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Magnetostrictive-compensated core of electromagnetic device
Computer multi-bay devices compatible expansion module and its processing procedure
Encapsulation of HDL process descriptions to provide granularity at the process level
Spinal cable system
Plant phosphatidic acid phosphatases
Brominated polystyrene having improved thermal stability and color and process for the preparation t...
Hydroforming a tubular structure of varying diameter from a tubular blank made using electromagnetic...
Electromotive reversing car camera
Method and system for message transfer session management
Method and apparatus for remotely accessing an automatic transaction processing system
Method and apparatus for using non-symmetric speech coders to produce non-symmetric links in a wirel...
Unified messaging system with voice messaging and text messaging using text-to-speech conversion
System for automated testing of perceptual distortion of prompts from voice response systems
Apparatus and method for intuitive audio keypad navigation for a wireless communication device
Multi-layer golf ball utilizing silicone materials
Schizophrenia associated genes, proteins and biallelic markers
Vehicle self-carried positioning method and system thereof
Composition comprising polymers having a star structure, the polymers, and their use
Gelcoat composition
Inflatable raft tethering arrangement
Apparatus for and method of receiving information, system for receiving information, apparatus for a...
Vehicle's communication apparatus
Soccer kicking training device
Roller Bowler 2000
Compensating for network latency in a multi-player game
Game system
Artificial olfactory system and methods for media sensing and identification
Process for producing piperidinecarbinols
Crosslinked organic particles, suspensions, and methods for preparing crosslinked organic particles ...
Grafted near-gelation polymers having high damping properties
Thermoplastic polymer film comprising a fluorochemical compound
Alumina dispersant, alumina dispersion liquid, agent for treating inkjet-printing materials, and ink...
Biocide-polyester concentrates and biocidal compositions prepared therefrom
Modulated release particles for aerosol delivery
Methods for making a thermoplastic composition and fibers including same
System and method for generating computer animated graphical images of an exterior patch surface lay...
Method and apparatus for temperature control of biologic tissue with simultaneous irradiation
Composite material having stretch and recovery including a layer of an elastic material and a transv...
Flexible and breathable absorbent articles and their fixation to undergarments
Oxidation-resistant coatings, and related articles and processes
Information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus, and information distribution sys...
Lithium secondary battery, its electrolyte, and electric apparatus using the same
Pattern reading apparatus
Method and system for using personal digital assistants with diagnostic medical ultrasound systems
Multimedia server
Collectible item with relic and method of making the same
Amusement park water lock system and method of use
Radical-assisted sequential CVD
Redundant programmable circuit and semiconductor memory device having the same
Tiled memory and memory tile for use therein
P-N homojunction-based structures utilizing HVPE growth III-V compound layers
Method of dehalogenating hydrocarbon containing carbon-carbon double bond
Stress-free socketed optical display package with die non-rigidly attached to containment structure
Shutter for a camera
Mirror and aperture based color phase detector for use in a multimedia projection system
Thin film forming method, display, and color filter
Cable television system using transcoding method
Arrays of proteins and methods of use thereof
Device for location-dependent automatic delivery of information with integrated custom print-on-dema...
Version-adaptive serialization and deserialization of program objects in an object-oriented environm...
Method and system of providing improved network management data between a plurality of network eleme...
Integrated information processing system capable of supplying specific information to person
Magnetic anomaly sensing system and methods for maneuverable sensing platforms
Olefin polymerization process using fatty amine additives and boron-modified supported catalyst
Mobile internet access
N-(4-carbamimidoyl-phenyl)-glycine derivatives
Method and apparatus for executing cryptographically-enabled letters of credit
System and method for providing group communication services in an existing communication system
Polyethoxylated ascorbic acid derivatives as a novel antioxidant and process for preparing thereof
Method of embedding RAMS and other macrocells in the core of an integrated circuit chip
Flavorant compositions
Low-gloss blends containing poly(meth)acrylate rubber-based graft copolymer and process for making t...
Image forming apparatus, transfer belt unit, cleaning device and cleaner unit used for image forming...
Dispersions for producing paint for concrete roof tiles, paint for concrete roof tiles and concrete ...
Polyamide resin composition
Liposome-encapsulated poly ICLC
Downlink beamforming approach for frequency division duplex cellular systems
Emulsions having activating agents of alkoxylates of 6, 6-dimethylbicyclo [3.1.1] hept-2-ene-2-ethan...
Machine structural steel product
Methods to generate numerical pressure distribution data for developing pressure related components
Hydrogenation of unsaturated polymers using divalent diene-containing bis-cyclopentadienyl group IV ...
Process for recycling heterogeneous waste
Premium synthetic lubricants
Protective coating system for high temperature stainless steel
Automatic test pattern generation modeling for LSSD to interface with Muxscan
Multi-layer iridescent films
Color effect materials and production thereof
Resin dispersion for cationic electrodeposition and low temperature curable cationic electrodepositi...
Chemical oxidation of volatile organic compounds
Apparatus and method for securely determining an outcome from multiple random event generators
Aircraft fuselage having a rear-end opening for cargo dispatch
Electroabsorption optical modulator and fabrication method thereof
Filter mechanism for an event management service
Radiation-curable thermal printing ink and ink ribbons and methods of making, using and printing usi...
Self-described stream in a communication services patterns environment
Digital personal assistant docking station camera
Resonant magnetic susceptibility imaging (ReMSI)
Handlebar and grip for exercise device
Method and apparatus to determine the direction to a transponder in a modulated backscatter communic...
94 Human Secreted Proteins
2-aroyl-4-acyl paclitaxel (Taxol) analogs
Methods for enhancing disease resistance in plants
Electrokinetic delivery of medicaments
Preparation of a blend of triglycerides
Immunoglobulin-rich milk, production and use thereof
Extended shelf life ricotta cheese blends and process for preparing
Process for mozzarella cheese
Method and apparatus for control of mites in a beehive
Fishing reel
Fluoroscopic image guided orthopaedic surgery system with intraoperative registration
Computer-aided diagnosis method and system
Method and apparatus for magnetically controlling motion direction of a mechanically pushed catheter
Laser marking system
Rolling bearing steel having a surface with a lower bainitic structure and a method for the producti...
