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Deprotection of RNA
Recycled soil
Integrated microchip genetic testing system
Exhaust control system for a marine vessel
Fluorinated aerosol lubricating compositions
Apparatus for supplying breathable gas
Direct methanol feed fuel cell and system
Multi-layered thin-film functional device and magnetoresistance effect element
Method of growing group III or group III-V nitride layer
Clock distribution network planning and method therefor
Method of manufacturing integrated circuit device
Dimpler tool
Interactive television program guide with selectable non-program options
Electronic content guide system and electronic content guide displaying method
Aromatic hydroxythiol synthesis using diazonium salts
4-alkenyl-and 4-alkynyloxindoles
Processes for making nelfinavir mesylate
Methods and kits for removing, treating, or preventing lice with driable pedicul ostatic agents
Use of calpain inhibitors to treat ocular neural pathology
Plantago majorand piper methysticum compound for use in treating a tobacco or nicotine habit
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
Electron beam tube having a DC power lead with a damping structure
Arylsulfonylamino hydroxamic acid derivatives
Connecting a plurality of circuit boards
Flat top, double-angled, wedge-shaped fiber endface
Optical waveguide circuit, its manufacturing method and optical waveguide module having the optical ...
Methods and apparatus for measuring differential pressure with fiber optic sensor systems
Low drive voltage LiNbO3 intensity modulator with reduced electrode loss
Flexible bit rate clock recovery unit
Gel electrophoresis image warping
Method of making profiled retroreflective marking material
Meta-substituted acidic 8-phenylxanthine antagonists of A3 human adenosine receptors
Composition for improving freeze/thaw durability of masonry containing fatty acid-based efflorescenc...
Overcoating of printed substrates
Triphendioxazine compounds
Heat activation method of thermosensitive adhesive label and heat-activating apparatus for the same
High molecular weight polymers and copolymers of BHMDO for biomedical application
Monomers and polymers and latices therefrom
Aqueous compositions
Pitch based carbon fibers
Milled carbon fiber and process for producing the same
Process for producing carbon nanotubes, process for producing carbon nanotube film, and structure pr...
Method for manufacturing transition-metal carbides, and their use as catalysts
Process for operating equilibrium controlled reactions
Metal oxide powder and method for the production of the same
Conversion of depleted uranium hexafluoride to a solid uranium compound
Treatment of refinery feedstreams to remove peroxides and prevent subsequent refinery fouling using ...
Method for the use of new silicoaluminophosphas having an AEL structure to convert naptha to C2 to C...
Catalyst having a zeolitic core and zeolitic layer and the use of the catalyst for olefin oligomeriz...
Preparation of zeolite bound by MFI structure type zeolite and use thereof
Process for producing dehydrogenated compounds of m-ethyldiphenylalkane
Inhibition of polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated monomers
Indane dimer compounds and their pharmaceutical use
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing group 8-10 transition metals, processes employing such ca...
Highly plasma etch-resistant photoresist composition containing a photosensitive polymeric titania p...
Electrophotographic toner and image forming method using the toner
Anti-microbial porcelain enamel coating
Use of quinolines and quinolones to treat male erectile dysfunction
Process for the reactivation of sulfur deactivated cobalt titania catalysts
Separating 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane from hydrogen fluoride
Esterification process
Control of olefin polymerization using hydrogen
Flash spinning solution
Flame retardant adhesive composition and laminates
Corn cDNA encoding southern leaf blight resistance
Two-component pulp reinforcement
Pharmaceutical formulations in dry form for the oral administration of a cyclic quaternary ammonium ...
Stink bait saver
Personal mobility vehicles and methods
Air cushion transport vehicle and method for controlling same
Device and method for removing heat energy from a compartment
Hybrid powered vehicle
Power assisted vehicle
Child supporting and amusement apparatus
Device for scattering confetti and method of making and using same
Resilient hinge connection and CD holder box or photograph frame utilizing the same
Apparatus for satisfying the non-nutritive, oral-motor sucking needs of infants
Infant activity panel
Game with throw pieces and a variable target assembly
Control of acidic gut syndrome
Low power installation of wireless security system devices
Nucleic acid ligand diagnostic Biochip
Piezoelectric stick pointing device
Process for fabricating micromechanical devices
Apparatus for transfer of secure information between a data carrying module and an electronic device
Automatic detection and reporting of cardiac asystole
Vented cabinet
Optical substrate, a manufacturing method therefor, and a display device using the same
Spray-resistant aqueous foam, its production and use
Ice granules containing endotoxins of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI) or Bacillus sphaericu...
Multiple axes fiber placement machine
Radome nose cone probe apparatus for use with electrostatic sensor
Process for manufacture of perforated slab propellant
Solid rocket propellant
Method and apparatus for producing fiber reinforced structures
Self-contained apparatus for fiber element placement
Shaped charge liner with integral initiation mechanism
Anti-microbial proteins
Protective device for motor vehicle occupants
Airbag device in a vehicle and method for activating an airbag device
Adjusting apparatus for control surfaces of a missile
Multifunctional valve and use of same in reaction control system
Non-lethal kinetic energy weapon system and method
Seizure warning and prediction
Method and apparatus for omnidirectional imaging
Optical semiconductor component and method of manufacture
Radiant energy monitoring apparatuses including a calibration operation and related methods
Laser texturing magnetic recording medium using fiber optics
Esterase and methods for the production of optically active chroman compounds
Protective clear layer for images
Method for producing a laminar compound for transferring optically variable single elements to objec...
Degassing hole design for olga trace impedance
Method and apparatus for reconstructing a linear prediction filter excitation signal
Indole compounds as COX-2 inhibitors
Oak tree named `Palmetto Pin Oak`
Artcard for the administration of the operation of a camera device
Data encryption apparatus using odd number of shift-rotations and method
Method and system for authenticating digital certificates issued by an authentication hierarchy
Apparatus and method for TV broadcast copy protection
Security document including subtle image and system and method for viewing the same
Method and apparatus for cryptographically transforming an input block into an output block
Hydrogen absorbing alloy powder for use in the negative electrodes of alkaline rechargeable batterie...
