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Watch holder system
Novelty jewelry construction
Body jewelry
Watch box
Jewelry setting
Jewelry belt clip
Jewelry ring including rotatable element
Scented body gel having particulate matter in the form of glitter with predetermined shapes
Jewelry article having dual fasteners for securing to a garment
Buoyancy engine for capturing undersea gas
Method system and article of manufacture for performing real time currency conversion
System and method for automatic access of a remote computer over a network
Verifiable electronic journal for a point of sale device and methods for using the same
Method and system for bidding in electronic auctions using flexible bidder-determined line-item guid...
Digital active advertising
Secure electronic transactions using a trusted intermediary with archive and verification request se...
Using a database for program logs
Method for creating archives on removable mass storage media and archive server
Database backup system ensuring consistency between primary and mirrored backup database copies desp...
Apparatus and method for providing trusted network security
Method and apparatus for virtual memory mapping and transaction management in an object-oriented dat...
Information management system and apparatus using open network environment, and storage medium stori...
Method and apparatus management of multimedia assets
System and method for enabling and controlling anonymous file transfer protocol communications
Small weapon decoy for military use
Memory management techniques for on-line replaceable software
Siloxane dyes, compositions containing same and uses thereof
Electronic tone generation system and method
Production method of optically active amino alcohols
Process for removing impurities from petroleum products
Palladium clusters and their use as catalysts
System and method for entering call outcome records in a computer database in an outbound predictive...
Communication apparatus with stored sets of destination and communication mode information that auto...
Capacitively coupled ring detector with power provided across isolation barrier
Communication interface having combined shaping of receive response and synthesized matching termina...
Method and apparatus for controlling the input impedance of an analog front end circuit of a data co...
Echo canceller having improved non-linear processor
Portable remote terminal apparatus
Carrier protein having an adjuvant effect, immunogenic complex containing it, process for their prep...
Adipocyte-specific protein homologs
Modulators of actin
Compound delivery using rapidly dissolving collagen film
Prion-free collagen and collagen-derived products and implants for multiple biomedical applications;...
Method for producing a plastic vessel containing an albumin preparation
Modified low density lipoprotein receptor
Bracelet clasp
Convertible headband
Convertible jewelry article
Jewelry article adapted for extension from eyeglasses
Device for joining and/or supporting jeweller articles, such as previous metals and pearls
Ornamental neckpiece
Adjustable article of jewelry and related method
Platinum alloy composition
Jewelry setting
Gem setting
Jewelry setting
Jewelry setting
Jewelry setting
Jewelry setting
Online information delivery system including replicated sites from which information can be delivere...
System and method for generating personalized user profiles and for utilizing the generated user pro...
Server-side web summary generation and presentation
System and method for resolving fibre channel device addresses on a network using the device's fully...
Method of playing a wagering card game based on suits only
Apparatus and method of playing a poem completion game
Computer gaming system
Shooting game apparatus, method of performing shooting game, and computer-readable recording medium ...
On-line game playing with advertising
Golfing game with undulating surface
Apparatus and method for manually shifting an automatic transmission
Vehicle and engine control system
Vehicle drive force control device
Control system for internal combustion engines
Computer-controlled navigation process for a vehicle equipped with a terminal, terminal and traffic ...
Navigation system and a vehicle control system
Method and apparatus for measuring power output of one powering a chain driven vehicle
Systems and methods employing a rotary track for machining and manufacturing
Robot based sealant dispenser
Sail device
Fender for protecting boat hulls against wear
Device and method for an independent module offshore mobile base
Grid-like construction boat, for use as a tender or trip boat
Underwater installation and method for building of an underwater installation
Jack-up platform having a submerged tank and methods for installing and raising the tank
Method of preventing adhesion of aquatic organisms in structures in water
Digital signature purpose encoding
Automated software metering of digital payloads
System and method for providing fault tolerant transcriptions over an unsecured communication channe...
Method and system for automatically filling forms in an integrated network based transaction environ...
Process for access control to computer-controlled programs usable by several user units at the same ...
Method for delivering separate design and content in a multimedia publishing system
Probeless testing of pad buffers on wafer
Computer architecture with password-checking bus bridge
Method and device for controlling data flow through an IO controller
Method and apparatus for secure data communication
Distribution of software updates via a computer network
Architecture repartitioning to simplify outside-plant component of fiber-based access system
Initiating a user session at an internet terminal using a smart card
Activated magnesium metal
Method for mapping environmental resources to memory for program access
Prescription compliance device and method of using device
Transgenic plants belonging to the species Cucumis melo
Molecular methods of hybrid seed production
Seed plants characterized by delayed seed dispersal
Soybean cultivar 943180610333
Soybean cultivar 932311329511218
Soybean cultivar 616906
Spectral bio-imaging of the eye
Amino acid chelates to reduce still births and increase birth weight in non-human animals
Use of triaqua-mu3-oxohexakis-mu-propionatotrichromium (1+), [CR3O(O2CCH2CH3)6(H2O) 3]+, as a nutrit...
Process for hydrogenation of isoalpha acids
Convection oven
Temperature compensated timing circuit for use in heating appliances
Defrosting method for a microwave oven using an infrared sensor
Interpretive language architecture for controlling the attributes of a physical chemical or thermody...
Aglaonema plant named `Jubilee Petite`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yonashville`
Hibiscus plant named `Whirl Wind`
Petunia plant named `Wesarmen`
Kalanchoe plant named `Hillary`
Carnation plant named `Pink Campari`
Catalysts for use in organic compound transformation reactions
Process for the preparation of cyclopentadienyl metal salt and process for the preparation of deriva...
