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Methods of inhibiting ectopic calcification
Engineered polypeptides in personal care applications
Computer system linked by using information in data objects
Video-data encoder and recording media wherein a video-data encode program is recorded
Cash register and method of accounting for cash transactions
Digital information recording/playback system and digital information recording medium
Record carrier, playback device and method of recording information
Just-in-time software updates
Intake valve control device of internal combustion engine
Selecting operating mode in an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Engine valve actuator with valve seating control
Vehicle multi-cylinder engine
Spring loop novelty device
Toy vehicle with rotating front end
Method for photolytically deprotecting immobilized nucleoside derivatives, especially in the product...
Determining orientation of images containing blue sky
Method and apparatus for directional radio communication
Method of playing an object selection game
Chess game
Skill based coin catching amusement machine
Navigational off- line and off-heading indication system and method
Anti-lock brake control method having adaptive initial brake pressure reduction
Work vehicle with operator selected load control and fuel economy control
Cell seeding of ceramic compositions
Process and installation for the production of ultra-pure oxygen by distillation of air
DNA encoding chitin deacetylase preparations
Low EMI multiplexed dual display
Exterior rearview mirror for vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles
Container carrier and package
Apparatus and process of making magnetically readable cards
Method and system for spill correction
Hydrogen sulfide removal process
Supported tungsten carbide material
Process for the preparation of hydrazine
Variable channel device for wideband CDMA system
Light emitting diode flashing directional warning lamp
Background cache synchronization
Method and system for providing substitute computer fonts
Heat-moisture exchanger and nebulization device
Method and test kit for use in improving immunoassay specificity
Transgenic mice comprising CD45 knockout
Bis-benzimidazole compounds and analogs thereof for inhibiting cell death
Cyclic olefin polymeric nanocomposite optical plastic article and method of making same
Metalized polyolefin film
Electronic light emissive displays incorporating transparent and conductive zinc oxide thin film
Process for fabricating organic circuits
Novel transparent polyurethane polyurea films for lamination of glazing materials and their method o...
Process for preparing a membrane
Novel transparent polyurethane polyureas for lamination of glazing materials
Novel transparent polyurethane polyureas for lamination of glazing materials
Novel transparent polyurethane polyureas for lamination of glazing materials
Liquid crystal film
Liquid-crystal display
Disposable absorbent articles with improved adhesive for attachment to the skin to facilitate adhesi...
Universal electrocardiogram sensor positioning device and method for four sizes including extra larg...
Airport ground-control system and method
Redundant communication fabrics for enhancing fault tolerance in Totem networks
Method and apparatus for monitoring and treating sudden infant death syndrome
Fixing device for fixing a toner image in an image forming apparatus
RF tunable filter arrangement with tunable image trap
Method and apparatus for image registration
Method and system for sensing the proper insertion of a portable memory element
Method for automating validation of integrated circuit test logic
Method and apparatus for resolving CPU deadlocks
System and method for purging database update image files after completion of associated transaction...
Log record parsing for a distributed log on a disk array data storage system
Resource availability determination mechanism for distributed data storage system
Touch-free loading system for an in-bay, automatic vehicle wash system
Car wash entry station
Optical scanning device having a calibrated pixel output and method for calibrating such a device
Method for design of partial circuit
Process for producing microcapsules
Alleviating line end shortening in transistor endcaps by extending phase shifters
Method of controlling the microstructures of Cu-Cr-based contact materials for vacuum interrupters a...
Plated polyamide resin articles
.alpha.-olefin/vinyl or vinylidene aromatic interpolymer product and process for making same using m...
Stacking apparatus and method for laminated products and packaging
Monoclonal antibodies against activated ras proteins with amino acid mutations at position 13 of the...
Distal protection device and method
Safety spectacles
Information processing device and electronic equipment
Speech synthesis method
Method for evaluating process chambers used for semiconductor manufacturing
Method and apparatus for recognizing shape of road
Template language for industrial controller programming
Honeycomb electrode fuel cells
Controlling the temperature at which fuel cell exhaust is oxidized
Thick film printing method
Transmission type screen and method of manufacturing thereof
Projection screen
Glass fiber nonwoven fabric and printed wiring board
Integrin antagonists
Catalytic monolith substrate made of ceria and titania
Use of fuel cell cathode effluent in a fuel reformer to produce hydrogen for the fuel cell anode
Fuel evaporator
Topical antibiotic composition for treatment of eye infection
Accommodating intraocular lens
Amino acid derivatives and anti-inflammatory agents
DSP-10 dual-specificity phosphatase
Finishing for jeans material
Extricable seat assembly
Portable communication terminal
Toning station drive chain cover assembly
High speed quarterfolder
Device for seizing of flat material on a transporting surface
Method and device for releasing printing material from a cylinder
Liquid hydrogen stratospheric aircraft
Aerobraking orbit transfer vehicle
Aircraft and drive device for aircraft
Aircraft engine
Method of forming a trench isolation structure resistant to hot phosphoric acid by extending trench ...
Non-myeloablative/lymphoablative conditioning regimen to induce patient anti-donor unresponsiveness ...
Pesticidal pyrazoles and derivatives
Dense medium cyclone separator
Vehicle windshield with fractal antenna(s)
Mask on a polymer having an opening width less than that of the opening in the polymer
BGA package and method of fabrication
Thin film transistor device
CDMA radio multiplex transmitting device and a CDMA multiplex receiving device
Apparatus for monitoring a system with time in space and method therefor
Weight checking apparatus
Electronic identification system
Energy information and control system
Methods and systems for safely processing hazardous waste
Fixture for protection of windows
Aqueous ink for ink-jet printing
Multi-patient fluid dispensing
Methods and apparatus for precision agriculture operations utilizing real time kinematic global posi...
Method of using data regarding manufacturing procedures integrated circuits (IC's) have undergone, s...
