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Creating a blend of color and opacity between arbitrary edges
Cloning vector
Method for the non-specific amplification of nucleic acid
Alkaline storage battery
Spiral-wound electrode with three-dimensional support
Electrode plate for lead-acid battery
Electrode for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery using the same
Catalyst for a fuel cell containing polymer solid electrolyte and method for producing catalyst ther...
Fuel cell manager
Apparatus for detecting capacity of a standby power and method therefor
Lighted sign display assembly
Optical housing with vertical light source
Device in a light fitting
Flexible stop piece for limiting angular travel, articulated system comprising such a stop piece, an...
Gearless headlamp adjustor
Projection lamp
Solar light
Projecting images
Digital video disc vehicle television
Holographic technique for illumination of image displays using ambient illumination
Method and apparatus for compression and decompression of still and motion video data based on adapt...
Moving picture compressing apparatus and moving picture compressing method
Inspection data analyzing system
Wavelength stabilized planar waveguide optical devices incorporating a dispersive element
Bidirectional WDM optical communication system with bidirectional optical service channels
Wavelength division multiplexing
Apparatus and method for compensation of chromatic dispersion in optical fibers
Optical waveguide and method for fabricating the same
Handwriting recognition system using substroke analysis
Moving picture encoding decoding processing apparatus
Image compression of a facial region by adaptive quantization based on resolution
Error resilient still image packetization method and packet structure
Fractal coding/decoding of picture data using memory capacity information
Fast-forward/fast-backward intermittent reproduction of compressed digital data frame using compress...
Method for determining viability of a myocardial segment
Medical examination system, particularly a magnetic resonance system
Early warning apparatus for acute Myocardial Infarction in the first six hours of pain
Programmable injector control
Brain wave data processing device and storage medium
Apparatus for the in-vivo non-invasive measurement of a biological parameter concerning a bodily flu...
Insulated integral concrete wall forming system
Building element
Insulated concrete wall system
Self-supporting construction element of expanded plastics, in particular for manufacturing floor ele...
Composite building material and method for manufacturing the same
Automated design partitioning
Method and apparatus for providing hygenic protection on cans or groups of cans
Protective seal for cans
Swage fitting made of steel and method for its production
Steel wire for high-strength springs and method of producing the same
Electrode and flux for arc welding stainless steel
Method and device for measuring blood coagulation or lysis by viscosity changes
Customizable nest for positioning a device under test
Home hub for reporting patient health parameters
Method for autonomous handoff in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for joint detection of data in a direct sequence spread spectrum communications...
Communication device for screening speech recognizer input
Deterministic error notification and event reordering mechanism provide a host processor to access c...
Method and apparatus for providing public key security control for a cryptographic processor
Self-policing, rate limiting online forums
Stress proteins and uses therefor
Sliding chain-type ingot mold for a continuous casting plant
Setting service level in digital mobile communication system
Light-weight ceramic insulation
System and method for the distribution of automotive services
Loading status in a hypermedia browser having a limited available display area
Multiple feed process for the production of propylene
Method and apparatus for detecting molecular binding events
Electrophotographic apparatus having screening member for recycling toner
Metalloproteinase inhibitors, their therapeutic use and process for the production of the starting c...
Color cathode ray tube with a reduced dynamic focus voltage for an electrostatic quadrupole lens the...
Start-up of aluminum electrowinning cells
Distance measurement system
Method and circuit for comparator-less generation of ramped voltage having controlled maximum amplit...
Paperless warehouse management system
Separation of olefins from paraffins using ionic liquid solutions
Nitride semiconductor device
Writing method for a magnetic immovable memory and a magnetic immovable memory
Ferroelectric thermometry and pyrometry by active operation
Isolated nucleic acid molecules which encode tumor rejection antigens found in dage
Method and apparatus for reducing spacecraft instrument induced jitter via multifrequency cancellati...
System for controlling the motion of a vehicle
Terminal device
Multicast shortcut routing method
Animated ornament
Double-membrane microcell electrochemical devices and assemblies, and method of making and using the...
Deterministic user authentication service for communication network
Isolated DNA sequence capable of serving as regulatory element in a chimeric gene which can be used ...
Antisense oligonucleotides which have phosphorothioate linkages of high chiral purity and which modu...
Gene construct encoding a heterologous prodrug-activating enzyme and a cell targeting moiety
Processor emulation instruction counter virtual memory address translation
System for automated translation of speech
Method for improving controllability in data processing system with address translation
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Composition with a continuous aqueous phase containing L-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid
Method and system for providing customized color cosmetics
Photoaging skin-care preparation and method of treating wrinkled skin
High efficiency medical nebulizer
Aerosol method and apparatus, particulate products, and electronic devices made therefrom
Procedure execution device and procedure execution method
Ammonia based cleaning and disinfecting composition
Light duty liquid composition containing gelatin beads and polyacrylate thickener
Molding composition
Cycloalkylated beta-glucoside
Plant termination sequence
Game system shooting at the target by means of a pneumatic gun
Promotional display structure and method
Ball selector and display device for use with gaming devices
Portable game machine
Method for editing game saves transferred between a game console and a computer
Combination basketball and football game
Batting swing indicator
Surface modified polymer beads
Control console and seating arrangement for motorized watercraft
Apparatus for manufacturing metallic fibers and method of manufacturing colored metallic fiber
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tamar Pink`
Processing system
Sulfated hyaluronic acid and esters thereof
Tuned flexure accelerometer
Method to enhance performance of thermal resistor device
Standard measurement scale and markers for defining standard measurement scale
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tamar Fuchsia`
Attachment of oligonucleotides to solid supports through Schiff base type linkages for capture and d...
Method and apparatus for trochanter fixation
Control of commercial processes
Swing control for altering power to drive motor after each swing cycle
Method and arrangement for controlling a drive unit
Network telephony interface systems between data network telephony and plain old telephone service i...
Beverage dispensing machine
Robust identification code recognition system
Apparatus and method for parallelizing legacy computer code
Prefabricated concrete wall panel system and method
M-sequence generator and PN code generator with mask table for obtaining arbitrary phase shift
Recombinant baculovirus, construction method thereof and insect pesticidal composition containing th...
