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Proximity measuring apparatus
Replacement led lamp assembly and modulated power intensity for light source
Method for determining vehicle status variables
Method of forming a ceramic article including silicon carbide
Rotary device for game machine and game machine with rotary device
Process for preparation of bi-functional fluid catalytic cracking catalyst composition
Atomic layer controlled deposition on particle surfaces
System for fluidized catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon molecules
Process for producing a fuel component
Method of controlling the temperature of a reaction carried out in a fluidised bed reactor
System and method for intranasal administration of lorazepam
Antisense inhibition of Her-2 expression
Compound capable of introducing at least one molecule into a cell
Chromatography adsorbents utilizing mercapto heterocyclic ligands
Communicating interactive digital content between vehicles and internet based data processing resour...
Collision detection system and method of estimating miss distance employing curve fitting
Method and apparatus for transferring information between vehicles
Method and device for adaptive control of separation distance and/or driving speed of a motor vehicl...
Proximity switch and vehicle rearview mirror assembly incorporating the same and having a transparen...
Device and method for engine control
Environmental location system
Satellite based on-board vehicle navigation system including predictive filtering and map-matching t...
Data communication system and method, and mobile body apparatus
Apparatus, system, method and computer program product for determining an optimum route based on his...
Real time vehicle guidance and traffic forecasting system
Efficient server side data retrieval for execution of client side applications
Gas-fuelled engine lubricating oil compositions
Drum washing machine
Defoamer granules and processes for producing the same
Selected crystalline calcium carbonate builder for use in detergent compositions
Cleaning/sanitizing methods, compositions, and/or articles for non-food inanimate surfaces
Detergent tablet packaging for dishwashers
Method and apparatus for error detection
Apparatus and method for detection and measurement of environmental parameters
Stator interconnect ring
Process for fabricating secure integrated circuit
Method for simultaneous removal of arsenic and fluoride from aqueous solutions
Waste treatment method and apparatus with denitrification chamber
Method, system, and apparatus for providing action selections to an image referencing a product in a...
Apparatus for use in the manufacture of a computer system
Method and system for distributing and maintaining software across a computer network
Method and apparatus for downloading software into an embedded-system
Compare speculation in software-pipelined loops
Optimizing dense via arrays of shrunk integrated circuit designs
Searching for a path through a circuit
Sustained-release composition including amorphous polymer
Electrical apparatus for heating to a desired temperature for improved administration of pharmaceuti...
PVA sponge with low durometer skin silicone
Method of modifying ophthalmic lens surface by plasma generated at atmospheric pressure
Topical application of stable hydroalcoholic compositions for maintaining or improving skin conditio...
Weight loss medication and method
Chewable product including active ingredient
System and method for treating kidney diseases in diabetic and non-diabetic patients
Substantive hydrophobic cationic UV-absorbing compounds
Device and method for monitoring and controlling physiologic parameters of a dialysis patient using ...
Unified switching system for electrophysiological stimulation and signal recording and analysis
Method and device for measuring physical characteristics in a body
Gastrointestinal probe
Optical sensor having a selectable sampling distance for determination of analytes
Body fluid sampler
Hierarchical design and test method and system, program product embodying the method and integrated ...
System and method for message transmission between network nodes connected by parallel links
Method, system and program products for resolving potential deadlocks
Method and system for controlling a power on sequence in response to monitoring respective component...
Clustered architecture in a VLIW processor
Method for switching between modes of operation
Semiconductor memory device
Impact judgement method and passenger protection device
Abnormality detecting method and device for position detecting device, and electric power steering d...
Area coverage with an autonomous robot
Vehicle-onboard signal processing device and vehicle-onboard radar system
Reducing impedance of power supplying system in a circuit board by connecting two points in one of a...
Capacitor over plug structure
Ceramic electronic component
Optical semiconductor hermetic sealing package, optical semiconductor module and optical fiber ampli...
Probe structure
High efficiency white light emitting diode
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Transgenic mouse model for degeneration of type II collagen in joints
Enzyme-protein complex
Method of determining a risk of hyperglycemic patients of developing a cardiovascular disease
Lactam metalloprotease inhibitors
Identifying material from a breast duct
Synthesis of acyclic nucleoside derivatives
Method and device for calibrating robot measuring stations, manipulators and associated optical meas...
Substrate transfer system
Holding device
System for identifying the position of a three-dimensional machine in a fixed frame of reference
Articles holders with sensors detecting a type of article held by the holder
Steerable segmented endoscope and method of insertion
Tissue pooling process
Blood centrifuge with an enhanced internal drive assembly
Multiple mode industrial process system and method
Quench apparatus and method for the reformation of organic materials
Twin screw extruder, method of making aromatic polycarbonate using a twin screw extruder, and method...
System providing switching means on print setup preview screen thereby switching to another preview ...
Automatic original feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Image forming apparatus capable of preventing recording material from being twined
Transfer medium bearing member and image forming apparatus employing transfer medium bearing member
Process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus and image-forming method
Electrifier for charging developer carrying member using charge particles, including charge rotary m...
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Radio telecommunications terminal and control method
Synchronized-timed-reminded communications for family radios
Mobile communications system and radio base station apparatus
Method and apparatus for transmitting radio frequency signals to and from a pager
System for the estimation of the complex gain of a transmission channel
Integrated camera circuit including image sensor, image processing, and printer drive circuits
Phosphite additives in polyolefins
Low-migration, low-odor and low-swelling sheet offset printing ink
Preparation of nucleic acid samples
Backing-lined sanitary article and process for the production thereof
Release coated polymer film
Internet computer system with methods for dynamic filtering of hypertext tags and content
Apparatus and method for joining layers of materials
Electronic package and method therefor
Lead frame for the installation of an integrated circuit in an injection-molded package
Copper metallurgy in integrated circuits
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Memory element with molecular or polymeric layers, memory cell, memory array, and smart card
Process for separating and purifying aspartame and a derivative thereof
Compounds having glucuronic acid derivatives and glucosamine derivative in the structure, process fo...
Solid-state image pickup device in-layer lens with antireflection film with intermediate index of re...