Optical fiber coating compositions and coated optical fibers
Y-branch waveguide
Method of determining a content of a nuclear waste container
Stacked-die assemblies with a plurality of microelectronic devices and methods of manufacture
Cryptographic key split combiner
Spool winding device
Freezing point measurement with OCDR and OCT technology
Apparatus and method for selective data collection and signal to noise ratio enhancement using optic...
Use of melatonin for induction of general anesthesia
Anticoagulant agents
Treatment of SLE with dehydroepiandrosterone
Method and apparatus for server based handheld application and database management
Surface acoustic wave resonator with withdrawn electrodes and surface acoustic wave ladder filter us...
Deacetylase genes for the production of phosphinothricin or phosphin-othricyl-alanyl-alanine, proces...
Therapeutic method for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Bleaching-active metal complexes
Method to determine optical proximity correction and assist feature rules which account for variatio...
Hormone replacement therapy method
Dispenser with disengageable screw mechanism
Dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene
Rotating cam limit switch
Multiplier fly casting reel with anti-reversing mechanism
China cabinet
Reel carrier with slip resistant feet
Construction string reel
Slip and skid resistant reel carrier
Apparatus for manufacturing pellet sizing screen rods
Fumigant system
Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting tumor cell growth
Method of making a multilayer capillary membrane
Modular input/output controller capable of routing packets over busses operating at different speeds
MOSFET simulation method
Automated load determination for partitioned simulation
Emulation suspend mode with differing response to differing classes of interrupts
Method and apparatus for random stimulus generation
Context switching for vector transfer unit
System and method for managing the execution of instruction groups having multiple executable instru...
Delivery system and method for delivering a plurality of packages containing a solid material
Impervious resilient membrane and hydropneumatic accumulator fitted with that membrane
Composite container and method of heat sealing composite containers
Cone for dyeing yarns reeled on spools with axial seat to guide the stem and recess for the interpen...
Power-efficient communication protocol
Polymer-clay nanocomposite comprising an amorphous oligomer
Gelatinous elastomer compositions and articles
Surface coatings
Particulate group 4 metallocene-aluminoxane catalyst compositions devoid of preformed support, and t...
Systems and components for enhancing rear vision from a vehicle
Flexible solid electrolyte separator for use in a high temperature electrochemical cell, method of m...
Highly conductive electrolyte composites containing glass and ceramic, and method of manufacture
Ion conductor or electrolyte for a galvanic element
Stabilized zirconia solid electrolyte and process for preparation thereof
Electrochemical battery cell having a monolithic bipolar flat plate beta" a l
Composite ion-conductive electrolyte member
Electrochemical cell
Induction system for personal watercraft
Personal watercraft having an improved exhaust system
Throttle control for small watercraft
System to keep any type of vessel afloat in case of a leak
Method for developing and sustaining uniform distribution of a plurality of metal powders of differe...
EH domain containing genes and proteins
Method of making a biodegradable interbody spinal fusion devices
Thermoplastic resin composition
Blended polyol ester lubricants for refrigerant heat transfer fluids
Automatic pet blanket
Method and apparatus for identifying plastics
Vehicle assembly line-side heat activation of a "ready-to-install" window fixing adhesive for attach...
Self-adhesive reinforced foam gasket
Vinyl hat
High efficiency external counterpulsation apparatus and method for controlling same
Composition and process for coloring and preserving wood
Soft bodied high capacity catch basin filtration system
Parison separation assembly
Carton and carton blank
Bottle with cow design
Carton, method of forming same, and carton blank
Product dispensing closure with lid support
Antifungal compositions and method
Hollow filler-containing silicone rubber and method of production
Method for the manufacturing of an aluminium-magnesium-lithium alloy product
Illuminated distress warning sign
Developing apparatus
Polymerized toner and production process thereof
Two-component developer, container filled with the two-component developer, and image formation appa...
Method for consolidating manufacturing of computing devices
Preparation of metal imino/amino complexes for metal oxide and metal nitride thin films
Method of correcting disturbing influences on the MR signals of a substance disposed in the measurin...
Magnetic resonance method for forming a fast dynamic image
Method of correcting resonance frequency variation and MRI apparatus
Thermionic fuel element pressure vessel
Hot-top type continuous casting machine for hollow billet
Method for making dimethyl sulfone from dimethyl sulfoxide and hydrogen peroxide
Data transfer equipment for connecting a SCSI interface to an IEEE 1394 interface
Managing computer system alerts
Ultrasonic imager
Electrodeposition of metals for forming three-dimensional microstructures
Systems and methods for a navigational device with improved route calculation capabilities
Titanium-based composite material, method for producing the same and engine valve
Reflection liquid crystal display device having slanted parts in interfaces
Decorative display assembly, kit and method of fabricating same
Plastic display container having hinged cover
Platable polymeric composition
Method for sizing feet
Method and apparatus for designing molecules with desired properties by evolving successive populati...
Camera viewfinder with aiming aid
Concentric optical cable with full duplex connectors
Optical waveguide gratings
Method and apparatus for asymmetric multiplexing and demultiplexing of optical signals utilizing a d...
Optoelectronic microelectronic system
Multi-layer x-ray detector for diagnostic imaging
Solid-state laser
Multi-layered wound dressing
Protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors for treating osteoarthritis
Diimino-piperazine derivatives for use as modulators of cell regulation
Compositions and methods for mucosal delivery
Automatic machine for coffee beverage, deliverable as coffee alone or, combined with milk, in the fo...
Programmable array built-in self test method and system for arrays with imbedded logic
Efficient system and method for forward error correction
Apparatus for controlling and/or measuring additive concentration in an electroplating bath
Method and apparatus for distributing processing load for decoding paging messages in a radio commun...
