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Manufacturing method of support frame of display panel, support frame of display panel and display d...
Device for detecting an electrically conductive particle
Air trench that limits thermal coupling between laser and laser driver
Self assembled micro anti-stiction structure
Pseudofooter circuit for dynamic CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) logic
Frequency comparator with hysteresis between locked and unlocked conditions
Image processing apparatus
Packet switch for providing a minimum cell rate guarantee
Data transfer scheme in a communications system incorporating multiple processing elements
Peptides conferring environmental stress resistance and fusion proteins including said peptides
Method for generating split, non-transferable genes that are able to express an active protein produ...
Composition for hydrogel, hydrogel and use thereof
Shared virtual desktop collaborative application system
System and method for performing service operations
Dynamic vibration absorber for a disk player
Smooth operators in optimization of circuit structures
Semiconductor integrated circuit having high-speed and low-power logic gates with common transistor ...
Automobile side skirt
Method and apparatus for assembling a hydrodynamic bearing
Magnetic thin film media with a bi-layer structure of CrTi/Nip
Bellows zoom microscope
Adaptive canceller for frequency reuse systems
Detergent compositions with enhanced depositing, conditioning and softness capabilities
Process for producing coated detergent particles
Information transmitting device and information transmitting method for watercraft
Method and device for interpreting events and outputting operating instructions in motor vehicles
System and method for monitoring machine status
Method for functional testing of a lateral-acceleration sensor
Adaptive compensation method for an anti-lock brake control
Method and apparatus for accepting data
Phenolic guanidine sodium channel blockers
Monitor system of vehicle outside and method of monitoring same
Phenyl guanidine sodium channel blockers
Production of olefins
Process for making a catalyst for cracking heavy oil
Stabilized dual zeolite single particle catalyst composition and a process thereof
Method and apparatus for separating solids from a gaseous phase
Aquarium pumping and airing apparatus
Methods, apparatus and products useful in the operation of a sucker rod pump during the production o...
Reciprocating machines
Device and method for controlling piston position in linear compressor
Metering pump for liquid products
Ring for concrete pump
Easily loaded and unloaded getter device for reducing evacuation time and contamination in a vacuum ...
Vacuum container and display device having a getter with a getter material
Multi-AOI-system for easy changing angles-of-incidence in ellipsometer, polarimeter and reflectomete...
Method for determining ion concentration and energy of shallow junction implants
Method of measuring small pads on a substrate
Method and system for automatic classification and quantitative evaluation of adnexal masses based o...
Method for evaluating quality of image on display device
Optical components exhibiting enhanced functionality and method of making same
Surface-emitting semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating a molded package for micromechanical devices
Method for fabricating planar light waveguide circuits with vertical taper structure
Back-to-back connected power semiconductor device package
Test structure for measuring effect of trench isolation on oxide in a memory device
Semiconductor packages and methods for making the same
Packaged semiconductor device and method of formation
Simulating euclidean wiring directions using manhattan and diagonal directional wires
Backend metallization method and device obtained therefrom
Multi-chip stack and method of fabrication utilizing self-aligning electrical contact array
Evaluation method for evaluating insulating film, evaluation device therefor and method for manufact...
Comprising agglomerates of one or more noble metals
Probe contact system using flexible printed circuit board
Methods of manufacturing low cross-talk electrically programmable resistance cross point memory stru...
Active matrix substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having notched gate
Temperature controller module
Semiconductor burn-in thermal management system
Heat exchanger for refrigerator
Cooling apparatus boiling and condensing refrigerant
Heat exchange system and method
Cooler and method of cooling a medium
Fin-tube block type heat exchanger with grooved spacer bars
Stacked chip package with heat transfer wires
Aqueous compositions and process for the surface modification of articles by use of the aqueous comp...
Tool-less coupling assembly
Computer enclosure with slidably mounted drive bracket
Data center cooling system
Heat sink attachment device
Fixing structure for dissipation device
Apparatus and method of controlling activation of home automation system
Process and equipment for manufacturing clear, solid ice of spherical and other shapes
Chilled water storage for milk cooling process
Thick grain-oriented electrical steel sheet exhibiting excellent magnetic properties
Variable flow-rate ejector and fuel cell system having the same
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, developing method and developing apparatus
Cutting or grinding oil composition
Delivery device and method for its operation
Semiconductor device including a capacitance
Redistributing radiation guide
Indirect gas species monitoring using tunable diode lasers
Laser diode optical transmitter for TDMA system with fast enable and disable times
Optical demultiplexer/multiplexer architecture
Methods and materials relating to novel CD39-like polypeptides
Use of tetrahydropteridine derivatives as no synthase inhibitors
Therapeutic and diagnostic domain 1 .beta.2GPI polypeptides and methods of using same
Nitrogen containing heterobicycles as factor Xa inhibitors
Methods for sterilizing male mammals
Substituted biaryl amides as C5a receptor modulators
In situ forming hydrogels
Method of diagnosing, monitoring, staging, imaging and treating colon cancer
Positively charged non-natural amino acids, methods of making and using thereof in peptides
Kinases and uses thereof
Indole peptidomimetics as thrombin receptor antagonists
Method of using a matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor and one or more antineoplastic agents as a comb...
Tricyclic compound having spiro union
Human acid alpha glucosidase gene and bovine alpha-S1 casein gene sequences
Device and method for supplying radiant energy onto a printing substrate in a planographic printing ...
Dental implant structure
Renewable surface treatment of silicone medical devices with reactive hydrophilic polymers
Retrograde well structure for a CMOS imager
Methods of and compositions for potentiating the action of agents active on cell wall sites of the s...
Halogenated sulphamate-, phosphonate-, thiophosphonate-, sulphonate- and sulphonamide- compounds as ...
Circuit and method for energy discrimination of coincident events in coincidence detecting gamma cam...