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Method for the synthesis of compounds of formula I and their uses thereof
Process for the preparation of amorphous atorvastatin
Consolidated exterior sideview mirror assembly incorporating an in-mold film process
Electrically adjustable exterior rear-view mirror
Mounting arrangement for auxiliary burner or lance
Polarizable electrode for electrical double-layer capacitor
Perchloramido phosphonyl reagents and analogs thereof
Multimetal cyanide compounds, their preparation and their use
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Inhomogeneous silicas in dental care compositions
Highly radioactive miniaturized ceremic strontium 90 radiation sources and method for the production...
Method and circuit for providing interface signals between integrated circuits
Method for providing node targeted content in an addressable network
System and method for generating an action of an automatic apparatus
Method, system and facility for controlling resource allocation within a manufacturing environment
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation of the foot muscles for prevention of deep vein thrombosis and ...
Device for sealing a tube, in particular a lance shaft
Total internal reflection light modulating microstructure devices
Eye-tap for electronic newsgathering, documentary video, photojournalism, and personal safety
Device for securing a firearm, as well as for securing and/or storing objects
Apparatus and method for reducing message collision between mobile stations simultaneously accessing...
Object-oriented diagnostic apparatus for vehicle controller
Computer system and methods for acquiring dump information and system recovery
Robot machining tool position and orientation calibration
Robotic pick up and delivery system
Open mold multi-lap manufacturing process
Open mold multi-lap manufacturing process
Substrate processing apparatus
Installation for spraying coating product and process for cleaning such an installation
Method for recognition determination and localisation of at least one arbitrary object or space
Information processing equipment
User authentication method and user authentication system
Conjugates of sodium channel blockers and methods of using the same
Optical fiber having extended single-mode capability
System and method for analyzing a surface by mapping sample points onto the surface and sampling the...
Hall effect current sensor system packaging
Electronics assembly apparatus with stereo vision linescan sensor
Polyamide-containing polymer compositions and films produced therewith
Microscopic batteries for MEMS systems
Sink with foldable faucet assembly and multiple-purpose support structure
Knife handle
Cutlery block
Determination of a specific immunoglobulin using multiple antigens
Funnel for color CRT
Optical disk and method of recording on the same
Control liquid containing an adsorbent
Field-programmable dynamic logic array
Curable fluoroelastomer compositions comprising hydro siloxanes or hydro silazanes
Solvent bonding method for polyolefin materials
Fabrication of semiconductor device with air gaps for ultra low capacitance interconnections and met...
Insulator-conductor device for maintaining a wound near normal body temperature
Peptides-containing liposomal surfactants
Redundant compression techniques for transmitting data over degraded communication links and/or stor...
Cache management system with multiple cache lists employing roving removal and priority-based additi...
QRST subtraction using an adaptive template for analysis of TU wave obscured atrial activity
Method of retrieving and displaying problematic information about a printer prior to a print job bei...
Noise reducing/resolution enhancing signal processing method and system
Filtering to measure gas concentrations from spectral features
Method and apparatus for detecting vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque
Magnetic resonance imaging device
Integrated circuit with signal-vector queue for normal and test modes of operation
Modified license key entry for pre-installation of software
Relaxed read completion ordering in a system using transaction order queue
Selection based rounding system and method for floating point operations
Scalable transport layer protocol for multiprocessor interconnection networks that tolerates interco...
Personality module for configuring a vehicle
Supplying marking fluid in an imaging system
Combination RFID and GPS functionality on intelligent label
System for dynamic diagnosis of apparatus operating conditions
Method of manufacturing IC cards
Method for creating spectral instrument variation tolerance in calibration algorithms
Process for producing 1-acyl-1-cyclopropanecarboxylate derivatives
Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery using same
Method and apparatus for performing electrical distance check
Electroconductive device having supercooled liquid crystal layer
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack
System for wireless, bi-directional transfer of electric signals
Revenue meter with power quality features
Methods of determining SAM-dependent methyltransferase activity using a mutant SAH hydrolase
Spinal fusion implants and tools for insertion and revision
Digital data transmitting/receiving method, base station unit used for transmitting/receiving digita...
Method and system for supporting maintenance for a molding system
Method of and apparatus for measuring network communication performances, as well as computer readab...
Method and apparatus for recording magnetic domain having an arc shape convex in a forward scanning ...
Semiconductor memory system having a data clock system for reliable high-speed data transfers
Manhole debris-catching system
Positioning cradle for mine roof supports
Modular retaining wall system
Cable bolt with mixing delay device
Telescoping tube and method for supporting surrounding walls of a shaft
Method of transporting and installing an offshore structure
Modular trench drain system
Object tracking using a single sensor or a pair of sensors
Process for the production of piperidine derivatives with microorganisms
Process for continuous chemical vapor deposition of carbonaceous films
Falling-film process for the cocurrent evaporation of a solution
Protease inhibitor peptides
Peptide nucleic acids having 2,6-diaminopurine nucleobases
Biphenylsulfonamides and derivatives thereof that modulate the activity of endothelin
Particle formation
Tire uniformity prediction using curve fitting
Device and method for authenticating user's access rights to resources
Machine tool maintenance system
Control system and method therefor
Prioritizing components of a network framework required for implementation of technology
Print and apply label machine
System and method for adjusting sheet input to an inserter system
Programmable optical cross-connector using an array of intersecting waveguides
Optical component having a flat top output
Digital optical switch using an integrated mach-zehnder interferometer having a movable phase shifte...