Method for synchronizing radio port and radio interface unit in wireless local loop
Weather radio control
Active window glass antenna system with automatic overload protection circuit
Universal dependency vector/queue entry
Microencapsulated fragrances and methods of coating microcapsules
Shared memory blocking method and system
Method for prefetching external resources to embedded objects in a markup language data stream
Production of endospores from pasteuria by culturing with explanted tissue from nematodes
Temperature detection device for an electric radiant heater
Devices and procedures for in vitro testing of pulse oximetry monitors
Laser search peening for exfoliation corrosion detection
Beam path clearing for laser peening
Laser shock peened gas turbine engine intermetallic parts
Overlay control for laser peening
Laser shock peening integrally bladed rotor blade edges
Shock pressure gauge for laser peening apparatus
Soft error correction algebraic decoder
Aqueous emulsions of amine-functionalized organopolysiloxanes
Method and apparatus for encoding keys
Method for data decorrelation
Noise-free silencer assembly
Selectable pixel amplifier for use in a photosensor array
Inkjet recording head and recording apparatus using the same
Rotating wiper and blotter for ink jet print head
Firearm assembly
Method for managing printed medium activated revenue sharing domain name system schemas
Annotating temporally-dimensioned multimedia content
Metered dose inhaler for fluticasone propionate
Dry powder medicament inhalator having an inhalation-activated flow diverting means for triggering d...
Knowledge based system
Organic electroluminescence device
Liquid crystal color display device
Self-aligned STI process using nitride hard mask
Method and apparatus for hybridization
Method of comparing nucleic acid sequences
Brush encoder with resilient contact strips
High-pressure gas discharge lamp, and method of manufacturing same
Structure of liquid crystal display
Light-polarizing film
Standby power supply line voltage fault detector
Line voltage fault detector for appliance protection
Cooling wheel for annealing wire
Shock-protected battery cover assembly
Induction type electrical wire preheater
Plug-in emergency light fixture
Thermoplastic marking compositions
Detergent tablet
Curable adhesive composition
Process for the production of paper
Immunomodulatory polynucleotides in treatment of an infection by an intracellular pathogen
Process for preparing a high barrier amorphous polyamide-clay nanocomposite
Etching an organic material layer, particularly for producing interconnections of the damascene type
Method for producing synthetic polymerizates with very low residual monomer content
Use of Vinylaromatic/1,3-diene copolymers stabilized with protective colloids in building adhesive f...
Multistage emulsion polymer
Process for manufacture of soluble highly branched polyamides, and at least partially aliphatic high...
Preparation of copolymers of carbon monoxide and an olefinically unsaturated compound in an aqueous ...
Composition comprising polymers having a star structure, the polymers, and their use
Hair care compositions
Fluorescent lamp and a method of making same, and a lighting fixture
Method for treatment of surfaces to remove mold release agents with continuous ultraviolet cleaning ...
Inertia capsule for golf club
Radiation curable inkjet ink relatively free of photoinitiator and method and apparatus of curing th...
Method of and apparatus for topologically based retrieval of information
Sales management apparatus
Reverse vending machine
Cardiac stimulator lead with fluid restriction
Acoustic device
Dynamic end seal for image forming apparatus
Variable Fresnel type structures and process
Apparatus for the collection and distribution of liquid in a column
Deacetylase genes for the production of phosphinothricin or phosphinothricyl-alanyl-alanine, process...
Pharmaceutical composition for and method of treating leukemia
Ultraviolet absorbing green tinted glass
Glass sheet with conductive film and glass article using the same
Combustion process and fuel injection burner for implementing such a process
Method of manufacturing glass substrate for use as information recording medium
Palely colored glass having high transmittance and method for producing the same
Glass substrate for information recording medium, manufacturing method thereof, and information reco...
Holographic display device and method for producing a transmission diffusion hologram suitable for i...
Electrical capacitor with a pleated metallized portion and a starting portion wound about the lead w...
High data rate CDMA wireless communication system
Process for preparing 4-cyanopentanoic acid
Process for making 3-cyanopyridine
Process for oxidation of benzene to phenol precursor
Oxidative cyclization of 2-methylglutaronitrile to 3-cyanopyridine
Method and device for detection of a defect in a sensor system
Valve/sensor assemblies
Method and apparatus for generating notification of changed conditions behind a vehicle
Sensor system with rigid-body error correcting element
Temperature controlled fluid therapy system
Device for controlling the drive of mechanisms operating separately from one another
Sanitizing compositions and methods
Hand tool with retractable implement
Knife handle
Thermoplastic polyvinyl alcohol fibers and method for producing them
Deoxyamino acid compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting ....
Method for treating symptoms of a neurodegenerative condition
Systems and methods for ambulatory monitoring of physiological signs
Apparatus and method for playback of waveform sample data and sequence playback of waveform sample d...
Physiological stress detector device and method
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of performing an effective development process
14/42-volt automotive circuit tester
Door frame for metal buildings
Reduced-complexity sequence detection
N-hydroxacylamino compounds, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containin...
Combined ozonation and electrolytic chlorination water purification method
Process for treating fluorine-containing waste solution
Biological filter structures
Metal melt treatment equipment
Wet scrubber
Dynamic bubble trap
Foam monitoring and control system
Separator inlet
Method of producing fine particle dispersions
Energy recovery in a wellbore
Compact, high-efficiency, gas/liquid separator method and apparatus
Method of joining two or more parts
Gas dissolving apparatus and method
Method of treating pressurized drilling fluid returns from a well
Charging device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having plural image transfer operation modes including different transfer ch...
Optical guide, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Discharge lamp lighting circuit with protection circuit
Systems and methods for electrosurgical treatment of submucosal tissue
Electronically tunable reflector
Control apparatus having object-oriented self-diagnosis program
Object-oriented encapsulation of a telecommunications service protocol interface
Real time adaptive engine position estimation
Speed regulating apparatus for a pneumatic tool
Semipermeable microspheres encapsulating biological material
Multi-layer container
Catalyst system and its use in olefin polymerization
Process for conducting aldol condensation reactions in ionic liquid media
Vascular filter convertible to a stent and method
Conformable weighted conditioning garment
Aviation fuel sampling safety valve assemblies
Catalyst assembly and method for chemical process tower
Aqueous-quench spinning of polyamides
Method and apparatus for catalyst-downcomer-tray operation
Process for the cryogenic separation of oxygen containing mixtures, organized lining therefore and a...