Treating methanol containing waste gas streams
Method for converting n-butane to butenes and BTX
Toluene disproportionation process using a zeolite bound zeolite catalyst
Process for isomerizing aromatic compounds containing eight carbon atoms comprising a recycle
Catalyst based on a molecular sieve and a process for selective hydroisomerisation of long linear an...
Earphone-microphone adapter
Call screening in wireless systems
Method for telephone line interlock and cellular interconnect
Method for providing a dial tone for use in wireless environments
External control unit with reduced keypad integrated in voice activated vehicular telephone system w...
Apparatus and method for an event rating engine
Electronic mail determination method and system and storage medium
Chitooligosaccharide derivative
Glycosaminoglycans having high antithrombotic activity
DNA molecules stabilized by modifications of the 3'-terminal phosphodiester linkage
Piperidine derivatives
Antagonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone
Vitamin D analogues
Compounds containing biologically active silicon, which are under solid form
Reverse osmosis water purification diagnostic system
Ring protector
Beltloop jewelry article
Clasp assembly
Jewelry piece
Jewelry retention system
Jewelry retention system
Jewelry box
Head covering
Jewelry setting
Modified gap for jewelry rope chain link
Military clutch
Jewelry setting
Jewelry setting
Breakaway precision robot end effector
Floating dock section
Synchronizing multimedia parts with reference to absolute time, relative time, and event time
Method and system for providing peer-to-peer control in an expanded slot environment using a bridge ...
Application protocol data unit management facility
Method and system for compressing reduced instruction set computer (RISC) executable code through in...
Use of potentilla erecta extract in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical field
Transmission structure for stimulating the actions of a cradle
Commercial kitchen exhaust system
Nucleotide sequences derived from the genome of retroviruses of the HIV-1, HIV-2, and SIV type, and ...
Expression system for anaerobic gene expression in higher plants
Parthenogenic oocyte activation
Immortalized adult human colon epithelial cell line
Enrichment of dendritic cells from blood
Method for the stimulation of T cells having a desired antigen specificity
Use of oligonucleotide telomerase inhibitors to reduce telomere length
Methods for the selective expansion of lymphocytes by in vitro cultivation
Aechmea plant named `Blue Tango`
Method for producing gas hydrates utilizing a fluidized bed
Method for preparing a grape derived product
Method and apparatus for applying resilient athletic surfaces
Apparatus and method of providing switching frequency synchronization
System for synchronizing playback of recordings and display by networked computer systems
Simulated time ship dining and entertainment arrangement
Motion base device for simulators
Method and system for virtual cinematography
Arrangement in a subscriber line interface circuit
Method and device for echo cancellation using power estimation in a residual signal
Rotational hinge damping mechanism
Method and apparatus for independent gain control of a microphone and speaker for a speakerphone mod...
Method and system for automatic configuration of fixed cellular terminals
Method and apparatus for providing advice of charge parameters for mobile radio telephone calls
N-sulphonyl and N-sulphinyl amino acid amides as microbicides
Imidic acid derivatives and their use as pesticides
Benzamide therapeutics for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Use of metformin to counteract weight gain associated with valproate and other psychotropic medicati...
Diabetes remedies
Method for inhibiting cyclooxygenase and inflammation using cherry bioflavonoids
Arc welding torch
Continuous attitude control that avoids CMG array singularities
Vacuum transfer device
Single drive, dual plane robot
Rigidly-linked articulating wrist with decoupled motion transmission
Conformal coating using multiple applications
Precision scanning apparatus and method with fixed and movable guide members
Sea water desalination using CO2 gas from combustion exhaust
Supercavitating water-entry projectile
Test machine for simulation of shock wave induced motion
Personal watercraft suspension system
Reinforced powerboat construction
Docking apparatus
Sea going barge train
Method for network self security assessment
Copy prevention method and apparatus of a digital recording/reproducing system employing a marker in...
Process to convert cost and location of a number of actual contingent events within a region into a ...
Slot machine advertising/sales system and method
Reconfigurable user interface for modular patient monitor
System and method for managing available to promised product (ATP)
Method and system for controlling multimedia streams using dynamic prototypes
Mobile IP mobility agent standby protocol
Dynamically typed register architecture
Hair restorer containing vetiver grass extract
Double deck rotational music box
Health support device and method of producing the same
Systems and methods for standardizing herbal extracts utilizing absorption studies
Hepatitis A virus culture process
Transcriptional regulatory sequence of carcinoembryonic antigen for expression targeting
Vectors comprising SAR elements
Lipophilic, functionalized nanocrystals and their use for fluorescence labeling of membranes
Use of annexins as a lupus anticoagulant control or standard in clotting tests
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sibila`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Suave`
Red raspberry plant named `Encore`
Red raspberry plant named `Prelude`
Floribunda rose plant named `Meilyzro`
Grape plant named `Sugrasixteen`
Osteospermum plant named `Ninda`
Composition containing fluorescence-generating substrate
Transforming biomass to hydrocarbon mixtures in near-critical or supercritical water
Process and apparatus using plate arrangement for combustive reactant heating
Process for recycling and purifying condensate from a hydrocarbon or alcohol synthesis process
Method and device for steam cracking comprising the injection of particles upstream of a secondary q...
Process for polymerization in the presence of alpha olefins
Process and reactor for microwave cracking of plastic materials
Food item fabricating method
Apparatus and method for making citrus juice from frozen bodies
Dispersible sterol compositions
Process for preparing flavor composition
Neutralization of food allergens by thioredoxin
Infant formula
Lighting entertainment system
Amusement park with rides conveying park-goers in their own motor vehicles
Dynamic addressing of devices on a shared medium network with a keyline
Convertible table
Loopa tune
Method and apparatus for synchronizing video signals
Steerable and variable first-order differential microphone array
System for data management based onhand gestures
Electromagnetic locomotion platform for translation and total immersion of humans into virtual envir...
