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Reversible jewelry clasp for necklaces and/or bracelets and interchangeable jewelry assembly employi...
Decorative article of manufacture
Jewelry clasp
Peptide variants of protein A
Methods for treatment of diabetes using peptide analogues of insulin
Preparation of active ingredient dispersions and apparatus therefor
Device and method for creating spherical particles of uniform size
Method of inhibiting formation of infectious herpes virus particles
Neuroprotective effects of polycyclic phenolic compounds
System and method for providing call processing services using call independent building blocks
Incoming telephone call filter utilizing a duplicitous caller-ID recognition method and apparatus
Systems and methods for extracting switch data
Authentication system for a communication network
Multi-functional personal telecommunications apparatus
Controller for use with communications systems for converting a voice message to a text message
System for inverse multiplexing analog channels
Preparation and use of ortho-sulfonamido heteroaryl hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloproteinase and...
Streptomyces avermitilis regulatory genes for increased avermectin production
Musical electronic insect killer
Genetic test for .alpha.-mannosidosis
Method and apparatus for the inter-operation of differing architectural and run time conventions
Method and system for managing data while sharing application programs
Partial file caching and read range resume system and method
Automatic tagging of documents and exclusion by content
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic help topic titles to a user
Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time activity simulation
Multiport content addressable memory device and timing signals
Direct copying between disk blocks in memory onto a network as sequential access files
Method and apparatus for providing position-related information to mobile recipients
System and method for designing a mixed-model manufacturing process
Method and apparatus for performing broadcast operations
Self service sales and security system
Research data collection and analysis
Method and apparatus for printing a billing statement to provide supplementary product sales
Automated teller machine
Management of authentication keys in a mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for configuring variant software for electronic devices
System, method and article of manufacture for a mobile communication network utilizing a distributed...
Pitch-lag estimation in speech coding
Handover method, and a cellular radio system
Mobile phone with internal accounting
Radio telephone receiver with quick quiescent mode
Heat transfer apparatus
Dynamic swirl filter assemblies and methods
Spin coating apparatus
Dynamic filter system
Computer simulation of physical processes
Multiple vortex flowmeter system
Hydrocyclone gas separator
Jewelry setting
Scented hair gel having particulate matter in the form of glitter
Scented hair gel having particulate matter in the form of glitter with predetermined shapes
Earring assembly with removable ornaments
Scented body gel having particulate matter in the form of glitter
Hoop earring
Combined cause related ribbon and picture frame jewelry article
Clasp for jewelry
Detachable jewelry ornamentation
Clasp mechanism
Earring holding device
Fish-hook clasp
Composition for reducing serum cholesterol levels
Method of treating septic shock
Method for achieving relief from sympathetically mediated pain
External preparation of 2-amino-2-(2-(4-octylphenyl)ethyl) propane-1,3-diol or pharmaceutically acce...
Derivatives of (+)-venlafaxine and methods of preparing and using the same
Nicotine addiction treatment
Voice extensions in a call-in center employing virtual restructuring for computer telephony integrat...
Method and system for loop prevention in telecommunications
Internet information displaying apparatus
Data transmission apparatus having abbreviated dialing function
Method and system for detecting the state of dialing a codenumber
Service providing customized information to queuing customers
Telecommunications system with wide area internetwork control
N-hdroxy-2-(alkyl, aryl, or heteroaryl, sulfanyl, sulfinyl or sulfonyl)-3-substituted alkyl, aryl or...
Dietary supplementation with, and methods for administration of yeast-derived selenium product
Cosmetic compositions containing polysaccharide/protein complexes
Method and system for supporting dual conventions for methods that return structures
Hard disk password lock
Computer system for supporting increased PCI master devices without the requiring additional bridge ...
Multi-user interaction of multimedia communication
Web based embroidery system and method
Phone displaying alternative functionality menu
Radio receiver and radio transmitter
System for limiting the transmitted power of a mobile communication means
Method of setting the persistence of a mobile station in a cellular mobile radio network
Event recording in a service database system
Handset based automatic call re-initiation for multi-mode handsets
Vortex shedding strake wraps for submerged pilings and pipes
Heat exchange apparatus
Conformal window design with static and dynamic aberration correction
Reduction of turbomachinery noise
Aerodynamically matched golf clubs
Computer simulation of physical processes
Packed bed static mixer
Hoop earring
Combined ribbon and picture frame jewelry
Method for making a mottled and patterned pen barrel
Gems in a pave setting
Jewelry distribution and display
Four gemstone pendant setting
Nine gemstone pendant setting
.alpha.-(2-hydroxyphenyl) nitrone compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same and met...
Azulenyl nitrone spin trapping agents, methods of making and using same
Benzamidine derivatives and the use thereof as medicaments with LTB4-antagonistic effect
Pain reliever and method of use
Neuropeptide antagonists
Endothelin antagonist
Automatic person-following communication system
Two line voice/data switch
Method for providing equal access dialing for pre-paid telecommunication services
Caller ID device with a power saving function
Hotel check-out system
Subaccount direct billing method and apparatus
Telephone system having a callback capability and method for connecting a recipient of a message to ...
HIV inhibiting pyrimidine derivative
Integrated multi-element lubrication sensor and lubricant health assessment
Automatic performance apparatus with quick start by accelerated loading of setting data
Method for cleaning a computer mouse device
Presentation of visual program performance data
Block cipher method
Semiconductor arithmetic circuit
Multimedia optical disk, reproduction apparatus and method for achieving variable scene development ...
Telephone apparatus
Double talk detector, method for double talk detection and device incorporating such a detector
Method and an arrangement for setting up a data call, and an adapter equipment
Method and apparatus for controlling data retransmission
Allocating emergency speech items in a mobile communication system
Method for simulating properties of material having periodically repeated structure and systems util...