Hollow fiber membrane type artificial lung
Evaporation heat exchanger apparatus for removing heat
Two compartment water rod for boiling water reactors
Medical line securement device for use with neonates
Previewing apparatus of flats
Rear-projection screen
Projection screen
Electromagnetic reciprocating compressor
Methods for treating cell death diseases and inflammation
NL4 tie ligand homologue
Process for producing thin film metal oxide coated substrates
Process for producing thin film metal oxide coated substrates
Process for producing thin film metal oxide coated substrates
Process for producing thin film metal oxide coated substrates
Carbon-supported catalysts for fuel cells
Compact precooler
Catalytic adsorption and oxidation based carbon monoxide sensor and detection method
Fluid permeable flexible graphite article with enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity
Generation and delivery device for ozone gas and ozone dissolved in water
Generation and delivery device for ozone gas and ozone dissolved in water
Selective etch method for selectively etching a multi-layer stack layer
Apparatus for enhancing the survivability of exposed structures
Semiconductor device with selectively diffused regions
Thermal annealing/hydrogen containing plasma method for forming structurally stable low contact resi...
Delivery systems for a tooth whitener
Silver halide photographic material comprising a permanent conductive subbing layer and a scratch-re...
Adjustment apparatus for exercise machine
Exercise resistance device with magnets
Cyclic ergometer
Deep stride exercise machine
Additives for inhibiting gas hydrate formation
Method of homogenizing the constitution of a web of paper
Apparatus for simulating processing parameters and predicting variables in a papermaking operation i...
Method for oxygen bleaching paper pulp
System for sulfonating mechanical pulp fibers
Pulp log discharge system for a debarking drum
Method of reducing pitch in pulping and papermaking operations
Method for manufacturing filler-containing paper
Doctor equipment in connection with a roll/cylinder in a paper/board machine
Satellite method for using radar interferometry to establish a digital terrain model
Novelty display
Method for bending SI materials and core wire member of SI materials
Immortalized human stromal cell lines
Process for the treatment of gases with high oxygen content, with a view to controlling nitrogen oxi...
Anti-theft device
Maintaining signal guard bands when routing through a field of obstacles
Peptide analogues of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) or factor 2 (IGF-2)
Growth factor
Filler product supply apparatus and method
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor
Power injector for injecting fluid into animals
System and method for measuring temperature in a strong electromagnetic field
Stabilizer ring for a sea anchor
Polybetaines as asphalt emulsifiers
Recycled roadway material millings based asphalt-fines matrix, procedure for recycling these materia...
Roadway structure made from rigid materials
Positive electrode active material and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery containing the same
Electrochemical lithium ion secondary cell having multiplate electrodes with differing discharge rat...
Method of making lithium-containing materials
Microfabricated devices for the storage and selective exposure of chemicals and devices
Thin lithium battery with slurry cathode
Solid oxide fuel cell having a monolithic heat exchanger and method for managing thermal energy flow...
Hybrid battery network for implantable medical device
Prevention of polymerization in Li/MnO2 organic electrolyte electrochemical systems
Method of making an electrochemical cell by the application of polysiloxane onto at least one of the...
Method of conducting an endothermic reaction in a packed-bed reactor with external energy addition
Process for separating olefins from saturated hydrocarbons
Baby bottle key chain
Materials and methods for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Portable fingerprint scanning apparatus for identification verification
Methods for making and purifying antivenoms
Computer composition of nastaliq script of the urdu group of languages
Method for entrapment of liquids in transformed waxes
Indane or dihydroindole derivatives
Steering wheel having insert molded membrane switch
Calibration methods and systems for diffuse optical tomography and spectroscopy
System and method for electronically evaluating predicted fabric qualities
Method of releasing gas or vapor from a solid material
Semi-active hydropneumatic suspension device and automotive vehicle equipped with this device
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
Protective drainage wraps
Biosensor for pentachlorophenol
Modular electromagnetic sensing apparatus having improved calibration
Seabed analysis
Method of producing a coal combustion ash composition
Apparatus for directional drilling
Method for producing a stable polymerized hemoglobin blood-substitute
Method for preparing copper arsenate compositions
Method for the removal and recovery of the oil component from drill cuttings
Substituted heterocycle fused gamma-carbolines
Kit using led units for retrofitting illuminated signs
Personal respirator
Template method for replacing a vessel in a pipe system
Method and system for presenting item information using a portable data terminal
Medical examination table step
Wheel bearing with positive-locking connection
Bearing assembly for a helicopter rear transmission shaft
Sealing assembly for bearing
Transport and mounting device for rolling element sets
Hydraulic dynamic pressure bearing motor
Eccentric system
Ammunition using non-toxic metals and binders
Short-action firearm for high-power firearm cartridge
Detection system for determining positional information about objects
Integrated circuit package
SDIFA mass spectrometry
Board integrated resilient contact elements array and method of fabrication
Parameterization of subdivision surfaces
Automatic coffee machine for delivering coffee alone or, combined with milk, in the form of cappucci...
Method and apparatus for selectively enabling and disabling functions on a per array basis
Encoding input digital words to form encoded output symbols
Underpants structure provided with means to augment perineal muscles
Optical apparatus
Nematicidal strain of pseudomonas and its use as a biocontrol agent
Rate sensing batch analysis method and enzyme used therein
Adaptive control of neonatal fractional inspired oxygen
Acrylic copolymer membranes for biosensors
Device and method for the detection of an analyte utilizing mesoscale flow systems
Projection system utilizing fiber optic illumination
Method of treating or preventing alopecia
Lighting fixture employing a partially reflective partially transmittive polymeric reflector
Pipe replacement apparatus
Generalized method for cancer assessment
Method of probabilistically modeling variables
Inhaler refill
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Laminate, method for producing the same and thermoplastic foam adhesive
Compositions containing particles of highly fluorinated ion exchange polymer
Software-based problem-resolution production system with standardized information providers & soluti...
