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Navigation apparatus and method that performs route guiding to a provider location
Method of checking vehicle mounted electronic units
Automobile safety and maintenance information systems and methods and related services
Electronic video slot and poker games
Periodically poled optical fiber and method for the manufacture thereof
Apparatus for landscaping around obstacles
Rotary piston adjuster
Engine control system
Air and fuel supply system for combustion engine
Control system and control method for internal combustion engine
Engine method
Business card as electronic mail token for use with sensor having an identifier
Cocktail watermarking on images
Information management technique
Bicyclic heterocycles, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, their use, and processes for pre...
Multi-function transaction processing system
IP conference telephone system compatible with IP-PBX systems
System and method for distribution of network file accesses over network storage devices
System for managing cluster of network switches using IP address for commander switch and redirectin...
Information storage and retrieval system
Apparatus for processing organohalogen compounds
Purificating agent for flue gas and incinerated ash and purificating method using the same
Fluorescent lamp and amalgam assembly therefor
Self-ballasted electrodeless discharge lamp with startability improving means
Cyanide-free aqueous alkaline bath used for the galvanic application of zinc or zinc-alloy coatings
Ink composition capable of realizing image possessing excellent rubbing/scratch resistance
Triphenylmethane dyes for water-based compositions
Adhesive system
Modulators of polysaccharides and uses thereof
Use of leukemia inhibitory factor and endothelin antagonists
Dispersed crystallite up-conversion displays
Process for preparing a coating composition and product thereof
Polyester tackifier and adhesive composition
Rubber compositions
Hot melt adhesives based on sulfonated polyesters comprising wetness indicator
Reflective liquid crystal display of twisted nematic mode with high reflectance ratio
Plasma display device and method for setting drive operation
Two-dimensional C-element array
Storage medium in which data for designing an integrated circuit is stored and method of fabricating...
Semiconductor device including dummy upper electrode
Aqueous crumb rubber composition
Paper roll anti-theft protection
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Method for treating resin composition
High refractive index and high photosensitive optical materials and method for preparing the same
Fully differential sampling circuit
Cross-correlating PMD detector
Inorganic visible light reflection polarizer
Zeolite ITQ-7
Synthesis of ZSM-12
Apparatus and method for controlling the temperature of manufacturing equipment
Tampon applicator with petals
Method for skin rejuvenation with buffing cream
Mutated recombinant collagens
Methods for producing carotenoid compounds, tocopherol compounds, and specialty oils in plant seeds
Method for identifying respiration attempts by analyzing neuroelectrical signals, and respiration de...
Aerosol medication delivery inhaler body
Method and apparatus for a virus information patrol
Optimizing apparatus, optimizing method, and storage medium
Electron-emitting source, electron-emitting module, and method of manufacturing electron-emitting so...
Electrode array system for measuring electrophysiological signals
Low distortion signal amplifier system and method
Two-way packet data protocol methods and apparatus for a mobile telecommunication system
Enhanced memory addressing control
Method and system for blind separation of independent source signals
Proving quality of service in layer two tunneling protocol networks
Item made from combination of rare and common materials and method of making the same
Electric outfit room in microwave oven
Low pressure discharge lamp with end-of-life structure
Gaming machines and systems offering simultaneous play of multiple games and methods of gaming
Cashless gaming system and method
Adjustable coin acceptor gate
System apparatus and method for maximizing effectiveness and efficiency of learning retaining and re...
Information presentation system for a graphical user interface
Soybean cultivar SY32157
Methods for modulating water-use efficiency or productivity in a plant by transforming with a DNA en...
Single-crystal-silicon ribbon hinges for micro-mirror and MEMS assembly on SOI material
Automatic restacking tray side guide repositioning system providing sheet stacking scatter reduction
.alpha.+.beta. type titanium alloy, a titanium alloy strip, coil-rolling process of titanium alloy, ...
Audio appliance and monitoring device responsive to watermark data
Method of integrating a watermark into an image
Integrated thin-film photoelectric conversion module
Photoelectric conversion device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, memory system, and electronic instrument
Spacers used for picture display devices and a method of producing the same
Meander antenna and method for tuning resonance frequency of the same
Integrated circuit for driving liquid crystal
Integrated LED/photodiode collimator array
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Electroluminescence display apparatus for displaying gray scales
Display device
Liquid crystal display element and color display device having particular transflector
Laser scanning optics and laser scanning method using the same
Method and apparatus for direct electrothermal-physical conversion of ceramic into nanopowder
Aspherical microstructure, and method of fabricating the same
Poinsettia plant named `Duepremwi`
Powder topcoating with epoxy resin, non-cyclic polyanhydride, and aliphatic non-cyclic anhydride or ...
High bandwidth data transfer employing a multi-mode, shared line buffer
Homodyne radio receiver having DC compensation
Shirt-pocket scanner
Semiconductor wafer processing apparatus having improved wafer input/output handling system
Semiconductor processing apparatus having lift and tilt mechanism
Process for producing optically active 3,3,3-trifluoro-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionic acid, and salt th...
