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Resonant scanning mirror driver circuit
Apparatus and methods using mechanical resonators to enhance sensitivity in lorentz force magnetomet...
Massively parallel interface for electronic circuits
Bridges for microelectromechanical structures
Microelectromechanical (MEMS) switching apparatus
Method for making sol gel spacers for flat panel displays
Micro-electro-mechanical device having improved torsional members and a method of manufacturing ther...
Configurations for an optical crossconnect switch
Alignment of an on chip modulator
Methods for performing in-service upgrades of optical wavelength cross connects
Optical switch for compensating for degradation of optical-coupling characteristic
Mems element having perpendicular portion formed from substrate
High sensitivity pressure switch
Liquid lift method for drilling risers
Production of diesel fuel from bitumen
Fouling mitigation device with movable screen
Coated zeolite catalysts and use for hydrocarbon conversion
Method of making a microendodontics ultrasonic surgical dental tool having water port
Compositions and minimally invasive methods for treating incomplete connective tissue repair
Cooling apparatus and squid microscope using same
Steerable horizontal subterranean drill bit having offset cutting tooth paths
Type font
Type font
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmission mechanisms having a stationary gear member and two br...
Benzoxazines for use in the treatment of parkinson's disease
Prevention and treatment of degenerative diseases by glutathione and phase II detoxification enzymes
Conversion 9-dihydro-13-acetylbaccatin III into 10-deacetylbaccatin III
Organic electroluminescent display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Organic light emitting device (OLED) with thick (100 to 250 nanometers) porphyrin buffer layer
Ink for forming a hole injection layer of organic EL display devices and manufacturing method thereo...
Method for fabricating low-temperature polysilicon organic electroluminescent device
System and method for sales promotion
Three axis angle invariant RF coil assembly and method and system employing same
Bayesian methods for flow parameter estimates in magnetic resonance imaging
Biofilm reduction in crossflow filtration systems
Method of cleaning membrane modules
Extracorporeal blood circuit air removal system and method
Use of recombinant albumin in dialysis after liver failure
Safety device for a blood treatment machine and a method of increasing the safety of a blood treatme...
Device for preparing dialysate for a dialysis machine
Integrated dissolved air flotation and immersed membrane filtration apparatus and method for using s...
Method and apparatus for directly sampling a fluid for microfiltration
Chromatographic and electrophoretic separation of chemicals using electrically conductive polymers
Doped adsorbent materials with enhanced activity
Method for removing metal from wastewater
Cellodextrin production by mixed acid hydrolysis and chromographic separation
Polysaccharides with oxime or amine functions which are used for water treatment and sludge conditio...
Oil field separation facility control system utilizing total organic carbon analyzer
Universal piping apparatus for use with a filtration device
Residual wastewater chlorine concentration control using a dynamic weir
Method and system for treating water
Rotor assembly for the collection, separation, and sampling of rare blood cells
Process for sulphide concentration
System and method for draining soil profiles
Hybrid fuel cell/desalination systems and method for use
Multi-functional electronic card capable of detecting removable cards
Indexing wavelet compressed video for efficient data handling
Field emission type electron source element, electron gun, cathode ray tube apparatus, and method fo...
Circuit configuration for a current switch of a bit/word line of a MRAM device
Inbred corn line 2JK221
Powder inhaler for combined medicament
Dynamic generation of optimizer hints
Storage stable pesticide formulations containing azadirachtin
Method for chromium analysis and speciation
Process for making estra-4,9(10)-diene steroids
Sliding window technique for map decoders
Bus extender and formatter apparatus and methods
Miniature fiberoptic filter and method of manufacture therefor
Plasma display panel
Continuous casting unit with post-arranged furnace, roughing stand and finishing train
Solenoid valve
Method and apparatus for sharing viewing preferences
Osteoactivin protein and nucleic acids encoding the same, compositions and methods of stimulating bo...
Correction of local field inhomogeneity in magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Host interface bypass on a fabric based array controller
Automated animal house
Low residue well treatment fluids and methods of use
Signboard structure enabling quick and detachable assembling of a face panel thereof
Structural reinforcement using composite strips
Manufacturing method for oriented film, polarizing film, polarizing plate, and visual display
Method for preparing nylon 6 copolymer containing sulfonate comonomers
Laminated plastic molded body
Thermosetting composition for electrochemical cell components and methods of making thereof
Propylene/ethylene block copolymer, blushing-resistant transparent polypropylene resin for molding, ...
Dual voice speaker
Apparatus and method for obtaining shape data of analytic surface approximate expression
Synchronization tracking device and method in code division multiple access receiver
Longitudinally coupled surface acoustic wave resonator filter
Method and apparatus for personalization of semiconductor
Steganographic decoding with transform to spatial domain
Method and system of automatic bandwidth detection
Method and apparatus for facilitating object communication across a network
Network fault alerting system and method
Teamware server working over HTTP/HTTPS connections
Receiver apparatus and method
Two-coat make-up process and a make-up kit containing first and second compositions
Acid stable aqueous dispersion of metal particles and applications
Method of producing pattern-formed structure and photomask used in the same
Patterned carbon nanotube films
Process for immobilization of nucleic acid molecules on a substrate
Adaptive negative differential resistance device
Method of forming a low leakage dielectric layer providing an increased capacitive coupling
Methods for material fabrication utilizing the polymerization of nanoparticles
Manufacturing inorganic polymer hybrids
Wound golf ball having cast polyurethane cover
Integrated circuit identification
Defect-free dielectric coatings and preparation thereof using polymeric nitrogenous porogens
Cathode for field emission device
Method for rendering algebraically defined two-dimensional shapes by computing pixel intensity using...