Method for preventing one-cell stall in bladed discs
Apparatus and method for photocatalytic conditioning of flue gas fly-ash particles
Computer simulation of physical processes
Micromachined silicon micro-flow meter
Combined valve configuration for steam cycle units
System and method for finite element simulation of helicopter turbulence
Watch box
Invisible setting method for jewelry
Finger ring
Writing instrument clip assembly
Method for making tubular members coated with a decorative layer having a randomly distributed chip ...
Product evaluation system
Use of phenylglycine derivatives to decrease neuronal death caused by brain tumors and brain lesions
Gamma amino butyric acid analogs and optical isomers
Drug for treating diabetic nephrosis
Phenylpropionic acids and esters: compounds and methods for inducing beta-blockade for the treatment...
Automated system for accessing speech-based information
Synthesis, anti-human immunodeficiency virus, and anti-hepatitis B virus activities of 1,3-oxaseleno...
Track-based music performance architecture
Ultrasonic hair curling device
Computer system, method, and article of manufacture for visualizing differences between design artif...
Bit-serial neuroprocessor architecture
Multimedia call signalling system and method
Portable radiotelephone
Method and apparatus for transitioning between control channels in a cellular system
System for saving and reading text messages
Procedure and system for ensuring emergency communication in a wireless local loop environment
Telephone holder
Phone number database for a phone
Method and packet radio system for transmitting modulation and signalling information
System for alleviating scouring around submerged structures
Multiblade radial fan and method for making same
Method for producing a mesh of quadrilateral/hexahedral elements for a body to be analyzed using fin...
System for simulating properties of a material having periodically repeated structure
Remote measurement of near-surface physical properties using optically smart surfaces
Dynamic filter system
Thermal anemometer airstream turbulent energy detector
Finger ring
Jewelry display board
Combined pendant and birthstone
Disinfectant and method of making
Stable liquid mineral ascorbate compositions and methods of manufacture and use
Substituted tetrahydrofuran analogs of prostaglandins as ocular hypotensives
Cytokine production inhibitors
3-(arylsulfonylamino)-tetrahydropyran-3-carboxylic acid hydroxamides
Compounds for the treatment of cancer
Compositions and methods for delivery of genetic material
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Solid, storage-stable antistat mixtures and process for their preparation
Sound source with free compression and expansion of voice independently of pitch
Strapless respiratory facial mask for customizing to the wearer's face
Apparatus and method for providing common behavior across different processing levels in an object o...
Integrated target system
System for explicitly referencing a register for its current content when performing processor conte...
HDL simulation interface for testing and verifying an ASIC model
Key palette
Data processing circuit with gating of clocking signals to various elements of the circuit
Method for transmitting a digital audio signal
Data management system
Speech coding with variable model order linear prediction
Power-saving mode for portable communication devices
Method and apparatus for enabling data transmission between a mobile network and a fixed network hav...
Mobile station and network having hierarchical index for cell broadcast service
Flowmeter having a vibrator therein
Apparatus and method for communication switching including providing information overflow indication...
Adaptive filtering for a vortex flowmeter
Micro-power vortex isolator circuit
Insertable flow meter with dual sensors
Hydrofoils and airfoils
System for propelling and guiding a solid object with a beam of electromagnetic radiation
7-0-ethers of taxane derivatives
Inhibitors of DP-mediated processes, compositions, and therapeutic methods thereof
N-arylsulfonylamino acid omega-amides
Tricyclic derivatives and their use as anti-cancer agents
Process for production of piperidine derivatives
Cytokine signal regulators
Biodegradable low molecular weight triblock poly(lactide-co- glycolide) polyethylene glycol copolyme...
Message store and forward system
Voice mail based billing delivery system
Portable telephone handset construction
Portable telephone having a removable covering
Echo canceler employing segment-based reinitialization
Digital access arrangement circuitry and method for connecting to phone lines having a DC holding ci...
Automatic area code detector and dialer
Pipeline transmission method
Method for inhibiting polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbons
Substance mixtures containing stabilizers and compounds containing vinyl groups
Refining process and apparatus
Chrysanthemum plant name `Yobeth`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Riviera`
Agastache plant named `Red Fortune`
Anthurium plant named `Mars`
Anthurium plant named `Venus`
Anthurium plant named `Red Queen`
Anthurium plant named `Sacha`
Process for the selective preparation of derivatives of monosaccharides and polyols which are partia...
Food cooking apparatus with removable conveyor assembly and serpentine heater providing non-uniform ...
Non-hydrogenated canola oil for food applications
Process for recovery of corn oil from corn germ
Polypeptide with reduced respiratory allergenicity
Calorically dense nutritional composition
Bacterial protein with xylanase activity
Inbred corn plant 86ISI27 and seeds thereof
Garden bean named 206999
Transformation of hereditary material of Brassica plants and cells
Production of recombinant proteins in semen
Transgenic mouse hepatitis C virus model comprising a hepatitis C viral fragment
Transgenic animal models for cardiac hypertrophy and methods of use thereof
Processes for preparing optically active (S)-.alpha.-aryl propionic acid or ester therof
Scannable fuse latches
Metal-corrosion inhibitor and cleaning liquid
Method of synthesizing grignard compounds using catalysts
Metronome with clock display
Quick-placement electroencephalogram (EEG) electrode
Method and a mechanism for synchronized updating of interoperating software
Multi-tier debugging
Security cage for game machine and game machine using the same
System for independent powering of a computer system
Programmable integrated analog input/output circuit with distributed matching memory array
Text object compilation method and system
Postage metering system and method for a single vault dispensing postage to a plurality of printers
Method for computer network operation providing basis for usage fees
Positive identification display device and scanner for low cost collection and display of graphic an...
Method and system for remote delivery of retail banking services
Method and apparatus for generating segmentation scorecards for evaluating credit risk of bank card ...
