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Thin film electroluminescent device having thin-film current control layer
Methods of operating MRAM devices
Device transfer method, and device array method and image display unit production method using the s...
Semi-solid processing of beryllium-containing alloys of magnesium
Mini-E1A gene and gene products
Method of treating body insect infestation
Matrix metalloproteinase and tumor necrosis factor inhibitors
Lipopeptides containing an interferon-.gamma. fragment, and uses thereof in pharmaceutical compositi...
High pressure discharge lamp of the short arc type
Deacidification treatment of printed cellulosic materials
Fiber cement composite materials using sized cellulose fibers
Method for manufacturing polarization diffraction film
EB and/or UV crosslinking and polymerization of material in web form
Article protected by a diffusion aluminide coating applied by painting techniques
Process for manufacture of reacted metal nanoparticles
Devices and techniques for treating trabecular meshwork
Single use disposable jet injector
Dual sided disposable cleaning cloth
Methods for isolating T. pallidum rare outer membrane proteins
Method for reducing NOx from exhaust gases produced by industrial processes
Spinning, processing, and applications of carbon nanotube filaments, ribbons, and yarns
Assemblies and methods for processing zinc-bearing materials
Reaction methods for producing metal oxide particles
Sol having fine particles dispersed and method for preparing
Sulfite treatment of spent industrial wastes
Process for producing phenyl-alkanes using olefin isomerization and paraffin recycle
Catalytic composition and process for dimerization, codimerization and oligomerization of olefins
Material constituted by ultrafine metallic and oxide particles
Method and apparatus for reclaiming volatile products and non-volatile residue
Process for the production of aromatic compounds in a moving bed including a reduction of the cataly...
Method and apparatus for building and maintaining an object-oriented geospatial database
Method and system for identifying congestion and anomalies in a network
Bagless canister vacuum
Equestrian saddle
Water bottle for rodent cage
Protect sheet of catching surface of baseball glove
Vent for sports helmet
Dual-fin full face helmet
Surface configuration of a helmet
Herbicides for tolerant or resistant oil seed rape cultures
Triple hybrid amplicon vector systems to generate retroviral packaging lines
Avian and reptile derived polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide having heparanase activity
Petunia plant named `Wespevan`
Heucherella plant named `Heart of Darkness`
Lantana plant named `Sonshine`
Anthurium plant named `Bright Love`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ovation Suncatcher Orange`
Magnetic flux density apparatus for, E.G., detecting an internal crack of a metal or a shape of the ...
Image forming apparatus and method for determining suitability of replaceable component
Network switch including restriction of source address look-ups based on receive queue length
Method for encoding auxiliary data within a source signal
Methods for producing highly compressed software products
Retrieving and ranking of documents from database description
Dynamic object synthesis with automatic late binding
Method for creating an index and method for searching an index
Method and apparatus for high speed table search
Apparatus and method for information retrieval using self-appending semantic lattice
Hybrid electric vehicle DC power generation system
Method of determining the load on a vehicle occupant
Driving force distributing apparatus
Walk-behind implement having wrap spring wheel clutches
Flexibly coupled electric power assist steering system
Rack and pinion steering gear with powdered metal bushing
Power steering system
Transmission mechanism for doll
Interactive toy, reaction behavior pattern generating device, and reaction behavior pattern generati...
Visual stimulation attachment for use in vehicles
Interactive toys
Propeller shaft assembly for toy watercraft
Control unit of external storage, method for substituting defective block, and storage medium wherei...
Interactive treasure hunt game
Speed shift control and apparatus for control of automatic transmission
Slip protection method for a belt-type variator of a CVT
Traffic accident recording system
Methods and apparata for micromanipulation of micro-and nanoparticles
Processes for nanomachining using carbon nanotubes
Ordered arrays of nanoclusters
Pencil case
Writing instrument
Marker with eraser
Crayon maker
Crayon with eraser
Magnetorheological fluid-controlled vehicle suspension damper
Adjustable weight exercise methods and apparatus
Momentum-free running exercise machine for both agonist and antagonist muscle groups using controlla...
Adjustable rehabilitation exercise device
Bipedal locomotion training and performance evaluation device and method
Computerized repetitive-motion exercise logger and guide system
Rotary tilt exercise machine
Nutritional optimization method
Adaptive exercise machine
Migration mechanism for user data from one client computer system to another
Computerized system for the design, execution, and tracking of exercise programs
Adaptive physical education device
Computer controlled hydraulic resistance device for a prosthesis and other apparatus
Apparatus for locking the tilting angle of body inversion exercise equipment
Weight-supporting apparatus for use during a lifting exercise
Basketball shooting trainer and method
Stretching device
Isokinetic testing machine
Glassmaking furnace regenerator
Speaker housing configured to minimize standing waves and resonate above the frequency range of tran...
Low profile audio speaker
Speaker holder
Acoustic attenuator
Manifold for a horn loudspeaker and method
Gas turbine exhaust passage and damper system for same
Sound-deadened wall and wall panel for same
TWIK-5 potassium channel nucleic acids and uses therefor
Starch microcapsules for delivery of active agents
Particulate drug-containing products and method of manufacture
Annuloplasty ring for regeneration of diseased or damaged heart valve annulus
Process for the recovery of lactic acid
Rotary type fluid machine, vane type fluid machine, and waste heat recovering device for internal co...
Method and apparatus for cooling and cleaning air
Ice machine with assisted harvest
Clothes dryer
Switch matrix
Process of removing ion-implanted photoresist from a workpiece
Microelectromechanical optical switch and method of manufacture thereof
Apparatus and method for monitoring a condition inside a body cavity
Acoustic wave micromixer using fresnel annular sector actuators
Variable geometry mirror having high-precision, high geometry controllability
Dither system for motion sensors
Nucleation layer for improved light extraction from light emitting devices
Ratchet clamp
Method and apparatus for accessing a multiple chamber semiconductor wafer processing system
Gradation correcting apparatus
Miniature air compressor
Dispensing system for petrol-pumps, including a bypass and principle valve
Axial piston pump barrel with a cast high pressure collection cavity
Control valve for variable displacement type compressor
Compressed air powered pump priming system
Front of a guitar body
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Yel`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Scared`
Strawberry plant named `PS-3456`
Combined business card with bar code, laser punched holes and radio frequency IC
Modular valve assembly and system with airtight, leakproof and shockproof closure for engagement in ...