Porcelain enamel for aluminized steel
Surface treatment of steel
Steel cord for protection plies of pneumatic tires
Method for fabricating vehicle components and new use of a precipitation hardenable martensitic stai...
Periodic-signal analysis via correlation
Endocardial lead with vinylidene fluoride insulation
Apparatus for measuring basal metabolism
Analysis of muscular activity in neonatal animals to screen for mutations and/or drugs that alter sl...
Electrophysiological visual field measurement
System for generating clock pulse which the number of pulses outputted within a predetermined time p...
Watermark detection
Image forming device
Image processing system having multiple processors for performing parallel image data processing
Lossless adaptive encoding of finite alphabet data
Image encoding and decoding method and apparatus using edge synthesis and inverse wavelet transform
Image coding apparatus, image coding method, image decoding method, image decoding apparatus, image ...
Method and device for selecting light source for optical communication
Stripping optical fibers
Temperature-compensating arrangements and methods for optical fiber
Optical waveguide devices and methods of fabricating the same
Cladding-pumped optical fiber and methods for fabricating
Dispersion-compensating optical fiber, and, optical transmission line and dispersion-compensating mo...
Low water peak optical waveguide and method of manufacturing same
Electronic image display apparatus and camera having electronic image display function
Digital camera with rotatable components
Dual band framing reconnaissance camera
Image recording method and device in which color conversion information is recorded as sub-code info...
Complete mirror-based global-positioning system (GPS) navigation solution
Excimer laser with line narrowing
LED personal warning light
Ceremonial luminary and associated process
Alignment of optical interfaces for data communication
Disc control method and disc control unit
3-substituted piperidines comprising urea functionality, and methods of use thereof
Device for welding together the ends of tubular plastic containers, notably tubes
Wellbore fluid recovery system and method
Visual meter for providing a long-term indication of dynamic parameters
Automatic fault injection into a JAVA virtual machine (JVM)
System and method for providing trade confirmations
Heat sink substrate consisting essentially of copper and molybdenum and method of manufacturing the ...
Device and method for securing movable sections of wind indicator devices and kites
Surface acoustic wave filter
Guided bullet
Matrix substrate and liquid crystal display device and projection liquid crystal display device usin...
Garment having a buttocks cleavage revealing feature
Diaphragm for speaker and speaker device provided with the same
System and method for conducting secure internet transactions
Method and arrangement for obtaining and conveying information about occupancy of a vehicle
Spacecraft pointing performance via optimized solar array orientation
Method for translating between source and target code with heterogenous register sets
Method of treating a hangover by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune system
Active vehicle coating
Organic-inorganic composite material and process for preparing the same
Geranium plant named `Fistwi`
Image frame changing apparatus for camera
Board game and method of playing the same
Seating tiers for stadiums and the like
Use of substituted N, N-bis-benzyl aminoalcohol compounds inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer prot...
Use of substituted N, N-disubstituted cycloalkyl aminoalcohol compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl e...
Dipole logging tool
Method and apparatus for classifying a musical piece containing plural notes
Human telomerase catalytic subunit: diagnostic and therapeutic methods
Fischer-Tropsch processes using catalysts on mesoporous supports
Process for preparing a silica-based organic-inorganic hybrid resin and the organic-inorganic hybrid...
Interposer substrate with low inductance capacitive paths
Transparent functional membrane containing functional ultrafine particles, transparent functional fi...
Optical compensatory sheet consisting of one cellulose acetate film
Antifouling coating composition
Protein arrays for high-throughput screening
Method and apparatus for position and motion sensing
Method and apparatus for compensating for device dynamics in inverter based control systems
Sliding material made of copper alloy, method of producing same, and sliding bearing
Devices for the delivery of drugs having antiprogestinic properties
Bus controlling method and apparatus for delaying activation of a bus cycle
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Master-slice system semiconductor integrated circuit and design method thereof
Printer having roll paper housing
Seal inspecting machine
Fluorinating an optical fiber preform in a pure aluminum oxide muffle tube
Mechanical grapple for manipulating objects
Mounting apparatus for electronic parts
Remote center compliance system having variable center
Artificial tissue
Scale builder and method
System and method for literacy development
Text independent speaker recognition with simultaneous speech recognition for transparent command am...
Apparatus and method for calendar based call routing
Alarm interface for a smart watch
Image processing
Dynamic creation of selectable items on surfaces
Automated diagnostic system and method including encoding patient data
Thrust enhancing propeller guard assembly
Volatilizable solid phase supports for compound synthesis
Medicinal aerosol formulations
Refuse container
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Three-dimensional built-up toy train
Integrated retinal display
Multiple power source system and apparatus, motor driving apparatus, and hybrid vehicle with multipl...
Method of fabricating composite material wing
Inbred corn line 7SH382
Security element in the form of a thread or be embedded in security and methods of producing it
Safe pharmaceutical composition for treating and preventing infertility and increasing immune functi...
Production of elemental thin films using a boron-containing reducing agent
Integrated memory having memory cells with a magnetoresistive storage property
Group III nitride compound semiconductor thin film and deposition method thereof, and semiconductor ...
Processing unit and processing method
Deflection apparatus, cathode ray tube apparatus and beam landing adjustment method
Recombinant antigens useful for the serodiagnosis of neosporosis
Method of knowledge-based engineering cost and weight estimation of an HVAC air-handling assembly fo...
Method and apparatus for using Java as a stored procedure language and as an embedded language on a ...
Method and system for generating a statistical summary of a database using a join synopsis
Rewriting a query in terms of a summary based on one-to-one and one-to-many losslessness of joins
Method for statistical text analysis
Dynamic performance based server selection
Apparatus with menu-selected functions
Intelligent backup and restoring system and method for implementing the same
Storage device, storage system, memory management method, recording medium, and computer data signal
Method, apparatus and program storage device for a client and adaptive synchronization and transform...