Variable numerical aperture large-field unit-magnification projection system
Memory structure with an annealed film
Photovoltaic power generation system
Photocurrent-generating fabric and support for such a fabric
Separable solar energy storage device
Solid-state image-sensing device
LED device and manufacturing method thereof
Optical semiconductor element utilizing optical transition between ZnO heterostructure sub-bands
Electrically programmable three-dimensional memory-based self test
Organic light emitting device
Silicon-based film and photovoltaic element
Light-radiating semiconductor component with a luminescence conversion element
Semiconductor laser package and fabrication method thereof
Flip-chip light-emitting device
Light-emitting device with improved reliability
Method and structure for high capacitance memory cells
Semiconductor devices having a non-volatile memory transistor and methods for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor wafer with ultra thin doping level formed by defect engineering
Field effect controlled semiconductor component
Method to control device threshold of SOI MOSFET's
Semiconductor device with address programming circuit
Micro device that generates a magnetomotive force in a long direction
Current mirror circuit and optical signal circuit using same
Photovoltaic cell
High-frequency filter
Non-invasive apparatus system for monitoring autonomic nervous system and uses thereof
High-speed hardware implementation of red congestion control algorithm
Scalable expandable system and method for optimizing a random system of algorithms for image quality
System and method for building a semantic network capable of identifying word patterns in text
Non-focusing optics spectrophotometer, and methods of use
Reduced formation of asperities in contact micro-structures
Method and apparatus for aligning multiple scans of the same area of a medium using mathematical cor...
Fluorescence based liquid core waveguide
Method for measurement of magnetic fields, method for production of gradient coils, gradient coil, a...
Assembly and method for a correlator structure
Method and apparatus for archival and retrieval of multiple data streams
Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the same
Prioritizing transaction requests with a delayed transaction reservation buffer
Semiconductor memory device requiring refresh operation
Process for submitting and handling a service request in a local service management system
Crud-resistant nuclear fuel cladding
Image confirming method
Automatic determination and selection of build parameters for solid freeform fabrication techniques ...
Dynamic multi-level cache manager
Address counter test mode for memory device
Active region management techniques and associated methods of designing and manufacturing VLSI circu...
Infrared obstacle detection in the presence of sunlight
Photosonolysis of toxics in reactor with a metal partition
Multiplexer for a piezo ceramic identification device
Detection element for objects and detection device using the same
Turn signal assembly with tactile feedback
Telemetering system
Image recording method and apparatus with density control
Optical compensatory sheet producing method and apparatus, thermal treating method and apparatus, an...
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same and method of driving the same
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
Fabrication of fabry-perot polymer film sensing interferometers
Image forming apparatus
Method and system for down-converting and up-converting an electromagnetic signal, and transforms fo...
Method and system for examining tissue according to the dielectric properties thereof
Method of producing continuous, orthogonal signals and method of their use for examining and for det...
Method and device for measuring length, area or volume
Portable object such as, in particular, a timepiece, including a piezoelectric transducer for enteri...
Methods and devices for analysis of X-ray images
Dental x-ray positioning using adhesives
Edge phantom
Automatic reject unit spacer and diverter
Dual electron beam instrument for multi-perspective
Two-dimensional radiation and neutron image detectors
Semiconductor device
Methods and apparatus for detecting structural, perfusion, and functional abnormalities
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, program, and storage m...
Method for measuring powder x-ray diffraction data using one-or-two-dimensional detector
Method and apparatus for automatic image quality assessment
Automated method and system for the delineation of the chest wall in computed tomography scans for t...
Image storing method and image output system
Method and apparatus for intravascular localization and imaging without X-rays
Vortex phase shift mask for optical lithography
Electrostatic image developing toner and image forming method
Line edge roughness reduction by plasma treatment before etch
Methods and systems for determining a characteristic of a specimen prior to, during, or subsequent t...
Evaluating a geometric or material property of a multilayered structure
Straight down-type backlight module assembly structure
Decorative illuminated artificial icicle assembly
Method and device for modifying the irradiance distribution of a radiation source
Method and structure for attaching a lens to a housing in an automotive lighting assembly
Underwater lighting fixture with color wheel and method of control
Single light-emitting diode vehicle lamp
Sideview mirror assembly with utility features
Lamp device for a vehicle having a free curved surface and a lens without a prism
Fiberoptic illuminator
Display tree with bubble trunk
Method of producing an optical module
Optical sensor for use in high vacuums
Discharge lamp and outer bulb therefor
Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus
Mirror mounted emergency vehicle alert system
Road traffic weather observation system and self-emission road sign system
Lighted traffic sign attached to portable restroom
Integrated display for aircrafts
Anti-hijack system and method in a mode of forestalling the enemy
Lane marker recognizing apparatus
Traffic information notification system
Sources of, and methods for generating, optical pulses
Method for identifying risk cardiovascular disease patients
Fluorescence polarization-based homogeneous assay for deoxynivalenol determination in grains
Semiconductor memory device comprising circuit for precharging data line
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Method for discharging word line and semiconductor memory device using the same
Method for coding and transmitting transport format combination indicator
Apparatus and method for outputting audio signal of laptop computer coupled with docking station
Memory drive having multi-connector and method of controlling the same
Flash memory system
Downloading files from approved web site
Hybrid optical proximity correction for alternating aperture phase shifting designs
Physical identification data addressing method using wobble signal, wobble address encoding circuit,...
Optical pickup device and method of adjusting the same
Fiber optic cable for increased transmission capacity and wavelength division multiplexing optical t...