Personnel locating system
Attachment structure for attaching a display device to and reducing an external size of a housing of...
Intake air control system for internal combustion engine
Magnetically-controllable, semi-active haptic interface system and apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling optics propagation based on a transparent metal stack
Apparatus and method for detecting sounds from a human body and displaying the detected sound inform...
Soybean variety 92B56
Gear box having plastic helical gears and L-shaped axles
In-ear system
Coated frozen confectionery article and method for making it
Canister with adhered paper layers for a particulate-type product
Pet foods using algal or fungal waste containing fatty acids
Method for the production of paste products
Therapeutic food composition and method to diminish blood sugar fluctuations
Process for preparing food products fortified with oleanolic acid
Cleaning compositions
Process and apparatus for the production of a deodorant or antiperspirant composition
Detergent compositions
Mutant rex genes encoding transdominant repressors of HIV/HTLV replication
Wire protocol for a media server system
Diversity antenna system for lan communication system
Electronic payment system employing limited-use account number
Radiation-curable optical glass fiber coating compositions, coated optical glass fibers, and optical...
Bupropion metabolites and methods of use
Methods and compositions for the treatment and prevention of sexual dysfunction
Stainless steel for use in engine gaskets and a method for manufacturing thereof
Automatic main distributing frame control system
Process and regulation device for ring furnaces
Steel cables driven furnace top chute feeder for blast furnace
Hydrometallurgical method for recovery of zinc from electric arc furnace dust
Client-server system for maintaining a user desktop consistent with server application user access p...
Method for securing sensitive data in a LDAP directory service utilizing a client and/or server cont...
Method and apparatus to store extended security information in a data structure which shadows a java...
Enabling multiple code generators in a translator-based embedded scripting system
Class loading model
Digital television with subscriber conference overlay
Modular retaining wall system
Exception response table in environment services patterns
Hydrogen-absorbing alloy and hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode
Aluminum extruded door beam material
Hydrogen absorbing alloy, method of manufacturing hydrogen absorbing alloy and alkali secondary batt...
Antiperspirant product with dibenzylidene sorbitol and elastomer in dimethicone
Cleansing articles for skin and/or hair which also deposit skin care actives
Topical aqueous gel composition
Interleukin-1 Hy2 materials and methods
Enzyme catalyzed therapeutic agents
(2-Substituted oxyphenyl) alkanamide derivative, hair growth promoter and external composition for s...
Fatty acid esters composition of a polyglycerine, and a process for the preparation thereof
Transistor with a quantum-wave interference layer
Methods of forming ferroelectric memory cells
Fixed abrasive polishing system for the manufacture of semiconductor devices, memory disks and the l...
Particles having an attached stable free radical, polymerized modified particles, and methods of mak...
Method and apparatus for classifying and recovering the main components of used batteries
Fluorine-containing polymer composition
Processor for image-pixel signals derived from divided sections of image-sensing area of solid-type ...
Gas sensor
Low speed low intensity chip refining
Process for the deposition by electron cyclotron resonance plasma of electron-emitting carbon films ...
Superconductor coplanar waveguide
Apparatus and method for collection and concentration of respirable particles into a small fluid vol...
Optical system for reduced SBS
Method for resource allocation and routing in multi-service virtual private networks
Process for the direct production of germanium tetrachloride from hydrated germanate-containing soli...
Optical power equalizer
Electrophoretic display and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for generating unlimited selected image views from a larger image
Floating structure
Central hauling pool
Floating spar for supporting production risers
Drainfield pipe installation device
Watercraft with steer-responsive throttle
Full vacuum heat insulation box body and method for producing and disassembling the same
Methods and integrated devices and systems for performing temperature controlled reactions and analy...
Process for destroying a rigid thermal insulator positioned in a confined space
Impatiens plant named `TiTag`
Safety device for stair-climbing systems
Oil-impregnated bearing and rotor shaft combination
Structure for supporting rotary shaft
Hub unit for supporting a wheel shaft
Shaft locking device for bearing assemblies
Universal joint with thrust washer
Bearing for a spinning rotor
Quick-release connector system for footwear
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating thereof
Digital to analog converter with nonlinear error compensation
MOS transistor digital-to-analog converter
Fluorescent X-ray analyzer
System and method for trimming IC parameters
Transfer function implementation using digital impedance synthesis
Apparatus for treating a textile web with ultrasound
Polysiloxane-containing rubber composition
Process of making a polyester or polyol
Two-stage cure coating compositions
Flexographic printing form made by covering the edges of photopolymerizable printing plates for flex...
Polymeric compositions for soil release on fabrics
Bleaching of chemical pulp and treatment with a chelating agent
Low emission polymer compositions
Non-massing tougheners for polyamides
Catalysts oxidation of lower olefins to unsaturated aldehydes, methods of making and using the same
Coating which is resistant to partial discharges, for enamelled wire
LOC semiconductor assembled with room temperature adhesive
Non-shielded, track resistant, silane crosslinkable insulation, methods of making same and cables ja...
Apparatus for continuous casting of metal
Method of treating separator for use in electrochemical cell devices
Methods and apparatus for thermally processing wafers
Multilayered PVD coated cutting tool
Lotion application device
Process for producing containers from polymer/platelet particle compositions
Golf ball comprising a metal mantle having a hollow interior
Packaging container
Drink container with molded straw and method of manufacture
Method for targeted delivery of nucleic acids
Kallikrein-binding "Kunitz domain" proteins and analogues thereof
Target detection portal
Detection of DNA, RNA and proteins using a test column with two snares
Sure shot muzzle loader
Partial response demodulating method and apparatus using the same
Disposable thermal body wrap
Self inflating noise maker
Segmented toy roadway, toy roadway segment, and method of making same
Bubble generating assemblies
Valve driving apparatus provided in an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Apparatus for adjusting the relative angle of a cam shaft
Compression autoignition gasoline engine
Control method for a vehicle having an engine
Speaker verification for authorizing updates to user subscription service received by internet servi...