Interactive electronic messaging system
Automated self-service mail processing and storing systems
Method and apparatus for management of multimedia assets
Assembly work support system
Microcellular mobile communication system
Method of compressing, transferring and reproducing musical performance data
Method and apparatus for modifying musical performance data
Music notation implement and music
Multispecific and multivalent antigen-binding polypeptide molecules
Rubbish bin
Stain remover
Crease remover for cloth
Automatic washer
Impeller washing machine
Methods and compositions for the treatment of injury to the central nervous system
Methods of stimulating phagocytosis
Composition and method for treating plants with exogenous chemicals
Polymeric gene delivery
Field-configurable, adaptable and programmable input/output bus interface and method
Access system and method for providing interactive access to an information source through a network...
Method and apparatus for identifying high metal content on a semiconductor surface
Process for the remote publishing of musical scores
Systems and methods of maintaining client relationships
System and method for performing dynamic Web marketing and advertising
Method of preparing an aldose or an aldose derivative by decarboxylation
Low PH lactic acid fermentation
Method of preparing a mixture of mannitol and sorbitol by continuous hydrogenation of glucosone
Global communication means
Motion-imparting apparatus
Medical test form
Apparatus for progressive jackpot gaming
Numerical total high/low lottery game
Method of knowledge-based engineering design of an instrument panel
Method and apparatus for determining lateral velocity of a vehicle
Device for adjusting the height positioning of the body of a vehicle
Method for informing motor vehicle drivers
Absorbent material for use in disposable articles and articles prepared therefrom
Quinazoline derivatives as medicaments
Anterior chamber intraocular lens and methods for reducing pupil ovalling
Multifocal ophthalmic lens with induced aperture
Antimicrobial polypeptides and methods of use
Subtilisin DY variants having decreased adsorption and increased hydrolysis
Freezing materials
Image forming method and apparatus with means for reducing the accumulation of particle on a chargin...
Yellow pigmented food package
Degradable agricultural mat
Fine pore enthalpy exchange barrier for a fuel cell power plant
Satellite adaptive antenna system
Hops acid antibacterial compositions
Trench sheeting device
Rockbolt assembly
Fluid assisted ground wedging device
Apparatus for framing and hanging a sheet-like display item
Method of controlling synchronous drive of pressing machine and pressing machine usable in the metho...
Job token printer assignment system
Agent system and information processing method for same
File management system, electronic filing system, hierarchical structure display method of file, com...
Window control apparatus and method having function for controlling windows by means of voice-input
Output processing and merging of hybrid electronic documents
Location/motion sensitive computer connection
Methods, systems and computer program products for the automated discovery of a services menu
Method for performing atomic, concurrent read and write operations on multiple storage devices
Method for displaying a network topology for a task deployment service
Remote procedure calls in distributed systems
Information processing system and method therefor
Reduced malto-oligosaccharide cleansing compositions
Mobile telephone holding device
Micro-optic coupler incorporating a tapered fiber
Reduction of bend loss through constraint of optical fiber parameters
Multiplexer/demultiplexer for WDM optical signals
Method and system for in-band connectivity for optical switching applications
Dual channel bus routing using asymmetric striplines
Method of calculating 3-dimensional fringe characteristics using specially formed extension shapes
Leash for multiple dogs
Method of obtaining a composition comprising a 5-HT1D selective compound
Shower heating device
Security marking system and method for minimizing pirating of data on data media including compact d...
Integrally formed energy storage device and method of fabrication
Actuator arm disc snubber with unitary construction
Signal processing apparatus and method wherein control signals and power signals are superimposed
Aircraft security system
Board connection structure, electronic device with board connection structure and connector used the...
Infrastructure for supporting file replications
Endocardial defibrillation lead with looped cable conductor
Implantable stimulation lead and method of manufacture
Medical device for use in laparoscopic surgery
Guidewire advancement system
Mapping and ablation catheter
Implantable enzyme-based monitoring systems having improved longevity due to improved exterior surfa...
High storage density roll stock stacking support
Thermal printer and heat history control method
Vanilloid analogues containing resinferatoxin pharmacophores as potent vanilloid receptor agonists a...
MRI method and apparatus for rapid acquisition of multiple views through a volume
Intra-serum and intra-gel for modeling human skin tissue
Measurement scale for non-uniform data sampling in N dimensions
Integrated circuits with optical signal propagation
Occupant detection sensor assembly for seats
Automatically actuated braking system
Wiring system of indication instrument for vehicle
Endoscope system
Aluminum-based lewis acid cocatalysts for olefin polymerization
Instant replay system
Blowing agent compositions containing hydrofluorocarbons and a low-boiling alcohol and/or low-boilin...
Compositions for enhanced thermal bonding
Electrochemical methods and devices for use in the determination of hematocrit corrected analyte con...
Diazabicyclo[4.3.0]nonanes, and methods of use thereof
Clock gene and methods of use thereof
Floating weir assembly and fluid flow management system comprising same
Multi-layer plastic container having a carbon-treated internal surface and method for making the sam...
Carton blank
Resin-bonded liner
Multiple node navigation and routing system for a domain to be user navigated
Methods for raising pre-adult anadromous fish
Human osteoclast-derived cathepsin
Method for detecting and determining mediators
Mass-based encoding and qualitative analysis of combinatorial libraries
Carrier for medical facilities with a large displacement range
Thread optimization
Multi-function mobile
Piezoelectric transformer with dual-phase input drive
Method and apparatus for providing process pair protection for complex applications
Configuration for decomposing nitrogen oxides in a gas stream and method for using the configuration
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for implementing multiple memory buses on a memory module
Apparatus and method for processing isochronous interrupts
Cache index based system address bus
Kappa agonist compounds, pharmaceutical formulations and method of prevention and treatment of pruri...