System for housing an audio system in an aquatic environment
Active material for fuel cell anodes incorporating an additive for precharging/activation thereof
Semiconductor wafer with anisotropic conductor film, and method of manufacture thereof
Nanostructured deposition and devices
Fluid distribution surface for solid oxide fuel cells
Gas diffusion mat for fuel cells
Polymer electrolyte fuel cells system
Control device for a fuel reforming apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing reactant crossover in a liquid feed electrochemical fuel cell
EL display device having a pixel portion and a driver circuit
Photovoltaic element, producing method therefor, and solar cell modules
Method for making a photovoltaic cell containing a dye
Polymide/polyarylate resin composition and molded product thereof
Injectable intraocular accommodating lens
Coated ophthalmic and implantable devices and methods for producing same
Dry polishing of intraocular lenses
Haptic materials and process for preparation
Methods of obtaining ophthalmic lenses providing the eye with reduced aberrations
Circuit and method for displaying images using multisamples of non-uniform color resolution
Urethane surfactants and their use in personal care formulations
Zorro zoysiagrass
Chrysanthemum plant named `MN95-105-6`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supalight`
Hop plant named "VGXP01"
Select Myrobalan tree `RI-1`
Petunia plant named `Sunrove`
Geranium plant named `Carol`
Processes for synthesis of polymer compositions
Method for treating a subject suffering from conditions associated with an extracellular zinc sphing...
Organoclay/polymer compositions with flame retardant properties
Automatic recommendation of products using latent semantic indexing of content
Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Adjustable stationary exercise bicycle
Variable stride elliptical exercise apparatus
Front derailleur mounting arrangement
Methods and devices for removing interfering species
Fuel oils having improved lubricity comprising mixtures of fatty acids with paraffin dispersants, an...
Griddle plate with infrared heating element
Polycarbonate resin composition
Hydroxyindoles, their use as inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 4 and processes for their preparation
Operational bright-band snow level detection using doppler radar
Dual component bis-biguanide containing dentifrice of improved stability
Extended wrap label
16-Halogen-epothilone derivatives, method for producing them and their pharmaceutical use
Device for fastening a tension-mounted covering on a printing-unit cylinder
Method of stipulating values for use in the control of a printing machine
Printing unit with a holding device adjustable into the interior of a transport device
Adjustable gripping device for adjustable sheet-receiving pockets
Inking unit in a printing machine
Method of operating a sheet-fed rotary printing machine, and sheet-fed rotary printing machine
Sheet transport cylinder
Sheet guiding device
Double-cut lobed belt diverter
Magnetically levitated motor
Light emitting device with blue light LED and phosphor components
Image enhancement filter with adaptive threshold
Method for degrading grayscale images using error-diffusion based approaches
Liquid crystal display and method for producing the same
Image processing apparatus and method for matching the color appearance between a material color and...
Device for trapping at least one component of a chromatography flow in an LC/NMR environment
Phloem-loading-specific promoter
Hematopoietic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells
Adhesion-promoting composition for bonds between plastic and other materials
Resolution method for a racemic mixture of aldehydes
Mass fraction metering device
System and method for debugging highly integrated data processors
Method and apparatus for object-oriented interrupt system
Apparatus and method for training body movements in athletics
Image enhancement in a real image projection system, using on-axis reflectors, at least one of which...
Wavelength-tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser and method of making same
Reflective electro-optic fiber-based displays with barriers
Storage architecture employing a transfer node to achieve scalable performance
Hydraulic motor system
Lighting system and device
Architectural building panel
Switchgear operating apparatuses
Block polymer, process for producing a polymer, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Exposure apparatus, semiconductor device, and photomask
Clear glass composition
Modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Sizing compositions, methods and apparatus for cleaning sized fiber glass strands, yarns and fabrics
Method for shifting absorption peak wavelength of infrared radiation absorbing glass
Method for producing air-quench-toughened glass plate
Antimicrobial skin preparations containing organosilane quaternaries
Dental milling instrument
Carbocyclic and heterocyclic substituted semicarbazones and thiosemicarbazones and the use thereof
Use of (-) (3-trihalomethylphenoxy) (4-halophenyl) acetic acid derivatives for treatment of insulin ...
Vitamin D derivatives with carbo- or heterocyclic substituents at C-25, process for their production...
Modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPases)
Method and device for oil-in-water measurement
4-substituted 7-aza-indolin-2-ones and their use as protein kinase inhibitors
Token-based object description
System and method for fault recovery for two line bi-directional ring network
Touch-pad cover protecting against wear, spills and abuse
Selector valve with magnetometric sensor
Nautical mailbox
Mechanical embossing texture differentiation between chemically restricted areas and non-restricted ...
Poultry cage staging and filling method and apparatus
Method of selectively coating a wood composite
Safety valve for appliances utilizing water from a pressurized source
Module authentication and binding library extensions
Integrated customer interface for web based data management
Internet based archive system for personal computers
Automated roof truss component saw
Implantable medical device system with sensor for hemodynamic stability and method of use
Data recording method
Shower caddy with hook finials
Shower caddy
Winch tensioner bracket
Cleaning tool
Ice and snow remover
Cold in-place recycling of bituminous material
Random vinyl substituted aromatic/C.sub.4 -C.sub.6 conjugated diolefin polymer modified asphalt mixt...
Method of constructing block pavement
Asphalt emulsion
Curable composition, a cured article therefrom, an asphalt emulsion, an asphalt mixture for paving, ...
Pelletizing and briquetting of coal fines using binders produced by liquefaction of biomass
Release agent composition for industrial application
Automated planning volume contouring algorithm for adjuvant brachytherapy treatment planning in sarc...
System and method for customizing requested web page based on information such as previous location ...
Method for data input into a postage computer and arrangement for the implementation of the method
Method and system for evaluating technology transfer value
System for secure execution of credit based point of sale purchases
Sunspotter solar telescope
Sulfonamide inhibitors of aspartyl protease
Chemokine-derived synthetic peptides
Activity dependent neurotrophic factor III (ADNF III)
Compositions and methods for inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus infection by down-regulating hu...
Conical honeycomb body and method of producing it
Microbiological removal of bromine salts from fluid streams
Method for producing electrodes using microscale or nanoscale materials obtained from hydrogendriven...
Method for fabricating electrode for lithium secondary battery
System and process for removal of pollutants from a gas stream
Method of manufacturing lithium secondary cell
Method for treating inflammatory bowel disease and other forms of gastrointestinal inflammation
Elimination of dendrite formation during metal/chalcogenide glass deposition
Low metallic impurity SiO based thin film dielectrics on semiconductor substrates using a room tempe...