Stator for a synchronous machine
Ring assembly for mechanically clamping a stator core with core-end magnetic flux shunts in a dynamo...
Circuit arrangement for controlling a power supplied to a load
Method and arrangement for controlling an X-ray beam
Fast dominant circle detection through horizontal and vertical scanning
Controller for devices in a control network
Method and apparatus for self-calibrating a motion control system
Hypertext navigation system controlled by spoken words
Medical examination/treatment system with multiple patient beds, and transport carriage therefor
Handle for a vacuum cleaner
Method and system for determining wheel position
Fuel tank and method for producing same
Gasket for jet pump assembly of a fuel supply unit
Identifying clinical markers in spatial compounding ultrasound imaging
Low defect pre-emitter and pre-base oxide etch for bipolar transistors and related tooling
Optical receiver apparatus and holding apparatus and arranging method thereof
Data processing system
Method and apparatus for associating on demand certain selected media and value-adding elements
Chaos applied apparatus
Water distributing installation controllers
Toy for animals
Chaos applied apparatus
Apparatus and method for microwave heating using chaotic signals
Goggle type display system
Container interlocking device
Metal lamination method and structure
Methods for treating fingernails and toenails
Mycobacterial sulfation pathway proteins and methods of use thereof
Apparatus and method for applying siftproof adhesive pattern
Corrosion-resistant fuel tank
Methods and apparatus for organizing selection of operational parameters in a communication system
System for estimating receiver utilization
System for time thresholding
Reduced size TM cylindrical shaped microstrip antenna array
Method for paint detackification using compositions containing chitosan
Organic compound and electroluminescent device using the same
Organic light emitting materials and devices
High speed semiconductor photodetector
Organic red electroluminescent chromophores, method for the production and use thereof
Organic electro-luminescence device and method and apparatus for driving the same
Gaming machine having a touch screen display
Hybrid maize plant and seed
Secure electronic registration and voting solution
Antibiotic AA 896 analogs
Aryl fused azapolycyclic compounds
Chemically modified biological molecules and methods for coupling biological molecules to solid supp...
Process for the synthesis of oligomeric compounds
Method of synthesizing polynucleotides using ionic liquids
Synthesis of allofuranose
Antisense modulation of stearoyl-CoA desaturase expression
Method of RNA cleavage and recombination
Short interfering RNA as an antiviral agent for hepatitis C
Acyl-nucleotide probes and methods of their synthesis and use in proteomic analysis
Peptoid compounds
G-protein coupled receptor lustr2 and uses thereof
Human glioma antigen originating in testis
Antigen binding domains
Modulation of diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2 expression
GlutRNAGln amidotransferase - a novel essential translational component
Alleles of the siga gene from coryneform bacteria
Delta-12 desaturase gene suitable for altering levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in oleaginous y...
Enterococcus faecalis polynucleotides and polypeptides
Use of nucleic acids containing unmethylated CpG dinucleotide as an adjuvant
Seminal vesicle tissue-specific promoters and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for diagnosing and treating disorders involving angiogenesis
Novel polynucleotides and uses therefor
Plant cell cycle genes and methods of use
Method for modifying plant morphology, biochemistry and physiology
Wheat plants having increased resistance to imidazolinone herbicides
Method for treatment of silicone emulsion waste by chemical addition
Filter module having a closure element
Septic tank kit
Methods and devices for preparing hemodialysis solutions
Processes and devices for water and wastewater treatment, including stationary cloth media filtratio...
Process for the preparation of ultrafiltration membranes of polyacrylonitrile, using malic acid as a...
Polluted water treatment system
Method and apparatus for treatment of wastewater
Method of removing organic impurities from water
Artificial liver apparatus and method
Method for the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solution by means of silica as an adsorbent in c...
Method and apparatus for detecting chemical binding
Method for the treatment of tap water and drinking water
Water processing device with liquid seal
Electrospray nozzle and monolithic substrate
Process of forming multilayered structures
Hollow fiber membrane for the treatment of waste lubricants and method for its production
Centrifuge bag having integrated o-rings
System and method for enhanced wastewater treatment
Method, apparatus and system for removal of contaminants from water
Ammonia nitrification over a carbonate alkalinity source
Solvent extraction method and apparatus
Single vessel multi-zone wastewater bio-treatment system
Metal ion recovery
Method of separation of small molecules from aqueous solutions
Method of operating a dialysis machine
Water treatment/remediation system
Method and apparatus for reducing scale, corrosion, and paraffin buildup in hydrocarbon piping
Stormwater treatment system
Method for continuously filtering raw brine for use in chlor-alkali electrolysis
Apparatus for trapping floating and non-floating particulate matter
System for separating solids from a fluid stream
Equipment for controlling blood flow in an extracorporeal blood circuit
Carbon electrode for use in aqueous electrochemical devices and method of preparationo
Method for managing a photovoltaic solar module and a photovoltaic solar module
Radiation shielding of three dimensional multi-chip modules
Method and apparatus for scanning three-dimensional objects
Release resistant electrical interconnections for MEMS devices
Power conversion system
Electronic display devices and methods
Electrochromic counter electrode
Optical filters for manipulating spectral power distribution in accelerated weathering devices
Zoom optical system and imaging apparatus using the same
Optical fiber, optical fiber cable, and radiation detecting system using such
Low voltage low power signal processing system and method for high accuracy processing of differenti...
Parallel decimation circuits
Lanthanum complex and process for the preparation of a BLT layer using same
System and method for forming a gate dielectric
Methods and computer-readable medium for tracking motion
Method for making solid polymer electrolyte and uses thereof
System for fulfilling an information need
Process for producing medicinal composition of basic hydrophobic medicinal compound
Low power position locator
Biosensor electromagnetic noise cancellation
Microsphere insulation systems
Service guru system and method for automated proactive and reactive computer system analysis
Pleatless ballet slipper
Photochromic benzodioxine fused naphthopyran compounds, compositions and articles containing those n...