Estradiol-16.alpha.-carboxylic acid esters as locally active estrogens
Flight control system for a hybrid aircraft in the pitch axis
Measuring timing margins in digital systems by varying a programmable clock skew
Logic equivalence leveraged placement and routing of an IC design
Single driving wheel remote control toy vehicle
Rotary tower crane with vertically extendable and retractable load maneuvering boom
System and apparatus for broadcasting, capturing, storing, selecting and then forwarding selected pr...
Mobile communication system and method for establishing synchronization in mobile communications
System and method for estimating location of mobile station
Method of treating menstrual pain by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune system
System and method for performing a hierarchical remote query in an electronic network
Method and system for processing events related to a first type of browser from a second type of bro...
Transmission document editing device, a server device in a communication document processing system,...
Gaura lindheimeri plant named `Crimson Butterflies`
Catalytic dehydrogenation processes and chromium catalysts for use therein
Laser peening to provide design credit for improved fatigue properties
Method of fabricating camshafts
MEMS optical backplane interface
Image formation apparatus, toner amount measurement apparatus, and toner amount measurement method
Method for the automated design of decentralized controllers for modular self-reconfigurable robots
Method and apparatus for charging for printing mixed sheet sizes on an electrophotographic printing ...
Print control system and method
Blade cleaning system employing an electrode array
Coplanar thin film printhead
Nucleic acids that control seed and fruit development in plants
Meiosis promoter
Freight container, system, and method for shipping freight
Valve for aerosol container
Artificial respiration system
Method and apparatus for yield and failure analysis in the manufacturing of semiconductors
Processing system comprised of data processing device and data access device each converting data an...
Glass-ceramic composite electrolyte and lithium secondary cell
Non-volatile memory device
Method for growing semiconductor layer and method for fabricating semiconductor light emitting eleme...
Data-imprinting optical system for camera
Remote powered electrodeless light bulb
Non-invasive measurement of blood components using retinal imaging
System and method for continuously reprocessing waste sulfuric acid liquid, and heater supporting st...
Environmentally stable athermalizes optical fiber grating device and method of making a stabilized d...
Synthesis of 4.alpha.-arylepicatechins
Solder circuit
Methods for preparing phthalocyanine compositions
One-pack composition of epoxy resin(s) with no oh groups and ketimine
Hybrid polymers for phase change ink jet inks
Sustained release compositions and the process for their preparation
AC waveforms biasing for bead manipulating chucks
Liquid discharge head, method for manufacturing liquid discharge head, head cartridge on which liqui...
Methods of reducing subterranean formation water permeability
Aqueous polymer preparations containing pigments
Photothermographic dry imaging material easy to separate emulsion layer from support and method for ...
Ink jet recording element
Process for the reduction of the relative permeability to water in oil-bearing formations
Magnesium ammonium phosphate hexahydrate slurry
Vanadia catalyst impregnated on titania-pillared clay for the removal of nitrogen oxide
Process for producing lithium titanate and lithium ion battery and negative electrode therein
Oxidation process for the production of alkenes and carboxylic acids
Oral delivery of nucleic acid vaccines by particulate complexes
Step and scan exposure system equipped with a plurality of attenuator blades for exposure control
Flourescent discharge tube with amalgam positioning requirements and bulb-shaped fluorescent lamp us...
4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrazole derivatives having CB1-antagonistic activity
UV cure process and tool for low k film formation
Apparatus for and method of collecting gaseous mercury and differentiating between different mercury...
Gelled cosmetic remover composition
Mercury removal from gaseous process streams
Selecting operating mode in an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Clean shutdown for internal combustion engine with variable valve timing
Valve control mechanism
Valve timing control system and method of producing valve timing control system
Global cam sensing system
Method and apparatus for valve seating velocity control
Methods and arrangements for automatic synthesis of systems-on-chip
Device and method for coding and decoding data
Apparatus and method for a temporary spread footing
High frequency de-coupling via short circuits
Substrate for high frequency integrated circuits
Preparation of laser deposited oriented films and membranes
Photovoltaic element and method for producing the same
Hybrid roof covering element
Portable multiple power supply comprising solar cell
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus and method for forming a deposited film by a means of plasma CVD
Method of making improved gas storage carbon with enhanced thermal conductivity
Composite injection mouldable material
Mobius-like joining structure for fluid dynamic foils
Antimicrobial compounds
Safe botanical drug for treatment and prevention of influenza and increasing immune function
Use in cosmetic compositions of amphoteric surface-active agents for precipitating cationic polymers...
In-place repeater insertion methodology for over-the-block routed integrated circuits
Animal training apparatus having a receiving antenna and method of controlling the apparatus
Landing gear shock absorber with variable viscosity fluid
Temperature compensating thin-film capacitor
Engine cover
Method of driving a thermal print head
Method of producing electrode of non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Binders for porous electrodes and porous electrodes using the same binders
Alkali rechargeable batteries and process for the production of said rechargeable batteries
Non diffusion fuel cell and a process of using the fuel cell
Lead frame and method of manufacturing the lead frame
Imaging member with polyester adhesive between polymer sheets
Compositions suitable for electrochemical cells
Fuel cell system with hydrogen gas separation
Thermal protection separator for alkali metal batteries
Battery charger
Methods for detecting mutations using primer extension for detecting disease
Intermediate stage of a multi-stage algorithmic pattern generator for testing IC chips
Storage device and accessing method
Method and apparatus for mirroring data in a remote data storage system
Data image management via emulation of non-volatile storage device
Colonography of an unprepared colon
Fishing lighting system, components therefor and methods of making the same
Motorized retractable ski tow rope
Dinghy lift
Magnetic head drive circuit including paired auxiliary coils, paired switching elements, and switch ...
