
Fiber treating agents and methods of treating fibers
Telephone agent call management system
Transparent sample container
Low energy radiation detector
Octave spectra acousto-optic tunable filter
Magnetic data storage tape with etched servo pattern, method of manufacturing same, and method of se...
Optical information storage unit and laser power control method
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL)
Optical waveguide slab structures
Visualization of Internet search information
Rocker joint pin for chain, and method and apparatus for producing the rocker joint pin
Tensioner lever for chain drive
Tool pot separation type chain
Shoe for tensioner device and chain guide
Silent chain
Method of detecting systemic fault conditions in an intelligent electronic device
Video signal processing method for improving the picture of dim area
Compositions of hepatitis C virus NS5B polymerase and methods for crystallizing same
Distance measuring systems altimeters and aircraft
Virtual switching for interconnected networks
Wall-mounted locking system for firearms
Method of assembling a firearm having a security apparatus
Electrical connector for use with pyrotechnic ignition apparatus
Reactive waste deactivation facility and method
Extrudable black body decoy flare compositions
Angular type ball bearing and shaft support structure with the same
Cage for rolling bearing
Silo reclaimer
Centrifugal pump
Constant-velocity universal joint of a tripod type
Rolling device
Digital enunciator, process and communication system employing same
Energy-harvesting device using electrostrictive polymers
Liquid crystal display device having a spacer
Semiconductor fabrication process
Language translator
Scanned display with plurality of scanning assemblies
Electroacoustic converter
Inflatable balloon assembly
Method and apparatus for performing high bandwidth low latency programmed I/O writes by passing toke...
Data streamer
Methods and apparatus for improving system performance with a shared cache memory
Optimized configurable scheme for demand based resource sharing of request queues in a cache control...
Method and apparatus for altering data length to zero to maintain cache coherency
High-throughput interface between a system memory controller and a peripheral device
Method for the production of 1,3-propanediol by recombinant organisms comprising genes for vitamin B...
Cobalt catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Method for processing coating powder waste and coating powders thus obtained
Pigment paste, paste resin, coating agents and the use thereof
Coating composition
Toughened polyacetal resin composition
Phosphorylated polymer dispersants for inks
Sulfur absorbents
Photocurable ink composition for ink jet recording and ink jet recording method using the same
High gloss acrylic coatings with improved impact resistance cured with melamine
Zeolite-based catalyst material, the preparation thereof and the use thereof for the selective dehyd...
Silicon photoelectric conversion device, method of fabricating the same and method of processing the...
Method for subscribing telecommunications devices at cooperating stations by wireless telecommunicat...
Transmitting and receiving card selectively attached to portable phone or information terminal
Method and system for providing information for a mobile terminal and a mobile terminal
Automatic network analyzer having noise/NPR test capability
Apparatus and method of using the same for internet and intranet broadcast channel creation and mana...
Dry neutralization process for detergent powder composition
Branched surfactant manufacture
Soft hearing aid moulding apparatus
Synthesis of new polynitriles from cycloaliphatic vicinal primary diamines
Eye protection device
Driving force control apparatus
Card-type storage device
Isolated CYP3A4 nucleic acid molecules and detection methods
Polymorphic form of a tachykinin receptor antagonist
Polymorphic form of a tachykinin receptor antagonist
Use of CRF antagonists to treat circadian rhythm disorders
Treatment of cardiovascular disease
Composite insulating clamp assembly for induction furnace
Surface of a cooling roll for continuous casting machines
Encryption processor with shared memory interconnect
Method and apparatus for allocating stack slots
Customized web browsing and marketing software with local events statistics database
Method and system for providing a customized media list
Ride simulation system
Automobile information system
Layered local cache with imprecise reload mechanism
Methods and devices for dispensing a product and for selectively varying a concentration of the disp...
Automated system for coating the human body
Cosmetic compositions containing substituted sulfonamide derivatives
Anti-cancer compounds
Detergent cosmetic composition comprising an amphoteric polymer containing fatty chains and an ester...
Method for retarding and preventing sunburn by UV light
Hydrocarbon gels as suspending and dispersing agents and products
Film coated microbeads containing active compounds and method of making the same
Detersive enzyme particles having water-soluble carboxylate barrier layer and compositions including...
Fabric conditioning compositions
Adhesive composition
Curable resin composition for overcoat of flexible circuit
Ligand and complex for catalytically bleaching a substrate
Method and apparatus for generating a desired three-dimensional digital model of an orthodontic stru...
Uses for androst-5-ene-3.beta., 17.beta.-diol
Inhibitors of hedgehog signaling pathways, compositions and uses related thereto
Printer for incorporation into systems with limited access
Pharmaceutical compositions, mainly vaginal suppository, containing many different active ingredient...
Membrane electrode assembly for an electrochemical fuel cell
Adaptive acoustic channel equalizer & tuning method
Sack from a flexible material and method for its formation
Process for manufacturing injection moulded objects using side walls and plural injection points
Bottle base
Display with removeable informational panel
Containers for foodstuff
Child-resistant flip top closure
System moisture absorber
High fidelity small omnidirectional loudspeaker
Loudspeaker system
Method for reducing the noise level of tobacco-processing machines with sound-damping line segments
Muffler with interchangeable outlet tips
Motorized and computer operated variable acoustics treatment
Headset with adjustable earhook
High reliability pressure sensor
Keratin-based tissue engineering scaffold
Transplantable recellularized and reendothelialized vascular tissue graft
Method and apparatus for cultivating a cell or tissue
Rheology modifying copolymer composition
TUP1 sequences from Candida albicans and methods for screening agents for inhibiting virulence in Ca...
Purified heat shock protein complexes
Polynucleotides encoding T-cell selective interleukin-4 agonists
Coextruded tubing
Multiple plumbing vent apparatus
Dry adhesive