Method for recording information for fast accessing an area on an optical recording medium
Method of determining time to replace developing solution of printer
Video conferencing terminal
Audio conferencing with three-dimensional audio encoding
Contents consignment sale system and method for networking broadcasting
Self-retained RFI suppression choke for electric motor
Device for evaluating the density of protons present in a given body using nmr
Apparatuses for displaying information on vehicles
System for remote communication with an addressable target using a generalized pointing device
Radio altimeter test method and apparatus
Selectively coupled two-piece antenna
Antenna arrangement
Vehicle seating system capable of receiving and transmitting radio frequency signals
Radio frequency aperture
Mobile communications
Base station apparatus
Method for connection establishment in a radio system relaying packet-switched traffic
Synchronized communication system
Interference attenuating remote audience survey system and method
Spurious-response interference tester
Voltage controlled attenuator for multi-band and multi-mode transmitter and method thereof
Mobile radio machine
Cellular mobile telephone system that can be used on board a vehicle
Method of hand-over processing
Wireless remote cooking thermometer system
Device and method for welding thin-walled work pieces using ultrasound
Food package insert and decoder game
Apparatus for purifying water containing dissolved organic matters and trace harmful substances
Processing method for manufacturing black tea and an improved black tea
Calcium fortified beverages
Methods and compositions for brightening the color of thermally processed nutritionals
Avocado concentrate and process for preparing same
Juice and soy protein beverage and uses thereof
Insulated beverage or food container
Chewing gum manufacture using pin and blade extruders
Nucleotide sequences for detection of Bacillus anthracis
DHA-containing nutritional compositions and methods for their production
Food cooling compliance data logger
Portable audio system
Image storage method and apparatus
Relative positioning for vehicles using GPS enhanced with bluetooth range finding
Apparatus and method employing incoherent light emitting semiconductor devices as particle detection...
System and method for sensing data stored in a resistive memory element using one bit of a digital c...
Organic ferroelectric memory cells
No preheat system for a cooking appliance
Polyarylene copolymers and proton-conductive membrane
Media system
Method for introducing a powdered substance into a nostril
Powder inhaler for combined medicament
Method and concentrated composition for insect and animal control
Nucleic acid detection methods using universal priming
System and method for determining a customer associated with a range of IP addresses by employing a ...
Agent provided by USB device for executing USB device dependent program in USB host
Fiber with continuously changing chromatic dispersion
Plasma display device
Vehicle communication system with integrated pre-impact sensing
System and method for efficient data mirroring in a pair of storage devices
Computer performance improvement by adjusting a count used for preemptive eviction of cache entries
System and method for the discovery and use of repetitively accessed data
Local invalidation buses for a highly scalable shared cache memory hierarchy
Concurrent configuration of drives of a data storage library
Methods and apparatus for generating effective test code for out of order super scalar microprocesso...
Memory disambiguation scheme for partially redundant load removal
Data processing system and multiprocessor system
Viral replication detection using a counter virus
Method for restoring an operating system utilizing a storage device on a USB bus
Restarting a coupling facility command using a token from another coupling facility command
System and method for output of multipart documents
Creating standard VHDL test environments
Compositions and methods of zearalenone detoxification
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins and uses there...
Aluminum plate with thermoplastic resin coating and formed article comprising the same
Intravascular device for venting an inflatable chamber
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for data alignment
Abstract syntax notation to interface definition language converter framework for network management
Method for processing program files in a programming language capable of dynamic loading
Optical transmission module and optical communication system using the same
Animal habitat and display system
System and method for enabling a vendor mode on an integrated circuit
Methods for reducing cholesterol using Bacillus coagulans spores, systems and compositions
Phosphorous organic compounds and their use
Night light in combination with a patterned board
Discrimination procedure of a wanted signal from a plurality of cochannel interfering signals and re...
Methods to improve neural outcome
Image forming device with a cleaning unit
Compounds and methods for modulating cell-adhesion mediated drug resistance
Hot coffee mixing device for a coffee maker
Multiple-component combining
Battery containing a polycarbodiimide polymer
Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds and novel intermediates thereof
Optical information medium and its fabrication process
Olefin polymerizaion catalyst and method for polymerizing an olefin using the catalyst
Volumetric operating system for vehicle lifts
Axially-sealed NMR sample tube assemblies
Toner cartridge assembly and printing apparatus
Two-way speaker
Liquid crystal display and method for fabricating same
Methods for enhancing flow analysis
CDMA receiving method and circuit
Structured random packing for column
Composition and method for diagnosing auto-immune hepatitis
Peptide composition as immunogen for the treatment of allergy
Primer-specific and mispair extension assay for identifying gene variation
Detection and identification of pseudomonas species using the 16S-23S rRNA spacer
5'-thio phosphate directed ligation of oligonucleotides and use in detection of single nucleotide po...
Methods and compositions for treating flaviviruses and pestiviruses
Disk drive employing a spindle motor comprising a hub ratchet arm disengaged through angular velocit...
Storage media with non-uniform properties
Robust serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) cable connector
Intermediate layer for antiferromagnetically exchange coupled media
Premagnetization process for printing longitudinal media
Apparatus and method for detecting an optimal writing power
Servo data detection in presence of radial incoherence using multiple data detectors
Rotary magnetic head apparatus for performing reproduction operations using a plurality of reproduct...
Disk drive writer with capacitive boost
Implementation method of digital phase-locked loop
Method, apparatus and software for tape drive mechanical fault detection
Data cartridge import/export drawer having three-element, two-configuration slide
Magnetic recording medium having a disk drive and cartridge
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with improved write field gradient
Magnetic heads for perpendicular recording and magnetic recording disk apparatus using the same
Shutter mechanism for a portable data storage cartridge
Transducing head having improved studs and bond pads to reduce thermal deformation
Information recording method and apparatus, information reproducing method and apparatus
Disc drive suspension whose extending portion and flexure can be regulated
Encased E-block
Magnetic transducer with multilayer conductive leads including a tantalum layer, a chromium layer an...
Mems-based ESD protection of magnetic recording heads
Portable disk player
Apparatus and method to compensate for disturbance using learning control in an optical recording/re...
