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Detecting physical objects states using electromagnetic sensors
Training device
Interconnective and interrelational information interface system
Writing device for practice in writing characters
Braille computer monitor
Computer network based testing system
Thermocapillary dryer
Ozone conversion in semiconductor manufacturing
Seal configuration for use with a motor drive assembly in a microelectronic work piece processing sy...
Reactor vessel having improved cup, anode, and conductor assembly
Wafer container cleaning system
Selective treatment of the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
Combined surgical drill and surgical screw guide
Body fluid absorbent article
Absorbent article having layer of continuous fibers bonded in a pattern
Magnetically-coupled implantable medical devices
System for A multi-purpose portable imaging device and methods for using same
Needle electrode assembly for electroporation mediated delivery of genes and drugs
Design rule checking tools and methods that use waiver layout patterns to waive unwanted dimensional...
Raincoat-integrated backpack assembly
Racket having bearings in frame
Golf ball with lattice structure
Bat with elastomeric interface
Method for manufacturing a rubber basketball
Ball glove with textile reinforced compression molded rubber shell
Sports ball with floating cover
Double pressurized container for charging undercup and double pressurized products using the contain...
Method and apparatus for semantic token generation based on marked phrases in a content stream
Fluid delivery system for generating pressure pulses to make beverages
Coffee concentrate
Integrated communication center functionality for WAP devices
Caller-controller barge-in telephone service
System and method for finding information in a distributed information system using query learning a...
Two stage automated electronic messaging system
Method and device for measuring physical values using a computer
Method and system for describing functionality of an interactive multimedia application for use on a...
Method and apparatus for implementing a web page diary
Timeline correlation between multiple timeline-altered media streams
Automatic protocol rollover in streaming multimedia data delivery systems
System for testing and cleaning a removable media drive
Heat dissipating chassis member
Self-healing memory
Belt drive for one or more photoconductor drums
Room temperature IR camera
Method for forming toner particles having controlled morphology and containing a quaternary ammonium...
Method for culturing recombinant cells
Indicator for proper heating of food and a method for constructing thereof
Radiation exposure dose-history indicator
Thermal chromogenic plastic film and method of manufacture therefor
Shielding method for microwave heating of infant formula to a safe and uniform temperature
Compounds which interact with the thyroid hormone receptor for the treatment of fibrotic disease
Electronic circuit for tuning vibratory transducers
Preparation of polymers by interfacial derivatization
Methods of delivery of cetyl myristoleate
13-Aza prostaglandins for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension
Prostaglandin derivatives for the treatment of glaucoma or ocular hypertension
Telephone fraud detection and prevention
Rear projection screen using internal reflection
Apparatus for reading an optical data carrier
Information record medium
Pulsed diode-pumped solid-state laser
Laser with gain medium configured to provide an integrated optical pump cavity
Quick locking pipe joint for round, plain, or profiled pipe
Method and apparatus for negotiating contract terms for execution of a mobile software agent on a ho...
Reconfigurable matrix switch for managing the physical layer of local area network
Pipelined high speed data transfer mechanism
Method of producing ferritic Cr-containing steel sheet having excellent ductility, formability, and ...
Dynamic scalable lock mechanism
Electrical operating device for bicycles
Automatic electrode regulator based on direct power factor regulation and method
Methods for optical data storage and apparatus for same
Biodegradable compositions comprising poly(cycloaliphatic phosphoester) compounds, articles, and met...
Method and apparatus for identifying remote sending units in a tire pressure monitor system of a veh...
On-demand system enabling control of power-on/off of on-demand server
System and method for multi-stage data logging
Methods and articles for regenerating bone or peridontal tissue
Method and system for improving the print quality of a printer
Sub-deck drainage system or gutter comprising a trapezoidal shaped panel of thermoset, thermoplastic...
Process for producing ethylene/olefin interpolymers
Composite can and method of making same
Tunneling magnetoresistive element using a bias magnetic field
Analog to digital converter assembly for normalizing servo error signals and multiplexing reference ...
Optical head apparatus for reproducing information from an optical recording medium
Spinning disc volume holographic memory
Circuits and methods for a memory cell with a trench plate trench capacitor and a vertical bipolar r...
Erasing methods by hot hole injection to carrier trap sites of a nonvolatile memory
Fiber optic probe placement guide
Phenyl derivatives containing an acidic group, their preparation and their use as chloride channel b...
Antibody to human endokine alpha and methods of use
Association of finger pores and macrofeatures for identification of individuals
Method for synchronizing network address translator (NAT) tables using the open shortest path first ...
Apparatus and method for remote therapy and diagnosis in medical devices via interface systems
Apparatus and method for preparative supercritical fluid chromatography
Slim terminal gaming system
Process for the separation of light olefins from paraffins
Handle for a mobile computing device
Swivel draw bar structure of a suitcase
Differential thermal ink jet printing mechanism
Universal floatation child safety seat
Prolamin-plant polar lipid combination, preparation method and applications
Registration of object factories under multiple interface names
Multi-chip module
System and method for accepting customer orders
Gear shaping method and device and spiral bevel gear cutter
Object oriented data access and analysis system
Generating 3-D models using a manually operated structured light source
Circuit designing method for semiconductor device and computer-readable medium
Hydraulic tensioner with relief valve
Power transmitting mechanism with silent chain and sprockets
Storage conveyor for hybrid carrying truck
Silent chain power transmitting device
Method and apparatus for iterative spectral compensation
Automated system for conditional order transactions in securities or other items in commerce
Distributed budgeting and accounting system with secure token device access
Electronic sight assembly for use with a firearm
Resizing collect die
Low impulse firing adapter for combination gas and recoil operated weapons
Propellant-based aerosol generation devices and method
Spin-stabilized artillery projectile
Forward mounted breech locking mechanism
Hybrid rocket propulsion system including array of hybrid or fluid attitude-control rocket engines
Payload fairing with jettisonable mass acoustic suppression
Igniter assembly actuated by parachute deployment, and flare containing the same
End closure modules for multi-cell pressure vessels, and pressure vessels and vehicles containing th...