Virtual reality body-sensing apparatus
Multi-dimensional tracking sensor
Method of modeling player position and movement in a virtual reality system
Radiotelephone adapted to the identity of its user
Mobile terminal provided with display controlling function by detecting insertion of earphone jack
Wireless communications assembly with variable audio characteristics based on ambient acoustic envir...
Method and system for controlling the conversion of a file from an input format to an output format
System, method and article of manufacture for providing a customer interface in a hybrid network
Detection of hot points in a non-uniform memory access machine
Dendritic polypeptides
ETS2 repressor factor (ERF)
Process for the production of metalloporphyrin-metal complex conjugates
Process for preparing 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors
Apparatus for automated loading of wafer cassette
Welding control using fuzzy logic analysis of video imaged puddle dimensions
Method and system for controlling robot
Autonomous vehicle that runs while recognizing work area configuration, and method of selecting rout...
Mobile robot
Simple lift assist module
Robot arm with weight compensation
Towable innertube accessory with rudder
Pivoting docking platform for personal watercraft
System for minimizing the effects of shock and vibration in a high speed vessel
Boat launch apparatus
Stair assembly for marine craft
Subsea module
Radio controlled toy surfer
Method and apparatus for monitoring the processing of articles
Inventory control system
Apparatus, method and system for adaptively managing investments
System and method for creating and managing a synthetic currency
System for metering permit mail
High capacity multimedia messaging exchanges
Prefetch circuity for prefetching variable size data
Polling and displaying updated audio disk track number in a portable computer
Shampoo compositions
Music instruction apparatus
Remote health monitoring system
Viral treatment
Diagnostic membrane containing fatty acid sarcosinate surfactant for testing oral fluid
Immunochromatography-assisted device
Therapeutic agent and method for feline AIDS virus infections and feline atopic dermatitis
Non-instrumented assay with quantitative and qualitative results
Hybrid one-step immunochromatographic device and method of use
Methods for monitoring the status of assays and immunoassays
Method for the simultaneous determination of biomolecular interactions by means of plasmon resonance...
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Sunluck`
Impatiens plant named `Fify Red`
Argyranthemum plant named `Harvest Snow`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yospringfield`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yolafayette`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoabilene`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yofort Wayne`
Catalyst and process for ethylene oligomerization
Oligomerization of alpha-olefins
Hydrocracking and hydroisomerization of long-chain alkanes and polyolefins over metal-promoted anion...
Process for separating internal and alpha olefins from saturated compounds
Additives and oil compositions
Additivated gas for oxy-cutting and/or heating applications
Unleaded high-octane gasoline composition
Microbial transglutaminases, their production and use
Active human cellular transglutaminase
Contact toaster
Electric appliance for grilling or heating a flat slice of food
Boiling sink cooking system for a kitchen
Underwater fish food feeder
Method and apparatus for display of interlaced images on non-interlaced display
Soup bowl attraction
Multi-configuration sports/recreation facility
Surfing simulator and method using inflatable bladders
Liquid crystal display device and entertainment system
Chair assembly, in particular a chair assembly for use in virtual reality devices
Virtual reality psychophysiological conditioning medium
3D virtual reality multi-user interaction with superimposed positional information display for each ...
3D virtual environment creation management and delivery system
Method and apparatus for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of balance disorders
Passageway properties: customizable protocols for entry and exit of places
Data-suit for real-time computer animation and virtual reality applications
Modular manipulation unit
Coordinate positioning machine
Method of removing agglomerations of polyethylene from reactor
Wafer transfer system of semiconductor fabricating equipment using a serial number detecting device
Substrate transferring apparatus and substrate processing apparatus using the same
Wafer transfer method using a serial number detecting device in semiconductor fabricating equipment
Measurement system
Biofouling reduction
Method for reducing frictional resistance of hull, frictional resistance reducing ship using such me...
Planing boat hull and methods of making same
Fishing rod protector assembly
Support base for supporting accessories on the flexible wall of an inflatable body and pneumatic boa...
Composition including sea buckthorn oil extract and antioxidant and / or a UV filter
Postage metering system having currency synchronization
System and method for accessing user properties from multiple storage mechanisms
Dynamic digital asset management
Method and apparatus for redirection of server external hyper-link references
Demand deposit account data processing system
Gaming device and method of operation thereof
Client-based dynamic switching of streaming servers for fault-tolerance and load balancing
Unified multi-function operation scheduler for out-of-order execution in a superscaler processor
Portion of a computer input device
Computer mouse
Portion of a computer input device
Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time simulation
Automatically associating archived multimedia content with current textual content
Storage device capacity management
Golf balls having inner layers formed with cationic ionomers
Boundary scan latch configuration for generalized scan designs
Compositions containing perfume
System and method for variable music notation
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Document feeding component and method of manufacture thereof
Lipopeptides from actinoplanes sp. with pharmacological action, process for their production and the...
Calcium-binding protein
Immunomodulatory oligonucleotides
Particle-mediated bombardment of DNA sequences into tissue to induce an immune response
3'-azido-2',3'-dideoxyuridine administration to treat HIV and related test protocol
Coagulation controls for prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) assa...
Method of detecting cytomegalovirus (CMV)
Hibiscus plant named `Candy Wind`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yovisalia`
Hibiscus plant named `Coconut Wind`
Dimorphotheca plant named `Rose`
Argyranthemum plant named `Summer Melody`
Geranium plant named `Balfansami`
Geranium plant named `Balgalsofi`
Process for purification of raw gasoline from catalytic cracking
Macrocyclic compounds made from suboxide units
Method of preparing dimeric fatty acids and/or esters thereof containing low residual interesters an...