Electroluminescence device
Capacitor having a structure capable of restraining deterioration of dielectric film, semiconductor ...
Read-write control circuit for magnetic tunnel junction MRAM
Semiconductor light emitting device for stably obtaining peak wave length of emission spectrum
Lanthanide impregnated wood composition and method for permanently depositing water insoluble lantha...
Mobile internet access system and method mapping mobile to internet service provider
Process for producing N-acetylglucosamine-6-phosphate deacetylase
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of oxaheterocycle-fused-[1,4]-benzodioxans
Distributed magnetic field positioning system using code division multiple access
Microbubble generator for the transfer of oxygen to microbial inocula, and microbubble generator imm...
Nucleic acid probes for the detection and identification of fungi
Optical apparatus
Molecular model for VLA-4 inhibitors
High contrast electroluminescent displays
Electroluminescent devices without particle conductive coating
Switch/display units
Capacitive switches
High contrast electroluminescent display panels
Deposition of electroluminescent material through superimposed dual masks
Hydropneumatic accumulator
Salt forms of 6-n-butylamino-6-deoxy-.alpha.-L-sorbofuranose
Method for attaching axial filaments to a self expanding stent
Detection of gene mutations or amplifications in melanocytic neoplasms
Artificial bone implants
Polymeric organic coatings and method of manufacture thereof
Nanotechnology for electrical devices
Safety system for school buses
Mixed-resistance structured packing
Process for producing N-acetyl-D-glucosamine deacetylase
1,3-propane diol esters and ethers and methods for their use in drug delivery
Use of derivatives of valproic acid and 2-valproenic acid amides for the treatment of mania in bipol...
Aqueous suspensions of submicron 9-hydroxyrisperidone fatty acid esters
Compounds, their preparation and use
Method of controlling a communication system and the system employing the method
Magnetic roll rate sensor
Method for transfer alignment of an inertial measurement unit in the presence of unknown aircraft me...
Fixed ground track satellite constellation and user terminal
Renewable energy systems using long-stroke open-channel reciprocating engines
Extendible solar generator with an extendible supporting array structure
Steer-drive for boats and planes
Aileron for fixed wing aircraft
Reduced electronic noise power supply to discharge lamps, especially for motor vehicle headlights
Milk derived whey protein-based microencapsulating agents and a method of use
Ammonium polyphosphate microencapsulated with amino-plastic resins
Method of producing sustained-release microcapsules
Denture stabilizing compositions
Microencapsulation process by coacervation
Perfuming composition
Microencapsulation of water-soluble medicaments
Coating method for preparing composite material
Process for catalytic conversion of hydrocarbon feedstock
Method for producing thermoplastic resin sheet or filler-containing resin sheet
Organic microballoon
Hollow zeolite-containing particles useful as refining catalysts
Porous, lightweight, particulate aggregates and process of manufacture
Robot system, robot apparatus and cover for robot apparatus
Robot apparatus and robot apparatus motion control method
Robot teaching apparatus
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method
Edge gripping prealigner
Identification code reader integrated with substrate carrier robot
Food dishing robot system
2,3-disubstituted pyridine derivatives, process for the preparation thereof, drug compositions conta...
Biocatalytic process for reduction of petroleum viscosity
Use of cirsiliol and derivatives to treat infections
Fuzzy-logic routing system for call routing with-in communication centers and in other telephony env...
Production of itaconic acid by fermentation
Method for solving the music-on-hold problem in an audio conference
Aromatic amides, their preparation process and their use as pesticides
Controlled release pharmaceutical compositions containing tiagabine
Antibodies and fragments thereof which bind the carboxyl-terminus of an amino-terminal fragment of ....
Semiconductor processing techniques
System and method for developing a database of body surface ECG flutter wave data maps for classific...
Fire detection systems and methods
Out-of-band forward error correction
Method for improving cardiac function following delivery of a defibrillation shock
Dual cam set transfer assist blade system
Dual resolution acquisition of magnetic resonance angiography data with vessel segmentation
Computer-implemented speech recognition system training
Instrument panel for an oil free compressor
Keyboard, mouse, video and power switching apparatus and method
Light emitting device and a method of manufacturing the same
Methods and apparatus for reducing decoder area
Dual band telemetry system
Integrated inflation/deflation device and method
Board game featuring olympic sports
Implementation of multicast messaging in a mobile telecommunications network
Medical electrical lead having variable bending stiffness
Therapeutic device and method for treating diseases of cardiac muscle
Method for treating a patient with neoplasia by treatment with a vinca alkaloid derivative
Non-endogenous, constitutively activated human protein-coupled receptors
System for detection of a functional interaction between a compound and a cellular signal transducti...
Process for making absorbable microparticles
Apparatus for artificial kidney, quality evaluating device for dialyzing fluid and dialyzing means u...
Linear, isotactic polymers, process for preparing same, and use thereof
Method for producing acrylic acid and acrylic acids esters
Method of making a half-tone gravure printing plate
Reflection-type screen
Reflection-type screen having a dimensionally stable substrate
Liquid-crystal display device
Ligand binding site of rage and uses thereof
Drip-type coffee-maker comprising a water treatment device
Control device and control method for robot
Polymerisation catalyst
Rapid heat block thermocycler
Water-soluble resin composition
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Dinucleoside polyphosphate compositions and their therapuetic use as purinergic receptor agonists
Toothbrush and packaging
Vehicle license plate cover
Active current-limiting control for dc motor speed regulation
Phosphor for down converting ultraviolet light of LEDs to blue-green light
Planar NMR coils with localized field-generating and capacitive elements
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Accelerated magnetic resonance imaging using a parallel spatial filter
G-CSF conjugates
Method of preparing a benzofuran or benzothiophene compound
Method of manufacturing bimetal slippers
Apparatus and method for compensating mass flow rate of a material when the density of the material ...