Extraction and recovery of nitramines from propellants, explosives, and pyrotechnics
Method of recovery for nitramines from aluminized energetic materials
Combined fingerprint acquisition and control device
Nuclear reactor core performance data visualization system
VR motion base control apparatus and it's supporting structure
Interactive virtual reality performance theater entertainment system
Snap cage for ball bearings
Rolling bearing assembly
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Bearing for refrigerating machine compressor and compressor
Forming a plain bearing lining
Rolling bearings and greases for the same
Spindle motor
Device for recognizing coins
Bacillus thuringiensis cryet33 and cryet34 compositions and uses thereof
Method to track agents after a loss of state event
Method and apparatus for robust addressing on a dynamically configurable bus
Integrated system management memory for system management interrupt handler independent of BIOS and ...
Integrated circuit memory and method for transferring data using a volatile memory to buffer data fo...
Automatic upgrade of software
Shoe tongue accessory
Liquid crystal display device with wide viewing angle characteristics
Thermal operating module with scavenger system
System for quantifying intensity of connotative meaning
Sequence delivery of messages
Optically controlled RF MEMS switch array for reconfigurable broadband reflective antennas
Ultrasonic probe and method of manufacturing the same
Focusing of microscopes and reading of microarrays
Distance measurement system
Tiltable mountings for TV cameras
Camera positioning seat
Aperture and lens mechanism
Processing fluid spread system for an electronic photographic printer and camera and related method ...
Method and apparatus for ordering photographic prints and printing apparatus for producing the same
Camera shutter system
Password protection for computer docking station
Bi-level power saver method for portable or laptop computer
Method and apparatus for optimizing trace lengths to maximize the speed of a clocked bus
Book display module
Book display module
Process and apparatus for making ultra-pure DMSO
Composite pigment and cosmetics containing the same
Split computer architecture to separate user and processor while retaining original user interface
System and apparatus including lowest priority logic to select a processor to receive an interrupt m...
Cache flush unit
Non-symmetric, partially fluorinated lubricant additives
Compositions of a fluoroether and a hydrofluorocarbon
Fluoropolymer finishing process
Composition for improving adhesion of elastomers to polymer compositions
Method for producing glycolic acid from glycolonitrile using nitrilase
Oligomerization of ethylene
Polymerization of ethylene
Apparatus and process for the preparation of precipitated calcium carbonate
Compositions and articles made therefrom
Toner and developer for magnetic brush development system
High performance thermoplastic compositions with improved melt flow behavior
Increasing channel capacity of wireless local loop via polarization diversity antenna distribution s...
Method of directing a call to a mobile telephone in a dual mode cellular-satellite communications ne...
Method for forward power control in cellular system
Portable radio information terminal, screen displaying method, recording medium and microcomputer
Device and method for generating various ring tones in radio terminal
Traffic guidance system
Biofunctional polymers prepared in supercritical fluid
Clear pantiliner
Articulable container
Absorbent interlabial device
Bleaching compositions
Compositions and methods for controlling plant and flower moisture transpiration rates
Particle size analyzer based on laser diffraction method
Electronic circuit apparatus and method for assembling the same
Image processing apparatus having calibration for image exposure output
System for regulating a gear transmission ratio
Method for ratio controlling or speed controlling
Reference attributes within an object-oriented system
Method for chronologically high-resolution magnetic resonance tomography of the female breast
Magnetic resonance signal receiving apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method for obtaining multiple exposures at respectively dif...
Method and apparatus for decoupling magnetic resonance receive coils
MRI magnet with enhanced patient entry and positioning
Axial sample conveyer
Matrix for iontophoreses
Increasing bone strength with selected bisphosphonates
Methods of inhibiting CNS problems in post-menopausal women
Synthetic peptides that bind to the hepatitis B virus core and e antigens
Modified human parathyroid hormone
Temperature swing adsorption process
Two-photon upconverting dyes and applications
Laser protection system
Transparent film for forming toner image and process for forming toner image using the same
Zirconium compound and electrophotographic toner employing it
Paper powder collector, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Detent spring for rotatable grip actuating system
Control cable adjustment device
Hand-rotatable bicycle gear shift actuator with overshift return
Device for measuring the contact force in a power collector
Multiple viewer headset display apparatus and method with second person icon display
Processor, loop program control device and multiprocessor system
Method and system for scheduling transactions over a half duplex link
Conjugates of dithiocarbamates with pharmacologically active agents and uses therefor
Salts of sibutramine metabolites, methods of making sibutramine metabolites and intermediates useful...
Extended release formulation of venlafaxine hydrochloride
Administration of phosphodiesterase inhibitors for the treatment of premature ejaculation
Antidepressant effect of norepinephrine uptake 2 inhibitors and combined medications including them
Treatment of pulmonary hypertension
High strength thin steel sheet, high strength alloyed hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet, and method fo...
Roof for a metallurgical ladle/furnace
Method for producing iron carbide
Method of measuring and regulating temperature and quantity of cooling water for water-coolable mold...
Integrated portable biological detection system
Nucleic acid reading and analysis system
Very large scale immobilized polymer synthesis
Expression monitoring by hybridization to high density nucleic acid arrays
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Photolithographic and other means for manufacturing arrays
Hybridization of polynucleotides conjugated with chromo-phores and fluorophores to generate donor-to...
Apparatus and method of making a blockless optical multiplexing device
VR motion base control apparatus and it's supporting structure
Intermittenly wetted sliding amusement ride
Circulating fluid amusement device
Vibrating sand sifting toy
Pivoting-arm giant swing amusement ride
Hand-operated dancing machine
Method and apparatus for preventing cracking of the shank junction of die blocks
Composite metal coil or plate and its manufacturing method
High power nickel-metal hydride batteries and high power alloys/electrodes for use therein
Method for producing large diameter ingots of nickel base alloys
Cast nickel-base alloy
High-strength aluminum alloy for pressure casting and cast aluminum alloy comprising the same
Lead-free solder
Aluminium-magnesium weld filler alloy
Methods for assessing visual tasks to establish desirable lighting and viewing conditions for perfor...