Preparation of phosphonium salts
Lubricating base oil composition and process for producing same
Hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexane
Process for producing arylalkanes and arylalkane sulfonates, compositions produced therefrom, and us...
Air classification of animal by-products
Portable cooler
Electrical household appliance for cooking preparation, such as multipurpose domestic robot, and mul...
Barbeque turner
Dipping mixer
Coated sheet method
Environmentally friendly chewing gum bases including polyhydroxyalkanoates
Thermal storage reservoir for ice rink
Currency bank
Game device for an entertainment show
Continuously variable control of animated on-screen characters
Measuring position and orientation using magnetic fields
Virtual reality generator for displaying abstract information
Apparatus for the creation of a desirable acoustical virtual reality
Headset for vestibular stimulation in virtual environments
Method and system for building three-dimensional object models
Surgical navigation system and method using audio feedback
Two-axis cartesian robot
Handling robot
Hexapodal machining center
Substrate clamping apparatus
Robot path planning method where bending owing to load is taken into consideration
Programmable materials
Device for the manipulation of cytotechnical instruments
Condensation curable silicone foul release coatings and articles coated therewith
Magnetostriction oscillator driving circuit and method
Configurable clock generator
Hydrophone carrier
Method of distributing loads generated between a ship and a supporting dry dock
Sailboats and methods
Craft with tilting sail
Enabling business transactions in computer networks
Statistical impact analysis computer system
Computer keyboard-generated medical progress notes via a coded diagnosis-based language
Vacations and holiday scheduling method and system having a bidding object which enables employees t...
Nonvolatile power management apparatus for integrated circuit application
Method and apparatus for dynamic CPU reconfiguration in a system employing logical processors
Method for controlling the valve characteristic
Upper body exercise device
Apparatus for directionally reorienting sheets
Object mechanism and method for coupling together processes to define a desired processing environme...
Small molecule carbamate or urea hair growth compositions and uses
Music player acquiring control information from auxiliary text data
Method and kit for wound evaluation
Systematic polypeptide evolution by reverse translation
Immunosorbents with developed binding efficiency and method of manufacture
Compositions and methods for regulation of steroidogenesis
Angiotensin converting enzyme homolog and therapeutic and diagnostic uses therfor
Nucleic acid molecules encoding Bap-1 proteins
Cyclic semi-random peptide libraries
Green fluorescent proteins and blue fluorescent proteins
Loropetalum plant named `Snowmound`
Geranium plant named `Balfanfaro`
Osteospermum plant named `Beira`
Peach tree named `Croft`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yocasper`
Anthurium plant named `Fantasy Love`
Hibiscus plant named `Flaming Wind`
Process for converting dienes and oxygenates to para-xylene and light olefins
Converting oxygenates to olefins in the presence of electromagnetic energy
Dehydrogenation of n-butane to butenes
Process for dehydrogenating saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons to olefinic hydrocarbons
Fresh plant inventory hydrofluoric acid eduction process
Production of high viscosity index lubricants
Refrigeration-shelf-stable ultra-pasteurized or pasteurized infant formula
Compositions useful in preparing unified food serving products
Closure for vacuum-sealed containers with resealable pressure release
Treatment of meat
Method and apparatus for controlling the blending of drinks
Process for preparing chocolate coating and confectionary products containing same
Method for heating or cooling product containers
Merry-go-round for wheel chairs
Method and apparatus for removing or defeating effects of copy protection signals from a video signa...
Amusement device for an animal
Book-form magic set
Self-contained interactive play structure
Method for creating virtual reality
Avatar pointing mode
3-D parallax drawing system and related method
Active symbolic self design method and apparatus
Modularized amusement ride and training simulation device
System for designing graphical multi-participant environments
Virtual reality simulation apparatus
Robot system, control method, and recording medium
Material loader apparatus and method using a single image recognition device for bar code and vision...
High speed gripper assembly for use in automated tape libraries
Wafer orientation sensor
Rotary atomizing head type coating device
Wireless safety clutch
Large aperture precision gimbal drive module
Contour-following apparatus for cleaning surfaces
Self-contained ship's hold cargo recovery and cleaning vessel and method
Propelled cable fairing
Dynamic ramp interface system
Method of collecting methane hydrate gas and apparatus therefor
Motorized surfboard
Protective device for watercraft
Method and apparatus for issuing and managing gift certificates
Method for motivating players to return to a casino using premiums
Interaction of a wireless telephone with a transaction unit
Identification by a central computer of a wireless telephone functioning as a transaction device
System for control and resource allocation for the manufacture of a product
Digital broadcasting receiving apparatus
Evaluation and decision making systems
System and method for obtaining improved search results and for decreasing network loading
Bitmap segmentation
Method and system for auditing a test database against a reference database
On-line directory service
Method for locating application records in an interactive-services database
System and method for testing an application program
Semiconductor device having semiconductor memory circuit to be tested, method of testing semiconduct...