Lead alloy for lead-acid battery terminals
Golden decorative part
Cadmium-free silver alloy as low-melting brazing filler material
Heat-resistant magnesium alloy
Steel composition
Heat resisting steel containing a ferrite or tempered martensite structure
Method for ejecting ground improving grout into ground
Vacuum fusion bonded glass plates having microstructures thereon
Helicopter two stage main reduction gearbox
Multi spectral imaging ladar
Space vehicular fly-by guidance method
Reconfigurable air supply arrangement of an air-conditioning system for below-deck areas of a passen...
Spoiler for wings
Method and apparatus for detecting skew and asymmetry of an airplane flap
Directionally controlled EHD aerosol sprayer
Interlock arrangement for evaporators in an anesthesia apparatus
Gradient interface magnetic composites and methods therefor
Method for preparing a band pass signal
Floating point gamma correction method and system
System and method for mitigating multipath effects in television systems
Method and apparatus for determining the position of a TV camera for use in a virtual studio
Method and apparatus for manipulating display of update rate
Method and apparatus for adjusting dot clock signal
Region-based refresh strategy for video compression
Semiconductor device having high density interconnections and method for manufacturing the same
Single-chip audio system mixing circuitry and methods
Semiconductor light emitting element, and its manufacturing method
Method and system for pressure estimation using subharmonic signals from microbubble-based ultrasoun...
Plasma display panel and method of producing the same
Substituted pyridines as modulators of the mammalian neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Human extracellular matrix proteins
Slab gel processing tank
Automated gemstone evaluation system
Magnetic field sensor with colossal magneto-resistive material contained within the coil of an oscil...
Learning security control device
Automatic imaging and analysis of microarray biochips
Integrated electronic structure
Micro electro-mechanical system for ejection of fluids
Attachment integrated claims system and operating method therefor
Input device for shifting a marker on a monitor screen
Outboard motor cooling and exhaust system
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Process for preparing novel ice-controlling molecules
Carpet and layered backing for dimensional stability and integrity
Location and coding of unvoiced plosives in linear predictive coding of speech
Apparatus and method for controlling initialization of a processor system
Connecting devices and method for interconnecting circuit components
Philodendron plant named `McColley's Finale`
Remineralizing/mineralizing oral products having improved whitening and stain removal properties
Method of and apparatus for creating panoramic or surround images using a motion sensor equipped cam...
Roof bolting apparatus
Apparatus for controlling quality of treated water
Reduced volatile emissions pneumatic aerosol can filling machine
System and method for application of medicament into the nasal passage
Method for producing meta type polyaniline
Structure of a stacked memory cell, in particular a ferroelectric cell
RAM cell with column clear
Method for fabricating white light emitting diode using InGaN phase separation
Plasma display panel
Fractionated polydisperse compositions
Method of communicating computer operation during a wait period
Access control vestibule
Body cleansing agent
Withdrawal device for a shaft furnace
Continuous casting equipment
Process for fabricating improved iron-cobalt magnetostrictive alloy and article comprising alloy
Insect salivary enzyme triggers systemic resistance
Nucleic acid encoding a transdominant negative retroviral integrase
Remote indication device for use in wireless security systems
Integrated circuit biochip microsystem containing lens
Interposer for mounting semiconductor dice on substrates
Fluid flow restriction in an inkjet printhead
Mobile station having a cost-efficient call management method and system
Optical-based sensing devices, especially for in-situ sensing in humans
Method for attachment of biomolecules to surfaces through amine-functional groups
Induction system for watercraft engine
Process of making a cleated floor mat
Heat shrinking heat gun with fan-shaped nozzle with temperature and/or airflow variation along the n...
Garbage collection in an object cache
Handling exceptions occuring during processing of vector instructions
Printed-circuit board having projection electrodes and method for producing the same
Integration of voice and data services provided to a mobile wireless device
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Danhardkrd`
Aerogel materials and detectors, liquid and gas absorbing objects, and optical devices comprising sa...
Indirect polymerized and labelled antibody and method for manufacturing the same
Three-dimensional display system: apparatus and method
Tamping rammer
Similar document retrieval method using plural similarity calculation methods and recommended articl...
Tropodegradable bromine-containing halocarbon additives to decrease flammability of refrigerants foa...
Inhaler apparatus with modified surfaces for enhanced release of dry powders
Electrochemical cells with high volumetric density of electroactive sulfur-containing materials in c...
Method for culturing microorganisms in prefilled flexible containers
Reclaiming of purge gas from hydrotreaters and hydrocrackers
Asynchronous network collaboration method and apparatus
Method for preparing gallium nitride phosphor
4,4-disubstituted-1,4-dihydro-2h-3,1-benzoxazin-2-ones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitor...
Medical record forming and storing apparatus and medical record and method related to same
System and method for incorporating dyslexia detection in handwriting pattern recognition systems
Mobile data collection systems, methods and computer program products
Composition for dyeing and bleaching of human hair and process for its preparation
Method for direct reduction of iron bearing pellets or lump iron ore
Process for the production of grain oriented electrical steel strip having high magnetic characteris...
Method of manufacturing metallic products such as sheet by cold working and flash anealing
Soybean protein hydrolysates, their production and use
Selenoproteins, coding sequences and methods
Adaptive console for augmenting wireless capability in security systems
Methods for controlling deflection of a dynamic surface
Inkjet printhead with nozzle pokers
Automatic updating of diverse software products on multiple client computer systems by downloading s...
Device for deploying medical textiles
Method and apparatus for minimizing plasma destabilization within a semiconductor wafer processing s...
Driving apparatus for plasma addressed liquid crystal display apparatus
Precision digital-to-analog converters and methods having programmable trim adjustments
Method and apparatus for deglitching digital to analog converters
High-frequency boost technique
High side current source circuit having improved output impedance to reduce effects of leakage circu...