Use of a content of catechins or a content of green tea extract in cosmetic preparations for tanning...
Modified protein, method for preparation thereof and compositions for external application containin...
Oxalic acid or oxalate compositions and methods for vascular disorders, diseases, and calcerous cond...
Method, apparatus, and composition for automatically coating the human body with plural components
Oat protein complex and method of use
Active topical skin protectants using hybrid organic polysilsesquioxane materials
Antimutagenic compositions for treatment and prevention of photodamage to skin
Method and composition for delivering therapeutically effective amounts of pyruvate to a mammal
Fire-retardant resin composition and molded part using the same
Tooth whitening device and method of using same
Method for coating an organic glass substrate and treating solution
Laundry bars comprising non-staining water soluble polymeric colorants
Skin whiteners containing hydroxytetronic acid
Tool for insertion of implanatable monitoring device and method
Sheet material dispensing apparatus and method
Method and assembly for performing ultrasound surgery using cavitation
Pharmaceutical formulations of resveratrol and methods of use thereof
Corrosion-resistant multilayer coatings
Force reflecting haptic interface
Fuel cell system with improved starting capability
Fuel cell separator plate with discrete fluid distribution features
Solid polymer fuel cell system and method for humidifying and adjusting the temperature of a reactan...
Method for logging and determining wellbore diameter by processing of progressive subsurface electro...
Multi-layer container and preform and process for obtaining same
Patterned microwave susceptor
Guidewire retention clip
Cow bottle
Nested containers
Upper portion of a bottle
Combined bottle and cap
In-wall speaker mounting apparatus
Refractive wave muffler
Stamped-formed muffler apparatus and assembly process
System for detection of buried objects
Directional microphone, in particular having symmetrical directivity
Polymeric membranes and other polymer articles having desired surface characteristics and method for...
Harvested tissue heart valve with sewing rim
Crosslinkable macromers
Method and compositions for isolation and growth of kidney tubule stem cells, in vitro kidney tubulo...
Hydrogel-forming, self-solvating absorbable polyester copolymers, and methods for use thereof
Methods and host cells for improved cell culture
Implantable neuro-stimulator with ball implant
Bioreactor mediated recellularization of natural and tissue engineered vascular grafts
Method of using catalyst for steam reforming of alcohols
Reforming apparatus for making a co-reduced reformed gas
Reformer, method of reforming, and fuel cell system equipped with the reformer
Method for operating a combustor in a fuel cell system
Process for catalytical steam reforming of a hydrocarbon feedstock
Method and apparatus for controlling combustor temperature during transient load changes
Hydrogen generator with fuel cell and control method for the same
Non-invasive cardiac output and pulmonary function monitoring using respired gas analysis techniques...
Methods and apparatus for measuring electrical properties of a ground using an electrode configurabl...
Arched support structure
Benzamidoxim derivatives, intermediate products and methods for preparing them, and their use as fun...
Metal-crosslinkable oxidized cellulose-containing fibrous materials and products made therefrom
Method of coating cellulosic and lignocellulosic webs
Histidine kinase two-component in Candida albicans
NY-ESO-1-peptide derivatives, and uses thereof
Nordihydroguaiaretic derivatives for use in treatment of tumors
Human RCE1
Protein purification
Thin film cover and method of making same
Medical solution tubing
Continuously-threaded PVC electrical conduit
PVC pipe end smooth surfacer
Highly active, supported ziegler-natta catalyst systems for olefin polymerization, methods of making...
Aluminosilicate stabilized halogenated polymers
Method of separating plastic
Impact modifier resin for vinyl chloride resins improved in powder characteristics
Polycarbonate-ABS moulding materials
Multicomponent fibers and fabrics made using the same
Cathode ray tube glass panel
Herbicide suspension concentrates
Foams prepared from blends of syndiotactic polypropylenes and thermoplastic polymers
Adhesive compositions containing stable amino-containing polymer latex blends
Process for producing ethylene/olefin interpolymers
Methods and apparatus for self-inverting multiple-iteration CMEA crypto-processing for improved secu...
Method and apparatus for feature configuration in remotely located ultrasound imaging system
Method of authenticating digital-watermark pictures
Management of authentication discovery policy in a computer network
Reuse of security associations for improving hand-over performance
Authentication algorithms for video images
Device for dicing garlic
Dual dicing saw blade assembly and process for separating devices arrayed a substrate
Electrolytic ozone generating method, system and ozone water producing system
Water filtration device and method
Surge anoxic mix sequencing batch reactor systems
Method and device for preparing espresso coffee
Genetic engineering of cells to enhance healing and tissue regeneration
Anastomosis connection system and method of use
Writing instrument
Methods and compositions for identifying nucleic acids containing cis acting elements
Human elk a voltage-gated potassium channel subunit
Enhancement of nucleic acid amplification by the addition of a polyamine
Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and rec...
Methods of typing hepatitis C virus and reagents for use therein
Methods for detection of rearranged DNA
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Bicomponent substrate for filter element with membrane
Color stable compositions containing arylate-comprising polymers
Razor cartridge with dimpled blade guard
Color stable compositions containing arylate-comprising polymers
Color stable compositions containing arylate-comprising polymers
Human cyclic nucleotide PDES
Low hue photobleaches
Method of enhancing effect of a neurotrophin with analogues of p75NTR367-379.
Compositions and methods of treating tumors
Antibody against cleavage product or vimentin
Physical separation of nucleic acids by antibodies to halogenated nucleotides
Synthesis of 1,2-dioxetanes and intermediates therefor
Breech block firearm safety device
Liquid disrupter with reduced recoil
Firearm safety and control system
Retainer for securing a silencer on barrel of handgun
Reactive personnel protection system and method
Infrared photodetector apparatus for measuring projectile velocity
Training cartridge for a self loading gun
Analysis of sequence tags with hairpin primers
Amyloid binding nitrogen-linked compounds for the antemortem diagnosis of alzheimer's disease, in vi...