Secured firearm
p40 protein acts as an oncogene
Isoform specific inhibition for treatment of pain and reduction of anesthetic threshold
Uses of THANK, a TNF homologue that activates apoptosis
Spirocyclic ligands for sigma receptors, and libraries and methods of use thereof
Converting diploidy to haploidy for genetic diagnosis
Fabrication process of a semiconductor device including a dicing process of a semiconductor wafer
Dry erasable and projection articles and methods of making the same
Solid acrylic resin using a continuous tube reactor
Schockproof polyester-injected parts
Ternary polymer blend, the film containing it, and the easy-to-open package made therewith
Use of a silane grafted polyolefin in EPDM/polyolefin thermoplastic vulcanizates to improve compress...
Comfort-enhancing intraoral dental radiographic film packet and method for forming same
Submarine deployed ocean bottom seismic system
Method of manufacturing syntactic foam
Continuous casting mold
Fault point location system
Single instance store for file systems
Circuit for I/O clock generation
Authority and integrity check in systems lacking a public key
Carrier body for exhaust gas catalysts
Multi-layer phase retarder, elliptical polarizer and liquid crystal display device
System and method for providing a transaction log
Compact image forming apparatus
Six-axis attachment apparatus and method for spatial light modulators
Optical amplifier systems with transient control
Thulium doped fiber amplifier pumping scheme
Light scattering apparatus and method for determining radiation exposure to plastic detectors
Apparatus and method for carrying out histological analysis of specimens
Managing VT for reduced power using power setting commands in the instruction stream
Camera with data exposure function
Method for producing devices having piezoelectric films
Method for purging a medical fluid administration system
Plasma display panel using radio frequency and method and apparatus for driving the same
Postage metering system having multiple postage meter configuration capability
Process for preparing calcium carbonate particles
Frozen chlorine dioxide-containing composition and methods related thereto
System for and method of providing map information
Methods of pharmacological treatment using S(-) amlodipine
Methods of enhancing adhesion
Computer exercise system
Bicycle front chainwheel assembly
Self-regulating, axle-mounted electrical generation device
Bicycle wheel rim
Image forming apparatus with conductive member adjoining light irradiating portion
Multifunctional additive for fuel oils
Fractal antenna ground counterpoise, ground planes, and loading elements and microstrip patch antenn...
Rotary offset printing machine
Application-specific integrated circuit for processing defined sequences of assembler instructions
Memory writing device for an electronic device
Electronic circuit designs adaptable for applications having different binary data formats
Multilayered suspension with conductive lead structure extending beyond base layer
Polynucleotides and polypeptides derived from corn ear
Coating agent and coated particulate fertilizers
Ink feed channels and heater supports for thermal ink-jet printhead
Vascular endothelial growth factor variants
Ink jet method of spotting a probe and manufacturing a probe array
Data and power storage device
Retaining wall block
Virtual cubes
Optically controlled ultrasonic sensor
Etching method and apparatus
In-line roller skates with power assist roller
Bearing device
Cage for double row roller bearing
Adjustable preload shim for tapered bearings
Ball bearing
Anti-friction bearing and a motor including such a bearing
Lubricated bearing assembly and method
Igniter tube for artillery ammunition
Methods for identification and verification
Infrared laser transmitter alignment verifier and targeting system
Methods for decoding data in digital communication systems
Methods for decoding data in digital communication systems
Compound plasma configuration, and method and apparatus for generating a compound plasma configurati...
Distributed telephony resource management method
Multiple layer thin flexible circuit board
Method and apparatus for transporting store requests between functional units within a processor
External transmitter for implanted medical device
Image transformation means including user interface
Wafer scale processing
Geranium plant named `Fistaneon`
Method of forming interconnectings in semiconductor devices
Glucose biosensor
Golf ball compositions formed from single catalyzed polymers
Highly conductive elastomeric sheet
Radioactive coating solutions methods, and substrates
Rapid characterization of polymers for combinatorial, analytical and process control applications
Bite block
Network system using a threshold secret sharing method
Semiconductor wafer and vapor growth apparatus
Active reservation system
Server computer capable of automatically notifying updated database content to client computer, and ...
Copolycarbonate preparation by solid state polymerization
Copolycarbonate preparation by solid state polymerization
Process for producing high-molecular-weight polycarbonate and electrophotographic photoreceptor usin...
Process for the preparation of alkylene glycols
Rear projection image display apparatus including light exit surface configured to reduce noise
Food freezing method using a multicomponent refrigerant
Production of carrageenan and carrageenan products
Battery-driven legged robot and method of controlling the same
Petroleum resins and their production with BF3 catalyst
Imaging elements with nanocomposite containing supports
Safer pigment preparations
Microwave oven having overheat preventing function and method of controlling its fan motor
Polymer heat pipe with carbon core
Lymphotactin as an adjuvant
Real time vehicle guidance and forecasting system under traffic jam conditions
Three-dimensional display apparatus
Alkanolamine-phosphoric acid anodizing electrolyte
Efficiently shielded MRI gradient coil with discretely or continuously variable field of view
Active shield type of elliptic cylinder-shaped gradient coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Electric arrangement for operation of a gradient coil with several power supplies
Industrial on-line analysis by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Method for preparing sulphonate salts
Lubricating oil supplying arrangement for an apparatus having a rotating apparatus shaft
Method and apparatus to control power drawn by a measurement device
Hyperextending joint
Method for making hydrogen storage alloy
IC substrate noise modeling including extracted capacitance for improved accuracy
Application specific integrated circuit with spaced spare logic gate subgroups and method of fabrica...
Metal loaded ligand bound membranes for metal ion affinity chromatography
Plasma treatment of polymer materials for increased dyeability
System and method for transposing wires in a circuit design
Systems and methods for generating and communicating motion data through a distributed network
Dynamically matching users for group communications based on a threshold degree of matching of sende...