Electrochemiluminescent label based on multimetallic assemblies
Methods and compositions for analyzing nucleic acid molecules utilizing sizing techniques
Toner, image forming method and process-cartridge
Positive electrode material and battery for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Positive electrode material and cell for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Lithium secondary battery
Storing a computer disk image within an imaged partition
Topical composition comprising a substituted cosmetic bonding agent
Cosmetic and skin care sticks with high water contents
Disposable absorbent articles with improved adhesive for skin attachment
Video-assistance for ultrasound guided needle biopsy
Part whose rear face is covered by a coating enabling an effect of the light to be created when its ...
Multi-functional dental composition
Recording/reproducing apparatus using an IC memory
Portable phone device
Method of handling subscriber services in a wireless intelligent network
Communication billing system
Adjustable apparatus holder
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having variable adaptive gain settings
Telephone to computer audio interface
Elevation of circulating blood histamine levels
Vaccine and antitoxin for treatment and prevention of C. difficile disease
Method for controlling a computer using an embedded unique code in the content of dat media
Abstraction factory in a base services pattern environment
Spectral diagnostics in a magnetic flow meter
Process and system for compensating static errors on numerically controlled machine tools
Diagnostics in a process control system which uses multi-variable control techniques
Method for handling coupling effects in static timing analysis
Microprocessor with dual execution core operable in high reliability mode
System and method for network address translation integration with IP security
Multiple-data bus architecture for a digital signal processor using variable-length instruction set ...
Method and apparatus for maintaining coherency in a translation lookaside buffer
Synthesis of functional human hemoglobin and other proteins in erythroid tissues of transgenic non-h...
PI 3-kinase fusion mutants and uses thereof
Whey treatment process for achieving high concentration of .alpha.-lactalbumin
Storage stable pan release coating and cleaner
Infant formula
Technique for examining biological materials using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and the kubelka-...
3-D localization of clustered microcalcifications using cranio-caudal and medio-lateral oblique view
Process for electrostimulation treatment of morbid obesity
Method and apparatus for medical image display for surgical tool planning and navigation in clinical...
Systems and methods for steering a focused ultrasound array
Apparatus and method for light profile microscopy
Synthesis of spiro ortho esters, spiro ortho carbonates, and intermediates
Treating compositions comprising polysaccharides
Polyepoxide, catalyst/cure inhibitor complex and anhydride
Means for flexible keyboard auto-ID implementation
Process for preparing in a single reactor polymer blends having a broad molecular weight distributio...
Non-adhesive massager with conductive silicon
Premixes and method of preparing adhesives and caulks from premixes
Reduced malto-oligosaccharides
Sugar-based edible adhesives
Keyboard structure of personal digital assistant (PDA)
Method and apparatus for entering data using a virtual input device
System and method for sharing data among a plurality of personal digital assistants
Intelligent query engine for processing voice based queries
Musical toy with a motor driven display
Posable plush toy figure
Gyroscopic toy
Method of calling game using a diaphragm game call having an integral resonance chamber
Toy airplane assembly having a microprocessor for assisting flight
Child's handheld digging implement
Amusement device
In-line cable retriever
Hydraulic watercraft lift
Shear wave generator
Composite hybrid riser
Fluid delivery system for a road vehicle or water vessel
Combination boat and distressed boat flotation apparatus and related methods
Severably sectioned and stackable boat
Small organic molecule regulators of cell proliferation
Method of joining a sintered hard alloy member to a stainless steel member and method of making a cu...
Steel band with good forming properties and method for producing same
Method to produce grain-oriented electrical steel sheet having high magnetic flux density
Plastic sheath products for studded steel T-posts, and production
Ingot mold for continuous casting of molten metal particularly for forming rectangular-or square-sec...
Rapid prototyping system with filament supply spool monitoring
System of building construction
Brain programmer for increasing human information processing capacity
Neural prosthetic using temporal structure in the local field potential
System and method for manipulating device settings across different types of devices
Method and storage device for expanding and contracting continuous play media seamlessly
System and method for correcting defects in digital images through selective fill-in from surroundin...
Compressed storage of information
Variable optical attenuator
Fiber optic cable restraint
Connectorized outside fiber optic drop
Chassis for fiber optic communication equipment
Slack cable management system
Use of deuterated gases for the vapor deposition of thin films for low-loss optical devices and wave...
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Natural language labeling of video using multiple words
Visual image system
Wire pattern test system
Method and apparatus for transmitting, encoding and decoding video signal and recording/reproducing ...
Methods and apparatus for providing color images from monochromatic night vision and other electro-o...
Stereo endoscope
Integrated lighting and data communication apparatus
Plastic packaging of LED arrays
Rod-shaped light guide and illuminating device incorporating rod-shaped light guide
Illumination device
Marker lamp with picture frame optics
Database for designing integrated circuit device, and method for designing integrated circuit device
Firewall for processing connection-oriented and connectionless datagrams over a connection-oriented ...
Subsystem and method of reorganizing multiplexed data
Extended operand management indicator structure and method
Cross-platform program, system, and method having a global registry object for mapping registry equi...
Cross-platform program, system, and method having a global registry object for mapping registry equi...
System and method for sealing vascular penetrations with hemostatic gels
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Golf ball comprising a metal, ceramic, or composite mantle or inner layer
Mattress having a retractable foot section
Thermally stable polymers, method of preparation, and articles made therefrom
Heat-shrinkable multilayer packaging film comprising inner layer comprising a polyester
Method for checking the authenticity of a data medium
Method and apparatus for an adapted digital signature
Methods, systems, and circuits for generating keys for public key cryptosystems using parallel proce...