Efficient, secure multicasting with minimal knowledge
Method and computer program product for adaptive inlining in a computer system
Hair growth stimulants
Automatic music composing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for increased system capacity using antenna beamforming
Production of amide derivatives and intermediate compounds therefor
DNA encoding human monocyte-macrophage apolipoprotein B receptor gene and protein
Oral immunization with transgenic plants
Endotoxin reduction in nucleic acid purification
Solid phase nucleic acid labeling by transamination
Template for solution phase synthesis of combination libraries
Mouse model for congestive heart failure
Apt-sensitive potassium channel gene-defective animals
Argyranthemum plant named `Midas Gold`
Argyranthemum plant named `Lemon Delight`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACavirt`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACkisca`
Hybrid ash tree named `Northern Gem`
Kalanchoe plant named `Jeplina`
Hibiscus plant named `Caroline`
Integrated hydrotreating steam cracking process for the production of olefins
Catalytic cracking process
Preparation of brightness stabilization agent for lignin containing pulp from biomass pyrolysis oils
High combustion efficiency fuel gas
Process for preparing biaryl compounds
Extraction process and use of yellow mustard gum
Dough punch and method of use
Method of producing a chocolate hollow body
Delayed release flavorant compositions
Process for preparing food products containing cocoa polyphenols
Multilayered, biaxially-oriented food casing comprising two oxygen-barrier layers
Container with recycled plastic
Vehicle computer system with open platform architecture
Track-mounted ride powered by compressed gas
Method and apparatus for entertaining callers in a queue
Children's activity and entertainment enclosure
Force feedback system
Back away navigation from three-dimensional objects in three-dimensional workspace interactive displ...
Virtual reality teleoperated remote control vehicle
Selectable instruments with homing devices for haptic virtual reality medical simulation
Mechanisms for orienting and placing articles
Virtual reality glove system with fabric conductors
Virtual reality equipment
Methods and apparatus for building attribute transition probability models for use in pre-fetching r...
Guide-based internet directory system and method
Flexible event sharing, batching, and state consistency mechanisms for interactive applications
Headend provisioning agent
Method and apparatus for creating and using dynamic universal resource locators
Television/internet system having multiple data stream connections
Like kind card game
Lottery system
Electronic gaming device offering a game of knowledge for enhanced payouts
Hand held control unit for controlling a display screen-oriented computer game, and a display screen...
Interactive television system and methodology
Multi-media frisbee-golf
Multiple speed vehicle seat memory control apparatus
Impact monitor
Fault diagnostic device and method
Vehicle active brake control with bank angle compensation
Acoustic highway monitor
Teaching method and apparatus of unmanned vehicle traveling course
Music stand
Image forming device, image forming process, and pattern forming process, and photosensitive materia...
Device for positioning integrated circuit components that require specific spatial orientation
Apparatus for drying and sterilizing kitchen utensils
Beater support with drive wheel and guide
Automatic hand washing and drying apparatus including combined blow drying means, towel dispensing m...
Fluid powered gripper assembly having central cavity
Apparatus for removing and transporting articles from molds
Apparatus for recognizing the landed state of foot of legged moving robot
Electronic component mounting apparatus
Industrial robot
X-Y positioner based on X axis motions
Mobile camera-space manipulation
Water sport towing apparatus
Livewell aeration device
Boat mounted hydro-alternator
Pneumatic boat with auxiliary floats
Personal watercraft
Rigging cable cleaning device
Wave energy converter
Computer program and system for credit card companies for recording and processing bonus credits iss...
Data communication system
System and method for facilitating the valuation and purchase of information
On-line transaction processing system for security trading
Loan repay enforcement system
Digital active advertising
Concurrent server and method of operation having client-server affinity using exchanged client and s...
Method and system for network delivery of content associated with physical audio media
Electrical parameter evaluation system, electrical parameter evaluation method, and computer-readabl...
Electronic data processing circuit
Game trail monitoring device and method
Server for reconfiguring control of a subset of devices on one or more kiosks
Method and apparatus for distributing templates in a component system
Developing apparatus including a seal member sandwiched between a developer bearing member and a lea...
Method and apparatus for producing a music program
Method and article of manufacture for improving fuel/air mixing in internal combustion engines
Pharmacy benefit management system and method of using same
Software, method and apparatus for efficient categorization and recommendation of subjects according...
Embryonic germ cells, method for making same, and using the cells to produce a chimeric porcine
Maize RS324 promoter and methods for use thereof
Maize DNA ligase I orthologue and uses thereof
Alteration of hemicellulose concentration in plants
ACC synthase genes from pineapple
Soybean cultivar 61623474
Inbred corn line GSC2
Mandevilla plant with double flower called `Rita Marie Green`
Mint plant `Cascade Mitcham`
Kalanchoe plant named `Elves Bells`
Dahlia plant named `Lisa Burgundy`
Verbena plant named `Freebie Purple`
Carnation plant named `White Campari`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Centella`
Crystallization in a plate heat exchanger
Method for inhibiting hydrate formation
Hydrogenation of organic compounds with the use of the NEMCA effect
Hydrogenation of polyenes to monoenes
Alkylation by controlling olefin ratios
Process for the purification of a diolefin hydrocarbon stream from a naphtha steam cracker
Process for preparing aromatic olefins by using palladaphosphacyclobutanes as catalysts
Opaque polymeric films and processes for making the same
Storage wrap material
Modified milk growth factor
Non-caustic cleaning composition comprising peroxygen compound and specific silicate and method of m...
Elemental enteral formula
Substituted pyridines useful as modulators of acetylcholine receptors
Radiant heater element for use in grill and the like
Child exerciser/rocker
Game machine for moving object
Database-independent, scalable, object-oriented architecture and API for managing digital multimedia...
Tornado pop
Punching aid
Stereoscopic endoscope with virtual reality viewing
Systems, methods and computer program products for compass navigation of avatars in three dimensiona...
Teleoperation with variable delay
Method and apparatus for inserting a high resolution image into a low resolution interactive image t...
Three-dimensional, virtual reality space display processing apparatus, a three dimensional virtual r...
High-resolution large-field-of-view three-dimensional hologram display system and method thereof
Motion effector controller for use in a virtual reality system
End effector
Automatic balancing apparatus for balancing stand
Method for removing and transporting articles from molds
Robot arm
Robot for handling
Robot hand
Method of correcting shift of working position in robot manipulation system
System and methods for computing to support decomposing property into separately valued components
Smart card mechanism and method for obtaining electronic tickets for goods services over an open com...