Method for purifying gas loaded with dust
Absorbent compositions for the removal of acid gases from gas streams
Matrix for controlled delivery of highly soluble pharmaceutical agents
Process scheme for producing lubricating base oil with low pressure dewaxing and high pressure hydro...
Catalyst for trimerization of ethylene and process for trimerizing ethylene using the catalyst
Alkylbenzene from preisomerized NAO usable in LOB and HOB sulfonate
Antifoulant compositions and processes
Hydrophilic diamond particles and method of producing the same
Method for reclaiming metal sulfate-containing waste sulfuric acid
Method for the production of anhydrous alkali metal sulfide and alkali metal sulfide solution
Process for preparing a zeolite with structure type EUO using structuring agent precursors and its u...
Layered rock salt-type oxide particle powder and process for producing the same
Method of producing aqueous dispersions as a base for hot sealing adhesives
De novo or "universal" sequencing array
Magnetic particles having two antiparallel ferromagnetic layers and attached affinity recognition mo...
Production of sound-absorbing polyurethane foams having an adhesive surface
Latex binder for nonwoven fibers and article made therewith
Fungicidal compositions and methods, and compounds and methods for the preparation thereof
Canopy modification using computer modelling
Distributed resonant ring fiber filter
Multiple edge-emitting laser components located on a single wafer and the on-wafer testing of the sa...
Optical component with polarization-maintaining fiber pigtail splice to regular fiber with grating
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp and illuminator
Process for producing polyvinyl chloride paste blending resin
Screen for compounds with affinity for nucleic acids
Electronic device
Process for isomerizing aromatic cuts containing eight carbon atoms using a catalyst containing a ze...
Method and apparatus for providing secure lockout in electronic devices
White color light emitting diode and neutral color light emitting diode
Semiconductor device having a dielectric film and a fabrication process thereof
Toxin Assay
Differentiation-suppressive polypeptide
Aspergillus fumigatus auxotrophs, auxotrophic markers and polynucleotides encoding same
Sealed non-aqueous electrolyte cell having a casing of a sheet of laminated material
Nasal ventilation as a treatment for stroke
Kite line reeler and controller
Method and device for a fin-stabilized base-bleed shell
Compressed-air landing strut and method for its manufacture
Self-deploying rudder for high speed maneuverability of jet-powered watercraft
Phase change inks
Method for determining when an electric motor is acceptable
Method for reducing surface roughness in a welded seam of an imaging belt
Information sharing apparatus
Wear resistant charge transport layer with enhanced toner transfer efficiency, containing polytetraf...
Sustained GnRH peptide-release formulation
Laser machining of electroactive ceramics
Secreted salivary ZSIG63 Polypeptide
Methods of forming a copper wiring in a semiconductor device using chemical vapor deposition
Electronic/electric components used in clean room and substrate treatment apparatus
Semiconductor device having a multilayered interconnection structure
LCP bonding method
Euonymus plant named `Sunrise`
Finalization in incremental garbage collectors
Hypertext reader which performs a reading process on a hierarchically constructed hypertext
Method and apparatus for line anti-aliasing
System and method for facilitating generation and editing of event handlers
Method and apparatus for originating voice calls from a data network
Customer billing relationships software
Front wheel suspension in a two-wheeled vehicle
Adaptive method and apparatus for allocation of DSP resources in a communication system
Radio receiver that digitizes a received signal at a plurality of digitization frequencies
Cellular mobile telephone terminal
Selective-calling radio receiver using direct conversion method
Dedicated short-range communication mobile device for intelligent transport systems
Methods for treating disorders responsive to DHFR-inhibition
Heteroaryl-aryl ureas as IGF-1 receptor antagonists
Apparatus and method for treating tumors near the surface of an organ
Fully integrated thermal inkjet printhead having thin film layer shelf
Conductive heating of print media
Surface normal compression/decompression storing two vector components
Adaptive buffering of computer graphics vertex commands
Technique for reducing the frequency of frame buffer clearing
Optically anisotropic thin film and process for producing the same
Encapsulated multi-directional light beam steering device
Night vision monocular
Prepit detection unit
Temperature control for multi-vessel reaction apparatus
Airbag cover
Combined superplastic forming and adhesive bonding
Implantable seizure warning system
Rifle sighting apparatus
Organizer for ammunition box
Process to manufacture an object using a granular material igniter tube and propellant charge obtain...
Protective element
Liquid crystal display device with spacer material covered by an orientation film
Quasi-isothermal Brayton cycle engine
Sol-gel precursor and method for formation of ferroelectric materials for integrated circuits
Message handling method, Message handling apparatus, and memory media for storing a message handling...
Method and system for providing hot plug of adapter cards in an expanded slot environment
Data source arbitration in a multiprocessor system
Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) data processing system that speculatively forwards a read request t...
Succinoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonyl urea derivatives useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Method and computer program product for reducing lock contention in a multiple instruction execution...
Roll over stability control for an automotive vehicle
Manganese chelates with high relaxivity in serum
Electric switching device with closed-circuit protection
Submerged nozzle for slab continuous casting moulds
Method for enhancing protective cellular responses to genotoxic stress in skin
Ultraviolet resistant pre-mix compositions and articles using such compositions
Extrusion coating process for making protective and decorative films
Cosmetic and/or dermatological composition based on ascorbic acid in powder form
Silver halide color photographic material and image formation method using the same
Radio frequency data communications device
Automatic infusion-monitoring instrument
Method and apparatus for energy efficient tacking of resonant devices
Apparatus and method for generating addresses in a built-in self memory testing circuit
Data generation method and apparatus
Threshold element and method of designing the same
Custom IC hardware modeling using standard ICs for use in IC design validation
Brake force distribution control device for automotive vehicles
Vehicle information acquisition system including capability to obtain information in blind spots
Vehicle travel safety device
Ultrasonic sensor system and method having input capture for echo processing
Apparatus for and method of managing and tracking activities and parts
Method and apparatus for selectively using input/output buffers as a retransmit vehicle in an inform...