Liquid crystal display device with optical shield film
Motion analysis system
Antifungal Bacillus thuringiensis strains
Conduit insert for optical fiber cable
Adjustable length, elongated hook label holder
Apparatus and method for successively refined competitive compression with redundant decompression
Method of forming bumps for flip chip applications
Azalea plant named `Roblea`
Organic porous material
Scr SH3 binding peptides and methods of isolating and using same
Parasitically powered sensing device
Segment for intake tunnels
Gift container and associated methods
Integrated transaction card and packaging
Printable file folder
Security marking label, particularly for motor vehicle
Multi-part airbill type business form
Notepad attachment apparatus
Outdrive guard
Multi-use vessel
Swivel device
Retractable rudder assembly for personal watercraft
Steering sensor system for a marine vessel
Three layer molded sail construction
Multisection sail body and method for making
Packet routing and queuing at the headend of shared data channel
Methods and apparatus for providing voice communications through a packet network
Method for transmitting messages in wireless communication system using a server process
Virtual path management in hierarchical ATM networks
Arrangement for cooling an electrical assembly
Recurrent training system
Aerosol formulations containing micronized optically pure (R,R) formoterol for bronchodilating thera...
Suction type medicator
Acid-base polymer blends and their application in membrane processes
Buried ridge semiconductor laser with aluminum-free confinement layer
Photogrammetric analytical measurement system
Viewing optical instrument having roof prism and a roof prism
Hypothesis selection for evidential reasoning systems
Optical semiconductor device having a multilayer reflection structure
Method and apparatus for semiconductor device simulation with linerly changing quasi-fermi potential...
Computer-implemented system and method for booking airline travel itineraries
Fluid applicators
Roadside mailbox protective shield
Dusting mitt
Accessory for vacuum cleaner
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating boundary markers for an instruction stream including variable-le...
Method and apparatus for providing an event-based "What-Can-I-Say?" window
Method of pre-planning the loading of aircraft
Portable on-board mass emissions measuring system
Adaptive clutch control of a closed-throttle downshift
Steering system for motor vehicle
Electronic control unit, in particular for a device provided in a motor vehicle
Gene expression and evaluation system
Method and apparatus for the superheating of steam
Least privilege via restricted tokens
Self-centering epidural spinal cord lead and method
Arc furnace fume collection method
Method of producing molten iron in duplex furnaces
Stainless steel product having excellent antimicrobial activity and method for production thereof
Method for production of invar alloy steel sheet material for shadow mask
Transmission time delay measurement at transmission paths in a radio telecommunication system
Heavy metal chelating agent for oral administration, its synthesis and its uses in medicine and heal...
Agent for prophylaxis and therapy of diseases
Low profile speaker enclosure
Glider launching device
Light monitoring system and method for automated transaction machine
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Sample application method and device
Piezoelectric component with leads
Micro-electromechanical switch
Optical fiber tissue localization device
Fully implantable cochlear implant system
Method and system of controlling usage of simulator and recording medium storing program for control...
Mullite bodies and methods of forming mullite bodies
Push type data display method, receiving apparatus, and display device
ESD footwear grounding system
Method and system for measuring usage of a computer network by a network user
Self-tuning dataflow I/O core
System and method for use and storage of geographic data on physical media
Graphical user interface for providing gaming and prize redemption capabilities
Human apoptosis regulator
Nucleic acid encoding GAI gene of Arabidopsis thaliana
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmitting medium
Vehicle running condition judgement device
Aircraft crew rest station for a long distance airline flight
Thread suspension system and method using trapping instructions in delay slots
Method and apparatus for real-time beat modification of audio and music signals
Method and apparatus for handling asynchronous exceptions in a dynamic translation system
Run-time modules for dynamically adjusting computer operation
Distraction osteogenesis fixture
Inhibitors of metalloproteases, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same and methods of their use
Poly(arylene ether)-polystyrene composition
Spring-loaded backing plate assembly for use with land grid array-type devices
Low temperature thermally activated water-dispersed adhesives
Usage statistics collection for a cable data delivery system
Antihistaminic/antitussive compositions
Cryptographic key management scheme
Arrangement for independently requesting a playing authorization for a reproduced encrypted informat...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Silhouette`
Mobile communications device with a camera
Compounds active at a novel site on receptor-operated calcium channels useful for treatment of neuro...
Panel-form microphones
Cytokine zalpha11 Ligand
Industrial control systems having input/output circuits with programmable input/output characteristi...
Process for the preparation of partially hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubbers (HNBR) with on...
Apparatus for transferring pieces of optical glass material
Light reflective protective headwear
Scabosia plant named `Giant Blue`
Pneumatic radical tire for passenger car with carcass ply cut-out zone
Anti-stress agents for aquatic animals
Soil liquefaction prevention by electro-osmosis during an earthquake event
Radio selective calling receiver and message receiving method
Hyperbranched polymers and methods for the preparation, cure, and stabilization thereof
Tissue characterization based on impedance images and on impedance measurements
Thermochromic game piece
Actuator with repulsive magnetic forces
Memory tests using item-specific weighted memory measurements and uses thereof
Gaming apparatus having variable performance zones
Communicative game system
Gaming system for remote players
Computer game with replaceable character heads
Method for manufacturing packaging material and sheets from plant straws
Process for preparing unsaturated ketones
Organic compounds and processes for their manufacture
Heterocyclic 2-substituted ketoamides
Methods of making an emulsified composition
Method of modifying wrinkles using guanidine derivatives
Fragrance precursors
Composite rigid sponge structure
Virtual certificate authority
Reactive dyes containing a formazan dye radical and monoazo dye radical, a process for their prepara...
Transition metal aerogel-supported catalyst
Model-based view extrapolation for interactive virtual reality systems
Associating files of data
Aerosol formulations containing P134a and particulate medicament
Apparatus and method for non-invasively measuring cardiac output
Use of 2.alpha.-methyl-19-nor-20(S)-1.alpha., 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 to increase bone strength
Disposable absorbent product having biodisintegratable nonwovens with improved fluid management prop...
