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Device and a method for removing solids
Systems and methods of blood-based therapies having a microfluidic membraneless exchange device
Angelonia plant named `Balangloud`
Floribunda plant `POULcs003`
Hydrangea plant named `Bailmer`
Flowering pear tree
Chrysanthemum plant named `Chasix`
Ageratum plant named `Agmontis`
Polygonatum plant named `Kelli's Gold`
South American thornless mesquite `Cooper`
Serviceberry tree named `JFS-Arb`
Geranium plant named `Balshopink`
Remote mirroring with write ordering sequence generators
Method of transferring messages between computer programs across a network
Fluorescent luminous tube
Radio system attenuator for an antenna
GaN structures having low dislocation density and methods of manufacture
Fabrication method and structure for ferroelectric nonvolatile memory field effect transistor
Ultra-thin fully depleted SOI device and method of fabrication
Paint can inlay device
Inhalant medicator
Tillandsia plant named `Tilstsil`
Over-expressing homologous antigen vaccine and a method of making the same
Laser-induced cell lysis system
Quiesce system storage device and method in a dual active controller with cache coherency using stri...
Language learning apparatus and method therefor
Thermoplastic elastomer composition, and formed article and composite formed article using the same
Plasma display panel
Apparatus, systems and methods for navigation data transfer between portable devices
Switched virtual circuit call processing/routing system
Nucleic acid molecules encoding human secreted hemopexin-related proteins
Hierarchical test circuit structure for chips with multiple circuit blocks
Magnetic resonance apparatus with multiple microphones for improving clarity of audio signals for a ...
ATR-2 cell cycle checkpoint
Firelog grate for retaining fire starters
Storage system with LUN virtualization
Capacitor, semiconductor device, electro-optic device, method of manufacturing capacitor, method of ...
Milker unit detacher for rotary milking parlor
Scale and corrosion inhibitors
Method for enhancing stem cell trafficking
Intranasal administration of polypeptides in powdered form
Phosphate flame retardant polymers
Sectional display system
Systems and methods for antenna selection in an ad-hoc wireless network
Powder inhaler
Compliant and crosslinkable thermal interface materials
Method and device for development for an image forming apparatus
Toothbrush with linear and rotary fields
Angiogenesis-inhibitory tripeptides, compositions and their methods of use
Method for producing bicyclic 1,3-diketones
Cable, in particular for electric energy transportation or distribution, and an insulating compositi...
Alpha olefin monomer partitioning agents for drag reducing agents and methods of forming drag reduci...
Control method of electronic device controllable from external control apparatus by communication
Electrochromic device
Fixing device having heat applying rotary body and pressure applying rotary body, and image forming ...
Optimising image compositing
Escape apparatus detecting an emergency situation and providing illumination
Measuring performance metrics of networked computing entities
Carbamate compounds for use in the treatment of pain
Surface acoustic wave device and communication device including same
Method and apparatus for decomposing and verifying configurable hardware
Fully exhibiting asynchronous behavior in a logic network simulation
System and method for handling set structured data through a computer network
Methods, apparatus, and product for distributed garbage collection
Method and apparatus for sending private messages within a single electronic message
Directory enabled policy management tool for intelligent traffic management
Inhibition of viral infection and spread with viral and RhoA-derived peptides
HIV-1 gp120 V1/V2 domain epitopes capable of generating neutralizing antibodies
Crosslinkable creping adhesive formulations
Production of lines of light as an aid to positioning a robot
Nanocomposite devices and related nanotechnology
Luminescent nanoparticles and methods for their preparation
Method and apparatus for micromachines, microstructures, nanomachines and nanostructures
HIN-1, a tumor suppressor gene
Laboratory scale milling process
Method of manufacturing field emission device
Memory device
Tri-layer masking architecture for patterning dual damascene interconnects
Luminescence stabilization of anodically oxidized porous silicon layers
Nanocomposite coatings
Frit material and bonding method for microfluidic separation devices
Compositions comprising tetramantanes and processes for their separation
Ion exchange membranes, methods and processes for production thereof and uses in specific applicatio...
Construction structures and manufacturing processes for integrated circuit wafer probe card assembli...
UV radiation reflecting or absorbing agents, protecting against harmful UV radiation and reinforcing...
Magnetic fluid
GPS receiver and related method
System for polarization tilting and main beam steering of airship antenna using GPS
Tunnel magnetoresistive effect element, method of manufacturing tunnel magnetoresistive effect eleme...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with connections formed using a conductor embedded in a cont...
Semiconductor device comprising capacitor
Semiconductor component with substrate injection protection structure
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with connections formed using a conductor embedded in a cont...
Inverted staggered thin film transistor with salicided source/drain structures and method of making ...
Backside buried strap for SOI DRAM trench capacitor
Semiconductor optical device and method of manufacturing the same
Grid metal design for large density CMOS image sensor
Crystalline silicon thin film semiconductor device, crystalline silicon thin film photovoltaic devic...
Position sensing detector for the detection of light within two dimensions
Buried, fully depletable, high fill factor photodiodes
Bipolar junction transistor with reduced parasitic bipolar conduction
Incorporation of carbon in silicon/silicon germanium epitaxial layer to enhance yield for Si-Ge bipo...
Light emitting device comprising a substrate, a transparent electrode, a layer of light emitting mat...
Lenticular lens sheet including light-shielding layer and process of producing the same
Semiconductor capacitor structure and method to form same
Insulated gate transistor
Silicon on insulator device and layout method of the same
Organic electroluminescence unit
Ambipolar organic transistor
Spanning tree support in a high performance network device
Information processing method, device and program conduct
Superconducting magnet and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the same
System for digitizing transient signals
Hand-held trackball computer pointing device
Response assessment
Dispersive spectrometer
Systems and methods for amplified optical metrology
Passive tilt correction on two axes
Tunable optical filter
Integrated waveguide gratings by ion implantation
Reload error compensation in color process control methods
Transfer of different data types in a telecommunications system
Generating and displaying a virtual core and a virtual plug associated with a selected piece of the ...