Parallel data communication consuming low power
Use of rosuvastatin (zd-4522) in the treatment of heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia
Cheshire cat house
Process for producing sterile water for injection from potable water
Mixed articles comprising a rigid part and a based on a thermoplastic material
Method for extracting an insulin using enzymes which are bonded to a non-porous polymer support
Genealogy information storage and retrieval system and apparatus
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Product holder with point-of-sale security
Controlled release formulations and methods for their production and use
Method for producing bisphenols
Method for generating a setpoint current value for a load-dependent current-generating system
Process for the manufacture of halocarbons and selected compounds and azeotropes with HF
Shape optimization to solve inverse problems and curve/model fitting problems
NMR analyzer
Device for providing microclimate control
Low-pressure gas discharge lamp
Powder processing with pressurized gaseous fluids
Process for casting ceramic materials
Use of nanoscalar water-soluble .beta.-(1,3) glucans
Method of making dimensionally stable composite article
Composition and method for adhesion of color filters to a faceplate panel of a cathode ray tube (CRT...
Compositions and methods for separation of moieties on chips
Gated fabrication of nanostructure field emission cathode material within a device
Memory device with active and passive layers
Nanotube semiconductor devices and methods for making the same
CMP assisted liftoff micropatterning
System and method for filtering electromagnetic and visual transmissions and for minimizing acoustic...
High torque resistant and strong screwless plastic gear box
System and method to display and manage data within hierarchies and polyarchies of information
System and method for selective decoding and decompression
System and method for identifying base noun phrases
Process and a device for determining the driving torque of a vehicle
Global state change indicator for empirical modeling in condition based monitoring
Complex article tagging with maintenance related information
Dichroic neutral density optical filter
Capacitor interconnect design
Phase change-type memory element and process for producing the same
Polarization transformer for DC drift-free polarization transformation or polarization mode dispersi...
Method for fabrication of vertically coupled integrated optical structures
Cardiac rhythm management system with defibrillation threshold prediction
Multi-material toolpath generation for direct metal deposition
Enhanced ratio control to establish CVT ratio with excellent precision
Remote cable assist
Cardiopulmonary monitoring
System and method for conserving energy in wireless devices
Mobile object locator
Dual-band omnidirectional antenna for wireless local area network
Multiple access control system with intelligent bandwidth allocation for wireless ATM networks
Flush-mounted antenna and transmission system
Minimization and optimization of overall data transfer connect time between handheld wireless commun...
Method and system for wireless communications using different modulation techniques to provide guard...
Process cartridge having storage device which communicates with image forming apparatus
TDD FDD air interface
Interactive e-mail statement
Service information providing method, service information providing apparatus and system
Universal remote control with display and printer
Interactive transaction center interface
Method and apparatus for selecting attachments
Contactless acceleration switch
Method and apparatus for testing electronic devices
Nemesia plant named `Balartublue`
Hosta plant named `Lady Guineverre`
Osteospermum plant named `Osjotis`
Peach tree plant named `Super Lady`
Diascia plant named `Diaspetis`
Plum tree named `August Giant`
Verbena plant named `Balazgagic`
Sedum plant named `Samuel Oliphant`
Lomandra longifolia plant named `LM400`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Vamp Time Salmon`
Verbena plant named `Lan Litpur Two`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sulte Reeda`
Crocosmia plant named `Walrhead`
Lilac plant named `Bailsugar`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S62`
Nanocomposite copper-ceria catalysts for low temperature or near-ambient temperature catalysis and m...
High solids process for preparing polymeric nanoparticles
Paclitaxel solvates
System for discovering and producing polypeptides that cause TNF receptor shedding
Nucleic acids encoding interleukin-1 inhibitors and processes for preparing interleukin-1 inhibitors
Purified galactomannan as an improved pharmaceutical excipient
Increased resistance to stroke by developing immunologic tolerance to myelin or components thereof
Slot game machine and pachinko machine equipped with slot game machine
Over door storage rack for base cabinet doors
Multiple layer film with amorphous polyamide layer
Saliva test for detection of food allergy and intolerance
Chewing gum manufacture using high efficiency continuous mixer
Chewing gum products including prolamine blends
Feed additive and method for controlling large bowel fermentation in the horse and similar animals
Carbon dioxide-hydrate product and method of manufacture thereof
Farinaceous surface product that is toaster reheatable and method
Double bagging system
Pizza preparation and delivery method and unit
Seasoning compositions, foods and drinks with the use thereof and processes for producing the same
Agglomerated starch-based product for food preparations
Process for producing a malt beverage having a greatly diminished bitterness
Fat composition
Method and apparatus for generating page-level security in a computer generated report
System and method for legal docketing using a customizable rules subset
Processing edit decision list data
Cluster database with remote data mirroring
System and method for differentiating private and shared files within a computer cluster
Method and apparatus for prioritizing data change requests and maintaining data consistency in a dis...
Method to invoke wide-area objects in distributed computer systems
Backup system and method for distributed systems
Techniques for facilitating information acquisition and storage
Architectures for and methods of providing network-based software extensions
Bermudagrass hybrid named `Ozark`
Image retrieval based on relevance feedback
Sensing method and apparatus for resistance memory device
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Decoder and reproducing unit
Flatware and tableware with signaling means for use by visually impaired users
Ionic perfluorovinyl compounds and their uses as components of ionic conductors of the polymer type,...
Sample probe for aerosol sampling apparatus
Efficient memoryless protocol for tag identification
Double Impatiens plant named `Balfiesink`
Pharmaceutical excipient having improved compressibility
Attitude change kalman filter measurement apparatus and method
Tapered tubular optical waveguide probe for magnetic focusing immunosensors
Compositions and methods for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and disorders, ...