Method and apparatus for attaching sleeves to tubular shirt bodies
Motor brake with single free wheeling diode connected in parallel with only one partial coil of brak...
Electromagnetically operated brake
Fitted sheet hemmer
Edge finishing system
Mounting apparatus for CNC machine
Electrical switching unit
Vocabulary teaching aid system and method
Tandem tap and method for cutting screw threads
Acylsulfonamide derivative
Spectral bio-imaging of the eye
Protein kinase inhibitor
Method and composition for the topical treatment of diabetic neuropathy
Methods of reducing serum glucose and triglyceride levels and for inhibiting angiogenesis using subs...
System and method for testing software reliability over extended time
System and apparatus for dynamically generating audible notices from an information network
Fastening machine
Pressure regulating valve with secondary venting measures
Contrasting gloss surface coverings optionally containing dispersed wear-resistant particles and met...
Digital cordless telephone device which gives a warning to prevent unexpected termination of communi...
System, method and article of manufacture for creating an object oriented component having multiple ...
Apparatus for logging data associated with feed ingredients and rations for delivery to feedlots
Method of front loading an injector and injecting fluid into animals therewith
Front load pressure jacket system with syringe holder
Electrical connection scheme for optical devices
Scheduling method for high-level synthesis and recording medium
Cradle for connecting two hand-held devices to form a single unit
Head for machine tool
Asymmetric synthesis of quinazolin-2-ones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
5-arylsulfonyl-imidazo[1',2':1,6]pyrido[2,3-b]pyrazine-6-amines and related compounds
Derivatized biotin compounds and methods of use
Image forming assembly and method using a lamination apparatus
Formulation of fast-dissolving efavirenz capsules or tablets using super-disintegrants
Peptides derived from the lymphadenopathy-associated virus (LAV) envelope coding region
Floribunda rose plant named `Meicinelle`
Gypsophila plant named `Dangypfun`
Dracaena plant named `0104SJ`
Guzmania plant named `Deplakar`
Apple tree named `Banning Gala`
Hibiscus plant named `Eruption`
Hibiscus plant named: `Pink Comet`
Adsorbent for aromatic hydroxy compound and utilization thereof
Rear curved cleats for an athletic shoe
Road friction coefficient estimating apparatus and vehicle equipped with road friction coefficient e...
Handheld finger print scanner for imaging and capturing a photographic image
Avian immunoglobulin-producing cell lines
Polynucleotides encoding SRE B2 receptor
Film wrapping machine
Method for increasing stability and bake absorption of a bread baking wheat flour and resulting doug...
Multilayer membrane and process of manufacturing the same
Chenille yarn for high speed weaving applications and improved product wear performance
Method of producing a hydropneumatic accumulator
Chemiluminescent substrates for neuraminidase, assays for detection of neuraminidase and kits theref...
Methods for selecting, developing and improving diagnostic tests for pregnancy-related conditions
Methods and apparatus for site wide monitoring of electronic mail systems
Partially inserted cochlear implant
Power-saving mode release error detection and recovery logic circuit for microcontroller devices
Ergonomic writing instrument
Process for preparing cross-bridged tetraaza macrocycles
Human transferase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Portable electronic book viewer
Antibodies to natural killer stimulatory factor
Compounds for diagnosis of tuberculosis and methods for their use
Tumor antigen peptide derivatives
Composition for enhancing cellular immunogenicity comprising alpha-glycosylceramides
JeT promoter
Complex of biotinylated viral vector and ligand for targeted gene delivery
Natural resin formulations
Electrocardiograph bioelectric interface system and method of use
Catalytic generation of hydrogen
Liquid fuel compositions for electrochemical fuel cells
Energetic nitramine-linked azoles and related compounds as oxidizers, initiators and gas generators
Compositions of water soluble glass
Multiple mesodermal lineage differentiation potentials for adipose tissue-derived stromal cells and ...
Polyhydroxyalkanoate compositions for soft tissue repair, augmentation, and viscosupplementation
Medical devices and applications of polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers
Polymers for delivery of nucleic acids
Passive cardiac restraint systems having multiple layers of inflatable elements
Physically crosslinked amphiphilic networks, methods of preparation, and uses thereof
Chromated copper arsenate wood preservative compositions
Modular guiding device
Method and apparatus for secure processing of cryptographic keys
Field addressable rewritable media
Treatments using venlafaxine
Apparatus for editing e-mail address and e-mail apparatus
Digital trust center for medical image authentication
Illuminated sign for residence street address
Nuclear grade steel articles
Electron device and semiconductor device
Laundry product
Processes for making granular detergent composition having improved appearance and solubility
Detergent compositions
Multi-phase toilet articles and methods for their manufacture
Transparent micro emulsion
Personal care compositions containing linear toughened silicone grafted polymers
Electric stove for cooking food having an electrically heated cooking surface
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Asymmetric dipolar multi-substituted alditol derivatives, methods of making thereof, and composition...
Stable hydrotropic surfactants comprising alkylamino propionate
Enzyme isolated from a Bifidobacterium
Method for preparing albumin hydrolysates
Method of producing a sound-absorbent insulating element and insulating element produced according t...
Toy train box car
Integrated marine seismic source and method
Planar variable optical attenuator
Methods and systems for providing programmable computerized interactors
Emergency flashing light mechanism
System and method for generating a defect map for a data-storage medium without the use of a hard in...
Combination machine for developing and printing photographic material continuously and automatically
Extended jacket with video input and output
System and method for minimizing inter-application interference among static synchronized methods
Method for preserving regularity during logic synthesis
Surgical method of treating scoliosis
Collarless circularly magnetized torque transducer and method for measuring torque using the same
Microprocessor including an efficient implementation of extreme value instructions
Die shuttle conveyor and nest therefor
Method and system for distributing updates by presenting directory of software available for user in...