Absorbent article
Low gauge films and film/nonwoven laminates
Nonwoven materials with time release additives
Automated system for inserting and reading of probe points in silicon embedded testbenches
Register file timing using static timing tools
Audio-visual selection process for the synthesis of photo-realistic talking-head animations
Decomposable resin composition and method for producing the same
Image display system
Ion sampling for APPI mass spectrometry
Magnetic tape cartridge for housing a reel
System and apparatus for sequential processing of analytes
Dynamic application browser and database for use therewith
Modular gunstock
Full-moon clip carrier
Actuator assembly
Trailer bunk cover assembly
Linear motion guide device having two offset ball rows
Bearing structure
Rolling bearing
Rolling bearing
Bearing arrangement and method for fixing at least one bearing in place in a bearing retainer
Copper alloy sliding material
Interchangeable shoe strap system
Transflective liquid crystal display device
Vehicle engine brake and control system
Caching method using cache tag and cache data stored in dynamic RAM embedded in logic chip
Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) computer system having distributed global coherency management
Skewed finite hashing function
Interscalable interconnect
Process for preparing star shaped microgels from macromonomers with terminal ethylenic unsaturation
Polyfluorinated epoxides and associated polymers and processes
Active particle, photosensitive resin composition, and process for forming pattern
Photographic label for reproduction of fine print
Polymerization process utilizing organometal catalyst compositions and the polymer produced thereby
Pain reliever and method of use
Absorbent article having improved integrity and acquisition
Disposable absorbent article having fecal management member
Antiperspirant compositions
Stabilized bleach compositions
URL mapping methods and systems
Functionalized active-nucleus complex sensor
Amphipatic polycarboxylic chelates and complexes with paramagnetic metals as MRI contrast agents
Composition and method for production of transformed cells
Thienopyridine derivatives, their production and use
Robust clustering of web documents
Toner, and electrophotographic image forming method and apparatus using the toner
Molded plastic ramp
Polyoxyalkylene substituted and bridged benzotriazole derivatives
Cosmetic and personal care compositions
Silicone elastomer compositions
Binding agent for solid block functional material
Preventing discoloration in an elastomer rubber
Laundry compositions
Composition and method for bleaching a substrate
Duplex inkjet printing system
Recess mountable printing system
Intracutaneous edged microneedle apparatus
Dynamic protein signature assay
Multi-threshold dither unit
Object orientation system
Flexible insulated pouch
Portable cofferdam and method for stabilizing the structural integrity of box culvert bridges
Cardiac valve replacement
Scaffold formed of tissue treated to eliminate cellular and cytosolic elements
Clonal cells and cell lines derived from C3A cells and methods of making and using them
Method of treating systemic inflammatory response syndrome
Fuel cell system having a reformer unit
System for fuel cell reformer start-up
Fuel cell support and electrical interconnector
Process control for multiple air supplies
Use of chitinous materials for inhibiting cellular nitric oxide production
Methods and compositions for use in treating cancer
Plant GntI sequences and the use thereof for the production of plants having reduced or lacking N-ac...
Tissue bulking and coating compositions
Composite thermoplastic-elastomer product
Assembly for a flowable material container
Substrate-bound cleavage assay for nucleic acid analysis
Gels and multilayer surface structures from boronic acid containing polymers
Fishing line winder
Process challenge device and method
Method and system for providing restricted access to a storage medium
Simulated christmas tree
Control system to automatically control vehicle headlamps
Imaging system for vehicle headlamp control
Apparatus and method for providing synchronized lights
Voltage dimmable LED display producing multiple colors
Autonomous local area distributed network
Fundus camera
Polyimide optical waveguide
Polarization independent waveguide structure
Correction and interpolation of position encoders
Image processing apparatus, method, and system
Image processing method and image processing system
Controlling thermal expansion of mask substrates by scatterometry
Method for estimating repair accuracy of a mask shop
System for processing a subject's electrical activity measurements
Method and apparatus for connection of stimulus and recording electrodes of a multi-channel nerve in...
Insulation piercing electrical contact, especially for medical disposable articles such as fetal sca...
Calibration and security device for PC auditory programs
Rapid prototyping apparatus
Vertical intersecting lightweight steel frame
Steel body drill bits with tailored hardfacing structural elements
PM high-speed steel having high elevated-temperature strength
Steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
High carbon steel sheet
Microscale assays and microfluidic devices for transporter, gradient induced, and binding activities
Method and system for mooring
Air charged appliance
Portable boat boarding ladder
Plastic-coated metal plate
Electronic device for selecting and controlling the steering modes of vehicles, in particular indust...
Methods and structures for sealing air gaps in a building
Acrylic resin laminated film and laminated article
Radical-modified polymer and polymer composition containing the same
Random copolymers, process for the production thereof and medical material
Modified oligonucleotides
Spiroorthocarbonates containing epoxy groups
Integrated optical waveguide
Orthoester-based polymer as well as preparation and use thereof
Microcomputer systems having compressed instruction processing capability and methods of operating s...
Method of calibration for reconstructing three-dimensional models from images obtained by tomograpy
Image processing system and method
Process for preparing a stable acidic milk based beverage
Process for producing a milk or whey product having a reduced spores and bacteria content
High efficiency gene targeting in mouse embryonic stem cells
Pinus radiata nucleic acids encoding O-methyl transferase and methods for the modification of plant ...
Apparatus and method for protecting critical resources against soft errors in high performance micro...
Method and system for creating dynamic interfaces using a general control container
Ferroelectric domain inverted waveguide structure and a method for producing a ferroelectric domain ...
Electrode, termination for reduced local heating in an optical device
Flow measurement with diagnostics
Method for designing a flow device
Human IRAK-2
Alternate port apparatus for manufacturing test of integrated serial bus and method therefor
Human CCV polypeptides
Method for setting up call in wireless local loop system
Call charges in a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for authorizing use of cellular telephone units
Reservoir and applicator unit
Vehicle engine starting system and method
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Method for monitoring end of life for battery
Lithographic printing plate precursor, method for producing the same, and method of lithographic pri...