Fully-automated system for tax reporting, payment and refund
Boat steering centered indicator
Settable composition and uses therefor
Mooring system for tanker vessels
Hovercraft work platform
Hot tap fluid blaster apparatus and method of using same
Aircraft float and system utilizing the same
Autoacceptertube delivery system with a robotic interface
Coupler for connecting workpiece grippers with a manipulating device
Robot blade for handling of semiconductor substrates
Robot having multi-joint arms movable in horizontal plane
Automatic curve sensor calibration method for an automotive CW/ICC system
Map display device and a recording medium
Communicatory navigation system
Vehicle-use data processing system, on-vehicle terminal device constituting such system, and navigat...
System for temporarily increasing maximum road speed of a vehicle driven by an internal combustion e...
Method and system for determining condition of road
Method of improving ABS control behavior
Portable soccer golf game
Toy vehicles with integral motion sensitive game display
Electronic trading card
Game display method, moving direction indicating method, game apparatus and drive simulating apparat...
Logical game element
Math game
Transitioning between redundant computer systems on a network
Facilitating internet commerce through internetworked auctions
Internet based geographic location referencing system and method
Vehicle computer system with wireless internet connectivity
Network telephony interface systems between data network telephony and plain old telephone service i...
High bandwidth delivery and internet access for airborne passengers
Apparatus, and associated method for controlling service degradation performance of communications i...
Allocating idle time to a mobile station
Device for protecting a microphone from external disturbances
Method for making a continuing call in an intelligent network call
Bi-directional telecommunication link in a cable television system
Cellular radio location system
Replaceable antenna for a radio device
Dual mode radar transparency and method of fabricating same
Expandable ogive
Multiblock biodegradable hydrogels for drug delivery and tissue treatment
Bone substitute composition comprising hydroxyapatite and a method of production therefor
Methods and compositions for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia with non...
Substituted .beta. diketones and their use
Volatile aldehydes as pest control agents
N-aralkylaminotetralins as ligands for the neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor
Adamantane derivatives
Personal desktop router
Method for providing at least one service to users of a telecommunication network, service control f...
Interaction handler for telephone subscriber services
Method and apparatus for controlling participant input in a conferencing environment
Multiple terminal message indicator for a telecommunications network
Combination telephone and voice-mail transceiver
Carnation plant named `Kowipa`
Blueberry plant named `Jewel`
Leatherleaf fern plant named `Underhill`
Phlox plant named `Bareleven`
Anthurium plant named `Happy Love`
Miniature rose plant named `Savanade`
Vinca plant named `Wojo's Jem`
Enteral formula or nutritional supplement containing arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acids
Starch products having hot or cold water dispersibility and hot or cold swelling viscosity
Frozen food product
Spiral meat slicing method
Method of using a mold to make heart-shaped cake or bread
Preserving agent and preserving method
Preparation of chocolate products with limonene to reduce fat content
Identification of congenital stationary night blindness in dogs
Method for 3' end-labeling ribonucleic acids
Assay for bone alkaline phosphatase
TGF-.beta. type receptor cDNAs encoded products and uses therefor
Cystic fibrosis gene
Tumor necrosis factor receptor polypeptides recombinant P75 (Type II)
Method for mounting rod lenses in an endoscope, and endoscope having such rod lenses
Elastomeric silicone terpolymer
Peptidyl compounds and their therapeutic use
On-the-fly note generation and a musical instrument
Simultaneous installation and configuration of programs and components into a network of server and ...
Table tennis apparatus
Stimulus-responsive novelty device
Vault controller dispatcher and methods of operation for handling interaction between browser sessio...
Method and apparatus for routing 1 of N signals
Reproduction device and method for coordinating a variable reproduction of video images
System and method for authenticating electronic transactions using biometric certificates
Automated application fail-over for coordinating applications with DBMS availability
Method and system for improved database disaster recovery
Execution paradigm for accessing hierarchical data using an object framework
Database display and search method
Method and apparatus for correct and complete transactions in a fault tolerant distributed database ...
Linguistic search system
Methods and apparatus for dynamic smartcard synchronization and personalization
Self-service terminal
Postage meter machine with a chip card write/read unit and method for operating same
Concrete module for floating structures and method of construction
Articulated tug and barge mobile lightering connection
Device by ship for production/test production of oil/gas from a field below seabed level
Manually operated catamaran vessels, steering apparatus for such vessels and method of steering such...
Steering mechanism
Watertight and thermally insulating tank with simplified insulating barrier built into the bearing s...
Hybrid air cushion ground effect vehicle
Fluorine-containing macroazo compound
System and method for profile-based, on-the-fly optimization of library code
Antenna configuration for a mobile station
System and method for supplying power to an expansion card
Printed circuit board having a heating element and heating method thereof
Method for sampling frequency conversion employing weighted averages
Method of processing mobile station data
Phase locked loop based on a charge pump
Receiver synchronisation in idle mode
Methods and compositions to protect crops against plant parasitic nematodes
Methods for treating neurotransmitter-mediated pain syndromes by topically administering an omega fa...
Pentanoic acid derivatives
Ortho-diphenol compounds, methods and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting parp
Bi-aromatic compounds bound by a heteroethynylene radical and pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositio...