Closure system
Genetic identification system
Labels for in-mold forming and molded resin products having the same
Labeling reagents
Data reception method
Hammock system
Film for optical applications
Window seat perch and protector for domestic birds
RFID tag with a quadrupler or N-tupler circuit for efficient RF to DC conversion
Method for masking polyisocyanates in emulsion
Optoelectronic and electronic devices based on quantum dots having proximity-placed acceptor impurit...
Hydrophilic monolithic columns for separation of saccharide mixtures
Oligomer phosphoramidite compositions and processes for synthesizing the same
Label printer
Infrared heater using electromagnetic induction
Recovery of production fluids from an oil or gas well
Coffee machine with a manually operated lid of an inlet for special coffee and a method for monitori...
Low temperature interconnection of nanoparticles
Fabric bag for use in fabric care processes
Methods and apparatus for positioning permanent magnetic blocks
Image processing system and method that uses an environmental parameter value
Flash lamp unit and flash radiation device
Direct multiplex characterization of genomic DNA
Method for fabricating a patterned synthetic longitudinal exchange biased GMR sensor
Recording device with a record-prepared mode for recording digital data
Method of making a T-shaped write head with less side writing
Computer implemented method of selectively recording and playing broadcast program content
Recording tape cartridge
Detection unit, device for reproducing an information carrier and method for detecting
Recording tape cartridge
Master information support
Master information magnetic recording apparatus and method for manufacturing magnetic recording medi...
Method and apparatus for feedforward repeatable runout compensation in a selected frequency range
Magnetic head device with a short auxiliary member
Hybrid diffuser for minimizing thermal pole tip protrusion and reader sensor temperature
Head slider with predetermined physical relationships
Bending microactuator having a two-piece suspension design
Integrated bidirectional Recording head micropositioner for magnetic storage devices
Magnetic transducer with electrically conductive shield for reducing electromagnetic interference
Hard biased self-pinned spin valve sensor with recessed overlaid leads
Thermal paper with preprinted indicia
Thermosensitive recording material and novel color developer compounds
Method and apparatus for optimizing a spoken dialog between a person and a machine
Online content tabulating system and method
Declarative specification and engine for non-isomorphic data mapping
Method and apparatus for redirection of server external hyper-link references
System and method for enabling application server request failover
Virtual port multiplexing
System and method for providing look ahead socket generation
Method and system for secure pervasive access
Automated text entry for processor-based system
Apparatus and method for workload management using class shares and tiers
Parasiticidal formulation for animals
Polypeptide comprising the amino acid of an N-terminal choline binding protein a truncate, vaccine d...
Extended kalman filter for autonomous satellite navigation system
Method for using GPS and crosslink signals to correct ionospheric errors in space navigation solutio...
Apparatus and method for diamond production
Tunable CVD diamond structures
Method for purifying electronic item material
Nanocrystalline ceramic materials reinforced with single-wall carbon nanotubes
Activated carbon for odor control and method for making same
Catalyst for lowering the amount of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas from lean burn engines
Method for reducing elementary halogen in a gaseous effluent
Process for forming a low dielectric constant fluorine and carbon-containing silicon oxide dielectri...
Method and apparatus for chemical synthesis
Controlled patterning and growth of single wall and multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Method for regulating water concentration in a process stream
Method for the production of low defect density silicon
Light-emitting-element array
Semiconductor diode device
Nitride semiconductor, method for manufacturing the same and nitride semiconductor device
Light-emitting device and electric apparatus
Diode housing
Light emitting diode device
Radiation-emitting semiconductor chip, and method for producing the semiconductor chip
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting device and optical device including the same
Lateral semiconductor device
Semiconductor apparatus and protection circuit
Optical semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
BJT device configuration and fabrication method with reduced emitter width
Stress control of semiconductor microstructures for thin film growth
Polysilicon capacitor having large capacitance and low resistance
Ferroelectric memory integrated circuit with improved reliability
Semiconductor memory having a pillar type trench dram cell
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
ESD protection devices and methods to reduce trigger voltage
High aspect ratio contact structure with reduced silicon consumption
Photodetector circuit
Photonic crystals and devices having tunability and switchability
Single molecule realization of the switch and doide combination
System and method for generating external counterpulsation reports
Wide bandwidth phase-locked loop circuit
Ultrasonic picture processing method and ultrasonic picture processing apparatus
ER3+ doped boro-tellurite glasses for 1.5 .mu.m broadband amplification
Neuro-navigation system
Surgical system for use in the course of a knee replacement operation
Method for computer tomography and computer tomography device for carrying out the method
Notification systems and methods with notifications based upon prior package delivery
Radiographic apparatus and method, and control apparatus and method upon radiography
Speed adjustment control method
CT detector array with uniform cross-talk
Method and apparatus for monitoring catalyst requirements of a fluid catalytic cracking catalyst inj...
X-ray technique-based nonintrusive inspection apparatus
Accurate distance measurement using RF techniques
Mixed signal dynamical environment modeling
Bandwidth reduction of on-demand streaming data using flexible merger hierarchies
Programmable system for processing a partitioned network infrastructure
Gaming machine
Drosophila recombination-associated protein and methods for use
Hydrogen production
Rh(D)-binding proteins and magnetically activated cell sorting method for production thereof
Method for producing cytosine nucleoside compounds
Compounds for generating chemiluminescence with a peroxidase
MDR-like ABC transporter gene from plants
Plants having modified reproductive capacity
Methods for stable transformation of plants
Plants transformed with a DNA construct comprising a nucleic acid molecule encoding an 18 kD .alpha....