Network-based method and system for analyzing and displaying reliability data
Finite state data structures with paths representing paired strings of tags and tag combinations
Method and apparatus for audio-visual speech detection and recognition
Production mail system having subsidies for printing of third party messages on mailpieces
Method and apparatus for performing secure processing of postal data
Method and device for improving the efficiency of a postage meter
System, method and apparatus providing collateral information for a video/audio stream
Rotationally desensitized unistroke handwriting recognition
System and method for reducing power consumption in a universal serial bus device
Multiple sensor vehicle occupant detection for air bag deployment control
Process and device for detecting and monitoring a number of preceding vehicles
Homeotropically aligned liquid crystal layer and process for the homeotropic alignment of liquid cry...
Gray scale and color cholesteric liquid crystal displays
Optical modulator and method of manufacturing the same
Method for generating shift-invariant filters
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing rolled medium products
Robot control system and robot control method
Assay methods for hydratable cementitious compositions
Database system
Radiation image storage panel
Binderless phosphor screen having a pigmented interlayer
Photoconductor materials based on new phase of titanyl phthalocyanine
Radiographic imaging system and silver halide photographic material
Silver halide emulsion
Testing circuit for charge detection circuit, LSI, image sensor, and testing method for the charge d...
Method and system for high-speed, 3D imaging of optically-invisible radiation
Radiation image storage panel
Plasma focus light source with improved pulse power system
Tft matrix for optical sensor comprising a photosensitive semiconductor layer, and optical sensor co...
Techniques for deriving tissue structure from multiple projection dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry
Matched view weighting methods and apparatus using multiple tilted reconstruction planes
Noncontact type signal transmission device and x-ray computed tomography apparatus including the sam...
System and method for acquiring x-ray data
X-ray projection exposure device, X-ray projection exposure method, and semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for transmitting information about a target object between a prescanner and a C...
Method, system and computer product for processing dual energy images
X-ray generating apparatus, X-ray imaging apparatus, and X-ray inspection system
X-ray tube high voltage connector
Digital film processing feature location method and system
Method for controlling a drug dispensing system
Method for controlling a drug dispensing system
Browser user inter face for client workstation
System and method for creating conversationally-styled summaries from digesting email messages
Quinoxalinones for enhancing chemotherapy
System and method for partitioning a system timing reference among multiple circuit boards
Command console for home monitoring system
Exposure control apparatus in a lithography system and method thereof
Method for automatically extracting image effect color and recovering original image color
MEMS variable optical attenuator
Projection lens apparatus for a projector and method of assembling same
Display units
Method for programming a three-dimensional memory array incorporating serial chain diode stack
Memory device having reduced layout area
Column redundancy scheme for serially programmable integrated circuits
Integrated circuit capable of being burn-in tested using an alternating current stress and a testing...
Apparatus for discriminating optical disc and method therefor
Optical pickup compatible with a digital versatile disk and a recordable compact disk using a hologr...
Method for adaptive forward power control for spread-spectrum communications
Reverse closed loop power control in control hold state for CDMA communication system
Multiple-channel digital receiver for global positioning system
Bandwidth-efficient concatenated trellis-coded modulation decoder and decoding method thereof
Apparatus and method for removing carrier liquid from a photoreceptor surface or from a toned image ...
Method for retrieving message in mobile telecommunication terminal
Object growth control system and method
Method and apparatus for automatically processing business contract information into licensed end-us...
Method of extracting interconnection capacitance of semiconductor integrated chip and recording medi...
Scaling images for display
System for reducing the effect of aerodynamic induced errors in a drop-on-demand printing system
Display device
Power-saving circuit and method for light sources of a display device
Method and apparatus for selection of signals in a teleconference
Image sensing module outputting color signals or monochrome signals depending on mode of operation
Storable digital camera associated with a computer system
Camera with optoelectric transducer arrangement rotatable about axis perpendicular to image plane
Photoelectric transducer and solid-state image pickup device
Focus and exposure measurement in digital camera using charge binning
Three-dimensional image capturing device
Imaging apparatus with detectors for judging the operating condition of the apparatus
Exposure apparatus having image display functions, and electronic camera, data terminal, and portabl...
Program optimization method, and compiler using the same
Dominant edge identification for efficient partition and distribution
Re-encoding illegal OP codes into a single illegal OP code to accommodate the extra bits associated ...
Method and apparatus for upgrading disk drive firmware in a RAID storage system
Apparatus and method for detecting contamination of object by a metal
Monitoring messages during execution of a message flow
Memory allocation profiling to discover high frequency allocators
Analysis of executable program code using compiler-generated function entry points and endpoints wit...
Techniques for securing data flow in internet multicasting
Security method and system for persistent storage and communications on computer network systems and...
Power reduction in computing devices using micro-sleep intervals
Method and apparatus for detecting corrupt software code
Method and apparatus for efficiently managing bandwidth of a debug data output port or buffer
VLSI chip test power reduction
Built-in self-testing for double data rate input/output
Method and apparatus for inter-application communication in wireless networks
Bonding type semiconductor substrate, semiconductor light emitting element, and preparation process ...
Magnetic random access memory using memory cells with rotated magnetic storage elements
Ferroelectric memory device and method of forming the same
Method of forming an electroless nucleation layer on a via bottom
Event finder with navigation system and display method thereof
Method and device for automatically preparing processing program
Method and system for efficiently importing/exporting removable storage volumes between virtual stor...
Brush wiper for paint can
Non-flammable aerosol insecticidal compositions
Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Coronation`
GPS equipped mobile phone with single shared antenna
Pharmaceutical uses and synthesis of diketopiperazines
Porous composite product for the absorption of organic compounds
Computer system with registered peripheral component interconnect device for processing extended com...
Process for producing 3,3,3-trifluoro-2-hydroxypropionic acid or its derivative
Method of translating a source operation to a target operation, computer program, storage medium, co...