Information editing apparatus and information reproducing apparatus
Methods of using labeled probe molecules to quantify target molecules
Polysubstituted indan-1-ol systems for the prophylaxis or treatment of obesity
Polysubstituted indan-1-ol systems for the prophylaxis or treatment of obesity
Filling small dimension vias using supercritical carbon dioxide
Optical pickup apparatus an optical axis correcting element
Optical resonators with discontinuous phase elements
Wavelength control device for laser device
Tunable optical signal oscillator
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Tunable fabry-perot filter and tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Long wavelength VCSEL with tunnel junction, and implant
GaSb-clad mid-infrared semiconductor laser
Material systems for long wavelength lasers grown on GaSb or InAs substrates
Current blocking structure to improve semiconductor laser performance
Semiconductor laser device and optical disk reproducing and recording apparatus
Eyesafe Q-switched Er-doped solid-state laser
Laser oscillator and light scattering particle detector using the same
High energy DF chemical laser gain generator and related method for its fabrication
Solid-state laser device
Broadband optical spectrum generating apparatus and pulsed light generating apparatus
Recovery of clock pulses of wavelength division multiplexed optical signals
System, method, and product for dynamic noise reduction in scanning of biological materials
Suppression of stimulated brillouin scattering in optical transmissions
Coordinated brake control system
Methods of incorporating phosphate/borate fire retardant formulations into wood based composite prod...
System for the humidification of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Silica reinforced rubber composition and article with component thereof, including tires
Musical instrument having exchangeable components
Continuous in-line system for producing high temperature glass fiber materials
Apparatus for forming interconnects
Low contact resistance PEM fuel cell
Method of surface texturizing
High density floating gate flash memory and fabrication processes therefor
Light-emitting device having light-emissive particles partially coated with light-reflective or/and ...
Method of determining material using intensity of light
Belt device and image forming device using the same
Pallet assembly
Method and device for treating exhaust gases produced by an internal combustion engine
Process for preparing silicate porous product
Patterning of nanocrystalline diamond films for diamond microstructures useful in MEMS and other dev...
Hydrocarbon conversion process and catalyst useful therein
Method for anion removal by forming chemical precipitation under an electric field and continuous pr...
Organic sol and solid compound based on titanium oxide and amphiphilic compound and preparation meth...
Precipitation process
Method of producing iron oxide pellets
Inorganic acicular bodies and method for producing same
Silicon carbide with high thermal conductivity
Ammonia synthesis process and apparatus for use therein
Conversion of sodium bromide to anhydrous hydrobromic acid and sodium bisulfate
Hydrogen generation system using stabilized borohydrides for hydrogen storage
Thermal treatment of fine grain materials in a coarse-grain fluidized bed
Method for the preparation of cathode active material and method for the preparation of non-aqueous ...
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell and a tungsten or molybdenum substituted lithium positive elec...
Carbon molecular sieve and method for manufacturing the same
Benzamidine derivative
Hydroetching of high surface area ceramics using moist supercritical fluids
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple monitor orientations
Expandable implant with interlocking walls
Naphthyl compounds, intermediates, compositions, and methods of use
Pervasive, user-centric network security enabled by dynamic datagram switch and an on-demand authent...
Revetment for a bank
Aquifer recharge valve and method
Saltwater intrusion prevention system
Cable and method for laying in plastic tubes
Chromogenic substrates of sialidase and methods of making and using the same
Identification of arsacs mutations and methods of use therefor
Human polypeptide receptors for lysophospholipids and sphingolipids and nucleic acids encoding the s...
Presenilin associated membrane protein and uses thereof
High efficiency mRNA isolation methods and compositions
Serotonin-gated anion channel
Genetic engineering of syringyl-enriched lignin in plants
Expression of eukaryotic peptides in plant plastids
DNA fragment having promoter function
Plant genes encoding chloroplast division proteins
Soybean variety 92B47
Soybean variety 90B74
Inbred corn line LH246
Plants and seeds of corn variety I244225
Ringing SLIC fault handling
Voice activated/voice responsive item locator
Implicit area code determination during voice activated dialing
Method and apparatus for filtering asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) signals
Method and system for providing information for identifying callers based on a partial number
Special situation in intelligent network during which service provisioning fails but switching point...
System and method for selecting a destination number upon receiving a dialed number from a calling p...
Selective call waiting
Method and system of call origination using a service circuit node in an advanced intelligent networ...
Communication of user data to an automatic call distributor agent
Method and apparatus for detecting dual tone alerting signal in telephone systems
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation that suppresses echo leak through
Quadrature filter augmentation of echo canceler basis functions
Redundant operation of ring voltage generators utilizing voltage bus segmentation for fault isolatio...
Mobile station with audio signal adaptation to hearing characteristics of the user
Dialing using indirect addressing methods
Method and apparatus for signal frequency decoding without an analog bandpass filter
Method and apparatus for routing a transaction within a network environment
Copper-nickel-manganese alloy, products made therefrom and method of manufacture of products therefr...
Jewelry fastener assembly
Seat belt adjustment mechanism
Image searching method and image processing method
Controllable low proton source
Electrolytic cell for production of aluminum from alumina
Process for measuring CMOS device performance from hot carrier luminescence
Apparatus, method and system for detection and recovery of missing wireless devices in communication...
Ferroelectric capacitor, process for manufacturing thereof and ferroelectric memory
Method and system for automatic task focus swapping during browser wait time
Zirconium alloy having excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties for nuclear fuel cla...
Use of inhaled NO as anti-inflammatory agent
Mouthpiece for a particulate inhaler
Binary search engine and method
Wireless portable electronic device capable of receiving
Retaining wall assembly
Micro azimuth-level detector based on micro electro-mechanical systems and a method for determinatio...
Regeneration of biosensors
Organopolysiloxane compositions
Substituted pyridines as selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
Vehicle tailgate with storage capacity
System and method for controlling the editing by user action of digital objects created in a documen...
Facet arthroplasty devices and methods
Automatic server-side plug-and-play without user intervention
Portable entertainment media display and demo stand
System and process for microfluidics-based automated chemistry
Method and apparatus for spatially variable rate application of agricultural chemicals based on remo...
Display device equipped with plasma display panel
System and method for determining optimal wireless communication service plans based on spectrum lic...