Image-recording material
Articles to aid the ironing of fabrics and methods of use
High gel-content polymer dispersed in a high-boiling organic medium
Electrochemical device
Rectangular battery
Method and kit for evaluation of HIV mutations
Method for the development of an HIV vaccine
Methods, apparatuses and medicaments for treating body fluid related diseases
System for processing pharmaceutical data while maintaining patient confidentially
Anvil for ultrasonic cutting apparatus
Diagnostic imaging method
Method and system for ventricular fusion prevention
Ultrasonically activated electrodes
Garbage can
Refuse container lid
Network management system having a network database
Electronic optical device and method for producing the same, and projection type display device
Airfoil trailing edge
System and method for remotely monitoring the condition of machine
Automatic contact distribution system definable agent log-off reasons
Method and apparatus for detecting a fault condition in a computer processor
Avian cervical restraint collar
Antibiotic purification method
Semiconductor device and method of making same
Compositions of saponin adjuvants and excipients
Method and apparatus for selecting symbols using strokes on a user interface
Embedded windows in background image
Ortho substituted chiral phosphines and phosphinites and their use in asymmetric catalytic reactions
Combined coil-stock straightening and feed apparatus
Decompression unit for equalizing an explosive air pressure
Boom load alleviation using visual means
Dual-web offset printing press and method for printing dual webs
Method, device and printing form for transferring free-flowing printing ink onto a printing material
Actuated product seizing element in a folder apparatus
Modular graphic display system
Dual-band quadrifilar helix antenna
High heat distortion temperature methacrylate polymer blends
Process for preparing trioxane, polyoxymethylene and polyoxymethylene copolymers
Method for the liquid-phase hydrogenation of organic materials
Process for fabricating tapered microstructured fiber system and resultant system
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Bicycle seat
Hub and axle assembly for a bicycle
Block-based, adaptive, lossless image coder
Bicycle safety reflectors
Treadmill resistance apparatus
Method for meniscuscoating a substrate with a polymeric precursor
Polymer/clay nanocomposite comprising a clay mixture and a process for making same
Process for producing polymer, the polymer, and curable composition comprising the polymer
Method of designing ophthalmic lens and ophthalmic lens produced by the method
Laser treatment apparatus
Foldable ophthalmic and otorhinolaryngological device materials
Electronically addressable microencapsulated ink and display thereof
Process for the isolation of polymer fractions
Semiconductor device and production method thereof
Solid oxide fuel cells and interconnectors
Electrode material for electric double layer capacitor and electric double layer capacitor using the...
Method for fabricating nano-sized diamond whisker, and nano-sized diamond whisker fabricated thereby
Methods for the electronic assembly and fabrication of devices
Nano-dispersed powders and methods for their manufacture
Composition containing a cross-linkable matrix precursor and a poragen, and a porous matrix prepared...
Oil application roller for use in an image-forming apparatus
Copolymers with amphiphilic sub-units, a method for producing the same and the use thereof
Photoresist monomers containing fluorine-substituted benzylcarboxylate and photoresist polymers comp...
Hydrogen generator for fuel cell operation
Optical modulator apparatus and associated method
Method for accurately mounting an optical element in an optical assembly
Method and apparatus for measuring optical signal-to-noise ratio, and pre-emphasis method and optica...
Equipment for communication system
Communication interface systems for locally analyzing computers
Targeting multimeric imaging agents through multilocus binding
Endogenous constitutively activated G protein-coupled orphan receptors
Biodegradable cationic copolymers of poly (alkylenimine) and poly (ethylene glycol) for the delivery...
Association memory and memory cell thereof
Stepping motor control method and disk drive apparatus
Apparatus, method and computer program product for transcoding a coded multiplexed sound and moving ...
Portable hydrogen generator-fuel cell apparatus
Hot swapping
Automated document processing system
Method and device for multi-chamber cardiac pacing in response to a tachycardia
Dual control of fan speed-input corresponding to power supply temperature or software command from t...
Toner cartridge converter
Method and apparatus for adaptably providing data to a network environment
Transgenic mice exhibiting increased susceptibility to seizures
Ballast circuit with lamp cathode protection and ballast protection
Method and plant for producing a sterile milk product
Device for sensing and alarming absence of water in a home machine for manufacturing soybean milk, w...
Direct shredding process
Stabilization of cooked meat and meat-vegetable compositions using whey from nisin-producing culture...
Enzyme composition adapted for application to ruminant feed to increase protein digestability thereo...
Process for removal of phosphorous from a dairy stream
Packing tray and method for its production and use
Mixing orifice extruder
Dispensing machine
System and method for electronic mail (e-mail) address management
Medium frequency pseudo noise geological radar
Electronic vehicle toll collection system and method
System for providing a synchronized display of information slides on a plurality of computer worksta...
Call state control function (CSCF) call processing
Light-emitting device and exposure device and flat display device using the same
Contact to n-GaN with Au termination
Method of forming self-aligned, trenchless mangetoresistive random-access memory (MRAM) structure wi...
Cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitopes of the major outer membrane protein of Chlamydia trachomatis
In-wall coin bank with novelty face
Meat product labeling and organizing method
Loop for suspending sausages or the like
Inbred corn line 5XH755
Rescue system for rescuing persons by air
Method for and system producing shared usage of intercommunication fabric error logging registers in...
Harness for handling a mattress and other bulky items
X-salizer an exerciser for the lungs
Interactive mining of most interesting rules with population constraints
Vanadium oxide electrode materials and methods
Handheld game simulating cookie making activity
Jack-up mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) and jacking method and apparatus
Heave suppressed offshore drilling and production platform and method of installation
Petunia plant named `Whip Scarl`
Pyrimidine 3-oxide compounds for inducing/stimulating hair growth and/or retarding hair loss
Compositions and devices for thermo optically controlled switching and filtering
Loop probe hybridization assay for polynucleotide analysis
Device for suspending a recorder and method for using the same
Lens driving apparatus having tapered positioning dowel
Osteospermum plant named `Aknik`
1,4-dihydropyridine compounds as bradykinin antagonists
LBIST controller circuits, systems, and methods with automated maximum scan channel length
Method of controlling an implantable pump system
System and method of dynamically generating an electronic document based upon data analysis
Comfort management system for equine
Liquid crystal display device
Drive-train control system of a motor vehicle
Automobile seat toy
Method and system for network data replication
Isolated stromal cells for use in the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system
Fluid coupled control system for irrigation
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising troponin subunits, fragments and analogs thereof and methods ...