Dynamic connection set-up in a communication network
Security method and system for storage subsystem
Methods and systems for scheduling work
Trunked radio repeater communication system including home channel aliasing and call grouping
GPS data controller in mobile communication system and control method thereof
Control arrangement for a high-pressure cleaning system
Methods of treating commercial grade preservatives to remove undesirable odors and flavors
Extracorporeal affinity adsorption methods for the treatment of atherosclerosis, cancer, degenerativ...
Blocked mercaptosilane coupling agents for filled rubbers
Heterogeneous polymerization catalyst, process for producing acrylic polymer, and acrylic polymer
Hydrophobic lattices and coating compositions containing them
1-alkoxy-polyalkyl-piperidine derivatives and their use as polymerization regulators
Camouflage pattern method and apparatus
Stretched yarn pirn
Particulate carbonates and their preparation and use in breathable film
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin solutions for odor control on inanimate surfaces
Rotary container with separable nail files
Interactive one to many communication in a cooperating community of users
Lithography tool having a vacuum reticle library coupled to a vacuum chamber
Medical tele-robotic system
Object taking out apparatus
Intelligent system for generating and executing a sheet metal bending plan
Method for taking out a molded product and apparatus for the same
Compact and high throughput semiconductor fabrication system
Aggregated policy deployment and status propagation in network management systems
System and method for generating a profile from which a publication may be created
Computer implemented scalable, incremental and parallel clustering based on weighted divide and conq...
Digital imaging device with background training
Synchronous integrated circuit device
Integral screen/frame assembly for an electrochemical cell
Device for packaging a chip shaped carrier and process for assembling a plurality of such carriers
Apparatus and method for detecting and identifying infectious agents
Method for preparing chiral amino acids
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature within an electrochemical fuel cell
Antagonists of MCP-1 function and methods of use thereof
Device for enhanced delivery of biologically active substances and compounds in an organism
Pain management with liposome-encapsulated analgesic drugs
System for remotely communicating voice and data to and from an elevator controller
Methods and systems for installing cable and conduit in pipelines
Frame members for a portable dam
Artistic display
Image forming apparatus of a 4-series drum configuration
Cross-linked polymers based on bis-silane, bis-thioether, bis-sulphoxide, bis-sulphone and butane-di...
Quantum ridges and tips
Diffractive optical element and image reader using the same
Apparatus and method for pulley actuator
Resistance cell architecture
Apparatus and method using front-end network gateways and search criteria for efficient quoting at a...
Optical fiber biosensor array comprising cell populations confined to microcavities
Antibody for human translational regulator
Muffler exhaust stack
Liquid crystal display device utilizing spacers in both the seal and active regions and method of ma...
Double tongue soccer boot/training shoe
Serial-to-parallel/parallel-to-serial conversion engine
Aerogels and other coatings as collection media and matrix supports for MALDI-MS applications
Methods and apparatus for the high through-put detection of binding interactions in vivo
Slider-level microactuator for precise head positioning
Non-integer order dynamic systems
Aerosol dispenser
Powder formulation disintegrating system and method for dry powder inhalers
Thin film CMOS calibration standard having protective cover layer
Magnetic memory device in which influence of adjacent memory cell is controllable
Bismuth-based electrochemical stripping analysis
A/D signal conversion based on a comparison of voltage-divided signals
Gastroretentive controlled release pharmaceutical dosage forms
Method for the elimination of Kunitz and Bowman-Birk trypsin inhibitors and carboxypeptidase inhibit...
Polycyclic aryl and heteroaryl substituted 1,4-quinones useful for selective inhibition of the coagu...
Compositions for removing stains from dental surfaces, and methods of making and using the same
Metal nanoshells
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Articulated anterior expandable spinal fusion cage system
Process for the production of paroxetine
Salt form of pantoprazole
Enzyme inhibitors for metabolic redirection
Highly purified simvastatin compositions
Fully integrated all-CMOS AM transmitter with automatic antenna tuning
Base station for a radio communications system
XML based script automation
In-line fluid heater
Treatment of hepatitis C virus infections with interleukin-10
Optimization of n-base typed arithmetic expressions
Mch3, a novel apoptotic protease, nucleic acids encoding and methods of use
Mutant presenilin 1 polypeptides
Method and apparatus for providing an expression data mining database
Method of visually signaling computer hardware faults on keyboard
Method and apparatus for multiple security service enablement in a data processing system
Fuser apparatus for adjusting gloss of a fused toner image and method for fusing a toner image to a ...
Predictive method for polymers
Method and implementation for addressing and accessing an expanded read only memory (ROM)
EPG with advertising inserts
Process for making a lube base stock from a lower molecular weight feedstock using at least two olig...
Organic light emitting materials and devices
Semiconductor memory device
Electric charge storage apparatus and method for an intelligent electronic device
Proximal anchors for bone fixation system
Data transmission apparatus and method for management of user identification data allocated to image...
Fuel cell
Method and computer system for establishing a relationship between a stress and a strain
Indoor environment design system, indoor environment evaluation system, indoor environment design me...
Nucleic acid molecules encoding starch phosphorylase from maize
Cooperating mobile robots
Silicone/multifunctional acrylate barrier coatings
Repeater for transmission system for controlling and determining the status of electrical devices fr...
Polymer suitable for photoresist compositions
Microwave oven having side wave dispersing unit
Diffusion barrier layer with a high barrier effect
Composition and method for prevention and treatment of health conditions caused by constriction of s...
System and method for antenna diversity using joint maximal ratio combining
Dental care compositions
Vertical one-transistor floating-body DRAM cell in bulk CMOS process with electrically isolated char...