User control of multiple memory heaps
Method for hydrogenation of polymer
Plasma display panel driving method and plasma display apparatus
System and method for automatically negotiating license agreements and installing arbitrary user-spe...
System for optimizing the production of a milk producing animal herd
Method of controlling a network element to aggregate alarms and faults of a communications network
Data terminal apparatus
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Universal interface system
Lipid derivatives of polythiourea
Methods and systems for biometric identification of individuals using linear optical spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
EMC enhancement for differential devices
Method and apparatus for verifying data local to a single thread
Shock actuated responsive mechanism with means to enable a remote detecting means to determine that ...
Method and system for a policy enforcing module
Chip-type solid electrolytic capacitor having a terminal of a unique shape and method of producing t...
Milking apparatus for laboratory animals
Correction of spacing violations between dummy geometries and wide class objects of design geometrie...
Method for preparing silicone oils by hydrosilylation of synthons containing at least a hydrocarbon ...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Pharmaceutical compositions containing DDS compounds
Stimulable phosphor sheet storing cassette, radiation image photographing apparatus, photographing i...
Automobile protection system
Non-zero complex weighted space-time code for multiple antenna transmission
Tracheal cannula
Enclosure with interface device for facilitating communications between an electronic device and a v...
Mouthwash dispenser
Laulimalide derivatives
Opaque film made of polylactic acids
Infrared sensing of concentration of methanol's aqueous solution
Fuel cell and fuel cell stack
Propylene/ethylene block copolymer, blushing-resistant transparent polypropylene resin for molding, ...
Low power buffer implementation
Telescoping seat assembly for a construction vehicle
Hard disk drive utilizing second lubricant over a first lubricant having a phosophezine group
Image bearing member cleaning apparatus featuring a rotary member for magnetically bearing toner
Paint film thickness predicting method and system for actual car, and recording medium
Image processing method, apparatus and system
Updating trusted root certificates on a client computer
Direct sequence CDMA receiver having a delay profile producer with an interpolation function
Process for preparing a piperidine derivative
Purified active HCV NS2/3 protease
Hepatitis C viral antigen immunoassay detection systems
Method of recovering a plurality of nucleic acids by an identical stationary phase and an apparatus ...
Nucleoside compounds and uses thereof
Proxy session count limitation
Magnetic recording device having a particular frame plate configuration
Disk clamp with one or more load distributing, balancing and/or stabilizing grooves
Disk drive including a pair of actuator coils each with a radial segment generally perpendicular to ...
Disk drive including an actuator coil with side segments equally overlapping inner and outer magnet ...
Magnetoresistive sensors having submicron track widths and method of making
Mobile asset security and monitoring system
Wavelength-swept laser and method for its operation
Micro-electromechanical devices for wavelength tunable lasers
Wavelength tunable high repetition rate optical pulse generator
Solid-state laser device
Solid state system and method for generating ultraviolet light
Semiconductor laser apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
InGaAsP or InGaAs semiconductor laser element in which near-edge portion of active layer is substitu...
Gain guide implant in oxide vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Surface emitting semiconductor laser
Method and structure for nitride based laser diode arrays on a conducting substrate
High speed modulation of arrayed lasers
Nonlinear semiconductor light sources
High-power, kink-free, single mode laser diodes
Laser oscillator
Tunable single frequency filter for lasers
Co-alignment of time-multiplexed pulsed laser beams to a single reference point
Device having touch sensitivity functionality
Methods and apparatus for in vivo identification and characterization of vulnerable atherosclerotic ...
Door safety guard
Magnetic seal
Method of manufacturing a dual-sided stamper/imprinter, method of simultaneously forming magnetic tr...
Permanent, removable tissue markings
Method for producing cathode active material and method for producing non-aqueous electrolyte cell
Method of manufacturing microlens array and microlens array
Forming method for composites
Anti-ferromagnetically coupled perpendicular magnetic recording media
Routing calls with overflows in a private network
Non-linear echo cancellation for wireless modems and the like
Multicast meeting unit and multicast meeting program
Telecommunications line test extension apparatus
System and method for construction, delivery and display of iTV content
Orthodontic flossing guide
Food serving system
Disposable pump and drive mechanism for dispensing a liquid food product
Food processor comprising memory means for storing operational data
Food processor
Apparatus for measuring internal temperatures of food patties
Apparatus and method for stacking food portions
Process for production of phosphoric acid by crystallization of phosphoric acid hemihydrate
Food compositions, compositions for oral cavity and medicinal compositions for preventing or treatin...
Food compositions and methods of preparing the same
Packaging container, packaged food and packaged feed
Method for producing just fresh-cooked food products and production system therefor
Food material and process for producing the same, and cheese-like food and process for producing the...
Enhanced precooked egg product and process for formulation of precooked egg products
Online digital photography game system
Method of operating a gaming device having termination variables
Gaming bonus device and method of use
External storage device unit, and information processor having the same
Padded sports glove having improved flexibilty and breathability
Deer feeder
Labyrinth type mental game machine
Method and system for adaptive network security using intelligent packet analysis
Process for data driven application integration for B2B
Well treating process and system
Thermal shutdown circuit
Noise reducing method for radio portable terminal
Nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device
Method of fabricating a ferroelectric memory device
Method for forming a thin film using an atomic layer deposition (ALD) process
Film which can be inscribed by a laser beam
Combination personal data assistant and personal computing device with master slave input output
SQL-based analytic algorithm for cluster analysis
Apparatus and methods for providing coordinated and personalized application and data management for...
Delivery of physiologically active compounds through an inhalation route
Suspension of an EPI-HNE protein, process of preparation thereof, dry powder aerosol derived therefr...
System and method for serving pre-generated presentation views of requested data
Interactive sports timer with audio output
Heating a leach field
Avocado tree named `Merensky 2`
Frozen biocidal compositions and methods of use thereof
Method and system for configuring input/output points
Antenna interface unit
Method for depositing an enzyme on an electrically conductive substrate
Play and record audio system embedded inside a photograph
Cable modem having a programmable media access controller
Medical impacting device and system
Processing architecture having field swapping capability
LED light source-based instrument for non-invasive blood analyte determination
Method and apparatus for database query decomposition
Personalized search methods including combining index entries for catagories of personal data
Incorporating a personalized wireframe image in a computer software application
Method of driving plasma display panel
Updating the capability negotiation information of a mobile station with an editing application down...