Triterpene derivatives and remedies for liver diseases
Ectoparasite controlling agent for animals
Emergency telephone call notification service system and method
Telephone handset off switchhook and call holding alert system
System and method for telephone number verification and identification
Telephone technician's remote assist apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for computer telephone integration in packet switched telephone networks
Network with efficient message routing
Phlox plant named `Bartwelve`
Phlox plant named `Barnine`
Phlox plant named `Barten`
Grandiflora rose plant named `JAColpur`
Helichrysum plant named `Harvest Sun II`
Cold water disinfection of foods
Method of making a tacked coiled food product
Animal chew
Method for killing bacteria in meat
Comestible poultry product and means and method for preparation for cooking
Food casing
Candy-coated raisins and method for producing same
Angiogenesis--inhibiting protein binding peptides and proteins and methods of use
Peptide nucleic acid incorporating a chiral backbone
Method for inhibiting lymphokine production
Inhibition of proliferation of cells
Genetic induction of anti-viral immune response and genetic vaccine for filovirus
Small peptides having potent anti-angiogenic activity
Chitinase chitin-binding fragments
Locating devices
Fluid jet cavitation method and system for efficient decontamination of liquids
Preparation of olefinic compounds and carboxylic derivatives thereof
Music apparatus with automatic pitch arrangement for performance mode
Method of, system for, and computer program product for providing global value numbering
Aquatic landscape ornamental device
Detection method of illegal access to computer system
Pointer analysis by type inference for programs with structured memory objects and potentially incon...
Computer network security system and method having unilateral enforceable security policy provision
System and method for improved program launch time
Method for configuring at runtime, identifying and using a plurality of remote procedure call endpoi...
System and method for incremental change synchronization between multiple copies of data
System and method for drawing and painting with bitmap brushes
Methods and apparatus for facilitating scan testing of circuitry
Information reproducing device for reproducing multimedia information recorded in the form of optica...
Automatic data transfer mode control
Heterocyclic carboxamide-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses containing a substituted p...
Composition for controlling parasites
Therapeutic agent for allergic dermatitis
Anticonvulsant derivatives useful in lowering blood pressure
Compounds and methods for the treatment of cardiovascular, inflammatory and immune disorders
Therapeutic method for thrombocytopathy treatment
Therapeutically active compositions
Internet protocol video phone adapter for high bandwidth data access
Amino-functional polyorganosiloxanes, their production and use
Folding card device for evaluating protective sensation
Marking instrument including liquid ink
System and method for querying a music database
Method for diagnosing bridging faults in integrated circuits
Machine-readable data medium having interactive reproduction procedures with prohibition information...
Toy device
Structure of motion toy
Hugging mechanism
Pop dancers
Electronic toy soldier apparatus
Construction building set
Absorption-enhancing composition for pantothenic acid derivative
Pesticidal composition
Pyrrolidinyl and pyrrolinyl ethylamine compounds as kappa agonists
Aromatic amidine derivatives useful as selective thrombin inhibitors
Dioxino derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Pesticidal 1-arylpyrazoles
Heteroaryl acetylenic sulfonamide and phosphinic acid amide hydroxamic acid tace inhibitors
Compositions containing creatine and aloe vera extract
Plastic film having an improved anti-static property
Toothbrush with audible reminder mechanism
Use of selected benzotriazole derivatives for protecting human and animal skin and hair from the har...
Gaming chip system
Remote access-controlled communication
State machine with a dynamic clock gating function
Video storage and retrieval system
Method for reducing mortality with an angiotensin II antagonist
Imidazole antiproliferative agents
3-Alkoxyisoxazol-4-yl-substituted 2-amino carboxylic acid compounds
Arylthiazolidinedione derivitives
Heterocyclyl-substituted phenyl compounds, processes and intermediates for their preparation and the...
Cell transformation vector comprising an HIV-2 packaging site nucleic acid and an HIV-1 GAG protein
Elastomeric silicone containing an active ingredient
Printing paper, dye-receiving layer forming composition for preparing it, ink composition suitable f...
Double-directional rotary water ball structure
Anti-residue shampoo and liquid toiletry production method
Distributed static timing analysis
Game machine
Virtual card personalization system
Power management controller for computer system
Tent with a photographic panoramic facsimile of a real space on its surface
Multifunctional building
Swing set soccer goal net and method for converting a swing set into a soccer goal
Floor structure for use on ice and the method of using the same
Children's foldable portable indoor/outdoor play mat/corral
Radio mobile terminal provided with an additional reader of chip cards
Active radio frequency mixer circuit with feedback
Fade margin measurement in a radio system
Enhanced handoff signaling for high speed data and multimedia
Monitor having base with sound reproducing element for providing sound frequencies at self-resonant ...
Piezoelectric resonator structures with a bending element performing a voltage controlled switching ...
Precision controlled RF power detector circuit
Sentinel node identification using non-isotope means
Substituted 3-amino-2-hydroxyphenylacetamide derivatives as enzyme inhibitors (II)
Specific binding agents
Collagen modulators for use in photoablation eximer laser keratectomy
Stem cell factor
Retro-inverso thymosin alpha 1 hybrids
Form of amphiregulin, methods for producing and using the same and compositions comprising the same
Redundant call processing
Method and system for message transfer session management
Method and apparatus for establishing TDD/TTY service over vocoded channels
System and host arrangement for transmission of electronic mail
Clamping device for handheld electronic devices
Grounding configuration for telecommununications equipment
Method to mitigate the near-far fext problem
Process for producing a highly paraffinic diesel fuel having a high iso-paraffin to normal paraffin ...
Process for the catalytic alkylation of a hydrocarbon feed
Highly acidic mesoporous synergistic solid catalyst and its applications
Catalytic composition for the preparation of long-chain alkylaromatic compounds
Process for producing dialklylnaphthalenes
Method of disposing of waste in a coking process
Synergistic mixtures of phosphoric esters with carboxylic acids or carboxylic acid derivatives as as...