Apparatus and method for making an electrical component
Enhanced 8b/10b encoding/decoding and applications thereof
Method for simulation of laser material deposition
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods relating to fucans
Fetuin-MGP-mineral complex in serum assayed to determine calcification risk
Optical disk drive
Metallic compounds and the use thereof in the polymerization of olefins
Artificial joint
System and method for user controlled insertion of standardized text in user selected fields while d...
Method and system for interpreting and validating experimental data with automated reasoning
Isolation of neurotrophins from a mixture containing other proteins and neurotrophin variants using ...
Device having microchambers and microfluidics
Inhibition of bone tumor formation using antisense cDNA therapy
Coolant cooled RF body coil
Blind transport format detection for communication
Image segmentation of embedded shapes using constrained morphing
Binding using absolute memory references
Method and apparatus for forming an image
Agricultural floor panel
Method of determining library parameters using timing surface planarity
Large water reservoir management system
Piezoelectric valve
Data processing apparatus having a flow control function for multi-cast transfer
Portable data collection system
Passive RFID tag that retains state after temporary loss of power
System and method for acquisition of related graphical material in a digital graphics album
Method, system and computer program product for multidisciplinary design analysis of structural comp...
Method for block polymer synthesis by controlled radical polymerization from dithiocarbamate compoun...
Method for manufacturing a soy protein product
Multidentate phosphite ligands, catalytic compositions containing such ligands, and catalytic proces...
Non-volatile memory with crown electrode to increase capacitance between control gate and floating g...
Threat assessment algorithm for forward collision warning
Poly(arylene ether)-containing thermoset composition, method for the preparation thereof, and articl...
Microwave oven door with choke structure
Ortho substituted benzaldehydes, preparation thereof and use thereof
Method and device for computer numerical control of machining of spectacle lenses
Method and system for efficiently transferring data objects within a graphics display system
Milk foam delivery pipe for an espresso coffee maker
Oral composition, method of making the oral composition and oral hygiene method in japanese and chin...
Taurine compounds
Process of producing a polarizer, polarizer, polarizing plate, and visual display
Hollow cylindrical catalyst and a method for producing a maleic acid anhydride
Continuous power supply with back-up generation
Apparatus and method for seamlessly upgrading the firmware of an intelligent electronic device
Short circuited capacitor detection in AC coupled links using boundary scan test methodology
Carbon fiber sheet and process for production thereof
Organic EL display device
Method for producing epoxides by oxidizing olefins
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Program guide display apparatus and program guide display method
Lockable sliding drawer tray
Lenses capable of post-fabrication modulus change
High density foam roll
System and method for emulating a surface EKG using an implantable cardiac stimulation device
Sample positioning method for surface optical diagnostics using video imaging
MEMS devices and methods of manufacture
Detection of metabolic dysfunctions using fluorescence emission from serum
Liquid droplet aerosols of nanoparticulate drugs
Method for providing convex piecewise-linear expression for multiple variable system
Portable laser device
Server application components with control over state duration
Method of controlling power in a telecommunication system
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors and method
Process for the manufacture of citalopram hydrobromide from 5-bromophthalide
Apparatus for preparing paper pulp from used paper
Process for ex vivo formation of mammalian bone and uses thereof
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Light source with matrix of microfilaments
Two hybrid assay that detects HIV-1 reverse transcriptase dimerization
Low melting high lithia glass compositions and methods
Acetylenic .alpha.-amino acid-based sulfonamide hydroxamic acid tace inhibitors
Crosslinkable creping adhesive formulations
Disulfone reagents and methods of preparing and using same
Targeted protective clothing patch
Methods of using cytokine antagonists to treat HIV infection and AIDS
Gravure process for full printing of large surfaces
Assay for identifying inhibitors of HIV RT dimerization
Human calcium binding protein and a polynucleotide encoding the same
Thiol-based NAALADase inhibitors
Method for ablating and/or coagulating tissue using moisture transport
Synthesis of 3,3,4,4-tetrafluoropyrrolidine and novel dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitor compounds
Interleaving A/D conversion type waveform digitizer module and a test apparatus
Dust sampling device
Airflow and conditioning control apparatus for exercise equipment
Laptop rope pulling exerciser
Exercise apparatus
Total trunk traction
Heat sink clip with interchangeable operating body
Coating agents which can be hardened by the addition of isocyanate groups as well as by the radiatio...
Method for forming an initial profile or a tool of the kind and a profile therefor
Rotary extrusion-blow moulding machine with tilting moulds
Method for manufacturing automobile interior article
Process for making non-thermoplastic starch fibers
Flowable and meterable densified fiber flake
Ceramic turbine blade attachment having high temperature, high stress compliant layers and method of...
Manufacturing method for an ID circuit of inkjet chips
Polymorphisms in known genes associated with human disease, methods of detection and uses thereof
Outsole of a shoe
Sole construction for footwear
Footwear sole
Outsole of a shoe
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Universal prosthesis with cushioned ankle
Process of making decorative footbeds for footwear
Multilayer polymeric/zero valent material structure for enhanced gas or vapor barrier and UV barrier...
Information processing apparatus and method as well as providing medium
Transaction dispatcher for a passenger entertainment system, method and article of manufacture
Intelligent transport system
Golf club accessory
Sole design and structure for athletic shoe
Shoe cleats
Self-traveling vehicle
Cathode plate of a carbon nano tube field emission display and its fabrication method
Metal oxyanion coated nano substrates
Hyperbranched polymers by multimonomer polymerization
Nano-manipulation by gyration
Immunogenic compositions for protection against chlamydial infection
Polysilicon layers structure and method of forming same
Semiconductor memory having storage cells storing multiple bits and a method of manufacturing the sa...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for improved performance of flash memory cell devices
Methods for forming wordlines, transistor gates, and conductive interconnects, and wordline, transis...
SOI based bipolar transistor having a majority carrier accumulation layer as subcollector
MOSFET with graded gate oxide layer
Integrated circuit with a reduced risk of punch-through between buried layers, and fabrication proce...