Method, system, and program for using a table to determine an erase operation to perform
Extrusion of amino acid animal feed supplements
Textile manufacturing and treating processes comprising a hydrophobically modified polymer
Information kiosk unit
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ovation Hot Lava`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ovation Salmon Pink Swirls`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Tamar Cherry`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Tamar Candy Cane`
Immune response enhancer
Functionalized nanocrystals as visual tissue-specific imaging agents, and methods for fluorescence i...
Microporous macrocapsules
Vitro protein synthesis using glycolytic intermediates as an energy source
Enzymatic processes for preparing (S)-cyanohydrins
Molecular constructs containing a carcinoembryonic antigen regulatory sequence
Method for delaying the development in pest species of resistance to control techniques, using insur...
Combined cosmetic box and cigarette case
Safety helmet
Safety helmet
Safety helmet
Bird feeder
Antimicrobial caries-detecting composition
Lipoprotein adsorbent and lipoprotein adsorber made with the use of the same
Multimedia data communications system
Deferred billing, broadcast, electronic document distribution system and method
Method of and system for writing-in key information
Audio signal identification using code labels inserted in the audio signal
Arm structure for man type working robots
Method and system for investing in a group of investments that are selected based on the aggregated,...
Method for preparing a document involving the use of finishing instructions
Internet inline control apparatus for knitting machine
Measured, allocation of speculative branch instructions to processor execution units
Method and apparatus for managing functions
Telephone activated web server
Real-time query optimization in a decision support system
Information management and retrieval
Process for producing partial glyceride
Plant promoters
Transgenic plants expressing DNA constructs containing a plurality of genes to impart virus resistan...
Naphtho- and dihydrobenzo-thiophene derivatives as cytotoxic antitumor agents
Chemically stable, insecticidally active phosphoromidothioate pellet compositions and methods for th...
Method of mounting electrode for outputting signal generated in cathode ray tube, signal outputting ...
Cordless telephony device having a scanning element to analyze a frame requesting a connection
Conversion of hydrocarbons with a dealuminated NU-86 zeolite catalyst
Solid scanning optical writing device, light amount correction method therefor and light amount meas...
Yellow polymorph of 5-amino-2,4,6-triiodo-n,n'-bis(2-3-dihydroxypropy)-isophthalamide
Method for making a film with pattern preventing reproduction by optical scanning for the protection...
Materials and methods useful to affect growth and development of lepidoptera larvae
Collapsible panel and method for controlled collapsing thereof
User preference modeling method using fuzzy networks
Holder unit for a blade disposal apparatus
Relating to dispensing apparatus
Method and system for analyzing wafer processing order
Detoxification of soil
Constant-current generation circuit, digital/analog conversion circuit, and image processor
Computer-assisted education using video conferencing
Game machine, method for checking hit and information storage medium
Right angle graphing template
Clinical and/or surgical training apparatus
Tiarella plant named `Black Velvet`
Device for relative displacement of two elements
Coordinate positioning machine
Parallel aligning quick disconnect articulated chuck apparatus and method
Technique for forming a borderless overlapping gate and diffusion contact structure in integrated ci...
Interface card for coupling a computer to an external device
Integrated clocking latency and multiplexer control technique for double data rate (DDR) synchronous...
Method of making a Co-Fe-Ni soft magnetic thin film
Multilayer material for sliding elements and process for the production thereof
Tuning circuit for edge-loaded nested resonant radiators that provides switching among several wide ...
Method and apparatus for obtaining radiation image data and solid-state radiation detector
Low pressure vapor phase deposition of organic thin films
Method and apparatus for forming thin functional film
Optical memory device
Bis(aminostyryl)benzene compounds and synthetic intermediates thereof, and process for preparing the...
Color diffusion transfer image forming material
Siloxane and siloxane derivatives as encapsulants for organic light emitting devices
Photocatalytic metal oxide composition, thin film, and composite
Epoxy resin composition with non-halogen, non-phosphorus flame retardant
Inorganic-organic copolymer using polyvinylalcohol-silane coupling agent and preparation method ther...
Ferroelectric capacitor
Method for treating an electrochemical device
Damascene etchback for low .epsilon. dielectric
Human telomerase catalytic subunit variants
Steering control system for vehicle
Frame leveling speed control system for an extendible boom vehicle
Cipher type anti-theft system for cars using in-car wiring to transmit the cipher
Apparatus and method for coupling an automated attendant to a telecommunications system
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having improved coefficient transfer
Telephone handset, cordless telephone or mobile telephone for improving acoustic problems in a frequ...
PDC (personal digital cellular) communication controlling apparatus and system thereof
Electronically controlled anti-dive suspension apparatus for two-wheeled vehicles
Structure of foldable bicycle
Double orbital transmission
Collision with pedestrian prevention system
Torus image-producing kaleidoscope
VR motion base control apparatus and it's supporting structure
Game scene reproducing machine and game scene reproducing system
Transmission performance testing
Taro cultivar named `Pauakea`
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising an aldose reductase inhibitor and an ace inhibitor
Multicolor ink jet printing method
Acid-triggered release microcapsules
Method and apparatus for generating one time pads simultaneously in separate encryption/decryption s...
Methods and compositions for treating infection using optically pure (S)-lomefloxacin
Board game
Fatty acid esters to dissolve polystyrene for production of commodity material useful for production...
Local anesthetic compounds and uses
Polymer filled bone plate
Method and device for detecting the loss-of-signal condition at the input of a transmission line int...
Acceleration switch and the manufacturing method
Device for automatically putting a revolver on safety
Microcapsule containing core material and method for producing the same
Dynamic semiconductor memory device with reduced current consumption in sensing operation
Method of growing a garden and product produced thereby
Combined elbow and foot protector
Liquid crystal display device with electrically discharged spacers
Engine exhaust assembly for a motorcycle
Oscillator and oscillation frequency setting method for the oscillator
Method of improving viscosity stability of aqueous compositions
Lens apparatus
Strobe device of lens-fitted film unit and production method of the strobe device
Camera having a display unit including multiple display areas and a connector mounted parallel to sa...
SLR camera which can selectively utilize light-sensitive film or an image pick-up device
Computer system providing low skew clock signals to a synchronous memory unit
Input/output recovery system which is based upon an error rate and a current state of the computer e...