Pneumatic brake booster
System and method for selectively executing computer code
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
Method for sampling a received radio-frequency signal, in particular a radio-frequency signal from a...
Decoding data from multiple sources
ULBP DNA and polypeptides
Method of deterministic garbage collection
Support assembly means
Method for access via various protocols to objects in a tree representing at least one system resour...
Front scattering film with a light scattering layer and a peelable substrate
Aircraft engine nacelles and methods for their manufacture
Method and device for treating equine hernias
Production method for magnesium alloy member
Physically realistic computer simulation of medical procedures
Method and system for monitoring the execution of hybrid source code
Hairdressing cosmetic preparation and hairdressing method using the same
Processes for producing triaryl phosphite
Emergency message sign device for vehicles
Differential OFDM using multiple receiver antennas
Portable oxygen concentration system and method of using the same
Method and apparatus for EMI shielding
Image forming apparatus, image bearing member life detecting method, and process cartridge detachabl...
Electrophotographic carrier, developer using the same, and developing method
Method for making abrasive compositions and products thereof
Printed circuit radial power combiner with mode suppressing resistors fired at high temperature
Process for producing semiconductor wafer with adhesive film
Method for production of polyether alcohols
High silicon content monomers and polymers suitable for 193 nm bilayer resists
Interrupt controller, asic, and electronic equipment
Technique of monitoring abnormality in plurality of CPUs or controllers
Method and apparatus for automatically positioning a press machine slide
Neural network arithmetic apparatus and neutral network operation method
Fuel cell apparatus
Method and system for managing data migration for a storage system
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Production of naphtha and light olefins
Microfluidic system (MS)
Method and system for remote retrieval of messages using spontaneous networking technology
Method and apparatus for producing multiple clock signals having controlled duty cycles by controlli...
Electroluminescent materials
System and method for aircraft and watercraft control and collision prevention
Methods for performing bit sensitive parallel bus peer addressing
Communication schema of online system and method of status inquiry and tracking related to orders fo...
Digital System
Communication between multiple partitions employing host-network interface
Mahaleb rootstock named `UCMH 55`
Low temperature grown optical detector
Method and apparatus for arranging entities in a two-dimensional lattice
System and method for providing customized advertising on the World Wide Web
Mercury-free metal-halide lamp
Time marker for synchronized multimedia
Camera with through-the-lens lighting
Production method for hydrate and device for proceeding the same
Semiconductor wafers with integrated heat spreading layer
Semiconductor memory device using magneto resistive element and method of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating semiconductor memory device
Spliced gene of KSHV / HHV8, its promoter and monoclonal antibodies specific for LANA2
System which can reversibly reproduce itself
Printing medium, manufacturing method of the same, and printing method
Parking assisting apparatus
Composition for the prevention and treatment of kidney dysfunctions and diseases
Method and apparatus for control of shock/boundary-layer interactions
Vehicle rollover detection having variable sensitivity
Automated integration of terminological information into a knowledge base
Dancing figure
Method for authorization checking and configuration for carrying out the method
Recovery of file system data in file servers mirrored file system volumes
Vehicular jack
Oxidation resistant molybdenum
Ultrasonic atomizer, ultrasonic inhaler and method of controlling same
Controlling which part of data defining a node-link structure is in memory
Device and method for detecting polyvalent substances
Image projector
Connection-fighting type game machine and connection-fighting type game method
Point to multipoint radio data service
Method and apparatus for forming piles in place
Swaying reduction apparatus and floating body therewith
Petunia plant named `Whip Lityel`
Vacuum grip system for gripping an object, and handling apparatus for handling an object using a vac...
Cross-regulin composition of tumeric-derived tetrahydrocurcuminoids for skin lightening and protecti...
Integrated circuit with a recessed conductive layer
Musical bottle system
Electric flash and connector
Crape Myrtle plant named `Coral Filli`
Method of securitizing a portfolio of at least 30% distressed commercial loans
Polypeptides comprising a B7 extracellular domain
Soft decision maximum likelihood encoder and decoder
Loudspeaker cone protector
System and method of providing a cache-efficient, hybrid, compressed digital tree with wide dynamic ...
Membranes of polyurethane based materials including polyester polyols
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing thereof
Modified susceptor for use in chemical vapor deposition process
Animated hanging ornament
System and method for managing storage space of a cache
Explosive safety siting method
Automatic mixing and dilution methods for online characterization of equilibrium and non-equilibrium...
Isolated human kinase proteins
Injectable anthelmintic compositions and methods for using same
Trim-type fastener driving tool
Gas phase polymerization process
System and method for media stream indexing
Multimedia and scent storage medium and playback apparatus
Chorismate synthase from plants
Magnetic resonance imaging method
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of duchenne muscular dystrophy
Enhanced thread processing
Customizable dental bite blocks and methods for forming customized dental bite blocks
Trusted network binding using LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol)
Passive cooling system for auxiliary power unit installation
Horizontal solids recycler
Driving game with assist and training modes
Sweetener compositions and uses thereof
Process for obtaining mixtures of phosphoric mono- and diesters
Radiator for earth moving machines
Containers with an inner support system
Tongue cleaning device
Cellular/PCS CDMA system with increased sector capacity
Purification and stabilization of peptide and protein pharmaceutical agents
Method of manufacturing a reinforced oblong concrete driving pile for longitudinal load-bearing purp...
Multifunctional additive for fuel oils
Image forming apparatus including diamond-like or amorphous structure containing hydrogen surface pr...
Antiplaque enzyme containing dual component composition
Method of fabricating multilayer printed circuit board structure
Organic electroluminescence device and method for producing the same
Use of the maize X112 mutant ahas 2 gene and imidazolinone herbicides for selection of transgenic mo...
Golf balls having a cover layer formed from an ionomer and metallocene-catalyzed polyolefin blend an...