Electric luminescence fiber
Expression of trehalose 6-phosphate synthase in plant plastids
Bicompatible poly-.beta.-1.fwdarw.4-N-acetylglucosamine
High-level synthesis method, high-level synthesis apparatus, method for producing logic circuit usin...
Composite particles containing an active substance
Method for steering a vehicle and steering system therefore
Physical motion state evaluation apparatus
Thread forming tap
Localization support method for software applications with backend database
Process and device for detection of straight-line segments in a stream of digital data that are repr...
Cellular telephone for acquiring data encoded in bar code indicia
Method and an apparatus for the identification of incorrectly oriented parts and/or parts departing ...
Method of reducing voice signal interference
Wicking instrument for LASIK surgery
Holding arm for energy supply
Generating user-dependent keys and random numbers
Emergency opening cylinder of a passenger door for an airplane, a door system and a method of modify...
Surface emitting laser and photodiode, manufacturing method therefor, and optoelectric integrated ci...
Method and apparatus for selecting a locking policy based on a per-object locking history
Drug delivery and monitoring system
Intelligent electric bicycle automatically operable in different modes
Markers for CT and MRI imaging
Metal organic precursors for transparent metal oxide thin films and method of making same
Synthesis of soluble functionalized lithium initiators
Automated sample collection in supercritical fluid chromatography
Method for controlling a drive train of a hybrid vehicle
Synthesis of coenzyme Q10, ubiquinone
Method and apparatus for updating software in radio terminal device
Process for the preparation of Michael-adducts
Compounds specific to adenosine A3 receptor and uses thereof
Keyword and methods for using a keyword
Interactive television
Medical implants made of wear-resistant, high-performance polyimides, process of making same and med...
Method of potting hollow fiber membranes
Catalyst for polymerization
Production of high-purity isobutene and propylene from hydrocarbon fractions with four carbon atoms
Off-chip signal routing between multiply-connected on-chip electronic elements via external multicon...
Systems and components for enhancing rear vision from a vehicle
Osteopontin derived chemotactic peptides and methods of use
High throughput method and system for screening candidate compounds for activity against target ion ...
Coin scoop
Inbred corn line 11084BM
Piling fender
Method of and apparatus for thin plate assembly, and computer product
Communique system with noncontiguous communique coverage areas in cellular communication networks
Antiviral compounds and methods of administration
Coated metal articles
Method and apparatus to facilitate restriking in an arc-furnace
Active sub-woofer speaker system
Flyable plastic airplane and method of manufacture
Navigation system, method and device with detour algorithm
Message storage device
Navigation device, information display device, object creation method, and recording medium
Odor eliminating items and methods of use for hunting
Adaptive traffic bypassing in an intercepting network driver
Fault vector pointer table
Inbred corn line W60028
Memory programming method and system
Vehicle-mounted acoustic system
Logic optimization for preferential shields
Method, system, and program for deleting user selected file sets of a program
Apparatus used in performing femoral and tibial resection in knee surgery
Exfoliated polystyrene-clay nanocomposite comprising star-shaped polymer
Modular floor tiles and floor system
Prevention of broadband cable service theft
Compounds having antiinflamatory activity: process for their preparation and pharmaceutical composit...
Petunia plant named `Condowhite`
Focusing hood for use on a digital camera
Hebbian synapse circuit
Optical switch
System, method and computer program for a synoptic interlock prompting and input override system wit...
Peach tree named `Sweet Shasta`
Apparatus and method for electrical testing of electrically heated pipe-in-pipe pipeline
System for discounting in a bidding process based on quality of service
Ball for ball game
Flexible and fault tolerant networked steering system
Inexpensive computer-aided learning methods and apparatus for learners
Font retrieval apparatus and method using a font link table
Method of using an aerosol to calibrate spectrometers
Supported nanoparticle catalyst
Wrist toy
Configuration caching
Security substrate for documents of value
Apparatus for producing a fire special effect using steam
Method for forming a plug metal layer
Controller for controlling nonvolatile memory unit
Method and system for writing data in an MRAM memory device
UV reflectors and UV-based light sources having reduced UV radiation leakage incorporating the same
Apparatus and method for duty cycle conversion
Device detecting focus of a taking lens without decrease in focus detection accuracy when the auto f...
Window jamb having uniform appearance
Method and apparatus for glow discharges with liquid microelectrodes
Dual donor catalyst system for the polymerization of olefins
Arrangement for load sharing in computer networks
File I/O control method
Production protection system dealing with contents that are digital production
Parking brake control system
Ground mineralization rejecting metal detector (power saving)
Multiple port input/output job scheduling
System and method for performing IP telephony
Simulated surface building materials and process for making the same
Receiver/transfer media for printing and transfer process
Thermographic recording material with improved image tone
Disk drive for storing sector-reconstruction sectors and for storing a sector-reconstruction status ...
Method and apparatus for ciphering playback mode information for recording on record medium
Outputting apparatus, outputting method, recording apparatus, recording method, reproduction apparat...
Magnetic recording device
Cartridge in which disk is stored
EMC core supporting structure
Magnetic head with conductors formed on endlayers of a multilayer film having magnetic layer coerciv...
Accessing and updating a configuration database from distributed physical locations within a process...
Compounds for the photodecontamination of pathogens in blood
Method and formulation for lyophilizing cultured human cells to preserve RNA and DNA contained in ce...
Electronically-indexed solid-phase assay for biomolecules
Signal amplification with lollipop probes
Modified HCV peptide vaccines
Gas turbine engine combustion system
Polysubstituted indan-1-ol systems for the prophylaxis or treatment of obesity
CDMA transmit peak power reduction
Server system with scalable session timeout mechanism
Digitizer with masking apparatus
System and method for surveying utility outages
System includes a selection manager for remotely managing the selection of an operating system for a...
Heating apparatus and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Augmented classical least squares multivariate spectral analysis
Test device and method for electrically testing electronic device
Isolating circuit breaker and circuit protection arrangement
Active non-metallocene pre-catalyst and method for tactic catalytic polymerization of alpha-olefin m...