Skin battery cosmetic composition
Mixed n-butyl and iso-propyl phthalamide compounds as sunscreen solubilizers
Lancet device with skin movement control and ballistic preload
Weld gun arm casting
Training weapon with trigger actuated indicator light
Multiple-component projectile with non-discarding sabot sleeve
Dummy ammunition round method and apparatus
Gel recoil pad
Muzzle-loading rifle with a side nipple assembly and takedown breech
Water-soluble zinc pyruvates or their hydrates, method for the product ion thereof and their use
Progestin therapy for maintaining amenorrhea
Indole derivatives useful as endothelin receptor antagonists
Production of virus and purification of viral envelope proteins for vaccine use
Acid etch resistant film-forming compositions and composite coating compositions
Method and system for allocating memory space using mapping controller, page table and frame numbers
Skewed finite hashing function
Data structure synthesis in hardware using memory transaction translation techniques
Method and apparatus for routing short messages
Method and apparatus for controlling a wireless communication system
System for integrating data among heterogeneous systems
Portable electronic device for safe communication system, and method for initializing its parameters
Circulating parallel-search engine with random inputs for network routing table stored in a wide emb...
Electrolyte cosolvents including acrylate and methacrylate oligomers
Anode cathode distance adjustment device
Robot apparatus for detecting direction of sound source to move to sound source and method for opera...
Method for controlled optimization of enterprise planning models
System and method for sharing data among a plurality of personal digital assistants
End-user control of audio delivery endpoint in a multimedia environment
Method and apparatus for integrated real-time interactive content insertion and monitoring in E-comm...
Driving force control for automotive vehicle
System and method for integrating LNAV and VNAV with autopilots for existing aircraft
Cooking vessel with adjustable ventilation system
Spring articulation structure
One-piece dispensing structure and method and apparatus for making same
Infection of human neural xenografts
Apparatus and concept for minimizing parasitic chemical vapor deposition during atomic layer deposit...
Integrated memory having 2-transistor/2-capacitor memory cells
Apparatus, method and system for providing conditional answering in multiple leg telecommunication s...
Method for forming a low-defect epitaxial layer in the fabrication of semiconductor devices
Method for producing ethylene and propylene
Arrangement and method for mobile communications having an IP link
Non-volatile latch with program strength verification
Zoom lens and photographic apparatus having the same
Phosphate free fire retardant composition
Game machine informing prize mode information in a series of flow of game
Method and apparatus for detecting and measuring conditions affecting color
Optical filter comprising transparent support and filter layer containing dye and binder polymer
Method and apparatus for determination of carbon-halogen compounds and applications thereof
Medical electrical stimulation system using an electrode assembly having opposing semi-circular arms
Communication method and system for objects movable in network
System and method for enterprise workflow resource management
Thermally stable nonazide automotive airbag propellants
Fishing sinker
Method and apparatus enabling remote release of hooks and hook assemblies to free fishing lures
Body hair treating implement
Virtual dial-up protocol for network communication
SS7 firewall system
Growth-hormone secretagogues
Method for improving clinical signs in animals with renal disease
Therapeutically effective 1.alpha., 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 analogs
Neurotoxin implant
Probehead for nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
Autocorrection of 3D MR images for motion artifacts
Linear combination steady-state free precession MRI
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus having a device for measuring magnetic field strengths
Anti-aliasing transmitter coil array for magnetic resonance
Methods for high throughput chemical screening using magnetic resonance imaging
Method for determining program control flow
Power supply for implantable device
Method and system of security location discrimination
Mounting arrangement for auxiliary burner or lance
Shaft furnace
Device and method for exchanging a replaceable part of a mould arrangement in a continuous casting i...
Polymer quenched prealloyed metal powder
Method and communication system for the first-time entry of subscriber data of a mobile subscriber i...
Mutant bifidobacteria strains with acid, bile salt and oxygen tolerance
HIV integrase inhibitors
Combination miniature race car and pinball game
Wireless rolling code security system
Soybean variety 93B66
Methods for hybridization analysis utilizing electrically controlled hybridization
Switch system
Method of producing a semiconductor device of SiC
Providing mobile application services with download of speaker independent voice model
Video display system for locating a projected image adjacent a surgical field
Method and apparatus for displaying programming events detected by an implantable medical device
Method for growing semiconductor film and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Optical luminescent display device
Rubbery polymer and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for communication with a downhole tool
Integrated collaborative/content-based filter structure employing selectively shared, content-based ...
Planar optical waveguides for optical panel having gradient refractive index core
Electro-acoustic transducer and housing
Transformation of guar
Treatment of heart failure with growth hormone
Photopolymerizable biodegradable hydrogels as tissue contacting materials and controlled-release car...
Functionalized poly(propylene fumarate) and poly(propylene fumarate-co-ethylene glycol)
Non-peptidyl inhibitors of VLA-4 dependent cell binding useful in treating inflammatory, autoimmune,...
Combination therapy using a TNF binding protein for treating TNF-mediated diseases
Optical information medium, optical information recording method and optical information recording a...
Thermal recording process
Carrier having specified bet specific surface area and dynamic current value and two-component devel...
Personal digital assistant based financial transaction method and system
Internet enabled computer system management
Method for determining the position of an automated guided vehicle
Eccentricity control strategy for inclined geosynchronous orbits
System and method for automatically and selectively promoting object variables to method fields and ...
Apparatus for analyzing operations of parallel processing system
Impact modified polystyrene seals for galvanic cells
Correlation based optical ranging and proximity detector
Guanidinylamino heterocycle compounds useful as alpha-2 adrenoceptor agonists
Method and apparatus for an adapter card providing conditional access in a communication system
System for targeting information to specific users on a computer network
Thermosetting compositions containing carbamate-functional polylmers prepared using atom transfer ra...
Poly-trisaryl-1,3,5-Triazine carbamate ultraviolet light absorbers
Stable aqueous formulation and use
Process for producing deproteinized natural rubber latex
Fluoromethoximino compounds
Methods and compositions for transgene identification
Fungicide active substance combinations
Stabilizers for composite electroless plating
Strengthening compositions and treatments for lignocellulosic materials
Huechera plant named `Autumn Haze`
Verifing camera with demonstration mode and method
Biological control formulations containing spores of nontoxigenic strains of fungi for toxin control...