Method of usage-dependent determination of costs in making communication lines
Configuration sizer for selecting system of computer components based on price/performance normaliza...
Reforming using a bound halided zeolite catalyst
Selective purging for hydroprocessing reactor loop
Ligands and complexes for enantioselective hydrogenation
Traction drive fluid
Zeolite catalyst precoking method for selective aromatics disproportionation process
Method and apparatus for dehydrogenating aliphatic hydrocarbons to olefinic hydrocarbons
Process for isomerization of normal C5-C10 paraffins using bridged long-reticulate-distance dioctahe...
Content display during idle time as a user waits for information during an internet transaction
Participatory water slide play structure
Set-top electronics and network interface unit arrangement
Targeting advertising using web pages with video
Computer system having fixed computers and mobile computers
Virtual reality 3D interface system for data creation, viewing and editing
Electronic competition system and method for using same
System and method for 4D reconstruction and visualization
System and method for permitting three-dimensional navigation through a virtual reality environment ...
Input for three dimensional navigation using two joysticks
Method for diagnosis and treatment of psychological and emotional conditions using a microprocessor-...
Carrier rack for use on a watercraft
Small watercraft cart
Deep draft semi-submersible offshore structure
Crankcase ventilating system for personal watercraft
Apparatus and method for deploying, recovering, servicing, and operating an autonomous underwater ve...
Marine advertising vessel
Boat carrier with retractable wheels
Polymer fine particles and ink composition containing the same
Crystallization control method for organic compound and crystallization control solid-state componen...
Clean generation of a perfluoroaryl grignard reagent
Vinylcyclopropane-(meth)acrylates and their use
Coloring composition
Method of making biochips and the biochips resulting therefrom
Synthesis of bis (alkyl cyclopentadienyl) metallocenes
Method and apparatus for detecting the movement of a device that receives a signal broadcast from a ...
Apparatus for allowing smooth hot insertion and removal of a peripheral by gradually applying and re...
System and method for mutual authentication and secure communications between a postage security dev...
Interpreter with virtualized interface
High-alkaline protease and its use arginine-substituted subtilisin composition and use
Biodegradable compound for cleaning, disinfecting, and descaling water dispensers and method of use ...
Musical apparatus detecting maximum values and/or peak values of reflected light beams to control mu...
Creatine pyruvates and a method of producing them
Antioxidizing composition for scavenging free radicals, pharmaceutical composition comprising the sa...
Hydroxypropylamide peptidomimetics as inhibitors of aspartyl proteases
Dipyrano-quinolinones useful as anti viral agents and a process for preparing the same
Transgenic mice expressing the HIK-ras 4B chimeric gene
Cloning and producing the N.BstNBI nicking endonuclease
Malarial pre-erythrocytic stage polypeptide molecules
Synthetic divalent sLex containing polylactosamines and methods for use
Dahlia plant named `Lisa Dark Pink`
Bermudagrass plant named `MS-Supreme`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Armida`
Lamium plant named `Dellam`
Torenia plant named `Dantoyhrt`
Osteospermum plant named `Sirius`
Transition metal based ceramic material and electrodes fabricated therefrom
Titania fiber, method for producing the fiber and method for using the fiber
Method and compositions for stabilization of heavy metals, acid gas removal and pH control in contam...
Partially hydrophobic precipitated silicas
Process for the production of organofunctionalized aerogels
Contrast agent preparation
Process for the reduction of ketones and aldehydes to alcohols using a tin substituted zeolite beta
Fiber optic sensor and method of use thereof to determine carbon content of molten steel contained i...
Silylated resins and the synthesis thereof
Peptidyl compounds
Methods for prevention and/or treatment of thrombocytopenia
Dipeptide apoptosis inhibitors and the use thereof
Anti-static composition and process for making same
Methods and structures for robust, reliable file exchange between secured systems
Web server with ability to process URL requests for non-markup language objects and perform actions ...
Method and system for rapid memory-resident processing of transactional data
Object morphing in an object oriented computing environment using relational database query procedur...
Managing directory listings in a relational database
Method and apparatus for combining undo and redo contexts in a distributed access environment
Automatic web based form fill-in
Customizable multimedia segment structures
Method and apparatus for executing unresolvable system bus operations
Method for establishing a key using over-the-air communication and password protocol and password pr...
Data integrity and availability in a distributed computer system
Small molecule pipecolic acid derivative hair growth compositions and uses
Bicyclic amine derivative
Recovery of aromatic hydrocarbons using lubricating oil conditioned membranes
Method for forming a base for an imaging element, and an imaging element comprising such base, with ...
Sugar chain-recognizing antibodies and remedies for HIV infectious diseases
Osteospermum plant named `Arctur`
Method and device for configuring a multimedia message for presentation
Operating system independent system for running utility programs in a defined environment
System and method for cloaking software
Method and system for remapping physical memory
Aqueous compositions and their use
Polyester compositions of low residual aldehyde content
System and method for automatic audio content analysis for word spotting, indexing, classification a...
Substituted cyclic compounds and mixtures comprising same
Process for making stabilized non-colored rubber
Immunoreagents reactive with a conserved epitope of human immunodeficiency virus type I (HIV-1) gp12...
Trans-xanthophyll ester concentrates of enhanced purity and methods of making same
PHS subscriber loop multiplex communication system
Method for flow control, node and communication network employing the flow control
Digital phase-frequency detector
Current-sensitive telephone-line disconnect system
Apparatus and method for automatically programming frequency scanning radio receivers
Multi-band mobile telecommunications station
Method and apparatus for improving the sensitivity of an RF receiver at certain frequencies
Fast ATA-compatible drive interface with error detection and/or error correction
Controlling access to a resource
Mechanism for finding spare registers in binary code
Adhesive bandage, matrix, and methods of removal
Warmer drawer for a cooking range
Crystal ball with assembled motive die set
Capacitors, methods of forming capacitors, and DRAM memory cells
Computerized method of health prophylaxis through food combining microcomputer for food combining so...