Program products for performing checkpoint/restart of a parallel program
Input/output recovery which is based an error rate and a current state of the computer environment
Method and system for providing a group of parallel resources as a proxy for a single shared resourc...
Service creation apparatus for a communications network
Sump pump and moisture alarm
Process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Aluminum alloy support for lithographic printing plate and process for producing substrate for suppo...
Method for processing chromium oxide-containing substances in large quantities, method for utilizing...
System for enterprise-wide work flow automation
Method and system for providing session pools for high performance web browser and server communicat...
Method and system for providing a contract management system using an action-item table
Process for the preparation of catalysts based on MFI-type zeolite
Pour point depression unit using mild thermal cracker
Loudspeaker and method for producing the same
Noise reducer for construction equipment
Seismic prospecting method and device in wells allowing guided waves filtering
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having function of supplying stable power supply voltage
Gas laser oscillator
Computer system with integratable touchpad/security subsystem
Optical amplifier, and method and apparatus for monitoring an optical fiber transmission path
Large temperature coefficient of resistance material
Industrial machine having abnormal vibration detecting function
Porous polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering
Continuous casting apparatus using a molten metal level gauge
Structure employing electrically conductive adhesives
Polypeptides for use in generating anti-human influenza virus antibodies
Method of specifying vaccine components for viral quasispecies
Method for producing polynucleotides with desired properties
Colon specific genes and proteins
Intranasal yellow fever vaccination
Methods and kits for detecting antibodies against an HIV variant
Polyolefin graft copolymers made with fluorinated monomers
Method and composition for etching glass ceramic and porcelain surfaces
Light imaging microscope having spatially resolved images
Ozone indicator and ozone sensor ink
Fish fodder for breeding purposes, in the form of a diet, and a feeding procedure
Biodegradable and edible feed packaging materials
Method for producing blocks of cheese
Sunflower seeds with enhanced saturated fatty acid contents
Inhibitors of formation of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs)
Battery box with a metal plastic laminate end
Battery and method of manufacture thereof
Ion battery using high aspect ratio electrodes
Cathode electroactive material, production method and nonaqueous secondary battery comprising the sa...
Lithium secondary battery
Lithium anode with solid electrolyte interface
Manganese dioxide electrodes, process for producing the same and their use
Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist and recombinant production thereof
Illuminated bicycle frame apparatus
Modular exterior rearview mirror assembly
System and method for high intensity irradiation
Elevated warning system for vehicles
Rear view mirror apparatus and method for controlling the same
Outdoor luminaire and method replacing electrical components thereof
Receiver for simultaneously displaying signals having different display formats and/or different fra...
Alternate display content controller
TV controlling method having adjust mode reset function
Apparatus for receiving signals during power-off (stand-by) mode
Wavelength filtering self-aligned retroreflecting optical system, a monochromator and a laser incorp...
Splittable optical fiber ribbons
Optical fiber
Ribbon fibre fixating device
Polymeric optical waveguide doped with a lanthanide-sensitizer complex
Fiber optic light bar
Optical light pipes with laser light appearance
System and method for accurately recognizing text font in a document processing system
Method for determining a border in a complex scene with applications to image masking
Image recognition method, image recognition apparatus, and recording medium
Approximated invariant method for pattern detection
Image transmission apparatus and method therefor
Image processing apparatus and method and storing medium
Image processing apparatus and method for extracting predetermined additional information from digit...
Endocervical sampling device
Sensor and guide wire assembly
Auxiliary artificial heart of an embedded type
Method and a system for monitoring a person
Predictive bolus tracking
Blood flow measuring apparatus
Surgical needle probe for electrical impedance measurements
Apparatus and method for installing prefabricated building system for walls roofs and floors using a...
Lightweight concrete masonry unit
One-sided insulated formwork
Swimming pool interior finish
Concrete wall forming system
Method and kit for monolithic construction of metal fiber reinforced concrete formed by corrugated f...
Footing forms for concrete monolith construction
Surfaid predictor: web-based system for predicting surfer behavior
Molding process for manufacturing a molded article
System and method for determining charges for usage of a network connection
Method, device and system for playing a video file in response to selecting a web page link
Processor with internal register for peripheral status
Resource management in a clustered computer system
Manifold array processor
Network system with TCP/IP ACK reduction
Information reproducing apparatus, authenticating apparatus, and information processing system
Information recording medium, and method and apparatus for managing defect thereof
Method for producing activated carbon from carbon black
Control system for overburden discharge
Method for providing more informative results in response to a search of electronic documents
Hyperlinked search interface for distributed database
Crash recovery without complete remirror
Method and apparatus for fault-tolerant, scalable and non-blocking three-phase flushing for committi...
Real-time test controller
Method and system for remotely managing communication of data used for predicting malfunctions in a ...
User-generated traveler's checks
System and method for providing and updating user supplied context for a negotiations system
Inventory managing method for automatic inventory retrieval and apparatus thereof
Cross application time sheet for communicating with one or more enterprise management applications d...
Electronic transaction system
Method, system and computer program for replicating data in a distributed computed environment
Method and system in a superscalar data processing system for the efficient processing of an instruc...
Activation of hydrocarbon synthesis catalysts with hydrogen and ammonia
System including single connector pin supporter having two separate plurality of connector pins with...
Oxy-vanadium (iv) complexes having spermicidal activity
Method and composition for chemical synthesis on an open environment support surface using high boil...
Anti-reflection high conductivity multi-layer coating on CRT surface made by vacuum sputtering and w...
Fluoropolymer, process for preparing the same, and use thereof
Cellulosic, inorganic-filled plastic composite
Processing liquid spreading device for instant film unit
Mobile communications apparatus and intermittent receiving control method
Method for separating a C4-hydrocarbon mixture
Diagnostic and managing distributed processor system
Discrete devices including EAPROM transistor and NVRAM memory cell with edge defined ferroelectric c...
System of providing medical treatment
Personal digital content system
Camera and photo data input system for camera
Method and device for quantitative and qualitative on-line differentiation of biotic and abiotic par...