Method and apparatus for coordination of client/server processes
Method for recording and reproducing the browsing activities of an individual web browser
System and method for using internet based caller ID for controlling access to an object stored in a...
Multimedia clent and server
Method of locating software objects in different containers
Autonomous rolling robot
Assembling device and tray system used therein, and design assisting device
Wrist mechanism of industrial robot
Device for relative movement of two elements
Robotic gripper mechanism
Flexibly mounted contact cup
Systems and methods for tracking of a private communication system subject to retuning
Ethylene-alpha-olefin polymers, processes and uses
Additive formulation for improving transport of oilfield effluents which may contain hydrates, and a...
Process for hydrogenating acetylenes
Alkylaromatic process with removal of aromatic byproducts using efficient distillation
Hydrocarbon conversion catalyst composition and process therefor and therewith
Ni catalysts and methods for alkane dehydrogenation
Apparatus and method for recording a digital information signal in slant tracks on a record carrier
Method and mechanism for duration-based management of temporary LOBs
System for modifying a database using a transaction log
Managing conditions in a network
Clean-up of files in a network system
Electronic synchronizer for musical instrument and other kind of instrument and method for synchroni...
Lighting system for vehicle
Motor-controlling circuit for an optical-axis-adjusting unit of a vehicle illuminating device
Display having a transilluminable display panel
Apparatus for producing uniform luminance in a flat-panel display backlight
Bicycle power supply
High efficiency reflector for directing collimated light into light guides
System and method for efficient illumination in color projection displays
Adaptive equalizer with enhanced error quantization
Motion determining apparatus and determining method
Multiple frame image compression and decompression of motion video
Method to reduce warpage and polarization sensitivity of planar devices
Fiber distribution frame with fiber termination blocks
Method and apparatus for storing a fiber optic assembly
Connecting optical fibres
Limited space handling of optical fibers
Flip tray system for use in an optical fiber splice case
Micro-display driven tiled electro-optic display apparatus
Efficient detection of error blocks in a DCT-based compressed video sequence
Border-less clock free two-dimensional barcode and method for printing and reading the same
Dynamic range expansion method for image sensed by solid-state image sensing device
System for efficient content-based retrieval of images
Method and apparatus for preprocessing for peripheral erroneous data
Method for detecting and surgically removing lymphoid tissue involved in tumor progression
Method and apparatus for determining the lines of optimal direction for surgical cuts in the human s...
PEMF stimulator for treating osteoporosis and stimulating tissue growth
Transcutaneous medical electrode for connecting to a touch proof connector
Measuring device and method of controlling same
Lightweight structural element, especially for building construction, and construction technique the...
Concrete form wall building system
Concrete form structure
Stackable construction panel
Rapid prototyping and tooling system
Method and installation for ladle treatment of steel
Pit and blow hole resistant flux-cored wire for gas-shielded arc welding of galvanized steel sheet
Process for the production of liquid pig iron or liquid steel pre-products
Non-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet having excellent magnetic properties after stress relief an...
Electromagnetic steel sheet having excellent magnetic properties and production method thereof
Heat shrink band steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing steel sheets coated with Zn-Fe alloy
Remotely programmable matrices with memories
Fast attack automatic gain control (AGC) loop and methodology for narrow band receivers
Management of perferred communications periods in a satellite communication system
Method and apparatus for dynamic segmentation of a low bit rate digital voice message
Method and apparatus for pitch determination of a low bit rate digital voice message
Direct memory access controller and method therefor
Data processor instruction system for grouping instructions with or without a common prefix and data...
Calcilytic compounds
Open intervertebral spacer
Precious gemstone setting
Method and apparatus for screening chemical compounds
Myocardial grafts and cellular compositions useful for same
Marine lighted grab rail
Integrated fish landing net storage compartment
Dual buoy single point mooring and fluid transfer system
Subsea wellbore drilling system for reducing bottom hole pressure
Underwater towing of marine vessels
Watercraft hydraulic apparatus
Propeller deflector
Bubble blowing device with multi-color effects and varying air flow pressure
Method of setting a boomerang toy in motion
Motion toy
Motion induced sound and light generating system
Color-change laminates and toy sets with the use thereof
Radio control device
Position based personal digital assistant
Protein design automatic for protein libraries
PDA coupler containing a flexible joint
Wireless piconet access to vehicle operational statistics
Fountain pen with leak proof piston converter
Image processing method for an image processing system having a changed image
Mixed fine powder for beverage containing young barley leaves, alfalfa and/or kale
Bean vegetables and cultivation thereof using highly electrolyzed water
Method for preparing leaf proteins with rumex L. and obtained product thereby
Containers made from wood chips
Morinda citrifolia oil
Scanning lightwave oven and method of operating the same
Procedure and system for the setting up of calls
Method and device for thermally supporting mechanical joints
Host device equipped with means for starting a process in response to detecting insertion of a stora...
Bridged metallocene complex for the (co)polymerization of olefins
Process for producing polyolefins
Optimized function execution for a multiprocessor computer system
Asynchronous transfer mode switch utilizing optical wave division multiplexing
Mechanism to guarantee quality of service to real-time traffic on IP networks
Explosive material detection apparatus and method using dual energy information of a scan
Steering wheel interface for vehicles
Network repository service directory for efficient web crawling
Network repository service for efficient web crawling
Method and apparatus for position and attitude control of a satellite
Methods and compositions based on inhibition of cell invasion and fibrosis by anionic polymers
Photosensitive organosilicon films
Macromolecular drug complexes and compositions containing the same
Thermoformable ethylene/styrene interpolymer-based polymer blend film for three-dimensional transfer...