Fungal cellulases
Molecular methods of hybrid seed production
Emergency call control apparatus for mobile communication system
Public telecommunication terminal, in particular for mobile radio networks
Receiving method and receiver
Wrist-carried radiotelephone
Wireless communication terminal having video image capability
Portable radio apparatus having function for compressing and transmitting data
Multilevel data communication system including local and host systems
System and method for performing compound vector operations
System and method for generating error checking data in a communications system
Methods, software, and apparatus for secure communication over a computer network
Race-track lap counter
Interpreter generation and implementation utilizing interpreter states and register caching
Method and apparatus for generating a projectable subject viewfinder
Heat maintaining food delivery container
Apparatus and method for providing inflated undulating figures
Smart structures for vibration suppression
Interactive health care system and method
TH2-specific gene
Inbred corn line ASG10
Method and apparatus for inquiry response via internet
Method and apparatus for billing a fee to a party initiating an electronic mail communication when t...
Short term internet access
Interactive and animated mini-theater and method of use
Method for compiling accounting data for the utilization of programmed services or services availabl...
Distributed computer database system and method employing intelligent agents
Casino card game
Slot machine game with dynamic special symbols
Bonus game for a gaming machine
Systems and method for providing security in a video game system
Athlete practice shooting aid device
UV curable ink containing aluminum trihydroxide for use in pad printing, and method of printing
Speed change controller for continuously variable transmission
Braking force control system
Brake control device of vehicle operable with double checking of driver's positive braking intention
Distance-related electronically controlled cruise control system
Position determining program and method
Dual-calibrated compass
On-board diagnosis of emissions from catalytic converters
Startup management system and method for networks
Methods and systems for functionally describing a digital hardware design and for converting a funct...
Information security subscriber trust authority transfer system with private key history transfer
Securing restricted operations of a computer program using a visual key feature
System and method for visually identifying speaking participants in a multi-participant networked ev...
Inter-program synchronous communications using a collaboration software system
Method, apparatus, and product for improved garbage collection in a memory system through the remova...
Ionizing hair dryer
Irradiation apparatus for production line use
Instructional systems and methods for musical instruments
Alarm system for hand-held chemical monitor
Environmentally friendly solvent
Spermicidally active 5-halo-6-alkoxy-5,6-dihydro-2',3'-dideoxy-uridines and their pharamaceutical co...
Inbred corn line LH253
Radio ATM transceiver
Coupling noise reduction technique using reset timing
Integrated network security access control system
Method and apparatus for personnel detection and tracking
Food-heating appliance and method of using same
Hand played music box--like musical instrument
Method and apparatus for monitoring of daily activity in terms of ground reaction forces
Bioenergetic data collection apparatus
Inbred sweet corn line
Multiplexer for multiple media streams
Methods and circuits using frequency shift keying modulation to transfer data over transmission line...
Trusted and secure techniques, systems and methods for item delivery and execution
Proximity detection of valid computer user
Combination confectionary product
Riser device for creating an elevated structure for artificial landscapes
Hand-held hair dryer with retractable cord and controller responsive to amount of cord carried on co...
Micromesh heating material and food packages made therefrom
Anti-snoring composition
Systems, methods and computer program products for guiding the selection of therapeutic treatment re...
Plant control system
System and method for establishing long distance voice communications using the internet
Method of checking and acknowledging reception of data in a two-way radio communication system
Internet billing method
Process and system for retrieval of documents using context-relevant semantic profiles
System and method for integrating paper-based business documents with computer-readable data entered...
Web survey tool builder and result compiler
LAN internet connection having effective mechanism to classify LAN traffic and resolve address resol...
Haptic feedback control devices
Hunting stand and game carrier
Arcade-type stamp dispensing machine
Like kind money board table game
Bingo game for use on the interactive communication network which relies upon probabilities for winn...
Reel slot machine
Hunting arrow and method
Method and arrangement for controlling the longitudinal velocity of a motor vehicle
System and method for controlling inter-vehicle distance to preceding vehicle for automotive vehicle...
Method and apparatus for storing cartographic route data
Navigation device and method for selectively displaying thoroughfare names
Method and system for providing bicycle information with a navigation system
Integrating device and integrating method
Motor vehicle accessory interface for transferring serial data with and supplying DC power to extern...
Apparatus, methods and computer program products for managing sessions with host-based application u...
Method and apparatus for creating dippable beans in a java environment
Music search by melody input
Method and apparatus for enforcing software licenses
Authority delegation with secure operating system queues
Inter-applet communication within a web browser
Dynamically configurable filtered dispatch notification system
Optimized logging of data elements to a data storage device
Ensuring the integrity of remote boot client data
Visual composition tool for constructing application programs using distributed objects on a distrib...
Control path evaluating trace designator with dynamically adjustable thresholds for activation of tr...
Method and system for reducing an intentional program tree represented by high-level computational c...
System and method for software licensing
Apparatus and method for an installation recovery system
Chemically embossed metallocene polyethylene foam
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride compound having excellent physical, chemical resistance and processin...
Protection of a plated through hole from chemical attack
Mass spectrometry method for accurate mass determination of unknown ions
Multipole ion guide for mass spectrometry
Method and materials for through-mask electroplating and selective base removal
Amplification circuits
Communication network terminal supporting a plurality of applications
Method for connecting mobile stations to base station in radio communication system
Directivity control antenna apparatus for shaping the radiation pattern of antenna of base station i...