Satellite system and method of deploying same
Method and apparatus for detecting a motor stall condition in an electric assist steering system
Multimedia compression system with adaptive block sizes
Telescopic transducer mounts
Method for optimizing matching network of semiconductor process apparatus
Automatic tow release system for model aircraft
Polysiloxane polymers with multiple oligooxyethylene side chains
Method, product, and apparatus for requesting a network resource
System and method for providing trace information
Dispersed image inverting optical wavelength multiplexer
Indole derivatives as inhibitors or factor Xa
Lens transcriptional control elements and methods of use thereof
Fixture for attaching a conformal chip carrier to a flip chip
Rule-based moving object segmentation
System and method for network-based teletranslation from one natural language to another
System uses kernals of micro web server for supporting HTML web browser in providing HTML data forma...
System and method for invalidating an entry in a translation unit
Sighting apparatus
Weldable aluminum product and welded structure comprising such a product
Surgical mask with nasal dilator
Indicating device for aerosol container
Retrieval system, retrieval method and computer readable recording medium that records retrieval pro...
Asymmetrical bisbenzotriazoles substituted by a perfluoroalkyl moiety and compositions stabilized th...
All purpose liquid cleaning compositions
Liquid crystal compositions comprising an abrasive and magnesium sulfate heptahydrate
Polycation-sensing receptor in aquatic species and methods of use
Anti-inflammatory compositions comprising peptide derivatives of .alpha.-MSH/algal extracts
Antibiotic TKR459, production method, and microorganism
Reparatives for ultraviolet radiation skin damage
Security system for video game system with hard disk drive and internet access capability
Multiple material golf club head with a polymer insert face
Fantasy golf game
Team water sport and method of play
Thermal silhouette target and zeroing technique
Built-in monitor apparatus
Data transmission method and game system constructed by using the method
Developing device having toner agitation member and cleaning member cleaning light transmission wind...
Pressure sensitive adhesive compositions for transdermal drug delivery devices
A-scan ISAR classification system and method therefor
Ink wastage absorber and ink supporter
Camellia rosthorniana plant named `Elina`
Linking element with screw jack and its use for an industrial robot arm
Enhancement of vascular function by modulation of endogenous nitric oxide production or activity
Data carrier having an optically variable element and methods for producing it
Multifunctional mobile appliance
Apparatus and method for measuring second-order gradient of magnetic field using super conductor qua...
Method of making through hole with laser, copper-clad laminate suitable for making hole, and auxilia...
Music teaching instrument
Constant pool reference resolution method
Electrostatographic image-forming apparatus and method with control of image forming after cycle-up
Kniphofia uvaria plant named `Candle Light`
Microfluidic devices for electrophoretic analysis of materials
Method for making a vulcanized elastomer capable of combining with polyurethane without use of adhes...
Polarization converter and projection-type display device using the same
Gas concentration measuring apparatus compensating for error component of output signal
Interactive exercise pad system
Attachment integrated claims system and operating method therefor
Microelectromechanical device manufacturing process
Electromechanical converter and method of producing same
Method and process for the production of collagen preparations from invertebrate marine animals and ...
Flow system for enhancing undirectional fluid flow
Change monitoring system for a computer system
Rotatable wave-forming apparatus
Method of improving the aroma and flavor of coffee using noble gases
Omnidirectional and directional antenna assembly
Automotive alternator
Network-based authentication of computer user
Agitating member, developing apparatus and process cartridge
Product/service hierarchy database for market competition and investment analysis
Stabilizing element for mechanically stabilized earthen structure
Method and system for validating subscriber identities in a communications network
Display device
Method for fabricating nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
System and method for partitioning a real-valued attribute exhibiting windowed data characteristics
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Channel synchronization and impulse sounding in the presence of frequency offset
Solidification engine and thermal management system for electronics
Illumination system for electron beam lithography tool
Frequency division duplexing system which accommodates symmetric and asymmetric channels
Mobile telephony standards converter
Sol gel process of making a fiber preform with removal of oxide particles
Ship with a protection system making it unsinkable
Sail of one piece three dimensional fabric
Boat fender system and method
Children's wishing game
Compositions, kits, and methods for effecting adenine nucleotide modulation of DNA mismatch recognit...
Removal of polishing residue from substrate using supercritical fluid process
Delphinium plant named `Merel`
Power steering apparatus
Table lamp
Lamp glass shade
Arm element for lighting fixture
Ashtray accessory for depositing cigarette ashes or butts therein
Piezoelectric lighter
Cigar lighter
Multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick
Anti-microbial coatings having indicator properties and wound dressings
Secondary air system for an internal combustion engine
Ink jet print head with plural electrodes
Technique for implementing an on-demand display widget through controlled fading initiated by user c...
Waterway pollution control apparatus
Method for capacitative object recognition in motor vehicles
Cationic electrodeposition coating composition
Gene therapy in coronary angioplasty and bypass
Information recording medium and method and apparatus for managing defect thereof
Immunochemical determination of substances contained on textile fibers or polymers
System and method for evaluating liability
Interactive graphical user interface for television set-top box
Storage system with data-dependent security
Methodologies for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus nucleic acids employing oligonucleot...
Plasma display panel with specific electrode structures
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method of the same
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method and system of automatic arrangement of composing elements
Highly efficient multiple reflection photosensitive optoelectronic device with optical concentrator
Passing a communication control block from host to a local device such that a message is processed o...
Production of vehicles
System for recirculating exhaust gas in an internal combustion engine
Centrifugal fine grinding apparatus
Method and apparatus of controlling landfill gas generation within landfill
Sulfurated hydrocarbon materials having high capacity and secondary cells using the same
Nebulizer for ventilation system
Heuristic processor
Prefabricated metal overcast having a crushable lower section
Thermopile infrared sensor, thermopile infrared sensors array, and method of manufacturing the same
Process for making low dielectric constant dielectric films
Miniature rose plant named `JACorg`
Electrically operated power steering apparatus selectively restricting electric power supply to moto...