Low compression, resilient golf balls including a cis-to-trans catalyst and method for making same
Substantially linear copolymers
Fluorinated polyurethane elastomers prepared from polyether prepolymers formed from mono-substituted...
Filling level measuring device operating with microwaves, having an insert composed of a dielectric,...
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method
Software implementation installer mechanism
Apparatus and method for milling multiple end surface on a textile package
Compositional analysis system
Method for analyzing the optic disc from stereo color photographs using vascular landmarks
System and method for fusing three-dimensional shape data on distorted images without correcting for...
Three-dimensional ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Microdrive for probes
Method and apparatus for logging and dynamically configuring performance analysis of a medical diagn...
Centrifugal brake for fishing reel
Guardrail system
Device and method for separating a shaped substrate from a stamping tool
Selenium bolus for ruminants
Whey protein digestion products in cheese
Process for making a wheyless cream cheese using transglutaminase
Method of obtaining a hydroxytyrosol-rich composition from vegetation water
Method and apparatus for identifying, classifying, or quantifying DNA sequences in a sample without ...
Malaria merozoite antigen subunit vaccine
Use of state-change materials in reformable shapes templates or tooling
Cell culture apparatus and methods of use
Translation lookaside buffer for virtual memory systems
Apparatus comprising a translation lookaside buffer for graphics address remapping of virtual addres...
Method and apparatus for dependent segmentation and paging processing
Method and apparatus for reducing latency in set-associative caches using set prediction
Floating point unit pipeline synchronized with processor pipeline
Hardware/software system for instruction profiling and trace selection using branch history informat...
Steering damper
Energy absorption, rotation and redirection system for use with racing vehicles and a surrounding ba...
Transmission for hybrid electric vehicle
Electrical system with security battery disconnection
Safety system for vehicles
Road surface friction coefficient estimating apparatus
High speed x-ray beam chopper
Apparatus and method for providing high fidelity reconstruction of an observed sample
Device for modulation of optical radiation and transmission of information
Automating photolithography in the fabrication of integrated circuits
Mobile testing facility and method thereof
Optimization with ruin recreate
Front panel board for plasma display
Optical imaging of turbid media with depth-related discrimination
Methods for coating particles and particles produced thereby
Spherical pharmaceutical granules comprising microcrystalline cellulose and a process for their prod...
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Aerosol formulations of albuterol and 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane
Quick release compositions
Ink set and ink-jet color recording method using the same
Heteroleptic alkaline-earth metal compounds and methods for carrying out stereoselective anionic pol...
Device for hardening cylindrical bearing points of a shaft
Cationic polymers, complexes associating said cationic polymers with therapeutically active substanc...
Method of chromatographically purifying or fractionating, respectively, von Willebrand factor from a...
N-substituted alkylamino acids for use as amino-protecting groups
Avian, vitelline antibodies directed against HIV antigens
Integrated material management module
Access control unit with fingerprint sensor
Nitriles and aldehydes derived from 3-isopropenyl-1,2-dimethyl-1-cyclopentanol and their use in perf...
MRI guided hyperthermia surgery
Communication packet including a multicast address and a destination address different than an equiv...
Representation and processing of EDI mapping templates
Neutralization of phosphate esters, compositions based upon and methods using same
Methods of making quinoline amides
Anhydrous deodorant composition
Method of treating surfaces with organosilicon water repellent compositions
Emollient-treated absorbent interlabial application
Method for removing oil from water
Tooth whitening chewing gum
Macular degeneration diagnostics and therapeutics
Medicinal aerosol solution formulation with biocompatible polymer
Extended feedback circuit employing capacitive coupling and sampled data filters
Signal coupler using low voltage filtering
High current protection circuit for telephone interface
Flexible earhook
Voice dialing method for mobile telephone terminal
Common message waiting notification across landline and wireless telecommunications networks
RGS-containing molecules and uses thereof
Process for simultaneous hydrotreating and splitting of naphtha streams
Method for the continuous production of thermoplastic molding materials
Removal of mercury from waste materials
Nonlinear optical borates materials useful for optical frequency conversion
Efficient fluid dispensing utensil
Emulsifier-free UV-photoprotecting emulsions comprising micronized insoluble screening agents
Modified protease having 5 to 13 covalently coupled polymeric molecules for skin care
Point-of-sale body powder dispensing system
Cosmetic container with push-back prevention feature
Lip gloss palette
Cosmetic composition containing a hydrophilic continuous phase containing bismuth vanadate
Make-up compact comprising at least two products of different types
Phlox plant named `Silvermine`
Ginkgo tree named `Golden Globe`
Birch tree named `Oenci`
Birch tree named `Uenci`
Birch tree named `Renci`
Guzmania plant named `Jazz`
Poinsettia plant named `Renate`
Triggered data collector and data transmitter
Critical signal thread
Apparatus and method for controlling a target distance and a warning distance between traveling vehi...
Nonaqueous secondary battery, constituent elements of battery, and materials thereof
Lithium ion battery and container
Lithium secondary cell and method for manufacturing the same
Lithium ion polymer electrolytes
Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium secondary battery using the same
Operating system for a direct antifreeze cooled fuel cell power plant
Mixtures suitable as solid electrolytes or separators for electrochemical cells
Method for negative image recording
Method of manufacturing polyelectrolyte
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Programmable sub-surface aggregating metallization structure and method of making same
Lithium secondary battery electrolyte and lithium secondary battery using the same
Battery with an additive to evolve a gas at high temperature
Sorbitol dehydrogenase inhibitors
Method for manufacturing electrodes for battery
Non-aqueous lithium ion secondary battery
Calendered double side segment coated webs
Wheel assembly for a truck-attached carriage
Method of controlling the attitude of a boat at high speed through boat hull design and a boat hull
Golf driving range sighting device
Cleaning method
Synergistic combinations of zidovudine, 1592U89 and 3TC
.alpha.-sulfonylamino hydroxamic acid inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases for the treatment of p...
.alpha.-and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitor...