Hybrid fiber-reinforced plastic
Tube tightening structure for collapsible vehicles
Telescopic fork for bicycles, with anti-twisting cross-member provided with end bushings engaged wit...
Bicycle trailer
Mounting and gearing system for power-assisted bicycles
Portable cellular phone with custom melody ring setting capability
Wireless communications system and method of operation for reducing fraud
Multiconnector for mobile telephones
Apparatus for providing a plurality of providers of subscriber service signals with easy access to a...
Interference detecting receiver
Fatty acid elongases
Ultrasonic transducer having impedance matching layer
MEMS inkjet nozzle cleaning and closing mechanism
Low stress packaging for a display device
Fibers for electric flocking and electrically flocked article
Method and apparatus for power mode transition in a multi-thread processor
System for detecting a wireless peripheral device by a host computer transmitting a hail message inc...
x Heucherella plant named `Burnished Bronze`
Camera having automatic focusing device
Device for controlling running behavior of vehicle by mathematical tire model
System for determining an equivalent throttle valve for controlling automatic transmission shift poi...
Vehicle steering control system
Drumhead dampening device
Surfacing panels for acoustical ceiling systems
Device for absorbing and/or damping sound waves
Exhaust system for internal combustion engines
Noise-protection wall-segment
Using a high level programming language with a microcontroller
Music apparatus with pitch shift of input voice dependently on timbre change
Optical waveguide device and manufacturing method thereof
Dielectric capacitor and memory and method of manufacturing the same
Optical device with a dichroic polarizer and a multilayer optical film
Semiconductor device with perovskite capacitor and its manufacture method
High resolution imaging using optically transparent phosphors
Ovenable food tray and its manufacturing method
Cyclin-C variants, and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Apparatus and method for downloading data to electronic device
Multi-stage profiler
Method and apparatus for reduction of indirect branch instruction overhead through use of target add...
Method and apparatus for incremental selective compilation of intermediate code files during compute...
Article comprising oxide-bondable solder
Aluminum casting alloy
Process for forming shaped group III-V semiconductor nanocrystals, and product formed using process
Cobalt-based alloys as positive electrode current collectors in nonaqueous electrochemical cells
Method and device for treating fuel
Polymerization process
Articles formed from foamable polypropylene polymer
System and method for integrating operation of an indoor golf facility into operation of an airport ...
Image forming apparatus and warming up method
Optically functional device
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
Feasible, gas-dielectric interconnect process
Feasible, gas-dielectric interconnect process
Filter capacitor construction
Device for mechanically grasping and palletizing rectangular objects
Heuchera plant named `Veil of Passion`
Computer based training system
Respiratory sinus arrhythmia training system
Method and apparatus for increased language fluency through interactive comprehension, recognition a...
User level controlled mechanism inter-positioned in a read/write path of a property-based document m...
Towing harness for water recreation boards
Groundwater and soil remediation with microporous diffusion apparatus
Writing implement for identity verification system
Compositions containing sodium percarbonate
Picture display method and apparatus
Aerosol formulation containing a particulate medicament
Inhalation for administering medicament by inhalation
Electronic signature management system
Separators for electrochemical cells
Decorative pop-up stickers and method of making the same
Telecommunications switch
Method and system for guiding an artillery shell
Hybrid maize plant & seed 34T38
Part-overlaminated label
Expression systems utilizing autolyzing fusion proteins and a novel reducing polypeptide
Method and apparatus for L.E.D. illumination
Information collecting system
Two-focus switchable lens
Method and apparatus for synchronizing graphical presentations
Window jamb component assembly
Contrast organic light-emitting display
Flame-proof thermoplastic moulding materials
Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle range
Fiber-optic cable routing and separating device
Fiber optic module including lens cap
Termination block for optical fiber cables
Optical filter with harmonic elements
Methods and apparatuses for packaging long-period fiber gratings
Protection switching in bidirectional WDM optical communication networks with transponders
Synthesis of paclitaxel from baccatin III by protection of the 7-hydroxyl of baccatin III using a st...
Patient interactive neurostimulation system and method
1,2 - Dioxolane decomposition reactive emulsifier and polymer-modifying method using the same
Process for the production of general purpose PSA's
Coating method and coating composition used therein
Printing ink and paint composed of an aqueous emulsion of self-emulsifiable urethane copolymer
Zero volitile organic solvent compositions
Drug delivery system involving interaction between protein or polypeptide and hydrophobic biodegrada...
Polishing pad, polishing method, and polishing machine for mirror-polishing semiconductor wafers
Magneto-optical head with integral mounting of lens holder and coil
Self-crosslinking hydroxy/alkoxy acyl imidazolidinone monomers
Aqueous dispersion of high molecular weight polyester for chip resistant primer
Preservation of a mineral molding
Process for surface-treating an aluminum-containing metal
Shampoo and body wash composition comprising ternary surfactant blends of cationic, anionic, and bri...
Catalyzed water-soluble/dispersible reactive derivatives of polyimido compounds for modifying protei...
Photocatalyst, process for producing the same and multifunctional members
Stable highly active supported copper based catalysts
Metal sulfide initiators for metal oxide sorbent regeneration
Nickel hydroxide particles and production and use thereof
Hydrogenation catalysts, method for making same and use thereof for preparing hydrogen peroxide
Pillaring of trioctahedral micas and vermiculites
Hydroprocessing reactor and process with gas and liquid quench
Process for hydrogenation, hydroisomerization and/or hydrodesulfurization of a sulfur containment co...