Bromeliad plant named `GUZ 207`
Abuse-tolerant metallic packaging materials for microwave cooking
Automatic popcorn dispenser with microwave oven and method to operate the same
Method and apparatus for cooling the exterior of a toaster oven
Method for producing palatinitol
Process for promoting weight loss in overweight dogs
Detection of defects in protective barriers
Inbred maize line <<NP2141>>
DNA constructs and plants incorporating them
Transgenic plants
Pesticidal toxins and nucleotide sequences which encode these toxins
Materials and methods for the modification of plant lignin content
Microinjection methods to transform arthropods with exogenous DNA
PA28 modified transgenic mice
System and method for reducing interference generated by a CDMA communications device
Water based ink jet printing ink
Transmission mechanism for music box ornament
16-substituted-4-aza-androstane 5-.alpha.-reductase isozyme 1 inhibitors
X-Y grid tree tuning method
Method for providing an internet protocol address with a domain name server
Racket with damping element in neck area
Tamper resistant methods and apparatus
Method for designing LSI circuit pattern
Multimedia arbiter and method using fixed round-robin slots for real-time agents and a timed priorit...
Open network payment system for providing for real-time authorization of payment and purchase transa...
Trusted agents for open electronic commerce where the transfer of electronic merchandise or electron...
Self-contained payment system with circulating digital vouchers
Computerized indenture plan allocation determination management and reporting system
System and method for multi-currency transactions
Background advertising system
System and method for forecasting intermittent demand
Dynamic control algorithm and program for power-assisted lift device
Parallel mechanism machining device
Mounting apparatus for electronic parts
Fluid driven pumps and apparatus employing such pumps
Decontamination of water by photolytic oxidation/reduction utilizing near blackbody radiation
Method of manufacturing nickel hypophosphite by the electro-membrane technique
Device for filtering and separating flow media
Process and plant for treating an aqueous waste stream containing at least one alkali metal carboxyl...
Modular apparatus for the demineralization of liquids
Desalination method and apparatus utilizing nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes
Device for determining the resistive torque of a rotating item of equipment, system for monitoring t...
Cryoelectronic receiver front end for mobile radio systems
Household consumable item automatic replenishment system including intelligent refrigerator
Cyanine dyes and synthesis methods thereof
Micropathological patient replica based on unadulterated whole blood
Thermoset volatile monomer molding compositions
Method of drying substrates and use thereof
Portable cash box
Article conveyor chain link
Medical monitor chassis
Lint roller sponge mop combination
Mop head
Upper handle portion of a vacuum cleaner
Extractor base
Method for registering a vehicle deceleration or acceleration
Vehicle yaw control based on yaw rate estimate
Power takeoff control switches
Method software product and apparatus for suppressing high-frequency oscillations in the steered axl...
Process for preparing an area plan having a cellular structure and comprising a unit moving automati...
Controller for hybrid vehicle wherein one and the other of front and rear wheels are respectively dr...
Battery control system for electric automobiles
Interpreter for stack-based languages
Scenario presentation tool
Buffering tree analysis in mapped design
Error recovery using alternate headers in a disc drive
Collapsible and foldable structure
Method and apparatus for a low data-rate network to be represented on and controllable by high data-...
Infra-red video key
Use of polyamide moulding compounds for manufacturing optical or electro-optical moulded members
Handheld device having modifiable handgrip configuration
Mount for handset holder
Organic compounds
Patient oxygenation using stabilized fluorocarbon emulsions
Antioxidant compounds
IL-8 receptor antagonists
Inhibitors of protein isoprenyl transferases
Bicyclic metabotropic glutamate receptor ligands
Call related information reception using sigma/delta modulation
Extended feedback circuit for impedance matching and voltage isolation
Portable telephone set
Apparatus and method for inter-network communication
Method of and system for providing network-initiated multilingual operator assistance
Local routing system and method
Partitioning of display for calling party numbers
Crosslinked cyclohexane derivatives, and liquid-crystalline medium
Process for separation by settling in a plurality of distinct zones
Hydrotreating hydrocarbon feeds
Conversion of heavy hydrocarbon to aromatics and light olefins
Process for the preparation of styrene derivatives extended at the double bond by ethylene and havin...
Integrated gaze/manual cursor positioning system
Analogs of L-Glu-L-Trp having pharmacological activity
Electronic activity center
Benzimidazole derivative, hair growth promoter and external composition for skin using the same
Tracking and managing failure-susceptible operations in a computer system
Simulcast WEB page delivery using a 3D user interface system
Network game system, a network game server, a network game client, a player selection program, a med...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device comprising a memory array and a processing circuit
Method and computer program product for interconnecting software drivers in kernel mode
Method for production management and production management system using the same
Printer and control method for obtaining printer status
Navigation system for a vehicle, especially a land craft
Vehicle positioning and data integrating method and system thereof
Automatic engine power control system for motor vehicles having a power control element
Shift lever position logic
Method/system for resetting the value of a control parameter indicative of gross combine weight of v...
System for adjusting the response characteristic of an electronic game input device
Video game apparatus and memory medium used therefor
Gaming machine with bonus mode
Video gaming device having multiple stacking features
Method and apparatus for securing a computer-based game of chance
End-user oriented performance monitoring system for interactive end-to-end data communications
Two-tier authentication system where clients first authenticate with independent service providers a...
Method and system for asymmetric satellite communications for local area networks
Method of providing information from query results stored as source code files
Device and method for the regeneration of mixed ion exchange resin beds
Nanoporous polymer films for extreme low and interlayer dielectrics
Apparatus and method for multistage reverse osmosis separation
Inhibition and delay of deposit formation in membrane processes
Electrodeionization apparatus with scaling control
Process for preparing a crystalline .alpha. anhydrous dextrose of high purity
Method for treating water circulating systems
Organoleptic whippable foods with improved temperature stability and improved whipping performance
Process for preserving fresh produce
Preparation and packaging of a multi-layered heat-treated dessert composition
Composition and methods using myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG) and inhibitors thereof
Aqueous ammonia corrosion inhibitor
Method of chemical milling
Pipeline distribution network systems for transportation of liquefied natural gas
Nozzle base for a vacuum cleaner
Carpet cleaner extractor base
Cleaning fluid tank for carpet extractor
Upright deep cleaning machine
Vacuum cleaner
Pet toy
Sports headgear
Object detecting device
Method for initializing an anti-theft system of a motor vehicle
Controller for a seatbelt tightener
Luminescent compound for controlling traveling and method for controlling traveling using the same
Transport cradle for a skid-supported helicopter
Assembly of interior parts at front portion of automobile
System and method for sensing vehicle door edge movement
Efficient handling of a large register file for context switching
System and method using selection logic units to define stack orders
Processor with enhanced instruction set
Instruction result labeling in a counterflow pipeline processor
Mechanism for efficient data access and communication in parallel computations on an emulated spatia...