Radioiodinated phospholipid ether analogs and methods of using the same
Multimedia player for an electronic content delivery system
Postage meter machine with a chip card write/read unit and method for operating same
Methods and apparatus for disseminating product information via the internet using universal product...
Document storage and processing system for inventors that utilize timestamps and digital signatures
Global sideband service distributed computing method
Network accounting and billing system and method
Metering of internet content using a control
Thermal transfer material, and printing method and printer used with the same
Dental instrument for use in root canal obturation
Head cradle with body support
Water-soluble extract of asiaticoside and madecassoside from Centella asiatica and isolating method ...
Amelioration of neurological disorders by the administration of (2R),(3S), and/or (2S),3(S) stereois...
Transgenic plants expressing assembled secretory antibodies
Light diffusing fiber optic chamber
Method and system for identifying and displaying groups of cardiac arrhythmic episodes
Method of treating psychiatric disorders by electrical stimulation within the orbitofrontal cerebral...
Breathable absorbent articles having odor control
Cosmetic and/or dermatological powder, process for its preparation and its uses
Therapeutic/cosmetic compositions comprising CGRP antagonists for treating sensitive human skin
Use of heterocyclic quaternary polyammonium polymers as protective agent for keratin fibres and cosm...
Dry toners having specified condensation binder resins
Detergent cosmetic compositions and use thereof
Isoquinoline derivatives and isoquinoline combinatorial libraries
Urea processing agent
Purification process
Method of forming flowable urea having low biuret content
Water soluble fertilizer compositions
Silo granular feed distribution and ladder chute apparatus
Fertilizer with a chelate element
Anti-caking and anti-dusting composition and corresponding methods
Arylphenyl-substituted cyclic keto-enols
Laundry detergent compositions with amino acid based polymers to provide appearance and integrity be...
Method of forming high aluminum aluminosilicate zeolites
Method of forming aluminosilicate zeolites
Preparation of improved inks for inkjet printers
Organic additives for the preparation of cementitious compositions with improved constancy of color
Photoactivatable nitrogen-containing bases based on alpha-amino ketones
Oligomeric hindered amine light stabilizers based on multi-functional carbonyl compounds and methods...
Organometallic monoacylarylphosphines
Moisture-absorbing/releasing synthetic fiber and fabric using the same
Oxidation colorants
Absorbent article and process for preparing an absorbent article
Process for removing of domestic waste incinerator residue
Asphaltic compositions and uses therefor
Bituminous substance removal composition
Polyester polyquaternary compounds, compositions containing them, and use thereof
High solids water-borne surface coating containing hollow particulates
Reflective thoroughfare pavements or related elements, and corresponding composition
Amine and quaternary ammonium compounds made from ketones and aldehydes, and compositions containing...
Fluorescent materials and their use
Conductive silicone rubber composition
Method for measuring the flow of fluids
Electrochemical capacitors having electrodes with diverse redox potentials
Spray application of an additive composition to sheet materials
Polymer/ceramic composites
Method for making hydrophobically associative polymers, methods of use and compositions
Combined dog waste bag dispenser and waste receptacle
Bag holder
Yard tool cart
Dolly having two supports hingedly joined together
Mechanics' creeper
Combined conveyor roller and tapered sleeve
Tissue paper holder
Towel bar
Low adhesion semi-conductive electrical shields
Apparatus and method for treatment of tissue
Method of remotely executing computer processes
Magneto-optical recording medium having oxidized side wall between land and groove
Vacuum massager
Process for making a dismountable and/or fixed traction-compression coupling to be applied to compos...
Encryption technique using stream cipher and block cipher
Industrial robot having convection cooled frequency converters
Method and device for reconstruction of articular cartilage
Massage apparatus with sucking and mobilising action on skin tissue
High back EMF, high pressure subwoofer having small volume cabinet, low frequency cutoff and pressur...
Apparatus and method for transparent wireless communication between a remote device and host system
Handheld device having an optical data reader
Ergonomic man-machine interface incorporating adaptive pattern recognition based control system
Medical imaging system with controlled image storage in memories
Method for computer implemented hot-swap and hot-add
Distributed control system including a compact easily-extensible and serviceable field controller
Apparatuses and methods for extravasation detection
Front-loading power injector and method of loading flanged syringe therein
Logic analyzer for software
Method for scheduling event sequences
Method and system for sampling rate conversion in digital audio applications
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple walls
Method of making and applying chemical anchoring adhesive
Segmental retaining wall system
Ground advance shoring system
Corner connection for temporary shoring
Self-connecting, reinforced retaining wall and masonry units therefor
Apparatus and methods for submerged processing of a grooved work surface using a movable gate
Fluid leakage sensors
Hurricane storm panel and method of installation
Window protector assembly
Device for covering windows and doors during severe storms
Water leak detection and correction device
Quick release sacrificial shield and window assembly
Mixed PMDI/solid novolac resin binders for the production of wood composite products
Polymer fill coating for laminate or composite wood products and method of making same
Method of manufacturing a molded door skin from a flat wood composite, door skin produced therefrom,...
Method for bonding wood and other composite materials using an electric current
Wood decorative material coated with resin composite film and process for producing the same
Additional metal and wood composite framing members for residential and light commercial constructio...
Aqueous mixed pMDI/phenolic resin binders for the production of wood composite products
System and method for storage, retrieval and display of information relating to specimens in marine ...
Method of forming a membrane especially a latex or polymer membrane including multiple discrete laye...
Device for connecting a flexible container to an external duct, and uses thereof
System for improving yield of sexed embryos in mammals
Semen storage container and its stopper
Method of restraining an animal within an animal squeeze, and an animal squeeze
Multiple sexed embryo production system for mammals
Entertaining attachment for an infant's nursing bottle
Use of a client meta-cache for realistic high-level web server stress testing with minimal client fo...
Floor coverings
Hybrid fiber/coax video and telephony communication
End sealing system for a scraper chamber
Laminated glass floor tile and flooring made therefrom and method for making same
Low gloss polish formulations
Digital optical transmitter and digital optical receiver making communication by superposing subdata...