Ion complex, coated product and coating method
Resin composition for capstock
Countercurrent alkylation process
Pigment for warpage-free polyolefins coloration
Base station device and transmission method
Pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of topical wounds and ulcers
Managed integrated teaching providing individualized instruction
Hair color analyzer with cradle
Catalytic reduction of phenylacetylene in a styrene stream
Olefin polymer or copolymer formed using a solid catalytic component
Methods for non-permanent occlusion of a uterine artery
Induction method for determining dip angle in subterranean earth formations
Composite piston for a vibration pump
Dual channel optical imaging system
Nucleotide sequences for the control of the expression of DNA sequences in a cell host
Carbon composites with silicon based resin to inhibit oxidation
Pulse oximeter
Non-invasive glucose measurement method and apparatus
Fetal brain monitor
Memory-based amplifier load adjust system
Levothyroxine compositions and methods
Method of protecting a helmet shell and interrupting airflow around the shell with a removable strip
Heated flowline umbilical
Maintenance optimization system for water pipelines
Three-dimensional check image viewer and a method of handling check images in an image-based check p...
Quick connect/disconnect coupling
Pressure-balanced underwater acoustic transducer
Crustacean bait with extended longevity
Device for achieving hand control of a control pedal for an electric trolling motor
Reel type pipeline laying ship and method
System for protecting coastal land from rise of surface of the sea
Cycling through entirety of error-indicating acknowledgment information
Method and apparatus for re-establishing a call in a communication system
MEMS optical switch with torsional hinge and method of fabrication thereof
Electronic damping of MEMS devices using a look-up table
Dynamic passband shape compensation of optical signals
Flat minibands with spatially symmetric wavefunctions in intersubband superlattice light emitters
Methods and apparatus of docking a gaming control board to an interface board in a gaming machine
Process of selecting and/or obtaining probes capable of detecting new variable number tandem repeat ...
Satisfiability algorithms and finite quantification
Method and apparatus for aggressively rendering data in a data processing system
Pesticidal aerosol compositions and pesticidal methods
Method of forming gas-enriched fluid
Utility winch
Single-phase antiperspirant compositions containing solubilized antiperspirant active and volatile s...
Cosmetic product systems comprising a transfer resistant, flexible film-forming cosmetic product and...
Stannous oral compositions
Genes coding for amino acid deacetylases with specificity for N-acetyl-L-phosphinothricin, their iso...
Rac-like genes and methods of use
Inhibitors of hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase and an assay for identification of inhibitors
Thermocycler and lifting element
Lettuce named HMX 7555
Method and system for changing the operating system of a workstation connected to a data transmissio...
Method of photolithographic critical dimension control by using reticle measurements in a control al...
Preparation and use of bifunctional molecules having DNA sequence binding specificity
Actuators using double-layer charging of high surface area materials
Coleopteran-toxic polypeptide compositions and insect-resistant transgenic plants
Software for high throughput microfluidic systems
Membrane-separated, bipolar multicell electrochemical reactor
Method for preparing a regenerated cellulose fibre or yarn
Hydrostatic variable displacement pump having springs arranged outside the servocylinder pressure ch...
Method for determining when a communication device should rate shift or roam in a wireless environme...
Sterilization system and method
High-energy capacitors for implantable defibrillators
Coverage area sectorization in time division multiple access/frequency-time division duplex communic...
Rolling tool cart
Hand truck
Utility cart
Crumb scraper
Crease remover for cloth
Foot of an upright vacuum cleaner
Diagnostic method and apparatus for use with enterprise control
Apparatus and method for analyzing performance of a computer program
Method for prototyping asynchronous circuits using synchronous devices
Efficient load-following power generating system
System and method for controlling electrical current flow as a function of detected sound volume
Rule construction and application
Information processing device and method
Multimedia summary generation employing user feedback
Method and system for peripheral device user interface construction
Operation method of a SRAM device
Magnetic memory with reduced write current
Methods for enhanced extractive distillation employing extractive distillation compositions comprisi...
System and method for low-noise control of radio frequency devices
Hybrid fuzzy closed-loop sub-micron critical dimension control in wafer manufacturing
Range finder
Method of preserving wood with lanthanide derivatives
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
In-situ hydroisomerization of synthesized hydrocarbon liquid in a slurry fischer-tropsch reactor
Method for evaluating current business performance
Backup by ID-suppressed instant virtual copy then physical backup copy with ID reintroduced
Quantifying the level of interest of an item of current interest
Information retrieval system
Method and system for e-commerce and related data management, analysis and reporting
Real time video game uses emulation of streaming over the internet in a broadcast event
Transport protocol conversion method and protocol conversion equipment
Environmental permit web portal with data validation capabilities
Cellular radiotelephone system with remotely programmed mobile stations
Jewelry chain with removable decorative pieces
Aminobenzophenones as inhibitors of IL-1 .beta. and TNF-.alpha.
Power enabling mechanism, a power enabling method, and a controller for an input/output device
Thermosensitive recording material and phthalic acid derivatives for use in the same
Surface acoustic wave devices using optimized cuts of a piezoelectric substrate
Ordered column packing with a fine structuring
Method for allocating negotiable discount coupons to consumers using a distributed processing networ...
Deacetylase genes for the production of phosphinothricin or phosphinothricyl-alanyl-alanine, process...
Capacitor mounting
Ultrasonic welding apparatus
Method and system for reducing of peak-to-average power ratio of transmission signals comprising ove...
Deteriorated filament detection
Patient monitor and method of using same
Process for the desulfurization and the desalting of a fossil fuel
Immunodominant human T-cell epitopes of hepatitis C virus
Production of itaconic acid by fermentation
Apparatus and method for handling peripheral device interrupts
5-amino-6-cyclohexyl-4-hydroxy-hexanamide derivatives as inhibitors of .beta.-amyloid protein produc...
Battery operating condition dependent method and apparatus for controlling energy transfer between a...