Integrated circuit having oversized components
Wafer pattern variation of integrated circuit fabrication
Lower profile package with power supply in package
Semiconductor package and package stack made thereof
Electrode structure, and method for manufacturing thin-film structure
Semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for enhanced embedded substrate inspection through process data collection and ...
Method for fabricating an integrated optical isolator and a novel wire grid structure
Optical semiconductor device provided with high-NA lens
System and method for detecting defects on a structure-bearing surface using optical inspection
Endpoint detection in substrate fabrication processes
Method of determining charge loss activation energy of a memory array
Method of automatic layout design for LSI, mask set and semiconductor integrated circuit manufacture...
Management of service components installed in an electronic device in a mobile services network
Magnetic resonance system with a transport element, an examination tunnel and an outer antenna arran...
Practical pulse synthesis via the discrete inverse scattering transform
Method and apparatus for nmr imaging
Video game of chance apparatus
Gaming device having a graduating award exchange sequence with a tease consolation sequence and an i...
Method of playing improved card games
Gaming device having incremental value disclosure
Method and apparatus for enhancing game play through savable game play state
Using transferred operation key status data to synchronize games running on multiple independent gam...
Controller interface for a graphics system
System and method for saving game data
Interactive video game controller adapter
Video game machine using digital camera and digital camera accessory for video game machine
Shooting game machine and shooting game system
Monitoring of large structures using brillouin spectrum analysis
Methods and systems for implementation of the calling name delivery service through use of a locatio...
Providing location data about a mobile entity
Cellular telephone using pseudolites for determining location
Location dependent services
System and method for enhanced wireless communication features
Wireless communication terminal for accessing location information from a server
Apparatus and method for mobile communication
Substrate handling system for aligning and orienting substrates during a transfer operation
Method and system for route planning
Apparatus and method for calibration of scan position for a peripheral device with document feeder
Topographically aligned layers and method for adjusting the relative alignment of layers and apparat...
Portable computer control for cooking appliances and method of using
Statistical and trend analysis of railroad bearing temperatures
Media storage and retrieval system
Raid volume for sequential use that needs no redundancy pre-initialization
System and method for searching a BIOS for a type of computer network drive to boot and an operating...
Method, computer program product, and system for detecting a peripheral device in a computer system
Methods and apparatus for accessing trace data
I/O based column redundancy for virtual ground with 2-bit cell flash memory
Compiler generation of instruction sequences for unresolved storage references
Method for automatic and semi-automatic event scheduling based on information embedded in multimedia...
Digital camera
Video camera utilizing power line modulation
Electronic apparatus, stand and electronic apparatus stand system
Camera module for compact printer system
Method and apparatus for exposure control for a sparsely sampled extended dynamic range image sensin...
Curved-screen immersive rear projection display
Device for reproducing three-dimensional image with background
Image pickup lens, image pickup unit and portable terminal
Method of assigning audio channel identification, method for selecting audio channel using the same,...
Receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting signal and receiving/recording/reproducing apparatus th...
Data storage and reduction method for digital images, and a surveillance system using said method
Method and system for high-level structure analysis and event detection in domain specific videos
On-vehicle camera calibration device
System and method for exposure compensation
Automatic traffic sign recognition
Method and system for controlling a vehicle having multiple control modes
Multimedia system with selectable protocol module including MPEG logic and docsis logic sharing a si...
Ammunition tracking system
Ink composition, recording medium, inkjet recording method, and recording
Method and device for producing double labels and corresponding double label
Assemblage of laminants for forming a graphic
Displaying data containing outlying data items
Process for blending of ink used in counterfeit detection systems
Computer-generated hologram fabrication process, and hologram-recorded medium
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Motorcycle taillight
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Portion of a combined lighting fixture and hanger
Didgeridoo light fixture
Diffuser for lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Liquid and lotion applicator with finger actuated bellows-type pressure pump
Refillable elongated offset dispenser with sponge head for applying tanning lotion to a user's back
Shaver handle
Pressed powder package
Dog litter box
Animal eyewear
Power scrubbing device
Scrubber head
Upright vacuum cleaner nozzle with pivoting agitator
Novelty creature coin dispenser bank
Multicast conference security architecture
Video scramble/descramble apparatus
Secure calling card and authentication process
Method and arrangement for ciphering information transfer
Method and system in a telephone exchange system
Exclusive key sharing method
Method and system for timed-release cryptosystems
Memory access method and circuit configuration
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 2`
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 3`
Angelonia plant named `Cart Pur`
Anthurium andreanum plant named `Anthbneq`
Shrub rose plant named `CHEwpeachdell`
Floribunda rose plant named `POULcs005`
Ageratum plant named `Agsantis`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Swing Time Mandarin`
Nectarine tree named `Honey Diva`
Euphorbia plant named `First Blush`
Gaillardia plant named `Summers Kiss`
Calla lily plant named `Hot Chocolate`
Peach tree named Weiser
Variety of Osteospermum plant named `Sumost 01`
Isolation of carotenoid crystals from microbial biomass
Pigment concentrates and their production
Hydrotreating catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Compositions comprising hexamantanes and processes for their separation
Compositions comprising nonamantanes and processes for their separation
Silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieve
Modified metalloaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Solid dose delivery vehicle and methods of making same
Effervescent composition including stevia
Sustained release pharmaceutical dosage forms with minimized pH dependent dissolution profiles
Anti-cancer extracts and pharmaceutical compositions and methods
Preventive or therapeutic agent for pollen allergy, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, asthma or ...