Internet voice transmission
Integrating digital data with perceptible signals
Paper-like piece identifying method and device
Method for providing flexible and secure administrator-controlled watermarks
System, method, and product for information embedding using an ensemble of non-intersecting embeddin...
Mine disposal apparatus and mine disposal method
Method and apparatus for providing intelligent network services
Bus seat safety restraint
Method of treating a heart using cells irradiated in vitro with biostimulatory irradiation
Plastic wood, method of processing plastic wood, and resulting products
Prostate specific fusion protein compositions
Engineering nicking endonucleases from type IIs restriction endonucleases
Macrolide antiinfective agents
Selectin ligands
System and method for artistically integrating music and visual effects
Automatic music composing apparatus that composes melody reflecting motif
Method for digital synchronization of video signals
Method, interface and system for connecting communication traffic across an intermediate network
Real-time multimedia transmission
Floating point addition pipeline including extreme value, comparison and accumulate functions
File server for multimedia file distribution
Digital message encryption and authentication
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for high-availability multi-agent cryptographic key ...
Fault diagnosis method and system for a sequential circuit
Asymmetrical striping of mirrored storage device arrays and concurrent access to even tracks in the ...
Cache memory having a programmable cache replacement scheme
System and method for locating real estate in the context of points-of-interest
Network interactive tree search method and system
System and method for identifying useless documents
File management method using transposed file
Storage catalyst
Additives for electrochemical cells
Bead and process for removing dissolved metal contaminants
Process for hydrogenating unsaturated polymers
Method for the catalytic gas phase oxidation of propene into acrolein
Sensor apparatus
Supported organometallic catalysts and their use in olefin polymerization
Recovering microorganisms from soil by suspending soil in a citrate buffer
Method for preparing diarylethane
High viscosity polyalphaolefins prepared with ionic liquid catalyst
Acid treated zeolite containing phosphorus used as a catalyst in processes for converting hydrocarbo...
Isomerization with adsorptive separation and dividing wall fractional distillation
Adsorptive separation product recovery by fractional distillation
Process for preparing polysilicon using exothermic reaction
Production process and apparatus for high purity silicon
Lithium/nickel/cobalt composite oxide, process for preparing the same, and cathode active material f...
Steam-hydrocarbon reformer and process
Method for the continuous production of hydrogen
Material for bearing retainer
Perfuming device for perfuming the headspace of a container
Mousse forming hair treatment composition containing n-methyl alkyl glucamide surfactant
Low VOC hair spray compositions having enhanced styling benefits
Cosmetic compositions containing multi-block ionizable polysiloxane/polyurethane and/or polyurea pol...
Method for the control of biofilms
Method for the preparation of microspheres which contain colloidal systems
Aqueous crosslinkable coating compositions
Ceramic filter element
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Dust filter bag containing nano non-woven tissue
Method of forming metal colloids, metal colloids and method of forming a metal oxide sensitive layer...
Resist compositions and patterning process
Resist material and fabrication method thereof
Simplified process for producing nanoporous silica
Grafted thermoplastic compositions and fabricated articles therefrom
Phase change solid imaging material
Polymer useful for coating
Polyester resin for antifouling paint and antifouling paint containing the resin
Image forming apparatus having heating and cooling units
Method for stabilizing output of rain sensor and protection method therefor
Method of performing optical proximity corrections of a photo mask pattern by using a computer
Liquid crystal alignment structures and optical devices containing same
Twisted nematic liquid crystal display device with improved viewing angle characteristics
Synthetic human neutralizing monoclonal antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus
Color cathode-ray tube
Separation of antithrombin III .alpha. and .beta. variants by cyclodextrin-modified micellar electro...
Method of treatment using peroxidized lipids
Monoclonal antibodies against Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli outer membrane antigens
Compositions and methods for treatment of Hepatitis C virus-associated diseases
Method for monitoring nucleic acid assays using synthetic internal controls with reversed nucleotide...
Hepatitis C surrogate virus for testing the activity of hepatitis C virus protease, a recombinant ge...
Methods of utilizing the TT virus
Immortalized human colon epithelial cell line
Methods of modulating of angiogenesis
Magnetic resonance imaging
Quantitation and standardization of magnetic resonance measurements
Stage system for exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method in which a stage supporting memb...
Hazardous material classification system
Optical correlator based automated pathologic region of interest selector for integrated 3D ultrasou...
Method and apparatus for internet, intranet, and local viewing of virtual microscope slides
Dynamic software code instrumentation with cache disabling feature
Process for preparing purified conjugated diene
Efficient design rule check (DRC) review system
Zero hold time circuit for high speed bus applications
Multi-layer tunneling device with a graded stoichiometry insulating layer
Semiconductor device
Polyacrylamide hydrogels and hydrogel arrays made from polyacrylamide reactive prepolymers
Methods for forming metal oxide layers with enhanced purity
Nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease homologs
Floral homeotic genes for manipulation of flowering in poplar and other plant species
System and method for monitoring risk in a system development program
Grafted and crosslinkable pulverulent thermoplastic polyolefin composition which has elasticity and ...
Process for making pen/pet blends and transparent articles therefrom
Ligands for metals and improved metal-catalyzed processes based thereon
Process for preparing 4-aminodiphenylamine intermediates
Chemical absorption process for recovering olefins from cracked gases
Lens-fitted photo film unit
Electric energy storage device and method for manufacturing the same
Network based classified information systems
Flexible bags having enhanced capacity and enhanced stability in use
Flexible bags having stretch-to-fit conformity to closely accommodate contents in use
Process for producing embossed multiply cellulosic fibrous structure having selective bond sites
System and method to discover end node physical connectivity to networking devices
Breathing apparatus
Aerosol spray dispenser
Autognomic decision making system and method
Manufacture of paper and paperboard
Pest resistant MoSi2-based materials containing in-situ grown .beta.-Si3N4 whiskers
Energy filter, transmission electron microscope and associated method for filtering energy
Semiconductor structure, semiconductor device, communicating device, integrated circuit, and process...