Preparation of machine direction oriented polyethylene films
Conformable multi-layer sheet materials
Process of making polyester pellets
Vegetable oil based dielectric fluid and methods of using same
Golf ball
Method of forming preforms for metal repairs
Method for modifying fiber surfaces
Wet sealing materials and building components useful for clean rooms and local facilities
Intraoral dental radiographic film packet with injection molded comfort-enhancing edge bead
Method and apparatus for near-infrared sorting of recycled plastic waste
Polynucleotides that encode bovine inhibin
Compounds for immunotherapy and diagnosis of tuberculosis and methods of their use
Fuel cell system and method for operating the process
Fuel tank
Method and system for desulfurizing gasoline or diesel fuel for use in a fuel cell power plant
Method for oil gasification
Screw on connector
Multi-functional base for a plastic, wide-mouth, blow-molded container
Knock down container with integral wall
Apparatus for metering and packaging bulk particulate material
Molded closure and apparatus for making same
Flexible container for bag-in-box packaging system
Container dome
Sonic well logging for characterizing earth formations
Method and device for the colorimetric measurement of a colored surface
Multilayer compression stocking system and method
Method and apparatus for accessing, monitoring and controlled specified functions, features and acce...
Bleaching compositions
Aryl ether derivatives and processes for their preparation and herbicidal and desiccant compositions...
Antiperspirant products made from wet-milled anhydrous antiperspirant salts
Method of using optically-activated particles in cosmetic preparations
Jet printing ink composition comprising oil phase emulsified in aqueous medium
Semi-solid delivery vehicle and pharmaceutical compositions
Cosmetic composition comprising at least one nonionic amphiphilic associative polyurethane and at le...
Reshapable hair styling composition comprising polyurethane dispersions
Low impedance electrochemical cell
Process to improve 6XXX alloys by reducing altered density sites
Optimal clock timing schedule for an integrated circuit
Method for controlling errors in link layer in wideband wireless communication and computer readable...
Method and apparatus for remote update of clients by a server via broadcast satellite
Apparatus for generating light effects
Game utilizing the sense of touch and memory
Smart card system for providing financial, travel, and entertainment-related services
Lens-fitted photo film unit and manufacturing method therefor
Axle shift device for multi-speed hubs for bicycles
Process for producing polycarbonates
Composition with film forming alkylsilsesquioxane polymer and method for applying hydrophobic films ...
High flow rate transportable UHP gas supply system
Methods for rapid and efficient protein cross-linking
Viral vectors with modified tropism
Human stanniocalcin-alpha
Restore cancer-suppressing functions to neoplastic cells through DNA hypomethylation
BMP-6 proteins
Simultaneous image refocusing
Guide wire with marker sleeve
Diffusion imaging of tissues
Method of determining electrode length and bath level in an electric arc furnace
Melanocortin receptor ligands
Use of an anti-microbial compound for disinfection
Enzymatic esterification process
Dispersible absorbent products and methods of manufacture and use
Storable compositions and slurries and use of same for cementing oil and gas wells
System and method for manipulating a computer file and/or program
Two-stage request protocol for accessing remote memory data in a NUMA data processing system
Distributed mechanism for resolving cache coherence conflicts in a multi-node computer architecture
Vehicle speaker pod
Method and apparatus for tolerating unrecoverable errors in a multi-processor data processing system
Camera having operation member on rear cover thereof, variable picture size camera and picture size ...
Detachable flash device for camera
Automatic focusing camera and shooting method
Camera having an optical zoom system
Apparatus and method for compensating auto-focus of image capture device by utilizing red-eye elimin...
Smart card managing system
Display device with hidden air vents
Lead-free journal bearing
Apparatus and method for photoresist stripping
Self-centring clutch bearing device
Ball bearing
Velocity variance reducing multiple bearing arrangement for impeller shaft of centrifugal supercharg...
Rolling apparatus having surface-treated rolling member
Slide bearing device for roll immersed in continuous molten metal plating bath
Multi-function optical system
Process for heat treating bullets comprising two or more metals or alloys
Ammunition for smoke generation
Weapon, in particular a self-loading pistol
Carrier locking device
Microphone assembly having a windscreen of high acoustic resistivity and/or hydrophobic material
Absorber rod for nuclear reactor control cluster
Method of control of playback of motion and program product and game system for same
Detecting query-specific duplicate documents
Method and system for presenting content selection options
Bidirectional WDM optical communication system with bidirectional optical service channels
High power laser
Optical electromagnetic wave generator
Objective lens and optical pickup apparatus
Particle detection system and components thereof
Voice over data telecommunications network architecture
Adaptation of virus to vertebrate cells
Batting helmet
Fibre channel data storage system having improved fro-end I/O adapted hub
Disk array and method for reading/writing data from/into disk unit
Printed circuit board comprising embedded capacitor and method of same
Enoyl reductases and methods of use thereof
Use of delta-like protein to inhibit the differentiation of stem cells
Systems and methods for placing materials into bone
Sensor for performing surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Recovery of cement kiln dust through precipitation of calcium sulfate using sulfuric acid solution
Reinforced hydroformed members and methods of making the same
Osmotic device containing pseudoephedrine and an H1 antagonist
Method and system for updating a content addressable memory (CAM) that prioritizes CAM entries accor...
Aqueous dispersion of fluorocopolymer and composition for water-based coating material
Apparatus and method for dispensing of awards
Lightweight low frequency loudspeaker for active noise control
Methods for measurement, analysis and assessment of ground structure
Composite structure with foamed cementitious layer
Electronically controlled variable loudness muffler
Controlled-polarization marine seismic shear-wave source
Device and method for seismic drill hole measuring
Device for monitoring substrate charging and method of fabricating same
Low dielectric constant film material, film and semiconductor device using such material
Metal-doped organic gels and method thereof
Fluorescent thin film, preparation method, and EL panel
Organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent device including charge transport buffer layer
Organic light emitting devices
Light-producing display having spaced apart tiles
Display device using thin film cathode and its process
Multi-channel non-invasive tissue oximeter
Portion of a footwear sole
Mechanically grounded tunable laser
Adapter for interconnecting optical fiber connectors
Modulated exposure mask and method of using a modulated exposure mask
Microalloying of transition metal silicides by mechanical activation and field-activated reaction
Non-precious dental alloy
Cast iron alloy and method of making the same
Hydrogen storage alloy electrode, battery including the same and method for producing the both
Aluminum brazing alloy
Method for determining optimal time series forecasting parameters
Network address management
Motor having a dynamic pressure bearing apparatus and a manufacturing method thereof
Receptacle, in particular for single-use cosmetic products
Method and apparatus to improve system concurrency for a job using a set of commonly shared resource...