Ion conductive matrixes and their use
Compositions and methods for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease
Mammalian secreted group IIF phospholipase A2
Genes and proteins and their use
Bacillus subtilis takemi and compositions thereof
Foaming cosmetic compositions, uses for cleansing or make-up removal
CD40-Interacting and TRAF-interacting proteins
Suppression of vascular disorders by mucosal administration of heat shock protein peptides
Diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms
Steroidal sapogenins and their derivatives for treating alzheimer's disease
Medical device and methods of use
Insect control method using 1-phenylprazoles or 1-heteroarylpyrazoles
Pain reliever and method of use
Cancer treatment composition and method using natural plant essential oils
Neutrokine-alpha polypeptides
Construction and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against western equine encephalitis virus
Bobblehead photograph frame
Toy gun
Auto activity center with toy and baby bottle tether
Variable color and impression confection
Flying toy vehicle
Artificial eye with integrally molded eyelid
Combined audio/video monitor and light box assembly
Transformer over-current protection with RMS sensing and voltage fold-back
Wood planing machine with a shield member for a motor unit and a cutter member
Anchoring system for boat
Rigid hull inflatable boat with foam insert
Tubular compartmentalized integrated hull construction
Protective cover for a boat having a tee-top
Loading arrangement for floating production storage and offloading vessel
Process for the removal of calcium ions from the brine by marine cyanobacteria
Wave energy converter
Method for monitoring seafloor subsidence and for gravity monitoring an underground hydrocarbon rese...
Modules for use in an integrated intelligent assist system
Test and evaluation community network (TECNET)
Advanced magnetic stripe bridge (AMSB)
Games, and methods and apparatus for game play in games of chance
Gaming system with location verification
Internet facsimile machine
Method and system for accessing the internet
Distributed internet user experience monitoring system
System and method for routing voice over IP calls
Methods and apparatus for watermarking maps and other structured data
Embroidering device connected to network and the network system thereof
Methods and systems for selling voice data
Method and arrangement for preparing for the transmission of multimedia-related information in a pac...
Method for establishing channel-based internet access network
Method for accessing home-network using home-gateway and home-portal server and apparatus thereof
Thrust reverser system power drive unit with dual sequential torque decoupler and method
Internet linked environmental data collection system and method
Apparatus for launching heavy large payloads from an aircraft
Method and system for setting hull parameter of airship and method of adjusting ascension rate of th...
Aircraft landing gear
Process for assembly of landing gear on an aircraft structure and aircraft comprising such landing g...
Latch device, in particular for latching an airplane landing gear or an airplane landing gear hatch
Aircraft service pit latch
Modular spar tunnel
Apparatus and methods for positioning a cable behind a fixed structure
Flame arrestor to cover aircraft engines
Store ejection system with integral isolation valve and associated ejection method
Method of providing protection against the effects of solar originating protons, so as to make it po...
Orbiting a waypoint
Drawing aid device
Binary rotation teaching game
Method of playing a mathematical game
Method for biodegradable material having water and uric acid activated color images
Remote laboratory
System and method for creating, processing and managing educational content within and between schoo...
Electro-optical, out-door battle-field simulator based on image processing
Portable flight simulator
Mixing in small batches
System and method for enhancing user experience in a wide-area facility having a distributed, bounde...
Loyalty rewards for cash customers at a fuel dispensing system
Custom design and manufacturing program for interior designs
Controlling, configuring, storing, monitoring and maintaining accounting of bookkeeping information ...
Remote bidding supplement for traditional live auctions
System for printing on a local printer coupled to a meter server postage requested from a remote com...
Method for re-keying postage metering devices
Method and apparatus for recorded digital data protection via media volume
Method for securing software to reduce unauthorized use
Computer readable storage medium for securing software to reduce unauthorized use
Methods and apparatus for monitoring and encouraging health and fitness
Voice recognition landing fee billing system
Method and system for providing status indication and control to a computer network user
System and camera for automatically forwarding digital images to a service provider
System and apparatus for automatically forwarding digital images to a service provider
Suspension system for a tracked vehicle
Omni-directional, holonomic drive mechanism
Hybrid vehicle and method in which the engine is preheated before start
Assembly with locating-point inserts integrally molded or cast into locating structures
Propulsion engine housing
Driver protection structure and a device supporting the same
Reduction in TCS control frequency when cornering on a road surface having a low coefficient of fric...
Lift axle control
Control apparatus and method for four wheel drive vehicle
Occupant judging apparatus
Steering device for a vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus and control method therefor
Hydromechanical coupling with clutch assembly and magnetorheological clutch actuator
Housing assembly for electrical energy storage device
Propshaft with floating center support
Hydraulic motor apparatus including brake mechanism
Electronic drive unit assembly for heavy duty vehicles
Apparatus for filtering and cooling motorcycle engine oil
Remote start system for a vehicle having a data communications bus and related methods
Child safety seat with alarm
Method and apparatus for vehicle stability enhancement system
Lens shutter system
Apparatus having push-operatable operation member, and camera
Thermal development apparatus
Method for developing processing and apparatus for supplying developing solution
Camera with configurable focus area
Method and system for shipping of photofinishing orders
Digital image processing system for the manufacture of photographic prints
Recording apparatus, recording method and recording medium for preventing illegal duplication
Face image photographing apparatus and face image photographing method
Body scanner
Lens drive system
Autofocus system and camera system
Square wave modulated charging-control circuit for a flash unit of a camera
Camera having an openable lens cover
Sheet media package having radio-frequency identification transponder
Structure for mounting cameras on a vehicle
Thermostatic expansion valve exit flow silencer device
Lavatory flush tank silent-operating fill device
Earbud headset
Speaker's damper with lead wire and guide sleeve
System for insulating the sound emanating from a motor/pump unit
Method and apparatus for reducing acoustic noise in MRI scanners
Enfolding sound barrier
Sound producing vehicle exhaust system
Device at an acoustic liner
Electric/acoustic transducer module, in-ear hearing aid and method for manufacturing an in-ear heari...
Engine valve actuation system and method
Actuating drives for valve drives having a variably adjustable stroke, for valves of internal combus...