Three dimensional fabric care bag that resists collapsing during use
Developing roller
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Compositions including ether-capped poly (oxyalkylated) alcohol wetting agents
Water-soluble coating agents bearing initiator groups
Developer-carrying member, method for regeneration thereof and developing apparatus
Process for preparing resists
Method of coating substrate surfaces with LCST polymers
Applicator for dispensing bioactive compositions and methods for using the same
Computer system including speaker-antenna assembly
Chewing gum containing phage associated lytic enzymes for treating streptococcal A infections
Reduction of adhesive ooze by pattern overcoating
Nutritional compositions which contain slightly negatively charged, non-digestible polysaccharides a...
Alpha or beta emitters attached to fragments in radioimmunotherapy
Mixture of THP and chrome as tanning agents
Cardiac surgical trainer and method for making same
Feeder bottles
Augmenting flight control surface actuation system and method
Method and apparatus for implementing high density recording on a recording medium and a method of m...
Computer system to compile non incremental computer source code to execute within incremental type c...
Counter weight door
Inhibiting starvation in a multitasking operating system
Fair weighted queuing bandwidth allocation system for network switch port
Method and system for tracking small coils using magnetic resonance
Oligonucleotides and methods for detecting Borrelia burgdorferi
Methods for diagnosing and evaluating cancer
Sugarcane ubi9 gene promoter sequence and methods of use thereof
System for microvolume laser scanning cytometry
Use's schedule management system
Sheet metal rocker arm, manufacturing method thereof, cam follower with said rocker arm, and assembl...
Amplification of nucleic acids with electronic detection
Agonists and antagonists of peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptors
Partial shroud with perforating for VIV suppression, and method of using
Transportation system
Inhibition of HIV replication using soluble Tat peptide analogs
Toy storage apparatus
Method and system for supporting differentiated network service for mobile customers and application...
High-density information storage apparatus using electron emission and methods of writing, reading a...
Laser method of scribing graphics
Method and apparatus for re-assigning priority in a partitioned content addressable memory device
Material for casing for acoustic equipment and casing for acoustic equipment fabricated therefrom
System and method for inserting leakage reduction control in logic circuits
Method and apparatus for pre-computing routes for multiple wiring models
Web-based call center system with web document annotation
Method and constructs for inhibiting protein expression in bacteria
Techniques for preventing information loss in a business to business message in an enterprise comput...
Fuchsia plant named `Goetzviol`
FPC mounting structure
Method and system for loading instructions into an executing process
Music delivery, control and integration
Class II cytokine receptor-7
Resonating cavity system for broadly tunable multi-wavelength semiconductor lasers
Noxious-insect repellent
Modular articulated structure
Euphorbia amygdaloides plant named `Golden Glory`
Mechanically stabilized earth wall systems and methods
Portable terminal for GMPCS
Dual embossed cover material for sporting goods and method of making same
System and method for providing help/training content for a web-based application
Macroscopic aggregates of microcrystalline zeolites for static water softening applications
Handle for vessel
Scientific information viewing system, and a host computer and a viewing computer therefor
Administration of dihydroergotamine as a sublingual spray or aerosol for the treatment of migraine
Iron-cobalt-vanadium alloy
Link for a conveyor
Gel electrolyte precursor and chemical battery
Reproducible doll
Configurable pattern recognition and filtering tool
Assist control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Jet blast resistant vehicle arresting blocks, beds and methods
Cooking apparatus having heaters
Entertainment system comprising suspension platform
Synthetic molecules that specifically react with target sequences
Protective layers prior to alternating layer deposition
Circuit for testing ferroelectric capacitor in FRAM
Temperature dependent write current source for magnetic tunnel junction MRAM
Nitride semiconductor and a method thereof, a nitride semiconductor device and a method thereof
Apparatus and method for correction of a deviation of digital camera
Plasma display panel and method of driving the same
Intellectual property library management system
System apparatus and method for hosting and assigning domain names on a wide area network
Method of measuring total homocysteine
Lavandula plant named `Lavden 123`
Method and system for providing translation certificates
Antibodies to specific regions of cyclosporine related compounds
Methods and substances for recruiting therapeutic agents to solid tumors
Heat pipe systems using new working fluids
Synchronizing/updating local client notes with annotations previously made by other clients in a not...
System for generating and maintaining field service publications
Breast supporting garment utilizing slip resistant materials to control position of garment
Reusable strapless backless bra
Malleable bra pad
Combination supporting bra and pouch cover lining for a commercial breast prosthesis
Brassiere for large breasted, athletic women
Brassieres which facilitate the drainage of lymphatic fluid from the breast area of the human female
Framework for the rigidification of a part of garment, made of a thermoplastic or thermosetting mate...
Treatment of erectile dysfunction using isoquinoline compound melanocortin receptor ligands
Combination therapy comprising anti-diabetic and anticonvulsant agents
Antisense RNA expression strategies effective against Streptococcus thermophilus bacteriophages
Method and system for interfacing an intrusion detection system to a central alarm system
Intrusion detection process and device
Hood intrusion and loss of AC power detection with automatic time stamp
Open transmission line intrusion detection system using frequency spectrum analysis
Resin composition, a fiber reinforced material having a partially impregnated resin and composites m...
Fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite internal combustion engine intake/exhaust port liners
Acid impervious coated metal substrate surface and method of production
High modulus polymers and composites from plant oils
Composite core material, composite material and method of assembly
Metal-foil-clad composite ceramic board and process for the production thereof
Immersion process for impregnation of resin into preforms
N-chlorophenylcarbamate and N-chlorophenylthiocarbamate compositions
CDMA signal transmission control
Selectively utilizing an automatically generated internet protocol address in a networked environmen...
Photon primed non-radioactive gas plasma receiver protector
Laplace transform impedance spectrometer and its measurement method
Wireless video telephone with ambient light sensor
System, apparatus and method for supporting multiple file systems in boot code
Toner recycle control system of electrophotographing device using viscous liquid developing solution
Analysis of cardic MR relaxation time images with application to quantifying myocardial perfusion re...