Soybean cultivar 924496
Soybean variety XB29W03
Soybean variety 92M71
Soybean cultivar 0491727
Soybean cultivar 99271316
Plants and seeds of corn variety I390185
Simmondsin processing methods and products
Process for the preparation of amylase inhibitor
Antioxidant composition and method of preparation thereof
Plant extracts for the treatment of increased bone resorption
Fluid repellent microporous materials
Antibodies specific for native PrPsc
Pharmaceutical compositions containing a glycopeptide antibiotic and a cyclodextrin
Stimuli-responsive polymer utilizing keto-enol tautomerization and stimuli-responsive separating mat...
Hypersensitive response elicitor fragments which are active but do not elicit a hypersensitive respo...
Name your prize game playing methodology
Video game device, background sound output method in video game, and readable storage medium storing...
Holder to use recently killed fowl as decoys
Flexible fishing lure tails and appendages
Portable paintball bunker
Gaming machine
Apparatus and method for closed-loop control of RF generator for welding polymeric catheter componen...
Initialization of wireless-controlled lighting systems
Plasma monitoring method and semiconductor production apparatus
Interference elimination system and interference eliminating method
Surface acoustic wave devices based on unpolished nanocrystalline diamond
Cooling an electronic tube
Radio frequency feedback amplifier circuits
Bias circuit for improving linearity of a radio frequency power amplifier
Polarized wave separating structure, radio wave receiving converter and antenna apparatus
Track count method for an optical disc in an optical disc system
Method and apparatus for handover in TDMA mobile communications system
Method and apparatus providing enhanced radio link control acknowledgment
Physical layer header for packet data
Radio communication system and base station and mobile terminal to be employed therein
Method and device for determining the carrier frequency of base stations in the mobile receiver of a...
Method and system in a transceiver for controlling a multiple-input, multiple-output communications ...
Rapid settling automatic gain control with minimal signal distortion
Food shaping for forming three-layered foods
Compositions with a ckicken flavour, use and production thereof
Method of and apparatus for forming food
Low-calorie low-fat butter-flavored topping compositions and methods of preparation
Acidic drinks containing tofu puree
Soluble powder for espresso type beverage
Antiradicals and fat compositions, foods, drinks, drugs or feeds containing the antiradicals
Prepared foods containing triglyceride-recrystallized non-esterified phytosterols
Synthesis of purified, partially esterified polyol polyester fatty acid compositions
Manufacture of granola and snack-food products
Rice flour composition for producing breads/cakes, rice flour breads and cakes and process for produ...
Method of preparing a potato based food product
Microwavable French fries, packaging and processing
Meat processing system
Pet food composition and method
Reusable closures for packages and methods of making and using the same
Iterative algorithm for creating nutritionally balanced food lists
Use of compounds involved in biosynthesis of nucleic acids as cryoprotective agents
Exendin formulations for weight reduction
Mouse olfactory receptor gene superfamily
Method and apparatus to facilitate nutritional malabsorption
Automatic software downloading from a computer network
Method of preventing aggregation of a lipid:nucleic acid complex
Nucleic acid probes and methods for detecting clinically important fungal pathogens
Process for making antifusogenic fusion peptides that form inclusion bodies
Mixtures of drug-oligomer conjugates comprising polyalkylene glycol, uses thereof, and methods of ma...
Composition containing porous microparticle impregnated with biologically-active compound for treatm...
Pituitary tumor transforming gene (PTTG) carboxy-terminal peptides and methods of use thereof to inh...
Use of tissue factor agonist or tissue factor antagonist for treatment of conditions related to apop...
Vaccines containing ribavirin and methods of use thereof
Proteomimetic compounds and methods
Substituted diamino-1,3,5-triazine derivatives
Fused bicyclic-N-bridged-heteroaromatic carboxamides for the treatment of disease
Quinolinecarboxylic acid derivative or salts thereof
Shot gun lighter
Cigarette lighter
Hair coloring apparatus
Cover for a hair coloring apparatus head
Hair comb
Handle for a razor
Nail polishing stand and storage cabinet
Hummingbird feeder
Silverware basket
Enclosure for a sweeper vehicle
Dust-collecting machine
Lift located in a drum of a washing machine
Mop head container
Squeegee with holder
Cleaning implement
Iron rest
Golf cart
Castle blocks board game
Swing rack having a seat dock with adjustable angle
Poker game with 2 reward cards that adjust paytable
Method, apparatus and article for evaluating card games, such as blackjack
Conjuring tool for performing card trick
Reducing radius slide feature
Suspension swing with a recline mechanism and a method of using the same
Collapsible infant swing
Stress testing database storage
Circuit for controlling sequential access to SDRAM
Buffer pre-loading for memory service interruptions
Data processing device
Method and system for a compact flash memory controller
Memory interface circuit
Methods and apparatuses for content-based speed variation of an optical storage drive
Method and system for efficiently calculating and storing expected access time information for DASD
Control circuits comparing index offset and way for cache system and method of controlling cache sys...
Space division within computer branch memories
Method and apparatus for software management of on-chip cache
Method and system for managing data at an input/output interface for a multiprocessor system
Mechanism for initiating an implicit write-back in response to a read or snoop of a modified cache l...
System and method for removing latency effects in acknowledged data transfers
Synchronizing processing of commands invoked against duplexed coupling facility structures
Translation and protection table and method of using the same to validate access requests
Object addressed memory hierarchy
Data storage array apparatus storing error information without delay in data access, and method, pro...
Apparatus and method to facilitate self-correcting memory
Method for software installation and pre-setup
Sambucus plant named `Eva`
Amphiphile cyclodextrins, preparation and use thereof for solubilizing organized systems and incorpo...
Method for transmitting measurement reports in a mobile communications system
Circuit for write field disturbance cancellation in an MRAM and method of operation
Semiconductor device and method for driving the same
Water recreational apparatus with remote controllable valves
Valuable document
Method, system and program for specifying an electronic food menu on a data processing system
Computer systems for identifying pathways of drug action
Display unit and mobile apparatus using the unit
System, method, and computer program product for creating a hierarchy of software components based o...