Main memory control apparatus for use in a memory having non-cacheable address space allocated to DM...
Adult sexual apparatus
Toy assembly having toy pieces that are slidable along a slender track member
convertible air and water toy gun
Magnetically coupled mannequin joint
Ornamental liquid color box
Tocotrienols and tocotrienol-like compounds and methods for their use
Cembranoid inhibitors of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
1,2-dithiolane derivatives
Cyclopentane heptan(ene)oic acid, 2-heteroarylalkenyl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Estrogen agonists/antagonists
Methods and compositions for treating urinary incontinence using enantiomerically enriched (R,R)-gly...
Use of 1-(substitutedphenyl)-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexanes for the treatment of chemical dependencies
Method and apparatus for implementing software objects in an intelligent communication network to pr...
Internet telephony call pricing center
Method for improved automatic message accounting in telephony
Network that provides applications collaboration
Method and apparatus for dynamic processing of data communications of various types
Telephone transaction processing as a part of a call transport
Integrating a voice messaging function card over a public branch exchange (PBX) backplane
Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and/or food composition having anti-oxidant properties
Cleaning compositions comprising a specific oxygenase
Cleaning agent for food-industry facilities, its use and method of cleaning such facilities using th...
Pressure sensitive adhesive sheet for detection of microorganism and method for detection of microor...
Product package having reliable openability
Bulk animal feeds containing conjugated linoleic acid
Multifunctional spread
Kojibiose phosphorylase glucosyl-saccharides produced by transglycosylation
Methods and reagents for preserving RNA in cell and tissue samples
Cell cycle regulatory gene
DNA encoding a human tubby homolog
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of immune disorders
MN gene and protein
Elisa kit for quantification of C-terminal telopeptides of type I collagen in human serum
Blocky chlorinated polyolefins, process for making and use as impact modifier compatibilizer for PVC...
Nutritional supplement for cardiovascular health
Method of treating alopecia
Method and apparatus for using static branch predictions hints with dynamically translated code trac...
Mechanism for dynamically adapting the complexity of a microprocessor
Drug document production system
Method of reproducing variable graphics in a variable imaging system
System and method for providing hot spare redundancy and recovery for a very large database manageme...
Relational database management of multi-dimensional data
Overlapping subdocuments in a vector space search process
System and method for reducing compile time in a top down rule based system using rule heuristics ba...
Restoration of concrete decks
Process for producing cross-linked polyallylamine polymer
Process for the manufacture of a starch hydrolysate with high content
Composite reverse osmosis membrane having a separation layer with polyvinyl alcohol coating and meth...
Multiple station apparatus for liquid source fabrication of thin films
Air return bulkhead
Aerosol surface processing
Oscillation-type compressor
Closed-typed electrically-driven compressor
Valve arrangement at the discharge chamber of a variable displacement compressor
Modular microbarrier.TM. cap delivery system for attachment to the neck of a container
Nail cutter
Hair accessory
Hair roller
Adjustable hair dryer
Eyelash applique
Cigarette lighter case with digital clock
Parasitic mite control on beneficial insects
Benzimidazole compounds that are vitronectin receptor antagonists
Method of treatment and pharmaceutical composition
Adhesion receptor antagonists
Peptidomimetic efflux pump inhibitors
Anilide compounds, including use thereof in ACAT inhibitition
Propionic acid derivatives and applications thereof
Method and system for affinity group telephone service
System and method for identifying an unidentified person using an ambiguity-resolution criterion
Telephone activated emergency response system
Subscriber line tester
Telephone line testing device
Communication method and apparatus using data compression
Control of switching in a telecommunication network
Apparatus and method for the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract
Composition to be applied to hair or skin
Morphological pure speech detection using valley percentage
Table-based compression with embedded coding
Computer mouse
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in a data processor executing an application cod...
Multimedia processing system with controller exclusively operating on extracted control signals
Solid, non-deliquescent formulations of sodium valproate
Characterization of granulocytic ehrlichia and methods of use
Multipurpose learning device
Double-beam math balance
Operator training system
Wheel attachment
Toilet training system
Agent based instruction system and method
Highly permeable composite reverse osmosis membrane
Flux-enhanced cross-flow membrane filter
Hydrophilic graft polymer, production process therefor, composition containing the polymer, and use ...
Cathodic protection of concrete
Method for removing copper ions from copper ore using organic extractants
Catalytic film, methods of making the catalytic films, and electrosynthesis of compounds using the c...
Facility for desalinating of purifying sea water or brackish water by means of solar energy
Apparatus for making purified water and related drinks
Chopping apparatus
Integrated apparatus for generating power and/or oxygen enriched fluid and process for the operation...