Synthetic diesel fuel and process for its production
Dispersive atomic vapor raman filter
Method for preventing and/or treating renal disease
Catalytic breakdown of reactant gases in chemical vapor deposition
Template-directed photoligation
Photocatalyst having visible light activity and uses thereof
Method for screening chemical sensitizers
Method and system for automated data storage and retrieval
Metadata-driven data presentation module for database system
Method of storing elements in a database
Grouping words with equivalent substrings by automatic clustering based on suffix relationships
Parallel spectral reed-solomon encoder and decoder
Page table entry management method and apparatus for a microkernel data processing system
Method for providing telephone access to an internet user connected to plural bonded telephone lines
Service request routing using quality-of-service data and network resource information
Transaction processing system, method and computer program product
RISC CPU instructions particularly suited for decoding digital signal processing applications
Adaptive, time-based synchronization mechanism for an integrated posix file system
Search index for a music file
Androgen receptor proteins, recombinant DNA molecules coding for such, and use of such compositions
VCAM fusion proteins and DNA coding therefor
Nucleic acid molecules encoding enzymes from wheat which are involved in starch synthesis
Nucleic acid molecules encoding soluble starch synthases from maize
Humanized antibodies directed against A33 antigen
Methods for reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis
Reconstituted meadowfoam oil in personal care applications
Blueberry plant called `Emerald`
x Heucherella plant named `Dayglow Pink`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Dream`
Senecio genus plant named `Sunsenere`
Thermally efficient portable convective oven
Processes for spray drying of polymer-containing dispersions water-in-oil emulsions and water-in-oil...
Aqueous coating composition
Ejectable safety seat structure for recreational-type vehicles
Secure execution of program instructions provided by network interactions with processor
Transcoding of audio data
Method and apparatus for traffic control and balancing for an internet site
Methods and systems for embedding data in images
Methods for optimizing watermark detection
Method for processing sheet material such as bank notes using a sorting tree
Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and computer program product for realizing the ...
Methodology for advanced quantity-oriented cost assignment using various information sources
Method of and apparatus for generating and authenticating postal indicia
Distributed project management system and method
Curable hybrid electron donor compounds containing vinyl ether
Quaternary polyvinylpyrridinium derivatives as anti-dye transfer agents
Integrated emulsifier and edible fiber
System and method for efficient representation of data set addresses in a web crawler
Method and system for managing access to a plurality of data objects
Method and system for production and decentralized delivery of printed products
Security bands to prevent counterfeiting with color copies
Self laminating clean release card
Printed sheet products and methods of making
Proofing substrate and methods of manufacture and use
Phase variator with movement limit devices
Internal combustion engine and operation thereof
Throwing toy having looped filaments and catching device therefor
Model airplane kit
Soybean cultivar 9323265446451
Vehicle navigation system and method using multiple axes accelerometer
Adaptive navigation system
Method and apparatus for displaying real time navigational information
Method and apparatus for automatically stopping engine idling of automotive vehicle during stop of v...
Method and apparatus for controlling driving force of vehicle
Variable height sensor tree
Warm processor swap in a multiprocessor personal computer system
Power supply for implantable device
System and method for enabling different grades of cryptography strength in a product
Radio-based hearing aid system
Electric arc furnace controller
Pyrolysis of halogenated organic hazardous wastes with direct reduction of iron oxides
Mold wall of a continuous casting mold
Process for manufacturing drawable sheet by direct casting of thin strip, and sheet thus obtained
Alarm system armed and disarmed by a deadbolt on a door
Buckling resistant piezoelectric actuator
Method, apparatus, system and firmware for secure transactions
Polarized light exposure systems for aligning liquid crystals
Implantable device and programmer system which permits multiple programmers
Secondary air supply device
Projection type liquid crystal display device
Resilient three-dimensionally shaped fiber networks with improved comfort and aesthetic properties, ...
System and method for arrhythmia discrimination
Dual engine hybrid electric vehicle
Covering module and anchor sheet
Multi-cladding optical fiber, long-period optical fiber grating written therein and writing method t...
High-isolation dense wavelength division multiplexer utilizing birefringent plates and a non-linear ...
Gain-clamped erbium-doped fiber amplifier with pulsed compensating laser signal
Imaging apparatus including device for a selectively changing aspect ratios
Coded image recording device and method
Method and apparatus for steering the attitude of a satellite
Mechanism and method for flexible coupling of processes in an object oriented framework
Method and apparatus for guiding ablative therapy of abnormal biological electrical excitation
Cell-level throughput adjustment in digital cellular systems
Transmission method and radio system
Instruction queue evaluating dependency vector in portions during different clock phases
Apparatus and method for a torque and fuel control system for a hybrid vehicle
System and method for improving compliance of a medical regimen
Cooperative work support system for managing a window display
Flexible processing hardware architecture
Computer system and method for abstracting and accessing a chronologically-arranged collection of in...
Real-time data protection system and method
Method of communications for an intelligent digital audiovisual playback system
Method, system and apparatus for generating self-validating prime numbers
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Pizzazz`
Ranging apparatus installed in camera
Substrate preparation process
Thin-film transistor circuitry with reduced sensitivity to variance in transistor threshold voltage
Electrolytic capacitor and its manufacturing method
Removal of resist or residue from semiconductors using supercritical carbon dioxide
Process for producing halogenated benzene compound
Heterogeneous assay for pyrophosphate
Folded spring based micro electromechanical (MEM) RF switch
Pearly luster concentrate with newtonian viscosity
Communication network for encrypting/deciphering communication text while updating encryption key, a...
Method and equipment for allocating to a television program, which is already conditionally accessed...
Infant frame carrier
Machine control using register construct
Apparatus and method of distributed object handling
Rotatable charging apparatus, and printing machine including the same
Imaging forming apparatus using independent modules
Detachable firefighting attachment for a personal watercraft
Cage frame for shore protection
High throughput screening assay systems in microscale fluidic devices
Neural network based analysis system for vibration analysis and condition monitoring
Air-conditioning system for below-deck areas of a passenger aircraft
Rotating shutter for eye/optics protection against in-band frequency agile lasers
Inhaler and valve therefor
Method of reducing fuel cell performance degradation of an electrode comprising porous components
Method and apparatus for introducing reference impairments into video signals
Multispectral imaging and characterization of biological tissue
Information processing system for audio and visual transmission system
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Methods of using an array of pooled probes in genetic analysis
Inorganic permeation layer for micro-electric device
Miniature led flashlight
Converter unit of camera
Moving body pursuit irradiating device and positioning method using this device
Method and apparatus for performing scanning optical coherence confocal microscopy through a scatter...