Display case with cards and kiosk
Security code verification for identification cards
Spectral watermarking for motion picture image data
MPEG video elementary stream extruction device and elementary stream extruction method used for the ...
Treatment of disorders by implanting stem cells and/or progeny thereof into gastrointestinal organs
System and method of filtering noise
Content delivery network system and method for network configuring
Zoned ultraviolet curing system for printing press
Compressed metal oxide composition
Method for producing fillers having improved bulk material stability and pourability
Photosensitive resin composition of aqueous emulsion type
Pumpably verifiable fluid fiber compositions
Chemical sensing apparatus and methods
Spectral analysis system with moving objective lens
Dry toner for electrophotography, and its production process
Image forming method using flattened spheroidal toner
Lithographic printing inks
Pressure-sensitive adhesive/adhesive and block copolymer suitable for use therein
Block copolymer melt-processable compositions, methods of their preparation, and articles therefrom
Constrained geometry addition polymerization catalysts
Method of preparing a stable, low pH phenolic resin
Methods of fabrication of deaggregated electrically conductive polymers and precursors thereof
Process for producing toner
Fluorescent lamp electrode for instant start circuits
Bus arbitration system and method for carrying out a centralized arbitration with independent bus re...
Apparatus and system for recovery of useful areas of partially defective direct rambus RIMM componen...
Method and circuit for hot swap protection
RAM functional test facilitation circuit with reduced scale
AMBA bus off-chip bridge
Single cycle cyclic redundancy checker/generator
Integrated circuit design flow with capacitive margin
Method of evaluating semiconductor integrated circuit to be designed in consideration of standby DC ...
Process of restructuring logics in ICs for setup and hold time optimization
Programmable multi-standard MAC architecture
Protocol for internal exchange of data between applications of a portable multi-application object a...
Microprocessor and method for performing selective prefetch based on bus activity level
Photodetector and photodetecting system capable of detecting information about the two-dimensional i...
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device conducting read operation using a reference cell
Process for the preparation of L-amino acids by fermentation and nucleotide sequences coding for the...
Cell-wall degrading enzyme variants
Cadherin derived growth factor and its use
Compositions and methods for screening antimicrobials
Multilayer polymeric/inorganic oxide structure with top coat for enhanced gas or vapor barrier and m...
High gloss ink jet recording media
Electrostatic image developing toner and preparation method thereof
Liquid developer, method for manufacture thereof, image forming device, and image forming method
Pressure sensitive sealant composition and method of sealing by using same
Thermoplastic polyester compositions having improved impact properties
Thermoplastic polymer and thermoplastic elastomer composition
Anionically produced polyamide and method for the production thereof and also a method for reprocess...
Aluminum-extruded LCD frame
Automated document processing system and method
Direct methanol fuel cell and system
Electroplating solution for high speed plating of tin-copper solder
Method of solvating a metal in an aromatic organic liquid
Compact antennas having directed beams and potentially more than one degree of freedom per concentra...
Dynamic and smart spreading for wideband CDMA
Method for transferring data using expanded permanent identifier
Water improver of coral algae, shell sand and ascorbate salt
Fragrance material
Conditioning compositions
Detection of sarcocystis neurona
N-acetylamino acids, related N-acetyl compounds and their topical use
Display apparatus and portable information processing apparatus
Elastin peptide analogs and uses of same incombination with skin enhancing agents
Low profile vaporizer
2-substituted heterocyclic compounds
Method of manufacturing soap with air bubbles
Water repellent composition and windscreen washer comprising a siloxane, ether alcohol, and cationic...
Scheduling circuitry and methods
Maintenance and management method of equipment for production operations and support system therefor
Power controlling apparatus and method in mobile communication system
Communication path impairment detection for duplex optic communication link
Position detector
Conductive member and electrophotographic apparatus incorporating the conductive member
Power control apparatus and method in a wireless communication system using scheduled packet data se...
Pneumatic tire having a rubber component containing a rubber gel and syndiotatic 1,2-polybutadiene
Preparation of a macrocyclic lactone
Agarose coated agarose beads containing cancer cells which produce cancer-cell proliferation-suppres...
Pneumatic actuator with elastomeric membrane and low-power electrostatic flap valve arrangement
Inverter having a slow speed drive mode for improved reliability
Thermal inkjet print head with blended enable trains
Reduced number of nonbuttable full-width array printbars required in a color printer
Blended fluorosilicone release agent for polymeric fuser members
Blended fluorosilicone release agent for silicone fuser members
Touchscreen display calibration using results history
Sapphire single crystal, semiconductor laser diode using the same for substrate, and method for manu...
Semiconductor light emitting element and semiconductor light emitting device
Semiconductor device
Method of treating farrowing sows to increase pig production
Electro-optical apparatus and method of driving electro-optical material, driving circuit therefor, ...
Transparent conductive film and composition for forming same
Molecular epitaxy method and compositions
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Laser irradiation method and laser irradiation apparatus, and method for fabricating semiconductor d...
Wiring line and manufacture process thereof and semiconductor device and manufacturing process there...
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having uniform crystal grains in a crystalline semicond...
Light-emitting device and its use
Gas treatment apparatus
Thermal insulation container with electric heater
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Thin-film EL device, and its fabrication process
Process for manufacturing inorganic article
Method of coating micro-electromechanical devices
Method for detecting polynucleotides encoding telomerase
Automatable rapid test for detection of cancer, based on telomerase (hTC) mRNA with specific primers...
Amide derivatives
Thiazole derivatives
Prodrugs of COX-2 inhibitors
Shortened synthesis of 3,3-diarylpropylamine derivatives
Tag housing and assembly method for annular apparatus
Branched chain amino acid-dependent aminotransferase inhibitors and their use in the treatment of ne...
Composition containing propargylamine for enhancing cancer therapy
Water-absorbing agent and process for producing the same
Quinones as disease therapies
Light emitting device and method of driving the same
Optical communication module
Process and device for generating test patterns when applying solder paste by a screen printing proc...