Systems, methods and graphical user interfaces for controlling tone reproduction curves of image cap...
Image forming apparatus and fixing unit used therefor
Optical head, magneto-optical head, disk apparatus and manufacturing method of optical head
Universal voltage fuser heater lamp
Spherical toy ball bags
High purity 4,4'-isopropylidene-bis-(2,6 dibromophenol) and process for the preparation of such high...
Three dimensional children's sleeptime timer and clock device
Defective CD4+T-cells that express active CD40-L
Computer game
Method for displaying toilet training materials and display kiosk using same
Procedure for the covering of editorial items
Writing instrument
System method and article of manufacture for creating collaborative application sharing
System and method for using virtual wish lists for assisting shopping over computer networks
Image generation device and information storage medium
Equipment for practicing sport fencing
Game ball anti-theft device
Method and apparatus for obtaining marketing information through the playing of a maze based game
Game system provided with message exchange function, game apparatus used in the game system, message...
Video game apparatus and method with enhanced virtual camera control
Electrophotographic apparatus using liquid developer
Information converting system
Method for feeding boron compounds, fine particles of boron compounds, catalyst components for the p...
Dental material including fatty acid, dimer thereof, or trimer thereof
Hologram film having identification information recorded thereon and method for manufacturing the sa...
Seal card game with multiple levels of play
Transferable support for applying data to an object
Raman-active taggants and their recognition
Identification mark comprising an optically and electronically readable marking
Method and apparatus for dynamically determining an address uniquely identifying a hardware componen...
Method for performing enhanced target identifier (TID) address resolution
Computer network management
Method for transferring data upon request using permanent identifier
Method and system for a scaleable virtual switch
Dynamic process for identifying objects in multi-dimensional data
System and process for evaluating the performance of a database system
Aerosol formulations of salmeterol xinafoate
Pulmonary delivery in treating disorders of the central nervous system
Use of estrogen antagonists and estrogen agonists in inhibiting pathological conditions
Multilayer synthetic stopper
Balloon catheter and production method therefor
System and method for delivery of information over narrow-band communications links
UZM-5, UZM-5P and UZM-6: crystalline aluminosilicate zeolites and processes using the same
Chlorosilane blends for treating silica
Method and apparatus for splicing optical fibers
Sealed container for optical components and sealed feedthrough for optical fibers
Single parameter gain slope adjuster for an optical system
Powder classifying device and image forming apparatus having the powder classifying device
Organic halogen compound decomposing device and operation control method therefor, and organic halog...
Method and apparatus for diagnosing difficult to diagnose faults in a complex system
Transgenic plants expressing a MAPKKK protein kinase domain
Human ependymin-like protein
Buried digit line stack and process for making same
Determination of base (nucleotide) composition in DNA oligomers by mass spectrometry
Magnetic material memory and information reproducing method of the same
System and method for self-calibrating measurement
Method for producing a pyranosyl nucleic acid conjugate
Electrochemical denaturation of double-stranded nucleic acid
Support bound probes and methods of analysis using the same
Interchangeable FPGA-gate array
Current controlled multi-state parallel test for semiconductor device
Reflective vehicle trim
Integrating digital watermarks in multimedia content
Apparatus, manufacturing method and driving method of plasma display panel
Liquid crystal display apparatus with touch-panel, and touch-panel
Ink with near infrared fluorophores and U.V. absorbers
Time-temperature integrating indicator
Silicone and ionically modified urethane oligomer
Reactive hot melt adhesive
Method of DNA sequencing using cleavable tags
MEMS elements with integrated porous membranes and method of making the same
Apparatus, system and method for separating liquids
Magnetic sensing unit for detecting nanometer scale displacements or flections
Multistage aqueous dispersion of polymer particles having a soft core and hard shell
Oral pulsed dose drug delivery system
Non-systemic control of parasites
Aqueous high gloss emulsion paint with long open time
Hair treatment compositions
On-demand system for serving multimedia information in a format adapted to a requesting client
Multimedia telecommunication automatic call distribution system using internet/PSTN call routing
Method of communication between mobile station and base station in mobile communication system
Methods and systems for dynamically managing the routing of information over an integrated global co...
Optical recordable disk security system
Short arc type mercury discharge lamp with coil distanced from electrode
UV radiation source for densification of CVD carbon-doped silicon oxide films
Radionuclide labeling of vitamin B12 and coenzymes thereof
High intensity discharge lamps, arc tubes and methods of manufacture
Zero NOx gaseous passivation process
Diurnal solar event triggering mechanism
Display element, polarizing plate, and display apparatus and projecting apparatus using the display ...
Accommodation of data definition statements in the sharing of dynamic SQL statements
Method of formulating and presenting search queries to a tabular database through a user-interactive...
Techniques for eliminating database table joins based on a join index
Horizontal implementation of expectation-maximization algorithm in SQL for performing clustering in ...
Method and system for hybrid mapping of objects into a relational data base to provide high-speed pe...
Method, computer program product, and system for pushdown analysis during query plan generation
Data processing device, method of executing a program and method of compiling
Delayed decision recording device
Drummer's snake
Performance appraisal and practice game system and computer-readable storage medium storing a progra...
Music-signal compressing/decompressing apparatus
Music learning system including instrument and method
Microfluidic apparatus and method for purification and processing
Ovarian tumor sequences and methods of use therefor
Oral administration of therapeutic proteins
Two-tier authentication system where clients first authenticate with independent service providers a...