Information access apparatus and method for cooperatively sharing knowledge about information source
System and method for managing filesystem objects in a multilingual distributed environment
Method and apparatus to facilitate creation of documents from individual pages
Facility for adding dynamism to an extensible markup language
Instrumentation and optimization tools for heterogeneous programs
Scanning system and method
Modular interlocking framing elements
Combination pneumatic chuck with position detecting mechanism
Apparatus for determining a failure of wheel speed sensors
Method and system for secure lightweight transactions in wireless data networks
Device for measuring an electrical parameter in the milk
Embedded code memory size reduction in asynchronous mode transfer devices
Round bale handling apparatus
Method of treatment of a wound or incision
Modified oligonucleotides, their preparation and their use
Pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting the growth of viruses and cancers
Arylalkanoyl pyridazines
Compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Methods for inhibition of membrane fusion-associated events, including respiratory syncytial virus t...
Ignition device for a safety system
Treatment of HIV and other viral infections using combinatorial therapy
Locking device with safety mechanism for collapsible stroller
Variety of geranium plant named `Pactwo`
Melittis plant named `Royal Velvet Distinction`
Dahlia plant named `Panuco`
Geranium plant named `Freelight Lav Two`
Nemesia plant named `Nemli`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Pink`
Process for the preparation of a saturated carboxylic acid
Method for producing highly pure aluminum primary base metal
Two-pedal vehicular acceleration control system
Cortistatin: neuropeptides
Attachment integrated claims system and operating method therefor
Multi-protocol monitor
Antimicrobial perfume compositions
Selective retinoid acid receptor agonists
Raman analysis system for olefin polymerization control
Cell culture apparatus and methods of use
Method for creating a network model of a dynamic system of interdependent variables from system obse...
Peel test mandrel assembly and method
Entertainment and computer coaxial network and method of distributing signals therethrough
Bioactive ceramic cement
Supervisory control system for aircraft flight management during pilot command errors or equipment m...
Lingering locks with fairness control for multi-node computer systems
Positive photoresist composition
Foaming compositions and methods for making and using the composition
Electrodes linked via conductive oligomers to nucleic acids
Diagnostic panel
Rate (M/N) code encoder, detector, and decoder for control data
Single chain analogs of the TGF-.beta. superfamily (morphons)
Enhanced photon-migration methods for particle sizing in concentrated suspensions
Network system for transporting security-protected data
Compositions and method for regulation of transcription
Oligonucleotide mediated nucleic acid recombination
Binding moieties for human parvovirus B19
Monoclonal antibody to a human MDR1 multidrug resistance gene product and uses
Antibodies that specifically bind DNAX leukocyte associated immunoglobulin-like receptor
cDNA of 4-coumarate: coenzyme a ligase and process for modifying lignin in plants
Method of using an acoustic coupling for determining a physiologic signal
Method of manufacturing synthesis gas
Automatic reactant dispenser for an electrolysis cell
Porous ceramic body
Microfabricated membranes and matrices
Methods for treating ovarian cancer, poly (phosphoester) compositions, and biodegradable articles fo...
Culturing different cell populations on a decellularized natural biostructure for organ reconstructi...
Spray delivery of cells
Radio-opaque polymer biomaterials
Surveying a subterranean borehole using accelerometers
Thumbwheel selection system
Amusement system
Time monitoring portable game system
Retractable and removable concession holder for stadium seating
Compounds having protected hydroxy groups
Methods involving direct write optical lithography
Method and apparatus for efficient invocation of Java methods from native codes
System and method for protecting a client during runtime from hostile downloadables
Picture-in-picture and multiple video streams using slice-based encoding
Software system and associated methods for controlling the use of computer programs
Methods and apparatus for committing configuration changes to managed devices prior to completion of...
Stopper for continuous casting
Method of scrapping furnace bottom section of blast furnace
Composite material for heat sinks for semiconductor devices and method for producing the same
Aluminum-killed low-carbon steel sheet for containers and method for its preparation
Fabrication and bonding of copper sputter targets
Zwitterionic tachykinin receptor antagonists
Methods and transdermal compositions for pain relief
Physiological feedback method and system
World Wide Web interface to telecom service creation environment
Numerical control data creating device and numerical control data creating method
Shifting device for a multi-speed hub for a bicycle
Cleaning system and image forming method
Method of call routing and connection in a radio communications system
Eyeglasses retainer and case with detachable straps
Hydrogenation with monolith reactor under conditions of immiscible liquid phases
Parallel methods for genomic analysis
Builder agglomerates for laundry detergent powders
Laundry detergent compositions comprising hydrophobically modified polyamines and nonionic surfactan...
Liquid detergent composition
Bleaching composition for dry cleaning containing transition metal bleach catalyst
Aqueous cleaning compositions in dispersed lamellar phase
Compositions containing pinolenic acid and its use as a health component
Microwave defrosting under reduced pressure
Process for the preparation of hydroxy methylthiobutyric acid esters
Cyclodextrin ethers
Use of alkylmonoglucosides as molecular vectors
Antimicrobial compositions and methods containing hydrogen peroxide and octyl amine oxide
Loudspeaker stand
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium on which software for execu...
Toy construction kit having movable members
Surface acoustic wave filter device having a signal line connected by a wire to a floating electrode
Integrated GPS/IMU method and microsystem thereof
Integrated mini-mill for iron and steel making
Resin composition, polymer, and process for producing polymer
Circuit pattern design method, exposure method, charged-particle beam exposure system
Removing machine for a vehicle engine
Hand truck
Luggage cart
Combined shopping cart/stroller
Motorized wheelbarrow
Garbage can
Garbage can
Developing agent and image forming apparatus
Method and system for estimating capacitive coupling in a hierarchical design
Memory address interleaving and offset bits for cell interleaving of memory
Efficient I-cache structure to support instructions crossing line boundaries
Hardware sampler for statistical monitoring of network traffic
Method and device for write protecting compact disk media
Method and system for restraining a cartridge within an insertable magazine
TV planner for DSS
Communication method in a set of distributed systems via an internet type network
System, method, and computer program product for managing a carrier exchange network
Systems, methods and computer program products for performing internet searches utilizing bookmarks
Communications, particularly in the domestic environment
System for coupling the public telephone network to the internet
PDA battery buckling device
Star detection and location system
Event correlation feature for a telephone network operations support system
Insertion tool for use with tapered trial intervertebral distraction spacers
Antiretroviral enantiomeric nucleotide analogs
Method of treating an infection by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune system
Photometric device comprising a photo sensor mounted on a circuit board
Single mode fiber optic evanescent wave refractometer
Chemical sensor system
Time/analog converter for a magnetostrictive position sensor
Chemokine alpha 2
Toner supply roller and developing apparatus
Grinding stone, process for its production and grinding method employing it
Debris collecting apparatus
Tethered practice apparatus
Game apparatus, method of displaying moving picture, and game program product
Memory device, controller and electronic device
Computer readable recording medium recording a program of a ball game and the program, ball game pro...