Cryogenic distillation system for air separation
Compressor economizer circuit with check valve
Suction accumulator pre-charged with oil
Portable combination hydro cooling and forced refrigerated air cooling unit
Arm for lighting fixture
Arm for lighting fixture
Lighting fixture arm
Lighting fixture back plate
Glass shade
Lamp shade
Table lamp
Dicarboxylic germanium complex and its therapeutic use
PDE IV inhibiting compounds, compositions and methods of treatment
Indolyl derivatives as serotonergic agents
Use of aminothiazoles for treating wounds and skin
Analgesic composition and method for using same
Ophthalmic and mucosal preparations
Access platform for internet-based telephony
Multipoint digital simultaneous voice and data system
Apparatus and methods for generating codes for controlling appliances from a remote controller
Method and system of transmitting/receiving service information and receiving apparatus
Modular jack receptacle including a removable interface
System and method for automatically delivering messages to a telecommunications device
1,3-Benzodiazepin-2-ones and 1,3-Benzoxazepin-2-ones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Method for testing visual function capable of guaranteeing validity thereof
Process for preparing fluoroaryl magnesium derivative and process for preparing (fluoroaryl) borane ...
Ceramide compounds, process of preparation and use
Synchronous SRAM having global write enable
Non-timeline, non-linear digital multimedia composition method and system
Portable sink apparatus and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Method and apparatus for drying of grain and other particulates using a membrane
Non-compression cascade refrigeration system for closed refrigerated spaces
Protection system for refrigerant identification detector
Food quality enhancing refrigeration system
Adaptive hot gas bypass control for centrifugal chillers
Air conditioner
Four-sided lantern
Six-sided lantern
Lighting instrument
Fungicidal trifluoromethylalkylamino-triazolopyrimidines
Methods of modulating serine/thereonine protein kinase function with quinazoline-based compounds
Special service mailing assembly with label, tracking area and receipt and a method for preparing a ...
Cosmetic composition with a lipophilic continuous phase containing a novel pigment
Ocular gene therapy
Pharmaceutical preparations for the targeted treatment of crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
Packaged agrochemical composition
Transcytosis vehicles and enchancers for drug delivery
Porcine cortical cells and their use in treatment of neurological deficits due to neurodegenerative ...
Adenoviral vectors with reduced TNF response and partial E3 region deletion
Fungal compositions for bioremediation
Interactive learning system
Sensor for sight impaired individuals
Audio program player including a dynamic program selection controller
Reading system
Learning system with student tape auto compile
Method and apparatus for determining the state of fouling/cleaning of membrane modules
Multicomponent superabsorbent gel particles
Process for the electrochemical synthesis of N-acetylcysteine from cystine
Desalination through gas hydrate
Rotatable heat transfer apparatus
Reverse osmosis support substrate and method for its manufacture
Method for removing contaminants from process streams in metal recovery processes
Heating and cooling unit
Detachable cryogenic refrigerator expander
Molecular kinetic energy conversion device
Ocean thermal gradient hydraulic power plant
Semiconductor chip connection components with adhesives and methods of making same
Stabilized phosphate ester-based functional fluid compositions
Method for measuring particulate and gaseous metals in a fluid stream, device for measuring particul...
Six-sided tapered lantern
Desk lamp
Support frame of a table lamp
Wallwasher luminaire
Fluorescent working light
Game light
Selective factor Xa inhibitors
Substituted oximes and hydrazones as neurokinin antagonists
Pyrazinone protease inhibitors
Inhibitors of interleukin-1.beta. Converting enzyme inhibitors
Non-peptidyl vasopressin V1a antagonists
Manganese complexes of nitrogen-containing macrocyclic ligands effective as catalysts for dismutatin...
cDNA clone HMTMF81 that encodes a novel human 7-transmembrane receptor
Reacting Grignard compounds with carbonyl compounds and ensuing hydrolysis
Use of a substance P antagonist in a cosmetic composition, and the composition thus obtained
User specifiable allocation of memory for processes in a multiprocessor computer having a non-unifor...
Electronic amusement device and method for enhanced slot machine play
System and method for electrically isolating a device from higher voltage devices
Long-wavelength electromagnetic radiation and photoprotective tumor localizing agents for diagnosis
Method for the separation and purification of immunoglobulins
Stem cell factor and compositions
FADD-like anti-apoptotic molecules, methods of using the same, and compositions for and methods of m...
Modified PE40 toxin fusion proteins
Hydrophilic siloxane latex emulsions
Bioabsorbable branched polymer containing units derived from dioxanone and medical/surgical devices ...
Learning system with response analyzer
Karaoke network system with commercial message selection system
Biofidelic human seating surrogate apparatus
Methods and devices for treating unilateral neglect
Mathematical teaching apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for interactive adaptive learning by an individual through at least one of a st...
Activity book with extrudable illustration feature
Metallo aluminophosphate molecular sieve with cubic crystal morphology and methanol to olefin proces...
High-purity meta-xylene production process
Catalyst based on a noble group VIII metal containing silicon and possibly boron, and its use in hyd...
Method for producing diarylmethane or its derivatives
Process for preparing cyclopropylacetylene
High silica content zeolite-based catalyst
Kinesin motor modulators derived from the marine sponge Adocia
Process for recovering onium hydroxides or onium salts from solutions containing onium compounds usi...
Method for inhibiting the formation and deposition of silica scale in water systems
Silver halide emulsions with recombinant collagen suitable for photographic application and also the...
Membrane with supported internal passages
Method and apparatus for preventing scaling in electrodeionization units
Method for determination of water treatment polymers
Kraft process for the production of wood pulp by adding a copolymer of 1,2-dihydroxy-3-butene antisc...
Method and apparatus for communicating data in a wellbore and for detecting the influx of gas
Magnetic resonance apparatus and methods with shim adjustment
Method and apparatus for mounting gradient tube to diagnostic imaging device
Use of multifunctional reagents for the surface modification of nanoporous silica films
Low loss thermal block RF cable and method for forming RF cable
Electrochemically generated organothiating reagents and their use
Product and method for making polyolefin polymer dispersions
Outboard boat motor mailbox
Electric winch
Wheel chock for a grocery cart
Removable leaf and trash guide
Compost bucket
Integrated video system
Aircraft in-flight entertainment system having wideband antenna steering and associated methods
Simulated weapon using holographic images
Expansion card
Apparatus for preventing use of erroneous speech encoding parameters for decoding digital speech tra...