Processor with trace memory for storing access information on internal bus
Integrated dual source recycling system for chemical oxygen-iodine laser weapon systems
Gas block mechanism for water removal in fuel cells
Anisotropic film containing a copolymer including a monomer containing a dichroic dye and liquid cry...
Process for manufacturing printed wiring board using metal plating techniques
Low allergenic protein variants
Electronically active primer layers for thermal patterning of materials for electronic devices
Planar loudspeaker
Self-adjusting clutch release bearing
Slot-array antennas with shaped radiation patterns and a method for the design thereof
Fibronectin binding protein compositions and methods of use
Carrier for information storage unit and method
Substituted tetracyclic pyrroloquinolone derivatives useful as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Reagent for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus by agglutination
Method and system for creating and evaluating quizzes
Stainless cast steel having good heat resistance and good machinability
Animal control system
Flight control system for an aircraft
Optical modulator
Centralized queue in network printing systems
Battery-backup mechanism for base unit of wireless telephone system
Memory tester with enhanced post decode
FKBP inhibitors
Bridge for coupling digital signal processor to on-chip bus as master
Method of acquiring images of a plane in a magnetic resonance apparatus and magnetic resonance appar...
Methods for the synthesis of highly substituted 2,4-dioxopiperidine libraries
Method and apparatus for quantifying image
Optical CT apparatus and image reconstructing method
Method and apparatus for interleaving for information transmission or storage applications
Supported dual transition metal catalyst systems
Solar module mounting method and clip
Regulators of the hedgehog pathway, compositions and uses related thereto
Polynucleotide encoding a human myosin-like polypeptide expressed predominantly in heart and muscle
Method for installing an undersea catenary riser
Method for coding and decoding objects in a road traffic network
Toy figure with combined activation
Associative type computers
Method of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Impregnation of leather with micro-encapsulated material
Algorithms to calculate mass storage requirements for NT sizer
Noise insulation structure
Method for optimizing loop bandwidth in delay locked loops
Methods and compositions for pulmonary delivery of insulin
Data processing system, method and program for generating a job within an automated test environment
Sutera plant named `Gicomwhi-14`
Image shake correcting device
High surface area sol-gel route prepared hydrogenation catalysts
Spread spectrum dither for locking to transmission peak in tunable laser
Composition useful as hepatoprotectants comprising extract of plant Cryptolepis buchanani and a meth...
Roll-pitch-roll surgical tool
Calla lily plant named `Pot Black`
High-aseismic reinforced concrete pier using unbonded high-strength core member
Device for attaching portable phones to vehicle
Method, apparatus and article for evaluating card games, such as blackjack
Nanocrystalline heterojunction materials
Aerosol method and apparatus for making particulate products
Self-operating wheelchair lift
Method of detecting a device in a network
Plush assembly and method for stuffing same
Traction-slip control method with theoretical transversal acceleration and control circuit for carry...
Aircraft and missile forebody flow control device and method of controlling flow
Soybean cultivar SY73789
Food preparation device with smart spring
Digital image coding/decoding apparatus and method for recording and restoring a signature image usi...
Bookbinding method
Vertical MOSFET with asymmetric gate structure
Flexible redundancy for memories
High performance embedded semiconductor memory devices with multiple dimension first-level bit-lines
Phosphor blends for generating white light from near-UV/blue light-emitting devices
Process for the preparation of mono-, bi- or poly-functional biaryls
Optical system, and stereoscopic image photographing apparatus having the same
Plasma display panel
Unique object identification in a network of computing systems
Establishing an internet telephone call using e-mail
Method and apparatus for tax efficient investment management
Split metal die assembly with injection cycle monitor
Dieffenbachia plant named `Nicole`
Software-hardware welding system
Flame-resistant polycarbonate ABS moulding compounds
Pharmaceutical compositions having antiviral activity against human cytomegalovirus
Manipulating micron scale items
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording apparatus using the same
Electric toy top device with support and its associated method of operation
Combination food preparation and self-serve delivery system
Compounds and methods for treatment of asthma, allergy and inflammatory disorders
Technique for stablizing tin-coupled elastomers
Three-axis position control for low-orbiting satellites
X33 aeroshell and bell nozzle rocket engine launch vehicle
Miniature, unmanned aircraft with automatically deployed parachute
Multimodal ethylene, alpha-olefin and diene polymers, processes for making and devices comprising su...
Method of generating heat and vibration in a subterranean hydrocarbon-bearing formation
Silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Method for utilizing gas reserves with low methane concentrations and high inert gas concentrations ...
Pyrolysis heater
C-nitrosoaniline compounds and their blends as polymerization inhibitors
Bicomponent nonwoven webs containing splittable thermoplastic filaments and a third component
Method of making a prefastened undergarment in a cross machine direction and apparatus for carrying ...
Folded sheet product, dispenser and related assembly
Rolled web dispenser and cutting apparatus
Breathable multilayer films with breakable skin layers
Method and apparatus for assembling refastenable absorbent garments
Object-oriented framework for tracking collection documents
System and method for restrictively authorizing reprinting of mail pieces having postage indicia
Combined regenerative and friction braking system for a vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering device
Compensation using position for improved feel and stability in a steering system
Active fixation electrode lead having an electrical coupling mechanism
Lead conductor lumen with cross-sectional shape to minimize effects of compressive forces
Apparatus for removing an elongated structure implanted in biological tissue
Device for sample of substances using alternating polarity
Sheet transporting apparatus and image forming apparatus
Precipitated aragonite and a process for producing it
Process for producing silica particles suitable for use as filler for paper
Silicon oxide containing active silicon and its evaluation
Radiotelephone filtering apparatus
Method and system for wireless connection to a wide area network
Wrappable decorative film
Methods and systems for facilitating a multi-mode multi-pilot hard handoff
Methods and systems for reporting and resolving support incidents
Lamp lighting apparatus and projector using the same
Method and apparatus for a fibre channel control unit to execute search commands locally
Multiple-tuned circuit and probe for NMR spectrometer
Cache which provides partial tags from non-predicted ways to direct search if way prediction misses
Apparatus and method for storing information during a test program
Optical switch with liquid-air-liquid switch assembly
Controller for use with communications systems for converting a voice message to a text message
Thin film magnetic head with base coat and small pole-tip recess
Display panel
Plasma display apparatus
Riser system
Method and apparatus for suction anchor and mooring deployment and connection
Method to form in-situ pilings with diameters that can differ from axial station to axial station
Triphosphate oligonucleotide modification reagents and uses thereof
Sulfonamides and derivatives thereof that modulate the activity of endothelin
Use of inhibitors of protein kinase C epsilon to treat pain
Methods for rapidly identifying useful chemicals in liquid sample
Protective hand guard
Process for the preparation of organic disulfides
Polyhydroxyalkanoate and method of producing same, and .omega.-(2-thienylsulfanyl) alkanoic acid and...