Bacteriophage-based transgenic fish for mutation detection
Inhibition and treatment of Hepatitis B virus and Flavivirus by Helioxanthin and its analogs
Controlling protein levels in eucaryotic organisms
Recombinant antigen from the NS3 region of the hepatitis C virus
Mat of glass and other fibers in a separator of a storage battery
Use of microparticles combined with submicron oil-in-water emulsions
Gated ultrasound imaging apparatus and method
Chlorinated vinyl chloride resin composition
Thermoplastic resin composition having impact resistance
LED display assembly
Sugar modified oligonucleotides that detect and modulate gene expression
Tumour suppressor gene
Mapping and ablation catheter system
Virtual dressing over the internet
Browser-based network management allowing administrators to use web browser on user's workstation to...
System and method for business process space definition
Hunting garment with safety device
Fishing lure retriever
Apparatus for referencing and sorting images in a three-dimensional system
Turbocharged reciprocation engine for power and refrigeration using the modified Ericsson cycle
Electric arc furnace for continuous charging with ferrous materials and semicontinuous tapping of mo...
Method for increasing the capacity of a direct reduced iron plant without increasing its reformer ca...
Continuous casting nozzle for molten steel
Method of manufacturing iron aluminide by thermomechanical processing of elemental powers
Nail varnish brush and nail varnish application assembly with a brush
Piezoelectric acoustic component
Attachment integrated claims system and operating method therefor
System for prediction of cardiac arrhythmias
Firehouse exhaust system
Liquid crystal display device with matrix electrode structure
Footwear including a locking component
Common aperture dual mode semi-active laser/millimeter wave sensor
Through bulkhead initiator
Propellant composition for automotive safety applications
Shoot-through cover for an explosively formed penetrator warhead
Acceleration/deceleration sensing switch for munitions
Propellant system
Process and materials for inducing pre-tilt in liquid crystals and liquid crystal displays
Container for 4-allylanisole and analog scolytid pesticides
Nucleic acid segments encoding wheat acetyl-CoA carboxylase
Device for maintaining projectile-type game dart
Ammunition shipping and storage container and method
Captive soft-point bullet
Appended pod underwater gun mount
Underwater launched acoustic warning assembly
Compensation of errors in logging-while-drilling density measurements
Method and apparatus for supporting a drum for loading and unloading from a copier and/or printer ap...
Optical fiber for wavelength division miltiplexing communications
Method and apparatus for realizable interconnect reduction for on-chip RC circuits
Method and system for combinational verification having tight integration of verification techniques
Cloth-like, breathable disposable absorbent brief with refastening means
Absorbent articles having wetness indicating graphics incorporating a training zone
Biphenyl butyric acids and their derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Enantiomerically pure basic N-heterocyclic arylcycloalkylhydroxycarboxylic esters, processes for the...
Symmetrical multiprocessing bus and chipset used for coprocessor support allowing non-native code to...
Method for operating a parallel hybrid drive for a vehicle
Peach tree named `Burpeachtwo`
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane composition
Nucleic acid-coupled colorimetric analyte detectors
Multi-ply cellulosic products using high-bulk cellulosic fibers
Barge stabilization method
Apparatus for placing auger type anchors
Microfluidic matrix localization apparatus and methods
Deaprom and transistor with gallium nitride or gallium aluminum nitride gate
Radiation-grafted solid supports for chemical synthesis
Method and apparatus for growing oriented whisker arrays
Method and apparatus for simultaneously improving the electromigration reliability and resistance of...
Method of fabricating an SOI wafer and SOI wafer fabricated by the method
Parallel reactor with internal sensing
Method for interacting with a test subject with respect to knowledge and functionality
Apparatus for and methods of administering volatile substances into an inhalation flow path
Vehicular mountable fuel cell system
Illuminating device for watches, gauges and similar devices
Color display device with a deflection-dependent distance between outer beams
Reduced cost impregnated wipes
Cosmetic depilatory compositions comprising a continuous aqueous phase and an oil phase
Method and apparatus for verifying memory addresses
Positioning device for power-driven fastener
Pull-down member for an eyeglass frame with improved coupling pin
Adapter for fixing spectacle lenses
Transparent resin compositions containing a thiuram compound and certain copper compounds
Laser safe treatment system
Plasma display panel having electromagnetic wave shielding material attached to front surface of dis...
System and method of adaptive message pipelining
Methods and arrangements for controlling resource access in a networked computing environment
Plant for the production of metal melts
Process for the production of liquid pig iron or liquid intermediate products of liquid steel and sp...
Method to roll strip and plate and rolling line which performs such method
Hot-rolling steel strip
Composite powder and coloring containing the same
Reduced power supervisory message transmission in a wireless alarm system
Method of correcting a resonance frequency of a small rotary actuator
Method and apparatus for remote telephony switch control
System for treating meat
Pneumatic inflating device
Motor having a hydrodynamic pressure bearing
Galvanometer with axial symmetry and improved bearing design
Sliding bearing
Linear motion guiding apparatus
Pull-out device and a camping car provided with such device
Ferrofluid sealing device
Spring component and support bearing for helicopter tail rotors and support structure for use in out...
Assembly for moving a robotic device along selected axes
Injection molding machine valve gate nozzle
Graded index type optical fibers and method of making the same
Process for detection of physical position of a human being
Semiconductor wiring technique for reducing electromigration
Fault diagnosis apparatus and recording medium with a fault diagnosis program recorded thereon
Network flow data export
Peach tree named `Burpeachone`
Methods for microdispensing patterened layers
Inks with enhanced substrate binding characteristics
Mast ladder assembly
Methods and compositions for conducting processes in microfluidic devices
Programmable fuzzy analog processor
Rapidly drying sanitizing aerosol compositions containing alcohols, isobutane and propane
System for preventing gas pocket formation in a PEM coolant flow field
Wet-type electrophotography apparatus, using non-volatile, high viscosity, high concentration liquid...