Transporter for bases for baseball and softball games
Medical nebulization device
Method and apparatus for forming silver halide emulsion particles and method for forming fine partic...
Freeman maple tree named `AF#1`
Topical transdermal treatments
Planar inertial measurement units based on gyros and accelerometers with a common structure
Imaging apparatus and method
Display device having conical transparent members covering electroluminescent elements
Miniature Rose variety `POULra019`
Signal line impedance verification tool
Method and mechanism for providing computer programs with computer system events
Article of footwear having a sole structure with a split plate
System, device and method for providing proximate addresses
Process for preparing elastomeric ethylene-hexafluoropropylene copolymer
Cloning and expression of HTLV-III DNA
Transgenic mice comprising transcription control elements associated with mouse eosinophil peroxidas...
Human leucine-rich repeat containing protein expressed predominately in small intestine, HLRRSI1
Retinoid compounds suited for antibacterial applications
Bike carrier
Representing a simulation model using a hardware configuration database
System for and method of removing or preventing electrostatic charges from an organic photoconductor...
Animal ear holder apparatus
Method for synthesis of hybrid silicon and organic copolymers by controlled free radical polymerizat...
Vaccines against Escherichia coli O157 infection
Transgenic mice containing magnesium-dependent protein phosphatase gene disruptions
Increasing the wet slippage properties of textiles material, and wet-acting lubricants for this purp...
Image transferring and recording medium conveying device and image forming apparatus including the s...
Vacuum therapy and cleansing dressing for wounds
Cartridge ejection device
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, adhesive sheet for use therein and semiconductor devi...
Apparatus and methods for flow control gravel pack
Transpose FIR filter architecture
Detachable cartridge unit and auxiliary unit for function expansion of a data processing system
Toner refilling device and developing device using the same for an image forming apparatus
Gas detection apparatus and automatic ventilation system for vehicle
Electrodeless excimer UV lamp
System and method for implementing a dependency based property system with coalescing
Preparation of quinapril hydrochloride
Stable salts of novel derivatives of 3,3-diphenylpropylamines
Method and system for peak parking in liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer (LC-MS) analysis
Near-field transform spectroscopy
Electron emission source composition for field emission display device and field emission display de...
Adjustable cymbal assembly
Musical instrument equipped with automatic player for performing music without harsh tone
Digital sampling instrument employing cache memory
Gaming machine with reels and display device displaying characters thereon, reels being seen through...
Building panel and plant for the manufacture thereof
Mining machine and method
Wire mesh mat, in particular, for Gabion baskets
Drainage element for walls and septic tank systems
Diving back plate
Riser system employing a tensioning mechanism
Earthen retaining wall having flat soil reinforcing mats which may be variably spaced
Sealing composition and its use
Retaining wall block and wall grid system
Compositions and methods for treatment of solid waste
Methods in the engineering design and construction of earthen fills
Optical-element mountings exhibiting reduced deformation of optical elements held thereby
Method and device for retracting an actuator
Sonar object detection system
Geolocation system with controllable tags enabled by wireless communications to the tags
Iterative estimation of timing in GSM bursts
Transmitting/received data processing method for inhibiting error propagation in digital image data ...
Transmission mode X-ray diffraction screening system
Carotid artery filter system for single view dental panoramic radiographs
Efficient location management strategies in a UMTS-based network
Cochlear implant package
Device and method for enabling a mariner to select storm havens
Display method and apparatus for navigation system
Navigation apparatus and method for calculating optimum travel route using the same
Controller for controlling direct memory access
Synchronous breakpoint system and method
Range based detection of memory access
Relocation format for linking
Automatic level-control floating apparatus
Decoy anchor
Fishing gaff with multi-position fish hook
Sailboat spinnaker bowsprit
Cam cleat with automatic fairlead
Magnetic docking apparatus and method for using the same
Convertible anchor
Gas tank shade system
High power umbilicals for subterranean electric drilling machines and remotely operated vehicles
Attachment for use with stockpiling barge and method of filtering runoff water therefrom
Device for lifting a seagoing construction such as a drilling rig, provided with lifting members run...
Process for cultivation of algae
Vibration damping rubber member and process of producing the same
Sensor with failure threshold
Systems and methods for impedance synthesis
Apparatus for reading keyboard-commands of a portable computer
Universal task management system, method and product for automatically managing remote workers, incl...
System and method for automated third party verification
System and program product for managing call information
Telephone call blocking system
Method and system for self-service scheduling of inbound inquiries
Communications apparatus, control method therefor and storage medium storing program for executing t...
Residual echo estimation for echo cancellation
Adapter for portable telephone usable as mobile telephone in vehicle
Two-payload decoy device
High speed electro-optic payout system incorporating a stationary optical terminus
Control system for vertical take off and land (VTOL) aircraft
Integrated high-speed aircraft and associated methods of manufacture
Highly swept canard with low sweep wing supersonic aircraft configuration
Infrared suppressing two dimensional vectorable single expansion ramp nozzle
Airship system
Environmental control system and method of using the same
Baggage compartment including a guide connecting a support structure and a bin
Shock wave absorber
Method, apparatus and design procedure for controlling multi-input, multi-output (MIMO) parameter de...
Method and apparatus for producing a sewing pattern
Computer-implemented automated building design and modeling and project cost estimation and scheduli...