Electromechanical horn warning system
Electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
Microphone and battery configuration for hearing instruments
Mechanism for building access control structures for authoring systems
System and method for enterprise-wide business process management
Apparatus for measuring a magnetic field
Process for preparing comb-branched polymers
Human secreted proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Casket dish
TGF-.alpha. polypeptides, functional fragments and methods of use therefor
Writing instrument
Decking for receipt of skylights
Method for producing ethylene polymers in a high-pressure process
Flexible apparatus for setting configurations using an EEPROM
Expandable threaded arcuate interbody spinal fusion implant with lordotic configuration during inser...
Reduced screen control system for interactive program guide
Delivering output XML with dynamically selectable processing
Tissue plasminogen activator-like protease
Fiber optic interferometric vital sign monitor for use in magnetic resonance imaging, confined care ...
Method and system for minimal-time bit-error-rate testing
Animal model of polyglutamine toxicity, methods of use, and modulators of polyglutamine toxicity
Direction and speed control device for a motor vehicle
Process for the synthesis of 1-(3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)ethan-1-one
Silicon single crystal and wafer doped with gallium and method for producing them
Method of fixing a laser diode to an optical base and optical pickup using the optical base
Recharge apparatus for holding the rechargeable device
Biosensor and methods of use thereof
Process for optimizing milk production
Interrupt and status reporting structure and method for a timeslot bus
Surgical retractor and liner
Rear interconnect blade for rack mounted systems
Two-port vacuum valve capable of adjusting valve-opening
Apparatus, method and system for multimedia access network channel management
Networked video multimedia storage server environment
Arrangement for and method of establishing a logical relationship among peripherals in a wireless lo...
Radio frequency identification systems and methods for waking up data storage devices for wireless c...
Web based no print feature
Device for supporting a machine part when subjected to force
Delay correlation analysis and representation for vital complaint VHDL models
Process for the preparation of hydroxymethylbutyric acid
Quantum dot lasers
Purification of fibrinogen
Rare-earth doped phosphate-glass single-mode fiber lasers
Vehicle alert system
Selective antagonists of A2B adenosine receptors
Reinforced thermoplastic composition and articles derived therefrom
Laminated thermoformable film structures useful for packaging food products
Process for preparing (metal) alkylphosphonites II
Magnetic hub assembly for data storage disk
Heat-sensitive recording material
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersable polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Medical pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet, and first aid adhesive tape
Ultrasonic transducer system having an organic-structural-material housing
Compositions comprising hydrogenated block copolymers and end-use applications thereof
System and method for measuring fuel cell voltage and high frequency resistance
Control unit for a power-distribution network
Hot-swappable router interface card with stable power on/off procedure
Lithium-ion battery using heat-activatable microporous membrane
Method and apparatus for leak-testing an electroluminescent device
Method for making an oxirane
System and method for performing design rule check
Interchangeable power turbine cartridge assembly
Consumable authentication protocol and system
Fixing device including guide unit and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining orientation
Anti-amyloid peptide antibody based diagnosis and treatment of a neurological disease or disorder
Guide plate, surface light source device of side light type and liquid crystal display
Method and system for verifying and storing documents during a program failure
Method and apparatus for testing CDMA signal propagation and coverage
1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroisoquinolines derivatives as urotensin II receptor antagonists
Azacyclic compounds
Fluorenecarboxylic acid esters, process for the manufacture thereof, and use thereof as medicaments
Process for the preparation of 4-[1-hydroxy -4-[4-(hydroxydiphenylmethly)-1-piperidinyl]-butyl]-.alp...
Field effect transistor with channel extending through layers on a substrate
Methods for manufacturing bioelectronic devices
Electrophoretic display liquid and electrophoretic display medium and device using the liquid having...
Hidden overweight preventing system and method
Dynamic element matching in A/D converters
Pluggable electronic module and receptacle with heat sink
Method and apparatus for setting register on a multicolor printing machine
Sealing array
Screw extruder with improved mixing pins
Apparatus and method for extruding single-component liquid strands into multi-component filaments
Shaping apparatus for an extrusion system
Apparatus and method for extrusion of thin-walled tubes
Hydraulic composition for extrusion molding
Method for producing cellulosic forms
Liquifier pump control in an extrusion apparatus
Foamed thermoplastic resin sheet and manufacturing method of the same
Surface modification of silicon nitride for thick film silver metallization of solar cell
Methods and compositions for enhancing sensitivity in the analysis of biological-based assays
Coprecipitant and method for extracting nucleic acids
Polynucleotide encoding MRE11 binding polypeptide and uses thereof
Plant long chain fatty acid biosynthetic enzyme
Plants which synthesize a modified starch, process for the production thereof and modified starch
Soybean cultivar S010353
Soybean variety 95B42
Soybean variety 91B03
Soybean variety XB05A03
Soybean cultivar 92478609
Soybean cultivar 0491726
Soybean cultivar 92440927
Soybean cultivar 0487685
Potato cultivar FL 1909
Enhancing endophyte in grass
Inbred maize line PH3AV
Inbred corn line G0302
Inbred corn line G1202
Method for separation of particles
Method and system for analyzing chromatograms
Method and apparatus for determining gene expression levels
System, method, and user interfaces for mining of genomic data
Method and arrangement for limiting the use of a display device
Portable electronic device, entertainment system and method of operating the same
Device for controlling the amplitude of a swinging body
Graphical user interace with multimedia identifiers
Extensible evacuation slide
Method and computer program product for controlling the control effectors of an aerodynamic vehicle
Device for removably fastening a first part to a second part mountable in an aircraft
Optical position measurement system employing one or more linear detector arrays
Flight attendant actuated warning system and method
Flight plan intent alert system and method
Method of recording a vibration isolation system
Process for designing flight controllers
Tie down for plastic grape canopy
Golf ball equator locating apparatus
Golf bag
Dual surface for sport event or game
Telescopic putter mounted to headband
Golf ball compositions comprising lipid-based nanotubules
Fabrication method of nanostructured tungsten carbide bulk material
Optical disc
Vertical nano-size transistor using carbon nanotubes and manufacturing method thereof
Ohmic contacts on n-type silicon carbide using carbon films
Method of preparing nano-level platinum/carbon electrocatalyst for cathode of fuel cell
Devices for guiding and manipulating electron beams
Field emission display device with gradient distribution of electrical resistivity
Method and apparatus for measuring thickness of thin films with improved accuracy
Local SONOS-type structure having two-piece gate and self-aligned ONO and method for manufacturing t...