Numerical total keno game
Method of playing a game and hardware configuration therefor
Video poker game
Characteristic extraction apparatus for moving object and method thereof
Silicon compound, and a makeup containing this compound
Enzymatic esterification
Elastomeric compositions containing polymer coated carbon products and other pigments
Treatment of migraine headache
Method for monitoring objects or an object area
Apparatus and method as preparation for performing a myringotomy in a child's ear without the need f...
Document having a value
Foldable die cut self-adhesive label sheet for labeling CD-ROMS
Book with indexing means
Watercraft having jet propulsion and electric outdrive
Floating system with tensioned lines
Method for the formation of a plug in a petroleum well
Method and apparatus for repelling land and water fowl from structures
Recreation water sled
Multi-adjustable shock absorber for water skiing
Method of purifying natural or synthetic silica, and application thereof to depositing purified natu...
Fiber preform method with a hot drill-in step for a Ge-doped tube and an F-doped rod
Methods of packaging polarization maintaining fibers
Soft output metrics generation for symbol detectors
Conformance definitions for guaranteed frame rate service
Method and apparatus for performing rapid convolution
Remote power-down control of wireless terminal
Learning method and system based on questioning
Heterocyclic alkoxyamines as regulators in controlled radical polymerization processes
Means for enhancing print color density
Silico-titanates and their methods of making and using
Statistical classifier with reduced weight memory requirements
Collapsible metal tube and aerosol can and method for manufacturing collapsible metal tube
Snorkeling equipment
Saw blade tips and alloys therefor
Sterol metabolism enzymes
Soybean cultivar 925011
Pi-ta gene conferring fungal disease resistance to plants
Transgenic plants including a transgene consisting of a hybrid nucleic acid sequence, comprising at ...
Crystalline 1-kestose and process for preparing the same
Optimizing parameter passing
Method, apparatus, and program product for laying out capacitors in an integrated circuit
Timing-driven global placement based on geometry-aware timing budgets
Content addressable storage apparatus and register mapper architecture
Process for producing aromatic hydroxy compound
Processes for the preparation of 2-methylfuran and 2-methyltetrahydrofuran
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Sulfoisophthalic acid solution process therewith
Molding materials for use in motor vehicle interiors, composites containing the same, and their recy...
Method and apparatus to model the variables of a data set
Multi-angle placement rack of personal digital assistant for use in an automobile
Semiconductor catalytic layer and atomic layer deposition thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuits and efficient parallel test methods
Magnetization control method, information storage method, magnetic functional device, and informatio...
Production of dimers
High speed network switch bus clock
Film pressing device for instant photographic type image recording apparatus
Method and system for driving high pressure mercury discharge lamp, and image projector
System and method for fast acquisition reporting using communication satellite range measurement
Process for constructing three-dimensional geologic models having adjustable geologic interfaces
Active calendar system
Seat belt buckle
Artificial heart with synchronous rectification
Lock for a necklace, bracelet or such ornament, as well as an end eye for such a lock
System and method for managing data privacy in a database management system including a dependently ...
Method of locating a workpiece on a computer numeric controlled machining system
System and method for quietly and efficiently cleaning and removing particles from a copier/printer ...
Micro-mirror and actuator with extended travel range
Method and apparatus for optically modulating light through the back side of an integrated circuit d...
Therapeutic radiation source with increased cathode efficiency
Optically driven therapeutic radiation source
Magnetoresistance effect type memory, and method and device for reproducing information from the mem...
Method and reactor for making norbornene
Process for the production of styrene derivative
Rear-projection screen for use with a liquid crystal panel as a video source
Fresnel lens sheet
Liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal projection display apparatus which employ hologr...
Polyamic acid, polyimide resin obtained therefrom and application thereof to circuit board
Apparatus and method for using fiducial marks on a microarray substrate
Pavement marking articles having enhanced retroreflectivity under dry or wet conditions and method f...
Methods and compositions for making dendritic cells from expanded populations of monocytes and for a...
Chemically amplified resist composition
Metal fibre concrete, cementitious matrix and pre-mixes for preparing matrix and concrete
Apparatus and method for distributing wireless communications signals to remote cellular antennas
Method to agglomerate metal particles and metal particles having improved properties
Eck receptor ligands
Double-action mechanical press
Method for mounting load sensing proportioning valve assembly of automobile
Modified polysaccharides exhibiting altered biological recognition
Functionalized and polymerizable polymer
External method for employing CNDU in trainer system
Nickel-titanium sputter target alloy
Electrooptical panel and electronic appliances
Mouse model for ocular neovascularization
OxiranEcarboxylic acids for the treatment of diabetes
Substituted stilbenes as glucose uptake enhancers
Therapeutic combinations of fatty acids
Indoline derivatives and method of treating obesity
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Apparatus and method for generating on-screen-display messages using field doubling
System for catalytic coating of a substrate
Supporting web-query expansion efficiently using multi-granularity indexing and query processing
Apparatus for laying underground electric cables
Dive vest
Harness weight transfer system for scuba diving
Machine for making bored piles
Control device for thermal printer head and printer using the same
Roller arrangement for wheeled luggage
Software paging system
Process for the preparation of hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen
Information network interrogation of an implanted device
Inductively tunable antenna for a radio frequency identification tag
Integrated calorie management system
Method of time multiplexing a programmable logic device
Emulation coprocessor
System for issuing device requests by proxy
Cheese depositing method
Apparatus for attaching a chemiluminescent device to a fishing line
Pet refuse collecting system
Doggy wrap
Medical apparatus supporting system
Medical image processing device for producing a composite image of the three-dimensional images
X-ray probe sheath apparatus
Method and apparatus for display of an image guided drill bit
Integrated circuit I/O pad cell modeling
Metallocene catalysts for synthesis of high-melting polyolefin copolymer elastomers
Avoiding far-field QRS in a tachy detections device
Method for determining basal metabolism
Neuromuscular reflex assessment method
Cardiac arrhythmia detector using ECG waveform-factor and its irregularity
Method for monitoring heart failure
Micropattern measuring method and apparatus, and recording medium that records micropattern measurin...