Method and system for dispensing, tracking and managing pharmaceutical products
Method for new product development and market introduction
Automated research tool
Diagnostic method and apparatus for business growth strategy
System and method of displaying information by an electronic price label
Method and system for providing order status information using an update status flag
Automated assessment of personal financial risk tolerance
Method for determining internet users geographic region
Product suite licensing method
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Methods and systems for transactional tunneling
Camera stand head
Developing apparatus and method for developing organic electroluminescent display panels
Method and apparatus for the removal of flash artifacts
Exposure compensation method and system employing meter matrix and flash
Autofocus camera having multipoint focus detecting system
Rangefinder apparatus and camera equipped therewith
Method of forming parylene-diaphragm piezoelectric acoustic transducers
Engine muffler and method of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating spaced-apart nanostructures
Graphics data accumulation for improved multi-layer texture performance
Query optimization by sub-plan memoization
Optimization based method for estimating the results of aggregate queries
Optimization based method for estimating the results of aggregate queries
System and method for caching data in a client management tool
Method and framework for providing system performance information
Method and system for multiprocessor garbage collection
Method of sharing a parcer
Resource manager architecture
System and method for data migration
Common feature mode for microprocessors in a multiple microprocessor system
Adaptable security mechanism for preventing unauthorized access of digital data
Method and apparatus for displaying multiple contexts in electronic documents
Functions acting on arbitrary geometric paths
User interface for integrated spreadsheets and word processing tables
Method and apparatus for processing content
Method and system for program editing
Method for binary-level branch reversal on computer architectures supporting predicated execution
System and method for terminating applications
Methods and systems for implementing dynamic properties on objects that support only static properti...
System, method and apparatus for supporting a kernel mode driver
Application programming interface enabling application programs to group code and data to control al...
Media player with programmable playlists
Process for managing and authorizing rights in a computer system
System and method for annotating web-based documents
Sub-notebook portable computer with integrated wireless mobile telephone
Server for handling multimodal information
Network switch with high-speed serializing/deserializing hazard-free double data rate switching
Internet telephony device
Communications arrangement and method using service system to facilitate the establishment of end-to...
Integrated interface for web based customer care and trouble management
Electronic document management system for the construction industry
Heat insulator with air gap and reflector
Method and device for the production of reticular structures
Methods of generating gas in and foaming well cement compositions
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and a method of producing the same
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device with MIS capacitors with dielectric film in common
Solid-state image pickup apparatus and control method thereof
Auto title frames generation method and apparatus
Semiconductor device
Device diagnostics
Cathode-ray tube and cathode-ray tube manufacturing method
Information recording medium and information processing device
Data processing device
Fast Fourier transform method and inverse fast Fourier transform method
Current drive circuit and display device using the same, pixel circuit, and drive method
Method of distributed recording whereby the need to transition to a second recording device from a f...
Method and apparatus for producing a coordinated group animation by means of optimum state feedback,...
Objective lens device, optical pickup device, and optical information recording and/or reproduction ...
Semiconductor memory device
Coded data length detection apparatus, method of the same, and image coding apparatus
Apparatus and method for the recovery of compression constants in the encoded domain
Information receiving/display apparatus and information receiving/display method
X-ray sensor signal processor and x-ray computed tomography system using the same
Using histograms to introduce randomization in the generation of ensembles of decision trees
Process for polymerizing cationically polymerizable monomers
Three-state binary adders and methods of operating the same
Interactive information package
Photon operating device and photon operating method
Tree decoder structure particularly well-suited to interfacing array lines having extremely small la...
Blue electroluminescent polymer and organic electroluminescence device using the same
Horizontally draining, pre-engineered synthetic turf field
Vehicle control system
Method, system, program, and data structures for using a database to apply patches to a computer sys...
Interactive character for use with an aerosol medication delivery system
High efficient delivery of a large therapeutic mass aerosol
Mapping logical row identifiers for primary B+tree-like structures to physical row identifiers
Force feedback enabled over a computer network
Substituted cyclic amine metalloprotease inhibitors
Gravity-actuated submarine antenna
Method and system for mapping network attacks onto a strategy game
Business method for quality assurance of services
Clematis plant named `Barbara Harrington`
Target analyte sensors utilizing microspheres
Portable information appliance
Camera, control method therefor, recording medium, and program
Shrub rose plant named `BAIcream`
Polygonal vias
Method and system for detecting a dead server
Noise reduction system for an audio system
Speaker system and method for making the same
Method for protein structure alignment
Compositions and methods for softening, thinning and removing hyperkeratotic tissue
Method and device for producing pig iron or liquid steel pre-products from charge materials containi...
Metalic nanowire and process for producing the same
Non-mucin type synthetic compounds or its carrier conjugated compounds
Pesticidal compositions containing plant essentials oils against termites
Low freezing electrolyte for an electrolytic capacitor
Method of providing software testing services
Alkyl-dihalogenated phenyl-substituted ketoenols useful as pesticides and herbicides
Methods of polymerization
Garden cart handle
Use of biologically active vitamin D compounds for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowe...
System and method for proxy filing and closing of flight plans
Intravascular delivery of mycophenolic acid
Method and system for predicting initial analyte values in stored samples
Cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase
Automotive vehicle seating comfort system
Human glycosylation enzymes
Method for data packet acquisition using split preamble
Use of fumaric acid derivatives for treating mitochondrial diseases
Chemically-modified peptides, compositions, and methods of production and use
Catalyst for decomposing organic harmful substances and method for decomposing organic halides by us...
Disk apparatus with chucking mechanism
Microcrystalline cellulose cushioning granules
Universal carrier for sports boards
Method and apparatus for internetworked wireless integrated network sensor (WINS) nodes
Apparatus for the biological purification of water containing organic materials and derived products...
Extensible software-based architecture for communication and cooperation within and between communit...
Grapevine leafroll virus (type 2) proteins and their uses
H.323 mobility protocol for terminal, user and service mobility
System and method for providing multimedia jitter buffer adjustment for packet-switched networks
Method and system for re-authentication in IP multimedia core network system (IMS)
Technique for temporal climate control in a vehicle
Apparatus and method for program selection utilizing exclusive and inclusive metadata searches
System for resolving conflicts due to simultaneous media streams and method thereof
Data communication device
System and method for providing language localization for server-based applications
Numerical controlling unit having tool-breakage detecting function
Roller vane pump
Preparation of (S)-Clopidogrel and related compounds
Application apparatus for holding in readiness a substance to be applied
Method for obtaining modified polysaccharides
Apparatus and method for scanning information stored in a memory phosphor
Graphically representing data values
Electron-emitting device, electron source, image forming apparatus, and method of manufacturing elec...