Semiconductor device with function of modulating gain coefficient and semiconductor integrated circu...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device incorporating memory cell transistor and logic transistor, a...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Dielectrically separated wafer and method of the same
Magneto-resistive random access memory
Epitaxially grown compound semiconductor film and compound semiconductor multi-layer structure
Semiconductor devices with multiple isolation structure and methods for fabricating the same
Integrated capacitor for sensing the voltage applied to a terminal of an integrated or discrete powe...
Vertical bipolar transistor and a method of manufacture therefor including two epitaxial layers and ...
High permeability composite films to reduce noise in high speed interconnects
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Method for forming a semiconductor interconnect with multiple thickness
Alignment for buried structures formed by surface transformation of empty spaces in solid state mate...
Electrical connection between two faces of a substrate and manufacturing process
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board and electronic instrument
Wire bonding for thin semiconductor package
Method for measuring NBTI degradation effects on integrated circuits
Thin film transistor, liquid crystal display panel, and method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Method for forming a self-aligned pixel electrode of an LCD
Method of characterizing a semiconductor surface
Eye-tracking driving system
Method for maintaining high-quality focus during high-throughput, microscopic digital montage imagin...
Generating resized images using ripple free image filtering
Developer apparatus and image forming apparatus
Call-based provisioning of mobile equipment location information
Detecting and preventing fraudulent use in a telecommunications network
Technique for continually providing directional assistance over a communication network to a user
Tracking agent call processing locations in connection with an automatic call distribution system
Method and apparatus for improved location determination in a private radio network using a public n...
Method and system for facilitating location-based services
Programmatically computing street intersections using street geometry
Space weather prediction system and method
Method and apparatus for modeling injection of a fluid in a mold cavity
Simulation vector generation from HDL descriptions for observability-enhanced statement coverage
Method for generating rich sound environments using genetic or shaped algorithms
Meaning-based advertising and document relevance determination
Apparatus and method for reconstructing a file from a difference signature and an original file
Method for interfacing scanned product information with a source for the product over a global netwo...
Storage system certifying a host computer
Lock management system and method for use in a data processing system
Short edge management in rule based OPC
Systems and methods of introducing and receiving information across a computer network
Automated delivery and inventory status notification system and method
Dynamic packet filter utilizing session tracking
Method for measuring channel characteristics with the internet control message protocol
Method, system, and computer program product for route quality checking and management
IP conference call waiting
Internet caller identification system and method
Communication method, radio base station apparatus and radio terminal apparatus
Apparatus, and associated method, for remotely effectuating a transaction service
Method and apparatus for conducting purchases in private over a network
Advanced internet interface
System for and method of relational database modeling of ad hoc distributed sensor networks
Alert notification system
Method and system for providing dynamic hosted service management across disparate accounts/sites
Method and system for tunnel optimized call setup for mobile nodes
Tracking and propagating updates to a message-driven system of interdependent components
Measuring device for teaching incremental measurements
Method and device for the visual simulation of exploding bodies
Visual display system and method for displaying images utilizing a holographic collimator
Method for educating children
Consolidated online assessment system
Systems and methods with error resilience in enhancement layer bitstream of scalable video coding
Electronic still camera
CMOS imager with quantized correlated double sampling
Bilateral filtering in a demosaicing process
Light-electricity converting apparatus using non-volatile memory and image apparatus using the same
Focus detecting device
Method and apparatus for detecting camera sensor intensity saturation
XDS enhancement system
Picture frame generating circuit and digital television system using the same
Method and apparatus for isolating noise from a tuner in a television signal receiver
Ghost cancellation reference signals for broadcast digital television signal receivers and receivers...
System and method for camera selection tallying for multiple camera video production
Image reading apparatus and focusing control method
Communications system
HDTV channel equalizer
Interpolation of video compression frames
Vision measuring machine, method, and medium
Motion vector searcher and motion vector search method as well as moving picture coding apparatus
Bandwidth conserving near-end picture-in-picture videotelephony
Calculations of coordinates of target image displayed on monitor screen
Adaptive control of LCD display utilizing imaging sensor measurements
Wax scented animals and method of fabrication
Bird repeller and assembly method
Cardboard/paperboard box with internal, removable, temporary tattoo
Concealable toy water shooter
Self-propelled aquatic toy
Remote controlled toy
Valve and retainer for latex balloons
Hula hoop
Toy with a waverring or dancing figure in a liquid container
eTroops infrared shooting game
Method and system for controlling drive of a robot
Manufacturing system for small planing watercrafts
Inflating watercraft flotation device
Composite-shell pneumatic craft convertible into a closed box
Airdrop type buoy apparatus
Carrier member made of a UV resistant fiber-reinforced composite material and process for producing ...
Pool cleaning method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for single camera 3D vision guided robotics
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Method and system for delivering music
Ear level device for synthesizing music
Electronic mail system and device
Internal combustion engine and method for the operation thereof
Oil control valve and installing method thereof
Method for 3-step variable valve actuation
Lubrication system using valves to meet various engine oil pressure requirements
Engine with modified cam profiles for internal EGR control
Changing instruction order by reassigning only tags in order tag field in instruction queue
Scan interface chip (SIC) system and method for scan testing electronic systems
Bus arbitrator supporting multiple isochronous streams in a split transactional unidirectional bus a...