Integrated digital loop carrier system with virtual tributary mapper circuit
Portion of a shoe outsole
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating thereof
Exhaust system for a motorcycle
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and production method thereof
Programmatically providing direct access to user interface elements of an application program
Intermediate transfer belt, method of producing intermediate transfer belt, and image forming appara...
Laminate-type battery and process for its manufacture
Fiber optic cable installation method and apparatus
Fixed volume liquid transfer device and method for transferring liquids
Collector of dissolved metal from sea water having an amidoxime group and a hydrophilic group, a met...
Gene expression profiles in normal and cancer cells
Methods and materials relating to CD39-like polypeptides
Information recording medium, and method and apparatus for managing defect thereof
Storage apparatus
Method and system for clock compensation in instruction level tracing in a symmetrical multi-process...
Automatic monitoring and display system for use with a diggins machine
Electric discharge lamp with an improved sealing structure improving uniformity of light output and ...
Light emitting diode element
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for driving same
Inhalation device
Semiconductor arithmetic circuit and data processing device
Implant simulating device
Method and apparatus for training of auditory/visual discrimination using target and distractor phon...
Method for adaptively training humans to discriminate between frequency sweeps common in spoken lang...
Lipid compounds and compositions containing same used for the transfer of at least an active substan...
Sugar mobilizing and insect combatting fertilizer composition and use
Indolecarboxylic compounds for treating seborrhea and complications thereof
Using colorant precursors and reactants in microfluidic printing
Stinger for J-Lay pipelaying system
Fireproof, non-exploding nitroglycerine and solid mixtures containing anhydrous lactose
Ferroelectric-tunable microwave branching couplers
Microneedle devices and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Apple tree named `Co-op 25`
Human glycosylation enzymes
Structure of front end portion of front fender in vehicle
Automated banking machine and system
Reach-measurement method for distance relays and fault locators on series-compensated transmission l...
Footwear upper portion
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device having an auxiliary electrode formed on the same layer as...
Supercritical fluid drying system and method of use
Multi-longitudinal mode coupled saw filter
Speech recognition with mixtures of bayesian networks
Graphical user interface shop floor control system
Method and system in a distributed shared-memory data processing system for determining utilization ...
RISC86 instruction set
Dynamic scheduling mechanism for an asynchronous/isochronous integrated circuit interconnect bus
System and method for executing store instructions
Methods for detecting an analyte of interest using tyramide coating technology
Hanger for mounting to I-beams
Cantilevered manipulator for autonomous non-contact scanning of natural surfaces for the deployment ...
Method for electronic distribution and redemption of coupons on the world wide web
Input/output recovery method which is based upon an error rate and a current state of the computer e...
Compositions for inhibition of membrane fusion-associated events, including human parainfluenza viru...
Frame assembly in flat cathode ray tube
Nitride semiconductor structure, method for producing a nitride semiconductor structure, and light e...
Method for fabricating ferroelectric thin film
Semiconductor device having improved metal line structure and manufacturing method therefor
Video output apparatus
Virtual presentation system and method
System and method for transmitting advanced television signals
Broadcast transmission system with distributed correction
Circuit for automatic discrimination of audio intermediate frequencies
Method and apparatus for inducing rules from data classifiers
Semiconductor particle sensitized with methine dye
Powder inhaler
Aerosol substrate cleaner
Photoemission based spacecraft charging sensor
Method of simulating external thermal fluxes absorbed by external radiating components of a spacecra...
Method for velocity precision pointing in spin-stabilized spacecraft or rockets
Method and apparatus for reducing turbulent drag
Method for real time reconfiguration of trajectories for an aircraft
Aircraft propulsion unit fan cowls equipped with maintaining and positioning safety elements
Usage pattern based user authenticator
Hierarchical based hyper-text document preparing and management apparatus
Method and device for generating application data and storage medium containing thereon a program fo...
Method and article of manufacture for inserting volumes for import into a virtual tape server
Method and system for preventing deadlock in a log structured array
Storm water drainage filter assembly
Martensitic stainless steel for seamless steel pipe
Sm-Fe-N alloy powder and process for the production thereof
Software distribution system and software utilization scheme for improving security and user conveni...
Method and apparatus for centralized encryption key calculation
Automated traffic mapping using sampling and analysis
Penetrating protectant
Method and device for switching wavelength division multiplexed optical signals using modulated emit...
Method for fabricating composite carbon foam
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tamar Orange`
Portion of a shoe upper
Active matrix type liquid crystal display device using driver circuits which latch-in data during ho...
Check-valved silicon diaphragm pump and method of fabricating the same
Positive coupling of piezoelectric devices in disk drive suspensions
Process for producing a hot-rolled product and plant for carrying out the process
Deviated borehole drilling assembly
Beverage cooler box
Vial filling apparatus
Apparatus and method for filling
Apparatus for use in forming carton blanks
Glass bottle
Method and device for determining a parameter for a metallization bath
Conveyor device and method of removing material using the conveyor device
Semiconductor IC device having a memory and a logic circuit implemented with a single chip
Semiconductor memory system, and access control method for semiconductor memory and semiconductor me...
Disk memory device and disk read-out signal processor
Method and device for phase regulation
Porous tissue scaffoldings for the repair of regeneration of tissue
Method of forming polysaccharide sponges for cell culture and transplantation
Fuel reformer system for a fuel cell
Modularized metal-air battery and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for on-line measurement of the permeation characteristics of a permeant through...
Method and apparatus for noninvasive determination of cardiac performance parameters
Method and apparatus for tracking hydraulic fractures in unconsolidated and weakly cemented soils an...
Geological data acquisition system
Method and devices for detecting flexure, and structure such as a geotechnical or building structure...
System for producing manufactured materials from coal combustion ash
Oncofetal antigen specific t-lymphocyte mediated immune response: manipulation and uses of oncofetal...