Process cartridge having a particular electrical contact arrangement and image forming apparatus usi...
Ligands for metals and improved metal-catalyzed processes based thereon
Hydrocarbon soluble, tin functionalized alkali metals
Robust process for the synthesis of polyestercarbonates
Compositions based on a fluorinated polymer comprising vinylidene fluoride units and on a butadiene-...
Light-emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof and method for mounting light-emitting diode o...
Method for controlling spacer visibility
Mammalian checkpoint genes and proteins
Power control in point-to-multipoint systems
Method and apparatus for ticket turn-back capability
Process for setting hair
Image forming apparatus carrying charged particles on resin sleeve
Cleaning apparatus which includes cleaning member, supporting portion and reinforcing member
Image developing device and image forming apparatus
Toner for developing an electrostatic image and a production method thereof, and an image forming me...
Image forming apparatus having paper-dust removing devices
Procedure for generating operational ballistic capture transfer using computer implemented process
Video encoder and decoder using bilinear motion compensation and lapped orthogonal transforms
Arc furnace protection
Process for the direct reduction of iron oxides
Process and products for the continuous casting of flat rolled sheet
Grain oriented electromagnetic steel sheet and manufacturing thereof
Wireless integrated sensor network using multiple relayed communications
Selective etching of thin films
Intelligent terminal application protocol
Devices and methods for coronary sinus mapping
Temperature sensor with thermistor housed in blocked space having ventilation
Procedures and apparatus for turning-on and turning-off elements within a field emission display dev...
Shoe ventilation
Bacillus thuringiensis containing compositions
Personalized search methods
System and method for detecting multiplexers in a circuit design
Testing method of the integrity of the software pre-installed in a computer hard disk
Cockpit for an automotive vehicle
Kalanchoe plant named `Petero`
Electronic-property probing of biological molecules at surfaces
Method for reducing dissipation rate of fluid ejected into boundary layer
Kayak back-band installation assembly and method for installing a back-band in a kayak
Stable aqueous formulation of 3-(N-butylacetamino)-propionic acid ethyl ester
Device and method for trenchless replacement of underground pipe
Optical fiber communication system incorporating automatic dispersion compensation modules to compen...
Robotic optical cross-connect
Determining channel characteristics in a space-time architecture wireless communication system havin...
System and method for phase recovery in a synchronous communication system
Method and apparatus for boil phase determination
Disposable actuator with cap opener for aerosol cans
Alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactants
Bleach compositions containing metal bleach catalyst, and bleach activators and/or organic percarbox...
cDNA encoding a BMP type II receptor
Confectionery compositions
Long wear nail polish having defined surface properties
Ion conductive laminate and production method and use thereof
Method and composition for enhancing transport across biological membranes
Graphic-information flow method and system for visually analyzing patterns and relationships
Electronic component having external electrodes and method for the manufacture thereof
Integrated rider-controlled support unit for handlebar-steered vehicles
Discontinuous mechanical advantage front shifting for bicycles
Servo Three-speed planetary hub
Parallel-push brake mechanism for bicycles
Two axis hand lever
Two axis brake lever
Selector for a bicycle gear mechanism
Method for adding context to communications
Method of improving processes using pectinase enzymes with noble gases
Data buffer apparatus and method for storing graphical data using data encoders and decoders
Computer programming language statement building and information tool
Method for synthesis of proteins
Series control of electric ARC furnaces
Dynamically-controlled, intrinsically regulated charge pump power converter
Reduced calorie cooking and frying oils having improved hydrolytic stability, and process for prepar...
Water-softening and detergent compositions containing partially hydrated Na acetate
Laundry pretreatment process and bleaching compositions
Machine dish wash compositions
Detergent bar composition and manufacturing process comprising colloidal aluminum hydroxide phosphat...
Adhesive tape and method for producing it
Oven with a water injection mechanism
Steamer oven with controlled condensing of steam
Process for preparing .alpha.-hydroxycarboxylate
Cloning of the prolyl-dipeptidyl-peptidase from Aspergillus oryzae
Method of establishing the origin of useful animals and products produced therefrom
Polyester laminate film, metal plate laminated with this film and film-laminated metal container
Method to process chocolate precursor particles into solid blocks
Furnace for the direct reduction of iron oxides
Continuous casting plant for casting slabs with a continuous casting mold and a strand guiding unit ...
Method of manufacturing cold rolled steel sheet excellent in resistance of natural aging and panel p...
Force script implementation over a wide area network
Disposable sleeve assembly for sound control device and container therefor
Combined pencil sharpener and ink stamp with illumination device
Wireless security system
System and method for simulation and modeling of biopharmaceutical batch process manufacturing facil...
Lead terminal and electronic component including lead terminal
Steerable offset reflector antenna
Attachment integrated claims system and operating method therefor
Implantable stimulation device and method for determining ventricular and atrial sensitivity thresho...
Remote job application method and apparatus
Alternative fuel
Method for mapping and formatting information for a display device
System and method for creating a semantic web and its applications in browsing, searching, profiling...
Gram-positive bacterium transformed with a replicon
Digital current differential system
Locking device for a hand tool
Technique for matching a query to a portion of media
Method and a device for monitoring nucleic acid amplification reactions
Fork lift truck
Hose reel
Shopping cart
Adjustable frame
Lobby dust pan
Cleaning device for narrow spaces of motor vehicles
Photovoltaic conversion element and a dye-sensitizing photovoltaic cell
Methods and compositions to treat glycosaminoglycan-associated molecular interactions
pH dependent ion exchange matrix and method of use in the isolation of nucleic acids
Method and apparatus for modifying an information page transmitted in a communications network
Air flotation and locking material handling apparatus and method of use
Spacecraft having a dual reflector holddown for deploying multiple reflectors in a single release ev...
Method and apparatus for profiling processes in a data processing system background of the invention
Electronic musical instrument