Dual-edge fifo interface
System for storing data and method of controlling the writing of redundant data
Communications architecture for a high throughput storage processor employing extensive I/O parallel...
Vignette inspection system
Development of DNA probes and immunological reagents specific for cell surface-expressed molecules a...
Discovery, localization, harvest, and propagation of an FGF2 and BDNF-responsive population of neura...
Calibration of a focus sum threshold in a focus servo system
Method and system for controlling the order of departure of temporarily stored information or object...
Methods and systems for searching a low complexity random codebook structure
Pipelined access to address table in a network switch
Distributed file system using scatter-gather
Stacked network switch configuration
Photonic switching apparatus for optical communication network
Digital video recording system and its recording medium
Method and apparatus for searching a gated pilot
Drinking straw with integral filtration system
Germicidal lamp with end of life arc quenching device
Reduced mercury ceramic metal halide lamp
Reconfigurable electromagnetic plasma waveguide used as a phase shifter and a horn antenna
Process for the application of a protective and decorative laminar structure
Aqueous dispersion comprising polyurethane-based resins and water-insoluble cellulose ester, methods...
Redispersible material, process for producing and using the same, and aqueous system containing this...
Biodegradable thermoplastic material
Metal oxyanion coated substrates
Metal non-oxide coated polymer substrates
Method for fabricating a semiconductor chip interconnect
GCIB processing to improve interconnection vias and improved interconnection via
Method of finishing a wood substrate
Printing media
Multicolor image-forming material and multicolor image-forming method
Oxazolidine compound and curable resin composition
Inductively powered lamp assembly
Release of intracellular material
MRAM cells having magnetic write lines with a stable magnetic state at the end regions
Method for producing a magnetic tunnel contact and magnetic tunnel contact
System and method for processing patient polysomnograph data utilizing multiple neural network proce...
Method and apparatus for mixing fluids, separating fluids, and separating solids from fluids
Method for copolyestercarbonate synthesis
Process and installation for treating a polluted aqueous liquid showing a COD value
Glycerin triester plasticizer
Multilayer film
Slide fastener
Tacky base material with powder thereon
Lighting glass and colored glass bulbs, and manufacturing method thereof
Supported late transition metal catalyst systems
Polymerizing alkyl acrylate(s) in presence of aromatic initiator to form aromatic group-terminated l...
Non-functional aromatic end group-containing polymer
Network access control
Vehicle service status tracking system and method
Object area network
Method of and apparatus for fast alternate-path rerouting of labeled data packets normally routed ov...
Traffic reporting system and method over wireless communication systems
Method and system for interleaving of full rate channels suitable for half duplex operation and stat...
Methods and apparatus for wireless communication using code division duplex time-slotted CDMA
Extended messaging scheme for point-to-point communications
Method and apparatus enabling multiple access on a broadband communication network
System for automatically adjusting receive path gain
Preclassification of audio material in digital audio compression applications
Devices, apparatuses and methods for mounting accessories to weapons including a scent generating de...
Low sidestream smoke cigarette with non-combustible treatment material
Dyes for keratin fibres containing 1,3-diamino-4-heteroarylbenzene derivatives and novel 1,3-diamino...
Method for controlling retraction of composite materials
Fixed-film anaerobic digestion of flushed manure
Composition for antistat layer
Biocidal cleaner composition containing acid-anionic surfactant-alcohol combinations and method of u...
Low-foaming, nonionic surfactant mixtures, and laundry detergents containing the same
Susceptor-based polymeric materials
Polyethylene glycol and process for producing the same
Esr1--a plant gene that can promote plant regeneration and transformation
Phase change inks with improved image permanence
System and method for transmitting image information to a plurality of predetermined destinations
Flash fixing device and a printing device using the flash fixing device
4-Stroke engine control device and control method
R-T-B system rare earth permanent magnet
Fragrant composition having mosquito-repelling effect
Photo-assisted chemical cleaning and laser ablation cleaning of process chamber
Method of manufacturing a dielectric waveguide
Guanidinopyrimidinone compounds and phase change inks containing same
Process for photopolymerization of photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Method of manufacturing ferroelectric capacitor using a sintering assistance film
Evaporation of Y-Si-O films for medium-k dielectrics
Adhesion enhancement between CVD dielectric and spin-on low-k silicate films
Method to fabricate layered material compositions
Cycle oil conversion process
Method of coating micrometer sized inorganic particles
Surface-treatment agent comprising inorganic/organic hybrid material
Niobium oxide-based layers for thin film optical coatings and processes for producing the same
Fuel cell electrode pair assemblies and related methods
Storing and using personal profile from the remote
Processing graphic images having various file formats
Methods and apparatus for speaker specific durational adaptation
Simulated stone block and aged artist's canvas articles and method
Apparatus and method for electrolytically depositing copper on a semiconductor workpiece
Racquet with elongated peripheral main string segments and enlarged sweet spot
Organic semiconductor diode
Code reading apparatus, entertainment system and recording medium
Communications assembly disabling mechanism
Method for roll-to-roll deposition of optically transparent and high conductivity metallic thin film...
Magneto-optical recording medium having a GDFECO readout magnetic film
Electro-actively tunable photonic bandgap materials
Optical proximity correction driven hierarchy
Semiconductor optical amplifier and semiconductor laser
Method and apparatus for optical wavelength conversion
Free-space non-blocking switch
Method for gun barrel manufacture using tailored autofrettage mandrels
Magazine loader and unloader accessory
Modular scope
Method for producing a shaft and a device containing a shaft of this type
Overdrive piston retainer
Wheel mounting
Clutch release bearing with improved sealing arrangement
Compliant support for increased load capacity axial thrust bearing
Water pump bearing
Device for detecting angular displacement and instrumented roller bearing
Toner, method for manufacturing the toner, and image forming method and apparatus using the toner
Caching media data using content-sensitive identifiers
Unified messaging system having short message service command processor
Method and apparatus for chunk based transaction logging with asynchronous input/output for a databa...