Terminal apparatus to enable use of an internet connection line
System and method for enabling a hierarchal collaboration of devices across a communication channel
Goods processing device and managing system
Method and apparatus for updating device driver control data
Image capture and marking
Watermark embedder and reader
Method for watermarking a video display based on viewing mode
Popped kettle corn vending kiosk
Method for malting seeds
Dextrinization of starch
Animal bedding and method for making same
Milled cereal by-product which is an additive for increasing total dietary fiber
Method for processing cocoa mass
Apparatus and method for two-step intake phased engine control system
Variable valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Device for changing the control times of gas exchange valves in an internal combustion engine
Method and arrangement for implementing certain negotiations in a packet data network
Narrow beamwidth communication link with alignment camera
Monitoring system and method
Container and testing device for sport balls
PWM controller for controlling output power limit of a power supply
Circuitry for creating a spectral null in a differential output switching amplifier and method there...
PWM power amplifier with digital input
Digital amplifier with improved performance
Fail passive servo controller
Mute circuit and digital audio amplifier circuit
Class D audio speaker amplifier circuit with pseudo noise modulation
Device for the control of a circuit for the vertical deflection of a spot scanning a screen
Dual mode class D amplifiers
Class D switching audio amplifier
Digital class-D audio amplifier
Class D audio amplifier
Method and apparatus for selecting, monitoring, and controlling electrically powered devices
Method and apparatus for independent control of brightness and color balance in display and illumina...
Power supply circuit for transmitter
High performance switched-capacitor filter for oversampling Sigma-Delta digital to analog converters
Adaptive drive circuit for zero-voltage and low-voltage switches
Soft switching DC-to-DC converter and controlling method thereof
DC-DC converter, power supply circuit, method for controlling DC-DC converter, and method for contro...
Micromirror optical switch
Switch and variable optical attenuator for single or arrayed optical channels
Microelectromechanical optical cross-connect switches including row and column addressing and method...
Cascadable large optical cross-connect
System and method for acoustic imaging at two focal lengths with a single lens
Dual-band fabry-perot mirror coating
Radio frequency wave and optical beam steerer combination
Method and apparatus for balancing
Apparatus and methods for protecting the axillary nerve during thermal capsullorhaphy
Method and apparatus of determining atrial capture threshold while avoiding pacemaker mediated tachy...
Apparatus for controlling thermal dosing in an thermal treatment system
Thermal imaging of fat and muscle using a simultaneous phase and magnitude double echo sequence
Apparatus for measurement and control of the content of glucose, lactate or other metabolites in bio...
Camera remote system and methods associated therewith
Method of manufacture of a suspended nitride membrane and a microperistaltic pump using the same
Methods of screening for modulators of cell proliferation
Tankyrase H, compositions involved in the cell cycle and methods of use
Method for controlling quality in the construction of oligomer grids
Arrangement for the detection of fluorescene radiation of matrix-shaped speciman carriers
Peptide fragment of respiratory syncytial virus protein G, immunogenic agent, pharmaceutical composi...
Method and security system for processing a security critical activity
System and method for authenticating users in a computer network
Data storage device and control method therefor
Security memory card compatible with secure and non-secure data processing systems
Computer signal transmission system
Receiving a particular identification file among an analog identification file and a digital identif...
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1865 daltons
Antisense modulation of estrogen receptor alpha expression
Nucleic acid molecule encoding the potassium channel protein, KCNQ5
Systems and methods for registering gift registries and for purchasing gifts
Method for job impact learning
Methods and systems for managing workflow
Computer assisted and/or implemented process and architecture for web-based monitoring of energy rel...
Processing system for charge request data
Automated exchange for trading derivative securities
Method and system for allocating and distributing royalty/commission payments to resellers/distribut...
Method and apparatus for simultaneously determining a patient's identification and blood oxygen satu...
Method and apparatus for preparing a perspective view of an approximately spherical surface portion
Methods of determining the presence of double stranded nucleic acids in a sample
Method for performing two wafer preparation operations on vertically oriented semiconductor wafer in...
Precision liquid mixing apparatus and method
Striking tool
Wafer drying apparatus and method
Automatic identification of a set-top box user to a network
Method and system for installing software on a computer system
Simulation method and apparatus for use in enterprise controls
Caching untrusted modules for module-by-module verification
Remotely accessible integrated debug environment
Object-oriented framework for chemical-process-development decision-support applications
Method and apparatus for state-reversion
Gel system for oral and topical administration of water insoluble and/or water intolerant drugs and ...
Composition and method for treatment of otitis media
Stable aqueous dispersion of nutrients
Energetic rehydration fluid composition in particular for young animals no longer able to digest mil...
Clear silicone microemulsions
Liquid pharmaceutical for oral delivery
Antibacterial compositions
Antiperspirant products
Dibenzoylmethane sunscreen compositions containing photostabilizing amounts of tri-substituted butan...
Sustained release ranolazine formulations
Scanning fluorescent systems for various diagnostic
Inbred corn line M42618
Soybean variety 93B15
Cytokinin oxidase
Effecting virus resistance in plants through the use of negative strand RNAs
Nucleic acid molecules from plants coding enzymes which participate in the starch synthesis
Genetic materials for transmission into maize
Uncooled universal laser module
Compliant probe apparatus
High frequency probe for examining electric characteristics of devices
Probing device and manufacturing method thereof, as well as testing apparatus and manufacturing meth...
Light-emitting system with alicyclic epoxy sealing member
Assembly with connecting structure
Apparatus for RF active compositions used in adhesion, bonding, and coating
Process for preparing a paste from calcium phosphate cement
Composition comprising cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, 4-methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride curing agent ...
Self-assembling colloidal carriers for protein delivery
Bone graft and guided bone regeneration method
Surface acoustic wave device and manufacturing method therefor
Efficient and accurate pseudo 2-D inversion scheme for multicomponent induction log data
Continuous oxidized starch process
Stabilized aluminum hydride polymorphs
Transparent dentifrices
Process for preparing zeolites using pyrrolidinium cations
Process for preparation of an EUO-structural-type zeolite, the zeolite that is obtained and its use ...
Method and apparatus for obtaining enhanced production rate of thermal chemical reactions
Treatment of a gas stream containing hydrogen sulphide
Method for handling blood sample to ensure blood components are isolated
Method of and system for continuously processing liquid materials, and the product processed thereby
Sheet guiding device with electromagnetic shield plate serving as one guide surface and image formin...