Fuel cell system
Method of manufacturing electrode or electrode-electrolyte membrane joint body for fuel cell and ele...
Electrochemical cell frame having integral protector portion
Metal nitride electrode materials for high capacity rechargeable lithium battery cells
Flexible foamed polyethylene
Sensor utilizing attenuated total reflection
Call waiting in a wireless centrex system
Waveform generator, semiconductor testing device and semiconductor device
Method for high resolution magnetic resonance analysis using magic angle technique
Image forming apparatus
Enhanced system for yaw stability control system to include roll stability control function
Single precision inverse square root generator
Tea catechins as cancer specific proliferation inhibitors
Optical devices engaged to fibers with angle-polished facets
Method and system for providing vehicle control to a driver
Method for designing diffractive lens
Combined stop/turn/tail/clearance lamp using light emitting diode technology
Reduced complexity trellis-based multiuser detector for CDMA
Aligning sleeve for a bundle of fiberoptic cylindrical fibers
Dispersion-compensating module
Fiber management frame having connector platform
Optical fiber holder assembly
Technique for realizing attenuators for optical fibers with attenuating fiber
Fiber/wired communication system
Apparatus and method for the optical imaging of tissue samples
Method for recovering metal values from concentrates of sulfide minerals
Disk drive for relocating a block of data sectors near a defective servo sector to expedite write op...
Disk drive having a register set for providing real time position variables to a host
Disk drive including electrical traces integrally formed upon disk drive housing
Air bearing surface for reducing pressure gradients
Low resistance lead structure for a low resistance magnetic read head
Solid-state inductor and method for same
Read head including a spin valve sensor with a specular reflecting cap layer structure
Magnetic sensor capable of providing stable resistance change rate
Optical drive loader with a manual disk ejecting mechanism
Disk cartridge
Phase synchronization method for extended partial response, and phase synchronization circuit and re...
Ceramic electrical resistance igniter
Electrical igniter and method of manufacture
Hermetically sealed electrical gas fuel igniter
An assembly of an electrical connector and pyrotechnic igniter
Regenerative electrical igniter for a liquid propellant gun
Airbag electrical igniter readiness detector
Contoured syringe and novel luer hub and methods for embolizing blood vessels
Catheter incorporating an insert molded hub and method of manufacturing
Bleed back control assembly and method
Adjustable quick-release valve with toggle capability
Pressure-sensing guidewire having improved torque
Image transfer element
Printable laminate
Thermosensitive recording material, block copy sheet using the recording material and printing plate...
Heat-sensitive recording materials and method for authenticity checking
Thermographic imaging elements and processes for their use
Preparation process for manufacture and purification of mixtures of fluoran compounds and recording ...
Process for the production of composite ceramic printed wiring board
Apparatus for making composite structures and method for making same
Method for making composite structures
Pressure transmitters for use in the production of composite components
Method for manufacturing dental restorations
System and method for detecting an intruder using impulse radio technology
Outdoor intrusion detection alarm
Method and apparatus for detecting intrusion and non-intrusion events
Method and apparatus for improving the sensitivity of a taut wire intrusion detection system
Intrusion detector with power consumption control and method for intrusion detection
Methods of screening for compounds active on staphylococcus aureus target genes
Method of reading multimedia information, an apparatus for reading multimedia information, a storage...
Interactive test sequence generation
Contact server for call center
Kiwi plant named `Hortgem Wha`
Ground mineralization rejecting metal detector (transmit signal)
Target generation system based on unlimited capacity allocation
Multi-panel route monitoring graphical user interface, system and method
Outbound information analysis for generating user interest profiles and improving user productivity
Integrated resonator and amplifier system
Engagement structure for cylindrical members
Wireless area network having flexible backhauls for creating backhaul network
Hydrocarbon conversion apparatus and method
Uniform angular light distribution from LEDs
Magnetic memory with tunnel junction memory cells and phase transition material for controlling curr...
Method of forming inside rough and outside smooth HSG electrodes and capacitor structure
Perfluoropolyether primary bromides and iodides
Peelable label assembly and method of manufacturing same
Peripheral video conferencing system with control unit for adjusting the transmission bandwidth of t...
Soybean products with improved carbohydrate composition and soybean plants
Synovial fluid control
All weather precision guidance of distributed projectiles
Control apparatus and control method for hybrid vehicle
Apparatus and method for adjusting interaction level, and storage medium for storing program therefo...
Robotic toy
Method and system for providing a netlist driven integrated router in a non-netlist driven environme...
Decorative urn
Zinc alloy containing a bismuth-indium intermetallic compound for use in alkaline batteries
Tracheal tube with bulged cuff
Flexible barrier member useful in aerosol dispensers
Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving business contact information in a computer system
Nanoparticulate titanium dioxide coatings, and processes for the production and use thereof
System to provide presentation evaluations
Image processing device for placing a player character in a virtual space
Pry bar holder
Cascadable cross connect architecture
Retaining wall anchoring system
Trolling motor with integral sonar transducer
Petunia plant named Reflec White
Gripper device
NMDA antagonist comprising xenon
Implantable biomarker and method of use
Mass transport limited in vivo analyte sensor
Method, equipment and recording device for suppressing pulsed interference in analogue audio and/or ...
Lantana plant named `Robmornorg`
ATM group protection switching method and apparatus
Process for producing benzopyran carboxamide
Method and device for predicting physiological values
Exhaust sound attenuation and control system
Netbufs: communication protocol packet buffering using paged memory management
Highly-neutralized ethylene copolymers and their use in golf balls
Liquid crystal display device and its fabricating method in which the contact hole exposes gate insu...
Aquatic motion display toy
Multimerization of HIV-1 Vif protein as a therapeutic target
Logical volume mount manager
Automated method for making a topographical model and related system
AA6000 aluminum sheet method
Microcapsule formulations
Method to install underground pipe casing
Isolated human kinase proteins
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing ink jet recording head
Gas phase fluidized bed method and ethylene homo- and copolymers obtained using said method
Programmable event engine
Fuzzy logic based classification (FLBC) method for automated identification of nodules in radiologic...