Interrupt method, system and medium
Method and apparatus for identifying logical volumes in multiple element computer storage domains
Method and apparatus utilizing servo motors for placing parts onto a moving web
Telescopic spray arm
Method of inkjet printing in high efficiency production of hygienic articles
Method for applying a treatment fluid to fabrics
Liquid transport member for high flux rates between two port regions
Concentrated detergent compositions with stable sudsing characteristics
Laundry detergent compositions comprising hydrophobically modified polyamines
Method for treating stained materials
Use of harpagid-related compounds for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, arthritis and ruptur...
Compositions for the treatment of inflammatory joint diseases and osteoporosis
Remotely monitoring/diagnosing distributed components of a supervisory process control and manufactu...
System and method for automatically partitioning an application between a web server and an applicat...
Method and apparatus for transferring vector data between memory and a register file
Method and a tool for estimating probability of data contention in a multi-processor shared-memory s...
Method and apparatus for scheduling processes based upon virtual server identifiers
Method and apparatus for performing integer multiply operations using primitive multi-media operatio...
Method of loading cartons
Stable consolidated combustion ash material
Refrigerant copper line protector and method of repairing
Liquid center for golf balls
Filter materials and methods for the production thereof
Liquid developers
Detergent composition and method for removing soil
Panel for use in a cathode ray tube
Cast stretch film of interpolymer compositions
Method for analyzing gene expression frequency
Ink conduit plugs for an inkjet printhead and methods of laser welding same
Impact modifier and amorphous polyester resin compositions containing the same
Backlight device
Vehicle lamp
Electroluminescent clock
Stylus flashlight
Method and a system for protecting data transmitted on an optical ring formed of a single optical fi...
Fiber optic cable having a ripcord
Flexible fiber optic cable
Photonic crystal fiber with a large effective surface area
Dispersion-compensating optical fiber and hybrid transmission line
Wavelength multiplexing/demultiplexing apparatus
Integrated photodevice and waveguide
Tapered waveguide interconnection structure and method of fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing optical waveguide and optical waveguide device, optical waveguide device an...
Method of determining hyperspectral line pairs for target detection
Method and apparatus for identification of documents, and computer product
Image outline determination method, image outline determination apparatus, image outline determinati...
Linear mark detecting method and device
Image data processing apparatus and method for embedding additional information into image data, dat...
Method of and apparatus for calculating binary-coding threshold value
Tile boundary artifact removal for arbitrary wavelet filters
Image coding method, image coding apparatus and data storage medium
Method for sharing information between electronic reading devices
Invisible electronic signature
Infrared ear thermometer
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a robust communication protocol
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a telemetry system with predefined reception listening...
Device for monitoring a vital sign
System and method for providing diagnosis and monitoring of congestive heart failure for use in auto...
Sleep apnea risk evaluation
Self-contained pack assembly for an extracorporeal blood circuit
Ultrasound imaging with contrast agent targeted to microvasculature and a vasodilator drug
Low-noise optical probes for reducing ambient noise
Medical electrical lead
Radiation-curable resin composition and rapid prototyping process using the same
Spray formed articles made of boron steel and method for making the same
Device for the continuous casting of metals, especially steel, for use in a solidified bending metho...
High-speed tool steel gear cutting tool and manufacturing method therefor
Method of manufacturing grain-oriented electrical steel sheets
Semifinished and finished products made of austenitic special steel and method for the production th...
Method for production of dual phase sheet steel
Unidirectional silicon steel sheet of ultra-low iron loss and method for production thereof
Housing for a radio transceiver
Communication device
Fiber optic transceiver module
Optical fiber splicing using surface tension
Electro-optical module assembly
Ion sampling for APPI mass spectrometry
Apparatus for collecting signal measurement data at signal ports of an RF and microwave device-under...
Per-element resampling for a digital-to-analog converter
Methods and apparatus for determining a direction of arrival in a wireless communication system
Optical measuring or testing device with connection element
Time difference synchronization for determination of a property of an optical device
Calibration methodology and system for optical network analyzer
Reversible heat sink packaging assembly for an integrated circuit
Apparatus and methods for controlling short code timing offsets in a CDMA system
Method and apparatus for determining existence of an address in an address look-up table
Controlling electronics across an RF barrier using a serial interface bus
Apparatus for generating data for determining a property of a gemstone and methods and computer prog...
Solid titanium catalyst component, ethylene polymerization catalyst containing the same, and ethylen...
Light-stable structures
Film having high breathability induced by low cross-directional stretch
Conductive film
Phosphorothioate oligonucleotides having modified internucleoside linkages
Coating systems containing modified crosslinkers
Thermally responsive polymer materials and uses thereof
Powder coating compositions and powder slurry coating compositions containing monomeric difunctional...
Laser angle guide assembly for computed tomography and method for the same
Livewell tank
Water stopping structure of a spout of a drinking fountain for a pet
Support device
Reconfigurable spear gun
TREX, a novel gene of TRAF-interacting EXT gene family and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Chalcogenide glass constant current device, and its method of fabrication and operation
Asymmetric InGaAsN vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Removable electron multileaf collimator
Compact apparatus and method for integrated photonic devices having folded directional couplers
Method and apparatus for bridging optical signals in an optical network
Optoelectronic assembly, components for same and method for making same
Optical communications link
Method for producing vertical tapers in optical waveguides by over polishing
Method for monitoring the condition of traffic for a traffic network comprising effective narrow poi...
Etalon and method for producing etalon
Imaging with spin excitation while keeping within a specific absorption ratio limit
Electric teaser fishing reel
Method for electrolytic galvanizing using electrolytes containing alkane sulphonic acid
Presensitized plate useful for making lithographic printing plate and method for making lithographic...