Image forming apparatus
Thin film type image heating apparatus with pressurizing force transmitting member for regulating mo...
Print control apparatus for generating accounting information relating to a print job
Object similarity calculation method and apparatus
Iterative gamut mapping
Apparatus and method for embedding information in an image through requantization step width control
Azabicyclo derivatives and their use
Behavior chemotherapy
Process for obtaining quinapryl hydrochloride and solvates useful for isolating and purifying quinap...
Increasing cell capacity by gain control of traffic channels
Device for measurement of the spectral reflectance and process for measurement of the spectral refle...
Triblock copolymer hollow particles for agent delivery by permeability change
System for generating a point-in-time copy of data in a data storage system
Substrate processing apparatus
Distributed control system for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Method and apparatus for feeding part
Construction for milking of animals
Method and device for detection of a deviating behaviour of a milking animal
Oxygen monitoring apparatus
Photonic bandgap device using coupled defects
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
Methods for analysis of gene expression
Reproducing apparatus
Microcontroller available for remote transmission
Cysteinyl protease inhibitors
Event-recording devices with identification codes
Method and system for discovering and recovering unused service life
Independently positionable transducers for location system
MRI apparatus
Intraoral electromuscular stimulating device and method
Fixing belt and fuser
Tapered polygon coupling
Method for designing circuit layout of non-neighboring metal bit lines to reduce coupling effect
Particle analysis using laser ablation mass spectroscopy
Process for the epoxidation of olefins
Process for the hydroformylation of olefinically unsaturated compounds in a non-aqueous ionic solven...
Drive device for a light-emitting panel, and a portable terminal device including a light-emitting p...
Bi-zone water transport plate for a fuel cell
Preionization arrangement for a gas laser
Supervisory power system control apparatus
Methods and apparatus for distal protection during a medical procedure
Computer system with an external and portable electronic key for encryption and decryption processes
Cardiac rhythm management system providing control of pacing features with a reduced number of varia...
Bone-anchor loading devices and methods of use therefor
Ergonomic syringe
Cannula for use with a medical syringe
Semiconductor package and method of preparing same
Rear-projection type screen
Thermosetting resin composition and semiconductor device using the same
Tungsten carbide cutting tool materials
Fuel evaporator
Molding of materials from graphite particles
Method for electrolysis of water using a polytetrafluoroethylene supported membrane in electrolysis ...
Ion conducting membrane having high hardness and dimensional stability
Programming apparatus
Synthetic polymers comprising additive blends with enhanced effect
Method for attachment of biomolecules to medical device surfaces
Imageable seamed belts having polyvinylbutyral and isocyanate outer layer
Triphendioxazine compounds
Poly (phenylene ether)--polyvinyl thermosetting resin
Compounds and methods for the inhibition of the expression of VCAM-1
Flat-panel display having spacer with rough face for inhibiting secondary electron escape
Polyalkylene glycol compositions for enhanced aromatic extraction
Feed processing for improved alumina process performance
Aromatics separation process and method of retrofitting existing equipment for same
Process and apparatus for making a sheet of refractory fibers using a foamed medium
Thermal shock-resistant ceramic article
Diversity coded OFDM for high data-rate communication
Electromagnetic radiation emitting toothbrush and dentifrice system
Sunlight viewable color liquid crystal display using diffractive color separation microlenses
System, process, apparatus and program for controlling special lot carrying in semiconductor carryin...
Method and apparatus for producing a thermal transfer print by means of a tape-like transfer film
Device for drawing a web into a printing press
Phosphor and display device or light source using the same
Magnetic resonance apparatus with a coil system optimized for noise reduction and method for designi...
Vertical field type MRI apparatus with a conical gradient coil situated in the main magnet
Magnet arrangement comprising a superconducting magnet coil system and a magnetic field shaping devi...
Probe head for an NMR spectrometer
Camptothecin derivatives
Inventory control
Encapsulation system with organic core and mineral cortex based on aluminium hydroxycarbonate and pr...
Apparatus and method for alignment of the bearing of the crankshaft of a scroll compressor and a scr...
Planetary gear with flange block
Planetary gear with square flange
Planetary gear with round flange
Fuel gas compression system
Scroll machine with liquid injection
Compressor diagnostic system
Firearm laser training system and method facilitating firearm training with various targets and visu...
Metal cutting tool with direct cutting plate arrangement
Medical treatment
4-fluoro-N-indan-2-yl benzamide and its use as a pharmaceutical
Selective .beta.3 adrenergic agonists
Hypoglycemic sulfonyl pyrazolones and pyrazolines
N-(substituted glycyl)-pyrrolidines, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in in...
Biphenyl derivatives, production thereof and uses as medicines
Glucopyranoside and process of isolation thereof from pterocarpus marsupium pharmaceutical compositi...
Voice activated web browser
Apparatus and method to configure a device, such as a printer, over a network
Retail sales customer marketing system with electronic coupon processing
Linear actuator having an adjustable piston rod
Spacer type pressure reducing valve
Boundary scan testing involving shared enable latches
Processes for production of immunoglobulin A in milk
Elliptic curve encryption systems
Cargo loading means for short body airplanes
Surfactant compositions containing alkoxylated amines
Aqueous emulsions, with bentonite for cold application bitumen
Seeding treatments
Process for making a 1,3,5,7-tetraalkanoyl-1,3,5,7-tetraazacyclooctane
Emulsion explosive compositions
Prilled energetic particles, and process for making the same
HMX compositions and processes for their preparation
Boron-containing aqueous solution particularly for addition to amyloid glue
Self-tanning composition containing an N-acyl amino acid ester and a self-tanning agent
Keratinous washing composition comprising particles of aluminum oxide, at least one anionic surfacta...
Transparent or translucent emulsions, process for preparing them and cosmetic use thereof
Excitatory amino acid inhibitors for treating sensitive skins
Container for dispensing a heated fluid
Water-retaining support for plants and plant body-growing water-retaining material
Method and apparatus for calibrating an accelerometer-based navigation system
Use of drosophila melanogaster as a model for screening psychostimulant plant materials
Inhibitors of aspartyl protease