Methods for influencing the flowering behavior of plants by enhancing the saccharose-cleaving activi...
Method and apparatus for optical spectroscopy incorporating a vertical cavity surface emitting laser...
Magnetic resonance tomograph with a temperature controller for thermally highly sensitive components
Medicament for treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Modular framework for dynamically processing network events using action sets in a distributed compu...
Integrated exercise and conditioning system for the human body
Process and control system for an aircraft control surface actuated by multiple hydraulic jacks and ...
Method of implementing a key recovery system
Method for a migratory fish bypass channel with natural features
Cells with altered betaine catabolism and their use in producing metabolites or enzymes
Water absorbent material
Removal of phosphorus-containing impurities from an olefin feedstock
Surface-treated shower head for use in a substrate processing chamber
Retail-shelf universal sign-holder pouch
Reduced topography DRAM cell fabricated using a modified logic process and method for operating same
Composition and method for improving, altering, and treating teeth
Multiple laser source, and systems for use thereof
Aryl aniline .beta.2 adrenergic receptor agonists
Thermally conductive polymer sheet
Process for preparing optically active cyanohydrins and secondary products
Inductive thermal fixing device for image forming device
Antifungal polypeptide AlyAFP from Alyssum and methods for controlling plant pathogenic fungi
Casein formulations for the delivery of bioactive constituents
Methods for making coaxial connectors
Universal support media for synthesis of oligomeric compounds
Photorefractive composition
LOC semiconductor assembled with room temperature adhesive
Norbornene open-ring polymers, products of hydrogenation thereof and processes for the production of...
Methods for reducing distal embolization
Methods for identifying ligand binding sites in a biomolecule
Removal of unreachable methods in object-oriented applications based on program interface analysis
Battery acid level alarm
Super-high pressure mercury lamp
Wireless centrex services
Rapid informational prototypes, including rapid colored prototypes
Method and apparatus for improving critical path analysis using gate delay
Resonance signal detector
System for disposal of fluids
Foolproof device used in a process cartridge for an image forming apparatus
Modular scalable system for managing data in a heterogeneous environment with generic structure for ...
Method and apparatus for a hand-held computer EKG device
Interaction test for the investigation of inhibitory molecules of the interaction between a presenil...
Voice activated communication system and program guide
Image forming apparatus having position sensing device
Analytical instruments, biosensors and methods thereof
Differential treatment of selected parts of a single cell with different fluid components
Sensor disk having radial grooves and optical assaying method using same
Apparatus and method for measuring weight of an occupying item of a seat
Multi-channel precision synchronous voltage-to-frequency converter
Wrist motion measurement device
Method and apparatus for controlling minimum brightness of a fluorescent lamp
Inbred corn line 1445-008-1
Method and system for multi-carrier multiple access reception in the presence of imperfections
Pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting the growth of viruses and cancers
Mobile platform real time availability and content scheduling system and method
Inhaled vaccines
Implant sterilization apparatus
Multiplex method for nucleic acid detection
Inhibitors of IMPDH enzyme technical field of the invention
Synthetic hepatitis C genes
Single-chain recombinant complexes of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease and NS4A cofactor peptide
Remote system administration and seamless service integration of a data communication network manage...
Vertical fault isolation in a computer system
Recovery from instruction fetch errors in hypervisor code
Network site content indexing method and associated system
Hybrid dimensional, spherical space-time coding and decoding apparatus, and associated method, for a...
Automatic remote monitoring system for setting a near-end value
Probabilistic information retrieval based on differential latent semantic space
Electrodeposition apparatus for producing electrodeposited copper foil and electrodeposited copper f...
Stabilization of wood substrates
Reflective light valve-based multimedia projector employing a patterned-silvered mirror
Power controller of a camera having an interchangeable lens
High speed linear feedback shift register
Protection of laptop computers from theft in the stream of commerce
Reforming process for manufacture of para-xylene
Semiconductor light projection apparatus and distance measurement apparatus
Magnetoresistance random access memory
Ferroelectric memory and method for driving the same
Data-base independent, scalable, object-oriented architecture and API for managing digital multimedi...
Method of manufacturing a stack of spaced lites
Method, apparatus and computer program product for synchronizing presentation of digital video data ...
Integral peripheral device of USB local network card and USB modem
Fuzzy keyboard
Interactive toy
Ductile NiAl intermetallic compositions
Method for treating diabetes mellitus
Aerosol cement and valve for dispensing same
Method and apparatus for filtering e-mail
Detergent composition comprising a soil entrainment system
Weight holding device attachable to golf club head
Personalized automated operator position
Interlocking segmental retaining wall
Externally mounted bilge water filter and methods therefor
Petunia plant named `Jam Hopink`
Dental composite materials and method of manufacture thereof
Bridge for CAN to TCP/IP connection
Tunable piezoelectric filter arrangement using a dielectric material with a voltage-dependent dielec...
Photographing system and photographing method
Deodar Cedar named `CDMTF2`
Real time device polling for multiplexed transmission
Drive device for a vehicle adjustable rear-view mirror using a self-calibration potentiometer
Distraction osteogenesis fixture
Method, system, and computer program product for correcting anticipated problems related to global r...
Methods and apparatus for partial and consistent monitoring of object-oriented programs and systems
Method and apparatus for automatically determining allocation of voice and data channels on T1/E1 li...
Method for nucleic acid sequence determination using codes for error correction
Processing sonic waveform measurements
IP validation method and IP verified by the IP validation method
System for detecting a surface contour of the human foot
Dementia test apparatus, dementia test server, dementia test client and dementia test system
Computing architecture
Entertainment device
Corrosion resistant ultrasonic horn
Thermoelectric conversion material, method for manufacturing same, and thermoelectric conversion ele...