Wireless communication device
Handover in a mobile communication system having a multilayer radio coverage
Holding device for a communications unit
Call waiting in call setup
Method and apparatus for transmitting messages in a telecommunication system
Therapeutic compositions
Stable no-delivering compounds
Smooth muscle spasmolytic agents, compositions and methods of use thereof
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
Method for maintaining service nodes in a telecommunications network
System and method for routing a call to a called party's landline or wireless communication unit
Method for testing VDSL loops
Method and system for estimation of a source of a voice signal
Telephone network service for converting speech to touch-tones
Methods and apparatus for selectively displaying information entered from a radiotelephone keypad
Portable terminal system, option apparatus for portable terminal unit, and method for connecting por...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Concerto`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Allison`
Variety of petunia named `Trumpet Neon Rose`
Delphinium plant named `West End Blue`
Kalanchoe plant named `Rosemary`
Kalanchoe plant named `Katharina`
Impatiens plant named `Fify Lav`
Order management system with automatic menu updating
Elastomeric ethylene copolymers for hot melt adhesives
Texturized cellulosic and lignocellulosic materials and compositions and composites made therefrom
Method for reducing postprandial oxidative stress using cocoa procyanidins
Pharmaceutical combinations for treating obesity and food craving
Lubricated sheet product and lubricant composition
Animal nutrition compositions
Method and apparatus for analysis of chromatographic migration patterns
DNA sequences coding for a protein conferring male sterility
Disease resistant transgenic plants comprising a tomato aspermy virus 2b gene
Control of fruit ripening through genetic control of ACC synthase synthesis
Plants which synthesize a modified starch, process for the production thereof and modified starch
Maize RS81 promoter and methods for use thereof
Adenosine deaminase deficient transgenic mice and methods for the use thereof
Modular laser gyro
Coating composition for teeth
Removing periodicity from a lengthened audio signal
Systems and methods for the multispectral imaging and characterization of skin tissue
Apparatus and method for providing access to multiple object versions
Management of and access to information and other material via the world wide web in an LDAP environ...
Control input device and game system
Secure data processing method and system
Methods of placing transistors in a circuit layout and semiconductor device with automatically place...
Accelerated multimedia processor
Secure data entry and visual authentication system and method
Moderated forums with anonymous but traceable contributions
Method and device for storing main information with associated additional information incorporated t...
Method and system for processing electronic documents
Multi-step digital signature method and system
Mobile device having notification database in which only those notifications that are to be presente...
Robot controller
Robot control unit
Apparatus and method for transferring wafers by robot
Device and method for calibration of a multi-axis industrial robot
Axial-type electronic component inserting method
Vacuum coupling system
Electronic component-mounting apparatus and mounting head device therefor
Circuit configuration for controlling a running-gear or drive system in a motor vehicle
Computer-assisted diagnostic device and diagnostic process for electronically controlled systems
Utilization of a magnetic sensor to compensate a MEMS-IMU/GPS and de-spin strapdown on rolling missi...
Method and system for providing walking instructions with route guidance in a navigation program
Power distribution system in a vehicle
Torque distribution control apparatus for 4 wheel driven vehicle
Method of improving ABS control behavior
Game machine with reel light control means
Blackjack table card game and method therefor
Method of and apparatus for playing a card game
Variable jackpot amusement game
Character movement control in a competition video game
Method and apparatus for control of hard copying of document described in hypertext description lang...
Central processing and combined central and local processing of personalized real-time traveler info...
On-line directory service through the internet
Information aggregation and synthesization system
Pharmaceutical compositions containing hedgehog protein
Topical and oral delivery of arginine to cause beneficial effects
Photoaging inhibitor and skin-care preparation
Capillary membrane stabilization and reduction of inflammation during the course of chemotherapy or ...
Eyewear that simulates bodily impairments
Magic squares game
Vascular phantoms
Apparatus for assisting and training a child to walk
Infant toy for drawing colored picture
Educational mathematical apparatus
Process and plant for the conversion of olefinic C4 cuts to polyisobutene and to propylene
Method of preparing low-sulphur aliphatic compounds
Reforming using a bound halided zeolite catalyst
Carbon monoxide removal from a reformate gas
Toy vehicle with motor-driven and free-wheeling modes of use
Personalized toys and methods for manufacturing and delivering the same
Wind indicator toy
Control means for toy
Programmable assembly toy
Switch with one-bit resolution
Apparatus for wireless optical transmission of video and/or audio information
Base transceiver station for mobile network
Neuropeptide Y receptor Y5 and nucleic acid sequences
Handy phone with an infrared communication capability
Programmable hands free telephone system
Switched hybrid circuit for use with digital subscriber lines
Multisensing circuitry for class signals and stutter dial tone in visual message waiting indicator
Key top attachment structure
Telephone, telephone exchange system, storage medium and method incorporating suspend service
Grape plant named `Sugraeighteen`
Quickly dissolving aerated confection and method of preparation
High temperature/ultra high pressure sterilization of foods
Method and apparatus for manufacturing Korean traditional oil pastries
Frozen concentrated milk and preparation thereof
Method and apparatus for conveying bar-like bread dough pieces
Roasted coffee and coffee roasting method
Broad-range antibacterial composition and process of applying to food surfaces
Method for producing and screening mass coded combinatorial libraries for drug discovery and target ...
Compounds, processes and intermediates for synthesis of mixed backbone oligomeric compounds
Fish insulin-like growth factor II promoter
High affinity oligonucleotide ligands to growth factors
Family of high affinity, modified antibodies for cancer treatment
Activin receptor-like kinases, ALK-3 and ALK-6, and nucleic acids encoding them