Control system for an electrostatically-driven microelectromechanical device
Development of a gel-free molecular sieve based on self-assembled nano-arrays
Utilization of an active catalyst in a surface coating of an electrosurgical instrument
Carbonaceous composite material, process for production thereof, fuel cell separator, and polymer el...
Methods and apparatuses for a pressure driven fuel cell system
Fuel cell systems
Liquid hetero-interface fuel cell device
Verbena plant named `Rap Pink Two`
Alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Fault detection and isolation system and method
Cymbal damper
Ablation system
Inhibitors of .alpha.4.beta.1 mediated cell adhesion
Epicycle gear exercise device
Rocker arm assembly for the rear derailleur of a bicycle
Method and apparatus for teaching and learning reading
Low profile and medium protecting cartridge assembly
Non-woven fiber webs
Metal oxide materials
Non-acqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Solid-waste energy plant using catalytic ionic-impact decomposition and combustion product regenerat...
Composite carbonaceous heat insulator
Synthesis of S-alkyl and S-aryl thiocarbamates, one-pot two-step general synthesis
Composite fine particles, conductive paste, and conductive film
Minimal inventory package and delivery system in a retail business environment
Storage drum in turning devices of sheet-fed printing machines
Method and device for processing printed materials
Method for digitally rasterizing half-tone images with rasters of any width and angle
Sheet-fed printing machine and method of operation
Method of determining the area coverage of printing plates
Device for the control of blowing air, turner bar assembly, and printing machine
Method and apparatus for determining slipping in a nip roller
Printing unit with roll-away inkers
Sheet-fed rotary printing press
Magnesium calcium thioaluminate phosphor
System and method of user guidance in magnetic resonance imaging including operating curve feedback ...
Method for operating a magnetic resonance apparatus having an active shim system
Device for the transport and exact positioning of a sample tube in a high-resolution NMR spectromete...
Diphasic injection composition containing dispersed and continuous phases useful for reparative and ...
Relocation format for linking
Method and apparatus for reducing optical proximity correction output file size
Hydraulic chain tensioner with no-return device for the piston
Liquid extrusion porosimeter and method
Hydrophobic catalytic materials and method of forming the same
Toy device for an animal
Systems for remote management of a network of waste containers
Method and system for controlling the supply of power to a circuit card in a card shelf through an a...
Method and apparatus for determining a progressive discount for a customer based on the frequency of...
System and method for deploying a procurement and accounts payable system
Waveguides and devices incorporating optically functional cladding regions
Pressure-resistant balloon
In plane switching liquid crystal displaying apparatus for improving luminance
Process control methods and apparatus with distributed object management
Lifting sling
Rolling, strap-held, end rollers for securing a folded canopy therebetween
Waste bin
Image printing method and apparatus
Multi-layer paints and method for producing the same
Method for manufacturing a cord for welding floor coverings
Detergent tablet
Composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers and dyeing process using this composition
Device and method for applying a product to keratinous material
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratin fibres
Case for a cosmetic care product with a flexible bottom
Brush for applying a cosmetic product and make-up device comprising it
Discrimination of supraventricular tachycardia and ventricular tachycardia events
Position tracking and imaging system for use in medical applications
Method and apparatus for communicating with an implantable medical device with DTMF tones
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a robust communication protocol
XY selectable lead assembly
Catalytic domain of the human effector cell cycle checkpoint protein kinase materials and methods fo...
Retroviral vectors
Positive electrode active material for nonaqueous electrolytic solution secondary battery and nonaqu...
Nonaqueous electrolyte type secondary battery with a film casing
Method for fabricating electrode for rechargeable lithium battery
Ink control in printing press
Silver halide photographic elements containing bis Au(I) sensitizers
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Rechargeable solid state chromium-fluorine-lithium electric battery
Lithium secondary cell and its producing method
Battery cartridge
Method, system, and structure for disabling a communication device during the occurrence of one or m...
Multi-service network interface for FDM communications systems
Heusristics for optimum beta factor and filter order determination in echo canceler systems
Pure delay estimation
Concentrated, stable, preferably clear, fabric softening composition
Multi-point link aggregation spoofing
Fluorescent motilin peptides
Method of forming electrode section on inner surface of transparent electromagnetic wave shielding p...
Airborne agent concentration analysis
Method and apparatus for performing extraction using a model trained with Bayesian inference using a...
Method and apparatus for absorbing boundary conditions in numerical finite-difference acoustic appli...
Method of predicting reliabilty of oxide-nitride-oxide based non-volatile memory
Method and apparatus for initiating execution of an application processor in a clustered multiproces...
Maintaining processor ordering by checking load addresses of unretired load instructions against sno...
Apparatus and method for generating 64 bit displacement and immediate values
Method and system for logical-object-to-physical-location translation and physical separation of log...
Germinated brown rice with good safety and cooking property, process for producing the same, and pro...
Method and apparatus for controlling plating over a face of a substrate
Net fixing rack structure
Tool for reeling in a tip up apparatus
Birdcage perch
Method and system for diagnosing and treating thalamocortical dysrhythmia
Efficient methods and apparatus for resampling three dimensional datasets
Method and apparatus allowing a battery to regain charge in a handheld device without an applied ext...