Preparation of bile acids
Device for the combined measurement of the arterial oxygen saturation and the transcutaneous CO2 par...
Method and system for real-time navigation using mobile telephones
Method for insulating leads of thermal fuse with insulating tubes and thermal fuse therefor
Device authentication and encrypted communication system offering increased security
Hot melt adhesive composition based on a blend of amorphous poly-.alpha.-olefin and syndiotactic pol...
Steganography decoding methods employing error information
Self-adjusting water pressure responsive diver's weight belt assembly
Array-based microenvironment for cell culturing, cell monitoring and drug-target validation
Wnt-7B-like polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding same
Automated teller machine divert cassette
Grip element and method of manufacture thereof
Method of coloring and masking concrete using peelable adhesive
Catalyst precursor and olefin polymerization processes
Validating data within container objects handled by view controllers
Apparatus and method for navigation of an aircraft
Prosthetic device for respiratory patients
Method and system for searching indexed information databases with automatic user registration via a...
Nucleic acids encoding proteins with pathogen resistance activity and plants transformed therewith
Method for improving non-invasive determination of the concentration of analytes in a biological sam...
3-amino-2-benzyl-1-phenylpropane derivatives
Methods for producing avian verotoxin antitoxin
Methods to assess vascular endothelial function
Alkyl or aryl substituted dihydronaphthalene derivatives having retinoid and/or retinoid antagonist-...
Steering system for tracklaying vehicle
Apparatus and method for preparative supercritical fluid chromatography
Synthesis of .alpha., .beta., .beta.-trifluorostyrene via in-situ formation of trifluorovinyl metal ...
Process for the preparation of zeolite A for use in formulations based on two-component polyurthane ...
Automatic fault management system utilizing electronic service requests
System and method of use for revascularizing stenotic bypass grafts and other occluded blood vessels
Multi-positional landing gear assemblies
Data communication equipment, data communication system, and data communication method
Front-loading medical injector and syringes, syringe interfaces, syringe adapters and syringe plunge...
Methods and systems for managing invention disclosures
Celiac antigen
Adding speech recognition libraries to an existing program at runtime
Extending program languages with source-program attribute tags
Method for producing saponified ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer
Simultaneous ammonia and fluoride treatment for wastewater
3-(4-amidopyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives as protein kinase inhibitors
Substituted acid derivatives useful as antidiabetic and antiobesity agents and method
Naphthylsulfonic acids and related compounds as glucose uptake agonists
Combination therapeutic compositions and method of use
Benzoxazole compound and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Drill stem stabilizer
Administrator and instructor course management application for an online education course
Region based optimizations using data dependence graphs
Device for attenuating the pitching of an engine-driven vehicle
Condensation polymerization method for isocyanates
Urethane di(meth)acrylate derivatives of 1,3-bis(1-isocyanato-1-methylethyl)benzene
Peptide, apoEp 1.B, compositions and uses thereof
Computer system, program product and method utilizing executable file with alternate program code at...
Method of covalent coupling
Liquid crystal color display screen comprising a phosphor layer
Cane holder accessory for wheelchair
Stability in thyristor-based memory device
Dental device
Distributed channel assignment method
Remedies or preventives for digestive diseases containing diaminotrifluoromethylpyridine derivatives
Carbon ink, electron-emitting element, method for manufacturing an electron-emitting element and ima...
Food serving set for roasting oven
Process for preparing phenylacetic acid derivatives
Compositions comprising a functionalized block copolymer crosslinked with aluminum acetylacetonate
Method for controlling an automatic guided vehicle system
Cytoprotective benzofuran derivatives
Optic element, illumination device and/or liquid-crystal display device
Polyimide composition having improved peel strength when clad
Portable power supply system and a method for providing electrical power
Installing and controlling trial software
Demineralized bone implants
Expansible shearing catheters for thrombus removal
Dry deposition of materials for microarrays using matrix displacement
Distributed monitoring and protection system for a distributed power network
Fuel cell operated welder
Oled panel with anti-glare polyimide pixel defining layers and photoresist ram parts
Low density polyolefin
Patient interactive neurostimulation system and method
Neuroelectric computational devices and networks
Optical device having continuous and disperse phases
Magnetic roll assembly
Software rehosting system and method
Reference signal generator for return path aligning
Systems and methods for playing, browsing and interacting with MPEG-4 coded audio-visual objects
Mobile neurological signal data acquisition system and method
Airborne biota monitoring and control system
Skin and muscle-targeted gene therapy by pulsed electrical field
Nucleic acid encoding a phosphatase 2C that interacts with Fe 65
Voltage-gated calcium channel antagonist and method
Read-only laminated information recording medium and manufacturing method therefor
System and method for control of access to resources
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
Infrared light bulb, heating device, production method for infrared light bulb
Device and method of continuous outer-loop power control in DTX mode for CDMA mobile communication s...
Crystalline form of 6-hydroxy-3-(4-[2-(piperidin-1-yl)ethoxy]phenoxy)-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)benzo [b] t...
Process for making amlodipine
Combination of hypertensin converting enzyme inhibitor with a diuretic for treating microcirculation...
Bone graft substitute composition
Dielectric films for narrow gap-fill applications
Reactive nanoparticles as destructive adsorbents for biological and chemical contamination
Iontophoresis device
Method and apparatus for electronically embedding directional cues in two channels of sound for inte...
Apparatus for creating 3D audio imaging over headphones using binaural synthesis
Multi-channel audio enhancement system for use in recording and playback and methods for providing s...
Sound image localization apparatus, stereophonic sound image enhancement apparatus, and sound image ...