Stress proteins and uses therefor
Method of breaking foam generated from PVC paste resin latex
Instant boat garage
Collapsible batting practice apparatus, and connectable plastic tubing used in same
Adhesive and coating composition for use in an aqueous environment
Apparatus and method for UV wastewater purification in septic tank systems
Multi-level portable housing structure
Monodisperse particle latices of vinyl chloride polymers
Chemical reaction vessel
Powdered crosslinkable textile binder composition
Process for suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride with carboxyl containing polyvinyl-alcohol
Process and apparatus for the microsuspension polymerization of vinyl chloride
Vinyl chloride resin composition for powder molding
Vinyl chloride resin composition and method for producing the same
Method for low temperature lamination of metals to fluoropolymers
Method for increasing carcass yields in poultry
Multilayered polymer films and process for the preparation thereof
Co-extruded, multilayer packaging film made from propylene polymer material
Water-swellable crosslinked polymer composition and production
Rubber composition, hose of low fuel permeation, and electroconductive hose of low fuel permeation
Gaseous blend of Ox and its use for biological burden reduction
Composite having more than one layer
Fibers made from .alpha.-olefin/vinyl or vinylidene aromatic and/or hindered cycloaliphatic or aliph...
Polymeric blend compositions of .alpha.-olefin/vinylidene aromatic monomer interpolymers and aromati...
Lubricants containing ashless antiwear-dispersant additive having viscosity index improver credit
Homogeneous filled polymer composite
Azidosilane-modified, moisture-curable polyolefin polymers, process for making, and articles obtaine...
Rubber modified monovinylidene aromatic polymer compositions
Monitoring system for dicing saws
Detailing and cleaning apparatus for green ceramic dry dicing process
Apparatus and method for reducing damage to wafer cutting blades during wafer dicing
Method of dicing wafer level integrated multiple optical elements
Molded tape support for a molded circuit package prior to dicing
Using grooves as alignment marks when dicing an encapsulated semiconductor wafer
Method of forming a dicing area of a semicondutor substrate
Treatment of water containing organic wastes with ammonium nitrate
Aqueous coating compositions containing urethane (meth)acylates having UV-hardening isocyanate group...
Method for treating diseased or damaged organs
Ball for ball-point pen
Nucleic acid detection
Methods and kits for characterizing GC-rich nucleic acid sequences
Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH)
Recombinant Haemophilus influenzae adhesin proteins
Linked linear amplification of nucleic acids
Solid polymer electrolyte and multilayer electrochemical assembly comprising such a solid polymer el...
Portable computer equipped with add-on battery
Non-sintered nickel electrode
Carbonaceous electrode material for non-aqueous secondary battery
Composition and paper comprising cellulose ester, alkylpolyglycosides, and cellulose
Triglyceride-free compositions and methods for enhanced absorption of hydrophilic therapeutic agents
Multilayer thermoformable composite synthetic veneer film for furniture and process for producing sa...
Percutaneous tissue track closure assembly and method
Carpet fibers from polyamide and sulfonated polyester concentrate
Automated process for isolating and amplifying a target nucleic acid sequence
Nucleic acids encoding hBub1, a cell cycle checkpoint gene
Cloned tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium channel .alpha.-subunit and a splice variant thereof
Compositions and methods for protein secretion
Structural analogs of amine bases and nucleosides
Blast shield apparatus and method of assembly for a revolver
Indicator module
Apparatus and method for guiding a vehicle
Process and device for controlling a test track system for motor vehicles
Data-processing-aided electronic control system for a motor vehicle
Regulating users of online forums
Small information processing apparatus
High purity (1R,2S,4R)-(-)-2-[(2'-{N,N-dimethylamino}-ethoxy)]-2-[phenyl]-1,7,7-tri-[m ethyl]-bicycl...
Procedure and system for providing an answering service
Soft diving stick
Balloon displays
Toy conker
Structure of an adornment
Adjusting unit for actuating a device for variable control of valves of an internal combustion engin...
Vane-type variable valve timing control apparatus and control method
Vane type hydraulic actuator
Internal combustion engine having solenoid-operated valves and control method
Valve timing adjusting apparatus
Valve timing variation device
Computer kiosk
Multimedia kiosk
Method and system for extracting control information from packetized data received by a communicatio...
Method for applying chemical watermarks on substrate
High performance self balancing low cost network switching architecture based on distributed hierarc...
Network switching architecture with fast filtering processor
Method and system for airport security
Method for interactively creating an information database including preferred information elements, ...
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy White`
Miniature rose plant named `WEKcatlart`
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Orange`
Geranium plant named `Fislunova`
Kalanchoe plant named `Rose African`
Methods and reagents for identifying inhibitors of proteolysis of membrane-associated proteins
Ethanol production from lignocellulose
Glycosyl hydrolase genes and their use for producing enzymes for the biodegradation of carrageenans
Methods for delivering DNA to muscle cells using recombinant adeno-associated virus virions to treat...
Chicken embryo lethal orphan (CELO) virus
Compositions and methods for treating viral infections
Nucleic acid sequences encoding capsaicin receptor and uses thereof
Template-driven approach for generating models on network services
Apparatus and method for executing a plurality of processes in parallel, and storage medium storing ...
Method and apparatus for performing a trap operation in an information handling system
Method and apparatus for handling deadlocks in multiple chamber cluster tools
Techniques for improving index searches in a client-server environment
Method and apparatus for loading data into a cube forest data structure
Data processing apparatus and method
Method for making soft tissue
Structurally determined cyclic metallo-constructs and applications
Geothermal steam processing
Composition and method for manufacturing a surface covering product having a controlled gloss surfac...
Semiconductor processing system and method of using the same
Silver halide photographic emulsion and light-sensitive material containing the same, and image-form...
Oxidation catalyst and process utilizing the catalyst
Method for conducting exothermic reactions
Cryogenic separation process for the recovery of components from the products of a dehydrogenation r...
Process for the removal of carbonyl sulfide from liquid petroleum gas
Composition for treating and/or ameliorating the diseases of dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoria...
Acrylic modified waterborne alkyd or uralkyd dispersions
Color filter manufacturing apparatus
Aqueous correction fluids
Dispersions containing a polyurethane and a radiation-hardenable prepolymer
Method and plant for tangential filtration of a viscous liquid
Method based on localization of Hsp90 to the centrosome
Ink compositions
Unleaded solder powder and production method therefor
Thermal transfer material and printing method used with the same