Methods and compositions for controlled polypeptide synthesis
25934, a novel fatty acid desaturase and uses therefor
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material and method of forming image therein
Cured polyesters containing fluorinated side chains
Use of thinnings and other low specific gravity wood for lyocell products
Polymerization of ethylene
Mine littoral threat zone visualization program
Self-righting inflatable life raft
System for transferring fluids and methods for installing, modifying and operating system
Azimuth propeller device
Method and composition for repairing and promoting regeneration of mucosal tissue in the gastrointes...
Microinscribed gemstone
Clock having gemstone cabochon hour position marks
Data processing system and method for implementing zero overhead loops using a first or second prefi...
Transducers with electronic data sheets that enable transducer access using multiple types of transd...
Enhanced signal analysis in an amplitude versus frequency format
Method and apparatus for hierarchical clock tree analysis
Stub-tuned photonic crystal waveguide
Process and apparatus for regenerating carbon monoxide and heating steel
Corrosion inhibitor for steel-reinforced concrete
Treatment for improving the castability of aluminum killed continuously cast steel
Method and apparatus for crushing and sorting cans
Steel plate having TiN+CuS precipitates for welded structures, method for manufacturing same and wel...
Method of manufacturing grain-oriented electrical steel sheet
Method employing sequential two-dimensional geometry for producing shells for fabrication by a rapid...
Fluorescent-light image display apparatus
Automated medical decision making utilizing bayesian network knowledge domain modeling
Trial neuro stimulator with lead diagnostics
Controlling of fitness exercise
Parallel processing of multiple data values within a data word
Method and system using a hand-gesture responsive device for collecting data for a geographic databa...
Discrete image data interpolation using sub-unity shift
Skew detection of text in a noisy digitized image
Image reading apparatus
Method and system for first-order RF amplitude and bias control of a modulator
Break-out device
Optical waveguide element, a three-dimensional optical waveguide circuit and optical system
Method of processing a substrate made of a ferroelectric single crystalline material
Communication system and method with optical banding
Simple classification scheme for vehicle/pole/pedestrian detection
Indicator with daylight visibility using a single light emitting diode
String light assembly with a control panel for illumination of particularly colored bulbs upon a dec...
Multi-beam source unit, adjusting method for same, positioning jig for same, assembling method for s...
Small-scaled portable electrical power generator
Optical system for creating colored fields of light and components therefor
Indicator light device of a computer front panel
Quick-attach arrangement for thigh rig
Combination of message board and computer equipment
Non-contact data carrier and IC chip
Three-layer cover for a golf ball including a thin dense layer
Multi-layer cover polyurethane golf ball
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Double drive thru espresso unit
System and method for coding audio information in images
High-speed long code generation with arbitrary delay
Toughened biaxially oriented film
High Tg acrylic polymer and epoxy-containing blend therefor as pressure sensitive adhesive
Blue-sensitive film for radiography with reduced dye stain
Method and device for increasing the shelf life of an oxygen sensitive product
Coinjection stretch-blow molded container
Multilayer films and labels
Vinyl chloride resin composition
Buoyant device that resists entanglement by whales and boats
Precast modular intermodal concrete shapes and methods of installation to form shoreline stabilizati...
Method of reformer operation to prevent fuel cell flooding
Process for producing electrical energy with the aid of a fuel cell
Method for the production of hydrogen-containing gaseous mixtures
Comonomer compositions for production of imide-containing polyamino acids
Comomer compositions for production of imide-containing polyamino acids
Preparation of fibrous polymer implant containing bioactive agents using wet spinning technique
Tank for service stations
Closed belt conveyor operating in a 3-D space
Personal care compositions and methods-high internal phase water-in-volatile silicone oil systems
Cosmetic and personal care compositions
Method, apparatus, and composition for automatically coating the human body with plural components
Methods and apparatuses for non-equivalence checking of circuits with subspace
Method and system for reporting XML data from a legacy computer system
Toner and image forming apparatus using the same
Jamb protection system
Growth hormone secretagogues
Cytokine zalpha11 ligand polynucleotides
Competitive chemiluminescent assay for cyclic nucleotide monophosphates
Method for operating a magnetic resonance device for producing a magnetic resonance spectrum
Disposable absorbent articles maintaining low vapor phase moisture content
Multilayer detergent tablet with different hardness
Enhanced low profile magnet write head
Compositions and methods for selectively binding amines or amino acid enantiomers over their counter...
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a MOS transistor with a high dielectric constant...
Thermal barrier coating material
Heat treatable low-E coated articles and methods of making same
Optically variable pigments and foils with enhanced color shifting properties
Hard coat film and display device having same
Pastes containing matting and structuring agents and coating agents containing said pastes
Process for hydrogenating dinitriles in aminonitriles
Processes for making poly(trimethylene terephthalate) yarn
Yarns comprised of bulked continuous filaments of poly (trimethylene terephthalate)
System and method for error handling and recovery
System for dynamically configuring system logic device coupled to the microprocessor to optimize app...
Camera frame assembly having four-bar linkage shutter actuator
Reflection type liquid crystal display device with high-brightness bright display and high contrast
Medical device for applying cyclic therapeutic action to a subject's foot
Motor having single cone fluid dynamic bearing balanced with magnetic attraction
Chain incorporating rolling bodies
Double wall bearing cup
Method and apparatus for preloading the outer race of a tapered roller bearing in a vehicle axle dif...
Hydraulic motor for use in high-pressure environment
Transmission shaft set
Liquid bearing unit and magnetic disk device using the same
Microfiber structure
Parallel handset on-hook/off-hook detection by software-based signal power measurement
Motion and trajectory data generator for a multi-gimbaled rotating platform
Personal IP follow-me service
Magnetic tape cartridge for housing a reel
Speaker retention assembly for an active noise control system
Optical element having inclined surface
Optical amplifiers with stable output power under low input power conditions
Shared forward pumping in optical communications network
Multi-frequency Raman amplifier pump source
Optical scanning device
Optical device
Compositions containing proanthocyanidin and a vitamin B6 derivative or a salt thereof
Biodegradable and/or bioabsorbable fibrous articles and methods for using the articles for medical a...