Method and apparatus for electronically embedding directional cues in two channels of sound
Method and apparatus for electronically embedding directional cues in two channels of sound
Method and apparatus for two channels of sound having directional cues
Pacemaker electrode
Substituted benzimidazol-2-ones as vasopressin receptor antagonists and neuropeptide Y modulators
Method for treating cancer using A33 specific antibodies and chemotherapeutic agents
Filtering method and A/D conversion apparatus having filtering function
Closed-loop method and system for purging a vehicle emission control
Road friction coefficients estimating apparatus for vehicle
Method and apparatus for judging road surface conditions, and program for setting threshold for judg...
Method of playing a group participation game
Gaming device having an offer and acceptance game with termination limit wherein the offer is picked...
High/low number game
Dual-award bonus game for a gaming machine
Gaming machine with player choice bonus games
Shrouded chamber pinata
Toy brick
Snap-fit construction system
Apparatus and method for calling game
Adjustable hoop and method of using the same
Safety spinning top
Interactive doll and activity center
Composition for aiding in toilet training and method for using same
Apparatus for conducting a test
Interactive question and answer word deduction game
Toy having rotating element
Instructional mathematics board game
OLAP query generation engine
System and method for data storage and retrieval
Method, system, and program for merging query search results
Method and apparatus for evaluating a confidence level of a decoded barcode
Method and apparatus for analysis
Medical condition sensing system
Process for producing IC card
Printable interfaces and digital linking with embedded codes
Spectrum inverter apparatus and method
Access control system, access control method, storage medium and program transmission apparatus
Method and apparatus for discarding data packets
Method of providing caller identification for calls placed over an internet
Mobile telephone unit and method used in this unit for accessing internet site
Eggshell derived monocalcium and dicalcium phosphate
Eggshell processing methods and apparatus
Process for producing bread
Osteospermum plant named `Akterra`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomonica`
Torenia plant named `Sunrenirirepa`
Cells engineered to contain genes of interest without expressed bacterial sequences and materials an...
Pressure sensitive adhesives from plant oils
Make-up compact
Lip palette
Radiation shield garment
Safety helmet
Safety helmet
Welding mask
Welding mask
Interactive system for investigating products on a network
Support for multiple temporal snapshots of same volume
Method and apparatus for processing data using multi-tier caching
Learning support method, system and computer readable medium storing learning support program
Stabilized concentrated formulations for enhancing plant defensive responses
Process for the reductive dehalogenation of halogenated hydrocarbons
Method and apparatus for reducing nitrous oxide
Method of combustion or gasification in a circulating fluidized bed
Process for producing a purified aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution
Process for the continuous production of hydrogen peroxide
Apparatus with improved safety features for high temperature industrial processes
Exfoliating method, transferring method of thin film device, and thin film device, thin film integra...
Rubber and carbon black
Hydrosilyation cured silicone resin containing colloidal silica and a process for producing the same
Hyperbranched polymers with latent functionality and methods of making same
Double-side polishing process with reduced scratch rate and device for carrying out the process
Methods of enhancing dyeability of polymers
Electrodeionization apparatus and method
Polyisocyanate curing agent for laminate adhesive, and laminate adhesive using the same
Information recording medium and novel oxonol compound
Smudge-resistant ink jet printing
Process of cleaning enamel surfaces
Liquid crystal materials and alignment structures and optical devices containing same
Liquid crystal display
Plasma display panel and image display device using the same
Di-carboxy alkyl phosphate esters in personal care applications
Cleaning wipe
System, method, and product for pixel clocking in scanning of biological materials
System and method for determining the logic state of a memory cell in a magnetic tunnel junction mem...
Support liner for isolation trench height control in vertical DRAM processing
Tantalum nitride CVD deposition by tantalum oxide densification
Interactive mining of most interesting rules
Flame retardant resin composition
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers from compatibilized polyamide resins
Method for the manufacture of halophthalic acids and anhydrides
Process and apparatus for forming images
Scuba diving bubble diverter for improving vision and decreasing bubble noise
Method for controlling the operation of a cryogenic rectification plant
Expandable binary morphological erosion operator
Method and apparatus for wireless telecommunications system that provides location-based information...
Architecture for simulation testbench control
Subsea wellbore drilling system for reducing bottom hole pressure
Method for preparing polymers of glycerol with a saponite catalyst
Authentication framework for multiple authentication processes and mechanisms
Process for producing polymer particles
Two-component type polyurethane composition and process of preparing the same
Image forming apparatus having writing electrodes as a writing device
Control system for small watercraft
Promotional display apparatus with rotating panel
Method of calculating religious Hijri calendar
Simulator for simulating an intelligent network
Method for producing primary and secondary amines by hydrogenation of nitriles and imines
Stalled roll registration system and method employing a ball-on-belt input transport
Transfer apparatus
Self-contained device integrating nucleic acid extraction, amplification and detection
Wiring layout to weaken an electric field generated between the lines exposed to a high voltage
Semiconductor device having fuses or anti-fuses
Synchronous motor driving system
Ferroelectric non-volatile logic elements
Automated referential integrity maintenance
Aluminum alloy for high pressure die-casting
Tissue-based standoff biosensors for detecting chemical warfare agents
Thin film composite containing a nickel-coated copper substrate and energy storage device containing...
Thin-film EL device, and its fabrication process
Electroluminescent device and process for producing the same
Waveguide optical frequency router
Recessed bond pad
Screening method for an agent having an effect on a sphingosine kinase signaling pathway
Method and apparatus for fault tolerant storage of photographs
Verbena plant named `Kievervlek`
Washable spray formulation and a method of making this formulation
Metallic gloss image composition and method for fabricating the same
Backup and restoration of data in an electronic database
Method and data storage device for writing a minimum number of memory cells in a memory device
Method and apparatus for managing access contention to a linear list without the use of locks
Communications system for providing multiple services and hold capability of at least one service, a...
Methods and apparatus in antenna diversity systems for estimation of direction of arrival
Optimization of radio receiver uplink power
Packaging system and method for shielding brachytherapy seeds and other radiation-emitting sources