Automatic calibration method
Method and apparatus to interpolate video frames
Geometrical image processing apparatus and method of transforming parts of a divided image
Encoding and decoding different resolution video signals for display on plural units
Motion estimation method using orthogonal-sum block matching
Optical fiber for optical amplifier
Design of a variable attenuator and fabrication of its shutter element
Optical ADD/DROP filter and method of making same
Fiber optic cabinet and tray
Optic fiber structure for efficient use of optical pump energy in three-level rare-earth doped fiber...
Optical fiber transmission line for wavelength division multiplexing transmission system
Program viewing regulation device and television receiver equipped with the device
Codec system with shadow buffers and method of performing a power down/suspend operation on this cod...
Intermedia synchronization system for communicating multimedia data in a computer network
Modular mobile communication system
Channel selection apparatus
Common carrier, multiple output RF upconverter
Automatic headlight leveling system for motor vehicles
Strobe device for image capturing apparatus, camera and lens fitted film unit, and reflector of stro...
Heat dissipation structure for solid-state light emitting device package
Plane light source unit and method for manufacturing holographic light-guide used for the same
Color image display device
Light emission unit
Fiber-optic connector
Methods for fabricating an array for use in multiplexed biochemical analysis
Weighing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for securely transmitting keys from a postage metering apparatus to a remote da...
Distributed adaptive computing
Managing a resource on a network where each resource has an associated profile with an image
Component electronic catalog
Method and computer program product for subjective image content similarity-based retrieval
Hemoglobin-haptoglobin complexes
Method and apparatus for finding nearest logical record in a hash table
Long-acting antimicrobials
Inflatable balloon bouquet
Light transmitting member driving device for a contour measuring apparatus
Zooming and focusing mechanism of camera
Adjustable viewfinder optical system for shoulder-supported cameras
Information reproducing apparatus and camera
Recessed reflector single phase unidirectional transducer
Heat-meltable fluororesin fibers
Method of drilling in response to looking ahead of drill bit
Diluent change over dispense apparatus
Polyhydroxyalkanoate containing 3-hydroxythienylalkanoic acid as monomer unit and method for produci...
Stimulation, culture and preservation of pancreatic cells
Polynucleotides encoding human FRP and fragments thereof
Temperature indicating material and temperature monitoring member
Method for producing selectively colorable printing plates
Cycloalkano-indole and -azaindole derivatives
Lamination and method for forming an information displaying label
Antenna structure for PDA mobile phone
Implantable medical device telemetry control systems and methods of use
Spacecraft with deployable panel array
Use of substituted N, N-disubstituted diamino compounds for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer pr...
Detection of contraband using microwave radiation
Apparatus for changing speed of bicycles
Transmission device for a chainless bicycle
Bicycle with propelling mechanism
Method and system for searching on integrated metadata
Seat support with adjustable height
Method for inferring behavioral characteristics based on a large volume of data
System and method for detecting a recorded voice
Method and apparatus for canceling noise in a microphone communications path using an electrical equ...
Method for performance measurement and an analysis of local exchange carrier interconnections
Facility management platform for a hybrid coaxial/twisted pair local loop network service architectu...
Method and system for wireless data communication over the internet
Device for changing the speeds of the front and rear wheels in a four-wheel-drive vehicle
Vehicle crash determining apparatus
Control apparatus for autonomous traveling vehicle and method thereof
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Vibration excited sound absorber
Laminated composite panel-form loudspeaker
Speaker box
Axially extended downhole seismic source
Pressure-pulsation-damping fluid supply conduit
Capillary surface plasmon resonance sensors and multisensors
Low-reflection transparent conductive multi layer film having at least one transparent protective la...
Cathode ray tube
Dielectric capacitor and memory and method of manufacturing the same
Dye-sensitized solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
Electronic device, dielectric ceramic composition, and method for producing same
Active matrix display apparatus
Dispersion-type electroluminescence element
III-V compounds semiconductor device with an AlxByInzGa1-x-y-zN non continuous quantum dot layer
Method of manufacturing GaN-based p-type compound semiconductors and light emitting diodes
Organic electroluminescent device
Display panel driving apparatus
Casting components made from a tool steel
Maize histone deacetylases and their use
Robot restarting method
Article transfer apparatus
Electric robot for use in a hazardous location
Six-degrees-of-freedom parallel mechanism for micro-positioning work
Axial-type electronic component inserting apparatus
Free rotator demonstrator
Internet-intranet greeting service
Wall tack
Multi-purpose containers having a foldable writing instrument
Particulate materials for use in dentifrice compositions
Relation-based ordering of objects in an object heap
Cone-shaped aerosol can spray nozzle
Skin stabilization and nasal dilator system
Fuel cell electrode assembly with selective catalyst loading
Musical device having multiple configurations and methods of using the same
Method of delivering gas into reaction chamber and shower head used to deliver gas
Semiconductor memory device having source areas of memory cells supplied with a common voltage
Field effect transistor with a quantum-wave interference layer
Alkylation process operating at low olefin ratios
Plasma addressed liquid crystal display device