Conjugate, its preparation and use
Handle for a sports racquet
Methods and systems of using result buffers in parity operations
Method and apparatus for feature tracking strain estimation for elastography
System and method for measuring blood urea nitrogen, blood osmolarity, plasma free hemoglobin and ti...
System for accurately obtaining a contour and/or quantitative information from an echo image with re...
Substituted 1-aryl-3-heteroaryl-thioureas and substituted 1-aryl-3-heteroaryl-isothioureas as antiat...
Substituted imidazo 1,2a}azines as selective inhibitors of cox-2
Method and apparatus for cascading data through redundant data storage units
Amide derivatives for the treatment of diseases mediated by cytokines
Gypsophila plant named `Summer Snow`
Baseball board and trivia game
Virtual reality theater
Circuit and method for regulating current using autobias
Headset ear seal
Multi-chamber resonator
Methods and compositions for modulating telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) expression
Selectable decoupling capacitors for integrated circuit and methods of use
FRAM and method of fabricating the same
Methods of preventing reduction of IrOx during PZT formation by metalorganic chemical vapor depositi...
Method for manufacturing non-volatile memory device and non-volatile memory and semiconductor device
Volumetric electro-optical recording
D/A conversion circuit and semiconductor device
Active matrix type display apparatus, active matrix type organic electroluminescence display apparat...
Tri-color, white light LED lamps
Semiconductor device, display device, and method of manufacturing the same
Transparent conductive layered structure, display in which this transparent conductive layered struc...
Device and method for carrying out fluoresence immunotests
Conductive member grid array interface for mirror array drive apparatus
Surface emitting semiconductor laser
Passive self-alignment technique for array laser transmitters and receivers for fiber optic applicat...
Cleaning sponge roller
Digital camera
Pneumatically actuated flexure gripper for wafer handling robots
Gripping device adapted to be mounted on the arm of a robot
Pneumatic muscle analogs for exoskeletal robotic limbs and associated control mechanisms
FePt magnet and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for maintaining freeform ink annotations on changing views
Table editing apparatus
Systems and methods for distributed algorithm for optimization-based diagnosis
Variable length transfer assist blade
Paper input guide for a transfer zone in a xerographic printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and color-shift control method
Multi-position fuser nip cam
Raphanus with increased anthocyanin levels
Homologous recombination in plants
Building ventilation air inlet assembly
System for and method of web signature recognition system based on object map
Method and system for navigating from day to month in an electronic calendar
Process verification
Video game device, character relationship level display method, and readable storage medium storing ...
Intelligent casino chip promotion method
Programmable bonus gaming device having coin-in threhold criteria adapted for interconnection with c...
Process for preparing piperonal
Self-laminating strip label and method for assembling same
Label, a label system and method
Ultra reliable disk memory for duplex processor platforms
Methods and apparatus for enabling shared web-based interaction in stateful servers
Method of designing signaling networks for internet telephony
Method and apparatus for handling on-line escape in multiple-modem connections
Delay-locked admission control scheme in communications networks
Method of color quantization in color images
Disposable neonatal electrode for use in a high humidity environment
Chemiluminescent device
Advanced notification system and method utilizing a distinctive telephone ring
Preparation of virus free marine bait and product thereof
System and method for improved string matching under noisy channel conditions
Carrying case for an inhaler
Use of a RAR-.gamma.-specific agonist ligand for increasing the rate of apoptosis
Optically-absorbing nanoparticles for enhanced tissue repair
Disposable diaper
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement and cellulite reduction
Gun sight system
Bacillus thuringiensis CryET29 compositions toxic to coleopteran insects and ctenocephalides SPP
Immunosuppressive agents that inhibit calcineurin function and uses of these agents
Reference voltage generation for memory circuits
Structure and method for transverse field enhancement
Crystal growth method for nitride semiconductor, nitride semiconductor light emitting device, and me...
Method for determining control line routing for components of an integrated circuit
Deflection yoke for a CRT
Constrained geometry addition polymerization catalysts
Electrophotographing dry-type toner and production method therefor
Reactive oil/copper preservative systems for wood products
Method and composition for the sizing of paper using azetidinium and/or guanidine polymers
Flexopgraphic printing plate and raw plate therefor
Nanosyringe array and method
Electrostatic protection for magnetic heads
Reactive particles, curable composition comprising the same and cured products
Process for achieving a wear resistant translucent surface on surface elements
Process for upgrading an oligomerization product
Process for the production of acetic acid
Process for producing a photoelectric conversion device
Battery reclamation system
Surface-coated calcium carbonate particles, method for manufacturing same, and adhesive
Method of purifying and recycling argon
Process for removing mercury from liquid hydrocarbons using a sulfur-containing organic compound
Employing a combined function for exception exploration in multidimensional data
System and methods for document retrieval using natural language-based queries
System and method for data management
Methods for intra-partition parallelism for inserts
Method for apparatus for prefetching linked data structures
Apparatus and method for a vertically integrated construction business
Electronic cash register system
Apparatus and accompanying methods for network distribution and interstitial rendering of informatio...
Method of making natural oil-based polyols and polyurethanes therefrom
Post-harvest non-containerized reporting system
Method and device for selecting accelerated proliferation of living cells in suspension
Method and apparatus for embedding data in encoded digital bitstreams
3-dimensional shape data encryption and decryption
Method for steganographic encoding
Efficient means to provide back pressure without head of line blocking in a virtual output queued fo...
Method and system for managing transaction card data
Digital signal processing apparatus for reproducing optical disc data and optical disc player having...
Control apparatus of variable valve timing mechanism and method thereof
Internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device
Variable valve mechanism of internal combustion engine
Oscillating camshaft controlled valve operating device
Variable valve timing engine
Acoustic shielding article
System, method and article of manufacture for preventing the proliferation of unwanted electronic me...
Optical fiber with numerical aperture compression
Service provision in a telecommunications network
User interface and system to facilitate telephone circuit maintenance and testing
Process monitoring system for lithography lasers
FM modulator