Real-time test controller
Printer or copier for simultaneously printing a supporting material on both sides
Backplane assembly with ejection mechanism
Method for producing high resolution real-time images, of structure and function during medical proc...
System for reconfiguring oscilloscope screen in freeze mode
System and method for automatic thermal protection of a fluid compressing system
Algorithm for finding vectors to stimulate all paths and arcs through an LVS gate
System and method for intelligent quality control of a process
Story workflow management system and method
Probes with hydrophobic coatings for gas phase ion spectrometers
Hybrid membrane bead and process for encapsulating materials in semi-permeable hybrid membranes
Process for preparing thermoplastic resin composition
Process for the preparation of mono-olefins from paraffinic hydrocarbons
Microstructured flow fields
NrdF from Staphylococcus aureus
Low profile catheter for angioplasty and occlusion
Olympic event board game
Hierarchical string matching using multi-path dynamic programming
Probabilistic system for natural language processing
Image forming apparatus for synthetic resin sheets
Optical integrated module
Public notification system and method
Programming method of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Framework and method of forming a support structure with interlocking of adjacent compartments
Method to build a water seal, creep-line increasing cutoff
Method and apparatus for improving the structure of saturated masses of granular materials
Stress transmission device, and structure and method of constructing the same
Method and device adapted for use in the placing of a suction anchor with an attached anchor chain o...
Epoxy resins and process for making the same
Process for the carbonylation of arylalkyl halides
Method of fabricating a phosphor screen of a color television picture tube
Polarizing screen and projector using the same
Cut mask preparation method and apparatus
Composition of epoxy resin, anhydride and microcapsule accelerator
Eye treatments using synthetic thyroid hormone compositions
Multi-spike release formulation for oral drug delivery
Brewing apparatus for electric coffee maker
Human minor vault protein p193
Belt device and unit device including belt device and image forming apparatus using the belt device ...
Mixtures of alkylphosphoric esters and use thereof as cosmetic and pharmaceutical emulsifiers
Thermoplastic multilayer composites
Point-to-point, millimeter wave, dual band free space gigabit per second communication link
Electronic instructional device for point-of-performance instruction
Keyboard input device with pointing device for controlling cursor position on graphic display and th...
Method for combined fabrication of indium gallium arsenide/indium phosphide avalanche photodiodes an...
Hematopoietic, myeloprotecting, antitumor immune cells generating and radiosensitizing polysaccharid...
Method of isolating ependymal neural stem cells
Process for preparing a stable silicone oil containing SiH groups and hydrosilylable functions
Hydrocarbon dehydrogenation catalyst and process
Continuous manufacturing process for alpha-olefins
Conversion of light paraffins to oxygenates or olefins using an imide promoter
Method and device for cleaning the atmosphere
Flakes from multilayer iridescent films for use in paints and coatings
Inhibition method of the secondary side stress corrosion cracking in nuclear steam generator tubes
Twin lobe impact mechanism
Notification system for informing a network user of a problem in the network
Microencapsulated compounds and method of preparing same
Disposable front loadable syringe for power injector for injecting fluid into animals
Syringes and plungers for use therein
Aerodynamic fairing
Image production system theme integration
Data processing system using active tokens and method for controlling such a system
System and method for distributing messages
System and method for displaying an interactive electronic representation of a corresponding static ...
Method and system for dynamically generating web forms in a variety of languages
Fastpath redeployment of EJBs
N-.epsilon.-long chain acyllsine crystals, process for producing the same and cosmetics containing t...
Aqueous disinfectant/sterilizing agent for foods
Writing instrument with retractable ink cartridge and retractable correcting fluid cartridge
Lipstick case with mirror
Process for preparing styrene from ethylbenzene using a iron oxide catalyst
Neurotactin and uses therefor
Alkyl or aryl substituted dihydronaphthalene derivatives having retinoid and/or retinoid antagonist-...
ARQ method for wireless communication
Method for the implementation of a perfusion measurement with magnetic resonance imaging
Hand held fingerprint scanner for imaging and capturing a photographic image
Terminal for an active labelling system
Anti-cholesterolemic egg, vaccine and method for production, and use
Schizophrenia associated gene, proteins and biallelic markers
Balanced oncotic pressure fluid
Antibiotic biomass animal feed compositions
Multilayer membrane and process of manufacturing same
Method for determining analyte concentration using periodic temperature modulation and phase detecti...
Dye mixtures of fiber-reactive azo dyes and use thereof for dyeing material containing hydroxy- and/...
Electrochemical device for delivery of volatile substances
Process for monitoring the gas volume in an hydropneumatic accumulator and apparatus for carrying ou...
Fully submersible immersion heater
Flavored mineral water for pets
Process for isolating glycomacropeptide from dairy products with a phenylalanine impurity of 0.5% w/...
Pet waste collection system
Apparatus and method for the collection and disposal of waste materials
Blood vessel imaging system using homodyne and heterodyne effects
Rotation locking driver for image guided instruments
Image reconstruction method
Surgical instrument
Position sensor in ultrasound transducer probe
Emulation suspension mode with frame controlled resource access
Method for removal of dental cement
Surface treated steel sheet and method for production thereof
Steel manufacturing facility and method
Method for manufacturing cold-rolled steel sheet
Hot-rolled steel with very high elasticity limit and mechanical resistance usable in particular for ...
High-strength hot-rolled steel sheet superior in stretch flange formability and method for productio...
Steel sheet for heat shrink band effective for preventing color drift
Process for pickling stainless steel in the absence of nitric acid and in the presence of chloride i...
System and method for classifying sensed atrial events in a cardiac pacing system
Diffuse infrared light imaging system
User state sensitive system and method for nutrient analysis using natural language interface
Method of updating an addressee database in a mail sorting apparatus
Method and system for providing a hardware sort in a graphics system
Apparatus for determining appropriate series of words carrying information to be recognized
Measurement of grooves and long waves on rails with a longitudinal streak of light
Data processing device and data order converting method
Methods and apparatus for resolution independent image collaboration