Communication system of portable communication terminal, incoming call control system of portable co...
Portable telecommunications assembly having user hand-hold, and associated method
Satellite navigation
Testing system for evaluating integrated circuits, a burn-in testing system, and a method for testin...
Management of multimedia information across a plurality of HTML containers
Interlocked pipelined CMOS
Network data base control device and method thereof
Remote positionable photocell device for use with an exterior landscape lighting assembly
Remote alert monitoring and trend analysis
Conditioning shampoo compositions
Abrasion resistant high temperature, flexible thermocouple cable
System and method for editing tone parameter by use of a communication network
Bi-metal trip unit for a molded case circuit breaker
Method of using immunoglobulin and fiber-containing compositions for human health
Tandem cDNAs encoding chemokines CC-1, CC-2, and CC-3
Inbred corn line LH172BT810
Real-time shared disk system for computer clusters
Microcontroller with a user configurable pulse width modulator
System and method for controlling interactions between networks
Flying toy
Method and system for eliminating phi instruction resource interferences and redundant copy instruct...
Use of N-(3-dialkylamino) propyl-N-polyhydroxyalkylcarboxamides and their acid adducts as thickeners...
Spinning tray for oven
Music apparatus integrating tone generators through sampling frequency conversion
Transverse pressurization contour slider
Non-carcinogenic substitute for play sand
Marine navigation binoculars with virtual display superimposing real world image
Laser marking of foliage and cigars
Method and system for managing distributed data
Virtual WWW server for enabling a single display screen of a browser to be utilized to concurrently ...
Methods for determining sendable information content based on a determined network latency
Network image view server using efficent client-server tilting and caching architecture
Method and system for internationalizing domain names
Electronic system and method for operating an auxiliary incentive game
Method of scoring a video wagering game
Game machine having speaker
Full-time turn based network multiplayer game
Game ball with logo formed from UV ink
Ball game method of play and base
Method and system for optimizing logistical operations in land seismic surveys
Tire air pressure warning device
System and method for automated risk-based pricing of a vehicle warranty insurance policy
Method of modeling complex navigational logic in a client/server environment
Collaborative team crawling:Large scale information gathering over the internet
Information communication system and method applicable to in-vehicle networking architecture
Automobile controller
Preferred service management system for a multimedia video decoder
Method and device for fast and accurate parasitic extraction
Method and apparatus for generating a tour of world wide web sites
Lightweight authentication system and method for validating a server access request
Activity controlled audio-visual system
Generation of a compatible order for a computer system
Dynamic versioning system for multiple users of multi-module software systems
Method for treatment of dermatological disorders
Rechargeable coffee and spice grinder
Real-time music distribution systems
Implantable microstimulator system for prevention of disorders
Method and apparatus for generating a default list
Atrial defibrillator apparatus and method of use
Apparatus for inspecting difficult to access objects
Flexible synchronization framework for multimedia streams having inserted time stamp
Cycle-skipping DRAM for power saving
Method and apparatus for reducing flicker when displaying HTML images on a television monitor
Apparatus and method for multiplication in large finite fields
Styling shampoo compositions which deliver improved hair curl retention and hair feel
Composite sheet for food container
Music reproducing system, rhythm analyzing method and storage medium
Metal ion crosslinked fracturing fluid and method
Method and apparatus for enhanced service quality through remote diagnostics
Screening methods for the identification of anti-HIV compounds employing a cyclosporine-specific mon...
Soybean cultivar 89248009206
Multimedia apparatus using a portable computer
Method and apparatus for executing singly-initiated, singly-sourced variable delay system bus operat...
System and method of interconnecting and using components of home entertainment system
Unsaturated ketones and their use in perfumery
Nutritional supplements for replenishing plasmalogens
Arrangement apparatus by modification of music data
Method and composition for chemical synthesis using high boiling point organic solvents to control e...
Method of determining and treating the health of a crop
Therapeutic combinations
Soybean cultivar 943465628996
Vector packing and saturation detection in the vector permute unit
Electronic apparatus having a low voltage auto-reset circuit
Replay bar icon for a display
Tamper resistant methods and apparatus
Pyrrolidine derivative hair growth compositions and uses
Contact toaster and method
Apparatus for selecting music belonging to multi-genres
Process for manufacture of imidazoles
Three-dimensional infrared imager for subcutaneous puncture and study of vascular network
Adhesive for secure topical attachment to the skin and comfortable removal
Soybean cultivar 9318055217152
Cell selection influenced by stored data and mobile station using same
Method and apparatus for providing fault tolerance in frequency reuse wireless communication systems
Method and apparatus for dynamic channel allocation for wireless communications using channel occupa...
Point-multipoint radio transmission system
Radio with halting apparatus and method
Wireless telecommunications system utilizing CDMA radio frequency signal modulation in conjuction wi...
Method for operating a navigation system for motor vehicles
Hardware-software co-synthesis of embedded system architectures using quality of architecture metric...
Method of designing active region pattern with shift dummy pattern
Systems and methods using cryptography to protect secure computing environments
Technique for secure network transactions
Protocol checking for concurrent systems
Method and system for design verification
Color measurement system with color index for skin, teeth, hair and material substances
Food mold for microwave oven use
Lotion bottle fixing base
Automatic modular wafer substrate handling device
Method and system for resource monitoring of disparate resources in a server cluster
Ink-jet ink compositions comprising a latex polymer and diol additives
Energy management system and method
Data access system
Method and system for generating materials for presentation on a non-frame capable web browser
HTTP session control
Computer network size growth forecasting method and system
Method of communicating between a personal computer and a service provider