Corrosion-resistant coated metal and method for making the same
Process for coating detergent tablets
Direct oxidation method for generating electricity
Lithium secondary battery and transportation method thereof
Polymeric gel electrolyte, lithium battery using the same, and methods of manufacturing the electrol...
Apparatus for blood oxygenation
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a robust communication protocol
Combinations and methods for treating neoplasms
Medical long object and method for producing the same
Kidney perfusion solution containing nitric oxide donor, inhibitor of NOS2, glutathione, gluconate a...
Method for identifying MLK inhibitors for the treatment of neurological conditions
1-(4-Arylpiperazin-1-yl)[N-(.alpha.,.omega.-dicarboximidoL)]-alkan es useful as uro-selecti...
Air freshener device
Dispenser for an aerosol can
Air freshener device
Sheet metal bending machine for forming cleats
Air freshener device
Air freshener device
Method of improving viscosity stability upon addition of an aqueous tinting composition
Alkaline metal cleaner comprising sulfonated-hydrophobically modified polyacrylate
Porous resin film
Cross-copolymerized olefin/aromatic vinyl compound/diene copolymer and process for its production
Lithographic printing plate support and method of manufacturing the same
Pre-coated mat-faced gypsum board
Coating composition containing surface treated clay mixture, the surface treated clay mixture used t...
Automatic self configuration of client-supervisory nodes
Organic packages having low tin solder connections
Thermally compensated current sensing of intrinsic power converter elements
Molded eddy current array probe
Entering test mode and accessing of a packaged semiconductor device
Zero-bias bypass switching circuit using mismatched 90 degrees hybrid
Reference sample for generating smoky atmosphere
Fiber optical pigtail geometry for improved extinction ratio of polarization maintaining fibers
Head-up display adaptable to given type of equipment
Image processor, image combining method, image pickup apparatus, and computer-readable storage mediu...
Integrated active antenna for multi-carrier applications
Liquid crystal display driving method and liquid crystal display device
Foot controlled rolling ball signal generator
Digital camera having multiple displays
Liquid crystal element
Animal arena surface amendment
Chemically bulked kaolin clay pigment compatible with calcium carbonate and manufacture thereof
Display system with nonvisible data projection
Image processing method at the time of character display in an image apparatus
Control method for achieving expected VCT actuation rate using set point rate limiter
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Histidine protein-phosphatase
Book skew clamping method and device
Inking unit having distributor rollers oscillating at different speeds
Printing machine with compensation elements for compensating speed differences and transfer errors b...
Plate cylinder with register pin adjustment device and method of axially adjusting printing plate
Method and device for driving a printing press
Method and device for adjusting a quantity of ink supplied to an impression cylinder of a printing m...
Device and method for controlling registration in a printing press
Folding-box gluing or adhesive-bonding machine with an ejector or removal device
Cylinder for a rotary press
Method for regulating the tension of a web
Method for making multifunctional materials
Properties of structure-formers for self-cleaning surfaces, and the production of the same
System and method for avoiding depth clears using a stencil buffer
Method and instrument for cataract surgery
Faraday rotator, optical isolator, polarizer, and diamond-like carbon thin film
11-C-substituted derivatives of clarithromycin
Inherently light- and heat-stabilized polyamides with improved wet fastness
In-situ leak testing of glovebox, isolator, or containment unit gloves
Disposable semi-enclosed applicator for distributing a substance onto a target surface
Microfluidic system
Semiconductor module and method of manufacturing the same
Temperature control apparatus for exhaust gas sensor
Probe opening fabricating apparatus, and near-field optical microscope using the same
Miniature image-capturing lens, image-capturing unit and mobile terminal provided therewith
Optical module with a monitor photo diode
Optical switch
Toner scatter preventing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Toner container and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus, image transferring device and recording medium conveying method
Cathode ray tube having mask assembly for displaying clearer images
Glass funnel for a cathode ray tube and a cathode ray tube
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus
Waste sorting table
Robotic vacuum cleaner with edge and object detection system
Driving circuit for LCD backlight
Detection method and device
Recording medium and image forming process using the same
Method and apparatus for ionization film formation
Double-sided printing device and method, image forming apparatus and control method therefor, and st...
Client-server speech processing system, apparatus, method, and storage medium
Image pickup apparatus having a wave synthesizer for incident and reference light
Control apparatus for vibration type actuator
Input circuit, display device and information display apparatus
Digital camera and document processing system using the digital camera
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and a computer program product
Method and apparatus for mixing fluids, separating fluids, and separating solids from fluids
Method and apparatus for mixing fluids, separating fluids, and separating solids from fluids
Wheelspeed estimation system and method
System for excitation of a leadless miniature marker
Microdissection optical system
Transcription factor coactivator protein, p/CIP
Hemoglobin mutants that reduce heme loss
Initiator systems and adhesive compositions made therewith
Celery named ADS-8
Method for applying a coating
Case for musical instruments
Method and apparatus for monitoring optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) using polarization-nulling ...
Purge system for optical metrology tool
Methods and apparatuses for generating a model of an object from an image of the object
Method for designing matrix paintings and determination of paint distribution
Digital image processing method and system including noise reduction and tone scale adjustments
Enhanced herbicides
Impact wrench
Open end ratchet wrench
Liquid jetting head, liquid jetting apparatus incorporating the same, method and apparatus for measu...
Micromachined component and method of manufacture
Measuring apparatus
Extension unit for PLC system and I/O controller thereof
Dual mode antenna system for radio transceiver
Exposure method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for spectrochemical analysis
Defective pixel compensation method
Rotary mirror array for fast optical tomography
Switch, integrated circuit device, and method of manufacturing switch
Buoyant device for bi-directional acousto-optic signal transfer across the air-water interface
High density storage of excited positronium using photonic bandgap traps
Loudspeaker and method of making same
Process and apparatus for forming an image using non-aqueous liquid ink
Micromachined capacitive electrical component
Process and system for tunable filter optical train alignment
Electroactive polymers
Method and apparatus for controlling images with image projection lighting devices