Laundry detergents and laundry treatment compositions comprising one or more dye-transfer-inhibiting...
Integral-type process cartridge and developing-assembly unit including non-magnetic one-component to...
Chimeric proteins for use in transport of a selected substance into cells
Portable combustible fuel automatic drip coffee maker
Method and system for producing program-integrated commercials
Hexa-arm polyethylene glycol and its derivatives and the methods of preparation thereof
Method of producing polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display comprising the polarizing plate
Maleimide-photoresist monomers containing halogen, polymers thereof and photoresist compositions com...
Gas insulation transformer
NAND type flash EEPROM in which sequential programming process is performed by using different inter...
Unit circuit, electronic circuit, electronic apparatus, electro-optic apparatus, driving method, and...
System restore apparatus and method employing virtual restore disk
Network-based method and system for distributing data
Device for non-invasively detecting the oxygen metabolism in tissues
Methods and systems for the provision of remote printing services over a network
Solving systems of nonlinear equations using interval arithmetic and term consistency
Driver IC for use with simple microcontrol
Context-sensitive options panel
Process to prepare, 1,4-dihydropyridine intermediates and derivatives thereof
Bone mineralization proteins, DNA, vectors expression systems
Resist composition with enhanced X-ray and electron sensitivity
Compositions with nano-particle size diamond powder and methods of using same for transferring heat ...
Aryl boronic acids for treating obesity
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Cyclohepta[b][1,4]diazepino[6,7,1-hi]indoles and derivatives
Fused heterocyclic compounds
Bubble handling A/D converter calibration
Correction for pipelined analog to digital (A/D) converter
Methods of making upholstery fabric tack strips
Visual display unit
Flushing system for screw-type crushed ice extrusion machine
Rehabilitation of water supply pipes
Orifice reducer for container neck
BOP assembly with metal inserts
Multi-media workstation having a master rail system
Process for producing packaging laminate
Method of coating coils using a high solids fluorocarbon coating composition
Artist's color chart device
Math game and method
Recorded medium on which program for displaying skill, achievement level, display device, and displa...
Endoscopic tutorial system
Method and apparatus for preparing customized reading material
System and method for generating an online interactive story
Apparatus for and method of manufacturing a semiconductor die carrier
Automatic load positioning for a conveyor cart
Performing cardiac surgery without cardioplegia
Pet robot charging system
Integrated robotic cell
Method of controlling table angle of transport robot
Variably curved track-mounted amusement ride
Multi-functional furniture
Illuminated flying disc
Non-spill container
Ornamental water ball showing two dynamic views
Remote control toy vehicle
Method and system for regulating a stability control system of a vehicle
Golf training apparatus and method of use
Repair tool for depression in putting green on golf course
Printing cartridge with pressure sensor array identification
Residual credits in a gaming system
Method and system for conducting transactions using a payment card with two technologies
Medium, apparatus, and method related to encryption resultant information
System and method for transferring the right to decode messages in a symmetric encoding scheme
Digital anti-counterfeiting software method and apparatus
Digital content protection system
Video-signal output apparatus and video-signal input apparatus
Non-volatile memory for use with an encryption device
Information hiding method with reduced fuzziness
Mobile device, chip card and method of communication
Data distribution system and method thereof, data processing device, data control device, and machin...
Software license reporting and control system and method
Method for carrying out transactions and device for realizing the same
Method and apparatus for permuting input data and recording medium having stored thereon a program f...
Image processing apparatus and method, and computer readable memory medium storing program for execu...
Universal userid and password management for internet connected devices
Tailored zeolite bound zeolite catalysts and its use for hydrocarbon conversion
Polyolefin wax for coating materials and printing ink composition
Process for selectively hydrogenating mixed phase front end C2-C10 greater unsaturated hydrocarbons
Process for producing liquid polyalphaolefin polymer, metallocene catalyst therefor, the resulting p...
Oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes to olefins using an oxide surface
Lithium aluminate layered catalyst and a selective oxidation process using the catalyst
Paraffin alkylation
Steel excellent in forgeability and machinability
Copper-containing sputtering targets, and methods of forming copper-containing sputtering targets
Composition of porous element for biomaterial
Blind threaded fastener forming technique
Steering-wheel revolution number correction system of all-wheel-drive vehicle
Inflatable external airbag system
Vehicle steering apparatus with anti-steer security device
Rear structure of motorcycle
Console with driver's interface
Transmission and gear position detector for all-terrain vehicle
Torque sensor
Occupant detection system
Constant velocity joint integrated to wheel bearing and to axially adjustable hub
Rotation direction detection apparatus
Hybrid vehicle system
Urban transportation system
Method, computer program, control apparatus and arrangement for detecting the touch contact of an op...
Torque variation control device and computer program
Self-alignment torque correcting apparatus for vehicle and electric power steering apparatus
Control circuit for a passenger protection device in a motor vehicle and corresponding method of ope...
Torque-biasing system
Travel following system for vehicle
Collision damage reduction system
Apparatus and method for measuring the weight of an occupant in a vehicle
Method of adapting an operating device to user behavior and adaptive operating device
Method of linking a food source with a food product
Method of improving quality of manufactured modules
Method of using multiple populations with cross-breeding in a genetic algorithm
Process for the identification of a document
Intelligence server system
System and method of managing documents over a computer network
Thienopyridones as AMPK activators for the treatment of diabetes and obesity
Nitrogeneous cyclic ketone derivative, process for producing the same, and use
Thiazole derivatives