Porous membranes
Polymeric assay film for direct colorimetric detection
Wireless telecommunications system for improving performance and compatibility
Communications channel synchronous micro-cell for integrating circuit and packet data transmissions
Implementing network services over the internet through dynamic resolution of personal host names
Method and apparatus for determining whether the immediate state of a telecommunications switch is a...
Asynchronous transfer of high speed data signals through an optoelectronic VLSI switch
Wavelength router with a wide passband realized using two gratings of opposite angular dispersions
Formation of gratings in optical fibers coated with UV-curable polymer
Transfer pipe system
Method and apparatus for dissolving water-soluble gas in the sea and isolating it deep in the sea an...
Manually adjustable boat light
Sea wall revetment system
Composite bodies, in particular sailing or surfboards
Emergency self-inflating flotation device
Method and apparatus for making an album page
Self-adhesive stamp construction
Tuck label easy opening pull tab
Method for protecting a paper security document or identification document
Label/tag with embedded signaling device and method and apparatus for making and using
Variable density verification
Thermoplastic elastomeric resin composition and a granule thereof
Quick-hardening silicone materials with good adhesive properties
Diaryl ether condensation reactions
Door frame assembly and method of mounting the same
Systems and methods for providing security in a video game system
Actuating device for game machine
Cashless transaction clearinghouse
Decorative laminate incorporating photoluminescent material
Quick-cure game ball coating system
Teaching and gaming golf feedback system and methods
Power cylinder non-metallic liner seal assembly
Rubber compound for golf ball and golf ball using the same
Information sharing system for personal electronic time management systems
System for managing accounting information in a multi-dimensional database
Computer-automated implementation of user-definable decision rules for medical diagnostic or screeni...
Method of playing a knowledge based wagering game
Gimbal-mounted virtual reality display system
Systems, methods and computer program products for collaborative learning
Waterproofing membrane from epoxy resin and amine-terminated polyamide
Enhancing expression of a silenced target sequence in plants using plant viral enhancers and amplico...
Inbred corn line FR3351
Document-based query data for information retrieval
Image forming apparatus capable of controlling toner supply
Image forming apparatus
Verification data generating apparatus, data verification apparatus and storage medium for storing v...
Virtual documents generated via combined documents or portions of documents retrieved from data repo...
Zero gravity robotic system and method for using same
Adjustable pick-and-place tool for an automated robotic device or the like
Apparatus and method for handling an integrated circuit
Gripper with enhanced gripping power accuracy and repeatability
Material handling device
Surgical tools for use in minimally invasive telesurgical applications
Semiconductor device and semiconductor integrated circuit having a conductive film on element region
Color liquid crystal display with reduced data line wiring
Method, apparatus, and system for inspecting transparent objects
Semiconductor memory having an overlaid bus structure
Device for using information about the extent of errors in a signal and method
Method and apparatus for determining wiring route in circuit board and information storage medium
Method of alloying ferrous material with magnesium injection agent
Cast iron for use in high speed machining with cubic boron nitride and silicon nitride tools
Copper-based alloy excelling in corrosion resistance, method for production thereof, and products ma...
Magnesium alloy and method of producing the same
Hydrogen permeable membrane and hydride battery composition
Hydrogen absorbing alloy for alkali storage battery, hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode for alkali s...
Integrated intrinsically safe input-output module
Electroluminescent devices using blend systems
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus using the sam...
Organic electroluminescent device and its manufacturing process
Organic electroluminescent device
Multisegment electroluminescent source for a scanner
Method of producing liquid crystal display panel
Photovoltaic device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Ferroelectric memory with reduced capacitance of ferroelectric gate layer
Oriented rhombohedral composition of PbZr1-xTixO3 thin films for low voltage operation ferroelectric...
Optical reflector and manufacturing method thereof
Data storage system and methods using diffractive near-field optics
Non-hazardous pest control
Adjustable brace
Loudspeaker with differential energy distribution in vertical and horizontal planes
Structure of speaker
Muffler structure
Method for manufacturing an intake muffler particularly for compression circuit for refrigeration sy...
Electronic stethoscope with diagnostic capability
Vehicle suspension control with enhanced body control in steering crossover
Rear-wheel steering angle control device
Vehicle imaging system with stereo imaging
Cellular phone holding device
Wireless telephone with metered shuttle on face
Headset and method for a headset
Telephone with key-click sound volume control
Mobile to mobile call delivery for calling party pays wireless service
Cage plate adjusting mechanism for a bicycle rear derailleur
Method for determining thermal exposure of a product
Laminated magnetic core for electric machines
Piezoelectric speaker
Attention-based interaction in a virtual environment
Situation awareness system
Simulation system
Playing-field enclosure
Home entertainment device remote control
Nematode-inducible regulatory DNA sequences
Organic-inorganic hybrid polymer materials with compositional gradient, and processes for preparing ...
Nigrosine compound, resin composition, molded product, crystallization temperature lowering, fluidit...
Apparatus for producing multi-color images on substrates using dry multi-colored cholesteric liquid ...
Coating composition and method for coating therewith
Thermocurable resin composition for coating
Data enhancement techniques
System and method for evaluating the operation of a computer over a computer network
Gypsum compositions and related methods
Device for controlling the connection of a built-in type ear-microphone for portable radio terminal
Location search auxiliary system for cellular radio telephone and method for using same
Power saving device for radio communication terminal
Vehicle rollover safety system
Processional travel control apparatus
Secure token-based document server
Rf PC interface
Single semiconductor wafer processor
Fertile transgenic maize plants containing a gene encoding the pat protein
Apparatus and method for fixation of osteoporotic bone
Driving mechanism for liquid-containing ornament
Aircraft having multiple fuselages
Programmable vehicle stopping system and process for route learning
Distributed computer aided design system and method
Apparatus and method for portable handwriting capture